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What Was Left Behind

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Diane stared at her reflection in the huge mirror in the luxurious bathroom for the fifth time and sighed deeply.

There she was, naked, hair messy, all those tingles running through her body. In the good old days, she would be walking in the clouds after so much action and emotion. Instead, she felt guilty as hell.

She just couldn't understand how she got into this situation. How could she have done such thing?

Well, technically there was nothing wrong about it. She was an independent, successful woman who shouldn't have to justify herself for having needs. Since he was a successful, handsome, sexy man himself - not to mention Republican - she couldn't be blamed either. Apparently, she had a thing for that type.

She felt tingles again, butterflies in her stomach. It looked like her body was telling her something, although her mind was telling a totally different story. Why was she feeling so guilty?

She sighed again. Of course she just couldn't help but remember how this whole mess had started. Was it only three months ago? God, it felt like an eternity. So many things had happen on her life. Apparently, time seemed to move faster when you were busy.

Three months since she had been told that all her money was gone. All of it. Three months since she was forced out of her own firm. Only three months since she and Maia had accepted Adrian Almighty Boseman's invitation and joined Reddick, Boseman and Kolstad as a junior partner.

More precisely, right after Boseman told her that she had to bring new clients to the firm, those important ones that would follow Diane Lockhart anywhere.

Right. Like she needed that kind of pressure back in her life. That one kind that she hadn't felt in a long time, since she was too young to have a small part of her doubting herself, screaming that she still had too much to prove to the world. The young, naive, insecure Diane was back from the dead.

This mess probably started with RD and his lifesaving phone call. He hadn't spoken to her in quite some time and she wondered what in the world would make him call her after months of not seeing or talking to each other.

He had suposedly heard from someone what David and Howard had done with her. She had a pretty good idea where he got that information from. Not to mention the fact that they did have many friends in common too. However, since she was in no place to deny any opportunity, or question any motive, she accepted his offer.

It was a simple, perfect plan: one of his great old friends was looking for a new representation in Chicago and he highly recommended her. She was sincerely grateful and rather surprised after she'd learned how much they were willing to spend with the new firm. If she could get the account, it would definitely put her in very good hands with Boseman, Carl, Barbara and the other partners. Mostly, it could mean her well deserved ticket to the director's board.

Of course the name partners and Lucca were thrilled when they heard about this client interest to hire them. Of course she and Maia were overwhelmingly excited. Especially after the awkward, surprising, interesting and charming first meeting.

She sighed, looking at her reflection and noticing a warm feeling run through her body again. She was in excellent shape - she had finally got the time to get back to her Pilates and yoga classes after what was probably the worst year of her life.

She was feeling excited, alive at the top of her game. Not only physically, but mentally as well. So, why the guilt?

"Fuck," Diane whispered, lowering her head only to stare at her hand. There it was, shining like it did the day he put it on her finger. Her wedding ring was still there. She shook her head and clenched her fist.

"Hey, beautiful," she felt an arm circle her waist, a hand lay on her stomach and jumped a little with the surprise. She was so lost in thoughts that she didn't hear him walking inside the bathroom. He felt warm and safe when he pulled her closer. She started to respond almost immediately, moving against him.

She most definitely had no control over her body that night. Damn.

"Did I just hear you curse? Is something wrong?" He asked in a low voice, leaving small kisses on her neck as he spoke.

"It's nothing, don't worry," she smiled back at his reflection in the mirror and dismissed the thought. She turned her neck and met his slips in a slow, sensuous kiss, hoping she could make him forget why she was behaving awkwardly.

"I woke up and you weren't there. The bed can get awfully cold this time of the year, especially when there isn't someone to share body heat with you," she could feel him hardening, as his little kisses resumed their way on her neck and ear, while his hands started to move freely over her body.

She should stop this sooner than later. After all, she was already in deep trouble.

But she was a human being too. She was weak, she needed affection, she needed attention. Besides, he was sexy as hell, charming and a decent man. The perfect, irresistible combination.  

Was she wrong? Was this going to end well? How could she stop this?

It wasn't like she wasn't being honest about the situation. She wasn't hiding anything from anybody. Or was she?

She chose not to think about the consequences, turned around and felt his lips on her collarbone. When she heard him chuckle against her skin, she opened her eyes again.

So devilishly handsome. She could see how happy he was and the love he felt for her in his eyes. Yes, she knew he was falling hard, there was no doubt about it. She raised her hand, touched his bearded face and smiled.

He smiled back at her and she convinced herself to put aside all those stupid reasons why she should be feeling guilty about the whole situation and move on. Exactly like she did a few hours ago, when he started kissing her.

She could always blame the damn Don Perignon and Chicago's beautiful starry night.

"Sorry, I tried not to wake you up," she told him, with her best seductive voice.

She felt his right hand move from her lower back to her ass, only to move it up again slowly, repeating the action a few times. The man knew perfectly well what he was doing, since he had a sexy side smile on his face.

Before she could find another excuse to end that situation, he lowered his face and kissed her fully. She closed her eyes when she felt both of his hands move to the back of her thighs. In an instant, she found herself seated on the green marble table, with her legs wrapped around his hips.

His kisses got more intense and she responded in kind. The hell with it.

In some corner of her mind, she couldn't help but remember the day this mess started: on that damn raining Monday, all those months ago.