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Heat's Receipt

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Heat's Receipt Header by GS Writings

Stiles was so sick of his heats. Of the excruciating pain and hoarseness and afterwards being more sore than he could handle. Sick of being lost and dizzy and so hopeless life didn’t have a meaning anymore. Of course all of this only kept torturing him because he didn’t have an alpha and of course his heat would regulate itself if he’d just get himself fucked properly. No one missed a chance to fill him in on any of this or how wonderful it was if he finally managed to find one.


But Stiles didn’t plan his life on getting fucked.


Not to cause any misunderstandings, he was a healthy teen and, yes, he wanted sex. Sex was awesome - or so he assumed - and of course the thoughts of it had consumed his mind for quite a while.


Until it had all gotten too much, too suffocating, too… consuming. And stubborn relentlessness had grown to outright rejection. He was clever and curious. Stiles wasn’t a brainless whore and he would never be.


He had to get fucking rid of it.


Thankfully there were libraries so he could work his way through every information he needed. It was the key piece to figuring something out since talking to anyone was completely out of the question. Mating bonds were the ultimate optimum of life in their society and no one would ever understand how Stiles could try to cripple his own biology. Let alone believe it would do him any good. If anyone knew there was no way they’d allow it so Stiles could, by all means, not expect any help.


The bonds were a complex system of regulated biology. A system of needs and necessity to keep alphas and omegas alike from going feral. Stiles knew very well how easily an omega could drift into a crisis over a simple rejection. His own biology was messed up enough to see an alpha worth for bonding everywhere and feel rejected all the time. The point was, a rejection wasn’t only a rejection for an omega. It was real, physical pain and a possible shutdown. Omegas needed an alpha to keep stable, their bodies demanded it. To mess with the biology could end in the last mournful day of his life.


And he knew it was dangerous but he still had to try. He had to get free. Get a life .


When he finally found a way to end his heat cycle in all the standard info he already knew, the main problem was to find an alpha to participate in the process. Because of course to get rid of alphas he needed one's powers first. What else? He really couldn’t wait for the moment when his life would stop to center itself around the fucking alphas and since he was so close to freedom he was brimming with excitement. For now, though, Stiles needed one alpha, a strong one, to make his dream come true.


Before he could finally make his motion, Stiles still had to wait for weeks. His cycle was right before moon and therefore a heat came in between his plans. With the messed up biology he had Stiles’ heats weren’t exactly the most normal ones. Heating without an alpha was a nuisance for every omega but Stiles was always cycling around the verge of a real bonding crisis. It was the darkest place to imagine, a time without hope, just desperate desire and excruciating pain. Whatever it was that was wrong with his body, his heats were pure torture and usually it took him a while to get back on track afterwards. He was still recovering from this one’s aftermath when Stiles centered his plans for freedom around one alpha in particular, filled with hopes he’d never been able to voice out loud.


The chosen alpha was like… the epitome of alphaness. Handsome, strong, broad shoulders - the kind of guy that always seemed to reek of masculinity and self-confidence. Also the guy hated Stiles and Stiles hated him so they’d be safe not to end up in any unwanted encounters no matter how alpharish the guy might be and he sure was. That was why he was perfect. His blood would certainly be strong and effective so all Stiles needed was a plan to convince him to do it. A good one. No sane alpha would ever give Stiles his blood if he knew what he wanted it for.



Two weeks later he stood in front of a giant metal door, arms packed with ingredients for harmless cookies. Christmas was just a few weeks ahead, although this house didn’t hold any signs of it - or any kind of decoration in general - and Stiles did his best to ignore the chilly air out in the staircase.


“Hey, Derek!”, the boy chirped in an attempt to sound casual but it kind of ended up a little bit stressed out and over excited. The alpha in question grimaced his features into a pained, somewhat vicious grin as soon as his eyes found Stiles. He didn’t look happy before either, probably did smell Stiles already before opening up the door. Having no scent protection at his entrance seemed to be just right for the paranoid bastard Derek Hale was.


“Stiles”, the alpha said with an exhausted sigh, although they weren’t even through the greeting yet. It was the usual thing for them. They’d met several times when Derek had helped Stiles’ dad out at the station and it never ended good - what probably made Derek the best alpha for this job. There was no way they’d accidentally mate in the process because even if his body went crazy enough over the alpha’s scent Stiles would still choke on the guy’s behaviour. Derek made no attempt to invite Stiles and stared him down instead. Yep this was the alpha he’d chosen to save his life. He’d heard irony was a thing for life saving.


“What do you want?”


Stiles didn’t even pretend to be polite and shove himself into the loft before Derek could come to the conclusion closing the door was probably the best. The mere touch as he shoved the alpha out of his way caused a shudder to crawl up his spine and Stiles put all his affords into willing it away with every firm step through the spacious loft. It was an impressive place yet unlively and empty. Stiles would never understand how someone could let such opportunities go to waste. It wasn’t like Hale didn’t have the money or something. But then again it didn’t seem like he did have much more than that either.


His steps led him straight towards the big desk in front of a whole wall of windows, far away from the door - and Derek for that matter. His musky alpha scent was everywhere and Stiles struggled to ignore it. He had to say something, give some kind of explanation. Forget the alpha, it’s the ass of all people, Stiles. So eventually he answered in a cheerful tone a simple: “Help.”


Thus being said Stiles put his ingredient bags down onto the table and turned to see Derek still standing at the opened door. His hand gestured at the grocery bags on Derek’s table. Aside from Stiles’ bags it was as empty as most things here.

“That’s… we’re gonna bake cookies”, he explained.


Even from the distance the omega could see Derek’s brows shot up as if Stiles was now officially out of his mind. And probably Derek wasn’t that wrong. Stiles felt out of his mind whenever he got close to this alpha and his fucking scent. This loft was full of his fucking scent, it literally was his fucking scent. Or like he lost his mind half of the time in general due to a lot of things not as strong as Derek’s alphaness but Derek was a very strong alpha so given his messy biology that was just what was supposed to happen. It was all just one more reason to end the whole heat cycle forever. He didn’t need reproduction. He could adopt. He could go back to school, study even. He could do a lot of things if Stiles wasn’t bound to fucking alphas anymore.


So he added: “What? Is Derek Grumpy Hale too cool to bake cookies? Its special cookies. Like… super, alpha powerish cookies that keep me safe. Just a short thing, nothing to stress about.”


Derek’s brows fell down immediately and narrowed to an indescribable line of skepticism and suspicion. Derek was always suspicious with him and meanwhile he really couldn’t blame the alpha for it, Stiles couldn’t have him understand what was actually going on. But Derek spoke before Stiles could make anything up for a distraction.


“Why wouldn’t you be safe?”, Derek asked. “Why don’t you talk to your father about it?”


Yeah. Uh…. Stiles turned and pretended to be busy unpacking his bags while he was thinking. He hadn’t exactly an explanation for this with his father being both, an alpha and the Sheriff. Basically he’d hoped Derek wouldn’t ask this question but of course he did.


“Because my dad is my dad. And while family bonds can give the right powers sometimes they are the wrong ones in other cases”, Stiles explained and was literally proud of how confident he sounded. Really, if he didn’t know this was kind of the wrong picture he’d believe it himself.


“And not everything can be solved by the Sheriff”, he added quickly. He’d seen this glint in Derek’s eyes, a very dangerous glint of ‘what about’ that he had to stop before it spread. “I mean… he cannot possibly arrest every alpha, right? See? Just what I said. But I am not keen on getting raped because he has to wait until it already happened and things are starting to get out of hand lately.”


Derek’s brows narrowed further and further to an increasingly intimidating extent. Stiles tried to ignore it. That only meant that his alpha reacted to the threat. He was being protective in the light of a threatened omega, just the usual. This was how Derek was supposed to react as the alpha epitome he was. Nothing to do with lies and discovery, not at all.


“Uh… look. Stop scowling. I am just asking for a little blood and cookies, nothing else. I even paid for them myself so you can hardly say no.”


Derek’s brows raised again at his words - did he talk to the man or his brows?! - and to his credit Stiles might have not made the best choice of words here. Internally cursing he started again: “See, you could-”


“I am not giving you my blood.”


Stiles opened his mouth in protest and shut it without saying anything. He opened it again and closed it for another time. Fuck, he’d ruined it. He’d completely ruined it and given the look on Derek’s face when he finally moved over to him he was pretty much done with the conversation. Stiles hurried to get the table in between them. There was no touching planned here and he surely wasn’t giving up so easily.


“Look there’s something that can keep me safe, it’s not about much blood. It’s like, uh, warding alphas off or something. Like…. Not every alpha will be capable of getting too close, you know? And since you’re never around that wouldn’t be a problem either. I can still find an alpha, it’s not a real bond or something, just a mentoring thing.”


“No.” That sounded awfully definite. “No? Why no? You don’t even know what I am talking about.”


“I do”, Derek said, gripping Stiles’ arm with one of his giant hands as soon as he reached him and faster than the boy could have made an escape. Stiles gasped for air at the touch and a pair of suddenly red flashing eyes. His heart stumbled as the omega swallowed heavily on the sight. Fuck. He didn’t mean to get him that mad. He didn’t intend to get the alpha mad at all but Derek seemed furious now. Without any hesitation he dragged Stiles back to the still open door.


“Bloodlines are dangerous. If something goes wrong you block your entire system. Whatever you’re dealing with - go talk to your father and don't come here again.”


Well that is exactly the point , Stiles thought but before he could try again there was a rough push and Stiles struggled to stay on his feet, while the door slammed shut behind him. At the same time something extremely bitter cramped in his belly. He could hear his heartbeat speed up, the blood in his veins rushing loudly through his system. Stiles felt dizzy, frustrated, lost for a second. The memory of Derek’s touch burned underneath his sweater and over that the bitter, choking sensation of rejection.


What the hell was wrong with the guy? He didn’t want to help, Stiles got it, but there was no need for the bastard to outright reject him like that. His body was choking on the combination of alphaness and rejection enough to weaken his abilities and Stiles struggled to breath for a while. Touching had not been planned. This reaction had not been planned. His whole world seemed to spin until he had no choice than to sit down right here in front of Derek’s door, like a stray cat, to lead his body away from the emergency shutdown it was pummeling towards.

Stiles hated how fucking close he always was to get there, how easily alphas could play with him and his messed up biology. You didn’t do that to an omega, Derek had to know, everyone knew the danger in kicking them into a bonding crisis. You don’t reject an omega! But as an alpha he could do whatever he wanted, this damn bastard and apparently Derek couldn’t care less. Stiles hated him. Stiles hated alphas. He hated all of them!