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“Hey, baby, how are you feeling tonight? Do you want your daddy around? Or do you want your little boy? I promise, I can be as flexible as you want me to be. I can be anything you want me to be. I’m V and I’m here to guarantee you a very, very good time. What’s your vice?”

✖︎ ✖︎ ✖︎

On a very short, two bullet-point list of things Jimin hated, Jinyoung ranked second, which the boy might call an honor because he was a cocky son of a bitch who loved that Jimin could even consider him that much of a nuisance. The only thing that could bloat his ego even more would be if he were also number one on that list.

And he was.

Because the thing Jimin hated most was how crazy he was about him.


And that was why, there he was stumbling home from the shittiest ‘date’ he’s ever been on. Could he even consider it a date? Jinyoung had called him over, told him that it would be fun to hang out with him, but he should’ve known better considering the boy had done this a billion times before. Arriving to a smoke-filled room, Jimin should’ve listened to the alarms blaring in his brain to get the hell out of there before he got dragged into Jinyoung’s trap again. But, of course, a little wink and smile dancing on Jinyoung’s lips were all it took to have Jimin drifting over his way, Jinyoung’s arm curling around his waist as he smacked a vodka-flavored kiss onto his lips. “Hey, baby.” He greeted, his voice like velvet.

Then he was gone. Jimin followed Jinyoung as he introduced him to his friends, a proud bloom in his heart as he tipped back a few shots and maybe a couple of bottles of beer. He fucked up, he knew he fucked up when the touchiness began. Jimin always knew how clingy he got when he was drunk and it sure as hell didn’t take him long to start kissing up Jinyoung’s neck and for the latter to smirk.

The swirling in his head wouldn’t stop as he stumbled through his doors, slamming the door shut and crashing on the couch. The sobs began then, wracking his whole body. He fumbled around for his phone, jabbing in his hyung’s number through the blur of his tears. Why was he so weak to Jinyoung? God, he needed to get a grip.

When the dial tone stopped, he burst into tears. “Hyung! I fucked up. Or he fucked up, I don’t fucking know. He’s an ass! I hate him! I hate, hate, hate him!” Jimin dropped his head back on the couch, the room was still spinning. “He invited me! He was the one who invited me over! Then after I got drunk off my ass, he’s making out with someone else. What am I supposed to do, hyung?! I’m so horny all the time and his dick is so good. It really doesn’t help that he’s a dick with a really good dick!”

A choke from the other end of the line.

Jimin groaned, draping an arm over his eyes in the hopes of hiding himself from the whole damn world. He could just hear the angry incoming rant from Yoongi hyung. “That’s because you’re stupidly obsessed with the guy. Shut the fuck up and let me sleep.” Though, that response would be understandable considering it was three in the fucking morning and Yoongi would most likely kill him tomorrow if he saw him. “Don’t laugh at me, this is a tragedy.”

Then a voice came. But the voice was too deep, too unfamiliar, too fucking hot to be Yoongi because cursed be the day Jimin was desperate and thirsty enough to go hard over Yoongi’s voice. “Uh, who is this?”

The boy sat up, eyes opening wide and mind sobering almost instantly. “Who the fuck is this?”

“Well, you did call me first, so shouldn’t I be asking you that?”

“I-I was looking for hyung.” Jimin pulled away from the phone for a second to stare at the number printed on the screen. Definitely not Yoongi. Fuck, fuck, fuck. He fucked up for the tenth time that night. He should just go and dig his own grave at this point to save him the trouble of embarrassing himself further.

“Well, sweetheart,” and there was something to the way the stranger’s tongue wrapped around the pet name that had Jimin shivering. Deep and gravelly. The kind of voice that could have Jimin begging on his hands and knees for this guy. “This is not your precious hyung. Unless you’re looking for phone sex—” Jimin coughed, the sudden appearance of a fucking frog in his throat might’ve been the reason or the fact that the guy actually said phone sex. What the hell did he get himself into? “Yes, I said phone sex.”

“O-Oh, God!” Jimin rubbed his face furiously, maybe he could fade away his existence if he wiped hard enough. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine.” Pause. The awkward heaviness filled into the silence between the two before the stranger’s voice broke through it. “You know, you seem to be having a hard time. No pun intended. Plus, I recall you saying that you miss this dick’s dick. Are you saying you’re horny?”

The annoying thing about alcohol for Jimin was that he got incredibly warm. Cuddly and fuzzy warm. The kind of warm that made him want to strip. The kind of warm that sent all the blood straight to his dick. This was the main reason why most people refused to drink with him. He might’ve come on to them one too many times and, not to mention, the risk of him whipping out his dick in public was fairly high. 

But what was he supposed to say to this guy? Yes, he was fucking hard but there’s nothing he could do about it because Jinyoung always left him with a perpetual case of blue balls. “Sort of.” His answer was hesitant enough, not too eager. Good job, Jimin.

Pause, paper flipping. Then the voice came back. “Well, I’ve got time before my next client. You sound pretty damn miserable, why don’t I help you out?”

Oh my God. This guy was crazy. He was sure the guy was crazy. But Jimin was positive he was crazier for even considering his suggestion. “Uh, no offense, but I don’t really see the appeal of phone sex. Isn’t the real thing more fun?”

“Some people don’t have time for the real thing. Phone sex is easy and short. Price is a little steep but, hey, if it helps. But for you, sweetheart, free of charge this time. Gotta do my bit for charity and all.”

This guy was just mocking him at that point. Jimin whined, a small squeak leaving his lips. “I’m not a charity case!”

And the groan, holy fuck the groan from the other end of the line. It sent delicious tingles down Jimin’s spine, the voice that had his heart constricting. The depth and lilt to his voice was fucking delicious to listen to and Jimin could feel himself hardening even more. “Fuck, I got myself hard already from your voice, baby boy.”

Oh shit, oh God. Oh no. Jimin did not know how much he liked those words said by a very, very attractive voice. He sure as fuck didn’t have an inkling as to why he released a throaty whimper when he heard the words ‘baby boy’. No, Jimin didn’t get hard over these things. He wasn’t a kinky fucker.

A deep chuckle from the other end. Goddammit. “You like that, baby? Like being called my precious baby boy?”

He really shouldn’t be indulging in this but the tightening in his pants was enough to have him biting his lip and shutting his eyes. He could just picture this guy, broad shoulders and all hovering above him with the eyes of a predator ready to feed on him. And Jimin should’ve been scared at the thought, should’ve been terrified that this man was even calling him his fucking baby boy, but he wasn’t. Instead, he unbuttoned his pants and rubbed at the tent in his boxers.

“Tell me, baby, are you rubbing yourself now? Are you touching your hard cock?”

“Yes, oh God, yes.” The words spilled from his mouth instinctively. The stranger groaned at Jimin’s whimper. Jimin felt awkward, he could feel the blush creeping up his face, but he was too far gone, his fingers wrapping around his own length.

“Do you want me, baby? Want me to fuck you?”

“Yes,” he admitted.

“Yes, what?”

Oh God. Jimin closed his eyes and let his mind speak for itself.

“Yes, daddy.”

“Good boy,” the man grunted. “You’re such a good boy. What’s your name, baby?”

Fuck. Jimin wasn’t about to give him his real name. That would be awkward. “Chimchim,” he blurted out. Fuck.

“Chimchim,” he repeated, testing the name out on his tongue. “Cute.” The soft murmur had the man’s heart warming up. “I’m V. But you can call me daddy. Is that okay, baby?”

“Y-Yes, daddy."

“Tell daddy what you’re doing, baby. Tell me how hard, how wet you are.”

“So wet, daddy.” Jimin whimpered, his hand stroking his cock slowly, his thumb circling the head. A drop of precum leaked from the tip and slid down his cock. He let out a hiss when he probed at the opening, seeing the skin shift and glisten.

“Mmm, let me hear you, baby boy. Daddy wants to hear you whine.” V growled, his voice vibrating straight into Jimin’s cock. “Who are you hard for, baby? Tell daddy.”

“Daddy,” he gasped, his eyes slamming shut as his imagination began to conjure up a faceless man pinning Jimin down, moist kisses on the smoothness of his neck. “For you, daddy. Hard for you.”

V laughed again, the sound silky sweet like the honey that dripped down Jimin’s hand. “Good boy, that’s what I like to hear. Do you want to come, baby? Want to give daddy that sweet come of yours?”

“God yes, fuck yes.” Jimin’s wrist moved faster, his hand sliding smoothly up and down his hard length. Moans tumbled past his lips as his hips jerked up to meet his strokes, fucking his hand and getting the friction he so desperately craved. It’s been too fucking long. Couple his actions with the pleased groans from the other end of the line, Jimin was squirming and writhing, hoping that his orgasm would come soon.

“Good boy. Imagine daddy fucking you hard, baby. Daddy filling up that tight hole of yours, tightening around daddy’s cock. Do you have a tight ass, Chimchim?” Fuck. He didn’t realize how hot his childish nickname would be when V said it, when V fucking told him to picture him pounding into Jimin’s tight hole. “Like that, baby boy? You want daddy to fuck you hard? Want daddy to come inside of you?”

Picturing spurts of white coating his insides, the warmth flooding him, had his mind reeling. He thrusted into his hands, his hips moving to the rhythm of his heartbeat. “Y-Yes, daddy, I do. I want to come.”

V hummed happily, groaning into the phone. Even through the ridiculous static signal, Jimin still jerked to the sound of his voice. Pleasured, tight. “Good boy, are you fucking your hand? Fuck that hand good? Fucking it like daddy would fuck you?”

“Yes, daddy, yes.” Jimin mewled, his hand moving faster as his other hand touched his thigh, feeling the hard muscle underneath flex with every jerk of his hips. Jimin whined again. His heart tightened as his breaths labored. He was so close, he wanted to come so badly. He could feel the small ripples of his orgasm coming through and, God, he was so close. He choked when his thumb ran over the sensitive slit again, feeling his cock twitch in his hands.

“Are your nipples sensitive, Chimchim?” Oh God. “Touch them for daddy. Go on.” Jimin followed his order instinctively, his hand sliding up his chest to rub at the nub, hardening it nice and tight. His fingers pinched the peaks, as a small yelp left his lips at the sudden sting. “That feel good, baby? I bet you have the cutest nipples, Chimchim. You’re daddy’s favorite baby boy.”

Oh fuck. Oh God. Jimin never expected that to be a fucking turn on, to be someone’s favorite baby boy. His hand stroked faster and he could feel the orgasm coming, feel himself getting closer and closer to the peak.

“Beg to come, Chimchim. Don’t come before daddy tells you to,” V cooed teasingly, his voice dropping nearly an octave lower.

The sudden dominance coating his tone had Jimin shivering, shrinking into his role. “D-Daddy, please let me come. Please, please let me come.”

“But have you been a good boy?”

“I have!” He wailed quietly, his hand slowing down to stop himself from coming. “I’m a good boy, daddy.”

“Do you really want to come?”

“Y-Yes! Please, oh God.”

“Okay, baby, you can come. Come loud for daddy.” And he fucking did. Strings of white streaked across his abs, his tired hand milking his high until there was nothing left. Short breaths left his lips as the aftermath of the alcohol took over, his eyelids heavy with the threat of sleep.

Holy shit. Jimin had never come that hard before and, Jesus, the moan that V let out when he reached his own climax made him hard again. Fuck no. He slumped against the seat again, head dropping to the back of the couch. “Shit,” he muttered.

“How was that, baby?” V asked, his voice slightly lower.

When the realization sunk in that he just had the best orgasm of his life from a guy’s voice alone, from a little dirty talk, from being called baby boy, Jimin could feel the warmth sneaking up on his face. He buried his face in his hands and internally screamed.

“Chimchim, you there?”

“I-It was good,” he cleared his throat. “Good, yeah good.”

“Just good? I’m sort of disappointed.”

“I mean, it was great. You know, I mean I came so that was… great.”

V’s voice dropped again, “Don’t lie to daddy.” Jimin let out a squeak, earning a pleased chuckle from the guy. “Alright, I’ll stop torturing you tonight. It’s been a good time, Chimchim.” He paused. “Also, you should definitely let that dick you were talking about go. There are many more dicks in the world that are probably ten times better than him.”

Jimin sighed, hating the lecture that came from the fucking phone sex operator he accidentally called up. “It’s not that easy. You don’t know this guy.”

“Baby, I gave you an orgasm over the phone. The only thing this guy’s going to give you is blue balls for the next hundred years.”

“I know.”

“But, hey, if you ever need anything — another pep talk like this one—” Jimin choked at that. “Hit me up. You sound good whining and begging so I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t mind giving you service for free. I came pretty damn hard.”


“See you around, baby boy.”

Then the line went dead and Jimin wondered whether he was fucking crazy after all.

✖︎ ✖︎ ✖︎

It was bad enough that he had the worst fucking hangover the next day and missed both his morning classes, then he had to meet his hyung (the one he actually wanted to call last night but obviously failed to) who had the sharpest senses in the world.

The second Jimin started shifting in his seat, his lips curving upwards every once in a while as he fidgeted with his coffee cup before he caught himself, Yoongi noted it. “Alright, what’s going on, Jimin? What did you end up doing last night?”


“Don’t play dumb. Please don’t fucking tell me you went to see Jinyoung again.” Jimin stayed quiet. “Goddammit, Jimin. I told you a billion fucking times to avoid that guy.”

“Okay, I did see him!”

“Did you get laid? Is that why you have that shit-eating grin on your face?”

“I’m pretty damn sure I wouldn’t be smiling if I ate shit.”

“I’m not questioning your kinks, kid.” Yoongi smirked, taking a sip from his drink. “So you did get laid.”

“I didn’t.”

“You have the post-best-orgasm-ever face on. You only have that face when you get laid.”

Jimin hesitated, “I didn’t exactly get laid.”

“What the fuck?”

Despite his initial reluctance, Jimin told him how it all happened. How it definitely wasn’t a butt dial but a drunk misdial. How V’s voice was as deep as the fucking Pacific and could send you straight down to the depths of hell. How he possibly had the best orgasm of his life over the phone. Of course, Jimin left out the details. He definitely didn’t need Yoongi to know about his sexual nickname preferences. He’d never let him live it down.

Yoongi’s brows were furrowed the whole time, creases molded into his forehead in confusion. “Wait, so let me get this straight. Instead of hooking up with an actual person, you called the wrong person and ended up with phone sex. The best phone sex — hell, it sounds like the best sex of your life.”

Pause. “Yes.”

“Dude, what the fuck. I think I’d be less concerned if you nutted with Dickyoung.”

“But this guy was super fucking nice,” Jimin argued. God knows why he was defending V but it seemed right at the time. V hadn’t really done anything wrong, he offered help in fact. He even told Jimin to get away from Jinyoung and that he would help him out whenever he needed him. The offer was much too tempting, especially since V was amazing at what he did. No wonder he had customers. “He’s nice.” Jimin confirmed, nodding.

Yoongi rolled his eyes, “Don’t you think this is just your balls talking? You haven’t gotten laid in a while.”

“No, he’s really—”

Before Jimin could finish his sentence, another figure appeared and curled around Yoongi. Jeongguk sat across from him, bunny smile in place (it always was whenever he was around his boyfriend), his head on Yoongi’s shoulder. Yoongi who had been pale as snow earlier ripened into a deep red color at the contact, but grunted and let his boyfriend keep his position anyway. They were adorable, Jimin had to admit, because Jeongguk was shy as hell. When they met for the first time, Jeongguk barely muttered two words to him. But the younger was quick to soften up to his hyung that he respected and loved. Then there was Yoongi who was stoic most of the time but was ridiculously protective of Jeongguk. Adorable couples were adorably stupid. Jimin also wanted to be adorably stupid with someone.

Then another guy drops down next to him. He turned to find the fluffiest mop of brown hair that looked like a bed of cotton laced with strands of blonde.

He’s cute. Holy shit, he’s really fucking cute. Actually, he was beautiful. He was like a model straight out of a magazine with his sharp nose, big puppy eyes that could probably melt anyone on the spot. Not to mention those lips. Full lips he could just kiss.

Jimin’s first mistake was staring at him for too long because his beauty blinded him. His second one was not closing his ears when the boy spoke because his voice. Damn, his voice. “Thanks for waiting for me, Guk-ah.” Deep. So deep. Sexy as hell. The kind of voice you’d hear crooning jazz tunes on the radio. There was a sarcastic drawl to his tone before his lips spread into the most fucking adorable grin Jimin has ever seen in his entire life. It was as if sunlight had exploded in his face, lighting up all his features and the entire fucking room. “Hey, hyung.” The boy nodded at Yoongi.

Then, oh no, he turned his eyes to Jimin, eyes scanning him up and down. But there was something in his gaze that made Jimin squirm, made Jimin want to kneel before the boy and maybe suck him— “Hey, you’re a fresh face. I’m Kim Taehyung.”

“Jimin,” he nodded, hoping that the tightness in his throat or the dryness of his lips wasn’t evident. “Park Jimin.”

“Nice to meet you, Jimin. You’re cute.” Oh fuck, he was a flirt. Jimin was a sucker for the confident flirts. That’s what got him into the mess with Jinyoung in the first place. This boy though, Taehyung, might’ve been even more dangerous with the dark thirst swirling in his irises. Jimin hoped he wouldn’t cream his pants from his deep voice alone. His voice reminded Jimin of the guy from last night and that was the last thing he needed in public.

“Tae,” Jeongguk groaned. “Please don’t. Jimin, this is a classmate of mine who’s too thirsty for his own good. Don’t get caught alone with him because you’ll most likely regret it.”

“Guk-ah,” Taehyung grunted. So he was older than Jeongguk, that was good to know. “Don’t make me sound like a wolf. I’m not that evil.” His glance darted over to Jimin for a quick second. He winked with a small twitch of his lips. Jimin’s heart skipped.

“Tell that to your phone bills,” Jeongguk snorted, raising questioning eyebrows from the other two, but Taehyung failed to elaborate further when he tossed a fry at Jeongguk and began a tossing war until Yoongi cracked and snapped at the two of them to ‘stop wasting the fucking fries’. They fell into light conversation, Jeongguk updating his boyfriend on his day and upcoming music projects which never failed to bring light into his eyes. Yoongi watched him adoringly, his attempts to suppress his smile ended up looking like awkward grimaces. Meanwhile, Taehyung stuffed his face with burgers and fries. At the rate he was eating, Jimin was surprised how skinny he was. Jimin might or might not have been sneaking creepy glances his way.

He couldn’t help it. He tried to concentrate on Jeongguk talking about his new portfolio but the way Taehyung’s lips wrapped around that burger had Jimin’s dick twitching. Fuck. What the hell was wrong with him? He couldn’t help his imagination from running rampant. Taehyung’s lips were wet and pink, glistening with the grease from his meal.

“Jimin-ah,” Yoongi snapped him out of his thoughts. He had started packing up his things and even collected Jeongguk’s mess, piling it atop his own. “Jeongguk and I are heading out.” Looking at the sudden darkening of Jeongguk’s eyes and the constant sex glances thrown Yoongi’s way, Jimin was certain where this was going.

Jimin waved them off, “Alright, go on young lovers. Use protection.” 

Despite all his bravado and confidence, Jeongguk still blushed at the mere mention of sex. What a cute boy. Yoongi rolled his eyes and held Jeongguk by the elbow. “We’ll see you both around.”

“And, Tae, do not hit on him.” Jeongguk gave one last warning with his death glare before walking away.

However, nearly everyone (except Jimin) knew that Taehyung was never good at following rules, nor orders, especially not when they came from the meme brat, Jeon Jeongguk. He took another bite out of his burger and turned to Jimin, “So Park Jimin, huh? You’re really cute. Do you have a boyfriend? Girlfriend? Both? I don’t judge.”

Jimin choked at the idea of having both. Jesus. He was thirsty, but not that thirsty. On the thought of boyfriends, his mind wandered back to Jinyoung. Was Jinyoung a boyfriend? He wanted him to be but considering how he treated Jimin, he was greatly hesitating on that. “Uh, no?”

Taehyung raised an eyebrow at the question, but chose not to address it. “Okay, good. What are you working on?”

Books were spread out in front of Jimin. He had been working on calculus before Yoongi quickly distracted him (after he distracted himself with memories of last night’s tryst). Though, he wouldn’t quite call it ‘working’ since he was completely, absurdly lost. Math was never his forte, neither was academia. He was always more creative but requirements insisted that he conform to the norm. “Calculus. Sort of.”

Taehyung’s lips twitched at Jimin’s scrunched up nose. Cute, he thought to himself. Really cute. “Do you need help? I’m pretty good at math.”

“Uh, sure, did you take the class yet?”

“Nope, but I’m pretty much a math genius.” Cocky. Too confident. Jimin liked that a little too much. Damn. “I can try to help you out.”

Jimin has never met anyone who could do calculus without showing up to class. There was a reason why calculus classes had such high attendance rates. “Yeah, that’d be great.” Although he was a little embarrassed, he handed his barely filled paper over. Taehyung’s eyes scanned over them as he tossed fries into his mouth. He instinctively reached out for a pen and a piece of scrap paper, scribbling down a bunch of formulas that ended up a muddled mess in Jimin’s brain. Some of them looked familiar but Taehyung’s hand was moving too fast for him to comprehend.

“Okay, I sort of understand the basics.” Taehyung nodded, tucking the pen behind his ear. Jimin found that adorable, God knows why. “I can teach you if you want.” Jimin considered himself a hopeless case particularly because he was too easily distracted. It was even worse with Taehyung because all he could pay attention to was the way his mouth shaped his ‘o’s, the way his tongue would stick out a little whenever he was thinking, or the way his eyelashes fluttered softly against his cheeks. He was beautiful. “Jimin, hey, are you even listening?”

“Hmm, yeah.” He said absentmindedly, gaze dropping back to the numbers on paper that he’d never be able to decipher.

Taehyung’s lips twitched. “Anyway, I’ve got class right now so I have to run. But drop by my place later, I’ll text you the address.”

“How’d you get my number?”

He blinked, “Jimin, I legit just told you like two seconds ago I was going to take your phone and call myself with it. Were you that far away?”

“Sorry, I have a short attention span.”

He snorted, “Clearly. But yeah, I’ll text you later so drop by whenever after five.” Jimin was too caught up in Taehyung’s tongue darting out to lick up the mayonnaise on the corner of his mouth, so he just nodded and hummed.

Jimin would soon quickly learn that he should never, ever be distracted for far too long. He arrived about half an hour before five and found Taehyung’s door unlocked. He frowned. That’s dangerous. What if someone just swooped in and stole something from him? Jimin knocked and stepped inside, finding the living room area deserted. Taehyung also hasn’t been picking up his phone despite Jimin’s multiple (and possibly overeager that might’ve scared him away) texts.

There were sounds coming from down the hallway so he figured the boy must’ve been distracted by video games and — holy fuck. Definitely not a game. Jimin was fucking positive that the sound wasn’t even coming from any speakers. All of his blood shot straight up his face as his ears perked up even more at the little whines coming from behind the door which he guessed was Taehyung’s bedroom. There was whining and moaning and — shit, was that a slap? The first thing Jimin noticed was that Taehyung had a really, really hot voice, especially when he was groaning like that. The second thing was that Jimin felt the sudden tightness in his jeans, his crotch pressing up against the seams.


He mentally chided himself for being like this. He couldn’t even hear what Taehyung was saying through the mumbling when he was so far away, but his groans bounced off the four walls and ricocheted straight for Jimin’s dick.

Scrambling away from the door, Jimin found another that led to the bathroom (hallelujah). He hid himself in there for a while, letting the redness fade into a pink blush on his face and that might or might not have been due to the fact that Jimin actually tried to jerk himself off. He was a little calmer at least, his heart beating less erratically. When he popped back out, he ran smack into Taehyung who looked at him quizzically. For a good second, Jimin could feel his face flame up again as he recollected the sound of Taehyung’s moans in his ear and also the possibility of having been caught jacking off in said person’s bathroom. What a good first impression he’d make.

“I thought I heard my door. Was it unlocked again?”

“Uh, yeah.”

“Fuck,” he shook his head. “I have to get that fixed. But anyway, you’re a little early and thankfully I finished early.” Oh, Taehyung definitely finished alright. Jimin cringed at his own thoughts. “We can start studying. I can even make ramyeon if you want. You hungry?”

“No, it’s fine.” Jimin’s voice sounded too high-pitch, too unnatural, because at that moment he was craving something else, one that included the overdue fulfillment of his thirst. “I mean, you know, if you’re busy, you don’t have to tutor me today. I-I can just, I mean I’ll go.” Jimin tripped a little over his own feet as he headed towards the door.

Taehyung frowned, fingers grasping Jimin’s elbow. The warmth that radiated off the taller boy’s body and the ghost of his moans had Jimin shivering. “What? No, it’s fine. What makes you think I’m busy?”

“W-Well,” he stuttered. “I just sort of heard — not that I meant to — I’m sure you—” And that was when Jimin registered how utterly ridiculous he sounded. Taehyung must not have realized that Jimin overheard everything. Well, not everything, but enough to have his skin crawling and dick rising. “Never mind.”

Taehyung raised an eyebrow at Jimin’s clamped lips. “Are you feeling okay?”

“Yeah, just a little shaken, I guess. I thought I saw, uh, a rat earlier.”

“In the apartment?” This time, it was Taehyung’s turn to look stricken. His face had paled immensely at the thought of a rodent scouring his humble abode for free food. “SHIT!

Jimin opened his mouth to say otherwise but Taehyung had grabbed him by the collar and taken him on a journey in search of the rat.

✖︎ ✖︎ ✖︎

Jimin loved his hormones. For a little while, he thanked the heavens that he had been blessed by a high hormonal levels that kept him horny, kept his stamina going whenever he was having sex, which made him an obviously desirable partner because holy fuck could Jimin keep fucking. Jinyoung was initially attracted to it too, the fact that Jimin was always so goddamn thirsty. Perks for the boy because that meant he got more dick action than most.

But sometimes, there were nights that Jimin really hated his hormones, especially when Jinyoung was being an uncooperative asshole and Taehyung’s voice was still echoing in his ears. He groaned and flopped back on the bed, an arm over his eyes to pray the filthy thoughts away. He hadn’t had sex in a while and the tension that had accumulated inside of him built an irritation that couldn’t be scratched away.

His phone buzzed, notifying him of a spam message, killing his hopes that Jinyoung would reply. Jimin should really let that brat go. Speaking of the brat, he thought about V’s advice. He should probably just rip off the bandaid and get rid of Jinyoung altogether.

Jimin cursed under his breath. He wished it was that easy. If only V was here to keep him away from Jinyoung, maybe that would help. He grabbed his phone from the table and scrolled through his contact list. He might’ve added V’s number into his phone after that night — it’s a safety measure, in case he needed anything. Advice, wise words, phone sex. He bit on his bottom lip, thumb hovering over the name. He was freeloading V’s services but the guy did offer—THUMP. A loud noise from above had him jumping and holy shit, what the hell was—

“Hello?” V’s baritone voice bounced off the rooms.

Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit. Jimin scrambled for his phone, wincing. “Oh, h-hi, hey.”

“Hey, Chimchim, right?” V sounded a little breathless. That certainly didn’t help with Jimin’s terrible imagination at that moment. His libido was going haywire and he wished he could just get rid of it altogether.

Oh, who was he kidding? He loved sex too much to let it go completely.


“Y-Yeah, it’s me."

“Hey, did you need something?” V’s tone turned a little teasing, a little singsong that had Jimin’s blood pumping. He could already imagine the upcoming turn of events.

Clearing his throat, he tugged on the hem of his t-shirt. “No, I must’ve butt-dialed you.” The lie slipped past his lips so smoothly he almost believed it himself.

Pause. “Well, that’s disappointing. Guess you’ll be on your way—”

“Wait!” Jimin mentally chided himself for being this desperate. “But I-I mean, since we’re already calling—” V laughed, Jimin cringed. “I mean, that’s only if you—”

“Chimchim, baby, I love your whining and begging. Might be my favorite so far. It’s so fucking high, especially when you’re so close to your orgasm. It gets me so hard, baby.”

Jimin felt his blood freeze, his heart stopping with V’s words, the huskiness of his voice. “D-Don’t say things like that,” Jimin leaned back against his headboard, squirming a little and fidgeting with the waistband of his boxers. “It makes me harder.”

“So you are already hard…”


“I can help you out, you know.” Jimin could just imagine a smile toying on his lips.

He chewed his lip thoughtfully, “Do you have any customers tonight?”

“Not until later.” Shit. He was hoping that would be his out, his motivation to hang up on V and hopefully never call him again. “So what do you say, Chimchim? Up for a fun night?”

Oh, fuck it. Jimin quickly tugged off his bottoms and tossed them aside. His cock was already straining, standing and twitching. He didn’t realize how hard he was, how strung out he was until his fingers wrapped around his cock and the relief that spread through him was like a fire that lit up his entire being. “Yes.” He groaned, and reached for the bottle of lube with his free hand, popping the cap open and squirting a little to ease his hand’s slide on his cock.

V could hear it, the familiar pop of the bottle. He smirked and leaned back himself, unbuttoning his pants and kicking them off. Jimin already started whining. He tried to muffle it but was failing terribly. V held back his laugh and reached for his own lube. “Baby boy, how are you doing? Have you been a good boy for daddy?”

Jimin gurgled incoherently, too lost in his own thoughts, too deep in V’s silky voice to process anything else.

“Tell daddy, baby, or daddy won’t let you come.”

“Yes,” he choked out. “Yes, daddy. Chimchim has been a good boy.”

Holy fuck. V’s eyes slid shut at the image of the boy spread out before his eyes, length disappearing into his hand over and over. The round head glistening. “Yeah, baby, do you want daddy to touch you? Want daddy to get his hands all over you? Do you like my hands, baby boy?” His own hand smoothed down his stomach to grasp his length, his other hand cupping his balls.

When V started groaning though, it was Jimin’s turn to fall apart. The bass of his voice vibrated through Jimin’s veins, coaxing all his blood down south where his erection throbbed painfully. Jimin tightened his fingers around his member, stroking harder and faster. Jesus. It felt so, so good.

V was still throwing out filthy words that riled Jimin up even more. “That’s a good boy. Chimchim’s a good boy for daddy, right? You don’t want daddy to spank you, do you?”

But fuck, Jimin whimpered at that. The idea of getting spanked had his blood rushing, ears ringing. He could just hear the slaps bounce off the walls of the room. He’s never gotten hit before, but the idea of a stinging pain across his ass definitely had him getting wetter by the second.

“Oh? Do you like that, baby? Do you want daddy to spank you? Want daddy to treat you like the little cockslut that you are.” Jimin felt the words sink their fangs into him, drawing all his blood to the surface. He could feel his face flame but all his mind could focus on was the heat that rushed straight to his cock. “Be a good boy for daddy and spank that ass for me.”

He wasn’t — he couldn’t be serious. Jimin continued to pump his member, the slickness ringing into the phone.

V growled, “Did you not hear me? I want you to spank yourself. Spank yourself for daddy.”

Oh fuck. Jimin pressed the speaker button and let V’s groans flood the room. It was even worse that way. It was as if he was right there with him, his voice resonating through the empty space. He got on his knees and pressed his face against his comforter. God, would he really do this?

“Do it, baby boy.”

His hand came down on his own ass without a second thought. A gasp tore from his throat at the sting. Oh fuck, oh fuck. The shock of the sting surprised him more than the pain actually did. But then he felt it, the tingles that electrified straight through him. His cock twitched in his hands, his movements faltered. His eyes slammed shut.

V chuckled in his hear, the sound sending shivers down his spine. “That’s a good boy. Did you like it, baby? Like daddy punishing you?”

“N-No,” he mumbled and found the bitterness of his own lie.

“Oh, are you lying to daddy now?” Jimin bit on his bottom lip as his fingers lightly grazed over his puckered hole. He hadn’t been filled up in so long, it was so close he could taste it. “Don’t you dare finger yourself, Chimchim.” Jimin knew—he knew—that V wasn’t even there yet he stopped himself, pulling his hand away from his hole. “You lied to me and you tried to touch your little hole?”

“M’sorry,” he said, voice muffled by his burying his face in his sheets out of frustration.

“It’s okay, baby.” V softened, dropping his voice to a low whisper. “Lube those fingers up, baby. I want you to fuck your fingers.”

Jimin hardened at the words and was quick to reach for the bottle, drenching his fingers in the liquid before reaching for his hole again. V urged him to push them in, encouraged him to shove them deep inside. And so Jimin did. First, one finger slipped in, his tunnel instantly stiffened around it. Jimin let out a stifled moan as he slid it in and out, feeling his own tightness. “Fuck.” He squeezed another finger in. Shit. It really had been a while.

“That’s a good boy, you like your fingers inside, baby boy?” V cooed.

“Yes,” Jimin nodded through the haze of lust that clouded his brain. “Yes, daddy.”

“Fuck yourself hard, Chimchim. Let me hear you whining. Don’t come until daddy tells you to, okay?”

“Mmm,” he grumbled as his cock jerked again in his hands, his wrist flicking to get a good amount of friction. His fingers buried deep to his knuckles inside of him again and again. It felt so, so good. Jimin let out a small whine, feeling the tension coil in his stomach and the heat building up inside of him. He wanted to come so badly. “P-Please let me come.”

“What did you say, baby?” V hummed, obviously pleased.

“Please, please let me come. Daddy, please.” He begged again, eyes squeezing shut painfully as he suppressed the urge to blow his load then. “Please. I’ve been a good boy. Please let me come.

“Do you think you deserve to come?”

“I’m a good boy, please. Oh God,” he choked out. “Please let me come. I promise to be a good boy. I’ll be a good boy for daddy.”

Jimin tightened his fingers around the tip of his cock, stopping himself from coming. It was so painful but he knew daddy would be even angrier if he came without his permission.

“Please, daddy.” Jimin whimpered, holding back the urge to scream in frustration. “Please, please. Chimchim wants to come.”

V chuckled. Devilish. “Okay, baby, come for me.”

With a gasp, spurts of white landed on his sheets. His hand continued to pump his cock, pushing out the satisfying effect of his orgasm. The stickiness coated his digits as heavy breaths left his mouth. He continued to sob quietly as the high grasped him tightly, had his lungs constricting. He slumped forward, groaning when the embarrassment finally settled in him.

The chuckle from his phone reminded him that V was in fact still there. “Did you enjoy that?”

“Too much,” he grumbled, picking it up and turned onto his back, sighing as his chest heaved up and down. “How do you even do it?”

“Skills, practice, and lots of research.” V sounded smug and he had every right to be. Jimin just shook his head. “I’m glad you enjoyed it though. Maybe next time I’ll make you beg more before you come.”

The idea of a next time actually had Jimin’s heart warming. A next time sounded good. It was more than welcome. He nodded despite knowing that V couldn’t see him nor the big smile that spread across his face. “That’s gonna be hell for me.”

“But it’ll be sweet as fuck afterwards.”

“That’s true,” Jimin yawned.

“Well, you sound tired so get some rest, kid.”

“I’m not a kid,” he muttered, turning on his side and feeling the weight upon his eyelids.

“Okay, baby. Goodnight.” V whispered gently and Jimin was out cold before the line went dead.

✖︎ ✖︎ ✖︎

After a good night of sleep and the sweet aftertaste of his orgasm, this networking event felt like hell. Don’t get him wrong. Jimin loved to network, making new friends and building connections. That was his strength and that was one of the main reasons why marketing was his major. However, the one thing he didn’t count on being there was the first person he saw.

Fucking Jinyoung.

The brat looked good too with a white shirt, black suit and slacks, and the shiniest white shoes. Who could even look that good? His hair was styled the way Jimin liked it. He probably knew Jimin was going to be there with the way his eyes lit up when he saw Jimin. But no, he remembered what V had said and what Yoongi had advised so he steered clear of Jinyoung before he could approach him. Instead, he indulged in nice flutes of champagne and the company of other infinitely more pleasant people.

Jimin should’ve known that Jinyoung wouldn’t back down without a fight. He was never one to leave without the last word. As Jimin attempted to distract himself by chatting with others, Jinyoung did the same. Only his included shoulder brushes and physical contact. Why did he even need to get that close to the guy to talk to him? Jimin was undeniably bitter, partly because Jinyoung was an ass, and mainly because despite his confidence, Jimin wasn’t that good of a flirt.

His second mistake of the night was finding himself alone in a corner after he exhausted himself of interacting with people. He sipped quietly on his champagne, studying the shine on his shoes carefully, until a cough drew his attention. His brown eyes dragged up from the lean chest to find Jinyoung smiling down at him, eyes twinkling deviously.

Oh lord no. Jimin gulped the lump that had clumped his throat. Not again.

“Hey, Jimin.” He greeted, snatching the glass from Jimin’s hands and tipping it back on his own lips, letting the golden liquid flow down his throat.

This was bad, bad, bad. Jimin plus alcohol around Jinyoung was never a good idea, because never forget that Jimin was touchy and all he wanted to do was touch Jinyoung. And the boy knew it, of course, which was why he eschewed Jimin’s advances to touch him. He used the lame excuse of grabbing his drink back so obviously Jinyoung wouldn’t fall for it. He growled, “Leave me alone, Jinyoung.”

“That’s not what you were saying a while ago.” He grinned, pearly whites that blinded Jimin on full display. Fangs he didn’t show until Jimin was completely wrapped around his finger. “What was it last time? You said you wanted to suck my dick?”

Jimin cursed his past self. Why did he have to meet Jinyoung in the first place? God. He wished he’d just end this stupid obsession.

Meanwhile, a few feet away, Taehyung was laughing at something Namjoon, a friend of his and Jeongguk’s, had said. It wasn’t until his ears perked up at the sound of whining that he spotted Jimin in a corner, cheeks puffed out adorably and lips in a full-blown pout. Namjoon’s voice faded from his senses as he tried to listen in on the conversation. He had heard a little from Jeongguk about Jimin’s predicament with Jinyoung, whom Taehyung recognized to be a perpetual flirt. Which was probably never a good idea considering Jimin was the cute, loving type. “Hey, hyung.” He stopped Namjoon after his sentence. “Is that Jinyoung with Jimin?”

“You know Jimin?”

Taehyung’s lips twitched, “A little. I tutored him yesterday. He’s cute.”

“Tae,” Namjoon warned.

“It’s no big deal. I think he’s cute.”

“So does Jinyoung and half the school.” The elder shook his head. “Jimin doesn’t realize it but he’s got everyone’s eyes on him because he’s all cute.”

“A little crush, Joonie?” He teased.

“Fuck off,” he rolled his eyes. “But Jinyoung’s bad news for Jimin. He’s a good guy most of the time but he’s not ready to settle down just yet.”

“Figures,” Taehyung smiled, plucking a glass of wine from a passing waiter. “I’ll see you later, hyung. I’ll save the poor boy.” With a small salute, he zigzagged his way through the crowd, nodding at a few acquaintances before he stood by Jimin’s side. “Jiminnie.” He started, his hand on Jimin’s elbow.

Jimin jolted slightly, blushing slightly at the contact and the traces of Taehyung’s moans still in his brain (and maybe also his dick). “T-Taetae!” Jimin had never been more thankful for a person’s touch than for Taehyung’s at that moment. He felt his heart soothe slightly at Taehyung’s presence, his height comforting instead of intimidating like Jinyoung’s. He naturally melted into Taehyung’s hold, which surprised both him and Taehyung.

The pet names had Jinyoung narrowing his eyes at the two of them, not to mention the closeness.

Taehyung’s eyes scanned Jimin’s face. His cheeks were flushed, he guessed from the alcohol and Jinyoung’s being there. “You doing okay?” He asked softly.

“Just fine,” he nodded, hair bouncing. Taehyung’s fingers itched to run themselves through the thick faded sunset locks.

Next, his gaze wandered discreetly to Jinyoung, eyeing him carefully. Jimin was extra touchy too, all snuggly when he curled up into Taehyung. It surprised him even more when Jimin slid an arm around Taehyung’s waist and leaned his head against his shoulder. Strange. “Do you want me to take you home, Jiminnie?”

Jimin hummed happily under his breath at the warmth of the human heater that was Taehyung. “Mhmm.”

Taehyung tensed at the contact but offered a curt nod in Jinyoung’s direction. “Okay then, we’ll be on our way.”

Jinyoung halted him, hand reaching out for Jimin but Taehyung was quick to block his way. He squinted at the younger again. “Why should I trust you with Jimin?”

That irritated him. He had some nerve considering he was the guy toying around with Jimin. Taehyung smiled tightly, “Because I know this guy and I don’t need problems between the two of you tonight now, do I?”

He ignored the question and pushed again, “I don’t know you. How do I know he does?”

Taehyung pinched his lips and prayed his temper would stay in check tonight. It certainly didn’t help that Jimin pressing up to him was driving him insane, but this guy was even more annoying than the nagging in his pants. “Trust me. He does. Now run along, don’t you have a network to build? More guys to hit on?”

There was something in Taehyung’s eyes that stopped Jinyoung’s next words, giving him an opening to walk away with half of Jimin’s weight on him. He didn’t realize how troublesome the whole thing would be until he realized he had no idea where Jimin lived. He tried calling Jeongguk up but the kid was probably screwing around with Yoongi and he didn’t need that picture to traumatize him, so he decided that his place would be the best alternative at that point. Lugging him up three flights of stairs was even worse. He made a mental note to get the landlord to install a freaking escalator or something.

“Okay, up we go.” Taehyung attempted to shove Jimin onto his bed because drunk Jimin thought that the couch was beneath him and aimed straight for Taehyung’s bedroom. He waddled over, nearly knocking his head against the wall if it weren’t for his friend’s quick reflexes. But Jimin was apparently not in the mood to sleep. No, drunk Jimin wanted something else judging by the widening of his eyes, the concentration of his gaze on Taehyung’s face. Goddammit. He could feel himself getting hard. “Jiminnie, please do—”

Jimin flipped them around, toppling Taehyung onto the bed and straddling him. Oh Jesus Christ. Taehyung cursed the gods above because this was all he’s ever wanted but fucking Jimin was in no state to actually be doing this. “Why is your voice so deep?” Jimin muttered, inching his face closer towards Taehyung. “It always makes me so hard.”

Oh fuck. Taehyung shut his eyes, turning his face away so Jimin’s lips landed sloppily on his cheek. “Jimin—”

The boy backed away slightly, staring down at Taehyung with such intensity that made even his goosebumps have goosebumps. “Legit,” he pouted again, full lips right in front of Taehyung’s eyes. All too alluring. “I’m so horny right now.” His face dived down again to capture his lips but Taehyung was faster, dodging and quickly tossing Jimin onto the bed. Wrapping the blanket around him, Taehyung easily made a human burrito out of the boy. Huffing proudly with his masterpiece, he headed for the door to spend his night on the couch until small cries started sputtering from Jimin’s lips.

“D-Don’t leave me,” he sobbed. Oh God. Taehyung winced seeing the wetness streaking Jimin’s face. “I’m so lonely. Why does this happen to me? Why is Jinyoung such a dick? Why do I like someone who’s such a dick?”

Awkwardly, Taehyung reached out to pat the boy’s hair. “Uh, there there.” Taehyung was good at dealing with happy or overexcited, but he always felt a little awkward with in-person comfort.

By that time, Jimin had surprisingly wriggled out of his burrito and was curled up into a small ball on the bed. He looked small, too small. His body was shaking as he buried his face in his knees on his side, whimpering quietly about Jinyoung being an asshole again. A resigned sigh left Taehyung’s lips before he sat on the edge of the bed, stroking Jimin’s hair slowly. His fingers weaved through Jimin’s hair, softening the boy’s cries into tiny sobs. He felt shitty that Jimin had to go through this bullshit. He seemed like a really good guy too. Sweet.

“Sleep with me.” Jimin’s eyes cracked open to peek at the source of comfort. He nuzzled his face into Taehyung’s hand.

“Jimin, you’re in no state—”

“No, just sleep with me. I want to cuddle.” He murmured. Taehyung felt the hesitance bothering him, but Jimin was looking up at him with the biggest, most ridiculously adorable puppy dog eyes. He grunted and nudged him to scoot him over before lying down. Jimin threw a look over his shoulder, declaring promptly, “I’m the little spoon.” Then he turned over and faced his back to Taehyung. Even when he was drunk and crying, he was bossy.

Taehyung shook his head but amusement tugged at the corners of his lips as he pressed up against Jimin, his arm sliding over the boy’s waist as Jimin’s whining ceased and his breathing evened out. He sighed himself, feeling the sleep weigh in on his mind before the world faded to black altogether.

✖︎ ✖︎ ✖︎

Jimin woke up the next morning with a delicious poking on his ass. He figured that the poking would make up for the incessant rattling in his brain that was most likely a result of his stupidity the previous tonight. Grumbling quietly, he peeked over his shoulder to find none other than Kim Taehyung. His heart leapt to his throat as his eyes widened, his body quickly twisting around to face away from him again. Oh God, why was he in bed with Taehyung? His gaze dropped to find that he was fully clothed. He wasn’t sure whether he was relieved or disappointed that he was in bed with Taehyung but hadn’t done anything with him.

Nevertheless, he did like the warmth and the feel of Taehyung’s thin arm protectively around him. He could almost fall asleep—

“Don’t you dare go back to sleep,” a deep voice growled in his ear. Jimin nearly creamed himself. Taehyung’s voice was already sexy enough on a normal basis, but early mornings gave it the gravelly touch that drove his brain into overdrive.

Jimin squeaked a little before he scrambled away slightly from Taehyung, who proceeded to rub the sleep away from his eyes. He couldn’t help but let his eyes drift over to Taehyung’s shorts that had a noticeable bump. Oh God. That was his boner. His boner! “W-What happened last night?”

“You got drunk and tried to fuck me.” Taehyung muttered, cracking his neck and sitting up, leaning against the headboard and yawning. He blinked slowly at Jimin, his attempt at a glare turning into a grimace.


“So I put you in a blanket burrito and put you to sleep. However, your cute horny butt decided to escape and guilt trip me into sleeping in bed with you.”

Jimin had never been more mortified. This was the second—maybe third if he considered the previous night that he couldn’t quite remember—time he’s met the gorgeous guy with the voice that could send all the angels diving down onto earth just to hear him whisper a fucking grocery list for all he knew. “Oh God, I’m so, so sorry.” Jimin clapped his hands into a prayer stance and bowed in front of him.

Taehyung chuckled, glee dancing freely in his chocolate eyes. “It’s no biggie, Jiminnie. One thing you definitely shouldn’t be sorry for is gracing me with the sight of that boner so early in the morning.” His gaze snapped over to Jimin’s pants. Fuck. Jimin’s hands automatically moved to cover it up as his face blazed a million shades of red. “Come on, I’ll make you waffles and you can tell me what’s going on with this Jinyoung kid.”

Thus, over the waffle maker cooking and Jimin’s slicing strawberries that Taehyung kept stealing, Jimin told him the gist of it. He had met Jinyoung freshman year and quickly got attached to him because Jinyoung had been sweet, welcoming the first time around for a shy little Jimin. But then things changed and he realized that Jinyoung really just liked being the nice guy that he was and flirting with practically everyone. Of course, they’ve fucked around more than once or twice, which obviously left Jimin sexually frustrated considering his not-boyfriend was a dick that always left him wanting more. The words spilled from Jimin’s lips absentmindedly, his filter disappearing when he was a little too comfortable with someone.

For a second, his gaze darted over to Taehyung, wondering if he managed to scare away a new friend by spilling his entire love life to him but he just looked contemplative as he licked up the syrup that had drizzled onto his finger.

When they were seated across from each other, Jimin hesitantly forking bites into his mouth and Taehyung vacuuming everything, he finally broke the silence. “So, let me get this straight. Jinyoung’s been fucking around with you. He’s an ass but you’re still crazy about him because of his dick.”

“Don’t make me sound like an ass,” Jimin groaned. “Yes, he’s got a good dick and all but that’s not the only reason I’m crazy about him.”

Taehyung shrugged, pursing his lips together. “It seems to me that you really like the idea of him. Cute upperclassman with a good dick who pays attention to you.”

He had hit the nail straight on the head. Maybe Jimin had been a little too insecure, maybe he still was, but Jinyoung had given him the confidence to launch his life in university and he felt indebted because he really was a good guy, but he just wasn’t Jimin’s type of good guy. “Basically.”

“If a dick is your problem, then why don’t you just let me fuck you?”

Mind you, Taehyung said all this with syrup dribbling down his chin, his eyes, wide, blinking at Jimin curiously. He also had a smidgen of whipped cream on the corner of his lips which looked too tantalizing. “W-What the hell, Tae?”

“I’ve been looking for a fuck buddy. I mean, not that I can’t find one. I give a pretty good dicking if I must say.” He smirked, licking his lips. Jimin’s gaze trailed over the movement, his mouth drying at the gorgeous sight of Taehyung’s glistening lips. “Let me help you out. I’ll get your mind and dick off Jinyoung and you can help me with my hormones. Win-win, right?”

Tempting. Too tempting. He knew that the offer was a good one, especially since he was really, really curious whether Taehyung’s ‘dicking’ really was that good. As he pondered on his bottom lip, Taehyung had somehow made his way around the table, pulling Jimin up to his feet and pinning him back against the kitchen island. Jimin’s eyes were wide, frantically seeking help. But Taehyung covered his mouth with his and he melted. He fucking melted. His fingers sought purchase on Taehyung’s strong shoulders as Taehyung’s fingers twisted in between the strands of his hair. His free hand slid down Jimin’s sweet baby Jesus rock-hard abs to rub the bulge.

The other boy pulled away before long, staring at Jimin. His hazel eyes glimmering underneath the kitchen’s fluorescent lights. Taehyung had never looked more beautiful with his lips parted, pink and plump and swollen. “Jiminnie,” he breathed and Jimin almost threw himself against Taehyung again. “Your lips are pheno-fucking-menal. But holy shit your breath smells.”

There went his boner. “Oh my God, fuck you!”

“You can brush your teeth and we can make out again?”

“Go fuck yourself, Kim Taehyung.” Yet, Jimin still stomped all the way to the bathroom, stole one of Taehyung’s spares and brushed the fuck out of his teeth, making sure to gargle on mouthwash to make his mouth minty fresh. Then he marched all the way back to Taehyung who was sipping on his hot chocolate as if he hadn’t cupped Jimin’s dick just a few minutes ago.

“Oh, did you actually—” Jimin couldn’t care less what Taehyung had to say next as he slanted his lips over the younger boy’s. Taehyung unwound in his hands almost instantly, tugging on Jimin’s waist to press him harder against him. “Fuck, you taste so good, Jiminnie.” Taehyung moaned, swiping his tongue on Jimin’s bottom lip. He instinctively opened his mouth to grant Taehyung access, his tongue dipping in to explore Jimin’s mouth, to stroke hard against his tongue. “Let’s do this in the bedroom. Kitchen sex is more painful than you think.”

The idea of getting bent over a kitchen counter and fucked his brains out didn’t sound all too bad with Jimin, but he nodded, intertwining his fingers between Taehyung as he led him to his bedroom. He had all of two seconds to admire Taehyung’s minimalist decor and messy setup before Taehyung shoved him back against the bed. Jimin dropped on his back and, in a blink of an eye, Taehyung was hovering over him, supporting himself on his elbows alone and mouthing on Jimin’s neck. His lips sucked, his teeth nibbled. Taehyung quickly found that Jimin was sensitive behind his ears, kissing a trail up and down his neck and biting gently down on his earlobe, pulling a delicious whine out of Jimin.

Jimin relished all of it, the feel of Taehyung’s large hands roaming all over him. One of his hands stroked the back of his neck, tugging on the hair, and tilting his head back to allow him better access to Jimin’s mouth. His other hand slid down over the planes, over every ridge and dip, the broad expanse of his chest. Jimin might’ve been shorter but he was built like a god and he knew it. Taehyung groaned as his hand slipped underneath Jimin’s shirt, flattening his palm on the warmth of his stomach. “Jiminnie, you have the sexiest body.” Jimin could only mumble incoherent responses in return. His brain had short-circuited the second Taehyung’s lips painted violets on the slopes of his necks. “You have the face of an angel, but this body, Jesus, it’s like you’re Apollo himself.”

“Tae,” he whimpered as Taehyung tugged his shirt up and off. He straddled Jimin, legs carelessly thrown on either side of him, his crotch aligned with Jimin’s. His stare dragged over the shape, the delicious lines of Jimin’s body. He licked his lips as he smoothed one hand up on his body to flick Jimin’s nipple. Jimin reacted almost instantly, jerking underneath Taehyung. “What the—”

If Jimin didn’t let him finish his sentences then Taehyung wouldn’t either. His lips wrapped around the sensitive peak, tongue pressing and circling around it. Jimin threw his head back, a moan unwillingly pulled from his throat. He felt himself writhing underneath Taehyung, and Taehyung’s erection digging into his thigh. Oh shit, oh God. That felt so good. Add that to the fact that Taehyung’s hand had somehow wandered south, rubbing the tent over the thin piece of fabric, Jimin was close to completely losing his mind.

“T-Tae, please. I w-want you to touch me.”

Taehyung smiled against his skin, teeth grazing teasingly over the sensitive skin. “Jiminnie,” he lilted. “Where do you want me to touch you? Tell me.”

“Everywhere.” He gasped and Taehyung was quick to slide his hand down, running his finger down the bulge of his pants. His devilish fingers danced over the sensitive heat, wrapping around his length over the thickness of his slacks. “F-Fuck, Tae, please.” Taehyung found his tip, his fingers curling around them and squeezing.

“You look so hard and ready, Jiminnie,” he sang again. Oh my God. He was going to drive Jimin batshit crazy as his body slithered down and he began to mouth him. Jimin lost all sense of sanity, his eyes slamming shut, his fingers twisting around the sheets. Taehyung’s mouth was the perfect combination of wet and warm. Even through the fabric, Jimin could feel every single movement, every squeeze of his lips along his length. “I want to suck your cock, baby. Do you want me to do that?”

As Taehyung tugged his pants down, Jimin’s lips uttered out words that he would forever regret: “Yes, daddy.”

It was as if the word stopped spinning. Taehyung froze with his hand still holding onto the hem of Jimin’s pants tightly and Jimin just died. He wanted to fling himself into the freaking sun if he could but then again Taehyung seemed like the sun himself so Jimin wanted to fling — God, he was rambling in his own head.

“Did you just—”

“Please don’t bring it up.”

The boy’s lips slowly spread into a smirk, “Baby, you know I don’t mind right? I think it’s hot.”

“Tae, please. Not today.” Jimin groaned, his eyes refusing to open in the fear of Taehyung’s teasing smile haunting him to remind him of his grand mishap for the rest of his life. “Let’s keep it simple. T-That was a slip-up.”

“A really hot one,” Taehyung huffed but agreed, returning his attention back to pulling Jimin’s pants all the way down. His cock stood proudly, veins adorning the length as it twitched. Precum leaked from the tip, tempting Taehyung to dart his tongue out and lick up that little bead.

Jimin jerked in his hold, jaw clenching as he tried his best not to cream on the fucking spot. He hadn’t gotten a blowjob in a while and — holy fucking sweet shit. Taehyung’s tongue swirled around the swollen head, his eyes watching Jimin’s face. His eyelashes beautifully brushed against his cheeks as he hollowed out his cheeks and took Jimin in. Jimin swallowed the lump in his throat, feeling the oxygen disappear completely from the room.

Taehyung was beautiful.

There was no other word to describe him. If he was beautiful on a daily basis, beautiful with his rectangular smile and contagious laughter, then he was downright ethereal with his lips stretched around Jimin’s cock. He swallowed Jimin in as if his sole purpose was to give him this immense, incomparable pleasure. He lapped at Jimin’s cock, savoring the flavor, tongue tracing over every vein and ridge.

Jimin’s fingers twisted between the strands of Taehyung’s soft hair. “T-Taehyung,” he whimpered, his voice sounding shaky to his own ears. “Please. I can’t.”

“Please what, Jiminnie?”

“I don’t want to come like this.” He gasped when Taehyung dug his tongue into the slit, pressing and prodding. Goddammit. He squeezed his eyes shut and willed the temptation to rush his high away. He wanted more. He wanted Taehyung inside him, all over him, everywhere. “Fuck me now.”

“Thought you’d never ask,” Taehyung grunted, playfulness gone as he whipped off his own pajama shorts (which Jimin just noticed was ridiculously patterned with dancing bananas, he would’ve laughed if he weren’t so fucking hard he was about to cry). He popped open his bedside drawer and quickly rolled on a condom, flipping open the cap of his lube and squirting a little onto his fingers. “Need me to prep you?”

“Y-Yeah,” he stammered, scrambling to his knees, ass up in the air right in front of Taehyung’s prying gaze. “I haven’t gotten screwed in a while.” He was desperate, he was practically panting like a dog for Taehyung to fill him up, wiggling his ass. He’d probably even beg if Taehyung told him to.

Taehyung gave him a light slap, glaring teasingly. “Patience, baby.”

Jimin let out a small whine, pushing his ass up against Taehyung again and nudging his hand. The slightly younger boy couldn’t help but admire how fucking round and gorgeous Jimin’s ass was. He wasn’t too pale, his ass tanned enough to make it seem as if it was glowing with the illumination. God, Taehyung wanted to taste his ass. But not today. Judging by Jimin’s silent screams stuffed into his bedsheets, he was in a rush. So Taehyung smiled and poked at his hole. “Tae!” He grumbled. “Get on with it.”

So demanding. Taehyung smiled to himself and eased a finger in, his wet digit sliding so easily into the boy’s puckered hole. Jimin’s ass practically sucked him in, the ring tightening snugly around Taehyung’s finger. He slid it in and out, going deeper with each push. Jimin muffled another impatient groan and moved his ass back according to Taehyung’s movement.

“More, more fingers.” He mumbled.

He aimed to please after all. Taehyung shoved another finger in, then another, loving the way Jimin jerked with his hand settled nicely on the small of his back. He picked up the pace, wanting Jimin to open up much more to him. He was going to need a lot more if he were going to take in Taehyung’s dick that he prided his heart and soul on.

“Fuck, Tae, I can’t take it anymore.” Jimin grunted, throwing a wince over his shoulder. “I really, really need you inside me.”

“It’s gonna hurt. You’re really tight right now.”

“It’s fine.” Jimin nodded. He liked it to sting a little anyway. He hated to admit that he liked adding hints of pain into his sexual endeavors. Getting spanked, humiliated and babied, taking in a large cock. All of those were the things he lived for. “Fuck me hard.”

Taehyung’s own member twitched at the demand. Jesus, a demanding bottom. That was new. He held back his own smile, hoping the mirth in his eyes wasn’t evident as he slicked up his own cock with the lube. Gently, he pushed into Jimin, biting down on his bottom lip to not lose his self-restraint. Jimin was so tight, so fucking tight. It felt so damn good and he barely got half of himself in.

There it was. The feeling of being stretched and opened up, exposed so well, was the one that had Jimin’s heart racing in anticipation. God, he groaned into the bed, loving every second, every inch of Taehyung’s length that filled him. Taehyung pulled out and thrusted back in, moving at a rhythmic pace according to Jimin’s heartbeat. It felt so, so good. He had missed this friction, this connection that had his mouth watering for more. Taehyung grabbed him by the hips, fingers digging and surely leaving crescent marks onto Jimin’s creamy skin. His mouth kissed the back of Jimin’s shoulder before he moved faster, quickening the jerk of his hips. He could hear it then.

The groans.

Oh God. The one that haunted Jimin for days, the one that had Jimin hardening in the middle of the night, the one that had Jimin grasping his cock in his hand and jacking off. It was even better than he remembered. Without the separation of walls, Taehyung’s delicious moans were amplified tenfold. His velvety voice stroking Jimin’s skin, raising goosebumps and urging all his blood down south to his painfully hard cock. His moans bounced off the walls, bounced within Jimin’s eardrums, and had his heart thrumming.

“Come on, baby.” Taehyung growled and Jimin wanted to cry then and there. Taehyung’s growl was the sexiest thing he’s ever heard. So controlling, so dominant. “I want to hear your moans, baby.” And he complied. Whimpers and groans and whines, every sound he could possibly think of, left his lips unwillingly. “You’re so hot, Jiminnie. This ass, Jesus, was sent from the heavens. Fuck, this ass. I fucking love your ass.” Jimin’s brain was too jumbled, all thoughts stringing incoherently in his mind. “I want to mark you, baby. Want my come all over your skin, want my teeth leaving marks on you.”

God, yes. He wanted that too. Jimin gasped as Taehyung thrusted particularly hard, the tip of his cock hitting his prostate. He kept going, harder and faster. His cock brushing up against the spot that grew more sensitive by the second. Then Taehyung smacked his ass and the crack echoed in the room. Jimin’s breath hitched as he relished the exquisite electricity that coursed through his veins.

Taehyung’s thrusts didn’t relent, going even deeper as his fingers bruised into Jimin’s skin. The pain only emphasized the pleasure that built within him. Jimin was so close, so close. He licked his lips, tasting the sweat that had rolled down his face. He gritted his teeth, eyes closing as he could feel it all coming together inside of him. From the slapping of Taehyung’s thighs against his own, Taehyung’s cock shoving into him over and over, and his moans (goddamn his fucking moans), Jimin couldn’t handle it any longer. All the air was sucked out of his lungs as tears pricked his eyes.

The final trigger was Taehyung’s snarl in his ear. “Come for me, baby. Come with me.” His cock twitched before he found his climax, the peak dotting his vision and white strings dribbling down his cock and landing messily all over Taehyung’s sheets. Taehyung let out a long, satisfied groan as his own member twitched inside of Jimin, warmth quickly flooding his insides.

Breathing heavily, Jimin buried his face into Taehyung’s pillow. Holy shit. That was better than he expected. Taehyung barely did anything. His cock alone and his voice had Jimin coming faster than he did when he went kinky with Jinyoung (tales he’d surely take to the grave). “Damn,” he muttered, limbs feeling like they were practically nonexistent. It really had been a while.

Taehyung’s lips pressed soft, lazy kisses onto Jimin’s back. “I’ll build that stamina back up, baby.”

“I don’t need that,” Jimin huffed.

“Hm,” Taehyung hummed, clearly denying his argument. “We’d have to go more than once if I want to satisfy myself.”


“I’m just saying, my handprint on your ass has me hard again.”


“You’re sexy as hell, Jiminnie.” And Taehyung was back. Adorable giggles and moon-shaped eyes and all. He flopped onto the empty space next to Jimin on the bed. “And you better wash my sheets tomorrow.”

Jimin scoffed, “You’d have to wash your sheets everyday if we’re going to be doing this a lot. Might as well keep it there.”

“You’re right,” Taehyung grinned, turning on his side to face Jimin and give his lips a quick peck that had the boy blushing. “I want to smell you on my sheets anyway when you’re not around.” A choke left Jimin’s mouth as he pushed himself up, swinging his legs off the edge of the bed. “Where are you going?”

The question had him stopping and turning to raise an eyebrow at the lanky boy that was spread out nicely on the bed. Taehyung looked fucking beautiful. He was basking in his afterglow, eyes swirling with contentment and lips tipped up in a cute grin. Jimin coughed, “I was just about to leave. Don’t worry, I’ll see myself out.”


That baffled him even more. “What do you mean why?”

Taehyung shrugged, “It’s late. We’re both tired. I like to cuddle. You look like you could use a cuddle.”

“You want me to stay?” He sputtered in disbelief.

“Why not?” For a minute, Taehyung looked genuinely confused which in turn confused Jimin even more.

“Fuck buddies don’t stay the night, Tae. That’s like the universal rule.”

“I don’t know what universe you’ve been living in, but I don’t really care if my fuck buddies do.” Taehyung pointed out, sticking his tongue out cutely. “We’re friends. I’m not letting you go out this late alone. It’s a wild, wild world out there, Jiminnie.”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Jiminnie, just stay. I really would feel better about it. I want to cuddle too.” He held open his arms, bottom lip jutting out in a charming pout that was sure to sway Jimin’s resolve. The shorter boy sighed, nodding before slipping in under the covers with Taehyung who squealed all too happily with his decision. He quickly tugged Jimin closer, skinny arms slinking around Jimin’s waist. “Oh, you’re so hard. I didn’t know you worked out.” He poked Jimin’s abs, giggling.

Jimin felt his heart warm. He couldn’t imagine how the man earlier who had fucked him and ordered him to come for him was the same guy who was giggling and rubbing his abs.  “You’re so weird.” Jimin shook his head. “I’m sleeping. I’m tired.”

“Okay, goodnight, Jiminnie.” Taehyung smacked a loud kiss on Jimin’s forehead before pulling him closer, burying his face in Taehyung’s chest. Jimin could hear it, his heart thudding in his chest and felt just a little bit better that Taehyung was there, that it was his heartbeat that lulled him into a peaceful slumber.

✖︎ ✖︎ ✖︎

It was never meant to be a one-time thing, not after Taehyung promised him that they were truly exclusive fuck buddies. Fuck buddies that just happened to cuddle a lot after sex. Fuck buddies that talked about their family and Taehyung’s beloved dog that he wouldn’t shut up about (not that Jimin minded because Taehyung’s eyes sparkled whenever he talked about Soonshim). Fuck buddies that woke up to have breakfast together, sharing shirts and pants after a while. Jimin has crashed Taehyung’s place too many times and Taehyung did the same. It just depended on whose place was closer and how far they could make it to one of their apartments before the temptation overwhelmed them.

Sometimes they never made it.

Jimin should’ve known that it would be trouble from the very beginning. He was never one to do one night stands. Or fuck buddies, in fact. Jimin liked romance. He liked happy endings and sweet dinners on the beach with candlelight and lots and lots of touching. His love language was physical contact for a reason. Kissing, hugging, biting. He loved them all.

The worst part was that it was also Taehyung’s. If you had to pick one word to describe Taehyung, touchy would’ve definitely been high up on the list. He was basically a koala. Jimin quickly learned never to literally turn his back on Taehyung because he’d get jumped. Taehyung’s long legs wrapping around him, his arms hooked around his neck as he snuggled close and sniffed Jimin’s hair. Of course, Jimin could never resist the puppy pout that Taehyung offered as a response to his glare. Thus, he’d relent to Taehyung’s requests, never admitting aloud how much he indulged in them himself.

The days went by in a blur. Jimin spent his days burying his nose in his books for midterms as the leaves turned crisp in the various shades of sunsets. He swapped out his sleeveless tops for coats and the occasional scarf from Taehyung’s collection. This was under his insistence most of the time.

Taehyung would look him up and down and deem his outfit unacceptably insufficient. “The wind is terrible out there. You’re going to freeze to death.” He’d say everyday before disappearing into his bedroom and returning to stuff Jimin’s face into a thick, woolen scarf he recognized to be Taehyung’s favorite (because he kept bringing up ‘the red fluffy one my grandma gave me two Christmases ago!’). Then he’d huff proudly to himself before directing his attention back to his breakfast and leaving Jimin feeling warm and fuzzy.

He still wasn’t sure if it was from Taehyung’s concern or the scarf. He hoped it was the latter.

The more he tried to hold it back, the more he tried to suppress his feelings, the worse his denial got. And when Jimin was in denial, he tended to keep secrets. Those secrets transformed him into a stuttering, blushing mess.

It was even worse when his friends were the observant types. And the annoying types that just wouldn’t let the little things slide.

Taehyung and Jimin had changed. Yoongi was the first to notice the shift (mainly because Jeongguk was too busy filling his mouth with as much kimchi as he possibly could). Taehyung and Jeongguk were competing, trying to see who could finish their appetizers first when Jimin walked in. Yoongi, obviously, waved the younger boy over. “Yo, Jimin.”

The boy across from him perked up, eyes glowing as he whipped around to face Jimin, waving with as much enthusiasm as Taehyung could have, which was a fuck too much if you asked Yoongi. He didn’t think much of it. However, when Jimin settled beside Taehyung and his eyes softened ever so slightly, his smile was one that he tried to hold back, he knew something was up. Yoongi let that pass too because he was starving and the last time Yoongi saw them together, they had just met for the very first time. Perhaps they had developed a good friendship.

Taehyung started picking out all the carrots in his meal and tossing it over to Jimin’s plate. Jimin didn’t miss a beat and picked them up and threw it back over, shooting Taehyung a look which earned him a frown and a pout. Jimin gave him a silent warning which had Taehyung slumping against his seat and begrudgingly shoveling the “ugh, nasty” pieces of vegetable into his mouth. Jimin looked proud of himself and patted Taehyung’s back thoughtfully. Taehyung seemed happy at that and scooted closer to him.

“Okay, what the fuck is going on?” Yoongi raised an eyebrow, chopstick settling on his plate. “When did you guys start going out?”

Jimin choked. Taehyung burst out laughing. Jeongguk finally looked up from his bowl of rice.

“We’re not going out!” Jimin coughed, feeling the tears build up, as he accepted the glass of water from Taehyung without even as much as a glance, as if he was already expecting it to be there. Damn. That’s some level of telepathy.

Yoongi’s eyes narrowed at him. “Alright, so what’s all this?”

“Hyung,” Jeongguk nudged him curiously. “What’s going on?”

“They’re acting like lovesick puppies.”

“Excuse you,” Taehyung scoffed, spooning rice into his mouth and chewing messily. “I am not lovesick, though I must admit I’m as darn cute as a puppy.”

“Oh my God,” Jimin rolled his eyes.

“Oh my God,” Jeongguk echoed. “You guys are screwing around.”

The rice clogged Taehyung’s throat as he tried to hide his being exposed, albeit not very effectively because Yoongi and Jeongguk could hear him kicking Jimin underneath the table in panic. His eyes practically screamed Mayday! Mayday!, seeming as if they were about to pop out of their sockets at any second. Meanwhile, Jimin’s eyes looked at anything and everything but them, attempting to ignore the painful nudging of Taehyung’s foot, also hating that it reminded him of how Taehyung had played footsie with him once which ended with them fucking in the restaurant bathroom and getting chased out by the manager because Jimin was being too loud (in his defense, Taehyung had put in extra effort that time).

“Jesus Christ,” Yoongi muttered under his breath. “This is gonna be a shit show.” At the same time, Jeongguk looked as if he was a thirteen year old watching porn for the very first time when his eyes widened and he whispered in disbelief, “They’re actually having sex.” “I think you’ve scarred Jeongguk.”

“We’re not screwing around,” Jimin insisted, feeling the blood rise to his face. He knew just how red he looked at the moment, but he’ll take this to the grave if that meant that Yoongi and Jeongguk will never—

“Okay, yeah, we are.” Taehyung shrugged.

“Tae!” Jimin chided the same time Jeongguk went ‘oooooh’. For the love of God, he was acting like Taehyung just said a bad word. Yoongi massaged his temple as Jimin attempted to strangle his fuck buddy. “We are not fucking.” Jimin pressed again. “We’re not.”

“Why do you even bother hiding it, hyung?” Jeongguk smirked. “It’s obvious.”

“It’s not!”

“So you are fucking!”

“Stop that!”

“Can you two shut up?” Yoongi snapped, shoving a broccoli into his boyfriend’s mouth. “Everyone’s looking. And Taehyung stop grinning like that, it’s creeping me out.”

“Sorry,” he smiled. “Jiminnie’s just so cute when he’s angry.”

Jiminnie,” Jeongguk mocked, throwing his head back and cackling. “Pet names already!”

“You should hear the other ones.” Taehyung wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and received another smack from Jimin.

“God, I really don’t want to know.” Yoongi grimaced. As Taehyung and Jeongguk made faces at each other, laughing stupidly like they always did, Yoongi’s gaze wandered over to Jimin who was looking at Taehyung a little too fondly, a little too adoringly. He kicked him underneath the table and Jimin glared. “You doing okay?”

“I’m fine, why?” 

“With all this? You’re okay?” Yoongi raised an eyebrow. He knew. He knew how easily Jimin latched onto someone, how easily Jimin could trust and free fall into someone else’s arms expecting them to catch him. But Taehyung was different. Wasn’t he? He was only a fuck buddy so Jimin had no problems, no misunderstandings. He’d be fine.

“Mhm,” Jimin hummed, distracting himself with the pile of meat. Yoongi glanced at him warily again but Jeongguk nudged his thigh, shaking his head. For once, his boyfriend had a point. Jimin could — and should — figure things out on his own.

An hour later, after parting with Jeongguk and Yoongi who were heading to Yoongi’s studio to do work (or so they said), Jimin and Taehyung headed over to his place. His roommate was gone for the weekend and Taehyung had promised to tutor him a little more for his calculus quiz (or so he said). But, of course, things never go as planned with Taehyung. Jimin ended up between his thighs, Taehyung’s chin on his shoulder with his front pressed up against his back. It was warm and snuggly, perfect cuddling position, but Jimin’s concentration wavered whenever Taehyung’s hand slipped underneath his shirt (“oops” he said).

“Tae,” he groaned.

“That’s more like it,” the younger boy’s eyes flashed as a feral grin plastered itself on his face. “Ready to frickle frackle now?”

“Did you really just call it frickle frackle?”

“Yes or no?”

“Not after that.”

“Jiminnie,” he grumbled, nudging his forehead against Jimin’s broad back. He’d often mentioned how much he loved it, the planes and every curve and indent on the boy’s back. Jimin could still feel the tingles from all the times Taehyung hummed happily to himself, expression the epitome of contentment, as he skimmed his fingers over the smooth surface. “I’m really hard.”

Oh, Jimin knew. He’s known from the second he sat down how hard his friend was, but he had calculus and — oh. Oh no. Taehyung’s hand wandered a little too close to where Jimin pressed his thighs together. He wasn’t about to — oh fuck. “Dammit, Tae. No.”

“Please.” Taehyung whimpered, moist lips clinging onto Jimin’s neck, trailing a warm path down to his shoulders where he tugged the collar down, biting the soft flesh gently.

Jimin was never one to say no.

✖︎ ✖︎ ✖︎

As winter approached, the air grew frostier. Snow crunched underneath Jimin’s footsteps as he felt a single snowflake sneak into his shirt, a bite against the warmth of his skin. He grumbled into his scarf (well, it was Taehyung’s) and trudged his way through the thick blanket of white. He loved the wintry wonderland, the fluffy clouds that graced the ground as the lights twinkled like stars above him. But when it was him walking back from his goddamn eight o’clock class in the dark, winter was pure hell.

He brushed up his boots on the carpet before climbing the ridiculous three flights of stairs up to the apartment. They should really install an elevator, especially for college students freezing their ass off in the staircase with no heater. He twisted open the knob and was hardly surprised to find Taehyung still dozing away on the couch. His (almost literally) frozen heart melted at the sight. He had been up late last night, not to finish his homework which he just managed to complete three seconds before the deadline, but to decorate the Christmas tree despite the holiday being weeks away.

The tree looked beautiful though. If there was anything Taehyung loved more than hot chocolate, it would be Christmas. The minute it struck December, Taehyung had leapt out of bed to pull out the plastic tree (“it’s called being economical, I use it every year”) from the closet and hang the prettiest ornaments on it.

Jimin smiled to himself. The string of lights illuminated the room with the kind of warmth that only a home could provide, that only Taehyung’s home could provide. He reached over and pulled the blanket on higher up his body, hesitating before he crouched and softly kissed Taehyung’s forehead.

“Jiminnie,” his gravelly voice grumbled, an eye peeking open.

“S-Sorry,” Jimin’s eyes widened as he backed away, clearing his throat. He didn’t know why but he felt a little embarrassed having been caught kissing Kim Taehyung on the fucking forehead. Taehyung’s done that a million times before but Taehyung knew no boundaries so it came naturally to him. Jimin hated to admit it but he didn’t mind it in the least. He liked that Taehyung’s bolder side balanced out Jimin’s shyer one. Whatever he didn’t say, Taehyung would figure out and act upon.

“Come cuddle with me. You’re done with classes right?”

“Yeah, for now.” He cleared his throat, shifting awkwardly on his feet. The stripes on his socks seemed interesting then, the pattern almost hypnotizing as he tried to distract himself from the delicious sight of Taehyung stretching, his shirt riding up ever so slightly to reveal a hint of that soft tummy that Jimin liked.

“Come cuddle,” he repeated, holding up the blanket for Jimin to slip in.

“I have a lot of snow so it might be a little cold.”

“Strip then. Body temperature is the best temperature.”

“You just want me naked,” Jimin smirked, shaking his head, but he started to shrug off his coat and his damp socks and boots. Taehyung scooted into the couch further so Jimin could slip in. The space was much too tight, the bed would’ve probably been better, but Taehyung didn’t seem to care, humming happily as he curled into Jimin’s hold. He pressed closer, burying his face in Jimin’s strong chest. “How was your sleep?”

“Good,” he yawned. “How was class?”

“Alright, I got my grade back. I passed.”

“Good for you, Jiminnie.” Taehyung smiled up at the boy, eyes heavy with the remnants of sleep. Jimin noted the shadows underneath, from the nights he’d stayed up awake working on his debugging assignments, from the cups of coffee he bitterly took to keep his eyes open to finish his presentations. Sometimes, Jimin felt bad for even taking up a little of his time because Taehyung was always so busy in between classes, networking events, and organizations. “Why are you frowning?”

“I am?”

“Yeah, you have little creases on your forehead.”

“Just thinking,” he murmured. “You look like you haven’t slept in days.” He ran his fingers through Taehyung’s strands, earning a satisfied purr in return. He knew how tired Taehyung has been. Days when Jimin would pop by for some relief to his insatiable hormones turned into days when he prepared double shot coffees for Taehyung.

Not to mention, the constant pressure he put on himself. Despite his easygoing nature, Taehyung was a man who loved his family to a fault. He wanted to make them proud, especially being the oldest in the family and the first to head to a prestigious university. There were nights Jimin would have to drag him out of his chair, kicking and screaming, and shove him underneath the blankets and force him to sleep. “I know you’re hardworking, Tae, but I think your parents would rather have you alive and healthy, than a zombie.” Taehyung would grumble and curse Jimin out the whole night before the exhaustion sank in and he’d have to sleep.

“I’m alright,” he breathed again, closing his eyes and feeling the sleep weighing in on him again. “Just been busy.” His breathing soon evened out as he melted into Jimin’s hold, all his muscles relaxing.

Jimin stared out the window, enjoying the sound of Taehyung’s soft snores that filled the silence, the warmth of his body pressed up against him, the sight of snow drifting down from the cloudy skies.

This was it, this was the contentment Jimin’s searched for all this time.

College was tough when it started, the winding path ahead of him creating a sort of pressure that had him panicking most of the time. Then Jinyoung came along and he felt as if things would be better again, that things were looking up for him and he was rising from the depths of his worries. He didn’t know then that Jinyoung would be the storms that rocked his world whenever he gave himself a little bit of happiness.

But Taehyung, he was different.

Taehyung was the sunlight that peeked through the clouds, the warmth that kissed his skin on a cold winter day, the brightness that gave him a little bit of light in the dark. He was the calm in Jimin’s storm, but also the storm to Jimin’s calm. It was the storm that, as cliché as it was, made you want to dance in the rain.

It was dangerous, he knew. Taehyung was supposed to be his lover with no strings attached. They promised to keep this complications free. But Jimin couldn’t help himself. You didn’t just fall for Taehyung, he’d make you trip over your own feet three times before you realize that you were free falling straight into him.

Only this time, Jimin didn’t mind it all that much.

✖︎ ✖︎ ✖︎

It was a few days later, when Taehyung’s schedule finally died down just a little bit, that they finally had a good night of, as Taehyung liked to refer to it, “frisky fun.” Jimin woke up to the sun blinding him on a sweet Saturday morning — well, afternoon. It was a little after twelve when Jimin woke up to the sound of bowls banging in the kitchen. He grumbled at the noise, but was quickly soothed by the enticing aroma of batter cooking diffusing through the air. His stomach rumbled angrily, pushing to be sated. Sighing, he padded over to the kitchen to find Taehyung already alive and practically shitting sunlight. “Morning, sleepyhead.” He cooed. “Took you long enough.”

“Slept pretty well,” he shrugged.

“I’ll say. You drooled on me.” Taehyung laughed, whipping open the waffle maker to reveal a crisp yet soft-looking slice. He forked it over to a plate, stacking it on top of another one. With a flourish, he doused the food with maple syrup, drowning it in whip cream, and topping it off with a few slices of strawberries. He placed the plate in front of Jimin before dancing to the cooking area again. Some rap song was playing on the speakers and Taehyung didn’t miss a beat, shaking his ass, and spitting fire as if it was his own song. Jimin hid his smile behind his coffee cup. What he was surprised about was that his coffee was just the way he liked it. Two teaspoons of sugar with a little bit of milk. “Did I get that right?” Taehyung waved his spoon towards him.

“Uh, yeah. This is perfect. Thanks.” Jimin coughed and Taehyung harrumphed proudly to himself before making his way over to him. He ducked his head down to graze his teeth on Jimin’s earlobe, knowing perfectly well how sensitive he was there. “How’s your ass?”

His voice never failed to send shivers down Jimin’s spine. “F-Fine.” God, he winced at how awkward he sounded. Taehyung curls around him, arms slinking around his neck as he propped himself up on Jimin’s shoulder. He opened his mouth and Jimin absentmindedly brought a piece in, with extra whipped cream, to his mouth.

And there went his imagination.

He really didn’t need pictures of Taehyung as his boyfriend in his head. “S-So,” he started, tossing all hopes aside. “Are you busy today?”

“Nah, for once, I have a free day, why?”

“I want to take you somewhere.”

Taehyung gasped, peering further around Jimin to look him in the eye. “On a date?”

Jimin rolled his eyes, praying to all otherworldly beings out there that his quickening heartbeat wouldn’t be obvious. “Just to hang out.”

“Kidding, Jiminnie.” He giggled, pecking him on the cheek. “But sure! I’ll go get ready.”

After an hour of arguing, Taehyung managed to convince Jimin that his sweater was in fact warmer and that Jimin should wear his instead. All the way there, they had bickered about whose sweater was warmer despite the fact that Jimin was already swimming in Taehyung’s favorite orange sweater (the color was pretty blinding but Taehyung seemed pleased so Jimin went along with it). Taehyung had grabbed his freezing hand and stuffed it into his own jacket, flashing a dazzling grin that had Jimin tingling all over. The warmth was short-lived when he heard the one voice he had managed to avoid for so long.


When he finally pulled his eyes away from Taehyung, he felt his expression falter. Jinyoung stood in front of him, eyes bright, face as gorgeous as ever. He looked good too, his leather jacket and red scarf suited his frame nicely. Instead of feeling an irritation or some sort of physical attraction, Jimin found himself merely… stiffening. He wasn’t quite sure how to feel himself. Jinyoung smiled though, a little softer than he usually did, a little sweeter. It didn’t compare to Taehyung’s contagious one, but he supposed it had sufficed thus far.

“Hey,” he murmured quietly.

“How’ve you been? It’s been a while since we last saw each other. You also haven’t been answering my texts,” Jinyoung teased, his voice coated with delight.

Taehyung had been doing a pretty good job with that. Whenever Jimin’s fingers itched to text Jinyoung or to answer his calls or respond to his messages, Taehyung would slither around him, his scent overwhelming Jimin’s senses as he placed kisses all over his neck before leading him to the bedroom. His cravings for Jinyoung had been dwindled down to nothing as of late and that made him a little proud of himself, and entirely grateful for Taehyung.

“Yeah, I’ve been busy.” Jimin sensed Taehyung stepping closer towards him, but was more taken aback by the protective arm that had slipped around his waist.

Jinyoung’s gaze flickered to the hand on Jimin’s side then to Taehyung, but his confident smile never wavered. “I see that. Didn’t know you started dating.”

Jimin reddened a little at the thought of it. Taehyung was the one to respond then, “Sorry, Jiminnie doesn’t really like to brag when it’s serious. It’s pretty cute really.”

“I see,” the older boy looked as if he wanted to continue, but he had seen the looks on both their faces, deciding that there really was nothing left to be said. “Well, I’m glad to hear you’re doing well, Jimin.”

“I hope you’re doing okay too,” Jimin offered. Taehyung’s fingers tightened on his waist as Jinyoung gave him one last wave and brushed past them. Jimin let out a breath and looked up to find Taehyung’s eyes searching his face for any sign of trouble. “I’m fine, Tae.”

Taehyung seemed a little doubtful but nodded, swiping a kiss on his forehead. “Happy for you, Jiminnie. You’re a really sweet guy, you know” — Jimin blushed — “Now, let’s go to this mystery place you won’t tell me about.”

And when they finally arrived at their destination, the taller boy towered over him, expression of a boy on Christmas morning, as he bounced on his feet and clapped his hands like a seal. “Oh my God! Oh my God!” He chanted before flinging his body onto Jimin’s. “Don’t tell me we’re going in.”

“A friend of a friend knows the guy so you have a good two hours in there, free to do whatever.”

Taehyung turned and smacked a nice, sloppy ambush onto Jimin’s lips. “I’m definitely going to give you a good time tonight. I think I’m in love.” This was all before he pranced to the door, leaving Jimin at risk of a heart attack and a blushing mess.

Watching Taehyung interact with dogs was like watching a kid let loose on a candy-filled playground. He went from cage to cage, cooing at the adorable dogs and pleading with his eyes to let the owner pop the cage door open so he could play with them. Instead of letting them come to him, Taehyung actually crawled in and plopped himself down, coaxing the puppies to come closer to him. Jimin watched from afar, a smile unknowingly planted on his face. There were dogs that resembled Taehyung. Energetic, far too loud than necessary, excessively friendly. Those bounced over to Taehyung without batting an eye. There were ones that were a little quieter, timid. They’d shy away from Taehyung’s touch and Jimin could see the flash of hurt that passed through the boy’s irises.

But he wasn’t one to relent that easily. Instead, he sat there quietly, staring at the puppy and extending his hand in a welcome. It wouldn’t take the dog long to carefully approach him, give him a small lick, and deeming him a friendly visitor. All the dogs liked Taehyung. Just like how everyone else did too.

It was hard not to like him.

Jimin should’ve known he was screwed from the very beginning. Taehyung had a pull that drew everyone in. Even dogs for goodness’ sake. He watched the boy giggle as one of the quieter ones finally let out a small bark, tail wagging in approval as he climbed onto Taehyung’s lap. Dear God, Jimin even felt a little — dare he say — jealous. Taehyung turned to look at him and found the little tilt on his friend’s lips. “Jiminnie,” he waved him over.

Hesitantly, he stepped into the cage and settled next to Taehyung on the cold floor. The puppy shied away from him, staring up with those black, innocent eyes. A little too familiar. “This is my friend, Jiminnie.” Taehyung spoke to the puppy. “He’s very nice and he took me here to meet you. Go on.” He urged the dog gently towards Jimin. “Psst, hold out your hand.” He whispered.

He did as he was told, hand extending to stroke the dog’s nose lightly. The dog jerked away from him, but Taehyung cooed him closer again, and before he knew it, the little pup was already nestling his head on Jimin’s legs and falling asleep.

“See, you can do it.” Taehyung nudged him lightly. “You’re a natural.”

“Not as much as you,” Jimin retorted with an easy smile. Taehyung pecked him on the lips, his arm slinking around Jimin’s waist as he nuzzled his nose into his neck. Taehyung smelled like dog and dirt at that moment, but the feeling of home that radiated from him was enough to keep Jimin close, keep him content.

The three words were on the tip of his tongue. He could say it then. He could admit it to himself and to Taehyung that maybe he had fallen for him. He liked Taehyung much more than he would’ve preferred, but he didn’t really mind. “Tae—”

A cough drew their attention and that was when they realized that the owner was still standing behind them, “I-It’s been two hours. I’ll just let you guys finish up here and let me know when you’re done so I can lock up.” Then he scurried out of the area to eschew any remaining awkwardness.

Taehyung drew away from Jimin, pausing, eyes searching Jimin’s face for something. Anything. The two remained in silence for a few seconds that stretched far too long before Taehyung jumped to his feet, gone was the expressionless face and back was the happiness. “Let’s go get something to eat. I’m starving. My treat since you took me to see all this.”

“It’s fine,” Jimin shrugged, stroking the soft fur on the puppy again as it curled closer into his hand. “This was nice. I liked it.”

“Yeah, me too.” Taehyung murmured, the light in his chocolate eyes dimming slightly and Jimin wondered why that was. Though, Taehyung was quick to spread another smile across his face. “I know this great bibimbap place a few blocks down. It’ll warm us up.”

After bidding adieu to the owner and thanking him for his time, the two trudged on again in the snow. Taehyung was a little too quiet and Jimin was a little too worried. He knew when Taehyung had his ups and downs, when he was grumpy and he had to avoid him, when he was upset and he needed to console him. But this was different. The void of emotion on his face worried Jimin. Instead of saying anything, his hand instinctively reached over to intertwine his fingers in between Taehyung’s.

Taehyung seemed surprise at the gesture, gaze darting up to meet his own before dropping back to the fingers again. His shoulders dropped, a soft smile dancing on his lips. “Mmm, your hand’s warm, I love it.” He inched his face closer to Jimin’s and pressed a feather-light kiss onto his lips. “You’re a really great guy you know, Jiminnie.”

Jimin’s eyes were closed, his senses overwhelmed by everything Taehyung. His proximity, his scent, his lips hovering over his own. He leaned his forehead against Jimin, letting out a sigh that appeared as a small puff of white in the frosty winter air. “Let’s go home, Jiminnie. I want to touch you right now.”

That he couldn’t argue with, already feeling his skin tingling in excitement, as he hurried in the midst of snow falling from the sky, blanketing the world in a scenic winter wonderland of pure ivory. All Jimin could pay attention to was Taehyung though, his tall frame ahead of him, their hands connected as he tugged Jimin in the direction of his home. Taehyung was tall for sure, taller than Jimin, but Jimin never noticed how broad his shoulders were. How protective of a man he was.

Taehyung led him up the stairs, taking a painfully long time to unlock the door before shutting it behind Jimin. Turning around, he searched Jimin’s face for any sign of hesitation before pressing the boy up against the wall, their lips joining in a heated kiss. It was less hurried, less frantic than how they usually were. Taehyung’s movements were slow and deliberate, his hand exploring every inch of Jimin’s skin, leaving no part of him untouched, setting his entire being aflame. Jimin moved his hands over the wide plane of Taehyung’s shoulder to his lean arms and his sculpted back. Taehyung moaned into his mouth when Jimin cupped his ass, massaging the two mounds happily.

“I want to do this in the bedroom,” Taehyung insisted, taking Jimin’s hand again and moving them to his room. Taehyung’s room seemed much more familiar now. Having spent one too many days there, whether falling asleep after a late night tryst or knocking out before he finished studying for his finals, Jimin found the pale blue walls, the photo frames on his bedside and his wall (four of his family and three with his friends), the little stuffed puppy on his table, all to be pieces of Taehyung that he wanted to remember, to treasure. “You’re so beautiful, Jiminnie.” Taehyung’s whisper was no stranger to him either.

But there was a shift in his tone. He was softer, sweeter. He laid Jimin down on the bed slowly before he hovered over him, lips finding Jimin’s once more. Their lips moved in sync to the rhythms of their heartbeats. Taehyung’s fingers remained intertwined between Jimin’s the whole time. His mouth left a trail of fire down Jimin’s neck, imprinting his scent, his marks on the boy.

“I want you so badly,” Taehyung breathed in Jimin, propping himself up to look at Jimin’s eyes. “Do you want me, Jimin?”

There was no trace of humor in his voice. Taehyung’s eyes bore into his own with an intensity that had Jimin’s breath hitching in his throat. He could only manage a nod and Taehyung offered a small smile and leaned down to kiss Jimin again. His lips were soft. All those times they’ve kissed before, Jimin never took the time to appreciate the way Taehyung’s lips felt. Jimin could feel the dryness from the winter cold, but they were still so, so soft. The sort of soft that had Jimin melting into his touch as Taehyung nibbled lightly on Jimin’s plump bottom lip.

They kissed and kissed and kissed. They kissed until Jimin forgot what time it was. They kissed until neither of them realized that the sun had set behind them, the moon wishing them a pleasant night. They kissed until Taehyung fumbled his and Jimin’s clothes off. They kissed until Jimin forgot that this was supposed to be easy, supposed to be detached. They kissed until Jimin felt for the first time in a long time that this was happiness. The bliss he had been waiting for all this time, he found in Taehyung’s presence.

For an hour or two, he let himself give in to Taehyung’s touch. He savored every bit of warmth that Taehyung radiated onto him. Every stroke, every graze felt like a confession. At least, he hoped it was. It wasn’t until midnight struck that Jimin found the fear sinking into his bones.

Taehyung had fallen asleep, his head on Jimin’s chest, his lips parted to allow small snores to escape. He had smiled up at Jimin, eyes fluttering close, and pressed one last kiss onto Jimin’s lips. “Goodnight, Jiminnie.” He had whispered

While said boy slept uneventfully, Jimin was wide awake. In the silence, he could hear every beat of his heart that echoed in his eardrums, a reminder. A wake up call. This was never supposed to go this far. He was never supposed to fall for Taehyung, to enjoy his company more than the sex. The familiar bells ringing in his head brought his mind back to Jinyoung, how he had played him, toyed with him. Could he handle another? Could he really handle Taehyung turning into Jinyoung?

Did he want to be there to watch that happen?

On instinct, he slipped from underneath Taehyung with his heart racing in his ears. This felt wrong, wrong, wrong. He told himself that this was a bad idea. It was a bad idea to tug on his clothes, to grab his bag, and dash out the door without leaving Taehyung a single message. He could still hear his consciousness chiding him but he waved it away.

He may love Taehyung, he may be in love with him. But he loved his dignity and self-preservation more.

✖︎ ✖︎ ✖︎

It had been a week since Jimin last saw Taehyung. It had been six days since Jimin last spoke — well, texted — Taehyung. Their last words to each other being:

Taehyung [09:04 AM]:


Jiminnie!! Where r u??? i woke up and u werent there :(((

(Jimin had stared at his text for a good ten minutes before deciding on a reply)

Jiminnie [09:15 AM]:  


Sorry, had class, ttyl. 

Taehyung [09:17 AM]:


You suck :(((( but ok, how abt dinner??

Jiminnie [09:20 AM]:  


Sorry, super busy this week, I’ll have to raincheck.

Even his words sounded strange when he read them aloud. He wanted to bang his head against the table. Since he admitted to himself that he was in fact head over heels for Taehyung, Jimin hadn’t had a wink of sleep with the exception of a couple of hours each day in between classes when his body was too exhausted. His mind was still running on overtime, which was probably why he was still plagued by Taehyung even in his sleep. Him being upset and hating Jimin. Him cursing Jimin out. Him being with someone else. Those were the worst ones.

How was he going to face Taehyung then?

His solution: he didn’t.

Whenever Taehyung sent him a text, he chose either to a) send one-word replies or b) ghost it (which was a complete dick move that Jimin hated because who the hell had the heart to ghost Taehyung?).

Much to his disappointment, Taehyung seemed to get the hint after a while. The phone calls stopped, so did his texts, and also his constant questioning through Yoongi and Jeongguk. It sort of bummed him out. It was his fault that he was avoiding Taehyung, but he liked that Taehyung was actually looking for him.

Lunch with Yoongi turned into a shit show as well because Yoongi wouldn’t stop cussing him out and asking him “what the fuck is going on between you and brataehyung”.

“Nothing,” he shrugged.

“Are you guys not fucking anymore?”

Jimin frowned, feeling a little ache in the pit of his stomach. He was hoping that it would be because of the indigestion from the crappy burger he had, but it was more of an uncomfortable mix of guilt and regrets churning in his stomach. “No.”


“We were fuck buddies, hyung. There’s not really a ‘why’.”

Jimin suppressed the urge to roll his eyes for emphasis, knowing full well that wouldn’t bode well with Min Yoongi, salt man extraordinaire. Yoongi growled, slamming his fist on the table, “That’s bullshit! Fucking bullshit.” Both Jimin and all the other patrons seemed surprised by Yoongi’s outburst. Yoongi was the definition of calm and composed, salty and angry yes, but Yoongi didn’t have a short fuse. “I know when you fucking like someone, Jimin, and you know goddamn well that you like Taehyung.”

He stayed quiet at that, fiddling with the straw in his hands.

“Look, I know Jinyoung was an ass, but not everyone is Jinyoung. He got you when you were weak, but Taehyung’s here now. You know he’s got your back. I know Tae, he’s a good kid. Loud and all, but good.”

“I know that, you don’t have to tell me that.” Jimin sighed, thumb pressing against his forehead to push the throbbing out of his head. “He is. He’s great. He’s hilarious, he’s sweet, he’s goddamn thoughtful. He likes cuddles for goodness’ sake! What kind of fuck buddy likes cuddles?”

“The kind that doesn’t only want to get into your pants.” Yoongi drawled out. “So what’s the problem? I thought you guys would at least end as friends.” His lips remained sealed at that, already sensing the lecture coming from Yoongi and— “Oh, fuck. Jimin, don’t tell me–you goddamn idiot.”

“What? I didn’t say anything.”

“You’re avoiding him, aren’t you?” Yoongi snapped, fork clattering onto the plate. “Dude, what the fuck? Is this why Jeongguk has been busy non-fucking-stop about Taehyung? ‘But Taetae needs me right now’, ‘Tae wants to eat together’, ‘I need to sleep over at Tae’s’. You’re the reason why my boyfriend has been preoccupied?” Yoongi’s attempt to mimic Jeongguk’s whining was surprisingly accurate.

“Wait, why is Jeongguk worrying about Tae?”

“You’ve gotta be shitting me. Have you taken a look at yourself lately?” Yoongi clucked his tongue, leaning back against the chair and crossing his arms over his chest. “You look like you haven’t slept in three years.” Because he hasn’t. “Taehyung looks almost as bad, but with more whimpering. He’s like a puppy.” Yoongi huffed. Jimin knew Taehyung reminded him too much of Holly who was back in Daegu with his parents, and that meant that Yoongi could never resist falling for Taehyung’s every want.

“Is he okay though?” Jimin asked, worrying his bottom lip.

“Why don’t you go talk to him and ask him yourself?”

“I can’t, hyung.” A sigh left his lips as he glanced out of the diner. Students were moving in and out of buildings, blurring before his eyes. He wished one of them could be Taehyung, so he could at least see his face one more time. He’s missed it. Taehyung’s curved eyes when he smiled, the box-shaped grin on his lips. “I’m scared alright. I don’t know where this is going and, if I get attached, who’s to say he’s not going to be another Jinyoung?”

“So, are you just going to sit around and never find out?” Jimin pursed his lips. “Have you ever thought about how you’re possibly missing out on a not Jinyoung? Have you ever thought about how you’re missing out on Taehyung? This special Taehyung?”

“I really should talk to him, shouldn’t I?”

“Yes, now go. Go talk to him and stop Jeongguk’s worrying about him, it’s driving me insane. I haven’t gotten laid in three days, Jimin. Three days. I’m about to strangle you both myself.”

“TMI, hyung.” Jimin cringed.

After parting with Yoongi (“you better get your fucking ass there and talk to Taehyung because I’m hunting Jeongguk’s ass down and taking him to the studio” Jimin didn’t ask him to clarify what for because he really didn’t want to know), Jimin made his way over to Taehyung’s place. His feet were on autopilot, finding the path to his house engraved into his brain. Reaching Taehyung’s door, Jimin didn’t think his heart could beat any faster. It was practically bursting out of his chest. He knocked lightly on the door only to find it pushed open.

Dammit, he still hadn’t fixed the door and it’s been months. Jimin stepped inside, finding the common areas empty. Then he heard it again.

Oh fuck, oh God, oh no.

The first time he heard the sound, he was unbelievably turned on. The second and third and fourth and nth time he heard it, he had been elated, completely satisfied, and pleased with himself. This time, he could feel the sting in his heart. The insecurities began creeping in as he approached the door on shaky footing.

“Fuck yeah, baby.” Taehyung’s deep voice had him stopping dead in his tracks. He could feel his lungs stop working, his breath stopping in his throat. Tears pricked his eyes. No, no. This couldn’t be happening. Maybe he just heard wrong— “Just like that. Let me fuck that tight, little ass of yours. Fuck you so good, baby. Nice and tight around my cock.”

He could feel his lunch coming back up his stomach and he was certain that it wasn’t the goddam indigestion. His feet carried him out the door, out the building, and to his own place where the choked sobs finally tore free from his mouth. Dammit, dammit. He was late. Too damn late. He should’ve been there, should’ve chased after Taehyung when he could.

But everything had gone down to shit. Jimin fumbled out his phone from his pocket, finding the desire to call Yoongi and tell him that he fucked up, that Taehyung fucked up, that he was too late and it was all for nothing. Taehyung had already moved on. While most of Jimin felt the remorse and sadness coiling around his heart, a little part of him broiled with anger at the thought of Taehyung having moved on to the next guy as easily as he had done. How could he act as if nothing happened?

Jimin was bitter and grumbling and punching the numbers into his phone until he realized Yoongi was dating Jeongguk and Jeongguk was friends with Taehyung and Jeongguk had a big mouth and loved to play cupid and that wouldn’t sit well with either of them. Jimin cursed under his breath. This was his fault for mixing his friends with his sexual life. He looked at his phone again. Yoongi was on his recently called list, but so was V.

V. V would probably know what to do, right? He was a good guy. He listened well to Jimin.

Without giving it a second thought, Jimin dialed up the number and pressed the phone up against his ear, listening to the dial tone ring before V’s voice practically purred in his ear. “You haven’t called in a while, baby boy.” Although Jimin could still feel the hardening of his cock at the sound of V’s voice, he could also feel the guilt seeping in when he thought about Taehyung. Which he shouldn’t feel. Right. Taehyung was gone.

But something else was nagging at him. V sounded a little off. A little too aggressive. Jimin pinned it down on a bad day. “I’ve been, uh, busy.” Jimin cleared his throat, unsure why he felt the need to explain himself with an excuse. “I got myself a fuck buddy. Sort of. It was great.”

“Oh,” V sounded… disappointed? “What a shame. So you won’t be calling me anymore then?”

“Not exactly, I mean, you’re a really cool guy and all. If you need to get off or anything, or if you need someone to hit up, I can help you out.” Jimin rambles, blushing at what he was offering. God, what was happening to him? He dropped onto the couch, sighing and leaning his head back against the chair.

V chuckled, “You’re precious. So, is this boy not satisfying you?”

“No, no!” Jimin quickly interjected, finding his defensive side shining through when it came to Taehyung (once again, he cursed himself for it). “He’s great, amazing even. I have a great time with him and fuck, he’s so good in bed, and I’m just…”

“In love with him,” V finished, earning a sputter from Jimin’s end, because how the hell did V know? As if hearing the unsaid question, he continued, “I can hear it. You sound happier, lighter when you talk about him.”

Jimin paused. Did he really? He didn’t notice. The thought of Taehyung still had his insides tingling, his heart warming. His mind flashed back to the good times, a series of images looping in his mind of the relationship he had longed for for so long and had found unofficially with Taehyung. “I guess I am.”

“And what’s the problem?”

What was the problem? “He only wanted a fuck buddy from the very beginning. He’s moved on, I guess. He’s fucking other people.”

“What makes you say that?”

“I sort of screwed things up.” Jimin paused, expecting a reply from V but he was quiet. “And I heard him moaning the other day, dirty talking and all, so he was obviously fucking someone else.” Jimin hated it, how bitter the words tasted when he said them. Thinking of it was one thing, but admitting it out loud made it concrete.

“That could be anything though.”

Jimin supposed he could’ve misinterpreted it, but he heard the words loud and clear from Taehyung’s mouth. And after Jinyoung, after the countless times he’s heard the exact same thing with another voice, he wasn’t sure if he could do it. “Maybe.” He said noncommittally. “After what happened with my ex, I just, I don’t know.”

“Talk to him.” V shuffled around. Jimin could hear him rustling on his sheets. “It might help you figure things out. I was thinking of talking to my fuck buddy too.”

“You have a fuck buddy?”

“Yeah, he’s great.” V’s voice softened plenty. His curt, teasing tone turning into a sweet lilt on his tongue. “He’s sweet, sort of reminds me of you. He whimpers a lot but I think he’s still holding back on me. His kinks and all.”

“Well, you’re good at drawing out people’s kinks anyway.” Jimin drawled, thinking back to the day V had nail his right on the head.

“I’m only good at drawing yours out, baby.” V cooed but he could tell he was just teasing this time so he chuckled, shaking his head to himself.

“V, please. Give him some time, he’ll open up to you.”

“Oh, he’s opened up to me alright.” He could practically hear the smirk on his lips. Smug jerk. “Just not his heart.” And there it was. The similar shift in his tone that hit a little too close to home with Jimin. V was in the exact same spot as him. He wanted to laugh despite himself. Maybe that’s why he was so drawn to the boy. They were brothers in arms, facing the same problem. Jimin almost felt a little jealous of the guy who had V so smitten.

“What’s he like?”

“He’s really sweet, touchy.” V sighed, a dreamy breath leaving his mouth as his lips curled into a content smile. “Definitely a guy who loves through physical contact. Soft, so fucking soft. Great ass, Jesus, best ass I have ever seen my whole life and I’ve seen a lot of asses. Incomparable this one. But he’s sweet, listens well too. Fuck, it also looks so good when we’re being all domestic and shit. He doesn’t know it, but I’m low-key trying to get him hooked on me by bribing him with food every morning. He eats really well which makes me less worried about his health. I like it.”

Jimin laughed, loving the way V rambled because V didn’t seem like the type to ramble. He was sexy and seductive, he could wrap anyone around his finger. But then he melted for this kid who had him wrapped around his finger. Adorable. “The way into a man’s heart is through his stomach. You’ve got that down. What’s the problem?”

“He’s into this other guy and I’m sort of the rebound.” He laughed, but there was a crack to his voice. “Fuck, I sound so pathetic right now. I can make guys orgasm over the fucking phone and I can’t even get this one guy.”

Jimin smiled, echoing his words right back at him. “Talk to him then. You never know how he feels. If he’s already sticking around a lot, for food especially and things outside of sex, he probably is at least slightly interested.”

“Yeah, he’s fucking sweet.” V repeated, muttering something along the lines of ‘the sweetest ass too’  under his breath. “But I don’t know. I think I fucked it up somehow.” He sounded a little bitter, towards himself or the guy Jimin wasn’t sure, but mostly his voice was laced with longing. “I really want to see him again, but I don’t know if he does.”

“You’re a really great guy, V. I’m sure any guy—any person really—would be lucky to have you.” Jimin said earnestly, finding it endearing if V would end up with a guy as good as he was. He really did deserve it.

“You should think as highly of yourself as you do me.” V giggled.

“I’m scared of fucking things up with him,” Jimin whispered. Because he was. God, he was so, so scared. He didn’t want it to be like Jinyoung again. He wanted the mutual trust, the equal ground for both sides to stand on. He knew Taehyung wasn’t like that, he knew Taehyung was the sweetest and most genuine person he’s ever met. It was the tiny bit of planted fear that had stopped him from pursuing him any further.

“Miscommunication can be a bitch, Chimchim.” V said wisely. “You should definitely talk to him.”

“Tell me about it,” Jimin grunted. “But okay, fine. If I talk to him, then you have to too.”

“That’s a deal.” V paused, seeming at a loss before adding on. “I’m proud of you, Chimchim.”

“You sound like a parent,” Jimin couldn’t suppress the twitch of a smile on his lips.

“I am your daddy after all.” And he was back.


✖︎ ✖︎ ✖︎

It took Jimin a few days to get what he wanted to say straight (also more than enough time for him to freak out ten times before deciding that this was something he really needed to do). Then he was on his way, boots clomping through the melted snow. The sun was up that day, was that a good sign? Jimin could only hope. He wasn’t sure if he should knock and chance Taehyung slamming it in his face (which he probably wouldn’t do because Taehyung was the sweetest soul he’s ever met) or walk right in and risk seeing Taehyung fucking some other guy into the couch. However, when his knocks were met with no answer, Jimin decided to risk his heartbreak after all.

Jimin thanked the heavens above when he found the living room empty and heard clanking in the kitchen as well as a string of expletives leaving Taehyung’s mouth. He drifted towards the room, watching as Taehyung swirled a spoon around a bowl filled with creamy mixture. “Fucking goddammit,” he cursed. “Why can’t I get this batter right? Why can’t I get anything right? First Jimin, now this.” Then he kept grumbling under his breath about ‘the shittiest week of all the shittiest weeks on earth’. The whole time this happened, Jimin was at the doorway, watching him in amusement with a touch of sadness. He missed this, missed seeing Taehyung weave around the kitchen with broadway tunes spilling from his lips. Taehyung whirled around and, noticing the intruder (“HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK”), dropped the batter on the floor, seeing all his hard work spread a layer of stickiness on his kitchen floor. “Jesus, can’t you knock?”

“S-Sorry,” Jimin tugged on the sleeves of his sweater nervously. Taehyung’s sweater actually, which he still had. Taehyung eyed him suspiciously before his gaze flicked back up to him. “Your door was unlocked.”

“Gotta get that fixed, gotta get that fixed.” Taehyung muttered audibly.

“Can we talk?”

Taehyung narrowed his eyes at him. “Now you want to talk?”


“You can’t just pull this shit, Jimin. You ignore me for a whole week—a whole fucking week— then you show up here and say you want to talk? Is this how you do things because I don’t do games, Jimin.” Taehyung clenched his teeth, moving towards the kitchen counter again to start a new batch in an attempt of keeping his temper in check.

“I’m not playing a game!” Jimin quickly jumped in his defense.

He turned around, gaze boring into Jimin’s eyes, “Then what is this?”

He took a deep breath, “This is me apologizing. For chickening out.” He awkwardly cleared his throat. Taehyung stood in front of him, arms crossed over his chest and eyebrow raised expectantly. “I panicked. What we did last time was amazing, incredible. I loved it. I liked being with you like that, and just… it was great. It was romantic. I liked it a little too much and I was scared. I liked you a little too much and that scared me shitless. I didn’t want a repeat of last time and I just sort of chickened out.”

Jimin nervously nibbled on his bottom lip as Taehyung stared at the mess on the floor, seeming deep in thought. Then he looked up at him with a frown. “So, you thought I was going to be like Jinyoung?”


“Did I not give you better orgasms than he did?”


Taehyung chuckled before moving towards him, cupping his cheeks and pressing a soft kiss onto his forehead. Jimin felt the tightness in his heart loosen with the gentleness of Taehyung’s touch. “Stupid Jiminnie. I was going to tell you that I like you. But then you upped and left that night. I was going to bring it up in the morning, you know. I thought it was time to talk about what was going on, clear the air.”

Oh. Oh. Oh my God. Jimin felt the hope that had once withered bloom once more in his chest. “You were going to tell me that you liked me?”

Like. Present tense, Jiminnie. Lord knows I’m still crazy about you.” He sighed, shaking his head. “I mean, I sort of knew where it was going, I just wanted to make sure we were both on the same page.” He brushed his fingertips on Jimin’s cheek, feeling the smooth skin underneath, watching the way Jimin leaned into him almost instinctively. “And, when you left, I thought we weren’t. I thought I scared you away with all that and you didn’t want that.”

“Of course not!” He didn’t miss a beat to interject. “I like you a lot and I just… I shouldn’t have left.”

“Yeah, you shouldn’t have.” Taehyung scowled, his small smile giving away his lighthearted words. “We could’ve saved all this time pining for each other with fucking.” His fingers tangled in the strands of Jimin’s hair as he tugged it down, growling into his ear.

Jimin whimpered, “Tae.”

“Say it again. Say my name, baby.”

“Tae, oh my God, we just made up.”

He shrugged, flashing a devilish grin at the boy. “We make up, we make out. What’s the difference?”

“You’re incorrigible.” Jimin shook his head and was only met by a searing kiss on his lips.

✖︎ ✖︎ ✖︎

It was a little after one. Jimin had his back against the headboard, a sheen layer of sweat on his skin after Taehyung made up for all the lost time (and goddamn did he make up for it because his ass was roasted). Meanwhile, Taehyung had smacked a kiss onto his lips and jumped into the shower, not before threatening “if you leave again, I swear to God” but also a “wanna join me?

Jimin fiddled with his phone in his hand. The first person he thought of telling was V because this wouldn’t have happened without his little push. Jimin was hoping things went well with V’s guy too. He typed out a quick message and set it aside.

Chimchim [01:21 AM]:


Thanks for your advice!! \^0^/ we made up and had hot sex!!!!!

A phone buzzed on the table and Jimin hadn’t noticed that one before because Taehyung had a different one. His mind whirled back to the time he heard Taehyung fucking. Oh God. He wanted to throw up. What if it was that person’s phone? He couldn’t resist and snuck a glimpse at the notification on the screen.

His heart stopped.

It was his text. It was labelled Chimchim. Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.

Taehyung, upon returning, noticed the sudden paleness on his boyfriend (hehe, boyfriend, that term made Taehyung grin stupidly). “What’s wrong?” He tugged on the towel around his waist.

For a second, Jimin was distracted by the drop of water rolling down Taehyung’s body. Focus, Jimin! “N-Nothing.”

“Don’t lie to me, Jiminnie.” The scolding was stern, which had Jimin stiffening a little. “I thought we’ve had enough of that.”

Jimin cleared his throat, swallowing the thick lump in his throat. He hoped his voice wouldn’t quiver. “I-I was just wondering whose phone that was.” He gestured to previously mentioned phone.

“Oh, mine.” Taehyung picked it up and waved it in front of Jimin. “Work phone.”


Taehyung looked a little sheepish then, his hand reaching to rub the back of his neck awkwardly as he shifted on his feet. “Uh, yeah. About that, I’ve been meaning to tell  you. I’m sort of a—”

“Phone sex operator?” He blurted out. Goddammit.

His boyfriend tilted his head to one side, brows puckering into a confused yet curious frown. “Wait, how did you know?”

“Please don’t tell me…”

“Oh my God.”

“Don’t say it, please don’t—”

“You’re Chimchim?” Taehyung pointed accusingly. Jimin could see how hard he tried to suppress the shit-eating grin on his face but failed miserably in doing so.

“Jesus Christ, this can’t be happening.”

And his boyfriend (God, Jimin really liked the sound of that) only burst out laughing, hitting his knee and clapping happily. “Oh God, this is amazing! Incredible! You’re actually Chimchim?”

“Stop,” Jimin groaned, burying his face in the blanket, hoping the fabric would swallow him whole. However, it then clicked with him. He jerked upwards, eyes wide staring at Taehyung. “Wait, does that mean that the guy you were talking about… was that me?”

Taehyung squealed and tackled him onto the bed (mind you, all this he did only with a towel loosely hooked around his waist so you could imagine what happened to that towel). “Of course it was! Oh my God, I can’t believe my favorite freeloader is you!”

“Freeloader?” Jimin choked. “You offered!”

Taehyung only scoffed, clicking his tongue. “It was out of courtesy. You sounded so sad.”

“Are you calling me a charity case now?”

Taehyung wiggled his finger disapprovingly in front of Jimin’s face. “You’re distracting me from the main point of this whole revelation.” Jimin raised an eyebrow. “When are you going to start calling me daddy in real life? Not that you haven’t already but—”


“What?” Taehyung smirked at him, challenging. “You’re saying you don’t get turned on when you call me daddy?” Jimin could only look away, hoping that the red that had covered his face would fade away. Taehyung ducked his head, feathering wet kisses on Jimin’s neck, eliciting a moan out of him. “Or when I call you—” he huskily whispered the next two words that would send Jimin swirling down to the fiery pits of hell. “Baby boy?” 

Jimin gritted his teeth and swore to himself that he’d find a way to make Taehyung pay for his goddamn sins and his—

“Do you want to be a good boy for daddy, Chimchim?”

“Yes, daddy.”




Taehyung sometimes — actually, most of the time — wished Jeongguk could just keep his mouth shut. It was difficult enough that he had to keep the secret. He had to make sure that Jeongguk did too.

When Jimin and Taehyung finally revealed the state of their relationship (in other words, they were caught making out on Taehyung’s couch when Jeongguk walked in and was traumatized for life), it came as a relief to everyone. Jeongguk had shaken his head, “Holy shit, it took you guys long enough. If I have to hear Taehyung moaning Chimchim one more time, I was about to gauge my eardrums out.”

Jimin froze and so did Taehyung who was pressed up next to him. “What do you mean?”

“Taehyung likes you a little too much, willing to do it for free and all. He was going to cancel his promise for free dinner next week.” Jeongguk grunted grumpily.

“Wait, what—”

Taehyung leapt from his seat, drowning out Jeongguk’s voice with his laughter as he attempted to pull Jimin up from his seat. “Okay, I think it’s time to go! I have homework. Busy, busy.”

“Wait, you haven’t told him?” Jeongguk muffled his laughter, the glee obvious in his eyes. Fucking Jeon Jeongguk.

“Told me what?”

“Nothing! Let’s go.”

“No, tell me.” Jimin protested.

“Taehyung was whining about you being an idiot after you called him. When he was V, of course. He might’ve been drunk too so the word vomit just happened.”

“What the fuck?!” He whirled around, facing his boyfriend who had the guiltiest look on his face. Oh God. Oh God. “You already knew?”

He grimaced, inching backwards towards the door. “Oops?”


“It really wasn’t hard,” Taehyung huffed. “I remembered your phone number from my other phone and, when I got yours, I sort of put two and two together.”

“B-But what the fu—”

“Also, I mean you called me—”

“Don’t fucking say it.”

Taehyung just grinned. Jimin’s heart fluttered but he pushed that to the back of his mind.

“You thought I’d give my services for free to just anyone? Jimin, please.”

“Oh my God.”

Jeongguk interjected again, “So do you really call Tae daddy?”

“Kim Taehyung, I’m going to pulverize you!” Jimin snarled at Taehyung.

“Not until I find your other kinks!”

“You have other ones?” Jeongguk perked up.