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A Duke's Dilemma: OST

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Last Updated: 12/19/16




01: Awakened Resolve (But The Earth Refused to Die/Undertale OST)

02: Fight For Your Life (Arctic Battle 2/Starbound Experimental Soundtrack)

03: Grieving (Sadness and Sorrow/Naruto OST)

04: Hope (One Cold Morning/Makkon; used in Prequel webcomic)

05: Learning (The Traveller's Song/Dronolan's Tower – Legend of Kitholan Volume 1)

06: An Angel's Tears (Elvish Theme/Battle for Wesnoth OST)

07: Moonshade! (Great Ape Theme/Dragon Ball Xenoverse OST)

08: Hellions At Play (Secrets of the Schoolyard/Kevin MacLeod)

09: Spring Flower Festival (Allendale Square/Dronolan's Tower – Legend of Kitholan Volume 1)

10: The Noble Duke of Hell (Dwarf Prince/Derek Fiechter)

11: Dangerous Battle (Escape from Venice/Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade OST)

12: Dark Plans (Troubled/Persona 3 OST)

13: The Sun Rises Once Again (Morning/Naruto OST)

14: Tenser and Tenser (Rain Scene/Zelda ReOrchestrated: A Link to the Past)

15: Blind With Rage (Boss Appearance/Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne)

16: Unforgivable ("Don't speak her name!"/Fire Emblem: Awakening)

17: Wrath of Dark Royalty (Garuda/Devil Survivor)

18: One More Attempt At Hope (But The Earth Refused to Die Remix/Undertale Remix)