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Bernie likes to talk to Serena on the mornings when they are both off from work. When the dust dances in the angled sunlight streaming in through the bedroom window, Bernie stirs and unhurriedly awakens. The warmth of the bed soothes her and she slowly stretches her legs and arms out, careful not to disturb Serena. Turning to look at her, Bernie takes in the sight of the other woman.

Serena is still fast asleep, her back towards Bernie with her mouth slightly agape and snoring softly. Her hair is thoroughly tousled, with a large cowlick standing up at the back of her head. Bernie has never seen anything so lovely.

Content to simply watch Serena sleep, Bernie props herself up with an elbow, her right hand tucked under her chin. She wonders at how strange it is that there was ever a time in her life when she did not love these moments before a lover would wake. With Marcus, it was always a struggle to maintain an air of intimacy. The ritualistic closeness of matrimony had been positively stifling and Bernie always felt anxious in the mornings. She would spring out of bed and start breakfast for the children or go for a run, always with the claim of being a “morning person”, or in need of an early start. With Alex- well, there had never even been a leisurely second with Alex. With Serena, the quiet of the morning is altogether peaceful and almost heavenly.

While Bernie still cannot rightfully claim the title of “cuddler”, she would admit to almost always waking to some kind of physical contact with Serena. Whether it be a hand on Serena’s hip, or their legs intertwined, the physical connection is a constant. When the nightmares of distant and foreign lands come, Bernie always reaches for Serena, seeking out her grounding presence. At times, a simple touch is all that is needed to calm the raging storm inside her. Bernie places her forehead on the back of Serena’s neck and breathes in and out until her breaths match Serena’s. Other times she rouses her, needing the soft words only Serena can conjure. Soothing whispers fill the night air and Bernie falls back asleep with kisses on her temple, in her hair, and on her eyelids. The worst nights come when she dreams of explosions and sand whipping around her, and she cries, as if the sands of Kandahar are still stuck in her eyes. On those nights Serena sings to her. Gentle lullabies or sweet love songs lull Bernie back to sleep. Although it should make her feel childish, the songs only make her feel loved.

And she is loved. Serena has always been vocal about that fact. It did take some time and a rather unfortunate trip to Kyiv and back for Bernie to catch up to her. But she is here now, in their bed, with the intention to make it up to Serena for the rest of their lives. The prospect of being permanently fixed to Serena’s side is alarmingly glorious and the perpetual haze of happiness that radiates between the two of them seems to also be an indefinite fixture in Bernie’s life. How marvelous.


Suddenly, Bernie’s thoughts are interrupted by a soft moan from Serena. Looking back down, Bernie realizes that Serena must be dreaming. A quite pleasant dream by the sound of things. Smiling, Bernie shuffles forward on the bed until her entire front is pressed against the other woman’s back, her left hand diving underneath the duvet to travel between soft thighs. Breathing out into Serena’s ear she murmurs her lover’s name.


Always slow to wake, Serena simply mumbles incoherently and shifts her legs, sleepily granting access to Bernie’s hand. Bernie begins to pepper soft, open mouthed kisses down the column of Serena’s neck and once she reaches the shoulder, licks her way back up to the ear. Her left hand gently hooks under Serena’s left knee and pulls it back over Bernie’s hip.

“Serena”, she whispers again.

Her hand travels to the apex of Serena’s thighs and finds ample evidence of Serena’s arousal. Groaning into Serena’s shoulder at the wetness, Bernie takes her index finger and delicately strokes through her folds. Serena whimpers but does not stir and Bernie continues the loving ministrations. Working her way up, Bernie circles Serena’s clit and focuses on the area just underneath the nub. Taking a breath, she rubs earnestly and bites down at the sensitive spot on Serena’s neck.

Serena gasps and wakens, instantly moaning Bernie’s name at the sensations coursing through her body. “Oh, Bernie”, she sobs and turns her face into the pillow.

“You were dreaming”, Bernie says hotly into Serena’s ear. She licks the shell and moves her way down the ear before taking the earlobe into her mouth. She nibbles and slowly inserts a digit into Serena, causing the woman to gasp and begin to move her hips in tandem with Bernie’s movements. “Tell me” Bernie quietly commands. One of her favorite things about making love to Serena is how flustered she gets. The normally calm and collected surgeon can be easily reduced to a babbling mess with a few teasing touches and whispered words. Especially when asked to talk during sex. After the discovery was made one night in the backseat of the car, Bernie vowed to always offer words of encouragement during sex, loving the instant effect they had on Serena, who had come in a matter of moments when Bernie whimpered “God, you’re gorgeous when you’re desperate”.

When Serena does not answer her, Bernie repeats more earnestly “Tell me, tell me what you were dreaming Serena.”

“Oh”, Serena gasps as Bernie picks up the pace slightly, and a second finger begins moving in and out of her. “I…I… you, please Bernie- I was dreaming of you”. Smiling at the breathy response, Bernie moves to suck at Serena’s pulse point, causing the woman to press her face into the pillow again.

“Good” Bernie growls, the possessiveness causing Serena to buck her hips towards Bernie’s hand. “Tell me how I should take you, darling”. Serena’s internal muscles clench down at the term of endearment. “Shall I take you slowly?” and Bernie slows her fingers, pulling them out deliciously, then softly plunging them in again, working Serena into a frenzy, her hips fighting to replace the much desired friction. “Or shall I have you fast Serena?” her fingers suddenly working quickly, and her thumb gently rolling Serena’s clit, making Serena cry out in need.

“Please, don’t tease me”, Serena begs, her own hand reaching down to grasp Bernie’s hand, attempting to keep it in place. “Please, just… just….” Serena’s words are cut off by her own gasp as Bernie begins to work in earnest. She moves impossibly closer to Serena and begins to pant into her ear, loving how Serena shivers at the sensation. “Like this?” Bernie asks innocently.

“Yes”, Serena groans, pushing her face into the pillow in an attempt to stay quiet. “Like that.”

Bernie grins down at Serena and continues moving in and out of her, teasing her clit, knowing direct attention will quickly coax her to an orgasm. Serena’s hips cease to remain still, working constantly in response to the glorious sensations coursing through her. Her hand leaves Bernie’s under the duvet and comes up to tangle in the sheets in front of her. She clings to the bed, hopelessly seeking an anchor as Bernie winds and coils her tighter and tighter. She grinds her rear into Bernie’s front, causing Bernie to moan and work even faster.

When Serena begins to whimper with every breath, Bernie starts to talk again. Soft utterances of wonder spill out of Bernie’s mouth as she works to pleasure Serena with every fiber of her being. “You’re soaking you know that?” she says. “I love it when you get like this, when you’d absolutely kill me if I stopped.”

“No!” Serena cries out at the mere notion of stopping.

“Hush”, Bernie soothes. “I’m not stopping. I promise. That’s it, that’s my girl”, as Serena whimpers in response. She’s too worked up to come up with a retort and shuts her eyes tightly against the onslaught of pleasure. Bernie gazes down at Serena bathed in the pale light of morning and feels so fantastically in love that she wants- no, needs Serena to come now. Right this instant.

She leans ever closer and whispers “I’m going to have you again tonight.” Serena shudders at the implication that even in the throes of their embrace, Bernie wants her again. Bernie doubts they will ever get enough of each other. “I’m going to have you pinned down on this bed Serena”, she states calmly. “Would you like that?”

“Fuck” Serena sobs.

Bernie’s grin grows impossibly larger. “Yes, Serena Campbell. I’m going to fuck you with my tongue between your legs. I’m going to have you until you beg me to stop.” Serena begins to pant and claws at the bedding. “I’m going to have my tongue right…. here”. And with that, Bernie applies exquisite pressure to Serena’s clit and she comes with a wail.

Working her through her climax, Bernie continues to roll Serena’s clit between her fingers, until the aftershocks have faded and Serena stills. Bernie murmurs over and over “That’s it, that’s it. I’ve got you my love, I’ve got you.” She slowly removes her fingers, causing Serena to shudder once more. She kisses Serena’s forehead as she slowly recovers and turns towards Bernie. “Jesus, Bernie” she croaks and smiles, placing her head on the other woman’s shoulder.

“What can I say, I love talking to you in the morning”, Bernie confesses. She runs her hand through Serena’s hair and says “You’re just so responsive.” Bernie looks down and beams as she realizes Serena is blushing at her words. “Well you are awfully good at talking Major” Serena says as she lifts her head to capture Bernie’s lips in a slow and lazy kiss, morning breath be damned. Her hand meanders down to the apex of Bernie’s thighs but stops when Bernie tangles their fingers together.

“You’re about to fall asleep again my love”, Bernie observes as Serena drifts further into a post orgasmic daze.

“Am not” Serena protests as her eyes slowly slide shut.

Bernie kisses Serena’s forehead and murmurs “We’ve got time Serena.” And they do. They have the rest of their lives it seems. Pulling Serena closer, Bernie settles back into the bed and pulls the duvet over Serena’s bare shoulders, their hands still grasped tightly together. This could constitute as cuddling Bernie thinks, and thrills at the thought. She angles her face towards the sunlight and swiftly joins Serena in dreamless slumber.