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[set the scene - it was a hot, humid summer night. the lights were out, and mostly everyone in south park (except for the rowdy teenagers, of course) were asleep. the town itself seemed to be asleep, too. the streetlights outside illuminated the dark room, where craig and tweek sat criss-cross from each other on tossled bedsheets and bundled blankets.]

"have you heard that new lorde song, the louvre?" tweek said, and craig looked very, very confused. "a lorde?" he asked, and tweek rolled his eyes. "lorde. you know, like the musician? i think we saw her live once, dude." tweek said, and craig grinned. craig's grin made tweeks' heart skip a beat. "yeah, i know. i just wanted to see if you'd roll your eyes at me." craig said, and tweek jokingly pushed craig's shoulder. "stoooop."

 "why though?" craig asked, and after a moment of tweek zoning out and staring at the freckle on craig's neck, he shook himself out of it enough to say - "oh, well there's a lyric that's like, blow all my friendships to sit in hell with you, and it reminded me of..well, like, i don't know. it sounds stupid now!" tweek rambled on, and halfway through his sentence craig lightly grasped his hand. "i like that lyric. i mean that sounds absolutely unhealthy but.." he dramatically glanced around them, "we could be having a sleepover with everybody else right" he grinned, and tweek let out a sigh of relief.

the light hitting craig was blue, reflecting off the deep bedroom walls. it made him look like he was in a movie scene. "what?" he asked when tweek looked at him with a quizzical face.

"we're going to be really busy these next few years." tweek said, and it sounded like a very final thing to say. something about it made craig feel like he i was reeling through 11 different dimensions at once, and that was a strange thing to say, but the only thing that could describe the feeling. "and we might not be able to see each other as much." 

"that scares me." craig said after a moment of silence, and tweek bit his lip. "me too."

there was something about it that was just -- the acceptance, that you couldn't quite live your life around another human being wholly with it remaining healthy, and it felt like one of the worst realizations that could be made. if it was possible, craig would like to grasp tweek's hands and entwine both of them as one human being that could be together at all times forever, sharing experiences and never needing to be scared of the future, or being in the future without the other. but then -- you had to have yourself, really, that was all you'd ever have, and it was a very sad thing to know.

"can we do it?" tweek asked, imagining them surviving the unknown parts of their lives that laid ahead.

craig's hand tightened around his own, and they both knew the answer was yes.