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to set the scene;

craig tucker, aged approximately 17 years old. he sits beside his friend of many, many years, tweek tweak -- 16 years old. they are resting on top of the playground tower. the evening is dark and ominous, and the sound of rusty swingsets creaking is heard in the distance. there is cans upon cans of various energy drinks scattered around the ground, and they look upon them from their vantage point.

"i feel like a ghost." tweek said, interrupting their silence. craig doesn't look over, but he shifts around a little bit, discreetly moves just a little bit closer to tweek. "how so," he asks, but it sounds less like a question and more like a 'we're feeling the same, then'.
"y-you know, it's like, i'm constantly floating around everyone," tweek was speaking, his voice was shaking a little but it was normal. the chill felt like it was settling into their bones, but that was normal too. "and nobody really notices me, right? it's like -- i'm just t-there, like just a thing that's always been there and will always be there." craig didn't say anything, but he moved his hand on top of tweek's carefully, and that was enough.

the wind began to howl, and the clouds loomed overhead. they split a little so the moon's light could be free, for a moment.

"have you ever named a star?" tweek said, and he looked over at craig. he always thought that craig had a nice profile. he had a hawk-ish nose that looked like it had been broken a few times, but that just gave him a little more charm than he already had. craig's fingers shifted a little over tweek's knuckles and tweek shivered.

"no, i haven't."

"what would you name one?" tweek asked again, and the moon's light was gone, so he looked back down to the ground that was littered with cans and cigarettes.

"i'm not sure. what would you name yours?" craig asked, and this time it sounded like a question. tweek bit the inside of his cheek.

"i'd name it..." he paused for a moment, "i wouldn't name it anything."


"it doesn't really need one."

"why not?"

craig's thumb ran against tweek's hand.

"well, why would it need one?"

there was silence for a moment.

"good point."

there was silence for many moments.

"i'd like to kiss you right now, actually." craig said, and then before tweek could say anything, he added -- "also, i'd name one tweek probably."

"i'm very honored, craig." tweek said dramatically, and he looked over at craig who was already looking at him. "i'd probably kiss you back."



"how probable?"

"pretty probable."

and so craig leaned in, and tweek did kiss him back. and they stayed like that for a while.
they were just fine, existing together.