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In the Dark of the Night

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“There has to be another way” Abby pleaded.


“There’s not. The Commander’s message was clear: Leave or die. We have 16 hours” Jaha responded.


“So you think we should just give up? She’s not the only strong alpha. There has to be someone who can go over her. Maybe if we talk to Anya.”


“This is not our home. It’s theirs,” Jaha flatly stated.


“If we run who’s going to rescue the kids in Mount Weather?” Abby retorted, getting angry.


“You weren’t there Abby,” Jaha said, trying to calm the woman down. “Warriors trained since childhood to fight and die for their cause, and as we speak they are marching on this camp. And trust me when I tell you the right choice is to live and come back to fight another day.”


“We are not running because you decided to show your belly to,” Abby was interrupted by the door to the room sliding open. Burn walked through explaining to Abby about the situation outside.


“A word from their Alpha might put them at ease,” Burn finished.


“Of course,” Jaha spoke up heading for the door before Burn stopped him.


“Dr. Griffin is still Alpha until a vote is taken or you willingly transfer your authority,” Burn said, directing the last bit toward Abby.


“What are you waiting for?”Jaha questioned.


“I’m not ready to march our people into the desert Thelonious. Not until we try and find another way,” she said before she turned to Burn. “We’ll talk to them together.”


Clarke was standing in the crowd listening to the bullshit Jaha was spouting after taking control of the conversation away from her mother. His speech was filled with nothing but false promises and cowardice. Clarke could see the disapproval on her mother’s face.


“No decisions will be made,” her mother finally found her voice. “In the meantime report to your station supervisor and gather emergency supplies,” she finished looking pointedly at Clarke. Clarke went to follow her inside when a hand stopped her; she didn’t have to turn around to know it was Bellamy. He always made sure everyone knew that he was an alpha.


“Where have you been?” She asked him, finally turning around.


“Drop ship. You need to come back with me right now,” he ordered.


“What happened?”


“We need a med-kit. I’ll explain on the way.” Then he disappeared into the crowd. Finn walked up to her and convinced her not to worry. She could not look at him the same since the incident in the village, but she still cared about him. Just not in the way she used to.



Bellamy led her to the drop ship where she found Octavia sitting with her head hanging down and her alpha strung up much like his first time here. Lincoln could only be described as rabid. Clarke would have barely recognized him if not for his scent, which was hidden behind the blood and dirt on his skin.


“Can you help him?” Octavia questioned.


“I can try.” Clarke examined him the best she could before he escaped his restraints and Octavia was forced to knock him out. They reinforced his restraints before Clarke attempted to work on him again.


While trying to detox him, he awoke, and Octavia tried to give him water only for him to spit it back up at her. She left to collect more and came back with Nyko, who claimed he could help. Instead, he only tried to poison Lincoln, which caused Lincoln’s heart to stop. Clark resuscitated him and looked up to find Nyko staring at Lincoln in awe of what she had done.


“How did you do that? He was dead.” Nyko asked.


“You’ve tried to do this before?” she responded. Nyko nodded and went to elaborate but the hatch opened, and Finn appeared, and then all hell broke loose.


“Ripa!” Killer! He pushed Finn back into the wall strangling him. Finn was about to turn blue before Clarke hit Nyko with a shock baton forcing him to release Finn. The gears in Clarke’s mind started to turn. Then she left with Finn back to camp, heading straight for the medical bay to talk to Anya.



“Do you think it would work?” Clarke asked hopefully.


“Depends,” Anya replied.




“What you have to offer?”


“We’d be giving her a way to take down the Reapers and the mountain. What else could she want?” Clarke exclaimed.


“It’s not that simple, Clarke,” Anya shot back.


“Why not?”


“This would be a decision that affects the coalition, and some people question her leadership already. This alliance, it just might get her killed.” Anya explained.


“Just because they disagree with her?” Clarke asked, dumbfounded.


“Yes,” Anya stated matter of factly. ”Especially if you do this alone.”


Clarke quirked her eyebrow for her to continue. ”They’ll assume you used your pedigree to convince her,” Anya finished.


“I don’t understand,” Clarke said.


“You’re an omega. The Commander’s an alpha, instincts take over,” Anya clarified.


“Okay, then come with me,” Clarke said, leading Anya towards the Ark.


“Clarke! Where have you been?” Abby exclaimed, looking over as Clarke hurried into the medical bay.


“Mom, I think I found a way to save us,” Clarke rushed out, breathlessly.


“How?” Abby asked, straightening in interest.


Clarke relayed the details of her plan. Then Jaha intervened. “Are you really going to base the lives of our people based on a prayer?”


“No, but I believe in my daughter,” Abby said, and she and Clarke headed out of camp.


”What if I can’t save him?” Abby asked.


“That’s not an option,” Clarke grimly replied.



Clarke and Anya made their way toward the center of the gathering army, approaching a large man with tattoos covering the majority of his face in addition to his beard. The alpha pheromones filling Clarke’s nostrils was captivating, almost like it was pulling her omega forward.


“Is that him?” she whispered to Anya, referring to the smell.


“No” she answered with a small smirk on her face. They reached the man at the entrance of the tent. He nodded at Anya before stepping aside letting her in before he stopped Clarke.


“If you so much as look at her the wrong way, I’ll slit your throat” he declared before he opened the flap, and gestured her in.


Once she entered she discovered the alpha commander on her throne twirling a knife, temporarily stopping when she saw Clarke. They stood there just staring into each other's eyes before Lexa turned her attention towards Anya.


“Yu ait?” Are you okay? The Commander asked Anya. Anya nodded her head in response before she turned towards Clarke.



“Show me.” After the brief discussion, Clarke leads the commander, her generals, and her guards to the drop ship.


“This way,” Clarke said while she pointed toward the hatch. She waited for Lexa’s response before entering and climbing the ladder. When she reached the top, she was met with disappointment. Lincoln was unconscious, Octavia sobbing over his body and her mother looked dejectedly at her. The rest followed her into the room and awaited the kill order, while the sky people slowly reached for their weapons. Lexa gave Indra a brief nod.


“Kill them all,” the dark skinned general growled.


“Wait you don’t have to do this!” Clarke yelled.


“You lied,” Lexa shot back. Before Clarke could counter, Abby used the shock baton on Lincoln.


“Hit him again,” Clarke desperately shouted. Abby did, and this time Lincoln’s eyes opened. Relief washed over every sky person in the vicinity.


“Lincoln’s recovery was……… impressive,” Lexa commented. “No has ever survived such a fate before. You may have your truce, but I must ask one thing in return.”


“Anything,” Clarke said, relieved.


Lexa eyed the blonde and cocked her head to one side before stating, “You.”