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Happy Twenty-Second Birthday Harry

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Where'd you get it?” Draco asked warily. They were finally alone after everybody in the universe had insisted on spending a little time with Harry for his birthday.

Harry shrugged. “Is that really important?”

Draco narrowed his eyes grumpily. “ Yes , it makes a big difference! I need to know whether I should expect a pock marked hag or – worse – a ginger ... It's not Ginny, is it?”

Harry laughed. “Look, it's blonde, just like I promised.” He held up a single stand of almost white hair that measured about two feet. It also had a loose curl toward the middle.

Oh Merlin's cataract clouded eyes! It's not Lovegood, is it?!” Draco demanded in horror.

Harry laughed again. “No! Fine, I'll tell you. I was dragged out to a book store with Hermione – one of those huge muggle ones that contains so many books I seriously have to wonder who even reads that much! Anyway, one of the women who worked there caught my eye. She quite took my breath away!”

Draco growled, not pleased by this. He now rather wished that he hadn't asked. He was willing to give Harry what he wanted, but he really didn't want to hear about all the cringe worthy details. Before he could say anything, Harry continued.

I gaped at her incredulously and even had to rub my eyes. Then, before she caught me staring at her and thought I was a creep, I had to go up and pretend to ask her about a book. And then – to my surprise and delight – she flirted with me! So of course I flirted back, and then when she whispered in my ear, it was easy to run my hand down her hair and capture one of those that just hangs there after falling out. She never even suspected.”

Draco exploded in outrage. “You flirt! You nasty, horrible –”

Harry cut Draco short without saying a word. He simply raised one brow in an expression of extreme confusion. When the silence stretched out for a moment, Harry cautiously put a hand on Draco's arm.

What's the problem? It's not like I kissed her or anything. I simply stole a hair,” Harry stated.

From a woman you found jaw-droppingly gorgeous! From a woman you flirted with!” Draco roared, a bit embarrassed and put out to find himself near tears.

Harry sighed and pulled Draco into a tight hug. “Are you sure you're okay with this?”

I was!” Draco cried out. “I didn't think I'd find the experience particularly enjoyable, but I was willing to have an open mind and give it a try, but then you described her!”

Harry tried his best to be patient. “There's no need to be jealous.”

But don't you see?!” Draco nearly wailed in desperation. “If you are still so very much attracted to women, how can we have a solid marriage?”

Harry sighed, nodding to admit that Draco had a valid point. “The way I see it is that I'm always going to be attracted to both genders, but I'm only going to love you.”

This made Draco pause and take a breath to calm down. “But... What if this woman can give you something I can't?”

Harry rolled his eyes. “Draco, the reason I was so very attracted to her was that she looked like she could be your twin sister. I mean she had light blue eyes rather than gray, and she was shorter than me by about a foot – which I have to admit I found interesting since you're taller than me. When she was whispering in my ear, I found myself thinking that it would be sweet to be able to hold you in my arms as a dainty little thing –”

Harry!” Draco snapped with a glare.

What?” Harry wondered, thinking he must have stuck his foot in it again.

Not really something that makes me happy to think about,” Draco said, tempted to shudder at the thought of being tiny compared to Harry.

Right. The point is that she looked almost exactly like you, so much that I couldn't help but gape in astonishment,” Harry said, and then added a bit to emphasize his point. “I wasn't attracted to her, I was attracted to the way she looked like you.”

Oh...” Draco murmured, inexplicably happy to hear that. “Oh, well, er... right. Hand me the hair.”

Harry frowned. “Not unless you are –”

But Draco interrupted him once more by simply snatching the hair and putting it in the Polyjuice Potion that he had brewed himself when he had first agreed to do this for Harry. When the potion changed a sort of icy blue, he looked up at Harry.

Er, wait,” Harry insisted. “Have you ever taken Polyjuice before? It can be somewhat unpleasant at first, and usually tastes terrible!”

Draco raised a brow at him. “Why am I not surprised?”

Harry chuckled. “I did have a rather wild youth, after all. It came in handy once or twice...”

Before he could second guess or talk himself out of it, Draco took a large gulp of the potion. It was a bit bitter, but other than that, it had a hint of coolness to it that made Draco shiver. There was also a strong taste of what he suspected was wintergreen berries. All in all, it wasn't bad. Certainly not the worst potion he had ever taken.

Until the pain hit. It wasn't an excruciating pain, but it didn't feel right at all. His body slowly changed shape, and suddenly, he was glad he'd gotten naked first. He felt like the world was spinning for a few moments, and not in a good way.

When everything finally settled down, he took a moment to just breathe. Then he stared down at his rather larger chest in horror. “Breasts!”

His voice caused another moment of horror since it was feminine and silky. Then he thought about it a moment. The potion wasn't supposed to change his voice, so he must sound slightly feminine to begin with.

He immediately marched toward his full length mirror, only to have Harry try and stop him. “Wait. You don't seem to be taking this very well. Why don't we just sit, have some tea, and wait for the potion to wear off.”

Oh no! After I went to all this trouble, we are going to enjoy this as much as possible!” Draco warned with a menacing growl. “I just want to see what I look like first.”

With a sigh, Harry moved out of the way. Draco stood staring at himself in the mirror for a long moment. Then he turned his body side to side and even managed to get a good look at his arse. Slowly, a pleased smile stretched across his face.

Well now! I really do look like my own twin sister! It's good to know that should I ever be cursed to change genders, I'll still be as gorgeous as ever,” Draco purred, his voice definitely changing pitch to match his body. It still sounded like him, just... slightly... feminine.

How are you feeling?” Harry asked a bit warily.

I feel good,” Draco said as he stretched in several different ways to see how his body moved.

So... you're not going to hex me?” Harry inquired.

Oh for the love of Salazar!” Draco muttered. Abruptly, he pushed Harry backward until they were at their bed, and then he shoved Harry onto the bed. He then climbed until he was straddling Harry's lap. “I suppose that we don't have to worry so much about preparation, do we?”

Harry smirked at him. “Technically, I suppose not, but then we'd be skipping everything I want to do.”

Draco frowned, puzzled. “Such as?”

Harry rolled Draco under him. “I want to make sure that I finish before you change back, so I'm going to set an alarm for 50 minutes.” He warned before casting a spell to alert them when the time came.

Before Draco could ask – What could possibly take so long to have sex with a woman? – Harry distracted him by sucking on his (her?) neck. Harry took the time to trail kisses and licks downward until he reached Draco's new ample and soft breasts. Just one swirl of his tongue around a nipple followed by hot suction was enough to make Draco's toes curl.

Moaning, Draco tangled his finger's in Harry's hair. Harry gave each breast a few minutes of undivided attention, and then moved lower. When Harry positioned himself between Draco's legs, he had actually forgotten he was a woman at the moment. He honestly expected a blowjob.

Therefore, he was a little startled when he felt... There were no words to describe how different this felt. A blowjob usually made him feel like his brain was happily melting down toward his groin. This was also very pleasurable, but more of a slowly building heat that sent zings throughout his body.

The heat and pleasure just kept on building, especially after Harry put a few fingers inside his – Oh Merlin's raunchy hole! – He had a vagina and Harry's fingers were inside it! And wow did that feel weird ! It was almost too weird for a few moments, and then he relaxed and decided to focus on the parts that felt good.

Harry's mouth and fingers slowly built Draco's pleasure up over the course of close to 40 minutes until it overwhelmed him. He was mortified to realize that he was squealing . Actually squealing as his whole body shivered from the orgasm. And then – just when he thought that it was over and he needed a moment to process what had just happened – Harry found a spot inside him that intensified everything.

It took maybe two minutes for the next orgasm to him, but this wasn't enough for Harry. He backed off from licking Draco's clitoris a little and focused all his attention on that spot inside him for two or three minutes. Draco felt the strangest sensation, but he really couldn't figure out what it was. It soon had him clinging to Harry and begging for deliverance, which was when Harry sucked on his clitoris and Draco thought he literally died from the pleasure that shook him to his core.

To his confusion, he felt a large amount of fluid gush out of him. This made him open his eyes and look at what was going on only to see that, yes, he was spraying Harry with a clear liquid. What the ever loving hell?!

When the orgasm was over, Draco melted into the bed and enjoyed little pinging aftershocks. He was panting so hard that his mouth and throat were dry, and he sincerely wanted to go right to sleep. Fortunately, Harry had a glass of water on hand and helped him to sit up and drink it without drowning.

I've only got about five minutes left, but I can work with that,” Harry informed him with a grin. He then proved that he was serious by sliding his shaft inside Draco's very wet vagina and banging away like he was running for his life.

Draco was amazed to discover that Harry thrust in a way that rubbed his clitoris just a little bit, which sent even more pleasurable aftershocks through his body. He felt like he could do nothing but cling to Harry and hold on! Perhaps the alarm going off had triggered Harry, or perhaps it happened coincidentally, but Harry roared softly and pumped him full just as the alarm charm went off.

Then he rolled over and panted as Draco stared up at the ceiling in awe. “That. Was... Amazing ,” Draco stated with a tone that suggested he couldn't believe it was true.

Harry chuckled and slipped his hand into Draco's. “The thought of doing that to you had me hard for months!

Draco suddenly felt his body change back, but rather than be painful, it was a bit like stretching out after crouching for a very long time. He was powerfully drowsy, but Harry wasn't ready to be done just yet. He stroked Draco's arm and pressed kisses to the back of his hand.

So, er... this might not be the best time to ask this, but... Do you have a fertility potion?” Harry inquired.

Draco sat up in surprise and a little outrage. “First you want me to transform into a woman and now you want to get me pregnant again?!

Well actually –”

What the fuck?! If you want a woman so badly, then why don't you go –”

For once, Harry cut Draco off by covering his mouth. “Actually, I want to take the potion!”

Draco was silent from shock for a moment. Then he swallowed repeatedly until he felt ready to try forming words. “You want... You want to have our baby?”

Harry nodded. “Yeah,” he admitted, his voice soft and breathy.

Oh Harry!” Draco cried out as he flung himself onto Harry.

I take it you like this idea?” Harry asked with a chuckle.

I love it!” Draco exclaimed, feeling almost teary eyed. He grabbed his wand from the side table and summoned the potion in question. “Are you sure?”

Harry answered by grinning and giving Draco a quick kiss before grabbing the potion and downing it. This sight did strange things to Draco's heartbeat. He cleared his throat and tried to wrap his head around how sudden this was.

Er... I think I might need to take a potion to help make sure that one doesn't go to waste,” Draco finally managed to say.

What do you mean?” Harry wondered with a frown.

Just that I still feel like an overcooked noodle and I'm obviously not in any condition to get you pregnant at the moment,” Draco explained, taking hold of Harry's hand and placing it on his soft shaft to illustrate the point.

Harry grinned. “You go ahead and take that potion, and I'll do my best to get you hard again.”

Suddenly exceedingly eager, Draco summoned a potion that enhanced stamina. It wasn't something he normally needed, but since he loved to make potions, he had decided to make a little bit of everything, just in case. He only needed two drops; any more than that and it might take him hours to finish, which he didn't want.

It looked like Harry didn't want to take that long either because the moment his talented mouth got Draco ready to go, Harry simply cast a few spells to prepare and lubricate himself. This was fine by Draco!

Harry lay on his back and helped Draco enter him, and then he grabbed onto Draco's hair and snogged him so passionately that Draco almost forgot what he was doing. But then Harry wiggled his hips and Draco remembered. He chose a fast and grinding pace that had Harry moaning and grunting into Draco's mouth with each thrust.

It was fierce and sweaty and thoroughly satisfying. Harry was surprised to reach the verge of orgasm within minutes. He tugged on his hard shaft barely three times before he was squirting out thick stripes of white and rippling around Draco. When Draco pumped Harry full, he collapsed atop him and prepared to never move again. If he had his way, sleep would overcome him as soon as possible.

But Harry had other plans. He played with Draco's hair and pressed kisses to his head. His other hand stroked Draco's back.

Merlin's sweaty arse crack! Go to sleep Harry!” Draco muttered insistently.

I just wanted to say something first,” Harry murmured seriously.

Than say it quick so I can get some sleep!” Draco pleaded.

Tonight, I learned that you think I'm going to eventually leave you for a woman. Or maybe just cheat on you with one. I need you to understand that it's never going to happen! I love you! I can't wait to marry you and have your baby,” Harry assured him.

Draco summoned up the energy to lift his head and look Harry in the eyes. “I... I guess that somewhere deep down, I know that. I just can't help but feel like I can't give you everything you need.”

Harry sighed, silently admitting that Draco might have a point. “Fine, in that – likely rare instance – I promise that I will talk to you about it.”

Draco smiled and gave him a lingering kiss. “Good. Because... Because I love you too and I couldn't bear it if you changed your mind about being with me.”

You said it,” Harry whispered in awe. He had long suspected that Draco loved him, but it was extremely powerful to hear it.

Draco understood how Harry must feel at the moment, so he smiled as warmly as possible. “I love you.”

Harry wrapped his arms around Draco and held him tight. He felt a bit teary eyed all of a sudden, but he had the biggest smile on his face. “Let's get married!”

You already asked me that!” Draco replied with a chuckle.

No, I mean right now!” Harry exclaimed excitedly.

Draco snorted in amusement. “No. I am far too exhausted to do anything at the moment.”

Tomorrow morning then?” Harry pressed.

Salazar save me from rash Gryffindors,” Draco muttered under his breath, but Harry heard him anyway. “Fine. If you insist, we'll go to the Ministry and get married first thing after breakfast tomorrow morning. But you're going to be the one to explain to everyone why we couldn't wait and have a proper wedding!”

I can do that,” Harry agreed with a grin. After one last drowsy kiss, they both fell asleep.