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Happy Twentieth Birthday Draco

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On the morning of his twentieth birthday, Draco sat in bed cradling his hungry son. A house elf brought him a freshly prepared bottle, which his almost four month old son sucked greedily. Draco found this so adorable that he interrupted the baby just long enough to kiss his cheek, and then let him get on with it.

I am almost certain that I won't have any special plans tonight,” Draco sighed a bit morosely as he talked to his son. It was a good thing the baby couldn't understand him yet! “I played a dirty trick on your other daddy. I sincerely hoped that he'd come to me, and then I'd confess that I had taken a fertility potion when I knew he was going to visit me, but sadly no. He walked away like he has every year and never looked back.”

Scorpius paused his effort to consume the entire bottle whole and gave Draco a wide and toothless grin. Draco grinned at him in return. “I'm not sorry though. I have the most adorable baby on the planet because of what I did. You have the same shape face as he does – and I suspect that you'll have his eyes – but you already look like you'll be blond and tall like me. The best of both worlds, really.”

Then he sighed sadly again. “I tried to play another dirty trick when I was still very pregnant with you. I went out shopping while wearing something that made it obvious that you were inside me. Of course it made the papers since I'm not married, or even in a relationship, but if your daddy saw the picture, he either didn't understand... or he didn't care.”

It was time to burp Scorpius, so Draco set the bottle aside and propped his son over a burp cloth while patting his back.

I rather suspect that he just didn't care. It had been announced in the papers before I made my appearance that he's all set to marry his weaselly temptress. They're actually due to be married any day now. Two weeks maybe?” Draco guessed with a shrug. “It'll make the papers every day until then, I'm sure.”

A soft knock sounded on his door before it promptly opened. “Draco, darling,” his mother greeted him with a warm smile. “You received an owl.” She held out a note to him. “I suspect that it will be a simple birthday greeting, but it came with instructions that the owl can't leave without a reply.” She gestured to indicate the tiny owl riding on her shoulder.

Draco frowned as he felt his heart stop, and then it started thundering loudly. Surely it can't be him!

He shifted his son back down to the safety of his lap, and then held out his hand for the note. Sure enough, the outside of the note warned that the bird wouldn't leave without a response. Inside, the note was simple and to the point.

Dear Draco Malfoy, congratulations on your twentieth birthday... and apparently for having a baby. If you feel up to your yearly present, please return this owl with instructions on where to send the doll, and at what time. Warning, the doll will not arrive if you are already there waiting.

Draco was hit with such a powerful sense of elation that he almost felt like he was glowing from it. He closed his eyes and rested his head against the pillows and headboard behind him. His hand clutched the note as if he was afraid that it would disappear.

Ah,” his mother murmured in understanding. “A note from a lover. Do you need me to watch my grandson tonight?”

Yes please,” Draco whispered with a happy sigh.

His mother tilted her head and looked at him with a curious frown. “Is it Scorpius' other father?”

Yes,” Draco admitted softly, not looking at her.

I see,” Narcissa stated, her tone carefully neutral. “You never talk about him. I rather assumed that the relationship had ended badly.”

Draco shook his head, profoundly sad. “There never was a relationship. Just... just a fling on my birthday.”

Narcissa frowned again, eyeing him a bit sharply. “Which means that you knowingly took a fertility potion for a mere fling?” She sighed and muttered something that sounded like oh Draco...

Yes, but don't worry, I'm not planning to do that again,” Draco assured her. “Once was more than enough!”

She pursed her lips in disapproval but said nothing. Draco took a moment to write a reply to his note. Then he held out his hand for the owl. His mother carefully handed him the tiny owl before picking up the baby.

Since I'm going to be watching him later, I may as well take him now.” Without another word, she left the room.

Draco attached the note to the owl, and then got out of bed to let him or her outside. “Please return this to whomever sent you, and give him this for me.” Draco pressed a tender kiss to the owl's head. The owl hooted and tilted his head as if shy and blushing, but then nodded peculiarly and flew off.




Draco grinned more than a little evilly as he walked into the hotel room and saw that Harry was actually there. He's really going to do this! Then he noticed that one arm was slung over Harry's face. Worse, Harry was fully clothed and on top of the blanket. Or maybe not...

Draco decided to act like nothing was out of the ordinary. Making sure the door was locked, he walked over to the bed. With a soft and encouraging smile, he leaned over and gave Harry a tender, lingering kiss. Harry relaxed into it for a moment, and then pushed Draco away.

I know you know I'm not actually a doll,” Harry stated, giving Draco an intense look. He put his glasses back on.

When did you figure that out?” Draco wondered.

When I saw your picture in the paper and no one had any idea who had gotten you pregnant,” Harry informed him. “At first, I simply wondered the same thing everyone was. Then I was chatting about it with Ron and 'Mione, and she mentioned that with as far along as you were, you had to have gotten pregnant while still at Hogwarts, and likely around your birthday. It was rather hard to deny after that. And worse! It means that you not only knew but that you planned to get pregnant!”

Draco couldn't really blame Harry for being angry. He'd never denied that it was a dirty trick. Thus, Draco didn't really know what to say. He also didn't know whether he should back off, stay put, or sit on the bed.

When did you figure out I wasn't a doll?” Harry asked abruptly. Clearly, this had bugged him for some time now.

After the second time,” Draco confessed. “I was still just slightly awake when you left. Had I not been, I probably would have went on believing forever that you actually were a doll. Which just means that you were convincing enough that I didn't question how likely it was to be true.”

Harry exhaled heavily as he sat up and crossed his legs. “Why did you do it?”

I'm afraid that I don't have an explanation that makes sense,” Draco admitted.

Try,” Harry insisted flatly.

Draco bowed his head quietly and took a moment to sit on the edge of the bed. He was careful not to touch Harry, who looked ready to punch him at the slightest provocation. Then he organized his thoughts before sighing.

What I really wanted was you,” Draco murmured softly, not daring to look at Harry. “When I realized that it was you and not a doll, I made plans to ask you out. I wanted you in any way that I could have you. As a lover or even just as a friend – although I did once fantasize that we got married.” He snorted self-derisively.

Draco purposely pulled that icy Slytherin mask over his features, and then added just a hint of Malfoy superiority. “But you never looked at me anymore. You even had a girlfriend. I had no reason to believe that you'd ever give me the time of day! So... I...” He swallowed nervously. “I took what I could from you.”

Such a Slytherin!” Harry muttered under his breath. “Look, I'm marrying Ginny tomorrow and –”

Tomorrow!” Draco gasped out in devastation. He couldn't help but recoil a bit and shift toward the end of the bed. Then he mentally kicked himself for being such an open book. He immediately looked to his clenched hands, which he forced to relax and not give anything else away.

Harry sighed. “Yes, tomorrow. I came here to tell you that I won't be doing this ever again. And well... I'm wondering if I should fight you for custody of –”

You try that and – Savior or not – I'll hex you into oblivion!” Draco growled, leaping to his feet to glare at Harry. “Scorpius is everything to me and I'd rather die than live without him!”

Harry stared at Draco in astonishment. Slowly, his lips formed a soft smile. “It's a boy?”

Draco got in Harry's face. “Yes and he's mine ! Do you hear me?” He grabbed Harry's shirt and shook him to emphasize his point.

Harry held up his hands as if surrendering for a second, and then that inexplicable emotion he felt whenever he was near Draco took over. Rather abruptly, Harry grabbed Draco's hair and crushed his mouth in a brutal kiss. Draco struggled for only a heartbeat, and then melted into the kiss.

Harry pushed him onto the bed and practically fell on top of him. They tore each other's clothes off, though Draco suspected that Harry had a little wandless magical help. Their mouths continued to attack and fight while they wrestled around on the bed. Maybe two minutes later, Harry pulled Draco on top of him.

Inside me, now!” Harry commanded.

Draco shivered with how powerfully his body reacted to those words. He paused only long enough to grab his wand and cast the necessary preparation spells so that he didn't hurt Harry, and then... He shivered again as he sank into Harry.

Harry moaned, grabbing onto Draco and snogging the breath right out of him. This was hot and heavy and fast! Neither was in the mood to wait, and so they both orgasmed barely a couple of minutes later.

However, Draco didn't want Harry to just get up and leave, so he continued to kiss and rock lightly. His plan worked in that they were able to make slow love for quite a while. This was actually the part that Draco loved the most. As incredible as the passionate sex was, this was better by far.

When they were done, they held each other tight and fell asleep. Draco had been a bit sleep deprived since he was a new parent, and Harry was also lacking sleep since he'd been running around non stop with wedding plans for days. This was a deeply restful sleep that they both needed, made so much better by the presence of each other.

In the morning, Harry was woken abruptly by Hermione snapping his name. He sat up with a gasp of horror – thinking he had just been caught in bed with a forbidden lover by his best friend. To his relief, it was only her Patronus with an urgent message for him.

Harry, where in the ever loving hell are you?! You need to be getting ready for your wedding!” Her voice reminded him.

Harry looked over to where Draco was softly snoring in bed next to him. His heart clenched painfully, making him look away. It was agony to be here, knowing that he had cheated on his fiancée.

He waved his hand to summon his wand, and then cast a Patronus so that he could send a message to Hermione. It was directions to get to where he was and an urge for her to come alone. Rather than reply, she simply appeared about a minute later.

Harry, what – OH! Er...” Hermione cut herself short as she realized that Harry was clearly naked and in bed with someone. Another curious look informed her that it was Draco Malfoy. “Oh my God, Harry!” She hissed in a soft whisper.

I know,” Harry muttered miserably. He pulled his knees to his chest and wrapped his arms around them. “I don't know what to do!”

Hermione took a deep breath, and then exhaled slowly. “Alright. What happened? Did you get drunk and have a one off? Ron says you never showed up for your stag do.”

It's more like a series of one offs,” Harry explained, talking quietly so that he didn't wake Draco. “Every year on his birthday since he turned 17, I give him me as a present. I'm the one who got him pregnant, although I didn't know it at the time.”

Oh Harry,” Hermione whispered in sympathy, carefully sitting on the bed so that she could take his hand.

I didn't mean to do it this year. I just wanted to talk to him and – well... This happened,” Harry informed her, gesturing to Draco as if his mere presence explained everything, which – to be fair – it actually did.

Hermione was silent for a moment. “Alright. What do you want me to do? Should I make an excuse and tell everyone that you're just running late, or should I go call everything off?”

Harry groaned miserably. “I don't know! I need you to tell me what to do!”

Hermione shifted so that she could put her arms around Harry and stroke his head with one hand. She brushed his wild hair out of his face. “I can't tell you what to do. I can simply ask you all the painful questions to help you decide for yourself. First of all, do you love Ginny?”

I thought I did,” Harry said, and then scoffed in self-derision. “But how can I do something like this if I love her?”

Hermione gave him a tiny smile. “Apparently you are bisexual, which is confusing enough all on it's own. Perhaps the confusion is part of the reason you wanted to rush into marriage so quickly.”

It wasn't all that quickly,” Harry muttered unappreciatively.

Alright then. Next question; do you love Malfoy?” Hermione purposely didn't look at the naked man in question – who had a blanket over him, but that wasn't the point. She didn't want to have to look him in the eye if he woke up while they were still talking.

I don't really know,” Harry admitted sadly. “When I'm with him, I feel something powerful, but I have no idea if it's love or just lust.”

Okay. Do you still want to marry Ginny?” Hermione asked gently.

I don't know,” Harry confessed in a soft whisper.

Hermione took a deep breath. “Then... you shouldn't. There's a muggle saying, if the answer isn't a wholehearted yes, then it's a no.”

But we have all these plans!” Harry protested in alarm. “We're going to buy a house and have kids!”

Harry...” Hermione prepared herself to be brutal. “It's been clear since the day I first met you that you want a family more than anything. You grew up an orphan raised by loathsome people who abused you. Granted, not physically, but they tried to keep you a prisoner – first in a cupboard under the stairs, and then with bars on your bedroom window and a lock on the door.”

She took a breath, and then continued. “You were never shown kindness or love, and you've been desperately searching for it your whole life. Maybe you're marrying Ginny because she comes with a guarantee that you will officially be a part of the only family that has ever treated you like a regular boy.”

Harry was quiet for a long moment. “Do you really think so?”

Hermione sighed. “I can't be sure. Only you know how you really feel, but yeah. I think you're getting married so that you can have that family you really want.”

Harry tilted his head curiously. “What's wrong with that?”

I didn't say anything was wrong with it,” Hermione replied with a soft smile. “If it makes you happy, then that's all that matters. So take a moment to think about it. What will make you happy?”

A family of my own. Kids,” Harry stated firmly.

And Ginny?” Hermione pressed.

I... I think I could be happy with her,” Harry murmured hesitantly.

Could be?” Hermione questioned.

Yeah, I could be if I tried,” Harry replied.

Hermione patted his cheek. “Again, if the answer is not a wholehearted yes, then it's a no.”

But that's not necessarily true,” Harry denied with a frown. “Happy is happy, even if it's only a little and takes a bit of work. That's the definition of marriage, isn't it?”

Hermione smiled at him. “So, does that mean that I'm going to go make a few excuses as to why you are running late? The wedding starts in just a couple of hours, so I suppose you have plenty of time still.”

Er... I suppose that I'm just having cold feet. I should go get ready, shouldn't I?” Harry suggested with a hesitant smile.

No!” Draco cried out, letting them know that he was awake and had been listening to them for a while. “I agree with Granger. If you're not 100 percent certain, then you shouldn't do it.”

Harry glared at him lightly. “You just want to ruin my wedding.”

No, I mean – okay fine, yes, I can admit that I don't want you to marry her – but it's not about me,” Draco insisted, propping his chin up with a hand so that he could look at Harry better.

Harry narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

If what you really want is just having a family, you do actually have that,” Draco continued logically. “You're so close to the Weasleys that they already consider you one of theirs, even if you aren't married to...” He took a deep breath, and then forced himself to say it civilly. “Ginny. And also, you have a son. I would be willing to share him with you equally – even if you never want to actually speak to me again. So, you don't need to get married for that. Therefore, you have to ask yourself why you want to get married. Perhaps you should postpone doing so until you can answer with a wholehearted yes.”

He's making sense,” Hermione muttered, sounding displeased by this.

Harry was quiet for a moment, and then shrugged. “Well, I also want to get married because I want to be married.”

Fine, that's a good reason,” Draco conceded. “But does it have to be now?”

Why not now?” Harry wondered, challenging Draco with a bit of open hostility.

Because I don't think you're ready,” Draco stated with a shrug. “And I don't think you will be ready until you have a chance to explore this a little more.” He gestured between the two of them. “Which is not to say that I think you should pick me right here, right now. Just that you obviously have issues with your sexuality that need to be dealt with. How could you truly be happy in a marriage if you are even remotely tempted to go find a bloke behind her back from time to time?”

Harry snorted in a sort of displeased amusement. “How can you say that?! You once said that you planned to marry a woman and have blokes on the side!”

Draco nodded. “I said that, yes, and that's what I was raised to do. Get married I mean, to a pureblooded witch, whether I am gay or not. So that's what I originally planned to do. But as you might have noticed, I haven't done that.”

Instead, you took a fertility potion without telling me and had my child with no plans to ever tell me, it seems,” Harry grumbled.

I did plan to tell you,” Draco stated sincerely. “But it's not like I know where you live or how to contact you. I basically told you that I wanted you to come to me, but you never did. So, I made sure that the news got into the paper, but still, you didn't seem to care.”

Harry ran a hand through his hair and sighed in frustration. “You and I have never been good at talking to each other.”

Draco gave him a wry smirk. “We only get along when we're shagging.”

He's right,” Harry informed Hermione, and then flushed bright red. “I mean about me taking some time to figure out my sexuality!”

Hermione smirked. “I suspect he's right about the shagging bit too.”

Harry tilted his head to the side and nodded. “Yeah, the sex is better by far than anything else I've ever had.”

Hermione laughed. “I'll be sure not to tell Ginny you said that!”

Harry squeezed her hand, trying not to notice that Draco was smirking smugly.

Alright,” Hermione stated with an air like she was preparing to get her hands dirty. “So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to go call off the wedding and try to stop the guests from arriving. I'll run interference with Ron and try to console Ginny. Meanwhile, I suggest that you clean up, get something to eat, and then go to a bar and pull a random bloke.”

Hermione!” Harry burst out incredulously.

What? The point is to figure out if you prefer men, right?” Hermione asked with a tone like it should be obvious.

Well yeah, but not like that,” Harry mumbled with a light blush.

She sighed. “Probably exactly like that. Go out and pull members of both sexes until you know which one you prefer. That should help you figure out if you want to marry Ginny in the future – provided that she'll forgive you and take you back.”

Draco gritted his teeth in frustration, but managed to speak in a mild tone. “She has a point, but I should probably teach you the protection spells first. That way, you won't contract any nasty surprises or accidentally get anyone else pregnant.”

Harry looked back and forth between them as if they had both lost their minds. “I'm not like that!”

You aren't?” Draco asked curiously and with a deep amount of interest.

Harry rolled his eyes. “Alright fine! I can understand why you'd think I was considering what has happened between us, but I've only ever been with you and Ginny... and well, Blaise, if he counts.”

Blaise?!” Hermione asked incredulously.

He sort of half counts,” Draco replied with a half shrug and a nod. Then he smirked at Hermione. “He was there for my 17th birthday and played around a little too.”

Hermione looked intrigued by this. “Well, I always thought he was nice looking. Harry, did you enjoy his touch?”

Harry looked away and grumbled: “As it happens, I did.”

Hermione gave him a soft smile and kissed his cheek. “Then I'd say that you are most definitely bisexual at the very least, and possibly gay. The distinction could be important if you want to live happily.

Yeah,” Harry agreed with a tiny nod. He hugged Hermione, and then kissed her on the cheek. The moment they let go of each other, she gave him a faint smile, and then Disapparated.

Wow,” Draco exhaled in awe. “She's really something. I don't think I've ever had a friend who would do that for me. Well... Blaise might, but I think it would be more out of a sense of having fun causing chaos than doing it just because I needed him to.”

Yeah, Hermione's brilliant,” Harry agreed with a small grin. Then he lay on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. “Well, since I'm not getting married today after all, I think we should probably talk.”

Yes, we should,” Draco solemnly agreed. He was tempted to kiss or touch Harry, but with great effort, he refrained.

For starters, I want to know about – Did you say his name is Scorpius?” Harry asked curiously.

I did,” Draco answered with an expression of adoration. He snuggled up to his pillow and launched into a detailed account of everything he could think of. By the time he had finished, they both felt relaxed and in a good mood.

I'd like to meet him,” Harry stated with a hopeful smile.

What, now?” Draco wondered.

Well, after we pay for the room,” Harry said, still smiling and now eager.

No need,” Draco stated with a shrug. “It's my hotel.”

Harry stared at Draco in silence for a long moment. “Oh...”

What?” Draco asked, bristling slightly.

I guess I somehow forgot that you come from a wealthy family,” Harry murmured.

Draco waved his hand as if this wasn't important in the slightest. “No matter. I'll bring you to meet our son, and then – later on – you should probably go talk to your fiancée. Maybe by then, you'll have had time to think about what you really want.”

Maybe,” Harry said uncertainly. At this moment, he didn't know what the future held and he was actually afraid to find out. That said, the future definitely held time with his son, which was a treasure worth more than all the gold in his vault. Suddenly unbelievably excited, he held out a hand to Draco. “Let's get ready and go!”

Slowly filling with happiness, Draco smiled at him. It seemed like words were no longer necessary. Maybe, just maybe , things might work out.