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Happy Ninteenth Birthday Draco

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Draco growled softly as he watched Harry and that infernal red headed temptress snogging. Again! To be fair, they were dating and had been all of Eighth Year, but it still made Draco jealous.

Harry is mine! Draco insisted in his head as he tried in vain to actually study. All year long, he had plotted to get Harry alone long enough to ask him out for drinks, but to his disappointment, Harry was never alone.

Worse, it was now June 5 th , which meant that their N.E.W.T.s were literally around the corner, and then he'd be done with school for good. Draco sighed in depression and winced from the pain as he flung his head down onto the table in the library. Why did I even come back here?

He forced himself not to look, but based on the giggling from the girl weasel, she and Harry were doing something other than snogging at the moment. Draco growled again, this time in frustration. Oh yeah, I came back because I thought I could actually become sort of friends with Harry. Or at least on civil terms with an agreeable arrangement.

The sad fact was that Draco didn't really need his N.E.W.T.s. Yes, it was actually rather fun to have so much time devoted to nothing but learning – especially after his last couple of years – but it wasn't necessary. The Malfoy fortune was as large as ever, and they had always been blessed with luck in business. This meant that the chances of using his N.E.W.T.s were low. If he got bored, he might consider brewing potions in his spare time, but considering that people still thought of him as a Death Eater, no one was likely to buy anything from him anyway.

And father wants me to get married soon and work on that heir... This was not altogether unpleasant. Even if he was more interested in blokes, at least having a wife and child would mean that he'd have someone to spend time with. If at all possible, he'd do whatever it took to keep his wife happy so that she'd be willing to do the things he liked to do. Such as go out to dinner at prestigious restaurants, drink copious amounts of fine wine, shop outrageously, and take in a play from time to time.

Maybe she would even have a good head for business and they could make investments together. Or best of all! They could turn it into a competition to see who made more money! This thought actually pleased Draco so much that he lifted his head from the table.

With a soft smile, he resumed his studying. For about a second. Then the odd silence prompted him to look around and find that the Library had emptied out. Not even Harry and his... girlfriend were there.

Sighing in acceptance, Draco gathered up his belongings and prepared to return to his room to drop off everything before going to dinner in the great hall. Just as he stood up and turned toward the exit, a charmed paper airplane floated up to him. Tilting his head in confusion, he shifted his bag over his shoulder so that he had a hand free.

The airplane turned out to be a note that read: Dear Draco Malfoy, congratulations on reaching your 19 th Birthday. If you are interested in receiving the same present as last year, please leave the door to your room unlocked and unwarded when you leave for dinner.

Yes!” Draco hissed happily, his hands forming fists as he pulled them toward his body. I really hadn't thought he'd do that again this year since he's officially in a relationship now and has been all year.

This year was going to be a bit different because now that Draco knew it was really Harry, he planned to take more advantage of the situation. It was one thing to make love to a love doll, it would be entirely another matter to have Harry Potter under his control. He was tempted to actually skip as he walked back to his room!

The stranger thing was that Harry must think that Draco was in a relationship too. All year long, the Eighth Years would go to Hogsmeade each weekend to relax and unwind. Not long after Draco had realized that Harry was actually with weaselette, he sat in the corner of the Three Broomsticks brooding when a rather gorgeous, slightly older man sat down with him and offered to buy a round.

Flirting had been so much fun, and a good way to take his mind of his fantasies. Thus, when the man had offered to rent a room for the night and rock Draco's world, he had jumped at the chance. The sex was fabulous enough that it had instantly become a regular thing. Which meant that Draco had spent nearly every weekend with a lover that was devoted to gaining mutual ecstasy – with no strings attached.

This might possibly be the only reason that Draco had made it through the year without having a mental breakdown. No one really wanted to talk to him, even though he had made it a point to bite back all his sarcastic responses and make an effort to actually be nice to people. It made him feel a bit dirty, but he did it because he wanted to attract Harry.

His plan seemed to be working a little because Harry would often look over at Draco with a puzzled frown, as if wondering what had happened to the boy that had been a right prat for years. Even so, Harry never seemed inclined to talk to Draco either, and as Draco had already brooded about, Harry was never alone to approach.

Now back in his room, Draco sat on his bed and contemplated a potion he had brewed. It had been sort of a joke at first. Knowing that the so called “Harry Potter love doll” was actually Harry, Draco had been imagining all sort of insane scenarios. One of his favorite fantasies was one in which he and Harry not only had a relationship, but got married and had kids.

This led to Draco trying to cheer himself up one day by brewing this particular potion. Using this potion would be the lowest, dirtiest, most Slytherin trick ever! However... Draco was a Slytherin... What good was being an infamous and well hated former Death Eater if he couldn't occasionally play a dirty trick every once in a while?

Taking a deep breath, Draco opened the bottle and gulped down the entire potion. It was guaranteed to be potent since he had brewed it himself with the very best ingredients. Thus, for the next 24 hours, he would be extremely fertile.

He was very glad that he was taking the potion now, because it made him feel disconcertingly queasy as it took effect. He could almost feel the new organ forming. If everything went according to plan, he'd have that heir his father wanted, but without the hassle of a wife he didn't really want, except for as a built in friend.

After his stomach settled, Draco got undressed and spent as long as he could preparing himself before the dinner bell rang. He made his task easier by casting spells to clean himself out and soften him up. Then he conjured a rather large plug. If there was any chance of Draco bottoming – considering Harry's size – he'd need to be stretched quite a bit. The plug should help with that. Draco spelled it to shrink a bit until it was inside him, and then slowly expand until it reached its full size.

After that, he hurried to get dressed again, and then left his room unlocked and unwarded as he left for dinner. Very quickly, he found that walking was awkward ! He had to go slowly, but he made it without giving away that he was currently plugged in preparation for a very naughty night.

Dinner seemed to drag on forever. Now that he knew to look for it, he noticed that Harry ate very lightly and slipped out of the hall as soon as he could. His girlfriend watched him go with a puzzled look, but then she shrugged and focused on finishing her dinner.

Completely excited, Draco only waited long enough for Harry to get to his room, strip, and get into bed. When enough time had passed, Draco got up from the Slytherin table – where everyone was ignoring his presence anyway – and returned to his room. Once again, he was tempted to skip gleefully. Thankfully, the toy in his arse made that impossible.

I am going to have so much fun with this! Draco mentally cackled.

In his room, Harry was laying like he always did. Naked. Under the covers. Pretending to be asleep. His belongings hidden under the bed. Draco briefly wondered what would happen if he managed to hide those belongings so that Harry couldn't just leave without confessing everything and asking Draco to give it back.

On the other hand, this was Harry Potter . The boy who had summoned his broom from a nearly impossible distance to fight a dragon in their Fourth Year. Chances were good that Draco couldn't hide the things under the bed well enough to stop Harry from summoning them. Sigh ...

Draco approached the bed. “Every year, I keep telling myself that I imagined the whole thing. To my continual delight, I haven't.”

He subtly vanished the toy in his arse, and then got undressed. After that, he climbed into bed and kissed Harry. It was a tender kiss, the type one would give to a lover they hadn't seen all day. Then Draco smiled.

If you were the real Harry Potter, you'd probably punch me for that!”

Draco lay on his side, resting his head on Harry's shoulder and swirling one finger around Harry's left nipple. “The real Harry hates me. He won't talk to me and doesn't even look at me like he used to when he thought I was up to no good. To be fair, I wasn't. Good, that is. I was reluctantly plotting murder and doing whatever it took to save myself and my parents from pure evil. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to grow up in a world where I didn't have to be the bad guy.”

Then he shrugged and shifted so that he could lick Harry's nipple. “I have very different plans for this time. I didn't think my luck would hold out. I really thought that my very special birthday present wouldn't arrive this year. That thought rather perversely made me think of everything I'd want to do differently if I got the chance.”

Draco paused to kiss Harry so thoroughly that it made them both breathless. He then grinned a bit evilly.

So far, I've been worshiping you because you're a doll of Harry Potter, who I've long wanted to impress. And well, in my mind, it's also a reward for defeating Insane Snake Face. This year, it occurred to me that I haven't actually made use of many of those simple commands you're apparently programmed with.”

Draco stretched out on his back. “So that's what I'm going to do. I think that first, you should worship me a bit. You can open your eyes if you have to see what you're doing, but don't look at me. I still think it would be creepy to have a doll staring at me.”

Draco – still sprawled on his back – closed his eyes and waited for Harry to make a move. He imagined that Harry opened his eyes and looked Draco over for a moment before shifting to do as told. Despite expecting it, Draco inhaled a startled gasp when Harry licked his nipple – as if mimicking what Draco had done.

Harry seemed like he didn't really know what he was doing for a few moments, and then maybe his brain woke up, or maybe he pushed his nervousness aside. In any case, he suddenly seemed more confident and shifted his focus to licking and sucking on Draco's neck. Draco grinned as he realized that he was definitely going to be covered in love bites if Harry kept this up.

Unlike previous years – in which Draco had made love to every part of Harry's body before moving on – he really wished that Harry would just skip straight to the end. However, he forced himself to breathe and maintain his patience. Besides, this felt wonderful! Best of all, he had the actual, real Harry Potter in his bed licking him all over!

To Draco's delight – and the detriment of his ability to breathe – Harry seemed to be very good with his tongue. Harry seemed to be pretending that Draco's shaft was an ice cream cone, which felt incredible. Then Harry practically swallowed him whole, which made Draco clutch the sheets and yelp in surprise as he arched his back.

To be honest, Harry didn't possess the technique or finesse that Blaise did, but he made up for it with sheer enthusiasm. It didn't take very long at all before Draco was clutching Harry's hair in an attempt to yank him away.


Harry seemed to pause to think this over. Draco could only imagine he was caught between being an obedient doll – like he was pretending to be – and wanting to continue on doing as he liked. A moment later, he slowly pulled his mouth off Draco's shaft.

Draco exhaled in relief. “Good. Now, I can't decide if I want you between my legs or if I want to straddle your waist. Hmm... I think it might be easier all around if you just...” Draco trailed off so that he could grab his extra pillow and shove it under his tailbone. Then he pulled Harry on top of him.

Draco really had to wonder how Harry could do such an excellent job of pretending to be a doll. At the moment, his eyes were closed again and he looked calm, although Draco could feel Harry's heart thundering under his hand. It made him smile.

I prepared myself earlier. I even made sure that I'd be able to accommodate your slightly over-exaggerated doll prick. Go on, slide inside me,” Draco ordered, interested to note that Harry was breathing in a way that suggested that he was trying very hard to remain calm. A blush threatened to turn Harry's face pink.

Go on,” Draco encouraged again. “Or is that not a command you were programmed to follow? Do I have to be more specific? Please push that beautifully large prick of yours inside me.” He made sure to drawl that in his poshest tone of voice so that it sounded positively sinful.

Taking a deep breath and then holding it, Harry shifted so that he could use one hand to guide himself into Draco. As promised, Draco was prepared enough that the entry was fairly smooth. Harry moaned so happily that Draco wondered if his eyes had crossed or possibly rolled to the back of his head. Next time, he'd have to ask Harry to open his eyes at moments like this. If there was a next time.

To Draco's delight, Blaise had been right about bottoming! This really did feel better than expected. Draco hadn't let his weekend lover top him, and made up for it by being a very attentive lover. The two of them actually pampered each other quite a bit, but Draco always topped. It was a hard limit.

To be honest, he hadn't cared about the potential pain of it. His real reason was that he was hoping to save the experience for the real Harry. Last year when he had discovered that this was the real Harry , Draco had planned to have sex with him as often as possible, and this was one way he hoped to entice Harry to agree. That plan had failed, but Draco had saved it anyway.

He revealed this information without meaning to. “Merlin's wrinkly old prick! This feels so good! I had no idea,” Draco blurted out, clutching Harry's arms and holding on as if he needed an anchor. He arched his back and gasped when Harry hit that one spot in particular that felt like it set off fireworks inside him. “ Fuck ... If I had known it was this good, I'd have let someone inside me sooner!”

Harry seemed to falter at that. Draco noticed that he was frowning, so he dug his nails into Harry's back and commanded: “Harder!”

It took another deep breath, but then Harry complied. Draco wanted to talk dirty and seduce Harry – hoping to entice him back sooner than next year – but he ended up babbling instead. This embarrassed him even as he couldn't stop.

Oh fuck! Yes, Gods, yes, right there, like that, pound me, pound me! Oh Gods! Merlin and Salazar! Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck!”

Draco wrapped his arms around Harry's shoulders even as he locked his legs around Harry's waist. Then, because the babbling had devolved into mortifying incoherency, Draco seized Harry's lips and snogged him until he was simply crying out too much. He felt something like a squeal come from him and hastily bit Harry's shoulder to muffle it.

This is when Draco had hands down the best orgasm of his life. Harry clearly also reached his climax because he roared softly in triumph as he pumped Draco full. His whole body trembled, and when he was done, he collapsed onto Draco.

A moment later, Harry moved, but before he could pull out or roll over, Draco shook his head, still holding Harry tight. “Stay right there. Better yet, kiss me.”

Harry kissed him softly. It was nothing more than an obedient response. Draco mentally smirked.

I have an even better idea,” Draco stated with a mischievous grin. “You're a love doll, right? So you should be programmed to keep going. Rock in and out of me slowly.” Then Draco tangled his fingers in Harry's hair and snogged him rather possessively.

As planned, the combination helped prevent Harry from going soft. Eventually, he was thrusting as lazily as Draco had done to him last year. The goal this time wasn't to get off right away. The goal was to just enjoy each other for as long as possible.

At least an hour passed like this before Draco started purring and couldn't stop. The continual but unhurried stimulation to his prostate had built up until he felt like he was floating in a hot bath made out of pleasure instead of water. His body shook as he clutched Harry and produced thick white spurts.

Harry rested his head on Draco's shoulder and groaned as if he was feeling better than ever. Pulsing assured Draco that Harry was pumping him full once more. Draco sighed happily and hugged Harry tight for a moment before stretching out under him.

I am positive that I'll be able to sleep tonight!” Draco announced with a wry chuckle. “No nightmares or anything. You can lay on top of me or next to me. No wait, I want you on your back so that I can cuddle with you until you disappear.”

It took Harry a moment to respond. Long enough that Draco had wondered if he'd already fallen asleep on top of Draco, but no. He gathered up the energy to pull out of Draco and lay next to him.

Draco decided to play his dirtiest trick yet. Humming softly, he curled up to Harry and played with that wild mess of hair, pressing little kisses to Harry's cheek. “If you were the real Harry, I'd have asked you out a long time ago. We could have been dating all year and having fantastic sex. I actually followed him around for the first month or so of the year, trying to find him alone at some point so I could ask, but his weasel noticed me and glared something fierce. And then I realized that he had a girlfriend , bleh!” Draco yawned deeply, and then sighed. “Oh well, I probably never had a chance anyway.”

Then Draco purposely murmured incoherently as if he was trying to keep up the conversation despite having fallen asleep. His hand moved from Harry's hair to rest on his chest. He waited until his breathing was deep and even, and then rolled off Harry so that the pretend love doll could do his vanishing act.

It took a few more minutes, which Draco figured was to be sure that he wouldn't wake up, but then Harry sat up and carefully shifted until he was sitting on the edge of the bed. He stayed there with his head in his hands for a long time. Draco covertly watched him, wishing that the moon was full again, or that he'd thought to light a candle.

I don't think I can do this again,” Harry muttered very quietly. He sounded emotional; ragged; almost shattered, and Draco wasn't sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

Slowly, still in an effort not to wake Draco, Harry leaned over and stroked Draco's cheek very very lightly. Then he pressed a soft kiss to Draco's lips. It was light and rather romantic.

Happy Birthday Draco,” Harry whispered, again almost silently so that he wouldn't wake the slumbering birthday boy.

After that, Harry slipped out of the bed, snatched his glasses, crammed them onto his face, and then pulled his invisibility cloak on. Draco waited one second, and then snorted as if he'd been woken up abruptly from a loud snore. With a yawn, he sat up and looked around.

Hmm... I guess he disappeared already,” Draco murmured. “I can't wait for next year! I'll have to rent a room in a hotel or something...” Draco trailed off, murmuring incoherently as he lay back down and snuggled up to his spare pillow.

He hid a smirk as he heard the door slowly open, and then close again. Then he rolled his eyes. “There, if he's interested at all, he knows I won't turn him down. Maybe that'll prompt him to seek me out after school's over.”

With that happy thought, Draco really did go to sleep.