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Happy Seventeenth Birthday Draco

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Harry spotted Draco Malfoy in the library. He was sitting next to Blaise Zabini and they appeared to be studying. However, since Harry was certain that Draco was up to something dark, he decided that listening to their conversation might be helpful in figuring out what.

With a good look around, Harry slipped into a shadow at the back of a stack and pulled his invisibility cloak on. It seemed like forever, but finally, Harry was sneaking up on Draco and Blaise. The conversation seemed promising at first.

“I'm running out of time!” Draco complained, looking extremely stressed out.

“Draco...” Blaise murmured with a frown, clearly concerned. “It's your birthday! Stop worrying about what the Insane One wants and relax a little. You nearly died the other day! You deserve to unwind at least a little. Let's dip into my stash of Ogden's Finest and get drunk and take turns pretending to hex Harry Potter into oblivion.”

Draco scoffed and waved this suggestion away. “I really don't want to hex Potter.”

“You don't?!” Blaise asked incredulously. “But he nearly killed you the other day!”

Under his invisibility cloak, Harry was cringing. It was true. He hadn't meant to nearly kill Draco, but that's what had almost happened, and Harry felt downright guilty about it. He wished there was something he could do to make up for it.

You weren't there,” Draco pointed out. “You didn't see the look on his face. I was going to Crucio him and he reacted in self defense with a curse that I've never heard before. It was clearly a very dark curse, but he looked just as shocked by it as I was. I really don't think he knew what it was. Of course, if you tell anyone I said that, I'll drag you somewhere that no one will ever find you and perform that curse on you! I plan to act like I'm highly affronted and guilt Potter into doing me a favor when it's the most opportune moment.”

Blaise snorted in amusement. “I wouldn't think of you as a true Slytherin if you didn't!” He patted Draco on the back with a big grin. “So tell me, what do you want for your birthday? I must confess that I only got you a little box of chocolates so far because I was too worried about you dying to go proper shopping.”

Draco sighed and looked around to make sure that no one was nearby. Seeing that the library was almost deserted, he turned back to Blaise. “You know what I want.”

Blaise laughed and patted Draco on the back again. “So sorry, but I don't have the ability to serve Harry Potter to you on a silver platter!”

Draco rolled his eyes. “Shh! Someone might hear you!”

Blaise chuckled. “You think that anyone would believe I wasn't joking or trying to wind you up? Well, anyone who's not in Slytherin. We've all had to put up with your Potter obsession for years.”

Draco stuck his nose into the air as high as it would go. “I'm not obsessed!”

Of course not!” Blaise stated in a way that meant the exact opposite. “And my mother hasn't obtained an enormous fortune by marrying and swindling wealthy men!”

Draco rolled his eyes again. “Like you're not going to do exactly the same thing!”

Good thing for me that I rather like blokes. I can marry the wealthy ones and have mistresses on the side,” Blaise stated, quite seriously, from what Harry could tell.

Draco shook his head. “It'll be the exact opposite for me. I'll marry a pureblood witch and have a couple of blokes on the side.”

Maybe once Insane One takes over, you can convince him to give you Golden Boy on a silver platter,” Blaise suggested.

What's with you and silver platters?” Draco asked dryly. “Makes it sound like I'm some sort of cannibal!” Then he sighed a bit morosely. “And no, that repugnant idiot plans to kill him, so unless he then makes Potter into an Inferius, and actually not even then, blech!”

Blaise laughed. “Maybe I should conjure you a Harry Potter doll for your birthday.”

You can do that?” Draco asked with interest.

It was Blaise's turn to roll his eyes. “No, but I would if I could, and actually, I'd probably use that doll a couple of times before giving him to you.”

Draco looked nauseous for a moment. “I really don't want that image in my head!”

Liar,” Blaise accused with a flirty purr. “Anyway, I've arranged for Theo, Vince, and Greg to room with others tonight. I say we drink an entire bottle of Ogden's Finest, and then another, and so on, until we pass out.”

It would be nice to forget about everything for a while,” Draco murmured, his expression haunted and far away for a moment.

And who knows, maybe I can find a spell to conjure a Harry Potter doll for you,” Blaise suggested waving his wand around to summon a book on conjuring.

Draco snorted in amusement. “Knowing you, it'll be some little thing about a foot tall, which would be far too tiny to properly play with!”

I don't know, I could think of a lot of things to do to a doll that size,” Blaise stated with a salacious wink.

Merlin and Salazar you're a perverted one!” Draco exclaimed with a laugh.

Ah, but you love me for it!” Blaise insisted, kissing Draco on the cheek.

Draco rolled his eyes and playfully pushed Blaise. “Damn it! You've managed to put me in a good mood. How am I supposed to brood properly if I'm in a good mood?”

Blaise roared with laughter. “It's good to see you in a good mood, and I'll do whatever it takes to keep you in it for the rest of the day! Hey, you want me to invite Pansy to our drinking session tonight?”

Nah, she can drink us both under the table, and then it would probably turn into a threesome,” Draco complained.

What's wrong with that?” Blaise wondered with a tilted head. “And wouldn't that be a foursome if I manage to conjure that doll?”

Draco let loose the richest laugh Harry had ever heard from him. “Oi, presumptuous?! Who said I wasn't talking about a threesome with Pansy and the doll?!”

Blaise straightened up with an expression of shock. “You'd share your Harry Potter doll with Pansy???

Draco looked nauseous again. “Bleh! That's really an image I don't want in my head!” He shuddered lightly in horror.

Blaise gave an exaggerated exhalation of relief. “Whew! For a moment there, I thought I had a reason to be jealous!”

Draco smirked a bit evilly. “Of who? Pansy? Or the doll?”

Blaise acted as if he were giving this a lot of thought. Draco simply shook his head and kissed Blaise on the cheek. With an impertinent grin, Blaise pointed at the book.

Look, I've found a spell to conjure a doll, but as you've already mentioned, it's only about a foot tall. Worse, it's not very specific in looks,” Blaise explained.

I wonder if we could play around with the spell to make him bigger and specific looking?” Draco mused, stroking his chin.

Do you realize that if we successfully created a life sized love doll of Harry Potter, we'd probably be able to sell him for an absolute fortune!” Blaise exclaimed excitedly.

Oi!” Draco growled unhappily. “This is my birthday present we're talking about! I wouldn't sell it for all the money on the planet!”

Blaise held up his hands soothingly. “No need to get tetchy! I was only joking!” Then he looked like he was struck by an interesting thought. “Er... if we manage to make him life sized, how will you hide him from the rest of our dorm mates? And Pansy? And who's to say some smart arsed Slytherin won't run off with him and leave him on the staff table in the great hall?”

Draco looked stumped for a moment. “Well... obviously we're going to have to figure out a way to shrink him when we're done.”

Or vanish him?” Blaise suggested.

No,” Draco shook his head insistently. “I'd far prefer to shrink him and keep him for later use.”

Blaise chuckled. “I'd almost forgotten how possessive you are!”

Draco wrinkled his nose grumpily. “Oh just shut it and help me practice these conjuring spells.”

Yes, my Prince!” Blaise stated, managing to sound both mocking and flirty at the same time.

Harry watched in fascination for hours as they tried their best to conjure an actual doll of him ! He was sitting in an empty chair at their table, under the invisibility cloak, and he still couldn't believe that they were serious. He felt like he was being subjected to a long and drawn out joke, but clearly, they were invested in this plan.

Eventually, the bell rang the warning for dinner time. Draco slammed the book shut with a frustrated growl. So far, their best efforts had resulted in a vaguely Harry looking wooden doll about two feet tall.

This isn't working!” Draco sighed in disappointment.

Blaise shrugged as if he hadn't a care in the world. “We'll try again after dinner. Maybe once we're alone in our dorm and slightly drunk, we'll figure it out.”

Maybe,” Draco murmured, sounding like he didn't actually believe it. After that, the two of them got up and left for the great hall. Harry watched them go with a puzzled expression. Slowly, a plan formed in his mind.




I'm beyond delighted that you actually got ride of the others for the night,” Draco stated sincerely as they entered their dorm. “That all on its own is a worthy birthday present,” he said as he shut the door behind them.

Blaise stopped short. “Er... Draco? What's that on your bed?”

Draco looked to where Blaise was pointing, and then rubbed his eyes. Shaking his head in stunned disbelief, he murmured: “ No ... that looks like... Harry Potter !”

And it did too. Draco was positive he had to be seeing things since there was no way on Earth that the Golden Boy would be sleeping in his bed. Draco craned his neck back and forth as he examined the situation carefully.

Blaise picked up the note laying on top of the blanket over Harry's chest. He barely had time to read it before his jaw dropped in shock. Draco snatched the note and read it out loud.

Congratulations on your birthday. Here is your exclusive Harry Potter doll. He's extremely life like and obeys most simple commands. He cannot talk and will disappear by morning.”

Fuck...” Draco exhaled in appreciation.

It's missing his glasses,” Blaise murmured in disappointment.

It's a doll,” Draco stated with a shrug. “What does it need glasses for?”

I wonder who sent it?” Blaise asked with a frown.

Who cares?” Draco questioned with a grin. “I'm going to have so much fun with him!”

Oi, planning to share?” Blaise challenged with a wild grin.

Maybe a little,” Draco replied with a mischievous smirk. He then climbed into his bed – which was a little bigger than the rest of them because his father had made a large donation to the school and Draco had insisted on a full rather than a twin.

Carefully, Draco pulled back the blanket just a bit to look under it. “The doll is naked,” he announced with a pleased grin.

Nice,” Blaise purred in appreciation as he got an eyeful too. “I wonder how true to life he is?”

It's probably an exaggeration based on what I might like,” Draco theorized with a shrug.

I didn't realize you liked them big, and he's not even hard yet,” Blaise remarked with a smirk.

Draco rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Oi, this is my love doll! It doesn't matter how big he is since he exists for me to play with.”

I wonder what commands he can follow?” Blaise said, his voice soft with thought.

Well, the note did say simple commands, so probably things like kiss me or suck me,” Draco hypothesized. “Which sounds like an excellent idea!”

Blaise watched Draco move the doll's right arm so that Draco could lay down next to it and rest his head on the doll's shoulder. Blaise copied him on the left, noticing that Draco hadn't removed the blanket yet. This made Blaise laugh.

I wonder how long it'll take you to unwrap your present.”

Draco purred happily. “I'm just imagining everything I want to do and trying to decide what to do first.”

I wonder who gave it to you,” Blaise stated with a frown.

Maybe it was Pansy,” Draco suggested with a shrug. “She's pretty good at conjuring.”

Wouldn't it be hilarious to dress the doll up like a girl and take pictures?” Blaise asked with a laugh.

Nah! In order to do that, we'd have to raid Pansy's wardrobe, and actually, none of her clothes would fit him. We'd have to raid Millie's closet, and I don't want to explain why I want to cross dress just to spend the night drinking with you!” Draco exclaimed, killing that idea. “And besides, I'd never show the pictures to anyone. You know if I did, they'd just accuse me of either drinking Polyjuice or giving you Polyjuice to turn into Potter.”

That could be fun,” Blaise murmured speculatively. “I wonder if we took some hair from this doll, would it work in Polyjuice? We could take turns changing into him for some kinky playtime.”

Don't be an idiot,” Draco sneered. “You'd turn into a doll and then who knows if it would ever wear off!”

Good point,” Blaise murmured in disappointment.

Draco pulled out his wand and cast a spell to lock the door. Then he cast another spell to make sure no one listening out in the hall could hear anything they did in here. When he was done, he gave Blaise a big grin.

I'm so glad you got rid of the others,” Draco stated, unconsciously stroking the doll's chest. “It's going to be hard enough letting you play too. I think I'd be far too jealous to share with anyone else!”

Blaise smiled at him. “I just want to play a little, then I'll back off and let you enjoy your present.”

Draco snorted in amusement. “And watch, you pervert!”

Blaise looked incredulous. “What? You think this isn't going to be the hottest sight ever?”

Excellent point!” Draco agreed with a grin. He then shifted until he was able to kiss the doll. There was no response at first, so Draco pulled back and ordered the doll: “Kiss me.”

This time the doll responded to Draco's kiss. Draco moaned and wound his fingers through it's hair. After that, the snogging got rather passionate.

So hot...” Blaise whispered reverently.

Draco broke off the kiss to smirk at Blaise. “Of course!” He then pulled the blanket down a bit to stroke the doll's naked chest. He groaned softly in longing. “I know what I'm asking for my birthday every year for the rest of my life!” He pressed kisses to the doll's chest before swirling his tongue around a nipple.

Can I kiss him?” Blaise asked softly.

As long as you don't bite,” Draco permitted with a serious expression. “I know how much you love to bite while snogging.”

But it's not like the doll will get upset,” Blaise argued.

Draco glared at him. “ My doll, my rules. Take it or leave it.”

Fine,” Blaise capitulated with a sigh. He then snogged the doll quite thoroughly while Draco busied himself licking the other nipple.

Draco had a great deal more fun than he would admit to just stroking, licking, and pressing little kisses all over the doll's chest and abdomen.

Blaise chuckled a few minutes later. “I'm surprised that you didn't order him to do that to you.”

Draco shrugged, barely pausing his task. “My biggest fantasy is to tie Potter up and do whatever I want. Don't need to tie the doll up for this, but I still plan to enjoy it.” His hand slipped underneath the blanket and grinned. “Looks like he's able to respond to our touch.”

Blaise stole a peek under the blanket. “Wow, I think I might be jealous!”

Draco rolled his eyes. “Blaise, must I remind you that you are hung? I wouldn't let you near my arse if you paid me, blackmailed me, bribed me, or won a favor in a bet!”

But you'll let him?” Blaise asked, sounding slightly miffed.

If it were really him and he asked, I might consider it. Actually, it probably wouldn't take a lot for him to talk me into it, but since this is just a doll, I'm definitely going to have my fun,” Draco explained with a smile, one hand stroking the doll's rigid shaft.

I keep trying to tell you that bottoming feels better than topping,” Blaise murmured as he swirled his tongue around one of the doll's nipples. “So much better!”

I'll keep that in mind,” Draco replied with a smile, his hand still fondling the doll's shaft. “But I'm still not letting you do me. Ever.”

Aww,” Blaise pouted in disappointment. He lightly nipped the doll's nipple, which actually provoked a tiny gasp. This was amusing enough that he did it again.

Draco smirked evilly. “If bottoming is so much better, then why do you want to top me anyway?”

Because I bet you'd feel like heaven!” Blaise informed him with a leer.

Of course I would!” Draco agreed with a pleased grin. “Now, I think I've let you play with my doll enough.”

Wait, let me suck on him a bit,” Blaise said with a tone of light begging.

Fine, but then you have to watch me from a chair next to the bed,” Draco bargained.

Fair enough,” Blaise conceded.

Draco settled himself so that he could snog the doll while Blaise sucked on him. It was actually hard to pay attention to what he was doing, because he well knew that Blaise liked to worship an erect penis like he was making an offering to a God – which provoked soft groans from the doll. It was almost as fun to watch as it was to experience, but Draco was determined to pretend like he was kissing the real Harry Potter. Well, a real Harry that wouldn't hex Draco for kissing him.

Fuck,” Blaise swore appreciatively a few minutes later. “This doll really is life like! He's even producing drops of preejaculate!”

Let me see,” Draco insisted, shifting until he was eye to shaft with the doll. “Oh... he is...” Draco took the shaft from Blaise and bent to lick the small opening a few times. “Hmm, he's rather tasty.”

Mmmhmm,” Blaise hummed in agreement. A grin split his lips as he watched Draco try to cram as much of the glistening shaft in his mouth as possible. “Merlin's inverted nipples! That's so erotic!”

The doll started writhing and his moans got louder. Draco pulled off with a pleased smirk. Then he looked pointedly at Blaise.

Off the bed,” Draco ordered with a tone that indicated that he'd not tolerate any arguments. “I plan to move on, and actually, try to watch quietly. If you wank, aim somewhere other than my bed. Or any of my belongings!” He pulled off his shirt and tossed it across the room.

Blaise chuckled as he slipped off the bed. Draco was already pulling his trousers and pants off and tossing them after his shirt. “As you wish, and yes, I'm totally going to wank!”

Draco simply nodded as he watched his fingers massage the doll's tightly puckered hole. “Don't know why, but I expected a love doll to come prepared and lubricated.”

Blaise laughed softly. “Well, it seems that the creator was going for realism over convenience.”

I love the realism, but a little convenience would have been nice,” Draco murmured, and then conjured an oil that smelled like citrus and herbs. He carefully pushed one finger in, not wanting to cause damage, even if it was just a doll.

When the doll's moans returned to a good sound, Draco decided that it was the right time to add a second finger. By the time he had three fingers inside the doll, he was writhing in pleasure again. Draco sent Blaise a look of absolute delight.

This is going to be so good!” Draco announced happily.

I'm most definitely jealous!” Blaise exclaimed in agreement.

Draco didn't bother to respond as he conjured more oil and rubbed his shaft until it was well lubricated. After that, he climbed up the doll until he was in position and had pulled the doll's legs over his hips, but before he did anything, he gave the doll another tender kiss. He had no idea why, but he didn't want to hurt his doll. He wanted to pamper and be gentle with his doll. Maybe it was because – without glasses and with his eyes closed – the doll looked utterly vulnerable.

Draco pushed into the doll slowly, taking time to make sure that he didn't cause any damage. He was rather hoping that he'd be able to get more than one use out of the doll before it disappeared, and he figured that damaging him would ruin the fun. Besides, it felt better to slide in a little at a time.

When he was buried completely, Draco let out a happy sigh. “I was right, this feels better than anything!”

Hey!” Blaise protested with a pout.

Stop being jealous,” Draco insisted, glaring at his friend lightly. “Your arse feels good too, just not this good, and that's probably because the doll was designed to be extra tight.”

Extra tight and hung; this doll really could make a fortune!” Blaise muttered, stroking his own shaft almost lazily.

Mmm,” Draco moaned in agreement, his mouth busy snogging again.

Draco had great fun with a moderate pace that let him thrust into the doll for a long time. In fact, with no reason to rush, he took the time to find the spot that made the doll gasp and cry – which sounded a bit like a cat mewling. The sounds were like music to Draco's soul.

When he had figured out how to hit that spot just right with each thrust, Draco sped up a little. He still had no desire to rush things, but it felt so good that he couldn't help it. He gripped the Harry doll's shoulders to give him better leverage as his snogged and pounded away. His own moans were loud and full of bliss. The end was definitely imminent!

Scratch my back!” Draco ordered. The doll complied even as Draco seized his lips again. By now, the doll must have learned how to kiss from Draco, because he gave it his all – as opposed to the first kiss, which was a bit stiff and seemed like it came from a complete novice.

The snogging and the back scratching soon had Draco near his limit. He broke free of the kiss to gasp repeatedly from waves of hot pleasure that seemed to flow over him. However, he wasn't orgasming yet. But the doll was! He rippled around Draco's shaft and seemed to forget how to breathe as spunk squirted out between them.

This was enough to send Draco into a spiral of pleasure that made him feel like the whole world was spinning. His breath also caught in his throat, making his cry nearly silent for the first time. Then he gasped softly as his whole body shook and he pumped the doll full.

When he felt like he absolute jelly, he collapsed onto the doll. Snuggling him tight, Draco purred happily between breathless pants. He even pressed little kisses all over the doll's face.

That was the best birthday present ever,” Draco pronounced with a grin. “And in five or ten minutes, it'll be the best present all over again.”

Can I lick him clean?” Blaise asked hopefully.

Draco looked over to find that Blaise was busy checking himself over to make sure that he'd vanished all the spunk from his naked body. “Why not? Just give me a minute to stop feeling like vanilla pudding.”

Blaise climbed onto the bed and gave Draco a kiss on the cheek. “I'm glad to see you relaxed and happy for a change.”

Don't mention that because then I start thinking about everything I have to do,” Draco grumbled, rolling off the doll to lay on his back with an arm over his face. “I start thinking about how my parents are in the hands of a mad man who will hurt them if I don't succeed.”

I'm sorry,” Blaise apologized hastily. “Here, watch this.”

Draco shifted to his side and propped his chin up with a hand. It was fascinating to see Blaise lick all the smeared globs of white off the doll's abdomen. Even better, the doll made a soft yet incredulous gasp. Then Blaise moved on to lick the deflated shaft, and the doll seemed to stop breathing altogether.

Merlin's flabby love handles!” Draco swore in awe. “He's just a doll, but his expressions are so precious! Even with his eyes closed, he looks like he's gobsmacked by what you're doing.”

Draco played with the doll's hair and kissed his face again.

Why haven't you told him to open his eyes?” Blaise paused what he was doing to ask curiously.

Because I think that would be a bit creepy,” Draco answered with a shrug. “A doll staring at me while I did whatever I wanted to him... Doesn't that sound creepy to you?”

Now that you mention it,” Blaise murmured in agreement before wiggling his tongue in the doll's bellybutton. Then he returned to cleaning and sucking on the doll's shaft. “Oh! Looks like he's able to respond again already!”

Draco huffed happily. “Oh sure! He's ready before I am!”

Not quite, and if you want, I'll get you up again,” Blaise offered with a lecherous waggle of his brows.

You do know where I've been, right?” Draco drawled, half amused and half horrified.

Yep, all part of the fun!” Blaise assured him.

Well, if you insist,” Draco murmured, gesturing to his shaft invitingly. Blaise pushed Draco onto his back, and then practically attacked him in his enthusiasm. Draco moaned in appreciation. “As always, such a talented mouth! If you really do plan to marry rich men, they're going to love this!”

Blaise didn't respond except to hum for several minutes. Draco started to writhe just a bit near the end when his shaft was definitely rock hard once more. He pushed Blaise away with both his hands.

Blaise smirked at him. “Just so you know, practicing oral by going down on a girl helps make this easier.”

Draco – panting lightly – merely shrugged. “I never really found that pleasant.”

He then climbed back onto the doll and draped its legs over his shoulders. It only took just a bit more oil since the doll was still well prepared and now full of spunk for added lubrication. It was sheer bliss to sink back into the doll! Draco moaned and felt his eyes crossing.

Give him a handjob,” Draco ordered Blaise, referring to the doll with a gesture. The angle they were at, Draco was on his knees and the doll was bent a full 90 degrees at his slightly elevated hips, so there was plenty of room for a hand.

With pleasure!” Blaise accepted with a grin. He palmed the beautiful shaft eagerly, taking care to keep time with Draco's thrusts.

This time, Draco wasn't in the mood to last all night, so he picked a moderately fast speed, but nothing that would finish him off anytime soon. The doll made the most delicious grunts and groans. It didn't take too long for the doll to grow noticeably tighter, which made Draco moan and sigh as if he was in heaven.

Blaise shifted so that he could suck on the doll's shaft. This had the immediate reaction of pulling something very close to a squeal out of the doll as he arched his back and pumped the hot mouth full. Blaise utterly loved how it felt like his face was being used like a toy while Draco sped up until he was literally pounding into the doll like a jackhammer.

Less than a minute later, Draco threw his head back and let out a breathy roar as his orgasm shook his whole body. His nails dug into the doll's hips to keep himself steady until he started coming down from the high.

Blaise hastily moved when Draco wobbled. A moment later, Draco withdrew and rather roughly collapsed onto the doll. He turned his head toward Blaise even as he tried to tangle his fingers in the sparse hair on the doll's chest.

Merlin's saggy balls! I really wish I could keep him forever!” Draco exclaimed softly, still panting fairly heavily – as was the doll.

I finished wanking not ten minutes ago, but I already feel like I have blue balls!” Blaise complained from where he knelt next to Draco and the Harry Doll. He was pleasuring his shaft with short quick strokes.

I might be willing to swallow that load for you if you'll let me sleep in late tomorrow and bring me breakfast in bed,” Draco bargained shrewdly.

Deal!” Blaise blurted out, his strokes getting a bit faster for a few moments, and then he grabbed Draco's head and pulled him slightly closer. He barely managed to get the fat and bulbous glans in Draco's mouth before he was spurting and groaning happily. The moment Draco was done swallowing, Blaise flopped onto the bed next to them.

Oh no!” Draco growled unhappily. “You go to your own bed! I plan to snuggle until either I fall asleep or he disappears, whichever happens first.”

I will, just give me a minute!” Blaise begged lightly.

Draco chuckled. “I just remembered that you haven't given me a present yet, and after this, I know exactly what I want!”

Blaise rolled his eyes. “We've already established that I'm shite at conjuring dolls!”

Nope,” Draco shook his head with a mischievous expression. “I'll take one of those body sized pillows with a naked picture of this doll on the cover so I can snuggle with it each night.”

I think I can do that, but I'd probably better put a picture of Insane Snake Face on the other side of the cover so that no one would dare touch it,” Blaise reasoned with a grin.

Draco snorted. “As much as I appreciate the thought, if everyone knew I had a pillow with that repugnant face on it, they'd get the terribly wrong idea!”

I could put Millie's face on it,” Blaise suggested thoughtfully.

Still the wrong idea!” Draco protested with a horrified shudder.

One of the Weird Sisters?” Blaise asked, sounding like it was a last resort.

That'll work,” Draco murmured in agreement before yawning. “Now seriously, get out of my bed. I think I might actually be able to sleep tonight.”

Blaise kissed Draco's cheek. “Sweet dreams.”

When Blaise was in his own bed, Draco purred happily and ruffled doll Harry's messy hair. Then he shifted so that he was laying on his side using the doll's shoulder as a pillow. It didn't take too long for soft snores to erupt from Draco – which were drowned out by much louder snores from Blaise. The soft snores were interrupted for just a moment when Draco shifted onto his back and sprawled out as much as possible with the doll in his bed.

Time passed slowly until the snores were deep enough to leave no doubt that the two Slytherins were sound asleep. Then – slowly – Harry shifted to the side of the bed. He sat up and slid out of bed. Reaching under the bed, he located his invisibility cloak and pulled his glasses free from it.

It was dark enough in the room by now that Harry couldn't see clearly even with his glasses, but that was just fine in his opinion. He looked at Draco's sleeping body, his heart stopping for a moment when Draco wiggled into the warm spot where Harry had been. He'd thought for sure that he was going to get caught leaving! But no, Draco simply murmured sleepily before resuming his adorable snores.

That was not what I expected at all! Harry thought with a soft smile. I thought that they'd hex me once or twice, tie me up, and then abuse me until I cursed my Gryffindor bravery, but that was actually brilliant. Almost how I pictured my first time actually, aside from the extra person. If we both make it through the war, I might have to confess to Draco that I was the one who sent a *doll* of me to him for his birthday. Who knows? After the war, maybe we'll get along better. Maybe we could even try having a friendship. With benefits!

Harry leaned over and kissed Draco very softly. Then he silently mouthed Happy Birthday . After that, he made sure that he had the bag with his clothes in it before pulling his cloak on. He disappeared instantly and made his way to the door. Here, he had to stop for a moment to grab his wand and unlock the door. A second later, he was making his way out of the Slytherin dungeon and back to his dorm, a huge and goofy smile on his face the entire way.