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And then, the justice

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The American Hispanic omega with lean delicate face, soft brown eyes and black hair looked out of the car window. Even for someone brought up in a city the buildings around him seemed so strange.

During Keading's time at the hospital he quickly came to a realisation, the man he’d borne a son to he now knew was Siger Holmes. Cody’s older brother Mycroft Holmes was the scary Alpha who tried to take his son away. Then his son's other older brother Thomas had helped him keep Cody. After all Thomas had done, taking over the brothel he worked in, getting rid of the pimp, he thought he’d fallen into some form of criminal empire but the person he knew as Thomas McLair was far more than he ever imagined.

Everyone seemed to call Thomas by a different name or title. M or sir for his subordinates, Thomas for his associates and colleagues and Falkirk for his friends and family. It was the constant stream of Police and military all in formal dress uniform and the politicians in expensive suits, including the scary old Alpha of a Prime Minister that put Keading on edge. Those in power always had people coming to them looking to ingratiate themselves, but there were those like the Prime Minister who had a healthy caution around him. M / Thomas / Falkirk had a lot of visitors during their time in the hospital.

Looking out of the window, the buildings stopped as the car crossed the Thames. “That's it,” the dark haired Alpha woman said pointing out the imposing sandy building. Keading looked to where Selene had indicated with a bit of trepidation. MI6 loomed ominously, the light coloured sections giving it a pyramid shape but there were concealed sections under what looked like black metal distorting the actual size and shape.

Arriving at the main entrance Selene flung her door open allowing Keading to exit. Cringing and ducking his head in a submissive gesture at the glares the guards sent him he stuck close to the Alpha woman as she breezed past them. He felt so out of place like they would turn on him at any moment.

Keading cast furtive glances as they walked along corridors, riding a lift up to exit into another corridor. Breezing passed another checkpoint Selene led the way entering at the side of a large office with lots of desks.

Never would he have thought the scary Alpha of Falkirk's would ever be a welcome sight. Perching on the PA's a desk next to the glass wall of the office at the front of the building was James. Falkirk was in the office beyond speaking on the phone, Keading got a wave before the Omega with the wild mane of hair returned his attention back to the phone. Getting closer Keading could hear James practising his sultry tones on the unimpressed Omega at the desk. Keading was able to further relax, the Irish Omega that was Falkirk's PA a little more normal than the scary people he’d met so far. He swore and made stupid jokes, jokes he could understand that didn't require context or cultural reference.

“Hi,” Darren said to the approaching pair looking round the bulk of the Double O on his desk. “M's just giving his final orders,” Darren added, as Selene ushered Keading into a seat to wait for Falkirk.

A handsome sandy haired Alpha, Addison walked up to the waiting area where the senior Double O was in his usual spot on Darren's desk. Looking round he gave a disarming smile to the other Omega who was hesitantly looking at him. Selene growled at him, 005 just held a cocky grin in the face of her glare and warning as she placed a possessive arm around the smaller omega male.

“DOUBLE O FIVE, I am waiting,” Falkirk snapped looking at the Operative in question. Jumping at the feisty Omega's sudden presence Addison snapped to follow M into his office.

Assigning the Operative his latest mission Falkirk dismissed him with an order he was not to sleep with anyone important enough to get his direct number, M wished 005 luck in parting.

Coming out of his office Tanner was standing by Darren. Giving the pair their instructions Falkirk then greeted Keading. Selene's scent clung to the other Omega but Falkirk didn't think they were bonded yet. Taking Keading's arm they walked along with Selene preceding them while James was a few pace behind. Falkirk chatted about the building around them, talking about coming here the day after his 16th birthday when he could be officially hired.

“Will Cody be alright?” Keading asked. Falkirk reassured the other Omega that his son was with those Falkirk and James would trust with their child (when it arrived) and placed a hand on the swell of his stomach where that baby was. It was the first time Papa and son would be separated and Keading was worried even though Cody was going to be staying with Daniel (Q). Alec although out of the hospital was still covered in plaster but Maloney(009) and the ex deep cover agent Evans had been volunteered to help out until they could step up their physical therapy.

Getting into his car Falkirk looked to Keading beside him, “You should know I don't fly to well,” Falkirk admitted.

“Never flown, not that I can remember,” Keading responded.

Going by commercial airline James and Selene decided to keep the Omegas separate as both were stressing for different reasons. Falkirk and James were on one side of the plane while Selene and Keading moved a few rows back on the opposite side.

Falkirk tucked himself under James' arm demanding comfort. Happily obliging James stroked his Omega's neck and back. The green eyes peered up and James couldn't help but reach forward and press his lips to his Omega's and moved on to nuzzle his neck.

The Alpha business crowd seemed annoyed at having two distressed Omegas releasing their pheromones into the enclosed cabin. Apart from the scent of Falkirk's fear and Keading's distressed scent emanating throughout the confined space the flight passed without incident.

Letting the first class cabin empty before standing James helped his mate to his feet guiding Falkirk to the doorway while Selene and Keading followed. On the gantry the representative of the British consulate waited with the American, Jack Ryan flanked by guards with prominent CIA branding while the Union Jack adorned the fatigues of the men surrounded the Brit.

The Brit introduced himself as Harper the attaché to the ambassador and in turn introduced Ryan. Giving a pleasant greeting to the CIA agent Falkirk had met in London a few years before, a deliberate attempt to put a friendly face on his first return to America since the hostilities between the two countries, but welcome none the less. After the stiff pleasantries had been made Harper led Falkirk out onto the tarmac where a convoy had been arranged.

Safely in the consulate's car and under way James griped, “Couldn't we just sneak in like we used to?”

Indicating Keading sitting across from them in the limousine, “After accusing his sister's father in Law of being a spy, if I was in the Americans’ position I would pull the same trick. We do this happy, friendly and diplomatically correct.” Falkirk informed.

Pulling up to the hotel Harper breezed past the reception and headed straight to the lifts. Following the attaché Falkirk exited after James while Selene brought up the rear. Passing guards Harper stopped next to a tall Alpha in tails, the hotel's insignia worn as a gold badge on his lapel. An ingratiating upper class American accent greeted Falkirk before he opened the doors to the suite.

The suite was opulent with a dining area to the left and lounge area to the right. A tall set of window supplied most of the light where the central grand staircase split to the two balconies, both with two doors. The concierge was giving them the tour, when they ascended the stairs Falkirk broke left with James while Selene pulled Keading to the right.

The consulate guards carrying the luggage fumbled as they exchanged bags before following. “Put them both in here,” Falkirk ordered the guard who followed him and James. Dismissing the guard and concierge Falkirk sat on the bed.

“I'll get rid of them,” James offered exiting the room and closing the door. Flopping back Falkirk closed his eyes laying his hand on the small swell forming across his stomach letting the fatigue show from the journey. His shirts and waistcoats still fit but he’d needed to buy new trousers a few days ago. He’d also taken to wearing braces instead of a belt so there was no pressure on his stomach. Absently stroking his stomach with a thumb Falkirk couldn't help wonder about the creature growing inside him.

The door opened again and a low rumbling growl identified his Alpha better than any amount of words. The bed dipped at Falkirk’s side as a rough cheek brushed the back of his hands. Another dip on Falkirk's right occurred as James nuzzled his way up Falkirk's body. When James reached the Omega's neck his nuzzling was intermixed with nips and kisses.

Groaning Falkirk trust his hips up to gain friction but James' body was too far above him, mewling his displeasure James chuckled at Falkirk, “Insatiable minx,” he teased before latching his teeth over the Omega's bond mark.

Another guttural groan sounded as Falkirk managed to wriggle his legs apart and wrapped them round the Alpha's waist. Pulling his hips off the bed Falkirk was now able to grind his restrained erection against the Alpha. Wrapping an arm round the small of Falkirk's back supporting him James ground against the round of the Omega's arse.

A sudden pathetic distressed mewl sounded before Falkirk cried out his orgasm and went limp. It took James a moment to realise what had happened.

James tried he really did but with Falkirk's annoyed embarrassed look coupled with the absurdity of the situation he burst out laughing.

“Not funny,” Falkirk snapped hitting the insensitive Alpha over the head.

Continuing to chuckle James stood up slipping his arms under Falkirk's knees and back lifting the Omega off of the bed and carrying him to the adjoining bathroom. Sitting the precious cargo down on the side of the tub James started the taps adding some bubble bath.

Stripping Falkirk while the bath filled James easily removed the jacket followed by the buttons of the waistcoat. Getting Falkirk to stand James popped the trouser button and slipped them down to grasp the waistline of the sticky underwear, “If you laugh again I will assign you to, to...” Falkirk trailed off not knowing a place vile enough.

With iron will James kept his face straight as the underwear stuck to the Omega's flaccid cock. Discarding the soiled garment James dipped a cloth in the warm water and wiped away the cum, then carried on up over the soft swell of the expanding belly. “James.”

James snapped his eyes up from the mesmerising sight of the stomach and what it meant. Discarding the cloth he stood, testing the water James quickly stripped himself before slipping in. Falkirk followed seating himself in his Alpha's lap, James' libido on hold as his hands found he swell again.


When James and Falkirk descended the stairs Selene and Keading were already tucking into their lunch. “Settled in?” Falkirk asked lifting the silver dome and placing a few triangular sandwiches on a plate. Listening to Keading respond, Falkirk poured some over stewed tea.

After lunch they headed for the grave yard. Falkirk was a little concerned, the cemetery seemed so full and the city still around them, not very peaceful place but that didn't matter to the grieving Omega between him and Selene. Falkirk had bought a plot, a simple white stone marked the resting place of Luke Allen. Rubbing his eyes Keading moved closer to Selene. Falkirk placed a small posy just in front of the stone and stepped back. Keading shook his head pulling away from Selene walking back the way they had come unable to look back at the grave of his friend, hands coming up to scrub at his eyes as he moved away. As Selene trailed the hurting omega a strong arm came around Falkirk's waist and he leaned against his Alpha.

Returning to the hotel Keading disappeared upstairs into his room. There was a knocking and Selene gently called Keading's name. “Fuck off!” The Alpha retreated but not far, leaning against the wall beside the bedroom door she slid down to wait for the grieving Omega.


Selene sat, still in her self-appointed vigil while James lounged with a drink and Falkirk worked away on his laptop. A knock sounded and James pushed himself up looking through the peephole before pulling the door open. Two Alphas entered, the female in a long velvet cocktail dress with a plunging neckline, the knot of a string of pearls resting between the swell of her ample breasts. Her smoky eyed fixed and predatory on Falkirk. “Hello,” Adler drawled posturing for the Omega. Irene Adler and Johan Paulik's eyes were immediately drawn to the fuller belly of Falkirk as he stood.

“Been busy little boi,” Adler purred stalking up to the Omega ignoring the warning growl from James. She circled him, running a hand across his should blades. Falkirk kept himself still and calm, the woman loved to be in control and Falkirk was adamant not to let her be.

“I am always busy,” Falkirk shot back feigning obliviousness to the innuendo, indicating the chairs on the opposite side of the table, “please have a seat.”

The handsome dark haired and green eyed Paulik took one of the indicated chairs. Adler took Falkirk's vacated chair sitting back and patting her lap with come hither eyes.

Ignoring her Falkirk moved to sit beside Paulik while James sat beside Adler to act as buffer between her and his mate. “There have been several police raids,” Paulik informed.

“A few well placed leaks quickly showed those in power had more to lose than gain from a crusade,” Adler supplied in sultry tones, leaning forward suggestively.

Paulik reported on the facts of Falkirk's illicit businesses while Adler out did James for suggestive commentary. James even started adding his own comments quickly entering a competition. Adler purred, “Mr Bond, you are a cunning linguist.”

“I practice as often as possible,” James returned.

Falkirk's eyes widened at the old joke. Encouraging his New York agent to hurry, he wasn't sure how much more he could stand from Adler and James. Finishing up the report Paulik looked directly at Falkirk, “There is concern from the older employees,” Paulik started.

Even Adler dropped the sultry teasing as she added, “The rank and file want to know they haven't been forgotten.”

Shaking his head, as M Falkirk could justify going to some very unsavoury places but not as the owner while on an official trip to help repair the relationship between the two countries. After explaining himself Paulik accepted Falkirk's reasoning. He stood telling Falkirk he would pass on his best wishes.

“Are we leaving?” Adler said with faux disappointment in her voice.

“Yes Ms Adler, you are leaving,” Falkirk informed coolly.

Adler paused on the threshold pressing up to the Omega but he stood firm where most Omegas, Betas and many Alpha’s had submitted before her charm and dominance. She leant in so her full red lips were brushing the shell of the Omega's ear, “Do give my love to your brother, I miss him so much.”

“I'm sure you do.”

Closing the door behind Irene Adler Falkirk looked up at the sound of Keading's door opening, already on her feet Selene stood at the ready. From his position on the floor below Falkirk could still see the red puffy eyes before Selene enveloped Keading in a hug, the omega clinging to her giving a hiccupping sob.

Guiding him downstairs Selene manoeuvred Keading onto the couch. Falkirk quietly instructed James to get the spare bedding. With Falkirk on one side and Selene on the other Keading pulled them as close as possible. Suddenly the room went dark as James draped the spare quilt over the three of them. Quickly Falkirk and Keading were cocooned in the quilt and surrounded by their Alphas. With the warmth and security it didn't take much for the Omegas to enter a blissed out state under the gentle touches of the Alphas.


As they headed to the shut up house Keading and Luke had owned, a police officer stood guard along with a removal van. Remnants of yellow tape flapped in the wind around the small two story house. James dealt with the police officer allowing Selene to concentrate on Keading. Falkirk entered first while Selene kept a reassuring hand on Keading's neck.

The dark patch of stained wood at the door along with spots on the wall beyond and from the report he’d read, Falkirk knew that was where Luke had been killed. At the arch to the lounge another dark patch stained the wood and rug where Evans bled out. A whimper pulled Falkirk out of his musing to look at the other distressed Omega. Going over Falkirk slipped his hand into Keading's and gave a gentle squeeze.

Keading quietly moved about carefully not looking at the stains on the floor and walls. Going upstairs he entered one room asking Falkirk to do another and pointed to a door.

Entering Cody's room Falkirk started pulling out his little brother's clothing and folding them. When James appeared with some boxes Falkirk had built up several neat piles already of clothing and toys.

As Falkirk pulled back the covers of the small bed a silver bear tumbled out. James reached down picking up the stuffed animal placing it gently on the top of a pile, helping to sort out the remaining items before carefully packing them away for shipment.

Coming out Keading was standing in front of the last room in the house, Selene was whispering reassuring words. Knowing he would refuse but Falkirk had to offer, “Selene and I could...” as expected Keading interrupted with a sharp “No”

Falkirk's words spurred Keading into action, grasping the knob the door swung open. The room beyond looked like a bomb site, Keading's face crumpled at the sight and the fading scent of the dead Omega. Pushing forward he entered the room. “No!” Keading snapped when Selene was about to enter. Falkirk stepped forward and got a nod of consent, Keading not wanting the delicate scent of Omega oppressed by the stronger Alpha.

Looking to the far corner the clothes were piled oddly. Realising he was looking at the remnants of a nest Falkirk could understand why Luke kept the room as he did. Most of what he picked up was clean, just stored as a pile on the floor. Falkirk began folding.

Keading just sat at the side of the bed holding a shirt from the floor. “He never trusted you,” he said, voice hollow.

“In that, Luke was right,” Falkirk responded

“Worst mistake of my life,” Keading started, “Alphas don't want a bred Omega, at least not the ones I dealt with. Percy or whatever your father called himself was the first Alpha I was allowed to spend a heat with and I took the opportunity. He was my way out.”

“If Daddy had been allowed his own Omega, if he hadn't spent a heat with an Omega in Ireland, if he’d properly supported his offspring, if Sherlock had found Moran, if the CIA took my warning more seriously, if Evans knew who Moran was, if, if, if....” Falkirk rattled off coming to sit beside Keading. “Luke's death is not your fault.”

Laying his head on Falkirk's shoulder Keading stared at the yellow wall occasionally bringing up the shirt inhaling the lingering scent every so often. “You're late,” Keading mumbled looking at his watch.

“Admiral Greer can blow it out his own arse,” Falkirk retorted not too bothered about being polite.

“Go, Selene and I will finish up,” Keading insisted straightening up. Moving to start picking up clothes Keading waved Falkirk towards the door, reluctantly Falkirk stood and headed out. Turning back Falkirk watched the other Omega work for a few minutes before heading down stairs past Selene as she carried a box to the movers waiting by the door.

Arriving at the squat utilitarian building Falkirk was met by Jack Ryan again and escorted into the conference room. Falkirk felt positively dwarfed by the three inhabitants. Jack Wade was the smallest of the three, the imposing girth of Admiral Greer and the largest, a red haired, white Alpha male introduced as Senator Glenallen Walken. Falkirk looked to the innocent expression of the CIA Director and advisor to the President, they appeared to take no credit for the third man's presence. Leaning on the table with an ominous creak Walken held out his hand.

“Hello there son,” Walken said pleasantly.

Greer clearing his throat was enough of a warning to the politician to behave and correcting, “M.”

Lifting a coffee pot from the centre of the table Greer offered Falkirk a cup. Looking down to the slight mound of his stomach then back to Greer, “Thank you but I’ve been advised against it,” Falkirk responded, politely refusing when Greer offered something else.

From Falkirk's briefcase he pulled out a pen drive sliding it across the table, “What we are willing to share on Easton and dataDyne,” he informed.

“Not all of it?” Walken demanded.

“An entire section of your domestic intelligence service went rogue despite my personal warnings and that of MI6, both in my time as director and that of my predecessor. American agencies are hardly the bastion of trust at the moment. Put simply, there are things I don't trust being known,” Falkirk insisted. Walken's face became quite red before he calmed himself down.

“Now if you have finished treating the Director of MI6 as a pizza boy I have things that need doing,” Falkirk stated. Greer looked uncomfortable by the comment because there was no real reason for Falkirk to attend personally. If it hadn’t been for Keading and Wade, Falkirk would have not come at all.

Admiral Greer gave his thanks for Falkirk’s attendance. Picking up the pen drive from in front of the Admiral, Walken inspected the device. “We have to sweep that for...” the Admiral trailed off looking to Falkirk.

“It's clean, I've had access to most of your systems since I was 14,” Falkirk shot back. Walken banged the table with his fists as he stood.

“SIT DOWN LARD ARSE,” Falkirk snapped unimpressed by the show. Wade and Greer stood back, letting the politician go up against the person he had criticised the President for submitting to. Now it was his turn to face the Omega personally.

Falkirk fixed a hard look on the beady eyes, “Mary-Ann, catholic school girl, pigtails, the works,” Falkirk shot with a look of disgust before Walken could regain his dignity to respond.

“I have pictures,” Falkirk said pulling out his phone. A bright light shone from the back pointing the light to the table’s surface. The image of a young woman in the aforementioned Catholic School girl costume sat in the Senator's lap.

“I have more graphic ones,” he said addressing the Senator, “not even one of mine, I got the set from General Pushkin who got it from Director Lin,” Falkirk informed Greer.

The mention of Greer and Falkirk's counterpart in Russia and China were less than reassuring to the Director of the CIA. The Senator was unaware of what was happening but Greer and Wade knew. Falkirk was sharing more than what had been agreed, disguised as a posturing display, showing up a major security vulnerability that they didn't know of that Britain, Russia and China did.

Instructing the Senator to leave Falkirk waited until Greer backed him up and the politician was escorted out. “Two other pieces of information are doing the rounds, are we secure?” Falkirk said getting a nod from Greer.

“I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis, again not one of my direct sources” Falkirk said to the Admiral. Nodding Greer asked Falkirk to continue.

“Apparently the President is suffering from MS,” Falkirk said looking to Wade. Both Wade and Greer looked surprised by the revelation. “His wife diagnosed him a few years ago and is believed to be treating him.”

“Shit,” Wade said speaking for the first time.

“Well you may as well know,” Greer said looking to Wade and Ryan, “pancreatic cancer,” the Admiral informed.

“I need a drink and not that tar,” Wade complained

“Me too,” Greer added.

”I know just the place,” Falkirk said.


“Well this is certainly unexpected,” Greer drawled as they entered the strip club.

The Omega that Falkirk had met on his very first time in the club gave him a brilliant smile from behind the bar. Automatically mixing a cocktail the Omega placed it in front of Falkirk by the time he reached the bar. Realising Falkirk was pregnant the Omega looked uncertain. “Thank you Brody, just a coke for me this time and bourbon for my guests,” Falkirk said over the quiet thrum of the music.

“Station N?” Greer asked looking round the establishment. The Early Thursday crowd was thin and quiet. It was mostly older men looking for companionship.

“No, I'm just patron of sorts,” Falkirk responded.

Returning with the bottle and a can Brody placed them on the bar, pulling out glasses as well, “Are we celebrating something?” the pretty blue eyed Omega asked.

“I'm dying,” Greer said and downed the glass in one. Falkirk was monumentally impressed by the heartbroken look and distressed sound Brody sent the Alpha. Brody kept buttering up the old Alpha throughout their visit. It didn't escape Falkirk's notice that a few of the recognisable dancers appeared too.

Falkirk hadn't intended to show face but since Paulik had suggested it he’d been thinking of a way. Finally Falkirk had decided if he couldn't sneak away from his no doubt hidden observers he would be brazen. There is nothing more brazen than walking into a strip club with the Director of the CIA and an Advisor to the President.

“Thanks for intervening at the house,” Falkirk said looking to Wade.

“That was me,” Greer interrupted tearing his gaze away from the bar tender.

The bottle of Bourbon slowly ran down. When it was empty Wade and James bundled Greer into a car. “See ya Kiddo, Jimbo,” Wade called, stiffly patting Falkirk's shoulder and getting in as well. Watching the car pull away James called for theirs.

“So you are back!” a harsh, overly loud nasal voice called. Looking over his shoulder a black haired Beta was leaning against the wall.

“Cindi? Carrie?” Falkirk tried to remember her stage name, another dancer who’d left the club a while ago for a new career.

“Max, you know it, use it,” the beta said supplying her real given name.

“How goes your patisserie?” Falkirk asked pleasantly, coming to lean against the wall next to her.

“Speak English!” Max snapped, exasperated.

“Cake shop?” Falkirk supplied.

“Oh, good. How did you know?” Max demanded quietly.

Giving a soft smile, “I'm stalking you,” Falkirk responded.

“Shut up,” Max said loudly in response. The pair continued to chat until Falkirk's car pulled up.

“Remember to fix a price before getting in,” Max called in a bad joke.

Entering the suite Selene and Keading were sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket. Falkirk pulled off his tie and popping the waistcoat buttons headed straight for the stairs.

Stripping off Falkirk flopped down onto the bed, James gladly following the exhausted Omega. Pulling Falkirk into his arms James stroked the Omega's back until he drifted off to sleep.


Sitting and watching the morning TV Keading looked up as a knock sounded. There was nothing planned for the day that Keading knew of and he didn't think they were expecting anyone. Getting up he approached the suite door looking through the peep hole. The short Omega on the other side was instantly recognisable.

He reached for the lock. “Stop!” Selene called from the stairs, jumping away from the door Keading dropped his head submissively.

“But...” Keading insisted gesturing to the door.

As James came out of his room, “It doesn’t matter who it is. Selene and I answer the door.”

Selene arrived at the door first and looked through the peephole getting a petulant, “Told you,” from Keading.

Telling James to go get Falkirk Selene pulled open the door, the Omega revealed greeted Selene pleasantly. “M will be down in a moment, Mr President,” she informed.

The President entered closely followed by Wade, the Alpha looking a little worse for wear after last night. Keading stuck close to Selene as the President engaged in small talk while they waited.

Coming out of the bedroom Falkirk was dressed in casual check woollen trousers and warm jumper. Moving to meet them at the bottom of the stairs the President held out his hand to Falkirk saying, “Hello, there.” The President repeated the gesture with James as well, with a slight blush for the Alpha who saved him.

Wade tapped Selene's arm asking quietly, “I don't suppose you have any coffee about?”

“Only filter,” Keading responded.

With a wink the suffering Alpha said, “Good lad, black and sweet please,” as Keading moved to the coffee machine behind the bar.

Selene asked if anyone else wanted anything while Keading supplied Wade with his drink. Pouring the other drinks, Selene acted as waiter. Wade sat at the table cradling his head out of the direct line of sight of the President.

“Jack?” Bartlett called looking over his shoulder to Wade, “how damaging is this, the Chinese and Russians?”

Wade had called the President's Chief of Staff to confirm Falkirk's titbit and suddenly the man wanted to see Falkirk before he left so Wade was pulled from his alcohol induced suffering to play chaperone.

“You said it was doing the rounds?” Wade asked looking to Falkirk. Getting an affirmation Wade explained, “It's posturing 'Look at what we have', eventually it will leak into the public.”

“By the way nice scans, Kiddo,” Wade added looking to Falkirk. The early scans of the baby already entering the gossip of the world's secret services.

Giving a cryptic smile, “Who said they're mine and I really hope you didn't copy the original digital file,” Falkirk said. Wade just shook his head before cradling in with a groan of pain.

Bartlett looked less than pleased with his private information being used for show boating between the world's agencies. “All secrets eventually come out,” Falkirk stated as sympathetically as possible.

“Kiddo is there something not making the rounds?” Wade asked looking to hammer home to the idealist how secrets were always about. Falkirk thought a moment as there were a few he knew of but he would prefer to give something not too detrimental to the UK.

“An Israeli source has proof you personally ordered the assassination of Abdul Sheriff.” As that was as much proof as Falkirk had he didn't think it a problem to reveal. The President was now cradling his head as well at his war crime.

“The Prime Minister executed two agents and buried them in shallow graves,” Wade said gaining the President's attention.

“That one's already done the rounds,” Falkirk dismissed. Falkirk and Wade fell into good natured banter of bits and pieces from other countries.

“I don't think I like spies,” the President admitted cutting through the banter.

Seeing and scenting Bartlett entering an un-presidential and very Omega distressed state, “Would you like to be godmother?” James asked. Getting a look from the omega as if he had just sprouted another head, “You were the first to scent it, it's traditional,” James argued.

No one could say no quite like a politician. It took Bartlett five minutes to even mention someone closer to the pack being more suitable. Eventually Falkirk took pity and mentioned about Daniel or Selene, James already declaring Alec as one.

Bartlett jumped on the suggestion looking to the Alpha behind him. Falkirk looked to the man to see why the President had gone quiet and a frown had appeared. “Jack?” Falkirk called at the bashful hesitant look on Wade's face.

From his inside pocket Wade pulled out a letter and handed it to the President. Looking to Falkirk, “We have been trying to figure out how to get you alone, kiddo. We would like to discuss something with you.”

The President's voice broke in, “You want me to be a hostage?”

Falkirk looked between the annoyed politician reading over the letter and his old friend. Wade adding, “We don't know what is up with your glasses but they have to stay.”

The president, James and Selene said a variation of 'No' Falkirk looked at the bombastic Texan, the frown still in place from his hangover but more aware than when he first arrived. In the pit of his stomach Falkirk still trusted his contact who’d been there since before his joining MI6. Despite the glasses not being the ones with the heads up display Falkirk placed them on the table.

Looking to James and Selene and in the voice he used as M ordered, “If I do not return, release the President.”

“Most gracious,” the President said.

After getting his shoes, not allowed to take a phone or any other electronic device, Falkirk took Wade's arm and the Alpha escorted him from the suite.

The streets of New York passed in a short sighted blur to Falkirk. They seemed to travel for a while, over bridges and into rundown suburban areas then industrial. The factory looked closed down as they moved through the driveway, the large concrete building, falling and partly collapsed. The limousine entered onto a metal grate and with a shudder the section of metal floor the car was parked on descended. The car then moved off along the subterranean tunnel.

Now it didn't matter that Falkirk couldn't see, it was just grey concrete corridor not much wider than the car. Suddenly the tunnel ended and they were in a large and well lit car park. Wade needed to give Falkirk his arm as they walked again.

They came upon a set of glass doors, beyond was a nice foyer with marbled floors. Seeing them approach the upright glass cylinders of the scanners, Falkirk pulled back, “I'm not going through one of them.”

“Okay kiddo, they’re safe,” Wade reassured and led him between the low yield x-ray machines.

Waiting for them were three blurs from Falkirk's point of view. Soon the scent of the first was familiar enough to be recognised as Jack Ryan. The next held a scent identifying him as a mature Alpha male. He had a soft grumbling voice, introducing himself as the record keeper and handed over a pair of glasses. Accepting the square plastic frames, the world sharpened into focus. Thanking him Falkirk turned his attention to the man in a wheelchair. Now he could see him clearly he recognised the American equivalent of the Double O, an Ultra. “Frank Moses?” Falkirk greeted offering his hand.

“M,” came the bald Alpha's gruff response.

Falkirk looked about the windowless marbled hallways, still light and airy despite being underground. He followed Ryan, the record keeper having returned after giving Falkirk the glasses. “So what is this?”

Wade nudged him, “Just our Station N. Well we can't have the world knowing where we really do the work I'm sure London is the same. I can't see you doing the real work of MI6 in that tourist attraction.”

Falkirk looked at the taller man with a confused frown, “We do everything from MI6 but I might say MI6 is more of an Iceberg than it appears.” The Alpha chuckled and asked what was below the surface as Falkirk teasingly avoided the question.

Entering a round conference room Wade pulled out a chair for Falkirk and sat beside him. Ryan started, “Double O Seven didn't recognise the name but I'm sure you have now at least researched it.”

Falkirk nodded, “Red October, a submarine you apparently sunk in the mid 90s.”

Wade and Ryan exchanged glances. Eventually Ryan sagged and said, “You are tight lipped but I suspect you know more, well for the record we think dataDyne was aware if they raised the submarine it would not be the Red October they found. At this point it’s believed dataDyne were trying to pull Russia into a war with the proof we obtained Red October and half our fleet use its silent propulsion system, the caterpillar drive.”

“Britain will want the drives now you have admitted to having them,” Falkirk said. Wade agreed, technology sharing a long established and key point to the alliance between the countries since the Second World War.

Then the meeting turned to the other attendee as Moses gave a debriefing of his time in Dubai. Hearing again how 008 lost her life was hard but Falkirk had been over the other reports. “Is Mr Moses' presence the reason there was no security footage from the building?”

Wade gave a small and worried shake of the head, they nor MI6 were responsible for the lack of video footage. “Have you Identified the Russian Mr Moses encountered?” Falkirk asked.

“No,” Ryan said. Speculation was batted back and forth, was the Russian the one to organise dataDyne? Was he the one in charge? Was he just taking advantage? And above all who was he?

Thanking Moses and Ryan Falkirk followed Wade out stuffing his hands in his cardigan pockets not having bothered to dress professionally for the importuned outing. “Can we never have a victory and have it settled? Why does one disaster always bleed into another?”

The big Alpha put an arm around him, “Law of nature. When someone strikes, someone else will chance their luck.”

When they returned to the suite the President was sat at the dining table with Selene across from him, a chess board between them. James lounged on the couch with Keading who’d hesitantly approached the Alpha for comfort. The moment Falkirk entered Keading broke away from James with a bashful look.

Falkirk smiled happy to see the other Omega assimilating into the pack. Hopefully it would help ease his decision to stay in London and be part of their group.

The small omega thanked Selene for the game and moving to Falkirk, extended his hand, “For a hostage I wasn't treated too badly,” he said trying to make light of the situation.

“Well, Mr President, for being kidnapped neither was I,” Falkirk returned.

“Mr President,” Keading called softly suddenly bashful under the scrutiny of the room, “nice to meet you,” he said with his head down.

Extending his hand “Nice to meet you, son” Bartlett said pleasantly. Shaking the President's hand Keading gave a small smile before retreating to Selene's side.

Wade gave a pat to Falkirk's back saying, “Kiddo,” as he disappeared out of the door following Bartlett.

Selene closed the door behind them. “Not exactly Urquhart's calibre is he,” she said.

Shrugging Falkirk picked up a menu to see what he wanted for lunch. “Kind of nice not having to deal with a psychopath, isn't it?” Falkirk responded absently.

After lunch Selene and Keading went to see the Omega's sister leaving James and Falkirk in the suite. Restless, Falkirk and James argued over what they could do, eventually James grabbed Falkirk's hand and ushered him towards the door. Not knowing where his Alpha was taking him Falkirk sat back waiting to arrive at their destination.

Arriving at a pier James paid for the tickets, Falkirk lazing by the window of the boat as it took tourists to Liberty Island. Spending the day as typical sightseers, taking in the tourist attractions James played the perfect gentleman. They entered a restaurant for dinner, the maître d' turned up his nose at Falkirk's casual attire, however no longer caring about the opinion of strangers Falkirk barely acknowledged the man.

Returning to the suite they found Keading and Selene wrapped in a blanket. Keading looked away from the movie to Falkirk hesitantly lifting part of the blanket. Taking the invitation Falkirk slipped in beside the other Omega, the calming mix of scents Falkirk identified as safe, relaxing him as James wedged himself on his other side.

A thought niggled Falkirk despite the reassuring presences beside him, realising something was missing then understanding someone or more precisely ones were missing. “Can we do this back home, with Daniel and Alec, Cody too?” Falkirk asked dreamily.

First Keading made a mumbling assent as James leaned down pressing his lips to Falkirk's exposed neck, “Anything,” he promised. Selene just made an affirmative sound. Absently Falkirk asked about Keading's sister struggling to listen to his mumbling responses, the warm comfortable and safe feeling robbing Keading and Falkirk of their focused thoughts.


Quickly, too quickly for Falkirk's liking they returned to the airport. As it would be Sunday morning in London when they arrived Falkirk ditched the formal suit in favour of a pair of warm woollen trousers and diamond patterned cardigan. James continued to tease the Omega on his personal fashion sense. Falkirk shot back about the Aviator sunglasses that the Alpha liked but didn't suit him, especially the god awful white ones. Falkirk had snapped more than a few pairs in his time but James just bought a new pair every time he passed through a duty free.

Arriving at the airport Wade was waiting for them in the private section looking better than the last time Falkirk saw him but still not his usual boisterous self. It turned out the Alpha was just there to see Falkirk off. “Greer is cursing your existence,” Wade informed.

“Tell Greer he's a lightweight and when I'm capable I will drink him under the table, personally,” Falkirk shot back.

Saying their goodbyes Wade shuffled off while Falkirk and James went through security. James clamped an arm around Falkirk guiding them to the private lounge. Selene and Keading were already seated with drinks and magazines in hand. “Do you recognise where we are?” James whispered. Reluctantly looking about the room Falkirk shook his head.

“I take it we came through here with M,” Falkirk guessed. The only event of note occurring in an airport lounge, being the return after Falkirk's kidnapping at age 15.

James nodded with a wistful smile. Suddenly thumping the Alpha in the arm, “You bought me that stupid teen magazine,” Falkirk complained and James just gave a snort of a laugh.

On the return journey Keading was considerably calmer but Falkirk on the other had tucked himself under James' arm. Practice had stopped Falkirk from physically reacting but his scent and the small flinches were still present every time he flew.

Touching down in London Falkirk's car was waiting for them, driving into the city proper the car headed for a familiar town house. A large man sat on the step of the front door, a plume of thick smoke rising from behind a broad sheet.

“Good trip Laddie?” Daniel said without having to looking up.

“Yes,” Falkirk responded pleasantly. Closing the paper Daniel tapped out the contents of his pipe and stood leading the group into the house. “Maloney ran for the hills yesterday, Evans the day before.”

“Why? Is Cody...” Keading demanded from behind Selene.

“Aye Lad the poppet's fine,” Daniel reassured.

Walking through the hall James split off at the sound of Alec shouting at the TV. Giving a rundown of Cody's time there Daniel informed that the child got distressed when he realised what it meant to be in a different country to his Papa. “Maloney saw him through it,” Daniel added.

He led the group to the stairs and down into the kitchen where a soft feminine voice could be heard, “There and put it on the tray,” Mary instructed the child sitting on the counter top.

Duly Cody lifted the cut out scone placing it on the baking tray before he squealed “Mommy!” and jumped down racing towards Keading.

“I don't think I can blame Double O Nine,” Falkirk whispered to Daniel before greeting Daniel's grandmother. Stepping round Keading and Cody Falkirk walked up to Mary.

“Oh dear,” she said with a pleasant smile, “off your feet, I'll put the kettle on” insisting, seeing Falkirk's swollen belly and his lingering distressed scent mingling with his pregnant undertones.

Mary quickly finished cutting out the scones and put them in the oven. Daniel was given his orders as Falkirk and the others sat round the table. Giving her grandson a tray she instructed him to take it to Alec. Shuffling back and forth and refusing offers of assistance Mary laid out the tea.

“Bloody jessies, football, waste of bloody time,” Daniel grumbled on his return.

Calling Cody over Mary whispered to the child for a moment. Coming out from behind the counter carrying a plate with two cooling scones Cody returned to his Papa with as much eloquence as a five year old could muster he explained he had made them. With Keading's help Cody placed the plate on the table before he grabbed one of the scones off the plate. Walking round his Papa to Selene Cody placed the scone directly on the table in front of her and returned to his Papa.

“Someone approves,” Falkirk observed of the young Alpha’s actions. Keading ducked his head, red tingeing is cheeks even Selene looked a bit bashful. It was no secret Selene had offered, Keading had accepted and was now living with her.

Finishing the tea Daniel showed Keading upstairs to pack the boy's belongings. Selene and Cody followed leaving Falkirk and Mary alone. “Who was that nice boi who was staying here?” Mary asked

“Nathan Maloney, he was helping out with Cody,” Falkirk informed and waited for the inevitable question, “Does he often stay?” Mary asked casually.

Shaking his head, “No, Nathan was just a familiar presence for Cody,” Falkirk said. Looking a bit disappointed Mary started clearing the table, again dismissing Falkirk's offers of help.

“I wish he would find a good boi,” Mary muttered to herself moving about the kitchen.

At the front door Cody stood before the old Omega stretching his neck in invitation. Leaning down Cody gave Mary a quick nuzzle and stepped back. “Little charmer,” she said ruffling the soft hair.

Arriving at the block of high rise flats where Selene and now Keading lived, Selene pulled the bags from the boot and headed for the door. Waving to the retreating group Falkirk got into the car beside James. Finally a little under a week since leaving, Falkirk and James walked up the steps to their front door.

Before either Falkirk or James could pull out a key the door swung open, their butler Hudson standing back to welcome them home.

“Uncle Falkirk,” David called from the dining room getting an admonishment from his father for shouting.

John appeared at the entrance of the dining room welcoming Falkirk and James back. It was lucky James had furnished all the rooms as Sherlock and John had moved in while 221B Baker Street was being rebuilt.

While David's condition was still being monitored he and his father Shane had moved in as well. Falkirk could admit it was nice to have a full house as he’d missed Alec when he moved out.

Chapter Text

Falkirk stood in the foyer of MI6, Darren and Tanner beside him along with the senior London based brass. Through the glass Falkirk could see the black Jaguar pull to a stop. The Prime minister exercising his own curiosity accepted Falkirk's invitation to accompany the young King during his tour.

“Remember to curtsy. God if my da' or grandda' saw me bow to an English King they would be spinning in their graves,” Darren said as they watched the young teenager enter.

The young man who stepped through the door was about the same age as Falkirk when he first entered the building, the blond wavy hair and blue eyes making the young Alpha quite handsome despite his adolescent disproportionate physique. “Did they have to get permission to take him out of school?” Tanner whispered. Darren answered, shaking his head and mentioning summer holidays.

Guiding the King to Falkirk the Prime Minister introduced them. Giving the young Alpha a sharp nodding bow Falkirk welcomed him to MI6.

Starting with Executive Branch the King didn't hide his boredom very well. Used to the Double Os Falkirk moved through the administration section fairly quickly with a cursory point to Medical as they passed before heading onto the physical training section. A long two story corridor with training rooms, gyms, pools and even a range coming off it. Urquhart observed on the size of Falkirk's domain.

Suitably impressed by the training operatives running through a simulation of an assault on an urban property Urquhart subtly discouraged the King when he voiced a desire to run the course himself.

Moving on the tour came to Q branch. Falkirk showed the group into the motor pool first. Grimshaw the head mechanic took over the lecture demonstrating an old BMW that had survived its time with a Double O.

Grimshaw held out the fob to the King instructing him to press the alarm button twice. Doing as instructed the car at the far end of the space bleeped and revved its engine. Quite quickly for the enclosed space the car speed towards them avoiding the people and equipment scattered about, coming to a stop a meter away from the King, engine idling at the ready. “It will follow like a well behaved dog, good for a hasty get away,” the mechanic informed.

The King seemed suitably impressed for something that was remarkable when first deployed but now was being tested in the USA for the commercial market.

Falkirk knew the system had been dropped after the mission where a British operative and  Chinese agent had a run in. The Chinese agent was able to override the self drive system sending the car full speed into a wall. The technology was then sold to the private market to raise some cash.

Next came the armoury where the King got to shoot some targets at a ridiculously close range so as not to hurt his pride. The King asked about the best shot, Falkirk informing that Q currently held that accolade.

“And the Second highest?” Urquhart asked with a knowing gleam in his eye. Answering, the King seemed to think it was a joke until no one found it amusing, not even Urquhart gave his typical placating half smile.

“Perhaps a small demonstration,” Urquhart drawled.

Not knowing what the PM was up to but trusting the man enough Falkirk picked up a PPK from one of the cabinets. Unhooking his prescription goggles Falkirk replaced his glasses. “Always wondered what they were for,” Johnson, the ex Double O and Armoury chief said looking at the goggles.

Setting an automatic target program and loading the weapon Falkirk readied himself, three pips sounded and the first target dropped. Hitting dead centre another target dropped down. There was one target for every round and Falkirk had to hit dead centre in order to move on to the next. Falkirk could run the program with his eyes closed after spending endless nights helping to create and test them.

Looking to the side, behind the glass wall Urquhart had the malicious half smile in place while the king looked offended by Falkirk's performance. Coming out Falkirk handed the gun to Johnston to deal with and replaced his glasses.

Moving the tour on Falkirk led the King into fabrication where they made the in house gadgets. Letting the King play with the toys and withthe Alpha amusing himself in front of the blinking lights Falkirk came up beside the PM. “I hope that demonstration wasn't detrimental to myself,” Falkirk said quietly.

“You have no idea how much I want to put that boy into your custody for a while,” Urquhart responded softly.

“Wilful?” Falkirk asked tactically.

“Arrogant, doesn’t know he's being used half the time. Every friend he has is there by their parents manoeuvrings,” Urquhart said with a sneer.

“Needs a bit of stick about them?” Falkirk responded pleasantly.

“Precisely,” Urquhart said with a pleased smile to the Omega.

Taking the tour into Q branch administration the King froze at Daniels imposing form looming over the group. Hands clasped at the small of his back and standing ramrod straight an instinctual gesture the Alpha didn't consider anyone in front of him a threat. Falkirk introduced the King to the Quartermaster.

“I seem to remember that one,” Urquhart whispered to Falkirk. Insisting the Alpha was harmless Urquhart just raised a quizzical brow at the response of the Omega. “I think our definitions of harmless differ.”

Daniel explained the workings of administration before inviting the King into an operation support suite. Going into the small theatre through the back Daniel invited the group to take a seat. The screen in front of them split into sections each showing a different view of a compound. Urquhart and Falkirk sat behind the King in the front row. Falkirk leant forward, “We are attempting to apprehend a man responsible for an attack on a British destroyer exiting the Suzie Canal,” he informed the King.

Getting a curious look from the Prime Minister Falkirk gave a reassuring smile. It was just a training exercise on Gibraltar to snatch a bad guy. The King didn't even ask why it was being done in broad daylight where an enemy could see the assault helicopter coming miles away. There was everything a teenager brought up on spy movies could want. Free running across roof tops and muzzle flashes, the only thing missing was a fight on the roof of a train. Eventually the Operative caught up to the baddy taking him down with a rugby tackle.

“Shoot him,” The King whispered as if he was watching a movie.

Annoyed with the casual disregard for life, even for an enemy it was dishonourable. Falkirk looked to the Prime Minister who wore the same look of concern at the teenager's attitude. James had once put it 'An operative needs to know when to not pull the trigger'.

“Even the worst human is still a human. The moment you treat them as anything less you lose any righteousness and integrity,” Falkirk admonished

Spinning in his seat, “Listen boi...” the King got in before Falkirk's glare intensified and he trailed off.

“I am M and you will address me as such at all times,” Falkirk said tone cold and hard. The not so cocky teenager nodded and Falkirk raised a challenging eyebrow.

“Yes M, sorry,” the King said quietly breaking eye contact and lowering his head exposing his neck.

“Accepted,” Falkirk said tone warm and soft.

If anyone outside of Falkirk, Urquhart and the King heard they made a good show of ignoring the proceedings. With a hand from the Prime Minister Falkirk was able to push his bigger bulk up with a slight groan. Daniel joined the group as it headed for the Double O section.

The round central chamber with the nine double O seats angled to the table where M would sit had been laid out with wine and finger foods for their royal guest. Elizabeth, the PM's wife and a few of the non vetted friends of the King milled about with Evans, Maloney and Alec now out of his casts but still walking carefully.

Introducing the King to the three Double Os only by their number, the king seemed surprised that there was a Beta and an Omega amongst the MI6 elite. “We are not an equal opportunities employer, proven ability and experience trump sex, gender, ethnicity and background. Sometimes that means they are purely Alpha male but other times like now there is a mix” Falkirk said by way of explanation.

Looking to the Prime Minister Falkirk asked if he was serious about him conscripting the King. The teenager looked panicked at the prospect, “I think he's a bit young,” Urquhart insisted.

“Poppycock, I was fifteen when I was conscripted,” Falkirk argued before adding, “Give me the boy and I will return the man.”

The King hesitantly protested but he knew Urquhart had been the guiding force behind his reign since his Father's abdication. There was little he could do for his mapped out future.

“M,” Alec greeted handing Falkirk grape juice in a wine glass. Taking pity on the fidgeting teenager Alec guided him over to the buffet asking about Eton their mutual school.

“Looks terrified. Is that what you were wanting?” Falkirk asked Urquhart.

Getting a pleased half smile and a single nod of the head in response, “You might very well say that.”

Moving on to the other guests, a tinge of regret came for the King, his mother gone his father in exile, being pulled one way then the other and now he had frightened him for no good reason. A thought came to mind, Falkirk slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled up his HUD. Composing a quick message he sent it to Alec while the King was still in the company of a friendly face.

Watching the Double O Falkirk saw him read the message and replace the phone. With the skill and subtlety of a Double O Alec dropped the information on the King. Falkirk saw a look of hope cross the young man's face. With the seed having been planted Falkirk approached Elizabeth Urquhart having a pleasant conversation with her. Unfortunately he quickly became aware of his tiring body, the aches and pains starting to grow after traipsing around the substantial building.

“Olivia will be spinning in her grave, parties in MI6,” the gravelly voice of Admiral Roebuck said coming up to Falkirk. Greeting the First Sea Lord the old man looked at Falkirk's stomach, “So it's bloody true!”

Falkirk admitted to having heard a rumour about the Admiral's retirement. The Admiral in turn admitted the truth in the rumour. Falkirk wound up the conversation as quickly as possible and took Double O One's chair as the only one free almost sighing in relief as the weight was taken from his legs.

Maloney appeared beside Falkirk, the Double O had endured a monumental amount of teasing from Alec and James about running away from a little old woman. Falkirk and Daniel sympathised having bore the brunt of the woman's concerned intentions.

When the King's schedule dictated it was time to go it was with great relief that Falkirk escorted him to the foyer. Retreating to his office he then sat in one of the softer waiting area chairs outside with Darren. Propping his feet up, Falkirk asked for a cup of the awful herbal tea Darren had been supplying him. Darren also brought Falkirk's laptop so he could work from the more comfortable chair.


Returning home Shane and David were just sitting down to dinner. Sherlock and John had returned to Baker Street a few days before. John was outwardly upset at returning to the building Mrs Hudson had left them while Sherlock was unnaturally quiet. Mycroft had surmised it was a point of honour for the pair to return, showing they would not be driven out.

Taking his place at the foot of the table Mr Hudson placed a plate in front of him. Thanking the Alpha Falkirk picked up the knife and fork starting to eat. David had been very subdued lately realising the extent of his injures and mourning his mother's death. It didn't help that he was in a coma when she was buried.

David wanted to return home but his continuing medical needs where more paramount. He liked to hear about his family, especially form Mr Hudson who could remember his father when he was young.

Moving onto dessert Falkirk drowned the jam roly poly in the cheap custard he had been craving lately. Hudson moved to answer the door at the sound of the bell.

“Master Mycroft,” Hudson informed showing the brother in question into the dining room.

Asking if he wished to join them Mycroft took one look at Falkirk's stodgy desert and declined just taking a seat to Falkirk's right and across from Shane.

Mycroft looked to his younger brother, “I have had a clandestine meeting with the King. Have you and Urquhart been bulling him?” Mycroft asked casually.

“He is the King, arrogant with little experience of boundaries. He needs knocking back or there will be trouble,” Falkirk informed. Mycroft probably knew already but Falkirk continued, “If he wasn't so open to manipulation he would not have reacted to Alec dropping your name as the only open opposition to Urquhart or myself.”

The tight uplift of the side of Mycroft's mouth in his typical approximation of a smile was enough of an answer to Falkirk, he did know or at least suspected.

“What am I going to do with a child?” Mycroft complained.

“Welcome to my world,” Falkirk shot back before pushing his empty plate back into position.

“Give him an expectation to meet and surpass,” Shane offered.

As Hudson cleared the table and brought coffee while Mycroft mused over possibilities.

“Dump him in the army. He can learn it's not all like the movies at least.” Falkirk argued.

“University.” Mycroft reminded, “A King needs to be seen to have a modicum of intelligence and wisdom.”

“He sounds a thick as two short planks,” Shane said

“So he can either fail, be caught cheating or add to the reputation of the upper class being handed degrees from prestigious universities,” Falkirk added

Finishing his coffee Mycroft said his goodbyes. It didn't surprise Falkirk a few days later that the King would be forgoing his further education to join the army. The quote from the King expressing his desire to follow his mentor’s footsteps into the Scots Guards. Going into Francis Urquhart's old regiment was a master stroke on Mycroft's part appeasing the Alpha's ego.

Chapter Text

Dispatching the ex-deep cover agent, Evans on her inaugural Double O mission. Nothing too difficult for the Beta woman but that was relative, Falkirk didn't think it would be a simple assassination, if it was they could have hired a local thug to do the job for them. She had to go to station C in Cypress, find the honeypot and get rid of her and the contact in the MI6 outpost who was giving the secrets away.

After the woman had left. Coming into his office Darren placed a small envelop on Falkirk's desk. Picking up the heavy ivory paper Falkirk opened it revealing a gold embossed invitation. When Falkirk looked up the wiry haired Omega was back at his desk, the fall of that dark hair hiding the hazel eyes, deliberately not looking at him.

With a groan Falkirk pushing himself up. He felt rather ungainly as he waddle a bit on his way to Darren's desk. Taking one of the chairs used for the waiting guests. The Irish omega fidgeted nervously before saying, “You don't have to come.”

“James and I would love to.” Falkirk reassured before asking who else he had invited, getting a shrug in response.

“Politicians, military mostly Gareth's friends and family” came the quiet Irish drawl.

Knowing the other Omega had been used as a sacrificial lamb to compromise Mallory. Falkirk didn't expect Darren's family to attend. But Falkirk had thought he knew he had friends here, beyond Falkirk himself.

“Well Selene will come and Keading liked you.” Falkirk prompted before adding Tanner and a few of the office workers to the list. “Oh! Double O Five, he'd never forgive you, I think he has a bit of a crush. Double Oh Four's fond of you, Alec and Daniel.” Falkirk added.

“You think they will come?” Darren asked quietly at the expanding list.

“Of course” Falkirk reassured knowing Darren's brash unpolished charm had won him friends along with the dismissive sneers and condescending glances from others.

“Ewan!” Falkirk snapped remembering the Omega from Q branch who supplied Darren with gossip and by proxy Falkirk.

“Oh, yeah.” Darren responded remembering the Omega in question.

“If you invite him you're going to have to invite Peter.” Falkirk added getting a curious look. “They have not giving official notification but he and Peter have been at it like a pair of bunnies since before I was Q.” Falkirk informed.

“No!” Darren responded shaking his head not believing the gossip could keep something like that quiet.

Making a small 'ooh' Darren looked over Falkirk's shoulder. Turning to see what he was looking at. James sauntered into E branch with a bouquet laying across his arm. Dressed in a typical light grey suit. The Alpha approached Falkirk and handed him the flowers.

With great difficulty Falkirk kept the silly smile off his face. “Welcome back Double O Seven, Thank you.” Falkirk said. Extending his hand so James could help pull him up Falkirk walked back to his office. Not making an overtly unprofessional move James followed his mate suppressing the desire to drag him into a corner and growl at anyone who approached.

Offering James the bottle he kept behind his desk. James poured himself a bourbon. James hung about Falkirk's office until he could call it a day. Despite James' presence Selene still had to escort the Director of MI6 home.

Selene waving at them as the car pulled away Falkirk turned to the door James' arm now secured around his waist. In synchronised steppes they climbed the stair to the door. Falkirk didn't know how the man did it but as with every night before the door swung open, Hudson standing ready to take Falkirk's coat. Also taking James'.

Walking forward Falkirk passed through the second door on his left and into the lounge. James followed coming to sit on the couch beside his mate. Placing his arm around Falkirk as he nuzzled him. Stroking the ever expanding stomach James breathed in the scent that exhilarated and pacified him at the same time.

“Dinner is served.” Hudson said from the doorway. James seemed surprised that a strange Alpha's presence didn't set him off. Nodding James pulled the Omega to his feet guiding him the the Dining room, Shane and David already seated.

The meal passed with some casual conversation until Shane informed Falkirk, that he and David would be going to Yorkshire for a few days. Not unexpected Falkirk offered any help which the Alpha declined.

At the end of dinner Falkirk gave up all pretence and ate just the cheap custard letting the others have something else. After he had finished James escorted Falkirk up stairs letting the Omega rest for a while before drawing a bath. Striping Falkirk's pliant body James carried the Omega to the bathroom. Stepping down into the bath James sat with Falkirk in his lap.

Running his soap covered hands over Falkirk's skin. James paid close attention to the rounded belly fascinated by the Omega's changing body, so much bigger from when he left. Falkirk had dozed off his head resting on James' shoulder. Finishing washing his mate James pulled the plug letting the bath drain. Pulling a towel round Falkirk James dried him off before picking him up and taking him back to bed.

Making sure the mop of hair was dry. James climbed in beside his mate and pulled up the quilt. Enjoying watching his mate sleep. Nose to nose. James took in the tightening and relaxing of the muscles around the closed eyes. Combing his thick finger through the dark hair that was draying in a mane, the strands soft but somehow able to stand. With a kiss to the dark lips, James pulled his Omega closer and tucked him under his chin and held him. Feeling the expansion and contraction of Falkirk's deep breaths. The warmth of the body and the press of the round stomach against his side.

Slowly the mission faded. The self preservation and exhilaration that kept him alive as he greeted and played nice with a weapons merchant that supplied any passing regime now became second to the welfare of his Omega and Pup. The passion as he seduced the Weapon dealer's wife replaced with a comfort of just being with his Omega. The Alcohol that saw him to sleep and the pills that kept him alert, he had neither on his return.

Without realising it James fell asleep, absently rubbing his cheek against the top of his mate's head.


Reading over the document. The Beta woman sitting across from him. The peroxide short back and side had gone, the hair still short and a little masculine but back to its natural light brown. Her dark blue trouser suit was professional, and Falkirk hadn't noticed if there was a gun at the small of her back, but there definitely wasn't one under the short jacket. She had accomplished her mission with none of the usual flare or posturing associated with the Double Os. Evans was positively boring compared to the others. “Congratulation Double O Eight,” Falkirk said. Assigning her the official downtime Falkirk dismissed the newest Double O.

Pushing himself up Falkirk walked through E branch. Waving Selene away she didn't take note and followed at a distance. Coming to the lobby Falkirk approached the memorial wall. Falkirk had attended the small funeral but this was the first time he had come to the wall as he had done with every Operative and personnel he had lost.

Speaking to the carved name Falkirk thanked Joanna for her assistance in apprehending her target. Not very professional as he swiped a tear, Falkirk could see some of the glances being sent his way. M was meant to be a rock, unflinching and unemotional. With a final brush to the carved name he returned to the office.


He had visited Sally Donovan's mother and Charles Robinson's children and fiancée. Falkirk had one other visit to make. But so far they had refused a meeting.

The car pulled to a stop in front of a semi detached house. Falkirk stepped through the waist high gate. The front door was pulled open and an Alpha came out. “He will not see you.” That older alpha said.

“Give Mr MacFarlane my best.” Falkirk said and returned to his waiting car.


With James acting as valet, the pervert running his hands over him, Falkirk dressed in his altered top hat and tails. The Alpha turned and James cupped his cheek. “You look beautiful,” James purred.

Falkirk ducked his head at the praise. Deep down felling a bit like a blimp on legs. His chin was tipped up and knew the look in the Alpha's eye. “We can't, we'll be late.” Falkirk breathed just before their lips met again.

“It's just the King, not like it's anyone important.” James said, pulling back and moving his lips to the column of the delicate neck.

With a groaning hiss, Falkirk ducked out and pulled away. James came up to his side and wrapped an arm around him. Giving the Omega a smile, promising they would pick up where they left off.

The car arrived to take Falkirk and James to the palace. Waiting in line until 'Thomas McLair' was called. Walking out Falkirk knelt in front of the young King. A sword came down tapping Falkirk on each shoulder.

Standing, the King handed over a medal and leaned in to Falkirk. “So you do have a name.” the King said petulantly.

“Yes your Majesty, but that wasn't it and it's still M to you.” Falkirk said pleasantly wiping the smirk from the teenager's face. Stepping back another name was called.

Keading who had come as a guest, looking wondrous in the close cut tailors morning suit. The American omega may have been nervous but knew how to hold himself even in the formal wear. “That was a bit boring.” Keading proclaimed with Falkirk and James agreeing.

As Falkirk explained to the American the new Honour, a Knight of the Garter(KG), meant he was now a very senior Knight who used the title Sir. A name was called. Falkirk's attention snapped up. Approaching the King was the Papa of Falkirk's deceased half brother. Being given the posthumous Military Cross the sandy haired Omega spoke softy with the king for a moment.

“He kept his word.” Falkirk said referring to a conversation he had had with the Prime Minister when he was in hospital.

Waiting for the ceremony to complete Falkirk moved to the court yard. Seeing the Omega he was looking for Falkirk approached with James at his elbow. “Mr MacFarlane?” Falkirk called. The Omega turned and instantly recognised Falkirk. The Alpha pulled the Omega behind him, giving Falkirk a glare for approaching again. James released a low warning growl, the older Alpha's eyes slipped to James and released his own growl.

“My mate has no idea who you are.” Falkirk warned gaining the hostile glare. Falkirk could sense James tensing beside him in response to the unknown Alpha's threat. Dropping into a submissive stance, with head bowed and neck bared, Falkirk pulled his arms behind him exposing his torso. “I just want to speak to your mate?” Falkirk asked making his tone as soft and non authoritative as possible.

“No one will tell me anything!” Sammy MacFarlane accused from behind his Alpha.

“I can give you that. I will tell you, but not here,” Falkirk responded. Conscious of the public setting and a few reporters there to get pictures and stories from those receiving an honour.

“Where?” Barry MacFarlane said. Giving an address the pair looked at each other. Sammy hopeful, his Alpha nodded. They made arrangements to go there directly. Selene followed the MacFarlanes while Falkirk's car took James, Keading and Falkirk straight to MI6.

Falkirk and Keading where in the small kitchenette attached to E branch. James waited at the visitor parking area for their guests. Between the two Omegas they were able to carry everything to Falkirk's office in one go. Mycroft the first to arrive in response to Falkirk's summons. Instructing the Alpha to bring in an extra chair into his office, Mycroft did as told.

Mycroft was as stiff and formal around Keading as ever. Thanking the Omega as James entered with the MacFarlanes in tow, Keading slipped out the office to the waiting area around Darren's empty desk. Asking the MacFarLanes into his office James waited with Keading outside.

Taking his seat behind the desk. Mycroft sat to the side while Sammy and Barry took the guest seats across from Falkirk. Pouring the tea Falkirk informed them parts of what they were about to hear was considered classified and could not be discussed. Mycroft kept getting furtive glances from Sammy with a hint of recognition. Introducing Mycroft first. Sammy didn't recognise the Holmes name as Siger usually used a pseudonym when he spent time with Omegas.

Calmly Falkirk explained his own situation. How his Papa got pregnant by his employer and how he was able to get Siger Holmes to acknowledged the child as his. Going on Falkirk indicated the Omega on the other side of the glass wall. “The same man who got my Papa pregnant got him pregnant,” Falkirk informed before continuing “Siger Holmes, the same man who got Keading and My Papa pregnant, was also Billy's biological father. And there where more. There was an Omega, Jim Moriarty. He was our brother too.”They recognised the famous master criminal and not realising he was an Omega.

“Moriarty's mate is the one responsible for the death of Billy and many, many more.” Mycroft said after the information sunk in.

Giving an overview of Moran's movements, Falkirk told them of the bombing of Mycroft's car, his flat and even telling them Keading had been shot by him.

Sammy looked upset while his mate rubbed his back and neck. “That was him? The one you shot at Billy's funeral?” Barry demanded.

“Yes, that was Colonel Moran.” Falkirk stated

“Billy was a challenging, arrogant, little bastard.” Barry said with deep affection and glistening eyes. He pulled the crying and distressed omega against him.

Nodding to Mycroft the Alpha stood along with Falkirk. “Take your time.” Falkirk said, following his brother out of the office.

Joining his Alpha. James turned the Omega so his back was towards him. Pulling Falkirk against him and wrapping his arms around, to place possessive hands on the growing belly. Resting his chin on the Omega's shoulder James kept conversing with Selene from his hunched position. It was just a constant comforting rumble against Falkirk's back, and a drone of warm air over his ear.

Barry supporting his mate came out of Falkirk's office. Nodding his thanking Falkirk for telling them the truth. Stepping forward Mycroft invited them to a memorial service for all those killed in the Moran incident. Sammy cast his watery eyes first over Falkirk then Keading who looked uncomfortable under the scrutiny and nodded. Mycroft and Selene escorted the pair from the room.

“I didn't know about a memorial?” James said as Mycroft and the group disappeared out of E branch. Shrugging Falkirk hadn't heard anything about a memorial either.

"I hope he isn't up to something."

Chapter Text

He was getting too big for his own desire. Falkirk waddled down to the front where Darren insisted he sit. True to his PA's word Mallory's side of the hall was full of politicians and military, as well as family. Darren's side was much smaller mostly filled with MI6 personnel. Ewan made a wondrous face at Falkirk as he passed the little blond Omega from Q Branch. Only Peter's restraining hand prevented the Omega jumping out of his seat to follow Falkirk.

Mallory was standing, in the long tailed coat. Eve in a long silver/grey dress, his best man a step back and to the side. Both with a white carnation, Mallory's in his lapel Eve's at the V shaped neckline of the dress.

A harp that had been playing slow and melodious changed tempo. James helped Falkirk to stand. Letting out a soft laugh, feeling the alpha behind him and the large chest vibrating a little too in his own amusement. The woman, who reluctantly wore professional trouser suits but still preferred leathers and a long coat was in a a flowing off white dress, that flared out at the knee and clung to her body, with a single wide strap over his right shoulder. “She has curves?” James said, in an appreciative drawl.

Falkirk elbowed him and hissed, “Darren, remember?”

The slightly shorter omega Selene was escorting was in a similar tailed morning suite, with a red carnation. His normally wiry hair had been softened and almost gloss black, still a mane. His strange hazel eyes that never seemed to settle as one colour, always shifting from silver, grey and green, brown were shinning in joy.

The two stopped at the front of the ornate hall. Selene then took her place beside Falkirk. The civil humanist service passed in aches, pains and cramping for Falkirk.

During the reception it was nice to watch the dancing, disappointed he could not do much more than watch. Seeing James board out of his mind, Selene left Keading to babysit while she dragged the other Alpha onto the dance floor. Not long after James had been dragged onto the dance floor Ewan appeared on Falkirk's other side firing off questions about Falkirk's pregnancy and who Keading was, not really stopping long enough to hear the responses. Falkirk had forgotten how boisterous the Omega from Q branch was, more like an energetic and happy puppy bouncing and yapping.

“So when are you and Peter declaring yourselves?” Falkirk asked freezing the other Omega. Leaning over to Keading. “Peter and Ewan think they are so secretive.” Falkirk mock whispered.

Seeing Ewan' suddenly subdued state. “Sorry. I'm just sore. Tired. And bad tempered,” Q said, regretting his hasty word, it wasn't his place to out the other omega and his relationship. “And I lost the bet. Only Hal wagered you two wouldn't admit it.” Falkirk said softly starting to regret his hasty words.

“Who won on me?” Falkirk asked curiously. Ewan hesitated no sure if he should tell his boss who won the bet on who his mate was.

“Let me guess.” Falkirk started before going though his reasoning. “There was that incident between Double O One and Six so Alec would be the safe bet. Underwood would take that” Falkirk mused. Ewan's shy smile confirming Falkirk had gotten his deduction right.

“Hal is rather twisted underneath the surface, pragmatic and observant. He would choose someone high up and, M?” Falkirk asked hesitantly getting a shy nod. “The little old and scary woman.” Falkirk said for Keading's benefit, the two only having met once.

“Didn't Daniel know?” Keading ask, Ewan nodded

“He took you lot to the cleaners didn't he?” Falkirk added getting another nod.

“My ears are burning.” a Scots brogue drawled interrupting the group. The big Alpha sitting down beside Keading.

Returning home James helped Falkirk up stairs and into their room. Sitting on the bed allowing James to untie his shoe laces. “I think it's time.” Falkirk was loathed to admit. James's shoulders dropped he had been getting to the stage where he was considering ordering Falkirk to start his maternity leave.

“I will tell Daniel and Butler tomorrow” Falkirk added.

James guided Falkirk to lie back, lifting the long legs and swinging them into the bed. “Is there anything I can do?” James said softly, switching off the main light so it was just the duller bedside.

Falkirk rolled over, his huge stomach lying on the silken sheets. “A back rub.” he whined. Almost immediately he felt the cold oil and the warm rough hands scrapping over his skin. The strong fingers digging in to the muscles around his lower back and above the round of his buttocks. Letting out a groan Falkirk stretched straight, his back and legs cracking as he did so, and letting out another groan.

James slid into the bed behind his omega. His hands cupping the back of the hips, and thumbs pressing in small circles. The lower area seeming to be where his mate felt the strain the worst. Pressing his lips the the pointed shoulder. A deep breath and slight snore. Looking over the shoulder, Falkirk's head pillowed on his bent arm, the other brushing the his stomach.


Laying in bed his laptop across his lap Falkirk concentrated on the administration of MI6. It was nice not having to get up before dawn and return after dark. James doted on him day and night even last night Falkirk woke up at three in the morning and before he could push himself out of bed James had been by his side. A midnight snack later Falkirk and James returned to bed.

By the third day of his maternity leave James was a constant presence and it was driving Falkirk up the wall. Lifting his phone and pressing it to his ear, the Scots voice answered and Q ordered, “Arrange a random physical for Double O Seven. Immediately.”

Getting up. James grumbling about the physical he had just been called in for. Selene arrived with Keading about an hour later. Falkirk sitting at his desk in the library. Keading taking up a position at one of the small settees near the fireplace.


When James slammed the front door the regret was instant and he wanted his Alpha back.

Keading piled blankets and cushions around Falkirk he climbed into the nest as well. Carefully positioning himself. Keading stroked the other Omega's neck and back telling him it was alright to have a meltdown and surprised it had taken Falkirk this long. Falkirk just sniffled against the other omega. “Want him back.” He whined.

“No you don't. You need to calm first. He'll understand.” Keading reasured.

James returned a few hours later reeking of alcohol, smoke, sweat, blood and sporting a bruise on the side of his chin. Poking his head out of the nest Falkirk bared his neck and apologised. Sitting by the nest James wrapped an arm around Falkirk's neck pulling him close, nuzzling the mop of hair. Ensuring he held no ill will James kissed the hair. Slowly the nest moved to surround the Alpha as well.


The dining table had been laid out with finger food, champagne and assorted drinks. Alec above all others had championed a baby shower. Falkirk wasn't going to bother but Keading who had become a daily fixture after Cody had been dropped off at school had also liked the idea.

Unlike most baby showers it wasn't just Omegas and woman. The entire pack had been invited. James entered the dinning room snatching a voulevant from the tray and getting a slapped hand from Keading in the process. Falkirk was amazed by how much the Omega had lost his nervousness around the Alphas in the pack. Only Mycroft caused him discomfort still.

Hudson moved to answer the door at the sound of the bell. “Who the bloody hell invited you?” James expleated from the other room as a set of tiny feet thumped through the house towards Falkirk.

Much bigger, with floppy light brown hair falling into his brown eyes Rupert hesitantly approached his god mother. Holding his arms open Rupert came forward and after a few hesitant scenting the Alpha recognised Falkirk, hugging him back. The background squabbles of Villiers and James who had never seen eye to eye framing the reunion.

Falkirk heard a menacing growl from James. A relaxed and victorious Villiers followed his son shortly after. Giving a smile Villiers placed a box wrapped in pink paper beside Falkirk's chair. “Hello and before we start could I ask a huge favour?” Villiers asked with slight embarrassment.

Quickly and quietly Villiers explained he had met someone, a Russian businessman. Falkirk lifted a brow at the prospect. The Russians my be democratic now but they were still ruthless and calculating and the FSB was just a re-branded KGB. “You see my concerns.” Villiers stated.

Asking for the man's full name and any relevant data. Villiers already prepared, pulled out a sealed envelope. Telling Villiers to place it on his desk in the next room. Villiers returned, and with gushing enthusiasm joined in the shower.

Slowly the house filled, Sherlock was his typical infuriating self. Only John and Alec able to temper him. Mycroft was stiff, standing in a corner, Tanner taking it upon himself to provide the man with company.

Darren was giving an animated description of his honeymoon to Villiers and Keading on the opposite couch. Rupert and Cody had made a 'not a nest' under the dining table. Every so often a squeal would emerge. Mallory, James and Selene where in conversation in the dinning room. While two of the god parents to be, Alec sat on one side with Daniel on the other of Falkirk. Selene and Keading the others, but they were being kept quiet as not to offend Mycroft or Sherlock. Falkirk loved his brothers but after the three ring circus of their home and lingering effects would trust them completely if a deranged killer was after his child but not to give him a good and loving home life. Shane the exception to the rule and was another in the line of succession after Selene.

When it came time to open the presents all the guests surrounded James and Falkirk. The last to arrive meant the Mallory's where on top. Pulling a small box covered in navy blue paper with tartan ribbon Falkirk red the card. “It came by way of MI6” Darren informed.

Pulling the card off and handing it to James, Falkirk ripped the paper of Francis Urquhart's gift. Revealing a folding silver picture frame 'Let no man tell you what can't be achieved -FU' was engraved in cursive script. With a pleased smile Falkirk placed the frame carefully to the side.

“What if it's an Alpha or a boy?” Falkirk said laying a pink baby grow across his stomach as he looked at Darren. There where plenty more clothing and blankets even Daniel's grandmother sent a shawl with embroider spring flowers over it. Pulling a bag the label proclaiming it was from Keading. Pulling the fastening apart Falkirk smiled at the Omega as he pulled out a forest green bear with white stomach from within.

As the party wound down Mycroft was the first to leave with an excuse about appointments. Tanner and Villiers soon followed. John dragged Sherlock from the house before he could bombard the tiring Omega with more question on his experience. Eventually it came down to the core of the pack Falkirk resting in the lounge as James, Alec and Selene drank and played cards on the dining table.

Catching Keading's hand as he passed. Falkirk pulled the other Omega down beside him laying his head on Keading's shoulder. “Sorry” Falkirk said after he had made the abrupt move before belatedly asking, “Could you keep me company?”

Reassuring Falkirk it was alright the Omegas where quickly joined by Cody wedging himself between them. It was nice to be close to another Omega. He didn't give Falkirk the same safe feeling James did but there was an odd sense of non threatening comfort from him. After Falkirk had recovered he placed a hand on the back of the couch and manoeuvred himself up. With much support from Keading, Falkirk found his feet.

As Falkirk had blown up at him for helping him up James only watched to see if Falkirk could do it himself before he would help. Seeing the Omega making for the library “No working” James called then tensed in case it was something to set Falkirk off again.

“Purely personal” Falkirk responded. Keading the only person who Falkirk had not snapped at followed. Even Hudson had born the brunt of one of Falkirk's meltdowns. Entering the Library Falkirk manoeuvred himself behind the desk.

Keading took one of the chairs at the coffee table after pulling a book off the shelf. Recognising the picture of the buff Alpha and swooning Omega, one of his trashy Om'Lit books Falkirk focused on the envelope.

“Not exactly what I was expecting from an English Library.” Keading mused.

“What gets me is Hudson stocking the shelves in accordance with the Dewey Decimal System.” Falkirk said.

“What are you doing?” Keading casually asked.

Knowing Keading was betraying him and following James' direction but Falkirk couldn't bring himself to be upset. “Hacking into the KGB, just for fun.” Falkirk returned just as casually.

After half an hour Keading got up coming round behind Falkirk. A plain text file was scrolling on screen. “What's that?” Keading asked.

“I am cross referencing FSB records with his history.” Falkirk informed tapping the hand written A4 piece of paper containing the information Villiers supplied on the interested Alpha.

“Wouldn't it be better to look at Daz, Dzh-amge, amger-ch-in-ov?” Keading asked sounding out the complex phonetics.

“If you were to search for me you would find Thomas McLair, home schooled, Open University at thirteen, degree awarded at fifteen, recruited by MI6 at sixteen. I'm not even officially bound to an Alpha, on record.” Falkirk informed before looking directly at Keading. “All lies I invented. The only possibility of finding out who I truly am is by investigating Olivia Mansfield, Siger Holmes, Freddie McLair and James. Only then would you find the black hole in the records in the shape of Falkirk Bond.”

Returning to his seat Keading picked up the book again. “How did you..” Keading trailed off unsure if he should be asking.

“How did I become head of MI6?” Falkirk completed for him. Getting a nod in answer Falkirk didn't see why the latest pack member should be the only one to not know. With impeccable timing Hudson entered carrying a tray.

“Mr Hudson, what was my first step on my way to becoming M?” Falkirk casually asked as he watched the Alpha place the afternoon tea on the coffee table. After Hudson had spoken of Falkirk's kidnapping from his point of view Falkirk picked up the story.

Keading kept rapt attention as Falkirk split his attention between the task at hand, sipping his herbal tea and telling his story. Stopping Falkirk looked to Keading, deciding to brutally honest Falkirk continued the story at the point they first met. “I needed answers from Daddy and his time with you would be the best chance we had. We aimed to arrive before your heat but we were too late.” Falkirk started before giving a truthful but non graphic version of events that occurred, after Selene had escorted Keading home.

When it came to Oso. Keading looked around before asking for more details. Giving grater detail Keading listened intently to the final hours of his former pimp's life. Continuing Falkirk hesitated over the time when James got shot as a sudden panic set in. Glossing over the separation from his Alpha Falkirk forged on eventually trailing off when he came to the arriving at the hospital to pick up the injured Keading. “You came, just for us?” Keading said with a little disbelief.

Not thinking Keading was looking for a response Falkirk concentrated on his hacking. “How has life been with Selene?” Falkirk asked as he didn't think the pair had consummated their bond yet.

Shrugging Keading avoided the question. Concerned Falkirk set up a program to trawl for information before pushing himself up. Closing the door first. Falkirk came to sit at the coffee table with Keading. Sensing what was coming Keading dropped his head submissively.

“If you don't care for Selene you need to tell her.” Falkirk said before insisting “You will always have a home, Here, Daniel or your own place. You're not a prisoner you can go back to America. The support for Cody hasn't ended.”

Keading shook his head, closing the book and looking at the two men on the cover. “I've never been with a woman.” Keading started. Thinking that was not all to Keading's concern Falkirk waited for the next part.

“When she put her arm round me I pulled away and broke free.” Keading continued. Not understanding Falkirk prompted for context. Trying to shrug the conversation off Falkirk didn't let Keading, asking for more details.

Keading sat in silence unwilling to engage Falkirk further. Thinking on what Keading had said he had pushed James away more time than he could count, in annoyance, anger and exasperation James had let him pull away every time.

Picking up the discarded book Falkirk looked at the cover. The typical muscle bound Alpha with a tight hold round the wavy haired Omega. A protesting hand pressing against the Alpha's muscled biceps and come hither look on the Omega's face.

As M, Falkirk had learned anyone with the depicted muscle physique would be useless as an operative. One endurance exercise and they would dehydrate and starve due to insufficient fat deposits. James coming back from a mission would be ripped but before he returned to the field there would be a fine layer of fat covering the expectationally strong muscles.

“Have you ever doubted James' ability to protect you?” Keading asked, quietly.

Shaking his head and answering in the negative. “Well, there was this one time. Daniel went for James and beat him to the ground.” Falkirk corrected himself after a moment.

“And?” Keading prompted loosing Falkirk again. Thinking back Falkirk had just quit Q branch on James' orders and Daniel had jumped his Alpha. All Falkirk could remember was a sense of fear from James' anger, Daniel's fury and what would happen to him when M found out.

Not sure if it was what Keading was getting at, “I was afraid. James had been very angry and I wasn't sure enough of myself at the time. Daniel was concerned about me.” Falkirk said. He didn't know where it came from. If it was subconscious information or cues on Keading's part “You don't think Selene can protect you?”

This time when Keading shrugged there was a subdued quality to the gesture. Despite how good she was even Falkirk had to admit she was forth in line of the people he trusted to protect him. But she was a Double O in spirit if not in name and it was like comparing McLaren to Ferrari in a Formula 1 race. Even the slower was still far beyond what most cars could do.

Every Double O had one defining characteristic and Falkirk said, “She may come up against someone stronger than her, anyone could. Selene has never rolled over, never give up, never give in. Only death will stop her and sometimes not even that will be enough” Falkirk stated with awe and gravitas in his voice. Keading peeking up at the other Omega eyes wide at the passionate statement.

Pushing himself up. A wicked idea came to mind. Going to the door and calling for Daniel the Scots Alpha appeared. Asking Daniel to arrange a random training assessment for Selene and for Keading to see first hand what the woman could do. A memory of James in an illegal fight in an underground car park being the inspiration. Instructing Daniel to keep Keading's presence quiet Falkirk thanked the Alpha letting him return to his cards.

Keading protested, “You can't make her fight, just to show me.”

Falkirk dismissed his concerns as she was required to go through the assessment at least three times a year, at random. Along with the regularly scheduled assessments. Finishing off, “See what she can do then decide.”

Chapter Text

Waking up James' arm laying heavily across Falkirk's chest. The muscles and bones where sore and the heat of the quilt, the Alpha and his own body heat making his skin clammy. Pushing the quilt back and ducking out from under the Alpha's arm Falkirk levered himself up.

James mumbled something starting to sit up as well. “I just want to wash.” Falkirk insisted and before James could help, had gained his feet. “Go back to sleep.” Falkirk instructed walking through to the bathroom.

Stepping into the bath Falkirk sat on the side letting the water submerge his feet and rise up his calves. When the water had risen high enough Falkirk shut off the taps. Carefully sliding in from the side. Relaxing in the warm water Falkirk sighed, cupping water and poring it over his belly.

Sliding down so only his face was exposed. The sounds of the world disappeared in the water to be replaced by the disjointed sounds permeating the water and the sound of the blood in his ears being reflected back. Closing his eyes the sounds intensified, the air rushing in and out of his lungs now a deep resonating rumbling.

The water cooled and the bubbles popped disappearing into a soapy film across the surface. Hooking a toe round the chain Falkirk pulled out the plug. Letting the water drain Falkirk placed his hand behind him and pushed. Straining Falkirk's arms couldn't bare his weight. Giving up Falkirk grasped the left side of the bath with his right hand, trying to roll onto his knees Falkirk twisted round.

Falkirk's wet hand slipping on the wet ceramic. Falling back. After a moment of panicked assessment Falkirk calmed. There where no impacts and it was more of a slide than a fall. Resigned to the lack of independence, “James!” Falkirk called to the open door.

When nothing happened Falkirk called again not even a grunt in response. Crushing down on the whining tone in his voice and with all the authority he could muster “DOUBLE O SEVEN, GET YOUR ARSE IN HERE!” Falkirk ordered.

Thundering feet preceded a bollock naked James Bond standing at the door. Back ramrod straight, shoulders squared and looking directly ahead in full parade attention. “I require assistance” Falkirk snapped.

Relaxing James approached the bath. Crouching down James was about to slip his arm under his mate's knees. “No, help me up, don't carry me” Falkirk insisted.

Falkirk knew it was silly. James had carried him hundreds of times but now when he was being carried out of necessity Falkirk's pride was rearing its head.

Placing a foot carefully between Falkirk's legs. James leaned down wrapping his arms under Falkirk's. Falkirk wrapped his arms round James neck. As James straightened up Falkirk was pulled with him. As Falkirk's feet took his weight James carefully relaxed his hold.

“Don't say it I know, no more baths” Falkirk spat going to get a towel.

“Well not with out me” James purred coming up behind his Omega and kissing the bond mark on his neck. Feeling his Alpha's arousal growing against him Falkirk reluctantly stepped away, his spirit was willing but his body baulked at the prospect of the vigorous activity.

Dressing in Pyjamas and dressing gown Falkirk headed down stairs. James following not long after. It was odd to be down so early. Falkirk had gotten used to Hudson floating about whenever he was up. Going down into the kitchen Falkirk put on the kettle. The herbal teas that had been supplied by Sherlock didn't deserve the respect his Earl Grey got and Falkirk just plunked the bag in a mug. James fiddled about with the coffee machine behind him.

A door opening and muttering could be herd coming down the stairs. “Mrs Bridges” Falkirk greeted the old Omega cook.

“Scrambled eggs with cheese, on toast” Falkirk asked. After assuring her the normal breakfast time would be sufficient. Falkirk and James headed back up stairs. Passing Hudson on the ground floor Falkirk headed for the lounge. Leaning against James Falkirk watched the early morning news. Moran, London, America already forgotten in favour of a boy who wrote a letter in crayon, applying to be the new manger of Manchester United and getting a shirt and a polite no.

Hudson came into the adjoining dining room laying out two places. In preparation Falkirk with James' help found his feet. Sitting at the foot of the table a dome covered plate was placed in front of him. As Hudson pulled back, the dome disappeared to reveal just what Falkirk had wanted. A bottle of HP sauce appeared as well. Falkirk usually despised the brown condiment but recently he had been putting it on everything.

After breakfast Falkirk moved to the library to finish off his search on Villiers' potential Alpha. Making a concerted effort James told Falkirk he had errands to do and would be back in an hour. Falkirk knew James went to the park at the end of the road, counted the minutes before he returned. Ten minutes before James was due to return Keading rang the bell. The two Omegas chatted until James returned. Hearing them talking about Villiers James demanded to know what was going on. Telling his Alpha how Villiers wanted him to vet the Alpha. James looked displeased as he retreated.

During lunch Falkirk had one of his other cravings, a cheep cafeteria pizza, plastic cheese and cardboard base. The phone ringing caused Hudson to come in, holding out the handset, “Mr Carrington.”

Listening to Daniel before hanging up. “Could you take Keading to MI6?” Falkirk asked James. Nodding James agreed to take him to observe Selene's assessment.

After Falkirk had been secured on the couch with plenty of blankets, phone, bell, laptop and cup of tea. Giving his mate a kiss and nuzzle. James waved and guided Keading out.

Daisy the maid came down stairs, it didn't take her long to clean up the ground floor. An experienced maid she barely spoke, quick and efficient. Like Mr Hudson and Mrs Bridges Daisy had been vetted and had experience in similar households.

Having dozed off the bell roused Falkirk. The thundering feet announced Rupert's return. Hugging the little Alpha of his god son, Villiers followed at a more sedate pace. Asking Hudson to bring some tea. Villiers took a seat opposite Falkirk. “I didn't find anything beyond what a businessman of Mr Dzhamgerchinov would usually be involved with.” Falkirk inform

“I'm sure he wouldn't mind you calling him Grigor” Villiers insisted, before going on to ask about the Alpha's business dealings. When Falkirk came to the end of his research Villiers observed, “Pretty tame by Olivia or your standards”

“Not in front of unvetted ears” Falkirk admonished placing a had either side of Rupert's head. Giving the confused child a brilliant smile Falkirk nuzzled him which was returned with enthusiasm. Feeling a kick, Falkirk placed the young Alpha's hand over the movement. Falkirk sniggered as Villiers gave an explanation of where babies come from to the barely comprehending child.

James returned with Keading in tow, a slight bounce in the omega's posture. “Went well?” Falkirk asked the obviously happy Omega.

“Blood thirsty little thing” James said from behind the Omega “Wanted to get close enough to see the teeth flying out of mouths.”

“Selene did this thing where she jumped of this guy and kneed this other guy in the face” Keading described, enthusiastically bouncing on the balls of his feet. Even when Keading sat he continued to bounce slightly as he described the events of Selene's assessment in grate detail.

James who had taken up position beside Falkirk leaned in close. Whispering, “She knew he was watching.”

Rupert attracted by the excited and boisterous pheromones approached the Omega he had met a few days before and climbed into his lap giving a cheesy smile.

When Villiers left Falkirk gave James a look, luckily the Alpha knew when to make himself scarce. Asking Keading about Selene the Omega was far more confidant in the Alpha.

“Will you speak to her?” Falkirk asked. Getting a nod and a shy smile form Keading Falkirk relaxed.


Tapping his foot. Then surging to his feet to pace. James listened. He had heard Q come out of the library and head up stairs. Now the silence was driving him mad. “Fuck it!” James spat, he didn't care if Falkirk was going to scream at him again.

Darting out of the lounge, up the stairs, round the landing. Pulling to a stop, talking a calm breath he pressed down on the handle to their room. The bed pressed to the left wall, no sound from the bathroom on the right and his mate nowhere to be seen.

A quiet sniffle.

James moved quickly. Beyond the high bed he found his mate. James' heart froze. Falkirk was on the floor, his knees under him and face to the thick plush carpet. In a classic presenting pose and sobbed gently. Lying down pressing his cheek to the carpet too. James looked at the eyes that were squeezed shut.

Stretching out his hand. Falkirk whining, “Don't touch me.” Horrors running through James' mind. Did Falkirk fall again. Was it something else. The distress was growing rank from the Omega.

“I want it o,o,over.” the omega whined in a hiccuping sob.

“Can I ask, the presenting?”

“I'm sore.” Falkirk whined. James not comforted and calculating the best way to get a doctor here or his omega to a hospital. “Everything hurts. Only way...less sore.” James relaxed a bit as his mate seemed to be talking about the general aches and pains and not something new.

“So this is the most comfortable position?” James confirmed. Falkirk just nodded his head. James guessing the omega came here because it was the only room, Hudson or Keading wouldn't just walk into, like the library.

“You do know, that, you... I.” James floundered again. “You're mine.”

The green eyes cracked open. The omega's face still with the unhappy down turn of the dark lips. The eyes blood shot and a little snot escaping the nose. James was captured by the image, wanting so much to take the omega in his arms, but was sure touch still wasn't wanted.

“I know. I'm yours.” Falkirk said, with understanding. He then pulled his arm out from under him and bridged the distance over the deep red carpet. James grasping the offered hand. “Thank you, for not going paranoid, or asking how am I.”

James smiled and nodded. Thankful he had crushed down on the said paranoia enough to not get caught or asked the question that had become a no-no of recent, almost guaranteed to set the Omega off.

Tears continued to slip from the green eyes. But James just stayed. The distressed scent easing a bit as they just stayed there gazing at each other.

There were thousands of things to discuss. A health visitor had been to see their preparations. The classes with the others, going through the exercises, the preparation, the horrific video shown by the woman running it, even for an Operative it had been a little graphic. They made a plan and it had not been discussed again.  

Falkirk suddenly shifted and started to roll, James supporting the weight. With Falkirk spooning him. The omega's head pillowed on his arm. James pressed his nose so it was bushing the nape of the neck. The Omega's scent improving more but still James felt the tears on his biceps. “Do you want me to rub your back?” Only a silent nod answered him. James pressed his free hand to the muscles around the other man's lower back. “Someone suggested,  Alexander, Alexei, Alexandra, Aleksandra and Alexcia.” James breathed as he worked.

A shudder from the air tickling the hairs on the back of his neck and gave a small silent chuckle. Falkirk said, “Alexis Trevelyan? By any chance.” James confirmed Falkirk got the guess right. “Well, Keading recommended something short, which I kind of agree with.”

“Fall-kirk, Sher-lock, My-croft, She-rrin-ford. I do wonder why you like the idea of a short name.” James teased, stretching out the names as he said them.

“Can we move to the bed? I think I want a nap.” Falkirk said and James was helping him up.

James cupped the cheek, his tanned thumb looking so dark against the pale skin of his mate. He wiped the last remnants of the tears away. The eyes still a little puffy. Physically biting his tongue to stop himself asking if his mate was alright. “Beautiful.” James breathed and pressed his lips to his mate's, feeling a rumbling movement against his stomach. Looking down he pressed his hand to the swell until the baby within had stilled. Looking up again a silly smile had lit up the face that had been so solemn not so long ago, and was sure there was a matching smile on his own face.

Helping his mate sit and lie. James joined the omega and watched as he fell into a doze.


Coming down the stair in the middle of the night. Someone refused to sleep and didn’t see why he should let his mother sleep either. Entering the kitchen Falkirk dragged a high stool over to the kettle. Perching on the stool Falkirk flipped on the device. Watching the rising steam Falkirk waited for the click indicating the water was boiling. After poring the water Falkirk considered moving before dismissing it. The shadowed tiles made an appalling view but with the weight off his feet Falkirk could live with it.

James and Falkirk had entered a form of denial about the oncoming addition. They had done what they needed to. As for name, sex and gender Falkirk had taken to using the masculine but it was subconscious decision.

Daniel had been a bit more pragmatic suggesting they consider the first, middle and last names together. Selene had suggested honouring the baby's heritage. In the decoration of the baby's room, colours had been gender and sex neutral with only a few exceptions. A blue blanket, blue in expectation to the masculine but had been bought because it reminded Falkirk of James' eyes. Betaesc green baby grows, that James had remarked reminded him of Falkirk's.

Another bit of movement followed by a spasm of the mussels. Not lasting long and having them before. The midwife had warned Falkirk to expect them so dismissed it. Finishing his lukewarm tea Falkirk felt something slimy leaking from him. Pushing to stand there was a slight damp patch on the stool and his Pyjamas where sticking to the inside of his legs and backside.

Crushing down the initial panic Falkirk waddled towards the stairs as another spasm started this time stronger and far more painful. Breathing through it Falkirk waited until the pain subside. When the contraction subsided Falkirk looked up the flight of stairs. Shaking his head, he was not going to climb two stories to get James.

Looking round Falkirk spotted the corded phone hanging on the wall. Crossing the room. Falkirk lifted the receiver and dialled James' mobile. Two rings before a gruff voice barked, “Bond!”

“I'm in the Kitchen....” Falkirk trailed off as the line went dead. Hanging up and as expected James barrelled down the stairs. Falkirk closing his eyes as the Alpha's feet lost traction and landed in a heap as he went from stone stair to tiled floor.

“A good Double O dose not panic.” Falkirk snapped. The curt admonishment did more to relax the Alpha than all the reassurances Falkirk could offer.

“I think it's starting” Falkirk informed as James picked himself up.

“Contractions?” James demanded fussing about the Omega.

“One...” Falkirk started

“One minute apart” James interrupted.

Scenting the heightened state of the Alpha. Falkirk snapped with authority “one contraction four minutes ago, mucus plug has broken.”

Looking sheepish, Falkirk asked James for a cloth. Duly James obeyed his Omega fetching the rag. Taking the cloth Falkirk wiping the stool. Falkirk handed it to James instructing him to throw it away.

With James' support Falkirk made it to the ground floor. Making for the lavatory Falkirk sat down on the toilet. James ran up stairs with his instructions. Returning James laid out the fresh pair of pyjama bottoms. Falkirk cleaned off the mucus remnants. Pulling on his pyjamas. James helped his mate up as a another contraction hit.

With long soothing strokes along his back. James helped see Falkirk through the discomfort. “Eight minutes” James observed helpfully.

“I am glad the skills of a Double O extend to telling the fucking time.” was Falkirk's snarky response. James got everything ready for the hospital while Falkirk walked in slow circles in the foyer.

“Is everything alright, sir?” Hudson asked coming down stairs in his dressing gown. Investigating all the strange noises. His hand moving behind him to block his gun from view.

“Yes thank you. I will be going to the hospital soon.” Falkirk informed.

Nodding “Very good sir and if I may, good luck” Hudson responded. As Falkirk was thanking the Alpha for his concern another contraction hit. With speed that defied his age, Hudson was at Falkirk's side supporting the Omega.

Another set of hands appeared supporting Falkirk's other side. Observing James started, “Still eight minutes, the midwife said...”

“This is not the bloody NHS. I'm paying, a lot so that bloody hospital will do as it's fucking told!” Falkirk interrupted before looking to Hudson “Warn the hospital of my arrival, contraction eight minutes apart” Falkirk ordered.

Stepping out  Hudson watched the car disappear into the night of London. The boy become man to become father. The the old Alpha felt exhilaration and melancholy at the prospect of the new arrival.


Sitting serenely Daniel had his eyes closed in meditation. Alec paced the square waiting room like a wolf in a cage. Every so often looking to the door. A growl form Daniel prevented him from wandering off again. The poor woman giving birth, probably still traumatised by the sudden appearance of the Operative going to the first door he could find.

Daniel explaining they needed to know the exact location of Falkirk for security reasons. There were now several MI6 guards dotted about the place for good measure. The hospital staff had requested Alec remain in the private waiting area.

Selene had returned home to see her recently sealed bond mate. Coming back after taking Cody to school, Keading accompanying her. Approaching the the two other men Keading handed the strong black coffee to Alec and the double shot Mocha to Daniel. Both thanking the Omega who then returned to his Alpha's side. Daniel and Alec sipped their drink. Alec returned to his pacing the caffeine boost not helping his agitated state.

“I'm going for a smoke” Alec proclaimed and darted out the door heading for the designated smoking area.

James appeared at the door a few minutes after Alec had left. A red mark marred the Alpha's face along with two lines of light scratches. “Would you stay with him?” James asked refusing to look at the other Alpha. When Daniel hesitated “Go!” James growled with a hard glare.

The big Scotsman found the room with the MI6 guard outside. The Omega nurse jumped at Daniel's sudden appearance. “You can fuck off as well” Falkirk spat at the Alpha before releasing a pained moan.

“Mr McLair has been physical.” the nurse warned from the corner as Daniel approached. Falkirk continued to hiss and spit curses at Daniel throughout his attempt to help calm the Omega. With two hands resting on the bed while he stood, shifting weight from one foot to the other Falkirk bore the pain. As Daniel gave soft words of encouragement a box of tissues suddenly impacted his head.

“If you can't say something useful shut up” Falkirk snapped through gritted teeth and dropping the box.

Pointing to a tube “Gimmy!” Falkirk demanded. Doing as commanded Daniel handed the Omega the pipe. Sucking on the mouth piece Falkirk relaxed slightly. Looking round the room the nurse had disappeared at some point. With the pain abating Falkirk apologised. Reassuring he understood Daniel caressed the Omega's neck. Helping Falkirk up onto the bed and onto his side Daniel continued to stroke the delicate neck. Bringing up his knees up Falkirk took full advantage of the brief respite.

A tall broad shouldered Alpha nurse entered. “Well Mr McLair lets see how you're progressing.” She said abruptly. Submitting to the examination as she continued, “I hear you're being temperamental, striking your Alpha, scaring the nurses” she admonished. Falkirk's legs snapped straight, coming out of the stirrup connecting with her nose. As Daniel switched from a warning growl to a hearty laugh James burst into the room.

“Get her out” Falkirk ordered. James grabbed the nurse by the scruff dragging her out.

Bringing himself under control. A few chuckles still slipping out. “That's ma laddie” Daniel praised stoking the Omega's sweat dampened hair off his face.

Dr Frost appeared quickly afterwards. She didn't apologise for the nurses' conduct but quickly and efficiently completed the examination. “You shouldn't be long now” the doctor informed.

Seeing a nasty challenging comment brewing in the Omega's mind. Daniel looking to avoid another altercation pressed his hand to Falkirk's mouth. The sharp teeth latched on almost immediately to the heal of the thumb. Seeing the interaction Dr Frost made a hasty exit before Falkirk could go for her.

With one last clench of his jaws Falkirk spat the hand from his mouth. Poking through the medical supplies Daniel requisitioned some gauze, pressing it to the seeping wound. Falkirk continued to glare at him until the contraction peaked and he took to the gas and air again. Making a distressed sound Falkirk told Daniel to get the midwife as his waters broke, “And James” he added in a desperate plea.

The door didn't even have time to swing between Daniel leaving and seeing James enter the room. Falkirk automatically reaching out to his Alpha. A bruise blossoming on his face and the scratch marks cutting Falkirk deep “I'm sorry” Falkirk pleaded cupping the face and caressing the scratches he made. As James reassured Falkirk he pressed his lips to the omega's brow and slipped in behind him. Dr Frost returned with the midwife. The Alpha nurse from before took a step into the room. Before James could do more than issue a menacing growl she was yanked back out, to the familiar and synchronised growling of Daniel and Alec.

Popping his head in. “Good luck” Alec said before pulling the door shut behind him.

Everything seemed to blur for the Alpha. His Omega's scream tore him apart, and all he could do was hold him. It was a helpless felling that he couldn't stop the pain. With encouragement Falkirk made a grunting scream and went slack. James brushed the sweaty fringe back, the green eyes were closed and he panted. A wail went up, James caught a glimpse of green eyes forcing themselves open before he turned his head to the sound.

The blond Omega male of a nurse was approaching. James was passed the small bundle, his breath stolen and heart clenching as he glimpsed the tiniest face. Falkirk, so tiered he could do little more than look at the tiny red squishy thing that was so beautiful, as they were both held in the strong arms of their Alpha.

The nurse hesitated a moment before asking, “Alphas don't, would father like to keep baby warm?” James wasn't sure what was being asked but he gave a nod.


Ignoring the staffs request to stay in the waiting room. Daniel had taken up position opposite Falkirk's door. Alec now had a whole corridor to pace along. Selene had taken up position beside Daniel so with the guards across from them there was now a quad of MI6 personnel stationed around the door of Falkirk's room. Keading watched proceedings from beside his Alpha with curiosity.

Nurse Nokes as he badge proclaimed made a point of walking passed them without fear as she moved up and down the corridor but made to further attempts to enter Falkirk's room. Alec stopped in front of Falkirk's door waited expectantly for a few moments before carrying on his journey.

Falkirk's pained moaning suddenly ended. Seeing Daniel and Selene stiffen Alec ran back in time to hear the first wail of the new life inside the room. With bated breath they waited an eternity before James appeared, his shirt open and a bundle pressed to the bare skin. He invited them in. The mix of scents in the room masked any attempt to identify the offspring by smell.

Carefully Alec approached James. Standing by his old friend's side. Seeing a squishy red face and dark hair pressed to the tanned chest. Alec still couldn't tell what had been born, James' scent masking the baby's.

“Son” James informed proudly.

“Omega” added Falkirk's quiet and tired voice.

When the squishy face opened a pair of bright blue eyes looked up at Alec before closing again. “Has his Father's eyes.” Alec said

“All babies have blue eyes” James responded hoping the baby would keep them.

Chapter Text

Moved into a private recovery room. Falkirk had slept fitfully off and on as the night turned to day. Alec had been dragged off by Daniel, taking Keading with them. Selene continued to float about, as head of Falkirk's personal security she was the only one legitimately working while at the hospital.

Awake, Falkirk rested until a commotion sounded down the hall. A tapping at the door followed by it opening and one of the guards calling a warning, “Holmes, Sherlock.”

James came to the door. Further down the hall a nurse was making demands of the tall detective. Insisting it wasn't visiting time and if he continued security would be called. Like a ship parting the waves Sherlock stalked down the hall brushing past all. The smaller beta companion, trying to calm down the Alpha before he arrived.

“If he makes it to the door he can come in.” James ordered the guard.

Despite his exhaustion Falkirk had been unable to sleep properly. The still as yet unnamed baby, however, slept soundly. Positioning himself between the bed and cot, stroking Falkirk's neck as he watched the sleeping baby James waited.

Surprisingly the door didn't fly open at Sherlock's arrival. Gently and quietly Sherlock entered with Watson on his tail. Falkirk mumbled a greeting to his brother, who kept a cautious eye on the guarding James as he approached the Omega. Very aware of the territorial Alpha Sherlock scented and nuzzling his brother. Returning the gesture as best as he could, the familiar family scent calm and secure to Falkirk. Light pleasantries being exchanged between John and James.

Following Sherlock as he pulled back until his body protested and Q let out a whine. James' hand immediately returned to give the calming touches. Sherlock moved to the clear plastic cot, his grey eyes darting as his head bobbed left to right, close and far inspected the baby from all angles without touching him. Deducing, “6lb 4oz, good weight for an Omega. 18 inches, crown to rump. Head about 13 inches.” Sherlock carefully looked at the small hands with tiny red fingers as they opened and closed a bit, “And likely left handed.”

John, seeing James's dumbfounded expression and how tired the Omega was. Grasping Sherlock's arm and tugging him away from the baby. “Come on. They need rest.” He said quietly. Sherlock's head darted to the parents, his eyes scanning them and nodded, allowing John to lead him away.

With Sherlock's visit over and the last of the adrenalin leaving Falkirk's system he crashed falling into a deep and exhausted stupor. As Falkirk slept James tore himself away from one Omega to approach the other. The baby was less red now, only pudgy. A tuft of dark hair visible from under the tiniest woolly hat James had ever seen. He could already tell his son would have long floppy hair as a standard, just like his Papa. James pressed the pad of his index finger to the tiny palm and watched the fingers curl around it. A chewing motion of the dark lips, again so like the boy's Papa. “So small?” James said, not sure if he quite believed his eyes.

When a male Omega entered, in the white uniform of a nurse. “He's just gotten to sleep?” James complained. The nurse moving closer to the Omega on the bed.

The male nurse, a mixture of sympathy, hesitancy and determination insisted, “Baby needs his nourishment and it is important, little and often.”

It tore James' heart to hear the whine as Falkirk was roused to feed the baby. Following the nurse's soft instructions. James slipped in behind his mate supporting him and the baby. Eventually Falkirk made a continuous mewling sound and only quieting as the baby latched on. It amazed the Alpha how Omega males could supply enough milk when there chest didn't change that much, just a slight swelling. With the baby getting his fill Falkirk had fallen asleep.

Pulling the gown shut James let the nurse deal with the baby. Leaning back James kept a hold of Falkirk stroking his back and neck as he tucked the Omega's head under his chin. “Sleep now. Rest. You don't need to do anything.” James muttered adding his voice to supplement his scent and touch to help Falkirk feel secure and relaxed.


At the designated visiting time Mycroft appeared with another bouquet, a large and perfectly ornate arrangement of flowers, tied with Blue(boy) and violet(Omega) ribbons. The Alpha stood as far from the baby as possible sending the child wary glances.

“It's not a bomb.” James remarked to the uncomfortable man.

Mycroft just gave his tight smile to the other Alpha and approached his brother's other side. Mycroft hesitated trying to find something to say that would not come out as obvious or condescending. Given that he heard the nurses gossiping about an unloved member of staff crossing a patient and getting her nose broken Mycroft's initial concern may not be well received.

Giving up Mycroft reluctantly acknowledged, and for his brother, indulged in his base instincts. Leaning down to nuzzle the Omega in a awkward gesture. Cheek to cheek, “You have done something spectacular.” Mycroft whispered. With Falkirk coming out of his shell over the years Mycroft half expected his brother the baulk at the praise. Feeling an increased pressure against his face and a contended sigh. Mycroft couldn't help moving down to the crook of the Omega's neck to rub and breath in his scent.

Falkirk matched the gesture scenting his brother closely. The veiled approval unclenching something deep that Falkirk no longer wanted to admit affected him. Daniel as the most senior pack Alpha had not said anything yet as far as Falkirk could remember. His mate's whispered words brought comfort and pride but not the deep seated sense of approval of a pack. So the words of the man who should be the ranking Alpha was enough for the stressed Omega for the moment.

Alec barged in disrupting the moment, immediately making a beeline for James and the baby nestled in his arms. ”Hello, Munchkin.” he said brushing a soft cheek.

Mycroft stood straight up. Fixing a bemused smile. As if he hadn't been doing anything so base, as bending over a bed, indulging in a nuzzling session.

Daniel came in weighed down under mounds of flowers, balloons, sweets and toys. “You were meant to bloody help.” Daniel growled getting a mumble and dismissive wave from Alec in return.

Shifting his legs out the way Falkirk let the Alpha dump everything in a pile. The balloons floating up to the ceiling. A small stuffed bear rolled out of the pile 'Happy Birthday Q 2.0' embroidered on its stomach. Picking it up Falkirk smiled at the violet coloured bear. “Cyber division?” Falkirk asked, of his first posting in MI6. Daniel confirming Falkirk's suspicions. Most of the cards and toys where either masculine blue or the Omega violet.

“Who won the bets?” Falkirk asked looking through the cards.

“Maloney for the Double O pool.” Alec piped up.

“Underwood for administration, Ewan for cyber, Guy for mechanics, Kai for fabrication, Partridge for the armoury and I don't know for bio or chemical.” Daniel rattled off.

“Executive branch?” Falkirk asked realising everything was from individuals or groups in Q branch.

Shrugging.“Darren's dealing with them.” Daniel informed before adding “And he wants to come visit.”

“Look!” Alec called turning round to reveal the baby in his arms.

Daniel making room when Alec brought the baby over. Uncertain wide blue eyes looked up to the two men. The pert little nose making a snuffling, scenting. “Hello, little laddie” Daniel said softly, sending a smile to the boy.

A small unhappy mewl sounded causing James to almost lunge to get his baby before stopping himself. As Alec placed the baby in Falkirk's arms. Mycroft backed up as the baby got closer.

Mycroft stiffened and started issuing excuses and all but ran from the room as Falkirk opened his dressing gown. Even Daniel and Alec averted their eyes as the baby fed.

James came up beside his mate putting an arm around him. Brushing the soft dark hair of the baby with the other hand and pressing his lips to the limp hair of his mate. The trio made a picture perfect circle of a family. Mate, child, house, pack. The one thing a Double O should not have, a home, and one had formed around James.

Leaving the family in peace Alec and Daniel headed out. Passing Selene as she oversaw the changing of the shift.


James refused to leave but the staff seemed unsurprised by the Alpha's desire to remain with his Omega. A nurse came in at regular intervals to help feed the baby. After James returned the baby to his crib and the nurse had left them alone. “How about Andrew Frederick?” Falkirk said softly, liking the idea of honouring their parents but James had always been touchy on the subject of his family, ignoring it at best and outright hostile at worst.

Looking down on the small bundle wrapped in the soft blanket. “Hello, Andrew.” James said simply to the slumbering child and brushing his cheek before returning to his mate. The bed was too narrow for the two of them to sleep but James was able to perch beside Falkirk holding him close and pressing his lips to the Omega's. Falkirk fell asleep quickly in his Alpha's arms pleased his suggestion had been approved of.

A knock brought James out of his light doze. The Beta who introduced herself as a health visitor asked to speak with him alone.

Detaching himself from Falkirk. James followed the woman out. In a small informal consultation room only a few low chairs. The woman took a seat indicating James should do the same. Introducing herself as Emma as she looked through her notes.

“Your mate is in a high pressure job and is quite intendant for an Omega.” came a soft Irish accent. “He attacked an Alpha and has been seen issuing orders. This is not beneficial behaviour for an Omega.” she continued pulling out some pamphlets on Alpha/Omega relationships, targeted at teenagers.

Not liking the overly patronising and sympathetic start. James schooled his expression and being a Beta she would be unable to pick up his furious scent ques.

“To much independence can be detrimental to an Omegas. Causing insecurities and depression. Ultimately he would appreciate a firm hand and you don't want him to set a bad example to your son. It's not uncommon for an Alpha not to know how to deal with Omega. Especially when they only have experience of Alpha or Beta partners. Omegas need more care, these will help.” Emma said handing over the pamphlets.

A knocking interrupted them, an MI6 guard immediately popped his head into the room “Th... the Prime Minister to see M.” the Alpha guard said, James' enraged scent making him stutter slightly.

“The Prime Minister can go in, alone” James ordered. The guard closed the door behind him to deliver the message.

Giving the woman his most threatening smile, “You were saying?”

“I know this may be hard to hear but I only have your Omega's best interests at heart.” She insisted.

“Could you wait here a moment.” James asked pleasantly before taking Falkirk's notes out of the woman's grasp and leaving the room.


Waking up. Falkirk saw the tall hawk eyed Alpha looking over the side of the crib. “Prime Minister?” Falkirk called drawing the man's attention.

With a single raised brow Urquhart looked to Falkirk. “An Omega. Well if he is half as good a his parents The World Will Not Be Enough.” he drawled. The smirk the Prime Minister sent Falkirk indicating he knew the the relevance of the words. “Have you chosen a name?”

“Andrew Frederick Bond.” Falkirk informed proudly.

“A good Scottish name.” Urquhart responded, nodding.

“I thought it was Greek.” Falkirk challenged getting a soft lecture in Scots mythology. The soft precise tones of the Alpha had a hypnotic affect. Relaxing Falkirk like a bed time story.

Coming to sit on the side of the bed. “I am loathed to speak of this but I need your help?” Urquhart asked in the same soft tones.

In a dreamy voice Falkirk answered. “I will not help or hinder you or your enemies.”

“My enemies no longer need help and I do not ask for myself.”

“I will not promise anything.” Falkirk said.

“The wolves are circling and at a time like this we must know who we can turn to.” Urquhart stated before looking to Falkirk for the first time since he sat down. “I would like Elizabeth to be able to turn to you, for advice.”

Thinking back to Mycroft's request for the same thing Falkirk didn't see a reason to refuse and despite all the man in front of him had done. He had treated Falkirk with a dignity and respect that others simply didn't understand. “Two things.” Falkirk stated waiting for a nod before continuing.

“Daniel.” Falkirk prompted. Lifting his hand as high as possible to indicate the man's size. Getting a nod of recognition from the PM.

“I believe I had the pleasure.”

“Born the wrong side. His Father was Duke of Rothsea. The title was lost on his death with no male heir apparent to the title.”

Urquhart nodded again. “My sway with the King is diminished of late. But I'm sure the title could be returned to the bloodline at least.”

“Two, we must assure a smooth transition when your time comes to a close.” Falkirk said before Urquhart gave another single nod

Urquhart could guess. “You want Gareth Mallory?”

Falkirk confirmed the Prime Minister's suspicions was correct just before a mewl interrupted them. “Would you be so kind?” Falkirk asked indicating the perspex cot a short distance from the bed.

A strange expression flickered over the Urquhart's face before he moved to comply. An Omega showing trust by allowing the non pack Alpha close to his pup. For the first time the intimidating Alpha looked unsure of himself. However, his grip of Andrew was firm, gentle and sure. Cradling the baby Urquhart mused over his regret at not having children. Passing over the baby with a last lingering touch the Prime Minister turned his back to give a semblance of privacy to the nursing Omega.

Falkirk continued to ask questions about the circling wolves as Urquhart had put it. “Someone is trying to get my Service Record released, un-redacted. A few of the small fry have been sent forth by their masters, none have drawn blood yet. Mattie Storin is also rearing its head again. You may not understand this, I do not fear an end I fear how it will end.”

“The worst fate imaginable to most of my Operatives. Is to end their time behind a desk, nine to five, income tax, mortgage, children...” Falkirk trailed off no longer wanting to think about the prospects of the ways Operatives careers came to an end.

Looking over his shoulder. He could see how uncomfortable Falkirk was. “Perhaps you do.” Urquhart said before turning back.

A knock sounded at the door. Pulling it open Urquhart was greeted with Falkirk's MI5 counterpart. Like always Smiley was in a dingy suit and long coat, already wiping his thick square glasses with his tie. “A social call?” Urquhart asked. The last time Urquhart saw C looking so harassed was when he had been feeling particularly vindictive, and George Smiley had the unfortunate position of being in front of him at the time.

“Unfortunately not, Prime Minister. MI6 reports there has been unauthorised sharing of information in the hospital.” Smiley informed. Looking to Falkirk, Urquhart waited for a nod before he let the man into the room.

Falkirk had moved onto changing the nappy as Smiley entered. “Your Q has just read me the riot act followed by Mycroft and even your mate. Apparently one of the most secure private hospital has some problems.” Smiley informed.

James arrived in time to add, “Butler and Q have removed the hospital's MI6 clearance.”

Urquhart's eye twitched at the news. Protestors had forced his car from the road a few months ago and this is where he was brought. Vivid dreams of his time in Cyprus had plagued him during that time and now people were pushing for that time in his military service to be made public. Fixing C with a cold glare. “Find every leak and, plug it!” Urquhart ordered with malice and cruelty in his cold eyes.

“M.” Urquhart said by way of goodbye and walked out.

“Report.” Falkirk snapped at the pair.

Chapter Text

James carried Andrew, the Omega male nurse pushing the chair Falkirk was in. Any sympathy for the distressed staff was short lived after James had informed Falkirk how much the on staff health visitor had been told and her 'recommendations', dreading to think how far his information would be spreading. Special Branch and MI5 where tearing the place apart interviewing everyone.

The Governors where busting a gut at loosing MI6 security clearance and were desperately trying to keep clearance for other institutions. Relying heavily the prestigious clients that came with the full vetting that the foreign Embassies, Royalty and security services brought. That was all now in jeopardy.

The Senior member of the board of governors was baring down on the family. Drawing to a stop just in front of Falkirk's wheel chair. The white haired and rather round director said, “M, I would like to again extend the apologies of the hospital and add my personal apology for the conduct of the staff.”

The scent of the Omega nurse behind him getting more distressed by the moment. But Falkirk didn't feel it was his place to interrupt as he was not being addressed.

The Directer glanced to Falkirk, following the nurse's desperate glances before dismissing him and returning his gaze to James.

James gave the man a charming smile. “Your continuing efforts towards excellence is truly remarkable.” James said getting a relieved smile from the administrator.

The Director then turned a pleasant smile on Falkirk. “Goodbye Mr McLair and congratulations.” The old doctor said to Falkirk. Then looked to James,“Sir Thomas.”

The nurse kept his head down submissively as they moved on and throughout the journey to the underground car park. Falkirk watched the Double O and bodyguard have a debate on how to secure the baby and car seat.

“Would you like the engineer to do it?” Falkirk offered pleasantly while he held Andrew.

“I have some experience with baby seats.” the driver said seeing the pair making no headway.

Growling James returned to Falkirk's side. Allowing Selene to give her consent and admit defeat for the both of them. Getting out of the front the driver came round and into the back. Pulling the tangle of safety belt and seat apart he placed the seat on the ground. Asking for the baby James reluctantly scooped the child form Falkirk's grasp. The driver first secured Andrew into his seat before placing the precious bundle in the car.

“I told you it goes back to front.” Selene hissed to James. The new father wincing when the driver tugged sharply on the safety belt making sure it was tight enough around the baby seat. Climbing out the driver proclaimed, “All done.”

Thanking him Falkirk braced to push himself up. With James' assistance Falkirk made it into the back, beside his son with James sitting opposite, with his back to the driver. Selene joined the driver up front for the short journey home.

Selene had been given charge of the baby while James helped Falkirk up the stairs to the front door. As expected the door swung open under Hudson's hand. The perfume of the bouquets filling the foyer hitting them. Keading was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Mrs bridges was also peeking out from the entrance to the kitchen stairs.

Calling the woman out. Falkirk introduced Andrew to Hudson first then Mrs Bridges. Hudson fairly reserved just smiled at the slumbering infant while Mrs Bridges cooed excitedly, stroking his cheek.

With the introductions over James led Falkirk upstairs, Keading following with Andrew. The smaller cot had been brought into the bedroom. Sitting on the bed Falkirk watched as James placed Andrew in the crib without the baby stirring once. Pulling out Falkirk's soft flannel pyjamas and helping him change. “Keading has offered to help.” James informed.

Tucking the Omega into bed James got his laptop and phone. Accessing the MI6 networks. Falkirk started going through the active operations. Calling Darren his office phone went to voice mail as did Tanner's. Confused Falkirk looked up their schedules not seeing anything. Falkirk tried Darren's mobile.

Picking up Darren informed his boss he and Tanner where almost at the house. Warning James who had taken up position at a chair by the window, the operative went to inform Hudson.

Keading had returned. The other omega lying on the bed beside him. Falkirk accepting Polaroids, a picture of the bouquet sent and the greeting card attached to it with a paper-clip. They were organised by country then sender. Reaching the USA photos, one from the Bartlets, CIA, Daniel's brother, a personal bunch from Greer, Tony Stark, Another personal bunch from Jack Wade. “How did Stark find out. I only met him once, got ogled, and left.” Falkirk muttered, looking at the personal hand written card with a grease stained thumb print and all.

Falkirk making piles. The ones he just needed to acknowledge, meaning someone else would write the thank you in his name. And the others he would respond to personally. “White House.” Keading said handing over the square photo. Falkirk putting it in the pile for the secretary pool to deal with. The personal ones from Jeb Bartlet, with a different handwriting for his wife's signature Falkirk would write a thank you note himself(or James, the hero), just like for the flowers from Jack, Greer, Douglas Carrington and Tony.

Tanner and Darren where shown up. Both carrying more flowers and cards for the new parents. Falkirk didn't quite catch what Darren was muttering to Andrew in a much thicker than normal northern Irish accent. Tanner was looking over the Omega's shoulder observing Andrew had James' eyes and Falkirk's hair and skin tone.

“If his eyes where darker he would look just like his uncle Sherlock.” Darren said. It was nice to hear the remarks about how the child looked like his family.

“Who won the E branch pool?” Falkirk asked getting a “Me” from Darren.

Moving on Falkirk asked about the troubling reports of Double Oh One's mission in Bulgaria. “The Russians are reverting to the old ways.” Tanner informed. Apart from the background check for Villiers. Tanner offered the most mental stimulation Falkirk had for a while.


In the initial days home Falkirk had gained a grater respect for Keading. The omega was beside him, both around the plastic bath. Falkirk's hands trembled as he held the small body. Andrew screaming showing the pink gums and flat tongue.

Keading cupped his hands around Falkirk's, giving silent reassurance as he held the slippery and squirming baby.

“I dropped Cody.” came the soft American voice, the dark eyes still fixed on the small bundle in their arms. “He didn't want a bath and did thus full body jerk and threw his head back. I let go with my hand to stop his head snapping back and he fell. Not far, a few inches but I screamed. Luke came running. I thought I had killed him, even when Cody was screaming his lungs out. I didn't touch him for days. When Luke put him in my hand and left us alone, I was going to call you to come get Cody. But as I held him, a second became a minute, then an hour and before I knew it Luke was bringing dinner home and I bathed Cody.

Falkirk was so rapt by the story, he hadn't noticed Keading had pulled his hands back and he was holding Andrew, by himself. Keading put a tiny spot of shampoo on his finger tip and swept his hand over the head of dark hair. Falkirk keeping the bubbles from reaching the light blue eyes.


Hearing the mewl. Then the wail. Falkirk threw back the covers. Going to the small cot shrouded in shadow, James helping to support him. Falkirk's movement still quite delicate. Picking up the small bundle, wiping the tears from the eyes. It was a familiar process before the soft lips circled his nipple and started suckling. The feedings were still short and often. Shifting Andrew to his shoulder, a small burp. Falkirk lay the already asleep boy back down. James stroked the soft and wild hair before following his mate back to the bed.


“I feel like a cow.” Falkirk complained, the humming pump attached to his chest. James slid in behind him. The rough chin resting on his exposed shoulder.

“Well it will mean you can have a full night's rest.” James consoled, watching the small bag fill with the milk.

The night came and Falkirk heard the mewl. The bed dipped and shifted. The deep and rumbling voice of his Alpha and the mewl quietened. The omega was asleep again, by the time James opened the door. Taking Andrew to get his milk warmed.

Upstairs, in the nursery. A kettle was boiled and the small bag of milk was warmed, then attached to the teat. It wasn't the first time Andrew had taken a bottle, but he still wasn't sure about it. He did eventually latch on.

James paced, his son in the crook of his arm. The big eyes going heavy but still suckling. Pulling the bottle away. James scented the brand new omega. The smell so peaceful. Coming out of the nursery and down the flight of stairs and back into his room. James placed his son down, kissing his forehead, “Goodnight, little Andrew.”

James climbed back into bed and put a secure arm around the bigger Omega. Burying his nose on the mane of hair, smelling the fatigue that was mixed with the other scents that made up his Omega.


After a week Falkirk was able to move about again without James' steadying hand aiding him. Today James and Falkirk where going to interview three nannies for Andrew. Falkirk was reticent to employ someone but Keading had his own desires to follow and didn't want to burden him.

The library had been rearranged slightly for the interviews. Falkirk's desk remained where it was on the left. The coffee table had been moved in front of the window so a single chair could be placed a distance from the front of the desk. James sat off to the side beside the coffee table while Falkirk sat behind his desk.

Falkirk had the three CVs in front of him along with the Criminal Record Checks, Security assessments and references. “Nanny Granger,” Hudson announced. The first was a veteran from a prestigious college and dressed in its full beige uniform, of skirt, blazer and white blouse. Omega, she held her head high and unhesitating.

The hawk like eyes where the first thing Falkirk noticed. The black/greying hair was held in a tight bun. It was bad to say so but Falkirk took an instant dislike to the woman. James instructed her to take a seat. The instruction split her attention between Falkirk in front and James to her side, almost behind her. Falkirk could tell his mate didn't like her either.

No ones employment history is spotless so Falkirk hadn't been too concerned about a few things in Granger's past. Using a few glossed over events Falkirk asked, “Why did you leave the Greysons after only four years?”

Listening to the explanation Falkirk wasn't convinced. “This is your third interview?” Falkirk observed expectantly.

“I don't quite understand?” Granger responded.

“Why have you been turned down twice when you are apparently perfect?” James said.

Bringing the interview to an end, “I would like to make further enquiries before we continue.” Falkirk said standing. Knowing she hadn't gotten the job Granger walked out Hudson immediately coming in.

Coming over to Falkirk, the older, blond butler leaned down, “Mr Style has arrived, he is not an Omega.” Hudson informed.

“I am aware.” Falkirk responded looking to James unsure of how he would take the prospect.

The next a beta, the only non specially trained nanny and also the oldest. She had worked in several prestigious households. Again she had sharp eyes, a shade of hazel, hidden behind a pair of rectangular half glasses. Her hair was short and grey without even a hint of colour.

Dressed in a skit suit of muted Argyll pattern. Her deep cultured voice resonated as she spoke. Fairly abrupt in her answers which Falkirk didn't mind and James would respond well to. Making a good impression with impeccable references and experience going back fifty years. She had worked with minor royalty and even security service personnel. Thanking her for her time Falkirk said they would be in touch in the next few days.

“Nanny, Styles.” Hudson announced the next candidate. Walking into the room underneath the suspicious gaze of Hudson to be met by James' openly hostile glare. The Alpha in the masculine version of the same beige uniform as the first candidate. A sharp glare from Falkirk silently telling James to behave. Not overly tall for an Alpha the emerald eyes not as hawkish as the previous two. With shocking red hair and clean shaven he was well turned out. Hudson gave the Alpha one last glance before closing the door.

Highly educated and having trained in two households. This would be his first time as the Nanny. Falkirk had gotten used to dealing with Alpha males with only James able to influence him now. He even thought Styles would make a good bodyguard given some training. Handling himself throughout the interview well. When Falkirk asked if James had anything he wanted to ask his Alpha just shook his head.

Standing, “Thank you for the opportunity.” Styles said sincerely, nodding to Falkirk then James.

“NO!” James decreed the moment the door closed behind the Alpha. Seeing his Alpha's heckles raised Falkirk acquiesced to his Alpha's desire.

“Very well.” Falkirk responded getting a growl in return.

“Don't do that.” James demanded. When Falkirk looked at him curiously James continued. “I am not being unreasonable. I have to live with that Alpha” James said reference to Hudson. Falkirk could understand James' position. James could accept Hudson due to the age difference but Styles was to much of a threat to an Alpha.

“Miss Jenkins it is then.” Falkirk said.


Giving his son a nuzzle Falkirk straightened up. James was still home but the prospect of leaving the infant was weighing heavily on the Omega. With a final look at father and son Falkirk descended the stairs to the waiting car. Falkirk had been to MI6 several times but only for a few hours at a stretch. Today would be his first full day back.

In the four days since last being at MI6. A mound of paperwork had amassed on Falkirk's desk. First things first Falkirk sent out an official communication to all station ordering a summery of the last twelve months operations. Next came the department heads, arranging a snap meeting for the afternoon.

With a cup of tea Falkirk started proceeding through the paper work. Coming to lunchtime Tanner entered Falkirk's office, “Double O Four is about to make his initial assault.”

Nodding Falkirk followed Tanner taking some of the paper work with him to the E branch situation room. Almost empty as it was Deputy Director Butler, in the alternate site, overseeing the operation. Falkirk was just going to listen in.

Going through the paper work as Masood relayed his progress through to Butler. Flicking his eyes up every so often to the images being supplied by the drone as Masood moved through the compound. Groaning as the Operative took off in a roof top chase “Why must they always over complicate things?” Falkirk complained.

Seeing the direction 004 was headed Falkirk opened the line to Butler. “He had better not make it to the Embassy.” Falkirk snapped. The statement was quickly relayed to 004 by the Deputy Director.

Watching the Operative pick up the pace. The target lunged forward, to collapse at the checkpoint of an embassy. Masood melting back into the crowd. When an embassy guard turned over the target's body, it was clear the he wasn't just injured. Opening the line to Butler again, “Good job.” Falkirk remarked.

“From on high, good job.” Butler relayed

The reports from the Stations started arriving on schedule and the Department meeting went off without a hitch. It was pleasantly familiar when Mallory arrived at the end of the day to escort his Spouse home. Coming into Falkirk's office he was offered a drink. “I missed this.” Mallory lamented taking an appreciative sip of the bourbon.

“I was made Deputy PM.” Mallory observed suspiciously, to Falkirk.

Giving him a soft smile. “Congratulations.” Falkirk returned.

“Come off it. Urquhart has suppressed, oppressed and humiliated every opponent. I am his most outspoken critic and now I'm Deputy Prime Minister. And I am led to believe you had nothing do with it.”

“You may say that, I couldn't possibly comment.” Falkirk shot back earning a smile at the use of the Prime Minister's favourite quote.

“I'm ready.” Darren called coming into the office. Watching the couple leave Falkirk absently packed up as well.

Arriving home Falkirk immediately went up stairs to the nursery. Where Nanny Jenkins was feeding Andrew from a bottle. A look crossed her face, too quickly for Falkirk to identify as he took over. Sitting in the rocking chair Falkirk hummed as Andrew finished his bottle. Lifting him up to his shoulder Falkirk patted and rubbed until a deep burp sounded. The scent of the baby shampoo mixed with the unique scent of the Omega. Picking up on something similar to James' scent but not quite as strong or intoxicating. Suddenly Falkirk became aware of the scent getting far stronger, oppressive, almost masking everything. “James.” Falkirk breathed opening his eyes to see the Alpha standing at the door way.

“Dinner is served.” James informed coming to help Falkirk place the sleeping baby in his crib. With Andrew down for the night Jenkins left for the evening.

Sitting down for the meal. “How has Jenkins been?” Falkirk asked casually.

“Traditional. Doesn't like her routine interrupted 'bad for baby' “ James responded.

Chapter Text

Falkirk was sitting on the floor with James laying on the couch behind him. Andrew had grown a lot in his first months. As tummy time dictated, Andrew was on his stomach, a bit like a parachuter in free fall, with his back arched and lifting his oversized he head up a bit. With a complex shifting of his disproportionate weight the baby had got his left knee under himself and was almost able to roll over all on his own.

James reached down and under his son. With his father's supporting some of his weight Andrew was able to push himself up. A few uncoordinated flail of the arms and legs before he stilled to rest from the exertions. “I'm going to miss him crawling. I'll miss so much.” James observed. It was a conversation Falkirk and James had had dozens of times over the passed week.

In the run up to James' first mission Falkirk could sense the trepidation in his mate. The logical, analytical part of Falkirk's mind was concerned for Operative's welfare. Was he still able to perform as an Operative given his changing priorities. The Omega part of him chastised him for doubting his Alpha and even his experience made Falkirk have doubt over his concerns.

Looking at James' face as he continued to touch the boy. Falkirk knew that some things still had not changed, James was still a lone wolf. He would be part of a pack as long as he could come and go. Stretching an arm Falkirk ran his fingers over the short pale hair of his alpha and down to his neck. James turned from watching Andrew and Falkirk leaned in and pressed his lips to his Alpha and mate. “You will return, Double O Seven.” Falkirk said, pulling back.

Subtly Falkirk had arranged for James to be assigned a mission that barely passed as a Double O level. Suspecting James knew what he was doing, James still voiced his concerns about the upcoming mission.

With the determination and iron will that had seen James throughout his life he prepared for his mission. When the day came Falkirk held Andrew as he waved James away. It was with joy and sorrow, that Falkirk supported his son's weight and the boy managed to move forward, in what would be come a crawl in time.


It amazed Falkirk how quickly Andrew progressed. The baby was working his arms and legs, shuffling along on his tummy, a bit like a commando. Every so often getting his knees under him and able to give a good push forward. Especially when Falkirk had an idea. Placing Andrew, dressed in his soft flannel onesie, on the polished wooden floor. Andrew was able to slide forward and about with much more ease. At which point Falkirk realised he was testing a hypothesis on his son, and gauging how fast he could move. About a quarter meter in three minuets. Followed by a memory of finding Sherlock doing something similar with a poor mouse.

Falkirk crouched down and scooped up the boy, getting a mewl for disturbing him. Giving his son a nuzzle and a kiss to the chubby cheek. He handed Andrew over to Nanny Jenkins. Brushing a cheek, “Goodbye little one.” Falkirk said and gave a wave.

Tanner was in the parking garage when Falkirk arrived. The Chief of Staff pulled his door open. “M, there is a report from immigration. General Pushkin arrived an hour ago.”

Falkirk nodded in understanding. “Do we know why he is here?”

“Working on it. The news only filtered down to us about it five minutes ago.”

On the way up to E Branch. Tanner's phone beeped as they stepped off the lift. “He's here, in the lobby.”

Falkirk nodded to the lift doors. “Take your time.” Falkirk ordered. He then headed to his office while Tanner went to greet the head of the Russian Intelligence Service.

Sitting in his office. Falkirk pulled up the newest intelligence on the General. There was too much information for the five minutes it took for Tanner to escort the man himself up to E branch. Although, Tanner did managed to stretched out the journey to nearly ten minutes but it still didn't give Falkirk time to find something.

The balding man, with black hair at the sides of his head and a wispy dark beard appeared. Falkirk stood to shake the man's red and pudgy hand. “I hope you bring glad tidings?” Falkirk said and indicated the man to have a seat.

“No, unfortunately.” Pushkin said, his thick Russian accent rolling and soft. From his briefcase he pulled out two folders, explaining one was the original the other a translated version. Accepting them Falkirk sent the original for authentication and read over the English version.

Despite it being just after 8am in London and 10am in Moscow when Falkirk offered a drink Pushkin took it. The old Russian lamented the lack of Vodka. Falkirk continued to read. Although he shouldn't, after several more pages Falkirk poured himself a small glass of bourbon well.

Finishing he sat back, crossing his legs and clasping his hand on his knee. The posture made him look willow and spindly, with the pale wood of his mackintosh chair reaching the top of his head. Falkirk had been told he looked a little like a vampire on his throne when he sat like that.

Darren's Irish drawl sounded over the intercom. “M, Line 1.”

Falkirk knew his PA wouldn't interrupt lightly. Lifting the handset he connected to the line. Mallory was the chosen spokesman, he made the Government's position clear. Hanging up. Pushkin likely suspected that it was the British government making its position clear and said, “If Papava is handed over we can end this quickly.”

Knowing he couldn't afford a rogue operative and with Mallory and the Foreign Secretary wanting to avoid a full diplomatic incident. “I will consider it. Only after we have verified your accusations against Double O One.” Falkirk said.

“Do not take too long.” The General said and pushed himself up.

The moment he was out. Falkirk rested his arms on the desk. In a fit of anger, curled his fingers, gouging a scratch on his desk. “Shit!”


The rapid thudding of a jack hammer cut through Falkirk's head. The chimney of the fireplace being dismantled. The men in white forensic suits worked to expose the back of the safe that had been found. The door on the inside of the chimney shaft, but after failing with the lock they were going for bruit force. When the square of grey metal was visible the workmen switched to a torch.

Falkirk paced the small lounge while the safe was cut into. When they arrived, minutes after Pushkin had left MI6, the one bed flat had been all precise and squared lines. Blocky furniture. Lots of hard glass, pale wood. All very Scandinavian. Now it was a building site, being torn to pieces.

With a clunk the men pulled an oval of thick metal from the safe. They pulled out the files, bundles of cash and documents. Falkirk's eyes snapping to a pink file, with the hammer and sickle. He recognised an official KGB hard copy.

Pulling out his phone, ready to take photos so the translators could get to work. But as he pulled the red ribbon. Falkirk sighed, at the very front was an image of the parents of Scarlett Papava, dead, execution wounds to their head. There were other photos further back, in their proper place in the file. He took the photos and within moments he received a call. Tanner saying, “It's an order to purge a village. Between age and the accusations made by the FSB against Double O One. Only Pushkin is left alive. He was a Corporal at the time.”

Coming out of the flat and down the communal stairs. Scrubbing his face, wondering where 001 got the document from. Or who gave it to her. Real KGB hard copies were like chicken's teeth. It was one of only a few Falkirk knew of.

Selene falling in as he stepped out onto the pavement and approached his car.


Working away in his library Falkirk could hear Mr Hudson and Nanny Jenkins coming down the stairs. The front door opened and closed. The soft Scots accent drifted through the house followed by rapid shuffling and squeals of delight. Andrew soon appeared at the doorway of the library. Like a little express train the now mobile Andrew made a beeline for his Papa. When Hudson stepped into the room he stiffened at seeing Falkirk. “I was not aware you were here?” he said coming to pick up Andrew.

Waving the man off, “I'm leaving soon.” Falkirk informed.

“I was just letting the little one explore, work out his territory.” Hudson explained.

A vague and old memory surfaced of sneaking down stairs trying not to be seen by the strangers that seemed to live down there. Then Hudson following him through out the house, never directly. Just when Falkirk turned around the man would be crossing the hall, entering or exiting another room. A silent shadow and guardian, who would always call 'Sir' or 'Madam' a little louder than necessary and give him time to vanish, run or hide.

Falkirk looked transfixed as Andrew grabbed the handle of a drawer and levered himself up right, just for a moment before he collapsed onto a heap. Mewling at the jolt. Falkirk reached down to pick up the sniffling child. After a nuzzle and a bit of codling. Falkirk placed Andrew back down and with a pat on the backside he started crawling off as fast as his arms and legs could move. Hudson acting as the ever faithful shadow, following Andrew in his exploring.

Arriving at MI6, and heading down into the understructure. Getting his instructions from Q Branch Falkirk accepted an injection with an instruction he could not feed Andrew for the next two weeks. The chemist handed Falkirk a vial, “For oral administration.” she instructed.

Moving off Daniel followed expressing his concerns for Falkirk and his plan. “It's the best solution.” Falkirk reiterated.

“I meant you going. Let me?” The Scotsman said.

Falkirk shook his head, “I need to be the one.”

Meeting Selene and the tactical team in the garage they headed to the airport. Falkirk hated the small planes more than the large ones and if he was unable to feed anyway he decided to make sure he could have a green widow on board. He sipped the matt green drink as the coffin sized plane moved toward the destination, thinking of what awaited him he gulped down the entire glass.

Arriving in Budapest. On the tarmac, the line of MI6 stood toe to toe with its FSB counterpart. Greeting the man he had seen in London about a month before, “You will not act until I say so.” Falkirk ordered.

Pushkin wore the concealed suspicion expected of his position when dealing with M. Reiterating, “You have one chance to end this without a bloodbath. M.” Falkirk ignored the man's threat.

Arriving at the five star hotel. A white marble building of the old and opulent Russian era. General Pushkin waited out of the way somewhere with a MI6 minder. Pushkin's final remainder ringing in his ears, “If we do not get Papava there will be repercussions.”

Falkirk and Selene where shown to the suite. A plush set of rooms decorated in polished white marble and deep pile rugs. Gold fixtures and small crystal chandlers.

Finding the mini bar Falkirk popped the lid to Papava's favourite brand of vodka. Taking the bottle Falkirk poured a shot and downed it in one, placing the used glass on the table. He then emptied the Q branch vial into the bottle before replacing the cap and making sure it was mixed in.

Placing a clean glass beside the used and with the bottle between. With some time before the Operative was to return Falkirk explored the suite. Pacing out the perimeter he entered the adjoining bedroom. Like most Double O's there was nothing that the Operative couldn't leave if she needed to.

The spotter announced 001's arrival. Taking a seat Falkirk poured himself another shot. Making a show of sipping it as he read over the Russian evidence of Papava's rogue assassinations. The door swung open and Selene glared at the operative as she entered.

“Been up to anything interesting?” Falkirk asked casually. Pouring the other glass, Falkirk sipping his own. The white blond woman with pale blue eyes and hard expression on her beautiful flawless face kept a careful eye on Selene as she sat across from M. Finish his drink Falkirk refilled his own, taking note that Papava hadn't touched her glass. Taking a sip Falkirk placed the Russian evidence down and with a sweep of a hand the photos and documents spread across the table.

With a challenging look Papava leant forward to take Falkirk's glass, using the movement to disguise the unsheathing of her gun. Downing Falkirk's glass in one Papava sat back with the gun resting on her lap, casually pointed at Falkirk, a careful eye on Selene. “They deserved death.”

“There is no doubt of that. But you have acted autonomously, in detriment to British interests.” Falkirk shot back.

Papava chuckled, taunting, “Double O states revoked? Under arrest?”

“You know we're too late for that now.” Falkirk informed with a sad smile.

Switching her challenging look to Selene. “Your attack dog isn't good enough.” Papava said.

When neither Selene or Falkirk did anything. Papava started to get concern. Seeing the same sad smile on M's face Papava pulled her gun fully out and tried to target the Omega. With motor skills diminishing Papava couldn't make a coordinated movement. The gun falling from her lax grasp.

Getting up Falkirk moved round to sit beside the distressed Operative.”I killed you five minutes ago.” Falkirk informed.

“But, you drank, I drank your...” Papava insisted.

“A Q branch trick.” Falkirk informed as he wrapped an arm around the operative allowing her to slump against him. Pillowing the Alpha's head in his lap Falkirk stroked her hair.

“I'm not going to Pushkin?” Papava begged in distressed tones.

“No.” Falkirk responded adamantly. Starting to stroke the hair that was in a tight bun.

“He murdered them, everyone...” the Operative's voice was becoming slurred now. Her eyes getting heavy.

“I know.” Falkirk responded softly his eyes glistening. His green eyes looking up, in an effort to stop the tears from falling.

“So close, only Pushkin... Please, just one more, Pushkin...”

With the operative dying in his lap Falkirk couldn't bring himself to deny her anything. “I will finish him, for you.” Unsure if she heard or not as Falkirk noticed Papava was now unnaturally still.

Wiping his eyes Falkirk nodded to Selene who called in the private paramedics. Papava was covered in a white blanket and strapped to the gurney.

Pushkin entered with a couple Russian minders in tow. “You were meant to hand her over, Alive!” Pushkin demanded.

“You did not specify alive and Raoul Silva put an end to that policy.” Falkirk shot back.

Falkirk though about asking for the body but he just knew, Pushkin in act of spit would either deny him or do something he wouldn't be able to restrain himself with. And now wasn't the time to fulfil his promise. Walking out Falkirk couldn't look back to the deceased Operative or FSB director.


Arriving back in London. Falkirk gave the driver an address. Unfamiliar with the address the driver looked to Selene who shrugged then nodded. Pulling up to the private home with police guarding it. After assessing his credentials Falkirk was allowed to approach the private property and retreat from the chaos of the official residence.

A poised female Alpha, with shoulder length dark hair opened the door with a confused expression on her face. “M?” Elizabeth Urquhart greeted. Allowing Falkirk in she showed him to the living room.

“M, my boy.” Frances Urquhart called. Offering him a whisky the PM pulled himself up from the gaudy floral print couch.

“I was looking for an empathetic ear.” Falkirk said taking the offered whiskey from the lean and tall old man. A white eyebrow raised in confusion at the prospect of being empathetic.

“The Russian situation?” Urquhart asked having been briefed on the Double O's actions and the pieces clicking into place. “To turn over someone under your command...”

“At what point would you believe that, I would hand over a valuable asset. At best she would be interrogated before she was killed. At the worst she would be turned and sent back to us as an enemy.” Falkirk shot back cutting through the PM's placating words.

Urquhart gave a single nod and a “Ah!” of acknowledgement. Understanding what had happened.

“She died in my arms.” Falkirk admitted.

With something better than compassion, understanding, Urquhart said, “Sometimes the hardest choice is the kindest option.”

Falkirk knew the PM had an obscure sense of ethics but now the reassurance of his decision was welcome. A distant look passed over the PM's face and the sharp blue eyes clouded with memories of his own.

Elizabeth appeared at Falkirk's arm with the bottle. Falkirk held up the glass for a refill. “Have you eaten?” she asked. Thanking Elizabeth and politely declining. Falkirk turned his attention to the PM as his wife disappeared from view again.

The soft melodious tones of the Prime Minster rumbled and purred gently, thick with emotion. “It needed to be done, it was the kindest option but we are the ones who bear the legacy. Given you are here now, and I believe you may have mentioned it before. Those men, the informers, they couldn't go back. What awaited them was horrors and torture, they were traitors to their own. With me it was as quick and painless as I could achieve. I believe I did the better thing that day by my Agents. Just as you did the better thing by your Operative this day.”

Despite Falkirk's protests. Elizabeth placed down a plate of Salmon sandwiches, in triangles with the crusts cut off. Urquhart assured his wife was a bastion of trust. Falkirk caught her eye and she had a calculating and weighing gleam in her brown eyes. She was just like her husband in many regards. Thanking her Falkirk picked up a sandwich and ate it. “You are most welcome, M.” she said with a soft smile, flicking her gaze between the two men. Attempting to lighten the mood she thanked Falkirk again for the invitation to MI6 which led to gossip of the King joining the Scots Guards.

Urquhart quietly informing, “The King washed out. Couldn't meet the physical challenge. Or the mental. Walked off base and didn't look back. Should be in the stockade for an AWOL. Your Brother and Gareth are brushing that one under the carpet as we speak.”

“What about the Air Force Regiment? They are known to be less, taxing.” Falkirk offered. A little concerned, a failure would allow Urquhart to regain control over the King.

“Hardly prestigious.” Urquhart responded.

Deciding it might be time to take the toy away from both posturing Alphas. Falkirk offered, “What if he was prepared?” Earning an intrigued look from the PM. “I could arrange for private training to military standards.”

“That would certainly get the stick about. Lets try the Navy, where we can avoid sending him to the problem areas and out of the active combat-zones. I believe you have some sway with the First Sea Lord?” Urquhart mused. Falkirk acknowledged and made a note.

Thanking Urquhart for his company and Elizabeth for her hospitality. A brief silent exchanged between the pair before Elizabeth asked, “M, it is tradition for M to have philanthropic affiliation. If you would be willing, my guild has many charities coming to speak, you may find something that you feel strongly for.” Agreeing Falkirk gave Elizabeth his card to arrange a time.

Arriving home, pushing the door open a lingering scent caught Falkirk's attention. Following the pheromone trail to his bedroom. Falkirk striped off climbing into bed. An appreciative low rumbling growl welcomed Falkirk home. And he was pulled into the arms of the slumbering Alpha.


Waking up to James nuzzling him while an erection ground into him. “Missed you.” Falkirk mumbled getting a possessive growl in response. The aroused pheromones had the Omega responding. All he had to do was arch his back and the instinctive thrust from the Alpha rubbed his cock over the relaxed and slick opening. A change of angle and the Alpha didn't even need to guide his erection, the Omega's body welcoming his Alpha in.

Washed and dressed. James came up behind his Omega wrapping his arms around him and with quick efficient movements he tied the half Windsor knot before shutting the waistcoat and buttoning it up. Turning Falkirk around he folded down the collar and straightened the tie. “Perfect!” James proclaimed with a nuzzle and a kiss to the pert nose. Holding out the pinstripe suit jacket James played the perfect valet for his mate.

Coming down stairs Nanny Jenkins was waiting with Andrew. Hudson setting out breakfast. James plucked the baby from the Nanny's grasp nuzzling him. Having breakfast James kept Andrew in his lap while Falkirk ate. Taking Andrew Falkirk entertained the baby until Selene arrived for the trip to MI6.

Falkirk placed the powder-blue onesie wearing baby down. Patting the padded bottom Andrew took off like an express train towards his Father. James crouched down and scooped up the boy and raising him high, with a wide surprised smile on the Alpha's face and a squeal of delight from the boy.

James and Andrew followed Falkirk to the door and with a nuzzle and kiss to both Falkirk waved goodbye.


Filling out the form for Scarlett Papava to be added to the memorial wall. Falkirk moved on to the other work. Seeing James' post mission debrief online. Falkirk started reading. Shaking his head only James could turn a simple mission into a threat to world peace. Falkirk did notice since James started answering to someone who had kicked the shit out of him, little of what he did made it to the press.

By the time Alec arrived in Falkirk's office in the afternoon. The speculation on Papava was all through the building. Only Falkirk and Selene knew for certain what happened in the room but the speculation was close enough.

Seeing the leaner blond Double O arrive. Falkirk waved Alec in. The debrief with Alec were always a little stiff, too close for a proper commander/subordinate relationship. But Alec had always accepted Falkirk as M. Pulling up the interviews and evidence from the debriefing after the mission. Alec having purged the asylum trail through Europe, of some of the worse and more organised terrorist elements.

Falkirk couldn't look the operative in the eye by the time the debrief came to an end. Issuing a sharp “Dismissed!” Alec hesitated before complying.

When Mallory arrived at the end of the day they had a pleasant drink together as usual. The Russian Ambassador had spoken to the Prime Minister about how Falkirk had resolved the situation. Mallory continued to explain, the PM already knew what had happened when the representative tried to shock him with the actions of M. “The PM seemed less than sympathetic to the Russian's plight or concerned by your conduct.” Mallory finished up.

'So Mallory knew' Falkirk thought.“Mycroft isn't to know.” Falkirk ordered, tone hard.

“He may already.” Mallory supplied.

Falkirk packed up before Mallory and Darren had left E branch. Selene caught up to Falkirk as he moved through the office. There was something off about the woman as they rode the night time streets. Arriving home Selene followed Falkirk up the steps into the house.

Falkirk almost walked into the door when it didn't open immediately. When the door was pulled open, it wasn't the yellow blond of an older Alpha, but the prime of his Alpha. The cold crystal blue eyes screaming a warning to Falkirk. Alec was standing at the entrance to the lounge when Falkirk stepped into the foyer. Selene closed the door behind her.

“No Hudson? No Daniel?” Falkirk speculated getting a shake of the head from James on both counts.

“I take it Mycroft will not be the only one making a mountain out of a mole hill.” Falkirk accused. Walking through to the library, his most comfortable location in the house.

“You killed, deliberately with premeditation. For What?” Alec challenged watching Falkirk take the seat behind the desk.

“Ninety eight people have died on my orders, two by my hand. As for the why, a licence to kill protects you from prosecution, not from enemies and allies when you start murdering whoever you feel like.” Falkirk said.

“The fact you remember is dangerous.” James said forcefully.

“Three hundred and seventy two.” Falkirk responded, before looking at the three in turn “Olivia Mansfield remembered her count. You are the instruments, less blunt than a drone and truly surgical, there to see if we missed something or make sure we don't hit the school or hospital next door. You are given the goal or target, it is people like me who decide on the goal or target.” Falkirk accused trying to reign in his anger.

Felling guilt over Papava, getting waylaid by the three and having the only support segregated was unacceptable. Clasping his hands Falkirk closed his eyes a moment before opening them. Alec, James and Selene all became uncomfortable with the hard stare as good as Olivia Mansfield had ever delivered. “You may be acting out of some sort of concern, but, your conduct dose not support that perception. Make your point quickly. As of now your careers, your very freedom depends on it.”

“Falkirk?” Alec started, until he was subjected to the sole focused intensity of M's hard glare “M.” Alec corrected before tailing off dropping his head. Even James seemed to have lost his voice. With a force of will James kept his head straight while the other two dropped into a submissive poses.

“Double O Six, Ms Corvin indefinite suspension. Double.. Double O... DOUBLE O Seven.”

“Will be the same.” a hard Scots accent called coming into the library. Daniel stood with Hudson a few paces behind him, both in coats and the butler still wearing his bowler hat.

“You are aware Angus Hudson was an MI6 agent. Did it cross you mind that he is still every bit MI6 that everyone else is?” Falkirk accused, looking at James.

“No, M.” James answered. Looking a little sheepish.

“Andrew? Jenkins?” Falkirk demanded still looking to James.

“With Keading, M.” he responded.

“Andrew will be back in ten minutes or else. GET OUT!”

James, Alec and Selene scrambled out of the room. Falkirk shouting to the still open door, “OF THE HOUSE!”

Hudson's superior and disapproving glare following as they passed him. The butler followed, closing the library door behind him.

Falkirk crumbled at the quiet snick of the door. Immediately Daniel gathered Falkirk up. The distressed Omega's knees buckling and Daniel controlling their descent to the floor and shifting the smaller man to his lap. Tucking Falkirk's head under his chin. Daniel stroked his back and neck.

“You want me to kick the shit out of them?” Daniel offered. It was proof how much it had hurt when Falkirk just clung tighter instead of dismissing the offer.

Not even ten minutes later a soft knock sounded. Hesitantly a dark head peeked round the door “Andrew's home, he's asleep. I put him in his crib.” Keading informed. He was fidgeting and reeking of fear.

“Thanks.” Daniel answered for Falkirk who was awake and completely still.

The door opened again a few minutes later. Keading had a mound of blankets and cushions in his arms. Approaching the Alpha sitting on the floor. Keading built up a cocoon around them. Sitting beside Daniel and pulling the cocoon closed. Keading lay his head next to Falkirk's on Daniel's broad chest.

With an Omega under each arm Daniel relaxed as best he could given the cramped overly warm conditions. Eventual the Omegas started exchanging caresses until they were in continuous contact with each other as well as the Alpha.

“Why dose he have to be a prick?” Falkirk begged, letting the tears slip out.

There was a deep sharp breath from the broad chest. The Scots brogue was rough and deep, “The answer is the same as before. You are not an Alpha to him. If you were, you would have cut him down at every act of insubordination. In time he would be forced to submit to you, even in the decisions he disagreed with, or he would have to leave. You have never challenged and asserted yourself over him so he will always challenge you with the decisions he doesn't agree with or doesn't understand.”

“But Selene and Alec?” Falkirk whined.

Daniel wanted to rage but one Omega was having an existential crisis, reeking of despair and doubting himself. The other had been dragged into a situation, by his Alpha who should have known better, reeking of fear over what was happening. Daniel squeezed both a both a bit tighter. Closing his eyes, he found his centre, calming the biological response to the pheromones and slowed his heart rate.

”If Alec and Selene could see the world as you do. They would be M, making the decisions. They are not M because they can't put the situation ahead of their own feelings. For what it is wroth, I would have done the same as you, perhaps not poison. Mansfield would have given her over to the Russians, like she did Silva with the Chinese. But you know all this, don't let three short-sighted Operatives make you doubt yourself. ”

Chapter Text

Daniel stiffly stretched disturbing the two slumbering Omegas he was wrapped around. Falkirk was able to wash and change. Then fed Andrew his morning bottle, under the hard gaze of the Nanny. Daniel was going to wait until he arrived at Q branch where he had extra clothing and could shower.

Nanny Jenkins held Andrew as Falkirk headed for the door. Seeing James skulking down the street with a clear view of the door and Selene down the other end. Falkirk looked to the butler holding the door open, “James is not to set foot in this house.” Falkirk ordered. Getting a sharp response, “Yes, sir.”

Giving Andrew a last nuzzle Falkirk followed Daniel to the waiting car. The last thing Falkirk saw as the car pulled away, Keading and Cody heading towards Selene. The Alpha pulling the slightly smaller omega against her.

Entering his office. Darren's strange hazel eyes followed Falkirk, seeming to know something was up. Further confirming his suspicions when Falkirk said, “Call Brayan.”

The tall blond Alpha with aqua eyes, came into Falkirk's office, still sporting the shaggy hair that often strayed to beyond regulation length. He had been a shadow of the office for a while, a vigilant guard that often stood at the entrance to E Branch. An Alpha who had taken a shine to him after escorting Falkirk, when James had been shot and reported killed in Turkey.

The backup bodyguard took and easy stance, with his hands clasped at the small of his back and feet shoulder width apart. “Mr Brayan, Ms Corvin has been relieved of her duties. You are now my primary bodyguard. Familiarise yourself with my schedule. Ms Corvin is not expected to be a security risk, so her pre-existing plans shouldn't need to be altered.”

The blond acknowledged and Falkirk dismissed him. Coming to his door Falkirk watched the bodyguard go to the office on the right where Selene organised the security detail for M.

Calling in Tanner they reviewed the potential Double O missions. Finding something suitable Falkirk assigned it to Suzi Kew, a Beta of Japanese ancestry. Calling her in. Falkirk handed her the mission brief. Tanner and Falkirk filling in details they had picked up but had not made it into the brief.

Like most Betas, to Falkirk she seemed indistinct. He could pass Kew in the street with barely a notice. Even the strip of crimson dyed hair wasn't enough to make an impact. Absently musing he was either sexiest towards Betas or his perception was right and there weren't enough Betas to take much notice of. Standing Falkirk said, “Good Speed, Miss Kew. Report to Q-Branch, Dismissed.”

The woman in the short grey skirt suit pulled open the door and headed out. “Wait.” Falkirk called, Tanner about to follow the Operative out. “Close the door.”

It was the moment he was dreading, the moment he uttered the words there would be no containing them. “Double Oh Six, Seven and Selene Corvin are to be placed on indefinite suspension for insubordination and improper dissemination of in-field actions.” Falkirk informed. Tanner went through the procedure, if the two Operatives and bodyguard challenged Falkirk's decision, if they didn't, if the failed or succeeded.

In the boardroom attached to E-Branch. Falkirk sat between Tanner and Daniel, at the head of the oval table. A woman, who should have been Darren as M's PA but the Omega couldn't type fast enough to take proper dictation of the meeting, even though it was also being recorded.

James, Alec and Selene where called in. The three sitting at the foot. Falkirk went through the standard advisement they should have legal representation. The repercussions, up to and including execution for the charges that were being levelled against them. All three declined a lawyer and understood, their fate was in the hands of M.

“You are Double O, former and or current. A bodyguard. There are things that occur that you are not told of. Unless asked for your opinion, everything is 'Need to Know'. To challenge M, is inappropriate.” Falkirk said. He had written this down, but it was so hard with the eyes weighing on him. But it was him that needed to do it.

Falkirk laid out how inappropriate it was to challenge M over his actions in Budapest. None having the full facts, not even Selene who hadn't seen the evidence and only over heard conversations. Also Falkirk further chastised Selene for discussing what occurred in her duties as his bodyguard. Finally Falkirk said, “I am being lieutenant when I say you are being given 6 months to undergo the usual 18 of an assessment period. There will be no leeway, you must pass every assessment by an exceptional margin. Including the most stringent, loyalty assessment available to us.”

With a chorus of “Yes, M.” from each in turn they where given the disciplinary forms to sign.

Selene and Alec filed out theirs pretty quickly. James, going a little slowly. “You had better not be there when I look up.” Falkirk stated. When he did look up James wasn't there any more.

Looking round Tanner was fidgeting slightly. It didn't take long for the Beta to buckle. “Your brother called me, at home. He knew about Budapest and last night.” Tanner informed.

Nodding Falkirk stood coming out of the board room. Noticing the man in the black dress uniform with gold rope, heavy rank strips at on his cuffs and white epaulettes. Approaching his office, the bald man stood, tucking his cap under his arm. “Admiral Roebuck?” Falkirk greeted.

“M.” the man returned. Indicating the silver maned woman at his side. “Double O Four.” Falkirk greeted before Roebuck could make the introductions.

The cultured voice gave a purr, “Please, M. Victoria.” Falkirk returned the alpha's name and shook her hand, guiding his guests in to the office.

Coming round his desk, Falkirk held up the decanter, Roebuck nodded and Victoria accepting, “Please.”

Accepting the glass, watching the lean omega take his chair. “You leaned well, from your master.” Roebuck mused smelling the bourbon.

Falkirk fixed the woman with a cold hard gaze. He knew who she was, and probably why she was here. And with Roebuck, a nice friendly face for the first official meeting. “Not to insult the esteemed First Sea Lord, but he was my predecessor's friend. I find myself closer to the Prime Minister.” Falkirk taunted.

The woman smiled. Roebuck chuckled and made a comment about liking to swim with sharks under his breath. “You are quite formidable, M.” Victoria purred, with the same sultry tones as the best Double O on the offensive prowl. “The Trustees worry about a rumour, three pack mates getting information they are not entitled to.”

Surprise, well concealed. Falkirk sat back and crossed his legs, to gain a few moments to think. “Papava?”

“How you deal with a threat is the concern of M.” Victoria said. “The ability of M to do his duty is the concern of the Trustees.”

With complete innocence and big sparkling, youthful green eyes, “And how, Alpha, has M failed to do his duty?”

Roebuck decided the window had a wonderful view and looked at it intently. Victoria gave a slight gulp at the sudden change. “There are rumours that your Alpha and pack mates...”

“And who brought these rumours to the trustees?” Falkirk said, even letting his slight lisp become more pronounced to help with the act.

“The point has been made, Victoria.” Roebuck said. “M is aware he can't let his pack be given special treatment. I think we should end this on a civil note.”

“Of course, Geoffrey.” Victoria purred.

“A pleasure. Do call again.” Falkirk said head tilted forward and eyes up, with a smile, just a little too wide and dangerous.


“You kicked James to the crib, literally.” Mycroft mused coming into the lounge. The Alpha in question had been hanging round the street. Sometimes Falkirk saw him at the front and sometimes the back, Hudson nearly shooting him when he saw a person crouching behind the shrubs. James seemed to be somewhere whenever Falkirk looked. It was becoming a game of 'Where's Wally?'

Mycroft was still fairly wary of Andrew who Falkirk was holding, letting the boy feel his feet. When Hudson called, “Dinner is served.” Falkirk handed Andrew to Jenkins so he and Mycroft could eat in peace.

Over the poached salmon and asparagus. Mycroft said, “James was incorrect. You had to resolve the situation with the Operative. Your solution was... elegant.”

Falkirk wanted to cringe at the last word. Of all the words that wasn't the one he would have chosen. However, the Prime Minister, Daniel and now Mycroft agreed with him. Mycroft then quietly said, “James is forgetting his Officer training. The argument is an old one. Some only have to see the fight, others the battle but a few must see the entire war.”

“Speaking of the war.” Falkirk said, interrupting. He didn't really want to know were Mycroft was heading with the supposedly supportive story. “The King?”

Mycroft sagged in response to the word and said, “He stopped speaking to me.”

“Why is that, he seemed eager to be free of the Prime Minister?” Falkirk asked.

Mycroft avoided the question at first. Then said softly, “One of the Prime Minister's toadies whispered something in his ear. I was told never to contact him again.”

“I hear the King will be going into the Navy.” Falkirk said and got a tight uplift of Mycroft's right cheek in answer. Falkirk looked at his brother, “You can tell me anything. I will be an ear if nothing else.”

The cool poker face didn't leave Mycroft. Nor did Falkirk's suspicion that Mycroft had taken another blow from the Prime Minister.

It tore him up. Falkirk truly didn't feel the man was the threat Mycroft made him out to be. And for most of the Alphas Falkirk dealt with the Prime Minister was one of the fairest, as long as you treated him carefully, like swimming in shark infested water. But he couldn't watch his Brother being continently knocked down by Urquhart. “Would you like me to, do something?”

“That will not be necessary.” Mycroft snapped. Falkirk thinking he had offended the Alpha's pride. Mycroft leaving not long after.

Going to the library Falkirk worked away for a few hours before retiring for the night. Dressing in pyjamas Falkirk climbed into bed pulling James' pillow and hugging it. “Why couldn't you have given me a few days before being a complete arsehole.” Falkirk mumbled into the pillow and the fading scent. He fell asleep cursing the man, the alpha, the operative, the bastard.

Coming awake almost instantly. Falkirk looked about to what could have woken him. Nothing was out of place, no unusual scents and no noises that Falkirk could detect. There was rain battering the window but that wasn't unusual so Falkirk dismissed it until bright light flickered, casting strange shadows around the room. A moment then the violent crack and roll of the thunder.

Brief flashes illuminated the room again. Shortly followed by the slow rolling rumble of thunder. Standing, Falkirk pulled back the heavy curtains, looking out onto the street the rain beating down and sweeping the tarmac. Looking for James Falkirk couldn't see his mate anywhere. Pulling on a dressing gown Falkirk moved to one of the back room and looked out. Still nothing of his Alpha in the back garden or the lane beyond it. Deciding to have a cup of tea he went down stairs.

Going down the final flight of stairs into the basement kitchen. Not bothering with the light as the windows supplied just enough to see by. Coming to a stop Falkirk could see a bundle through the window onto the tiny courtyard up to street level. “So you aren't that smart.” Falkirk complained.

Going to the door Falkirk punched in the alarm code before unlocking and opening it. Despite the darkness the blue eyes pierced through the gloom. Going to the kettle Falkirk flipped it on to boil. Pouring the water into the teapot Falkirk picked up a mug and took the teapot upstairs leaving James standing at the door. Dripping water onto the tiles.

Sitting on the bed the tea going cold, unpoured, still in the pot. Falkirk having lost all notion for it. Lifting his legs Falkirk slipped back under the covers and laying down. A light tap at the door sounded as it opened slightly. Falkirk geared up for round two. Feeling an urge to scream and shout at the man that he had not felt since being pregnant.

“I should have supported you and have trusted your judgement.” James admitted. “You where right, we were out of line.”

The sudden lack of recrimination hit Falkirk like a punch. Releasing a choked sob he was wrapped in James' arms before Falkirk knew it. Apologies, praise and reassurance tumbled form James' lips in an incoherent jumble to Falkirk. “Bastard!” Falkirk spat beating the muscled chest and James letting him.

Calming down Falkirk felt cold and damp, his pyjamas clinging to his skin. Pushing back from James the source of the rain soaked wetness. Falkirk started peeling the damp clothes from James' chest. Helping him James slipped off his shirt and trousers climbing into bed beside the Omega. Wrapping his arms around Falkirk and and nuzzling the Omega's neck James gave a lick of apology.

“I can't stop the...” Falkirk said quietly before James interrupted him.

“I know you're big bad M, she would be proud of you.” James insisted. There was only one she Falkirk could think of at the time and James confirmed it. “You gave a royal bollocking to your Alpha and two pack mates. I don't think even M was that much of a hard-assed bitch.”

“I had to do it. Papava was reckless, she had been all but caught red handed. If I let her disappear MI6 would still be held responsible and I couldn't hand her over like M did Silva.” James listened to Falkirk's confession as he should have done days ago instead of confronting his mate at three to one. Giving kisses and nuzzles James could understand the precarious position Falkirk had been in and not just seeing it from the point of view of an Operative who had one of their number executed for convenience.


Falkirk stood in the observation room as an old Sgt. Major screamed at the new recruits. Amongst the veterans of the Air Force, Navy, Army and those non military who had been identified as being a potential benefit to MI6. James, Alec and Selene stood rather ungracefully beside the the rigid military types. Included in the group was a sixteen year old assigned the code name G. Everyone knew who he was. He was not here as a genuine recruit but to vastly improve his fitness and mental resilience. Still quite long and gangly, before he developed his muscle mass. The pretty wavy locks were buzzed and you couldn't even tell he was blond.

The three veterans did, however, leave the rest of the group in the figurative dust during the fitness assessment. Tuning his back on the gym. A ringing, and Falkirk pulled his phone out. Tanner's rushed and panicked voice came through, “Your brother and the Prime Minister.”

Falkirk arrived in E-Branch. Darren coming up to him and guiding him to the boardroom. The spindly white haired man, showing a slight superior smug glee for being able to take the commanding head of the table. His cold hawklike eye fixed on the reddish haired spindly man at the foot. Standing behind the PM, the Lurch like Special Branch bodyguard, Corder. A vacant rectangular man, uniformly broad and long, with a small square head, emphasised by the short back and sides with flat top. Behind Mycroft was an easily overlooked Beta male, in a grey suite.

Falkirk moved down the side of the table, with the two glaring alphas at each end and sat exactly half way between. “To what do I own this pleasure?”

Mycroft beat the Prime Minister, “He intends to leak Moriarty was our brother.”

“I thought your friends would like to know, with whom they are dealing.” Urquhart threatened. “And do not forget, you started this, my service record is 'Restricted' for the next 50 years.”

Falkirk could feel a band of pressure building around his brain.

“You did murder two people.” Mycroft taunted

A dismissive snort, “You care little for life. How many have you and your brothers murdered, and killed?”

“Leave family out of this, or I might turn my eye to the loyal, Mrs Urquhart.”

“What about your wife?”

“Do I need to be here for this argument?” Falkirk said, looking form one glaring man to the other.

“Prime Minister, please leave Sherlock, Moriarty and my other siblings out of this feud.” Rounding on Mycroft, “You will not divulge restricted information.” Falkirk said.

Standing Falkirk went to the door. Looking back at the men, still glaring at each other. “Do not involve me again. Or it will be me that ends both of you.” Falkirk warned and left them.

“M?” the Irish voice coming over the intercom. Looking through the wall, Darren sitting at his desk with the tall Prime Minister standing beside it.

Permitting the PM in, the old Alpha entered. The intense blue eyes softened, almost imperceptibly as he closed the door behind him. “I must extend my apologies, M. Your brother and I are at a stage where we are fighting for our lives. We both need neutral territory, and you are the only neutral territory we agree on.”

“I won't arbitrate. And while I won't fight Mycroft's battles, Sherlock...”

Urquhart nodded, “A dangerously stupid boast in the heat of the moment. I would not have courted your wrath by exposing the actions of Moriarty, your brother or yourself, and Mycroft might have called me on it, if pushed.”

Falkirk pulled out the decanter and indicated his guest to sit. Urquhart took the offered glass and sipped. “I can't promise the same for Mycroft. He started this fight. And it might be dirty before the end.” Urquhart warned and Falkirk reluctantly accepted.

“What was that about a wife?” Falkirk asked.

“That's the threat, there isn't one.”

“Mycroft's homosexual?” Falkirk said, he couldn't really say he was surprised.

“You might might say that, I couldn't possibly comment.”

“He wouldn't be cowed by just any relationship being exposed. Who?” Falkirk asked and the malevolent man just gave a smile that sent a shiver up Falkirk's spine. Urquhart thanked him for the drink and made his excuses. Falkirk watching the tall man leave.


Falkirk and Keading where at Daniel's with his grandmother cooing over the new Omega. The new arrival along with Daniel being given the old family title had decreed a visit was in order. “You're part of the 'Woman's Temperance and Ethical Responsibility' guild?” Falkirk asked Mary.

The little round Omega confirmed she was. Falkirk explaining he had been invited to a meeting. Mary was able to name the date. “Lady Violet, you remember her, friend of Daniel's sister. She was asking if I was attending. I can come with.” Mary informed.

When Keading asked about the guild Daniel butted in giving the Omega a one armed hug, “A bunch of busy bodies. Who like to stick their interfering beaks into other people's business.”

Mary agreed with the sentiment if not the crassness of her grandson's comment. “Lecturing people with nothing, by woman who have never so much as cooked a meal or changed a nappy doesn't go over too well. Even when the intentions are good.”

When Mary mentioned Daniel coming home for a visit. Since the title was going to be reinstated. Daniel made a token protest against visiting but his heart wasn't in it and he just needed a bit of a push.

“Is it really a castle?” Keading asked.

Mary delighted in describing Daniel's ancestral home. The American was intrigued by the history and the romanticism of a lone castle built into the sea atop of a huge lump of granite. The mountainous island, the only access to the castle a long stone bridge. Telling the American about the sieges how the sea protected the castle. Daniel mused, “Should have used starvation.”

Mary debunked the plan telling Keading how boats were used to ferry supplies to the castle.

“We could go next weekend. James, Alec and Selene will be in Scotland anyway. They could probably use a break.” Falkirk prompted.

Mary insisted, seeing her grandson's desire and Keading excitement at a real life castle. “That's settled we can go up together.”


True to her word the Countess of Grantham was at a centre of a group of woman giving her opinion on the day's topic. Elizabeth Urquhart was at Falkirk's side. Mary came up to them offering Falkirk a greeting. “Elizabeth Urquhart, Lady Mary Dowager Duchesses of Rothsea.” Falkirk introduced before reversing the introduction.

Being called to order Falkirk took his seat. Elizabeth one side of him and Mary the other. The Countess of Grantham took a seat beside Mary greeting her old friend followed by Falkirk, “Mr McLair.”

“Sir Thomas.” Falkirk corrected with a smile, getting a placating one in return. Mary absently adding he was knight of the garter which Violet paused at, one of the more prestigious awards in the British honour system. Elizabeth gave the countess a tight smile and nod which was returned.

Elizabeth adding, “I think Francis wishes you on the privy council. All very quiet at the moment.”

Not knowing what was up between the women, Elizabeth's remark more like a dig at the duchesses. Falkirk made a note to find out when he could get Elizabeth alone.

A very upright old Alpha woman came up to the small podium calling for silence. 'Oh goodie' Falkirk thought. In horsey tones the woman named the speakers and described the epidemic of, 'Sex clubs', 'Prostitutes' and 'pornography' Falkirk suppressed his wince. There where just some words ladies of a certain age and background just shouldn't say in public.

The first speaker was a charity worker. Clearly uncomfortable addressing the privileged group. She was glossing over a lot of the worst, to keep the interest of the group without offending them or worse loosing their donations. The same old Alpha stood up, thanking the speaker as Falkirk and the others clapped politely.

Introducing an Inspector, a policeman in full dress uniform stood. A rather handsome Alpha with just a ting of distinguished grey above his ears he was calm, articulate and experienced in wooing an audience. Again just graphic enough to make the aristocratic audience sit up but not offend. He explained the policing of the sex industry.

Concealing he was board out of his mind. Falkirk subtly looked to Elizabeth who was stony faced. Mary seemed genuinely concerned about the plight the inspector was describing while the Countess was sitting with rapt attention. Finally the speaker changed. A beautiful dark haired Omega male stood, introduced by the old woman as Bailey.

Sliding down in his chair and covering his face. “Are you alright dear?” Mary asked Falkirk. Elizabeth and Violet where also looking at him.

“We may have met when I introduced myself to Guy Haynes.” Falkirk informed. Violet was confused but Elizabeth looked to Falkirk speculatively.

“The only time I know you met Guy Haynes was when his career came to a grinding, custodial halt.” Elizabeth stated.

Mary whispered, “Oh, when you helped the police raid that Bunny Boi Club?” Falkirk raised an eyebrow and nodded, it looked like he was going to see what Daniel had been discussing with his grandmother.

The soft voice of the omega drifted over them. “And then one day I was sitting in a clients lap and this Omega walked in. He commanded the room and everyone obeyed him. It showed me I could be more than an object.” The speaker proclaimed getting a small polite round of applause from the crowd.

“You're going to have to speak to him. You're his hero.” Elizabeth insisted.

The way the speaker's eyes kept flicking to him indicated he remembered Falkirk too. “Yes I believe so.”

Returning to his seat the Omega cast a quick glance over his shoulder to Falkirk before returning his attention the the host. As the Woman thanked the speakers and the guests she declared there was tea and sandwiches at the back. With that everyone started to stand. Immediately the three speakers where surrounded by well meaning little old ladies and fewer but just as old and little Omega males.

“So?” Mary prompted, holding a cup of tea. Falkirk with his own kept an eye on Bailey, two woman had taken up permanent residence beside him. The Omega had moved towards him before stopping himself and no longer looking to Falkirk.

Seeing no better opportunity Falkirk approached. Clearing his throat. “May I have a word?” Falkirk asked. Elizabeth appeared one side and Mary the other, the two woman intercepting the ones who had attached themselves to Bailey.

Taking the opportunity Bailey excused himself from the women giving Falkirk a thankful smile. “I saw you in the paper. I've been following you.” Bailey said shyly. Nodding Falkirk asked about Bailey, listening intently as he described his charity work.

“I am glad to hear you have found something you love doing.” Falkirk insisted pleasantly causing the Omega to blush slightly.

Returning to Elizabeth as she spoke with Violet Grantham. The veiled disdain passed between the pair, disguised as pleasantries. Watching the two female Alphas in the politely vicious argument was perplexing to Falkirk, accustomed to having at least one male involved. The fight involved an innocuous and overtly meaningless comments that had some form of greater meaning and was deliberately ignored by the other. For the other to say something that was then taken at face value but also had another meaning. To Falkirk he felt the argument rather then understood it.

“Lady Grantham, is that not your son?” Falkirk said indicating the young man waiting by the door. Giving a tight smile that reminded Falkirk of his brother's, Violet reluctantly backed down.

“Insufferable woman.” Elizabeth snapped. “Thank you. I know these things are boring and tedious. But I need to be seen at them.” Elizabeth said taking Falkirk's arm.

“I did get the chance to reconnect with an old acquaintance.” Falkirk returned with a pleasant smile. Seeing Mary disappearing with the Countess and her son Falkirk turned to Elizabeth asking if she wished to have lunch.

In the Hotel, despite not having a reservation the head of MI6 and the wife of the Prime Minister where able to get a table. Falkirk could see the doubt the Alpha had, she didn't see what was so special about the Omega. She obviously trusted her husband's judgement but didn't understand it.

“They don't see me coming.” Falkirk informed the sudden change taking Elizabeth by surprise. “They see a harmless, young, Omega and it is usually the last mistake my opponent makes. Your husband made the same mistake, twice. For a moment he saw a weak little Omega and not the person who waylaid his entire interview panel and he paid the price.”

“Francis always appreciated intelligence and determination.” Elizabeth observed.

“I think there are only three people who respect me, fully and truly. Francis is one of them and even when he failed to usurp me he was gracious in defeat.” Falkirk said.

They lapsed into silence for a while. “Frances has been pushing me to befriend you?” Elizabeth accused.

“He wants you to have an ally, one that you can both trust.” Falkirk informed.

“How far would you go for him?” Elizabeth said dropping her voice below the din of the room.

“I wouldn't. I will not help or hinder the Prime Minister nor will I help or hinder his enemies. That has been the guiding point of our relationship.” Falkirk stated.

Elizabeth looked disappointed until she processed Falkirk's words “What if I needed your help?”

“It would depend on what needs to be done.” Falkirk responded.

With a speculative look Elizabeth leaned back falling into thought. Coming to an end Elizabeth thanked Falkirk for lunch before they went their separate ways.

Chapter Text

Very early, the morning still night time the car arrived. For the journey Falkirk's usual Black Jaguar Saloon had been exchanged for a Land Rover. Securing Andrew while Hudson placed the bags in the back. After Falkirk secured his son he gave his goodbye to the butler. With Brayan up front beside the driver Falkirk climbed in beside his son. Under police escort the car pulled away heading for the far north west of Scotland. Daniel would be picking up Keading and Cody as they didn't need a police escort.

Dozing off, along with the already asleep Andrew. A grumbling whine woke Falkirk up as the sun was rising. Looking around they where now on the motorway. A growing smell indicating why Andrew was upset. After a brief stop at a service station. Andrew now fed, watered and change was much happier. Falkirk, Brayan and the driver ate out of a pick-nick hamper provided by Mrs Bridges.

On the road again, recognising the large metallic blue Bentley overtaking them. Falkirk waved, getting a response from Keading, before the dark haired Omega slipped from view. As the car moved through the different jurisdictions the police escort was replaced along with a pre arranged driver.

Meeting Daniel and the others for lunch just beyond Glasgow. Everyone was stiff after being immobile for several hours. After lunch the journey continued on to Skye where the two cars met up again on the tiny ferry to the smaller island just off it. Following Daniel's car. It was sunny day, a unique thing for the west coast of Scotland making the sea a brilliant sparkling blue. The whole island a single peak of a large mountain. Following the single road round the island. Passing tiny fishing villages of just a few houses. In places the narrow road had the sea lapping at one side and on the other, a shear rocky rise off dark blue granite with clinging vegetation of dark mustard yellows, brown and greens, occasionally there would be a patch of blooming heather in bright yellow or deep purple.

When they circled the Island, true to Mary's description, a castle came into view, looking like it had been built on he sea itself. Just before coming to a larger village, the road split. The car taking the path over a long and narrow stone bridge not much wider than the car itself. Passing under a high arch of a gatehouse, with the vicious spikes of an open portcullis hanging down. Pulling into the courtyard the driver parked by Daniel's car. The courtyard beyond the gatehouse was large and square, of large flagstones, shadowed by the high walls. Falkirk flung open the door, looking about with wonder at the dominating and claustrophobic view.

“Well it's good to be home.” Mary mused heading for the Keep at the back of the courtyard. The basic rectangle of building spanning the width. Either side of the courtyard was a stable block and what looked like a barracks.

Falkirk unbuckled the belt releasing Andrew's seat. Flipping up the handle Falkirk lifted him out. Keading turned slowly, wide eyed at the high walls and battlements. Falkirk joined him. The courtyard was in shadow, and the stones making up the wall were a dull brown, but further up the high walls where they caught the sun, they became a blue/grey and sparkled a bit.

“Bloody hell! Alec was telling the truth.” James called, coming out a smaller door to the side. He looked leaner and there where bags under his eyes. Falkirk could tell the Alpha was exhausted despite the the vibrant smile that made the eyes crinkle. Going over Falkirk pressed himself against his mate. He still smelled of earth, sweat and his the masculine Alpha was more intense. The Omega breathed deeply his Alpha's scent, clinging. “Missed you.” Falkirk breathed into the crook of the thick neck, where his nose was buried. It was a minor act of manipulation to get James and the rest here, but Falkirk was glad he had pulled the stings. Opening his eyes Falkirk could see Selene and Keading in an embrace as well.

Daniel, with a sagging and tired looking Alec beside him, called to the others. Keading's shrill voice taking on a particular tone that mother's develop, “Cody Matthews, get back here!” then having to chase the little alpha down. Falkirk far more easily, just having to picked up Andrew's car seat. James brushing the chubby cheek of the sleeping boy in hello.

Keading having reacquired his wayward son. They entered the same door as Mary. The building was bit under whelming as it just narrow hallways. Coming to a large but innocuous door. Daniel flung it open onto a large hall with vaulted ceiling. A grand stone staircase leading up. On the end of the grand hall, lots of high narrow windows made an arch shape like a church's, looking onto a cloistered garden with an arch at the far end.

From upstairs you could see over the wall and onto the bright blue sea and mainland beyond. Opening a door onto a small suite. Daniel indicated a door for Selene and Keading's room, the adjoining dressing room had been tuned into a small bedroom for Cody.

Showing Falkirk and James to their suite. It had a large four poster bed, done in dark wood and it shone with years of polish. The thick rugs covered stone floors. In the hearth a gentle fire crackled and spit.

“That was mine. Father's and Grand father's too.” Daniel said placing his hands on an old carved crib, in wood so polished it was almost black. Daniel then took Alec further down the hall and disappear around the corner.

Falkirk wanted nothing more than to snuggle with his Alpha. But after he had a bath, James crawled into bed and with a deep breath fell asleep. Andrew got hungry and bored so Falkirk picked him up and allowed James to catch up on his rest.

Going down stairs Falkirk started opening doors at random. A thumping. Looking up, Cody was doing an odd lope down the stairs followed by Keading. “Selene asleep as well?” Falkirk asked, getting a nod and a “Yes” in response.

Looking into another room. Falkirk was met with a long dining table in an panelled hall. “Are those whales?” Keading asked looking to the old tapestry surrounding the top quarter of the walls.

“Killer whales, I think.” Falkirk said. The design was a bit obscure but that's the only thing Falkirk could think of. The fish, lobsters, crabs and oysters where more easily identifiable.

Moving on Keading was happy to follow Falkirk as they moved about. Coming into a Library Falkirk just paced the room before moving on. In a small and cosy room, covered in fabrics tapestries, photos and a small table with a round frame and cloth for needlepoint beside a floral print chair. A dark and well used log fireplace was all ready to be lit. The single arched window had a view across the sea to the island the castle was linked to. Smelling heavily of omega, age, of Mary. “Drawing room?” Falkirk guessed.

“Yes dear, it is.” Mary said from the other door.

“Is that a village?” Keading asked looking out the window.

Sitting in the well used chair near the fireplace Mary described the village and the beach. Letting Mary rest Falkirk continued into a formal lounge that led back to the main hall. Seeing Daniel walking through the cloistered garden. Falkirk and Keading followed. Catching up to the Alpha he pointed out the window of his old room and that of his brother and sister.

Walking though the arch at the end. They came out onto a lawn covered ward, the large area surrounded by a not very high curtain wall. Going to the far end of the bailey. Daniel climbed the steps to the battlements. With the others following.

Cody climbed up onto the low part between the parapet, determined to look over the edge too. Keading, seeing the shear drop onto the jagged rocks far below grabbed his son's jumper and kept firm hold. “Mom!” Cody whined. Keading giving a stern warning, not to come up to the battlement without an adult.

Turning around Falkirk took in the residential part of the castle. The section with the cloistered garden was about two stories with the four story keep behind. Daniel explained the passage ways either side of the keep led to what used to be the barracks and the courtyard beyond.

“What's the village like?” Keading asked. Rather then answer, Daniel asked if they wanted to take a walk. So with Daniel pushing the pram, Falkirk and Keading walked beside him. Falkirk's bodyguard walked several paces behind. While Cody was a blur, running about at random, looking over walls and round corners. Crossing the long bridge they headed for the village. It didn’t take long to get to the village, it was just beyond the bridge. The biggest settlement on the island it used to support the castle, it now supported the tourist trade for the castle. A pub and a small hotel along with a baker/butcher along with a general store all intermingled with the cottages.

Tugging his Papa's trousers Cody pointed to the pristine white sand of the beach and sparkling sea. Indulging, Keading followed Cody to the beach. Rolling up his trousers Keading was going to wade into the water.

Seeing Papa and son, holding hands and approaching the water. “Wait for it...Wait for it...” Daniel warned Falkirk quietly.

The first gentle wave covered their feet and Papa squawked, dancing, lifting his feet high to avoid the retreating wave as he ran back. While son just ran back up the beach. Daniel letting out deep laughter. Sitting on the wall, to brush the sand off and pull on his sock. The soft brown eyes glaring cutely at the still chuckling Alpha, Keading replaced his socks and shoes. Even Falkirk had trouble keeping his laughter in check, while he tied the laces on Cody's. Daniel saying, “Despite us being on the sheltered side, that stretch is fed by the North Atlantic. With all the coldness the Arctic can give.”

Still complaining how cold the water was, with teeth chattering a bit. Daniel told Keading about the New Year tradition his Father had insisted on continuing. Striping off on the morning of the first of January they had to swim to a rock and back. “Nuts!” Keading proclaimed with Daniel agreeing whole heartedly.

Having walked to the end of the village with Daniel pointing out his first school and a few other points of interest they turned back. Falkirk and Daniel exchanging glances as a group in blue tracksuits tumble out of the pub. The smallest being almost dragging by two of the more broader and upright. They kept a casual pace, following the group across the bridge.

Just as the group entered the courtyard. A blond barrel of a man with bushy yellow moustache, was waiting for them. The retired Sgt. Major, Drysdale stepped out as if from nowhere. Sounding off as he gave the recruits a severe bollocking, his voice echoing around the walls. He saw Falkirk and Daniel following the group. “I HOPE YOU LOT HAVE YOUR AFFAIRS IN ORDER BECAUSE GOD ALMIGHTY IS ON YOUR HEEL.” Drysdale blasted pointing to Falkirk, making the recruits turn and almost fall in there inebriated state.

“WHERE ARE THE OTHER THREE?” Drysdale snapped. The recruits looked at each other, shaking their heads and looking confused. Or drunk, the expressions was vastly smilier.

Falkirk stepping forward, “As Bond, Corvin and Trevelyan know when to work, rest and play. And were here to greet us on arrival. They get the five star treatment. While you lot can enact a local custom.” Falkirk said with an evil smile.

Walking up and down the swaying line. Even a tall carrot shaped man, an experienced recruit from the SAS gave and uncoordinated blink. Falkirk held up his hand in front of the brown eyes, gently swaying his hand to the left, then right. The eyes followed the movement, then Falkirk sharply moved his hand close to the Alpha's nose. The recruit took a step back and landed on his backside. Drysdale blasted, “GET YOUR WORTHLESS ARSE UP, UUUUPPP!” He kept screaming in the drunk man's ear until he was on his feet.

Falkirk stopped at G, looking him up and down. The teenager went green and lurched. Falkirk barely got out the way before the teenager's body violently rejected the alcohol. “Get a mop.” Falkirk ordered the suffering recruit. A mumbled heavily slurred but still very posh, “Yes, M” before he stumbled to comply. The most sober, Falkirk ordered to accompany G.

Looking to the furious Drysdale. His wide neck twitching wanting to scream and bellow and his face gong rather red. “When that is cleaned up have them burn off the alcohol. And I think that we should re-enact a local custom, have them on the beach for the break of dawn.” Falkirk ordered.

“With pleasure, M.” Drysdale responded unsympathetic of the plight of the recruits.

“You're rather mean.” Keading said as they headed in for the keep.

Shrugging. “They have to learn. Despite how much James drinks, he is never that compromised. If we had more personnel I would have forced them to do a training scenario. Recreated what would happen if an enemy found them in that state.” Falkirk said. Daniel gave a small snort, noticing Falkirk had glossed over the capture, torture and threat to life if an enemy found an operative drunk off their arses.

James, Alec and Selene where awake and in better spirits when Falkirk and the rest entered. Mary was having a sweet sherry. James, a silver cocktail shaker in hand and pouring Vodka Martinis as an aperitif.

Daniel informed his grandmother of the demonstration of the new year tradition. Falkirk cut in telling James, Selene, Alec and Daniel they would be on standby as lifeguards. “We have drysuits” Daniel informed, to the others relief.


A fair few people had turned out to witness the spectacle. Still quite dark, the sun not having broken the horizon yet and very cold. Mary and Keading sat on the sea wall, on a tartan shawl. A large flask of tea, which Keading poured and handed the plastic cup to the little old woman. Andrew was wrapped up and sound asleep in his pram on the walk way behind them. Cody sat beside his Mom, sipping a hot chocolate, gaining a wide brown moustache.

Falkirk approached the line of recruits in their tracksuits. Drysdale had been informed of what was going to happen and despite the fatigue and hangovers he didn't see any reason to deprive the recruits of the valuable experience.

“You see that rock?” Falkirk said pointing to a high narrow point sticking out the water, about fifty meters away. Getting acknowledgements Falkirk continued “Out, round and back, stark bollock naked.”

Looking to the assembled crowd. The dozen recruits complained until Drysdale barked at them. James' zip screeched prompting the other recruits to strip as well. The dozen stood, most with hands clasped in front of their crotches, even the few women. All shivered, and teeth chattered a bit. None more so than the lean teenager with shaved head.

“Why do they get wet suits?” G complained.

“Because they will be hauling you worthless arse out if you get into trouble.” Drysdale snapped.

Alec, Daniel, James and Selene made no hast to taken up position at regular intervals between the shore and rock. Letting the recruits stand and shiver a bit longer. Falkirk spoke up, “The winner will get a proper breakfast. But if all of you manage to swim out there and back, everyone gets a proper breakfast.”

The recruits all looked to each other. Then all eyes landed on the smallest. G, knowing he was the weakest of the group looked apologetically to the others. But three, all Alpha two male and one female, let their arms fall to the sides. All from the elite, two SAS and a Royal Marine. Then dug in their feet and bent their leg to get good purchases and a strong thrusting start, like a sprinter.

Seeing James and the rest at their position. Falkirk pulled out a long pistol. Aiming the flint lock out to sea he waited to raise anticipation. The three more assertive jostling at the line drawn on the sand. Bang, and plum of smoke, the recruits were off. The ex-marine of the group charged into the water headless of the chill, the SAS male and female behind him. But G wasn't the only one to come to a grinding halt before forcing themselves on.

Unsurprisingly the ex-marine was the first back, Drysdale handing him a towel before he redressed. One by one each recruit returned until only G remained. The teenager was struggling as he rounded the rocky point, Daniel and James keeping pace with him allowing Selene and Alec to return.

The other recruits waited to see if just the winner or if everyone would get more than just porridge for breakfast. “Come on boyo! Not far now!” a welsh voice blasted. The others started joining in.

Picking up a towel Falkirk approached the waterline. It was with pride Falkirk watched the gangly teenager pull himself out of the water. G sagging, hunched with arms hanging and legs lumbering. His skin pink and shaking. Holding the towel open Falkirk wrapped it round G and rubbed his arms. The others coming up to G, helping with the circulation, warming his arms and legs. “Good job” Falkirk said, letting him walk up to a cheer from the other recruits who didn't make it back first.

In the main dining room the recruits joined the family for breakfast. Platters of sausages both slice and links, spiced beef ham, black pudding, eggs, fried pancakes and potato scones along with plenty of tea coffee and toast. The boisterous atmosphere livened up the often disused dinning room and Mary although quiet had a soft smile as she listened to the complaints and stories of the survival assessment the recruits had been on.

With a gift of the rest of the weekend for down time. There was no surprise where James spent his. Pressing Andrew into Daniel's arms. Falkirk gave his son a last kiss and slammed the door shut.

As he and Alec had been roped into babysitting. Daniel offered to take Cody out as well. Another door slammed as the child was pushed out with an instruction to have fun from his Mom.

With Andrew strapped to his chest and Alec carrying the baby bag. Daniel led them back to the village. Cody zooming about them looking at everything. Calling Cody back Daniel led them between the small stone cottages.

Seeing where the track was leading. “We're not climbing the bloody mountain.” Alec complained. Grumbling, “Been doing enough of that bloody stupid nonsense.”

“We aren't climbing it, well not all of it.” Daniel responded undeterred. The path wound and climbed. Much of the view blocked by the trees.

Eventually Cody had transferred to Alec's shoulders. A gentle trickle and Daniel led them along the path of a trickling burn, of crystal clear water. A dull roaring started to grow as the trees thinned into a clearing. “I remember them being taller” Daniel said looking to the waterfall about three meters high.

“Douglas was afraid to jump so I pushed him” Daniel said looking at a protruding out crop at the top.

“I did the same to James, he had been dancing around this blond for weeks so I locked them in a room together. I was a bit guilty afterwards, when he nearly got an AWOL for it.” Alec responded.

They didn't stay long before heading back. Stopping at the hotel Daniel prepared Andrew's bottle. Cody licking a spoon and wearing a wide ice cream strip across his face from the tall sundae.

“Danny boy!” A wild red head, Beta woman gushed as she closed in on them. “I heard you were back, didna belevit” she said in a thick accent, eyes transfixed on Andrew. The baby going wide eyed at the strange bouncy woman with bigger bouncy hair.

Reluctantly Daniel introduced Senga to Alec. “Sarah!” she corrected, despite Daniel being correct.

“How old is he?” She asked, plucking Andrew from Daniel's grasp, without much choice. The big head wobbled as the baby looked for his godfathers letting a stranger hold him.

“Seven months and he isn't mine.” Daniel informed. Sarah making all the googoo noises expected. Andrew looking like he was dealing with a crazy person. Daniel's hand caressing the head and neck of his Godson, to keep him calm.

“And what is your name young man?” Senga said in a tone that immediately identified her as a teacher.

With a face covered in ice cream. The big brown eyes blinked owlishly at the strange woman. “Cody Matthews.” he informed proudly and returned is attention to the tall glass.

“I married Pat.” Sarah blurted out suddenly.

Daniel chuckled remembering the wimp of an Alpha. The old doctor had diagnosed him as being born two drinks below par. “Let me guess. He took his mother to Church one day and you where standing at the front dressed in white?” Daniel teased. Pat not being assertive, and his mother being very ridged and devout, and often grounded the man right up until he was working and bringing in a wage as a teacher himself.

“He's not that afraid of her.” Sarah defended.

“I was. She was an evil old bag that should have been burned at the stake.” Daniel said. The old friends continued to talk for some time until Cody had finished his ice cream and he and Alec became quite board. Giving his excuses they headed back to the castle.

On the grassy area of the ward a large blanket had been set out so Andrew could crawl about. Alec keeping an eye on their godson while Daniel set up a telescope on the wall over looking the sea. Letting Cody look through the eye piece Daniel said, “That's a Destroyer. H.M.S. Dragon.” with Cody repeating the name as he looked.

“Those are Orca.” Daniel said, quickly getting out of the way. So Cody could see before the whales moved on.

“What are you looking at?” Keading asked walking up to his son standing on a chair. Wrapping his arms about him, from the back, in a hug. And brushing the soft straight hair of the little Alpha.

“Oca.” Cody responded, frowning, knowing the word didn't come out right. “O'r'ca” he tried again.

“Ore-Ka.” Daniel said sounding out the syllables for the boy.

“Killer Whale” Keading said looking through the eye piece.

“You see the one with the V out of it's dorsal fin?” Daniel asked getting a conformation from Keading. “He's been coming back here since I was a boy.” Daniel informed, leading on to reminiscing on memories with his grandfather and their time with the telescope and time in the shed.

James and Falkirk came out. Mary with her arm looped with James'. Andrew who had been climbing over Alec detached himself and made beeline for his parents, floppy hat falling of halfway to them. Falkirk picked him up inspecting the grass stained hands and knees.

Suspecting his grandmother was out to tell them dinner was ready Daniel collapsed the tripod and hefted the telescope over his shoulder and picked up the chair Cody had been using to stand on.


After dinner and the children had been put to bed Daniel showed Alec, Falkirk and James to 'the shed'. A winding path of warrens led them to part of an old stable attached to the courtyard. “So this is where you learnt your craft?” Falkirk said looking over the long room with custom guns on the walls, and work benches in the middle of the room.

Alec immediately moved to a large revolver with three cylinders. Daniel explained he was trying to copy a gun from a computer game that shot elemental bullets. “I got the explosive and incendiary rounds to work but the cryo, lightning and Venom where a bust.” Daniel informed pulling out a bullet about the same size as a shotgun cartridge. “I've also seen cannons with a lower recoil.”

James was intrigued by what looked like a old fashioned percussion pistol. Getting permission James lifted the pistol with intricate vine inlay decoration covering the barrel. Inspecting the hammer that didn't look like the other pistols James had seen or used. There was also a slot for a magazine. “My grandfather's design and was the inspiration for the farSight” Daniel informed, peaking Falkirk's interest.

Pulling out the stock, barrel extension and the bullets. Falkirk inspected the bullet tracing the odd spiral pattern and looking at the protruding tail from the back. “Want to see what it can do?” Daniel said with a teasing smile.

“Can I?” Alec asked holding up the big revolver.

Setting up a target in the enclosed grass ward. Daniel asked for a volunteer. James gave a solid shove to Alec causing him to take a step forward. “Excellent, stand there.” Daniel ordered pointing to an area in front of the target.

“IF YOU SHOOT ME I WONT BE PLEASED.” Alec called as Daniel walked to the far end.

Tracing the movement in the air a few times. Twisting, Daniel arced his arm around and fired. Alec flinched but was otherwise was unharmed. And in the centre of the target he was blocking, there was now a hole. “Ever seen a bullet curve?” Daniel challenged.

Alec looking from where Daniel had been standing, to the hole in the target behind. “The bullet went around me?” Daniel just nodded at the dumbfounded disbelief on the other man's sceptical face.
While James and Alec inspected the gun, debating if Daniel had pulled a trick or not. Falkirk picked out the spent case, a spiral cylinder. Prying the bullet out of the target, a squashed point with a helical tail, a bit like a pig's tail. The impact had distorted the bullet fragments but not by much. “This is weird.” Falkirk said, something coming to mind but not clearly.

“Scaramanga may have been the worlds most notorious assassin but he was never the best.” Daniel whispered.

“Okay spill Carrington.” Falkirk snapped.

“OUT THE WAY!” Alec called as he loaded the revolver.

Heading back to James and Alec, Daniel gave a final warning about the recoil.

Taking careful aim Alec pulled the trigger. The recoil collapsed his arm to his chest, with still enough force sending Alec to the ground. Swearing and hissing, rubbing his chest where the gun hit it. Alec coughed and looked to the target. “I thought you said red tipped was an inferno round?” Alec complained. Daniel just shrugged. Eventually a gentle flame stated.

Unwilling to fire the gun again Alec handed it to James who took aim. Thrown to the ground, James' grunt of pain was inaudible over the target exploding. The group ducking as the tightly packed wood bust into a splintered cloud.

“I will admit some rounds work better than others.” Daniel informed. Cleaning up as the sun disappeared behind the mountain of the island. They put away the weapons and threw away what was left of the target.

In the lounge Keading was reclining against Selene. “Having fun?” Selene asked pleasantly giving the Omega reassuring caresses. Pressing James into a chair Falkirk sat in his lap and sent a glare to Daniel. “Spill the beans.” he demanded, holding up the fragments of the bullets.

“Once Upon a time there was a group of assassins. Master assassins, the best the world had ever seen. This group of assassins learned different martial arts techniques in order to develop a new form incorporating guns...” Daniel started, going on to tell the story his grandfather had told him about the technique Gunkate. Daniel never quite believed it. But his Grandfather had taught him how to move while shooting, that few other could do. And the few who could were all from the same group of friends of his grand father's. Along with how to be a gun smith. And the unbelievable part, “My grandfather and his friends had a vision of being warrior assassins.”

“I don't believe it.” James proclaimed with Selene and Alec agreeing. Falkirk was still looking at the bullets, casing and fragments from the gun of Daniel's grandfather.

“Neither do I. The Brotherhood was a dream.” Daniel added.

Falkirk safely tucked away the bullet for later. There was something about it. A memory refused to come forward like the indistinct music from a far off room, unclear, unfocused and pernicious.

Coming in from the drawing room, “You boys have fun?” Mary asked.

The woman's soft features and kind knowing eyes made something click. A look when she saw Mummy and how she wasn't surprised by Daniel's warning about her. How she knew things, like the raid on the Bunni Boi club when Daniel swore he wasn't the source but warned his grandmother had her own connection. Like when she knew about M being fired before even M was told. An old grainy photo, Sherlock and he had found, a strange mashed bullet in the shape of a 6. Which he could now identify as a bullet with spiral tail.

Pulling out the bullets Falkirk held it up so Mary could see the twisting tail. “If I was to say Rada Holmes...” Falkirk trailed off as Mary's caring smile faltered, just for the tiniest of moments.

Looking to Daniel Falkirk gave a teasing whine, “Your Granddad assassinated my grate granddad.” and threw the bullet at him. Catching the bullet easily, Daniel looking to his grandmother.

“He, Rada Holmes..” Mary started before Falkirk interrupted.

“Britain was on its last legs, the Germans where cutting off sea ways, the farms where becoming baron. The weather was all that stood between us and being invaded. Rada Holmes started playing both sides against the middle.” Taking a breath Falkirk continued. “Sherlock and I found the reports. He obsessed over it for months. Deduction after bloody deduction and theory after theory, drove Mycroft nuts. When daddy found out he burned all the evidence. Including an offer of £250,000 bounty. Most of the family fortune at the time. But better poor than being labelled a traitor during a war.”

“You knew about this?” Daniel asked his grandmother.

“Of course I did, dear.” She responded. Going on she told Daniel and the rest about how she and her Alpha along with others prepared for an oncoming invasion. When Falkirk's great grandfather started speaking to the Nazis, he knew enough to put their plans in jeopardy so he had to be eliminated. As it turned out the Little harmless Omega was the brains behind the formation of an ultimately unnecessary resistance movement. When the war ended having built up resources and connections throughout the world the Carrington Institute was founded on the back of the coordinated resistance moment.

Looking to his grandmother with a new sense of respect. “The Stone of Destiny isn't laying about somewhere is it?” Daniel asked.

“No dear the English think they got it.” she shot back kindly.

“Sherlock might want to know.” Falkirk said.


The Alpha's strong arms were around his neck, keeping his head close to the neck. The thick fingers in his hair. Both reluctant to pull apart. Alec's teasing voice interrupted, “Come on. Time to freeze our nuts off.”

Falkirk pulled away, brushing a brief kiss to the rough cheek as they parted. James catching up to Alec and thumping him in the shoulder for interrupting, Alec shoving back and Drysdale blasting a warning to both. Then the barrel of a man blasted, “Now Ms Corvin! Move IT!”

Daniel putting a reassuring arm around the small Omega, watching his Alpha join the others with an unhappy down turn to his mouth. But trying to be brave.

Falkirk watched as the recruits including James climbed into the minibus and were driven off. Securing Andrew before thanking Mary for her hospitality. Falkirk climbed into the Land Rover to head back down to London.

The drive was as long and laborious as the journey up but having spent time reinforcing his bond with James. And having the pack around had left him in better spirits. The only thing missing was his brothers and maybe if Mallory let him, Darren. But that was wishful selfishness. There was no way he could separate the Omega from his Alpha.

Arriving at his house Falkirk disconnected Andrew's chair while Brayan came to open the door. Mr Hudson came to take Falkirk and Andrew's bags from the boot. Nanny Jenkins was standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting for the return of her charge. Falkirk hesitated before handing Andrew over, suppressing a sudden urge to quit and become a stay at home mother.

Going up stairs Falkirk changed into a suit. Fixing his pocket watch in place Falkirk checked over his appearance in the mirror before heading down stairs and into the waiting car.

Walking through E branch Falkirk gave a smile and nod to Darren as he passed. Just in to show face Falkirk looked through his messages from over the weekend. Groaning at a message from another outraged father with the resources to get his direct number. Falkirk made a special note to give 005 an extra long and special, Royal Bollocking.

Chapter Text

Sitting at the desk, in his library. Andrew in his lap, dressed in a babygrow of light blue fuzzy fabric. Falkirk read over 005's report. Making notes in the margins Falkirk prepared for the berating he was going to give the operative. Putting the report down Falkirk checked something on the computer when a sequel brought his attention to Andrew who had grabbed, Falkirk's (Red teacher's)pen, and managed to make several squiggles on the top secret document.

Getting the brightest of gummy smiles. Falkirk gently coxed the pen out of the surprisingly tight little fingers. “Please don't draw on official documents?” Falkirk said to the oblivious child. The big adorable blue eyes blinked slowly in response.

“Yes! The Double Os have the same level of comprehension when they do something wrong too.” Falkirk continued speaking to the upturned face. Realising he was being talked to Andrew made a “Yayaya.” noises in return.

“As coherent as well.” Falkirk added. Said in an excited tone with a wide smile. Getting in return a bounce as Andrew said, “Ah! Ah! Ah!”

“Time for baby's bed.” Nanny Jenkins said coming into the library. Falkirk wanted rid of the woman but she had been the most acceptable of the candidates. Competent and efficient she was just a bit too traditional in her attitude for Falkirk's liking. Pushing back, Falkirk lifted Andrew so Nanny Jenkins could take him. With the emotionless efficiency he had come to expect. The Nanny disappeared upstairs Andrew grumbling all the way.


Sitting in his office Falkirk looked to 005's closed report. He could see Darren being subjected to the over the top innuendos. The voices of the Irish PA and the handsome sandy haired Double O, coming in clear over the intercom. Falkirk deliberately left the man waiting in order to reinforce that he was in charge and not the Operative. A trick Falkirk's predecessor was a master of.

It was with a sense of pride Darren used the line, “Graham, I'm a married man.”

“Since when did I that stop me?” the Double O teased.

Pressing the button so his voice could be heard at Darren's desk, “Never, as far as I know.” Falkirk answered. “Now if Double Oh Five has finished his flirting, send him in.”

The lean alpha with a cute sprinkling of freckles over his nose and cheeks and a soft and charming smile entered. Knowing full well the power of his smile, despite M's best efforts to remain stoic when confronted with it. Addison brushed the lit form his blue trouser leg as he sat. Adjusting and making himself comfortable in the seat, with legs crossed. Addison settled in for his debriefing.

Falkirk steepled his fingers, just watching the relaxed and blasé alpha. “Let us begin with Mrs Kross, or more precisely the message from her Husband. I mean, MY GOD, she had nothing to do with anything. Did you just screw her because you knew her husband might be able to call me?” Falkirk said, going on to waylay the Operative for his conduct with an official's wife this time, instead of their daughter. Falkirk didn't actually care how an Operative completed their mission he just cared that they where discrete.

With 005 still wearing the unrepentant and charming smile, he gave an apology that was so believable and sincere Falkirk knew it to be an outright lie. Centring himself, and reining in his exasperation Falkirk flipped opened Addison's report trying to hide Andrew's scribblings. Knowing the perceptive blue eyes had seen them Falkirk changed tack. Laying the document flat.

“My son happened to scribbled on your report, Double O Five.” Falkirk started casually. “I must admit however, I am having trouble distinguishing between the incoherent marks of an undeveloped mind and the random marks of a flailing arm.” With good humour the Operative took his reprimand with a cocky smile.

“Dismissed!” Falkirk snapped in frustration, the bollocking was all water off a duck's back. Unless Addison really did something to endanger MI6 or the UK, he knew it was just M blowing hot air.

Addison stood, giving a respectful, “M.” in response.

Turning his attention back to his screen it took longer than Falkirk expected to hear the door shut. Looking round Falkirk noticed the top page of Addison's report was missing, the one with Andrew's scribblings. He hadn't even heard the paper being ripped. “Now that is impressive.” Falkirk mused, with an affectionate smile.


Sighing, Q sipped the tea. His phone was on privacy. Darren had taken a walk to the coffee shop. Tanner was out for lunch. Pulling open the bottom drawer, Falkirk found a packet of biscuits that survived the last time he bulked before a heat. Ripping open the honey-oat biscuits he nibbled one gently. Enjoying his quiet time.

A ringing. Falkirk thought about ignoring his mobile, or dropping it into the teapot until it drowned and went blissfully quiet. Reluctantly he pulled out the tingling and vibrating anoyance. 'PM' on the display. “Prime Minister?” Falkirk greeted.

“A heads up, M.” came the very dangerous drawl, all predator. “Your brother has done something rather silly. Something I could not forgive or overlook. But it is the King that concerns me.”

Falkirk was feeling the headache building, the one that appeared whenever he spoke with his brother or the Prime Minister regarding their war. Rubbing his temples Falkirk said, “The King is in Norway. Cold weather assessment. Middle of nowhere.”

“Good!” the Prime Minister purred. “No one knows you have him. Keep it that way. And don't let him make a statement. I will deal with the fall out.”

“May I ask, what is to come out?”

“Ask your brother.”

Within moments of the call Falkirk was arranging his car, when Tanner crashed through his office door. The harassed beta hesitated. “Your bother asked me to give you a message. He wishes to see you.”

“I'm already on my way.” Falkirk responded, pulling on his coat. Wondering why Tanner had been the one Mycroft called, and why the beta had cut his lunch short.

Arriving at Mycroft's club. A polite nod from the doorman in his top hat and long coat, before pulling open the heavy wood and brass door. At the small reception desk, another nod from the footman and Falkirk was handed a card with, 'Refectory' printed on it in gold lettering.

The plush carpets absorbed the sound of Falkirk's hard soled shoes. He more or less knew his way around and it wasn't long before he found the dinning hall. Almost empty, but for the back of a figurer sitting alone. Mycroft's hand reached out to the three tiered cake stand, snatching one of the ornate cakes and stuffing it in his mouth. A rather disconcerting move for Falkirk to witness, who had only known his brother to be so prescience in everything, going so far as to use cutlery to eat fruit.

Before Falkirk could reach his brother, Mycroft's hand reached out. Eating another cake, with little time to chew and none to savour the flavour. Falkirk placed his hand on the tailored grey suit covered shoulder. Mycroft jumped, gasped and almost choked. With a swallow that to Falkirk looked painful. Mycroft pulled off his napkin bib and tossed it down and marched out.

In the rounded library. Mycroft shut the soundproofed door behind Falkirk. Falkirk scenting the heightened agitation of the Alpha. Mycroft seemed unable to be still, he paced, sat in a wing back chair and moved to pace again.

“I was doing something. The Prime Minister discovered I was manipulating his wife.” Mycroft admitted. “The new Cyprus boundary negotiations. An Oil firm wanted to know on whose side a recently discovered oil field would fall. I pointed them to Elizabeth Urquhart. As I hoped she abused her position and managed to find out the field would fall into the territory of the Turkish Cypriots. She then collected her substantial fee.”

Falkirk felt the band around his head. “I'm not dealing with your war.” Falkirk said and pulled open the door.

“Wait!” Mycroft begged.

Against his better judgement Falkirk closed the door. “Be warned I am growing tired of this feud and your secrets.”

Mycroft sank into the brown leather wing-back chair. Cradling his head, and whispering, “I was fucking the king.”

His brother's voice was so quiet Falkirk wasn't sure what he said at first, then the words sank in. “G-George? He's a boy!”

Mycroft lifted his hollow eyes, Falkirk sure if it had been anyone else they would be red rimmed at least. Then Mycroft frowned in confusion. “No! Not King George. His father. It was never made public but I was the third person in the marriage and named in its dissolution.”

Falkirk perched on the edge on the chair closest to Mycroft. The alpha had pulled out his watch and played with it, in a nervous gesture Falkirk was unfamiliar with. “You made an offer.” Mycroft said. “I need you to intervene.”

“I think it's too late for that.” Falkirk warned. “Urquhart called me and I was here within minutes. I doubt he would have spoken until it was too late for me to interfere.”

Mycroft leaned back scrubbing his face. Beginning to mutter. “The King needs to be briefed...”

“King George is going through special training to prepare him for the Navy. He won't be contactable for two months.” Falkirk said, but was sure Mycroft hadn't heard him. The Alpha's muttering had gone on a rambling path of G's father, Urquhart and Mycroft himself.

“Mycroft!” Falkirk snapped and the pale blue eyes focused on him. “The public do not know or care about you. The Old King is in Australia, in exile. King George will not be seen throughout all of this. Put your embarrassment aside and think objectivity. How bad is this?”

Mycroft's eyes darted about. “Nothing illegal. So it will only play out in the media. And I'm owed a few favours there...” Mycroft mused, trailing off beginning to think.

“Treat it as a flash fire. The public get bored very quickly. Don't feed it and let the scandal burn itself out.” Falkirk advised.

Mycroft nodded. He clasped his hands, sinking deeper in thought. Falkirk asked, “Do you know what proof Urquhart has?”

Mycroft shrugged. “Anything. From before the divorce Urquhart was the confidant of the Princess of Wales. She could have told him. After her death and the King's abdication George turned to the person his mother trusted, Urquhart. There are bodyguards that could have seen things. Prostitutes.”

Falkirk cringed at the last whispered word. “Just remember. Urquhart respects me because he knows I'm a fanatic. For James, Andrew, MI6. I would destroy myself to destroy a threat to them. And Urquhart knows it. M.A.D. we have lived by it. If you go for the Prime Minister, like Sherlock was willing to do with Moriarty. You may have to be willing to get your hands dirty, or sacrifice all you hold dear.” Mycroft just glanced at him, and Q took it as his cue to leave.

Arriving back at E-Branch. Falkirk saw a small bouncing blond omega male beside Darren. Nodding to Ewan, someone Falkirk had worked with in Q-Branch and the biggest gossip in MI6. Darren held out a phone, a standard I-Phone, not one of their normal secured ones. “Ewan showed me this.” Darren said and indicated Falkirk's office.

Falkirk took the phone and entered, the two other omegas following. Tapping play. A view of a bed. A young man with dark wavy hair, reclining nude. Slowly the man, an Alpha by the looks of him, stroked his waking erection. Then a shorter man, a little sagging with tight curly hair. The old King lay beside the man and kissed him. A lean, freckle covered and rather bony backside blocked the the camera a moment. Mycroft lay on the young man's other side, kisses and touches being shared amongst the three. Falkirk paused the video and handed over the I-Phone to Ewan, “Thank you.”

The blond Omega took back the phone and left, his head swivelling taking in everything with a curious eye. Until his escort guided him out of E-Branch.

Darren said, “From the news breaking it took Ewan 30 seconds to find the video.” Falkirk pressed his fingers to his temples and massaged them. He sat behind his desk, pushing aside his stone cold tea and half eaten biscuit.

A ping made Falkirk look to Darren. The wiry haired Omega looking at the message, “It's Gareth. Smiley is pressing for the video to be investigated. It came form Special Branch.” Falkirk wasn't surprised. Special Branch were loyal to Urquhart, responsible for protection details and would have supplied the King's bodyguard at the time.

“Problems with Special Branch are an internal security matter. Outside of MI6's jurisdiction.” Falkirk said, and told Darren to relay the message to Mallory.


So far the media storm around the old king and Mycroft had left Falkirk alone today. He just dreaded what Mycroft's retaliation would be. Plucking his ringing mobile out of the inside pocket. With an unknown number, Falkirk placed it to his ear cautiously. Hearing Selene calling his name Falkirk relaxed and responded, “I didn't think you where allowed phones?”

“We're not.” Falkirk sitting up at the forced casual tone and hearing James whispering in the back ground.

”Have you seen Keading recently?” Selene asked. Responding Falkirk described the visit to the park at the weekend.

“Could you check on him?” Selene pleaded. With James hissing in the background, “fifteen seconds!”

”I'm on my way.” Falkirk said before Selene disconnected.

On his way to the car. Falkirk tried phoning Selene's flat and Keading's mobile. Not getting an answer Falkirk ordered the driver to hurry. Keading's tracker identified him as being in the flat having only gone out to take Cody to school.

Arriving at the high rise flats. Falkirk buzzed the flat getting no answer. Pulling out his key and opening the security door. Falkirk headed for the lift. Still getting no answer at the door Falkirk unlocked it as well. The long hall, ended in the lounge, with the kitchen on the left and the two bedroom on the right. Finding a mound in the corner of the master bedroom. Falkirk waved Brayan, his bodyguard, out of the flat.

Approaching, Falkirk slid down beside the nest. “Selene is worried.” he said placing his hand where he thought Keading's head would be. The only thing Falkirk could guess at, “Is this because of the interview?” but that was days ago, and he had spoken to Keading at the time.

Loathed to force the omega but not seeing an alternative. “Keading I need you to respond.”

Still no response came. “I'm coming in.” Falkirk warned.

The nest tightened, defensively. Falkirk moved his hand to a seam. Knowing a nest to be a safe place and to breach one was inappropriate Falkirk tried to get Keading to talk again but he still refused. Sliding his hand in Falkirk felt the other Omega flinch as they made contact.

Feeling his way up Keading's arm to his cheek. Falkirk could feel the dampness as he stroked the chin. Not breaching any further Falkirk leaned against the nest letting Keading feel his presence. Rubbing his neck against the nest as he continued to stroke Keading's cheek.

Hearing a stuttered intake of air. Falkirk could feel new tears falling. “I don't know what is wrong but I, we will do what we can.” Falkirk insisted. Slowly the nest opened slightly. Taking it as an invitation Falkirk slipped in as best he could. Pulling Keading's head unto his shoulder Falkirk stroked his neck and back. Without the mounds of fabrics the scent of disperser flooded over him, thick and rank.

“Is this about the interview?” Falkirk asked getting a dismissive shrug.

“No experience. Employment gaps and lacking formal education.” Keading said in a hollow voice. “They just wanted me to copy things and make coffee how hard is that?”

Taking a shuddering breath Keading continued. “Don't wanna be a bum. So I went to Starbucks. They could hire someone younger for half the price.” Keading lapsed into silence, apart for some sniffs and gasping breaths, before he managed to continue. “I took Cody to school the other day and one of the Dads was there. He asked how much for an Up & Under, I didn't know what he was talking about. Until I looked it up.”

Not even with all Falkirk could do, both as a hacker and as M could he get rid of all the videos of Keading off the internet. And was sure there was more to come. Beyond a creep dad and the slang for a quickie from a prostitute.

“Some of the other parents heard and when I got back there was a message. The principal wants to see me.”

“Do you want me to come? Or Daniel?” Falkirk offered as Selene was currently in Norway and it fell to the rest of the pack to take care of the Omega.

Keading didn't seem to hear him saying, “I should go back.” before looking to Falkirk with red rimmed eyes, pleading “You could take Cody. Better if I just disappear.”

As quickly as he could Falkirk grasped Keading's chin forcing him to maintain eye contact “No! You are part of this pack and Selene's mate. I will not let you disappear. Because of them.” Falkirk said in hard tones before softening his determined features and voice. “Please, I need you.”

Letting go when Keading moved to nuzzle him with Falkirk returning the gesture. After sending a subtle text from his pocket. Falkirk waited until quarter to three before reminding Keading of the time. Getting Keading out of the nest. Falkirk sent him to the shower to get rid of the scents of desperation and depression. There was little Falkirk could do about the scent clinging to his clothes so he washed his neck and face and aired his shirt, waistcoat and jacket as best he could.

Keading coming out of the bathroom found Falkirk striped to the waist with his braces hanging down. Keading offered one of his formal shirts which was gladly accepted. “Would you like to stay a few nights?” Falkirk offered. Getting a small smile and nod Falkirk instructed Keading to pack a bag.

Arriving at the gate of Cody's school. A rather nice building, in a classic style but with high fences and high quality CCTV cameras around it and even a permanent police presence. A bit far from Selene and Keading's because of the security needed for students like the brother of M, or the children of politicians and diplomats.

Amongst the Nannies, most reminding Falkirk of Jenkins, all hawkish and dispassionate and efficient. A few parents, in their designer sun glasses that made them look like flies with huge eyes. Amongst the sea Falkirk spotted Daniels 6' 5” mass towering above all. Not even the few Alpha males dared get close to him.

“The office is over there.” Keading said pointing to the main entrance, beyond the closed heavy gates painted a sky blue so they weren't so intimidating and jail like. Falkirk recognised the lecherous, cautious or condescending looks some of the parents where giving Keading, they knew of his past. The Omega ducked down and hid behind Falkirk and Daniel, the Alpha putting a reassuring arm around him.

“Is he here? The Father who spoke to you.” Falkirk asked. Shaking his head “No” Keading answered.

When the bell rang and the kids were released. Cody didn't show. A woman emerged, in a skirt suit and a mane of shoulder length grey hair. Cody's teacher cautiously approached Keading, instructing him to follow. When she noticed Daniel and Falkirk she looked like she was about to protest before dismissing it and continuing back into the school.

The teacher Miss Tingle an Alpha in her late fifties led them into an office where the Head Master another Alpha, a balding man with round head and rather small sat. The last woman was a long and willowy beta in a sapphire blue outfit, who identified herself as being from social services.

“Hello I'm Mr Giles” the headmaster introduced in an overly pleasant manor. Looking to Daniel then Falkirk

“His Grace the Duke of Rothsea.” Daniel introduced himself. His voice deep and cultured with a rolling and malevolent edge to it. The head master responded politely, “Your Grace.”

“Sir Thomas McLair.” Falkirk said, putting on his softest and poshest tone of voice. The Head Maser didn't look comfortable, a non bonded Alpha and Omega taking charge, too unusual for comfort.

“The thing is..” Giles started before Diane the Social worker interrupted him. “The school has received several concerned phone calls.” She said before fixing overly sympathetic eyes on Keading and continuing “We have heard about.. We just want what's best for everyone.”

Ms Tingle placed a drawing down in front of Keading. “We asked the children to draw their pack”

Falkirk slid the paper closer to him and then let Daniel see it. A crudely drawn but accurate hierarchical structure had been depicted. Falkirk and Daniel at the top followed by James, Alec and Selene. Keading below Selene. Then Cody and Andrew on the lowest level below their respective parents.

“What would the problem be?” Falkirk asked casually “Daniel and I are clearly indicated and here we are as the head of the pack.”

The head Master looked uncomfortable at the prospect of an Omega at the head of a pack but as Falkirk had been doing the lion's share of the talking he was having trouble questioning it.

Looking to Keading, Falkirk asked, “May I end this charade?” Getting a nod Falkirk fixed the Head Master in his sights. As his features dropped from a pleasant smile for dealing with Keading to the cold fury he used when a Double O had been particularly stupid.

“You are nothing but a bunch of middle class twits looking down their noses. If you continue on this course I will make it my personal goal to end you. Your professional credibility will be in ruins and I will have politicians, Individuals and charities lining up to condemn you for your discrimination” The Head Master, Teacher and Social Worker started to protest at the use of 'Discrimination' reacquiring Daniel to use the deep resonating voice to cut through, “SILENCE!”

“Be under no illusion Discrimination it is and how I will ensure it is perceived. You discriminate against Mr Corvin for his pornographic past. You discriminate because a pack doesn't conform to your narrow perception. Has Cody ever appeared with suspicious bruises? Has Cody caused any concern what so ever, your narrow bias aside?”

There were three shakes of the head. “Well as that is everything, Home.” Falkirk declared looking to Keading for confirmation.

“Will you be staying for dinner?” Falkirk asked Daniel. Moving out of the office.

“Why not, thank you.” Daniel answered.

Falkirk snapped his fingers at the Head Master, like he was a rude waiter Falkirk deliberately wanted to offend and demanded his brother. In his most arrogant, Alpha-esc way. Even adding a 'Chop-chop I'm waiting.'

Putting his arm around Keading's waist. Falkirk walked with him. Letting his voice carry to the teacher still following them. “I'll be contacting the board of Governors. I understand the need to ensure children's safety. But to pander to the hysteria of paranoid parents is not acceptable.” Keading nodded, Falkirk felling the move against his head. “I will always fight for you, no matter who it's against.” Keading moved to his neck, where Falkirk felt a lick, a gesture of regret or deep gratitude.

Daniel parked in front of the house after Falkirk's driver had pulled away. It was with a force of will, a break of deeply engrained tradition Daniel acknowledged the butler, something he had never done in his youth. He owed the man for his initiative in calling him when James was at his short sighted, bull headed best.

After taking his coat. Hudson showed Daniel to the lounge where Falkirk and Keading where making a fuss of Andrew while Cody did his home work at the small coffee table. Suddenly a tumbler appeared at Daniels elbow. Thanking Hudson Daniel splashed a bit of water into the glass of whisky, taking the glass from the sliver tray and sat.

Nanny Jenkins came to take Andrew upstairs just as Hudson call, “Dinner is served.”

It didn't go unnoticed the mutual act of ignorance that passed between Keading and the Nanny. In Daniel's experience Nannies believed themselves above a servant. “My Nanny was a vicious battleaxe. Only ever had time for the legitimate children of a marriage, hated Douglas and I, adored Doreen. Never trusted them since.” Daniel mentioned.

“Why do I get the impression that story ends with an act of unspeakable terror?” Falkirk said taking his seat.

Taking his seat to the right of Falkirk. “No, No. I out smarted her. I knew what would set her off and Granny just happened to over see. Given what I now know about her it's no longer a surprise she tore her and Mother to shreds. That's when mother moved out, taking Doreen. Leaving Douglas and I with our grand parents.” Daniel said.

Falkirk though he was being given a warning. Daniel implying, the Nanny had a problem with someone she wouldn't consider a legitimate part of the pack. “She is traditional 'Baby needs routine'.” Falkirk responded quoting the Nanny's favourite line. Keading seemed to deliberately ignore the conversation focused on cutting up Cody's meal so he could feed himself.

After the meal, Keading took his son's hand and went upstairs to supervise bath time and to get Cody ready for bed.

“You noticed it as well?” Falkirk stated. Seeing Daniel nod, and finished his second whisky. “You can stay if you want? I think Keading needs the pack around him. I had forgotten, for a few years M arranged James and Alec so one was with me most of the time.”

“Well that saves the taxi ride.” Daniel responded helping himself to more of James' whisky.

Pressing the buzzer Falkirk waited for Hudson to appear. When he did Falkirk instructed him to close the door before asking “How has Nanny Jenkins been doing?”

Getting a similar assessment to his own Falkirk thanked him and dismissed him. Daniel, giving a shrug. On a purely professional level the Nanny was acceptable. But Falkirk was just trying to justify the decision he had been considering for a while.

In blue pyjamas Cody appeared at the door holding a book. Going to sit beside Falkirk he handed his big brother the book. Keading joined them sitting on the other side of Cody. Snuggling happily between the two Omegas. Cody demanded a story.

Opening the book Falkirk found a mix of short stories and poems. “Anything in particular?” Falkirk asked. Cody knowing the book found his favourite page easily even if he couldn't read it yet.

Falkirk pulled his brother close and nuzzled the top of his head. “Come gather round my children and you will hear of the midnight ride of Paul Revere...” Falkirk continued the poem in even slow tones to help lull the child, instead of stimulate. Reaching the end of the poem, Falkirk kissed the top of the soft straight hair. Daniel stood and scoop up the floppy boy.

Keading, leading the way into the bedroom Falkirk had offered up for the child. On the second floor, beside Andrew's. Keading pulled back the thin quilt, making a space for Cody on the simple pine single bed, making sure the sliver bear was within easy reach in the strange bed. After placing the boy down, Daniel watched for a moment as Keading tucked his son in, getting a sleepy “Night, Mom” in response.

Coming out of the room they met Nanny Jenkins in her coat, heading home for the night. Keading subtly moved so Daniel was between him and the Nanny. “Nanny Jenkins.” Daniel greeted.

“Sir.” she responded waiting for Daniel to precede her.

“A Duke, not a knight.” Daniel corrected pleasantly. It was like watching a switch being flipped. The downward turn of her mouth lifted slightly. “Of course, Your Grace.” she responded in sickly sweet tones.

“Duke of Rothsea.” Daniel informed at her curious look. Knowing she recognised an old and hereditary title and not one of the modern peerages. Daniel suppressed a cruel smile.

Looking round to the Omega with his head down and neck exposed Daniel gently took his arm and interlocked it with his own to escort Keading down the stairs. “A marvellous boy you have there.” Daniel said getting a proud smile in response. Keeping up the prise and familiar chatter Daniel kept his voice just loud enough to carry to the Nanny following several paces behind. It was an act, a reminder Keading was pack and family and she was a servant.

Entering to the lounge, Nanny continued down to the kitchen. “Do the aristocracy get lessons in insulting people without actually saying what they mean?” Falkirk asked the returning pair.

“Yes. Right between the lesson in saying Yahaaa and air-hair-lair.” Daniel shot back. Then having to explaining the air, hair, lair joke that was used to say 'Oh Hello!' in a posh way. And making a suggestion they go to a pantomime, where the joke was fairly common.

“Can you speak like Falkirk, British?” Keading suddenly asked.

Letting the insult slide. Daniel proud he was Scottish and having consciously worked to keep his accent while Falkirk had an English accent and both British. Closing his eyes and when Daniel spoke it was with the precise pronunciations of the Oxbridge BBC English, the aforementioned 'British' accent. “If you can look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow and which will not, speak then unto me.”

Falkirk remarked on the similarities with Urquhart while Keading said, “You sound like the Emperor.”

Daniel fixed Keading with a cold emotionless eyes and a nasty up turn of his lip. Putting more of a rasp into his voice, “Now witness the power, of this fully armed and operational battle station.”

Keading let out a relived breath, recognising the quote. Falkirk remarked “Sounds like Davros.”

As it turned out everyone had a passing interest in some form of Sci-Fi. Debating the pros and cons of everyone's individual choice. A moment of confusion rose when Keading mentioned 'The Avengers' and Daniel confused it with the old British series he used to love. After describing the series and with a good internet connection Falkirk was able to get a few episodes to watch. Sitting back in the dimmed lounge. The big Alpha, with an Omega curled up under each arm. The three watched the adventures of Emma Peal and John Steed.

When a black and white image of a young Michael Gough appeared, Keading pointing a finger, “That's Alfred!”

Chapter Text

The tree had been delivered and Hudson was helping Falkirk decorate. With Andrew charging about on all fours they couldn't put anything down for a moment. Even the couch and chair weren't safe since Andrew figured out how to climb. A rather ungainly action, where Andrew used his large head as an anchor and used it to counter balance his body to lift up his legs.

Using the aforementioned climbing technique, the small boy got closer to his target on top of the couch. A chubby hand stretched out to the boxes and bags. Blue eyes locked on the the sparkly silver thing. Grasping the silver, and puling, giving a happy squeal as the sting of silver just kept coming. Andrew managing to get the string of tinsel and bite into it, and with the final tug a crash as he pulled the boxes and bag of balls and ornaments over. A big face filled Andrew's vision, Papa, gently coxing the silver from him. Andrew's face scrunched getting ready to let out a wail.

Desperately Falkirk held up one of his son's plastic doughnuts that rattled. Giving the rattle a shake and watching the small and round face droop in complete unhappiness. Grabbing the toy, Andrew set it flying through the air not wanting it, wanting to be a part of what his Papa was doing.

Just as Andrew was gearing up to continue, Falkirk watched the big blue eyes go wide in amazement and look right passed him. “Always one.” the soft Scottish voice said. Turning from his son, to look at the butler, who seemed overly pleased with himself. Falkirk congratulated the man on getting the lights to work. The laid out strings glowing in the neat lines on the floor. Between the two of them and keeping the tiny third from trying to eat the lights, the strings were soon strung around the tree.

Falkirk and Hudson stood back, admiring the tree that had been placed in front of the French doors. The glass reflecting the gently twinkling reds, blues, greens and whites. Even Andrew had stopped for a moment to just look.

The front door flew open. Falkirk and Hudson jumped preparing for trouble, the butler's hand reaching under his jacket. Falkirk chasing Andrew who crawled towards the noise, then as fast as he could move, charged. Falkirk a step behind his son came to a halt, singling Hudson to stand down. Andrew crossing the tiled foyer like a little train, aiming for his Daddy.

Dropping the kit bag and with a groan James swooped down picking Andrew up. Getting happy little mewls as he bounced Andrew, and nuzzled into to the small neck and giving a kiss to the chubby cheek. The infant nuzzled his Alpha as best he could.

Despite knowing James was technically AWOL Falkirk joined his son. Happy and relieved to have his Alpha back.

With bone deep aches and completely exhausted James wound his arms around the omegas. “We were politely told our assessments where finished.” he purred nuzzling Falkirk, basking in his Omega's scent. The scent of home.

With muscles screaming in pain, James handed over Andrew to Falkirk. Giving a kiss to Andrew's cheek and one to his mate's lips. James picked up his kit bag. “Shower then food.” he said dragging one foot in front of the other to go up stairs, leaning on the banister like an old man.

Falkirk had to close the doors onto the dining room and hall to prevent Andrew from following James. Continuing to decorate the tree, a high pitched grunting sound brought Falkirk's attention to Andrew again. The boy had managed to stand, leaning heavily against the door, stretching as high as he could. Andrew grunted, the handle just brushed the fingers of the outstretched left hand.

“Determined little thing.” Hudson observed in wonder.

“I dread the day when size and motor skill aren't a problem.” Falkirk returned. He hoped it wasn't just a Mother's bias but Falkirk was adamant Andrew's eyes where too sharp. He had seen the child working out problems with a cunning intelligence reminiscent of Sherlock and a fierce determination that could only be described as James'. There was also a restlessness that was of himself and Sherlock. Falkirk just hoped Andrew didn't develop the cold distance everyone else had. Keading's affections where all that sustained Falkirk at times.

Pulling Andrew from the door in case James barged in and sent him flying. Grumbling and whining, the moment Andrew touched he floor again he made for the door again.

Trying to distract Andrew Falkirk held up an ornament. Letting the little fingers grasp the ribbon of the bauble. Falkirk first made a show of hanging his plastic bell on the tree. With a bit of help Andrew was able to take he ribbon out his mouth to copy his Papa, hanging an oval bauble of clear blue plastic. Praising and nuzzling his son, Falkirk let Andrew hang another not noticing the door swinging open.

Picking up bauble at random. James came over to Falkirk and hung his next to Andrew's. The butler slipping out with barely a notice. James wrapped his arms round mate and child. Relaxing against them. “Welcome Home” Falkirk said, resting his head against the Alpha's shoulder and sighing in contentment.

The door opening made them realise how long they had been in the embrace. Even the active child had settled in his parent's arms. Hudson placed the tray on the coffee table and backed out the room again. James detached from the Omegas in favour of the plate of sandwiches and coffee. Andrew crawling over, so he could climb onto his dad and sit in the Alpha's lap. James hugging his son, watching he mate hang more ornaments on the tree.


True to his mate's words. James, Alec and Selene had completed their assessments ahead of schedule. The physical assessments where a mixed bag. The endurance where as good as ever but the extreme short term exertions were lower. The psyche assessments where the best the three had ever had. They were approved for filed work with no concerns about motivation. There was only one problem, he could see. “Not a Problem.” Falkirk corrected himself.

Selene walked passed the glass wall of Falkirk's office to the door. Her black hair was damp looking and ruffled as it usually was. She had dressed up since becoming the bodyguard of M but still didn't look right in the trouser suits she wore. The combat trousers, boots, and coat where still much more her style.

Instructing her to take a seat Falkirk opened Selene's assessments. “Well to start with, you have passed everything and reinstatement has been approved by all. But you have also been presented with a very unique opportunity. You could return to the field as an operative and given your experience you would go to the top of the roster to be assigned a Double O.” Falkirk stated

Selene stilled at the possibility. She had accepted her position as Falkirk's bodyguard. Given some of his adventures it certainly hadn't been a boring assignment. But to go back in the field. “Keading?” she whispered, concern evident for her Omega.

“I and Daniel are here. He is part of the pack, and will be fine.” Falkirk insisted trying to keep his tone even. Not wanting his own desire to keep her as his bodyguard, to be a factor in Selene's choice.

“I see the strain another Omega goes through, when his Alpha is away for months on end. I have a duty and a responsibility, to you as your bodyguard, and to Keading as his Alpha. I decline reinstatement to the field.”

It was with relief Selene turned down the reinstatement to field work. Falkirk was about to give the order to return Selene to his security detail when she called, “M?”

When Falkirk nodded, she continued. “I do trust you, that was why I didn't say anything. But when James asked bout Papava, I wasn't trying to challenge you, I just wanted to understand.”

Falkirk leaned back in his chair. Taking his glasses off. Wanting to move beyond this, but Selene's request wasn't unreasonable and she had clearance to know. She had just not been there when some things like the accusations or evidence were being discussed. It meant she missed out on the blocks of information to complete the full picture of Scarlett Papava's actions.

Replacing his glasses, Falkirk brought up Papava's file, sending the information to the internal glass wall. He started with Papava's village, that had been purged by the Russian army. Then brought up the proof of Papava's crimes, the CCTV, DNA, a knife with a palm print belonging to Papava, all used in the death of people who had become quite powerful or influential in the Russian state.

Falkirk scented a changed in Selene, although outwardly she was still. But her scent que was agitated, excited, almost like the alertness of an Alpha preparing for a fight. “I did something, 'In detriment to British interests', would you have executed me?” Selene asked quietly.

Falkirk looked at the wall, with the photos showing a range of different men. The only one left alive, Falkirk's counterpart in the FSB, General Pushkin. “Murders, Rapists, war criminals, I don't defend any of them, they were scum. If Papava had made friends, or even if she came to me I would have helped.” Falkirk said. Looking to the only survivor, “I did promise to complete her work.”

Pointing to the picture of one old man, with long narrow sagging face, very long drooping ears and nose. Falkirk said, “Koskov, had a severe heart condition. It would have been so simple to switch his medication for something else. His pacemaker was also susceptible to electronic interference. His death could have been done discreetly. With no real proof, the Russians couldn't throw around accusations or make demands.”

“But I killed Alexander Corvinus? He was a British asset?” Selene said, referring to the grandfather of her lost Omega mate and one of the people responsible for his death.

Falkirk shrugged, “You were the prime suspect in Corvinus' death. Did you know your old associate Tannis was interrogated, others too, in the attempt to get proof it was you. But they knew nothing. And you had something Papava didn't, friends. One of whom could get information without leaving a trail, who also destroyed or corrupted what little evidence there was. Through the help you gave, you earned further favours from R and two Double Os. So if M went for you, she would have to deal with me, Daniel, James and Alec as well. But what really saved you, despite sending a retired Hungarian Cruiser to the bottom of the Danube, you were discreet. No one knew it was you and all the suspicion in the world couldn't change that.”

“Thank you. I didn't know you did anything.” Selene muttered looking at her clasped hands.

Asking to speak frankly and warning Selene, she might not like part of what he had to say. When Selene gave her permission Falkirk said, “I didn't know what I was seeing at at the time. But now I know what it meant. You are the worst Double O I have ever seen.” The bright blue eyes flicked to Falkirk, angry and annoyed.

“It was the day we first met Keading I saw it.” Falkirk said, forging on wanting to explain quickly. “You were more concerned about the vulnerable Omega. Almost forgetting your mission, orders or why you were meant to be watching James, Alec and I. A Double O doesn't do that. I don't even think James would put me before an active mission.”

“I'm sure he would.” Selene said, seeing Falkirk really meant the last sentence and wanted to comfort the omega.

Falkirk smiled at the woman that had been at his side so long it felt like she was his very shadow. “See!” he said with a watery smile, never had Falkirk spoken of his secret fear, the holding back James still did. “Even now you're more concerned about the distressed Omega than what I said a moment ago. I think you're the most selfless Alpha I have see. Keading is very lucky to have you. And I wish there were more Alphas like you. That is why I have trusted you as my friend and bodyguard, it plays to your greatest strength, to protect.”

Selene looked away again, at the mention of the trust the Omega had in her and what she did to betray it. “I'm sorry.” she muttered.

“I forgive you. Please talk to me next time? I will tell you as much as I can, or tell you what I can't tell you.” Selene nodded, in agreement. Falkirk then said, “You may relieve Brayan and return to duty.”

“M.” Selene said, with respect and stood.


An afternoon, in the week running up to Christmas and it was Alec's turn to report to M. The Alpha lazed casually opposite M, giving a wiggle in the uncomfortable chair. Falkirk went through the man's assessments. The greater ties to pack and partner were noted as a cause for potential compromise in 006, but that was just like James and Selene. “Welcome back, Double O Six.” Q said with a smile. Felling a slight gnawing, with Selene apologising and explaining herself, it was now only Alec who hadn't.

Alec smiled, his teasing and easy going smirk. “You want to see something?” Alec said with genuine excitement. “I saw it when I got back.”

Falkirk nodded. Alec bounced to his feet. And Falkirk followed more sedately. “I'd hug you if it wasn't unprofessional.” Alec whispered on their way through E-Branch. Falkirk nodded, he was trying to maintain his normal appearance but was sure Alec could see through it and noticed the slight strain in him.

They entered the lift. Q had the horrible thought Alec was taking a trip to the memorial wall but they dropped below the ground level. The doors opened, they weren't heading to the lift that would take them to the vast understructure of the bunker network but were still a safe distance below the streets of London.

Q recognised the route to the Double O division. A suite of secure offices, rarely used but needed. Often referred to as the War Offices, due to the enhanced privacy and security. There were no signals here, no cameras, and the guards were the dedicated elite of MI6. The decoration was a little old fashioned. Panelled walls, heavy wood and leather padded doors, thick plush carpets, with reproduction painting in heavy frames. A little too 'gentlemen's club' for Falkirk's liking.

Alec pushed open a rich wood door, padded in thick leather and with buttons giving it a riveted appearance. The room beyond was a semi circle, with a corridor and nine doors lining the curving wall. Brass plaques on the doors, starting on the left, '001' and ending with, '009' on the door to the far right, with the corridor between, 004 and 005's office. Sitting at the desk in the centre of the room, an old beta woman with a beehive hairdo looked up. “Good afternoon, M. Welcome back Double O Six.” Mrs Ponsonby, the secretary for all the Double Os greeted.

Alec led Falkirk around the desk, both giving the woman a greeting in passing. Along the corridor between two offices, and through a maze of warrens. Alec pushed open a door into a small locker room, one attached to a small private gym for the Double Os exclusive use. Nine large wooden front lockers lined one wall, and a mirror along the wall opposite, with a bench running length between. Man and Woman, Alpha, Beat and Omega all used it, mostly because when the war offices were built the Double Os were exclusively Alpha/Male and the locker had not been updated when the first Alpha woman, then beta men were slowly added to the ranks of the 00s. Now the facilities were just labelled unisex.

At the end of the changing room, between the two door holes leading to the showers and gym. A large noticeboard, an informal memorial wall of sorts. Falkirk had known of the wall's existence, it was populated thought the life and career of the Double Os, not a mark of their death. Falkirk smiled seeing the picture of himself, being served by a Boi in the corset and bunny ears and fluffy round tail, in the background the similarly dressed Omega who had come to speak at the society. Alec pointed at something. Falkirk looked to the the indicated page, torn from a report, with a yellow post it stuck to it. He recognised his notes and Andrew's scribbles. The post it, was of Addison's writing, proclaiming it to be 'Baby M's first bollocking'

Falkirk was rather relived that that was all Alec was showing him. “They're rather sentimental.” Falkirk said. In the privacy of the secure suites, when Alec put his arm around him, Falkirk didn't feel the need to brush it of.

“Come on, something else.” Alec said and tugged Falkirk out. Through more corridors, Alec pushed open a door, into a circular room. Nine chairs fixed into position and looking to a wide table. It was the Double O briefing room. Alec was heading for the door behind the wide desk, the door to Falkirk's secure office.

The office beyond had not been updated since it was first built. It would have been classed as traditional in the 40s. A wide oak, leather top desk. Hanging behind the desk, James' 'Bloody Big ship'.

Falkirk was slammed against the wall, Alec's hand around his throat. The blue eyes were empty, not that of Alec, this was Double O Six, the assassin, the brute, the torturer. “You remember when I had you like this before?”

Falkirk nodded, one hand digging his fingernails into the hands cutting off his air supply. The other hand reaching for the gold taser in his pocket. Alec plunged a hand into Falkirk's waistcoat pocket, fist clenching around Falkirk's, keeping the little taser safely inside the Omega's grip. Falkirk was panicked, the room was designed to isolate, the only communication was the hard line phones on the desk. There was no one to see, or walk in at random. He was alone, with the dangerous Double O Six.

“I believed you.” Alec purred in the shell of the long ear, that Falkirk hide under all that wild hair. “You spoke, giving and holding back information perfectly. I really thought you knew everything. Then what I saw you do, it reinforced the belief that you knew everything. But you know nothing!” Alec let go on the last word. “You said you read my file. I suggest you Do it!” Alec ordered. Backing away, Alec scrubbed his face, and letting out a shout of frustration.

Slumping, Falkirk took in deep gasping breaths, his wide and panicked green eyes watching Alec sag then kick a chair suddenly. Now the absence of emotion was over, the emotion Alec was showing looked on the verge of being, overwhelming. Falkirk not quite sure if Alec was going to rage or cry. Alec looked pained, his face showed the lines of his age and looked so tired.

Alec mused, he didn't look at Falkirk as he said, “They(the psychologists), you and Daniel just thought I was following James' lead when I confronted you. I wasn't. I didn't know how you could have murdered her. I didn't think you could be that, bad. But when I was away I figured, or hoped, that you didn't know everything. Find my file and for fuck's sake don't let anyone know what you're looking for.”

“Why?” Falkirk flinched and backed up, the wall hitting his back. Alec closing in again and Falkirk was trapped, but he was just pulled into a gentle hug that only tightened as Falkirk relaxed. Pressing his nose to Alec's neck, the man's scent ques were muted like they always were, there was a bit of agitation but beyond that Falkirk was having trouble interpreting the scent. Felling Alec rub his head against his, and a quiet whisper washed over Falkirk's ear, “I'm already breaking orders.”

Falkirk nodded. “Keep quiet until you know.” Alec warned and let go. Falkirk sagged, sliding down the wall. Thoughts running in circles in his head.


Claridge's, a few days before Christmas, Falkirk and Elizabeth Urquhart where having afternoon tea. Falkirk couldn't deal with the societies she dragged him to but some of the charities that came to speak where interesting. Some causes he couldn't identify with others where of close interest. The first charity along with one helping Omega's escape abusive situations where at the forefront for Falkirk.

Elizabeth still didn't trust him and their conversation was still forced most of the time. While Falkirk was running an idea by her, Elizabeth seemed politely positive about it. Suddenly she dropped the conversation, looking round Falkirk. Turning, to see what Elizabeth was looking at, Mycroft sitting with Tanner of all people.

“Now what are those two doing together?” Falkirk mused.

“You know the other one?” Elizabeth asked.

“My chief of Staff.”

Falkirk and Elizabeth watched Mycroft stiffened and his eyes snapped passed Tanner who had his back to their table. Slowly the Beta turned around and came face to face with his boss and brother to his companion. Tanner froze, his eyes going wide and face tingeing red. Mycroft gave a tight little facial expression, lifting his cheek muscles in a strange and rather intimidating parody of a smile, like a snake wanting to put a mouse at ease. Mycroft's lips moved and he drew Tanner's attention again. Falkirk could see his chief of staff squirming in his seat as he turned back to Mycroft.

“Aren't you going over to speak with your Chief of Staff?” Elizabeth challenged.

“I do not go into a situation blind and he will be stewing until I confront him.” Falkirk said coldly.

“You sound rather like Francis.” Elizabeth said.


Falkirk arrived in E-Branch at his normal time the next day. Tanner charged out his office and heading to Falkirk's the two meeting at the door. “About Sunday.” Tanner said, closing the door behind him.

Falkirk taking the seat, he had been doing his own digging but a small part wanted to hear this. Sitting cross legged, with his hands clasped on the upper knee, with a wide and curious smile. “Yes, Mr Tanner?” Falkirk prompted innocently, when the beta still hadn't continued.

“The thing is.” Tanner fell silent.

“The thing is?” Falkirk prompted, innocently. Enjoying this far to much.

“I, Myc, we...”

“Myc? Are you skipping over his name? Or are we onto pet names?” Falkirk teased.

The Beta's eyes widened, realising his boss had figured it out. “Pet name.” Tanner admitted. “That day, your first year here, you hit your panic button and I gave Myc that bollocking for stalking you. After that we started talking when we saw each other at meetings and things. Then after Moran's bomb we started, you know, seeing each other.”

Falkirk nodded. “I'm having a big Christmas Dinner. Would you like to come?”

“Were keeping it quiet.” Tanner said.

Not a big surprise, there was still a stigma for male/male relationships were participants were Alpha or beta, but Mycroft's sexuality was well and truly out. “You may keep it as quiet as you wish. I will not tell anyone, but you do have my support.” Falkirk said and Tanner gave him a shy smile and took his leave.


The same day as Tanner's revelation, Shane and David arrived. Falkirk leaving early, to make sure he was home to greet his Brother and Nephew. Coming to the lounge door at the sound of the bell, Hudson already there and pulling the door open for the guests. The tall, dark brown haired and broadest of the Homes brothers, Shane, gave a greeting to the butler he knew as a boy, in the Homes house. David, following his father in. Not a second later, and to Hudson's annoyance, Sherlock burst in, the door hitting the butler as the detective barged passed.

In typical flamboyant fashion, with coat billowed behind him Sherlock bounced around his big brother. Shane pulled Sherlock against him, in a loose hug, which Sherlock tried to brush off but all could see it was just an act. Hudson had just closed the door when the bell rang to announce John's belated arrival.

Falkirk called across the foyer for Hudson to bring coffee, then herded the guests into the lounge. Hugging Shane then David as they passed. Shane shook James' hand and greeted the wide eyed Omega in James' lap. David, the fairest of the Holmes line with hair a very light brown, and rather long, well on his way to the 6' mark but very thin, without the developed muscle structure yet. The teenager also shook James' hand and greeted his cousin.

Sherlock gestured wildly, showing off to the bother he had respected and looked up to as a child, describing a recent case. The Alpha's excited pheromones in turn gave Andrew a little high, who bouncing excitedly, squealing with delight and waved his arms just like his uncle. John issued a sharp “Sherlock!” when the detective started deucing what was wrapped in the gifts under the tree.


Falkirk put Andrew down, the boy's arms and legs hanging heavy. With a press of lips to the brow, Falkirk stood back, to allow James to say his goodnight. The Alpha brushed a large hand over the wild and dark hair, giving a soft smile then leaned down to press his lips to his son's forehead.

“Alec paid a visit the other day” James prompted, pulling up the lowered side of the crib. Wrapping an arm around Falkirk and leading him down to their room. “I never quite thought Hudson had what it took to pull a trigger in cold blood. But the way he looked at Alec, he was prepared to kill. And he all but ordered me to hand over Andrew. I also noticed the internal security cameras were online.”

James was desperately trying to stay calm, but Falkirk smelt his Alpha's state. The que was alert and on edge. Falkirk said, “Something cropped up on Alec's psyche profile. Until it's sorted, I'm being careful.”

“Can I know what?”

“That's the problem. I don't even know. And Alec has indicated there are historical orders he can't discuss.”

James pulled the omega to bed. Curling around him. “Will...” Falkirk pressed his lips to his alpha's to stop him. Pulling apart Falkirk whispered, “I'll deal with it. When I know what I'm dealing with I will tell you what I can, when I can.” Falkirk said and pressed his lips again to James'. Hands slipping up James' side hooking his t-shirt, pulling it over the Alpha's head. They continued on, entwining and sharing in each others bodies, until spooned, the Omega's back the the Alpha's front, the knot tying them together, they drifted off to sleep.


On Christmas Eve, the first of a few big meals. Falkirk had reluctantly taken on a kitchen maid and a footman. Hudson and the footman worked away in the dinning room setting the table while Mrs Bridges slaved away down stairs.

Daniel and Alec arrived first. Falkirk hugged both, deep down he still trusted Alec, but in their world secrets were a necessity they had to live with. Alec for his part, clung a little more tightly and desperately to Falkirk than usual. James greeted his old friend with an easy smile, good enough to deceive Alec, and if Falkirk hadn't know of his Alpha's suspicions he would never have been able to guess for himself.

Mycroft was the next, greeting Shane who he had not come to see on their arrival the day before.

Selene, Keading and Cody were next. Snagging Keading's arm Falkirk took him into the library. Needing to shove Mycroft, who was on his phone, out.

Sitting beside the other Omega on the small settee. “I have a bit of a job for you. If you want it?” Falkirk said. After a hesitant nod from Keading Falkirk continued, “It's customary to help charities in my position. I was hoping you would do the administration for me?”

Pulling out the literature for the charities Falkirk had chosen he handed them to Keading. “There is the money but someone like me is also meant to help pull stings and help the charity speaks to the right government, business, political representative, department, whatever.” Falkirk explained.

“What would I have to do?” Keading asked hesitantly.

“No idea, you'll have to find that out. Villiers dealt with M's charities. I don't think she even knew she supported any.” Falkirk responded.

James knocked and stuck his head in. “Dinner's served” he called and closed the door again.

“Think about it and let me know.” Falkirk said standing and heading for the door.

“I'll do it.” Keading insisted before Falkirk could open the door.


At the sound of the crying from the monitor sitting beside the bed, Falkirk was up and pulling on a dressing gown. With Andrew still not knowing what Christmas was the only predawn start was due to his desire to be fed and changed. After seeing to his son's early morning needs, Falkirk took Andrew down stairs to get a cup of tea and to just spend time with his son while he was awake, although he was dozing off again after the warm milk. A quiet noise from the lounge drew Falkirk's attention.

Finding his nephew sitting with his back against the couch just looking at the presents under the tree, eyes glassy and watery. Sliding down to sit beside David. “Your mum?” Falkirk asked getting a hiccuped breath and a nod in response.

Transferring Andrew to the boy's lap. Falkirk pulled his nephew against him and cradled David's head in the junction of his neck. “Mum would be the first one down. Even when I was little and could barely sleep.” David reminisced. Falkirk listened to a few more anecdotes from his nephew and keeping up the gentle caresses.

Andrew waking to the ugly and rank scent que of a distressed Alpha started grumbling and mewling his own discomfort. The sudden panic from David almost comically turned his mood, looking desperately to his uncle for guidance. Falkirk just stroking Andrew's neck and letting him scent his calm Papa, he soon settled down until an old ambition(for a baby) resurfaced. Squirming until David allowed him to get to the floor Andrew crawled for the brightly coloured boxes determined to make it this time.

“Why don't you help him?” Falkirk asked David, pointing to a box. Andrew grumbled again when his big cousin came closer, until he noticed he wasn't being stopped or picked up. Continuing his journey to the tree, a bright red box with Santa faces suddenly appeared in front of Andrew. Grabbing hold of the box almost as big as him Andrew tried to use it to lever himself up. A bright flash distracted Andrew and he wobbled as he looked to his Papa, the big blue eyes blinking in confusion. The paper gave way and with a rip Andrew landed on his arse a strip of paper still in his chubby grasp. With wonder Andrew forgot about the camera flash, in favour of tearing more paper from the box.

James and Shane soon arrived to witness the mayhem of Andrew sitting in a doughnut of coloured paper, ignoring his presents in favour of turning the wrapping paper into confetti. Giving a happy little squeal at the sound of ripping and how the paper fluttered when he waved his arms.


Everyone started arriving throughout the afternoon. Sherlock and John being the first, Sherlock breezing in with John weighed down under a pile of presents. Falkirk quite liked the the jumper the doctor was wearing even if James made a snarky comment in the background. Much to Falkirk's pleasure John had gotten him a similar jumper and in an act of rebellion and to spite James he put on the bright green wool with spots of different colours. James declaring it, “Adorable!” much to Falkirk’s delight.

Mycroft arrived as serenely as ever. A mound of neatly wrapped gifts in his arms, all in elegant paper and expensive ribbons. At first glance you would think the gifts would have been wrapped for him, but Sherlock and Falkirk knew no one but Mycroft would be that precise in anything.

Selene arrived with Keading and Cody next. Selene demanding, “Is Alec here?” and looking ready to kill.

Keading, beside Falkirk gave a jaw popping yawn as he said, “Cody, come tell Falkirk the wooden toys you got.”

The boy, with his Papa's soft brow eyes and straight hair looked up at his brother very innocently, “I got a slide whistle, a flute thing and this other thing that spins and make a loud noise.”

“Football Rattle?” James identified. And once he described the toy, Cody nodded and confirmed he had been given one.

Keading whispering in Falkirk's ear, “At four frigging a.m. crackcrackcrackcrak!” Falkirk put a consoling his arm around the omega and pulled him down beside him on the couch, demanding James get a glass of Keading's preferred white wine.

When Alec did arrive with Daniel and Mary, who had been visiting her granddaughter the night before. Selene marched up to the blond, backing him up against the front door. Her blue eyes gleaming righteous death to the man for his crime. “You...Toys...I'm going to kill you...four fucking A.M. I nearly had a heart attack. You? You?” Selene ended in a groan aware she was being watched.

It was Mary who instead, “There has to be something that makes a noise, or what is four a.m. for?”

Alec gave a wide nervous smile. Selene realising it wasn't Alec. She rounded on Daniel who was unrepentant and unafraid, and using his grand mother as a human shield. “I will get my revenge.” she warned Daniel.

Coming to James and Falkirk, Alec whispered in a faux German accent, “Do not mention za vaw.” and indicated Mycroft. Mary who overheard sent them a glance that could have frozen water. Knowing Alec and James' sense of humour, they would lord and hint at the secret. Falkirk decided to end the jokes before they got out of hand.

Going up stairs Falkirk got the bullet and fragments from his drawer. Returning to the lounge he gave the fragments to Daniel. After a brief and quiet conversation Daniel agreed it was time to settle the old feud.

Falkirk returned to the group, of James, Alec, Mary and Selene. “Gentlemen start your engines. Half an hour.” Falkirk said, with his prediction and bet of how long it should take Sherlock to solve the puzzle of the bullets.

“Is this a good Idea?” Mary insisted.

“Most things come out in time. It's better to know when and where.” Falkirk answered.

Accepting Falkirk and her grandson's judgement Mary added, “After dessert when he has relaxed and everything is winding down.” she said giving Sherlock a weighing look.

With all bets in Falkirk nodded to Daniel who approached Sherlock and handed him the strange bullets from his father's gun, one unfired and complete, the other in two sections, the tip section with its unique corkscrew tail.

Mycroft and Shane knowing something was up approached Falkirk who refused to answer their questions.

Hudson announced the arrival of Tanner and Falkirk moved to welcome him. After being offered a drink Tanner moved to mingle. And if Falkirk noticed the small wrapped box moving from Mycroft's pocket to Tanner's he didn't say anything.

Falkirk's time came and went with the end of the aperitifs. Followed by Alec's bet of an hour over the starter. Selene's two hour mark went as James carved the goose. Mary's bet of Sherlock figuring the bullet's secret after dessert was fast approaching and James' bet of Sherlock not managing it tonight was also looking more likely. As the dessert plates where cleared and the sweet accompanying wine was drunk. Sherlock declared, “I would like the suspects to gather in the library.”

“I think the library is a bit small, how about the lounge?” Falkirk stated.

Petulantly, “Yes, Yes the lounge is fine.” Sherlock responded.

Mary looked to Falkirk, from her place about halfway down the table on his right. For the briefest moment, the normally kindly face had a smile of victorious smugness.

In a scene reminiscent of Agatha Cristy. Everyone sat in the lounge, nursing a post dinner drink of their choice, loosening belts, letting out groans and complaining they were about to explode.

Sherlock paced about. Falkirk was sure Andrew would regret missing this, there was lots of bouncing and arm waving to attract his attention. Sherlock stopped suddenly and tapped his index finger against his lip. “I first noticed Falkirk disappear up stairs to return, giving something to you.” Sherlock said, pointing an accusing finger at Daniel. Treating it as a game Sherlock was really hamming up the the theatrics.

Moving the finger to Falkirk. “Deep in conversation with the conspirators.” Sherlock spun on his heels to move his pointing finger to James, Alec, Selene in turn and finally the finger pointed to Mary. “The movement of lips 'After dessert when he has relaxed', then the go ahead is given.”

Sherlock switched his attention to Daniel. “I was presented with, this!” Sherlock declared holding up the bullet for everyone to see.

“At the appointed time I called everyone together.” Sherlock spun back to Mary “And what did I see, Victory!”

“You don't know!” Mary accused with a weighing look. James' miniscule, victorious smirk, didn't go unnoticed by Sherlock.

“If I figure it out now, you win” Sherlock declared to Mary before looking to James “You win if I don't get it.”

Shrugging James informed, “Falkirk solved it in about an hour.” Seeing something in James' words. Sherlock fell into thought.

Clearing his throat Mycroft held out his hand for the bullet. Turning the metal in his fingers for a few moments Mycroft first looked to Daniel then the harmless looking Omega sitting beside Falkirk. Holding the bullet fragments back up for Sherlock to take. “You know?” Sherlock asked getting a tight smile from his older brother.

Sherlock was getting annoyed now. Falkirk needed an hour, Mycroft two hundred and eleven seconds.


“NO!” Sherlock snapped interrupting Mary “No hints.”

With his hands in front of his face Sherlock's finger made a sweeping gesture as if dismissing something from a screen. Looking to James, Sherlock did dismissive gesture before doing the same for Alec and Selene they were incidental and irrelevant. Concentrating on Falkirk, Daniel, Mary and the bullet.

“Laddie!” Sherlock shouted looking to Daniel, the nickname he used for Falkirk. That rooftop, with Moriarty, when he first heard the term of endearment. Observations, facts and deductions popped up in the detective's mind's eye. (No Laser sights because the marksmen didn't need them. Lasers for show. Lasers painted onto a target's chest, but the shot was a perfect head wound. Expert Marksman. Assassin!)

Looking to Mary, more observations popped into Sherlock's mind's eye. (harmless, Sharp, knowing, intelligent, grandmother, age, old?).

“A Historical Assassination, within Lady Mary's lifetime, conducted by a member of the Carrington family. Involving Falkirk?” Sherlock deduced.

Looking to bullet in his hands, Sherlock pictured the mechanics as Alec had once described them and applying them to the strange bullet. Picturing a gun, the explosion that propelled the bullet, the projectile spinning as it was forced down the barrel, coming from a gun, spinning, separating at some point on it's journey then impacting the target and distorting.

'This bullet isn't distorted!' Sherlock thought.

'What would it look like if the bullet was compressed?' Sherlock wondered. When bringing forward the vast catalogue of mental images of bullets an old photograph emerged. Opening his eyes Sherlock smiled to Daniel

“I think he has it.” James said.

“Rada Holmes.” Sherlock declared and flopped down into the empty seat beside John, exhausted.

“I was right.” Falkirk declared “Half an hour after he actually started thinking about it.”

“Poppycock!” Mary snapped, “It doesn’t matter how fast the horse eventually runs. If it stands at the gate for the entire race, it still looses.”

“Who is Rada Holmes?” David asked. Shane and Mycroft gave a dispassionate assessment of their Grate Grandfather. With Mary giving a more accurate and factual information on the treasonous actions of the man. Then explained how her husband caught up to Rada in Switzerland, assassinating him and a member of the Gestapo he was meeting with.

Mycroft defended, “Great Grandfather was on a sanctioned and official mission, for King and Country.” Sherlock, Falkirk and Shane snorted, not believing the story for a second.

Mary made her voice soft and accepting, “He may well have been, but we couldn't take the chance. He knew too much about the various resistance movements around the country.”

“I need a drink.” Sherlock said, leaning more heavily against the doctor beside him and taking the whisky out of John's hand.

Chapter Text

Entering Tanner's office, on the first day back after Christmas. After the pleasantries, of the 'How are you?'s and Tanner thanking Falkirk for the invitation. Falkirk said, “I was wondering, after Sherlock's show. There are things in my past that aren't in my official records, my real name for one. I know there are things missing in Daniel's file too. Where would the records of these things be kept?”

"Probably in Archives, unless the information was deemed too dangerous to exist." Tanner answered. Seeing Falkirk didn't quite know what he was talking about and after expressing his disbelief Tanner asked if Falkirk had a spare pair of glasses. Taking Falkirk to the physical archives. The deepest part of MI6's bunker network. The lift door opened onto a shallow anti-room, a reception desk, with lots of guards for such a small place, and a line of doors on the back wall.

The pinch faced woman at the reception, with hard brown eyes and a narrow nose looked up, "Door 1, M. Strip completely, place all your clothing in your locker. Then move into the second chamber. In the third chamber, dress in the scrubs provided."

Moving forward Falkirk noticed only he had been instructed towards a door. When Falkirk looked back to Tanner. The Beta said, "Insufficient clearance" Tanner then handed the receptionist Falkirk's spare glasses. Her brown eyes scanned the rectangular plastic frames. She lifted a trapdoor on her desk and placed his glasses inside.

Stepping through the door with the 'No.1' on it Falkirk was met with a changing room. A series of locker with employee serial numbers or IDs. At the far end, was a wide metal door, with a press button on the wall at the side. Stripping off Falkirk placed his clothing in the locker marked 'M'.

Cupping his crotch, naked, Falkirk approached the metal door. Pressing the button at the side. The meter thick metal door slid to the side and Falkirk stepped into the confined space at the end. Every surface, including the closing door behind him was made of glass, with bright lights and scanner arms behind the surface. With a dull thump the door behind closed. Behind the glass, the scanner arms shone bright green light and started moving, with a low hum. Falkirk knowing somewhere a 3D full internal body image was being built up, Someone looking for any anomaly or anything inside him that hadn't been recorded on his medical file.

Eventually the scanner stopped moving and the door in front slid open. Stepping into the next changing room. A cabinet with scrubs arranged by size and those cheep and thin hotel slippers. A row of cubbyholes, with a name or designation. A square box like bin, with a drop down door on the front, for the used scrubs, that looked more like a tube sticking out of the floor.

Dressing in the medium pair of scrubs, Falkirk stepped out. Another reception, this time with only one guard, a receptionist and a familiar dark haired man with a pleasant smile. All in the same grey scrubs and slippers as Falkirk.

The familiar dark haired man in charge, the Archivist, who used the abbreviation A. He was an Alpha with a rather pleasant smile and narrow bright blue eyes. The soft voice was rather posh, low without being deep and rather nice as he greeted Falkirk. They had met in branch head meetings, but A had always been on budget and rather pleasant so Falkirk didn't take much notice of him.

The receptionist lifted something from a trapdoor on her desk. She handed A the glasses, and the Alpha looked them over. "I believe these are yours." A said holding out Falkirk's glasses. "I'm sorry to say when something enters it doesn't leave."

Slipping on his glasses the reception came into focus. As did the youngest of the current branch heads and the second youngest ever after Falkirk.

The tour began. A led them through a door. "This is the record room" A informed his voice nearly being drowned out by the loud rattle and dings of over a dozen typewriters, old fashioned mechanical ones.

The typists, each at an individual desk, separate with a good distance between, but no cubical dividers to hide behind. The eyes of the guards scanning the room continuously, looking for suspicious behaviour.

A, described the typewriters, a large and square contraption, how the ribbon was collected and destroyed in the furnace that was attached to Archives, and how all the rubbish bins connected to the furnace.

Picking up a piece of blank paper, A described it, explaining it wasn't actual paper, it was cloth. With a powerful magnifying glass, A, showed Falkirk the weave of the fibres, "Each peace of paper is its own UID, the likelihood of two pieces of paper having the same weave is 23,000,000,000:1."

Moving to the next room they where in a well lit warehouse, that seemed to stretch back and back. Not since a trip to Ikea had Falkirk seen a warehouse so big. A, continuing the commentary of the tour, "This Archive is a mix of evidence and records, we do have dedicated storage rooms, for when special environmental conditions are needed to maintain the evidence. We save originals where we can but sometimes they are destroyed and only a record is maintained. This Archive is organised chronology by era: Falkirk Bond, Olivia Mansfield, Admiral Robert Hargreaves, Admiral Miles Messervy, back to the very beginnings of MI6 during the Second World War." A, listed off indicating the sections of shelving, stretching back.

"There are no other record of what's here?" Falkirk asked.


Going to Mansfield's section a hand on Falkirk's shoulder stopped him. "There are secrets that should stay buried. Only go looking for what you need to find." A, warned and lifted his hand.

Entering Mansfield's section Falkirk looked for Daniel's file. Pulling out a folder, containing a signed amnesty on top. Mossad had hit the Carrington Institute hoping to end one of its projects by force. The Carrington Institute, Daniel more accurately, wasn't the soft target Mossad anticipated. When Daniel hunted down the Mossad agent, it didn't end well for the agent. A few years later, after tracking Daniel to MI6, Mossad started to negotiate for him. Personal notes of M's indicated she was considering handing him over until a supposedly 'unsanctioned' assassination attempt. But MI6's investigation pointed to the attempt being authorised by the Chief Negotiator.

“Shit!” Falkirk said, reading the name of the man who had become his counterpart in Mossad, Eli David.

While David negotiated on behalf of Mossad, his driver planted a bomb on Daniel's car while it was in MI6's secure car park. Along with an intercepted letter from Mary to a cousin at Whitehall, cited as the one sources of imminence pressure from the government. The Carrington Institute also threatened to withdraw its support for the several prominent military projects if M handed over Daniel. It made up M's mind and she denied Mossad Daniel. The file indicated a severe souring of relations through the incident.

It was interesting and in the past so Falkirk flipped over most of the technicalities. The final document after Daniel's medical report was a letter from Mary to M. It was an outright threat, to not put her Grandson in the field.    

Despite knowing the circumstances and Silva admitting to arranging his kidnapping. Falkirk still looked to see what M's involvement was. Strangely, finding a psyche assessment for James, Falkirk flipped it open. A bog standard assessment, the only difference Falkirk noticed where some key points. '...questionable loyalty...low boredom threshold...wanderlust...' Falkirk had never seen before in James' file. Nor the warning '...without an emotional tie, recruit's loyalty and obedience can not be assured.'

Apparently MI6 didn't view James as a loyal patriot. But Falkirk and James had figured out a long time ago M wanted them together, to keep James in check and to keep Falkirk out of his father's hands. With ties to MI6, the dubious loyalty didn't matter now, which was why it didn't show up on James' latter assessments. Falkirk replaced James' record.

Despite A's warnings Falkirk flipped through a few more files, mostly to throw the watching A off his desire to go to Alec's. Most of the files were from Falkirk's time at MI6 but he knew nothing of the incidents described. Coming to a stop on one, there was a transcript of Selene's disastrous mission as 002 and the lengths Falkirk went to to help her. "She knew everything." Falkirk mused, referring to M and her obliviousness at the time.

This was it. 'Alexis Trevelyan', Falkirk pulled out the file. There was the secrets Falkirk already knew about but few others did. Going from Alec's Omega parents, through Alec's birth, to when he became an orphan, Falkirk's eyes going like saucers. Whispering under his breath, “ShitShitShit!”

Rounding on A and brandishing the file. “Why was I not told this?” Falkirk snapped.

Calmly the blue eyed man looked on the furious M. “When it became necessary, it was here for you to read. As you are doing now.”


A gave a slight shrug. "To find answers, you may wish to read the journal." A, said and indicated the book at the end of the aisle.

Picking up the journal "Are you aware of what is in this?" Falkirk demanded. Flicking through the pages.

As Falkirk found the last entry A answered, "Only what M discussed with me or what I happen to see. I do not go looking."

The last entry, in M's scrawling script.


     Your were strange. I hoped for a gifted hacker
and someone who could keep James anchored here.
I got far more than I ever imagined.
     Over your time here I saw you slowly become
something more. You stood firm, challenge after
challenge. You expand your influence, making your
own friends. When the opportunity arose I took the
chance and pushed you up.
     When the time came you even disobeyed me. The
day you put the mission and operative above my orders
you showed yourself truly capable.
     As my time comes to a close I do not know how
this will end. I write this if I am unable to guide you

     You will be my heir. Steer MI6 well.


"That manipulative old bitch!" Falkirk blasted, making the A chuckle. Falkirk looked at the man, “You should have called me down, the moment this room was accessible to us again, after Silva compromised the building. An operative is dead because I didn't have all the facts. And the blood is now on your hands now too, Archivist.

The Alpha nodded, looking down and away.  Falkirk adding, “As of now. I am making a standing order. Every M is to tour this room. And I am requiring you to assure M sees anything that affects current operations of MI6.”

The Archivist acknowledged the order. A then said, “Your order will require me to read the most sensitive information MI6 holds. While I have clearance to see what is here, no Archivist has ever been given permission to actively search and read through the archive.”

One solution just makes different problems and Falkirk wanted to swear again. “Understood. You will be assigned a bodyguard and be given the due protection equal to M.” Falkirk said.

Putting away the journal Falkirk moved to his own section surprised to see it beginning populated, despite never having sent anything down. The first folder contained intercepts, discussing his conduct during his interview including the blackmail material he used against the interview panel.

"No you may not destroy anything in this room." A, informed, pre-empting the calculating look that passed M's face. Seeing the Green eye flash in his direction, confrontational and showing the hardness that made the Omega M, A added, "The Archivist is a member of, and appointed by the trustees. Only they can dismiss me." The trustees being a collection of former MI6 and affiliates making sure no one used the service for their own personal benefit.

Getting the hint Falkirk replaced the folder and gave A, a pleasant smile. Despite his desire to rifle through the information and documents. Falkirk knew he had work to do and moved towards the entrance with A following. In the dressing room, Falkirk put his glasses in the cubicle for M and dumped his scrubs in the bin, before moving through the system of sensors and rooms. In the main reception, Tanner had returned to E-Branch and Falkirk decided to wander so he could think.


Keading and Falkirk where in the library discussing Falkirk's charitable support. Telling Keading to set up a meeting with his lawyer as he would be setting up a trust and pulling together the scholarships and grants Falkirk had created in America. They also arranged for Keading to go see the charities that had piqued Falkirk’s interest.

Coming to the end they where just waiting for Selene to return from the park with Cody. Keading asked about Andrew. Falkirk said he was upstairs. Keading was eager to see him until he found out Nanny Jenkins was here as well. Falkirk didn't want to force the other Omega into doing something he clearly didn't want to do. But the omega's avoidance of the Nanny was becoming more noticeable. James and Selene had both remarked on Keading's avoidance of the Nanny and Hudson had kept a sharp look out but had not reported anything to Falkirk. Keading had assured him that Jenkins was a good Nanny and had been polite to him.

Taking his hand Falkirk led Keading upstairs to the nursery. Nanny Jenkins was sitting reading a book while Andrew had pulled himself upright against his crib. Bouncing slightly before dropping down and crawling to his Papa. Nanny Jenkins stood as well before Falkirk waved her back into the chair “We are just hear for a quick visit” Falkirk reassured pleasantly.

Picking up a fuzzy ball. Falkirk knelt on the floor and rolling the ball about until he gained Andrew's attention, the nanny just visible from the corner of his eye. When Andrew went for the ball Falkirk rolled it slowly passed Andrew to bounce off Keading's feet. As Keading sat, crossing his legs, the soft brown eyes were fixed on Andrew, steadfastly ignoring the stern gaze of the beta woman. Slowly Keading did the same, rolling the ball to get Andrew's attention then sent it rolling passed him towards Falkirk. Andrew chased after the ball, Falkirk waited for his son to reached him. Helping Andrew Falkirk rolled the ball to Keading praising his son for the good shot then let Andrew chase after the ball.

The three played for some time and one thing was clear Jenkins didn't like Keading, for some reason Falkirk didn't care about. Every time Falkirk praised or touched the child Jenkins' features would soften slightly, just as they would cool and harden every time Keading touched Andrew. Falkirk didn't know if it was class, she just didn't like Keading or something else but she couldn't continue. She wasn't good enough at suppressing her own opinions. Keading and Falkirk could read her and eventually so would Andrew and Falkirk didn't want his son to doubt his uncle.

When Selene arrived Falkirk waved the family off. Instead of letting Hudson return downstairs Falkirk called him into the library. After explaining the situation Hudson warned, “Dismissing a person because of a look, may be problematic. There is no concern about her treatment of Andrew. I have watched and listened, she has been polite and respectful when speaking with Mr Corvin. It may be convenient to allow Nanny Jenkins to find a post and resign with full references.”

Falkirk sat back in his desk chair. Nodding, agreeing with Hudson's assessment. “Would you please ask Jenkins to come down and watch Andrew?”

The older blond man gave a sharp nod and pulled the door open. Moving to the library's coffee table Falkirk offered the other chair to the Nanny.

“Am I to be dismissed?” the poised grey haired woman asked, peering over her rectangular half glasses. Able to read Falkirk and ignoring the offered chair.

“I am hoping to do this amicably.” Falkirk responded carefully. Giving Falkirk a weighing look the woman took the chair.

“I have never had concern to doubt your capabilities or excellence in dealing with Andrew.” Falkirk appeased “But I can see your disapproval or dislike of Keading and I can not allow that in this house.”

Nanny Jenkins didn't argue Falkirk's point. “I would like you to remain until you find alternative employment. I will pay out your notice and will give references to your new employer.” Falkirk stated.

“I expect you to buy out my holiday time as well.” Jenkins demanded and Falkirk agreed.

It was quicker than Falkirk imagined, the next day, when Hudson placed a message on his desk. A Lady Britten looking to enquire about Nanny Jenkins' references. Calling the number Falkirk asked to speak to the Lady in question. Speaking to Lady Britten a rather forceful personality indicating an Alpha but a phone could be deceptive. Falkirk had been confused for a Beta or even an Alpha at times, when devoid of scent ques.

Lady Britten, not a fool focused on why a supposedly good Nanny was leaving his employ. As Lady Britten had already indicated, her Daughter had giving birth to an Alpha. So Falkirk said, “I feel for an Omega to prosper a less severe personality would be beneficial” Falkirk said making his voice softer and less confrontational. Letting the Woman think Falkirk's problem was just an Omega's quirks. It took a bit more convincing before Falkirk could lean back and hang up.

Writing up Jenkins' final pay check with the extra that had been agreed. Falkirk called “Come In” at the knock. Stepping into the library with Andrew on her hip Jenkins informed Falkirk she would be starting next Monday. As Lady Britten had already told Falkirk as much he just needed to print off the pay slip. Placing the check and slip into an envelope he handed it to her “Thank you for you service” Falkirk said pleasantly.


There where two C.V.s before Falkirk. One for a person he had dismissed when he phoned her and another, an Omega male. Dismissing the woman Falkirk concentrated on the Omega. It didn't take long for Falkirk to hack the Omega's google account. Finding declarations of love, after declaration love to the Alpha male of each household the omega served in, all carefully archived.

Banging his head against his desk, making Andrew's big head wobble as it swivel to look at the bang and groan his papa made. Putting the Omega's C.V. in the bin along with the rest Falkirk leaned back groaning and scrubbing his face.

The bell, Falkirk could hear the butler already approaching to answer it. Recognising the visitor Andrew darted into to the hall as fast as he could crawl. Soon Keading stood with Andrew perched on his hip at the doorway to the library. “Selene and Cody have gone to the park.” Keading informed as he placed Andrew down in the centre of the blanket on the floor.

Hudson soon appeared with a tray containing a small teapot and cafetière. Coming out from behind the desk Falkirk handed the collection of C.V.s, in the bin, to the butler with the instruction to, “get rid of them, please.” The butler gave a polite nod, with a hidden amusement at Falkirk exasperation.

Sipping their drinks. When a lull in to the conversation came Falkirk casually informed, “Jenkins got a better offer. She is leaving us.”

“Is that..” Keading trailed off indicating where the C.V.s once sat. After Falkirk discussed his problems in finding a Nanny including a few choice quotes from the Homme Fatale and his undying love. He knew it was selfish but when Keading offered to babysit. Falkirk made a show of being conflicted and accepted. Swearing to himself and Keading he would find a permanent Nanny as soon as possible.

Looking out the window Falkirk suggested they go find Selene. Ten minutes later with Andrew in a thick insulated onesie and woollen hat. Strapped into a push chair. Falkirk and Keading, without the onesie but similar woolly hats, gloves and long scarves they headed out into the chill of the January afternoon.


Darren buzzed and announced Alec was here. Calling in the operative. Alec beaming a smile as he sauntered in. “I'll have one.” Falkirk prompted, jerking his head to the decanter on the sideboard behind his desk.

Alec went to the silver tray with the Scrabble 'M' decanter on it. It meant Falkirk could turn his back completely to E-Branch when he looked at Alec. So none could see his lips. “I was always a fan of Detective comics #66.” Alec looked at him in confusion, he held out the glass of bourbon. “Thank you. And I believe you were right Mr Kent, I wasn't as informed as I thought I was. I'm sorry.” Falkirk said, to Alec's continued confusion.

Falkirk then straightened up at his desk. “Now Double O Six. There is something happening in Alaska, the Americans don't seem concerned but I'd like you to have a look.”

Alec took the file from M and broke the seal. Reading over file as he sipped the smoky American whisky. On the surface, the mission was just a look around a fish processing plant. Even when Falkirk pulled up a video, Alec didn't see the problem. An aerial view of a big warehouse thing, built stretching out onto the sea itself. Only as the video speed was increased did a bulge and wake in the sea become noticeable, moving against the current like a shadow, but not cast by the sun and it moved directly to the large white building. “A submarine?” Alec asked.

“The boys in analyse are unsure. Which is why you're gong in.” Falkirk ordered. "Good luck, Double O Six."


Looking around the room, the atmosphere so tense it may as well be a war zone, with the battle line drawn right down the length of the conference table. Falkirk was beside his brother, MI6 the senior of the civilian services. The senior of the Military the far side of Mycroft, Admiral Roebuck in his resplendent black uniform with gold braiding and medals over his chest.

To Falkirk's other side, the old and scruffy Alpha, Smiley head of MI5. Then further along a round privileged twat in charge of GCHQ. Miller, the smarmy Irish twat, who Falkirk keeps forgetting to deal with was commissioner of the Met. Beyond Roebuck, the head if the Army a General Sir Something-or-other. And finally, Air Chief Martial, Philips, head of the RAF.

Across the table, Mallory was in front of Falkirk. One side of Mallory, Falkirk's boss, the Foreign Secretary, the only thing weaker than the alpha was his chin. Falkirk never saw the man. In attendance was all their bosses, the Home Secretary, Armed Forces Minister. But across from Mycroft was the rake thin and cruelly smiling Prime minister.

Mycroft matched the old white haired Alpha's cruel smile. “We have proof, the Resurgent IRA was in fact, Special Branch.” Mycroft purred, with smug glee.

“Did you hear that Corder?” Urquhart said with a chuckle, his ministers forcing themselves to chuckle with the joke they couldn't understand, all but Mallory who remained neutral.

The Lurch like man standing in the corner of the room gave a genuine chuckle. The Prime Minister's Special Branch bodyguard said, “Yes Prime Minister. But I like romance, not fantasy stories.”

“So you are going to ignore the evidence...”

“Accusations.” Urquhart corrected Mycroft. As Mycroft gave a condescending smile, Urquhart headed him off. “How brave you are, fighting from littl...Mother's apron strings.”

Mycroft's face hardened, deliberately not looking at his little brother. Falkirk glanced at the Prime Minister, not quite sure how he knew of one of the nicknames bestowed by the Double Os, sure it wasn't just chance. Most of the others in the room, knowing a bigger dig had been made but they didn't quite understood.

“Given your baseless accusations.”

“Hardly baseless, how many inconveniences to you have been caught up in the Resurgent IRA bombings. Tim Stamper, Sarah Harding but to name a few.” Mycroft purred.

Falkirk scented his brother's anger rising along with his fear and panic. Mycroft was realising the Prime Minister was prepared and not willing to surrender.

Urquhart smiled, softly, kindly as if he truly felt for his opponent. “As Mother protects you, it is those around you who must fall.”

Falkirk clasped his hands and interlaced his finger, atop the deeply grained wood table. He could see what was coming. Falkirk himself having done it more times than he could count.

A nod from Urquhart and he let his ministers attack. The Foreign Secretary looked to the head of the Army. The man's voice was privileged and nasally as he acused, “Are you aware that much of the 'Moderate Opposition' that you sang the praises of in the Yemen civil war were once called al-Qaeda. It has been decided that we can't support such groups, now we are aware who they are.”

The General was looking about, not quite sure what was happening. Until the Armed Forces minister, a woman with dark hair and almost black eyes said, “The army, and you personally gave this government information on the Moderate Opposition. That information was deceptive and we reported it as fact to Parliament and the people.”

“I am not resigning.” The General barked, as if he was on a parade ground.

“You resigned a few moments ago.” The Prime Minister stated, “We took the liberty of releasing the press statement for you. You may keep your reputation and honour, or not, the choice is yours. Dismissed, Mister Reese-Butler.” The man in green uniform, with sagging wattle hanging over his collar stood up and stormed out, slamming the door behind him.

Falkirk scenting the que from the Prime Minister, he was thrilled at his show of power. The Prime Minister had gotten into his stride and his ice cold blue eyes landed on the Air Chief Martial. “That 'accidental' drone strike on the Hospital in Afghanistan, is still a war crime, need I remind you. The government is considering, for the reputation of the UK, if we should turn the incident over to the international Criminal courts. Of course, it will be a stain against the RAF and you will have to bare the ultimate responsibility.” The man in the bluish grey uniform nodded and the Prime Minister smiled. All knew Urquhart didn't care, he was just using the hospital as a way to force the Air Martial out.

Urquhart's eyes landed on Roebuck. “Prime Minister.” Falkirk interrupted and for a moment he was the sole focus of the cruel man's dead eyes, before they softened and Urquhart gave a genuine and soft smile. “The First Sea Lord. I was going to ask to help with, you know.”

“Right you are M.” Urquhart said with a nodding bow. His eyes skipped over the bald man beside Mycroft, then over Mycroft too, giving both a cruel smile. A warmer smile for Falkirk then they landed on George Smiley.

“You will have to fire me.” Smiley said matter-of-factly, as if discussing the weather. He wasn't meeting the Prime Minister in challenge, either in voice or posture or even gaze. But the small Alpha, even as he slouched a bit and wiped his glasses, while not looking at Urquhart conveyed a determination to make his departure as inconvenient as possible.

 Falkirk saw the Prime Minister smile, ready for the challenge.

“Your wife. Fraternising...” Smiley snapped his full attention to the white haired Alpha at the soft dangers drawl.

“Prime Minister.”

Urquhart's eyes took on a long suffering edge at the interruption by Falkirk. “Allowing another to fight from your apron stings?” Urquhart accused Falkirk.

“It will take me months to put the new Air Chief Martial, Chief of the General Staff, Met Commissioner, and GCHQ Director in their places. A little consideration, would be greatly appreciated.” Falkirk said with an air of bored exasperation.

“So I can get rid of them?” Urquhart teased, and looking to the two beyond Smiley.

“Feel free. I may have a recommendation for the GCHQ Directorship.” Falkirk mused, then sat back to watch the Prime Minister force the Director and Commissioner out of their posts too. For no apparent reason other than he could.


Taking his seat, in the rather nice lounge of Claridge's. Not sure if the Prime Minister's meeting had been a blessing or a curse, it meant he could miss the Society lecture, a charity to do with ponies or something. But having to witness his brother taking another blow, and the PM, he was feeding off the conflict like a junky looking for a fix.

Sitting at the table Falkirk waited for Elizabeth. When she appeared the Alpha woman looked as poised as ever in her cream and flowing trouser suit. But she carried a well concealed weariness Falkirk had seen in many an Operative trying to show M they were not exhausted both physically and mentally.

Over the afternoon tea. Falkirk lifted the china cup to his lips, inhaling the steam through his nose before taking a sip. The citrus and bergamot, dispelling the reminders of the scents in the meeting. “The Prime Minister was in fine form today. Wiped out the army, air force, police and that fool in GCHQ who calls tech support when someone switches his computer off.”

The poised woman brushed her dark shoulder length hair off her face. “He was practising his glare in the mirror all morning.“ Elizabeth mused.

Forcing the casual conversation that they usually indulged in Falkirk almost missed when Elizabeth asked for a private meeting somewhere. “I have set up a trust to deal with my charitable commitments, perhaps you would like to come look it over?”. Knowing the invitation for what it was Elizabeth readily agreed.


Seeing Alec saunter into E-Branch. Drugs weren't MI6's usual concern, but when Double O was there, they tended to take the initiative. The factory Alec had been sent to investigate, having blown up, an old diesel submarine sinking, leaking enough white powder to contaminate all the fish in the bay. The grin the man wore was well earned. As M, Falkirk was particularly pleased, because no one knew MI6 had been in Alaska.

Falkirk waved the man in, before Darren could announce Alec. “Had some time in Anchorage, found a comic book store and this.” Alec said and threw a brown paper bag on Falkirk's desk.

Pulling from the flat brown bag, a comic book, sealed in a plastic bag containing a not quite mint Detective Comics #66. “So we're now on the same page.” Falkirk said slipping the comic back into the bag. Handing the bag back, Alec waved it off and told Falkirk to keep it.

Turning right around and trying to position the comic on the sideboard behind his desk. “Did you supply KGB file?” Falkirk asked without moving his lips. Knowing he would need to get a proper stand for the comic to sit properly. For the moment, Falkirk tried propping the comic against the black sword of Helmsley's as best as he could, before giving up and letting it flop down.

Alec had moved, and stood a little further along the long sideboard, helping himself to a bourbon. Only when Alec was sure M was watching did he give a tiny nod in answer. “I'll have one.” Falkirk said looking at the man, his face away from the the workers who could see in. “There is plenty of misunderstanding and blame and to go around. Me, You, M, Archivist, Papava, Pushkin, even Tanner assumed I knew about A-Branch.”

Another tiny nod from Alec, as he handed Falkirk the glass. Holding his glass, “To Double O One. She will be avenged.” Falkirk said, and Alec saluted with his glass and they took a sip.


The teenager known as G sat in front of Falkirk as he read over his assessments. “You failed, everything.” Falkirk informed as he watched the young Alpha's face fight a loosing battle to stay straight.

“Be under no illusion what you have done is still remarkable.” Falkirk reassured. Seeing a light of hope in his light blue eyes. “I have seen war veterans, pinnacles of physical and mental fitness do worse.” Falkirk continued with a soft proud smile.

“I am happy to give a reference for this.” Falkirk said placing an application to the Britannia Royal Navy College in front of G. “And if you apply yourself with the determination and dedication you have shown here. I have no doubt you will succeed on your own merit.”

“You are going to have people telling you what to do, where to go, how to act and even how to think. There will be times enemies, friends, users and the needy will be clawing for your attention and you will make good decisions and bad. You will be criticised, condemned and praised usually in the same breath. Urquhart won't be here to protect you much longer and despite his self belief Mycroft can not, even I can't.” Falkirk informed emphatically.

Coming round Falkirk sat beside the young Alpha as he looked at the blank application. G had failed at school, the army and his assessment at MI6. “What if I fail again?” G asked without the self assured cockiness he once had.

“What if you don't?” Falkirk challenged back with a teasing smile. Unable to help himself G returned the smile.

“I've already picked out my suit and ordered my ticket for you turning out” Falkirk added. Picking up a pen G started filling out the application form. Patting the alpha on the shoulder Falkirk stood to return to his desk chair. Needing to arrange another reference for the teenager. Dialling a familiar number. “If you go anywhere near a prostitute make sure you're not bare” Falkirk stated pointing to the shocked teenagers crotch

“Make sure you're not bare no matte who it is. I'm no having you catch the clap or father a child” Falkirk corrected. A hoarse clearing of a thought brought Falkirk's attention to the person on the other end of the phone.

“Admiral Roebuck?” Falkirk greeted pleasantly.

“A new recruit?” Admiral Roebuck asked not unfamiliar with the warming.

“Sort of. I need a favour?”


Elizabeth arrived as scheduled. Hudson announcing her. Selene was left in charge of Cody and Andrew while Falkirk and Keading took the Prime Minister's wife into the library. Introducing Keading as his right hand man for his charitable work. Falkirk let him show Elizabeth the portfolio.

Showing the scholarships and grants in America, moving on to the similar schemes now operating in London. Keading explained how he had spoken to the same refuge charity that had spoken at the Woman's Society.

“Could you get us some more coffee?” Falkirk asked. Getting a nod from Keading he excused himself and closed the door behind him. “He knows not to hurry” Falkirk informed Elizabeth.

“I still don't trust you but Francis dose and that is all that matters.” Elizabeth started as the fatigue and stress of the last year settled on her making her look older and more weary than Falkirk had ever seen her. “He is not the type to go gently on to the night. Francis will fight even when it is not in his interest to do so. If he continues all the good he has done will be tainted” Elizabeth seemed to be convincing herself as much as she was trying to convince Falkirk.

Going over to a row of books Falkirk folded it down to reveal decanter and glasses. Giving him a look of relief Elizabeth accepted the glass of whisky.

“Retirement doesn’t suit old warriors like Francis, I can only see one solution” Elizabeth said holding up the empty glass for a refill.

Filling the tumbler “I can arrange most anything but there must be no doubt on what I'm arranging” Falkirk said, relieved that he wasn't the only one seeing a new edge to the Prime Minister.

“And here we have the crux of our problem. I don't trust you enough to say it and you're not going to say it.” Elizabeth challenged.

“It's the kindest thing.” Falkirk said using Urquhart's own words.

Shaking off her outward show of emotion “Yes, yes it is. He would not want a lingering demise. We need to, He needs to, die.” Elizabeth admitted downing the last of the amber liquid.

“This won't be an MI6 operation. It will take me time to find an appropriate, assassin” Falkirk said.

“Just make it quick and painless” Elizabeth beseeched and Falkirk nodded.


A building full of spies and assassins and none of the ones he trusted enough to ask could supply Falkirk with a Freelance. He had thought about calling Alec or James but both had dropped off the radar as they usually did at this point in their missions.

Nathan Maloney had offered to do the job but Falkirk didn't want an MI6 hand on it. Daniel had been similar 'what do I need an assassin for? If I wanted someone dead. I can do it myself'. With no other option Falkirk stood outside the only other reliable link to to the criminal under world he knew. Pressing the bell, the silence reminding Falkirk the Omega who would usually answer in a flap would not appear.

John opened the door onto the rebuilt 221 baker street. The flats where now gone. John setting up a small practice on the ground floor with Sherlock turning the basement flat into an office/lab. John led him to the upstairs apartment where Sherlock was playing the violin.

Sherlock took one look at Falkirk, “No!” he stated.

“No Andrew, Middle of the work day” Sherlock continued almost immediately. Pointing an accusing bow as Selene “You did bring your attack dog” before using the bow to pull back the net curtain “but no official escort” the bow swung to point at Falkirk “I don't want the job.”

Placing his finger on the tip of the bow and pushing it aside. “I don't have a job for you. I need a contact?” Falkirk said.

He couldn't help it, curiosity was the down fall of Sherlock. “What?”

“An assassin.” Falkirk responded

Disappointed Sherlock pointed the bow to John. “Ask him.” he said and flopped down into the ugly chair that had somehow survived Moran's blast.

“Just because a woman is interested in me dose not mean she is an assassin” John hissed.

Sherlock punctuated the comment with two descending low notes indicating 'wrong' before he verbally asserted “No, the fact she is an assassin makes her an assassin.”

“Name?” Falkirk demanded ignoring John's further protests and trusting Sherlock's judgement.

“Mary Morstan.” Sherlock answered.

Thanking his brother Falkirk turned to leave.

John shouted to Sherlock and Falkirk, head swinging to each in turn with every word. “She, is, not, an, Assassin.”


Hacking John's phone logs Falkirk quickly found the woman Sherlock had mentioned. After a quick background check that didn't hold up to the most cursory of sweeps. Falkirk quickly found a list of aliases as long as his arm.

True to Sherlock's assessment there where a list of deaths associated to most of Morstan's aliases. Back tracking the woman's movements her meeting with John did seem to be by chance. John's tenaciousness kept her from slipping away as she tried to do when she met Sherlock.

“Why can't those two just shag and get it over with” Falkirk grumbled. Taking a note of Morstan's phone number. Falkirk pulled out a pay as you go, dumb phone and dialled her number.

“Who is this?” the clipped voice of a woman demanded.

“Someone who needs something and is willing to offer something in return.” Falkirk said.

“Is this Sherlock's brother?” Morstan said. Reluctantly Falkirk confirmed her suspicion


Watching the blond Beta woman enter the gallery and sit opposite The Fighting Temeraire. Falkirk knew is was stupid to use the same meeting place but he had only ever used it three times in his life and apart from the people he met only Selene knew about it.

Detaching himself from a group of tourists. Falkirk headed to the bench. Dressing down, Falkirk was in comfortable trousers and the jumper John had got him for Christmas. Sitting down. The blond woman demanding, without looking, “Get lost I'm meeting someone”

“Sherlock has more than one brother.” Falkirk said in hushed tones making Morstan look at him. Falkirk quietly listed off Morstan's hit list. Starting with the most recent going back until she asked him to stop.

“I can't offer amnesty, nor would it be of any use. You have too many enemies. I can give you a legitimate new identity, a past that will stand up to the most rigorous of scrutiny. A life.” Falkirk offered.

“What do you want?” Morstan demanded. Clearly tempted by the offer.

“The unavailing of the statue to the late Henry Collingridge, Francis Urquhart and his attack dog Corder.” Falkirk informed handing over a close up photograph of the two men.

Falkirk knew the look Morstan wore, the fact her instincts weren't telling her it was a trap was itself  putting her on edge. “There may be others, competition. I need the job done right. Only Urquhart and Corder.”

“Who else is after him?” Morstan demanded.

In soft tones that didn't carry Falkirk informed. “Exactly, unknown.” Falkirk stated before going on to inform Morstan on the Cypriot with a grudge who had just bought a revolver and requested a ticket to the memorial.

“There is also Mycroft. I Don't think he will go for Urquhart physically but you never quite know with him.” Falkirk speculated.

Then there was Corder himself, the Prime Minister's bodyguard, was the main suspect in murder and bombings. Tom Makepeace the deputy leader of the party, a recent enemy that Falkirk had helped create when he had insisted Gareth Mallory was made deputy Prime Minister.

“What's in it for you?” Morstan asked still not understanding Falkirk's motivations.

“I don't think you would understand” Falkirk started. As she was still expecting an explanation Falkirk indulged Morstan deciding to go for the unbelievable truth over a plausible lie.“My respect for Francis Urquhart is only equalled by my distrust of him. I think it's the end he would most want, no lingering demise, or humiliation, while he is still feared and respected.”

After giving Falkirk a weighing look Morstan nodded “Identity up front” she insisted.

Holding out an A4 envelop. “Back story, birth certificate, National Insurance card, bank account and passport. Personal history. Everything you need for your new life.”

Standing Falkirk went to move away before turning back “And do please stay away from John Watson.” Falkirk demanded pleasantly and walked off.

Chapter Text

Falkirk had barged into the Diogenes Club enough times that the doormen had given up any attempt at stopping him from entering the Alpha Male only club. The receptionist, indicated the sign in ledger and Falkirk made a squiggle, nothing like his true signature. As a guest he should be escorted but Falkirk was left to wandering about. Falkirk knew Mycroft was somewhere, it was just where that somewhere was.

The private room, a library of sorts, was devoid of its usual Alpha. Moving on Falkirk nodded to a few of the politicians he knew. A very old and round sagging faced Admiral, who had once been M cast his crystal blue eyes to Q as he walked by, the two exchanging a nod. Falkirk praising the policy of complete silence, as the few times he had met Admiral Messervy the old Alpha had lamented at length on his days of MI6. Finally Falkirk found Mycroft in a cafeteria of sorts. The clinking of cups against saucers and cutlery off porcelain was almost deafening in the general quite of the building.

Falkirk sat opposite his brother surprising him. Plucking a small triangular sandwich from Mycroft's plate Falkirk ate it whole. Standing, Mycroft dropped his napkin on the plated and Falkirk followed plucking another sandwich on the way passed.

In Mycroft's private room they where able to talk. Falkirk thinking how best to say this. “You're planning to go for special Branch. If I were you, the only hope now is evidence in Special Branch itself. Terrorism legislation will get Smiley and MI5 in. But they might have destroyed any evidence already. I would like you to do your raids, early, on the 3rd of April.” Falkirk informed.

Mycroft gave a frown. Wondering what his brother was up to. Falkirk adding, “I believe Corder would make an acceptable scapegoat.”

Mycroft knowing Falkirk wouldn't be giving any more information looked to his brother suspiciously. With a calm impassive look Falkirk didn't react to Mycroft's suspicion. Breaking eye contact, Mycroft made a several notes on his phone.

“I'm not doing this for you.” Q said rather cryptically and exited.


The Woman's Guild where having a delightful lecture from a rather strange woman from the cats home. A beta, she was a bit of a hippy, with wild grey hair and glasses with lenses like milk bottle bottoms, that magnified her brown eyes comically. Of all the causes Falkirk had listened to, the cats home was a new low point. The blue/grey cat that wandered about his back garden had quickly ended any sympathy he had for the animals. Falkirk had watched the evil, fat creature ponce on a young sparrow still with its fluffy juvenile feathers and hadn't forgiven the cat since.

After the lecture Elizabeth and Falkirk forgoing the tea urn at the back of the small hall. The Prime Minister's wife accompanied Falkirk in his car to their usual post meeting haunt. Claridge's, even on a week day afternoon was still busy. They were given a small table, in the elegant room, in an out of the way corner. “Francis dismissed the head of the civil service. That's another enemy to add to the growing army.”

“Another group who will just leak this memo and that memo. Achieving nothing but harming the country.” Falkirk mused. He truly disliked politicians, they made an art of doing nothing but lining their pockets. Perhaps that was why he liked Urquhart so much, Urquhart did, where others just talked.

“I have fixed the date for the 4th of April.” Falkirk said casually. Knowing what he meant Elizabeth nodded and continued the conversation in a different direction.


Arriving home. Selene followed Falkirk into the house. The voices of grown up conversation. The American voice deeper than most omegas, but smoother than the English voice. All interspersed with happy little sounds from a high pitched voice that had not learnt to make more than a few sounds without understand their meaning.

Coming to stand at the door way of the lounge, Falkirk just watched a moment. Keading and James where on the floor, playing with Andrew between them. James as usual, his face looked like it had been used to block every punch sent the Alpha's way. At least James had showered and cleaned the cuts, the short blond hair sticking up a bit like a hedgehog. Moving to sit beside his Alpha, James immediately wrapped an arm around Falkirk rubbing against the top of his head. Falkirk nuzzled his neck.

Keading gave Andrew a kiss and stood. He called out a bye, to make sure they knew he was leaving. Andrew calling out a “BiBiBiBi” sound, having pulled himself up to stand by the coffee table and bounced slightly.

Falkirk pulled from the kiss to called a bye and apologising for not seeing his friend out.

Hearing Keading saying a bye to Hudson and the butler responding. James waited for the sound of the door and the sound of Hudson retuning down stairs. “I hear you've been looking for a contractor?”

Falkirk looked at his Alpha, there seemed to be a bit of hurt in James' words. “Are you insulted I didn't ask you?” James gave a shrug. But a twinkle in the crystal blue eyes, indicated he was being teased, so Falkirk thumped the Alpha's chest. “Well I would have asked you. If you hadn't disappeared for a month.”

“Hay! I was saving the world. Tiger sends his regards.” James said, Tiger being the head of the Japanese intelligence service. Falkirk nodded, happily pillowing his head on his Alpha's firm chest listening the the heart beat beneath. After Falkirk asked how 007, having started out in Rio ended up in Tokyo, James gave a run down of how he tracked down the various routes of nuclear enrichment equipment reaching a group wanting to detonate a dirty bomb on an airliner and let the winds spread the contaminated material over much of the South East Pacific.

"Am I allowed to know who?” James said after he had finished talking, guiding his omega's head so it was under his chin. All the while watching Andrew shuffle in a side to side step around the coffee table. When Falkirk told him the target James said, “About time.”

Falkirk pushed back a bit. “I don't understand.” he said. “What has Urquhart done that is so different from anyone else? Even Mycroft sees himself as the good guy. Urquhart has protected this nation in the best way he knew. And he has done nothing worse than any of us while doing it.”

James pulled Falkirk against him. “It's not that.” James admitted. “It's sexist, misogynistic, and all that stuff, but I'm your Alpha and I'm meant to protect you from people like him.” James said softly into the wild soft hair. “Not liked him since I looked into his cold dead eyes. They were a killers eyes.”

The silence, despite the little noises Andrew made hung heavy between the pair. “Is that why you liked Urquhart?” James mused. “Me, Alec, Selene, the bastard, Sherlock, even Hudson, M and Mycroft, have you been looking into the eyes of killers so long it's normal to you.” James said with a little guilt and heaviness gripping around his heart, at the implication.

“I am a killer.” Falkirk reminded but was sure James was thinking of someone else who would be growing up, looking into those mentioned eyes, that had born witness to a life ended by their possessor.


“Can't I stay here.” James whined snuggling deeper under the covers as Falkirk dressed.

“Your Handler, Double O Seven, has a right to know you are back.”

“Evil bastard!” came James' muffled voice came from beneath the pillow.

“For the sake of peace, I shall assume you are talking about Daniel.” Falkirk threw over his shoulder and headed up stairs to get Andrew. Ignoring the muffled, “You'd be half right.” from the bed.

Daniel when he found out dragged James into MI6 for the debriefing and mandatory post mission wind down. Cleared for his recovery and down time James was discharged from psyche to the relief of the terrorised personnel.


It was with a sense of wonder Falkirk looked down to the slumbering child on the eve of his second year of life. A year ago tonight, Falkirk was uncomfortable desperate to get the squirming thing inside of him out. Now that thing was a crawling menace desperate to to get to his feet without support. Clothes bought for Andrew to grow into and started off swamping him, where now too small.

Leaving Andrew. Falkirk headed downstairs and into his room. James was leaning back against the head board reading a book. Stripping off and crawling under the quilt and into his Alpha's arms Falkirk relaxed against the warm chest basking in the scent and feel.

James' casual caresses to the back of Falkirk's neck, soon extended down his back to the round of the Omega's arse. “There's no point in being subtle when your scent changed a few minutes ago” Falkirk teased. Giving up the pretence James rolled on top of the Omega kissing, nuzzling and nipping him.

Sound asleep in the possessive arms of his Alpha. The dull aches of a thorough ravishing comforting in its own way. A shrill ringing started Falkirk awake. Unable to move until James made an annoyed growl and loosened his grip. Picking up his phone Falkirk answered before checking to see who it was. “Kiddo?” came a tired and possibly inebriated voice.

Lying back down Falkirk rested the phone on his ear(it had been some time since he received a drunk dial from Jack Wade). There came the obligatory remembrance of the time difference, followed by the apology. The 'how are you?' then 'James and the new one?'. Throughout it all there was something off about the old Alpha. “Is something wrong?” Falkirk finally asked.

A sigh answered Falkirk before the line went silent and another Jack took over the conversation. “Admiral Greer died a few hours ago.” Jack Ryan informed. Giving his condolences, Falkirk could hear Wade in the background ordering another bottle and a small cheer along with salutes to the memory of the Admiral.

When Wade's voice came over the line again, he informed Ryan was acting as interim director. “You will come for the funeral?” Wade then asked. Agreeing Falkirk continued to listen to the inebriated ramblings of the CIA's current and ex employees and their anecdotes of Admiral Greer. James chuckling behind him every now and again as the stories would dictate.

When Falkirk got the date of Greer's funeral he almost laughed. He would be halfway across the Atlantic on his way back home. 'Some alibi.' Falkirk thought.


“A little suspicious,” James teased, pulling the large rectangular bag over his shoulder. “It's almost like you're trying to make a point.”

Falkirk just smiled and lifted Andrew from the floor and perched the boy on his hip. “I don't know what you're meaning.” Falkirk teased and led James out of the nursery.

Andrew making a grab for his Papa's glasses. Falkirk catching the small hands. James whispering, “Come on? A hint? Please!”

Falkirk glanced at his Alpha and stilled. James stiffened, knowing that look. “How many things do you still hide James? From Me, from yourself, from others.” Falkirk said softly.

James looked away and moved passed Falkirk. His hand was gently grasped and squeezed. His omega was smiling at him, a rather sad smile. “Fine he's entitled to his secrets.” James said. He was then given a kiss to his cheek.

“There he is!” Alec called as the parents set foot on the tiled foyer. Alec going over and Falkirk giving over his child with ease. Alec held Andrew, smiling wide and getting a little squeal of happiness from the boys as he spun and bounced.

Outside the front door, Daniel's Bentley had replaced Alec's bike. Falkirk picked up the car seat on the way out. Alec was still bouncing and talking to Andrew as he unlocked the car. James opened the boot and dropped in Andrew's bag.

“Come on. I need the passenger.” Falkirk teased. Alec gave over his godson and Andrew was put into his car seat, and strapped into the back seat of the big saloon. Falkirk kissed Andrew's brow and brushed the chubby cheek. James then took his turn to say his goodbye.

Standing with his back against his Alpha. Falkirk feeling the strong arms around his waist. A wave from Alec and they waved back, the parents watching the metallic blue car pull away.

Falkirk tried to move back inside but the strong arm held him prisoner. “We need to pack.” Falkirk reminded. He felt lips brush his neck and a deep rumbling sound of contentment from the Alpha. “How about a walk?” Falkirk sugested.

“Can I hold your hand?” James' voice rumbled.

Falkirk interlaced his fingers with James' much thicker and more tanned. And tried to take a step but the Alpha's arm didn't let him go. Instead of walking hand in hand, Falkirk shifted James' hand to sit on his hip and they walked side by side. The two heading for the park across the road.


On the morning of the 3rd of April, when London was still lit by the yellow street lights. A time when the hard core nightclubbers were just about considering going home. Mycroft and C along with Lestrade of Scotland yard raided the homes and offices of Special Branch and its personnel. The attack dogs of the Prime Minister running about like headless chickens.

The Prime Minister's reaction was as expected. With abject fury he set his sights on Mycroft and C only for the wind to be knocked out buy the police arriving on Downing Street, to interview his wife in relation to insider trading.

It contrast it was a relief to feel the familiar dread, for Falkirk, at the idea of boarding the plane. Escaping the requirement to mediate between Urquhart and Mycroft. Sitting in the large First Class seat, Falkirk watched the live TV as Urquhart blasted the baseless accusations, both against Special Branch and his wife.

Thinking back the last meeting with the Prime Minister, before he gave the waning to Mycroft, Urquhart knew something was up. The old Alpha's calculating eyes refused to take on the softer edge they usually did in their meetings. The subtle playfulness the man had, also didn't emerge. It was not how Falkirk had wanted there last meeting to go but there was nothing he could do about it.

Shaking off his thoughts as James took Falkirk's arm, offering comfort and support. Selene a permanent presence at Falkirk's back. With the assistance of Jack Daniels and James Bond, Falkirk managed to cross the Atlantic without incident. Arriving in Washington, Falkirk met up with Jack Wade, the man looking so wrong in the black suit and tie, he should be in the loud Hawaiian shirts with a broad grin on his permanently sun reddened face.

The funeral was going to be the full three ring circus. Along with the president, the hierarchy of the American Military, other enforcement and intelligence agencies. Then there were the ones like Falkirk, the mix of allies and opponents. Leaning forward a bit, Falkirk looked to the full and sticking out stomach of General Pushkin of the Russians, who completely eclipsed Director Lin of the Peoples External Security Force. There where also the usual Eli David, of Mossad along with French, German, Japanese(James meeting Tiger again, quicker than he expected) and more than Falkirk could identify. Each one equal parts friend and foe, in a careful dance of respect, friendship and veiled hostility.

Moving from the church to Arlington National Cemetery as part of the massive procession. Falkirk wondered about the family he could barely see. Wondering about their needs and desires, which seemed to be second to the requirement for a pageant. Falkirk grasped James' hand, for the first time considering the future, what would he like, what would James like. One thing Falkirk decided right away, pack only. There was no way he wanted some of his counterparts at his funeral, and no politicians what so ever.

At the end of the ceremony Jack broke away to come over to Falkirk's side. “Can I get a lift, kiddo?” The rather round Alpha asked, slinging an arm across Falkirk's shoulders. Agreeing Falkirk led the way back to the line of indistinguishable black cars.

Wade pointed to one of the limos, “Union Jack!”

Falkirk held the door for Wade and followed the man inside the car. Wade moving to sit with his back to the driver, so James could sit beside Falkirk. Knocking on the glass divider, Wade gave the driver an address. After confirming with Falkirk the driver pulled away. “I hear he's in your sights?” Jack said as they passed Pushkin getting into his own car.

“I can neither confirm or deny that.” Falkirk responded. But the sharpness of his tone when discussing the FSB director was enough answer for the old Alpha.

The address Jack supplied turned out to be squat bar, with no windows and little more than a block of concrete with a broken neon sign. Black cars already lined the street outside of the building, the small lot at the side overflowing. Wade led the way into the darkened bar where a thrum of people gathered in memoriam to the larger than life figure. Jack Ryan was easy to spot, speaking to an old balding man who was drinking shots of clear liqueur.

“I hear you have taken to proper drinking.” Jack said handing Falkirk a bourbon before handing James a cocktail glass “Fancy drink for the lady” he teased. Attempting to offer Selene a drink, she refused Jack, ever M's vigilant bodyguard.

Detaching from Wade and Falkirk, James approached the new arrival, Felix lighter. When Jack was approached by someone in a naval uniform, Falkirk left the old Alpha and moved towards Ryan.

The acting Director of the CIA was currently being cornered by an old war horse going over the good old days. Falkirk sympathising with Ryan, having been cornered by past members of MI6 himself, with the almost obligatory, 'Wasn't like this in my day.' and Falkirk having to put on the same smile as Ryan was wearing and be appropriately enthusiastic.

Seeing Falkirk's approach, Ryan leaped at the opportunity to abandon his current companion. The taller and broader Alpha, guiding Falkirk back to the bar. The man's voice soft and a little rasping as he said, “Who though in that meeting years ago, we would end up head of our mutual organizations.” Ryan observed. Taking Falkirk's glass and placed it on the bar to have them refilled without prompt. “What next? The presidency?” Ryan teased.

“I'll leave politics to you, can't stand it myself. You need to ask permission to do anything! And no one is ever happy.” Falkirk shot back, making the other man laugh and Ryan teasing that a dictatorship might suite Falkirk's style of management. The two leaning against the bar and sipping their drinks.

The old man Ryan had been talking to earlier came over, clapping a hand on Falkirk and Ryan's shoulder and standing between the two men. In an odd Russian/Edinburgh lisping accent, the man with bald head and white beard, started to introduce himself. Forgetting his name half way through and asking Ryan what it was.

“Captain Ramius?” Falkirk offered.

“That's it, no it's not.” Ramius said remembering he had an alias.

Ryan looked exasperated at the old Russian defector and expert in Russian Military and political strategy. By way of telling Ryan he knew the graphic details of the incident Falkirk said “Penobscot River” the location where the CIA hid the Red October (the submarine Ramies defected in). Falkirk had been researching the incident around the Red October and had drawn a few conclusions of his own.

“Would you, could you have, shot down those fighters?” Ryan asked referring to an incident a while ago, when Britain and America were technically at war.

“Yes, In a heartbeat. Little can match the Trojan Horse.” Falkirk informed, referring to the RAF airliner disguised as a commercial airliner.

The discussion piqued the old captain's interest. The three stood in a line, their backs to the room as they talked. Propping up the bar. Drinks being refilled automatically and occasionally being interrupted, by someone offering a greeting. Between Ryan and Falkirk they related the incident to the old Russian captain. The three entering into a quite conversation in the very busy bar, over what nearly brought them to the brink of war. Falkirk giving the UK perspective, Ryan the American and the Ramius the Russian.

When the topic strayed to General Pushkin Falkirk and Ramius got into a heated debate. The old captain switching to Russian petulantly, saying, “The hostilities between the Americans and the English couldn't have been orchestrated by Pushkin. The man is a moron! Too bloody honourable too.”

Having spent years arguing with Alec. Falkirk was able to keep the argument up, if not quite fluently. “Honourable! War Criminal, even if he hasn't been convicted.”

“I hear your hate boy. Mark my words, revenge will only make you blind. Be sure that isn't what someone wants.” The old man said softly. Showing the teacher of strategy he once was. “There is no greater strategy than getting one enemy to kill the another while keeping yourself in the shadows.”

The three lapsed into silence. The room too was stating to quieten. Everyone was going or their drunk state had moved to the sombre part, remembering, reminiscing or talking quietly. “A man once told me a joke.” Ramius said. “Put two human in a room together and they will soon come up with a justification to kill each other. Why do you think we invented politics and religion.”

Falkirk gave a half hearted smile. Ryan said, “I don't find it funny.”

“If you don't find the madness of humanity funny, try crying.” Ramies mused.

“Who told you the joke?” Falkirk said. He wasn't looking directly at his companions, but was watching them in the mirror behind the bar.

“Your Father.” Falkirk didn't know, and he was now too buzzed to care how Ramius knew who his father was. “He was a good man.” Ramius said, and both Falkirk and Ryan knew he had jumped topic to Greer.

“I can't quite remember meeting him for the first time.” Falkirk admitted. Explaining, “I studied Admiral Greer so much, that I felt I knew him long before I actually met him. I do remember the impression of his voice in the first meeting though, I thought it was like a loud Darth Vader.”

Ryan also gave an impression of the man. Ramius, reminisced too and like Falkirk had studied the Admiral long before he actually met the man.

By the time Selene reminded Falkirk about the plane he was well and truly inebriated along with most of the upper echelons of the CIA and the others friends of Admiral Greer. With uncertain steps Falkirk approached the barely conscious form of Jack Wade. Nudging the drunk Alpha into some semblance of awareness. With slurred speech Falkirk conveyed that he had a plane to catch. Pulled into a hug “I love you, kiddo” Jack slurred back and let him go.

“You take care of him” Jack continued pointing an accusing finger at James then flopped back down to fall asleep on the bar.

The memorial to Greer was effective in distracting Falkirk from what was happening back in London. Spending most of the flight with his head resting in James' lap sleeping off the alcohol.

Arriving in London to the veritable shit storm following the assassination of the Prime Minister at the unavailing to the memorial of a late Prime Minister. Falkirk driven straight to the COBRA meeting, chaired by Gareth Mallory as acting Prime Minister. All Falkirk could focus on was his pounding head. Falkirk received more than one speculative looks from Mallory, C and Mycroft. But the high point of the meeting was the general lack of evidence.

Heading home Falkirk crawled into bed to sleep off his hangover. When he woke up and went down stairs Hudson had the time old cure ready (a tall glass with a Baroka with an aspirin in it and a bacon butty).

Arriving at MI6, the first thing was a briefing from Tanner on the assassination. Going through the reports, Morstan was truly a professional. There was no CCTV, the real ballistics were being suppressed, even Tanner didn't know it was a sniper and reported it as a 9mm round from Urquhart's bodyguard. Corder had been taken out by a sniper, who apparently spotted him aiming for the Prime Minister. The papers too had caught wind of the investigation focusing on Corder, and where firmly placing the blame on Urquhart's Special Branch bodyguard. Coupled with raids on Special Branch the day before the assassination, everything was being pinned on a rouge and corrupt elements within Special Branch. A nice easy baddy for the public to understand.


Clearing a path through the reporters. Falkirk walked up to Urquhart's private residence. Not knowing the woman who answered the door, Falkirk gave his official designation and asked to speak with Elizabeth. Reluctantly the permed blond Alpha let him in. Finding Elizabeth sitting in the rather old fashioned lounge. Falkirk joined her, closing the door on the blond trying to follow him.

“It was a kindness.” Elizabeth said, as much to convince herself as Falkirk. Looking to her guest “Should you be here?” she hissed looking about suspiciously.

“The Prime.. Francis and I where friends, of a sort, it was well known and will be expected of me to come here. There will be no suspicion.” Falkirk informed before adding “The public have their villain and ultimately that is all that matters, the rest I can deal with.”

Making sure no one else was about Elizabeth admitted, “I told him. I told him, 'we' had sorted everything. I think he understood.”

“I though about telling Francis as well. I didn't. I thought he would take it as a challenge and would enjoy a chance to face me in open conflict. That would have ended badly for all.” Falkirk responded.

Giving a week smile “Deep down, Francis saw it was his time. And this way the reputation would surpass the man. He liked that idea. In the end he was quite regretful over your last meeting.” Elizabeth said.

With little else to discuss Elizabeth walked Falkirk to the door. Before pulling the door open Elizabeth looked to Falkirk. “I, would you be my escort for the funeral and I would appreciate it if you would deliver the eulogy?” Falkirk agreed to the request.


The bell ringing followed by banging on the door brought Falkirk to the entrance of the library. John barge passed Hudson. Sherlock for once was the calming presence on his agitated partner.

“Where is she?” John demanded.

“Living her new life.” Falkirk responded stepping back into the library waiting for John and Sherlock to follow.

“Close the door.” Falkirk told Sherlock as he passed the threshold. Pulling out a Dictaphone Falkirk let John listen to the recording of his meeting with Morstan.

“She is not an assassin! She d,did not kill the Prime Minister.” John defended in the face of the proof. John continued to protest Morstan's innocence as he moved about the room aimlessly.

“Sexual activity between Males is still a punishable offence while in the army.” Falkirk stated, taking John by surprise.

“I'm not gay!” John shot.

“You do seem to be over compensating while maintaining a lifestyle indicating repressed desires” Falkirk responded tartly.

Sherlock adding, “He dose have a point, John.”

John's face hardened, refusing to take in what was being discussed. Falkirk saying, “Have you considered talking to someone, John?”

“I do.”

“Someone better then.” Falkirk said. He knew Sherlock wouldn't let something like cultural expectations stop him, which meant the reluctance was on John's part. And Falkirk would put down hard money that the good doctor wasn't as straight as he proclaimed being. “Just, please don't leave it too late.”

John ripped the door open storming out. Sherlock giving Falkirk a glance and a shrug, almost a look of weary exasperation as if saying, 'Look at what I have to put up with.' With a flap of his long coat Sherlock vanished out of the door too.


On the morning of the funeral Falkirk dressed in formal tails. Within the puffed formal cravat he secured a long diamond pin. Looking over his appearance, not traditional funeral attire but Urquhart always used any opportunity to dress up and in his memory, so would Falkirk.

When he arrived at Urquhart's house Elizabeth agreed with Falkirk's choice of attire. She reached for the very dark green cravat, brushing the puffed fabric and caressing the diamond pin. “Wait a moment” she said and climbed the stairs.

Falkirk stood in the foyer of the private house. The carpet was a floral pattern and very busy. Pale walls and net curtains. Rather old fashioned. Hearing the dull thump of shoes on the thick carpets he looked up the the woman in black skirt suit, her dark hair pulled up, with simple make up.

With a small sniff, Elizabeth reached out. Pulling the diamond pin from Falkirk's cravat. “You should have this. It was always a favourite. I couldn't decide if Francis should wear this one, I eventually chose the Cairngorm he wore on our wedding.”

When she stood back, Falkirk looked into the mirror. There was now a peril, in a clawed mounting sitting in the centre of his cravat. “Thank you”

Weaving the Omega's arm around hers Elizabeth led him to the first car behind the hearse. Inside the Rolls Royce Elizabeth pulled out a thick stock paper folded in thirds. A red seal held the letter closed with an 'M' marked into the once soft wax. “I found this in Frances' desk.” Elizabeth informed.

Breaking the seal Falkirk unfolded the letter 'In a world so full of wonder, mystery and discovery may you never know boredom.' the letter ended in a flamboyant 'Francis' signature. The words so typical of the Alpha and many others in Falkirk's circle. He tucked the final words of the Prime Minister into his pocket and flattened his jacket back down.

In the great white marble building of St Paul's Cathedral. Taking the arm of the Omega Elizabeth led them down the aisle following the coffin. A few, Falkirk had seen at Greer's funeral about a week ago.

Even here and now, there were some in whispered conversation, making alliances and weighing enemies. All grabbing for their future. “Cowards, too scared to make a move until Francis' death.” Elizabeth spat looking to the amassed politicians they were passing.

“I thought he would appreciate the fear his mere reputation still commands.” Falkirk observed getting a sardonic smile for the point. It was clear she held the politicians in open contempt.

Taking their seats on the front pew. An overly loud whisper, floated from a few rows back. “When I'm PM. That boi's feet won't touch the floor on his way out.”

Without looking back, Elizabeth informed Falkirk the man was a rival of Mallory's for the leadership. “At what point do you think I would allow him to become Prime Minister.” Falkirk whispered in overly loud terms to Elizabeth. Letting his voice float back to the man.

Playing along Elizabeth asked how Falkirk was going to achieve his aim. “It's all a matter of leverage and how willing you are to beat them into line with it.” Falkirk said coldly before indicating an older politician. Another rival of Mallory's “Callum, paid off his last four Alpha male interns. Groper!” Falkirk informed. Falkirk managed a few more examples before the bishop called the service to order.

Subtly looking round, every politician around him ducked their head as Falkirk cast his eyes over them. Elizabeth seemed pleased that Falkirk could cause the submissive gesture in the surrounding Alphas. At the appointed time Falkirk stood and approached the podium. Looking over the substantial congregation Falkirk realised for the first time he had never given a speech to a crowd. “Francis Ewan Urquhart. Born 1936, the youngest son of the Earl of Bruichcladdich. A noted author and Oxford Professor...” Falkirk continued to list the facts of Urquhart's life and career.

Seeing the bored acceptance on the faces of the congregation, Falkirk lay down his prepared notes. “Francis Urquhart detested listlessness and idleness, he held a unique scenes of honour and integrity that I hold true to myself as well. My friendship with Francis Urquhart was short, barely three years. It was tumultuous one between that of the cobra and mongoose, between the immovable object and unstoppable force. There was respect eventually, after I put the stick about” It was time to do as Urquhart would, he would make these rulers of this country afraid because if they had nothing to fear they would fall to corruption.

“The first time I met Francis Urquhart he failed to grasp one simple fact. What did I do to make his most loyal challenge his authority by obeying me over him” Glancing at Elizabeth instead of the expected fury she held open curiosity and perhaps some admiration. “Francis protected the country in his own way” Falkirk continued, subtly bringing up the HUD on his glasses and their inbuilt facial recognition system.

“He protected the post of Prime Minister from falling into the hands of the weak.” Falkirk stated. Looking to the Urquhart's potential successors Falkirk accused, “Pervert! Corrupt! Stupid! Naive, complacent and weak! Weak! Weak! Weak!” Falkirk made sure the person he was directing each word to saw he was talking to them specifically, making each politician flinch. Many more were now cowering down in hopes of avoiding Falkirk's roaming gaze.

“I say this! You might well think you are capable to follow in Francis Urquhart's footsteps, you might well think that. I couldn't possibly comment.”

Chapter Text

“You wished to see me?”

Falkirk had not even had time to change after Urquhart's funeral. Both he and Mycroft were still in the formal black. Falkirk the more traditional, in his tailed jacket, with Urquhart's pearl stud cravat-pin in the centre of the formal and deep green and puffed fabric around his neck.

Mycroft lifted his head. Pushing aside some papers. And leaned back in the heavy and upright carver chair he was sitting in.

Falkirk didn't like the aura of 'naught school boy' the encounter was begin to have. Mycroft behind the wide table of the alpha's private room in the Diogenes club and Falkirk standing in front of it.

Mycroft scanning his brother up and down. Saying, “Our plans are being met with resistance.”

“A power vacuum dose posses a particular brand of dangerous, opportunistic, chaos.” Falkirk mused and to regain some control lifted his left thigh and perched on the edge of table in front of Mycroft, looking down on his brother.

“I am arranging a dinner on Friday. I would appreciate it, if you were to come?” Mycroft purred.

Falkirk made a show of thinking. Then deliberately ignoring the request and said, “Well I was going to see Elizabeth. She's having a little trouble, you know? The accusations of insider trading, fraud.”

Mycroft gave a tight smile. “I'm sure her trouble will resolve itself.”

Falkirk mused, “Well she was talking about seeing friends in the south of France. So I might be free on Friday. So long as her passport is returned.”

Mycroft nodded, agreeing to the quid-pro-quo. “I shall look forward to your attendance.” Mycroft said and slid a piece of paper across the table, “The guest list.”

Falkirk lifted the simple list, in Mycroft's precise cursive script, recognising the top name easily. Showing the page back to Mycroft and pointing to the third name down, “Is he the one I called corrupt, weak or a pervert?”

“All of the above. You caught him three times in the eulogy.”

“And this one, he's the Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, racist...”

“Fascist, Yes.” Mycroft said with a weary sigh.

“You want to be the nice option. So that leaves me being the big bad wolf.” Falkirk summed up. And Mycroft gave a tight smile that didn't reach his eyes and a single nod.

Falkirk stood and went to the door, pulling it open and slamming it behind him. He was stuck with his reputation, but Falkirk knew if he tried to be anything less, the alphas would walk all over him.


Keading sauntered into the library. The American, casually informing Cody and Selene were spending time together at the park. Falkirk saying, “They might bump into James and Andrew.”

Keading continued talking about how Cody and Selene were bonding. Suddenly adding, “He called her mum the other day.”

Falkirk looked from the computer screen to the other omega. “Isn't that what he calls you?”

Falkirk was met with Keading's soft chocolate brown eyes and got a shake of the head. “I'm Mom, with an, 'o'. Selene mum with a, 'u'.” Keading clarified.

“How cute.” Falkirk said with a wide smile and the other omega nodded eagerly.

A rapid knock on the library door interrupted them, Hudson's annoyance evident in the simple sound. The yellow blond man with stern and sagging face pushed the door open a bit more forcefully than usual, “A delivery, Sir. They insist on bring it in directly.”

Coming out of the library, Falkirk saw a man in expensive grey suit waiting at the door. Falkirk would recognise a lawyer a mile off, from the supercilious aura alone. And Falkirk just knew the man would have one of those privileged voices that would become a droning 'wa-wa-wa-wa-wa' noise if you listened to it.

“I am, Sir Thomas.” Falkirk announced and the lawyer pulled out a clipboard, with a letter under the clip along with a document of several pages.

Falkirk ripped open the letter, reading Elizabeth Urquhart's precise scrawl. Then looked at the document from the lawyer and an approved secure transit service. Each page on the clipboard was receipt of delivery, the type used to ensure a chain of evidence, starting from Elizabeth, with the movers and finally a space where Falkirk had to sign confirming over a dozen boxes arrived with their seals intact. Noticing a low droning noise that was in fact the voice of the lawyer telling him what Falkirk could read for himself.

“Please, be quiet.” Falkirk said off handedly, “This could have been handled by my man.” Falkirk noticing Hudson smirk in vindicated triumph towards the lawyer.

“Bring them in.” Falkirk ordered.

Falkirk taking a place by the open front door, with the privileged twat of lawyer beside him. The passenger side of the blue van opened and a man in grey overalls, with stab vest and helmet went to the side of the armoured vehicle, like the type used for cash transfers. The deliveryman looked into a mirrored piece of glass above a barrel door. The cylinder spun around to expos a single box, which the deliveryman picked up and brought to Falkirk.

At the door, the deliveryman held the box for Falkirk's inspection. Falkirk looked over the cardboard box, its number and the red tape sealing it closed, and told the man to put it on the tiled floor of the foyer. Falkirk signed the receipt for every box, with the lawyer confirming he had witnessed Falkirk inspect and sign off each of the boxes.

Hudson closing the door behind the visitors. The three then looked down on the 15 cardboard boxes on the floor, in three neat rows of five.

“Well let's see what Elizabeth sent me.” Falkirk mused, getting a paperknife and scissors from the library.

Using the point of the knife, Falkirk pierced the tape that kept the lid on. Handing the knife to Keading, the other omega got to work opening the box beside Falkirk. Inside, the boxes were designed to transport suspension files from a cabinet, with runners so the files were still browsable and able to be pushed back and forth.

Falkirk parted one at random, the tab on the file 'Booza-Pitt, G'. Between the hard folded cardboard was a single piece of paper in a protective plastic envelope. Falkirk lifted it out and read the signed resignation. Frowning, wondering why there was no date, nor a reference to the job title Booza-Pitt was resigning from. And as far as Falkirk knew the Tim-nice-but-dim of a politician had never resigned from anything.

“Who's 'Hollis, I'?” Keading asked. Falkirk shook his head and gave a shrug.

“Education Secretary, 90-97.” Hudson announced.

Keading held up a page form the file, “He was arrested for exposing himself at a School. Climes he was 'Caught short' and some girls just happened to see him relieving himself at the back of the building.”

Hudson gave a perplexed frown. “I never heard about that. And Mrs Bridges likes a good scandal, and always reads those tabloids that like to publish them.”

Falkirk was getting the picture. This was Urquhart's archive, of every dirty little secret the party had. Moving to the the box Keading was at, Falkirk immediately spotted 'Holmes, M'. Curiosity, made Falkirk pull open the file and lift out the documents with a CD falling out. Flipping open a manilla file, the image burning into Falkirk's eyes.

“Fuck!”  Falkirk screeched, closing he eyes and slamming the envelope closed. “NoNoNoNo.... Not again. Yuk! I need to scrub my eyeballs with a tooth brush.” Falkirk squealed.

A throat clearing caused Falkirk to stop his dancing about. Hudson nodded to the other omega and then quietly slipped towards the corridor leading to the kitchen stairs and away, knowing his presence wasn't needed or wanted.

Falkirk looked at the down turned head, Keading trying to hide behind the fall of his long black hair. “Keading?”

Keading just shrugged. Falkirk knelt beside the other omega. “Did I say something? Sorry. I didn't mean anything. I just don't like thinking of my brother's sex life, let alone seeing the proof of it.”

Falkirk was met with the dark eyes of the other omega. There was a moment of hardness to Keading's look.

“What did it feel like, seeing me covered in spunk, knowing I let your father fuck me?” Keading then flipped open the file showing the photos, Mycroft standing behind a young Alpha fucking into the smaller man against a dinning table.

Falkirk's stomach knotted. “I didn't think that way... I was worried how you would react with us showing up, and about sending you away with a strange Alpha. We needed to see my father for a reason, there was no time to do anything but what we had planned. And the moment Selene got you out I started the talk with my father. But I am happy for some things that came out of the time. I have a baby brother I love. And I have a friend, I hope?”

Falkirk felt the other omega lean against him and interlace their fingers. Keading whispering, “Sorry. Just when you started, I had an image of you dong it the moment I was out of the room. Making fun of me.”

Falkirk leaned his head against the other omega's. “Don't apologise? You are my friend and I love you for that alone, but you're also family through Cody and through Selene now too.”

“We're a pretty fucked up family.” Keading mused. Falkirk stood, agreeing with the sentiment as he escorted Keading back into the library.

Falkirk left Keading on the small settee, and went to the cupboard disguised as books and shelves, pulling out a nesting blanket. Sitting down, Falkirk and Keading lay against each other. Pulling the blanket around themselves.

“Falkirk?” Keading waited until the other omega acknowledged before hesitantly saying, “James, he's always careful of his words, with Andrew I mean. Sometimes he is just talking and suddenly stops.”


Keading pushed back so he could look at the other omega. The word almost like Falkirk had sworn. Keading nodded, the only word that fit when the Alpha stopped talking.

“At most.” Falkirk continued after a moment, not looking at the soft brown eyes still watching him. “At most, James will say, 'mine', but has never said the other four letters. Not to me or to Andrew. I think he feels it but the idea scares him.”

Keading tried, he could see it was painful and somehow knew the subject was forbidden but the question slipped out, “Why?”

Falkirk pulled the other omega against him. He so wanted to talk about this but never before was there anybody he could talk to. “I don't know, precisely. Less precisely there is a whole list of things that would taint the very word for James.”

Still with his head against the other omega's chest the two hugging under the blanket, Kneading didn't think Falkirk was going to continue. Falkirk had been silent for some time, when he did speak, it was with a hard warning that nothing was to be repeated, not even to Selene. Keading having to agree, before the other omega continued.

“James lost his parents, very young but old enough to remember them, they loved him and just vanished from James' point of view. He was palmed of on his aunt, a barely legal guardian who couldn't cope with a traumatised boy, but she loved him. Charmain told me so herself. From James' point of view Charmain dumped him at Skyfall for a while, then packed him off to School. When he was expelled, James attended Fetts College. During the term break, James grew close to a Ski and Mountaineering instructor, Hannes Oberhauser. Describing him as a second father to Charmain, she agreed to give temporary custody of James, to Oberhauser.”

Keading pushed away fully, the other omega's smell was growing a little rank, in a que of deep distress. And the green eyes, that were looking off in the distance were watery and unseeing.

“What happened?” Keading demanded, seeing the stress the secret was putting the omega under. Falkirk looked to him, and Keading wanted to cower, not liking the hopelessness in the expression.

Falkirk shrugged, “Only one person alive knows. James' movements at the time are unable to be established. As far as anyone knows, James simply vanished until he arrived back at Fetts for the start of the new term. He has refused to talk about the time, going so far as to issue an ultimatum, he was going to walk away from MI6 rather than tell them. And whenever he gets pissy about other people's secrets, all I or Mansfield had to do was hint at the fact James wants to keep his, and will drop the subject.”

“But.” Falkirk said, again looking away. “Oberhauser was easier to investigate. His body, what was left of it was found by MI6, years latter in the mountains of Austria. Analyses of the remains indicated the body being intact at the time of death, while the head was... It was suspected, something like a point blank shotgun blast took Oberhauser's head off. Suicide or foul play could not be determined. The investigation found Boys, alphas, dozens of them, lets describe Oberhauser's grooming as 'Inappropriate relationships'.”  

“How old was James?”

Falkirk shrugged, “James was expelled from Eton at 14. I doubt he had reached 15 yet.”

Giving a humourless snort. “When James found me in the presence of a strange Alpha, Daniel, he hit the roof. But afterwards, and sometimes even now, James is scared of Daniel.”

“But Alec, he's an Alpha. In a relationship with another Alpha man. And I'd bet he's got a crush on James. ”

Falkirk fixed the omega with his hollow eyes again. “Alec isn't physically bigger than James. In a fight, James would have the edge over Alec. And deep down, James knows he is the more dominant of the two. James can't say that for Daniel.”

Falkirk pulled off his glasses to scrub his face. He hadn't meant to say all he did, but once he started, everything wanted to come out. The worst aspect for Falkirk, James knew that he had pieced the parts together. And Falkirk got his information from MI6's background checks, and M would never have let James join without being sure in its conclusions. And James still hadn't spoken a word about it himself.

“Not a word. Please! James would never forgive me. And...and for some things like deaths or betrayals, James only has one coping strategy, he would just walk away and never look back.” Falkirk said to the other omega and got a shaky nod in answer.

An arm came around him and Falkirk stood as Keading wanted. The other omega led him upstairs. It was the bathroom on the second floor, beside the nursery Keading took him to. “Shower. I'll get you fresh clothes. We'll say there was silverfish in the files.”

Falkirk nodded his thanks, not quite understanding the insect reference. Undressing, Falkirk started the shower, getting rid of the oppressive rank scent clinging to his skin. Starting as the door was flung open and Keading put down a large towel and a change of clothes. Keading vanishing as fast as he appeared, and Falkirk wasn't sure without his glasses and through the glass door, wondering if the colour of Keading's clothes had changed.

When Falkirk had showered and changed he came down the stairs, a strong noxious smell covered any hit of his previous distressed scent que. Giving a choke, the fumes catching his throat. Falkirk finally set foot on the ground floor. All the boxes had been opened, and the fumes were quite strong.

In the library, Falkirk found the other omega discharging the bright orange can of bug killer into the air. And Falkirk had been right, the omega had lost his previous brown chinos and now wore a pair of muted tartan trousers and a green v-neck of Falkirk's. “You're far more deceptive than I gave you credit for.” Falkirk mused.

Keading turned to him and gave a shrug. “Alone in a big city, you learn how not to look weak or needy.”

“Head, up! Back, straight! Eyes, forward! And you can fool the world.” Falkirk said and had to explain James' advice from a long time ago. Keading took Falkirk's arm, and gave a comforting nuzzl into his neck briefly. The two headed through the lounge and out the back, to let the lower floor of the house air.

When Selene and James arrived, with their respective children. The door was pulled open, and they saw the open boxes with the fumes catching their throats. Hudson announced with a cough, “Sir Thomas and Mr Corvin are on the back terrace.”

James just flicked his eyes to the boxes in question. Hudson answering, “I believe Mr Corvin, mentioned Silverfish.”  

Selene started chuckling and headed through the lounge and out the back where she found the two omegas sipping, coffee for her own omega and tea for the other. Selene took in the clearly borrowed change of clothes her omega was in.

James asking if Falkirk had changed, handing over Andrew as he did so. Before Falkirk could answer, Selene accused her own omega, “Did you make Falkirk change?”

“NO!...Maybe....yes.” Keading said ducking his head.

Selene chuckled. Looking to Falkirk as she joined the two at the bistro table. “So were you treated to the full show?”

“Show?” Falkirk asked in confusion.

“You know. Screaming, hand waving and spinning on the spot.”

“Don't do that.” Keading defended with an adorable pout. Falkirk shook his head and assured nothing of the sort happened. Keading giving his alpha a triumphant smile and taunted, “See.”

“Oh, so brave.” Selene praised and pulled the omega close to plant a kiss on the blushing cheek. “So next time you see a spider you can squash it all on your own?” Keading gave a nod but clearly wasn't so sure of himself.

James tore his eyes from the soft smile of his omega, as Falkirk watched the other couple. An evil thought coming to him, watching something crawl along the railing of the terrace.

“So what about earwigs?” Keading's brown eyes snapped to James. The Alpha lifting his fingers, letting the omega see the small insect with pincers on its tail.

Keading launched back, backing up until he hit the wall of the house. Emitting a high whine and shaking his hands, muttering, “Kill it, kill it, kill it.”

Selene tuned her glare at the other Alpha before standing to put an arm around her omega.

Cody on the other hand was standing by James. Watching the small brown/reddish thing crawl over the large thick fingers. Keading giving a higher pitched whine, when James let the insect crawl from his hand to Cody's small one. Without the same experience, the earwig was able to crawl off Cody's hand and fall to the ground, the eager boy chasing after it.

“They eat Silverfish.” James informed. Watching Keading being slowly coaxed back to the table by the omega's big brave Alpha and James' own softly spoken omega.

“James. There are times you are a complete and utter twat.” Falkirk muttered, supplying Keading with a sweet tea for his nerves.

A tug on his trouser leg, brought James' attention to Cody again. “Look what I found.” The boy proudly informed, holding up his hand, showing a slug slowly making its way across his palm.

“You want to see what happens when you put salt on it?” James said with an unholy light in his crystal blue eyes. Getting an eager nod, James guided the boy away from the group and the one in particular who had frozen while looking at his son in terror.

Keading was just about regaining his composure. But his dark eyes kept flicking to the grassy area they were overlooking, and the man and his son. James lifting rocks and anything else, letting Cody look for the disgusting little creepy things.

“Look what I found.” an amused Scots voice called, Keading gave a shriek.

Daniel jumped at the sound, looking at the startled omega in surprise. A nervously grinning blond man peeking out from behind Daniel. “I'm not that scary.” Alec reassured. Selene still trying to calm her mate. Keading glancing up and giving a nod, assured no more creepy crawlies were being shown to him.

“Don't tell my evil boss I'm back.” Alec teased. And came over to pluck Andrew from Falkirk's arms and saying all the things a person says when they hadn't seen a baby in a month or two.

“Well, Alec.” Falkirk purred. “If you want to buy my silence. And not tell your evil boss. You and the other, big strong alphas can take those boxes to the garage.”

After Alec agreed, and he and Daniel were about to go do the task, Falkirk waved him and Daniel back down. They could do it later. Just now they could all enjoy the sunny day.

With some encouragement from Falkirk, Alec knelt down, to see Andrew's newest tricks. Still with the small hand wrapped around Alec's finger, Andrew was able to stand and took several steps. Alec praising and nuzzling his godson in wonderment, making the little omega squeal and laugh in delight.  


Mycroft sat at the head of a long table. The 5 star restaurant was in one of the highest buildings in the city and the floor to ceiling windows offered a wonderful view. The only space left was at the foot of the table, where Mycroft was currently able to enjoy the night time cityscape. Along the table, about six each sides, technically friends, enemies and opponents in reality. But none so hostile that they would give up a free lunch, or dinner in this case. All had thrown their hat into the ring, to become Prime Minister. Some had a real shot. Others, their endorsement and the supports they had gained could be the deciding factor as they themselves were eliminated.

To Mycroft's immediate right was the greatest threat to the plans, Tom Makepeace. Makepeace had been very senior until a falling out with Urquhart, then the man was put to the back benches where he became a thorn to the Prime Minister while gathering support from the junior MPs. To Mycroft's left was the other threat, Claire Carlsen. She had been a middle of the road politician, making no great friends or enemies, she risked slipping up the middle as the heavy weights and more ambitious fought openly.

Mycroft watched them all order. The common or greedy, ordered the most expensive dishes even when they clearly didn't know what it was. Mycroft seeing the highest priced dishes on the menu, by its use of less expensive ingredients and not much skill needed to produce them, the restaurant was using to milk the fools who ordered them. Others looked to what was in the dishes, latching on to the extravagant ingredients, truffles, lobster, caviar, were in abundance.

The waiter, in the formal tails stopped by Mycroft's chair after the starters and mains had been ordered. “Sir, I believe there was a special order requested. Gravlax, with Caesar side and spelt bread?”

“Ah yes, our last has not arrived yet.” Mycroft purred and indicated the empty chair at the foot. “He shouldn't be long. And I'm sure the herb crusted lamb will suffice for his main.” The waiter nodded and took his leave.

Overhearing, “Mallory?” the wiry grey haired man, to Mycroft's right demanding in a gruff annoyed voice.

“No. But it is Mallory we are here to discuss.”

A poised woman with black hair, worn solder length and curving in at the ends, around her long neck. She snorted a derisory laugh, “Mallory. A waist. Sat on the fence and offended everyone. And like a good little pup, was rewarded by his master.”

There was the crux of Mallory's problem. Because of Falkirk, Mallory had been untouchable to Urquhart. Mallory had also pulled back from some of the organised attempts to oust the old PM. But Mallory had been the most publicly critical, so was popular outside the politicians. So was in turned hated by the party for that public popularity while most also considered him a coward, or worse one of Urquhart's. No, Garth Mallory was not liked by the party he needed to lead, in order to remain Prime Minister.

Mycroft cast his gaze around the table. Making his voice respectful almost deferential, “I, now I could and would work with any the party duly elects. But it is not just me. Others...”

“Is someone talking about me?” a soft and rather posh voice said very pleasantly. All recognised the voice of the young man who delivered the humiliating eulogy at the funeral.

Mycroft gave his brother a tight smile, not putting it past the omega to have waited to that very moment to arrive. Falkirk took his seat at the foot of the long table and casually lay the linen napkin across his lap.

“As I was saying. What the country needs, at a devastating time like this. Is stability. A leader who has a broad range of support. The public's, MI5's, The Met's, The Police federation's, The army...”

“I have spoken to the First Sea Lord.” Falkirk interrupted. “I believe I can speak for Admiral Roebuck, unofficially of course, and can convey his covert support for the generally preferred candidate.”

Mycroft continuing, “The Navy, The Air Force,”

“Rabid little bitches too?” A crusty old man, the radical no hoper of the leadership race mused in a guffaw like blast. Vinyard was old right wing, verging on fascist, who advocated work camps for immigrants, National Service for the unemployed and all the other extreme measures that preceded very dark times in human history.

The water, faltered but caught himself at the old man's bluster. Falkirk ignored the man, thanking the omega waiter politely. Then concentrating on his dill cured salmon starter.

“Yes, the support of 'Rabid little bitches' too. I am trying to keep the peace in this time.” Mycroft said. The implication if Mycroft failed. Falkirk would lead the war.

Falkirk flicked up his eyes, most were not eating, knowing this was the good cop, bad cop routine. And they were the lambs to the slaughter. All Falkirk need to do was be here. And if any really put their foot down, Falkirk's job was to hobble them.

The woman to Falkirk's immediate right picked up her knife and fork. Clare Dower, a rather nasty woman who tried to go for Mansfield in the hearing before Silva escaped. She was tuning out those still trying to argue they had what it took. Falkirk took the woman's gesture, and weakening alpha scent, as her rolling over.

“It has been some time, Ms Dower. I hear you are pushing for a review of prostitution laws? I myself have always favoured protecting those who work in such industries, rather than criminalising them.”

The woman's black eyes looked a little startled. The cutlery held still and poises, with the creamy sauce covered lobster jiggling on the end of her fork. “Wh, well yes I am. We are looking to shift the criminal change to the client not the seller.”

“I thought several charities opposed that. Criminalising the client will deter the average person. But the more dangerous clients will still go looking and the sellers will be pushed into more dangerous situations, to appease the fewer clients they do get.”

“You advocate legalisation?”

“And legislation, to stem abuses. Mandatory drug testing for a start, for isn't addiction the mechanism to coerce and control the most vulnerable. Taxation and duty, to cover increased policing and costs to the NHS.” Falkirk said. Then looked around the table, noticing a few watching him have a civilised debate.

Mycroft caught his eye and nodded, his thanks Falkirk assumed. Then Mycroft looked to his side and continued to appease the politicians still wanting to be Prime Minister, where Falkirk would just hobble them. While Falkirk moved on to discus the German mega brothels compared to the Amsterdam red light district with Clare Dower.

The mood was spoiled when the crusty of fascist refused to roll over. Mycroft looked away, in a symbolic gesture of turning a blind eye. Falkirk wiped his mouth and there was a collective holding of breaths from the people around the table. Pulling out his phone, Falkirk tapped away then replaced it. The table looked at Falkirk in confusion. “I'm not playing nice. Tomorrow's papers will be full of Vinyard's anti-Semitic, Islamophobic and racist rants.”

The old man with white hair growing out his ears glared. Falkirk caught his brother's eye again. “Did I tell you, Francis bequeathed me his 'Party Whip' archive. Every dirty secret from the past quarter centenary. All mine.”

The entire table looked down. While the crusty old, Vinyard stormed to his unsteady feet and hobbled out as fast as he could. Come tomorrow he would be in deep trouble.

Chapter Text

"James?" Alec whispered in growing concern, watching his friend prepare his phone.

"It'll be fine, and it's good to expand his pallet, the books say so. And there's loads of videos, you saw." James responded a bit awkwardly, then looked to his son on the far side of the coffee table. "Come on, come to daddy."

Andrew looked up at the excited voice of his dad, and the alpha's wide smile. Shuffling side to side, gripping the table for balance. Practising, using his legs just like everyone else

When Andrew was close, James plucked the lemon from his glass of coke. Holding out the wedge, James made his voice a little higher, "Go on."

The oblivious child, with complete and unflinching faith in his Daddy coordinated his new body as best as a slightly over one year old could do. Grasping the edge of the table with one hand, he reached out with the other to grasp the yellow thing being held out to him.

"James?" Alec said again, watching the small chubby hand grasp the bitter fruit. The big blue eyes so innocent, with the boy's dark hair sticking up in all angles of cute little horns.

"It's fine. You saw the videos. It's a memory." James argued holding up his phone to capture the moment.

"If it's fine. Why isn't mother here?" Alec said, flicking his eyes to the door behind them. And what lay beyond that door, in the room right beside the lounge.

It took a bit more coordination before Andrew found his mouth and bit into the fruit, with his emerging teeth. The moment the taste got to the brain, and the developing brain realised that bitter was the worst thing in the world, Andrew scrunched up his face, letting out heart broken choking sob at how his daddy could give him such an awful thing.

James was chuckling softly, while trying to simultaneously comfort and film his son.

"James, I have a feeling."

The moment Alec said it, James felt it too. It was like knowing death had just looked at you. Or the feel of knowing there was a sniper out there, and you knew your head was in the cross hairs of the scope.

Slowly the two men looked behind them, letting out a collective sigh of relief, the cute dark haired omega standing there wasn't the one they had been dreading. Although, Keading's soft brown eyes were harder and the lean man was frowning. "Must you be so Alpha?" the American hissed.

"Yes." Both answered.

Coming round the couch, Keading plucked the still sniffling child from in front of James. Andrew whining and murmuring to the older omega, in heart broken suffering. Keading responding, in soft sympathetic tones, as if the baby was making perfect sense, "Yes, I know. How could a daddy be so mean? All you can do is trust, and what dose that thoughtless Alpha do, feed the most trusting person in the world something horrible."

Alec smiled, James' head ducking down further with each word Keading spoke to Andrew. The omega quite good at heart wrenching guilt trips.

"And as for, uncle Alec, your big, brave, godfather..." Keading said and it was Alec's turn to slump down in guilt.

"It's your bloody fault." Alec said from the side of his mouth.

"Could have stopped me." James shot back.

Keading continued to comfort the improving boy as he took Andrew out the room.

James slapped Alec's shoulder, "You're meant to stop me!"

Alec punched James' shoulder in respond and snapped, "What am I Jiminy Cricket!"


Both men groaned and slumped down at Falkirk's screech. Alec punching James' arm again because it was all the bastard's fault. James punching back.

The two men jumped to their feet at the sound of the omega storming out of the library. Falkirk appeared, Keading a step behind and still holding Andrew. Falkirk's face holding not even a hint of affection, the brows knitted and the normally wide lips pursed in a hard little 'o'. The hard green eyes, behind the glinting lenses of the man's glasses showing absolute nothingness, no caring, no compassion. This was M standing before them, and M was livid.

James tried, but his eyes couldn't quite meet his Omega's. Alec wasn't even trying, he was at a parade stance, looking straight ahead, with his hands clasped at the small of his back and legs shoulder width apart.

“Who?” Falkirk's voice little more than an ice cold whisper.

Not a proud moment, James shoved Alec's shoulder making the other man take a step forward.

“You complete, Bastard!” Alec shouted, then pointed an accusing finger at James while looking at the little omega, in desperation. “It was him. He did it. To his own son.”

“You stood by. Cheered me on.” James defended, if he was going down he was taking everyone with him.

“Lies! Watch the video! I was against it!” Alec argued.

Falkirk raised an eyebrow. Letting out a snort. Losing his angry demeanour. “My god! Is that all it takes to break two Double Os?” Q teased with a snort.

James let out a breath, seeing Falkirk wasn't really angry, and was in fact smiling. “Oh that's good.” James said. “Not even Mansfield could be that annoyed on cue.”

Falkirk walked up to his Alpha plucking the phone from the couch as he did so. James winding his arms around the omega pressing his back to him. Falkirk found the latest video, and hit play. James watching the screen over his Omega's shoulder.

“I'm going to hold this over you, forever and ever.” Falkirk teased. James nodded, Falkirk only aware of the gesture because of James' chin resting on his shoulder and the movement shaking him. Falkirk's eyes flicked up, and darted about in a panic, no Alec and no Keading in the room. “No?”

“That little bastard!” Alec cried, voice coming from the open doorway. Retuning, brandishing one of Falkirk's photo albums. Holding up the book with a large picture of a very unhappy Andrew, scrunching his face up. “These little bastards did it before us.” Alec said to James, and indicating Falkirk's co-conspirator who still held Andrew.

“Traitor.” Falkirk accused the Omega standing at the door. Keading just smiled sweetly.

“You want to see the video when Luke and me did it to Cody? He glared at us, with his cheeks all pulled in and the cutest little pout.” Keading said with a wide smile.

“Yes.” the others demanded.


Through Mycroft's gentle manipulations. Falkirk's looming threat, or in one or two cases the actual need for him to be his cold hearted worst. The leadership of the governing party was whittled down to Mallory and a no-hoper stooge who had been offered a cushy lordship to lose.

Falkirk stood in front of the wall mounted TV, between Keading one side and Daniel the other. The screen showing Mallory in front of the gloss back door emblazoned with the white '10', the seat of government.

“Is he alright?” Keading asked, and he wasn't talking about the tall Alpha with short swept back hair giving the speech. But the omega in the back ground of the picture, with the tight curly hair and strange eyes that could go from blue to brown depending how the light hit them. And more importantly, the perfect picture of a smile Darren wore, that was so perfect it was clearly fake.

“You want me to sweep your office for bombs?” Daniel teased.

“Oh Darren couldn't get anything in.” Falkirk mused, he had been expecting his PA to be a little displeased, never having liked the the politicians that surrounded Mallory. But the Omega was definitely giving off an aura of suppressed 'deranged fanatic' under the constant flash of bulbs.

“He wouldn't need to sneak something in.” Daniel said. “He showed me something that would do the job, with just what was in the Q branch break room. Made a nice little bang on the weapons range.”

Sharing a glance with Keading. Falkirk mused, “You don't fancy going out for a drink? Let Darren escape for a while.”

“As long as I get something fruity, alcoholic and comes with an umbrella.”

Falkirk pulled out his phone. Tapping out a message, Falkirk sent it. It was a moment before Darren pulled out his phone, the one he had to answer at any time no matter where. The Stepford wife smile, broke.

Falkirk's phone buzzed with the response. It taking Falkirk a moment to realise there was a lag between the image on the TV and what was happening. Only now did the Darren on the TV appear to be tapping out his response and putting away his phone.

“Hay, that looks fun.” Daniel teased. “Send him a dirty joke, see if we can get him to laugh.”

“Hurry, a joke?” Falkirk demanded, poised and ready with his phone.

Falkirk tapping in the words as Keading said, “What's 6” long, 2” wide and drives woman wild? A $100 bill.”

“Damn!” Falkirk spat, the message coming back, that Darren was inside. And only now did the TV show Mallory end his speech and disappear inside the door, taking Darren's hand as he did so.

With the fun over, Falkirk slipped his phone back in the pocket. A yawn broke Daniel's chuckle. “Bloody... Alec.” Daniel groused, with another yawn breaking his words.

“Alec keeping you up?” Falkirk teased.

“He's a bit restless.”

Falkirk chuckled. James, Alec and along with 009 who had finished his mission but had dropped off the radar were all kicking back. A lull. There was a big up coming mission that Alec as the more fluent Russian speaker was slated for, and a few situations MI6 were keeping their eye on but for the moment there was nothing.

The three stepped outside, onto the terrace running along the width of the house. With a small bistro table that the three sat around. On the patch of grass, they looked down to the others in play. Alec on his knees shuffling backwards, holding Andrew's hands letting the boy practice his walking.

James was further back, squatting slightly on the balls of his feet, and shifting his weight from left to right foot and back again. Selene and Cody tussling over a ball. Cody getting the ball from his stepmother and shooting it, James deliberately missing allowing the football to bouncing off the wall behind him in a goal.


A buzz from his pocket and Falkirk pulled out his phone. Smiling at the the message. Sending a quick order to Tanner, Falkirk stood and came out of his office. “Fancy a lunch out?” Falkirk asked the wild haired omega.

“Sure.” the Irish voice drawled.

The two omegas were joined by Selene, and a man who had been reluctantly invited to used her office. Darren nudged Falkirk, “Can't I have one of ours?”

Falkirk glanced at the special branch bodyguard, there for the bound omega of the Prime Minister. A carrot shaped man of broad shoulders and narrow waist and legs, the sad brown eyes carried a somehow attentive and oblivious expression. Falkirk had vetted the man himself, because he wouldn't let just anyone guard his PA and Friend or allow a potential threat into E Branch. But could still sympathise with Darren, he was part of MI6 and if he needed a bodyguard, wanted an MI6 one not Special Branch.

“Fine. Give me a few days.” Falkirk whispered and the Irish omega beamed a smile.

The four, came out of the building by the main entrance. Falkirk and Darren setting a casual pace as they crossed the bridge over the Thames. The two bodyguards several paces behind.

Falkirk spotted the covert MI6 team Tanner had arranged,  so Selene could relax too for the lunch hour. They entered the cafe, seeing the group. Andrew sitting on Alec's muscled thigh happily chewing a long bread stick. James and Keading sitting together talking quietly.

Darren, Falkirk and Selene took their place, sending the special branch bodyguard to wait at the counter. The group only awaiting the arrival of the big Scots Alpha.

“So.” Selene purred looking at Darren, with a predatory gaze. “Did you enjoy your night out?”

Darren gave a big innocent smile, “ 't was grand.” Making his accent thicker.

Selene flicked her eyes from her own omega, to Falkirk and back to Darren. Falkirk had taken his back up bodyguard and she knew nothing. The three had been tight lipped. Mostly just to torment the Alphas in their life.

“They told me.” Daniel teased and sat down beside Alec. Brushing Andrew's cheek and neck in a greeting as he did so.

“So?” Selene prompted the Alpha.

“Oh, I'll never tell. I just want to lord it over you.” Daniel teased the woman who sulked and sent a glare at her giggling omega.

“You're evil.” Alec teased the big alpha beside him.

James complained petulantly. “Oh now you see it. I've been calling him that for years.”

Falkirk sent an evil smirk to his alpha, taunting, “I have noticed you haven't done anything problematic. Since Daniel became your handler.”

“I've never done anything, 'problematic'. “ James defended. Alec was the first to break into giggles, followed by Falkirk. Even Keading was caught up in the laughter, even when he didn't know about the things James had gotten up to.


Falkirk's car pulled to a halt just inside the high black railings. Opening his door, Selene keeping a distance behind as Falkirk made his way up the famous street. One or two of the permanent photographers took a photo, in case it transpired something important happened and they wanted the moment M entered Number 10.

The black door was pulled open and Falkirk stepped into the residence of the Prime Minister. The light thump of heels on carpet made Falkirk look to the woman coming down the stairs, dressed in short grey skirt suit, still with the wiry hair. And still the two of them could only manage professional politeness. “Ms Moneypenny.”

“M.” Mallory's chief of staff greeted in return. “This way.” she said and held her hand out indicating the stairs she had just climbed down.

Falkirk suppressed the retort, he fully knew the way to the Prime Minister's office and hand been a regular guest.

Up the stairs and first on the left. Falkirk entered the square room, the top of Mallory's head not a good angle, it showed the extent of the receding hair. Mallory looked up and Falkirk was able to see the watery eyes of the Alpha.

“Cognac?” Mallory said, standing and indicating the chair opposite.

It was only polite, even if he didn't care for a the drink, so Falkirk accepted the seat and the snifter, with the amber liquid. “Congratulation, Prime Minister.”

Mallory thanked him and sat, swirling his own snifter before taking a sip. “I met Kelly.” Mallory said very neutrally.

“Darren requested an MI6 bodyguard. I couldn't see a reason to deny him, he is entitled now, and is one of us, MI6 I mean.”

Mallory talked about clearing out Special Branch, and guarding the Prime Minister and his mate being Special Branch's jurisdiction. Falkirk was just waiting.

“The thing is...”

Falkirk musing, “Kelly Bailey is fully capable of protecting Darren.”

“I'm sure she is. It's just...”

“She earned a George Cross, no small accomplishment to gain the second highest award for bravery.”

“There's no doubt about that...”

“Former SAS, a host of covert operations.”

“I am...”

“Experienced bodyguard. When Senator Casey's helicopter went down over Kandahar province. It was Kelly's team who were the first on the scene. Dragging a 70 year old politician, ex four star General, sixty miles, across Taliban and Al-Qaeda held territory. Without loosing a single person.” Falkirk saw the man gulp. Falkirk knew how to pick people and he was gifted in finding the woman to be Darren's bodyguard.

“When we met.” Mallory paused, looking rather surprised he had got that out. “When I met Kelly, I appraised her.”

“You looked her up and down. Took in the peroxide blond hair scraped back into a ponytail. The ill fitting trouser suit...”

Mallory took a centring breath. “Yes I did! She said and I quote, 'Wa' u loo'ing at, knob? No' inta blokes, so turn those eyes right the fuck round and fuck the right off.' ”

Falkirk smiled, there it was, Mallory's problem. Falkirk had found a living embodiment of a harpy. “Darren likes her, admires her, understands her. And if you want rid of Kelly, you will be the one who needs to put their foot down. But I will side with Darren and his free choice in his bodyguard.”

Mallory took the last sip of his cognac. “I'm stuck with her.” he said, with the same resignation of a doomed man.

Coming out of the office and the residence itself. Selene saddled up beside Falkirk, “So?” she purred.

Falkirk shrugged and gave an evil smile. “You do know, you're going to have to share your office with Kelly.”

“She's more mellow, when not in a crowd.” Selene mused.

When they arrived at Falkirk's, Cody was back from school. James and Keading were playing football with the boy on the long narrow patch of grass below the terrace.

Falkirk sat at the small table. Watching the other blond man with a firm and comfortable hold of his godson, Andrew sitting on a broad thigh. With his left hand Alec moved the soft plastic spoon from the bowl of puréed vegetables, to the small mouth. Falkirk giving a small chuckle, Andrew drooling and leaving a trail down the sides of his mouth, the same orangey colour as the mush Alec was feeding him.

When the small bowel was finished Alec carefully wiped the chubby cheeks and gave a kiss to one before handing the boy over to his papa.

“Better go. Promised Daniel a night at the Royal Philharmonic.” Alec said to Falkirk. He then called a bye to the rest. Falkirk saw the man out. On the front step, Alec pressed his lips to Andrew's cheek again, making the boy squirm and smile.

“Have a good time.” Falkirk called with a wave.

“Not bloody likely. White tie, stuffy music, but it'll be worth it.” Alec called, mounting his bike and pulling on the helmet.

Looking to the blue eyes of the small face. “Is it just me, or is uncle Alec a little off?” Andrew just blinked slowly and let out a yawn. Falkirk nodded and headed up stairs to to see to his son's bath.

Chapter Text

“M! Emergency.” Tanner announced, bursting into Falkirk's office. The Beta tapped the glass wall onto the rest of E Branch, using the display to bring up the raw intelligence.

There were photos displayed. One round dark haired Russian, with a beard, was talking to a bigger round Russian without a beard. The current head of the KGB now named FSB, the bearded Pushkin. The 'Legitimate' business man, Ex-KGB when it was the KGB, Zukovsky.

The two men were in a cluster of warehouses of a grey and rundown place. Tanner flicking through photos, and stopping on one. The two men standing over a long wooden crate. In the next picture, the side were being pried open. And in the next picture a missile was in open view.

“Brimstones!” Tanner announced, indicating the sleek grey piece of metal. The missile not even sold to the UK's allies, let alone anyone else. They were the ace in the hole of the RAF. “From this evidence. The FSB are selling eight of them.”

“The FSB are the sellers?”

Tanner confirmed and Falkirk leaned back in his chair. It meant the Russians were not trying to copy the technology, they wanted someone to use the missiles and implicate the UK. If a hospital, or UN facility were targeted it would leave the UK open to accusations of War Crimes, supplying terrorists, any number of possibilities.

“Zukovsky and Alec are old friends. I can think of no one better to go ask the ex-KGB agent what is going on.”

“Right away, M.” Tanner snapped and pulled open the door to organise the mission.

Falkirk lifted the phone on his desk. Getting Darren to contact Alec, through the official channels of M bringing in Double O Six for a mission.

Tanner compiled the mission brief giving it to Falkirk to sign off. Walking into the conference room. R a clean cut alpha of blond hair and baby blue eyes was setting up a laptop. Falkirk nodded to the man and greeted R by his name, Peter. Tanner was at the far end of the room, at the display, ready to give the briefing, everything was moving so fast even Falkirk himself hadn't heard the latest.

The scent hit Falkirk, the que of a lingering heat. He didn't think the other Alpha would notice, and betas never picked up on any scent ques.

Alec sitting down and greeting him with a cocky smile and a purring, “M.”

Falkirk cooled his expression and focused on Tanner, who called them to order. Tanner took Alec through the briefing while R brought up the AV as required.

R then went through the assigned equipment with the traditional opener, “Now pay attention Double O Six. Walther PP...”

“Nothing bigger? Because size dose matter.” Alec teased sending the Alpha a flirtatious smirk.

Forging on, R told Alec about the car waiting for the operative in Russia. Finishing, “Your tickets, Double O Six. And do try to return all your equipment on one piece, not just one piece of equipment.”

With everything arranged, Falkirk dismissed them. Calling, “Double O Six, wait for me in my office.”

Catching Tanner's sleeve, Falkirk allowed R to leave before whispering, “Bring Double O Seven up to speed. Don't tell Daniel, or anyone else you're preparing James. I'll switch the travel arrangements myself.”

The round faced beta gave a rather unsure nod but acknowledged M's orders and went to comply.

Walking through E branch Falkirk stopped at his PA's desk and to Falkirk's dread Darren was looking at Alec through the glass wall with a confused frown.

“I need you to do something, quickly and quietly.” Falkirk informed. Darren a stood, able to figure out what for himself.

Entering his office Falkirk closed the door, moving to go behind his desk. Plucking the glass of bourbon from Alec's fingers on the way passed.

Alec looked accusingly at his suddenly empty hand, most helped themselves when they got to a certain stage, he had even helped himself in the presence of the Wicked Witch. As long as he wasn't a insubordinate arse he should get away with it. So looked at the omega with a strange and curious frown.

Falkirk placed the glass down in front of him. Looking at the amber liquid he knew he was about to end the career of his oldest friend and pack mate.

“What is it? You look like you know I'm about to die.” Alec said only half teasing, the Omega's attitude was putting him on edge.

“I think you may be pregnant.” Falkirk informed before taking a breath and continuing, “Even Darren noticed the scent change.”

Falkirk's desk jumped as Alec kicked it, the glass tipping over and Falkirk forced to catch the computer screen before it fell to the floor.

Apologising Alec looked to the empty desk outside Falkirk's office. “Where is he!” Alec demanded pointing to the empty desk.

“Getting a test.” Falkirk told him and Alec started pacing around.

Falkirk saw the outer office. They knew the signs of a volatile Alpha in M's office. Selene appeared. Falkirk caught her eye and shook his head. She nodded, but stayed close and always with a visual sight of him.

Alec paced from the internal wall, where he glared at everyone, to the curving glass window at the far end. Passing back and forth in front of Falkirk's desk. Falkirk himself using the time to switch Alec's tickets to James' details.

Seeing the Irish Omega returning Alec punched the wall. Falkirk stood and went to the door, taking the brown bag from Darren. Bellowing, “GET BACK TO WORK!” Falkirk glared at his staff until they complied.

Closing the door. Before Alec could snatch the bag away Falkirk pulled it back. “No silly buggers.” Falkirk warned. Getting a growl in response Falkirk held out the bag and Alec took it and entered Falkirk's private wash room.

Emerging Alec placed the plastic sick on Falkirk's desk. The screen displaying, 'Pregnant' and '1-2' indicating pregnancy and time frame. Alec sat quietly as Falkirk started making phone calls. Firstly to the Chief medical officer. Declassifying Alec's records and asking for hard copy highlighting anything relevant to his 'indeterminate sex'. Alec growling when Falkirk mentioned the word for the first time.

Next came an emergency appointment at the same Harley Street clinic Falkirk had attended. Finally Falkirk called Tanner telling him Alec was off the active operative roster and James was up for the next mission.

Falkirk wanted to ask a myriad of questions but he thought Alec was holding on to his composure by a thread. The slightest further upset and he would default to his usual coping mechanisms and for an operative that usually meant substance abuse, violence or sex, usually a combination of all of the above.

It was well over an hour before a glassy eyed Alec spoke a quiet whisper, “Bugger!”

Catching his eye, Darren held up a folder for Falkirk to see. Nodding in acknowledgement Falkirk continued to sit in silence with Alec until he quietly prompted it was time for his appointment. Alec stood and led the way out of E branch. Falkirk grabbed the medical records on the way passed.

Selene was confused by the sudden outing, calling, “M?”

“Need to know.” Falkirk said, to keep her from asking any more questions.

Leaving Selene with the car, a good distance down the street from their destination. Alec and Falkirk entered the private medical practice. By now Alec was getting agitated again, acting like a caged wolf. Pacing the waiting room. Upsetting an Alpha male with too much spray tan clashing horribly with his long jet black hair and almost glowing teeth, and a small blond Omega male at his side.

Grasping Alec's hand, “Your scaring the other patients.” Falkirk said getting a vicious growl for his trouble.

“You shouldn't do that.” the Alpha said standing, he had half a head on Alec and had rippling muscles. The poser Alpha didn't know how out classed he was.

“Yes Alec, you shouldn't growl at the poor delicate Omega in his fragile state.” Falkirk teased. The macabre, self deprecating humour always seemed to connect with Alec. Alec let out a sigh and leaned against the wall, beside Falkirk and pulling him close to cuddle.

“Mr Trevelyan?” an Omega male in white coat called.

Giving a low rumbling growl in acknowledgement they followed the doctor. With Falkirk being held to Alec's side. In the rather nice office, the small red haired doctor addressed Falkirk.

Clearing his throat Falkirk indicated Alec. “I am not the one who's pregnant.” he informed and pulled out Alec's file.

The Doctor flipped through the pages. The MI6 doctor had marked the relevant sections. The doctor was a bit bashful as he asked Alec to step behind the curtain blocking the bed from view. The Doctor confirmed Alec was pregnant and conducted an examination. Falkirk just hearing the occasional growl and squeak from the doctor.

Coming out from behind the curtain, the doctor took his place behind the desk. When Alec was again in his rather nice dark blue two piece suit with yellow tie in place, the Doctor summed up Alec's age for a first child, Indeterminate sex, a muscle structure more common to an Alpha physiology. The eagerness grew in the Doctor at such a unique case until Falkirk interrupted him and with cold seriousness “I expect, in perpetuity, absolute confidence.”

With the prospect of an authored paper out the window the doctor carried on with a deflated tone. Scheduling further tests as the doctor suspected if Alec could carry a child to term a natural birth would be highly unlikely, and potentially dangerous for both mother and pup.

“What about,” Alec paused and glanced at Falkirk but pressed on, “You know...getting rid of it?”

“Termination?” the doctor clarified.

Alec nodded, just feeling the weight of the eyes on him, feeling uncomfortable. But when he glanced at Falkirk, the omega was steadfastly looking at a picture of a flower on the wall. The doctor answered that question and any others Alec could come up with.

With a rather stiff goodbye they exited the office, then the clinic. Falkirk still thinking about the big question Alec had asked, knowing it was the only way Alec could continue as Double O Six.

In the car. Instead of returning to MI6. Falkirk instructed the driver to take them to his house. Falkirk saw Selene looking at her phone. Then he was met with her dark sapphire eyes. “Keading sent me a link. Is Darren pregnant?” She asked holding up a picture of Darren at a Boots, and the omega picking up a box from the shelf clearly marked 'Pregnancy Tests'.

“No.” Falkirk answered automatically.

Alec flipped the switch to raise the divider between them and the front seats of the car. “Bugger off!”

Before she disappeared from view. Selene's excited eyes fixed in Falkirk, “Andrew's getting a brother! Or sis...” the word being cut off by the partition.

Alec scrubbed his face. He then sighed and slumped against Falkirk, putting an arm around the omega for good measure.

Selene followed Falkirk and Alec into the house. The French door leading onto the garden where open with Keading and Andrew outside. Alec flopped down onto the couch and Falkirk joined him. Selene continued out into the garden giving the pair some space.

Leaning his head back Alec threw his arm over his eyes and groaned. Slowly Falkirk closed the distance and leaned his head against Alec's neck and wound an arm around him. Automatically Alec started stroking Falkirk's back and neck.

“I can't, you know,” Alec stressed.

Falkirk hummed in acknowledgement not sure what Alec was talking about and hoping a non-committal answer would get him to elaborate.

“When the form teacher announced the Omegas had to attend special health classes the evil old witch read off the names, just so she could say mine. I had to kick the crap out of every Alpha and Beta in the school. When I skipped the class for boxing the form teacher pitched up and the sports master frog marched me to the health class.
     I joined James in being expelled after I fucked every one of those Omega. They all thought I wouldn't be like the other Alphas, and I proved I was exactly like them. I had each one multiple times, in very way possible. The entire 5th and 6th year of omegas were broken in on my dick. I had a whole harem by he time I was found out.”

Falkirk knew the story. It was in Alec's permanent file. Falkirk had known Alec's indeterminate status since he hacked MI6 at age thirteen.

“Dose James know?” Falkirk asked.

Shaking his head. “We fooled about at Eton. Never directly with each other. After he got expelled we didn't see each other again until Britannia.” Alec informed.

“Do you have heats? You smelt normal a couple of days ago, but this morning it hit me like brick wall.” Falkirk asked pushing back so he could look his friend in the eye.

“Apparently. But not the mind altering, hormone fuelled desire to be fucked. And they were never regular. At most it was just a period of being more easily tuned on, but no different to a long mission away then coming back and feeling horny. It's more like when I was a teenager and getting random erections. Other Alphas never noticed, nor omegas. ”

“Bonding?” Falkirk asked. As the can of worms was open he may as well get all his questions out.

“Not really. But there is something. I always gravitated towards James. When he was declared KIA I told Daniel in case there was a bond to break. And I have noticed I do, yearn, when I'm away for too long, especially with Daniel.”

“Is that why you never moved back in?” Falkirk asked getting a nod and a stroke of his back in answer. “You are always welcome, even here, I picked out a room for you. The one I thought a person could climb out of, along the drain pipe.” Falkirk insisted. The arm around him tightened slightly before relaxing again into the soothing caresses.

“I should tell Daniel.” Alec said after some time.

Falkirk had to stop himself from snapping at his pack mate and friend. “He deserves to know.” Falkirk said as calmly as he could.

“You really couldn't make that sound any less like a fuck you.” Alec teased

Pulling out his phone Alec sent a text to Daniel. Falkirk could see he had arranged for Daniel to come here. Falkirk texted James to come home as well, after Alec insisted.

A knock at the open doors alerted them to Andrew's need for a new nappy. Keading knowing something was happening, and hesitant to approach but Andrew his more important concern. Passing through the lounge Selene hiding her continued confusion followed her omega in. Keading sent Alec a subtle glance just as he reached the door.

“I'm Pregnant”

Selene smacked into the edge of the door. Keading mumbled something, continued on and upstairs. Alec may as well have sprouted another head for the look Selene was sending him.

“Ha-bloody-ha. You're an alpha. With a terrible sense of humour.” she said, rubbing her head where a red spot had formed in a perfect outline of the door.

Waiting for Keading to return before answering any more question. When the two other omegas appeared, Alec held his hands up for his godson. Nestling between godfather and Papa, Andrew was openly curious about Alec's changed scent pressing, his face into the crook of his neck.

“I am of indeterminate sex, with characteristics of both Alpha and Omega.” Alec informed the pair on the opposite couch. Quietly Keading asked the same questions Falkirk had about heats and bonding. Selene's eyes bouncing from Alec, to her own omega who wasn't showing any hint of doubt about the revelation.

Slowly Keading approached, sitting on Alec's other side. Leaning forward Keading waited until Alec lifted his head before closing the distance to scent him. “You still smell like an Alpha, but a pregnant one.” Keading observed resting his weight against Alec as well.

“You're not pulling my leg.” Selene realised. Slumping back, again looking at Alec as if she had never met him before. Her eyes fixed on the man's stomach, the stomach Andrew was leaning against. “Pregnant. Alec's pregnant. Alec Trevelyan's pregnant. Alec Trevelyan is pregnant.” she whispered silently to herself, affirming the concept that didn't quite want to stick in her brain.

With Falkirk under his left arm, Keading under his right and Andrew in his lap Alec was having trouble keeping his thought on track being bombarded with the cocktail of Omega pheromones especially when his touches caused Falkirk and Keading to bliss out. Andrew experiencing the affect for the first time gave a soft desperate mewling as he rubbed against Alec in contentment, his eyes almost black with the blown pupils. Only Alec noticed the flash and click before he succumbed the the pheromones too. Luckily there was just enough room for Selene to slip in beside her bond mate.

“Here I am, preparing to risk life and limb for king and country and you lot are piling.” James teased. The group barely responded.

“I'm pregnant.” Alec sang out before returning to rub his cheek against the top of Falkirk's head.

“WHAT!” Daniel snapped from behind James.

Pulling his head from Falkirk and fixing his unfocused gaze on his now actual, pregnant, inevitable pup to prove it, mate. “I, am, pregnant.” Alec enunciated his voice slightly off due to the pheromones hanging round the group.

“I can smell it.” Keading mumbled, with waving head bobbing to look around to the other Alphas.

”Me too.” Falkirk said waving a hand in the air.

Chapter Text

In the days following the revelation of Alec's pregnancy. James departed on the mission that had been slated for Alec. Alec went for a battery of tests and assessments, it appeared a difficult pregnancy awaited him but could carry a child. Daniel was still dazed by the news while Alec was kindly described as grumpy. Selene was still half expecting someone to call 'April fools!'

Looking over the reports covering his desk. Falkirk was considering what he could do with Alec. Usually when an Operative got pregnant, unless they had a termination it meant an end to their active assignments. But after Alec's question to the doctor, the subject had never been raised again. And Falkirk saw the glint of veiled pride every time Alec told someone.

From the medial reports it was going to be two years before Alec would be anywhere near mission fit and Falkirk couldn't tie up a valuable Double O designation for that long. It was a cruel aspect but the threats of the world wouldn't make allowances and nor could MI6. Reluctantly Falkirk called Alec in as Double O Six to speak with him as M.

When Alec arrived. Falkirk saw the man perch on Darren's desk. Alec gave a nod to something Darren said and the Omega launched up, flinging his arms around the blond's neck. Alec putting his arms around the lean waist and pulling the bouncing brunet closer.

Falkirk just sat back and watched. Unwilling to use the intercom to interrupt, like he usually did. When the two separated, all of E-Branch were watching in open curiosity. One or two of the omegas on staff probably picking up on Alec's scent and now the display. The news would be quickly entering the gossip chain now.

When Alec entered, he carried a single piece of paper. Handing the letter to M he sat down. “Dear God! Nine months. I've not been dry that long since I was....” Alec ended in a mumble, of his true first drinking age.

Reading over the resignation Falkirk mused, “Longer, more likely. Longer still of you are able to, and do feed the baby.” Alec grumbling something else in response. Placing the resignation down before fixing Alec with a calculating gaze.

“Stop that! You look like the old witch.” Alec hissed.

“You can't remain a Double O but I was hoping you could do something for me?” Falkirk said in an overly pleasant way that sent chills up Alec's spine.

“Officially you will be attached to internal affairs. Unofficially find out who the leak is, and who their contact is.” Falkirk stated dropping a folder in front of Alec. When curiosity forced Alec to look Falkirk balled up his resignation and dumped it in the bin to be incinerated.

“I will permit you to be armed, because you would be anyway, even against regulation. But when the leak is identified, it's Stuart Thomas who has the kill order.” Falkirk ordered.

“You're giving that pretty boi my number!” Alec teased with a smirk.

“Get out.” Falkirk shot, suppressing his smile.

Just as the door was about to close behind Alec he called, “Pretty Boi will never be as good as me.” The door banged and Alec waved as he passed Falkirk's internal window, having gotten the final word over M.

“Well Mr Thomas, I hope you like your new nick name. Alec's always tend to stick.” Falkirk mused to the empty room.


Two days after Alec's departure, and four since he had been in the very same chair. Sitting in front of Falkirk's desk with his head resting on it, Daniel. The Alpha grumbled at length. His grandmother had arrived the yesterday demanding to see the Omega.

Sitting up “I didn't think she could get down here so bloody fast. I only told her the night before last. She must have gotten to Glasgow? Caught a plane? Train?” Daniel mused before giving an exasperated “She doesn’t have a passport, an airline shouldn't allow her on.”

“I blame you. You let Alec bolt!” Daniel accused.

“She scented the pregnancy the moment she walked through the door, hasn't realised it's Alec though” Daniel continued, sitting up and fixing Falkirk with his gaze “She's been asking about Double O Nine.”

Falkirk snorted, thinking of the rather masculine omega, who by visual could pass for an Alpha until you got close enough to smell the light heady Omega that clung to him. Apparently Alec had convinced Daniel to tell his grandmother about the pregnancy the same day as he was leaving for Rio, then disappeared to the other side of the world leaving Daniel to deal with the fall out.

“You have time to prepare her before Alec's return. You can explain indeterminate sex, it's rare but not unheard of.” Falkirk stated. He had not really looked up from his computer screen since Daniel sat down.

“I am just lacking the proof of that little miracle.” Daniel shot.


The next day Daniel returned to Falkirk's office to inform, “She cleared out Hamley's, Mothercare and god knows where else and she doesn’t believe it's Alec. She thinks it's some modern medical... witchcraft!”

On the third day. Falkirk's office door slammed open. Falkirk jumped and was concerned about the outward aggressive and dominating aura that preceded Daniel. Falkirk was beginning to doubt himself, like James this didn't look like a fight he could even engage in.

Daniel slammed his hands down on the desk and Falkirk ducked his head and bared his neck. “How long is Alec was going to be? I, needed, physical, PROOF!” The Alpha's roar rattled the windows.

Screwing up his courage, Falkirk squeaked, “I don't know.”

The Alpha turned and ripped the door open, “If I break Doreen's neck or that of her chicken necked mother. I'm going to blame you as they cart me off to the asylum.” Daniel shot and walked out.

In the absence of the Alpha Falkirk slummed. Darren came in, asking after Falkirk. Shaking his head, “Daniel is always so controlled. I think he is getting to the point of breaking.” Falkirk said in concern.

Despite Daniel's familiarity with family and pack his personality was a facade, he only ever liked small groups at most. His grandmother was like some of the ones who where kept out of Daniel's way in Q branch. The moment people started getting to close, hovering or demanding to much interaction Daniel had to rely on an iron will not to lash out in the worst way of an Alpha's nature. Annie and Underwood had been instrumental acting as a buffer between Daniel and the sometimes needy employees of Q branch.
When Falkirk entered the house at the end of the day, Hudson was holding a tray with a small envelope. As expected there was an invitation to Mary's get-together, with a note requesting a meeting tomorrow.

Informing Hudson they where having guests. Falkirk looked to Keading and Selene asking if they would like to join them. Writing a formal invitation Falkirk instructed Hudson to deliver it tomorrow.


Coming home on Thursday Hudson had gone all out. Silverware polished to such a level that they gave off flares when they caught the light. Crystal glasses casting rainbows onto the brilliant white table cloth. All laid out to millimetre precision.

“Exemplary!” Falkirk stated making the old Alpha puff in pride.

Falkirk watched Andrew and Cody to allow Keading and Selene to changed for dinner. Handing Andrew over to Keading and Selene. Falkirk went upstairs to change himself. Coming down in his white tie just in time to welcome his guests as they came through the door. Taking Mary's arm Falkirk escorted her through to the lounge.

At the end of the meal Falkirk retired to the lounge taking Keading and Mary with him. Daniel remaining with Selene at the table. Falkirk seeing the Alpha male closing his eyes and slumping down in his seat before closing the doors. Turing from the sliding doors that separated the lounge from the dinning room, Falkirk looked to Mary.

“Alec is pregnant.”

“He is an Alpha.” the old woman insisted.

It was Keading who answered her,“I could smell it.”

With Falkirk adding, “Both my PA and myself scented the pregnancy as well. And I have seen the medical reports.”

The little old Omega's eyebrow raised but her mouth still hand an unimpressed downward curve to it. 'Perhaps Alec did need to be here to convince her.' Falkirk thought. Keading and Falkirk gave there assurances and even explained some of the things Alec had told them.

Mary knowing they wouldn't lie to her but she knew Alec as an Alpha and couldn't see him as an Omega and couldn't wrap her mind around him being with child. “Alec is an Alpha.” she insisted for what felt like the hundredth time.

“Of indeterminate sex.” Falkirk corrected, “He has traits of both Alpha and Omega. That's why his scent wasn't so oppressive. And why he could pick up better on an Alpha's ques.”

“Let us leave the discussion for now.” Falkirk said seeing the look on Mary's face. She was not open to taking this on faith. “Let's have a drink. And I will get Alec back. He has a bollocking coming for the can of worms he opened.”

Falkirk lifted the decanter from the sideboard, and pouring them a stiff drink. Keading taking a sip of the bourbon and pulling a face, very much like Andrew when he tasted lemon for the first time.

The Omega declaring the drink, “Yucky!” and went to get something more to his taste. Mary sipping her whisky and Falkirk his bourbon.

After Mary and Daniel had departed Falkirk made a beeline for the library. Picking up the phone Falkirk called Alec. Getting the latest from the ex-operative he had found the leak and dispatched Thomas to seal it.

Good. I want you back immediately!” Falkirk ordered changing Alec's travel arrangements personally. As Alec protested, Falkirk threatened, “If you are not on that plane. I am coming to get you. Your plane leaves in four hours, move it!”


Standing at the arrival gate Falkirk waited for Alec. Seeing the unhappy looking blond, in rumpled suite emerging from the doors. Falkirk approached wrapping an arm around Alec's waist. “Have fun scaring the suits?” Falkirk asked.

“Didn't get to shoot anyone.” Alec complained.

“James reported in. You're going to Russia next, to speak with your old friend Zukovsky.” Falkirk informed as they moved through the airport to Falkirk's car.

“It was very mean of you to abandon Daniel.” Falkirk admonished.

Growling “I know.” Alec responded.

“I just couldn't deal with her. Not until Mary got over the whole excitement of 'the family line is going to continue' thing. At least on the family line she likes. She literally said, now the family title had been returned, she just needed an heir so she could die happy.”

Sympathizing, James had expressed similar fears about being bound, family and pack everything was still overwhelming to a loner. But that was no excuse. “So you ran away, like the little boi you claim not to be.” Falkirk taunted and got a soft growl.

Arriving at Daniel's house. Alec pulled out his key and let them in. There was already a buzz about the place. Amongst the mix of scents, Falkirk picked up on a que, and by the way Alec's head jerked in the direction of the stairs he too picked it up.

A thin alpha woman with long brittle looking neck, exited the lounge. “Who are you?” came the sharp and harsh upper class Scots accent from the pinch faced woman, giving Alec, Falkirk and Selene a once over with her hooked nose in the air.

Falkirk let Alec growl threateningly. Alec continued to growl as he took a step forward, forcing the woman to back up against the wall

“My word! It's true!” Mary interrupted coming up from the kitchen. “Doreen! Go do... something!” Mary snapped to her Grand Daughter and Daniel's half sister. The brittle necked woman stalked to the kitchen door and disappeared down.

Taking Alec's arm, Mary led him into the room Daniel's sister had come out of. Falkirk following the pair into the deep lounge that stretched from the front of the house to the back. Mary instructing the woman sitting with a long drink, Daniel's non biological Mother, to go help her daughter in the kitchen. The grey haired woman looked down her nose at Falkirk on the way passed.

Leaving Alec and Mary alone Falkirk headed up stairs following something rather unsettling, Daniel's distressed scent.

The scent trail led to a barren room on the third floor. The moment Falkirk pushed open the door, Classical music was almost deafening. Falkirk found the Alpha sitting cross legged. In blue almost black three piece suit, minus the jacket and with a blood red shirt, Daniel looked almost serene with his eyes closed in meditation. Coming to sit cross legged, opposite, Falkirk waited until the Alpha noticed him.

It wasn't long before the Alpha's nose twitched and cracked open his brown eyes. Giving Falkirk a humourless smile Daniel pressed stop on the remote and the silence was almost as deafening as the the noise.

“I apologise. I did not quite understand the stress Mary puts you under.” Falkirk said getting a nod in return.

Following Daniel as he got up and led him to another bedroom. Flinging the door open Daniel allowed Falkirk to look inside. There where boxes and clothing, enough to open his own baby shop.

“I could send you to Russia with Alec.” Falkirk offered. “Or a holiday, a real one.”

Seeing the Alpha mulling it over Falkirk added, “How about the eight of us? Don't you have a private, secure island.” Daniel gave a nod in answer.

Going down stairs Falkirk could see Daniel muttering a mantra as he took each step.

“Alec's facing the music.” Falkirk informed nodding towards the lounge. Taking a deep breath Daniel turned the handle and entered the indicated door.

Selene emerged from the door leading to the kitchen, knuckles cracking as she made tight fists. “Keading is not coming to face, them.” she spat indicating the door down to the kitchen.

Nodding “Would you ask him to keep Andrew?” Falkirk responded sympathetically.

When Selene stepped out the front door to make the call she returned with another tall Alpha, a little leaner than his older brother, clean shaven but just as tall, Douglas.

“So what's the big news?” the harassed Alpha asked Falkirk, not bothering with a greeting and dumping a suitcase down.

“Not my place to say.” Falkirk responded. When the slightly leaner version of Daniel asked where everyone was Falkirk indicated the lounge “Mary, Daniel and Alec.”

Indicating the door to the kitchen stairs “Doreen and..”

Interrupting Falkirk,“Mother!” Douglas spat as if it was a swear word.

Sitting on the step beside Falkirk. “Doctor Carol went off line, the active memory was the key. When the hardware rebooted a new and unremarkable intelligence developed.” Douglas informed.

Knowing it was just a brief conversation with an Artificial Intelligence on a computer, but Falkirk felt a loss for the strange AI he had spoken to. Falkirk even felt it right to give his condolences and Douglas thanked him. They continued to discuss the passing interest Falkirk had in AI until the lounge door opened.

Douglas greeted his grandmother with an ease that Daniel could only emulate. Taking her arm Douglas guided the little round omega down stairs. Daniel looked a bit better than Falkirk expected. Alec brushing shoulders with his mate. Daniel called them, Falkirk and Selene joining the procession down to the kitchen.

Daniel and Mary served while Douglas demanded to know why he had been called from America, echoing Doreen and her mother on why their attendance was required.

“I wished to see the family.” Mary answered.

Looking down her nose at Selene “And our esteemed guests?” Daniel's mother demanded, with a sneer.

Fixing her daughter in law with an innocent vulnerable look. “Sir Thomas was gracious enough to open his home to me for Christmas.” she said pointedly, imposing the guilt only a Grand Mother can, on the two other grand children and daughter in law.

Throughout the meal, Falkirk realised Mary, Daniel and Alec had come to an agreement of some sort. Falkirk thought the pregnancy was not going to be mentioned, but Daniel did announc he was going to be a father. Douglas looked confused while Doreen gave a snide congratulations.

“Legitimate?” Daniel's Mother demanded.

“Yes legitimate and the title would pass to Douglas before...” Daniel's growling response was interrupted by Mary calling his name sharply before he could insult his mother further.

“How did you wrangle the title?” Doreen accused. Normally marriage trumps a bonding and if an Alpha married, even when no children were produced, any children of a bound omega were automatically disinherited. Not so subtly the subject was completely ignored

As soon as they politely could, Falkirk thanked Mary for a lovely meal. Just before he exited the house Falkirk insisted Mary come for afternoon tea over the weekend. Graciously accepting, Mary waved Falkirk's car off.

“You should have left Alec in Rio.” Selene said looking into the back of the car, feeling sympathy for the ex-Operative.

“He stirred that hornets nest and left Daniel to deal with it. I promised a holiday, you, Keading and Cody will come, won't you?” Falkirk asked.

When Selene started to politely refuse. “You don't want an all expenses paid trip to a private, Mediterranean, Island? Please, for me.” Falkirk said, ending in a sweet pleading smile. The Alpha gave in to the omega's puppy dog eyes.

When they arrived at Falkirk's house Keading was wrapped in a blanket watching a scary movie.

“Is Cody asleep?” Falkirk asked. Getting a nod Falkirk invited Selene and Keading to stay. Selene slipping in beside her Omega, pulling the blanket around them. Falkirk giving them a soft smile before heading up stairs to change.

Alec was in Russia meeting a long established contact, Zukovsky, the buyer to British Top Secret missiles being sold by the FSB. Falkirk was bit concerned, when Alec and James met up, it usually meant drinking, illegal bare knuckle boxing. Not to mention the general danger of and active investigation.

Shaking off the thought. Falkirk turned his attention to another wayward Double O who had resurfaced weeks after his mission had ended. The hard copy of Double O Nine's report in front of him.

When the Irish omega announced the Double O omega's arrival. Falkirk looked up as the blond haired man entered. Maloney wearing a easy going smile and bespoke light grey suit.

The moment he sat Maloney asked, “There's a rumour going around. Is Double O Six, pregnant?”

“Double O Six is not pregnant.” Falkirk informed waiting from Maloney to relax at the news before adding. “However.... Alec Trevelyan has decided to give up being Double O Six.”

“So it's true?” Maloney asked eagerly, getting a nod in response. Maloney cried exuberantly, “I'm not the first up the duff!”

“Double O Nine.” Falkirk snapped as only a chastising mother could.

“Oh, Get out. It's not worth it.” Falkirk snapped with a half smile and shake of the head at the other Omega's boisterous attitude and put Double O Nine's report in his out tray, there was nothing worth a proper bollocking anyway.

“Brush up on your Russian, Double O Nine. There's an up coming mission, Alec was slated for it. James is now first choice, you're second, depending on scheduling. So be ready.”

“M.” the Double O acknowledged and took his leave.

Unexpectedly, a few hours after one Omega left his office. Another was sauntering through E-Branch. Where 009 was a broad shoulders man pushing 6' 1”, with a non omega physique very smilier to James', perhaps a little less stocky looking. Stuart Thomas was traditional Omega, petite, with floppy blond hair, sharp face with the lean physique of a ballet dancer.

Pressing the intercom on his phone, before the man reached Darren's desk.“Send him in!”

Falkirk smiled cruelly, thrilled at seeing the omega freeze when their eyes met. “Mister, Thomas! Sit!”

The omega jumped into the chair, surprised by the move as if his body was doing something without his consent.

“One dose not just appear, Mister Thomas. What happens if there are loose ends, and you are here when you are still needed in Rio de Janeiro?”

“Sorry, Sir!”

“M! We are not a military. I am M. Yes, M! No, M! Three, bags, full, M!”

It was a small and almost petty point, but it was the start of the supper royal bollocking the omega endured. From the bollocking for not following procedure and just pitching up on the door step(the only genuine flaw Falkirk had with the man's conduct). He then moved on to the mission, making the omega squirm while Falkirk checked the details then confronting Thomas on what occurred during the mission.

Having learned from the best, by the time Falkirk had finished tearing apart the Operative's conduct, Thomas was fearing for is life, freedom and future.

“Dismissed! Double, O, Six.”

Realising how he had been addressed. Thomas darted out of his office with barley concealed excitement. Going to the door, calling, “Yes, M. Thank you, M.”

Chapter Text

“I don't have anything” Falkirk grumbled looking through the closet while the recently returned James played with Andrew on the bed. Falkirk had plenty of clothing for the British climate but nothing for the Mediterranean island.

“Go shopping.” James said before wrestling his son to the mattress, lifting Andrew's shirt and pressing his lips the the stomach and blowing a raspberry. Along with the wet sound James was making, Andrew was giving a high squeal punctuated with a rapid woodpecker type laugh.

Ignoring the two on the bed. Falkirk was still looking through his wardrobe. Grumbling under his breath, about his hatred for shopping, before admitting he needed to go. Biting the bullet, Falkirk pulled out his phone, calling Darren and Keading to arrange a shopping date. Since Mallory's appointment as Prime Minister, Darren had a whole new set of duties adding stress, not helped by the stories of his past conduct and occasional old photo of the omega belting an Alpha who went too far fuelling tabloid headlines.

With the arrangements made, Falkirk tossed his phone to the plush chair by the window. Leaping onto the bed with a bounce, Falkirk pressed to his alpha. Joining the wrestling match, Falkirk got his alpha onto his back.

With a big omega pinning his right arm and pressing up under his jaw. And a little omega sitting on his chest James submitting the the duel nuzzling, letting the two Omegas have their fun pressing and rubbing against him.

Falkirk enjoyed the scent bath, where he just rubbed all over his Alpha. Andrew copying his papa, squirming and rolling all over his daddy, getting the nice strong smell all over him.

When the two omegas stilled. All three a rumpled mess, on a mess of a once neatly made bed. James holding his resting Omegas against him.

“So?” Falkirk prompted.

So?” James answered innocently.

“Come off it. I know how to read a report. I know you and Alec are hiding something.”

James squeezed his Omega tighter a moment. Whispering into the nest of wild curls under his chin. “M was told everything he needed to know. Anything else, you'll need to ask Alec.”

Falkirk resigned himself to knowing things had been glossed over in James and Alec's time in Russia. At least the missiles went bang, safely far away from anything or anyone important.


Having the spouse of the Prime minister and the head of MI6 shopping was a spectacle. Selene and Darren's MI6 bodyguard were the most inconspicuous of the security. The group of Alpha males from Special Branch protecting Darren, the MET's protection detail still insisting they protect the mate of the Prime Minister, stood out like sore thumbs.

As they were all fairly young, and Keading in particular had decided the shop they went to. Falkirk feeling a little out of place, in a shop with perfect model like shop assistance, and how Keading looked every bit as good as the assistants and even Darren was able to look good against them.

Browsing the racks. Keading held up a light shirt up to Falkirk.

“Move it grand pa” a snidely Alpha teen spat pushing passed the group, not helping Falkirk's discomfort.

Kelly, Darren's MI6 bodyguard caught the Alpha teenager's ear, forcing his head down and in her grating nasal voice, “You wana hiding, ya little gobshite?”

Yanking on the Alpha's ear Kelly set him towards a special branch guard. The Alpha's friends, unsympathetic to their friend's plight laughed at his humiliation. Swiftly the teenagers where escorted out in favour of the group planing to spend money.

Moving on Falkirk picked up the biggest pair of swimming shorts the shop had, with the brand written down the left leg. Darren pulled them out of Falkirk's grasp.

“No, my grand da' wouldn't even ware them”

Holding up a tiniest pair of shorts, they would make a narrow stripe across the crotch and hips. “These would work” Darren said.

“No!” Falkirk said adamantly.

Ignoring Falkirk, Keading plucked the trunks out of Darren's grasp, “What do you think, the day glow green, or the hot pink?” he said, spanning the fabric across his hips and turning to Selene.

She smiled and shrugged, “Both.”

“How about cabin boy chic.” Darren said holding up a pair of white mid thigh, narrow legged shorts.

At the insistence of the other two Omegas Falkirk tried on the shorts. Parading. Keading insisted Falkirk try on the size smaller, adding, “Go commando. The underwear lines don't work.”

Taking the size smaller back into the changing room. Falkirk slipped off his underwear too, and changed. The shorts were tighter, Falkirk could feel them cling around the curve of his arse. Turning to look at the back in the mirror, Falkirk could even see the crease in the white fabric, following the cleft of his arse and they did show of the swell of his buttocks perfectly. Stepping out, Darren gave a wolf whistle Keading saying, “Much better.”

Keading went into the changing room next. Coming out, in the wide and short trunks. Falkirk bit his lip, the hot pick Lycra encased the other omega perfectly, making a pert little bulge at the front and a clinging to the ample swell of the omega's perfect arse. And Kneading made sure to parade in front of the predatory gaze of his Alpha, Selene licking her dry lips.

“I'm not sure.” Keading teased, pursing his lips in thought. Lifting his shirt to look at the affect of his naked tummy, the trunks and his long legs in the mirror.

“I am.” came Selene's husky voice.

With Falkirk and Keading both gaining a new holiday wardrobe. The three Omegas turned as one, all wearing matching dangerous smiles and set their sights on Selene. The colour drained from her face and Selene gave an obvious gulp.

“No.” she demanded, but her omega had one hand and her boss the other. Dragging her to the appropriate shop, across the road.

As soon as they were in the shop, Selene was left in the middle and the three omegas separated. Her dark blue eyes jumped from one omega to the others as they called from across the floor to each other and held up items.

Then the three omegas were closing in like predators. The Irish Omega stalking up to her from the front, the raven head of her omega in an adjacent aisle looking for a way to get to her, and her boss coming up from behind.

She was handed a mound of clothing. “I'm going to kill you three” Selene threatened as she was ushered into the changing room, and firmly closing the door behind.

“Come on, let us see?” Darren called into the row changing rooms.


“I'm going in.” Keading announced.

Falkirk and Darren tried to see when the door was reluctantly opened and Keading slipped in. Selene didn't parade as Falkirk had, much to the Omegas disappointment.

Ending up in a cocktail bar Selene stood by the door still annoyed at being roped into the shopping trip.

The three omegas took the stools around the small high table. A small plate of olives and cheeses was in front of them, along with the brightly coloured cocktails.

“What's she like?” Darren whispered, nodding in the direction of Selene. Like Falkirk Darren had never known the female form. And Darren wasn't shy about asking someone with practical knowledge. “How dose she, you know... knot?” Darren continued until Falkirk kicked him.

“We have only done it normally, she hasn't tried to tie us.” Keading informed.

Before Darren could ask Falkirk snatched the straw form Darren's drink and the umbrella from Keading's, plucking the cherry off with his teeth.

“Alpha woman have a barb” Falkirk informed sliding the cocktail stick part of the paper umbrella into the straw. “When inserted, it ties the Alpha to her partner and secretes sperm at the base of the urethra to cause impregnation.” Falkirk informed getting a disgusted sneer from Darren.

Falkirk shooting back, “What's so palatable about having an eight inch cock repeatedly shoved up your arse followed by a balloon swelling when he cums?”

“But it feels sooo, good.” Darren purred, then frowned and held his hands over foot apart. “Eight inches? James didn't look eight inches to me, more like ten.”

Falkirk demanded to know when Darren had seen James and was gently reminded of the interrupted heat cycle.

Keading, holding his hands a foot apart. “If you think that's ten inches no wonder you've totalled two cars” Keading shot starting an argument into Darren's driving skills. Falkirk insisting Darren was exaggerating about James throughout.


The flight to Turkey was as stressful as ever for Falkirk. Andrew had been separated for his benefit during the flight and sat with Daniel and Alec. Cody played up a bit too, the last time going on a plane was also filled with stressful and scary memories, of being ripped from his home with an injured Papa.

Finally on terra firma Falkirk was able to relax. Carrying Andrew on his hip through the airport the group was met by the approved drivers. Arriving at the harbour James indicated a yacht Falkirk knew his mate owned but had never seen. James never really talked about the disastrous end to the Le Chiffre mission.

James and Alec inspected the sleek wooden vessel while Keading and Falkirk kept careful control over their children. Daniel and Selene inspected the provisions below deck. Soon under engine power the yacht pulled out of harbour and onto the sea. James issued instructions and delighted in ordering his long time rival about, Daniel accepted the instructions in good humour.

With the aid of a coolbox between James' legs he let the exited young alpha steer. With Cody occupied at the helm. Selene and Keading were lazing on the deck, near the bow while they could get some peace.

The gentile rocking along with the fresh air, warm sun and lapping of waves against the hull was doing wonders on Falkirk's stress level. Closing his eyes Falkirk leaned back against the bench, in the sunken area around the wheel. After the excitement of the day Andrew had dozed off and was sleeping in the cabin below deck.

“This is how man should travel.” Falkirk mused to no one in particular.

For being the largest person aboard Daniel's light footfall where barely audible as he moved beside James. Curiously Falkirk cracked an eye as the two men remained silent. They where looking at a point on the fading Turkish coast.

“You can just see that cove from the Island. The irony did not escape me.” Daniel said quietly to the man beside him.

“If you had bolted for the island we would have passed in the night.” James said, before something made him turn and see their audience, Falkirk watching them from where he lounged along the bench.

“It's the village I washed up on...after Eve.” James informed rubbing the scar on his abdomen unconsciously. As Falkirk stood, Daniel backed away. Coming up to James the Alpha wrapped an arm around Falkirk pulling them close.

Looking, Falkirk barely able to make out there was even a village from this distance and getting more indistinct by the moment. They stood until the village disappeared into the landscape and then the landscape became indistinct. Reluctantly Falkirk pulled away when an unhappy mewling came from the small hatch leading below deck.

Retuning with a happier, changed and fed baby Falkirk could see an island coming into view. Gradually and steadily the island got bigger as the yacht approached.

Alec sticking his head out of the hatch called, “A warning over the radio.”

Daniel climbed down the ladder into the galley, forward was the living area and the main cabin at the bow. To the right was a built in desk with the charts, radar and radio. Daniel lifted the small microphone with the spring lead attaching it to the radio, in the bulkhead.

“Danielle! That you?”

“Bonjour, Daniel. Welcome back, I await your arrival.” a French woman's voice called.

James organised the lowering of the sail and switching to the engine before he then relinquished the wheel to Daniel who knew the area. Approaching a cove between two high rocky cliffs. A harbour wall looking like it went right across the width of the cove. Not until they were close could you see the harbour wall on the left stopped about three quarters of the way across. The wall on the right disappeared behind the left wall. Steering into the short passageway between the over lapping harbour walls, the yacht entered the sheltered harbour.

Daniel steering towards the wooden dock that stretched out from the villa. The Villa itself was more like a compound, built right along the width of the cove, made of several sprawling and overlapping levels. Done in pale colours with terracotta roofs. A tall wind turbine sticking up and spinning gently.

The moment the yacht pulled up to the dock. Daniel jumped off. Greeting the woman, in very short shorts and sturdy hiking boots and tight vest. Daniel then introduced Danielle Rousseau, the senior Carrington Institute researcher who ran the island.

Falkirk offered his hand to the woman first, followed by the others, he then accompanied the two. At the end of the dock, where there was a low single story part of the villa, Daniel flung the double doors open and called for everyone to enter through that door.

The three then bypassed the door and walked along the path between the sea wall and the building until it opened up into a court yard, with the wind turbine, an external set of stairs led to an upper level of the villa, and at the opposite side the start of the small stretch of beach that ran along one side of the cove to the harbour wall.

Up the stairs they entered directly onto a kitchen. Falkirk's eyes darting about in curiosity. The balcony kitchen and seating area looked down onto the lower level of the villa where the others were staking out rooms on the floor below. A corridor that connected to the kitchen, with windows looking onto a small cloistered garden. Daniel mentioning the main bedroom, study and library were at the end of the hall, but he opened a door on the right onto another external stair case.

Falkirk stopped just at the top. This was the highest level of the Villa, with the two levels below, and he knew there was a bunker network underneath.

“Your grand father built quite a place.” Falkirk mused.

“Great for hide 'n seek. I know every nook and cranny of Seagate Castle, but here I always thought there was something I had overlooked.” Daniel added, with a wistful smile.

The deep French voice of the woman purred, “Multiple points of entry and escape, multiple routes to every part of the villa, with blind spots and the defences. It's like your grandfather was prepared to defend himself from something dangerous.”

Daniel and Falkirk looked at the woman. Both able to figure the villa was a place of final stand too. Daniel adding, “The bunker pre-dates the atomic bomb, but I'm sure it could survive a hit from one.”

With the brief conversation over, the three entered the top level, a huge and formal L shaped living room, with a massive dinning table that was dwarfed in the area. There were three sets of doors, the ones they had just come in, to the far end was a doors out side. Beside the doors at the far end, an internal set of stairs that Daniel said would lead back to the kitchen by a more winding internal route.

The large set of double doors, Daniel descried as the front door opened onto a courtyard. Men were mounting quad bikes and pulling out of the courtyard, heading into the dense jungle of the island. Daniel gave the woman a hug and watched her mount a bike and disappear through the gap in the perimeter wall. Daniel flipped open a control box on the wall and punched in a code into the panel causing a thick solid wedge of metal to rise up from the ground to close the gap in the wall.

“Couldn't she stay for a while?” Falkirk asked.

Daniel shook his head. “They probably came yesterday to prepare the villa. It's a hard three hour trek, or five by quad bike to Pearl Station.”

Falkirk nodded in understanding. Looking at his wrist watch, at five hours it would be getting dark by the time the others got back to the research station on the opposite side of the island.

With Daniel, Selene and James unloading the yacht. Alec had been given the lighter loads. Falkirk lead the way as he and Keading explored the villa pacing out the territory. Andrew secure in Falkirk's arms while Cody kept up as best he could.

On the middle floor, with the kitchen, Falkirk followed corridors around the cloistered garden, looking into a library, a study, and poking his head in the main bedroom where Alec and Daniel's bag had been dumped on the large bed.

“No windows?” Keading said. He was right apart form the communal rooms, like on the hall with the kitchen balcony and guest rooms coming off it, or windows around the cloistered garden or the lounge upstairs.

Falkirk nodded. “I don't think Daniel's grandfather wanted surprises if he ever needed to hide here. I suppose intending to be the the resistance to the Nazi invaders made him a little paranoid.”

In the topmost level, the L shaped living area. Falkirk poked his head out the door, that hadn't been described as the front. From his elevated position he could see across a large courtyard, to a high pale wall. A gap in the wall allowed access the the observatory high up on the cliff and he could see a ring the wall made around a helipad.

Knowing there was plenty of time Falkirk went back inside and retraced his steps. Despite Daniel giving him a master code Falkirk didn't take Keading into the subterranean bunker, but did explore the lowest level of the villa where the locked door to the bunker was located. It was somewhere Falkirk planned on going with Daniel beside him, just a little worried what might be hidden down there.

Beside the entrance to the bunker, Falkirk and Keading found a room directly under the dock, which Falkirk already loved. The low ceilings giving it a cosy feel rather than claustrophobic. The sea lapping at the floor to ceiling windows with the dock stretching out above them blocking the light. Keading confirmed Falkirk's suspicions.

“This is a nesting site.”

Cody seemed fascinated pressing his nose and hands against the window as the water rose and fell against it. “Fishs!” he shouted, looking to his Mom and pointing to the window excitedly.

“Fishes” Keading corrected automatically. Coming over Falkirk and Keading waited and when a wave hit they did get a clear view underneath the water, including the fishes. Praising the young Alpha for his observation they let him watch until Selene could be heard shouting for them.

Arriving in the kitchen James was sitting on the couch drinking a beer, shirt open. Alec pressed a cold can to his face, as with most male omegas he no longer liked to be shirtless while pregnant. Daniel appeared, having changed into loose cotton trousers and loose billowing shirt. Selene appeared as well in a bikini top and sarong, making Keading blush.

Issuing a wolf whistle James received a growl from the woman. Falkirk slapped the Alpha's thigh for good measure. “She's the one posturing” James defended.

“So, is that why you've been hitting the gym and dieting?” Falkirk shot to his mate.

“I'm just living healthily.” James challenged.

Growling Alec pushed himself up. Grumbling, “I'm going to change”

Alec returning, in long spandex type shorts clinging to his thighs and a loose shirt hanging partly open. Falkirk glanced at the man's belly, there was a definite softening over what should be a defined six pack, Alec's chest was covered but still looked broad and solid and more typical to Alphas.

With Selene hinting she wanted to hit the beach. James, Falkirk and Keading got their children and headed down to their rooms on the floor blow.

In a perfectly square bedroom, without windows, Falkirk looking spitefully as James pulled on the skimpy light blue pair of swimming shorts. The Alpha looking toned and perfect, Falkirk felt the old doubts about his own appearance resurfacing. Watching as James then pulled on a loose weave shirt and headed out.

Stripping off Falkirk refused to look in the mirror. His stomach(not fat) still had a slight sag with fading stretch marks. Pulling on a loose shirt and the cabin boy shorts. Getting Andrew into his swimming nappy and wide floppy hat to protect him from the sun. Falkirk followed his mate out

On the beach, joining Daniel underneath a parasol. Falkirk placed Andrew on the sand between his legs. James and Alec were halfway across the harbour while Selene and Keading had Cody swimming a short distance between them.

Glaring at Keading who looked great in his skimpy shorts, all lean and rounded arse (perfect male omega). His naturally darker skin tone bore no livid pink marks from carrying a child. Just a four pointed scar on his back to the right of his spine, but like James it added something rather than take away from the beauty.

Seeing the fun Andrew broke away for the water the moment Falkirk let go. Pulling him back causing a whine, Falkirk placed the plastic bucket and spade in front of the boy. Andrew took the spade from his papa and sent it flying as far as he could, then squirmed and fought to break the hold on him.

“Not taking him in?” Daniel asked casually as he looked over the top of his sun glasses and put his book down.

Falkirk knew the Alpha was disguising the fact he wore prescription glasses by using the tinted lenses. Shrugging. “Perhaps in a minute.” Falkirk tried to deflect.

“Is that why you were glaring at Keading's pert little behind?”

Falkirk admitted his problem with his body and acknowledging it was silly to be concerned but unable to dismiss it.

“No one is perfect.” Daniel reassured.

“May I present exhibit A, B, C and D.” Falkirk shot back indicating Keading, Selene, James and Alec.

“They're not perfect either.” Daniel said. It took Falkirk a moment to see Daniel was talking about their scars. James and Alec had a multitude. Keading a single bad one from Moran and Selene even had a few. But Falkirk didn't see the scars like that. To Falkirk it was their bodies, fit and healthy, not having to sit at a desk most of the day then sit at a desk at home and read before going to sleep. They got to go out, go to gyms.

Knowing what Falkirk was really getting at. “Together?” Daniel offered standing. Popping the couple of button holding his shirt together Daniel stood, like Falkirk himself, Daniel was a little soft round the middle and sagged a little around the chest. Like the others there were scars. A scattering of old deep wounds that had faded over time with some big and deep ones on the Alpha's back, like pockmark of shrapnel wounds.

Falkirk removing his shirt and doing the same for Andrew. Applying another coat of waterproof sunblock to the child. “dataDyne?” Falkirk asked while rubbing the lotion on to his son's skin skin.

Frowning. “You don't know?” Daniel asked. Getting a shake of the head in answer Daniel continued, “Assassination attempt just after I joined MI6.”

“Oh! Mossad. I didn't realise it was that close.” Falkirk said. Daniel just nodded.

In the shallows Falkirk and Daniel lowered themselves into the gently lapping water. Andrew thrashed when he couldn't feel the bottom and clung on to Daniel's arm while Falkirk encouraged his son to move towards him. Slowly Andrew got more comfortable in the water, feeling safe enough to not cling to Daniel's arm, but only so long as he could feel the adult's touch.

Daniel's wearied breath was all the waning Falkirk got just before an arm wrapped round his middle and was dragged below the surface. Resurfacing Falkirk spluttered and hissed as he splashing James in retaliation.

Seeing his Daddy holding his hands out to him, Andrew splashed and kicked towards his alpha. Moving through the strange new stuff, that he hadn't quite realised was the same stuff he was bathed in. Half way between the two Alphas James took over supporting Andrew from Daniel.

Breaking away from the family, Daniel crossed the distance to Alec with long powerfully strokes. James took over Daniel's duties in the swimming lesson until Andrew started to lag. Taking Andrew into his arms James walked up the beach, muscles glistening and rippling in the sun as he emerged.

“Poser!” Falkirk shot.

A wolf whistle sounded, James glared at the source, Daniel treading water beside Alec.

“I thought you wanted to attract attention?” Falkirk whispered coming up beside James.

“Not his.” James spat. Fixing his predatory gaze on Falkirk “And it's called posturing not posing.” James purred and wound his strong arm around his mate's narrow waist and sealing their lips in a searing kiss.

Falkirk the least experienced with the sun and concerned about Andrew was the first to abandon the beach. Daniel, the man who worked underground most of the time followed him into the house. With the Mediterranean sun reaching its peak, eventually everyone found their way inside.

Alec pulled out a beer from the fridge pressing the cool glass to his neck. A clearing throat, it took Alec a moment to understand what Falkirk was getting at. Realising Falkirk was looking at the bottle Alec growled at the bottle and switched it for a can of coke. "I do have some self control." Alec shot to the mother hen of an omega.


From the beach stretching down one side of the cove, the harbour dropped and was very deep on the cliff wall of the other side. It allowed the yacht to moor inside easily. But, as Falkirk's stomach knotted it allowed for what the more daring were going to do.

Standing on the dock, looking out to sea, the beach was on Falkirk's left, and on the right high up on the cliff was the observatory. All that could be seen from where Falkirk stood, with Alec, Andrew and Cody was an alcove cut out of the rock face.

Then a large man appeared at the alcove. Bare chested, the size and beard covered face identifying Daniel. The Alpha launched off and out. In a graceful downward curve he fell, the Alpha hit the water with a small splash.

When the dark head broke the surface. Alec let out a piercing whistle of excitement and support.

'One down, three to go.' Falkirk thought.

Daniel cleared the landing zone, remaining in the water. Falkirk looked to the alcove and saw a small and lithe person, in bright pink and skimpy trunks. Keading crouched and lunged forward, spinning and somersaulting in mid air, entering the water with a tiny plop and barely a splash. Falkirk clapped, until he saw how Daniel was moving across the water and panic welled. Even Alec tensed. And Selene and James were looking over the edge of the Alcove.

It was hard to see, but Daniel's deep laugh bounced off the walls. Keading's annoyed voice followed the laughter.


Alec started chuckling. Falkirk was a little confused. Alec then called loud and clear.

“Teacher teacher, I do declare. I see Keading's underwear. OVER THERE!”

Falkirk looked to where Alec was pointing and saw the pink fabric floating a good dozen or so meters away from the Omega and Alpha in the water. There was more laughter, from Falkirk, Alec and the two alphas high up on the cliff. Daniel closed in to the lost trunks and flung them through the air to the embarrassed omega. The omega sinking a moment as he put them back on. Resurfacing, Keading whipped his head to fling the sodden hair off his eyes. Alec then went to the edge of the dock, helping the omega out of the water to join them in watching the last two.

Selene was next. She stood a moment, in the dark bikini. Then she too jumped but rolled a bit far and entered the water with the biggest splash so far. Keading clapping and bouncing in excitement.

Falkirk's stomach knotted. James taking his place and lunged out, holding a pose with his arms out and back arched. He then moved to a dive position but like Selene he over rotated and was rather ungraceful as he hit the water with legs kicking franticly. Falkirk froze, everyone else laughed. Then the head of short blond hair broke the surface, the crystal blue eyes glaring and Falkirk could finally laugh too.

James pulled himself up onto the dock, with tanned muscles rippling and glistening with the sun and water. Falkirk was swept up in the strong arms of his wet Alpha. Lips brushed Falkirk's ear. “Sure I can't convince you to try?”

Over the past few days, James had taught him to dive, from the dock at first. Then from the sea wall, nearly two meters high. But the the end of a higher wall used to block the breeze onto a court yard, was as high as Falkirk had managed at about four meters. The twenty-five meters of the alcove was not even something Falkirk was going to consider.

But looking at his Alpha's hopeful expression Falkirk offered, “I will go to the pool, to practice and when we come back, I'll try.” Falkirk said, for his Alpha's benefit.


One week into the holiday James and Alec boarded the boat to go do a shopping trip for fresh goods. In the subterranean bunker, a huge network of man made caves and caverns. Inside the deepest cavern, there were two glass greenhouse like structures. The one Falkirk was in held the control room for the villa's defences.

The technology was a rather strange mix of fifties like, but state of the art. Heavy metal consoles, in dull military green with large screens. Some stations with ominous labels like 'Defence turrets' and 'Missile Control'

On the sloping screen Falkirk watched in fascination as the tracking system showed the progress of James' yacht via radar and cameras. Other near by craft were shown, a fishing boat was flashed up and given a threat score quite low.

A ping sounded as another fishing boat appeared and tagged with and amber score of '45%'. Navigating the awkward computer system Falkirk found two historical records. The boat had appeared for the first time two days ago. Using the island's cameras Falkirk zoomed in and saw a flare from concealed lenses from inside the open porthole.

Daniel appeared apparently the quiet ping had sounded throughout the house. Daniel inspected the feed as well.

“They're in sniper range. Issue a verbal warning?” Daniel said and nodded to the radio. Falkirk agreeing. “Give me five minutes to get to the observatory and five to prepare.” Daniel said running out of the glasshouse. Across the room of long life food stocked shelves, he pulled open a large heavy door, like an old fashioned bank safe, and emerged with a long sniper strapped to his back.

The tall Alpha vanished out the thick main and only door into the bunker. Keading and Selene joined Falkirk in the bunker's control room when they arrived.

At the ten minute mark Falkirk lifted the microphone “Island Almyra to TD5-523” Falkirk called quoting the number printed on the side of the long blue and white wooden boat, with a bridge at the stern.

Falkirk could see the olive skinned man in flat cap with thick arms coved in coarse dark hair, the captain gesturing to the radio and shouted to the below decks, indicating they heard. A pale man in loose white shirt appeared, shook his head and disappeared from view again. Falkirk sighed, recognising the regional FSB director.

“How's your Russian.” Falkirk said holding the microphone to Selene. “If you do not depart you will be hulled below the water line.”

Selene translated Falkirk's warning. There was more communications on board, the captain shouting to below decks.

Taking back the microphone, knowing Daniel was monitoring the communication. “If the tourist reappears you are authorised to shoot.'” Falkirk ordered. This time the captain looked to the island fearfully and pushed the throttle. When the tourist reappeared looking angry the wood exploded behind his head. Instinctively the man in white looked towards the island and source of the warning shot.

“Goodbye! Colonel Mishkin.” Falkirk ordered into the microphone.

Falkirk paced the library, an hour had gone by. The library, a rather large room with a square table in the centre. In his hands was his phone. Falkirk pacing, he needed to make the call and needed to have a tone of annoyance, anger and a little threat. Not the sheer emotionless, coldness and utter disregard he truly felt towards the man. Falkirk remembered every frustration Addison, Maloney, Alec, Sherlock and Mycroft had caused him and used it, quickly dialling the number.

“General Pushkin! I do not appreciate my holiday being interrupted.” Falkirk snapped with the overt anger he wanted to portray. Tearing his counterpart apart for over an hour. Criticising the incompetence of the operation chief for South East Europe and Mishkin's ham fisted attempts to disrupt his holiday. Finally issuing a warning “The next time you disrupt my holiday, you will need to dredge the sea floor for your men. GOODBYE!”

The moment the call ended Falkirk lost the anger. His hate for Pushkin was a cold thing, not fiery.

Falkirk came out of the library and headed to the kitchen where Cody was happily wearing most of his water melon. Andrew was drinking from a tippy cup. While Selene and Keading were making sandwiches.

Coming up the internal stairs, Daniel just seeming to emerge from the end of the counters, stealing a sandwich from Selene's plate as he did so. “James and Alec are on the way back” he informed sitting beside Falkirk.

True to Daniel's prediction James' yacht pulled into the harbour a few hours later. With James back Daniel rearmed the security system to monitor anything approaching the island. Falkirk reassured him the FSB weren't stupid enough to pull the same trick twice.


Grasping his mate's hand, James smiled. The main gate lowered and the two headed out. The reason Daniel insisted they bring long trousers and sturdy footwear clear. There was a trail leading from the villa compound but to call it a dirt road would be a flattery.

James pulled the omega close, after the Russians, his omega had been quiet. James for his part was willing to teach them a lesson too, now. M had truly started to relax and it had been destroyed in a moment.

“Where are we going?” Falkirk demanded.

Again James had dark thoughts, he was sure Falkirk would have been willing to experience the surprise in good time, but now needed to be his micromanaging, control freakish worst.

“Trust in your Alpha.” James said softly.

Falkirk thought, James had a rucksack with a pick-nick inside. And they were trekking, curving to the left, they should be heading back to the coast, further up the island from the villa.

“Stop thinking.” James teased. “Enjoy the trees, the flowers, the insects that would send Keading into a frantic mess.”

Despite himself Falkirk snorted out a laugh. Then saw the thing James was talking about. Freezing, his gaze locked on the trees with a strange white mist of massive cobwebs spanning them. In that moment Keading's phobia didn't feel so irrationally.

A tug and James pulled Falkirk into moving again. The jungle thinned and they emerged on a tiny shadow covered beach. It was an inlet, very narrow and long. Falkirk was taking in the high rocky walls, the wedge of perfect blue sea a little darker due to the shadow and the refreshing and constant breeze being funnelled. It was perfect for Falkirk, without the strong sun or heat.

Falkirk looked to his Alpha. James had been waiting form them to make eye contact again to drop the thick cotton shorts, standing there completely nude and unashamed. “Come on. Alpha's order, live a little.” James teased with a brilliant smile.

Indicating the open sea and the sky above, “What about...”

“Oh please. You'll be like every other celebrity, caught skinny dipping.” James teased. Then looked up to the wedge of sky, “Although I don't think a satellite image will be that clear.”

Falkirk couldn't deny the man anything, especially with those eyes sparkling and the beautiful smile aimed at him. Falkirk pulled the laces from his boots, watching James spread out a blanket on the sand and weigh it down.

By the time he was nude, James was reclining with two flutes of sparkling champagne. Falkirk joined his mate and the two lay looking at each other. Grasping the glass, Falkirk felt how cold it was.

James plucked a strawberry from a small container. A treat he had brought back the other day. Leaning forward Falkirk used his lips to pluck the fruit from the other man's fingers. James stealing a kiss before Falkirk could pull back.

Falkirk rolled onto his back, watching the cloudless blue of the sky framed by the yellowish rock. Feeling the thick fingers of his alpha running through his hair. Lips pressed to his neck and Falkirk let out a contented sigh. Winding his arm around James' neck, Falkirk pulled the Alpha to his lips. A rough hand reached across Falkirk and ran down his side, James' arm then bumped against his straining erection.

They pulled apart, Falkirk still tasting his alpha along with the lingering strawberries and champagne. And he was caught by the hungry gaze of the Alpha.

“My beautiful omega.” James purred and brushed the omega's floppy hair off his face.

Falkirk felt the butterflies in his stomach. He may doubt his appearance but looking in James' hungry eyes, almost nose to nose, there wasn't a doubt James believed what he was saying. “Your omega.”

Their mouths clashed and tongues fought and explored. Falkirk felt the Alpha's weight press on him. Falkirk gasped as they separated, the alpha's hands leaving trials of burning fire over his skin. James moved onto his neck, and Falkirk screamed almost cumming without being touched as his Alpha's teeth left a livid mark.

Giving a broken moan, “More!”

James let go, licking over the flesh he had marred. He moved between the omega's legs, and Falkirk crossed his ankles behind James' back. Sitting back on his haunches, looking down on the omega spreading out before him. Breathing deep, the pheromones and the body under him having built the alpha up to a thrumming high.

Falkirk's back arched, his hands scrambling and digging into the sand. The stretch of his body, accepting his Alpha's desire. Every thrust into him fuelling Falkirk's deep gasps as his body tingled and tightened. With James moving on top of him, Falkirk felt his dick being brushed and it only took a few more brushes before he came hard.

Coming too, after his sudden nap, feeling his Alpha's weight on top of him. The familiar feel of the cock anchored sealing him and releasing its cum. The cramps squeezing James and milking the Alpha. Falkirk wound his limp arms around James' neck and pressed his lips to the man's rough cheek. Getting a contended groan in response.

When they separated, James held out his hand and the two walked into the surf where they swam and bathed.

Packing up in the late afternoon. James insisted on carrying everything. Falkirk relinquished everything to the man wanting to be the chivalrous Alpha. Hand in hand the two looked back at the secluded beach, shared a kiss and headed back.


The growing temperature forced Falkirk inside second, third technically. Leaving James and Daniel teaching Cody how to dive from the pier. Like James and Falkirk the day before, Keading and Selene had gone off into the island on their own.

Falkirk went in search of his son and his godfather. Falkirk passed trough the kitchen, passed the library and study. As he was closer to the uppermost level, Falkirk went up before going to the lower level. But he didn't need to, looking to the lounge part there was Alec.

The pregnant man was lying on a couch, with Andrew resting on Alec's chest both looking like they were asleep.


Falkirk smiled at a very much awake man. One of Alec's hands was resting on Andrew's back absently his fingers stroked the boy. It was a protective maternal image.

Coming to sit on the floor. Falkirk noticed Alec's shirt was open, giving him and Andrew skin to skin contact. Resting his hand on Alec's shoulder, feeling the warm skin.

“Could I speak to you?” Alec mused, quietly adding, “as M.”

When Falkirk agreed. Alec sighed and opened his eyes, looking down on the dark head of hair on his chest. “I'd like to start my maternity leave.”

“You can.” Falkirk said, but had a inkling of something more and said, “As your boss I can't ask this. But as your friend, can I ask why? Is it to do with what you and James glossed over in your report?”

Alec sighed and hugged Andrew to him in a defensive gesture.

“You were all controlled then happy for me. Keading too. Darren, when I told him was all excited and bouncy. Double O Nine, god I didn't think that Maloney could act so omega, he was popping more than Darren. Daniel was in a daze for ages, then I found him stuffing a book under a cushion, baby names. He's worried for for us but so excited, he keeps calm for me. The others tended be like Selene at first, thinking I was joking but Addison(005) congratulated me along with Masood(004) and Evens(008) when I had to resign my commission as a Double O. James, we had a baby shower in a St Petersburg, a strip bar, where he drank all my drinks for me. He admitted to suspecting something since shortly after your bonding, he noticed you didn't have an Adam's apple then noticed neither did I. Everyone was happy or shocked then happy, it felt so nice. But...”

Falkirk glanced at the man, still with a protective hold around Andrew. Falkirk lay a hand on top of Alec's. Alec admitting, “I did leave something out of my report. Zukovsky, one of the dancers in his club scented I was pregnant and told him.”

Falkirk cringed, thinking of a gangster knowing how vulnerable Alec could be in the dangerous situation.

“From the first meeting, Zukovsky had this pet of an Alpha, Mr Bullion. I beat the little creep the first time I met him and he never dared looked my way again. That day, when Zukovsky congratulated me. Mr Bullion looked at me again, like he had won, and gave me a once over like I was a piece of meat. I hit him so hard I broke his golden teeth.”

Falkirk laughed, he couldn't help it. “I'm sorry, I'm sorry. But belting an Alpha is not an omega response.”

“No I suppose it's not. But he got to me.”

“And you broke his teeth.”

“Golden teeth, that's Mr Bullion's hallmark.”

Falkirk smiled and Alec shared the smile with him. Deep down Falkirk had seen the same reaction any omega had, even when male an Omega wanted to be mother, even the non traditional Omegas like 009 and it would appear even the ones who weren't fully omega. So Falkirk affirmed, “You're going to be a great Papa. Maternal, like you're doing now.” Falkirk squeezed the protective hand on Andrew for emphasis.

“I remember my papa, or was he my dad, dong this. I don't know which one was which.”

“Because they were both omega men?”

Alec nodded. “I remember one, a bit, he was always rushing around and grumpy. The one I think of as my Papa I remember better. I liked holding his black hair.” Alec grasped a lock of Falkirk's hair for emphasis. “I think I was sick. I remember being held against my Papa's chest, skin to skin and thinking he was so cold and being scared and holding onto the strand of long black hair. You'll be godfather?”

The sudden question took Falkirk by surprise. But shouldn't have been unexpected after Alec had been contemplating his dead parents, past and given their friendship. “I'd love to. But I thought it would have been Daniel to ask me.”

Alec gave Falkirk a smile. “For the sake of pack harmony. Daniel is asking James.”

With Alec in a talkative mood, Falkirk asked, “So how did it start, you and Daniel?”

“It was when you were working with Daniel. He just glanced at me and I felt attractive... beautiful.” Alec answered with a bit of a blush. “That was after I had seen the state he left James in after a fair fight. It helped that he was bigger than me, nice, treated you well, flirted before knowing I know.”

Falkirk giggled. At what should be a classic description of what an Omega looks for in a mate. Going up on his knees, so he could nuzzle the man. “Oh, you're just squishy on the inside, aren't you?”

Alec gave a playful growl and hooked his arm around the omega and held him close. “Only on the inside.” Alec's voice rumbled.


Everyone was lazing in the kitchen, on the chairs or couches. A sudden tightening of James' arm brought Falkirk's attention to the table. Andrew was at the edge, lifting one foot and putting it down. Falkirk felt the growing anticipation from his mate. But Andrew turned and continued to walk along the side of the table he was using for support.

Then Andrew turned back around and started walking, holding onto the table. And when he reached the corner he kept going straight. It was just a few steppes before falling but he managed them all on his own without support.

There was a moment of stunned silence. Andrew crawled back and pulled himself up. Again he decided on a run up but managed a few more steppes before his balance gave out and landed in a heap.

James launched up and was at his son's side. Helping him up, and trying to get a few steps from a standing start. All the time, with the praise of his Alpha Andrew was grinning and squealing his happiness.


Two weeks had felt like noting. Falkirk watched as Daniel set the timer to fully rearm the villa's defences. All in all it had been a good trip the only downside it was far to hot to build a nest with Keading. They had spent time in the room under the dock as the next best thing.

“Perhaps somewhere cool next time.” Falkirk mused as he followed Daniel through the house. The doors locking behind them as they went. “Perhaps I could convince Sherlock and the rest to come” Falkirk continued. Daniel made a non committal noise as he pulled the final door closed.

Catching Daniel's loose sleeve Falkirk looked him up and down. This was the first time Falkirk had seen him with a tan and he looked odd. “You look...” Falkirk trailed off unable to adequately frame his question.

Knowing what he was getting at. “There may or may not have been a scandal a few generations back, with a local.” he said indicating the open sea and the Turkish mainland that was out of view.

“A little caramel in the cream?” Falkirk teased.

Turning they looked to the waiting yacht and James called for them to hurry up.

Sitting on the recessed bench with Andrew in his lap Falkirk watched the island getting smaller as they moved towards the Turkish port.

“Can't we just go straight to London?” Falkirk asked James at the wheel.

With a charming smile “Theoretically” James shot before looking to the others up front “They'll have to swim though”


Arriving in London it was nice not to be his usual pasty self. James, Alec and Keading had developed glorious tans while Selene had just gone less pasty like Falkirk himself. Daniel on the other hand gone a deep mahogany and if he didn't carry government accreditation would likely be the subject of a random search.

Stepping out in to the drizzle and humidity of the London summer. Falkirk's car waiting with his usual driver. Having enjoyed the holiday he now enjoying coming home. The door swung open under Hudson's hand as it did every time before. “Welcome home, Sir” Hudson greeted.

Seeing the tea pot sitting in the lounge just waiting to be poured. “You're wonderful” Falkirk called to Hudson.

Chapter Text

Selene knocked on Falkirk's door. Pushing the door open, she said, "I have someone special on the line"

Picking up the transferred call. An adolescent voice came over, it had never broken in the traditional sense it was just slowly getting deeper. "I'm sorry for bothering you but..."

Recognising the voice of the teenager. Falkirk reassured it was alright. The teenager with MI6 designation G was clearly upset as he babbled.

"I tried asking for you and they put me through to... I don't know. They wouldn't let me speak to you. They didn't believe me when I said who I was."

Interrupting again. "You did well contacting Selene. Now tell me what is wrong?"

Listening as Cadet Windom laid out his problem, a group of recruits where picking on him and G went for the ringleader. It seemed a minor issue to Falkirk. If he washed out a recruit, every time a fight broke out there would be no one in he building. Falkirk reassured, "You will get a slap on the wrist, a bollocking, and told not to do it again."

"Lieutenant Horatio doesn't like me and wants me out. I'm doing better than I have ever done before, I really am." G pleaded, before going silent. Quietly hissing, "I have to go."

Falkirk pulled the receiver form his ear, the buzzing turned to a mechanical voice advising him to hang up. Putting the phone down with a frown. Falkirk thought, eventually his caution made him look to Selene.

"Find out about Lieutenant Horatio and what is going on." Acknowledging Selene went to fulfil his instruction.

Arriving home Falkirk could hear laughing coming from the lounge. Going through to the room. Keading was holding onto Andrew with the toddler gently placing a hand on Alec's huge belly. Falkirk regretting going for Omega Girl in the betting pool, sure whatever was inside was taking after its fathers.

Like Andrew, Cody was placing a small hand on the large stomach, fascinated at the movement inside.

Sliding in behind Cody and placing his hand over his brother's. Falkirk felt a rumbling movement as well. Falkirk asked after Alec as he felt the very active baby inside move. It had been months since the holiday and he had seen Alec. And it wasn't just down to the amount of time off Alec had to take. Falkirk was sure Alec's pride made him not want to show the strain he was under, despite the offers Falkirk and Keading had made to help.

"Well if you're back Daniel won't be far behind." Alec said, bracing on the back of the couch to push himself up.

Falkirk had never been overly gracefully and sometimes outright clumsy. Keading also had his moments as did Maloney. Andrew often bounced off wall, especially when he was crawling but he was a bit better as he toddled about but when he went too quickly had been known to bounce into things like doors, walls, people. The trait common to Omega Males in particular had never really affected Alec until now. Knowing it was insensitive and nasty but Falkirk found it funny as hell to watch the usually sure footed man loose his equilibrium. But even pregnant Alec was still more graceful and aware of his surrounding than Falkirk ever was.

Despite Falkirk not having a hope in hell of supporting Alec if he fell, Falkirk still offered a steadying hand.

Alec wound an arm across Falkirk's shoulders, with the other hand grasping the rail as they went down the steps from the front door.

"Should you be driving?" Falkirk asked looking at the round belly, as Alec approached the Saloon.

"Bugger off!” Alec snapped.

A strange man in black suit stepped out from the servants entrance and passed Falkirk to approach the brand new silver Bentley too. Alec quietly growled at the man, his lips moving in what Falkirk was sure was Russian swearing.

Falkirk recognising a bodyguard and chauffeur, called to Alec, "I take it someone agrees with me." getting a growl from Alec too who then got in beside the driver/bodyguard.

After waving Alec off, Selene, Keading and Cody got into Falkirk's car and pulled away. Falkirk waited on the pavement to wave them off too.

Reading a report as he ate his meal the door bell rang. Hudson appeared before Falkirk made it out of the dining room. Mycroft passed Hudson and greeted his brother.

"Would you care for desert?" Falkirk asked knowing Mrs Bridges made enough to feed an army.

When Mycroft accepted the offer Falkirk nodded to Hudson to serve the next course. Retuning to the dining room Falkirk flipped closed the report in case Mycroft saw something he shouldn't.

Andrew called “Ha” from his play pen set up in the lounge to the new arrival.

Mycroft still looked to Andrew like he would explode any second. Giving the child a forced smile and nod Mycroft sat beside Falkirk. Hudson laid Mycroft's place and cleared Falkirk's main meal. Mycroft kept his conversation casual until after desert.

Falkirk unlatched the playpen and grabbed Andrew before he could make a break for freedom. Andrew grumbled and whined as Falkirk carried him upstairs. Mycroft followed Falkirk into the nursery and froze as he was handed his nephew.

In the stiff unsure grip and fixed with a frightened look Andrew quickly became uncomfortable and let out a wail of distress. Quickly Falkirk swapped Andrew for the pyjamas and towel.

Going into the bathroom Falkirk rolled up his sleeves and started filling the bath. Adding the mild bubbles Falkirk then prepared Andrew. Mycroft watched transfixed as Andrew was striped, nappy removed and after checking the temperature placed in the water. A spray of water erupted as Andrew splashed and grab the bubbles, experience making him know they weren't edible. When Falkirk looked up, Mycroft had a soft smile with a look of sad desire.

Realising he was being watched Mycroft made his features neutral and fixed his eyes on Falkirk.

"The King is in trouble. He is not well liked and he is about to be thrown out." Mycroft informed.

"You can't protect him?" Falkirk asked casually. Andrew complaining loudly, as his hair was washed and the water was poured over his head to rinse off the bubbles, spitting and hissing as some of the suds got in his mouth.

"For the Navy your contacts are better than mine" Mycroft answered.

"How did you find out?" Falkirk asked pouring water over Andrew's head carefully, rinsing off the rest of the bubbles. Andrew wriggling and squirming to avoid the water.

Taking a heavy breath Mycroft admitted, "A Captain Collins was rather inebriated and indiscrete of the King's conduct. His bias in the matter was also evident. I am pulling in favours, to stop the press printing it."

Taking Andrew out Falkirk dried him off and handed him to Mycroft. This time Falkirk showed his brother how to hold the child securely. Falkirk put on the nappy and talked Mycroft through the process of dressing a squirming child.

"I'll make a proper uncle out of you yet" Falkirk threatened with a smile.

Now he had him Mycroft was obviously reluctant to let go of his nephew. Guiding Mycroft into the nursery and the large chair. Falkirk mixed up the formula and tested the temperature. Sitting on the chair's arm and brushed Andrew's hair Falkirk handed the bottle to Mycroft. Andrew was practically asleep by the time he finished the bottle and Mycroft burped him.

With a soft smile Falkirk watched his brother reluctantly place his son in the crib. Picking up the receiver for the baby monitor. Falkirk waited for Mycroft to precede him down the stairs. Closing the safety gates behind him.

"Don't worry about the King. He phoned me this morning and no one messes with one of mine" Falkirk said adamantly.

"When did he become one of yours?" Mycroft demanded suspiciously.

"Not long, Francis was concerned he didn't have the metal for military service. So I arranged for him to toughen up." Falkirk said leading Mycroft into the library to give the highlights from the King's time training with MI6.


Standing and watching the training room. Falkirk knew who he was looking for and what he looked like. The problem everyone was virtually indistinguishable. The blue tracksuits identifying those training. The instructors in red. And Falkirk himself in a bespoke three piece suit cut in a seventies style with his ever present pocket watch James had gifted him.

Selene hand come to him a few hours earlier telling him there was an operative being trained who had served with G's officer.

Marching into the exact centre of the room. Falkirk fixed a glare on the first instructor to make eye contact. When the instructor fell silent Falkirk fixed his eyes on the next. Catching on all the instructors stopped barking orders eventually those training also stopped and when he had the rooms full attention M called out.
"Lieutenant Archie Kennedy?"

With bravado, the man in question approached Falkirk. Ignoring him Falkirk walked out of the room making Kennedy run to catch up. As the room returned to activity Falkirk could already hear the rumours starting up. It never hurt to give the people something to talk about. Adding to his legend

Coming to a sudden halt. Falkirk rounded on Kennedy. Ordering, "Lieutenant Horatio and Commodore Pellew. You served with both of them. I want a full and frank appraisal."

The Beta was sweating and panting from his training but held himself ramrod straight. His sharp blue eyes took in Falkirk before he spoke.

"Horatio, despite the name is self made and has a chip on his shoulder the size of Ark Royal. Really doesn't like the privileged or upper classes. Pellew lost his son and developed a soft spot Horatio." Kennedy informed. Kennedy gave a more in depth assessment of both the Commodore and the Lieutenant before falling silent.

As grateful as Falkirk was for the information. He was concerned with how easily Kennedy conveyed it. Something must have shown in his face or demeanour as Kennedy added, "They are not my friends, nor did they earn more than a basic level of respect, sir. M!"

Giving the operative a weighing look before dismissing him Falkirk returned to E branch deciding to give him the benefit of the doubt.Back in his office Falkirk placed a note in Kennedy's file. Kennedy, would get a chance to prove himself. At some point Kennedy would be approached for some casual information and his career would hinge on his reaction, in a loyalty test.

In between the day to day running of MI6 Falkirk pulled together everything he would need. Calling G's other referee he agreed to come on the condition Falkirk pick him up from his club.


Unlike the Diogenes Club. Roebuck's didn't recognise him and Selene had to strong arm the doorman as Falkirk breezed past, refusing to sign in or be signed in when all that was needed was an MI6 accreditation. A part of him liked seeing a sign marked private and just walking passed it.

Finding Roebuck sitting in a high wing back chair. As he came up to Roebuck a footman dared to approach. "Excuse me, I must ask you and your companion to leave. The police have been called" the Beta male demanded.

"My boy, you are addressing Vice Admiral Sir Thomas McLair" came a grizzled voice from an equally grizzled, old Alpha who looked round from the chair opposite Roebuck's. It took Falkirk a moment to recognise Admiral Hargreaves.

As the footman apologised and backed away Falkirk corrected, "Admiral is a ceremonial title"

"So are you going to tell me where we're going?" Roebuck barked interrupting the two Ms. "He gets me to do things without telling me what"

Taking the free chair Falkirk looked at the friend of M and her husband. "You supplied a reference for His Majesty King George the Seventh's application to the Britannia Royal Naval Collage."
After a few horsey chokes Roebuck got over his shock and Falkirk told him about the stitch up the King was receiving.

"Bloody unsporting." Hargreaves grumbled.

"So you're going to march in and give a disciplinary committee a joint bollocking?" Roebuck summed up.

With the manic gleam only an Omega or mother could truly master. "G has surpassed my every expectation and I will not let a bunch of bullies tear him down."

Hargreaves returned, "So Mother is going to fight his battles for him."

"In this case, YES!" Falkirk answered adamantly in a tone brokering no argument.

Patting his knees "We had better be going" Falkirk declared. Roebuck pushed himself up along with Falkirk.

"I suppose I could spare a few hours." Hargreaves said struggling to his own feet before adding "I relish the opportunity to have a chat." he said giving Falkirk a calculating look.

In his car, Falkirk with his back to the way they were going and the two old Alphas on the back seat. Hargreaves said, "My old man, would you kindly put your fingers in your ears?"

"Oh, of course. Right away" Roebuck retuned making no move, but to look out the window.

Clearing his thought Falkirk indicated the narrow seat between the two men. Roebuck taking the hint swung it up. "I would offer to pour but I seem to be at a disadvantage" Falkirk said.

Taking a sniff of the decanter. "You truly are your master's apprentice" Roebuck observed. "Bourbon?" he then offered the other Alpha.

"No Brandy?" Hargreaves complained in disbelief.

"I TOLD YOU. HE IS, HIS MASTER'S APPRENTICE." Roebuck reiterated more loudly. It was quite fun to watch the two old men bicker like an old married couple.

Accepting the offered glass from Roebuck. "Acceptable" Hargreaves said taking a sip. Remembering he wanted to speak to Falkirk. "Butler... I mean, a good man. If he hadn't gone off the reservation he would have had Mansfield's job when I retired."

After some idle comets Hargreaves mentioned General Pushkin. Calling an end to the line of questions Falkirk declared harshly enough for the ex-director of MI6 to understand, without stating it was out of his control, "General Pushkin has made his decision and will reap his just rewards."

"Defiantly his master's apprentice" Roebuck repeated off handedly.

The third time Roebuck had said the exact same phrases and Falkirk was becoming suspicious. More small talk and Hargreaves paused and Roebuck glared at the other Alpha, the phrases on the tip of his tongue. 'A warning' Falkirk thought.

“The trustees have noticed you made changes to the Archives.” Hargreaves said and Falkirk's mood darkened further while his face went dangerously neutral. “He said you have been looking into the past and like others have started to leave a diary of your time.”

Pushkin, now the diary, Falkirk whispered. "I will have to speak with Mr Sixsmith, to see what the esteemed Archivist has been repeating. I will not hesitate to seal that room, with the trustees and records entombed for all time.”

Before Hargreaves could react angrily. Roebuck looked to the other Alpha, "I told you, his master's apprentice. And I believe Victoria warned you too."

Then Roebuck tried to reassure M, that this was the oversight every M had to deal with. "The Archivist reported you had initially threatened the archive as most Ms have. That you have spent more time down there than any M before and you had started a diary. He has not discussed anything else and you do have friends as trusties."

Hargreaves forced a pleasant smile as he moved on to other topics including the building that did not exist in Hargreaves' time as M. Falkirk casually asked about the infamous third 007 with Hargreaves glossing over the embarrassment and hallucinations of the addict.

Arriving at the Naval academy. The retired First Sea Lord, Admiral and M had no trouble getting passed security. With a little assistance they found the room where the king was having his hearing.

The guide knocked and entered. They could hear someone bellowing at the intrusion and then fall silent. Entering, the guide was placing some chairs out for the guests. G, in formal dress uniform and standing ramrod straight gave Falkirk such a look of relief as to be heart breaking. A throat clearing from the dark haired man sitting in the middle of the table made G jump and straighten up again.

Walking up to Commodore Pellew, the one sitting between two other uniformed officers. Falkirk placed a bundle of papers in front of him. "I expect this hearing to be just." Falkirk warned and joined the two other Admirals.

Pellew flicked through Horatio's emails and messages supplied by Falkirk, for a few minutes. They were to and from unknown addresses, then he came to one identifiable as a muckraking rag. "These are serious allegations." Pellew stated looking to Falkirk.

"Sir!" Roebuck said giving the rebuking correction.

"Sir" Pellew added. Lt. Horatio, a long and lean man with sharp narrow nose, accepted the documents Pellew handed him and seemed surprised to see his personal email and phone records. There was a moment of anger from the Lieutenant, Falkirk calmly reminding all leaks and stories concerning the king were investigated as a matter of national security.

Roebuck explained proceedings to Falkirk as they observed. Horatio, glanced at Falkirk while confining his argument to the facts, intelligent enough to leave his biased opinion out of proceedings.

"Dose G get a chance of rebuttal or justify his conduct?" Falkirk whispered to Roebuck.

Nodding Roebuck said, "The panel will ask questions based on evidence presented"

Seeing things not going well for the King as he was out manoeuvred but fought valiantly. Because he did technically start a fight in which an instructor and two recruits were hospitalised. A part of Falkirk was actually quite proud, G had learned a lot from Selene, Alec and James.

"Why is it when His Majesty, is given a test, with no leeway in interpretation he is the most highly scored recruit. But anything that requires an instructor's opinion, he is uniformly given the lowest appraisals?" Falkirk interrupting. Addressing his question to the Commodore. Wearing a look of open curiosity Falkirk waited for the man to respond.

"It is not normal for there to be an audience. And I request observers refrain from disrupting proceedings." Pellew stated looking back to the king.

"Admiral Sir Thomas, is the most overt of your observation, but far from the only." Hargreaves warned the commodore.

"Prior to today, I have been approached several time as well. I didn't think I actually knew anything about the King though. But only today did I learned, I was his reference." Roebuck said with a smile.

This was not going well. "Well?" Pellew demanded of his protégé.

"While physically adept Recruit Windom has shown little aptitude and is highly confrontational." Lt. Horatio explained.

"He is an Alpha what do you expect?" Falkirk said in scathing dismissal. "I have to slap down every Alpha I meet. Just today I had to slap down my illustrious predecessor. Twice!" Falkirk stated indicating the Admiral on his far left.  

As Lt. Horatio continued to justify his opinion he lost the respect of the two retired admirals. Most of what Horatio was arguing would be considered the general attitude expected of Alphas, males in particular. Like Falkirk had expected it was just the behaviour a CO had to deal with and temper in those under their command.

"It sounds very much like you are the one who is unable to maintain discipline." with that Roebuck's benefit of the doubt was gone.

Pellew called a halt and ordered the other panel members along with Lt. Horatio and the king out. "What is going on?" Pellew demanded.

Falkirk stood and approached the wide table at the front of the room. "My associates are not wrong. You are being watched. More people than you know are concerned about what is going on." Falkirk informed coming to stand directly across the table from the Commodore. "The bullying of the king was expected. Not a coordinated attack from his Officers, instructors and the encouragement of the other recruits to bully the King with impunity. Are you even aware Lt. Horatio wrote up an instructor, a Chief Petty Officer O'Brien, who gave the king a positive assessment?"       

As Pellew argued that two cadets and an instructor where hospitalised in the fight allowing his demeanour to become confrontational.

 Fixing Pellew with a glare Falkirk could see the Alpha give a subtle scenting of the air and obviously familiar with an enraged Omega. "The situation became so dire G was given no other reasonable course of action but to defend himself, physically, three on one. Again have you even asked yourself why three recruits and one instructor were in a laundry room at 3am?"

Recognising a defending Omega Pellew pushed back. "I can not allow..." Pellew started before Falkirk interrupted "He deserves a reprimand not an end to his career along with Lt. Horatio. How many good recruits have you already lost because he took a disliking to them, eight that I know of." Falkirk demanded. Pellew flicked his eyes from Falkirk then the two still seated Admirals and nodded.

Calling everyone back in Pellew dismissed the panel giving recruit Windom a written warning. As everyone filed out Pellew called Lt. Horatio back.

In the hall G approached Falkirk with a smile on his lips and a sparkle in his eye. "Don't think you're going to get an easy ride" Falkirk warned. G stretched his head forward slightly. Falkirk made the young Alpha wait a moment before tilting his head up exposing his neck and allowing G to close the distance.

The nuzzle was punctuated with a short lick as G stepped back. Unable to meet Falkirk's eye "Thank you for coming" he said with affectation and embarrassment.

"Keep up the good work" Falkirk said patting him on the shoulder.

"I should be going" G said hesitantly.

"Off you go then" Falkirk said giving him a smile and a nudge.

Taking a few steps before looking back to Falkirk "Will you come to my turning out" G asked hopefully.

"I have already said I'm coming. Now go." Falkirk said waving him off.

Turning back to his two companions Hargreaves looked impressed while Roebuck seemed unsurprised by the display. Falkirk wiped his neck of the saliva from the old submissive gesture of thanks or sorrow. As Falkirk approached the men, the door beside them bust open and Lt Horatio bust out and charged down the corridor.

"Bloody impudence" Hargreaves grumbled.

"Sirs" Pellew said coming out of the room as well, nodding to the three waiting men in turn.

"I trust I will not be getting any more phone calls or visits?" Falkirk said getting a "Hear, Hear." from Roebuck.

"No Sir, Sirs" Pellew responded to Falkirk and Roebuck in turn.

"Well back to the club." Hargreaves said heading back in the direction of the car.

"Well at least he shows wisdom in his mentors" Roebuck said softly to Falkirk, referring to the king. Teasing, "I don't suppose you could wrangle a peerage?"

"I'll see what I can do" Falkirk shot back.

Back at the club Hargreaves wouldn't accept Falkirk's refusal much to Roebuck's amusement. Entering the club Hargreaves signed Falkirk in as a guest and was shown to a lounge area. In comfortable leather chair Falkirk sipped the bourbon. Luckily Falkirk didn't have any meeting scheduled for today as it looked like the entire day was going to be wasted.

Hargreaves called over another Alpha. A tall thin man with dark hair and a thin moustache was introduced by name and rank and as the head of the members committee. Hargreaves saying to him, "Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas McLair would make an exemplary member." Before Falkirk could object Roebuck seconded his support for Falkirk joining.

The thin man looked to Falkirk 'He's an Omega' or similar comment on the tip of his tongue. Unable to see a way out he said, "I will have to ensure there is no violation of the charter but I will see what I can do." and made his excuses to flee.

"What was that little string your father got me to pull, on your behalf? AWOL?" Roebuck prompted the man about to leave. The thin man gave a nasty little smile and walked away. “Not even a quarter of the man his father was, god rest his soul.”

More time passed in idle talk and sipping their drinks. Until Hargreaves bellowed, "Rhett, MY BOY!"

Falkirk automatically looked in the direction to see his deputy. Realising if Butler was here it meant it was later than Falkirk thought. After spending another half hour Falkirk called a footman over. Instructing the footman to call for his car. Falkirk brokered no protest from the increasingly inebriated Admirals. Butler, to Falkirk's gratitude ran interference allowing him to escape.

In the car, Falkirk called to the woman beside the driver. "You can stay if you want?" Falkirk offered Selene knowing Cody might already be asleep.

As Falkirk expected Keading had put both Andrew and Cody to bed by the time they arrived. The found the American Omega staring transfixed as a blond bimbo screamed and ran about on the screen, while absently eating a melting bowl of ice cream. Selene slipped in behind her mate while Falkirk went down into the kitchen.

Hudson was having a cup of tea as he watched the news. Falkirk reassured he could see to himself and made a plate of sandwiches for himself and Selene. Finding a bag of crisps as well Falkirk placed everything on a tray and took it up stairs.


After spending his Saturday over seeing Double O Two and his mission destroying an encampment it was nice to wake up to James' advances. A problem came while the Omega was tied to his Alpha, the pleasant aftermath of their coupling interrupted by a wailing from the baby monitor. Uncomfortably Falkirk pushed out the intruding knot with some discomfort and ran to the bathroom to clean up. James complained about being abandoned.       

Changing the sodden nappy. Falkirk fixed a bottle. As Andrew happily suckled a pair of arm wrapped round Falkirk's waist from the back. A nuzzle and a nip punctuated the erection grinding into Falkirk's arse.

"I want you, next heat!" James growled into his Omega's ear. All Falkirk could do was mewl and press back against his Alpha in response.

Over breakfast Falkirk thought about James' demand. Not since Andrew had been conceived had they spent a heat together. Beginning to make plans 'Send Andrew to Keading', 'Give Hudson and Bridges a paid and mandatory holiday' Falkirk listed mentally. The only possible problem, his cycles where common knowledge amongst certain circles and someone could try to take advantage of his vulnerable state.

It took Falkirk couple of weeks but everything was arranged. A Chechnian cell had suddenly found a supplier and the FSB where running in circles. A fix for several viruses kept some 'Allied' agencies from doing something creative. A swift warning to Mallory would keep the ministers in line most called him Urquhart's boy but only safely behind closed doors and out of Falkirk's earshot.


The time for Falkirk to start taking his suppressants came and went as all snacks in E branch became a valid target for the bulking Omega. Darren, ever vigilant had started stocking a ready supply.

"Gareth has mentioned children" Darren said casually.

“Mallory, what about you?”

The curly haired omega gave a shrug. “It's not like I don't want them, and Garth would make a great Da. But..”


Her, she would use it as an excuse. I hate her.”

Falkirk leaned back in his chair. Looking at the man standing just inside his office door. “You won't face your mother in law alone. I'm here. I'm sure Addison too would be willing to help.”

“But Gareth's a mammy's boy at heart. When it comes to her, I've got bigger knot.” Darren spat.

“I'm trying to tell you to use a champion, for Mallory and his mother. I know it's old and sexist but I can't face James, or Daniel but when I have a problem with one I can go to the other to sort it. And I'll do it, I can hobble Mallory easily and I'm sure Mother Dearest won't have a hope either.”

Darren smiled. When it came to others, he could break their nose and fight but when it came to his own Alpha he couldn't. “I'll think about it. Thanks you.” Darren said and slipped out.


"So have you planned anything nice?" Falkirk asked as he handed Hudson the bonus for his unscheduled vacation.

"A few friends and I are going to France. Mrs Bridges I believe is going to visit her sister." Hudson answered.

The sombre tone in which Hudson delivered the repose indicating that it was not a vacation but a debt to the fallen.

"I hope you achieve your goal and I will give Mrs Bridges my best wishes personally" Falkirk responded.  


James was preparing the house for the heat and had banished Falkirk. Andrew was getting used to staying with Selene and Keading. Deciding to visit Alec Falkirk found himself on Daniel's doorstep. Letting himself in Falkirk found Alec swearing at his distended stomach.

"I want this fucking parasite out!" Alec growled at Falkirk as he entered the lounge. A groaning growl sounded before Alec pushed himself up. "I need the bog for the thousandth fucking time today."

When Alec returned Falkirk rested his head on his shoulder. "You're huge" Falkirk observed spanning his fingers over the stomach. The surgery had been preliminary scheduled for four weeks.

"I'm going to explode" Alec whined into Falkirk's hair as he nuzzled the top of his head. Then asked if Falkirk was about to go into heat. It was nice for both to sit back and relax with eachother.

"Mary has offered to come and help when the baby arrives" Alec said, not sure if it was a good or bad thing.

"Keading was a god send when Andrew first came home." Falkirk responded.

The moment was broken by Falkirk's phone. When Falkirk swiped the screen to answer, James roared loud enough to be heard by both without the speaker phone. "Where are you?"

When Falkirk told him "You were meant to be in the library" James shot back.

"I'll be home in twenty minutes" Falkirk offered. Letting James do his over possessive routine, Alec waved goodbye as Falkirk headed for the door.

Arriving at his front door it took a moment for Falkirk to remember Hudson wasn't there to open it. Swinging the door open Falkirk came face to face with James. The separation and lack of reinforcement of there bond had taken it's toll on the Alpha. Slamming the door Falkirk dropped his head and approached his Alpha, nuzzling his neck.

Instead of Andrew coming back James decided to take Falkirk out. At one point the opulent surroundings would have intimidated Falkirk, now it all seemed like pointlessness. The food on the other had was exquisite, even the Caviar Falkirk had never quite developed a taste for but James adored.

James watched fascinated at the amount of food Falkirk was able to put away. He had heard from some of the instructors that the an Omega could breezed passed some of the endurance exercises due to their ability to go for periods of high exertion without sustenance.

Getting the driver to drop them off. James tucked Falkirk under his arm. Walking through the park the chill in the air indicating the change of season. There was a comfortable silence as they matched pace on the path home. Coming out of the gate they where on the end of their street. The tall narrow houses stretched into the distance. Without Hudson their house was in darkness.

The next day Falkirk could defiantly feel the approaching heat. His skin was sensitive and warm, his light clothing were itchy and restrictive.

Keading brought Andrew for a few hours he was ecstatic to see his Daddy but the change in his Papa's scent unnerved him. Keading reassured Cody had the same reaction on his first few heats.

Waving Andrew off. Falkirk decided to go for a bath to ease some of the heat in his skin. Coming out of the bath Falkirk dragged an unprotesting James into bed and lying skin to skin exchanged reaffirming caresses. Falling asleep was the last time Falkirk had a lucid thought before a hormone fuelled roller coaster left him sore, bruised and exhausted a week later.

Chapter Text

Like an armed trap Daniel stood outside Alec's room. Standing beside his friend there was nothing Falkirk could say and saying the wrong thing could set the tense Alpha off. James was inside speaking to his oldest friend before Alec went in for surgery. If all went well in a couple of hours there would be a new pack member, if not Falkirk couldn't contemplate the thought further. Daniel started as Falkirk leaned against him and rested his head against the Alpha's shoulder.

The relationship between Alec and Daniel was never an overt one. Usually a softening of the eyes or a brief brush of knuckles was the most public display of affection Falkirk had ever seen. But at times like this, with the Alpha's body almost thrumming with energy that had no safe outlet, it showed how deep Daniel's emotions ran.

James came out and Daniel went back in for a moment before Alec was wheeled out. Falkirk giving a brush to Alec's hand as the trolley squeaked passed. A knot of worry formed as the trolley turned a conner and the squeak slowly vanished into the other noises of the hospital.

In a private waiting room. Falkirk felt like he was offering to make tea every few moments, the basic amenities sitting on the table a lifeline of distraction to him. James was in the corner looking out the window, with arms tightly crossed. James' posture screamed, that he needed a cigarette but refused to leave because he would not leave his omega and Falkirk wouldn't leave Daniel who had gone through a range of motion. The big Alpha having started off trying to meditate, then read the paper before giving up any attempt at being calm and pacing from, well pacing wasn't the right word, he could cross the room in almost one stride.

It was a couple hours before a nurse came in and called for Mr Trevelyan. Ignoring the misunderstanding Daniel sprang towards the short dumpy alpha to follow her. James and Falkirk tagging along, no force able to stop them.

“Everything went fine.” the nurse said, the Irish accent the most distinctive thing about her. Taking them into a room with several incubators it wasn't a surprise she lead them to the biggest baby in the room. “Takes after Daddy.” she said looking Daniel up and down as she removed the baby from the incubator.

Placing the precious bundle in Daniel's arms. “A not so wee boy.” she informed.

Daniel scenting the unnamed child. “Alpha” he said looking to James and Falkirk.

Approaching, Falkirk pulled back the blanket to see an almost bald baby, what little hair the baby had, had made one of those wispy spikes sticking up from the top of a large round head. The Baby's full round cheeks moved as the boy made sucking motion with his little pink lips. He was also fast asleep.

“Definitely yours. A right wee stoatir!” Falkirk observed.

James tried to see from his vantage point a bit further back, concerned his presence as an Alpha could set off the other Alpha, but none were on the edge they had been moments ago. Only once Daniel passed over his son to Falkirk did James approach. Winding his arm around Falkirk, James leaned over the other man's shoulder to see his best friend's son.

After the introduction to the new pack member, they where taken to Alec who was still out cold from the general anaesthetic.

“He should be waking up in the next hour or so.” the nurse informed.

The three stood around the single bed in the middle of the room. Falkirk thinking, not even after his worst mission did Alec ever look so wiped out. He clasped James' hand in support. Falkirk flicked his eyes to Daniel across the the bed from them, he had gone back to his deep quite worry.

Another nurse broke the oppressive silence by opening the door. He brought the baby in and placed him in the cot. “The doctor says there is no reason to keep him in the incubator.” he informed.

Daniel started jumping between the baby and Alec until James took up position beside his old friend letting Daniel focus on one concern and stand over the cot.

With baby and mate in one room, Daniel began to calm, able to see and watch over both. Falkirk dared leave one Alpha's side to approach the other, standing looking over the cot. “Have you got a name?” Falkirk asked.

“For Alpha male. Alec wanted something Russian, Grigori was his latest favourite but also liked Ivan. I was always fascinated by Roman mythology, Jupiter, Neptune.... I was wanting Julian.” Daniel answered. A horse voice pulled everyone's attention to the occupant of the bed.

“Yulian, final offer” Alec said blinking open heavy eyes. Daniel was at his side in a single stride. “You forgot the parasite.” Alec complained with a weak smile. Daniel spun away from Alec's bedside and took a stride to the cot.

Distracting himself from the sight of Daniel acting like a headless chicken. Falkirk weighed the name on his tongue, “Yulian Trevelyan Carrington.”

James whispered in Falkirk's ear, “That's a bloody mouthful, he better learn to fight with a name like that. Fast.”

Visions coming to Falkirk's mind of the two alpha males pitching up at parents nights, sports days. A wired cartoon coming to mind of some alpha dad mounting off, and Alec getting into a fist fight and the newly named Yulian in typical alpha fashion shouting encouragements of,  'Hit him Mum.'

“Why!” Falkirk said, shaking his head to get rid of his imagined images. “My Mummy's bigger than any of your daddies, and my daddy's even bigger than my mummy.”

“Heard that.” Alec shot, voice getting a little stronger. With Daniel's help Alec was holding Yulian without aggravating his wounds.

Pressing to James, the Alpha's arms coming round Falkirk. They looked on the big Alpha perching on the bed, supporting his child because his mate was still too weak to hold the baby on his own.

Both of the men on the bed, looking down on the small creature bundled in soft wool. Both wearing matching mesmerised looks of awe.

Q turned his head to press his lips to James' chin. Remembering what it was like when he saw Andrew for the first time. The overwhelming, loving, fearful joy. That they were responsible for a brand new life that they had created.


Waiting at the arrival gate the door kept sliding open and closed and Mary still had not come through. If it took much longer Falkirk planned to declare a terrorist suspect was entering and barge through. A small gaggle of Omega girls came through speaking so fast as to be incomprehensible. Approaching, Falkirk politely asked if they had seen an old Omega most likely in a tartan shawl and hat.

“Aye, Miss Marple.” came a harsh Scots accent before the speaker realised she had said something insulting and slapped a hand over her mouth.

”She got the boggy.” another said. The last explained the boggy(buggy) was the golf cart that ferried invalid passengers about.

Thanking them Falkirk headed for the information desk. The barely civil Beta woman seemed annoyed Falkirk had pulled her from the important job of staring blankly into space to do something. After an attempt that could barely described as half arsed she gave an insincere apology and said round the gum she chewed like a piece of cud, “Tried phonein'?“

Pulling out his phone, “Not what you know, it's who you know” Falkirk muttered. The recipient answered with a clipped, “DCI Lyne!”

“M, MI6.” Falkirk responded before asking for a favour from Stansted's head of antiterrorism.

A few minutes later Falkirk heard the radio of the information desk bleep and a code number followed by Mary's name and description being transmitted. A few moments later the woman at the information desk jumped and acknowledged the transmission for her, Falkirk able to hear that Mary had been found for himself.

The frosted glass doors opened finally, allowing the two armed policemen escorting Mary between them out of the airport's arrival section. The little omega chastising the younger officer.

“Back straight! Head up! And take your hands out from there.” she admonished. The young officer stood straighter, pulled his hand out from behind his stab-vest. The Older officer was holding in his laughter.

“Much better.” Mary praised and the younger officer gave a rather unsure smile.

Thanking the officers. Falkirk took Mary's bag from the older policeman and her arm. Glaring at Selene's amused smirk Falkirk casually asked about the flight. Apparently the driver who was to see her through the airport was 'overworked' and at Mary's insistence had gone to his next pick up and left a nearly 80 year old woman to wander an airport.

Outside of the automatic doors, Falkirk stilled a moment. With the arrogance of his profession and in clear violation of regulations a parking warded fixed a yellow envelope on the window of Falkirk's official car. The police escort and the chauffeur looked on bemused by his actions. The driver ripped off the ticket and threw away the unenforcible wast of time.

Falkirk saw Mary into Daniel's house. Ensuring she was comfortable with a cup of tea.

“Daniel should be back this afternoon.” he informed before saying his goodbyes and went to start his day at the office.


James headed into E branch carrying a several gift bags. Entering Falkirk's office. “Found this on my desk, think it's for Alec.” James said placing the bags on the guest chair.

As James was here and the only Double O not currently on assignment Falkirk handed him an 'Eyes Only' report. Coming round his desk to poke about the colourful bags as he did so.

“Sand, sand and more sand.” James complained.

“Nigeria, Nigear and Libya all the wonderful spots.” Falkirk said while reading labels from Evens(008), Maloney(009), Addison(005), Suzi Kew(001), Masood(004) and the 00 Branch Secretary Mrs Ponsonby. But what the wrapped gifts were, inside the bags was a complete mystery.

Getting the members of a terrorist cell coming by way of the asylum trail was the bread and butter of MI6. Falkirk informing, “Your primary target is Kamal. It's believed he has been given an order to arrange and attack on the tube network. You will intercept him before he even touches European, let alone UK soil. I'm sorry to say, you leave tonight, before Kamal and his friends vanish into the mass of asylum seekers.”

James gave a hum of acknowledgement, reading the details for himself.

“James, have you ever wanted to join the Hind Club?”

“Hardly. Why?”

“Roebuck got me an invitation. If you ever wanted to join, I would decline.” Falkirk answered.

Coming over James leaned close to Falkirk's ear. “Wild horses couldn't drag me into that den of old fossils.” he whispered.

Looking up Darren was openly staring at there familiar display of affection while the rest of E branch was sending them subtle glances. Rounding on James. “You're banned from this office. OUT!” Falkirk ordered without hostility as he pointed towards the door.

Going to the door James pulled it open and snapped a perfect salute and in a resonating voice  said “Sir, Yes Sir. Sir!” and walked out.

“It's M and one dose not salute when not wearing a hat.” Falkirk called after his Alpha but the man made no indication he had heard.


Arriving at Daniel's house after work Falkirk waited for Mary. Holding the car door for her Falkirk closed it as she pulled in her legs. Circling round the back Falkirk got in the other door to sit beside the Omega.

“You want to say something?” Mary stated giving Falkirk a knowing glance.

Nodding “Alec isn't an Omega, he had a tough time. I am sure I don't know half of what he has been through and James knows even less.” Falkirk said quietly.

“I don't quite follow.”

Taking a breath not knowing how to be more diplomatic. “We should appreciate the miracle we have been given and not allow desire to court tragedy.” Falkirk said.

Grasping Falkirk’s knee drawing his full attention Mary gave him a weighing look. “Was Alec's condition that dire?”

“Alec took a considerable amount of time off as did Daniel. In the later stages I only saw Alec once. We did what they would accept but Alec is as much an Alpha as Daniel and he hates to show weakness, even to us.” Falkirk informed. Mary nodded and looked out the window.

Arriving at the hospital. They found another visitor in Alec's room. Asking the stereotypical questions and showing the appropriate level of enthusiastic interest Sherlock kept up the unusually casual conversation.

“What a nice boy.” Mary observed suspiciously, of Sherlock's atypical, normal, behaviour. She then approached the cot and squeaked and started cooing over the new arrival. “OH! He's just like his dad. He was a right lump too, when he was born, and when he grew up.”

Coming up to Falkirk, Daniel whispered, “Do you think he's a pod person?” As he indicated Sherlock by Alec's bedside.

Ignoring the speculation on his brother's oddity, or normality for someone else. Falkirk asked about John and got a shake of the head, indicating the doctor had not come with the detective.

Grabbing his brother's arm Falkirk made an excuse about getting coffee and pulled him from the room.

“You're going to give me into trouble.” Sherlock accused when they where in the hall.

“When a pattern of behaviour changes,” Falkirk started.

“A pattern often changes. Only when there is no obvious motivation is it suspicious.” Sherlock interrupted.

“So what is the motivation for your change?” Falkirk asked and got a dismissive shrug in response.

Recognising the challenge Falkirk marshalled is powers of deduction. As Mycroft was better at deduction than Sherlock, Sherlock was better than Falkirk. “To provoke Me? Daniel? Alec?” Falkirk guessed exasperated.

Getting a dismissive look,  just a sigh and flick of the head. “Just tell me.” Falkirk almost whined. A slight softening of Sherlock's features gave Falkirk a clue.

“It's emotional.” Falkirk guessed. “You feel something for Alec.” The softness disappeared from Sherlock's expression.

Not remembering due to his first heat with James but knowing about the time Alec spent detoxing Sherlock. Falkirk realised, “You've never relapse since Alec made you go cold turkey.”

Sherlock looked away. “He was the only one to see me through. Mycroft, Mummy, Daddy they just dumped me somewhere. Always the best but out of sight, out of mind.”

Falkirk hugged his brother briefly, pulling back before the alpha could get uncomfortable with the closeness. In his own strange way, Sherlock was loyal, rather devoted and cared a lot.

Returning to the room. “Did you know he was an Omega?” Falkirk asked.

Sherlock absently corrected, “Indeterminate sex. I deduced he was in love with James but not that he was an Alpha with traits of Omega.”

“James did.” Falkirk teased lifting his head and tapping the front of his throat where Beta and Alpha males had an Adams apple.

Entering the room Sherlock hissed quietly at his own stupidity, seeing the obvious missing Adam's apple on Alec's throat. The noise made Alec lift heavy eyes to the returned siblings before closing them again. Mary held the baby while Daniel slumped further and further down in the chair having dozed off.

Placing Yulian in his cot Mary gave her great grandson a proud smile before looking to the slumbering parents. With all quiet the three visitors slipped out.

Falkirk offering a lift to Sherlock. With a flail of coat and an upturning of his collar the detective rounded the corner and disappeared.

Falkirk's car stopped outside his house. Where Mary joined Falkirk, Selene, Keading and Cody for dinner. Selene promising to see Mary safely home after dinner. Stepping back into the house after waving off his guest, Falkirk swung the door shut.

With Andrew sitting in his lap. Falkirk recited a poem from memory as he watched the departure schedule on his tablet. Ignoring his Papa's voice, the little fingers reaching for the much more interesting screen and whining when his papa kept it out of reach.

When James' plane departed Falkirk placed the device down. Standing, Falkirk carried Andrew to his cot and with a brief nuzzle and kiss laid him down for the night.


Falkirk looked to his son who had stood up. The boy rubbing his eyes, trying to fight the sleep trying to claim him. “Bye-bye!” Falkirk responded.


Picking up the phone Falkirk listened to Underwood, the office manager of Q branch as she called for help. Darren burst into his office informing, Hal(Head of the Hackers) was on one line while Rodgers(Chief Mechanic) was on another. Two department heads, and Q's Chief of Staff calling M was not a good thing and Rodgers was experienced enough to not be too reactionary. By the way Tanner was charging towards his office he could guess his message.

“Johnston, trouble brewing in Q branch” Tanner informed meeting Falkirk as he stepped out of the office. The Armoury Chief and ex Double O should be able to read a situation well enough to not over estimate as well.

Arriving in the long, wide, underground corridor of Q branch Falkirk walked past the doors leading to the individual divisions that made up Q Branch, heading for administration at the very end. The faux wooden doors slid open automatically onto the large and wide two story room. R and a group of division heads had surrounded a desk in the middle and where shouting, growling and hissing at each other.

“Who thought Q actually maintained order?” Johnston said quietly coming up beside Falkirk. Rodgers and Hal where also hanging back from the circling Alphas. Underwood was on the far side of the group shielding a few Omegas from the aggressive display. Everyone else had backed away to the edges of the room.

Stepping closer, slowly one by one starting with R they began to notice M and overtly calm their demeanour. Peter an old friend from Cyber Division now R, bowed his head submissively towards Falkirk. Potts the head of fabrication and only Beta in the group snorted at the Alpha's conduct and held Falkirk in an impudent glare. Dr. Cordell, a chemist and the head of the non biological labs had never liked Falkirk and liked him even less since becoming M. Dr. Hwang head of the Biological labs was a man that didn't hate Falkirk but tried to ignore him.

“All division heads, Q's office.” Falkirk ordered walking passed them.

Ascending the spiral staircase to the balcony that contained the row of private offices, Falkirk walked into Daniel's. The desk and chair always looked comfortable for the big Alpha but on Falkirk they where of super villain proportions. M sat on the large red leather chair as if it was a throne, his hands resting on the dark wooden arm rests and crossing his long thin legs.

Indicating those involved in the argument should stand in a line in front of Daniel's desk Falkirk let the other division heads stand behind them. Starting with Potts on the far right Falkirk calmly asked for his version of events. Preventing anyone from interrupting Falkirk listened to each in turn. The only one who did not defend their actions was R, “Our conduct was inappropriate and I failed to maintain professional charge.”

“I have heard more sense from children arguing over the rules of an imagery game.” Falkirk admonished. Hwang attempted to interrupt again. “Silence!” Falkirk ordered. It had been a few years since he was Q and interacted with these people regularly and his tone and demeanour had become harder in that time.

“You may all consider yourselves on final notice for gross misconduct. You will all apologise, to the entire branch for your conduct. Now go wait down stairs.” Falkirk ordered.

Calling R to wait the handsome blond Alpha immediately asked, “Do you wish my resignation?”

Shaking his head. “No. You are the best programmer we have.” Falkirk said adamantly before asking how Peter was coping with the absence of Q.

“Q is the big bad wolf, I was the approachable one. Now they think I am a push over.” R admitted.

“They are on their last warning, fire one.” Falkirk said getting a deer in the headlight look from the other man. ”It's harsh and uncaring but when it comes down to it. No one is irreplaceable. And some need reminding of that fact.”

Falkirk waited in Q branch to hear R and the others involved in the public spat apologise.

As everyone got back to work. Falkirk decided to hang around for a bit, to make sure the spat was truly over. Pulling up a chair beside his old PA. Annie, more round faced with the same long wavy hair. She gave her old colleague and boss a smile. Falkirk noticed her changed scent and fuller figure.“Why didn't you tell me?” he said with a pleased smile.

“Oh I didn't want to bother you.” Annie said with a bashful simile, unsure of the new dynamic with the omega that was now M.

“I'm surprised Darren didn't tell me. He and Ewan are the biggest gossips in the building.” Falkirk said.

“Ewan doesn’t work here.” Annie hesitantly informed. Getting into the gossip Falkirk leaned in demanding more. “He quit after he and Peter went public. They're expecting their first too.” Annie said.

It was strange to think of everyone moving on without him knowing about it. Falkirk pulled a notepad from Annie's desk and made a note for Ewan and Annie, he would need a belated bonding gift for Ewan and baby warming gift for both Ewan and Annie. Moving on Falkirk asked about Underwood.

“I think she has become an official spinster” Annie whispered as the hawk eyed Omega in question prowled the room, still with the 50s style wing-tip glasses over her watery blue eyes.

Having a brief discussion with Underwood Falkirk thanked her for her vigilance and ordered her to report daily to Tanner on the events in Q Branch while Q was on paternity leave.


“I was bloody joking!” Roebuck grumbled as Falkirk sat down across from him. The opulent surroundings of the Hind Club was quite homely despite the mass of indistinct scents of Alpha males.

Getting comfortable in the low chair, preferring something more upright. “I don't quite follow?” Falkirk responded.

As a footman approached Roebuck barked,“Bourbon, straight, learn it.” then turned his attention to Falkirk, “The honours list my boy”

“Ah, Mallory owes me more favours than he is willing to count. It's nice to let him think I'm calling in a few.” Falkirk answered.

Thanking the footman when he returned with a tumbler on a silver tray. Falkirk listened to the half hearted grumbling of the retired Admiral. Despite his protestations Roebuck didn't mention refusing the Lordship. And if he became a lord, it meant he could go to the Palace of Westminster for a change of scenery, when bored of the club.

Roebuck then brought up a point, Falkirk's official portrait for the club wall. All the halls were decorated with pictures of the members in their dress uniform. Q had a ceremonial rank, but preferred not to use it as he had never earned it.

“You see him?” Roebuck said and nodded to a fairly young member, compared to the other members, while Falkirk was positively a baby in comparison to the members around them. When Falkirk nodded Roebuck said.

“Captain Michaels, never commanded anything more than a desk. The only orders he gave was at the bar. The only men to serve him were Thai ladyboys. There is nothing ceremonial about commanding MI6, you are the second M I have known and I know what it means to be M. Your orders are not ceremonial, they have an impact that reaches all around the world. The men who serve you, respect and admire their Commanding Officer and they well die if you order it, because they believe in you.”

“But I have never served in the Royal Navy.” Falkirk tried to argue.

“You might not have attended Britannia but you are worthy. You serve King and Country... And not in two hundred years has a portrait been taken out of uniform. It's not done.” The old man grumbled in a huff.

“I'll think about it.”

“Good! I'll see if you have done anything worthy of decoration.” The man grumbled a bit more pleased.

Roebuck broke his conversation to call someone over. The short, rotund, balding(strange for an Omega) man who approached was not what Falkirk expected. His dark brown eyes and still black hair making his exact age difficult to judge, late fifties Falkirk guessed. Falkirk knew that he was the second Omega to have joined the club but he didn't expect to meet the other right away. Roebuck introduced Capt. Jason Sansky and when the omega spoke it was with a deep gravely voice, also unusual to Omegas.

Sitting down in the chair opposite Falkirk, a footman arrived with a tray and a small glass of clear green liquid which Sansky sipped gently. When he asked about Falkirk's history Roebuck butted in

“If he tells you you'll be taken out and shot.”

Giving Sansky a wink Roebuck continued. “Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas McLair, ask no more.”

Sansky seemed amused by the responses as he gave Falkirk a clinical look that would put Sherlock to shame.

Eventual Falkirk relented, describing some of his back story without getting to specific. Roebuck interrupting, “Start noting this down, Captain. Sir Thomas will need decorations for his portrait.”

The little round omega smiled, to hide his chuckle. Falkirk trying to cover his face, with his hand to hid the blush. Leaning closer to the new omega Sansky whispered, “You might as well give in, they like tradition...wait I do remember you. It's was a... something. You were representing MI6. Most thought your presence was meant to be an insult to the old Control. But I smelt it, Control was terrified of you.”

Now the other Omega mentioned it Falkirk vaguely remembered him as well. “The MI5 briefing on Spider.”

“Sansky my man. Roebuck! And just the new member I wanted to see.” Hargreaves blasted. The old Alpha curled his finger and beckoned Falkirk and the others to follow.

The old man led them through the panelled halls with plush red carpets. In a stretch of wall between to deeply polished oak door. Where the prorates were fewer only a few dozen spread acoss the creamy expanse of wall, leaving plenty of space for more. Falkirk noticing, this is where his picture had been hung, along with Sansky's and Hargreaves', Rhett Butler too.

“Here.” Hargreaves announced, “Is where all the intelligence personnel are hung. Notice anything?”

Falkirk did notice something. Like the child's game one photo stuck out more than the all the others. Sepia, Black and white, colour, all contained men or women in similar black uniform jackets, with epaulette, and white brimmed caps. All apart from one, a colour photo of a lean man in a good, bespoke three piece suit, Falkirk himself.

“Why is Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas McLair out of uniform?” Hargreaves grumbled.

A random passing old Alpha grumbled, “Hear-hear.” and continued on, hobbling down the corridor.

Sansky whispered, “Tradition. You'll never hear the end of it.”

“Fine! I'll have a new portrait done!”

Hargreaves nodded, “Good. Lets go have a drink.”

After the scandal in the break of tradition had been dealt with. The group returned to the lounge where anecdotes where intermixed with serous observations. Information from contacts was casually mentioned looking for reactions, mostly by Hargreaves to Falkirk and Sansky who were still active in the intelligence community.

Falkirk said, “So why did Admiral Messervy join the Diogenes Club?”

As Roebuck and Sansky looked away, avoiding the question. Hargreaves announced, “Just because he was Navy, doesn't mean he needs to join the Hind Club.”

“Non Traditionalist?” Falkirk mused.


“Well I know what you think about them.” Falkirk teased.


Helping Mary make the bed, in perpetration for Alec's return. The Doctors had kept Papa and child in the hospital for slightly over a week. While Falkirk and Mary prepared the house, his car had been sent to pick up Daniel, Alec and Yulian. Turning down the bed, for easy access, Mary gave the room a final inspection before nodding her approval.

Moving across the landing, Falkirk put his head into Yulian's room. The gifts still lay wrapped. Daniel and Alec having more pressing concerns. The room was barely decorated, a crib and a changing table the only change.

Hearing the door bang open. Falkirk and Mary went down stairs to find Yulian sitting alone, in his car seat, just inside the door. Falkirk unbuckled his godson and cradled the baby, for the first time seeing the massive the light brown eyes, for all of ten seconds before the baby closed them and drifted off to sleep.

Daniel returned a moment later, supporting a protesting Alec but the way he reluctantly leaned on the larger Alpha showed Alec needed the support. Alec's other hand gently cradling his stomach as he walked slowly and carefully.

Mary and Falkirk saw to the baby allowing Daniel to concentrate on Alec. With Alec safely tucked up in bed. Falkirk called Selene and not long after she arrived with Keading and the two kids. Daniel held Yulian showing the baby to Cody and Andrew. Andrew in particular seemed fascinated by the new arrival wanting to get closer than Falkirk allowed.

Alec got Selene, Keading and Cody for visitors first followed by Falkirk and Andrew. Wanting to get closer to his uncle Andrew broke out of his Papa's grasp. A wayward hand placed too much pressure on the recovering man's abdomen. The Alpha's growling hiss sent Andrew back to Falkirk in tears not knowing what he had done. Falkirk reassured Andrew while Alec recovered.

Indicating they should lay down, Alec lifted his arm to hug it around Falkirk. Andrew cringed closer to his Papa as Falkirk took up the space beside Alec. With gentle caresses Alec gave a weak but genuine smile to the watery eyed boy.

“It's okay little laddie” Alec said using Daniel's term of endearment. Slowly Andrew recovered pressing himself against his godfather. Falkirk carefully blocking knees and elbows from making contact during the manoeuvre. Mewling Andrew rubbed against Alec in apology. Alec just stroking the long black and wild hair of his godson.

Becoming restless Falkirk wrapped an arm around his son an lifted him off. Alec was barely able to keep his eyes open as Falkirk left the room.

With Alec sleeping and Daniel hovering over Mary while she cared for Yulian. Falkirk called time. Falkirk waved with Andrew copying him at the departing Mercedes of Selene's with Keading and Cody waving back.

Strapping Andrew in beside him Falkirk gave the nod and the driver pulled away.


Falkirk looked to Andrew as he issued short sharp sounds. His head made odd wavy motions as he tried to follow the world passing by the car window. “F, fi” he said pointing to a truck that had pulled up beside the car.

Arriving home Falkirk unbuckled Andrew. Placing Andrew on the pavement the boy took to his feet in the direction of the park.

“Shit!” Falkirk swore chasing after the fleeing child. Catching up and plucking Andrew off his feet. Falkirk turned to see Hudson and the police escorts looking at him. Dismissing the car Falkirk informed Hudson they where going to burn off the excess energy. So Papa and son headed for the park, with Brayan the back up bodyguard following a distance behind.

Placing Andrew down. The toddler seemed very familiar with the route. Stopping at the crossing he stretched to press the button and watched adamantly for the man to turn green. Andrew held out his hand to his Papa and grasped it to cross the road. Falkirk watched, impressed, Keading must have repeated the process hundreds of times to get the procedure ingrained into Andrew.

Within the boundaries of the park Andrew didn't want to hold hands any more. The toddler yo-yoed, running ahead and returning to Falkirk. Andrew knew his way around so Falkirk followed his lead.

Coming to the pond Falkirk took hold of Andrew's hand. Pointing to the ducks Andrew seemed to expect something from his Papa. The blue eyes grew massive as the lower lip jutted forward and a begging mewl sounded.

“I don't know what you want.” Falkirk said knelling in front of Andrew and rubbing his cheek and neck. With a final mewl Andrew started tugging his papa's hand, wanting to keep going.

Arriving at a play park Andrew ran for the slide first. Falkirk keeping a careful hand out he watched his son climb the steps and slide down. After a few trips Andrew moved onto the swings, where he needed help to get into the safety seat.

Pushing the swing Falkirk watched as Andrew swung away from him. A sequel of delight issued as Andrew came flying towards his Papa. Touching the outstretched hands before the back swing pulled Andrew away again.

A new game started when Andrew figured he could hold onto his Papa's hand and stop from swinging back. With his new sense of control Andrew took control of his swinging.

With the air getting colder Falkirk decided it was time to return home. After another petted lip Andrew finally followed his Papa walking home.

Truly Falkirk enjoyed this, spending an afternoon with his son in the park. A whine brought Falkirk's attention back to Andrew. When he was sure he had his Papa's attention, plopping down on the pavement was enough of a clue to what was wrong. Picking Andrew up off his tired little legs Falkirk carried him the last few hundred yards home.

The rest of the night followed a long established routine of changes, then feeding of ever more solid food, for Andrew to use his teeth on. Followed by Falkirk's meal then Andrew's bath. Bed time was a story as Andrew lay on Falkirk's chest then into his crib for lights out. Picking up the receiver for the baby monitor Falkirk put it in his pocket as he did every night and returned to the library, to be greeted by a tray sitting awaiting him, containing a pot, a cup and a small lone cake.

Pouring the tea Falkirk took it to his desk and logged into the computer and connected to the MI6 system. Reading the reports from the day's activities, even at the weekend Falkirk had to work. There was a report from James. Reading carefully, as James usually only made contact when he had done something stupid but there was nothing.

Moving on Falkirk read through all of the day's activities then pulled up James' report again. There was something off about the wording, the structure. On a hunch Falkirk pulled up the edit menu and removed all the formatting. As the lines unwrapped and the breaks returned to there original places. The start of the the lines contained a message.

'D I N N E R A N D A S H O W Y O U R C H O I C E'

There it was for all time. James Bond asking out his boss on an official document. With a smile Falkirk closed the window, disconnected from MI6 and logged off. Looking about, the tray was gone as was the cup from his desk.

“He's bloody good. No wonder M placed Hudson in Daddy's household.” Falkirk muttered to himself

Switching off the lights Falkirk met Hudson doing his rounds ensuring all access points where secure.

“Goodnight, Mr Hudson” Falkirk called heading upstairs.

“Good night, sir”


Falkirk was getting reports from Underwood via Tanner. Every day Daniel wasn't in Falkirk would pay a casual visit to Annie. His visits were to show he was watching over Q branch in the absence of Q. It was on one of these visits Daniel stumbled in. It had been several days since Falkirk had seen the man, letting Alec recover in peace.

Hair shaggier and beard the most unkempt Falkirk had ever seen it. Daniel looked like he would crush anyone who looked at him wrong. Coming up to his pack mate Falkirk took Daniel's arm. “I didn't think you were in today?”

“Priority message from Hwang. What are you doing here?” Daniel responded, exhaustion clear.

“Let R deal with it and I'm just here for the gossip.” Falkirk said.

Dismissing the suggestion Daniel ordered Annie to page Hwang. Falkirk shook his head at Annie out of sight of Daniel and mouthed, “R” to her.

Following Daniel into his office. “Would you do something if I asked?” Falkirk said. Giving an exhausted nod Daniel agreed.

“Come with me.” Falkirk asked holding out his hand. As Daniel started to protest. “Peter is already dealing with Hwang.”

Leading Daniel up, to the secure car park. Falkirk found the pool of cars and one with a driver. Giving the driver his home address Falkirk bundled Daniel into the back seat and ordered, “If you could spare MI6 a few hours. You can get a few hours rest, then go home.”

Daniel was almost asleep, the moment he sat down in the car. Watching the car disappear up the ramp toward street level. Falkirk pulled out his phone to warn Hudson about the impending visitor. Returning to Q branch. Annie directed Falkirk to Q's office.

Hwang's voice met Falkirk as he opened the door to Daniel's office.

“I needed Q! Not a weak, whipping boy.”

Peter responding, “I do not care what you WANT, only I can page Q.” Both men fell silent and looked to Falkirk entering unannounced.

Giving Peter a critical look Falkirk stepped back out to see if R would step up or not. Waiting at Annie's desk the intercom came to life.

“Security escort.” R demanded.  Duly Hwang was escorted from Q branch as protocol dictated for a dismissed employee.

When Peter came down from Q's office Falkirk demanded. “I expect a full report on this matter. What did Hwang want anyway?”

Peter gave a shake of his head. “Just a signature.”

“Then you made the right choice, R.”

Chapter Text

In a video briefing with station K(Afghanistan), one of the tribes MI6 had been supporting where becoming a bit too aggressive. Phillson, Station K's Director, on the large screen. Tanner and Falkirk along with as experts in the tribal cultures of the Afghan warlords around the table.
The man dressed in Khakis and sweating profusely was chronicling the deterioration of relations with the warlord Faruq, and how he was again growing poppies, raiding the Army and sending incursions into Pakistan. Phillson finished with what Falkirk had been waiting for most of the meeting.

“Faruq is demanding a meeting with... the omega.”

“I take it, Omega was not the most accurate translation.” Falkirk mused. He could see the method in Faruq's actions, to force Falkirk's personal attendance. Looking to Tanner Falkirk ordered, "I'll leave the arrangements to you. And I want Double O Four out there too.”


The covert plane disguised as a commercial British Airways jet landed at the Kabul Air Base on schedule. Three men were waiting on Falkirk, as he came down the plane's stairs. Double O Four, a man of Pakistani heritage, of handsome face and long wavy black hair, who specialised in the region. Beside Masood, the regional MI6 director, Phillson and in almost dress uniform, the Army representatives, Lieutenant Colonel Simon.

The army along with the MI6 tactical team made sure everything was prepared before the convoy of land rovers pulled out. It took hours to get to the designated meeting place. Falkirk casting a critical eye over the blooming poppy fields.

Setting up a tent, the private snapped a salute seeing Falkirk come over. Nodding in greeting, Falkirk was happy to see the small round table along with two chairs and everything else he had asked for. He thanked the Private and dismissed him, then busied himself lying out tea for two and setting the kettle to boil over the small camp stove.

Hearing boisterous shouting Falkirk crushed the urge to check his gun. Selene pulled back the flap to announce their guest had arrived, then taking up her position behind Falkirk they waited.

Hearing the approaching group Falkirk poured the hot water into the tea pot and swirled it round then discarded the water. Placing the leaves into the teapot Falkirk then filled it up with water. Ignoring the attempts to get his attention Falkirk didn't look up until the pot was left to steep. All done in a careful posturing display, that he was the dominant and all had to await Falkirk's attention.

Looking to Faruq, the man's beard greyer and stomach more round than Falkirk remembered. Falkirk indicated the chair opposite, in invitation.

Faruq flanked by two clothed Omegas, both armed. A curious development in the regional attitude towards Omegas, since the last time when they were naked and danced for entertainment. Another two Afghani Alphas entered, not carrying obvious weapons, along with Phillson of station K, the interpreter and Lt. Col. Simon.

Unsure of the British method of tea Faruq accepted the cup as Falkirk poured it. Through the interpreter Faruq said, “Do you like them, my personal guard. Inspired by you.”

Barely glancing at the Omegas, Falkirk couldn't tell from this distance if they where bound to the Alpha or not but they did seem to be devoted to Faruq.

“Very good.” Falkirk answered before going on to challenge the man on his conduct. The British didn't care what he did with his equals but crossing borders, growing poppies and attacking British bases where out of the question.

Instead of answering Faruq asked, “Are you the leader?”

“Some questions you shouldn't ask.” Falkirk said giving his calculating glare. Faruq didn't seem pleased by the evasion and was weighing Falkirk carefully.

“What happened to my nephew?” the interpretor said for Faruq, before adding his own opinion “I think Faruq wants to know if you know the answerer, M.”

Looking to Phillson of Station K Falkirk waited and got a shake of the head and a shrug indicating the man didn't know.

“Ask him.” Faruq said looking to the only Army officer in the tent.

“How am I meant to know?” Simon snapped, his privileged upper class voice grating.

“What happened?” Falkirk asked feeling thing spinning out of his control. Faruq started speaking and the Interpreter translated the story of how the British soldiers got jittery and open fire on a car in one of the nearby towns.

Under one of the MI6 tactical squad members Lt. Col. Simon had to be escorted out, for now was not the time for defending their actions.

Falkirk dropped his shoulder and even dared to look away form the War Lord, exposing his neck in a humbling act. Extending his sympathies for Faruq's Nephew. The war lord's voice was soft, less hostile as he spoke.

“I could have killed them all, I didn't. My people, my bother, want revenge. I showed them mercy for you.” Faruq said. Falkirk extended his thanks. After a respectful time on the subject of Faruq's nephew, Falkirk moved on to the cross border incursions into Pakistan. The tone of the meeting becoming quieter, as motivations became clearer and remorse was shown.

Faruq, speaking quietly with the English translation coming from the man at the side. “We were attacked first, they were like you(I believe Faruq refers to being Caucasian) not Pakistani.”

Falkirk asked for details of the encounters. It was clear Faruq was either making it up, which Falkirk doubted, the details were too suspicious. It sounded more like mercenaries wanting to either steal the poppy crops or take over the area. A glance to Phillson showed he had no idea what was going on. Falkirk nodded and moved on the poppy crops.

“I need something to trade for more guns...” the translator said. Faruq barked something at his accompanying Alphas, the two men left. Only when it was Faruq and his omega bodyguards did he add something, that the translator spoke, “Special guns, smaller, better, for the omegas.”

Faruq explained the Omegas were best shots he had and were totally loyal as long as he treated them well. But the guns they used were too heavy and unwieldy for them though. Falkirk nodded in acknowledgement. He had tried some of the larger handguns and assault rifles and his accuracy tended to tapper over time.

Tapping his finger a few times on the table, in through. Falkirk weighed everyone's desires, motivations and grievances before looking at the man again.

“I want to learn more about these 'not Pakistani'?“ Falkirk stated. Faruq looked concerned as the translator spoke but nodded for Falkirk to continue. Indicating Masood. “I want you to show my friend these, 'Not Pakistani'.”

Faruq accepted his guest with graciousness. Then came the cost to destroy the poppy crops, the guns.

At the end of the negotiation. Deciding to give Faruq and his entourage a show Falkirk stood. Walking out Falkirk stalked towards the Ranking Officer. Catching the MI6 guard's eye Falkirk indicated the officer then the ground.

With a swift kick to the back of his knee, Simon tumbled to the ground at Falkirk's feet. Squatting down to the Lt. Colonel's eye level. “We have few friend here, please stop killing the ones we do have” Falkirk ordered. Hearing the interpreter speaking in the background.

Falkirk asked for a knife, he slipped it into the looped fabric epaulette with the man's rank. Falkirk said, “You can easily be replaced” and cut the fabric from his shoulder.

Returning to Faruq, Falkirk handed him the piece of fabric with the Crown and pip of Lt Colonel's rank. Placing it on his shoulder Faruq let out a laugh before flinging it to one of his men to play with. Reconfirming the deal, the feud with the British military would end, 004 would investigate the insurgents and Faruq would destroy his poppy crops for some UMPs.

Watching Masood hop into the back of the pick up truck and disappear along the road with Faruq and his men. Falkirk had to suppress the urge to wave at the Double O. Turning round. The MI6 personnel, the army around their disgraced Lt. Colonel, the two groups standing toe to toe. Not too concerned as MI6 took the cream of the crop then trained them to perfection, even at three to one there was no hope for the army personnel.

Clapping his hands everyone looked to Falkirk. “Time for home” he said pleasantly. When the tension didn't de-escalate, he mused, “Are we going to be professional or are you going to risk the head of MI6 dying on your watch?”

He would probably get a phone call from General Sir Mike Edwards for humiliating one of his but nothing he couldn't handle. And for continued relations, Falkirk would prefer to offend the Colonel rather than the man who truly ran the region. And it wasn't like the Army would ever face a trial for shooting up a pick up in the middle of a war-zone, even when it carried friendlies.

In tense and absolute silence the camp was packed up and the convoy moved out. The air base was a welcome sight and for the first time Falkirk was eager to get on board. The steward stood with a tray as Falkirk boarded. Accepting the cocktail glass with a matt green drink Falkirk sipped as he found a seat. Leaning against Selene, Falkirk settled in for the flight.

Back in London, Selene followed Falkirk up to the front door. So late, not even Hudson would be expected to be up still. Opening the door a renewed and fresh scent caught Falkirk's attention. Darting upstairs leaving Selene to secure the door and the alarm.

Pushing open the bedroom door a sizeable lump occupied the bed with a more subtle scent beneath his Alpha's more oppressive. Gently pulling back the covers a small dark head was nestled to James' chest.

“Welcome home” James mumbled, cracking an eye open.

Pulling on a pair of pyjama bottoms and crawling into bed Falkirk wrapped himself around Andrew. Whispering, “The books say we shouldn't encourage Andrew to sleep with us.”

As a hand started stroking Falkirk's neck and face James answered. “He got here on his own”

Not sure what James meant but too tired too tired to think about it now. The gentle caresses doing wonders to relax the Omega further, Falkirk drifted off quickly.


During the night the constant shifting of the young Omega pushed his parents to the very edges of the bed. When Falkirk's alarm blared the arrival of morning the sudden noise caused both men to crash to the floor. Meeting James' eyes across the bed. Andrew slumbered on oblivious, lying across the bed.

A sudden gleam appeared in James' eye. Quickly he rounded the bed and threw his mate over his shoulder and carried him into the bathroom. Closing and locking the door behind them, only the sound of running water could be heard for the next half an hour.

Clean and pleasantly sore Falkirk opened the bathroom door, lips still kiss swollen and a few red marks including a renewed red bonding mark on his neck.

Andrew was happily holding his Papa's phone to his ear making noises, “Ha! Anoo, yayaya.” The unnoticed bear sitting perfectly beside him. Andrew whining and sending big pleading eyes as his papa pulled the phone from his grasp. The phone's security making Falkirk unconcerned for the child's tampering. Scooping Andrew up Falkirk took him upstairs for his morning change.

“Baa!” Andrew called to his dad and waved as he was taken out.

Returning after seeing to Andrew, Falkirk handed Andrew to the James so he could dress. When the three came down stairs Hudson had laid breakfast and Selene and Keading were there. With Cody dressed in his green blazer of his school uniform. Like always, when Falkirk and Selene were out of the country, Keading and Cody had stayed the night.

Falkirk divided his time feeding himself and Andrew. Andrew wanting to feed himself, but easily distracted and liking to play with his raspberry porridge as much as eat it.

Keading asked the standard questions. “Cody! Homework done?”

Answered with a bored,“Yes, Mom.”

“Bag packed?”

“Yes, Mom.”

“Gym kit? GYM KIT?”

“YES, Mom.”

James offered to drive Cody to school, with Keading and Andrew accompanying him. Falkirk and Selene headed for MI6.


Deciding to knock off early, so he could stop in his club, for an hour or so, while James was still giving his debriefing.

For people like Roebuck with children grown up and living their own lives. Partners who were gone or used to a life lived without them. The club served as a place to remember and through the younger members like Falkirk remain a part of events. For Falkirk there was a wealth of experience, and the contacts of some of the member ran deep and far.

With Roebuck becoming an almost permanent resident of the plush and opulent rooms. Walking about it was only a matter of time before Falkirk found the man sitting on a couch with Capt. Sansky.  The moment Falkirk joined them a footman appeared with a tray and a straight bourbon without prompt.

It was nice to speaking with Roebuck and Sansky right up until Mycroft called, “M?” from behind him. Roebuck seemed unimpressed by the intrusion while Sansky just studied the new arrival with a focus which would put Sherlock to same.

“Revenge for all the times I interrupted you?” Falkirk responded. Getting the typical tight smile in return to his comment. Falkirk gestured to the empty seat in invitation.

When a footman appeared Falkirk ordered another round and added a Fino Sherry for Mycroft. It took Mycroft some time before he even broached the subject of Afghanistan. Roebuck's interest piqued at the mention of something new. The moment Mycroft mentioned the army Falkirk knew why he was at the club.

“Is this to do with me humiliating that fast track Lieutenant Colonel?” Falkirk asked, exasperation in his voice.

“You ripped off his rank and presented it as a war prize.” Mycroft hissed quietly. Roebuck and Sansky looked on the arguing pair with interest.

“If General Sir Mike Edwards has the balls to face me, I will see him. I will not however, deal with Mummy fighting his battles for him” Falkirk snapped.

“You are making more enemies than friends” Mycroft warned.

Ignoring his brother Falkirk turned to Roebuck “George Windom is passing out soon. He sent me two invitations, would you like to come?” Falkirk said.

“Of course, my boy.” Roebuck answered. The young king was a sore point with his brother. Mycroft had been too close to the old King and it had cost them both their his position in the end. When the new king looked to Mycroft for support and realised Mycroft was the cause of his parent's devoice and father's exile it was another blow to Mycroft.

With no real comeback Mycroft gave a stiff, “Goodbye, M.” He stood and walked out.

“Wasn't that a little harsh?” Sansky said. As an Omega he could probably pick up on Mycroft's emotional que better than Roebuck.

“Yes.” Falkirk agreed but his brother had a habit of interfering especially when Falkirk was setting up a long game with the potential future head of the army. Deciding it was time Falkirk met Selene at the door to head home.


Lying awake in his Alpha's arms Falkirk listened to James talk about his ordinary day. Having breezed past his debriefing with ease James had spent the afternoon with Keading and Andrew.

“It was gymnastics or something...” James enthusiastically described the special classes for Omegas, Keading took Andrew to. Where Omegas' coordination and spacial awareness were improved. With pride James proclaimed, “It was sort of like dancing, pretending to be trees, waving their arms about. Andrew is the best in the class, didn't bump into anyone or trip over himself. And he was the youngest...” before describing the exercises in excruciating detail. By the way James was speaking it sounded like the Omega was showing off for his Alpha. After discussing some of Falkirk's charity interests which Keading administered James fell silent.

“He hasn't improved.” James said, suddenly changing the subject. After Falkirk confirmed James was talking about Alec he agreed. The pregnancy and surgery had been brutal on Alec and it would be a considerable amount of time before he was fit again.


Coming into his office there was a standard leave form sitting awaiting his approval. Darren had mentioned that he and Mallory had discussed children. It was apparently time for his heat so Falkirk signed of the leave. Taking the document to his PA's desk he handed it to the curly hared Irishman.

“Good Luck!” Falkirk said as neutrally as possible. Not sure of the appropriate level of enthusiasm for what amounted to I hope you get mounted hard enough and long enough for an Alpha's week and copious amounts of sperm take hold.

At lunch time Tanner knocked on Falkirk's door. As Tanner was one of the few people with open access to his office. Falkirk knew that his motivation wasn't work related. Waving him in Falkirk continued to sip his tea while Tanner looked uncomfortable.

“Well?” Falkirk stated.

“Mycroft is a bit, upset and I think...” Tanner trailed off as Falkirk sighed and nodded his head. Falkirk knowing he had been a bit harsh the last time they met.

“What's his favourite restaurant of the moment?”

When Tanner gave him the information Falkirk reassured, “I'll make nice with him.” With a nod Tanner thanked him and returned to his own lunch.

With the remainder of his lunch and before something could interrupt again Falkirk descended. The natural light gave way to the fluorescent tubes of the inner building. Deep where natural light or radiation could never reach Falkirk entered Q branch. In the administration offices Falkirk greeted his old PA on the way past, who was steadily becoming bigger and grumpier as the months wore on in her pregnancy.

Opening the office door, if Daniel noticed Falkirk's entrance he didn't react. “How's things?” Falkirk asked. Although it had only been a few days since he saw the man last it felt longer.

“If I call home or take any more time off Sandy has threatened to kick the shit out of me. At least his humour is returning.” Daniel answered still concentrating on the screen in front of him.

“Yes, being the mother hen for a Double O, even an Ex one is a delicate procedure.” Falkirk said with experience.

“He is improving, slowly. He has just never been waylaid like this before” Daniel responded looking up for the first time. Falkirk's phone pinged its reminder for his meeting with the Minister. Dismissing the alert Falkirk warned he would visit at the week end.


With Mycroft actively avoiding him. At home Falkirk found Mycroft's schedule it wasn't hard he had access to it for years. The man was insufferable, due to Falkirk, anything non work related was never stored electronically. Mycroft however, scheduled everything to the second and it was all synchronised to his phone, computer with various employees and associates being copied in. So there were things labelled 'haircut' or 'Suit Fitting' which were likely covers for doing something he didn't want Falkirk to know about it.

Finding a low priority meeting, Falkirk shuffled some things about to free up a dinner appointment. With the instantaneous synchronising across devices Mycroft would know something had changed and most likely what along with who had changed it. It was now up to his Brother to decide if he wanted to accept Falkirk's invitation.

Picking up the phone Falkirk made the booking. Casually dropping his title and his brother's name the high class restaurant was able to find a table for them.


Sitting alone in the restaurant Falkirk waited to see if his brother arrived. Mycroft had five minutes to be early(unlikely), on the sixth he would be punctual(most likely if he came) and if he was late he would not be showing up.

As five minutes passed Falkirk became more agitated by the second until a tall lanky figure breezed in. Letting out a breath of relief, Falkirk stood as Mycroft approached the table.

Falkirk thought about following his brother's lead in ordering but dismissed it. Mycroft would see it as a ploy and not react well. Deliberately not discussing work related subjects the conversation became stifled. Grasping, Falkirk asked about Sherlock getting short clipped responses in return.

“Did you love him, G's father” Falkirk asked in the end. Mycroft refused to even acknowledge the question. “G's mother is gone, his father was packed off as a disgrace to Australia. He is no different to most of the Double Os, they just want someone to acknowledge them. Someone to say 'good job', or 'hello' even give them into trouble. To them it means they exist. ”

“He blames me for the dissolution of the marriage, Urquhart was sure to make that point clear to him. ” Mycroft admitted after a protracted silence. “He hated me so much he preferred dealing with the man who deposed his father.”

Fixing his brother with an intense stare Mycroft demanded, “He wants to be close to you, let him, protect him. Every King needs guidance, no matter how experienced they are.”

Surprised by the intensity of his brother's determination Falkirk could only nod numbly.



The sudden sound woke Falkirk and made him sit bolt upright. Looking about the bedroom he couldn't locate the source of the sound.

James was suspiciously still calm and half asleep, the alpha just giving a sleepy, “He's here!”

Listening, a creaking sound drew Falkirk's attention to the handle of the door. Again the handle snapped back up causing the popping sound.

Slowly the handle was pulled down again and the door started swinging open to reveal Andrew with his teddy bear under one arm. Getting up Falkirk pulled on his underwear and lifted Andrew up.

“Poppet, you can't stay with us.” Andrew just whined and squirmed.

Coming to the bottom baby gate, closed and secure. Falkirk opened it, frowning as he did so. The gate at the top was also closed and secure. Falkirk opened it, still wondering how Andrew got out of his crib and down stairs.

Andrew was unhappy to be putting back into his crib and was vocal about it. Sending Falkirk a vicious glare Andrew became unnaturally quiet continuing to glare at his mortal enemy. His dark little lips in a tight little pout.

“He learned that look from you.” James accused referring to the glare. Looking to his father Andrew gave a brilliant and pleading smile full of hope and stretched out his arms. “Sorry short stuff, Papa's word if final” James said rubbing Andrew's cheek and neck.

Closing the door Falkirk made sure the barriers where secured as he and James came back down the stairs.

Just as Falkirk entered the bedroom James halted him with a hand on his shoulder and listened carefully. Moving to the banister James listened then indicated the landing above. Pushing Falkirk into the shadows they waited.

Hearing the distinctive pop of a door handle springing back into place Falkirk understood what they were waiting for. The body of Andrew's bear flew over the upper barrier to bounce down the stairs. The sound of quiet, high grunts of effort forced James forward to see what was happening.

Using the railings of the banister Andrew had managed to climb up and was in the process of swinging himself over the barrier. Falkirk froze in fear. James took off. One wrong move and the child would land on the tiled floor of the Foyer. James ran silently, vaulted the lower barrier and up the stairs and firmly grasped Andrew's middle and held him close. Falkirk able to breath again, with Andrew safely in his father's sure arms.

James looked to the landing below, to his mate bathed in shadow then to the foyer on the ground floor two storeys below. Andrew grumbled again at being stopped. Falkirk moved to meet his mate at the bottom of the flight of stairs. Andrew oblivious to the danger was only concerned for his bear lying on the floor. In silent agreement they headed back to their room, Falkirk scooping up the bear and handing it back to is son.

Happily nestled between his dads and snuggling his bear Andrew drifted off to sleep.

“Bone headed stunts. That one is all yours” Falkirk shot. James' answer was to pull his mate and child closer.

Chapter Text

Sitting at his place, beside Smiley of MI5. The joint meeting with the security services, military and police with the political representatives, chaired by the the Prime Minister was going well. Until Mallory took a fortifying breath.

“The last item, an incident between MI6 and the Army in Afghanistan.”

“Incident?” Falkirk asked in genuine innocence. “MI6 has not been made aware of any, 'Incident'.”

Mallory flicked his eyes to the old and blading man further along the table. The man in the greenish jacket, General Edwards held firm.

“Perhaps.” Falkirk said, drawing Mallory's attention. “There has been no official notification, because the good General didn't want scrutiny falling on his own men. I for one believe all should face justice. Like the soldiers who shoot Afghanis going about their business, including the nephew of our greatest ally in the region, and Faruq's most stable potential heir.”

Looking to the general, Mallory took the diplomatic action, the art of doing nothing. “Well General, did this, supposed, incident occur or not? And if it did, why was MI6 not formally notified of the accusations against it? And...what about the potential counter allegations against your men?”

“Must be crossed wires or something.” the old Alpha grumbled.

“Well if there was no incident, we can end early. Thank you all for coming.” Mallory said with a pleasant smile.

Falkirk, one of the nearest to the door was one of the first out. He waited in the hall of No.10 Downing street. Smiley was next out, along with the GCHQ Director, giving a goodbye to both. He gave a nod, to the Air Force Martial, a short round Alpha who Falkirk felt he had a good relationship with.

Then his target. The Alpha was pulling on his peeked cap, and came to a grinding halt. The old Alpha's double chins wobbled a bit as General Edwards gulped.

“Twice. Once Mummy. Today daddy. Seeing as you don't have either the balls or the knot to face me, you will do well to learn three key phrases, 'Yes, M.', 'No, M', 'Three bags full, M'. Because if you ever so much as look at me, challenge me, I will put the little bitch in his place.”

“Yes, M.” the general parroted.

“DIS-missed!” Falkirk snapped. With Falkirk firmly establishing dominance over the Alpha, the general's instincts kicked in and he saluted, spun on his heels and marched down the stairs.

A soft chuckle sounded from just inside the doorway. A blond woman, in the dark blue skirt and jacket. She too was pulling on a peeked cap, the cuffs of her jacket the highest rank of the navy, First Sea Lord.

“Quite a thing to see.” Admiral Nechayev said. “The only thing missing was for you to bend him over and mount him. A word, in private if I may?”

The two walked down the stairs, and the Special Bach officer opened the door for them. They entered Falkirk's car, where he lifted the central armrest so he could pour his guest a drink as they made their way through London.

Accepting the glass, Nechayev thanked Falkirk then said, “You're part of that grouping of old codgers, the one my illustrious predecessor belongs to? I hope that's not too insulting.”

“The Hind Club, yes.” knowing insulting was exactly what it was meant to be, but in a friendly way.

“Captain Sansky, I would like your opinion, M?” When she saw the omega's caution the Admiral elaborated, “He has been in Naval Intelligence a long time, as an annalist, attaché, Chief of Staff. Passed over so many times for the top job, he didn't even put his name forward this time.”

“He is less, directly confrontation then me.” Falkirk said, the admiral gave a smile, as if on the verge of bursting out laughing in response.

“A Neanderthal Alpha would be less confrontational then you, M.”

“But every good omega finds a style of management that suits them. But, if you are asking my opinion. I would happily poach Captain Sansky. If I knew him a few years ago, he might be my deputy director when I needed one.”

The admiral nodded. It was enough of an answer for her. “Now, the old codgers club, have been pushing for an award to pretty up your costume.”

Falkirk looked out the window. He'd had a fitting for his uniform. The idea of wearing one when he hadn't earned it was still a little, uncomfortable.

Nechayev reached into her inside pocket, pulling out three letters. “I will admit, when I was given these I was concerned that it was just a show. Then came the investigation into your actions. You are quite a character, M, Sir Thomas, Falkirk Bond. You have earned these.”

Falkirk looked at the woman, his real name was an ever growing open secret. But wasn't too sure what she was getting at.

“Vice Admiral, Sir Thomas McLair. For your conduct, in leading MI6 through the aftermath of Raoul Silva, you have been awarded the Distinguished Service Order.” Falkirk was handed a letter, signed by the First Sea Lord herself, with recommendation by Admiral Hargreaves and Roebuck. She then said, “While Pregnant, you did risked yourself and did engage an enemy of this country. For this conduct you have been awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross.”

Falkirk took the next letter of notification.

“Finally, you are formally invited, to be the guest of honour at this years turning out. You'll need to give a speech.”

“Thank you.” Falkirk said a little shocked.

“M.” the First Sea Lord said and waited until the green eyes were focused on her again. “I thought you were just a blackmailer, most of those politicians, generals, admirals, all of them, they are always terrified someone will expose their mistresses, bastard children or how they line their pockets. But you are more than that, you fight very dirty, but you do fight for this country and those under your command. That is noble, worthy.”

Falkirk nodded, feeling that flutter every time an Alpha expressed their true and genuine respect. He crossed his legs, and rested his hands in his lap, desperate that he didn't do the little bouncy movement omegas make when happy or excited.

The First Sea Lord called to the driver, “Pull in, when you can.”

Falkirk again thanked the blond woman as she got out. They waited until she got into her car, which had been trailing them.

“Someone's happy.” Selene teased.

“Oh shut up.” Falkirk snapped in embarrassment.


Knocking on Tanner's door. The beta smiled, as Falkirk entered.

“I have something for you and Mycroft.” Falkirk said and handed over two tickets, they were meant to be for him and Roebuck but they were now official guests. Tanner frowned as he looked at the guest tickets for the turning out at Britannia.

“I think Mycroft especially would like to go.” Falkirk said.

Tanner gave a still rather confused, “Thanks.”


“There you go, Sir.” Hudson said, sweeping down Falkirk's arm with the lint brush. Falkirk looked in the mirror, he was in the dark jacket, with two rows of shining brass buttons, his right shoulder had a braid of gold on the shoulder and around his arm. He had a blue sash on and on the left side, about half way down jacket was a four pointed star indicating his Knighthood.

Coming out of the spare room, where Hudson had helped him dress, Falkirk pulled on the white peeked cap. The butler then gave a piercing boatswain's whistle. The old blond man gave an innocent smile. Falkirk continued down. Hudson then bellowed, “Admiral! On Deck!”

Falkirk looked down to the foyer. Those waiting, snapped a salute. James heading the line followed by Selene, Keading, Cody and they even got Andrew to salute, but looked a little like he slapped himself in the face.

“At ease.” Falkirk said and the group took a wider legged stance. Andrew just stamped a foot and gave a big grin. After a kiss for James and Andrew, Falkirk left them to their day out.

Falkirk picked up Roebuck on the way, he too was in the Blue No.1 uniform, similar to Falkirk's.

“Admiral McLair. Good to see you dressed, for once.” The old man greeted taking his seat.

“Sir.” Falkirk returned with a teasing smile. The car pulling off and heading for the Naval College.

“Now listen carefully, by boy. This is important. It's the duty of the speaker to talk for as long as possible. You want at least one fainter in the recruits, or you haven't talked long enough.” the old Admiral advised.


It was a pleasant day as the cadets stood with their backs to the audience facing the faculty and as  dignitaries Falkirk and Roebuck on stage, set up on the parade ground. The ornate building of Britannia the backdrop to ceremony.

“That's my filly.” Roebuck declared pointing to a cadet in the last row. The cadet wavered and Falkirk could figure out the bet.

“That one” Falkirk said looking to a tall ramrod straight man in the second row.

“There he is.” Roebuck said. It took Falkirk a moment to recognise G as the cadets were almost indistinguishable. But there he was, a young face, with sharp chin and dark blue eyes even visible from the distance.

Nechayev congratulated the recruits, in a speech. She then called Falkirk up and he stood beside the First Sea Lord.  After a further speech, from the First Sea Lord, about his decorations. Falkirk had the two medals pinned to his chest.

Nechayev then turned back to the recruit and the audience further back. “Honorary Vice Admiral, Sir Thomas McLair, KG, DSO, CGC.”

They saluted and the First Sea Lord stepped back and it was Falkirk's turn to speak. Stepping up to the podium, before he could open his mouth, like a felled tree the tall ridged cadet slammed face first into the parade ground. As protocol dictated the cadets remained in position while other Navy personnel came out to the aid of the fallen cadet.

“Respect!” Falkirk said, watching the cadet being helped up. “Broadly speaking, respect comes in two forms. There is the type of Respect which is earned. And there is the respect, 'respectful' if you will. It is, of being respectful, I wish to speak to you today.
     Being respectful is the respect you give to all, whether it be to man or woman, Alpha, beta or omega, to those who outrank you or whom you out rank, to your best Friend or your worst Foe.
     To some this might be contrary to instinct, teaching or culture. You must never view yourself as superior or you diminish yourself. In my time I have met Alphas who have seen me just as an omega and they paid the price. Because they were not respectful. I needed to teach them I was more than they thought I was. I was not nice and I regret that, but it will never stop me from putting someone else who wasn't respectful in their place.
     I have seen men, good men, who did not respect their enemy. They thought themselves better or their cause more just. They often died due to that belief. When you actually face an enemy, be respectful, because if you don't they might surprise you. And if you are lucky you might live to regret not showing due respect...but don't count on it.”

Falkirk saw the filly as Roebuck put it, the cadet's wavering was getting wider and wider and down he went as he over balanced.

“I thank you for listening. And I wish you well in your career and life.” Falkirk said and stepped back, relinquishing the floor to Commodore Pellew, the man who ran the college.

Taking his seat again, Roebuck leaned close and whispered, “Two for Two. Well done, Admiral.”

The cadets progressed up on to the stage in a well rehearsed line. Falkirk noticed in the tiers of the audience, friends and family waved. The cadets unable to return the gesture. Then he saw the two he had been looking for, Mycroft and Tanner. Falkirk thinking his brother had a look of pride, but hard to tell from the distance. A small knot formed in the Omega's chest, sure of it was for G as Mycroft had the same look at G's coronations. Shaking off the desire for approval from an Alpha, Falkirk concentrated on the ceremony.

G came up, shaking hands with the Commodore and First Sea Lord. As his eyes met Falkirk's a very inappropriate smile for a parading cadet appeared on G face. Falkirk gave a small wave, the smile just grew on the young man's face.

“He's going to get it for that.” Roebuck teased.

At the official reception Falkirk found G speaking with a Chief Petty Officer and by the looks of his dress uniform a teacher. Recognising Roebuck the NCO saluted the former First Sea Lord, then Falkirk. Roebuck had been enjoying himself all day, his legacy was still alive in the halls of the Britannia Naval Academy and he was milking it for all it was worth.

At his appointed time G made his way for his official Photograph. Falkirk followed. Leaving Roebuck to speak with the still active members of the Faculty and dignitaries.

G squared his shoulders seeing the entourage awaiting him. Like the the other Midship Men, G handed over his token but unlike the others a team from the palace primped and preened him ready for the camera.

Standing in the official pose, the camera clicked. “Family pose?” the photographer asked. G's eyes flicked to Falkirk before he shook his head.

“May I have one, of us?” Falkirk asked. G's pleased nod was not tempered by the disapproving glares of the palace entourage.

Falkirk took the typical maternal pose, sitting on a stool with G standing behind. A hand was placed on Falkirk's shoulder and the photo was taken. Then for the club, Falkirk had an official portrait taken on his own.

Taking G's arm Falkirk warned him about his down time on the way back to find Roebuck. “Don't get into trouble and don't do anything you would mind me knowing about” Falkirk warned.

As the reception came to an end Falkirk found himself along with Roebuck and G, and most of the newly commissioned officers cammed into a near by pub.

“Banksy and Bumble had to carry me out of this place more than once” Roebuck informed before ordering a round and complaining about the price of a pint grumbling, “Thirty pence in my day.”

Even the First Sea Lord stopped in for a bit. Coming up to them, she smiled, congratulated G and Falkirk. “So was that an Omega version of the glass ceiling talk?”

Falkirk shrugged, “I suppose. Pain in the arse when most Alphas think I'll be cowed by just their smell.” almost having to shout to be heard over the din of the room.

“Well, good luck, Midshipman Windom.” the First Sea Lord said and moved on to the other groups.

“Well another round, I think it's the Midshipman's.” Roebuck said and slapped the boy's sholder. G went up to the bar.

The bell was rung and there was a scramble for last orders. Followed about an hour later, by the barman bellowing,“Bugger off, ya drunk Bastards. Home!”

G and Roebuck piled into Falkirk's car for the journey home. With confusion Falkirk looked over the slumbering men, he had drunk just as much and was the last man standing. “This is what two Scots, a Russian and Hungarian taught me” Falkirk mused.

Instructing the driver to go straight home Falkirk drunk dialled James to warn him. Between James, Hudson and Brayan(Falkirk's backup bodyguard) they got the impromptu guests inside and to the spare rooms. Hudson in a rare lapse in his professional demeanour took a double take at the young Alpha he had hooked under the arms and was dragging up the stairs.


An impact made the bed bounce and dip, enough to wake Falkirk with a start. Under the covers the world was still black with the strong scent of James and himself. Another few impacts became to much to ignore and the dry mouth needed water. Suddenly the impacting force landed directly on him with a sequel of delight.

Pushing back the covers to see Andrew bouncing on James. Gently James threw the child off for him to charge again.

“Children, please” Falkirk admonished squinting in the light.

Getting out of bed Falkirk made his way to the bathroom while James in a sing song voice spoke to Andrew.

“Let's get Papa his hangover cure” and wound an arm around his son's middle and disappeared out the door.

Forgoing his preferred bath Falkirk decided to have a cool shower. Gargling with water to just moisten his mouth Falkirk then proceeded through brushing teeth and dressing in his casual ware. A plain cashmere cardigan and muted tartan trousers dominated Falkirk's style. As the last button of the cardigan came together James appeared, with Andrew carrying a tall glass of orange liquid. Carefully Andrew approached is Papa and presented the glass to him.

“Thank you, sweetheart.” Falkirk said and giving a nuzzle. Standing he downed the hangover cure.

“Breakfast in half an hour and I think G is surfacing.” James said. James then took some clotes for their guests while Falkirk took his son down stairs.

Falkirk was just finishing his tea when G appeared, dressed in Falkirk's trousers and a polo shirt of James'. Falkirk's maternity trousers were a bit loose but acceptable.

“That's for you” Falkirk said indicating a glass tall glass of Barocca with an aspirin in it. As G finished his drink Falkirk offered a coffee which was gracefully accepted.

Fascinated by the strange new Alpha Andrew kept a fixed gaze on G from the safety of his dad's side. Noticing his admirer the older teenager gave a smile and wave. Looking to his Father and Papa in turn Andrew hesitantly took a few steps forward scenting the air as he got closer. Slowly with constant glances to James, Andrew finally stood beside the strange new Alpha.

Offering his hand to the child Andrew took a hesitant scenting at G's wrist before moving closer to the Alpha. Lowering his head and G scented the boy's neck, the child squirming with the attention. Turning his head G let Andrew reciprocate feeling the blunt little nose touch where the scent was strongest, squealed Andrew ran back to his Father giggling and blushing all the way.

“He's cute, takes after you.” G said looking at Falkirk. Andrew still peeking at the strange Alpha and giggling.

Roebuck came down looking better than expected. With Hudson putting the finishing touches on the breakfast everyone made their way to the dining room. Serving themselves Falkirk sat Andrew beside him and gave him a toast soldier to chew on.

“Tanner called,” James casually informed “Apparently the King disappeared.” G let out a groan in desperation and slipped down.

“MI6 knew his location at all time” Falkirk returned with a smile. After breakfast Roebuck called a taxi while Falkirk arranged for a car to return G to his official residence.

On the doorstep, the blond teenager gave a blushing and bashful, “Thanks, M.”

“You did good, I couldn't be prouder.” Falkirk whispered, and G's face went a bit redder, even turning his ears red.

“See Ya.” James called as the watched G get into the car.

Andrew waving too and called, “Ba!” G returning the wave as the car puled away.

Chapter Text


Falkirk hit the slumbering man behind him. James groaned and rolled out of bed. Falkirk heard the alpha opening the door, there was a whine, that slowly faded as James returned Andrew to bed.

Falkirk moved over, to the warm space James had left behind. Rubbing his nose into his mate's pillow, loving the smell that lingered. But the continuing absence of his alpha, finally forced Falkirk up.

Pulling on a dressing gown Falkirk moved through the darkness. With the safety barriers gone in case Andrew climbed over banister and fell, it was now easier for the child to come down if he woke.  A small bed had replaced the crib, too. For the same reason. If Andrew was able to climb out of it, it was now a risk if he fell. As an Omega, Falkirk understood his son's compulsion to be close to their alpha, but Andrew needed to learn to sleep on his own.

James and Falkirk had engaged in a battle of will, retuning Andrew to bed every time he got out. But as Falkirk entered, he saw a new problem, an alpha who was so soft when it came to a tiny little omega. James was sitting on the floor, his upper body sprawling over the tiny bed while hugging Andrew.

Placing his hands on the alpha's broad shoulders, Falkirk leaned against James. When the man shifted, Falkirk whispered, “You can't sleep here either.”

“Mean.” James purred sleepily. Turning he pressed his nose to Falkirk's cheek giving a kiss too.

James pulled away, very cautiously. The two parents freezing when Andrew rolled over and patted around for where his dad had been. As the child settled, his face going to the warm spot James had left, seeking the Alpha's scent, nuzzling against the spot few times before he stilled again.

James wound his arm around he mate's waist and pressed their heads together. Both watching until they were sure Andrew wouldn't wake up. A tug from Falkirk and they headed for the door, ensuring they were quiet.


On the road to work Selene looked over her shoulder to Falkirk “Could you look after Cody next week end?” she asked.

Nodding “Something planed?” Falkirk asked.

“Just a weekend in Paris, it's a surprise. Keading has wanted to go for a while now” Selene said returning to look forward.

“James took me. If we didn't drive there, I would have only seen the inside of the hotel room.” Falkirk teased.



“Your turn.” James grumbled.

Falkirk pulled himself out of bed. Ready to continue the battle of wills. And it looked like Andrew might be the one to win. The small omega was so determined and neither parents had had a full night's sleep.

Pulling open the door. Andrew screwed up his face, knowing his dad was the softer touch. Falkirk picked up his son, rounded the landing, up the stairs and into Andrew's room. All the while, Andrew squirmed and struggled, giving full body spasms, whining loudly in his papa's ear.

Tucking the whining boy in bed, Falkirk sat a short distance off. He started speaking very softly in a monotone to bore and lull his son. “Once upon a time there was a boy named Jack....”

Andrew squirmed, down and down the bed to drop out the end. Falkirk immediately put him back in place. The faint sound of the hall clock, stuck the hour of two. Falkirk continuing, “...Jack's mother threw the beans out the window. Going to bed hungry...”

Seeing Andrew starting to shift, aiming to escape above the small barrier that stopped him rolling out of bed. Falkirk continued to speak as he shifted Andrew back into the centre of the small bed.

“...fe-fi-fo-fum I smell the blood of an Englishman...” despite his attempt to use a monotone, Falkirk got a little swept up in the excitement, and made his voice deeper, which drew the wide awake attention of his son.

By the time Falkirk had finished Jack and the beanstalk and moved onto Goldilocks. The distant clock was striking four. Andrew was again squirming down the bed. Before Falkirk could stop him, James appeared and placed Andrew in the popper spot. He sat down and stroked Andrew's neck, the instinctive gesture calmed the omega enough to send him off to sleep.

The technique was a cheat,  but Falkirk was at the point of not caring. He just wanted to sleep himself. Already his eyes were closing, just like Andrew's. Absently he felt, an arm coming under his knees and around his back. Resting his head on James' shoulder, he fully fell asleep as he was carried down to their room.


Sitting, with the solid lump of his godson in his arm, straining it and making it numb. Size and his alpha physiology making Yulian heavy for his age, far heavier than Andrew was at a few months. Falkirk gave a broad smile, “HA-low, HA-low. You-le-ann, is that you, Yulian?”

The big brown eyes were looking at Falkirk wide eyed and very confused. Falkirk stopped making the excited voice and exaggerated words, the baby's look was clearly conveying, 'Who is they crazy person?'

Glancing up, to the deep couch. Alec was in the corner, trying to look like he was lounging rather than the bolsters and pillows behind him being there for support. And Falkirk deduced, the neatly folded blanket on the neighbouring chair had been over Alec until they arrived for the visit.

James had Andrew in his lap and was describing the night his son escaped and climbed over the stair barriers. Alec laughing at the appropriate points, but not his normal deep chuckle which would strain the man's stomach muscles.

“Is that pride I hear in your voice?” Falkirk asked his mate. James looked a little bashful, without the risk to his son, he could now appreciate the skill of Andrew's escape. Alec launched into a similar story of James' escape from the naval college along a precarious ledge.

Mary returned with Daniel carrying the tray and Cody holding a plate of scones. As they drank tea and ate the biscuits Falkirk continued to subtly watch Alec. He still looked exhausted and he didn't move unless he had to and never stood. Entitled to a year for maternity leave Falkirk wasn't too concerned for the moment. Resolving to keep a close eye on his pack mate Falkirk turned his attention back to the infant happily gumming his finger.

Darren placed a cup of tea on Falkirk's desk and helped himself to a biscuit as he did so.

“You look like shite?” the Irish PA said.

Falkirk took off his glasses and scrubbed his face. The moment his eyes were closed he felt how heavy and dry they were. Pulling his hands away, he noticed another of his biscuits had found its way into Darren's hand.

“Andrew. Now he can get to our room on his own, he wants to sleep with us. Permanently. Still not had a good night's sleep.”

“Oh! You wanted me to remind you about my heat leave, closer to the time.”

Falkirk noticed, all the biscuits that had been perched on the side of his cup had now been pilfered by the other omega. “I may have noticed the small reminders. “ Falkirk said and lifted his cup to take a soothing sip.

Watching the other Omega through the glass wall of his office he was defiantly bulking before his heat. Every so often the curly haired omega's hand would slip into his drawer and emerge with something to be nibbled on.

Calling home Falkirk arranged Mrs Bridges to make some fairy cakes.


Coming in the next day Falkirk placed a tin on Darren's desk. The dozen small, decorated cakes were gratefully received and were slowly demolished.

When 005 returned and perched himself on Darren's desk Falkirk observed the interaction. As the  straw blond's gestures became more dominating and intrusive into the Omega's personal space Falkirk pressed the intercom.

“Double O Five! In here now!” Falkirk voice making both Alpha and Omega jump.

After giving Addison his typical post mission blocking Falkirk dismissed him. Watching 005 stop at Darren's desk again Falkirk pressed the intercom on his phone. “Dismissed! Double O Five!” Falkirk ordered.
Calling Darren in Falkirk carefully prompted him to start his heat leave early. The omega was starting to scent his heat and 005 was not the first Alpha Falkirk had noticed sniffing around his PA. The last thing Falkirk wanted was a challenge to Mallory's claim on the Omega.

Most of the Alphas Falkirk dealt with knew what would happen if they stepped out of line but there were others still fixed on the old days of Alpha dominance. They couldn't be counted on to temper their drives in the presence of an Omega going into heat.

Making sure Darren had his snacks, Falkirk called for his car and Darren's MI6 bodyguard escorted him home.


Slightly over a week later a gaunt Darren returned to MI6. Falkirk hoped he didn't look so emaciated when he returned to work after a heat.  But when Falkirk was met and scrutinised by the strange hazel eyes, Darren said, “God! You look worse than me.”

“Thank you, Darren. Andrew's still fighting for his place in our bed.”

A few days after his return Darren entered Falkirk's office.

“Can you scent anything” he asked hesitantly. Informing his friend and PA that the scent of the heat had faded to nothing. Darren confirmed a pregnancy test had been inconclusive but if the scent was fading it was unlikely he was pregnant.


Tanner burst into Falkirk's office. On the window that separated his office from E-Branch Tanner brought up some information. “We have word that Sloan will be in Georgia in two days time. No word yet on who his target is.”

With James' down time at an end, he was first in line for the mission. So Falkirk ordered Tanner to take the brief on the assassin to Daniel so James could be duly issued the mission.

That night, Andrew stood at his parents' bedroom door. Dressed in the green flannel onesie with his bear clutched tight. His perceptive blue eyes glared as he watched his dad, take clothes out of the wardrobe and pack them in the suit carrier. The small Omega whined softly, scared. His papa came up the stairs and picked him up. But he was just held instead of being taken to bed.

Falkirk carried Andrew down the stairs, following James. A car was waiting to take James to Gatwick Airport. On the top step, James wound his arm around mate and child both. Kissing Falkirk first, then giving a peck on Andrew's cheek.

“See you soon.” James whispered.

“NA!” Andrew said, not sure what was going on and not liking the changed smell of his dad or his Papa.

James gave a weak smile and slid into the back seat of the car.

“Come on, bed.” Falkirk said and Andrew buried his face in his papa's neck.

The clock in the foyer below struck four on Falkirk's eighth trip returning his son that night. Tucking him in Falkirk stroked Andrew's hair, sitting beside the small bed. Starting to speak in slow, calm tones. What Falkirk was saying was less important then the tone it was said in. A huge yawn broke Andrew's stillness as his eyes drooped. Falkirk continued until the world disappeared.

A throat cleared started Falkirk awake with Hudson sanding at the door with the early morning bottle for Andrew, and a cup of tea for Falkirk. Realising both himself and Andrew had slept past their usual wake up time. Reluctantly Falkirk roused the young Omega.

When Keading arrived with the car and Selene. Falkirk gave a quick warning about the child's grumpiness and that he was missing his Alpha.


The following nights weren't any better. A beep from the new motion sensitive baby monitor heralded the imminent arrival. James' absence causing distress, only Hudson or Selene able to quieten Andrew's heart broken mewling for a time. The scent of distress was also starting to be a permanent que from the child. Every night became a battle of wills to get the child to sleep

Exhausted as he bathed Andrew, Falkirk then dressed him in his onesie. The moment Andrew was placed on the floor he went to his room. Grabbing his bear off the bed Andrew pulled the cover off and crouched down in a corner covering himself as best he could.

Falkirk looked at the rudimentary nest with empathy. Placing his hand on top of the bundle “I feel it too” Falkirk said, having gotten used to the separation a long time ago. Lying down Falkirk wrapped himself round the nest and tucked the gaps to close the holes without breaching the nest.


Google had never been a major part of Falkirk's day but with Andrew starting to nest he could see no other option. Finding more than he ever expected Falkirk arranged for a trip to the specialist shop.

The little Omega running the place was pleasant enough as she informed, “We like to maintain a non stimulating atmosphere” as she looked to Selene. Getting the hint Falkirk asked the alpha woman to wait out side.

Casting his eyes over the small shop. There were all manner of Cushions, pillows, blankets everything you needed for indulgent nesting.

Explaining to the woman about Andrew she nodded her understanding. “The 'Nestie' is the latest thing. They have become popular for young children” she said indicating a few small dome tents made of fabric.

Falkirk felt the soft fabric of the surface. Sticking his head in the largest, the weave letting in enough light and air to prevent a stifling or constricting atmosphere.

Pulling his head out Falkirk decided on one about two foot high and three in diameter in a dull red fabric. Falkirk also picked up a few cushions and pillows. Knowing he was paying over the odds but not wanting to wait the extra time Falkirk handed over the money.

Arriving home Falkirk asked Selene to look after Andrew while he and Keading setup the new Nestie free of an Alpha's scent. Figuring out the instructions took a bit of time and swearing on the part of the omegas.

Ripping open the hermetic seal Falkirk fed the ribs through the fabric and soon ended up with what had been on display in the shop. Opening the seal on the cushions Falkirk placed them inside and the whole thing was placed where Andrew had nested the night before.

After dinner Falkirk saw Selene, Keading and Cody out, waving as the car disappeared from view. Taking Andrew upstairs Falkirk followed the usual evening routine, of bath and getting ready for bed. Putting Andrew down, at the threshold of his room. Falkirk was met with the light blue eyes as they shifted from him to the strange new thing in the room.

With a little encouragement from his Papa, Andrew approached the Nestie with caution. As wide blue eyes, grasping hands and scenting nose explored the new thing the Child still wasn't convinced by the intruder. Finding the flap at the side Andrew looked inside soon going all the way.

Sitting with his back against the wall by the closed flap Falkirk heard thumps and saw the walls bulges as Andrew moved himself and the pillows around. Andrew obviously liked it, coming back out to retrieve his teddy and went back inside. Soon all movement ended and Falkirk could just hear the imitation of talking Andrew did.

An hour or so later Andrew crawled out with his bear and climbed into bed. Giving a nuzzle and a kiss to the forehead Falkirk exited the room leaving the door open a crack to let in some light.

That night when the baby monitor beeped Falkirk pulled himself out of bed to intercept Andrew. Opening his bedroom door, Andrew nowhere in sight. Falkirk walked along the landing, passed the stairs down and to the stairs going up. Quietly pushing the door to Andrew's room open he was nowhere in sight.

The teddy was gone from Andrew's bed. Quietly Falkirk approached the Nestie pressing his ear to the fabric. Falkirk listened. Hearing slight movement but it was the scent that caught Falkirk. There was still the distressed, despondent but it was far less intense than the previous days.

Leaving Andrew in peace Falkirk returned to bed and wasn't disturbed that night. Entering Andrew's room in the morning the child had returned to bed at some point. Gently coxing him awake Andrew was in better mood than he had been in since James left.

“Good boy” Falkirk said nuzzling his son. The rest of the morning following a more familiar routine, something Andrew could remember and understand.

Arriving at the office. “You look better” Darren muttered as Falkirk passed his PA's desk.

“Actually got some sleep.” Falkirk responded absently reading through his messages and mail.

Opening a hard backed envelope Falkirk pulled out a photograph of himself and the king in their dress uniform. Checking the origin, a stamp from Buckingham palace on the back.

“Here.” Darren said, lifting a smaller piece of paper that had fluttered out.

Unfolding the white paper. Of the people Falkirk expected Mycroft's precise scrip was not it. Only the words, 'How Touching.' was written on it. It was always hard to tell if Mycroft was being sincere or snide when you were speaking to him and written was worst. Deciding to take the words at face value Falkirk placed the photos back into the envelope and then the envelope into his brief case.

At home that evening, after Andrew was tucked up in bed. Falkirk sat at his desk in the library. Opening the large photo album, the book contained a craniological pictographic history of himself. The first page contained James' MI6 service photo and the page from Falkirk's Q branch passport proclaiming him as 'Falkirk Bond'. The trip to the Bunny boi club, of Falkirk being served a green widow by a barely dressed blond boi in white bunny ears and matching fluffy tail. Clippings from news papers of James and ones of himself, Christmas, birthdays there was even one of M and Villiers from David, his first god son's christening. Every Double O Falkirk had commissioned and buried had their place as well. Now after a few of Andrew, James and Falkirk himself, came the photo of G.

Once the photo was behind the protective sheet. Falkirk flipped the remaining empty pages. “I'll need a new album soon” Falkirk muttered to himself.

Chapter Text

“Miss Evans.” Falkirk said in greeting to the Double O chatting to Darren, as he returned to his office.

“M” She returned, standing to follow M into his office.

The debriefing was going well. Evans a middle of the road operative, she got the job done without the usual flare or fuss the other Double Os tended to produce. Her training as a deep cover agent tended to make her missions slower but on the plus side she drew almost no attention. Her conduct throughout the assignment was neither egotistical or hesitant so Falkirk didn't need to berate her as he would do the others.

Bursting into Falkirk's office Tanner informed. “Situation brewing with Double Oh Five”

One of Falkirk's favourites. Graham Addison was insufferable, infuriating, endearing and charming in equal measure.

Following Tanner to the situation room the wall of screens already had feeds from a satellite with radio chatter coming over the speakers. Fixing his eyes on a screen following a motorbike racing down a forest trail pursued by several more. “A chase in the middle of nowhere?” Falkirk said looking at the GPS overly on a map.

“They're all ours.” Tanner informed.

“You mean King industries?” Falkirk asked and getting a nod. After the death of Olivia Mansfield's friend Robert King, and his daughter kidnapped M and tried to wipe Istanbul off the map, MI6 had seized King Industries and now quietly controlled the only major oil pipeline from the black sea to the west.

If 005 was now being chased by King employees something was very wrong. “Get me out there” Falkirk ordered Tanner. Looking to Evans “Double O Eight, I must ask you to forgo your leave”


Touching down in Azerbaijan. Falkirk pulled out his phone, to get the latest update on 005. Tanner giving the location of the Operative and informed, “Double O Five, escaped his pursuers. He returned to his hotel a few hours ago and checked in with us. CCTV shows Ms Kane arriving five minutes ago.”

Ms Kane being a formidable Alpha in her early fifties Falkirk had never met before but had heard stories of. With a viciousness and ruthlessness that would put Gengus Khan to shame she had maintained control despite Russians, locals and gangster attempts to corrupt, bully or seize King Industries.

Getting to the hotel quickly. The MI6 tactical squaddie slid in the keycard, to Addison's door and gently opened it. Even before the door was fully open Selene grabbed Falkirk pulling him to the side. Evans and the tactical team surged forward and the silenced thumps of suppressed gun fire rang out.

“Secure!” Evans called from inside. Letting Falkirk up Selene looked into the room before allowing M in.

Coming round the door. Falkirk cast his eyes over the room. The Black clad tactical squad members moving about or covering the prisoners. Seeing Ms Kane on her knees with her fingers interlaced on top of her head, Falkirk glanced at her before moving on. Basic first aid was being applied to her henchmen.

Going to the bedroom. “Stop!” Falkirk ordered as one of the squaddies was about to cut the plastic ties keeping the nude operative spread eagle on the bed.

The only out of place person was an Omega female kneeling at the bottom of the bed. Again with her interlaced fingers on top of her head. Seeing a highly polished box beside the bed Falkirk flipped it open. Lifting out one of the instruments with a fine porcelain handle, a trigger operating a hinged spike at the end.

Falkirk mused to the tied up Double O, “You do make the nicest friends, Addison.”

“I'm getting cold. Unless you're appreciating the view?” 005 drawled.

Pulling out an instrument James had once described, used on a testicle to gradually apply force until they ruptured. A bit like vice grip pliers. Holding the three pronged claw, and slowly turning the delicately blue painted porcelain handle so the middle curving prong opened. Addison gulped, seeing M with the implement of torture, and knowing the omega was capable of using it.

“As far as I'm aware you have one consistent, fatal flaw. Most Double Os have it, it's to do with where they think from. I could fix it.” Falkirk said letting his tone get gradually colder.

“M... sir?” came the squeaking response.

“Stop thinking with that thing and you could be great” Falkirk said pointing between the Operatives legs with the castration tool.

“Yes, M, Sir.” Addison snapped in responded.

Switching to a hooked bladed tool, again with ornate handle matching the set. Falkirk slit the ties on the Operative's hand then handed him the knife.

“So what's your story?” Falkirk asked the kneeling Omega. The black hair, black eyes and olive skin indicating Mediterranean heritage. Like Falkirk she was in her mid to late twenties and the facial recognition in Falkirk's glasses turned up nothing. Refusing to answerer she just glared at him. Leaning in Falkirk scented only her omega and no emotional que, but telling was the same soap he himself once used to remove the scent of his bonded Alpha.

005 muttered, “You were all talk a moment ago,” Yanking on his trousers with unnecessary hast and force. “You were going to show me my knot. Make ribbons of my intestines. Pull out my eye, only one, you want me to see my heart stop beating.”

“Now that's not very nice, Miss?” Falkirk said squatting down to be at eye level. She was adamant to remain tight lipped and Falkirk knew it. Shaking his head Falkirk returned to the suite's lounge with the Omega being frog marched behind him.

Taking a casual seat Falkirk gestured to the chair opposite. Slowly Kane moved into the indicated position and Falkirk snapped, “Report, Ms Kane!”

Kane looked to the dead and wounded being removed then to the Omega. “I was doing my job.” Kane said simply and dispassionate as if discussing the weather.

“Your companion seemed to be taking her duties to heart?” Falkirk stated looking to the Omega girl. Addison muttered something in the background that Falkirk chose to ignore. “Are you her Alpha?”

“One bullet, back of the head please?” Kane responded. Falkirk hated the truly fanatical sort, they knew no fear and even death was something they would welcome.

“And her?” Falkirk asked indicating the still silent Omega. It was a vain hope that the Alpha would think of their omega but as Kane shrugged, it confirmed Kane only thought of herself.

Kane addressed the Omega girl. “Alice will find her own way. She is not so fragile.”

“Take her” Falkirk ordered the member of the tactical team guarding the Omega. Securing her hands he marched the Omega out of the suite.

After the Omega was out of sight Falkirk ordered Kane to be removed as well. Giving a subtle shake of the head. “Evans, accompany Ms Kane. I don't want her doing anything to herself, before we can ask her some questions.”

“Yes, M.” she said and moved out with Kane. Addison issued a threatening growl as Kane passed him.

“Report” Falkirk snapped at Addison.

“Went off the deep end, totally native” Addison informed. Addison detailed the corruption and kickbacks he had found in King Industries. Adding, “Kane boasted Alice was an FSB gift.”

Falkirk was at an impasse. He needed someone he could trust to take over King Industries. Someone who knew the area and practices of the groups operating locally. Alec was the first though Falkirk had, but he was just about fit enough to go to the end of the street alone, so the opposite side of the continuant was out.

There was only one thing Falkirk could think of. Pulling out his phone he waited for Mycroft to pick up. “I need favour”

Mycroft's tone was odd, reserved, as he responded, “I could hardly refuse”

Asking for a full management team for Europe's biggest oil pumping company was a big favour and Mycroft wasn't slow at saying so. Falkirk reminded,“King Industries is an MI6 asset and will maintain control”

“Of course brother. It will be a few days to organise someone, trustworthy.” Mycroft said. Like most times Mycroft spoke Falkirk didn't know if Mycroft was placating or threatening in his response.


Getting Station B to set him up a residence. Falkirk decided to wait for Mycroft's team to arrive personally. Evans reported in just before leaving the country with Kane and the Omega. The local Station director showed Falkirk into an old factory, in a desolate area outside of the city.

“I thought the rat infested tunnels were bad.” Falkirk observed looking around the water stained rooms. Several birds detached themselves from the rafters and flew out the broken windows. The tactical team were setting up under Selene's command while Addison came very close to sulking in the corner.

Round a corner and out of sight Falkirk changed out of his three piece suit and into something more appropriate for the climate. Coming out, dressed in insulated black combat trousers and thick dark green jumper concealing the layers beneath. Securing the pocket watch James had gotten him in the shirt pocket beneath the jumper.

At a rickety table Falkirk debriefed Addison personally. Working together on a laptop Falkirk drew up a full chart of King Industries identifying who had to be repatriated, eliminated or ignored.

Jason one of the tactical team and designated cook set a kettle to boil over a camp stove. By the time Falkirk was drawing up a hand written list Jason placed a tin cup beside him. The citrus and bergamot scent acting like a reassuring balm.

Giving one of the lists to the Beta male from Station B. “I want them in England by dawn.” Falkirk ordered. The next order was dangerous while he was still in the country but he wanted it dealt with immediately. Handing the next list to Addison “Good hunting, Double O five”

“Thank you, M. See you soon.” The Double O said with a soft dangerous smile.

“Try not to screw anyone who can get my number!” Falkirk shouted but Addison was gone.

Closing the laptop Falkirk approached one of the sleeping bags. Two of the Alphas from the tactical team were already asleep, the group having moved to a shift. The smell of damp filled Falkirk's nostrils and surrounded by non pack Alphas prevented Falkirk from fully relaxing even when Selene came close enough for her scent to be added to the mix.

In the early hours Falkirk switched, letting Selene rest before sun up. Keeping one of her guns on her Selene handed the other to Falkirk before she lay down. While Selene rested, Falkirk busied himself. Filling the kettle from the water container and putting it on to boil. Mixing the porridge Falkirk handed the bowls to the waking men. Also making tea and coffee before booting his laptop Falkirk prepared for the visit to King Industries offices.

Piling into the two land rovers Falkirk and the task group went to the regional head office. Mostly populated by bewildered lower level functionaries, the senior staff running for the hills, kidnapped or having met their end during the night.

Falkirk confronted the only senior member of staff, an embedded Russian FSB agent who was moving quickly to destabilise operations. Unlike Operatives, agents weren't employed for their prowess but their ability to go unnoticed. Confronting the Beta male with his true identity he gladly accepted Falkirk's offer to run or be renditioned to somewhere International law was only a myth.

Extending the offer to a few others of questionable allegiance Falkirk set up camp in Kane's office. Hacking Kane's personal computer took longer than Falkirk expected. Berating himself for being out of practice Falkirk pulled up the personal files.

Securing the computer from the network Falkirk ordered one of the tactical squad to remain on site, to guard the computer and files. Moving on Falkirk repeated the same process on multiple sites giving people their marching orders. From an early start it was long past midnight when Falkirk returned to the head office. Most of the night was spent going through Kane's files while being supplied awful mush and tea.

Not having found anything on the computer. No convenient, 'Evidence of corruption' folder. Falkirk suspected Kane had disguised her illegal activity within the legitimate accounts. Which meant it was down to the accountants to go through everything with a fine toothed comb.

Reaching the end of what he could do, Falkirk looked forward to having a doze on the leather couch. Closing the programs Falkirk noticed something, a discrepancy in the hard disk size.

Finding a hidden partition Falkirk got to work accessing the hidden data. There, he found everything. There were the real accounts, contracts, contacts. Resigning himself to not getting his nap he trawled through the information.

Exhausted Falkirk looked up. From arriving at the head office in the middle of the night, bright light was striped across the floor from the angled blinds. Getting up Falkirk tilted them up and was momentarily blinded by the afternoon sun. Returning to the computer Falkirk continued to work.

The light began to fade and the lights where switched on. Bathroom breaks where the only exercise Falkirk had gotten in the 24 hours he had been in the office. Realising it had been nearly two days since he had left Britain. With the time difference Falkirk didn't think it to be too late. Pulling out his phone and dialling home.

Keading sounded harassed and exasperated as he picked up. Falkirk's heart clenched as he listened to the distress Andrew was going through in the absence of both parents. Keading held the phone for Andrew but hearing his Papa without being able to make physical contact only made the situation worse. By the time the call was gracelessly ended both Falkirk and Andrew were in a worse state.

Falkirk wiped his eyes. Still hearing the sound of his son crying, long after the call had ended. He still had a job to do, so Falkirk rubbed the moisture from his eyes bringing the world back into focus.

Concentrating on the screens before him Falkirk pushed through his emotions getting the work done right so he could go home. Selene came in for a while, obviously having spoken to her mate. So her stressed scent was added to the room. Eventually Falkirk ordered her out as her presence was distracting him from the figures in front of him.

From the information Falkirk drew up an initial report. More research would be required but Falkirk was already drawing a contact list for 005. It was looking like Butler will have to spend time out hear cleaning up Kane's mess too.

Selene and the tactical squad patrolling gave Falkirk the sense of security to not look up as the door silently swung open. As expected a cup clinked as it was placed on the desk, it was the Alpha's scent that caught Falkirk's attention. Looking up into the blue eyes of his older brother and sitting back.

“What are you doing here?”

“I had to ensure a smooth transition of management” Mycroft said taking a seat across from Falkirk. Taking an obvious sniff “Roughing it, I see.”

It was Falkirk's turn to give a tight placating smile at the obvious, simplicity of the remark. “Dose not bathing for three days smell so bad?”

“It dose give one a scent of history” Mycroft said before asking “Something upset you?”

Pulling out a bottle of vodka he had found and pouring a measure into an empty tin mug Falkirk offered it to Mycroft as he took a swig from the bottle. Grimacing at the hash taste.

“Someone, actually.” Falkirk rasped. Continuing after his throat recovered Falkirk told his brother about the phone call.

Where most Alpha would tuck the distressed Omega under their chin and stroke their back and neck Mycroft seemed at a loss as what to do. Giving up Falkirk stood. “I leave King Industries in the care of your associates”

Packing up Falkirk said he was heading home before looking directly at Mycroft “If you take advantage of this situation I will....” Falkirk warned, trailing off really not wanting to threaten his brother.

“I am aware of the need for King Industries for MI6's operational benefit and Britain's continuing energy security” Mycroft responded. Following Falkirk out there was a general increase in noise and movement. Mycroft introduced his brother to an old school friend.

Falkirk shook hands with the upper class twit. Daniel described Richard's type as 'Tim nice but dim', upper class, well connected but without the intelligence to make a success in his own right. I good stooge to have around, as long as they got their free champagne lunches they were happy.

Mycroft assured Richard was competent enough for the post without the ambition to go beyond what was expected of him. Falkirk warned 'Tim' that a representative would be out in a few days. Finally Falkirk thanked his brother who had decided to stay for now.

Stepping onto the tarmac it was the first time Falkirk was eager to get on a plane. Every clunk and rev brought Falkirk one step closer to home. The plane, a smaller private jet comfortably fit the team that entered Azerbaijan three days ago.

The pilot helpfully informed there would be a flying time of approximately three hours and the moment Falkirk felt himself get heavier he started counting down. Imagining a clock Falkirk closed his eyes '10800' not too fast he allowed the mental image to rotate '10799','10798' so on, ignoring all distractions. '1556', '1555','1554'

“This is you captain we are about five minuets from London City” the speaker squawked.

Changing his mental image '300', '299' the image continued until at '8' a jolt went through the plane and the noise mounted at the rapid slowing of the vehicle.

In his car, it took a monumental amount of self will not to snap at the diver to hurry up. 'Home' Falkirk thought as they turned onto Cherry Tree lane. Stepping out Falkirk ascended the stairs, unusually the door didn't open. Unless Hudson was asleep he usually pulled it open before Falkirk's foot landed on the top step.

Just as Falkirk was about to pull out his key the door swung open. The lines on Hudson's face seeming deeper with bags under his eyes. He also carried Andrew tucked under his chin. The moment Andrew saw his Papa he started mewling and squirming in the older Alpha's arms.

At the sound Keading burst into the foyer from the lounge. Hair messed from sleep, he looked as bad as Hudson. Dark circles, prominent around his blood shot eyes. Keading relaxed seeing his Alpha and pack mate returning.

Taking Andrew from Hudson the child clung to Falkirk with all his might and issued small pathetic mewls.

Letting Selene and Keading greet each other Falkirk thanked Hudson and headed upstairs to wash. Entering his bedroom Falkirk saw an Andrew sized tunnel in the covers of the bed.

“I'm back now” Falkirk said and nuzzled his son again. Attempting to put Andrew down he refused to become detached from his Papa and his mewling got louder.

Filling the bath Falkirk resigned himself to having company while he washed. The scent unhindered by clothing seemed to help Andrew but he still didn't let go. Washing his hair with Andrew's arms wrapped around his neck was tricky but lying back in the warm water with Andrew resting on his chest was calming. Breathing in deeply the damp clean hair as he stroked Andrew's back.

Subdued Andrew stuck to his Papa the rest of the day and even night. Falkirk didn't have the heart to take Andrew to his bed during the night. In the morning Falkirk was able to move out of contact range but had to remain visible.

When Keading arrived Andrew refused to let go of his papa, screaming with tears streaming down his face. Shaking his head “Looks like you get the day off” Falkirk said to the Omega.

It was not the most professional point of Falkirk's life as he walked through the Executive Branch with Andrew perched on one hip, the baby bag over his shoulder and brief case in hand. Setting up a blanket on the floor of his office and scattering some toys Falkirk placed Andrew down and sat at his desk.

Making arrangements for Daniel to leave the building, so Butler could have a meeting with M. The three highest ranked members of MI6 not allowed to be in the same location at the same time.

“b o”

Looking up at the sound Falkirk saw Andrew with both hands and nose pressed against the window. Looking to his Papa he repeated the sound of a B and O. Seeing what Andrew was pointing at Falkirk smiled and in encouraging tones, “yes, Boat

Knocking and entering Tanner waved to Andrew before placing a folder in front of Falkirk. The transcript of Kane and the Alice's interrogation. The Omega's was very slim 'Refused to Speak' was prominently marked along with a doubt about the effectiveness of more extreme measures due to suspected previous abuse.

It was easier contemplating torture when he couldn't hear his son making goo goo noises in the background. Closing the file Falkirk turned his attention back to Tanner.

Seeing something strange in the beta's posture but not quite able to pin it down, exactly. “Am I going to have to order you to spit it out?”

“Mycroft was happy you turned to him.”

Nodding “Lets just hope he doesn’t do anything, creative”

Darren interrupted the chat, informing, “Mr Butler is here.”

Looking up the Welshman was standing patiently for his audience. “Send him in” Falkirk ordered. The new Alpha despite his relaxed calm scent caused Andrew to bolt to his Papa's side and hide behind the desk.

Briefing Butler on the situation and giving the information he had found so far along with the interrogation report. Falkirk ordered, “Find out what Kane hasn't told us, Double O Five is on station you may utilise him. And could you keep an eye on the new management of King Industries as well.”

“I'll leave at once, M.” the man drawled with a twinkle in his blue eye. He then left, giving a smile as he did so.

Putting his hand down Falkirk started stroking the absolutely silent child. Pushing his chair back Falkirk encouraged Andrew into his lap continuing to stroke his neck. Tanner quietly extracted himself from the situation. Falkirk continued to work around the child in his lap until after some time Andrew gained the confidence to further explore the new place.

Deciding on an early lunch Falkirk took Andrew's hand leading him through E Branch. Coming to the the reception. Falkirk passed the memorial wall and out. Selene following a few paces behind. Heading for the river Falkirk let Andrew see the boats moving up and down. Drawing Andrew's attention Falkirk pointed to the curved windows of his office, the one that exploded in Silva's purging fire ball. Shaking off the morbid thoughts Falkirk led Andrew to a cafe he once frequented regularly.

The perky Omega behind the counter recognised him and was joyed to see the new addition. Remembering his order Falkirk added something for Selene and Andrew as well. In the room mixed with strange scents Andrew reverted to clinging to his Papa hiding his face from the room.

Returning to MI6 Falkirk went to visit Q branch. Entering the administration Daniel was currently berating an indifferent Double O Nine while 008 was watching on in amusement.

Giving up on the unrepentant blond omega, Daniel approached placing his hand on Andrews neck and stroking.

“Separation anxiety.” Falkirk informed at the man's curious look.

Daniel leaned in to nuzzle, with Andrew reciprocating the gesture for the known Alpha. “Good little laddie” Daniel praised earning a small smile from his godson.

Closing in Maloney offered his wrist, first letting Andrew identify him as an Omega before coming closer. “Hello, little man” Maloney said with a pleasant smile. As a beta, Evans was accepted as she came over to see the boy.

Falkirk had brought Andrew a tour shortly after he had been born. But now Andrew could understand and interact. Reintroducing Andrew first to Annie who was pleased to see them. Chatting for a few minutes they discussed her due date which by the size and position of her bump seemed an optimistically long time time away. Underwood was as prim and proper as ever, if Mycroft didn't prefer the male form Falkirk would have defiantly introduced the pair.

Hal a Beta and an old colleague was acceptable to the young Omega but the moment Peter(R) approached Andrew cringed and hid from the Alpha in the crook of his papa's neck.

Returning to E Branch. Darren was able to keep Andrew as long as he could see his Papa through the glass wall. During that time Falkirk managed the teleconferences and phone calls he needed to make.

Afterwards Maloney arrived for his debriefing. Andrew for his part was happy enough in the presence of the two Omegas even going so far as to climb into 009's lap and nuzzling him. A moment of panic arose when Maloney stood with Andrew still in his arms. Looking desperately for his Papa Andrew relaxed as he was placed in the chair that Maloney had been occupying.

“See ya, little M.” Maloney said and ruffed his hair and headed out.

Looking from the out of control hair of his son to his own reflection. Running his hand through his hair, more limp than it used to be and not quite as thick. There were even a few grey hairs showing even in the barely visible reflection of the glass wall. Shaking his head Falkirk returned his attention back to the screen.

On a whim Falkirk pulled up the latest activities on James, usually no news was good news when it came to James Bond. Finding covered up footage of an exhilarating chase over roof tops, along with CCTV footage of a hook up in a casino bar. Watching an unknown woman caress James chin made Falkirk's inside clench. They never discussed James' liaison when on missions. The only thing that prevented a full blown jealous rage was James himself. When the woman caressed the Double O's face James turned into the caress when with Falkirk he would expose his neck invitingly, wanting a nuzzle. The last known contact was when James entered Azerbaijan.

“Bugger” Falkirk's swearing drew Andrews attention. “He was less the sixty miles away and I had no idea” Falkirk muttered. Hopefully, Falkirk thought a couple of days and James would swan in bold as brass.

The office workers slowly started packing up. Usually Falkirk worked on for hours more, along with Tanner and a few others but today he needed to get home. Waiting for the day shift to leave Falkirk started packing up as well. Stopping at Darren's desk Falkirk instructed him to have an early night too. Before Falkirk could go Darren called him back and handed him a 'leave form'. The date was still over a month away but Falkirk signed it anyway.

“Just remind me when the time gets closer?” Falkirk asked.

“Will do” Darren responded

Home was a familiar routine. Feed Andrew, feed Falkirk, bath Andrew then together time before a story and bed. Not sure how Andrew would react to his absence Falkirk left the door open a crack and went for his own bath. Doing some last minute admin with a cup of tea in the library before going to bed. Giving one last check on Andrew, still in his bed Falkirk went to his own room.

Knowing it was late but knowing he would be up Falkirk called Daniel. Requesting a report on James before asking Daniel to forego as much of the post mission requirements as possible. Due to Andrew and his own growing anxiety. Daniel agreed and on Falkirk's request passed the phone to Alec.

They chatted for a while before Alec asked to return on light duties. The request was a weight off Falkirk that he didn't realise he was carrying. Agreeing Falkirk told his friend to report to his office first thing and they would discus appropriate duties. Hanging up Falkirk switched off the light and pulled James' pillow close breathing deeply the lingering scent. The baby monitor beeped but Andrew didn't show up so Falkirk ignored it thinking he was going to his Nestie.

When Falkirk woke in the morning he had a slumbering visitor curled up on the other side of James' pillow.

When it came time to get up Falkirk stringently followed normal routine. When Keading and Selene arrived Andrew started to protest but MI6 was no place for a child and leaving a mewling crying child tore him up.

Riding in the car Falkirk let his thoughts run in circles round his head. By the time they arrived at the underground garage Falkirk realised he had written his resignation in his head.

Shaking off his thoughts Falkirk entered the building. He met up with Alec as he waited to pass through the checkpoint outside E branch. Falkirk walked through the office with his pack mate. Noticing Alec still wasn't as graceful as he used to be and how the other man stopped himself from holding his stomach.

Tanner was waiting outside his office along with the head of internal affairs. Falkirk made it clear to Ferguson although Alec was in his department Alec would be reporting directly to M. Giving Ferguson his orders to extend Alec every possible courtesy Falkirk then turned his attention to Alec.

Ordering Alec to familiarise himself with the operations of Internal Affairs and to bring his fitness levels up. He would work as Falkirk's eyes, ears and if needed a gun in pursuing those who had fallen from grace. Dismissing them Falkirk asked Alec to wait.

Waiting until Tanner had closed the door Falkirk looked to his first pack mate and friend. “How are you?” Falkirk asked in concerned tones.

“M isn't meant to ask that question. It's always 'Are you fit?', 'Competency?' at the most 'Can you do the job?'. ” Alec said a bit petulantly.

“I'm more than just M.” Falkirk said softly.

“Would you drop the tone. I'm not about to drop dead” Alec complained.

Tilting his head to the side and exposing his neck Falkirk also made his voice as innocent and naïve as possible. “Yes, Yes you're still my hero who saved me from the big bad men”

Snorting Alec gave a teasing smile as he told Falkirk to, “Shut up.”

Watching Alec move he still didn't convey the power and grace he one held although he didn't have the injured gate he had been sporting the last few months.

Ending the day in Whitehall Falkirk was trapped by a Minister attempting to stamp his authority on MI6. One benefit of Mallory's predecessor, the ego centric politicians weren't brave enough to challenge the only person Urquhart though of as a threat.

Mallory didn't instil the same level of fear and control over his ministers and now they were taking the opportunity to be assertive now they could.

“And you decided on a three day holiday?” the Foreign Minister demanded.

Falkirk was willing to be polite to the representative of the people but there ware only so many times he could say 'MI6 Operations were on a strict need to know basis'.

“Need to know, Minister.”

“You disappeared for three day and I don't need to know?” the minister demanded.

Considering he was a non executive director of King Industries' main UK rival. “No!” Falkirk answered.

Deciding to end this Falkirk said, “Perhaps we could discuss your three day trip to Thailand.” the minister froze.

“If that is all Minister?” Falkirk stood and headed to the heavy oak door of the old fashioned style office. Frowning, a thought came to him. Looking to the silently fuming man and then the civil servant standing unobtrusively to the side of the room. “Do you know where I was?”

The permanent secretary to the foreign minister, a position not controlled by the politician who had no say on some staff members answered.

“Of course not, M. When MI6 declares something 'Need To Know', we can't overrule that.” Sir Humphrey said, in a way that made Falkirk think he knew exactly where Falkirk had been.

“I'm so glad. I would so hate to conduct an investigation into a leak and who was the recipient of the leaked information.” Falkirk said in a tone that meant he would find and hold to account anyone who talked.

By the time Falkirk got home the threat to the Foreign Minister's had made it's way to Mallory. The man himself was sitting in his library awaiting him. Just as in the old days Falkirk pulled the bourbon out and filled two glasses. As Mallory started to broach the subject of the foreign minister Falkirk snapped, “Keep your ministers in line if they are to face me.”

“You are making enemies” Mallory warned.

“At the moment another Conservative government is unlikely” Falkirk said knowing he had hit a sore spot with the PM.

“That may be but there is time for manoeuvrings to be the end of you” Mallory continued.

“I wrote my resignation on my way to work this morning because Andrew didn't want me to leave him” Falkirk fell silent for a moment before continuing. “There are two people who will get me out of MI6, James is one, Andrew is the other. If anyone else tries they had better come equipped with a halo and wings because if they don't, they will fail.”

“M, Urquhart, Bond you have learned from very strong individuals. A bully will...”

In a voice cold and hard, adamant and true Falkirk said, “I have learned from more than just them. Above all I am M and I am Bond. And as for being a bully. Yes I am. Because if I was anything less I would be the one being trampled on and dominated.”

Knowing Falkirk was not going to budge on the matter Mallory resigned himself to telling his minister to suck it up. Giving his thanks and goodbyes Mallory departed having achieved nothing more than getting a bourbon.

Andrew was sitting on the top of the stairs with Keading and Cody not willing to approach until the strange Alpha was gone. Opening his arms Falkirk scooped up his son when he ran to him. Waving Selene and Keading off Falkirk began the night time routine as he had done for two years before.

The bleep from the baby monitor roused Falkirk. As before Andrew didn't come downstairs right away and Falkirk dozed off again. The sound of the door alerted Falkirk to an immanent guest but the scent preceding the person was too heavy and intense.

“James” Falkirk moaned in his half awake state. A soft chuckle sounded as the bed dipped with the added weight. The sensual nuzzling brought Falkirk to full wakefulness.

Chapter Text

“Da! Da!”

The high squeal waking up the two in the bed, followed by a flying jump. After fully waking his parents Andrew wriggled and pushed to squirm and press himself against his Alpha bathing in James' scent.

Issuing a playful growl James wrestled Andrew down nuzzling him. The happy child giving a rapid woodpecker like laugh.

“He's getting so big!” James said with wonder, it had been just weeks but Falkirk too had noticed the rate their son grew at. In Falkirk's case it was manly down to the clothes he had to buy for the ever growing child.

 “And people are starting to understand him.” Falkirk added referring to the simple words their son was making now.

Andrew barely noticed his papa leaving for work that day. Not too put out, it was the nature of an Omega for their world to revolve around their Alpha, parent to begin with and mate later on. Sexiest it may be but there was an element of truth in it none the less. So Falkirk watched his mate and happily grinning child as they waved from the top of the steps as his car pulled away.


Falkirk first noticed the unconscious reminder of Darren's on coming heat. Snacks had started appearing at his desk and the Alphas had started circling like sharks.

Shaking his head Falkirk concentrated on his work until an alert sounded. One of the people he monitored had entered the building, habit forced Falkirk to see who it was. Alec's new id appeared entering the building and was registered at check points as he made his way to training.

Looking up, the day shift was gone, only Darren remained in the anti-section of Falkirk's office. The communal section beyond Darren had moved to the night shift with only a few of the workstation were occupied. Tanner and a few others should be about but they had there own offices.

Getting up, Falkirk sent Darren home for the night and reassured Selene he was not leaving the building, but his bodyguard followed anyway. Moving through to the inner building in order to access the subterranean levels Falkirk got off the lift before reaching Q branch. In one of the smaller gyms reserved for the assessment of a single person Falkirk found Alec.

Alec was bare chested as he did pull ups. A nasty scar ran from his belly button to beneath the waistband of his ugly blue tracksuit trousers. Falkirk knew the c-section was the more dangerous type, but the doctors went for it, something about less damaging to the muscle structure or something. There was still the livid stretch marks too.

Alec demanded, between grunts of his pull ups, “What... do... you... want...”

“Usually when someone comes in like you did, it means trouble. But if you're intending to behave I will leave you in peace” Falkirk said getting a typical Double Ohesc “Yes mother”

Shaking his head Falkirk threw a “Have fun” over his shoulder as he left. Happy to see his friend returning to strength again.


Paying his mate a visit one day, James passed the PA's desk and entered M's office. “He's getting close” James said of Darren.

“I know! I've been chasing off Alphas since yesterday.” Falkirk responded casually.

James fell silent as he wandered around the office, forcing Falkirk to look up. A beckoning finger forced Falkirk to come up beside James at the full length windows looking over the Thames.

Looking to where James was pointing they could see Keading in the distance holding onto Andrew as they watched a passing boat. The two just standing there, watching their son in the distance.

“I'd like to go for a drive, just the three of us.” James mused as he maintained a professional distance.

“Sounds nice.”

Darren called through the intercom, “Butler on the line.”

Indicating James could stay if he wished Falkirk pressed the button for speaker. “Report!” Falkirk ordered.

The deep resonating tone of the former 007 filled the room.

“Kane was in it up to her neck. She was playing all the groups off each other, crushing unions, pitting one gang against other, siphoning funds and oil to as yet unknown locations. It actually looks like she was destabilising the region. Most of the groups are now after her, King Industries is under siege. I recommend termination of the Omega, what I have found points to her being an FSB agent.” Butler summarised before justifying his conclusions. As Butler spoke something caught Falkirk's attention. “...The situation isn't helped by some diplomat and spies stepping on our toes, so to speak..”

“Is Mycroft Holmes still out there?”

“He's a regular visitor, three trips in the last week.” Butler informed giving Falkirk a sinking feeling.

Instructing Butler to continue Falkirk listened to the information Butler had and on the Omega female. Only known name was Alice but that was the latest in a host of nicknames, the current given to her by Kane. Falkirk could hear Addison in the background complaining about the 'Psycho Bitch' and Butler trying to quieten the Double O.

“I am aware of Double Oh Five's opinion on Alice. Anything more on her?” Falkirk drawled. It was not a nice life Butler described for Alice. Butler warning what he was saying was just the stories he had uncovered and some contradicted other.

Alice's life boiled down to a child taken by a criminal for whatever reason they used to justify there actions(depending on the story it was to repay family debt, personal debt or someone just wanted her). Alice was then passed around as a reward, prize, or just discarded until her first proper bond mate(Butler saying there were many conflicting rumours about that time in her life). From that bound Alpha, she was taught first hand about pain.

Butler finishing, “One of the more credible stories say Alice was passed from one of the criminal gangs, into the hands of an FSB agent. Which is where she learned her skills. Alice was then used to watch, or help, or bribe Kane, depending on what rumour you listen to. She may be a victim. She may have been siding with Kane because that had been her life for so long. But she may now be a fully aware accomplice in Kane's action. I would side on the latter.”

“M?” Addison called, softly. Even James recognised the tone. It was the benefit of the doubt, given to the people caught up in the bad situations they couldn't get out of. “She.. Alice...”

“Double O Five, do you think she is or was loyal to Kane or whatever Kane was doing?”

“I don't know. And as long as she's in a cell, without access to pointy things I'm willing to give her a chance.”

Finishing up the call, Falkirk disconnected. The cold analytical part of his mind awoke at the assessment of the Omega. At that moment Falkirk realised how much like M he had become. Sending Tanner a message to make the arrangements.

James, as if reading his mind, said, “Double O Five won't be pleased.”

“When Double O Five becomes M he can decide what to do. Until then he can tow the line. And besides, 'I don't know' without the desire to kill is almost spy speak for 'I trust'.”

James and Falkirk then headed out. Joining Andrew and Keading in the cafe Andrew immediately abandoned his minder in favour of his Alpha. Selene took up position beside her mate.

“He's planning on recruiting Addison's new friend” James said conversationally

“Oh, Addison has Darren to protect him from the mean little girl.” Selene teased.


Andrew was very cranky as he was woken far earlier than usual. Going out the back and into the garage where James was packing the Aston Martin. Falkirk secured Andrew in his car seat and tucked a blanket around him but his curiosity was keeping him awake. Hudson waited at the double doors for James to pull out into the lane behind the houses. Hudson closing the doors behind them and returned to the house.

“Where are we going?” Falkirk asked. James would only give a quick smile and return his attention to the road.

Andrew dozed off again holding his bear securely in his sleep and giving it an unconscious nuzzle every now and again.

It didn't take long for Falkirk to figure out where they were heading. There was only one thing that would pull James north. Instead of a long journey James detoured to Yorkshire pulling up at the private road to the house of Shane Ford. Falkirk's nephew, David was hard at work at the kitchen table, his school work spread out in front of him.

Andrew refused to leave James' side in the presence of the two other Alphas despite David's best efforts to engage his cousin. Shane didn't push the skittery Omega beyond his comfort level. During the night Andrew slept with his parents basking in the safety of their presence.

In the pre dawn hours James roused the Omegas. After a quick breakfast Falkirk nuzzled his brother and nephew before they headed off again.

Moving through Glasgow and past Perth the rode became desolate with encroaching mountains either side. As the valley widened, instead of the road to Skyfall James headed  along another road, to the village.

Being Sunday the village was silent, most of the population packed into the small Church. Knowing the old Game keeper was not religious, James parked at a small cottage by the old dirt track that crossed the moors to Skyfall.

Pulling Andrew out Falkirk placed him on his feet while James knocked the door. Getting no answer James circled the building looking for any sign of the old man. Seeing the well trampled grass paths James started to follow the most well used. Andrew trotted to catch up over the uneven ground.

Falkirk followed James as he watched Andrew make good progress over the ground and up a small hillock. When Andrew reached James, the father placed the his son on his shoulders as he looked over the terrain. Coming up to the pair Falkirk could just see the rebuilt Skyfall and the small chapel that stood in the distance.

“Up for a trek?” James said with a teasing smile.

Resigned to his fate and luckily they all had sturdy shoes and warm clothes, Falkirk nodded. Encouragingly, James placed Andrew on his feet and started to move off. For nearly an hour they traipsed through the countryside. Falkirk stumbling a few times and Andrew tiring himself out. With Andrew again on his father's shoulders, a sudden bang rang through the valley. While Falkirk and Andrew looked startled towards the originating location James seemed unsurprised and continued on.

Another shot rang out closer and more distinct, James just continued on. Coming on a man stooping down.

“Traipsing about like a heard of Elephants, going to get your selves shot” the old man grumbled not looking up.

“Never pull a trigger, unless you know what you're going to shoot.” James said, earning a chuckle from Kincade at have one of his own lessons thrown back at him.

With his brace of rabbit Kincade stood to look at James, his eyes drawn to the person sitting on the other Alpha's shoulder. “Another impudent little pup?”

“He's learning.” James returned.

“Tommy lad” Kincade said addressing Falkirk. And patting the slight man on the back.

Kincade led the way back, until he started down an old over grown path.

“We parked at your place.” James informed nodding towards the village.

Giving a quiet nod of understanding, Kincade gave up on the path to Skyfall and headed to the village. “Tommy fixed the old girl up, better than new.” Kincade informed. James made a dismissive noise as Kincade discussed the rebuilt property. “And what he did to your Father's gun.” Kincade continued with a tone of awe and respect.

James continued to endure the rambling in silence, still unwilling to discuss the house he had forced himself to ignore. Along with his father's gun that he discarded with as much ease as the Q branch issues, and finding it months later by chance rusted and decaying.

Arriving home Kincade invited his guests in. Setting a kettle to boil over a gas hob he joined James and Falkirk at the kitchen table. Andrew sitting quietly in his father's lap, would look at the strange Alpha openly until his gaze was noticed then hide in his father's chest.

The visit was brief and after a cup of tea and a gift of a rabbit it was time to head back down the road. James drove into the early ours to get back to London.

In the morning Falkirk had a leisurely time getting dressed while James dealt with Andrew's morning routine. Keading and Selene arrived on scheduled and with a nuzzle to his son and mate Falkirk headed for work.

Returning home that evening, Falkirk was impressed by Mrs Bridges Chicken a la King until Hudson casually informed, “It's Mr Kincade's rabbits.”

Chapter Text

Standing on the tarmac Falkirk waited for the small private jet to come to a stand still. The first off the lowered door, the blond doppelgänger of Sherlock. Peter Guillam came to a sudden stop seeing who was waiting for them, Mycroft bumping into his back.

“Gentlemen.” Falkirk greeted as they continued down off the plane. Like most Alphas when confronted with wrong doing Guillam had trouble hiding his guilt. Mycroft on the other had was completely unabashed.

“How is Azerbaijan?” Falkirk mused before continuing “Your seventh trip in three weeks, Mycroft? Mr Guillam, your second?”

Falkirk knowing despite his guilt Guillam wouldn't speak and Mycroft wouldn't admit to anything either. Gesturing Mycroft to walk with him Falkirk took his brother's arm.

“I can not prove it but I think the Foreign Secretary knows I have something to do with King Industries. You know the Tory Party, they will sell every asset off in sight given half a chance. I will not tolerate it.”

Making sure they where out of ear shot Falkirk warned.

“I had to hobble the bastard. If I find you had anything, and I mean anything to do with him finding out. If you are taking advantage of my moment of need. I will not only never forgive you, you may or may not live to regret crossing me and endangering MI6's income.”

Mycroft, reassuring his brother, “King Industries is not my focus.”

“The network Kane set up? Is that what you want? But Mycroft you are stepping on MI6 toes and I'm getting concerned.” Falkirk said.

Mycroft gave a smile, that conveyed nothing.


Calling in Tanner to his office, Falkirk was faced with two options, subtlety that the man should see through easily or being straight forward.

“How's Mycroft?” Falkirk asked going for the blunt approach.

“I am not your spy or Mycroft's keeper.” Tanner responded. Getting angry, “You should have seen him when you asked for his help...”

“As honoured as Mycroft was, will it stop him from doing something stupid? You know him, he is an enthusiastic amateur. And in the past has made some big mistakes. ” Falkirk demanded.

Letting his last comment sink before Falkirk said, “Warn Mycroft or it won't end well. Dismissed!”


Arriving at the HMP Downview. Falkirk was greeted by the governor. The austere woman, an Alpha large and imposing. Extending her hand in sharp militaristic movements she introduced herself as Ms Trunchable. Her black hair pulled into a severe greasy ponytail, mottled skin indicative of a heavy drinker and exposure. Whenever she spoke she was on the verge of shouting as if she was on a parade ground.

The Omega known as 'Alice' or as Trunchable dubbed her 'the special case' was in the solitary wing. “She escaped from the hospital and the Bitch prison” Trunchable said, headless of who she was speaking to. “Not strong enough to fend off the general populace though.”

Falkirk entered the visiting room. Alice was sitting at one of the metal tables fixed to the floor. The curving benches too, were fixed to the floor. Alice watched him, completely blank faced.

“Remain here!” Falkirk ordered the governor in an unquestioning tone.

Approaching the table Falkirk sat opposite Alice. Rather plane, almost black hair down to her shoulders, dark brown eyes, small and fairly young.

“Hello!” Falkirk said pleasantly, gaining no answer but a continuous staring into his eyes. Placing a folder in front of him and opening the information Butler had uncovered.

“Quite a life” Falkirk observed flicking through the pages. Deciding not to rehash old times Falkirk decided to focus on her future. “You have talent. You even intimidated one of my best.”

“Yours?” Alice muttered. Her voice a little flat, with an eastern European accent Falkirk couldn't distinguish further.

“Mine?” Falkirk asked curiously but only got the same staring in response. Thinking over what he said. “Yes Addison is mine.”

Looking to Selene “Mine” then the nu-intrusive Beta who had accompanied them “Mine” then to the extra MI6 security saying 'mine' in turn. Only the prison personnel were omitted. Seeing she was taking a subtle scenting Falkirk leaned forward exposing his neck.

“You have an Alpha?”

“Mine to.” Falkirk informed, now she looked suspicious.

It was at time like this Falkirk could use a posturing Alpha to slap down for show. Only the prison personnel where likely to do something silly but they were being paragons of professionalism in the situation. So that left Falkirk the only option to confront Alice's suspicions.

“You don't believe me?” Falkirk said taking a more relaxed posture. “Information is and always has been my business. I got so good at tracking down every piece of information I could, I became a threat. I was then given the opportunity to do what I do best. I am now one of the most powerful people in the country. I'm giving you the same option as me, and others. I can get you out of here or leave you to rot for the rest of your life. The choice is yours.”

“You want me to hurt people.” Alice said but something in her still unbroken gaze made Falkirk think she was testing him rather than having problems with being a sanctioned MI6 torturer.

Instead of answering her Falkirk called over the Beta, the current head of interrogations within MI6. The man a card carrying psychopath contained a deep seated desire to understand a person's reactions to pain and pleasure. Falkirk had watched some of his interrogations and they made what Falkirk did to his father look like a petty slap in comparison. Even Alec the most experience in interrogation techniques had to turn from the man's methods.

“This is E. He will be your mentor and teacher.” Falkirk said. This got a reaction.

“I am best, I don't need teacher” Alice spat at E with contempt.

The psychopath insulted but being charming drawled “You are an amateur.”

Alice said something clearly dismissive and Falkirk looked to Selene for a translation. She said, “Approximately, your ego makes you weak”

Before E could react Falkirk clapped his hands.

“Excellent! You'll get the standard remuneration and get out of jail card.” he said to Alice then looked to E “and you'll get a protege. Be nice or you'll get a one way trip to the village.”

The small weedy man smiled hollowly at the order, threat and the idea of a student.


Having returned from his heat the day before Darren was still a little delicate at the moment. Even if he was fully fit he wouldn't have been able to intercept the furious Double O Five storming through E branch.

“Mr Addison” Falkirk calmly greeted as his door was thrown open.

“You hired that, that...”

“Bitch?” Falkirk interrupted, supplying the word he was not able to say.

“You forgot Evil, vicious, cruel...”

Falkirk let the man rant until Addison fell silent. Falkirk reassured, “Alice will be released under the strictest surveillance MI6 has. Unless you go to the brig or start following her, you will not see her.”

Addison complained for a bit more but Falkirk knew it was just him lodging his protest. As long as he kept Alice under control there wouldn't be any trouble.

“Double O Five?” Falkirk called, stopping the man before he pulled open the door to make a show of storming out.

“Did you scent anything in Darren?”

The sandy haired Alpha shook his head. “A little fatigue was all. And the mate, he's covered in it.”

“Thank you, dismissed. And I'll keep Alice away from you.”

Addison nodded and left. Q watched the man as he had a brief word with the curly haired omega. But the Alpha kept his interaction casual and normal, before heading out.

Going to the break room to make a pot of tea and a plate of biscuits Falkirk carried the tray back to his office, asking Darren to join him. Setting up the tray on his desk and indicating Darren should take one of the guest chairs Falkirk sat beside him. As he poured the tea Falkirk asked “How long have you been over your heat?”

Giving a dismissive shrug Darren answered, “Four-five days” with disappointment in his voice.

With the answer Falkirk was more reassured with what he was about to say. “I think you're pregnant.”

“Ya'bastad!” the omega shouted, jumping up. Falkirk had a bit of trouble following what the other omega was saying, Darren was speaking so quickly and his accent had gotten so much thicker. But clearly over the moon.

Chapter Text

Falkirk's deputy, Butler, returned from Azerbaijan. King Industries, for the most part secure against the gangs and other intelligence agencies again. During his report, he was unable to add anything on what Mycroft was doing. When Mycroft actively stopped Falkirk from learning things, it left a gnawing pit in the stomach of M.

After hacking his brother's data. “He's learning.” Falkirk complained as he downloaded every electronic record and turned up nothing on Mycroft's actions.

Finding himself going to the only other person he could turn to for an unofficial operation. By the sounds of shouting, the occupants were having quite the argument. Falkirk knocked the door of 221 Baker Street.

The door ripped open, showing John, he stopped shouting up the stairs to ask, “What do you want?”

“I have a job for Sherlock” Falkirk answered calmly.

“Good! Perhaps he'll, GET HIMSELF KILLED!” John spat, the last shouted up the stairs.

Following the sound of the tortured violin Falkirk entered the flat. A sharp screech made Falkirk wince as Sherlock noticed his guest.

“How would you like to annoy Mycroft?” Falkirk offered.

“He'll do it!” John shouted coming in behind Falkirk. “He hasn't had anything in months and he decided to quit smoking AGAIN!”

Falkirk could understand. A bored, craving, Sherlock was not a nice creature to live with. It was little more than token resistance from Sherlock before he started carefully listening to the details. Even John, in an improving mood agreed to accompany the detective to Azerbaijan.

Finally Falkirk gave Sherlock the only thing he had found in Mycroft's records, his schedule full of discrepancies. Along with the travel documents Falkirk wished them luck.


Darren had been on cloud nine for days, since confirming his pregnancy. A bounce in his step and his easy charming smile just a little wider and his blue eyes held a brighter spark.

Falkirk watched from the corner of his eyes as the only other Omega in E-Branch chatting away with Darren. A sip from the herbal tea had an almost instantaneous affect, Darren's face drained of colour and he ran from the room.

Luckily for Falkirk he never really suffered from morning sickness, only a few foods would affect him. In the following days it was clear Darren wouldn't be spared that fate as the moment anything touched his stomach it would be violently expelled moments later.

Tanner placed two mission outlines on Falkirk's desk just as the sound of a chair crashing to the floor and Darren doing a fifth yard dash towards the break room.

“I'll get cover from the pool.” Tanner said helpfully.

The shorter more pressing assignment was an arms market, giving the file back to Tanner “Take this to Q, for assignment to Double O Seven.” Falkirk ordered. If the mission ran to schedule it would mean James and he could have some personal time when he came back.

Pressing the intercom Falkirk asked, “Get, Double O Fi....” before he noticed the desk was empty. Dismissing Tanner's offer to get the Operative Falkirk reassured he could make his own phone calls.

After searching his own computer Falkirk decided it would be quicker to just use Darren's. Finding the neatly organised access to the Double O files Falkirk got Addison' mobile and dialled the number.

“Hello, Bright eyes...”

“Double O Five!” any whitey continuation was cut off by the sound of Addison's phone hitting the floor and distant swearing from the man.

“M? I thought...” Addison tried to explain before Falkirk cut him off

“My office!” Falkirk paused, looking through the day planner for a gap “Twelve, thirty five”

At the allotted time Addison appeared at Darren's empty desk. Falkirk having sent Darren home after his fourth sprint through E branch.

Waving in the Operative Falkirk gave him the mission outline “Prepare you leave in ten days time” Falkirk ordered.


Andrew had reverted to his anxious state in the absence of his Alpha. Clinging to Falkirk from the moment he entered the house and mewling pathetically when Keading arrived in the morning. In day care, where Andrew could meet other children, he had become introverted but the teacher had reassured Keading who accompanied him it was common at that age. Falkirk saw the stress Keading was under, taking the brunt of Andrew's anxiety, seeing him through the worst episodes.

However. At night, when Selene and Falkirk returned from work. Despite the stress of Andrew. Falkirk thought he saw a frown when Keading took Cody's hand and went down to the waiting car with Selene. The Omega holding his Alpha's hand desperately.

Before Keading took his son's hand on one side and his Alpha's on the other. Falkirk hooked his arm with the other omega's, so they were very close. Leaning in, “Is anything wrong?”

The shrug and quiet no from the American was not reassuring to Falkirk. “If you need a break from babysitting, I can work something out.”

The shake of the head was a more sure. “It's not Andrew.” Falkirk tried to get more out of the omega but Keading would just shake his head. Deciding to let it go for the moment, Falkirk let the omega press himself to his Alpha, seeking comfort and escape.

The next morning. On their way to work, Falkirk wrestled with his conscience before deciding to do the wrong thing for the right reasons. So called to the woman in the front seat, “Selene? Is anything up with Keading?”

The woman looked back, from her place beside the driver,  “The school want to test Cody. They think he has, Emotional development issues. They think he's autistic”

Falkirk began to chuckle before turning mirthful eyes on Selene. “Have you not met Sherlock, Mycroft, Shane even Me?” Falkirk said.

“I suppose.” Selene said, taking a little comfort in the similarity, that Cody's absence of friends and inability to associate with other children was common to the Holmes children. Selene returned her attention to the road.


On schedule Falkirk's spies indicated Mycroft and Peter Guillam had left the country. So Falkirk decided to go visiting.

MI5 and MI6 where like siblings, they could play nice for short periods of time. There was one absolute rule, no going into each others bedrooms. Leeway could be given like the Silva incident when he moved his campaign to British soil and MI6 kept jurisdiction. Walking into the traditional styled offices of MI5 Falkirk was shown the the upper floor where Control held dominion.

The short Alpha with thick square glasses welcomed Falkirk in. “M. What may MI5 do for you?”

The Alpha owed Falkirk a favour and now was the time to collect.”What is Peter Guillam up to?”

Getting the typical run around common to their respective levels Falkirk made his question a little more specific. “Why is Peter Guillam accompanying Mycroft Holmes to Azerbaijan?”

The moment of absolute confusion was enough of an answer for Falkirk. Smiley didn't know.

“I can not promise his safety if he is operating beyond his of MI5's remit” Falkirk warned. C only nodded and started cleaning his glasses with the end of his tie. With that a bust it was down to Sherlock to find out what the pair were up to.


Watching the suffering Omega who refused to go home Falkirk supplied him with a mug of hot water. Sipping hesitantly Darren gave Falkirk a smile when it stayed down. Unlike Falkirk, finding a few things he couldn't eat. For Darren it was the opposite, finding the few things he could.

Excusing himself as his phone started ringing Falkirk pulled it out as he entered his office and answered.

“They've got Sherlock!” John whispered desperately. Getting the details from the doctor was quick and efficient, John experienced in high pressure situations.

“I will be there in a few hours.” Falkirk reassured.

Foregoing Tanner, Falkirk asked Daniel to make the arrangements before calling 009 who had arrived back the previous day. Getting a volunteer tactical team, there was a distinct abundance at and eagerness to accompany Falkirk on one of his legendary unofficial missions. The kicker was Alec who demanded to come the moment he heard, with him scraping passed the fitness requirements Falkirk relented and allowed him to come.

Stopping at home Selene told Keading what was happening. Falkirk went to his bedroom pressing his finger to the hidden scanner on the bedside cabinet drawer, and it popped open. Pulling out the ornate box Falkirk opened it. Loading the magazine Falkirk placed one into the strap of his holster and the other into the bronze coloured Falcon. Giving Andrew a nuzzle Falkirk had to leave him whining and crying in Keading's care.

Baku was quickly descending to Hong Kong on Falkirk's list of placed he hated. Finding the rundown truck assembly plant, Alec, Maloney and Selene organised the scouting of the building.

One of the tactical team returned quickly, having found Watson watching the building. The Doctor informing, pointing to the factory along the road, “They took Sherlock in there”

Maloney coming up with another tactical member trotting behind him, the two also finished scoping out the factory. 009 informed, “Six perimeter guards, two additional confirmed, more suspected”

As Alec, Selene, Maloney and the head of the tactical squad were discussing strategy. Falkirk noticed a car approaching. Lifting the binoculars Falkirk could just make out the passenger behind the driver as the car turned to go into the front gate of the building.

“Mycroft's here, probably Guillam too.” Falkirk informed the group. “Selene, Maloney, Watson and I go in the front door while everyone else secures the perimeter. I remind you, only one of us has a licence to kill.”

Maloney grind at the ex-Double O Six and Two. Alec thumping the man in the arm. Maloney hitting back. Both rather playful, until Selene hit both upside the head.

Walking round to the front Falkirk could see the tactical team moving to there ingress points. Pulling out his phone Falkirk dialled Mycroft's number. When Mycroft answered Falkirk casually asked “How's the weather in Azerbaijan?”

“I'm not sure what you're talking about, brother.”

“Knock, Knock” Falkirk said and hung up.

Selene and Maloney detached themselves, surging forward to secure the gate. Falkirk walking through the gate casually moments behind, while Selene was pulling the hands of Mycroft's driver together and securing them with zip ties and Maloney was doing the same with the local version of the Mafia.

Walking into what would have once been the assembly floor. Mycroft and Guillam stood across from two strange Alphas, in ill fitting suits. Ignoring Mycroft for the moment Falkirk approached the lead Alpha, of the mafia. Holding up a photograph, Selene acting as translator, Falkirk ordered, “Bring him!”

If the answering growl was anything to go by the Mafioso really didn't like being addressed by an Omega in such tones. The lead Alpha not overly tall but well muscled, shaved head and intense hazel eyes switched his glare from Falkirk to Mycroft, spouting something off, rapid.

Guillam started to translate before Falkirk ordered “Do not talk, Mr Guillam!” and nodded to Selene. Selene translated the Lead Alpha's demand for what was going on, he was clearly confused by the change in dynamic.

“I am the one in charge” Falkirk explained.

“He thinks it's a joke” Selene informed, a moment before a thick muscled hand clamped round Falkirk's neck and forced his head down.

The affect was immediate. Falkirk's heart rate jumped while his body tried to still. Absently he could hear Alec, Selene and Guillam shouting in unison. It was hard and it took everything Falkirk had to move, slipping his hand into his jacket.

The moment the lead Alpha known as Mikhail pinned the omega to the floor. People sprang out from the darkness about them. His gaze darted from the walkways above them to the Woman flanked by the beta and muscled Omega. Of everyone in the room the one person he was not looking at was the Omega in his grasp reeking of fear.


Collapsing to the floor, immense pain ripping through Mikhail's his knee. The impudent bitch brought himself up, standing over him, a gun held with a familiarity and certainty he had never seen before. The bitch spoke his own language, what little light there was flaring off the glasses hiding the bitch's eyes. The woman spoke in the common Russian dialect.

“Very foolish!” She said.

Mikhail just cradled his knee, concentrating on not crying out or fainting with the pain. Kirill his associate was complying with the demand to kneel with his hands interlace atop of his head. Mikhail watched in amazement as the bitch commanded the alphas around him.

Falkirk ordered Watson to see to the fallen Alpha at his feet. One of the squaddies throwing the doctor a field medical kit.

Sherlock charged into the room, following the sound of the gun shot, risking his life in the presence of the on alert MI6 personnel, who took aim at the detective. Falkirk looked is brother over, despite a black eye and a few abrasions he seemed unaffected by his ordeal.

Rounding on his elder brother and Guillam Falkirk snapped, “Report!”

Sherlock wanted the attention and boasted,“They are trading on your reputation. Kane was gaining power, she was feared, she controlled, Caspian sea to the Black sea, from Russia to Iran. She disappeared and Mycroft was taking credit it, he's been...”

Falkirk interrupted Sherlock's quick fire assessment, he was getting the picture. Mycroft braced for what as to come.

“I don't care about them” Falkirk said said pointing to the gangsters in the middle of the floor Watson was working on. “Now, because of your secrecy, because MI6 did not know what you or MI5 were up to you have endangered Sherlock and have been discredited. Good luck, Mycroft you'll need it.”

Looking round the room Falkirk bellowed, “We're leaving!”

Looking to Sherlock Falkirk offered a lift which was accepted and before leaving Falkirk warned Guillam he had talked to Control, so Smiley was not best pleased with him.

Mikhail said something though gritted teeth. Alec translated, “He wants to know if you killed Kane.”

Looking at the Alpha who had pinned him. “I only kill threats.” Falkirk answered and walked off. Hoping the man got the intended insult. The MI6 personnel following along with Sherlock and John.

Approaching the plane. Falkirk mused, “At least I'm only spending hours in this hell hole”

In the background Watson fussed over Sherlock's injuries while Alec said, “That was boring! So unfair! And only M got to shoot someone.”

Maloney adding, “I know. What's the point of bringing a Double O if you end up shooting the bad guy yourself.”

Falkirk settled in and listen to Alec start to tease Sherlock and Sherlock defending, that he didn't need rescuing.

Chapter Text

Keading followed Falkirk through to the library. Telling Falkirk about the school psychologist Cody had been seeing. The American asked, “Dr Garret wants to meet Cody's family?”

Suppressing his desire to laugh at the absurdity of an Educational psychologist assessing the Bond/Holmes/Matthews/Corvin/Trevelyan/Carrington clan.

“Who would you like to be here?” Falkirk asked. At this Keading looked hesitant.

“He wants to see the people who have influence over Cody or biological connection?” came Keading's weak voice. As if the omega was demanding the world.

“He'll have to be flexible about time.” Falkirk warned getting a nod. “And to be frank. I don't give the poor sod a snowball's chance in hell.”

Relieved by Falkirk's support Keading returned the smile and joined the patiently waiting Selene and Cody to go home.


Daniel approached the office at the front of the room. The Alpha noticing a fog of distressed pheromones and sickness as he neared the desk of M's PA. Darren still suffering and refusing to admit it just waved the guest through, and put his head on the desk with an unhappy groan.

Closing the door behind him Daniel took the offered seat opposite Falkirk.

“With Alec recovering and starting work, full time, Gran has decided to go home. Alec and I can only think of one person we are willing to trust with Yulian.”

Falkirk nodding his understanding said, “I can't speak for Keading but you can ask him and when you do I would suggest only you or Alec go, rather than both.” Then brought up the subject of Cody and the psychologist.

Daniel agreed to attend also agreeing on Alec's behalf, not only as part of the pack but having become quite fond of both Cody and Keading since they moved to London.  As not to intimidate the Omega Daniel said, “I'll pop over to your house at lunch time.”


When Falkirk returned home he pulled Keading into the library. “Daniel told me you agreed to look after Yulian.” Falkirk said before sitting beside the other Omega on the small settee. Getting a nod Falkirk insisted, “You are under no obligation.”

Giving a small smile, looking up with his head still bowed. Keading insisted, “I Love being part of a real pack and I like being able to help out. Even if it's just as babysitter.”

“Don't forget you keep me balanced, surrounded by all those Alphas.” Falkirk said, thankfully, lying his head on the other Omega's shoulder.

An arm came round Falkirk's shoulders “We're thinking of having a baby” Keading muttered into Falkirk's hair.

“That's nice. You've already done a wonderful job with Cody. And Selene would make a great father.” Falkirk mumbled, getting lost in the calming scent of the other Omega.

When Keading's uncomfortable silence continued Falkirk was forced to look at him. Keading said very quietly, “She wants to be mother.”

Seeing the uncertain embarrassment Falkirk let out a snort and lay his head back down. “Very progressive.” Falkirk teased.

Keading continued in the same tone of uncertain embarrassment “I know. I thought with an Alpha even with a woman I would be the one to have the baby”

“James, sometimes... you know... lets me....” Falkirk admitted, waving his hand in a circular gesture that had nothing to do with what he as trying to get at.

Getting the gist Keading blurted, “You mount him!”

“Shhh!” It was Falkirk's turn to look embarrassed. “Not often but sometimes.”

“Well that's a new one even for me” Keading admitted in a show of self deprecating humour and gave a giggle. Never having heard of an Alpha male allowing themselves to be mounted by an Omega male.

After recovering and showing Keading, Cody and Selene out Falkirk called to them “Have fun” earning confused looks from Selene and Cody and a glare from Keading.

“I'm sure James will have just as much fun” Keading shot back.


When James returned from his latest mission. Falkirk and Keading organised a suitable day for Cody's psychologist to meet the pack. A few well placed threats to Mycroft got him to attend but Falkirk found his willingness a little suspicious. Warning John, he and Falkirk decided to leave informing Sherlock of his attendance to the last moment.

The first to arrive on the allocated day, and unusually, early, was Mycroft. For a man who prided himself on punctuality being early was as grave and unusual as being late. Barely acknowledging Hudson Mycroft walked directly into the library calling “Quid pro Quo” to Falkirk as he passed.

Following his brother in, Mycroft was already standing, looking over the back garden.

“Quid pro Quo, you are here to help your brother and his mother” Falkirk snapped.

Spinning to glare at his brother “I have three brothers, no more.” Mycroft brawled.

“What you choose to believe is up to you but Cody and many more are our brothers, fact!” Falkirk responded.

“Yes, yes can we get to my point or should I leave?” Mycroft said in overly pleasant tones.

Seeing this was the only way to gain Mycroft's cooperation, without a threat Falkirk gestured to a chair as he walked behind his desk. “What do you want?”

“I would like you to return to Azerbaijan.” Mycroft said. Before Falkirk could respond  he continued “Along with the Omega girl.”

“Alice is mine and until she betrays my trust she will not be used as a pawn for you or I.” Falkirk insisted in hard unquestioning tones.

Dismissing Falkirk's protestations. “Considering no one believes in Guillam or Myself any more. The local mafia want proof. The only fact they have is the person who dispatched Kane took the Omega so she is now the proof we need to further our negotiations. General Pushkin has been seen in the area, as head of MI6 I thought you would be....”

“Do! Not! Mention! Pushkin! To me!”

Mycroft visibly jumping with each snapped word thrown at him. Getting a tight smile and a nod in response Falkirk continued in a calmer tone of voice.

“I take it you went to the prison to find Alice gone?” Getting another slow nod. “Alice's attendance will be her choice and I'm about to go through a heat so it will be after I recover.”

Falkirk's sex life, as it usually did made his brother uncomfortable and had the added bonus of ending the conversation.

Coming out of the library James was prowling with Andrew stalking the alpha.

“Something wrong?” Mycroft drawled to the other Alpha earning a growl in response. The three turned to the high pitched, elongated 'grrr' sound. James struggled to hold in his laughter as Mycroft raised an eyebrow at the little Omega's attempt to copy his dad's growl.

Reaching down Falkirk scooped up his son “My big brave boy.” he praised with a smile. Carrying Andrew Falkirk deposited him at the doors leading to the garden and with a little encouragement Andrew stepped out and down the stairs to play in the pleasant sun.

Selene and Keading arrived next with a glum looking Cody. Immediately Cody escaped in the direction of Andrew in the back garden leaving his parents with the rest of the adults. Selene moved to the French doors. Keeping an eye on the two children with James.She said to the room, “Cody's already tried escaping twice.”

Daniel and Alec were next with Yulian sleeping peacefully in his car seat. Daniel, placing Yulian on the floor between his chair and Keading's place at the end of the couch. The American Omega looked over his new charge.

In his sleep Yulian took a few shallow scenting, the little wide nose twitching, and relaxed in the familiar presence. Alec stood by James looking out into the garden watching Cody follow his nephew about as he explored, occasionally the older boy showing something to the younger.

“Doctor Garret.” Hudson announced as a balding beta with round tortoise shell glasses stepped in. Standing, Falkirk approached extending his hand.

“Sir Thomas McLair” Falkirk introduce himself before indicating Daniel and introducing him then James, Alec and finally Mycroft. “We are expecting another two but they haven't arrived yet” Falkirk informed and offered a chair to the doctor.

Garret weighed Falkirk and the order of introduction comparing it to the known pack hierarchy. “Rather odd for me to be greeted by an Omega and for him to introduce another Alpha before their mate.”

Mycroft snide musing, “I'm sure Sherlock is kicking himself for missing this display of deduction.”

As if on cue they heard the door opening and Sherlock marched in by John, the detective protesting all the way. Fixing his gaze on the unknown guest Sherlock circled him muttering, “Missed while shaving, dilation of blood vessels in the nose...”

“Sherlock! Behave!” Falkirk snapped and indicating a seat for his brother to take, the one nearest Alec.

Falkirk introduced Sherlock and John to the doctor before identifying Mycroft, Sherlock and himself as half brothers to Cody. Giving a sharp rebuking look to Mycroft at the well concealed contempt he showed when Falkirk revealed the family's dirty secret.

“So doctor, now we are all gathered what can we do for you?” Falkirk asked pleasantly.

The doctor, looking about the room. Falkirk sitting to the doctor's right with Keading on the far side of the omega. Assessing the sheer press of Alphas, the ones standing or sitting. Only two Omegas and only one other beta. All the eyes that bore into him, intimidated without even trying. Feeling out numbered and like an insect under observation only the other Beta and Keading held something other than intense gazes. Becoming uncomfortable.

“This is a most unique pack...” Garret continued his observation from earlier and Mycroft didn't hesitate to point it out. Again Falkirk rebuked his brother

“How can you insult his intelligence when there are fare more pressing concerns, Alcoholism..” Sherlock said this time a warning growl from Alec and Daniel was added to Falkirk's glare.

As Garret protested, Mycroft cut through him  to correct Sherlock. “No bother, clearly sober, the burst blood vessels in the nose are more likely from medication, diabetes most likely.”

“Enough! Both of you, do not speak unless spoken to.” Falkirk ordered his brothers. “I do apologise, doctor. My brothers tend to let their mouths run away from them, and as you have seen they tend to notices things. Please, do continue.”

Dr. Garret took a breath, recognising aspects of Cody's psyche in those around him. “Six Alphas, two Omegas and one Beta. I would have expected Cody to be more aggressive due to the pack structure but he is more.... introverted.”

Falkirk could see Sherlock champing to speak so he nodded.

“Incorrect, five Alphas affectively and no Betas and one omega. We're not part of the primary pack” Sherlock corrected enthusiastically.

Garret accepted the information as he observed Sherlock deferring to Falkirk for permission, the omega an Alpha by ranking rather than biology. Taking it all in, the two pack alphas not a mated pair with one being an Omega. The level usually populated by Betas where all Alphas leaving only one Omega, not bound to either of the pack alphas. Having trouble getting passed the oddness Garret reluctantly admitted he was floundering.

“You are concerned about Cody's ability to relate to other children. I can not alleviate those fears” Falkirk said. Indicating Mycroft “Control issues, I am aware of only two close associations, amongst other issues I am not willing to discuss.” then to Sherlock “Substance issues, attention seeking with only one close association but unlike Mycroft a small circle of less close people.”

“As for me. I am what the Alphas in my life needed me to be, requiring support from James and Daniel primarily, as well as Keading. Without them, and others, some here and others gone, I would still be the meek little Omega James found years ago”

“High pressure positions?” Garret asked.

Nodding. “Civil Service, technically.” Falkirk answered.

“I believe I have seen you in the paper” Garret said looking to Falkirk.

“What about me?” Sherlock demanded.

“The Guardian doesn’t usually carry the gossip but yes Mr Holmes I have see you as well.” Garret said. Although the long faced man made a bored shrugging gesture in response, the Doctor was able to see the validation being recognised meant to Sherlock, fitting in with the attention seeking the omega had mentioned and Cody too had displayed.

Convinced that despite the unusual pack structure Cody was well loved and supported Garret moved on. Looking to Falkirk. “There are some things Cody refuses to discuss. Has he ever born witness to anything...”

Nodding Falkirk glanced to Keading before answering. “We are not sure how much Cody remembers but about three years ago an assassination attempt was made on him. Keading along with their house mate were shot, Luke the house mate was killed. There was a stressful flight a few days after and Cody has shown a dislike of flying.”

With Selene placing a comforting hand on Keading's neck she added, “Cody was being carried, Keading fell on him and bled out when he was shot.”

“At that age, memory is not precise but fragments may remain. What Cody dose remember he might be unable to put it into context” Garret informed.

When Garret outlined the procedure to confront what Cody might remember. Selene the closest increased her ministrations to her omega, then Daniel and Falkirk became aware of the distressed scent from Keading.

Reassuring the group, the Child psychologist Dr. Garret would be referred Cody to, like himself and the school staff would be fully vetted. Despite the reassurance Falkirk insisted he be given the Doctor's name before hand, and sessions would only ever occur in authorised locations. Garret didn't seem surprised by the demand. Slowly the doctor pulled a card from a small leather pouch, for the doctor he intended to refer Cody to.

Reading 'Dr. Tom Wexlar' Falkirk nodded his thanks, placing the card into his inside pocket.

With the home visit complete. Falkirk and Daniel saw Dr Garret out along with Keading and Selene hanging back.

“I think we warped his fragile little mind.” Daniel mused.

”Don't sound so pleased” Falkirk shot, heading back to the lounge.

Keading shook his head, to clear it of the turmoil. “That's Cartmen's line.” he said trying, to get back into a better mood.

Falkirk wound an arm around the other omega. “Whatever happens. You and Cody have a whole pack around you.” Keading gave a weak smile and nod of thanks.

Daniel too, reach over Falkirk's head and tussled the long dark strands of the American's hair. “It's a bit pointless asking a parent not to worry, it's their job. But we'll see the wee-yin right.”

Entering the lounge Alec spoke over the general din of the room to Falkirk “Someone mentioned there would be lunch?” A few other voices also speaking up on the subject.

“Yes, yes, Lunch is served at One” Falkirk answered.

Finding out Dr Garret had been and gone Cody was happy to join the furore of the pack as they waited for lunch to be served.

Andrew under the supervision of Daniel and Keading situated himself by the small Alpha, fascinated. Yulian's massive brown eyes locked on the strange boy in front of him. Andrew's blue eyes darting about as he took a scenting of the strange small Alpha.

“Yulian.” Daniel said to his godson.

“Yooyoon” Andrew tried with a wide smile.

Falkirk cornered Mycroft while he kept an eye on Andrew. “There is still time to call Tanner” Falkirk said very softly. Mycroft looked uncomfortable and shook his head slightly and returned his attention to watching the proceedings.

With a quick look to Andrew, Falkirk made sure his son was alright before slipping out the room. The little Omega made little impact in the presence of the pack. Keeping quiet he drew little attention to himself unlike Cody who was trying to hold a conversation with Sherlock. Daniel was also keeping a close eye on Andrew, deliberately engaging with him along with Keading. Despite the loud room, full of Alphas the Omegas felt safe and the anxiety of some was absent.

Falkirk pulled out his phone. Walking to the small hall just off the stairs he waited for an answer. Hearing the man answer Falkirk said, “We're having a Luncheon. Mycroft's here too. Would you like to come?” After listening to the response Falkirk added “You'll have to hurry.”

Pushing the door down to the kitchen open. Hearing Mrs Bridges complaining but she was never happy unless she could complain. Clearing his throat, startling both Mrs Bridges and Hudson, Falkirk informed there would be another guest.

“Oh the more the merrier” the little round omega woman in rolling skirt, reassured pleasantly. Hudson said he would set another place.

Just as Falkirk reached the top he could hear Mrs Bridges complaining about another mouth. Hudson rebuked, “You could feed the five thousand and have left overs”

Shaking his head at the banter Falkirk closed the door quietly as to not disturb them further.

Returning to the lounge Falkirk took his place beside Keading who was holding Yulian while Andrew sat in Daniel's lap. After losing an augment with Sherlock Cody positioned himself between Falkirk and his Mom, a petulant pout firmly in place.

Through the frosted glass doors dividing the lounge from the dining room Falkirk could see the butler moving about. Hudson moved towards the door before the bell even sounded, Tanner appeared shortly after. Despite Mycroft's annoyed glare there was a softening in his eyes as he looked to the Beta, especially after the 'hellos' and Tanner moved to Mycroft's side. A whispered conversation kept the pair occupied until Hudson called, “Luncheon is Served”.

The lunch passed amicably enough despite Sherlock's attempts to provoke James, Daniel and Mycroft in turn. Only when Sherlock turned his attention to Tanner did Falkirk and John pull the detective to heel. With intense concentration Andrew mimicked everyone using the soft plastic spoon to feed himself, getting one in three spoonfuls into his mouth and protesting any attempts at help.

Looking round the table James at the head at the far end. Daniel to Falkirk's right, Andrew beside his papa, Keading to Falkirk's left, then Cody, Selene and Alec. Sherlock and then John followed by Mycroft and Tanner beside Daniel. Falkirk as always sat at the foot.

“This is nice” Falkirk proclaimed cutting through the separate conversations “Even the infuriating ones make it nice”. Several proclamations of innocence sounded from those who thought the comment was directed at.


Knowing something was up Andrew had been playing up with his papa's on coming heat. Responding best to Daniel and Alec's presence they had agreed to take him during the heat. The young Omega was slowly introduced to the changes. Starting with Keading looking after Andrew and Yulian from Daniel's house during the day. Then Andrew would stay the odd night, building up to the day Falkirk's heat would hit.

Hudson was going a trip to see his brother while Mrs Bridges had already left to see her sister. From his little nesting tent Andrew glared at his Papa, the crystal blue eyes glinting out of the shadows. Falkirk packing a small hold all. James came into Andrew's room squatting in front of the Nestie, coaxing out the child.

“That's my boy” James praised when Andrew stepped into his waiting arms. Not sure how much he was understanding but James continued “It's your Papa and my special time, so you are going to stay with Uncle Alec and Yulian”

“Uncle Daniel too” Falkirk said coming up to the pair earning a soft rumbling growl from James. The rivalry between the two more for show now a days, although Falkirk had heard a few rumours on the two men's professional life. Being the handler for 007, could not be an easy thing.

Keeping themselves relaxed and their tones light and encouraging the two parents took Andrew down stairs. Just like the days before, Keading was waiting to take Andrew for the day and look after him at Daniel and Alec's place. Falkirk nuzzled Andrew who was still in James' arms. Placing Andrew down James nuzzled him as well. Taking Andrew's hand Keading lead him away.

“Sirs.” Hudson greeted coming down the stairs carrying a suit case. It was odd to see the older man in casual wear, well proper trousers and a jumper was as casual as the man went. Falkirk and James wishing him luck and waving the Alpha off.

Retreating to the lounge Falkirk collapsed onto the couch. Acknowledging the uncomfortable itching of his skin, Falkirk started loosening his clothing. Before giving up and going to change into soft silk pyjamas.

Like a good Alpha James appeared with a cup of tea and some muffins. Graciously accepting the offering Falkirk sipped the warm liquid and practically inhaling the muffins.

The two lay along the couch, spooning with Q on the outside so they could watch the film plying on the TV. But James was only interested in the omega pressing against him, smelling so inviting and getting hornier by the moment. Holding a muffin in the arm Falkirk was pillowed against, the other hand was breaking off pieces and bringing them to the wide dark lips of his mate.

“What's it like, Skyfall I mean?” James whispered pressing his nose into the wild fall of dark hair.

Q hummed, taking a few moments for the words to make it through his muddled brain. “Oh, nice. I modernised the kitchen, made sure there was a nice big bed in our room. I didn't choose the master suite, your aunt said it was your mother's favourite though, the one that looked over the moor and the chapel...”

James listened to the dreamy voice give a full description of the house that had been rebuilt. And how Charmain and Kincade had input to make it close as possible to the original, but with modern conveniences that would make it more liveable.

Rolling on top of the leaner man, James kissed his omega, silencing him. Pulling back, the large glasses had slipped up and James gazed into the eyes with blown pupils, the green almost completely black. Falkirk giving a wide dopey grin, James ran his hands over the extra padding that had been put on to see the omega through a week without food and water.

As James pushed his hand under the silk pyjama top, finding a nipple and caught the hard little nub between his fingers. With Falkirk not stopping him and actually seeking out the touch, giving a moan for more, the alpha took it to mean the omega was ready. James rolled right over Falkirk and landed on the floor. The Omega's glistening eyes looked to him in abandoned hurt. James gave into the juvenile urge, he surged up catching the omega and throwing him over his shoulder. Delivering a spank to the silk covered arse, the omega giving a surprised yelp then moan as the spank turned into a grope. James feeling the trapped erection pressing into his shoulder. It was a little hard walking up to their room, with an Omega moaning and humping his shoulder, but James managed it.

Chapter Text

The long Jaguar and its police escort turned off the road and up the private tree lined driveway. Stopping in front of a large white painted house, Falkirk threw open the door, with Selene exiting the front passenger door.

Pressing the porcelain button, in the middle of the brass plate. Falkirk heard the distant ringing of the bell, then the sound of heels on hardwood floors.

The large door opened a crack and the silver maned woman smiled so sweetly. But her blue eyes were very guarded as she greeted, “M?”

“Victoria. I was wondering if I could ask a favour?”

Victoria pulled open the door fully and held her arm out to a room on the right. Stepping into a large and rather traditional but elegant lounge. A table in front of the bay window had a vase and cut flowers lying on a plastic sheet, ready to be arranged. Falkirk noticing an L shaped bulge under the plastic sheet near the edge.

“So?” Victoria asked, casually moving to the table to continue arranging the flowers.

“I here Frank Moses has retired. You ran with him in the old days. I was wondering if you had a way of contacting him? Quietly.”

“I might.” Victoria said.

Falkirk pulled out a photo from his suite's inside pocket. It was awful, taken at night with a cheap phone's camera. Falkirk tapped the bald headed man almost out of frame. “I have been looking at Azerbaijan. I just need a yes/no, is that the man who was speaking to Mr Blond, the one who shot Mr Moses?”

Victoria lifted the photograph to study it.

“My brother is up to something. So this is Need to Know, Double O Eight.” Falkirk said, to make sure Victoria knew not to speak to anyone without Falkirk's knowledge or consent.

“I'm not Double O Eight, not anym...”

“You might not carry the active number anymore, but you'll never really get rid of us until we can't reach you. Isn't that why you have a Glock within arm's reach, Ms Winters?”

Victoria stepped closer and brushed his chin with her long fingers. She gazed into his eyes, with a soft smile. “Oh, M. How I wish I was forty years younger. I think I would have liked serving, under you.”

“You still could.” Falkirk whispered. “You do bore so easily, don't you?”

“Nope! I don't do that sort of thing now.” Victoria said and moved on, ending the subject of her occasional private jobs.


The section Falkirk walked down had no official name. Unofficially, as the people who worked here were all designated I, this was unofficially known as I-Branch when it and was officially designated as general use. The fact it had direct links to the brig was a coincidence overlooked with regularity.

Passing the guards at the door, of the only room in use. From the darker corridor, Falkirk entered a tiled and well lit room. An Alpha, with long face, curly unkempt beard and the dark eyes and skin of a Pakistani, wearing a grey jumpsuit, was currently shackled to a chair. There was also a table with a chair behind, both also bolted to the floor. The scent of the Alpha's fear and nervousness was ripe and thick in the air, more powerful than the hollow anger of the man's bravado as he growled and threatened the little Omega woman in front of him. The alpha barely noticed the new omega's entrance until Falkirk perched himself on the table.

Completely ignoring the Alpha, Falkirk focused on Alice. “I have been asked to return to Baku and we would like you to come with us?”

The dark haired girl froze a moment and the scent of her fear cut through the Alpha's. A dark chuckling made both Omegas turned their attention to the amused Alpha prisoner.

The Alpha taunting, “The little bitch doesn't want to go home?”

Looking to the Alpha's legs then back to Alice, Falkirk mused, “Haven't you kneecapped him? I find a sudden extreme display of violence to be highly motivational.”

“I have to break him without touching him.” Alice responded looking to the mirror, where they were being observed.

“In that case blackmail is highly affective.” Falkirk mused. Shaking his head to get back on track, “Anyway, there is no alternator motive. Your presence is all that is required. The gangs want proof they are dealing with the ones that got rid of Kane, seeing you at my side will be that proof. You will be given your own personal protection and the full protection myself and MI6.”

The Alpha accused, “He'll betray you the moment your go back, it's way of the infidel.”

Fixing the Alpha in his gaze Falkirk asked, “Are you here for resistance training? Or for real?”

The disembodied voice of I, the psychopathic beta who ran the branch echoed through the room. “Real. He infiltrated the immigration service at Heathrow, to assist in the illegal ingress of jihadists and radical preachers to England.”

Nodding and making a show of thinking and processing I's statement, Falkirk then mused to Alice. “You could play konkers. A childhood game, two horse-chestnuts(Konkers) are attached to strings. One player dangles their knoker while the other hits it with their konker.”

Alice was completely confused so Falkirk clarified, “Strip him from the waist down. Let his testicles hang, then swinging a weight at the end of a rope, hitting his testicles repeatedly, until they rupture. Like using two wrecking balls, or those old office toy... a Newton's cradle.”

Nodding her understanding. Alice responded, “I prefer the cartel method. Cover the genitalia in lighter fluid then set it on fire. The smell of the burning flesh adds to the pain.”

“I have rights” the Alpha demanded in a weakening voice.

Both Omegas looked at him. Falkirk snapping in a voice that bounced around the room.

“We protect everyone else's right here. We protect their right to a safe home free of religious intolerance, violence and death. You, yourself have the right to say and call our government to account for its crimes, for it is not innocent and there are charities and organisation doing that at this very moment. But you have no right to do as you did. You allowed murderers, hate mongers and terrorists into the country. ANY and I mean ANY righteousness you had died when you helped them.”

Falkirk knew it was a waste of breath, some people got to the point where their bias, hate and anger blinded them to fact, and points of logic no longer existed to them. Muslims were not the only ones guilty, in truth everyone was to some degree.

There were more babbled protestations but the scent of terror was mounting in the Alpha.

Going back to ignoring the Alpha. “So will you come?” Falkirk asked. Getting a hesitant nod Falkirk thanked Alice and again assured her of her protection throughout the negotiations.

Looking to the Alpha who had gone very quiet, his head bowed and a single tear sliding down his cheek. The dehumanising technique was effective if it was done right, talk about a person like they were a piece of meat, make them believe they were alone and their own fear did the damage.

Placing a comforting hand on the Alpha's shoulder. Falkirk said softly, “Terrorism is a nasty way to wage war. Despite what you have been told there is no honour or glory in it. Eventually it always comes down to you, alone, with no one but you and god and how you want to face him. You can face him carrying hate, anger and pain having caused pain, hate and anger in others. Or as something more noble. As a loving father of children that teaches them to make the world a better place. As son who dose his father proud. As a neighbour who will be remembered with reverence and respect by all, not just a hate filled few. The choice is yours, because it's not too late...yet.”

With Falkirk's last word a small sob broke out from the Alpha.

When Alice's report arrived on his desk, endorsed by I. Falkirk read over the proposal and wasn't surprise that the Alpha had been recommended for turning. Signing off on the recommendation that the man be turned into an agent Falkirk put the report in his out tray.

Returning to Alice, in her office several days later. Falkirk carried his growing folder. Victoria had paid a visit that morning with Frank Moses' answer. Having researched the groups he had found something suspicious. Amongst the FSB agents and Operatives there was one person Falkirk suspected working with them but no one had any information on him. Well one person did, but Falkirk couldn't trust Smiley on this, especially given what Falkirk's intentions were.

Putting the clearest photograph down, the same one he had shown Victoria. Alice was able to identify some.

Pointing to the bald man in the far left of frame, almost out of it. “Him?”

Alice ducked her head. “He was around, sometimes. Never met him. He stopped coming when Kane took over.”

“Why are you scared of him?”

Alice shook her head. “Not him. It's gong back.”

“It will help me and my Brother if you were to go. But if you say no, I will honour your decision.”

“I just have to stand, that's it?” the girl demanded.

Falkirk nodded and again said Alice would get her own bodyguard. She said quietly, “I'll go.”

“Thank you.”


Alice was almost as bad as Falkirk on the plane for anxiety. Mycroft and Guillam not used to the pheromones from the omegas, or the intensity were not reacting well. Both Mycroft and Guillam were left to snap impatiently at anyone who dared cross their path, in their heightened state. Selene took her usual place beside Falkirk, offering comfort. Alice still wasn't close enough to anyone to have someone close to her when feeling vulnerable.

The sudden thump passed through the plane as it touched down. Then the long journey to the meeting place, by road. The factory for the meeting had been cleaned up and a circle of tables set up on the old assembly floor. Falkirk and Alice took their seats but as Falkirk had no interest in the groups present he allowed Mycroft and Guillam to do the work.

The only person Falkirk was interested in was the nondescript Beta from the photographs. The thin man, sharp facial bones sticking out, with short cropped greying hair around the sides of his head, the top bald. The beta stood back, the occasional flare of a cigarette as he took a drag. Trying to observe the Beta without arousing Mycroft's, or worse Guillam's suspicion Falkirk kept the man in his peripheral vision as best he could.

Falkirk concealed his own reaction, the beta started when their eyes met. Knowing he had been made the Beta subtly looked about the room before falling unnaturally still. The sudden change in the beta's demeanour was enough to draw Mycroft's attention and Falkirk was forced to abandon his observation in the hope Mycroft would lose interest as he was pulled back into his negotiations.

The scent que of and Omega's anger and fear wafted from Falkirk's side. Looking to Alice, the source, then to her point of focus. Falkirk observed a creepy, leering Alpha with his possessive gaze racking up and down the the other omega. Falkirk demanded cutting through the speeches, “If he dose not stop staring. I will pluck the eye that doth offend thee.”

The only local who was taking Falkirk seriously was the Alpha, Mikhail, from their previous meeting. Seeing a point needed to be made and with a target presenting himself Falkirk nodded.

Quicker than anyone could react the MI6 tactical team had subdued the group of gangsters. The once leering Alpha, he was now held down on the table, face up. Looking to Alice Falkirk gestured to the Alpha. With a truly vicious smile Alice stood and pulled a pouch from her pocket. Everyone watched her saunter towards the table with the Alpha being held down. All who knew Alice could imagine what was to come next.

Mycroft made a sour face and desperately whispered to his brother, “You can't!” protesting what was about to happen. Falkirk glared at his brother until he ducked his head. Guillam more used to the worst of humanity, and not afraid to get his hands dirty kept silent. Through it all Mycroft watched with fixed attention, needing to prove his stomach was as strong as the likes of Guillam, his omega brother and the girl hurting someone.

'Benefit after benefit' Falkirk mused internally as Mycroft lost interest in the Beta Falkirk was observing. Alice hurt someone she didn't like and Falkirk asserted himself as the leader above even the likes of Mycroft and Guillam.

The Beta kept an eye on Falkirk as Falkirk kept an eye on him. Barely noticing Alice returning with a mutilate eyeball mounted on a scalpel. Presenting the prize to Falkirk Alice still sported the smile, perhaps a little more victorious than before. Plucking the scalpel from her grasp Falkirk stood and walked up to Mycroft showing it to his brother.

“I suppose I'm desensitised to the violence. Putting two bullets in our father tends to do that. There are people in existence who only understand violence and to make an impact on them you can not be squeamish.”

Grasping his brother's hand and placing the scalpel in it. Falkirk walked off snagging the old Beta as he passed, while Mycroft was still distracted by the eyeball looking at him in return.

Walking out, Selene followed several paces behind. Taking the man's arm as they walked down the street. “Do you mind if I call you Karla? Like myself you appear to have many names all with an element of truth but none quite accurate.”

Karla remained silent as the only known account had indicated. The man was serene in his stillness like an old rock just enduring.

“Well Karla, my companions would very much like to meet you. Guillam especially. I however, see a possibility. I know you are the front runner to replace General Pushkin so I would like to propose something.”

Remaining on the pavement they turned a corner, just as the street before it was deserted and Falkirk continued on. “When the time comes I would like to propose a favour for a favour. I want Pushkin, purely personal you understand. No interrogations or negotiations, you may even be present at his end”

Karla still didn't respond but gave Falkirk a weighing look.

“You may wish, to not return with me. Mycroft Holmes and Peter Guillam work closely with Control.” Falkirk warned and let go of the Beta's arm. Looking about Karla started walking off and disappeared round a corner.

Returning to the factory. Mycroft and Guillam were trying their best to reclaim authority in Falkirk's absence. “I'm finished here so would you two hurry up” Falkirk demanded taking up his original seat beside Alice. As the translation worked its way through the criminal groups, a few of them gave contemptuous sniggers to the alphas.

Whispering to Alice. “Do you think I should warn them, anyone who doesn’t make a deal isn't getting out of the factory alive?” Falkirk said. Giving a snort, as Alice continued to pick gunk from beneath her finger nails and gave an unpleasant smile to those around them, then shook her head.

Enough where intelligent enough to read the known Omega and the unknown Omega who was clearly the dominant and conspiring over something. Mikhail, the gangster from last time was the first to properly negotiate with Mycroft, with a few others also falling in line.

Falkirk glanced around as the groups talked. Musing to himself, on how nice it was when he didn't have to get bogged down, just be the looming threat on the horizon and let Mycroft do the talking bit. Falkirk enjoyed watching the proceedings.

With a heaviness in his heat, Falkirk nodded to the only one who wouldn't cooperate. Two shots rang out from the darkness and the gangster fell to the floor. Alice voiced her disappointed 'One Eye' was not amongst the dead but she did blow the man a kiss as they walked out the factory.

Meeting up with Fairbanks and the rest of the MI6 team. “Double O Two.” Falkirk greeted.

On the plane Alice was much calmer. Reassured she was not being returned to the gangs that once controlled her. Despite being on a plane, just knowing James and Andrew were waiting on him helped Falkirk through his anxiety. When Mycroft asked for a moment alone with his brother Falkirk felt up to the conversation.

Mycroft knew of Falkirk's conduct in the field. But as the day demonstrated. Knowing how the little omega had shot and maimed their father. Even first hand when Falkirk shot and killed Sebastian Moran. Bearing witness to the full conduct of M when dealing with the criminal scum of an old eastern block country was disconcerting to Mycroft.

“You are more uncompassionate than I remember.” Mycroft prompted.

“You mean I'm not the meek little Omega scuttling to the nearest pack Alpha for protection or support” Falkirk said a bit more sharply than he intended. Apologising before Mycroft could respond he went on.

“I go up against Alpha, after Alpha, after Alpha. Most are like those criminals, or worse. If I'm not...” Falkirk trailed off before continuing “If I let an Alpha assert themselves I'll be on the back foot all the way, and I will exhaust myself trying to stand up to them. I have developed a technique of shock and awe, and honed it. I am now stuck with it” Falkirk supplied unsure if his brother could truly understand how he felt when every natural instinct told him to submit, every time he went up against an Alpha.

“I show compassion when I can, to who I can.” Falkirk said looking to the dark haired Omega girl on the other side of the plane speaking to Fairbanks(002).

An arm coming round his shoulder was both unexpected and awkward for the brothers. “So who was the person you didn't want me to notice?” Mycroft whispered.

“A potential successor to Pushkin. I thought making friends early would be of benefit” Falkirk informed. It may be enough to lead Mycroft to Karla but Falkirk had to take the risk as an outright lie would draw too much attention.

Stepping off the plane Falkirk saw a figure in the distance. Approaching, the figure became two, one holding the other. Stooping, James placed the smaller on his feet. Andrew barrelled into his Papa at full speed almost knocking both over, calling “Papa! Papa, papa, papa!”

With a grunt Falkirk lifted his son as James closed the gap at a far more sedate pace.

Leaning into the crook of his mate's neck James issued a low rumbling growl. “I don't like seeing you leave without me” James said as he nuzzled his Omega. Ending in a brief kiss.

“Is that an order?” Falkirk teased earning another low growl.

“A fact” James responded and looped an arm around Falkirk's waist and lead him through to his waiting Aston.

Ignoring the fact he was leaving the entire MI6 team, Guillam, Mycroft and Selene, Falkirk was happy James had met him. James' possessiveness was endearing and relaxing and Falkirk decided to indulge letting James go so far as to buckle his seatbelt for him.

Chapter Text

Returning to E-Branch, coming back from a meeting at the Foreign Office. Falkirk, approaching his outer office, he saw the sandy haired Double O, Addison perched in his PA's desk.

“Very dignified.” Addison drawled to M's curly haired assistant.

Darren's responding, “Screw you!” was heavily muffled by the munching and puffed cheeks full of the Cool Original Doritos chips. With more being shovelled in his mouth from the party sized bag.

“The morning sickness at an end?” Falkirk asked pleasantly startling the pair.

“No, the the little bastard just likes the disgusting things.” Darren shot and continued to wolf down the packet of fowl smelling chips.

“In!” Falkirk ordered Addison with a jerking nod to his office. The Double O jumping off the desk and heading for the door.


Later that afternoon. Returning to his office with a cup of tea and a plate of sandwiched, and a mug of warm water, one of the few things Darren could keep down. Falkirk called his PA in. Falkirk sat beside Darren, both in front of the desk and pulled out a notepad.

“So I was thinking of the baby shower.” Falkirk said as he took a sip from his cup. Darren brightened instantly, with an expectant look and wide smile. “I should warn you. I've only been to two and one was mine. Villiers' was full of Omegas while mine was more of a get-together”

“That sounds nice, a party.” Darren said. Like Falkirk the pool of Omega friend was limited for Darren, so restricting guests to Omegas would bring it down to Falkirk, Keading and Darren himself, perhaps a few from the office, but Darren wasn't that close to them.

Falkirk asked, “Where would you like to hold it? Your place, my place or we could book somewhere.”

With an exited demand of. “My place. I don't mean that fucking office with bedrooms attached. God I hate Downing Street! My home.”

Falkirk took notes and the two discussed everything. In his distracted and hungry state, Darren picked up a sandwich. True to Darren's earlier prediction, within moment of eating something other than the chips, the Omega slapped his hand to his mouth and ran from Falkirk's office, tumbling his chair and slamming the door. Falkirk just watched as everyone in E-Branch jumped out the way of the omega running through it.

After finishing his tea and sandwiches, Falkirk was back on his side of the desk and working away. Glancing up, it looked like Darren would be spending most of the afternoon in the bathroom. As had been planed for, one of the pool secretaries took over automatically. The Beta started screening M's calls until Darren's return.


A few days later Darren stormed straight into Falkirk's office. “The bastard wants me to invite some... snobs” Darren shot as he manoeuvred himself into a chair.

“He is aware there will be three active Double Os, two ex Double Os, amongst a host of MI6 personnel.” Falkirk said.

“I suppose I could offer to hold another one for his snooty politician friends.” Darren mused not liking the idea of having a bunch of the politicians and or their mates and partners at his shower.

A few hours later Darren returned Falkirk's office. “Gareth has agreed to another shower for show” he said with a tone of begrudging acceptance.

Falkirk nodded “Do you want the assassins at that one as well?” Falkirk teased.

Sniggering “Don't tempt me” Darren uttered under his breath and returned to his desk


In the middle of writing a report for the Foreign Secretary every alarm Falkirk had went off. Popups appeared on screen as well as an insistent beeping from his phone. It was the panic alarm for his house.

Tanner burst in along with Selene before Falkirk could get to the door of his office. Tanner informed, “Someone attempted to break in. James has the intruder, on site security has not reported secure, M.”

“Tactical team are en rout, Surveillance has been activated.” Selene added.

In E-Branch's tactual room, a dark theatre like room. The rear wall showing all the cameras from the house. The panic room currently contained Keading, Andrew, Yulian and Mrs Bridges. Hudson was moving about the house, with gun drawn, sweeping room after room. While the image of the library showed, James covering a bald man sitting calmly in one of Falkirk's low backed Mackintosh chairs.

“Call the squad back! Get my car!” Falkirk ordered.

Taking out his mobile Falkirk watched James move carefully to answer. “I know you may want to, but don't kill him...” Falkirk ordered.

Suddenly Falkirk rounded on Tanner fixing him with a glare “There is to be no discussion of this event, to anyone. Everything is, Need To Know.” Falkirk stated making sure Tanner knew who 'anyone' referred to, then added “Start cleaning this up, I don't want a hint of that man coming to my house, CCTV, Taxi, whatever get rid of the evidence.”

Arriving at home. Hudson reported that Keading and the rest were still downstairs while James and the 'guest' were in the Library.
While James continued to covered the guest. Falkirk took his own seat behind his desk. When everyone was in place. Falkirk stated, “It's only been a few week. I didn't think we would meet again, so quickly.”

The man Falkirk knew by a whole list of aliases and known by his MI5 counterpart as Karla sat in comfortable stillness. Watching Falkirk without the scrutiny of a stare, little more than the intensity of a gaze. Karla may as well have been watching boats on the Thames or birds in the park.

What occurred was not so much as a staring contest but a watching one. For a moment Falkirk let his mind wander and only years of association with Sherlock and the rest let him see the subtle change in Karla as he noticed Falkirk's lapse in concentration, along with Karla's recognition of being read.

Karla pulled out a folded up piece of paper, he placed it on the desk. Taking it up, Falkirk read the documents or tried to. He handed them to James to translate.

James scanned the Russian writing, summing up. “They want to fire General Pushkin. But he is too connected and hasn't done anything worth firing him. So The General is refusing to go. ”

“So Pushkin is not popular at home, I know the feeling well. Well it's a start, Karla. Is that all, some internal politics?” Falkirk said. The answer was silent, only a single slow srug.

“Thank you for coming” Falkirk said addressing Karla before looking to James and ordering, “Double O Seven, escort our guest to London City airport. Make sure he leaves the country.”

“With pleasure, M.” James growled with a vicious smile. Grabbing a bony shoulder and hauling the older man out the chair and pushing him out of the house.

Calling Daniel Falkirk arranged for a Q branch team to forensically examine both the security footage and the house in case Karla left something behind. Going down stairs Selene was comforting Keading while Mrs Bridges plied Andrew with milk and a cookie. Yulian had slept through the whole incident.

“Oh I remember this time.” the old cook to mused to the whole room. “One of Master Sherlock's experiments went wrong. There was an almighty bang! Shook the whole house....” Mrs Bridges said attempting to calm the distressed Omega with old war stories of her time as cook for the Holmes house hold. “And young maser Sherlock ran across the garden, all covered in pink stuff with Master Sherrinford chasing him.” She ended with a chuckle.

Hudson standing in the background had a wistful smile at the memory and added “Master Sherrinford made Master Sherlock clean every inch of that room. It stained both their skins, they were bright pink for weeks.”

They stayed in the kitchen around the table while Hudson kept an eye on the Q branch team. Having faith in his old collogues and Daniel's subordinates Falkirk felt no compulsion to go up. Especially when Alec came down the stairs, checking over his still snoozing son.

“Was he anywhere near Yulian?” Alec asked, Falkirk seeing his oldest pack mate holding onto his composure with an iron will.

Keading shook his head, “James just shouted for us to get down here and then the alarm went off.”

Falkirk tactfully pointing out, “James, only person who would be more protective and capable is you or Daniel.” He saw some of the tension leave his friend, James was the person Alec trusted the most.

With Falkirk and Mrs Bridges calm and with presence of his Alpha, Keading soon relaxed as well. Alec's easy going attitude also helped to relax the atmosphere.

When James returned Falkirk did have to ask if Karla had gained any new injuries. The mischievous smile was enough of an answer.

“Nothing to prevent him flying” James added for good measure.

Shaking his head with a small upturn of the side of his mouth Falkirk turned his attention to his cup of tea. “Well Karla should have known what would happen. Breaking into the home of M, while Double O Seven was on down time.” Falkirk mused, but noticed Alec tense again.

“Who is he?” James asked.

“Someone who Control and Mycroft would dearly love to meet. Karla trained and implanted Bill Haydon into MI5.” Falkirk informed, referring to the incident years before. The right hand man of Falkirk's father turned out to be a Russian spy who Falkirk helped uncover, costing Siger Holmes his career as head of MI5 along with a few others who were friends of Haydon in MI5.

By the way Selene deliberately kept herself out of the decisions of M and 007. And how Alec was solely focused on Yulian and the bottle he was feeding the baby. By James' silent glare Falkirk knew his mate didn't approve.

James said, “You're playing with fire, be careful”

James was man of action, excellent in planning for short to medium term. It was the long term strategies that let him down. It was why he made an excellent operative and not an agent or analyst, he couldn't see how something small today, could mean something big in years to come.

“I would like the chance to get to know my enemy.” Falkirk mused, subtly informing James he knew who and what the Beta was. Going off on a tangent. “How many times did you break into M's house?”

“Just a couple.” James teased.

“Why don't I get any attractive Double Os breaking into my house?” Falkirk mused, earning sniggers and growls as appropriate

Alec teasing, “Because you'd shoot them, yourself. Never saw the Wicked Witch pick up a gun, let alone fire one.”

“She was never that good a shot.” James said soberly.


Falkirk and Keading walked arm in arm, into No.10 Downing Street. Keading giving glances to the photographer and journalists watching them and taking pictures. Both carried wrapped gifts.

This was the party, just for show. The moment they were in the large reception room, and were announced, Darren forced his way between them. “I'm ready to deck one of them.” the Irish omega threatened.

Falkirk nuzzled Darren one side and Keading the other. Darren giving a sigh of relief, thankful for the friends and the physical contact. “I wish I let Addison come.” Darren mused.

“Lady Grey!” someone announced.

Falkirk looked round, “No, Earl Grey, please.”

The older beta woman who had been announced, was not pleased by the joke but said, “How droll, Sir Thomas. Lady Samantha Grey, I'm the Wife to the leader of the house of lords.” Falkirk taking the thin bony hand and shaking it carefully, as if it would break with too much pressure.

Darren plastered on a wide forced smile. Unwinding his arm from Falkirk's to shake the woman's hand. “Thank you for coming, Lady Grey.”

The moment she moved deeper into the room, to schmooze with the political elite. Darren turned to Keading, “Just because her dad ran a shop in the 50s and 60s, she thinks she still has a common touch. I saw the photos of it, before it was airbrushed, 'No Blacks', 'No Irish', and she's a bigger bitch than us three us combined.”

Keading gave a shy smile. “So it doesn't matter if I embarrass you?”

Falkirk snorted his laughter. “What you must know about Darren is, he has to be the biggest embarrassment.”

“Too bloody right! I have a reputation to uphold. I'm thinking of a rendition of 'Ooh Ah Up The IRA', see how the snooty gits like that, or seeing if I can belt that bitch in the mouth.” The Irish Omega said with pride, indicating an austere Alpha with hooked nose.

“What did she do?” Keading asked.

“Puts her grubby mitts on my Alpha. Always hanging off Gareth's arm. Patted his chest once, I'm sure she was trying to play with is nipples.”

Falkirk asked, “Is she here?” Keading mouthed the 'she?' in question and Falkirk mouthed back, 'Mother in law'

Darren said, “Gareth isn't that stupid. With this lot and her. I'd probably try to Guy Fawkes this place. Boom!”

“Oh MI6 is going to have to keep an eye on you.” Falkirk teased giving another nuzzle. Absently noticing that they had been actively avoided for quite some time now. Which wasn't a bad thing.


Looking over the only thing from the house the Q branch forensics found. Falkirk shook his head pocketing the lighter. He knew the relevance but not the meaning of the inscribed gift. Was he to return it, keep it, Falkirk didn't know. Pocketing the gold device Falkirk moved out of Q branch returning to E branch.

A priority message was left on his desk, a sudden meeting with the Foreign Minister. Not in the least suspicious from a man who floated between fearing and hating Falkirk. A twenty minute meeting had been set up at 14:30 at the Foreign Office. On a hunch Falkirk first checked Control's schedule, a twenty minute dental appointment had been made at 14:30. Mycroft had pulled the same trick with a slightly altered times, a meeting at 14:20 with the Intelligence Minister, where a time allotment of forty minutes had been made.

“Typical” Falkirk mused to himself, the more you want something to remain a secret the more likely it will come out.

At the appointed time. Breezing passed the secretary, outside the Foreign Secretary's office and pushing open the door.

“Surprise, Surprise” Falkirk stated walking in. Mycroft and Smiley sat at a conference table, the Minister himself, absent. Playing his hand early, Falkirk placed the lighter in front of Smiley as he passed the Alpha. Smiley clearly recognising it and visibly shaken.

“So it was him” Mycroft said, also recognising the lighter Smiley lost in the only confirmed interrogation of Karla.

“You may very well say that, I couldn't possibly comment” Falkirk returned as he took a seat opposite the pair.

Running his fingers over the inscription 'To George from Ann All my love' Smiley closed his eyes. A sudden blast of movement sent the lighter across the room as Smiley stood. “I don't care what you have with him but I will be no part of it. Karla will remain a priority target and if he crosses our path...” The Alpha trailed off. The angriest Falkirk had ever seen the man, it was no surprise Smiley stormed out, their professional relationship a little worse off.

“You're alone now” Falkirk said as he stood to go pick up the fallen lighter.

“Smiley, another enemy. You do make so many of them, dear brother. Why do you think I was called in on Azerbaijan. There are some who believe you are out of control, the loss of Scarlett Papava has blinded you, Pushkin is stable and in our line of work that is rare.” Mycroft mused.

“Control has a vendetta where Karla is concerned, what makes his vendetta ignorable and mine not? Have you or Smiley considered, I have had two meetings with Karla and I'm in the process of developing a relationship with him. Or at least, with Pushkin's death, I will be putting Karla into a position where we can keep an eye on him. As director of the FSB Karla will be easier to monitor.”

Reluctantly, Mycroft nodded, seeing the benefit to his brother's actions. Even when his motive was not pure. Building a rapport with Karla, and if the spymaster became the new head of the FSB it would be far easier to track the ghost's movements.

Mycroft had always gained a sense of superiority when pointing out the flaws in Sherlock's deductions. Faced with his little brother's manoeuvrings Mycroft always was left feeling inadequate. He would tell himself a lot of things to help appease his ego but it always came down to, he should be the Alpha, the leader, not his baby brother, the Omega. At the end even mummy and Daddy recognised Falkirk as the one to be proud off. Leaving his brother the victor again, Mycroft walked out.

Shaking his head Falkirk decided to wait for the minister's return. Smiley and Mycroft had paid for forcing him out of a safe place, in order to have tactical superiority when meeting. It was now the turn of Falkirk's boss to face him too.

The personal computer Falkirk didn't need to hack. Starting to type variations of common egocentric, rude or inappropriate words and numbers, and information associated with the Minister. On the third attempt Falkirk typed, 'sexgod69' and was rewarded with the desktop.

Pressing the intercom Falkirk ordered an Earl Grey and a biscuit.

The secretary who entered was very wary of the Omega who had taken up residence. She placed down the china cup with three biscuits.

“Thank you. Is the minister brave enough to show face?” Falkirk asked the Alpha woman. Refusing to answerer she scuttled out as fast as possible. Calling to her before she could fully leave “Please tell him, I could always pay a visit to his home.”

Falkirk was sure the message would get to the minister. It was up to him to decide if he wanted to meet Falkirk here, in private or at his fancy dinner party tonight.

Browsing the cache files Falkirk found the porn the Minister was trying to hide. It took a special type of arrogance to look at illegal porn on a government computer. The only thing that stopped Falkirk calling the police himself, there was nothing involving anyone underage. He decided to leave what he found to the IT engineers to report.

Moving on to the email caches Falkirk found pictures and correspondence with the woman who brought in his tea, a prospective MP and a host of interns. All sexual in some way. He decided to print off a few emails.

At five o'clock Falkirk decided to give up. Executing the program he had been working on, a rather obscene video started playing in an infinite loop and preventing anything else being done. It would play until someone pulled the plug and would need an IT engineer to remove the program. Like Falkirk, an IT engineer would be easily be able to trace the history of all the files Falkirk found.

By the time Falkirk got to the Foreign Minister's home the man's dinner party was in full swing. Handing his card to the tall dark haired butler Falkirk was duly announced.

“Sir Thomas McLair, Director of MI6” the butler announced.

The guests thinking it was just another guest gave Falkirk the barest acknowledgement politeness allowed. Only Falkirk and the Minister's wife noticed the terror that passed over the man. The few Omegas in the group also noticed the change in the man's scent, after a moment. The minister put down his glass a bit too heavily as he stood.

“Why don't we discuss that, thing in the study.” The Minister beseeched

Walking to the foot of the table Falkirk handed the Minister's wife the bundle of e-mails he had printed out. Leaning down Falkirk whispered “There is far more to come, far worse. I suggest you start proceeding quickly.”

Looking to the Minister himself. “That will not be necessary” Falkirk informed and walked out.

Absently Falkirk wondered, he felt sympathy for the Minister's wife, even a tiny bit for the minister himself, even when the man was reaping what he had sown. Being aware of an other's pain meant he was not a psychopath or sociopath, but he would burn the man, in his private life, in his professional, he would not hesitate to see the man in jail and if necessary dead. There was no convenient label like 'Psychopathic tendencies' in his MI6 file and the question ran in a circle in Falkirk's mind. At least until he settled in with James, were the day just melted away as he was surrounded by his Alpha.

Come the morning, they were acting quickly, the papers had the Foreign Minister retiring from politics 'for health reasons'. A tiny story was buried in the government announcements, of a retired Ex Minister's infidelity, inappropriate conduct and voluntarily presenting himself for questioning in relation to accessing obscene material. And when it would be eventually picked up and plastered over the front pages, the government could say they released the information months or years before and couldn't be accused of trying to covering it up.

Dropping the paper on the seat beside him Falkirk removed his glasses and scrubbed his face.

“Something wrong?” Selene asked from the front seat.

“No. Just annoyed with the morons deemed fit to run this bloody country” Falkirk answered and replaced his glasses. Falkirk was looking forward to the day when James would retire and he could bake cakes, tend roses, shopping trips with Keading and Darren destroying their Alphas' bank balances and all the other things of no consequence.


Mallory looked over the growing crowd, feeling his territory being a little violated. But Darren popped with excitement, sitting beside an Alpha, too handsome for his own good.

“I know that feeling.” The mate of M said to him quietly. “You want to rip Addison apart.”

Mallory smiled at James, “I am able to control my base instincts, Bond.”

James just shrugged and headed for the dining table where there was buck's fizz and nibbles laid out.

Addison, surrounded by Darren, the mate of Selene's and everyone else who outranked him. But seeing Darren smile was enough. He liked being part of the gathering. “So there I was with this beautiful Beta woman. Legs that went all...”

“Mr Addison?” Falkirk called. “Children present.”

“Hay! Don't listen to him, it's not like he's in charge or anything.” Alec demanded, holding one of the referenced children. Cody and Andrew floating about somewhere too.

“Me too! I want to hear the story.” Keading demanded, with Darren agreeing.

Addison smiled, “So where was I, oh yes the beta with the legs....” He said, his voice full of sultry gravel.

The Bing-bong of the doorbell allowed Mallory to escape the story. In the hall he heard the laughter from a punch line but not what it was. Pulling open the door he was relived to see a beta woman and an omega man, but as for the omega Mallory had seen more delicate looking Alphas.

“Maloney, Evens.” James called in greeting, from the door of the lounge, also identifying the guests for Mallory.

“Welcome, do come in.” Mallory said, introducing himself to the Ciri Evans, the beta and Nathan Maloney, the omega. James gave a better greeting as they passed, with a bit more ease, born of familiarity.

Returning to the lounge. Mallory saw the two omegas in hysterics, Darren leaning heavily on Addison as he laughed. Even M's face was contorted, trying not to laugh like the other two.

As the party progressed. Mallory grew more jealous. He noticed the big Scots Alpha and the Alpha of M become more vigilant. He was adamant, that he would not act like a territorial Alpha. Sitting beside the blond omega. “So what do you do, Nathan?”

“Oh if I told you I would have to kill you.”

“I'm sure the Prime Minister has clearance.”

Addison noticed Darren was slowly being drawn by something else and wasn't listening to him. Following the Irish omega's gaze, to the Prime Minister and 009. Addison tipped his head to the side, he could hear Maloney's response but only make out a deep purring tone as Darren's mate talked. Whispering to Darren, “Is he chatting up Maloney?”

Darren shook his head, whispering back, “Can't be. He prefers Alpha women.”

Keading saying, “Looks like it to me.”

Addison looking around himself. Beside him was Darren with Keading on the far side of the omega. Figuring out what was going on, Addison whispered, “Is he trying to make you jealous?”

Darren watched his mate and Maloney speak. Slowly he nodded, realising Gareth was doing just that.

A general quietness in the room made Mallory look up. Everyone else looked away or hastily started a conversation. Most trying not to giggle. Then noticed how tight the face was of the omega beside him. Mallory gave an embarrassed smile and went to get more champagne, escaping. Everyone's giggles burst out, Maloney slumped and groaned.

Chapter Text

Lowering himself into the water, at the shallow end of the pool. James was taken by his son. Andrew stood on the edge, just in his shorts and inflatable armbands. But it was the first time James consciously noted a change in his son's body, it was losing its squashed and rounded appearance. The bowed legs were straight, the body not covered in quite so much baby fat. Standing on the edge of the pool was a miniature human, not the baby.

James clapped his hands and called, “Come on.”

With absolute faith in his dad, Andrew jumped in. James needing to help Andrew back to the surface. “That was so good.” James said to the coughing boy.

With his hand supporting Andrew's chest, James got his son to swim a bit. “Will you jump in again?” James encouraged.

“ 'kay daddy.”

James lifted Andrew out of the water. “Hold your breath this time.” James said.

Andrew pinched his nose and jumped. Again James had to scoop his son up from the water. But this time there wasn't so much coughing. Giving a kiss, “You're getting so good.”

While he still had Andrew in his arms. James saw, across the centre, in the pool with the diving boards. Giving a silent chuckle, knowing how much Falkirk hated wearing the Speedos, no matter how much James said he loved seeing his mate in them. The two omegas looking delicious, all long and lean, standing on the highest platform.

Turning Andrew around and pointing to the high dive, “Who's that?”

“PAPA!” Andrew said with a bounce.


“Unc'e' 'eading!”

“Uncle Keading.” James enunciated, Andrew growing a little lazy with his pronunciations.

“Uncle Keading.” James gave a kiss and told Andrew how good he was. “What papa doing?”

“Jumping, like you. Just higher.”

The small face darted from looking to his dad to his papa in worry. They watched Keading talk to Falkirk, then Falkirk dive off the board. There was a bit of a splash before the dark head broke the surface and made for the side.

James noticed Selene had stopped her laps, to looking across to the diving boards too. Keading was careful and flawless, doing a somersault before hitting the water with barely a ripple.

James whispering, “You'll do that one day.”

“Today?” Andrew asked with a waver in his voice.

“No little man, when you're bigger.”

Noticing his son shiver and the goose pimples. James lifted Andrew out then climbed out himself. The two headed for the kids pool, where it was warmer. Andrew liked this pool, because he could feel the bottom and could splash in a doggy paddle, chasing his dad.


Falkirk's car moved through London, heading for the town house of Gareth Mallory. Darren refusing to be at Downing Street as his pregnancy came to a close.

With Brayan as Falkirk's bodyguard, and no Selene within earshot. Falkirk asked Keading, “It's gone a bit quiet. You told me, you and Selene were planing on having a child?”

The other omega shrugged. “Selene still wants to be mother. I'm scared of being a father. I don't know, a voice in my head keeps saying, she's the Alpha, I'm the omega and that's how it should be. She's the strong one. What if something happens to her. What if I...”

Falkirk wound his arm around the other omega pulling Keading close. “You have a pack and a place in it. Not just as Cody's papa, or Selene's bond-mate. You're my friend. The only person I trust to watch Andrew. The only person Daniel and Alec trust to look after Yulian.”

“I love looking after them. But being a dad, seems so much more responsibility than a mom. I know it doesn't make sense but it's what I think and feel.”

Falkirk thought there was some conflict of old stereotypes at the root of Keading's fear. Along the lines of 'man=provider' and 'alpha=provider' competing with 'woman=child bearer/home maker' and 'omega=child bearer/home maker'. And being the father was scary because it would mean, Keading viewed himself going from one group to another.

“Oh, Keading. I think I do understand. But you have nothing to fear.” Falkirk said and nuzzled the other omega.

The car pulling to a stop ended the conversation. A little unsatisfyingly in Falkirk's opinion.

The door to Mallory's was pulled open, by a silver haired woman. Her watery grey eyes scanned Falkirk and Keading, with the same look one might give a spider crawling across the doorstep.

“Sir Thomas McLair, to see Darren Mallory.”

“He's resting.”


Falkirk walked passed the woman, who looked like she had just bitten into a lemon. Keading sticking to his back.

Falkirk found Darren, sitting in the middle of the couch, arms and legs splayed and looking miserable.

“MI6 will never have to pay me again, just one kill order on HER and....” Darren trailed off in a groan, happy when Keading settled one side of him. Falkirk coming to the other side.

“Oh a hate her. And Gareth's spine goes out the fucking window whenever she's here. I did the baby's room in a nice green and white. She painted it white, 'Colour is so common.' Stuck up COW!” Darren said, roaring the last word towards the door.

Oh, Falkirk hated this but offered, “You want me to hobble her?”


Falkirk heard the soft feet moving away. Keading whispering, “I don't mind babysitting, when you get back to work.”

“Thanks.” Darren said rubbing his head against the American omega's. “I think Gareth wants a nanny, like he had, already enrolled 'Conrad' at that stupid school. I'd love it to be a girl, to see his plans all messed up.”

“You know it's a boy?” Keading asked, Darren nodded and told them about the last ultrasound where it was clear the baby had something girls wouldn't have.

Falkirk noticed as long as Darren was sure his mother in law was not listening he was calmer and swore a lot less. It looked like he was going to have a private word with Mallory.

One hour, exactly after arriving. The door swung open and Amelia Mallory entered, “Time for your friends to go home, Darren.”

Before Darren could blow his top. Falkirk said, “We were invited for dinner and we accepted. And it will give me time to see the Prime Minister.”

“A little inconvenient, I think you should go.” Mallory's mother informed as if they were children asking for a sleep over.

“No.” Falkirk said and settled in, the three cuddling on the couch still. Able to feel Darren tremble with the effort to not scream at his mother-in-law.

Falkirk asked, “Where do you keep your blankets?” When Darren told him, Falkirk went to the cupboard upstairs, retuning with a quilt and a few pillows too. As Amelia Mallory was not being a host in any way, shape or form. Falkirk then ventured into the kitchen. The woman herself, sitting in the conservatory.

A small omega, was pottering about, cooking. Falkirk picking up on an aura of stress from the small woman. She asked if Falkirk needed anything. Falkirk answering, “Well there will be two more for dinner, if that's not too much trouble.”

“That's fine sir, plenty to go around.” the cook said.

“Thank you. And I think Darren is feeling peckish just now. So do you have those chips he can eat?”

Falkirk saw the cook flick her eyes to a cupboard as she said loud enough for her voice to carry to the conservatory. “I'm sorry, Sir. We have run out.”

Falkirk was on the verge of seeing red. The cook, needing to lie, and even the lie had a lie in it. Falkirk would bet pounds to pence, Mallory's mother had banned the chips or thrown them away. Falkirk pulled open the cupboard and pulled out the contraband and headed to the lounge before he decided the give Darren his wish.

Falkirk had heard, admittedly one sided stories of the woman. How she bullied the omega Mallory brought home from Ireland. And how she scorned the omega when Mallory did the decent thing and honoured their bonded status, not even treating the Darren as a supplement to a marriage, like some omegas were treated. But from being lied to at the door, to being treated like children and now being petulantly ignored, Falkirk was quickly learning to dislike Amelia Mallory.

When Mallory came home, the man dressed casually so he would look like a normal person while he attended some photo opportunity. Falkirk let him greet Darren before asking, “Prime Minister, a word if you please?”

Falkirk followed the alpha into a study. Mallory asking, “Is this as M?”

“No as Darren's friend. Is your mother the best person to be around at this time. Darren hates her, the feeling is mutual but Darren is the one who is currently under the greater stress and your mother isn't helping that.”

Mallory sank into the plush, green leather swivel chair. “I know they hate each other. But my mother will love our son.”

Falkirk sat opposite the man, “I'm sure she will love her son's son, her grandson. But what about the son of Darren Tracey? Will she even acknowledge he has had a son?”

“Probably not. But she did promise to be civil.”

Falkirk wanted to snort out a laugh. “While I will admit, Darren was screaming at her, calling her a cow. Your mother's behaviour was not that good either. You do know she has banned one of the few things Darren can eat?”

Mallory shook his head, putting his hand over his eyes. “I will have a word with her.”

“Once he has dropped Andrew off at nursery school, I will ask Keading to come over. It would give Darren and your mother a break from each other.”

Mallory nodded, “I'll make sure she understands she needs to give them time alone.”

On the way home, Falkirk looked to the omega beside him.

“Could you please look in on Darren, tomorrow?” Keading nodded and agreed. “I know it's hard but don't let Amelia Mallory bully you.”

Keading nodded again.


James' fingers lacing between Falkirk's, holding the delicate hands either side of the omega's head. Falkirk feeling his alpha's slow thrusts, his legs wrapped around James' waist. They gazed into each other's eyes. Falkirk rolling his hips up into the the slow thrusts. Falkirk bit his lip, his body aching for the release, but his alpha making them go slow. James leaned down and Falkirk gave up on biting his lip as his mouth was invaded. The Alpha's mouth then moved to Falkirk's cheek, jaw, a slight tug on his earlobe. James' warm breath coming out in pants, sounding like a hurricane next to his ear.

“Miss you.” James grunted.

“Miss... you... too.” a sharper thrust brushing over all the nice places between Falkirk's words.

Falkirk loved this. Able to see the hungry eyes boring into him. Feel his Alpha inside him. Smell his Alpha, the pheromones making him light headed. Even the drops of perspiration falling from the shot blond hair landing on Falkirk's chest or face felt like heaven.

As they grew closer to the slowly building climax. Falkirk bucked and met the incoming thrusts. How James pushed in so far it truly felt like being impaled in the most delicious of ways.

On the edge, Falkirk felt blunt teeth scrape over his neck. The Alpha growled, “MINE!” and Falkirk came as the mark was renewed, a livid bruise that said he was bound to an Alpha.

Falkirk giving a scream, “Yours!”

The comedown was long, Falkirk feeling the hard lump just inside the ring of muscle, tying them together. Falkirk fell into a doze, with his Alpha's weight pressing down on him, and the cock inside him continuing to twitch and release its seed.
About half an hour later, the Alpha's knot was not able to keep them tied any longer. The two started with the usual morning routine, of showering, brushing of teeth before dressing.

 “I will miss you.” James said again, watching Falkirk prepare for the day of work. James himself had hours before he had to leave, so this would be the last time they saw each other until he came back from the mission.

“I will miss you, too. My Alpha.” Falkirk said.

The two shared a kiss on the doorstep. Andrew getting a peck on the cheek. The boy calling, “Bye-bye, Papa.”

“Bye-bye, poppet, Daddy.” Falkirk called in return, the two waving him off.

On the way to work. Falkirk asked Selene to join him in the back of the long car. When he raised the divider between the back and front. Selene headed him off, “Keading told me, he's scared of being a father.”

Falkirk nodded. Selene said, “But he raised Cody on his own, for years. I don't think I really understand.”

Falkirk shrugged. “People get all sorts of things in their head, dreams, desires, fears, worries. Some justified others not so. But they all affect us.”

“I could be the father, but honestly I always dreamed of being the mother.” The alpha woman said.

“Did you tell him that?”

Selene looked away, admitting, “Maybe not in those exact words.”

“Try. For our Alphas, omegas will do almost anything.”

“I may have seen a certain fanatic at his best.”


Selene became quite sombre, “But if you weren't I wouldn't be here, in more was then one. Thank you.”

Chapter Text

Falkirk was the first around the door, Keading stretching his head to see. Darren was sitting in the far corner of the couch, his arms full of a white bundle.

“Hay.” Darren greeted, softly. His eyes still locked on the chubby sleeping face, of the boy nestled in his arms.

Falkirk sat, sliding close to the other omega. To see the rounded full cheeks, little squashed nose and when Colum blinked his eyes open briefly they were the same strange hazel as the boy's Papa.

“Oh, such pretty eyes.” Falkirk squeaked. Keading almost in his lap to get a look at the boy.

Gently Darren passed his son to Falkirk. Whispering, “You'll be godfather, I'd hate for her to raise Colum of something happened.”

Falkirk nodded. “I'd love to. How has she been?”

“I've been around enough terrorists to know when someone is plotting something big. But I can deal with her.” Darren said, softly as not to disturb Colum.

The three just sat a moment looking at the sleeping baby. Keading reminding, “You can call me, if you need to do anything.”

Darren gave a shrug. “Gareth and his mother picked a nanny. Not met her yet, Gareth says she's alright.”

“Alright?” Falkirk asked and got a shrug from the other omega. He hoped this was not something that he would have to deal with. Like himself, other alphas Darren could deal with. Only when it came to their own Alpha was it a different story, for that they needed a champion.

After the brief visit to Darren. Falkirk and Keading headed home. Falkirk's car first stopping outside Selene and Keading's, where a goodbye was shared. Arriving home, Falkirk flung open the car door, the blond bodyguard waited until the director of MI6 was inside before leaving with the car.

Falkirk could hear the excited voice of Andrew and the deeper rumble of an Alpha who must have returned within the last few hours. Looking into the lounge, listening to James tell stories of what had happened.

“And tackled him.” James said. Andrew letting out a scream as his dad pounced and caught him around the waist, the two hitting the floor with a thud. Andrew's scream turning into a rapid, “Hehehehe.” laugh.

Loathed to disturb them, but if Andrew didn't start his evening wind-down, he would be up to high doh and awake to the early hours. “Come on you two.” Falkirk said softly.

“Aww, Papa?” Andrew said giving big puppy dog eyes, from where he was mostly covered by James.

“Dinner, bath, story and then bed.” Falkirk reminded. “Not! One of daddy's stories, with wrestling and flying tackles and acting out what's going on.”

“Aww, Papa.” James teased.


Arriving home, after a typical day of listening to reports, reading reports, and meeting with his new boss. The moment Falkirk walked through the door he knew something was up. From the extra stiffness in Hudson's posture to the scent ques of James and Andrew in the air.

Finding his Alpha drowning his sorrows in the lounge Falkirk sat beside him and leaned his head on the muscled chest. Automatically James pulled Falkirk closer nuzzling the top of his head.

“I thought I'd give Andrew a treat. Ended up in a fight. He told me he wishes I never came back. Been in his room ever since” James informed before spitting “Fucking ducks!”

“You didn't take him to feed the ducks?”

“They're just bloody ducks” James growled.

Sitting up so he could look his Alpha in the face. He was sympathetic to his Alpha as he said, “No they are not, not to Andrew. Andrew is at a stage where he recognises routine and gains comfort from that recognition. You leave and he misses you. Then you arrive back in a whirlwind of excitement and expectations, you disrupt everything and he doesn't know what is happening. So Andrew gets scared and lashes out while trying to cling to the things he dose knows. And what Andrew knows is, Keading comes in the morning, they go to the park to play and feed the ducks, then lunch then to an activity like swimming or one of the clubs. Or an activity in the morning and the park after lunch.”

Lying back down. “Tomorrow, Keading takes Andrew swimming in the morning. You you go with, you will fit into Andrew's routine, not force him to change his. Andrew will love the opportunity to show off to his Alpha. And no matter what was said, Andrew loves being with his dad.”

Getting a non-committal huffing sound Falkirk thumped the muscled chest under his cheek “I'll make it a bloody order Double O Seven” Falkirk snapped

A soft rumbling sounded through Falkirk's pillow before James responded “Sir, Yes Sir, Sir”

Making a happy humming sound Falkirk rubbed against the chest a bit more before moving up to the neck and then placing a kiss on the Alpha's lips. “I knew you were a big softie at heart” Falkirk said and caught James' hand pulling him up.

Bypassing the first floor Falkirk pulled James to the second. Finding Andrew in his Nestie Falkirk sat one side while James sat the other of the small dome tent.

“Andrew, poppet” Falkirk called getting no answer. “Your dad and I want to speak with you” Falkirk prompted. Only getting a distressed mewl in response Falkirk noticed James' guilty flinch at the sound.

Trying for a few minutes more before the scent of distress omega permeated the small dome of fabric. Switching on the night-light and the overhead off. Falkirk started reciting a poem from memory, speaking in the same soft tone he did every night. At the end Falkirk stood and held his hand out for James.

“Good night, love.” Falkirk said to the dome.

“Night, little man” James said and brushed the material of the Nestie.

Accepting Falkirk's hand James pushed himself up and followed his mate out.

In the middle of the night the baby monitor indicated Andrew was moving about. Assuming it was Andrew going from his Nestie to his bed when he didn't show up, slowly Falkirk fell back asleep. Another buzz had both Falkirk and James up and armed instantly. The small panel which controlled the lighting, alarms and bells flashed a status code and a gave a quiet buzz-buzz.

“Front, kitchen door, has been opened” James informed, while Falkirk was fumbling with his glasses.

Meeting Hudson coming down the stairs also armed. The older Alpha said, “The young master isn't in his room”

James and Hudson swept the ground floor before moving to the basement. Coming down the stairs, the door onto the tiny courtyard that led to street level was swinging slightly. After a quick sweep of the basement James darted out the door and up the stone stairs to the street.

A hum from Hudson drew Falkirk's attention. The butler was holding up a bag containing a loaf of bread, and then flicked his eyes down to the chair that had been pulled from the table a distance away. Slowly Hudson retuned the loaf to the bread bin and Falkirk realised what had happened. Darting out the door Falkirk found an almost frantic James darting about the street in a vain hope of finding the direction Andrew had gone.

“James!” Falkirk hissed heading down the road. Moving through the park they walked quickly along the man-made lake.

The moment James saw a man kneeling by Andrew, the Alpha saw red. Faster than Falkirk could keep up James ran on, barrelling into the stranger. James started hammering is face. Andrew had dropped down wrapping himself into a ball in the presence of the violence.
“DOUBLE O SEVEN! STAND! DOWN!” Falkirk ordered with all the authority of M. James stilled as if someone had flipped a switch, his hand raised and ready to give another punch. “Get off of him” Falkirk stated and pointed to Andrew cowering. Getting the point James moved to scoop up the precious bundle, looking over Andrew as he did so.

“Are you alright?” Falkirk asked kneeling beside the Beta male. The answer was a mumbling and a wince. Pulling the belt from his dressing gown Falkirk pressed the silk to the seeping wounds on the side of the man's face.

“What are you doing?” James demanded, as Falkirk helped the Beta stand.

Pointing to a bum on a distant bench “FSB agent” Falkirk informed. As they returned home Falkirk, supporting the beta. Falkirk indicated a car “They're the Iranians”

Passing a house several doors down from their own. “The Winestines, Mossad. Mr Ping who admires the Aston...”

“Chinese?” James prompted.

“Americans,” Falkirk corrected. “The Chinese are Madam De La Tore” Falkirk informed referring to an Alpha spinster who lived several doors in the other direction.

“So who's he?” James demanded of the man Falkirk was helping back to their house.

“Not sure, Mycroft or Control. Odds are even at the moment. Defiantly British domestic intelligence.” Falkirk informed.

With the Lamplighter(an MI5 designation) well and truly exposed he gave the number of his overseer with ease. A black Mercedes pulled up to the serviceman's entrance and Falkirk bundled the Lamplighter in.

Under the constant reassurance of his Alpha. Andrew had calmed down considerably.

“I still don't know why you were so unconcerned?” James accused still stroking the neck and back of the Omega sitting in his lap.

“Because I'm me, I'm a fanatic and I'm merciless when I want to be. I have explained to each in turn, the consequences of collateral damage. The ones with the most to lose will keep the ones with less, in line. Because they will all pay if something happens.” Falkirk informed.

James had to suppress his instinct to hunt down and kill the people watching the house. Falkirk calmly explained Control, Mansfield and a lot of others were under the exact same scrutiny. “I do the same to my counterparts, it's all in the game” Falkirk finally finished with. Not liking the situation any better than his Alpha but understanding it.

Going to bed James kept both Omegas close, lavishing nuzzles and caresses until both fell asleep. Waking to the sound of his morning alarm Falkirk doubted James even got a wink of sleep.

“Are you still concerned about the surveillance agents?” Falkirk asked. Andrew protested the disturbance to his peaceful sleep with a disgruntled noise and burrowed deeper into James' chest.

“I knew you would be under surveillance. I even had the car and Ping was always to talkative for London... but the rest” James' sombre tone ended with a small growl of frustration. “I won't kill them” James said with a begrudging smile.

“Good boy” Falkirk teased and gave a quick kiss before heading for the bathroom. James darted out of bed just before the bathroom door close forcing it back open he kissed his omega and shut the door with his foot.


A long day of work topped off by a bout of vigorous love making. Now it would appear James had been slipped Sodium Pentothal as he kept talking while Falkirk tried to go to sleep. Over the course of James' ramblings Falkirk learned the argument over the visit to the duck pond had all but been forgotten. The late night excursion had been dealt with, mostly by Keading doing the explaining and an apology and a promise had been made by Andrew not to open doors without permission.

“I went swimming with them” James informed, referring to the trip Keading made every week to the pool with Yulian and Andrew.

“Andrew was really good, he could easily do laps of the kids pool. I took him into the big pool, he managed a full lap. Then he showed me how he good he was at swimming below the surface. We ended in a game, getting weights from the bottom of the pool”

Falkirk could hear the pride in the Alpha's voice and was in no doubt that Andrew had been pushing himself to show off.


A few weeks after the first visit, Falkirk went to visit Darren again. It was a Sunday and Darren would restart work the next day. Sitting with Colum in his arms Falkirk was making a fuss over the new arrival. Apart from Darren's strange blue eyes it was hard to tell who he physically took after as both Mallory and Darren had dark hair and similar complexion.

Hearing Mallory moving about Falkirk took the opportunity to relay a message “Addison is looking forward to your return”

Hearing a growl from the background Darren snapped “Stop eves dropping”.

After the events of the baby shower Mallory had been a little jealous of Darren's associations with the dashing operatives. Especially Addison, who in particular fawned over the expectant mother. Mallory in attempted retaliation heaped attention onto the only unbound Omega who just happened to be 009. Everyone agreed watching Mallory attempt to flirt with the third most senior Double O was equally entertaining and pathetic. Ever since the baby shower Darren with the occasional help of Falkirk had teased the man mercilessly.

“Are you sure about this Nanny?” Falkirk whispered. He had seen the woman skulking at the top of the stairs when he arrived, and she looked like many a hard-faced, emotionless, traditional nannies Falkirk had immediately dismissed.

“She's polite. Suppose she'll do. And it keeps, her from being here as much.” Darren admitted.

With the final reassurances and arrangements made for Darren's return Falkirk handed the baby over. Mallory gave begrudging goodbye still not forgiving him for the message from Addison. Darren saw Falkirk out carrying Colum with him.

Passing the Policeman on the door. A few flashes drew Falkirk's attention as the paparazzi across the street tried to get another image of the baby. Getting into the car the relief bodyguard on duty held the door for him.

With James out with Andrew. Falkirk was at a loss. Looking into the library Falkirk shook his head, he was not going to work on the first opportunity of peace and quiet. Wandering from the library to the lounge then out into the garden.

“Bugger” Falkirk whispered to himself.

Shrugging, Falkirk headed upstairs and drew himself a languid bath. Full of bubbles and soft complementary, calming scents. In his youth Falkirk loved baths often refilling them as the water cooled, now he was getting board after twenty minutes.

Dressed in soft casual cloths Falkirk returned to the library. Never one to read for the sake of reading there were only a few trashy Omega literature novels along with the poetry and technical reference books. Going to the lounge Falkirk looked over the rows of concealed movie discs. Pulling out a theatrical performance of Phantom of the Opera, Falkirk placed the disc in the player. After another twenty minutes Falkirk was bored, unless he was huddled in the dark with his mate in a live theatre he didn't enjoy the performance.

If Falkirk knew he was going to be this bored he would have told the driver to take him to his club. The sound of Hudson going to the door was was like music to Falkirk's ears.

Sprinting into the lounge, James calling for Andrew to wait. Falkirk's eyes locked on his son's face. Sporting a bruised cheek and black eye Andrew entered the lounge. James looked guilty and uncomfortable as he cautiously followed Andrew in. James cringing in fear as he said, “We went to a climbing wall, Andrew slipped”

“Tried to break his fall with his face?” Falkirk speculated before adding “Just like daddy dose. Casualty?”

“Yes.” James said. Confirming there had been a trip to Accident&Emergency, were there had been x-rays, paediatrician and even a talk with a social worker. Falkirk was even presented with an accident report from the activity centre. Falkirk holding two conversations. While James spoke, Falkirk was inspecting the damage and giving sympathy while Andrew moaned his little heart out.

Looking to his Alpha with his teasing smile that turning malicious “If it happens again. You will be going to Siberia on a stake out. Nothing but a shack and a pair of binoculars. Not a pub or distraction for hundreds of miles, just endless cold and darkness. Am I clear” Falkirk warned.

“Crystal clear, M” James said, sitting beside his mate and pup, putting his arm around both. “His fingers slipped and one of the grips caught him as he swung against the wall”

“I was really high” Andrew added with enthusiasm.

“You've dangled higher, without a harness” James responded referring to an attempt by Andrew to climb over a baby gate. Swinging his legs over the banister on the third floor in the process.

“When?” Andrew demanded to know when.

“Never you mind” Falkirk answered not wanting to give the child ideas. He could already see James' daring in the boy.

Chapter Text

Falkirk watched his Alpha pack. Happy that James was just taking some newbies out for training. Loving that he knew, James would be back in ten days time exactly, something that didn't happen on missions which only ended when they were successful, aborted or the operative died.

Like most young Omegas, Andrew didn't tend to cry, just making a weak mewling sound. James squatted down, to hook his son under the legs and lift him up. “I'll be back soon. How many fingers have you got?”

Andrew showed his dad his hands, palm forward and fingers spaced apart. “That many!”

“That is how many days I will be gone.” James said giving the boy's cheek a kiss.

“Ten days, that's ages.” Andrew wined.

“I'll bring you back something nice.” James tried to appease, wanting Andrew to look forward to his return rather than the departure.

Unhappily Andrew waved his dad goodbye as James disappeared into the night. Taking himself upstairs, his Papa following behind. Pulling himself, awkwardly into his Nestie, the door getting a little small.

Falkirk left Andrew to self comfort with the lingering scent of their Alpha. Making a mental note to either get a bigger Nestie or teach Andrew to make a proper nest as Falkirk returned downstairs.


Arriving at work. Darren's desk was empty, a voice message was waiting on Falkirk. Mallory's mother and the nanny she recommended were causing untold friction in the family. It was clear Darren hated the Nanny and wasn't shy on voicing his opinion.

Falkirk was wondering if this would be the day the other omega asked for his help. He would help, but that didn't mean he liked going up against Alphas. And Mallory had always been decent enough.

Darren arrived at work and marched straight into Falkirk's office. “I tried to fire her, the bitch ignored me then She berated me for being ungrateful”

The 'She' Amelia Mallory, Darren's mother in law was a figure Darren only mentioned in anger. She didn't have the decency to attend the civil union between the pair refusing to accept Darren as anything but a subordinate pack member who was standing in the way of Gareth marrying someone more suitable.

Indicating the desk phone “Call Mallory, let me hear.” Falkirk said.

Darren pressed the button for speaker and dialled his Alpha's number. Mallory, greeted, “M?”

“It's me.” the Irish Omega said.

“Darren, this had better be an official call.”

“I'm in charge of our son. I want both those bitches gone.”

“I am not getting between you and mother. And that Nanny is perfectly acceptable. Now no more of this nonsense. And don't call me from M's phone again.”

“Prime...” Falkirk, trailing off as the click from the speaker indicated he was to late.

Darren sank into the chair, his face starting to lose the battle to remain straight. The strange blue hazel eyes starting to glisten. Falkirk was round the desk in a moment and sitting beside the other omega, pulling him close.

Falkirk had considered Darren to be a part of his extended pack and by the way Darren was acting the feelings were mutual. Having given Mallory an opportunity to resolve the situation Falkirk now had no qualms about acting in Darren's interest. Just as Daniel did for him, when Falkirk needed to go up against James.

“Lets sort this.” Falkirk said. The unquestioning support bringing palpable relief to he other Omega.


Luckily Mallory's favourite person was home and currently in the MI6 gym. Making a visit to the testosterone and pheromone filled atmosphere that made up the MI6 gym Falkirk singled out his target. Ignoring the sudden change in atmosphere as M walked through the large exercise room.

Approaching the man, his sandy hair darker due to the sweat. “Darren's a little upset. I was hoping you could help with a personal matter?” Falkirk asked pleasantly.

“Of course.” Addison said without thought.

“Very good, Mr Addison. Requisition a gun directly from Q and to make it something visually impressive.”


Outside the private town house, owned by Mallory. One of the arguments, Darren wining, that Colum would be raised in their house, not Downing Street. Darren lead Falkirk, Selene, Alec, Addison and Keading up the steps and inside.

Coming down the stairs. The Nanny. An Alpha in her late forties, early fifties wearing a professional uniform from a prestigious college. She looked down on the group unimpressed. In her arms was the precious bundle.

Falkirk held Darren's arm, to stop his rushing in. Darren said, repeating the line he needed to say to the nanny, “I have decided Keading will be my son's babysitter. Your services are no longer necessary and you will be compensated in lieu of notice.”

The Nanny was quite astute and indomitable said, “I am not employed by you. And Mrs Mallory was called, the moment I saw you and your friends arrive.”

Darren lunged, which was why Falkirk had entwined his arm with the other omega's. Darren still tried to go for the Alpha, while Falkirk held him back. Falkirk said, “Then let us await Amelia Mallory. Keading, please take Colum.”
Selene and Keading approached. Falkirk having to give a nudge to Darren. The Irish omega saying, “Hand him over, you stuc...” Darren glared as Falkirk stopped him from telling the bitch what he thought of her.

“You were given an instruction, by Colum's Papa.” Falkirk said. “Hand over the child, as Darren wishes. Or the police will be involved.”

The Nanny handed over the baby to the Omega. Keading brought Colum to Darren before, as the plan dictated, Alec and Keading took the baby to Falkirk's home.

The Nanny sat perfectly poised. Her eyes flicking to the strange people around her. Amelia arrived about five minutes after Keading had left. An Alpha in her late fifties she was elegant and refined, silver hair styled up. An expensive string of pearls and a no doubt designer dress from the best shops of London, New York or Paris. She swanned in as if she owned the house and stopped, seeing the full lounge, then looked behind her where she saw a dark haired Alpha woman with dark and dangerous blue eyes.

Attempting to take charge of the situation Amelia seethed to Darren, “How juvenile. You think this gang is enough to scare me you have another thing coming, dear boi.”

Again Falkirk was holding Darren from attacking the woman personally. He said to her, “Prior to today, I have spoken to Mallory, twice. Where Colum is concerned, Darren's word is law. Are we clear?”

The look the woman sent Falkirk, clearly meant he wasn't being clear enough. In an instant Amelia was pinned to a wall by Selene. While Addison threw the Nanny to the floor. Both Alphas getting guns pressed to their respective heads for good measure.

Calmly Falkirk walked over to the Nanny and squatted down. Placing a sheet of paper down on the floor in her line of sight. “You should have taken Darren's offer. Here's mine. Your letter resignation, forfeiting all entitlements for immediate departure.” Falkirk explained and placed a pen down “Sign it!”

Picking up the paper, after the Nanny made a quick and desperate squiggle. “I hope the shaky signature won't affect the legality, will it?” Falkirk finished in deadly tones.

A distressed,“No!” was all the Nanny could muster. With the nod from Falkirk Addison pulled the nanny to her feet and threw her out the front door.

Encircled by the friends of her son in law, and despite what she had just witnessed, Amelia was defiant. Only Falkirk and Darren would be able to pick up on the que of her fear. “My Son will not stand for this. He's the Prime Minister!”

“I gave him his position. A what point do you think I fear him.” Falkirk shot, wiping the look off her face. “Gareth Mallory learned not to cross me now so will you. You will never again interfere in Darren's household. You will show him respect, at all times or never cross the threshold again.”

Amelia sneered at Falkirk's demands. A nod to Selene and she yanked the woman she was pinning to the wall, tumbling her to the floor.

Squatting down so he was on eye level with the fallen Alpha. Falkirk said, “I grow weary of your insolence. You will comply or never set foot near Gareth, Darren or Colum again. Choose!”

In typical egotistical Alpha mentality Amelia attempted to regain control of the situation. “My Son is the Prime Minister. You will not get away with this”

Seeing she was putting all her faith in her son Falkirk thought it was time for the man to choose as well. Pulling out his phone Falkirk dialled the Prime Minister.

Moneypenny answered and Falkirk politely asked to speak with Mallory. When Amelia tried to call for help hearing her son's voice Selene clamped a hand over the woman's mouth.


“I have persuaded your Nanny to resign. I am now discussing your mother's conduct, with her.” Falkirk informed hearing Mallory's sudden intake of breath

“Don't go to far, please” Mallory pleaded. Nodding to Selene the bodyguard let go of her hold.

“He hit me!” Amelia accused.

“MOTHER, just go! I'll talk to you later.” Mallory ordered.

“No you won't!” Falkirk interrupted. “Not unless she complies with my terms.”

“Yes, Yes, she'll comply” Mallory stated.

Amelia demanding, “How can you be so weak. He's just a bitch, put him in his place.”

“M! Do this and you will face me!” Mallory's voice so loud the speaker of Falkirk's mobile phone crackled.

“So be it.” Falkirk said and nodded to Addison. The Double O giving the refined woman the bums rush, she joined the nanny going out the door as well.

Pulling Darren down to the couch Falkirk leaned against him. “How was that?” he asked with a teasing smile.

“Think the gun was a bit much.” Darren said relaxing against the other Omega.

“An experienced English Nanny, only Double Os have denser hides, anything less and she would have ignored it. And don't tell me you didn't want to see, her, thrown to the floor. You did ask for a kill order.” Falkirk said, earning a snort of amusement.


Getting called into the Prime Minister's office as if he was a naughty school boy Falkirk looked around the room as he entered. The Prime Minister's cold grey eyes boring into him as he entered.

“Just making sure I shouldn't have come armed” Falkirk said in light, teasing tones. The scent from Mallory was furious and it took all of Falkirk's self will not to react or run from it.

“You were completely out of line” Mallory growled.

“No cognac?” Falkirk stated, taking a seat across from the Alpha attempting to give verbal distance to allow Mallory calm himself. Noticing the way the Alpha's hands curled on the surface of the desk, he was preparing to attack.

“If you were an Alpha I would tare you apart for challenging me” Mallory continued, voice rough with an undercurrent of a lingering growl.

As it was clear Mallory didn't want to calm himself. Falkirk resigned himself to having to confront the furious Alpha.

“The story have it wrong. An Omega needs a pack not an Alpha.” Falkirk started in casual tones, further infuriating the Alpha. “James gives me a sense of purpose and direction. But when we come into conflict, I could never stand against my Alpha. In order to stand up to James I need a champion, Daniel, Alec, Selene only then can I excel. Today I did that for Darren.”

Falkirk, itched for a weapon or to call for an alpha to come protect him. But he stayed the course. Fixing the Alpha with a hard challenging stare Falkirk continued.

”I was on the line when Darren called you.” surging to his feet and slamming his hands on the oak desk Falkirk glared at the Alpha. “WHAT IS UNACCEPTABLE IS HIS KNOTLESS ALPHA COULDN'T PUT...his mate or pub,  BEFORE HIS FUCKING STUCK UP MUMMY!”

Mallory surged to his feet and in a sweep faster than Falkirk could track, the Omega was pinned by the neck to the desk. A few half hearted scratches at the restraining hand before the restriction, the furious scent and the continuous growl caused Falkirk to fall still.

Not knowing how long he had been pinned Falkirk could barely think. A continuous mewling emerged from his throat as the distressed scent mingled with the Alpha's furious. Time lost meaning as Falkirk's instincts told him to squirm and press himself lower, subjugating himself to the Alpha.

Slowly Mallory eventually pulled back, releasing the Omega. Falkirk's initial instinct was to drop to to the floor and mewl. It took almost more effort than he thought possible to stand and square his shoulders, looking Mallory directly in the eye.

“Is your ego appeased?” Falkirk shot, voice soft and hissing unable to control his slight speech impediment.

“That is the last mistake you can afford to make.” Falkirk's wavering voice getting stronger with every word, fuelled by righteous anger. “You are now forbidden to have contact with you mother. And if I find out you ever do THAT to Darren. I will end your bond and someone more appropriate will be chosen as his mate. I will then... end... you.”

Knowing he had gone too far but unwilling to give ground. “You go beyond yourself.” Mallory started.

“As far as you are concerned I am Darren's pack Alpha and my word is law. You will comply or end up like your predecessor” Falkirk warned
Mallory took a breath to speak. “ENOUGH!” Falkirk ordered and walked out, slamming the door behind him.

Selene, saw the tremble in the omega she protected. And in his wake she smelled the disturbing ques. Insisted of taking the seat beside the driver, she slipped in beside Falkirk and raised the partition. “What's wrong?” she asked, reaching out to take Falkirk's hand and noticing how he flinched away.

Shaking his head, Falkirk just pulled out his phone. When he heard the phone being answered he ordered, “Double O Five, take Darren to my house. You are authorised to use any means necessary to see him there safely.”

Selene looked on in concern as M then dialled another number. “Alec, Double O Five is on his way round. No one is to remove Colum or Darren unless I am present.” Falkirk ordered then hung up. Falkirk then flipped the switch on the roof to lower the partition and ordered the driver, “Take us to the emergency bunker.”

In the old bunker Falkirk and Selene switched to a nondescript Ford Focus. Leaving by an alternate entrance Falkirk gave Selene the address. Arriving at a small terrace house with a gloss green door Falkirk walked up and knocked. Not getting an answer Falkirk pulled out his watch, it was only half past two.

Arriving at the primary school Falkirk headed for the main entrance and asked for a teacher. Escorted through the building Falkirk and Selene where shown to a class room of Miss Moffat. As the class was packing up for the day they were invited in. The fair haired and pale skinned beta at the head of the class maintaining order stilled at seeing her visitors.

With quick efficiency Mary Morstan regained composure then control of her class. Thanking the office worker the curious woman was clearly disappointed with not getting to find out more about the teacher or her strange guests. The class was lined up at the door and as the bell rang the children ran out.

“What do you want?” Morstan demanded, perching on the edge of her desk.

“A favour. I need to send a message” Falkirk answered. In a gesture reminiscent of the Double Os Morstan looked about her, as if expecting an attack. Going to the window she scanned the skyline before looking back to Falkirk.

“If I don't?” Morstan demanded.

Shaking his head. “If you wanted money you would have stayed in you previous line of work. I gave you an identity, the only thing you wanted. I will not threaten you. I ask for a favour, a big one that could possibly expose you” Falkirk beseeched.


“Gareth Mallory has crossed me and needs to be reminded of his place.” Falkirk said.

A soft growl emanated from Selene “What did he do?” she demanded.

“Not now.” Falkirk ordered then turned his attention back to Mary, “I will supply you with a weapon, the one you used before and non lethal round of ammunition. Hit him centre mass and it will be like a paint ball. Just a message.”

“You'll owe me.” Morstan demanded and Falkirk agreed.


Arriving home Darren and Keading were already there with Addison flirting shamelessly with both omegas. Only waiting on the arrival of Daniel as Falkirk didn't want to speak multiple times of what occurred at the PM's office.

After dinner. Falkirk asked Hudson and Addison to take the children upstairs. The Double O looked a little uncertain but knew he was being sent away so went with the group of children and butler. When they were alone, Falkirk went through what happened at Mallory's house, for Daniel, then what occurred at the office for everyone else.

“BASTARD!” Alec shouted. Standing up from the table he pace erratically around the room.

Darren had gone very quiet and dropped his head. Daniel who Falkirk had deliberately placed next to Darren, casually started stroking the neck and back of the Omega. Giving the Alpha a thankful smile Falkirk continued.

“Do you trust my judgement?” Falkirk asked Darren. A small squeeze from Daniel drew Darren's attention to the question. Getting a nod from the Omega Falkirk took a deep breath.

“Know this. I will not harm Gareth but he will be threatened and frightened” Falkirk warned the Omega getting another nod in answer. “You and Colum will stay until Gareth has rolled over. You may hear things in the news but you must not contact him. Gareth must come to me first then I must allow him to approach you.”

Falkirk was talking about old dynamics when the pack Alpha held absolute authority. If a lower ranked Alpha fell from favour everything would be taken from him until he humbled himself before the pack and Alpha.

“I should rip the bastards balls off” Alec shot as he still paced about.

“That would be my plan B.” Falkirk informed.

Catching Daniel's eye Falkirk stood. The Alpha following Falkirk to the library, with Alec following uninvited.

Taking his seat behind the desk Falkirk felt events starting to catch up. He so wanted to pull himself into a nest or better yet James' arms and hide. Forcing out a normal tone he said, “I require that sniper again, the one I asked for, before. This time just a standard training round for it, green if we have it, or pink.”

Both Daniel and Alec knew the training rounds came from a communal store and could easily be traced to MI6. “Laddie, I understand you want to send the Bastard a message. But to use a round that can be traced to us, is...”

“Bat shit crazy.” Alec supplied helpfully.

Falkirk was on the brink of mewling and showing his belly again.

“Hay.” Alec said softly, “We're not criticising.” He reached out and Falkirk flinched away.

Falkirk looked up to Daniel. The alpha nodded, Falkirk could tell he wasn't convinced but supported him. And the support caused a clench of guilt or happiness it was hard to tell. Falkirk explained.

“The truth about the training round will be brushed under the carpet. No one can risk it being known the head of MI6 arranged Urquhart's assassination. Hell if I started throwing accusations about, there were so many plots, what proof is there that I wasn't acting alone. Nor will they risk the damage I would do before they got rid of me. It will be chaos, and in that chaos I will be victorious.”

“How devious.” Alec whispered with a hint of pride.

During the talk, a knock came from the library door. Alec, the closest, answered giving a low menacing growl, he stood back allowing Mycroft to enter.

Indicating the chair Alec had been yo-yoing in and out of through out the discussion. Falkirk said, “Mycroft, have a seat.”

With Falkirk in front of him, Daniel in the chair to his right and Alec standing looking over his shoulder. Mycroft was well and truly surrounded. It was futile but Mycroft said, “Could we have some privacy?”

“Why?” Daniel asked while Alec gave an outright “No!”

Falkirk saying, “I can not say, having the close pack around doesn't bring comfort after being pinned. So I must concur with their protective instincts. No, you may not have a private word, Mycroft.”

“You can not....” Mycroft started before Falkirk interrupted “What can I not?”

Rephrasing “You should not” Mycroft started again getting interrupted “What should I not?”

“Darren needs to be with his mate” Mycroft said, his tone more sympathetic than Falkirk had ever heard it.

Falkirk was not fooled by his brother's attempt at resolving the problem quietly with Mallory saving face.

“Yes, Darren dose need his Alpha. But not until I allow it.” Falkirk stated matter of factly.

“You can not” Mycroft started this time forging on over Falkirk “You can not prevent Mallory from accessing his mate or child”

There was an element of truth in Mycroft's words that brought something to Falkirk's mind and by the sudden stiffening of Daniel he got the realisation as well. But to answer Mycroft Falkirk said, “Watch me!”

Seeing the immovability of his brother Mycroft gave a tight half smile “Perhaps I could arrange for a meeting between yourself and Mallory?”

“Mallory has my direct number and knows where I live” Falkirk reminded.

With Daniel distracted and himself in no better state Falkirk looked to Alec, “Escort my brother out”

A hand landed on the shoulder of the expensive tailored suit. “Move it ponce boy” Alec growled in miss directed anger. Almost giving Mycroft the bums rush out of the library.

Daniel and Falkirk followed. “What the hell are you doing here?” Falkirk demanded, seeing Moneypenny standing in the foyer with Selene glaring at her.

“Remaining silent” Mycroft warned and guided Moneypenny out ahead of him.

With the visitors gone Keading came out of the lounge. “Could we get some blankets?” he asked, the all round stress of the day catching up to him as well. Nodding, Falkirk lead him into the library and pulled out his nesting supplies and returned them to the lounge.

Calling Addison and Hudson back down. In the lounge Falkirk and Andrew sat one side of Darren while Keading and Cody sat the other, with Colum in his Papa's arms. Addison was a little uncomfortable in the pack setting, standing as far away as possible but he was one of Darren's closest friends so remained.

Letting everyone relax for a while. Again it was catching Daniels' eye they proceed to the next stage. Falkirk said, “Mycroft mentioned something.”

Everyone was curious, none more so than Alec who had no idea what Falkirk was going on about. Daniel stiffened in preparation, further increasing Alec's curiosity.

“If I'm to interferer with Darren's bound status and his Alpha. If Daniel interferes with James or I. Its time to formalise the pack.”

Alec mused, “I don't think they make an appropriate form for our pack”
“Anyone who wishes to be omitted may do so without recrimination” Falkirk said looking to Selene and Keading but both shook their heads.

Leaving the rest to deal with the children and escort Addison out. After changing into soft pyjamas, or soft shorts, the three omegas started building a pile nest. The thick silver fur was put in the corner of the lounge, then blankets and quilts built up around the three omegas, creating a fabric Walnut Whip shape.

Within the warm folds of the nest, with limbs tangled and rubbing against Keading and Darren. Falkirk finally allowed himself to recall the helpless feeling trapped under the Alpha's grasp.

Knowing Daniel would be there to help him temper Alec was the only way Falkirk was able to tell them what happened. Dreading having to tell James as Falkirk didn't think he could bring himself to temper the irate Alpha or even if he wanted to.

“So you are a normal Omega.” Keading mumbled in the darkness.

“Of course I am.” Falkirk returned a bit too sharply.

Unaffected by Falkirk's tone “Just never seen an Omega recover so quickly. It took me days.” Keading mumbled.

“Actually I think it was Sherlock, he was fascinated with how I reacted when pinned. Because he wasn't angry and did it quite often I learned to recover quickly but...” Falkirk trailed off.

“It still makes you feel helpless” Keading offered but Falkirk couldn't bring himself to acknowledge it.

“Sorry” Darren said softly. In that moment Falkirk realised going up against Mallory was worth it.

Pressing against the Omega Falkirk shushed him, “Gareth is at fault not you” Falkirk insisted and nuzzled the other Omega. During the nuzzle a soft warm lick graced Falkirk's neck in an old gesture of gratitude.

Lying in the nest stroking Darren's neck as Keading did the same for him. The mutually calming gesture drew them all into sleep.

The morning brought an impact onto the nest and a cry of “Papa?” from Andrew. The boy squirmed looking for an entrance.

Worming an arm out, the cold air hitting the flushed skin just before small hand grasped his wrist. Using Falkirk's arm as a guide Andrew wormed his way into the centre of the nest snuggling against the other Omegas, cooing all the way. The enclosed pheromones making Andrew docile and zoning out almost immediately. Some time later a quiet voice with fading American accent called, “Mom?” Duly the young Alpha was pulled in as well.

A throat clearing drew the attention of those in the nest, then there was a strange clunking sound and tinkles of glass and cutlery.

Lifting a corner of the nest. “Ooh, pancakes!” Keading squealed. Quickly the nest opened like the petals of a flower to reveal four Omegas and one pre pubescent Alpha before the offering of food.

Falkirk stretched up, seeing Daniel, still dressed in the pyjamas and dressing gown he left here returning to the table. Alec was seeing to Yulian while Selene had Colum. Falkirk noticed Hudson was not at his usual morning post.

In the remains of the collapsed nest the tea, coffee, bacon, sausage and pancakes with lashings of syrup and butter were consumed. In slightly better spirits, Falkirk and Darren got ready for the day of work. The pile session had done wonders for Falkirk's outlook and with a lighter step he headed out with Selene and Darren in tow.

Throughout the day Falkirk saw Addison wandering about E-branch. Never approaching Falkirk's outer office or Darren but always on the periphery. Deciding to deal with it Falkirk went to the break room snagging Addison as he passed.

Quickly dispatching the milling office workers Falkirk set the kettle to boil. “What are your intentions towards Darren?”

Shrugging “I'm just worried about him” Addison insisted.

“No romantic or sexual desires towards him?” Falkirk asked as he went through the process of making his tea.

“No.” Addison said getting a bit flustered with M discussing his sex life so casually.

“Despite the ups and downs with his Alpha. Darren cares for Mallory and wants to return to him.” Falkirk informed sympathetically. The Double O couldn't conceal his disappointment from Falkirk and could only nod stiffly.

“I understand” Addison said.

“Despite you being an irritating, insufferable, egotistical, misogynistic, sex addicted operative. You're a good man Graham” Falkirk said using the Operative's first name.

“Hay, I'm not an addict.” the man said with the infuriating charming smile.

It was a risk but Falkirk thought it was one worth taking. “Be Darren's friend and he will value you more than you can ever imagine.”

“He is my friend.” Addison said adamantly.

Falkirk nodded his thanks and approval then headed back to his office. When Falkirk walked in Daniel was sitting at the small round table near the outer window, looking over some documents. Sitting beside the Alpha, Falkirk pulled over some of the pieces of paper.

'Registration of pack and hierarchy' read the title.

“We're really going to do this.” Falkirk mused.

“The subordinate forms are fine. But how are we going to get round this one?” Daniel asked sliding over one of the forms.

Reading over the form, to be filled on by the 'Alpha' declaring a pack. It used Alpha, both in terms of a sex and as leader of the pack, the standard government registration of a formal pack assumed the pack leader was an Alpha. In the top paragraph, in that complex legalese it said the 'Alpha' declaring the pack would be referred to as 'Primary Pack Alpha'.

Falkirk saying, “It won't do. If I'm the Primary Pack Alpha, Mallory could argue the declaration is null and void because it assumes I would be an Alpha by sex. Unless...”

“No! I'm not being the Pack Alpha. And there's no way in hell I will admit James is dominant to me, even for show, so he's out.” Daniel said.

“We need a lawyer.” Falkirk admitted.

Chapter Text

The large office was stereotypical for high class lawyer. Large oak desk with walls covered in leather bound books were the prominent points of the décor.

Behind the ornate desk. A waiflike Alpha with the same name as hung over the door. Phelps. The Alpha bore a striking resemblance to a living skeleton, old, brittle white/blue skin and completely bald. All topped of by a pair of round glasses as thick as the bottom of a glass bottle.

Supported by the Beta male, Rees, who Falkirk had been palmed off on the first time he needed legal assistance. The Beta had risen quite far as Falkirk stuck with the man throughout his all dealings with the law firm over the years.

Despite his age the Alpha still had sharp eyes. The points of law may escape him now but he had clear determination and a calculating air. He kept Falkirk in his gaze, both curious at the Omega and suspicious.

The other lawyer, an Omega. Alesha did most of the talking having been given the brief over the phone. And pack law being her speciality.

Alesha said, “I found two possible precedents where Betas where considered the pack leader but there were no Alphas and no contest to their claim.”

“There is no contest amongst the Alphas. Or there won't be.” Daniel informed.

“You're not his mate.” Phelps said pointing at Daniel. Swinging his gnarled finger to Falkirk he said “And you're the leader.”

“Yes. Do the facts escape you?” Falkirk responded.

The sudden tension in Rees didn't go unnoticed by Phelps as Falkirk spoke. Leaning back with a contemplative look and nodding to himself Phelps fell into silence letting the meeting resume.

The Omega's harsh London accent grated on Falkirk as Alesha informed “We will need a comprehensive pack structure, full identity list and declarations of subordinate status from all Alphas”

“Could you make me up a standard form for the Alphas to fill out.” Falkirk asked looking to the Beta, the person he considered his lawyer.

Nodding “Yes we can draw something up to expedite the process” Rees reassured.

Falkirk explained. “One more thing. There is an Omega, part of the pack. His Alpha must forfeit all claims to leading the pack and must recognise me and my authority over himself, his bound Omega, and all pups produced.”

After another reassurance the contract would be no problem a request was made for the individuals names involved.

Daniel listed himself, Alec and Yulian. Selene, standing by the door added her own name, Keading and Cody's.

Falkirk started with James, not entirely sure how the Alpha would take it, then Andrew then said, “Gareth Mallory, an Alpha male. Darren Mallory nee Tracey his bound omega, male. And the current child Conrad 'Colum' Mallory, alpha male.”

The old Alpha's eyes got a bit more intense at Falkirk's declaration. The Omega looked sceptical. Rees accustomed to Falkirk and remembering his visit to MI6 to sign the official secrets act, took Falkirk's words in stride.


At home Darren had fallen vary quiet in the lingering absence of his Alpha at such a delicate time. After Dinner Darren went to bed early and after Andrew was tucked up securely Falkirk picked the plain envelope(the only non bill in the pile) to read first. The envelope was still sealed so it was fully traceable and the green dot of a sticker indicated it had passed the other security measures.

Opening it, a haphazard script scrawled across the small page beginning with 'M'. Quickly figuring it was from G. Falkirk read on as G complained about the lack of technology for personal correspondence(they weren't allowed mobile phones or internet access), moving on the to his first station on H.M.S Dragon, a destroyer patrolling off Australia. There were a few more complaints about food, sleeping quarters and a host other things before G reluctantly admitting he was enjoying himself. Finally there was a hasty uncomfortable apology with a brief explanation

'The mail goes out tomorrow. The other guys are writing and I could only think of you. I didn't want to be the only one not writing home. I hope you don't mind.'

Remembering how Mansfield had described the best operatives of MI6. Lost souls, damaged looking for even a sense of belonging. G still had his Father, in exile but it didn't mean he was not alone. Even as a child he only had a paid nanny and boarding school.

Pulling out a piece of paper Falkirk decided to continue giving the adolescent the sense of someone caring for him. Letting his mind wander as he wrote, only as he reached the bottom of the page did Falkirk reread his letter. Realising he had let his mind wander too much and committed to paper far more than he could allow Falkirk pulled out a lighter from the desk. Igniting the corner he let the paper burn and placed it in the hearth to allow the casual confession to arranging a shooting of Mallory go up in smoke.

The second draft was a littler more stiff and forced than the first. Firstly Falkirk sympathised with G's plight on the ship adding James and Alec bore the same complaints from their time. Keeping the letter to anecdotes and events, mostly surrounding Andrew. Falkirk did touch on the formal declaration of the pack and how he would be the first Omega to have Alphas under him. Finally Falkirk wished G well.

Finding an envelope Falkirk wrote the return address and sealed it. Leaving the envelope on the hall table where Hudson would stamp and post it Falkirk retired as well.


The six days since he went to Mallory's felt so much longer as they walking along the lake. Andrew grasped a slice of bread he had ever so politely asked Mrs Bridges for. Darren pushed Colum while Falkirk walked beside him. Getting to where the ducks held dominion over the water. Andrew started tearing the bread to pieces and threw it for the ducks to catch.

With the ducks fed the small group moved on to a swing park. Falkirk and Darren sat on a bench looking over the other families while Andrew moved about the slides and swings with ease. The sun was warm enough on the pleasant Saturday afternoon. Everything was wonderful until Falkirk's phone started blaring. Listening to Tanner Falkirk was very unconcerned as Tanner said the Prime Minister had been shot.

In casual relaxed tones, “Please send the car, Tanner.”

“Time to go” Falkirk said to Darren before calling Andrew over.

“What's wrong?” Darren asked as they walked back through the park.

“You are not to worry, I just sent Gareth a message” Falkirk said earning more confusion as Darren nodded.

Falkirk's car was waiting with Selene as they walked down the road home. Falkirk headed up the steps with Darren, calling to Selene and the waiting car, “I just need to get something”

Falkirk entered the library pulling out the document for Mallory to sign from the pile sent over from the lawyer the other day.

“Gareth's been shot!” Darren shouted running into the library.

“Who do you think shot him.” Falkirk returned before adding “If everything goes well the dumb Alpha will be coming back with me.”

Darren nodded, dumbfounded and watched Falkirk go.

The COBRA meeting was in full swing as Falkirk entered, still dressed in his comfortable check trouser and brown cardigan.

“Thank you for finally gracing us with your presence, M.” Mallory said cutting off the Commander of the MET.

“It's not like you were in real danger, this time.” Falkirk returned casually as he took his seat.

Throughout the meeting Falkirk did a sudoku, headless of everyone trying to sound authoritative. C, of MI5 had taken up as the speaker

“The MO has similarities to the Urquhart assassination. The forensics on the projectile are the same as before, unknown make and model of weapon. Striations on the projectile, show no record of prior use anywhere, but for the Urquhart assassination. The projectile itself, however, is bog standard, we buy thousands of the training rounds for use primarily by intelligence, black ops, and secret service. It would appearer there is a link between Urquhart, Intelligence Services and your attempted assassination.”

'Bless Smiley' Falkirk thought as C finished up.

Mycroft was now looking to Falkirk suspiciously, always having suspected Falkirk in the death of Urquhart. Casually Falkirk pulled out the declaration from the lawyer and slid it over to Mallory and returned to his puzzle.

“Prime Minister?” Smiley called after a moment.

Looking up Mallory wore the ashen face of shock and fear. “Urquhart? You? Me? The Prime Minister was your friend?” Mallory said in a hollow voice.

Looking to one of the guards milling about the periphery of the room “Leave” Falkirk ordered.

“Go, secure the room.” Mycroft added along with Smiley giving his authorisation.

The guards left the room along with the stenographer and the support staff. With the darkened room on lock down, Falkirk glared at the entire table. “Everyone at this table was working against Urquhart and all you came up with was a plan to humiliate him and monumentally damage the country in the process. I could not allow your 'war' against the Prime Minister to continue so I did what you were afraid of and ended it. If anyone has a problem, feel free to take your complaint to the police. Now get out, I have a personal matter to discuss with Gareth.”
Those around the rectangular table stood and filed out. Only Mycroft refused to leave with the rest. Ignoring his brother Falkirk continued to address Mallory.

“Darren trusts me to bring back his Alpha. But Darren is my concern not you. There have already been suitors expressing interest” Falkirk said inflating Addison's interest in the Omega.

Gareth. My patience is the hair, and you are Damocles. Beware the sword about to fall.” And walked out.

On the car ride home Falkirk received a call from the offices of his lawyer. It was the senior partner and not Rees who was on the line. The Old Alpha wheezed, “It has been some time since we were where raided by the government heavies”

“Special Branch?” Falkirk asked and getting a conformation. “They're all bluster. I trust you sent them packing”

“Like the whipped pups they were” Phelps informed.

Thanking the lawyer and saying he would be willing to bare the financial burden of the time wasted Falkirk then fell silent.

“Do you know that Detective from the tabloids?” Falkirk asked and as expected the Lawyer said no. “Sherlock Holmes, make sure your staff are familiar with his image. He may attempt to gain entry. He is very sneaking and brazen, he will most likely try to walk straight in.”

Phelps slowly repeated the name and then said, “We will be ever vigilant, Sir Thomas.” Falkirk then thanked the lawyer while he dreaded seeing the bill that would arrive, and wondered if he could get Mallory to foot some of it.

Following the hunch Mycroft would turn to Sherlock, Falkirk then called Lestrade. When Lestrade picked up Falkirk said, “This is M, MI6. I believe Sherlock Holmes will be arrested soon. You will inform me, before Mycroft.”

He heard a gulp. Falkirk felt a pang of guilt for putting Lestrade between them. But the man agreed.
There was laughing as Hudson pulled the door open. Walking into the lounge James was sitting with Andrew in his lap. Andrew drawing on the white cast surrounding his dad's wrist and forearm.

“What happened.” Falkirk said softly drawing attention to himself.

“Punched something harder, than it looked.” James teased, scanning his mate up and down. Then hugging Falkirk close as the omega sat beside him.


That night Falkirk waited until James was relaxed and they where firmly secured to each other. Sitting atop of his Alpha's lap Falkirk nuzzled under James' chin.

“I need to tell you something and please don't go charging off” he beseeched. A reassuring hand started stroking Falkirk's neck and back.

“I know. Daniel flew out to tell me.” James said before hesitantly adding “He also took my fury. Then I heard someone shot the bastard, nice work.”

“Thank you. Did Daniel mention anything else.”

“Yes. I don't mind swearing loyalty to you. My Alpha.” James said.

“My Alpha.” Falkirk said and kissed James' lips.

As sleep started to pull at Falkirk his phone started ringing. Blindly answering.

“He's been arrested” Lestrade informed before giving Falkirk the station.

Quickly James and Falkirk dressed, first informing Hudson then knocking on Darren's door. Getting a moaned grunt in response Falkirk pushed open the door slightly. Andrew's old crib barely distinguishable in the dark.

“I have to go bail out my brother. If we're not back can you take care of Andrew?” Falkirk said to the mound of bedding.

“Aye right” Darren said as an arm waved in Falkirk's general direction.  A small noise drew Falkirk's attention back to the crib where Colum was cooing gently and trying to grab his waving feet.

Going out the back door and along the garden to the garage, Falkirk slid open the double doors allowing the Aston to slowly pull out into the lane behind the houses. Driving to the end of the lane and onto the road James sped up as much as the London night time traffic and road works allowed.

The custody Sargent lead Falkirk and James to the cell where raised voices could be heard. Lestrade was berating the Alpha for his stupidity. “If that little brother...”

“Not Mycroft?” Sherlock demanded.

“No me, because Mycroft is becoming overly predictable” Falkirk interrupted, drawing the attention of both Alphas.

“Of course.” Sherlock said in a tone of self recrimination. “Mycroft wanted something of yours but didn't want to risk anyone else getting it”

“Yes Sherlock” Falkirk answered.

Lestrade dismissed the Sargent before demanding, “What the bloody hell is going on?”

“I am declaring a formal pack” Falkirk said to both Sherlock and Lestrade. “Mycroft wants to know the identities of all those declaring themselves, the full structure and to retrieve a particular declarations. Namely that of Darren Mallory”

“The Prime Minister, Mallory?” Lestrade hissed.

“His omega, but the Prime Minister too if he gives in.”

“Bugger me” Lestrade said with slight awe and shock.

“You didn't ask me.” Sherlock interjected.

'Oh great!' Falkirk thought, Sherlock looking rather hurt at being overlooked. “I am trying to give support to an Omega whose Alpha, while generally is a nice guy, can also be a complete an utter arsehole with a bitch of a mother that could put Mummy to shame” Falkirk explained a little harshly and loudly for the echoing environment.

Calming down “Do you wish to be part of the pack?” Falkirk asked, getting an Immediate “No!” that he didn't quite believe.


By Monday Falkirk was a little worried, Mallory had not rolled over. As possibilities were running through his head, Darren came into his office wearing a expression of hope and dread. He handed Falkirk a letter from the office of the Prime Minister. He waited for Falkirk to open it, and stretched his neck to see if he could read it.

“Mallory wishes to be granted a private audience.” Falkirk informed earning a hopeful smile from the other Omega. Writing a response Falkirk sealed it in an envelope and ordered Darren to have it couriered back. With a happy bounce in his step Darren darted out of Falkirk's office to send the letter.


At home there was another letter by way of the navy. Reading it Falkirk's heart sank, apparently Sherlock wasn't the only one feeling left out. Although G didn't say as much the dejection was palpable from the young man's writing as he talked about pack.

“Something wrong?” James asked, coming into the library.

Handing his mate the letter Falkirk sat back in his chair to await James' opinion.

“I suppose when M recruited me. Before I met you. There was some desire to be recognised.” James mused handing the letter back.

“But giving recognition is not the same as admittance to a pack. It would mean the king answers to me, officially.”

“It would royally piss off Mycroft.” James shot with a cheeky grin.

Shaking his head Falkirk placed the letter to the side to think about. Looking back to James “Gareth Mallory will be here tomorrow. I have asked Daniel, Alec, Selene and Keading to be here as well” Falkirk informed.

“A show of force?” James mused.

Falkirk nodded, “I saw Daniel today. Did you really break your hand punching him.”

James sank into the chair opposite. “He did stand in the way of me going to tear Mallory to pieces.”

“How are you now?”

James gave a shrug. Looking off to the side, “Still want to kill the bastard. But I won't.”

“Thank you. Darren still loves him.”

James nodded, “I better go see to Andrew's bath.”

Chapter Text

When Mallory arrived at the tall town house, he was not alone. Mycroft and Moneypenny were following him in. The Butler allowed him in and showed him to the lounge, where Darren was tucked at the back with Keading keeping a calming and reassuring arm round him.

After letting the mated pair see each other Falkirk called Mallory into the library, Daniel followed along with Mycroft. Taking his seat behind the desk Falkirk gave Mallory a cold stare and indicated a spot in front of the fireplace. Standing at a parade rest Mallory waited with his head slightly bowed and neck bared.

“By your stance, are you prepared to capitulate to my terms, Gareth?” Falkirk stated, still using the man's given name when it should be 'Prime Minister'.

“I am” Mallory answered.

“Your Mother must pay homage to me before being allowed to return” Falkirk reminded and got another affirmation. “She will never again interfere or ignore Darren in rearguards to Colum or household?”

“No, M.”

“Your declaration” Falkirk ordered holding out his hand.

Slowly as not to provoke the big Alpha. The black eye and blotchy yellowing bruise covering the left side of Daniel's face, doing nothing to hide the obvious hostility. Sure the big Alpha was willing to break him like a twig, Mallory cautiously pulled a neatly folded piece of paper from his inside pocket. After gently placing the document in Falkirk's hand Mallory retreated to his original position.

Reading over the document Falkirk nodded then handed it to Daniel for his inspection. Placing it with the declarations from Daniel, James, Alec and Selene. Falkirk then turned his attention back to Mallory.

“Good boy” Falkirk said hollowly.

Clearing his throat Mallory waited for permission before speaking. “Eve has been a part of my unofficial pack for some time” Mallory prompted.

Unsurprised, forming a pack was a bit like a corporate take over. Any who recognised Mallory would either have to recognise Falkirk or leave.

Falkirk confirmed, “You're not fucking her?”

“No, M.”

“Is she prepared to declare me as her pack Alpha?” Falkirk asked and this time got an affirmative.

Falkirk nodded to Daniel and the man crossed the room to the door. Returning with Moneypenny. Falkirk indicated a spot in front of Mallory where Moneypenny wouldn't be able to see the man behind her, or rely on him for prompts.

“You are willing to declare me as your pack Alpha?” Falkirk asked casually.

Suppressing the urge to turn and look at Mallory Moneypenny answered curtly, “Yes, M”

“Very well” Falkirk said placing a blank declaration on the far edge of his desk with a pen. “Fill it in” Falkirk ordered. After Moneypenny filled in the form Falkirk checked it over and added it to the growing pile. “Dismissed” Falkirk ordered and Moneypenny took her leave.

Mycroft spoke for the first time, “Before we continue, do you have another one of those forms?”

As luck would have it there was more than Falkirk though he would need but he was burning through them at an alarming rate. Handing over a form. Falkirk warned, “This is not a game Mycroft. It's not a way for you to get closer to me, or be told things that are not your concern.”

The smile Mycroft gave was not quite as condescending or ingratiating as it usually was. “I am aware of that, Falkirk.”

Leaning back Falkirk interrupted his brother while Mycroft filled the empty spaces with his precise script to ask, “What about Tanner?”

A slight flick to one of the letters would go unnoticed by most but to Falkirk it was a glaring admission of Mycroft's moment of surprised panic, and he could see the distress the error was causing his brother. Handing over another form, Mycroft gratefully accepted it and started again.

“William may do as he wishes” Mycroft informed, as his perfect neat script filled up the spaces, again.

Daniel caught Falkirk's eye and mouthed 'William?'. The Omega sending the big Alpha a half-hearted glare before accepting the declaration from Mycroft.

With the formalities over Falkirk looked to Mallory. “Would you like to discuss Darren privately?”

“Yes please, M.” Mallory said in a rather subdued voice.

With a warning glare Daniel left. Mallory bowed his head further as the Alpha passed. Mycroft also taking he leave.

“Please, sit down, Gareth.” Falkirk stated as he got up to pour a couple glasses of bourbon.

“I would like to apologise...” Mallory started before Falkirk called a halt to the rest of the apology

“You committed an act of pure stupidity, then cowardice, finishing up with one of anger fuelled malevolence. For my part you are not forgiven and I will never forget, in that moment you showed your true colours. You are on your only warning, Gareth and I will not hesitate to end your bond if you fail Darren again. In any way.”

The affect on Mallory was vastly different. Not since the fist meeting, when the Alpha was facing arrest, had he ever acted so subdued in Falkirk's presence. And now Falkirk would hold all domestic authority over his pack.

“Yes, M” Mallory said still unable to look Falkirk in the eye. Only as Falkirk took a sip did he notice Mallory reached for his drink.

It was odd to the Omega, James, Daniel, Alec and Selene had not changed around him but Mallory definitely had. Even his scent was slightly different, less oppressive and remembering back Mycroft's scent wasn't either.

“What finally made you capitulate?” Falkirk asked.

“With Mycroft's help I was going to remove you from MI6.” Mallory informed. Taking another fortifying sip before continuing “Anyone capable of going against you refused. Anyone who would, either didn't fully know you or were doing it for the wrong reasons. You were right about Urquhart, we were afraid of him. And I may win against you, but I don't' know what the cost would be.”

Letting Mallory finish his bourbon Falkirk dismissed him, “Go to your mate”. Just as Mallory was out the door Falkirk called “Could you send Mycroft in”

There was a dull thump and grunt from the hall as Mallory exited. Then James' swearing, and Daniel's amused voice added in the mix. By the time Falkirk got to the door, Mallory was being helped up by Eve, with blood dripping from a split lip.

Alec, was inspecting James' left hand and said, “I think it might be broken.” as James winced. Daniel wore a bemused expression that Falkirk thought he himself was wearing too.

Shaking his head, thankfully the children and Darren weren't there to see James' revenge. Falkirk called Mycroft in. Putting Mallory's glass to the side Falkirk poured another for Mycroft.

“I asked Gareth the same question but why are you recognising me as the pack Alpha?” Falkirk demanded a bit sharply. Mallory had been Falkirk's target not Mycroft and when he had asked to be recognised as a subordinate pack member Falkirk couldn't help feeling like he had invited a snake into the nest.

“The secret of the Holmes pack, Mummy was the Alpha and she recognised you were the successor a long time ago. For a long time she thought it would be Sherlock to form the pack. I tried but never quite succeeded and I am tired of losing to you” Mycroft informed solemnly.

Accepting his brother's statement but not fully believing it Falkirk decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

“Very well, Mycroft. You have your expertise and I could use it on this.” Falkirk acknowledged. Pulling out the letter from G Falkirk held it to his brother “Could I get your opinion?”

The act of using his brother as an advisor seemed to please the Alpha before he even read the letter. As Mycroft read the letter Falkirk continued “I had originally hoped to keep the pack small but... Sherlock I believe would be interested and Daniel said traditionally servants are part of the pack. There is also Shane and David to consider.”

Falkirk wasn't sure if Mycroft heard him as he wore a perplexed expression before one of surprise.

“The King!” Mycroft blurted brandishing the letter. A moment of confusion passed over Mycroft as he analysed everything.

“Hudson refused Mummy and didn't allow any of the servants to join either. Sherrinford has been in isolation for so long he may not want to be part of a pack, he may not even recognise you as the Pack Alpha. The King is a... the affiliations alone will be complex, he would answer to you before anyone else.... I don't think it is possible” Mycroft verbally flailing at the end

“That is why I want your opinion. G wants a sense of belonging he has never had before and has imprinted on myself”

“May I discuss this with someone?” Mycroft asked indicating the letter. With a warning to keep the letter and it's contents as quiet Falkirk agreed.

More distracted than Falkirk had ever seen his brother, Mycroft followed him out. Catching Hudson as he passed Falkirk said, “Could I see you and Mrs Brides at your convenience”

Entering the lounge. Alec and James had gone. Darren was rubbing up against his Alpha. The man holding an ice pack to his face. Falkirk was sure the pair would be naked and writhing, given even a modicum of privacy. The meal was rather quick due to Mycroft trapped in his own thoughts and Darren wanting to return home.

James was still not back when Falkirk was coming back down the stairs from tucking in Andrew when Hudson stepped out. The old blond man, obviously just waiting for Falkirk to return down stairs.

“Is now convenient, Sir?” the butler asked respectfully. Falkirk nodded and headed for the library, while Hudson went to get Mrs Bridges.

Falkirk pulled down the faux books to reveal the hidden drinks cabinet again. Inviting his guests to sit Falkirk poured a whisky for Hudson and asked Mrs bridges her preference, the old omega accepting a small brandy.

Sitting behind his desk Falkirk looked over the two permanent servants. Mrs Bridges was rather pleased to be invited up and Hudson stood behind her looking a bit awkward holding his glass. Mrs Bridges as always wore old fashioned clothing, a full length skirt and a blouse giving her an appearance of a rounded figure.

“We are officially declaring the Pack with myself at the head” Falkirk explained. “I am formally inviting both of you, under no obligation, to join”

Mrs Bridges, a traditional Omega looked eager as she deferred to Hudson. Looking up at the Alpha with hopeful eyes as she cooed and bounced slightly.

Falkirk could see it was Hudson's opinion that would be the decider.

“You do not have to decide now. Take your time, discuss it, I will answer any questions you have” Falkirk reassured.

Hudson thanked him and made to leave before Falkirk halted him. Seeing they had not finished their drinks Falkirk casually asked Mrs Bridges about her sister. It was like opening the flood gates, Falkirk listened as Mrs Bridges talked about her sister, the B&B she ran, Blackpool where the B&B was. On and on the woman went, her cockney accent so different from the harsh London, and nicer in Falkirk's opinion.

It was Hudson who saved Falkirk from further stories. Taking charge he thanked Falkirk for the drink and promised to consider the offer.

“Next time we must discus you.” Falkirk said lightly to the Butler.

It was the small hours when James returned home. A new bandage and the middle finger in a splint, on the Alpha's left hand. Along the the cast Andrew had been colouring in on his right. Falkirk stripped his Alpha. Careful of the hurt hands. As James sat on the edge of the bed, he cupped the rounded face and gazed into the crystal blue eyes.

“My brave Alpha.” Falkirk whispered giving his mate a kiss. And lick to his neck, before settling in to bed. Touched by the man, defending his honour.

James half heartedly grumbling as he carefully hugged his mate to his chest, “Can't believe it. All those mission, and fights. I go and fractured my wrist on Daniel's thick skull and break my finger on Mallory's chin.”

“Poor, baby.” Falkirk teased and kissed James' jaw.

“At least I can flip people off without getting into trouble.”


Genuinely happy, Darren bounce through E branch. Dropping into his seat with a grin that could only be described as dopey the omega popped.

Falkirk watched the omega, through the glass wall. He pressed the intercom and asked Darren to come in. The Omega bounced to his feet, almost skipping into his office.

“So?” Falkirk prompted. The thick Irish accent was fast and the details of the make up were a bit more graphic than they needed to be. But Falkirk was pleased Darren had forgiven his mate. Even where Falkirk himself still held a bit of a grudge. But then again, Falkirk had forgiven James a lot in their time too.


Arriving at Baker Street, Watson led Falkirk upstairs to Sherlock interrogating a fearful heavyset beta. The Beta male was spewing a whole load of words as Sherlock loomed over him. As if a switch flipped in his brother, Sherlock's demeanour changed from the intense and threatening to calm and indifferent.

“I don't want to be part of your pack” Sherlock pre-empted, cutting through the Beta's confusion at the sudden change.

Rounding on the Beta “Your Wife” Sherlock said loudly and slowly. Grasping the Beta's hand Sherlock curved the man's fingers so he could see the finger nails. “She doesn’t want you, heavy metal, Arsenic most likely” Sherlock informed unsympathetically.

“Sherlock!” Falkirk chastised while Watson calmed the other Beta and called an ambulance.

Falkirk sat beside the hyperventilating Beta while Watson talked on the phone. Sherlock, after flopping down in his chair started plucking the strings of his violin, oblivious to the panic stricken beta, Falkirk trying to comfort him and Watson arranging an ambulance and giving as much detail as he could to the operator.

“You could have been more sympathetic” Falkirk said as Watson accompanied he Beta to the arriving ambulance.

“The evidence was all there. He should have been able to see it for himself” Sherlock answered.

“Sometimes you need to step back from a situation in order to see it” Falkirk challenged.

Making a dismissive noise Sherlock returned to tuning the Violin.

Waiting for Watson to return Falkirk placed two of the declarations down. “I am formally inviting you to join my pack, under no obligation” Falkirk said looking to both Sherlock and Watson in turn. Watson was clearly confused and Sherlock made another dismissive sound.

“Mycroft rolled over” A nasty plinking sound, of a string breaking came from the violin as Falkirk casually mentioned that.

Slumping against the back of the couch Falkirk mused “As has the Prime Minister and the King wants to join as well”

“The King as in the real King” Watson demanded.

“I once joked Mycroft was the Government. You're actually doing it” Sherlock said.

“That's still a stretch” Falkirk said. Adding with a bit of trepidation, “But not far off.”

Without moving his head, as he restrung his violin. Sherlock flicked a steel-grey eye to his brother, as Falkirk sat looking up at the ceiling. Concepts and ideas, problems and threats started to flash before Sherlock's eyes. And they had obviously occurred to his brother too, given Falkirk's subdued silence.

Leaving Sherlock to think it over and to discuss with Watson if they wished to join a pack Falkirk returned home. Finding two new declarations on his desk, Mrs Bridges declaring Hudson as her immediate superior and Falkirk above Hudson. Hudson's declaration had Daniel and Falkirk as his superiors. This reminded Falkirk of the next problem with the pack, the formal hierarchy.

The only thing everyone agreed on was Falkirk was the Pack Alpha. Pulling out a blank piece of paper Falkirk started doodling a pyramid shape, filling in the pack members as he went. Realising it wasn't working out. Someone like Alec should be high, but he acknowledged James, Daniel and Falkirk as superior, which would put him at the same rank as Keading who recognised everyone but the children. Even James, no matter how reluctantly, the heavy ink showing it, acknowledged Daniel as a superior. Then there was Falkirk himself, he acknowledged James as his mate and Alpha and through him it would mean Falkirk would answer to Daniel. If it was a database design, it would be called a 'circular reference', a big problem. The paper was crumpled up and discarded.

Falkirk drew a tree representation of the pack, but it didn't quite work either and ended up in the bin as well.  Giving up Falkirk went to find James, and Andrew completing his masterpiece on his dad's right arm.

Chapter Text

Watching 009 on the satellite feed, he was just on a reconnaissance mission. Maloney was just getting some nice pictures of the bad men who were buying and selling everything from Kalashnikovs to fighter jets. The reason a Double O was on station and an Admiral was beside Falkirk was in case something was discovered that they couldn't let out.

But by the looks of it there were no Electronic, Biological, Chemical or radiological equipment being sold. Nothing that couldn't be dealt with and it gave the intelligence agencies an idea of the strength of some groups. Like a tiny fringe group, that had somehow found the funds to buy a truck with scud missile on the back.

'Birdwatching' Alec had once dubbed this type of mission.

A chest mounted camera showed 009's perspective as he moved through the market. Falkirk had already identified the CIA, Mossad and just needed the Peoples External Security(Chinese) operatives. It was most entertaining aspect to these missions.

“BINGO!” the small round omega called, Sansky Chief of Naval intelligence. The man who had accompanied the Admiral, waved one of the small pieces of paper that had been made up for the game. “CIA, FSB and DGSE. America, Russia and France. A full house.”

“Damn it!” James grumbled, balling up the paper with the three operatives he needed to find. “Just needed Mossad.”

Falkirk screwed up his paper too.“Oh I spotted Ari Haswari, he was pretty easy. I just needed the Chinese.”

“Mr Han was looking at the MiG-35 fighter.” Sansky said. James adding, “Double O Nine passed him at the Puma helicopter too.”

“Rather a poor game.” the admiral grumbled a bit.

Tanner entered, coming up behind his boss and handed him an envelope. Pulling out the two pieces of paper. One was a message from Mycroft requesting a day of his time and a warning that they would be flying. The other was another declaration from Tanner naming Mycroft as his Alpha and Falkirk as his pack Alpha. Giving the Beta a smile Falkirk carefully placed both pieces of paper in his inside pocket.

“Weird! Never seen a gun like that, looks like swordfish.” The Admiral mused.

“What!” Falkirk snapped. The then looked to the techie in front of a computer and ordered. “Bring it up. The swordfish-gun. Hurry.”

As the feed rewound Falkirk saw what the Admiral had. Pressing the talk button to address 009, Falkirk ordered, “Circle back to the Swordfish gun.”

Maloney took his time as not to draw attention to his actions. When he came back to the crates laid out with guns on top. Under Falkirk's instruction, Maloney inspected the strange gun, with a long barrel, a stubby dorsal fin and two long fin like, heavily reinforced bi-pod hanging down.

“No sights” Maloney mused to the vendor. Falkirk couldn't hear the vendor's reply but ordered Maloney to bring the dorsal hump like structure into view of the camera. Then ordered Maloney, “Inspect a bullet.”

Falkirk watched as 009 was handed a strange bullet, thin given its length. Maloney noticed the spiralling ridges himself, and showed them to the camera on his chest without Falkirk's prompt. Falkirk knowing each ridge indicated where it would separate like a multi stage rocket, giving it a boost after the initial acceleration from the first combustion.

“Is that the gun you and Q developed?” James asked, recognising it finally.

Giving a nod to James, Falkirk then looked to Tanner, “Get Q to do an inventory check” Tanner acknowledging and darting out the theatre like room.

Falkirk asked 009,“Can you buy it?”

They could hear Maloney haggle and watched as a single gold coin passed hands. Maloney picked up the weapon along with the ammunition the vendor had.

“Ask him about more” Falkirk said. Tanner returned, reporting all MI6's 'FarSights' were accounted for.

Maloney whispered, speaking to Falkirk for the first time, “No it was a one off. The vendor got it as part of a job lot. He knew nothing about it.”

“Double O Nine you have two tails, The CIA and Mossad operatives.” James warned.

“Initiate emergency extraction.” Falkirk ordered. With M's words, Maloney ran and what followed was a chase only worthy of a Double O. After his time as Q and now as M these chases were less about excitement and more about a hollow in his stomach.

A disembodied voice from Q branch was giving the Operative directions to the extraction site along with a countdown to extraction.

What got Falkirk, and rang alarm bells. Maloney knew who was chasing him so was careful of the shots he was firing over his shoulder as he sped his motorbike away. The two foreign operatives were also checking their shots while not impeding each other in trying to stop Maloney.

Falkirk felt James come very close, letting him smell the Alpha under the aftershave. “I know why Maloney is not going in for the kill. But if the other two aren't going for the kill it means everyone knows who everyone is. And everyone knows that they are all being watched.”

“It's the evidence they want to destroy. Without adding a dead Double O on top of whatever they have been up to.” Falkirk whispered back.

Finally Maloney got down from the rocky mountain area, to a road cutting through grassy moors. Jumping off the bike, 009 was running across the uneven ground. MI6's commandeered Russian helicopter swooped in to land just as the American and Israeli arrived. Like Maloney, the Mossad operative had to give up his bike on the grass land, while the CIA just took his jeep off road. A few shots were fired but the helicopter was lifting off and Maloney was reporting in.

Falkirk could see the frustration of one of the chasers, most likely the American as it was the jeep that took a fair amount of kicks and punches while the other pursuer walked back to his bike.


Tanner excelled himself in getting 009 and the gun back before the close of business. In Q branch Falkirk and James walked into the armoury where Johnston (the armoury chief and former Double O Two) along with Daniel were inspecting the recovered weapon.

“What is it?” Maloney asked

“A fake.” Daniel supplied

“A copy of the first weapon Daniel and I created, under the then Q's supervision. A FarSight. You build a precise 3D model of the target structure, a house, bunker whatever. Then using very accurate GPS and telemetrics, you aim the gun. The bullet is like a rocket, after it's fired, another exposition gives it extra trust so it can burrow through walls.” Falkirk answered as he joined Daniel and gently moving Johnston out of the way. The design wasn't quite as refined as Falkirk and Daniel achieved.

“The alloy's different.” Falkirk mused, running his fingers over the grey finish, where whatever Daniel had chosen gave their gun a grained blueish colour.

“Different targeting port.” Daniel added pointing to where the shooter's optical interface connected to the gun.

There was no doubt the weapon was a poor copy of the weapon Falkirk and Daniel had made to shoot someone who was unseen.

Carefully the weapon was examined and de-constructed. Every component was as generic as the technical specifications would allow, and almost untraceable. So far, only Maloney's pursuers gave the only hint to the potential source of the gun.

Peter(R) and Cyber division were heading up the investigation into the network, communication and the electronic components removed from the gun

James arrived, holding a tea and brownie from the coffee shop across the river from MI6. “M?” he said, professionally and holding to the refreshments.

Falkirk stopped his pacing back and forth, giving a grateful smile to the blond alpha and took a sip. Falkirk should leave, for he had MI6 to run not just one of hundreds of investigations. But the thought, 'Are the networks secure?', 'Do we have an unidentified leak?', 'Did they reconstruct the concept from witness statements or somewhere else?' raced through Falkirk's mind. The Americans or the Israelis got their hands on the plans or concepts and produced what could be very kindly called a prototype, somehow.

It wasn't until Pater returned with part of the GPS unit that the speculation and suspicions started to fall into place. R informing, “The GPS uses Stark Industries satellites.”

“I want it” Maloney demanded. Meaning the mission he had stumbled on.

James winding up the Double O, “But I have seniority.”

“Guns aren't hands free yet, old man.” the blond omega taunted.

James raised his left arm, showing Maloney the back of his hand. Curling his index finger up and down, beside the splint supported middle finger. Switching between, flipping the operative 'the bird' and the 'Two fingers'. “My trigger finer works fine, see.”

“Enough you two. James you're still on down time. Double O Nine, you have a go. No theatrics! With allies as prime suspects, I want this done quietly.”

The blond omega nodded once. Daniel coming over, “Now pay attention, Double O Nine. Tickets to Toronto. You will sneak into the States and make your way over land to Stark Industries. A car, with your preferred Glock will be awaiting your arrival.”

“Goodspeed, Double O Nine.” Falkirk called.

“Thanks, Mother.” the Double O called as he jogged out of Q branch.


Falkirk really didn't want to do this. James clasped his hand in support as they were about to board a plane to Sydney. James playing bodyguard while Selene and Keading looked after Andrew. Having his Alpha for the flight alleviated a lot of the anxiety of the plane ride and Falkirk was able to comfortably doze against James.

Arriving in Australia Falkirk looked to his mate with a teasing smile, “Well that's you visited all the continents now.”

“Never been to Antarctica.” the alpha teased. But Falkirk was drawn by Mycroft and his brother's even more subdued posture.

The chauffeur driven car brought them to a well manicured estate where a royal standard flew. A movement brought Falkirk's attention to his brother who was fidgeting. Mycroft, tapping then spinning a ring on his right pinky, the strange nervous gesture even more concerning than the quite of the journey.

“You were close?” Falkirk confirmed.

“Yes.” Mycroft replied simply, drawing a line under the conversation.

A short greying Alpha stood at the bottom of the steps leading up to the grand house. The King, forced to abdicate now used the title Duke of Windom and given the ceremonial role as governor of Australia. He now spent most of his time waving at crowds as he open new buildings and generally attempted to paint a positive image of the monarchy in the country. Dressed in light cream colours with a white weave hat he looked like he had just come off the cricket pitch.

Stepping out of the car, the Duke extended his hand to Falkirk and in a gravelly upper class voice greeted, “Hello, I've heard a lot about you.”

“Your Grace.” Falkirk returned as he shook the man's hand.

Moving on Falkirk could see the awkwardness between the Duke and his brother as they greeted each other. Neither quite sure on the level of familiarity they should show in the company.

The Duke looked to James next. Falkirk announced, “My mate, James Bond”

After the first meeting, with a slightly more relaxed attitude the Duke invited them in. Leading his guests through the cool open plan interior of the opulent house to the rear terrace where a tea was being put on. Another Alpha was overseeing the servant as they set everything up.

“My chief of staff, David Croft” The duke introduced. With the not so well concealed awkwardness of introducing his ex to his current boyfriend. The cold look that passed between David and Mycroft, was also politely ignored by everyone else.

“It looks lovely” Falkirk said to the Duke indicating the spread.

Jumping on the opportunity to break the tension. “Yes, it dose rather” the Duke returned pleasantly.

With Mycroft and David sitting as far apart as possible it was down to James, Falkirk and the Duke to keep up the casual conversation. As time passed none seemed to want to discuss the two elephants in the room but Falkirk need to discuss one of them.

“Has Mycroft discussed G?”

“Yes, he wishes to join your pack.” the Duke answered. He continued after a moments pause. “The choice is his. I just wanted to meet you.”

Sending a quick glare to his brother at the implication of being dragged to the opposite side of the world to be presented like a prize poodle. Falkirk was not pleased.

“Well I'm postponing critical missions to be here.” Falkirk said crisply, as he kept Mycroft in his line of sight while facing the Duke.

“How novel.” Came David's snide musing while looking into his cup of tea.

Pulling out his phone Falkirk found an early flight. “We're leaving now” Falkirk declared sending Tanner the info.

David adding, “At least Urquhart had the grace to smiled at your face as he cut you down.”

“David, not now.” the duke snapped.

“Thank you for coming, Sir Thomas.” the Duke said pleasantly as he walked Falkirk to the front door. “This meeting wasn't about a show of dominance or something like that. I am an exile, I will only return to England in a coffin. The king must reign without interference.”

“You wish me to leave G out of the pack?” Falkirk said to the Duke.

Shaking his head. “To reign without interference is a falsity. There is always interference” at this the Duke gave a subtle indication to Mycroft. “It was thought by some I would be out of Urquhart's reach. So I did something wrong and interfered with government. Mycroft was wrong about Urquhart and I, and now I am paying the price for my crime. Exile.”

The Duke shook his head again to clear the melancholy thoughts as he said “It's not all Mycroft's fault, I am just as liable. I went against Urquhart with full knowledge of my actions. I am, however, very concerned about my son and who he will listen to.”

“This may be hard to believe but I have no political ambition.” Falkirk said.

The Duke looked unconvinced as he said, “Of course not.”

From behind the King and Falkirk, Mycroft admitting, reluctantly. “Since my brother broke from the family home I have held little influence and no control over him. Every confrontation has resulted in his victory or benefit. I have come to the realisation he is the heir to the pack and my other brothers concur”

Mycroft adding when he had the Duke's full attention. “It was Falkirk who ultimately brought down Urquhart. Then when Mallory couldn't rein in his mother's conduct, here we are with Myself, my Alpha brothers, the prime minister all declaring our loyalty to an Omega as our Pack Alpha”

The group had stilled its progress through the house at Mycroft's emphatic defence of his Pack Alpha. Falling silent a moment before he continued “I can say this. If King George is part of my brother's pack no one will succeed in using him. My Brother, My Alpha will defend him tooth and nail.”

The Duke looked Falkirk up and down then asked “Is Mycroft telling the truth? Will you defend my son's interests.”

“No, not his interests, he will have to live his own life. I will defend him, the person, the boy.” Falkirk said.

The Duke advised, “Keep my son's affiliation out of the public. I will give it my quiet support back home.”

In the car Mycroft pulled the ring from his finger and placed it in his pocket. “He wanted to see that I am not the Alpha” Mycroft informed before adding “He no longer trusts my judgement”

“That's always been in question” James shot.

Glaring at his insensitive Alpha before looking back to his brother Falkirk said, “You mentioned brothers, have you spoken to Shane?” The phone conversation Falkirk had with Shane non-committal at best.

“Yes and Sherlock, they are both considering your position. John will follow Sherlock in whatever he dose. But there is another I would like to discuss, Greg Lestrade.”

Falkirk was sceptical about his brother's motivations. “What about Tanner?”

Mycroft shook his head, “Any feelings around the inspector are... unrequited. But Lestrade has been good to Sherlock, Myself, yourself. And has he not played fair in our little games, always siding with the first to call him. And how many times has he been caught between us.”

Falkirk nodded. “I'm going to end up with an army.”

“You have a pack and influence, that will be the envy of London.” Mycroft said. Falkirk thinking he heard a warning in it.

As the car stopped at the entrance to the airport something crossed Falkirk's mind. “How am I going to speak to G without half the Navy finding out and beyond?”

“The Navy is not my area” Mycroft answered as both brothers looked to James.

Shrugging. “I only learned how to smuggle myself on and off ships. The occasional local girl too.” James said with a dreamy smile. Falkirk thumped the man's rock hard stomach. “Only got eyes for cute little megalomaniacs, now.”

“Not a megalomanic.” Falkirk pouted.

“Not arguing the cute though.” James teased and hugged the omega as they headed for security.

“ 'am cute.”


James was gone again, returning to Macao to meet one of the contacts that would only deal with MI6 through James.

'Hopefully he won't damage my budget by feeding the wildlife again' Falkirk mused as he walked through his club.

Usually when Falkirk came it was for a drink and to discuss something beside work. First crossing Roebuck's path, but it wasn't him Falkirk was looking for and as quickly as etiquette allow moved on. Thankfully Roebuck had confirmed the presence of Falkirk's target and his general location.

In one of the opulent lounge rooms, strewn with plush green lather couches and chairs. Falkirk found his target. The only other Omega member of the club was sitting alone, reading a newspaper by the open fire.

“Captain Sansky” Falkirk said softly gaining the man's attention.

“M” came Sansky's deep gravely voice as he gestured Falkirk towards another chair.

“I must thank you for the Chinese movements” Sansky said referring to some intel Falkirk supplied to the Royal Navy without the usual jurisdictional wrangling. Without missing a beat the little round man accused, “You're calling in the favour?”

Nodding. “I need something smuggled onto, then off of, HMS Dragon. With as few people knowing about it as possible.”

“What and how big?” Sansky demanded.

Putting his had just above his head hight “about this big” Falkirk said then moved his hands to shoulder width apart “and about this wide”

“Very amusing” Sansky deadpanned before falling silent for a moment.

“Your best bet is either the next port she makes or the mail helicopter.” Sansky informed, another contemplative silence followed as the man thought. “I'll see what is the more likely”


Hong Kong. Falkirk and Selene were at the Royal Navy base, that was still allowed to be here, mostly so the Chinese could spy on it with relative ease, and perhaps get some good blackmail material on some of its personnel.

Falkirk poked the black epaulette, on the shoulder of his jumpsuit, adorned with gold stars, sabre and guard, and crown, signifying his honorary rank of Vice Admiral. But it had been a condition of the help, the official record was for a visiting Admiral doing a spot inspection of HMS Dragon. Falkirk suspecting the 'senior service' were wanting to remind him of the long association between MI6 and the Navy.

A rapid beating noise pierced the air, becoming deafening. The grey helicopter landed not far from them, in the middle of the round concrete of the helipad.

“I think I like helicopters less than planes.” Falkirk grumbled as he watched the unacceptably small vehicle without wings being loaded.

Selene made no acknowledge she had heard him, which was possible. Dressed in matching jumpsuits and helmets Falkirk and Selene waited until one of the people loading the Helicopter signalled the them over.

After what felt like an eternity of vibration and deafening noise. A warning from the pilot sounded before they impacted the deck. Before Falkirk disconnected his helmet from the communication socket, the pilot reminded they had a strict forty minute turn around.

“WELCOME ABOARD! I'M COMMANDER GERALD, THE CAPTAIN” a tall square chinned Alpha said coming up to Falkirk, escorting him away from the noisy helicopter and into the hanger like structure at the back of the ship.

“Thank you. M, British... Vice Admiral, Sir Thomas McLair.” Falkirk responded. At lest inside the ship Falkirk could hear himself speak and took the helmet off.

“You may use my quarters.” the Capitan said as he lead Falkirk through the ship. “Ensign Windom was told to be there by now.”

“Thank you Commander, I appreciate your assistance and discretion.”

Rounding a grey walled corner and up a grey walled stairs Falkirk knew he would be lost without his guide. Turning a corner, ahead of them, standing ramrod straight was the blond teenager Falkirk was here to see, dressed in the blue jumpsuit with hands behind his back.

In a break with discipline. “M?” G called before snapping to attention in the presence of his captain.

Showing Falkirk into his quarters the captain pulled out a collapsible table and unfolded a chair for Falkirk and left.

The quarters were cramped to say the least, barely enough room for Falkirk to stretch out his arms. As the captain left there was now enough room for G to enter.

Taking the other folding chair. “What are you doing hear” G asked.

“I don't have much time. I am formalising my pack. From your letter, I got the impression you would be interested in joining.” Falkirk informed before asking “Have you considered the full ramifications of declaring me your Pack Alpha?”

Getting a shrug “I'm not sure how a pack really works” G answered.

Letting G read the document everyone else had to sign Falkirk continued to speak. “There are two more things you should know. One is, one of my names, the other is a pack member you may have a problem with. The name you need to know is Falkirk Bond and my half brother Mycroft Holmes.”

As expected G stopped reading the document to look accusingly at Falkirk.

“My birth name is Thomas McLair. When my Papa died, I went to live with Daddy where I was renamed Falkirk Holmes. It was not a good home and nothing improved until I was bonded to James.”

“Are these the secrets I was never meant to learn, Sir Thomas?” G asked.

“Yes they are. James, Selene, Alec and Daniel will be part of the pack as well. You will not be the only one that has issue with Mycroft, and you should see the arguments Sherlock and he get into. Last Christmas nearly ended in a full blown riot” Falkirk teased. The teenager had been trying to hide his smile, he seemed to think the idea of a family dinner as strange and rather novel.

“I had to speak with your Father. He didn't like the idea of you and Mycroft in the same pack either. But did like the idea of someone looking out for you.” The boy's smile vanished with the mention of G's father.

“Usually I give people time to decide but I can't give you that courtesy. The document you are holding is too sensitive. If you sign it or not, it will be leaving with me” Falkirk informed and checked his watch. “You have five minutes before you have to start filling it in”

“I'll be outside.” Falkirk said patting G's shoulder and manoeuvring himself round the Alpha to get to the door.

“M?” the teenager called, softly and rather unsure. “Do you want me?”

Falkirk smiled. G showing how scared he was and uncertain of his place. Falkirk patted his shoulder. “I faced my fears to get here. I can't say how much a hate those flying metal death-traps. I am here, for you, because I would love to have you as part of my pack.”

Seeing the boy's blue eyes glisten, and how he looked away to hide his face. Falkirk reminded G, he needed to think carefully and should do so in the time he hand. Falkirk then pulled the door open and stepped out, to give G the time to think, alone.

Selene and Commander Gerald were speaking softly when Falkirk stepped out, closing the door behind him.

“Are you really an admiral?” the captain asked.

“It's an honorary rank for the director of MI6.” Falkirk informed.

“Even for that, aren't you a little...” the Captain trailed of deciding if he should continue with his thought in the face of the strings that had been pulled to get the fairly young Omega on board.

“Youth, Sex or something else, Commander Gerald?” Falkirk said. As the Captain was curious and being respectful Falkirk didn't put much heat or challenge into his words.

“All of the above.” the Captain teased.

Giving the version of his history fit for the public the Captain looked suitably impressed. It wasn't until Falkirk picked up the changed scent did he realise Cmdr. Gerald was flirting with him. Cursing his obliviousness Falkirk was saved by the cabin door opening and G handing him the signed declaration. Like Mallory and Mycroft, G held his head lower and bared his neck towards Falkirk.

Taking the young Alpha's arm. “Commander, you don't mind if G escorts me back.”

“Yes, of course he can.” Gerald replied.

Leaning closer to the boy who was now as tall as Falkirk. “I do so enjoy getting your letters” Falkirk said giving G a smile. G filled Falkirk in on some of the things he had been doing since the last letter he sent. G did freeze a moment when they passed another ensign who looked on Falkirk with open curiosity then seeing the Captain behind them scuttled off as fast as possible. “Bunk mate?”

“Yeah, a real wind-up merchant.” G informed.

“You survived Alec I'm sure you can handle him.” Falkirk said.

“Oh wonderful” Falkirk lamented as it came time to get his helmet back on and climb back into the helicopter. With one last teasing smile Falkirk looked back to G “Welcome to the strangest pack Britain has to offer”


Still in Hong Kong, on their way home. For the long hall leg, Falkirk had returned to his brown 70s style suite for going by commercial airline. Passing through the airport. Falkirk was looking for a place that would sell an Earl Grey. But the standard chain restaurants found in an airport looked less than promising, especially as the Strabuck's tea wasn't fit for human consumption.


Falkirk had to look back, to Selene. She had stopped a short distance away, in front of a long stand that sold international papers. With a foreboding Falkirk joined her. His eyes drawn to the front of the international USA Today.

'Explosion at Hammer Industries.'

To the side of the main article was a shot from a security camera, looking down on a man with cropped blond hair, narrow nose and eyes a little too close together. The article listed the man as most likely Alpha, but anyone who knew 009 would know he was an Omega. A hotline under the picture asked anyone who recognised the suspect to contact the FBI.

“Shit shit shit.” Falkirk's favourite phrase when something goes to pot. “I told him to do this quietly.”

Selene cleared her throat to draw M's attention. She jerked her head to the South China Morning Post. Falkirk picked it up too, the front page just had a headline about a foreigner shooting up a casino. The inside page which continued the story, had what Falkirk was dreading. At least it was only James' back, as he stretched out his arm with gun having been pulled form the holster on his back waist band.

Pulling out his phone. When Tanner answered, Falkirk ordered, “I need to get to America. And I take it Q has gone to confront Double O Seven?”

“Q has left for Beijing, M. But why do you need to go to America?”

“Feel free to read USA Today as you change my tickets.”

Chapter Text

“Good day, sir. Welcome home.” The mechanical voice came from the speakers, around the glass enclosed, designer foyer of the Malabo cliff top house.

The smell hit Falkirk the moment he was inside. A pungent warning, a marking mix of, Alpha, male, lust, sex. It dominated and almost destroyed the Omega's, male, lust and arousal. It was ranter strange how the smell brought comfort when it was James and himself, but in theses circumstances was rather unsettling. Even Selene looked a little uncomfortable as she followed him in.

“I believe your target is up the stairs, sir. In the master suite, which will be on your first right.” The mechanical generic British voice announced.

“Thank you.” Falkirk said heading for the spiralling stairs to the side of the foyer. He was relieved that the house was run by the computer and even more relieved that he had hacked the computer when he met the creator years before. The Trojan had sat on the servers, until today when Falkirk had activated it and designated himself 'Root User', the highest level of user and demote the actual owner and creator of the system.

Falkirk opened the wooden doors of the master bedroom. The floor to ceiling windows had a wonderful view of the ocean, and filled the room with light. The large bed was in the middle of the open space.

The dark haired man lunged out of bed, in a full Alpha rage, indicated he had bonded with the omega still in the bed. Falkirk stepped to the side and Selene overtook him. The Alpha was in a rage, but Selene caught the man easily, slamming him face first into the wall then the floor.

“Would Sir wish me to alert the authorities?”

Falkirk was impressed, the alpha still had the higher functions to answer and shout, “YES!”

“I'm sorry Mr Stark. Your user permissions have been revoked. Sir Thomas, should I contact the authorities?”

“No thank you, Jarvis.” Falkirk said and watched as Maloney slowly pushed himself up. While Tony Stark descended into a snarling feral Alpha, easily held in place by the woman with a knee in his back.

“Is this about Hammer?” 009 asked, casually letting the white sheets pool in his lap as he looked up at M standing over him.

“Yes and no.” Falkirk mused. “You must go where the investigation takes you. I just don't like reading about your progress vie the morning press.” And threw the paper onto the bed, with Maloney's picture.

The blond omega gave him a cocky smile. “So you haven't heard about Cyrez yet?”

M's mood darkened, he hated it when he wasn't the most informed person in the room. He let his eyes harden until the Double O started talking again.

“Unless you want China getting three full shipping container of the fancy guns. I'll need the playboy over there.”

Falkirk flicked his eyes to Stark, the naked alpha still struggling ineffectively against the woman pinning him against the cold stone floor.

“One more headline, Mister Maloney and you had better have the brains to defect.” Falkirk threatened and walked out. He heard the gasp of relief from the Double O, the moment his back was turned. It meant Falkirk had sufficiently scared to operative for his actions.

Falkirk heard a scuffle and grunts. Glancing back, Selene was following him. Stark in the bed again, being held back by the far stronger omega. The Alpha still trying to go for the intruders.

Coming down the stairs Falkirk called out, “Jarvis. Begin a 90 second countdown. Wipe all data since to execution of Trojan Protocol and reset all user permission.”

“Of course, Sir. 90,89,88..”

“Silent countdown please.” Falkirk said before pulling open the door and stepping out.


Arriving at Heathrow, as Falkirk moved through the terminal. A man up ahead was easy to spot, towering above most. Lengthening his stride, Falkirk came to Daniel's side.

“So?” Falkirk prompted.

“The Double O is appropriately chastised.” Daniel said with an evil twinkle lighting his brown eye.

Falkirk took the Alpha's arm as they walked. “I hope you weren't too hard.”

Daniel gave a chuckle. “And how hard were you on Maloney?”

“I was soft as a feather.”

Daniel burst out laughing. “I'll believe that when I see it.”

“So?” Falkirk prompted, “What was it about?”

“Double O Seven's contact was assassinated as they met. James then decided to decorate the place in bullets. But that man has the luck of the Irish, he got a lead on something coming into China from  America.”

“From Cyrez?” Falkirk asked, not willing to believe in coincidence. When Daniel nodded. Falkirk shook his head, “Warn James, Double O Nine is the primary on the mission. And I don't like playground squabbles.”

“Oh, I'm so glad I get to tell him.” Daniel said with a bit too much malevolent glee.

Falkirk giving the big Alpha a shoulder bump. “Try not to enjoy it too much.”


Home. In the Library. Falkirk and Daniel sat in the middle of the cleared floor. The furniture pushed back to expand the floor space. The names of all the pack members written on pieces of paper. The two moving the names into the appropriate hierarchy. Eventually a spoked wheel appear with Falkirk at the centre. As they worked out each of the relationships within the pack, strings crossed and it became more of a web. Ones like Mallory and Mycroft were simple, they were associated but there was no acknowledgement of dominance in their relationship, so both just branched off from Falkirk. With someone like Daniel being acknowledged by James, Selene, Hudson, the relationship was a bit more complicated. Then there were the ones like Eve and Greg who acknowledged Falkirk via someone else.

“No. Sherlock, acknowledged subordinate status to Alec, so needs to go, there, so we can link them.” Falkirk said moving Sherlock's name from the one O'Clock position to the nine, so it was adjacent to Daniel's name at the eight O'Clock position. Then switching Daniel, at 8 O'clock with Alec at 7. “No this still isn't right, the link between James and Alec now crosses you. And Alec acknowledges James directly...Grrrra!”

Falkirk letting out a frustrated breath and moved the names about some more.

“I notice Mallory's mother isn't here?” Daniel prompted.

Falkirk shaking his head. “Apparently she doesn't like me. No idea why. Darren's not too cut up about it though. Daniel?” only when the big Alpha tore his eyes away from the shifting of names did Falkirk continue, “Mary...”

Daniel shook his head, “Gran knows about the pack. She's loyal to her own pack, even if she is the last one left of it.”

“There is still a place for her.” Falkirk said. Even if the invitation wasn't taken up, it had been made.

The two moving and shifting the names about. The closest members of the pack extended down, with the expended pack members expanding upwards of Falkirk's name.

“Not the conventional pyramid” Daniel mused.

“No, more of a wagon wheel... web... thingy!” Falkirk said looking over the laying pieces of paper.

“Inelegant but it will have to do.” Daniel said pushing himself up off the floor with a slight groan of protest.

“Getting old.” Falkirk teased.

“Yer no ta big fer a skelp laddie.” Daniel shot back in an exaggerated accent.

Sitting down in a chair Falkirk started copying out the hierarchy for the lawyer to file. Pouring a couple of drinks Daniel placed the bourbon in front of Falkirk then sat in one of the other chairs with a good measure of James' whisky.

“Well that's it?” Falkirk declared after he placed the pen down. Gathering everything up Falkirk bundled it up and tied the documents with red ribbon. Placing them in a secure box for Hudson to take to the lawyer in the morning. Falkirk allowed himself to slump down in his chair and sipping his bourbon, relaxing.

“You know....” Daniel started.

“Shut up!”


Returning home. Dealing with an industrial area of Beijing blowing up, and two Double Os blaming each other and arguing over whose mission it was. Was not fun, for M. As Hudson pulled open the door he mentioned, “There was a delivery from master Mycroft, Sir.”  

Thanking the butler. Falkirk entered the library, while Selene went upstairs to tell Keading they were home. Sitting propped up against the settee, a large package. Clearly a picture given the shape, and covered in brown paper.  

Untying the string and removing the brown paper Falkirk pulled the large, framed pencil etching from the packaging. Looking carefully at the snowflake Falkirk nudged his glasses down his nose to look over the frames. Barely distinguishable, names were written in the structure of the ice crystal, emerging like an optical illusion.

From a distance the picture looked just like a snow flake in pencil but it was a precise depiction of the pack hierarchy. Everyone who had declared themselves and their progeny were carefully recorded. Just as Daniel and Falkirk had set out.

Selene and Hudson hung the picture above the fireplace in the library. Mrs Bridges beamed at having her name up as part of the pack. Falkirk giving a little grunt as he lifted his son up, so he could see his name.

“That's you.” Falkirk said, pointing to Andrew's name. “Daddy, me, Uncle Daniel, Alec...” Falkirk going through all those represented. He then stood back, so Keading and Cody could have a close look.


Falkirk invited all to come see the picture. Lestrade accompanied Sherlock and Watson as they heeded their Alpha's summons. Falkirk trying to put the Inspector at ease. Who was still a little wary of the omega he had sworn loyalty to, even if it was indirectly, through Sherlock and Mycroft. The three inspected the picture.

Lestrade asking, “Why are Sherlock and 'Alexi Trevelyan' linked?”

“No reason.” Sherlock said, until Falkirk gave his brother 'a look'. The detective admitting, “He helped me out a while ago.”

“Enough help, for you to consider him to out rank you.” Falkirk prompted. Sherlock just giving a quiet nod. Falkirk leaving the rest of Sherlock's time detoxing, to what his brother wanted to tell the other two.

John asked.“Why is the line between Lestrade and Sherlock simple, while Sherlock and my line is decorated?”

“Because no one believes you and Sherlock are not intimate.” Falkirk said from behind the group.

“We're not!” Watson protested and then hissed “We haven't” and made a gesture between himself and Sherlock.

“Very well Doctor. I will accept you are not sexually active but you and Sherlock have bonded to a certain degree, at least” Falkirk said. Now John joined Sherlock in a huff, the doctor crossing his arms petulantly.


Mallory and Darren's visit for Sunday brunch passed rather pleasantly. Falkirk did take note, that of all the Alphas Mallory made the biggest change. Even the Alpha's scent ques were more subdued around Falkirk.

The next were Falkirk's brothers. With the biggest change in Mycroft, he had dropped the unspoken competition between them. There were no more hassles over information, telling Falkirk what he wanted or needed to know without subterfuge. Sherlock was a lot calmer around Falkirk now. Shane, they had only talked on the phone so far, but just held a slightly more respectfully tone when he spoke.

The least difference came from the Alphas Falkirk was closest to. Daniel, Alec and Selene didn't seem to change at all. James while outwardly the same, but his ques had muted ever so slightly as well. When discussing the pack with James he seamed happy and didn't act different but even Keading, Darren had mentioned the scent being less intense.


As Daniel and Alec looked over the drawing the Scot mused, “I tried to mention it was tradition to have a Pack Tree commissioned. But you told me to shut up.”

Making a humming noise Falkirk was focused on his computer not his guests.

“Something wrong?” Alec asked coming towards the distracted Omega.

“Within a pack hierarchy, conflicting Alphas will subdue when a Pack Alpha takes control.” Falkirk read off the web page and sat back. Realising he was being watched, “Just figuring out why some of the Alphas have a less intense scent.”

The intensity of an Alpha's scent wasn't something other Alphas usually noticed so Daniel looked just as confused as before. Even the ambiguous area Alec existed in didn't help, making him unaware of what Falkirk was talking about.

A squeal sounded just before something impacted the library door. Alec pulled it open and Andrew tumbled in with Cody following. Running to Daniel, Andrew hid behind his legs before running round them and back out, squealing and giggling all the way.

“Outside!” Falkirk called before the anyone could break something.

Coming out of the Library, finding James bouncing an unimpressed Yulian on his knee. Attempting to get the baby to do something other than glare at him. Keading added to Falkirk, guiding the children out of the French doors to run about the garden.

Sitting beside is mate Falkirk brushed his godson's cheek and gave a wide eyed smile. Yulian giving a happy squirm and grin, showing the tip of his emerging tooth.

“Luncheon is served” Hudson called from the door.


Falkirk didn't know why he was here. The more cooperative sharing of information from Mycroft had come with a request to meet here and now. While Falkirk went through the security, for the modern glass building across the Thames from MI6. Mycroft was waiting in the foyer beyond the security check point. As Falkirk emerged from the full body scanners, he saw the seal of the Foreign Office on the front of the reception desk, meaning the building was part of the same branch of government as MI6.

"Thank you for coming, M." Mycroft greeted professionally. "We are awaiting a few more. But I would like a moment before we go in, if I may. I would like you to do something, contrary to your nature."

"I will try." Falkirk said. It seemed enough for Mycroft.

"I would like you to sit back, unobtrusively, and draw no attention to yourself."

Falkirk wasn't too happy about that. Too close to the concept of being a good boi, sitting in the corner without disturbing the Alphas and their important conversations.

Mycroft straightened his posture and plastered on the ingratiating smile, that he no loner showed to Falkirk. He greeted the sagging faced man, and the older blond woman following the politician in.

"Foreign Secretary. Lady Smallwood. We are ready, this way if you please."

The woman who interviewed Falkirk for the post of MI6 director cast her eyes up and down the omega, suspiciously. She mused, "Are we all cleared for this meeting, Mycroft."

Mycroft gave a resigned nod. "Yes. M needs to be aware, even if he has no authority on the matter."

Falkirk was getting suspicious and annoyed, made worse when Selene had to remain with the other bodyguards. They entered a dark room. Falkirk was asked to take a chair on the outer edge, shrouding him in darkness. Spotlights only illuminating the table in the centre and a projector lighting the far, end wall.

As Falkirk sat in the darkness, others joined him in the seats for observation. Others, like Mycroft, Lady Smallwood and the Foreign Secretary were at the table. Falkirk suspecting a small round man, an Omega, to be captain Sansky of Naval Intelligence. Like himself, Sansky was in the shadows around the room. An alpha man entered, walking slouching over and cleaning his glasses as he took a seat at the edge of the room too.

When the door was closed. A woman with black hair stood up, from her place near the bottom of the table.  Her voice was quite light, like a teacher of small children which matched her posture and smile.

"Ladies and Gentlemen. I remind you this meeting is 'Eyes Only'. You are not allowed to take notes. Nor are you allowed to discuss, even with those present, what occurred when you leave. This meeting is protected under the harshest penalties of the official secrets act. I am Angela Burr..."

Falkirk slouched back a bit. Getting comfortable before the amassed started blowing hot air. In his experience if a leader didn't seize control quickly, everyone would try to lead and nothing would be done, but for finding out who could talk the loudest and longest.

At the end of the introduction. Burr then indicated to someone else at the table and the wall behind the woman showed a picture of a hard faced man, with slight downward tilt to his mouth.

"At this point, it looks like Defence Minister Dmitri Mishkin, will be the new president of the Russian Federation. We have already highlighted irregularities in his champaign, his opposition, the ballots and the arrangements for the counting of the votes." Burr said.

The woman rubbed her face as if fortifying herself, "The ones across the river are working from the point of view, General Leopold Pushkin, current Director of the FSB is trying to influence the election to his own ends. MI6 is not wrong about Pushkin. But they are failing to see, this man,"

The picture on the wall behind Burr changed. A grainy side on image, of a bald man looking downward and almost away. A man Falkirk and Smiley had met in person.

"Code name, Karla..." Burr started giving a brief description of the spy master. "Our analysis show Karla and Pushkin are vying for control over the presidency. Our conclusion, Pushkin would be the more stable influence, on both Russia's domestic stage and in word affairs. Which is opposed by the ones across the river, whose conduct indicate a preference for Karla. At this point we can rule out free elections in Russia, there are too many factions wanting power."

Something went cold inside of Falkirk. Mycroft glanced over his shoulder to him. But Falkirk was having a little trouble, it was like he was so angry that it wasn't the normal fiery emotion but one of absolute, rational, cool. Falkirk kept his word. He listened throughout the meeting, remaining silent. But no matter what these people wanted, Pushkin was a dead man walking in Falkirk's opinion.

When it was over, Falkirk remained in his seat until it was just him and Mycroft. He saw his brother still standing in the light, from where Falkirk remained in the shadows.

Falkirk's voice was rather soft and musing as he said, "I favour one puppet master. This group favour another. You fear Karla because he is unknown. I do not."

"After the incident involving Scarlett Papava, Angela Burr was asked to monitor Russia in the way MI6 should. Because, to be frank brother, you are blinded where Pushkin is concerned. It was for Ms Burr I spent months in Azerbaijan.” Mycroft said to the darkness, where he though his brother still sat. Coming to a decision he added, “There is a belief that you have not considered Pushkin's hand was forced, just as much as your own, in the death of 001. To drive this wedge between you."

"And where do you get that belief?"

Mycroft looked to the darkness, from where the soft voice was coming. He shrugged, looking away, not liking he couldn't see his brother. "Someone more brilliant than any, as heartless as you can be and like you can wrap most around their little finger."

"You must introduce us some time." Falkirk said. Mycroft jumping a bit as his overly calm brother emerged from the darkness into the light and headed for the door.

"I think she would like that." Mycroft muttered, hoping his brother didn't hear. But Falkirk paused and glanced at him before leaving.


In the depths of MI6 Falkirk entered a special set of self contained apartments. Part of the Fallout shelter these room had been retrofitted for a special purposes. A sign on the door declared the apartment off limits to anyone above Beta female, in the ranking of sex and gender.

Inside. An Omega male nurse dressed in casual clothing rather than the scrubs heated something in the small kitchen.

“How is he?” Falkirk asked.

“Reserved.” the nurse said softly.

It was warm and dim in the attached bedroom, to help with the nesting instinct. Soft furnishings had been set up over the practical tile floors, fabric and wood rather that practical glass, leather or plastic.

Moving to the distant corner of the bedroom where a mound of blankets indicating the location of the Double O. Sliding down the wall, Falkirk gently placed his hand on top of the nest.

“I'm not hungry!” Maloney spat from inside.

”I'm not here to feed you.” Falkirk said softly

“He was an insufferable, egotistical... arse” Maloney complained.

“Yes, Mr Maloney. I've had the honour, of having Tony Stark ogling my arse.” Falkirk said earning a snort from the other Omega.

Maloney had tracked down a leak, that wasn't actually there. In the end it had been the same dissertation Falkirk had read that had been the source of the leak. However, as with most Double O assignments it had become bigger.

Stark Industries, Cyrez Corporation and Hammer Industries had been given the concept and proof that MI6 had built a production model of a FarSight. The three companies were then given the remit to produce the weapon with the first to do it getting exclusive production rights for the American military. In the following scramble, the leader, Stark Industries was making the most progress when industrial espionage resulted Stark's gun tuning up at a black market.

With MI6 protecting the technology from even the British military, the CIA and Mossad tried to hide what they were doing from MI6. The American