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And then, the justice

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The American Hispanic omega with lean delicate face, soft brown eyes and black hair looked out of the car window. Even for someone brought up in a city the buildings around him seemed so strange.

During Keading's time at the hospital he quickly came to a realisation, the man he’d borne a son to he now knew was Siger Holmes. Cody’s older brother Mycroft Holmes was the scary Alpha who tried to take his son away. Then his son's other older brother Thomas had helped him keep Cody. After all Thomas had done, taking over the brothel he worked in, getting rid of the pimp, he thought he’d fallen into some form of criminal empire but the person he knew as Thomas McLair was far more than he ever imagined.

Everyone seemed to call Thomas by a different name or title. M or sir for his subordinates, Thomas for his associates and colleagues and Falkirk for his friends and family. It was the constant stream of Police and military all in formal dress uniform and the politicians in expensive suits, including the scary old Alpha of a Prime Minister that put Keading on edge. Those in power always had people coming to them looking to ingratiate themselves, but there were those like the Prime Minister who had a healthy caution around him. M / Thomas / Falkirk had a lot of visitors during their time in the hospital.

Looking out of the window, the buildings stopped as the car crossed the Thames. “That's it,” the dark haired Alpha woman said pointing out the imposing sandy building. Keading looked to where Selene had indicated with a bit of trepidation. MI6 loomed ominously, the light coloured sections giving it a pyramid shape but there were concealed sections under what looked like black metal distorting the actual size and shape.

Arriving at the main entrance Selene flung her door open allowing Keading to exit. Cringing and ducking his head in a submissive gesture at the glares the guards sent him he stuck close to the Alpha woman as she breezed past them. He felt so out of place like they would turn on him at any moment.

Keading cast furtive glances as they walked along corridors, riding a lift up to exit into another corridor. Breezing passed another checkpoint Selene led the way entering at the side of a large office with lots of desks.

Never would he have thought the scary Alpha of Falkirk's would ever be a welcome sight. Perching on the PA's a desk next to the glass wall of the office at the front of the building was James. Falkirk was in the office beyond speaking on the phone, Keading got a wave before the Omega with the wild mane of hair returned his attention back to the phone. Getting closer Keading could hear James practising his sultry tones on the unimpressed Omega at the desk. Keading was able to further relax, the Irish Omega that was Falkirk's PA a little more normal than the scary people he’d met so far. He swore and made stupid jokes, jokes he could understand that didn't require context or cultural reference.

“Hi,” Darren said to the approaching pair looking round the bulk of the Double O on his desk. “M's just giving his final orders,” Darren added, as Selene ushered Keading into a seat to wait for Falkirk.

A handsome sandy haired Alpha, Addison walked up to the waiting area where the senior Double O was in his usual spot on Darren's desk. Looking round he gave a disarming smile to the other Omega who was hesitantly looking at him. Selene growled at him, 005 just held a cocky grin in the face of her glare and warning as she placed a possessive arm around the smaller omega male.

“DOUBLE O FIVE, I am waiting,” Falkirk snapped looking at the Operative in question. Jumping at the feisty Omega's sudden presence Addison snapped to follow M into his office.

Assigning the Operative his latest mission Falkirk dismissed him with an order he was not to sleep with anyone important enough to get his direct number, M wished 005 luck in parting.

Coming out of his office Tanner was standing by Darren. Giving the pair their instructions Falkirk then greeted Keading. Selene's scent clung to the other Omega but Falkirk didn't think they were bonded yet. Taking Keading's arm they walked along with Selene preceding them while James was a few pace behind. Falkirk chatted about the building around them, talking about coming here the day after his 16th birthday when he could be officially hired.

“Will Cody be alright?” Keading asked. Falkirk reassured the other Omega that his son was with those Falkirk and James would trust with their child (when it arrived) and placed a hand on the swell of his stomach where that baby was. It was the first time Papa and son would be separated and Keading was worried even though Cody was going to be staying with Daniel (Q). Alec although out of the hospital was still covered in plaster but Maloney(009) and the ex deep cover agent Evans had been volunteered to help out until they could step up their physical therapy.

Getting into his car Falkirk looked to Keading beside him, “You should know I don't fly to well,” Falkirk admitted.

“Never flown, not that I can remember,” Keading responded.

Going by commercial airline James and Selene decided to keep the Omegas separate as both were stressing for different reasons. Falkirk and James were on one side of the plane while Selene and Keading moved a few rows back on the opposite side.

Falkirk tucked himself under James' arm demanding comfort. Happily obliging James stroked his Omega's neck and back. The green eyes peered up and James couldn't help but reach forward and press his lips to his Omega's and moved on to nuzzle his neck.

The Alpha business crowd seemed annoyed at having two distressed Omegas releasing their pheromones into the enclosed cabin. Apart from the scent of Falkirk's fear and Keading's distressed scent emanating throughout the confined space the flight passed without incident.

Letting the first class cabin empty before standing James helped his mate to his feet guiding Falkirk to the doorway while Selene and Keading followed. On the gantry the representative of the British consulate waited with the American, Jack Ryan flanked by guards with prominent CIA branding while the Union Jack adorned the fatigues of the men surrounded the Brit.

The Brit introduced himself as Harper the attaché to the ambassador and in turn introduced Ryan. Giving a pleasant greeting to the CIA agent Falkirk had met in London a few years before, a deliberate attempt to put a friendly face on his first return to America since the hostilities between the two countries, but welcome none the less. After the stiff pleasantries had been made Harper led Falkirk out onto the tarmac where a convoy had been arranged.

Safely in the consulate's car and under way James griped, “Couldn't we just sneak in like we used to?”

Indicating Keading sitting across from them in the limousine, “After accusing his sister's father in Law of being a spy, if I was in the Americans’ position I would pull the same trick. We do this happy, friendly and diplomatically correct.” Falkirk informed.

Pulling up to the hotel Harper breezed past the reception and headed straight to the lifts. Following the attaché Falkirk exited after James while Selene brought up the rear. Passing guards Harper stopped next to a tall Alpha in tails, the hotel's insignia worn as a gold badge on his lapel. An ingratiating upper class American accent greeted Falkirk before he opened the doors to the suite.

The suite was opulent with a dining area to the left and lounge area to the right. A tall set of window supplied most of the light where the central grand staircase split to the two balconies, both with two doors. The concierge was giving them the tour, when they ascended the stairs Falkirk broke left with James while Selene pulled Keading to the right.

The consulate guards carrying the luggage fumbled as they exchanged bags before following. “Put them both in here,” Falkirk ordered the guard who followed him and James. Dismissing the guard and concierge Falkirk sat on the bed.

“I'll get rid of them,” James offered exiting the room and closing the door. Flopping back Falkirk closed his eyes laying his hand on the small swell forming across his stomach letting the fatigue show from the journey. His shirts and waistcoats still fit but he’d needed to buy new trousers a few days ago. He’d also taken to wearing braces instead of a belt so there was no pressure on his stomach. Absently stroking his stomach with a thumb Falkirk couldn't help wonder about the creature growing inside him.

The door opened again and a low rumbling growl identified his Alpha better than any amount of words. The bed dipped at Falkirk’s side as a rough cheek brushed the back of his hands. Another dip on Falkirk's right occurred as James nuzzled his way up Falkirk's body. When James reached the Omega's neck his nuzzling was intermixed with nips and kisses.

Groaning Falkirk trust his hips up to gain friction but James' body was too far above him, mewling his displeasure James chuckled at Falkirk, “Insatiable minx,” he teased before latching his teeth over the Omega's bond mark.

Another guttural groan sounded as Falkirk managed to wriggle his legs apart and wrapped them round the Alpha's waist. Pulling his hips off the bed Falkirk was now able to grind his restrained erection against the Alpha. Wrapping an arm round the small of Falkirk's back supporting him James ground against the round of the Omega's arse.

A sudden pathetic distressed mewl sounded before Falkirk cried out his orgasm and went limp. It took James a moment to realise what had happened.

James tried he really did but with Falkirk's annoyed embarrassed look coupled with the absurdity of the situation he burst out laughing.

“Not funny,” Falkirk snapped hitting the insensitive Alpha over the head.

Continuing to chuckle James stood up slipping his arms under Falkirk's knees and back lifting the Omega off of the bed and carrying him to the adjoining bathroom. Sitting the precious cargo down on the side of the tub James started the taps adding some bubble bath.

Stripping Falkirk while the bath filled James easily removed the jacket followed by the buttons of the waistcoat. Getting Falkirk to stand James popped the trouser button and slipped them down to grasp the waistline of the sticky underwear, “If you laugh again I will assign you to, to...” Falkirk trailed off not knowing a place vile enough.

With iron will James kept his face straight as the underwear stuck to the Omega's flaccid cock. Discarding the soiled garment James dipped a cloth in the warm water and wiped away the cum, then carried on up over the soft swell of the expanding belly. “James.”

James snapped his eyes up from the mesmerising sight of the stomach and what it meant. Discarding the cloth he stood, testing the water James quickly stripped himself before slipping in. Falkirk followed seating himself in his Alpha's lap, James' libido on hold as his hands found he swell again.


When James and Falkirk descended the stairs Selene and Keading were already tucking into their lunch. “Settled in?” Falkirk asked lifting the silver dome and placing a few triangular sandwiches on a plate. Listening to Keading respond, Falkirk poured some over stewed tea.

After lunch they headed for the grave yard. Falkirk was a little concerned, the cemetery seemed so full and the city still around them, not very peaceful place but that didn't matter to the grieving Omega between him and Selene. Falkirk had bought a plot, a simple white stone marked the resting place of Luke Allen. Rubbing his eyes Keading moved closer to Selene. Falkirk placed a small posy just in front of the stone and stepped back. Keading shook his head pulling away from Selene walking back the way they had come unable to look back at the grave of his friend, hands coming up to scrub at his eyes as he moved away. As Selene trailed the hurting omega a strong arm came around Falkirk's waist and he leaned against his Alpha.

Returning to the hotel Keading disappeared upstairs into his room. There was a knocking and Selene gently called Keading's name. “Fuck off!” The Alpha retreated but not far, leaning against the wall beside the bedroom door she slid down to wait for the grieving Omega.


Selene sat, still in her self-appointed vigil while James lounged with a drink and Falkirk worked away on his laptop. A knock sounded and James pushed himself up looking through the peephole before pulling the door open. Two Alphas entered, the female in a long velvet cocktail dress with a plunging neckline, the knot of a string of pearls resting between the swell of her ample breasts. Her smoky eyed fixed and predatory on Falkirk. “Hello,” Adler drawled posturing for the Omega. Irene Adler and Johan Paulik's eyes were immediately drawn to the fuller belly of Falkirk as he stood.

“Been busy little boi,” Adler purred stalking up to the Omega ignoring the warning growl from James. She circled him, running a hand across his should blades. Falkirk kept himself still and calm, the woman loved to be in control and Falkirk was adamant not to let her be.

“I am always busy,” Falkirk shot back feigning obliviousness to the innuendo, indicating the chairs on the opposite side of the table, “please have a seat.”

The handsome dark haired and green eyed Paulik took one of the indicated chairs. Adler took Falkirk's vacated chair sitting back and patting her lap with come hither eyes.

Ignoring her Falkirk moved to sit beside Paulik while James sat beside Adler to act as buffer between her and his mate. “There have been several police raids,” Paulik informed.

“A few well placed leaks quickly showed those in power had more to lose than gain from a crusade,” Adler supplied in sultry tones, leaning forward suggestively.

Paulik reported on the facts of Falkirk's illicit businesses while Adler out did James for suggestive commentary. James even started adding his own comments quickly entering a competition. Adler purred, “Mr Bond, you are a cunning linguist.”

“I practice as often as possible,” James returned.

Falkirk's eyes widened at the old joke. Encouraging his New York agent to hurry, he wasn't sure how much more he could stand from Adler and James. Finishing up the report Paulik looked directly at Falkirk, “There is concern from the older employees,” Paulik started.

Even Adler dropped the sultry teasing as she added, “The rank and file want to know they haven't been forgotten.”

Shaking his head, as M Falkirk could justify going to some very unsavoury places but not as the owner while on an official trip to help repair the relationship between the two countries. After explaining himself Paulik accepted Falkirk's reasoning. He stood telling Falkirk he would pass on his best wishes.

“Are we leaving?” Adler said with faux disappointment in her voice.

“Yes Ms Adler, you are leaving,” Falkirk informed coolly.

Adler paused on the threshold pressing up to the Omega but he stood firm where most Omegas, Betas and many Alpha’s had submitted before her charm and dominance. She leant in so her full red lips were brushing the shell of the Omega's ear, “Do give my love to your brother, I miss him so much.”

“I'm sure you do.”

Closing the door behind Irene Adler Falkirk looked up at the sound of Keading's door opening, already on her feet Selene stood at the ready. From his position on the floor below Falkirk could still see the red puffy eyes before Selene enveloped Keading in a hug, the omega clinging to her giving a hiccupping sob.

Guiding him downstairs Selene manoeuvred Keading onto the couch. Falkirk quietly instructed James to get the spare bedding. With Falkirk on one side and Selene on the other Keading pulled them as close as possible. Suddenly the room went dark as James draped the spare quilt over the three of them. Quickly Falkirk and Keading were cocooned in the quilt and surrounded by their Alphas. With the warmth and security it didn't take much for the Omegas to enter a blissed out state under the gentle touches of the Alphas.


As they headed to the shut up house Keading and Luke had owned, a police officer stood guard along with a removal van. Remnants of yellow tape flapped in the wind around the small two story house. James dealt with the police officer allowing Selene to concentrate on Keading. Falkirk entered first while Selene kept a reassuring hand on Keading's neck.

The dark patch of stained wood at the door along with spots on the wall beyond and from the report he’d read, Falkirk knew that was where Luke had been killed. At the arch to the lounge another dark patch stained the wood and rug where Evans bled out. A whimper pulled Falkirk out of his musing to look at the other distressed Omega. Going over Falkirk slipped his hand into Keading's and gave a gentle squeeze.

Keading quietly moved about carefully not looking at the stains on the floor and walls. Going upstairs he entered one room asking Falkirk to do another and pointed to a door.

Entering Cody's room Falkirk started pulling out his little brother's clothing and folding them. When James appeared with some boxes Falkirk had built up several neat piles already of clothing and toys.

As Falkirk pulled back the covers of the small bed a silver bear tumbled out. James reached down picking up the stuffed animal placing it gently on the top of a pile, helping to sort out the remaining items before carefully packing them away for shipment.

Coming out Keading was standing in front of the last room in the house, Selene was whispering reassuring words. Knowing he would refuse but Falkirk had to offer, “Selene and I could...” as expected Keading interrupted with a sharp “No”

Falkirk's words spurred Keading into action, grasping the knob the door swung open. The room beyond looked like a bomb site, Keading's face crumpled at the sight and the fading scent of the dead Omega. Pushing forward he entered the room. “No!” Keading snapped when Selene was about to enter. Falkirk stepped forward and got a nod of consent, Keading not wanting the delicate scent of Omega oppressed by the stronger Alpha.

Looking to the far corner the clothes were piled oddly. Realising he was looking at the remnants of a nest Falkirk could understand why Luke kept the room as he did. Most of what he picked up was clean, just stored as a pile on the floor. Falkirk began folding.

Keading just sat at the side of the bed holding a shirt from the floor. “He never trusted you,” he said, voice hollow.

“In that, Luke was right,” Falkirk responded

“Worst mistake of my life,” Keading started, “Alphas don't want a bred Omega, at least not the ones I dealt with. Percy or whatever your father called himself was the first Alpha I was allowed to spend a heat with and I took the opportunity. He was my way out.”

“If Daddy had been allowed his own Omega, if he hadn't spent a heat with an Omega in Ireland, if he’d properly supported his offspring, if Sherlock had found Moran, if the CIA took my warning more seriously, if Evans knew who Moran was, if, if, if....” Falkirk rattled off coming to sit beside Keading. “Luke's death is not your fault.”

Laying his head on Falkirk's shoulder Keading stared at the yellow wall occasionally bringing up the shirt inhaling the lingering scent every so often. “You're late,” Keading mumbled looking at his watch.

“Admiral Greer can blow it out his own arse,” Falkirk retorted not too bothered about being polite.

“Go, Selene and I will finish up,” Keading insisted straightening up. Moving to start picking up clothes Keading waved Falkirk towards the door, reluctantly Falkirk stood and headed out. Turning back Falkirk watched the other Omega work for a few minutes before heading down stairs past Selene as she carried a box to the movers waiting by the door.

Arriving at the squat utilitarian building Falkirk was met by Jack Ryan again and escorted into the conference room. Falkirk felt positively dwarfed by the three inhabitants. Jack Wade was the smallest of the three, the imposing girth of Admiral Greer and the largest, a red haired, white Alpha male introduced as Senator Glenallen Walken. Falkirk looked to the innocent expression of the CIA Director and advisor to the President, they appeared to take no credit for the third man's presence. Leaning on the table with an ominous creak Walken held out his hand.

“Hello there son,” Walken said pleasantly.

Greer clearing his throat was enough of a warning to the politician to behave and correcting, “M.”

Lifting a coffee pot from the centre of the table Greer offered Falkirk a cup. Looking down to the slight mound of his stomach then back to Greer, “Thank you but I’ve been advised against it,” Falkirk responded, politely refusing when Greer offered something else.

From Falkirk's briefcase he pulled out a pen drive sliding it across the table, “What we are willing to share on Easton and dataDyne,” he informed.

“Not all of it?” Walken demanded.

“An entire section of your domestic intelligence service went rogue despite my personal warnings and that of MI6, both in my time as director and that of my predecessor. American agencies are hardly the bastion of trust at the moment. Put simply, there are things I don't trust being known,” Falkirk insisted. Walken's face became quite red before he calmed himself down.

“Now if you have finished treating the Director of MI6 as a pizza boy I have things that need doing,” Falkirk stated. Greer looked uncomfortable by the comment because there was no real reason for Falkirk to attend personally. If it hadn’t been for Keading and Wade, Falkirk would have not come at all.

Admiral Greer gave his thanks for Falkirk’s attendance. Picking up the pen drive from in front of the Admiral, Walken inspected the device. “We have to sweep that for...” the Admiral trailed off looking to Falkirk.

“It's clean, I've had access to most of your systems since I was 14,” Falkirk shot back. Walken banged the table with his fists as he stood.

“SIT DOWN LARD ARSE,” Falkirk snapped unimpressed by the show. Wade and Greer stood back, letting the politician go up against the person he had criticised the President for submitting to. Now it was his turn to face the Omega personally.

Falkirk fixed a hard look on the beady eyes, “Mary-Ann, catholic school girl, pigtails, the works,” Falkirk shot with a look of disgust before Walken could regain his dignity to respond.

“I have pictures,” Falkirk said pulling out his phone. A bright light shone from the back pointing the light to the table’s surface. The image of a young woman in the aforementioned Catholic School girl costume sat in the Senator's lap.

“I have more graphic ones,” he said addressing the Senator, “not even one of mine, I got the set from General Pushkin who got it from Director Lin,” Falkirk informed Greer.

The mention of Greer and Falkirk's counterpart in Russia and China were less than reassuring to the Director of the CIA. The Senator was unaware of what was happening but Greer and Wade knew. Falkirk was sharing more than what had been agreed, disguised as a posturing display, showing up a major security vulnerability that they didn't know of that Britain, Russia and China did.

Instructing the Senator to leave Falkirk waited until Greer backed him up and the politician was escorted out. “Two other pieces of information are doing the rounds, are we secure?” Falkirk said getting a nod from Greer.

“I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis, again not one of my direct sources” Falkirk said to the Admiral. Nodding Greer asked Falkirk to continue.

“Apparently the President is suffering from MS,” Falkirk said looking to Wade. Both Wade and Greer looked surprised by the revelation. “His wife diagnosed him a few years ago and is believed to be treating him.”

“Shit,” Wade said speaking for the first time.

“Well you may as well know,” Greer said looking to Wade and Ryan, “pancreatic cancer,” the Admiral informed.

“I need a drink and not that tar,” Wade complained

“Me too,” Greer added.

”I know just the place,” Falkirk said.


“Well this is certainly unexpected,” Greer drawled as they entered the strip club.

The Omega that Falkirk had met on his very first time in the club gave him a brilliant smile from behind the bar. Automatically mixing a cocktail the Omega placed it in front of Falkirk by the time he reached the bar. Realising Falkirk was pregnant the Omega looked uncertain. “Thank you Brody, just a coke for me this time and bourbon for my guests,” Falkirk said over the quiet thrum of the music.

“Station N?” Greer asked looking round the establishment. The Early Thursday crowd was thin and quiet. It was mostly older men looking for companionship.

“No, I'm just patron of sorts,” Falkirk responded.

Returning with the bottle and a can Brody placed them on the bar, pulling out glasses as well, “Are we celebrating something?” the pretty blue eyed Omega asked.

“I'm dying,” Greer said and downed the glass in one. Falkirk was monumentally impressed by the heartbroken look and distressed sound Brody sent the Alpha. Brody kept buttering up the old Alpha throughout their visit. It didn't escape Falkirk's notice that a few of the recognisable dancers appeared too.

Falkirk hadn't intended to show face but since Paulik had suggested it he’d been thinking of a way. Finally Falkirk had decided if he couldn't sneak away from his no doubt hidden observers he would be brazen. There is nothing more brazen than walking into a strip club with the Director of the CIA and an Advisor to the President.

“Thanks for intervening at the house,” Falkirk said looking to Wade.

“That was me,” Greer interrupted tearing his gaze away from the bar tender.

The bottle of Bourbon slowly ran down. When it was empty Wade and James bundled Greer into a car. “See ya Kiddo, Jimbo,” Wade called, stiffly patting Falkirk's shoulder and getting in as well. Watching the car pull away James called for theirs.

“So you are back!” a harsh, overly loud nasal voice called. Looking over his shoulder a black haired Beta was leaning against the wall.

“Cindi? Carrie?” Falkirk tried to remember her stage name, another dancer who’d left the club a while ago for a new career.

“Max, you know it, use it,” the beta said supplying her real given name.

“How goes your patisserie?” Falkirk asked pleasantly, coming to lean against the wall next to her.

“Speak English!” Max snapped, exasperated.

“Cake shop?” Falkirk supplied.

“Oh, good. How did you know?” Max demanded quietly.

Giving a soft smile, “I'm stalking you,” Falkirk responded.

“Shut up,” Max said loudly in response. The pair continued to chat until Falkirk's car pulled up.

“Remember to fix a price before getting in,” Max called in a bad joke.

Entering the suite Selene and Keading were sitting on the couch wrapped in a blanket. Falkirk pulled off his tie and popping the waistcoat buttons headed straight for the stairs.

Stripping off Falkirk flopped down onto the bed, James gladly following the exhausted Omega. Pulling Falkirk into his arms James stroked the Omega's back until he drifted off to sleep.


Sitting and watching the morning TV Keading looked up as a knock sounded. There was nothing planned for the day that Keading knew of and he didn't think they were expecting anyone. Getting up he approached the suite door looking through the peep hole. The short Omega on the other side was instantly recognisable.

He reached for the lock. “Stop!” Selene called from the stairs, jumping away from the door Keading dropped his head submissively.

“But...” Keading insisted gesturing to the door.

As James came out of his room, “It doesn’t matter who it is. Selene and I answer the door.”

Selene arrived at the door first and looked through the peephole getting a petulant, “Told you,” from Keading.

Telling James to go get Falkirk Selene pulled open the door, the Omega revealed greeted Selene pleasantly. “M will be down in a moment, Mr President,” she informed.

The President entered closely followed by Wade, the Alpha looking a little worse for wear after last night. Keading stuck close to Selene as the President engaged in small talk while they waited.

Coming out of the bedroom Falkirk was dressed in casual check woollen trousers and warm jumper. Moving to meet them at the bottom of the stairs the President held out his hand to Falkirk saying, “Hello, there.” The President repeated the gesture with James as well, with a slight blush for the Alpha who saved him.

Wade tapped Selene's arm asking quietly, “I don't suppose you have any coffee about?”

“Only filter,” Keading responded.

With a wink the suffering Alpha said, “Good lad, black and sweet please,” as Keading moved to the coffee machine behind the bar.

Selene asked if anyone else wanted anything while Keading supplied Wade with his drink. Pouring the other drinks, Selene acted as waiter. Wade sat at the table cradling his head out of the direct line of sight of the President.

“Jack?” Bartlett called looking over his shoulder to Wade, “how damaging is this, the Chinese and Russians?”

Wade had called the President's Chief of Staff to confirm Falkirk's titbit and suddenly the man wanted to see Falkirk before he left so Wade was pulled from his alcohol induced suffering to play chaperone.

“You said it was doing the rounds?” Wade asked looking to Falkirk. Getting an affirmation Wade explained, “It's posturing 'Look at what we have', eventually it will leak into the public.”

“By the way nice scans, Kiddo,” Wade added looking to Falkirk. The early scans of the baby already entering the gossip of the world's secret services.

Giving a cryptic smile, “Who said they're mine and I really hope you didn't copy the original digital file,” Falkirk said. Wade just shook his head before cradling in with a groan of pain.

Bartlett looked less than pleased with his private information being used for show boating between the world's agencies. “All secrets eventually come out,” Falkirk stated as sympathetically as possible.

“Kiddo is there something not making the rounds?” Wade asked looking to hammer home to the idealist how secrets were always about. Falkirk thought a moment as there were a few he knew of but he would prefer to give something not too detrimental to the UK.

“An Israeli source has proof you personally ordered the assassination of Abdul Sheriff.” As that was as much proof as Falkirk had he didn't think it a problem to reveal. The President was now cradling his head as well at his war crime.

“The Prime Minister executed two agents and buried them in shallow graves,” Wade said gaining the President's attention.

“That one's already done the rounds,” Falkirk dismissed. Falkirk and Wade fell into good natured banter of bits and pieces from other countries.

“I don't think I like spies,” the President admitted cutting through the banter.

Seeing and scenting Bartlett entering an un-presidential and very Omega distressed state, “Would you like to be godmother?” James asked. Getting a look from the omega as if he had just sprouted another head, “You were the first to scent it, it's traditional,” James argued.

No one could say no quite like a politician. It took Bartlett five minutes to even mention someone closer to the pack being more suitable. Eventually Falkirk took pity and mentioned about Daniel or Selene, James already declaring Alec as one.

Bartlett jumped on the suggestion looking to the Alpha behind him. Falkirk looked to the man to see why the President had gone quiet and a frown had appeared. “Jack?” Falkirk called at the bashful hesitant look on Wade's face.

From his inside pocket Wade pulled out a letter and handed it to the President. Looking to Falkirk, “We have been trying to figure out how to get you alone, kiddo. We would like to discuss something with you.”

The President's voice broke in, “You want me to be a hostage?”

Falkirk looked between the annoyed politician reading over the letter and his old friend. Wade adding, “We don't know what is up with your glasses but they have to stay.”

The president, James and Selene said a variation of 'No' Falkirk looked at the bombastic Texan, the frown still in place from his hangover but more aware than when he first arrived. In the pit of his stomach Falkirk still trusted his contact who’d been there since before his joining MI6. Despite the glasses not being the ones with the heads up display Falkirk placed them on the table.

Looking to James and Selene and in the voice he used as M ordered, “If I do not return, release the President.”

“Most gracious,” the President said.

After getting his shoes, not allowed to take a phone or any other electronic device, Falkirk took Wade's arm and the Alpha escorted him from the suite.

The streets of New York passed in a short sighted blur to Falkirk. They seemed to travel for a while, over bridges and into rundown suburban areas then industrial. The factory looked closed down as they moved through the driveway, the large concrete building, falling and partly collapsed. The limousine entered onto a metal grate and with a shudder the section of metal floor the car was parked on descended. The car then moved off along the subterranean tunnel.

Now it didn't matter that Falkirk couldn't see, it was just grey concrete corridor not much wider than the car. Suddenly the tunnel ended and they were in a large and well lit car park. Wade needed to give Falkirk his arm as they walked again.

They came upon a set of glass doors, beyond was a nice foyer with marbled floors. Seeing them approach the upright glass cylinders of the scanners, Falkirk pulled back, “I'm not going through one of them.”

“Okay kiddo, they’re safe,” Wade reassured and led him between the low yield x-ray machines.

Waiting for them were three blurs from Falkirk's point of view. Soon the scent of the first was familiar enough to be recognised as Jack Ryan. The next held a scent identifying him as a mature Alpha male. He had a soft grumbling voice, introducing himself as the record keeper and handed over a pair of glasses. Accepting the square plastic frames, the world sharpened into focus. Thanking him Falkirk turned his attention to the man in a wheelchair. Now he could see him clearly he recognised the American equivalent of the Double O, an Ultra. “Frank Moses?” Falkirk greeted offering his hand.

“M,” came the bald Alpha's gruff response.

Falkirk looked about the windowless marbled hallways, still light and airy despite being underground. He followed Ryan, the record keeper having returned after giving Falkirk the glasses. “So what is this?”

Wade nudged him, “Just our Station N. Well we can't have the world knowing where we really do the work I'm sure London is the same. I can't see you doing the real work of MI6 in that tourist attraction.”

Falkirk looked at the taller man with a confused frown, “We do everything from MI6 but I might say MI6 is more of an Iceberg than it appears.” The Alpha chuckled and asked what was below the surface as Falkirk teasingly avoided the question.

Entering a round conference room Wade pulled out a chair for Falkirk and sat beside him. Ryan started, “Double O Seven didn't recognise the name but I'm sure you have now at least researched it.”

Falkirk nodded, “Red October, a submarine you apparently sunk in the mid 90s.”

Wade and Ryan exchanged glances. Eventually Ryan sagged and said, “You are tight lipped but I suspect you know more, well for the record we think dataDyne was aware if they raised the submarine it would not be the Red October they found. At this point it’s believed dataDyne were trying to pull Russia into a war with the proof we obtained Red October and half our fleet use its silent propulsion system, the caterpillar drive.”

“Britain will want the drives now you have admitted to having them,” Falkirk said. Wade agreed, technology sharing a long established and key point to the alliance between the countries since the Second World War.

Then the meeting turned to the other attendee as Moses gave a debriefing of his time in Dubai. Hearing again how 008 lost her life was hard but Falkirk had been over the other reports. “Is Mr Moses' presence the reason there was no security footage from the building?”

Wade gave a small and worried shake of the head, they nor MI6 were responsible for the lack of video footage. “Have you Identified the Russian Mr Moses encountered?” Falkirk asked.

“No,” Ryan said. Speculation was batted back and forth, was the Russian the one to organise dataDyne? Was he the one in charge? Was he just taking advantage? And above all who was he?

Thanking Moses and Ryan Falkirk followed Wade out stuffing his hands in his cardigan pockets not having bothered to dress professionally for the importuned outing. “Can we never have a victory and have it settled? Why does one disaster always bleed into another?”

The big Alpha put an arm around him, “Law of nature. When someone strikes, someone else will chance their luck.”

When they returned to the suite the President was sat at the dining table with Selene across from him, a chess board between them. James lounged on the couch with Keading who’d hesitantly approached the Alpha for comfort. The moment Falkirk entered Keading broke away from James with a bashful look.

Falkirk smiled happy to see the other Omega assimilating into the pack. Hopefully it would help ease his decision to stay in London and be part of their group.

The small omega thanked Selene for the game and moving to Falkirk, extended his hand, “For a hostage I wasn't treated too badly,” he said trying to make light of the situation.

“Well, Mr President, for being kidnapped neither was I,” Falkirk returned.

“Mr President,” Keading called softly suddenly bashful under the scrutiny of the room, “nice to meet you,” he said with his head down.

Extending his hand “Nice to meet you, son” Bartlett said pleasantly. Shaking the President's hand Keading gave a small smile before retreating to Selene's side.

Wade gave a pat to Falkirk's back saying, “Kiddo,” as he disappeared out of the door following Bartlett.

Selene closed the door behind them. “Not exactly Urquhart's calibre is he,” she said.

Shrugging Falkirk picked up a menu to see what he wanted for lunch. “Kind of nice not having to deal with a psychopath, isn't it?” Falkirk responded absently.

After lunch Selene and Keading went to see the Omega's sister leaving James and Falkirk in the suite. Restless, Falkirk and James argued over what they could do, eventually James grabbed Falkirk's hand and ushered him towards the door. Not knowing where his Alpha was taking him Falkirk sat back waiting to arrive at their destination.

Arriving at a pier James paid for the tickets, Falkirk lazing by the window of the boat as it took tourists to Liberty Island. Spending the day as typical sightseers, taking in the tourist attractions James played the perfect gentleman. They entered a restaurant for dinner, the maître d' turned up his nose at Falkirk's casual attire, however no longer caring about the opinion of strangers Falkirk barely acknowledged the man.

Returning to the suite they found Keading and Selene wrapped in a blanket. Keading looked away from the movie to Falkirk hesitantly lifting part of the blanket. Taking the invitation Falkirk slipped in beside the other Omega, the calming mix of scents Falkirk identified as safe, relaxing him as James wedged himself on his other side.

A thought niggled Falkirk despite the reassuring presences beside him, realising something was missing then understanding someone or more precisely ones were missing. “Can we do this back home, with Daniel and Alec, Cody too?” Falkirk asked dreamily.

First Keading made a mumbling assent as James leaned down pressing his lips to Falkirk's exposed neck, “Anything,” he promised. Selene just made an affirmative sound. Absently Falkirk asked about Keading's sister struggling to listen to his mumbling responses, the warm comfortable and safe feeling robbing Keading and Falkirk of their focused thoughts.


Quickly, too quickly for Falkirk's liking they returned to the airport. As it would be Sunday morning in London when they arrived Falkirk ditched the formal suit in favour of a pair of warm woollen trousers and diamond patterned cardigan. James continued to tease the Omega on his personal fashion sense. Falkirk shot back about the Aviator sunglasses that the Alpha liked but didn't suit him, especially the god awful white ones. Falkirk had snapped more than a few pairs in his time but James just bought a new pair every time he passed through a duty free.

Arriving at the airport Wade was waiting for them in the private section looking better than the last time Falkirk saw him but still not his usual boisterous self. It turned out the Alpha was just there to see Falkirk off. “Greer is cursing your existence,” Wade informed.

“Tell Greer he's a lightweight and when I'm capable I will drink him under the table, personally,” Falkirk shot back.

Saying their goodbyes Wade shuffled off while Falkirk and James went through security. James clamped an arm around Falkirk guiding them to the private lounge. Selene and Keading were already seated with drinks and magazines in hand. “Do you recognise where we are?” James whispered. Reluctantly looking about the room Falkirk shook his head.

“I take it we came through here with M,” Falkirk guessed. The only event of note occurring in an airport lounge, being the return after Falkirk's kidnapping at age 15.

James nodded with a wistful smile. Suddenly thumping the Alpha in the arm, “You bought me that stupid teen magazine,” Falkirk complained and James just gave a snort of a laugh.

On the return journey Keading was considerably calmer but Falkirk on the other had tucked himself under James' arm. Practice had stopped Falkirk from physically reacting but his scent and the small flinches were still present every time he flew.

Touching down in London Falkirk's car was waiting for them, driving into the city proper the car headed for a familiar town house. A large man sat on the step of the front door, a plume of thick smoke rising from behind a broad sheet.

“Good trip Laddie?” Daniel said without having to looking up.

“Yes,” Falkirk responded pleasantly. Closing the paper Daniel tapped out the contents of his pipe and stood leading the group into the house. “Maloney ran for the hills yesterday, Evans the day before.”

“Why? Is Cody...” Keading demanded from behind Selene.

“Aye Lad the poppet's fine,” Daniel reassured.

Walking through the hall James split off at the sound of Alec shouting at the TV. Giving a rundown of Cody's time there Daniel informed that the child got distressed when he realised what it meant to be in a different country to his Papa. “Maloney saw him through it,” Daniel added.

He led the group to the stairs and down into the kitchen where a soft feminine voice could be heard, “There and put it on the tray,” Mary instructed the child sitting on the counter top.

Duly Cody lifted the cut out scone placing it on the baking tray before he squealed “Mommy!” and jumped down racing towards Keading.

“I don't think I can blame Double O Nine,” Falkirk whispered to Daniel before greeting Daniel's grandmother. Stepping round Keading and Cody Falkirk walked up to Mary.

“Oh dear,” she said with a pleasant smile, “off your feet, I'll put the kettle on” insisting, seeing Falkirk's swollen belly and his lingering distressed scent mingling with his pregnant undertones.

Mary quickly finished cutting out the scones and put them in the oven. Daniel was given his orders as Falkirk and the others sat round the table. Giving her grandson a tray she instructed him to take it to Alec. Shuffling back and forth and refusing offers of assistance Mary laid out the tea.

“Bloody jessies, football, waste of bloody time,” Daniel grumbled on his return.

Calling Cody over Mary whispered to the child for a moment. Coming out from behind the counter carrying a plate with two cooling scones Cody returned to his Papa with as much eloquence as a five year old could muster he explained he had made them. With Keading's help Cody placed the plate on the table before he grabbed one of the scones off the plate. Walking round his Papa to Selene Cody placed the scone directly on the table in front of her and returned to his Papa.

“Someone approves,” Falkirk observed of the young Alpha’s actions. Keading ducked his head, red tingeing is cheeks even Selene looked a bit bashful. It was no secret Selene had offered, Keading had accepted and was now living with her.

Finishing the tea Daniel showed Keading upstairs to pack the boy's belongings. Selene and Cody followed leaving Falkirk and Mary alone. “Who was that nice boi who was staying here?” Mary asked

“Nathan Maloney, he was helping out with Cody,” Falkirk informed and waited for the inevitable question, “Does he often stay?” Mary asked casually.

Shaking his head, “No, Nathan was just a familiar presence for Cody,” Falkirk said. Looking a bit disappointed Mary started clearing the table, again dismissing Falkirk's offers of help.

“I wish he would find a good boi,” Mary muttered to herself moving about the kitchen.

At the front door Cody stood before the old Omega stretching his neck in invitation. Leaning down Cody gave Mary a quick nuzzle and stepped back. “Little charmer,” she said ruffling the soft hair.

Arriving at the block of high rise flats where Selene and now Keading lived, Selene pulled the bags from the boot and headed for the door. Waving to the retreating group Falkirk got into the car beside James. Finally a little under a week since leaving, Falkirk and James walked up the steps to their front door.

Before either Falkirk or James could pull out a key the door swung open, their butler Hudson standing back to welcome them home.

“Uncle Falkirk,” David called from the dining room getting an admonishment from his father for shouting.

John appeared at the entrance of the dining room welcoming Falkirk and James back. It was lucky James had furnished all the rooms as Sherlock and John had moved in while 221B Baker Street was being rebuilt.

While David's condition was still being monitored he and his father Shane had moved in as well. Falkirk could admit it was nice to have a full house as he’d missed Alec when he moved out.