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Into Your Home Into Your Heart

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“Mom! Mom!” Miranda winced, as her little “angels” excitedly stormed into her study calling out for her. The loud shouting and stomping did not meet the editor’s liking nor the unfamiliar white dog following close.

“Turn down the volume girls. I’m quite capable of hearing. Care to explain that?” raising her eyebrows questioningly, she pointed at the dog.

Her identical twins Caroline and Cassidy were good kids contrary to popular belief. Although there was hardly anything Miranda would not do for them, somehow she found a balance and did not raise spoiled children. She loved them dearly but sometimes their ideas just pushed her to her limits. She supposed glancing at the dog - bull terrier, maybe – that this was one of those situations.

“Mom this is Bruno. Our friend can’t look after him during the holiday season, due to an unexpected illness in the family.” Caroline glanced at Cassidy who nodded reassuringly.

“Sooooo, we thought we’d help her out and take care of Bruno for a while.”

Miranda took off her reading glasses and tiredly rubbed the bridge of her nose.

“You thought?” her voice was neutral, giving nothing away about her thoughts on the matter.

“Mom,” Cassidy joined in the conversation “Andy is a very good friend of ours and she really, really needs our help. We promise to feed him, take him for a walk and clean-up after him. He’s a very well behaved dog, you won’t even notice him, you’ll see. Plus, he’s already good pals with Patricia.” she added pleadingly.

Bruno, understanding that the white haired woman needed a little more convincing to give her approval, trotted over to Miranda and put his bulky head on her knee. He gave out a piteous whine and looked up at the woman, his sorrowful brown eyes full of longing.
Miranda amused by the dog’s actions chuckled and scratched him behind the ears.

“You don’t play nice, do you?”

She leaned back in her chair and sighed. They had the space and all the necessary things for one more dog and if the girls kept their promise, she wouldn’t have to deal with him

. “All right he can stay.”

The girls shrieked and hugged their mother. “Mom you are awesome! Thank you, thank you!”

Miranda smiled fondly at them and gave the dog one last pat.

“Now go and finish your homework. Dinner will be ready in thirty minutes. I have to go through the Book but we can watch a movie when I’m done.”