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One Question

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“Get this off..” Cat demanded, pulling at the fabric to no avail as she shoved Kara back against the wall beside the bed. Without preamble Kara followed through, fingers dug and twisted, tearing the suit she wore until Cat pushed her hands away enough to give her access to exposed skin. Nails ran over her ribs, palmed her breasts and kneaded the sensitive tips there until they felt raw.

Kara's hands pulled at her own waist, ridding herself of the ruined suit as she stepped out of it and threw it away. Her hands dug into Cat's hair, nails razing her scalp as she pulled her up, devouring her mouth with sharp gasps and wet noises that filled the room and fueled them both.

With a thud their positions were reversed, Cat wincing against Kara's mouth and biting on her tongue to give voice to the pain that bounced down her back. She felt one of her arms flung away, the other digging into the swell of Kara's ass as she tugged her close only to feel her own hips yanked forward and another sound of tearing fabric squelch through the air. Her skin was alive instantly as the air hit her exposed thighs, chasing up towards her stomach as Kara tore her shirt in half to get it open.

She felt the bend of the woman's hand, the jab of her fingers as they pushed under the waistband of the only barrier remaining between them. She bit at Kara's mouth, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth as a means to brace herself as fingers curled their way into her and bounced her up with their first thrust until she was balanced on her toes.

Kara pressed her body against Cat's then, pushing her into the wall as she let the other woman's body acclimate to the stretch of her fingers. Cat released her lip with a suckling noise, fingers digging into her biceps to steady herself as she breathed hot and heavy and waited. Kara's touch was easy then, slow and deliberate as if it were something she practiced on herself.

Cat swallowed hard, her head thumping against the wall as she looked at Kara's features, turned down, eyes veiled and no doubt watching her hand, until the pressure was adjusted. Cat felt a part of her heart clench at the sight, her grip on Kara's arms tightening as she nudged the other woman's features, trying to pull her attention.

“Look at me.” Cat rushed between pants, rolling her hips forward and down away from the wall to try and increase the drive of Kara's fingers only to feel the other woman holding herself back. “Kara.” She pressed louder, dropping a hand down until she strangled Kara's wrist to make her stop. “Look. At. Me.”

With a heavy swallow and red rimmed eyes Kara finally looked up, her movements stilled but her body on edge, she hadn't been watching, she'd been calculating, struggling to regulate everything in herself so as not to break the other woman apart by sheer accident.

“Do you trust me.” Cat asked, rolling her hips again and groaning in result, watching Kara's eyes flare with the sound before she nodded.

“Do you trust yourself?” Cat slowly began to release the pressure around Kara's wrist, allowing her to move again though she didn't, instead she shook her head minutely, eyes suddenly glassy which only caused Cat’s chest to cave more.

“Listen to me.” She licked her lips, leaning forward enough to capture Kara's own, licking her way inside the other woman's mouth before mimicking the press of Kara's fingers into her with another thrust of her hips with the whole of her tongue and another before pulling away again.

“I might be human.” She panted, her hand moving back up Kara's arm. “and you think that makes me frail.” Cat moved her hand to the flat of Kara's chest, fingertips digging in at the base of her throat as she lifted her head and held Kara's gaze.

“I can,” She started to lower her weight, driving her hips down and Kara's fingers deeper, wincing slightly with a soft moan. “And will...” She inched her fingers higher until she held Kara's throat in her grasp, not applying pressure just holding onto her, her eyes never leaving the other woman's. “Take -any-thing- you give me...”

Her other hand burned down Kara's side, twisting past her arm only to have her mouth fall open with how wet Kara was for her as she spelled out her name against her entrance. “Stop being scared .” She pressed her way inside, hearing Kara whimper and forget how to breathe as they stared at each other. Cat's fingers stretched deep only to curl and pull Kara into her soundly as she spoke her final words against her mouth. “And fuck. me. Kara.”

They crumpled to a heap against the bed, panting and half naked. Cat on her back, the tatters of her shirt now see-thru and clinging to her sweat polished skin, a hand spreading over her chest to try and slow her heartbeat. Kara was right beside her, the line of her underwear askew and below the jut of her hips, chest rolling with each breath as she stared up at the ceiling to try and regain her bearings.

Cat lulled her head to the side, feeling the twist of her muscles and rolling undulation as the last threads of her orgasm played across her nerves. She lifted her free hand then, the backs of her knuckles teasing the outside of Kara's thigh, causing goosebumps to rise and her eyes to blink hard in an attempt to focus before she tried to look down at the appendage. The other woman smoothed her fingers out over the black panel, walking them across the muscles there until she felt wet heat and made Kara gasp aloud again.

“You have so many more in you.” She teased, pushing along the fabric until she felt the stiffening bundle around the curve of her, forcing Kara's hips up unexpectedly as she lifted the pressure of her hand away so that only the end of her nails and fingertips were felt. “I can feel it.” She whispered, watching her fingers before looking back up at Kara who was now turned to her, riveted to her every nuance of her expression.

Cat swirled her fingertips around slowly, watching Kara tense and jump before she started to almost flick her finger back and forth, catching on the ridge created by the fabric forcing Kara's mouth apart in a beautifully broken expression. “Don't force it..” She whispered, scooting closer. “Just feel it Kara...”

Kara felt her hips bounce disjointedly before she forced herself to relax, the movements becoming smoother and slight, tiny suggestions of motion that followed the play of Cat's single digit against her. She slowed her breathing, already feeling her body coil and rope and burn on the inside as another orgasm quickly built itself behind the one she was still trying to get through. It was heavy, like weights around her hips, pawing at her insides and pulling at her chest until she felt it, the press of another of Cat's fingers fitting itself against her, restrained from entering her due to the sodden fabric between their skin.

“Cat... inside... I want..”

Cat shook her head, causing Kara to groan louder as she pressed her finger harder against Kara's wetness, her first finger still stroking back and forth at a quickening pace.

“Is this what it feels like all the time?” Cat risked, watching Kara struggle and fight, her expression almost becoming pained as she grabbed fistfuls of sheets and her body started to oscillate in a stunted involuntary manner. “When you're by yourself? Thinking of me?”

“Yes..” Kara whimpered, feeling that fire burn hotter inside her, seizing her muscles, making her face numb, clawing at her insides as if her hands were on strings being pulled inward, along with her arms towards her chest drawn to where Cat was unrelentingly rubbing against her.

“Not anymore..” Cat growled at the thought, pushing off the bed until she was wrapped around the other woman, arm under her head, hand curled in her hair and pulling gently to keep her conscious. Cat fit her body against her, mouth tasting Kara's lips, skin rubbing deliciously against each other as she pried away Kara's underwear, feeling the band bite into her arm as she surrounded Kara's sex. Her fingers were soaked in seconds, lost between swollen folds that had been desperately clenching at nothing. The heel of her hand rubbed against the bundle there, making firm circles as she shallowly pressed a pair of fingers inside slamming Kara's body into another orgasm that pulled them both from the bed as she nearly sat up and let out a primal cry.

Kara's arms were around her, legs tangling together as she rode out the rest of it with a series of soft cries as her body gave in with the snapping of nerves from Cat's touch. Cat steadied herself along Kara's body, knowing she wouldn't crush her, nor would she let her fall away as she drug out the last shudders before pressing the curve of her thigh hard between Kara's legs for something to rub against and ease the hard throbbing ache with a loud groan.

Lithe fingers painted their way across Kara's skin, marking her as Cat kissed Kara's throat, mouthed at the chords there and tried to leave her mark before nipping at Kara's chin around her struggle for air as she came down. Her eyes were unfocused and searching the ceiling when Cat licked at her bottom lip causing her to blink the roll of her eyes and try and focus on the woman again. Kara was greeted with a wicked smile, breath hot one instant against her sweat laden skin only to grow frigid as the air chased it away.


The woman hummed darkly in response, like a growl and some kind of possessive noise as she flexed her arms around Cat's body to let her know she could hear her.

“Can you fuck and fly?” The noise Kara made only served to cause Cat to laugh, deep and sultry, the noise vibrating through her chest and into the other woman, urging her to recover that much faster. She pushed through the haze, where she would have easily succumbed to Cat before now she refused; utilizing her innate abilities, drawing upon the depths of them as she fisted Cat's hair, tugging her down and ravaging her mouth until she was grinding herself against Kara's abdomen in response.

“How bad do you want to know Cat?”

Cat let out a small noise of approval amidst the others pulling at her throat and causing her chest to flush pink as she pushed up to sit, straddling Kara's abdomen and grinding herself down against the sudden flex of muscles there.

“Enough.” She said, hands walking back over Kara's chest and fanning over her solar plexus as she rubbed herself against the other woman unabashedly. “Without leaving the room..” She challenged, the corners of her mouth lifting with pleasure and amusement as Kara wrapped a hand around her hip, kneading the curves there as her other made welts on their way up Cat's stretched torso as she leaned forward into the touch with a hiss of a sound.

Cat let out a surprised noise when she felt weightless, her body already aching from the loss of contact with Kara's body until she felt herself held firmly against the woman from behind. She let her head fall back against Kara's shoulder, an arm wrapping around behind her and using Kara's hair as an anchor as she saw the city in front of them through the top of her balcony windows.

Kara secured her arm low around Cat's torso, pitching her hips forward into the curves of her body as they floated above the bed, turning them to the city, feeling Cat's noise of approval against her ear before the lash of her tongue burned her skin. She bit at the skin of Cat's shoulder, forcing another noise to echo back at them so close to the ceiling, using the flat of her tongue to soothe the color changing skin before sucking at the point right below it as Cat pulled on her hair.

“God Kara, I want to mark you.” Cat panted, feeling Kara pull her mouth away with a wet pop of a sound before guiding Cat around to look at her. Kara's eyes searched her face, her chest rising and falling visibly, easily relaying how much she herself wanted Cat to be capable of that very thing. Eyes already tracking over Cat's skin where she had easily done just that, fingering the newest spot near her shoulder before lifting her eyes back up.

“I don't think yo.. “ Cat put her fingers to Kara's lips, shaking her head slightly before kissing the other woman softly.

“It's okay.” She ushered, rubbing her features against Kara's own, “ I just wanted you to know.” She swallowed hard, feeling another surge of arousal twist through her as she drew another breath to voice her current round of thoughts. “I want you to. I want you to mark me, with your hands, your mouth, all that you can think of, how you would want me to mark you. Please... show me.” She teased her mouth against Kara's own again, tasting her skin as she breathed out her request. “Show me how much you want me on you.”

Kara flexed her hands around Cat's hips, turning her fingers until her nails bit into the supple skin, causing Cat to gasp against her mouth as she dipped her head down and grazed her teeth across Cat's throat as Cat's hands found her hair again in order to hold on.

Kara burned a path down the column, nipping and sucking on the skin until it was red or peppered with small bruises. She licked at Cat's skin, causing her to breathe heavier as her knees bit into Kara's sides. Her mouth fit itself around the cut of Cat's collar bone, teasing the skin red as her arm wrapped around Cat's waist while the other stretched down, finding her thigh and pulling up with her nails sending another round of whimpers to echo off the ceiling.

She pushed higher, pulling in the swell of Cat's breast just over the thunder of her heart, the flat of her tongue teasing the point there as her teeth pressed into the skin only to release her when Cat hissed in another breath. She pulled all manner of noises from Cat's throat as she bit and sucked and licked and pawed at her; heard them rumble in the woman's chest like thunder and vibrate through the both of them like lightning right after.

She urged Cat's thigh over her shoulder, making an obscene string of words in english and kryptonese as her senses were nearly overloaded before she chased after the scent and drew a welt to the inside of Cat's thigh. The other woman's hands were coiled in her hair, nails clawing at her scalp urging her on as she used her super powers again, sending a burst of cold air across sex scorched skin with a sharp cry in result only to melt it away with the length of her tongue as she flattened it against Cat's folds.

Cat let her head fall back, as obscenities and other disjointed phrases were forced from behind her teeth when Kara nudged her other leg up, trapped on her shoulders as she fanned her hand out over Cat's back to hold her up as she nudged and licked and teased at swollen, wet skin. Cat felt her orgasm twist through her body causing her to reach up and push on the ceiling as she felt her body seize all over again.

Kara adjusted their position in the air leaving Cat to feel almost weightless, not letting Cat off so easy, remembering her own words earlier of having so much more in her as Kara drove her tongue inside. She made the muscle hard, curling the tip up before tilting her chin and dragging herself up and out in order to swirl around the bud of nerves that had been so deviously neglected.

Kara's free hand was between her legs then, fingers opening her up enough so that she might close her lips around the small bundle, pulling the tip of her tongue across the underside before sucking gently. Cat came undone above her, slamming her fist into the ceiling as she sucked in a sharp breath on the back of one orgasm as her body clenched around the next. Kara's name became an incoherent mantra as her body began to collapse in on itself, drawn further and further inward with every lavish pull of Kara's mouth and flicker of her tongue until she couldn't stand it any longer.

Kara opened her mouth fully, tucking her tongue into the shallow throb of Cat's entrance before drawing one final languid pull causing Cat to bend over her, grabbing for anywhere she could along her body and break into a thousand pieces with a series of broken cries.

They were back on the mattress a second later, Cat fighting for air as she curled inward around Kara's body not bothering to hold back the emotions that the other woman had unleashed in her. Kara's mouth was everywhere, words whispering across her skin, hands pulled at her, leaving fading bruises where they tried to hold her closer as Cat practically sobbed against her throat on the back of laughter.

Kara ducked her head down, scooting lower until she caught Cat's mouth with her own, feeling the hum of her emotions as they were emptied into her. Cat's hands were on her face a second after, their kiss broken with a soft intake of breath as she brought their foreheads together.

“What have you done to me?” Cat muttered, chasing Kara's lips again, tasting herself and groaning softly as her body responded. She pulled at Kara, pulling her weight on top of her with a warm sound of approval before pulling her mouth away. Her hands smoothed across the woman's arms, up over her shoulders, digging at the muscles there as she scratched down Kara's back leaving marks neither of them saw.

Kara was too wound up to notice, her body a raw nerve as Cat pulled away from her. She felt the dig of Cat's heel against her back, urging her to relax as the woman let out another wanton sigh when Kara pressed Cat down into the mattress with her body. “I just asked you one question.” Kara teased, feeling Cat's lips trace her jaw as their bodies fit together. She felt the other woman's ribs expand, pushing against her and out for air, the beat of her heart as it finally started to calm. The thrum of her hips as she let her knees hit the bed, body open and pliant beneath Kara's own.

Cat couldn't help but laugh softly, blinking past the glaze of her vision, sending tears into the sheets as Kara nosed her features, dropping kisses across her skin before letting out a groan of her own as Cat grabbed for her, pulling at the curves of her ass before rounding out over her hips.

“You're still not done are you.” Cat breathed, unsure she was going to survive any of this but more than grateful for the method of her impending death.

“After... after that...” Kara shook her head slowly, her hips moving down and grinding against Cat's own with a wince of an expression from the other woman.

“I'm not going to be able to walk right tomorrow.” She allowed, causing a wicked grin to curl over Kara's mouth before she pushed it away playfully. “Proud of yourself?”

“You have no idea.” Kara rolled against her again, causing Cat to whimper and let out another 'oh god not again' noise.

“Fuck you.” Cat murmured around another bite to Kara's chin, causing her to laugh before her jaw went slack and her laugh was replaced with a growl leaving Cat the one grinning wickedly this time. “Like that?”

Kara nodded a few times over as Cat's forearm flexed and turned, forcing Kara up on her knees until she groaned down at the other woman in response.


Kara's brow furrowed, her features beautifully contorted from the stretch of Cat's fingers as she nodded slower this time, pulling her knees up higher,hands palming the bed as she allowed Cat to find a better angle. She felt the building thrust of her fingers, turning and twisting, the brush of the knuckle of her thumb against that aching bundle of nerves until her body bowed down and a low groan nearly shook them both as Cat's hand twisted inside.

Cat bit on her bottom lip, watching all manner of emotions and reactions pour themselves into Kara's features as her head fell forward, causing their foreheads to brush as she held herself up on shaking limbs.

“Breathe...” she whispered, watching the coil of understanding follow before Kara pulled in another breath, only serving to pull Cat in deeper as she curled her fingers together.

Kara forgot how to speak as her hands dug into the bed but not through it while Cat whispered things she didn't understand and laid kisses to rest on her skin. She sucked in a deeper breath feeling her body vice around Cat with a slight hiss from the other woman before she encouraged her that it was okay, she wouldn't dare hurt her now.

Her hand found the flat of Cat's chest, the other curled into a fist as she held herself up on it, forehead resting against Cat's as she let out her own choked sob. There was nothing to describe, other than complete. She was full of the sensation, of Cat, of the two of them, filling in all the broken places in her body as a bemused laugh of a sound broke her down forcing her body to clench tighter before pushing against Cat's hand to leave her.

Cat cupped her hand around Kara's sex once free, pulling her leg up between them to add more pressure as Kara slid down her thigh and remembered what it was like to breathe again. When her eyes opened they flashed red, her chest heaving and her intention clear. Cat had sense enough to swallow, her body trembling at the look Kara had for her as she braced herself for what was about to happen.

There was a long moment between them, Kara searching Cat’s features, waiting, praying, begging for one simple thing. Cat ignored the warning in her mind, knowing Kara wouldn’t hurt her, not now, even like this, she was hers and the second she said no or stop it would happen. She leaned up just enough, licking her way into Kara’s mouth who was clearly struggling to keep from biting at her as she left a single word in her throat as they broke apart.


Kara's hand was flat against her chest, pushing her hard into the mattress again while her other arm was wrapped around one of Cat's thighs, urging her to hang on as she hoisted the lower half of Cat's body up from the bed until the other woman's ankles locked at her lower back.

Her hand bruised its way up Cat's thigh, kneading at her hip to adjust her angle before she drug the back of her fingers against the other woman's sex, soaking the digits there before turning her hand and burying her fingers inside without warning. Cat let out a heady groan, her hips driving up and up with every unforgiving thrust of Kara's hand until she felt the sharper drive of the woman's hips against her pushing her deeper.

Cat bit at her bottom lip, head thrown back, tightening the lock of her ankles around Kara's undulating hips as her shoulders began to burn from the rub of the sheets beneath them. She reached up, hands clawing around Kara's forearm and the hand keeping her upper body down until she pried the digits up. She felt Kara slow in her assault, red rimmed eyes opening to her as Cat brought that hand to her mouth, lavishing the digits with her tongue before sucking them inward and biting down firmly, knowing she couldn't possibly break skin even as it bruised beneath her bite.

She tugged on the digits when she felt Kara resume her pace, before releasing them from the wetness with a gasp. Kara's hand painted her chin and with her own guidance Cat fit the woman's hand around her throat, applying her own pressure over Kara's fingers until the woman got the hint and took over.

Kara bent a knee under Cat's frame, keeping her as steady as she could as she continued to drive the breadth of her fingers ever harder while her other hand squeezed tighter. Every breath was a struggle, pulled sharp and held longer and longer each time as she rolled her hips down watching Kara's eyes dilate further as her orgasm continued to build.

She fought against that hand, her own gripping Kara's forearm to keep her in place, to let her know it was alright. She wanted this, wanted Kara to see her like this, to use her and know she wasn't going to hurt her, wasn't going to kill her if she just allowed herself to let go and just be in the moment of it all. Cat trammeled in another breath feeling her body hum from the euphoria of it all.

“Faster...” she pulled in a shorter breath. “Kara..” and another. “as fast...” and another. “as you can.”

Something unhinged itself in the other woman with the strangled plea, both knees were under Cat's waist in an instant, free hand around her throat applying just a touch more pressure that made Cat's eyes widen even more. Her other hand practically vibrated with her super speed as she pistoned in and out of the woman until she was bowed high from the bed and her scream constricted to a broken stutter as she came hard.

Cat's entire body locked up, legs crushing around Kara's hips, nails tearing into her skin, smooth walls clamping and pulling around the impossible thrust of Kara's fingers until they stretched and plowed one final time into her while Kara bent over her, teeth catching the bottom swell of Cat’s mouth as she watched the woman struggle, until her world went black.