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One Question

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There was a small rush of noise and rustle of paper across Cat’s desk, forcing the woman’s attention up from her screen to the balcony nearby. The muscles in her neck tensed at the sight of Supergirl, or who she assumed was Supergirl, floating down onto her balcony uninvited. Gone was the signature red, blue and gold suit, along with the standard flutter of the woman’s cape behind her. Replaced instead with a black bodysuit, the ‘S’ symbol in dark red over the right of her chest. Her hair was windswept and overly curled, her once youthfully fresh face painted and eyes darkened with black liner.

The woman didn’t ask permission or even slow in her step, grabbing the steel handle of the door and popping it open with a clang of the lock snapping before stalking inside the office.

Cat herself was up almost immediately, laptop slamming closed as she rounded her desk. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Kara turned on the woman, a red glint in her eye as she tracked the lithe ball of anger around her desk. The edge of her mouth lifted as she saw the rapid beat of Cat’s heart through the cage of her ribs and the edges of her aura flicker and spit with red which only made her own heart flutter and twist in its cavity.

“Nothing yet.” She warned and made Cat stop short, the hand settled on her half-cocked hip faltered, slipping away as the mogul surveyed the other woman with a little more scrutiny than before. Something was very off, and not just in the wardrobe department. Cat felt her breath catch when she looked back up, seeing the raw hunger in Kara’s eyes as she drank in Cat’s smaller frame Going so far as to sniff at the air before blinking her eyes back to Cat’s, her phantom smile becoming visible.

“Nothing at all.” Cat finished, turning profile to Supergirl and making for her office door. She grabbed the handle and made to pull it open. “You need…” In a blink Kara was on her, quite literally. Hand on the door handle next to Cat the other against the glass pane on the other side of her. Hoping to appear unfazed, Cat turned, shoving her shoulder into Supergirl’s chest to give herself some more space. “ leave.” She internally cursed herself for the quiet timber of her voice where at the start it had been so strong.

“I just got here.” Kara husked, following Cat along the glass step for step, fingertips whispering across the panel. “And I need something from you.”

Cat found herself evading all contact with the other woman, her ire flaring and something else entirely as her gaze drifted to Supergirl’s dark red lips that parted to allow the dart of the blush-colored muscle behind it, leaving their swells glistening. Cat drew herself up tall from her lower spine all the way to her shoulders, putting her back to the younger woman, arms crossing ahead of herself, eyes looking at their reflections as a means to separate herself from the situation if she couldn’t get away without physically touching Supergirl.

“You break in here, destroy my balcony door, then play some juvenile variant of keep away to prevent me from showing you a proper exit for what? What could you possibly need from me at this hour?”

Kara leant back, tipping her head just so as she studied Cat’s frame. Her eyes followed the dip of her lower back where her silk blouse tucked into the line of the dark pencil skirt that was nearly painted across the older woman’s curves and coiling around the back of her thighs. “I need an answer.”

“To what?” Cat spat, looking up at the other woman’s reflection and feeling the sudden need to swallow her tongue with Kara’s lascivious expression as Cat shifted her weight onto her other hip.

“Tell me,” Kara demanded, breath hot enough to burn against Cat’s ear suddenly. Fingertips fell from the cold glass panes to whisper across Cat’s hips and tip-tap down the side of her thighs, threatening to pluck the line of her skirt up higher as fingers walked lower. “Cat.” The woman’s name was sinful as it spilled into her ear, the blade of Kara’s tongue flicking the fragile shell with a dangerous intention making the namesake startle slightly.

“What’s it going to take,” Kara moved behind Cat’s head, pushing the soft waves away with her nose as she planted an open mouthed kiss against the skin she exposed along the back of the other woman’s neck.

Cat felt her knees threaten to give out from under her, her hands were on the glass in an instant, fingertips flexing against the solid pane, desperately clinging to it in order to stay upright. Her heart seemed to be making a violent attempt to break out of her chest while her lungs refused to work properly. Her eyes fluttered closed when she felt Kara’s mouth open wider, her head turning on the balance of her tongue before the sharp jolt of teeth bit into her skin with enough force to bruise. The frustrated groan that erupted from Cat’s throat bounced back into her face faster than she could stifle the sound, leaving a fog on the pane and obscuring any reflection she could have hoped to find staring back at her.

“Kara,” she warned, using the hero’s actual name instead of her title in the hopes of stirring her out of her reverie. Something was very, -very- wrong. This was not National City’s heroine, nor was it the mild-mannered assistant that refused to acknowledge her super identity in Cat’s presence that she saw day in and day out. Not this woman who demanded attention and seemed to be poured right out of a bottle of wanton desire wrapped in a skintight catsuit of wickedness. This Supergirl was on a level of one of Cat’s deep, dark rooted, subconscious, alcohol-induced fantasies. Not reality. In her office. Pinning her against glass walls.

“What are you doing?”

“Thought that was obvious.” Kara hummed against Cat’s shoulder.

Cat’s reply was another strangled noise forced through clenched teeth as Kara bit down on the juncture of her shoulder, tongue leaving a wet stain on the silk blouse as she flattened the muscle against the welts she left behind.

“Aside from marking my territory, kitten,” Kara rumbled, using her chin to press on the offended spot, making sure Cat was quite aware of it. “I told you, I’m asking you a question.”

Cat searched her own reflection in the glass as the haze cleared. She needed to regain control of this situation; attempt to stall or something, anything, lest she succumb to this aphotic, insatiable variant of Supergirl behind her.

“What gives you the right to mark me?” Cat demanded gravely, palms pressing flat against the glass, frame twisting enough to glare pointedly over her shoulder at Kara, who merely hummed out her grin in response. Causing Cat’s eyes to widen slightly as the other woman pitched her hips forward into Cat’s ass, arching her torso away from her.

“I’ve seen how you look at me, Miss Grant.” She punctuated her work title. “Tracking, every, little, movement I make.” Kara rolled her hips with a small whine, placing her hands on the glass just under the base of Cat’s palms, fingertips brushing the inside of the woman’s wrists. “Especially when I’m on my knees near your desk after you’ve dropped a layout or one of your sacred little gold tipped pens.”

There was another short lived gasp from Cat from the realization of which persona Supergirl was referring. Cat pitched forward and away then, breaking their contact in order to spin around and face her captor, instantly regretting the action given the very visceral expression that greeted her.

Kara kept her hands on the cold pane, pinning Cat in place between her arms, her body remained bowed backward, giving way to every aspect of how the suit she wore hugged curves and pathways of flexing sinew. Her head tipped down, giving Cat an unobstructed vantage of her tongue pulling the bottom swell of her mouth behind the white of her teeth and trapping it there wantonly. Cat watched as the other woman’s pale eyes were busy devouring her body; from the bunched up hitch of her skirt perched precariously along the midline of her thighs up to the disheveled line of her partially untucked blouse.

She couldn’t bring herself to turn away as Kara’s countenance tipped to the side curiously, that dark red swell turning pale from the added pressure her teeth supplied while her eyes continued higher and higher. Cat felt her skin flush and chest tighten with each intake of breath when the younger woman made a noise of appreciation upon seeing the results of her proximity. The bow of Kara’s body stuttered in response, swaying precariously closer.

“Kara,” Cat breathed, fanning her hands behind herself, the chill of the glass seeming to bring her back to the ground. “I saw you, both, in this very-“

“A trick,” Kara released in the form of a small sigh, making Cat’s throat bobble with a hard swallow. “My sister’s idea.” She tipped her head the other way, mesmerized by the gold glint on Cat’s necklace bouncing up and down with her own hammering heartbeat. “Something about you exposing me.”

Cat swallowed against the dry grain of her throat when Kara cut those eyes of hers back up without so much as a blink, bracing herself for the other woman’s telegraphed promise of moving. True to form, Kara rolled her torso towards Cat again, not quite touching so much as teasing the phantom weight of herself via the rising heat of her presence.

“If only she knew exactly what level you intended that exposure to be.” Kara watched Cat’s nostrils flare with the implication, coupled with another more determined swallow and an upward tip of her chin. Hazel eyes raked over her body then, leaving Kara barely able to contain her smile when the older woman’s expression shifted.

“I thought you had a question, Supergirl.” Cat’s voice was clipped, her expression draining into a void of stoicism as she eyed this currently uncharacteristic heroine that had ensnared her. Fight instead of flight taking over.

“You remembered,” Kara hummed again, deep and resonant in her chest, pitching her hips into Cat’s with purpose renewed, arms bending to bring the pair nose to nose. She dared to grace the edge of her skin against Cat’s own drawing forth a small shudder. “That or it’s just been nagging at that journalistic mind of yours ever since I mentioned it.”

Cat shifted her jaw, not daring to look away as she felt Kara grind herself against her hips again, attempting to elicit another sound from the other woman and when none greeted her she supplied one for her in an unabashed mewl of arousal.

“I know it’s been on mine longer than I can remember.”

Immediately, Cat’s rational mind screamed at her to get out, to break away and put as much distance between herself and Kara as she could muster whereas a more irrational, carnally curious part of her was vehemently arguing the opposite. Flight was back full force, fight taking up a valiant foothold. She wanted to know and yet told herself maybe these things weren’t for her, not like this.

Kara took note of the other woman’s turmoil and leaned in closer, mouth a breath away from Cat’s own in order to pull her focus back. “Distractions, distractions.” She drawled, turning her features again in order to brush past Cat’s cheek, bottom lip dragging across her jawline on the path to her ear. “Now, where was I.” She pressed the full length of herself into Cat, forcing her to stop breathing. “Oh…” she breathed. “That’s right.”

Kara dipped her head down, mouthing Cat’s exposed skin at her collarbone, skipping her teeth across the bone there before ending her path with a kiss on the side of Cat’s throat forcing out a breathless obscenity from the woman. The word alone pulled another groan from Kara against her skin. “Tell me,” she spoke around skin before sucking hard, leaving another mark. In sheer reflex Cat hissed an inward breath, a hand snaking into sunkissed curls and twisting hard.

“Tell you what Kara.” Cat bit back with her tone, yanking harder until Kara was in front of her again, hot breath washing over Cat’s mouth where blue eyes leveled.

“What’s it going to take,” Kara licked Cat’s bottom lip with the tip of her tongue, forcing another constrained noise to catch in the woman’s throat. Her eyes lifted to Cat’s, revealing the red ring around those otherwise clear blues again.

“For you to get on your knees in that nine-thousand-dollar suit?”

Cat’s eyes went wide with the question, and wider still when she felt Kara’s booted foot hook at her ankle and push her legs apart.

“Kara, stop!” Cat grabbed for the strength of the other woman’s shoulders to keep herself upright, fingers digging into the curve of muscle there while Kara herself looked as if she had been physically struck.

She peeled her hands from the glass, palming them around Cat’s sides very nearly surrounding her completely in her grasp. “Why?” Kara questioned with a forlorn tone. “I know you want me, I see it.” She kneaded at Cat’s sides, pressing her hips forward again. “Every. Single. Day.”

Cat slid her grip to Kara’s biceps, palming the strength coiled there, trying to shake the woman with little to no result. “You don’t know that Kara. This, this isn’t-“

“I see you.” Kara bore into her, eyes desperately searching Cat’s own and the air between them trying to make her understand. “I can see you, the way your aura changes when I’m around you. Every shift, every surge.” She kneaded at Cat’s sides with every truth , inching lower and lower towards her hips.

“It’s like the red solar flares of Rao.” The reverence of her voice nearly broke with the admittance, “and I’ve done nothing to answer what I see back.” She shifted her weight, knee hitting the glass between Cat’s thighs with a resounding thud. “Even when you told me to go away, when you hired that incompetent bitch assistant and made me number two.”

Cat felt as if she were going to pass out with the knead of Kara’s hands, the conviction of her words and the radiating heat of her thigh threatening to make contact; all parts seeming to coil around her body starving it of oxygen or rational thought.

“Not until now.” Kara let go of Cat’s sides, putting her hands back on the glass on either side of her head, not touching, just hovering, waiting. “Tell me.” She pleaded, “What’s it going to take Catherine, right here, right now?” Kara’s hips moved in tight little circles, threatening to grind closer and closer into Cat again. Thigh flexing between the other woman’s knees with her ministrations, lips trembling and open, taunting, begging Cat to capture her completely.

Cat felt her lungs burning, the cage of her ribs pushing the very limits of their expansion as she utilized every remaining ounce of her shattered will power left not to look down at that mouth. She swallowed hard, lips parting as she tried to get more oxygen and calm the raging drum of her heart. All of Kara’s words, her actions, her body, her lips, somewhere Cat swore, even Kara’s scent was in the air filling the spaces between them and binding them together.

Cat dropped her head back against the glass behind her, her whole body on edge as Kara’s prostrated herself in front of her for the taking. She felt the woman waver closer, letting go of her biceps on instinct, she threaded her fingers against the side of Kara’s head and fisted handfuls of her hair; holding the younger woman fiercely in place to keep her from advancing further.

Her actions were rewarded with another obscenely provocative moan exhaled on the back of a whimper coupled with the sharp pitch of Kara’s nails clawing marks into the glass. She could feel the woman trembling uncontrollably, skin flushed and on fire, a thin sheen of sweat coating the back of her knuckles. Cat continued to refrain from looking down at those red swells, despite the desperation clawing at her insides to do so.

Kara was panting for breath, body still undulating in never-ending little circles, eyes lifting back up from Cat’s own parted lips, locking gazes. Seeing the younger woman’s eyes so yielding and blown apart Cat felt the ground tilt out from under her for at least the third time.

“Close.” Kara breathed, fighting against Cat’s grip, mouthing at the air just ahead of her lips, knowing she could easily break away and devour her keeper. Instead of letting go, she felt Cat tighten her fingers holding her absolutely still. “So close.”

Somehow Cat remained upright, forced onto her toes to keep herself from colliding with the strong length of Kara’s thigh teasing between her own. Her arms were rigid, keeping Kara in place with the last shred of her willpower until she saw the first little spark of release cresting in the younger woman’s eyes. Her eyes dropped finally, snapping those final tatters and releasing the fire smoldering low between her hips to rage through her.

“Fuck. Kara.”

The prayer mingled in the air between them as she followed its trail, surging forward and dragging Kara to her in a collision of lips, teeth and tongues. Kara broke herself against Cat, emptying her orgasm into that kiss with a keening moan catching in their throats only to die loudly in air as Cat hauled Kara back with a sharp pull of her hair.

“Not enough”, Kara groaned, still pawing at the glass instead of Cat. “Never enough”. Glassy eyes fought to stay open, finding the hazel ones staring at her before flaring wide as she sucked in a sharp gasp of air when Cat finally lowered herself onto Kara’s thigh with a crepitating semblance of a moan.

Using Kara’s hair as an anchor Cat ground herself against the lean muscle with an uncharacteristic noise of effort before yanking the younger woman to her again. This time it was her lips and teeth that drug across Kara’s skin, leaving a swath of color in her wake, hissing her response through teeth clamped around the other woman’s ear lobe.

“This Kara, it takes this.”. She groaned again with absolute abandon, each roll of her hips pushing her skirt higher and higher. “All of this.”

Cat finally let go of Kara’s hair, fingers skittering across her suit, pricking and clawing to try and find the seam. “Straighten your leg,” she demanded, following the limb as it fell away from her until Cat was on her knees. When she couldn’t find the break in the suit she gave up trying, grabbing at Kara’s hips with the same bruising intensity she held her hair with. She dipped a shoulder between the other woman’s thighs, shoving her off balance until the weight of Kara’s leg draped down her back; biting the inside of the muscle through the fabric there before she nosed higher. She could hear Kara, reduced to heady gasps between fractured words in some foreign language that were emptied into the air. Her mouth opened wide, the flat of her tongue pressing against the thin veil of sex soaked fabric before she curled and pushed the hard curve into the valley that gave way beneath the fabric. Cat used her teeth for good measure, pulling, sucking and biting Kara’s swollen skin between the cloth until the sound of shattering glass and the shout of her name resounded like some great angelus around the two of them.