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Silent Conversation Part 8 Valentine's day

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If he wanted to be honest with himself, Harvey should’ve seen this one coming all along.

The way Mike was staring at him that morning in his office was way to intense to be remotly normal.

Even for Mike.

But Havey had never been very good at looking at calendars.

Valentine Day had never been his number one priority.

Until Mike, of course.

Mike was such a helpless romantic at heart.

Luckily, Jessica received 75 ruby red roses from Jeff Malone right after lunch.

It hit Harvey like a ton of bricks.

That’s what Mike had been trying to tell him all along.

Harvey rushed to Mike in the corridor.

It didn’t matter that half of the office was watching them.


Fuck it. You’re so cute, Mike.

Would you be my Valentine?

Hell yeah, Harvey. I thought you’d never ask


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And I’m sure I’m forgetting great Marvey shippers because I’m late for a meeting and I need to rush and I wanted to post this today.

I love you all, Mavey shippers.I hope you had a great Valentine

And if you didn’t, because sometimes it happens, I wish you’ll find your true love in 2016.