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You're a Mess

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Carmilla is going to be mad. You don’t know what’s worse, the fact that she is going to be furious or find this extremely amusing. Under different circumstances, you probably would have thought that this was funny as well.

You shake yourself and you nearly fall onto your face. You still haven’t gotten used to this whole four legged thing. Carmilla said it would be strange at first, and that she would be there to help you through it. Honestly, you really wish that she was here, because then you’d know how to turn back. You didn’t mean to change, you thought you needed to sneeze but then all of a sudden you were tiny. Even tinier than usual.

You try to groan but it comes out as a pathetic mew. Carmilla is going to find this hilarious and you hate it.

You decide that you should probably move, you’re standing in the middle of your room, trying desperately not to freak out. Everything around you is huge. Mustering up all your courage, you take four clumsy steps towards your side of the room. It’s awkward and strange, but you make it.

Your thoughts cease when you look up at your bed. Yes. You have to look up at your bed. You sigh furiously at yourself, of course you would be a tiny little kitten. A kitten! Maybe it’s because you’re new at this and it was unintentional, but you wanted to be something scary looking. Like a gryphon or a mountain lion.

You snap back to thoughts about the task ahead of you, getting up on that god forsaken bed of yours. You wiggle around, trying to figure out your new found body. You huff when you realise that this is going to take a lot of effort. You hadn’t planned on this. You had planned on finally working on your english lit paper.

A noise outside catches your attention. Your ears strain to hear what’s going on and you panic when you hear the familiar fall of your girlfriends boots. You waste no time running under your bed, your claws skidding over the timber floors. There is no traction and it takes three strides to finally make it safely under your bed. You pray to any and all gods that your girlfriend doesn’t try to look for you because if she sees you now, you don’t think you could live with it.

You hear the door slam open and a very exaggerated sigh from your girlfriend. You shuffle backwards desperately trying to avoid Carmilla as she makes her way towards her bed. She starts talking about her day and you curse anything and everything for the hundredth time. How could this happen? Why are you tiny? Why can you not turn back? Maybe if you try and sneeze? Does fake sneezing make you change? Or is it real snee-

“Laura?” Carmilla calls. She takes a step towards the bathroom, you shuffle back again. You are not being caught today. No way in hogwarts are you letting Carmilla see you like this. Especially this small. She calls for you again as she looks into the bathroom as you try and remain as quiet as possible. You begin to shuffle again when your claw gets hooked between the floor boards. The involuntary squeak that you let out makes Carmilla spin towards your bed. If you could, you would be swearing because no this is not happening. You begin trying unhook your paw as she takes a step towards your bed. She hasn’t spoken but you know she knows. You can feel that stupidly attractive smirk on her face. Your paw wiggling gets even more frantic when she takes another step and then kneels down. You freeze when you see her face appear. Maybe if you stay still those annoyingly piercing eyes won’t see you.

“Well aren’t you a tiny little kitten.” Carmilla basically purrs as she eyes you. You refuse to acknowledge that she has spoken and remain still. This is not happening to you. You refuse. Her smile only grows when she takes you in.

“Come on out cupcake, I know it’s you.” You feel yourself bristle, this is no- no, no, NO. You’re about to tell Carmilla just where you think she should go when you let out this stupidly high pitched growl. Carmilla barks out a laugh and quickly tries to cover it up with a cough when she sees the absolute horror on your face. You did not expect that. It was the least threatening thing that you’ve ever done. And you’ve threatened someone with a wooden spoon.

Carmilla seems to take pity on you and gently reaches her hand forward and scratches just under your chin. You think that you might die of pure bliss, this is the best thing you’ve ever felt. You hear Carmilla chuckle as she lifts you from your hiding place and holds you to her chest. She stands, cooing at you as she goes, and you begin to purr. If Carmilla wasn’t scratching you in just the right place, you may have been horrified at the mess you’ve become. But right at this moment, you don’t care.

“So cupcake, what happened to waiting?” She says, amusement clear in her tone. You stiffen, how do you tell your vampire girlfriend that it was an accident? You mew. That’s how. If you could blush, you would be blushing. You glance up at her. She’s wearing an expression of pure adoration and that makes your tiny form swell with pride. You, a tiny little gay, have made your broody, bad ass girlfriend, smitten.

She gently runs a hand through your honey coloured fur and you snuggle into her. Purring. God, you’re just as smitten. She holds you closer to her body as she lays down on your bed, your yellow pillow resting behind her head. She releases you as you squirm. It takes you a few tries (and some help) but you eventually get upright. Carmilla is still stroking you and it’s making it hard to focus. You shakily stand and walk over her chest. She cocks an eyebrow at you and you try to roll your eyes. You mew again and she chuckles. You feel her body shake as you try to keep your balance.

You squint at her as she stares at you, obviously challenging you. You are not playing this game. You mew louder and look at her expectantly. Her smile only grows. You huff loudly and walk forward and head butt her chin. She smiles at you and begins playing with you’re tail.

“See something you like cutie?” She drawls, pulling your tail gently as you whip your head around to glare at her. You mew loudly in her face as she rolls your eyes. You flick your tail out of her grasp and walk back up her body and settle on her stomach. Your tail twitches in annoyance. You’re about to test how well your claws work when you feel something shift. You tense as your body begins to buzz.

“Laura? What’s wrong?” Carmilla’s hand is on your back but the feeling doesn’t go away. It creeps up your spine and you kind of feel like you’re about to snee-


You glance towards Carmilla who is grimacing lightly at the sudden change in pressure. You look down at yourself and gasp. You’re huma- well as close to human as you can get again! You turn and beam at your ridiculously attractive girlfriend who gently smiles back at you.

“So I’m a tiny little kitten huh.” Carmilla only laughs in response.