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Different reasons to jump off the couch

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“Explain to me again why I should go meet your father.”

Carmilla had been cuddling on her couch with you. Carmilla really liked cuddling whether she’d verbally admit it or not. Even despite it being super hot now that it was the middle of summer, she’d wrapped both her arms around you and held you firmly against her while you watched television.

However the mention of your father seemed to sober her affectionate mood and she’d gotten up so she wouldn’t have to be right next to you during this discussion. You aren’t sure why Carmilla is acting like you’re asking her to participate in a sacrificial ritual. You don’t know if she’s nervous to meet the one last bit of your immediate family you have left, or if she flat out doesn’t want to meet your father. The thought of it being the latter makes your stomach turn uncomfortably.

“Because the semester ended almost two months ago. And I keep driving back up here every weekend to see you.” You explain again. Carmilla finds a box of crackers in her cabinets and begins to nibble on one of them. “My dad wants to know who I’m coming to see every weekend. He said if he doesn’t meet ‘whoever they are’ soon he’s not going to let me keep coming.”

Carmilla chews thoughtfully on her cracker. You know she’s stalling because she’s had no problem talking with her mouth full before. When she finally replies she says, “A little separation never hurt anybody.”

You know she’s kidding but her faux nonchalant attitude frustrates you because you’re trying to be serious. You throw a pillow at her and it hits her in the side of the head. Carmilla doesn’t react to the contact at all, only shoving another cracker into her mouth. You cross your arms over your chest and pout, ignoring the fact the action would have no effect on Carmilla.

“You are literally the worst.” You grumble to make sure she knows you’re not happy with her.

“Oh, come on. I was kidding.” Carmilla tries and you don’t respond. You hear her pad across the carpet back towards you with a soft sigh and you turn to the television to glare at the movie that neither of you had really been paying attention to. Carmilla moves into your line of vision and crouches in front of you. Even if she can’t see you, you like being able to see her eyes without the barrier of her sunglasses. And she knows it so she keeps them off when the two of you are alone. Looking into her unseeing eyes now makes a bit of your irritation fall away.

“Stop.” You tell her weakly and she smiles.

“I’m not doing anything.” Carmilla’s voice borders innocence but her hands find their way to your knees. You’re only wearing a slightly oversized t-shirt that you’d claimed as yours from Carmilla’s closet over your underwear. You’re momentarily too distracted by how warm her hands feel against your bare skin, that you don’t realize the intentional path of her hands until her thumbs are brushing against your inner thighs. You push her hands back down.

“No.” You make sure your voice is firm and Carmilla pulls her hands off of you immediately.

“You’re mad at me.” It’s not a question but instead an observation. You press your lips together, not answering her at first and Carmilla frowns. The last of your irritation disappears and you uncross your arms. You raise a hand to brush the tips of your fingers against Carmilla’s face. She leans into your touch and you cup her face with one hand, keeping the other in your lap.

“I’m not… mad. I just want to be able to see you when I want. I mean—I won’t force you to meet my dad if you don’t want to. I met your family by accident I guess. And we’ve only been dating for like two months so—” Carmilla cuts you off before you can talk yourself into oblivion.

“Deep breath, sweetheart.” You take a deep breath and Carmilla waits patiently until you exhale exaggeratedly loud. She looks amused for a split second before she continues. “I’ll meet your father if it means that much to you.”

You perk up instantly, a smile stretching onto your lips. Carmilla must feel the shift in your attitude because her face softens.


“Yeah.” You lunge forward and wrap your arms around her shoulders. The force of the action makes Carmilla lose her balance and her footing. She grunts as her shoulders hit the coffee table. You shift in her lap so your legs are on either side of her and you wrap your arms around her tighter, pressing your nose into her chest. Carmilla’s arms wrap around your waist slowly and she pats your back with one hand.

“Thank you so much. I’ll totally make it worth your while.” You pull away from the hug and press your hands against her shoulders. Carmilla’s only wearing a tank top and shorts, making a lot of her skin easily accessible. You brush your thumb against her collarbone as Carmilla’s arms slide up from your lower back to hold you below your shoulder blades.

“You seem exceptionally grateful I said yes to this.” She says as you’re leaning in to kiss her. You do kiss her instead of responding immediately. You feel her smiling against your lips but by the time you pull away she’s feigning indifference again.

“Honestly my dad said I wasn’t allowed to come up here again until he met you.” When you try to kiss her again Carmilla pulls back.

“You should have just said that from the start. I thought you were just being dramatic.”

“Well I didn’t want to guilt you into it… Even though that’s kind of still what happened.” Carmilla wraps her arms around your waist and pulls you tighter against her. Her lips brush against your cheek.

“When would I be coming to meet him?” You tilt your head up thoughtfully and she presses soft kisses to your jawline.

“I was thinking you could come back home with me for the week.” Carmilla nips at your neck and you fist your hands in the fabric of her tank-top.

“Oh? Mr. Protective wouldn’t mind a stranger under his roof?” You trail your hands down her abdomen until you can grip the hem of her shirt. When you tug on it, Carmilla moves her arms from around you to pull it over her head. One of her arms easily slide back around your waist and her free hand moves up to cup your jaw as you kiss her. Her thumb strokes along your cheekbone. When you open your mouth against hers, Carmilla wastes no time sliding her tongue into your mouth.

You moan into her mouth when you feel her tongue brush against yours and Carmilla bites your bottom lip. You’d had sex with Carmilla for the first time a couple weekends ago after an especially intricate and romantic date she’d planned out. It had been a little awkward, you were cautious about what was okay and what wasn’t and Carmilla had basically walked you through the entire experience. Since then there’d been an embarrassingly increasing amount of intimacy. So you know that if you didn’t do something now, Carmilla would take control and press you against the floor underneath her. You want to be the one topping her right now to thank her for agreeing to meet your father. That plan is a little hard to see through with Carmilla’s tongue in your mouth.

Reluctantly, you push against her shoulders until her lips separate from yours and her back hits the edge of the coffee table. She doesn’t hit it hard enough for it to hurt, but the contact is enough to pull a gasp out of her. She turns her face upwards towards you, her lips wet and parted. Seeing her look so needy for you sends a spike of arousal right down to your center.

“Can I take off your bra?” Carmilla’s eyes fall closed as you ask and her lips pull into a smile.

“You can do whatever you’d like.” You really like the sound of that. You cup her face in your hands, running your thumbs over the differing textures of either side of her face before you press your mouth against hers. Carmilla follows the slow pace of your kiss and knowing you’re in charge right now is exhilarating. Carmilla had always seemed the type of person who didn’t like being out of control, but from your experience with her she almost seemed to enjoy being dominated just as much as she liked dominating you.

You work the clasp of her bra until it’s unhooked and Carmilla maneuvers her arms from the fabric. You toss it back onto the couch behind you and immediately lean in to press wet kisses to her chest.

“Have I ever told you how pretty you are?” You lips brush her skin with every word and Carmilla’s shudders beneath you.

“Not today.” You dip your head to swipe your tongue across one of her nipples and her hand fists in your hair. You cup her other breast in a hand when your lips close around the peak of her breast and she breathes out a soft sigh of your name. You peek up at her through your eyelashes and you relish in how gorgeous she looks with her chin tilted upwards and her eyes closed, concentrating on nothing but your hands and mouth on her. Your pull your lips from her chest to press your lips roughly against hers.

“You’re so pretty.” You say against her lips. Carmilla is pliant beneath you in a way that makes your ego swell. You’re in control of the pace of the kiss but Carmilla meets every stroke of your lips against hers with just as much vigor. Her hands eventually pull at your own shirt and you let her pull it over your head. You’re not very happy about being interrupted in your attempts to make out with her but once your shirt is tossed away from you, you see Carmilla smirking at you.

“Concentrate, Laura.” She teases and your eyes fall back to her bare chest and your prior plans. You refocus your attention on trying to pull off her shorts even though she’s still sitting down and making that plan extremely difficult.

“Shut up.” You mumble and she lifts her hips just slightly to help you.

“What was that? I’m a little hard of hearing in this ear.” You glare at her as she taps on her right ear and decide not to bother pulling down her shorts anymore. “You’ll have to speak—” Her words catch in her throat when you shove a hand into her panties and your fingers brush against her clit. She whimpers when your fingers brush against her labia. You finally settle them on her inner thigh.

“You were saying?” You ask and Carmilla face starts to twist into a glare in your direction but you rub your fingers against her clit and her lower lip trembles effectively ruining her efforts to look annoyed.

“You are an ass.” She manages before you slide your fingers through her again. She’s so wet and while you’ve come to know Carmilla really likes oral you figure you have time for that later. Instead you slide a single finger into her and her mouth falls open as she gasps.

“So about this week at my Dad’s—” you start and you’re not surprised when Carmilla groans her disapproval at the topic. You hadn’t planned on actually talking about your plans for this week right now but Carmilla’s attempts at irritation while you’re shallowly thrusting a finger into her is amusing.

“Can you not talk about your dad while we’re having sex?”

“This is an important conversation.” You insist. Carmilla’s face hardens momentarily like she’s going to argue with you so you slide another finger into her and start to slowly move your fingers more insistently into her. The irritation falls from her face and instead it shifts to unadulterated pleasure. She lifts one of her legs so her calf presses into your back bringing you closer to her.

You’re unprepared for the action and have to catch yourself with your free hand on the edge of the coffee table beside her shoulder. Your fingers are still inside of her while you adjust yourself and Carmilla makes a whining sound that you’re sure she’ll never admit to. You swipe your thumb over her clit, moving your fingers once again and Carmilla’s fingers dig into your shoulder blades. Your wrist starts to ache at the angle you’re thrusting into her but Carmilla lets out these soft little mewls between gasps that you make you loathe to stop.

“As I was saying before you interrupted me.” Carmilla cuts off your attempts to continue what you were saying earlier by tangling her fingers in the hair at the nape of your neck and kissing you. You slip a third finger into her and she pants into your mouth, breaking away from the kiss. You file this conversation away to actually continue later and focus on her. It’s probably only a few minutes but it feels like hours as every bit of your senses are consumed by Carmilla, Carmilla, Carmilla.

When you grind a palm against her clit with a particularly hard thrust of your fingers, she comes with a loud moan you know could be heard from outside her apartment. Her chest heaves as she catches her breath and you press soft kisses against her throat until her breathing evens out. She lets out an almost inaudible sigh when you pull your fingers out of her and suck them into your mouth. When you’ve licked the remnants of her from your fingers you push her hair away from where it’s sticking to the slick layer of sweat that’s gathered on her face.

“Stop messing with my hair and kiss me.” Carmilla demands. You ignore her for a moment, continuing to comb your fingers through the soft waves of her hair until you’re satisfied, then you press a chaste kiss to her lips.

“That’s really no way to talk to your girlfriend.” You say as you press a kiss to the bridge of her nose. “And I hope you’re not worn out already, old lady. I’m not done with you.”

“Old lady?” Carmilla actually sounds offended and you smile to yourself. “I’m only like three years older than you.”

“Sometimes it feels like you’re three-hundred.”

“Flattering.” She replies, clearly unimpressed. You kiss her again.

“I’d still date you if you were secretly a super old lady.” She turns away from your mouth frowning, you pepper kisses against her right cheek instead. Carmilla’s face remains stoic but her hands find the clasp of your bra and undo it. You don’t stop her when she pulls it off of you.

“Please stop talking.” She reaches back up until her hands cup your face and she trails soft kisses along your jawline.

“I’m being serious. Like if you want to admit you’re like some mythological super old creature, I’d be fine with it and still date you.” She sucks her teeth and pulls away from you.

“You know what. Never mind. I don’t want to continue whatever you had in mind anymore. You’ve killed the mood.” You can’t help but laugh and Carmilla starts to pull her shorts back into place. You cover her hands with yours and push her down until she’s laying back on the floor. You pin both her hands above her head with yours.

“You’re so grouchy.” Carmilla just frowns instead of granting you a verbal response. When you kiss her though, she kisses you back without further protest. Carmilla keeps her hands above her head when you kiss down her body until you meet the fabric of her shorts sitting low on her hips. You take your time this time pulling them down her legs, taking her ruined panties with them.

“And you’re annoying.” Carmilla’s voice shoots for unaffected, but it comes out breathless as you drag your tongue against her inner thigh.

“You’re so hot.” You reply. Carmilla doesn’t say another coherent word when you press your mouth between her thighs.


You wake up a few hours later with your head tucked under Carmilla’s chin. The blankets are only pulled up to cover your lower halves of your nude bodies. Carmilla is breathing softly underneath you and her fingers trace small patterns on your back telling you she’s very much awake. You wouldn’t be opposed to just laying here with but you’re hungry.

“What time is it?” You ask and Carmilla snorts.

“I don’t know.” You roll your eyes and sit up to look at the alarm clock you’d bought for her room. It’s more for your own use than Carmilla’s obviously. Carmilla’s hand falls to your lower back and trails lower until she grips your ass. You ignore her being handsy, instead noting it is after six in the evening. Being with Carmilla is messing up your sleep schedule. You move back to your former position on her chest. “You fell asleep pretty quickly for someone who was teasing me about my stamina earlier.”

“Whatever.” You mutter, deciding not to let Carmilla ruin your mellow mood with her need to tease you every chance she finds. You suddenly remember that you’d been trying to tell her something earlier before she’d rudely cut you off with her lips. “I was trying to tell you earlier—”

“With your fingers inside of me.” Carmilla cuts in. You screw your face up at the crudeness of that sentence and cover her mouth with a hand.

“It’s really rude to interrupt, Carmilla.” She doesn’t look apologetic in the least, if anything she looks pleased to have finally gotten a reaction from you. You keep your hand over her mouth. “My dad doesn’t know I’m dating you. Or much of anything about you all.” Carmilla raises a questioning eyebrow. “Not that I didn’t want to tell him and I totally would have but he’s so protective. I didn’t want him to ban me from coming to see you just because we were dating and you might be coercing me into anything that wasn’t purely innocent.” Carmilla moves both her hands to your waist and pulls you towards her until you shift your position so you’re straddling her with your center hovering over her stomach.

She starts to slide a hand down between your thighs, and you push it away with your free hand. She mumbles something less than pleased against your hand.

“As I was saying. I think he figured it out which is why he is demanding to meet you now. I’ve been trying to avoid it because I didn’t know how you’d feel about it but he put his foot down.” Carmilla doesn’t try to speak through your hand this time and you move your hand to the pillow beside her head.

“This should be an interesting week then, shouldn’t it sweetheart?” She finally replies.

“You’ll really do it?”

“Well we’re dating now. I’d have met him at some point anyway. And you met my family even before we were together so I suppose I owe you.” You press your lips to the bridge of her nose.

“He’s going to love you, I promise.” You move to replace your lips with the tip of your nose, trailing it along the curve of hers. Carmilla’s eyes are closed and she looks at peace. You almost lay back down next to her but your stomach ruins the moment by rumbling loudly. You blush in embarrassment and Carmilla chuckles.

“What do you say we get dressed and go out to dinner?”

“Like to a real restaurant?”

“Whatever you want.” You don’t even pretend not to be excited as you jump out of bed to get dressed. You feel Carmilla’s unseeing gaze on your back the entire way into the bathroom.


You drive back home on Monday morning with Carmilla sitting shotgun next to you. Before you’d left Silas you’d gone to breakfast together, your idea had been to quell Carmilla’s appetite because she gets grouchy when she was hungry. Carmilla spends a good portion of the ride clicking from station to station on the radio. She’s dissatisfied with every single song that comes on and shows it by providing scathing commentary for each one.

It’s annoying but you know she’s trying to cope with her nerves even if she won’t admit they exist and puts on a disinterested façade. You deal with it for nearly the whole ride but when you’re about ten minutes from home, you turn it off and Carmilla frowns at you.

“I was listening to that.”

“Too bad.” You reply and Carmilla makes an offended sound in the back of her throat, but doesn’t attempt to turn the radio back on. Instead she fiddles with the strings hanging off the hem of her shorts. Carmilla hadn’t changed anything from her usual wardrobe in any effort to impress your father. Her hair is up in a bun, her sunglasses sitting on the bridge of her nose where they always are when you’re in public. She’s wearing old band t-shirt that she’d had you cut the sleeves off of a couple weeks ago with her tattered shorts.

You glance at her again when you stop at a light a few minutes from home. She’s pouting and pulling at the strings, clearly in her own thoughts. You put your eyes back on the road but reach over to squeeze her knee.

“It’s gonna be fine.” You promise and Carmilla sighs.

“Yeah.” Neither of you say another word the last few minutes until you pull up to the curb of your father’s house.

“Ready?” You ask her with a smile, Carmilla’s tense face softens at the perky tone to your voice and she reaches into the back to find her duffle bag before you can offer to get it for her. Not that you thought she couldn’t do it herself of course, but you’d wanted to be polite. Carmilla gets out after you do. You lock your car before finding your way to her and sliding your fingers between hers. Carmilla squeezes your hand as you lead her to the front door.

Once you’ve unlocked it, you lead her inside. The nerves you’ve been trying to ignore yourself hit you full force once you’re standing in the foyer.

“Dad?” You call out. You hear something clang from the kitchen then your father peeks his head out from the entrance that leads to the kitchen. Your father is a fairly big guy in comparison to yourself. He’s over six feet tall and beefy. You’ve told him more than once he could pass for a lumberjack which he’d actually used for a Halloween costume when you were young. But even with his size, he’s also the sweetest person you know. He has a bit of flour on his chin and his hands are covered in more of it.

“Oh you’re back early.” He goes back into the kitchen and you hear the water running for a moment before he comes back into the foyer mostly cleaned up. “I was just baking you something for when you got back. I guess the surprise is ruined, isn’t it.” He finally seems to notice Carmilla and he stops talking. His eyes drift down to your joined hands and confusion takes over his features.

“Um, dad. This is my girlfriend, Carmilla.”

“Your girlfriend?” He crosses his arms over his chest and a knowing look emerges onto his face. “So this is who you’ve been running off to go see every weekend?”

“Yes.” You admit and he looks impressed at your honesty.

“And you didn’t tell me because?” You can feel Carmilla tense and you move close to her, making sure to brush your hip against hers.

“Because I thought you might not let me go if you knew I was going to see my girlfriend rather than friends.” Your dad’s frown turns into a smile and you flush.

“I knew it.”

“What?” Despite your suspicions that he’s known that response catches you off guard and he laughs.

“I knew there was no way you were that attached to some ‘friends’ at Silas that you needed to go back up there every weekend.” You look down at the floor feeling your cheeks growing more and more red. “Carmilla, is it?”

“Yes, sir.” Carmilla smiles sweetly at your father and he looks charmed. He holds out a hand for her to shake but Carmilla doesn’t react. It takes him a moment to realize his mistake and he shoves it behind his back awkwardly.

“I don’t need to give you the ‘don’t hurt my daughter’ speech do I?” He asks instead.

“I’ll do my best to avoid hurting her on purpose, Mr. Hollis.” Carmilla replies, her smile shifting to a smirk as she slides her hand from yours to rest on your back.

“Glad to hear it.” Your dad checks his watch. “Why don’t we all go out to lunch and we can get to know each other a little better, Carmilla.”

“I could eat.” She says nonchalantly and you roll your eyes. Trust Carmilla to agree without a second thought at the prospect of free food.

“Laura,” You turn from watching Carmilla back to your father who’s giving you a serious look. “Why don’t you show Carmilla to the guest room and then we can head out.”

The guest room. You’re about to argue that Carmilla should absolutely stay in your room and that you are an adult and can sleep in the same bed as your girlfriend, but Carmilla speaks before you can state your case.

“Of course. We’ll be back down in a minute.” Your father looks pleased at Carmilla’s agreement and you glare at her. “Show me the way, cupcake.”

You huff but lead her by the hand upstairs. You go slowly as not to trip Carmilla up but if she notices (which you’re sure she does) she doesn’t say anything. The guest bedroom only has a neatly made bed and a dresser with a mirror attachment. Carmilla releases your hand and slowly finds her way to the bed, then she throws her bag onto it and turns back to you.

“You’re quiet.” She observes and you lean against the doorframe, crossing your arms over your chest.

“I could have convinced him to let you stay in my room.” Carmilla follows the sound of your voice and reaches out until her knuckles brush against your stomach. Then she raises her hands up to cup your face.

“I don’t doubt your powers of persuasion, sweetheart. However I’d prefer your father not think we’re sleeping together under his roof when I’ve only just met him.” She has a point but you continue to pout. Carmilla leans in and brushes her lips against yours. “We both know you’ll sneak in here anyway.”

“Not the point.” You tell her and then she presses a chaste kiss to your lips. You follow her lips when she pulls away but she doesn’t let you kiss her again despite her nose still brushing against yours.

“We have a lunch date with your dad.” Carmilla says, you open your eyes a bit and see her eyes still closed through her sunglasses as if she’s forcing herself not to lean back in. You don’t want to but you take the initiative and pull away. “I’m going to charm his pants off.”

“Please continue to charm him without making him lose his pants please.” Carmilla raises a hand to ruffle your hair.

“Very funny. I’ll just charm him then.” You take one of her hands in both of yours, and drag her back downstairs. You know Carmilla can be charming when she wants but you’d be lying if you said you aren’t worried about how lunch will go.

You really want your father to love her as much as you do.