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Short Story Collection

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It wasn’t good. Surrounded by monsters, a lot of them. They were the only ones who could guard a Soul May was trying desperately to release. They needed to act quickly.

Lyner bit his lip, his back to May, York and Morrigan on either side of him. He didn’t want to battle, not with May so close to releasing the Soul. He didn’t want either of them to be harmed by a stray attack. But, he couldn’t let these monsters get to her either.

Two monsters holding long spears suddenly appeared directly in front of Lyner, their weapons at the ready. They were going to attack – him! Lyner instantly reacted, his hand reaching out for the hilt of his blade.

But, before he could unsheathe his sword, the two creatures were immediately destroyed by a tall, elegant man, cutting through them both so effortlessly. He wore thick body arm, a pinkish red in colour, his skin a soft pastel and a striking red design in the middle of his forehead. In each hand he wielded a blade, holding them naturally, as if they weighed next to nothing.

“Greetings, everyone,” the stranger said, his voice causing Lyner’s body to tense from a sense of familiarity. “Mind if I help out?”

“You’ve got some skills!” York replied, clearly as impressed as Lyner was of this man’s power. “Sure, if you want to help out, by all means.”

“Of course,” the man smiled warmly and gently. But that expression disappeared the second he looked at Lyner. His brow creased into a questioning look, gazing intently at him. “Oh, you’re…”

“Me?” Lyner uttered without much thought. “What about…?”

Lyner drifted off mid-sentence, no longer remembering what he was going to ask. Instead, all he could look at, all he could see where those red eyes of his. Deep, meaningful, ruby red eyes. A shiver of recognition and realisation raced down his spine.

He knew this man. He knew him well.

And, from the look of recognition in those eyes, he knew him as well.

Lyner didn’t flinched when the twin swordsman reached out to him, snaring him by the arm and suddenly pulling him to him, against him. And Lyner felt himself fall against him readily, his body submitting to the memories his mind couldn’t recall just yet. Their hands sought each other out in such a way that told Lyner that they had done this many times before.

And he sighed with utter relief and joy when he felt a pair of lips press against his own. It was soft and tender at first, but soon turned undeniably deep and all consuming. Something, he recalled briefly, he never wanted any other way.

As he pushed against him, their bodies pressed so tightly together, Lyner threaded his fingers through his soft hair. He couldn’t feel the softness through his heavy duty gloves he wore, but he knew that his hair was soft. He also knew that he had gentle hands, hands that were warm and attentive. It didn’t make much sense to him logically, but his heart, his body, knew all this about the man that was kissing him, holding him like he was all that mattered.

And the way Lyner was kissing back, he knew that this man was extremely –as in completely and utterly- important to him.

Only one word rushed through his mind as was kissed deeply and passionately; Ayatane.

That was his name.


With a gasp of air, they pulled apart, Ayatane holding him close with his arms wrapped around his waist, and Lyner’s own hands framing his face, looking into those beautiful eyes of his again.

“Ayatane…?” he breathed, his name rolling off the edge of his tongue effortlessly.


Lyner shivered again when he heard his deep voice and wanted so desperately to kiss him again.

But then a soft, sensual giggle was heard and it seemed to quite literally pop the little private bubble they were in. They pulled apart quickly, Lyner stumbling backwards and Ayatane’s head reeling back subtly. Ayatane’s eyes were wide in shock and surprise, and Lyner had no doubt that he was wearing the same expression.

“Oh, my,” A voice purred from behind him, making Lyner turn around in a jerky moment, his gaze immediately falling onto the sight of York little completely frazzled and slightly green, while Morrigan was looking at him and Ayatane with an expression of pure, unadulterated interest.

“I was going to ask if you two knew each other,” Morrigan said, that small half-smirk, half-smile on her lips. “But it appears they you know each other quite well.”

Lyner felt himself blush darkly.