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Midnight Ambush

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Oho, this plan couldn't possibly fail, in fact, it'd probably go better than expected. Majima was outside Kiryu's apartment, looking up at the window Kiryu would be in. He silently chuckles, imagining the whole scene in his head. Majima would sneak into the room, Kiryu would wake up and be mad, and it'd be a perfect reason to start a fight.

Majima places his knife in the back pocket of his leather pants, and starts moving trash cans and other things around below Kiryu's window. He does this as quietly as he can so he doesn't wake up the neighbors around the area. Once there was a good height below the window, Majima carefully and quietly started climbing. Mad Dog of Shimano? I guess you could call him the Mad Rat of Shimano at this point.

Once he's finally to the top and the window is in reach, Majima slowly opens the window, wincing at the small squeak it made. Kiryu needs to oil his hinges. It takes the eyepatched man a moment to figure out how he will do this. After a couple of minutes of pondering, he places his hands on the bottom ledge of the window and raises himself up. He places his leg over the window ledge and slowly opens the window more so he can get into the room quietly. After a moment of struggling, he places his other leg on the ledge and sits up, placing his feet onto the floor.

Kiryu was facing away from the window, which was perfect for Majima, causing him to do a little dance in his mind. He slowly reaches for the knife from his back pocket, slowly inching towards Kiryu's sleeping body. Curse his metal toed shoes for making extra noise, he should've taken them off earlier. Once he's somewhat close enough to Kiryu, he crouches down next to his sleeping body. Before Majima could do anything else, in one swift movement, Kiryu turns around and grabs Majima, lifting him up slightly. Kiryu turned back over so Majima was trapped on the floor with Kiryu's arms wrapped around him.

"KIRYU-CHAN— YOU'RE AWAKE?" Majima struggles in his arms, realizing he dropped his knife onto the floor when Kiryu grabbed him.

"You woke me up when you opened the window." Kiryu grumbled, shifting his arms so Majima wouldn't be so uncomfortable in his grip. The eyepatched man moved his arms over Kiryu's and before he could do anything else, the strong grip from Kiryu came back.

"Nooo, yer supposed to fight me not trap me! This is a perfect reason to fight me! I broke into your house and—" Before Majima could finish his sentence, Kiryu interrupted him.

"Yea, this is a good reason to beat some sense into you, but you've picked the one of most sleepless nights." Kiryu yawns, pressing his face into Majima's snakeskin jacket. "I think you're making me fall asleep though."

Majima struggles more, lightly hitting Kiryu's arms. After a couple of minutes, he gives up, hearing Kiryu fall asleep. Majima sighs, wrapping his arms around Kiryu in defeat. Maybe, this isn't as bad as he thought. When was the last time he had a good night's sleep? Maybe in the morning, when they build up the energy, then Kiryu would be up to fight him.