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Kablooie Duck talks about Homicide, Sin, Arson, and Misery or War Crimes

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Phooey Duck sat up and insisted, "Come on Kablooie Duck, you should talk to Louie about the thing." Kablooie Duck laid back, and sharpened his teeth. Kablooie commented briefly, "What thing?" Phooey pointed out, "You know, you that thing where you want children and be a girl." Louie Duck was on his phone and not paying attention to anything going on. Kablooie cocked an eye, stopping his teeth sharpening, and questioning this, "I don't want to be a girl... I'm a Man. Why do you think I want to be a girl?" Phooey laid on his stomach to get closer, cheerfully he explained, "Because you want to have babies with your girlfriend and that one boyfriend! Ladies have babies, Kablooie."

Louie took his attention away from his phone, noting, "Kablooie, it's okay if you want to be a girl. Nobody is going to judge you." Kablooie sat up in a rage, then he shouted, "I Don't WANT TO BE A GIRL! I want to be impregnated by strong ladies! I want have 3 or 4 kids with each of my boyfriends and girlfriend. I want to name the kids Homicide, Sin, Arson, and Misery or maybe War Crimes depending if they are a girl or not!"


Louie pointed out, "How exactly do you expect get pregnant let alone by a girl?"

Kablooie huffed as he crossed his arms, "I don't know, I just do!"

Phooey added in, "We are almost 16 now, you know how babies are made."

Louie sat up and got closer. He tested, "Kablooie... Why do you want to get pregnant especially by a girl? You know if you had a child at this age, you couldn't take care of it. You would have to get rid of it."

It was silent for a while. Kablooie refused to look at either of his brothers. Finally, he boiled in rage, "I'm not going to have a kid right now. And if I didn't have the children, Babs would have to. Do you know what would happen if Babs had children? Do you even know what how many children rabbits have in one birth? She's an actress, Louie! People don't [CENSORED] hire actresses if they ever get pregnant!! Her career would be RUINED!!"

Louie cut him off, "You don't have to be so aggressive about every single little thing!!"

Kablooie continues on, "And you don't realize how much this would ruin her life. I'm the only one who can do this. I can use my radioactive mutant powers to create an temporary... You know. Because I'm a duck and I'm warm blooded, I can successfully act as a mammal and a bird. Giving live birth and laying eggs."

The other two ducks sat in awkward silence. The mutant duck seemed completely unaware he had given too much information. The two ducks looked at each other then the mutant for a few moments. Having become way too curious about this, Louie asked more, "What about Ducky Duck or whatever his name is, he isn't a bunny so would he also impregnate you or would something else happen?" Kablooie answered quickly and angrily, "His name is Plucky Duck, you prick, and no. I would impregnate him. I would create a semi parasitic baby so he could make an egg without the parts."

Phooey uncomfortably noted, "That's deeply disturbing. What if he doesn't want to? Isn't the names Homicide, Sin, Arson, Misery or War Crimes all really terrible? Shouldn't you ask them about this?" Louie slapped his hand over his brother's bill to stop him. However it was too late.

"Well, I would ask them first. If they don't want to. We can do something else. Like just not having children." Kablooie Duck stated bluntly, "My name is Kablooie, your name is Phooey. Don't criticize my naming skills." The brothers decided they heard too much about the details of this. While it was disturbing and unusual that he thought about the details of this so much, they didn't want to know anymore about any of this. Besides, there was already a reason they puzzled out why he would think so much about this and they didn't want it confirmed. They both left his room to go to their own, wishing to forget everything about this event.

Kablooie Duck simply shrugged off their reactions and began writing a letter to his stalking targets... I mean, two boyfriends and one girlfriend, Buster Bunny, Plucky Duck, and Babs Bunny. Yeahhhhhh, that's what I meant. Haha...