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It was a usual day at the Mankai Company. Kazunari, Yuki and Muku were sitting at the dining table while Itaru, Citron and Banri were sitting on the couch playing video games.

“Hey, hey, Sumi’s birthday is coming up right?” Kazunari asked Yuki and Muku who were doing their homework. When he got a nod from the two, he continued, “Then! We should have a party!”

“What? A triangle party?” Yuki asked sarcastically.

“Yep!” Kazunari grinned. “We should use old newspapers and cut out triangles and decorate the room!”

“Hey, you do realize that the money-grubbing yakuza will never allow that,” Yuki pointed out.

“It’s Sumi’s birthday special, of course, Frooch will accept!” Kazunari reasoned.

“I agree too, but then if he doesn’t accept, we might make Misumi upset and he might never get to celebrate his birthday with his most precious thing only because—” Muku panicked, flailing his arms around.

“Woah, Mukkun calm down!” Kazunari put his hand on Muku’s shoulder.

“What’s happening here?” Tenma grunted.

“Ah, here comes the hack ask him to ask the money-grubbing yakuza.” Yuki jerked his finger at Tenma.

Tenma raised a brow. “Sakyo? Ask him what?”

“Sumi’s birthday is coming up, so we thought we could have a triangle party!” Kazunari exclaimed.

Tenma sweatdropped at the idea. “Triangle party?”

“Yup! We could cover the place with triangles which we can cut out from old newspapers and we can ask Omimi to make all triangle dishes, we can also have triangle plates!” Kazunari started counting the suggestion excitedly along with Muku. Yuki sighed in annoyance.

“Where will get triangle plates from?!” Tenma yelled.

“Triangle plates?” Taichi asked while he heard the last bit as he along with Omi, Izumi and Sakuya entered the kitchen.

“Ah, we were talking about Sumi’s birthday party!” Kazunari grinned at the three.

“It’s close by, right?” Izumi asked looking at the summer troupe.

“Yup, so we thought we should have a party!” Muku smiled.

“Hmm, I should look up for dishes that look like triangles,” Omi pondered out loud.

“Just give him hundreds of onigiri and he’ll be happy,” Yuki muttered.

“Oh! We should decorate the room with triangles too!” Sakuya said excitedly.

“Yep, yep!” Kazunari nodded in agreement. “But for that first, we should…”

“No way, it’ll cause too much mess, make it simple with only food.” Sakyo folded his arms not in the mood to listen to them.

“But Frooch! It’ll be boring that way!” Kazunari pouted.

“I don’t care, food should be enough.” He said sternly.

“Now, now Sakyo, he is right, Misumi is an eccentric kid after all.” Omi tried to help out.

“Yes, and Misumi will feel happy if gets a party,” Izumi tried to reason with him too.

“Please Sakyo!” Taichi begged.

“’ Sides we always had a party for every single person’s birthday as they would like so it is logical, we do the same for him.” Banri looked up from his game.

“Banri, don’t get distracted.” Itaru reprimanded causing Banri to twitch at him.

“Yes, we’ll lose the patch,” Citron said while smiling.

“Match you mean,” Itaru corrected him.

“Yes, that!”

“…fine.” Sakyo sighed and agreed to them.

“YEAH!” The summer troupe rejoiced.

“But all the mess should be cleared out, if there’s even one dirt all of you will be given punishment.”

“All of us?” Tenma asked.

“Including Director, Settsu, Sakuma and Nanao.”

“HUH?!” The mentioned four yelled in surprise.

“Why us?!” Taichi whined.

“Don’t randomly put me in there!” Banri scowled.

“SHUT UP! You guys were also part of this!” Sakyo yelled at them causing them to wince slightly.

“As expected of the money-grubbing yakuza.”

“Ok! Now Omimi and Director can be part of the cooking team! Setzer, Taichan, Tenten and I will take care of the decorations and Sakusaku, Yukki and Mukkun will make sure Sumi doesn’t know about this and we’ll make a triangle stuffed toy!”

“Guess, I have to do it huh?” Banri sighed.

“This will be so much!” Taichi grinned.

“Yes! Let’s work hard everyone and make Misumi happy!” Sakuya encouraged.



On June 6, the day was chaotic as ever.

“Okay, team Sumi’s birthday, are you all ready?” Kazunari whispered. Yuki yawned lazily, Muku nodded in excitement while Tenma was muttering something about waking up way too early.

“Okay, Sakusaku will join you two in some time and you guys should keep Sumi away from the living room, clear?” Kazunari looked at Yuki and Muku who nodded.

“Great, Tenten let’s go!” Kazunari grabbed Tenma’s hand and left the room.

“Wait—Kazunari!” Tenma yelled in annoyance.

“Now that the hack and friendly-extrovert are gone, we need to wait for energy concentrate.” Yuki sighed.

“I’m more worried if we can handle Misumi,” Muku trailed off.

“No way, we can’t do it,” Yuki said bluntly. Muku was about to protest, but Yuki stopped him. “That’s why he said to just keep him away from the living room,” Yuki said.

Muku looked at him in confusion. Yuki deadpanned, “It means, we can take him anywhere except that room,” he clarified.

“Oh!” Muku’s eyes widened in realization. “That’s a great idea!”

“It is not really an idea,” Yuki sweatdropped. A knock on the door made the two students look at the door.

“Yuki? Muku?” Sakuya called out.

“There’s our cue,” Yuki said, getting up from the floor. “Let’s go,” he looked at Muku.

“Oh, I’m glad you two were there,” Sakuya let out a breath in relief. “I thought I had gotten late,” he said sheepishly.

“No, that’s not true!” Muku smiled at Sakuya who nodded.

“Ah, the positive energy that’s radiating from here is way too much,” Yuki muttered, feeling annoyed. “You two flower birds, let’s go,” Yuki said.

“Right!” the said two exclaimed.

The three of them entered Misumi’s room. “Oi, triangle-alien?” Yuki called out.

Suddenly, Misumi jumped down in front of them. “Whoa, Yuki, Muku, and Sakuya too!” he grinned happily at the sight of them.

“Where did you even come from?!” Yuki yelled in shock.

“From there,” Misumi replied pointing at the ceiling.

Yuki, Muku and Sakuya stared at the ceiling blankly. “Nevermind,” Yuki shook his head.

“Do you have anywhere to go, Misumi?” Sakuya asked.

“Hmm, I have to collect triangles and meet with the cats,” Misumi said. “Oh, and meet everyone else, I think they are in the living roo—” Misumi was unable to complete his sentence because Sakuya, Yuki and Muku yelled in unison.

“AHH!” the three of them yelled.

“Misumi, how about we go for triangle hunting, okay?” Sakuya suggested.

“Right, besides they could be busy too,” Muku said referring to the company members.

“I guess,” Misumi pouted slightly but cheered up at the thought of collecting triangle with his friends. “Let’s go then!” he smiled.

The three, Sakuya, Yuki and Muku, sighed in relief. “Yes!” they said.

The four of them were getting ready to leave the dorm but had halted when they saw Izumi walking casually.

“Ah, Director!” Misumi grinned at the sight of her and ran over to her.

“Whoa!” Izumi yelped when Misumi came over to hug her. “Misumi, morning,” she smiled and patted his head.

“Morning!” Misumi grinned at her. “Are you going somewhere?” he asked looking at her bag.

“Uh, yes kind of,” she replied, trying to not make anything obvious. ‘It’s a gift for Misumi, there’s no way in hell can I let him know,’ she thought sheepishly.

“Oh, then you can come with us—” Misumi suggested. Sakuya, Muku and Yuki immediately once again yelled.

“No!” Izumi exclaimed in tension. Misumi’s smile dropped. “I mean, Misumi I’m going to buy something that is for woman, so it’ll be awkward for you,” she said.

“Yeah, yeah, it’ll be really awkward,” Yuki forced a laugh.

“Yes, and I’m sure Director would want some priv—” Sakuya started but Misumi cut him off.

“It’s okay! We’ll wait outside!” Misumi said.

‘He is so persistent! And it is also hard to say no to him when he looks at me like that!’ Izumi cried helplessly.

“Ah, Director, perfect timing,” Itaru jumped in for help when he saw the scene in front of him. “I am ready, so shall we go?” he put on his brightest smile.

“Huh? Yeah, sure,” Izumi stammered.

“Sorry, Misumi, I promised to go with him, maybe next time yeah?” Izumi smiled at Misumi who nodded in understanding.

“Sorry, Misumi,” Itaru smiled grabbing Izumi by her hand and left.

Sakuya let out a relief. “Well, it can’t be helped right?”

“Yeah,” Yuki said looking at Misumi who was staring at the floor sadly.

“Itaru-san was so cool though,” Muku whispered to Sakuya who smiled in agreement.

“Guess, he does have brains,” Yuki rolled his eyes.

“I am definitely going to kill him.” Masumi threatened, appearing behind Sakuya.

“Whoa! Masumi, stop!” Sakuya yelled, holding Masumi back.

“Oh, Masumi!” Misumi’s eye light up. “Did you just wake up?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Masumi nodded. “I’m going down for breakfast,” he said.

“Oh, but aren’t they busy?” Misumi tilted his head sideways.

Masumi raised a brow. “Huh? They are just doing some décor—” Sakuya slapped his mouth shut.

“Misumi, let’s go for triangle hunting, okay?” Muku said hurriedly.

Yuki pulled Misumi with him while Muku followed them eagerly.

“Masumi, it is a secret!” Sakuya whispered to him. “You would feel bad too right? If someone spoils your fun times with the director, right?”

“Right, sorry,” Masumi apologised, feeling bad for ruining the fun. “When is it though?”

“We thought around five or six,” Sakuya said. “It all depends on the decoration team,”

“Okay,” Masumi muttered. “Is director in it?” he asked.

“Yeah, she is part of the cooking team,” Sakuya said.

“I’ll be in that too,” Masumi declared.

“But Masumi, you can’t cook!” Sakuya said in exasperation but it was to no avail as Masumi already dashed to the kitchen. He sighed and went to the front door to meet up with Misumi and the other two.

“Sorry!” Sakuya apologised as he reached the front door.

Misumi shook his head. “It is okay, Sakuya.” He said sadly.

Sakuya noticed the change in his behaviour. “Did something happen?” he asked Yuki.

“Actually,” Yuki started.

“Oh, Omi and Banri morn—” Misumi was unable to complete his sentence as Omi and Banri immediately turned away from him.

Misumi pouted then he saw Kazunari talking with Taichi. “Kazu! Taichi!” Misumi went over to greet them. The said two started to panic.

“Ah, Sumi, you can’t—uh, sorry, I have something urgent!” Kazunari apologised and went over to some other place feeling extremely guilty.

“Same!” Taichi stuttered and rushed over to Banri who yelled at him.

“Don’t come over here!”

Misumi stared at everyone blankly and walked out of the dorm sadly.

Sakuya felt bad after hearing the story, but then this was what Kazunari suggested.

“Avoid him! Then the surprise will make him even happier” Kazunari had said when the members were discussing how to surprise him.

“Shall we go?” Sakuya tried to brighten up Misumi. “See, I see a triangle there!” he said pointing at the leaf that was like a triangle.

Misumi brushed off his feeling and focused on them. “Ah, but I can’t take it like that!” he said.


“Hm, what do you think of this Director?” Omi asked as he showed another image to Izumi. Batter, triangle shapes, rice, everything surrounded them.

“I don’t think this design will be something Misumi will feel excited over...” Izumi said sheepishly looking at the picture.

“So, should we bake a triangle-shaped cake and draw a triangle on it?” Omi asked.

“That seems logical—oh we could draw a cat or maybe have something related to summer?” Izumi clasped her hands and suggested.

“I’m not that great at drawing so it might not work out...” Omi scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

“Team Omimi and Director how is it going?” Kazunari asked as he carried a box full of triangles, Tenma, Taichi and Banri followed him.

“Ah, we are stuck with the cake…” Izumi replied while frowning.

“Just bake a triangle-shaped cake—where do I put these, Kazunari?” Banri asked, getting irritated over the work, nevertheless, he helped out.

“Over there! And if you want, I could draw something out!” Kazunari pointed at one corner and grinned at Izumi and Omi.

“You can?” Omi asked looking surprised, Kazunari nodded.

“That’ll help a lot, thanks Kazunari!” Izumi smiled at the friendly guy.

“By the way how are Yuki and the others doing?” Taichi asked as he put the box he carried on the floor.

“It doesn’t seem like he found out anything, so I think it’s a good sign.” Tenma sat down on the sofa.

“But I do feel bad about today’s morning,” Izumi sighed resting her chin on her hand. Omi and Taichi nodded in agreement.

“That’s why we have to do this quickly and have the best party—” Kazunari told the members who were in the room.

“Oh, what’s this a party?” Azuma looked at decorations with interest.

“Whoa! I got scared I thought it’ll be Misumi, but it’s just you Azuma!” Taichi let out a relief.

“Fufu. My apologies. So, what’s this party?” Azuma laughed.

“Ah! I forgot to invite everyone! Azuu, can you ask everyone to come down at 6 for Sumi’s birthday party?” Kazunari requested.

Azuma’s eyes widened. “Oh, it’s his birthday? I should get him something,” Azuma muttered to himself. “Okay, I’ll tell everyone.” He said looking at Kazunari.


Tenma looked at the number of decorations still left unhung. “Should we ask for more help?”

“Yeah, maybe someone like Tsuzuru, Tasuku or Juza can help us out,” Izumi suggested.

“Hm, okay, then I’ll ask them, but what if they say no?” Tenma frowned.

“I don’t think Tsuzuru will say no and if you mention Director, I’m sure Masumi will come rushing down.” Banri rolled his eyes.

“Juza?” Tenma questioned while Banri deliberately ignored him.

“Then, tell him I’m baking cake,” Omi suggested.

“Tasuku-san will definitely say no.” Taichi pointed out.

“Just relate it to the theatre.” Izumi and Azuma said at the same time.


“Hm, do you need my help in anything?” Azuma asked sitting down on the couch.

“Ah, then Azuu tell if this looks better here or there…”


“Ah! Wait Misumi!” Sakuya yelled tiredly after trying to catch up to him. Yuki sighed and laid back on the nearby bench.

“Oh? Yuki?” Tsumugi who was walking by along with Tasuku looked in shock.

“Oh, it’s you two,” Yuki murmured.

“What are you doing here?” Tasuku asked.

“We were supposed to catch the triangle alien but I gave up,” Yuki said bluntly.

Tasuku sighed while Tsumugi laughed silently.

“What are you two doing?” Yuki asked.

“Getting some stuff Miyoshi asked,” Tasuku said holding a bag.

“And some stuff Director asked for,” Tsumugi said.

“Ah, are these the girl things she said?”

“Huh? No, this Misumi’s present.”

“Ah, crap I need to make one.” Yuki cursed.

“All the best,” Tasuku drawled dryly.

Yuki glared at the grown-up and kicked him on the shin.

“What the fuck do you eat?!” Yuki groaned.


“We did a nice job team!” Kazunari grinned at the decorations. Triangle cake, and somehow Citron had triangle plates, there was a huge triangle plushie and triangle decorative everywhere. Basically, the whole room was full of presents.

“Oh? GJ. Where do we put the presents?” Itaru showed a small box, Taichi pointed at the table which was already having a few gifts.

“Itaru-san you got gifts?” Banri asked in surprise.

“It’ll look bad if I’m the only adult who doesn’t get a gift...” Itaru admitted.

“What a statement.” Tsuzuru rolled his eyes.

“We have so many presents!” Taichi said excitedly.

“Where did you get time to get these anyways?” Tenma asked the adults of the troupe.

“It’s an adult thing,” Azuma replied chuckling a little.

“Director you were with us all the time!” Kazunari exclaimed looking at Izumi.

“I may or may not have asked Tsumugi to collect the gift I asked for,” Izumi muttered sheepishly, “for which I am very grateful for,” she thanked Tsumugi who told her to not mention it and brushed it off.

“The young ones of autumn and spring troupe are giving something together right?” Tasuku looked at the said troupes who all nodded in agreement.

“Since we don’t much money to buy something,” Taichi rubbed the back of his head sheepishly.

“What about you all? Did you get gifts too?” Juza asked the summer troupe.

“Yep, yep, I made a gift!” Kazunari exclaimed proudly.

“Same, I didn’t have time as the triangle alien was always moving around,” Yuki said rubbing his toe.

“Did something happen?” Izumi asked in concern.

“Muscle-head happened,” Yuki said. “I tried to injure him but I got injured in the process,”

Izumi laughed. “Tasuku’s muscles are something,” she said. “It’s surprising how he maintains them energetically, I feel too tired nowadays,” she sighed.

Tasuku glared at her. “Are you trying to pick a fight with me?”

“Okay, maybe that was too much?” Izumi asked sheepishly.

“Yes,” Tsumugi, Tasuku and Itaru nodded.

“You guys are giving individual ones?” Tsuzuru asked the summer troupe ignoring the adults who were busy talking.

“Yep,” Kazunari and Yuki chorused.

“Oh, where is Misumi now?” Tsuzuru asked.

“Muku and Sakuya are handling him.” Taichi replied, finishing the last bundle of decorations.

“They’ll bring him in a few minutes so let’s arrange everything and ourselves,” Tenma said, giving everyone in the house a party pooper.

“The minute Misumi enters—” Tenma continued speaking.

“How will we know he is entering?” Homare asked.

“Muku said he’ll send a message and when they enter, they’ll make a small noise. Now let me continue.” Tenma scowled.

“Yes, yes, do continue.” Azuma chuckled.

“Once he comes, we pop them and we wish him and then—crap they are coming, quick all of you form some sort of formation!” Tenma looked at his phone when he got a message from Muku.

“Oi! Hisoka! Don’t sleep on my shoulder!” Tsuzuru yelled as the latter slept on him.

“Itaru, put your phone away already!” Taichi yelled at the otaku who frowned but put his phone back.

“You look so cute even when you hold this thing.” Masumi complimented Izumi who told him to focus on going to his position.

“Hyodo you bastard don’t drool at the cake!” Banri snarled at the sweet lover who was itching to eat the cake.

“Shut the hell up of you!” Sakyo yelled at everyone.

“Hey! All of you are making too much noise we’ll get caught this way!” Tenma yelled in frustration.

“Tenten switch off the lights!” Kazunari told the summer troupe leader.


“I have these! I remember Sumi telling me he liked the smell of this!” Kazunari said lighting the candles.

“How long have you been—!"

“As expected of friendly-extroverted,” Yuki commented, not surprised over this.

“Ugh fine—” a small sound was heard from the outside, “Oh that’s the signal! Quick!”

“Triangle, Triangle,” Misumi sang as he opened the door, his eyes widened when everyone burst the party poopers.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” they all yelled as Misumi grinned widely.

“Woah triangle! Triangle here too!” Misumi’s face lit up as he spotted the triangles.

“Misumi! Happy birthday!” Sakuya smiled at him.

“I’m sorry we didn’t talk much to you in the morning,” Izumi apologised.

Misumi shook his head, “I’m happy now!”

“I’m glad you are. Did you like it, Misumi?” Izumi asked him.

“Yes! Very! Thank you, everyone!”

“Sumi! We should take many pics and also not to forget...” Kazunari took out a party cap, “Here, wear this.”

“Tri-tri-triangle!” Misumi grinned as he wore the party cap.

“Alright then let’s cut the cake!”

“Wish for something Misumi!”

‘Grandpa, are you seeing this? Everyone is happy and I’m happy too. I wish to stay like this with everyone.’