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Every Saturday night

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The life of an doctor and an inspiring photographer /skateboarder/whatever hobby Adam had decided to take up that month could only be described chaotically. Including but not limited to Adam practicing tricks and flips in the house and accidentally landing on their glass coffee table, Lawrence falling down the stairs as he rushes to the hospital, almost always late. Their home scattered with photographs of the two, even Lawrence had grown to love the spirit of photography much to Adam’s delight. The home managing to maintain the aspects of Adam and Lawrence combine.

The only time the duo knew peace was every late weekend night. Specifically every Saturday night, Lawrence would drag Adam to bed even after the other argued that he wasn’t tired (he always is). Adam would move to his side of the bed (the right side), Lawrence moving to the left side of the bed. Lawrence would lean onto the drawer and pick up a book, Adam could never remember the name of it. He just knew Lawrence would mumble under his breath as he read it, always seeming so peaceful. Adam having already taken so many photographs of the man laying in bed, the photographs never enough for him.

So just like every other Saturday, Adam leans over and rests his head on Lawrence shoulder. He can feel the sleep start to take over his mind, all he needs is Lawrence light whispering and his hand running through his hair as he flips the page. Sometimes when Adam is deep in sleep, Lawrence will carefully brush his thumb over his latest bruises scattered around his face. Reminding himself to cover them in bandages for Adam later.

Every Saturday night when Adam has fallen asleep and Lawrence has finally placed his book down he will turn to Adam, his lips brushing past the others and whisper a declaration of his love. And some Saturday nights Adam will grin, grin so hard he can’t kiss back till Lawrence starts grinning right with him. And every Saturday night Adam will curl into Lawrence chest, digging his head into the others chest. And every Saturday night the two will bask in the love they have for each other.