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Wonk Uoy Naht Noitceffa Erom Deen I

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1- First

A cold night in a cave, Gran was shivering from the merciless weather however he was not alone, the fire showed the silhouette of Eustace entering in and providing aid after making recon around the area, he sent the signal to be picked up by the nearest team available, meanwhile the erune made sure to make his captain feel secure under his cape, warmth filled his body by standing by his side.

“You ok?” asked the brunette grazing at the gunslinger, he sighed at the comment knowing the answer took the opportunity to come closer to him and lock lips, his heart roaring like the thunder from his trusted gun, Gran was speechless by the act... so sudden, so special but effectively it helped him feel less cold. “You,,,I...uh..” bright cheeks followed by the movement of his hands showed his embarrassment, taking one of them Eustace replied, “It was my first too..” silence echoed in the cave until the rescue team arrived.


2- Morning

The rays of the sun invaded the window, eliminating the shadows from the night revealing two figures still sleeping, the captain locked up by the arms of the erune. His eyes adapting to the dawn of a new day, he wanted to move but the force was a little too much so he nudged a little to escape then an icy eye gazed at him “...Morning already?” a tsk was heard however that’s what is cute from the gunslinger.

Gran smiled and petted his ears, elevating a little to kiss his forehead “Good morning to you too, Eustace” the sweet gesture made him move less from the bed, groaning “Nope, we have to wake up, we need to gather a lot of materials..ow ow ow..” Gran hissed a little in pain as his body was sore and stiff, then recalled the events from last night, Eustace scoffs with a tiny grin “I’ll take care of you” he petted his head and kissed his cheek.


3- Good Night

The tent was finished on time before the night let its dark shadows overwhelm the view of the forest the pair were assigned to, the mission was easy, to find a certain group of bandits and secure the loot, Eustace was adapted to the working figure of his captain making effort to do the basic survival stuff, however, the gunslinger had experience on the topic as when he joined the Society training camps were common ground. Helping and teaching how to do this and that Gran was focused on how gorgeous the erune’s lips without mention how close were to his face.

“Are you listening?..” he asked, not annoyed at all, fixating his penetrating gaze on Gran’s curved lips oh how much he wants to kiss them.

“ Night!” nervous, the captain arranged his side to sleep, later and both comfortable the erune kissed his forehead wishing a peaceful sleep.

4- Amazing

Kisses during sex were a must, or at least Gran noted. His cheeks being pressed by the hands of someone who saw too much, who feels too much but has difficulties expressing it, as his face comes closer and lips touch each other, his dominant nature shows up as his tongue asks for permission to explorer more, to taste more his captain. Eustace craved more contact as both naked bodies reflected the bareness of the soul that night, doing his absolute best to satisfy his lover, with long kisses filled with love and gratefulness of accepting him, in turn, he liked the little moans and breathless gasps from Gran, never having enough of them.

Gran concluded that Eustace is an amazing kisser and glad to be his first.

5- Last

Goodbye kisses were the most painful, especially when you never know when it’s going to be the last...Gran was nervous about the situation of Diaspora falling and the fate of the world again on his shoulders and his companions, Eustace, who was watching him with concern approaches him with a pat on the shoulder “Nervous?’s ok just believe” a glance of a smile reassured Gran that everything was going to be ok. At the dawn of the last mission, everybody ran off the ship and commenced the strategy as planned. Before parting Gran decides to do a big step by taking Eustace off guard and kissing him with all, no regrets because who knows? Is almost the end of the world “I believe in you, Eustace, please don’t let this be the last kiss..” 

“It won’t” he replied squeezing his hand “Let’s go” and the mission started.