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Jacob first sees them from across the admittedly dingy bar the second he steps inside. With Chanhee by his side and the bass pounding so loud his feet are going numb, he’s only got eyes for the absolutely gorgeous little thing leaning against the bar with the shoulder length hair tied back, vibrant knee high socks and a sinfully tiny leather skirt. Jacob is pretty sure he can see the hint of ass peeking out from under the feeble excuse for clothing— and Chanhee ends up being the one to pull him back to earth.

A well-placed elbow in his ribs has him wheezing, turning to level Chanhee with his best withering glare. It’s too loud right now to hear what Chanhee says, but Jacob’s sure it’s some curse towards the general population of sex fiends. A population Jacob is more than happy to subscribe to.

No matter how hard he tries though, he can’t take his eyes off the person in the knee high socks. He can see a sliver of pretty smooth skin glistening just above the waist of their skirt, just under the hem of a truly tiny little cropped shirt. He does his best to shake the thoughts of smooth, milky thighs out of his mind as they move to join their friends at a table near the bar, Sangyeon’s loud cheers only adding to the rippling chaos of the bar.

Jacob let’s his friends clap him on the back, tug him into one armed hugs, lets Juyeon get away with the sly slap on his leather-covered ass. But try as he may— he can’t stop sneaking glances over towards the mysterious stranger. Their table is close enough now that Jacob can nearly hear the way the captivating human laughs with their friend, can almost catch a fleeting glimpse of their face as they glance around the room.

His obvious staring does not go unnoticed by literally anyone. He’s pretty sure he just heard Eric roll his eyes from across the table and he can definitely hear Chanhee sighing as he gestures vaguely towards Jacob and explains his weirdness away.

“I don’t know what his deal is,” Chanhee huffs, He ignores it. “He’s been staring at that twink since we walked in the door.”

His friends jeer at him from across the table but Jacob’s paying them no mind. His eyes are focused only on the way the stranger looks as they swallow down their drink, as they toss their head back in laughter Jacob almost fools himself into thinking he can hear.

He’s not sure why he wants to, but he does. He’s a bit captivated.

Eventually, as was bound to happen from his lack of subtlety, the stranger’s gorgeous friend turns just slightly so— enough to make very brief, very awkward eye contact. Jacob jolts like he’s been shocked, an immediate flush taking over this face. He just hopes the friend doesn’t assume he was staring at them, because that would just be the icing on Jacob’s shitty little cake.

They hold eye contact for barely a moment, but it’s just long enough for the stranger’s friend to give Jacob an inquisitive little once over, head tilted and all. Jacob’s not sure what the verdict is, because he ends up turning back to his table and doing his best to be a decent friend.

It’s Eric and Sangyeon’s anniversary and the least he can do is pretend he cares about his friends. (He actually does, even if Eric sometimes robs him of his plain tee shirts and the occasional pair of boxers. He loves his friends very much.)

Even so, it’s unfortunately not long after he resolutely steels himself to silence Chanhee’s huffing that he realizes his mind is still on the pretty rainbow boy. Fuck. He keeps sneaking glances like a high schooler with a crush, desperate for this sweet little stranger to turn around and gift Jacob with his presence.

“Just go talk to them,” Chanhee drawls, looking at his nails. Jacob knows that, underneath the bitchy exterior, Chanhee is actually a really sweet and caring dude, and that this is just his way of showing he cares. But Jacob is childish at heart and so all Chanhee gets in response is his tongue stuck out in mocking. “I’m serious, Jake. Go talk to them. I think you’d find that the interest is… mutual.”

Just as he’s about to argue why he cannot, in fact, do such a thing, something taps him on the shoulder. He absolutely does not startle from the touch with an unmanly squeal, he would never. But when he turns around in his seat and comes face to face with the stranger’s pretty friend— oh fuck, if the friend is this stunning, Jacob’s in over his head here— he does. Startle, that is. He still doesn’t squeal.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you,” the newcomer speaks, voice deep and raspy.

Jacob shakes his head, turns his body to give the stranger his full attention. “It’s okay, you didn’t scare me too much.”

The other kid smiles, a devilish little thing that makes their extremely full lips look positively evil. If he hadn’t been so focused on this person’s friend, who Jacob notices is still blissfully unaware at the bar, he would be more than willing to try something with them.

“So, I‘ve noticed you staring at my friend all night.” Jacob flushes. He knew he got caught but it feels so much worse hearing it out loud. “It’s okay, don’t worry. In fact, I came here to let you know a little secret.”

Jacob leans forward, eyes wide. The stranger leans down and the hair on the back of his neck stands up as those sinful lips brush against the shell of his ear. “He was looking at you, too. Couldn’t stop telling me about the hot daddy type who wouldn’t stop looking at him.”

His mouth runs dry and he struggles to swallow as he lets the words sink in. The other person pulls back, offers another devilish grin and disappears into the crowd. Fuck.

He can see the stranger sitting alone at the bar now, leaning onto the counter in a way that makes his legs look miles long. The socks hold his attention in the same way they have all night, eyes fixated on where the milky skin of his thighs start and the socks dig into the flesh. And then there’s the skirt. The crop top.

He’s on his feet before he can process it, ignoring the sounds of his friends laughing at him as he makes his way to the bar. The pretty stranger doesn’t even turn his way until he leans up against the counter at his side, eyes roaming over the gorgeous face he hadn’t been able to see.

Fuck. He’s stunning.

Jacob is a weak, weak man and the second those glossy lips curl up into a little smirk, he’s gone. He has to swallow down the desire to tuck the loose curls hanging in his face behind a heavily pierced ear.

“Hi,” Jacob manages. There’s glitter on the stranger’s eyes, in his lip gloss, spread daintily across his cheekbones—

“I see you’ve finally decided to come join me,” the stranger teases, swirling his drink as his eyes roam freely over Jacob’s body. He feels exposed in the best way as he lets himself enjoy the way the other’s eyes widen at the sight of his chest and narrow waist.

Jacob knows he looks good.

“A little birdie told me it would be a good idea,” he hums, dragging a bar stool over. “Said they saw me staring, implied it would be mutual… So here I am.”

If Jacob were to shift ever so slightly forward, his thigh would be pressed up against the stranger’s own— and even from a distance, he can tell the size difference. And apparently so can his newfound friend over here, considering the manicured hand that comes to rest just above the knee.

“Here you are,” the stranger intones. “What’s your name, hmm?”

Jacob practically falls over himself in his haste to give this glorious human a taste of his name. It’s only when he has a name to curl his tongue around as well that he notices the hand on his thigh is rubbing easy little circles into the leather of his pants.


“So, Jacob,” he’s weak for the way his name sounds on Kevin’s lips. “What brings you to this fine establishment?”

They share idle small talk and Jacob tries his hardest to pretend that Kevin’s hand slowly creeping up his thigh isn’t driving him absolutely mad. His own hand, however, has joined the game and now sits broad and imposing on the unblemished skin between Kevin’s skirt and the edge of the socks. He’ll forever remember the sweet little gasp Kevin had let out upon first contact from his guitar-calloused fingers.

The way the flashing lights catch in the streaks in Kevin’s hair, in the glitter across his skin, in the crisp darkness of his eyes— all of it serves to drive Jacob slowly mad with desire.

He’s growing more bold in his expression, hand tightening on Kevin’s leg until he can see the flesh dimpling and the threat of redness looms. And when he glances up in silent apology, Jacob swallows his words down because there, on Kevin’s face, is nothing but lust. As a test, he squeezes at the plump flesh again and watches in real time as Kevin’s eyes darken and he leans a little more forward.

Hell, Kevin is practically in Jacob’s lap at this point, drink long forgotten on the counter.

“Jacob,” Kevin whispers, tucks that offending stray curl hanging in his face behind his ear. “What would you say if I asked you to take me home?”

“Fuck,” he exhales. Kevin’s fingers are dangerously close to figuring out just how into that idea he is, half-hard and already straining against the zipper of his pants. “I’d ask you which one of us lives closer.”

Kevin grins, all feline and devilish. “I live a ten minute walk away and with no roommates— what do you say?”

Jacob doesn’t even so much as glance towards the table of friends he’s abandoning, because he’s got a pretty boy in a skirt clinging onto his arm and mouthing at his neck. Priorities. He wraps his arm around Kevin’s waist, the warmth of Kevin’s skin pressing against his own, and lets him tell Jacob where to go.

Sure enough, Kevin’s apartment is barely ten minutes away— although, Jacob has stopped to press Kevin bodily against a building and kiss him senseless multiple times. A ten minute journey ends up taking them much too long, not that either of them seem too upset over it.

By the time Kevin is letting them in through the front door, Jacob’s neck is covered in bruises and love bites and Kevin’s once pretty makeup is ruined. His hair is too, hanging wavy and messy around his face from where Jacob had tugged it free from the ponytail holding it back. He thinks it suits Kevin just as well.

“God, fuck,” Kevin whines as Jacob crowds him against the inside of his door, hands and teeth and tongue tasting every inch of exposed skin. “What the fuck, you were— ah— so shy at the bar.”

Jacob just hums in acknowledgment, too busy staring at the way his hands almost completely wrap around Kevin’s tiny waist. He wonders if the flesh would bruise as easily as it looks.

“Can’t help myself,” he laughs breathlessly. “You’re perfect.”

Kevin sighs, his head falling back against the door as his fingers tangle in Jacob’s messy hair. “You don’t have to flatter me, you’ve already got me, darling.”

Jacob huffs, presses his thumbs in harsh and biting on the tender flesh in retaliation. “It’s not flattery. You’re perfection.”

He swallows down any future protests, licking into Kevin’s mouth with a force unmatched. Jacob doesn’t want to hear the way Kevin thinks so little of himself.

With Kevin’s hands in his hair, tugging wildly, and his body pressed tight against him, he wonders how he himself got so lucky.

“Fuck, okay,” Kevin gasps, pushing Jacob’s insistent body away. “Come on, wanna get you naked.”

Jacob lets himself be led by the hand down the hall as he tries to take in the little glimpses of Kevin’s life he can see. He’s not sure why— but he knows that he wants to know some of the little things.

“Was that a bobble head of Chad Kroeger?” Jacob asks with a laugh as Kevin pushes him down on the mattress. He bounces twice before he reaches up and tugs Kevin down on top of him, pretty legs on either side of his hips. “Didn’t peg you as the Nickelback type.”

“Shut up and kiss me,” Kevin demands with an eye roll. Jacob isn’t one to turn down such a request, especially not from someone so deserving, so instead he leans up and meets Kevin in a deep, soul-crushing kiss that leaves them breathless.

He can feel his erection straining against his pants, Kevin can no doubt feel it himself, but all Jacob can think about is the way his hands feel when they curl around the sweet little curve of Kevin’s ass under the skirt. His mouth runs dry at the feeling of bare skin and he has to pull away from the kiss with a whimper when he realizes exactly why he can feel so much.

“Oh fuck,” Jacob manages weakly. “Are you wearing a thong?”

Kevin just smirks. What the fuck.

Jacob watches with wide, hazy eyes as Kevin sits up straight on his lap and presses his palms flat against Jacob’s chest. From this angle, Jacob finally notices the delicate charm at his navel, a quaint little crescent moon and sun hanging together. He also notices the way Kevin looks like he belongs like this, perched in Jacob’s lap with hopeful eyes.

There’s a slow, fluid movement of his hips above Jacob as he stares down at him with a darkened gaze. It’s that barely there drag over his cock that has him surging up and pressing his mouth to that long line of Kevin’s neck, leaving biting kisses all over as his arms pull him close.

Jacob doesn’t even care if he seems desperate. He is— he’s desperate to make this lovely boy in his lap feel good.

“You wanna take this off, baby?” Jacob asks, plucking at the tiny cropped shirt. Kevin’s eyes flash dangerously, a tiny smirk crossing his features as he nods. “Good boy.”

It’s said hesitantly, testing the waters as if to see how Kevin reacts. And react he does, mouth opening in a quiet moan as Jacob strips off the first article of clothing.

Now it’s his turn to stare open-mouthed and dazed. There, at Kevin’s pretty nipples, sit matching studs pierced through the flesh, diamonds glistening in the low lighting.

“Stunning,” Jacob breathes, pressing his mouth to the overheated skin just above Kevin’s nipple. “You’re so pretty, baby, so perfect.”

Kevin’s next words fall flat as Jacob gets to work, tongue and teeth at Kevin’s chest until he’s squirming and his nipples are angry red. “S-sir, please,” Kevin whines, making Jacob nearly freeze in his place. Fuck.

He’s not certain anyone has ever addressed him like that— but he is certain that he likes it.

“Say that again, baby,” Jacob whispers, one hand rising up and fisting in the long hair brushing against Kevin’s shoulders. Kevin whines again, flush rising up his cheeks and painting his skin with the prettiest shades of red.

“Sir,” Kevin breathes. “Please touch me, please—”

Jacob groans, deep and low in his throat as he gets his mouth back on the contours of Kevin’s body. Like this, with Kevin perched so sweetly in his lap, it’s a beautiful sight— but he can’t do much. His hands come down and curl around Kevin’s thighs, holding him tight and standing up swiftly.

Kevin gasps as he’s lifted, a noise that has Jacob fighting back the urge to press him against the wall and tear him apart. Instead, he turns and lays Kevin out flat on the bed.

From all the movement, one of Kevin’s socks has rolled down— and well, that just won’t do. Jacob’s mouth is on the bared skin before he can stop himself, sucking an angry bruise into the soft skin before his fingers gently and carefully roll the hem up where it belongs.

His lips continue trailing north, although Jacob will admit he definitely loses himself a bit too long in the soft skin of Kevin’s thighs. The boy is squirming under each teasing bite, soft little gasps filling the room as Jacob indulges in temptation.

“You’re so good, baby,” Jacob hums, hands sliding up Kevin’s thighs and under the skirt. From here, he can see the delicate lace encasing Kevin’s cock, can see the dark patch already formed at the front where he’s leaking. “Shit, you’re so wet already…”

“Just for you, Sir,” Kevin sighs softly, curling his fingers in Jacob’s hair.

Jacob rests his forehead on the pillowy softness of Kevin’s thigh for a moment, catches his breath. It’s hard to breathe like this, when Kevin is so perfectly needy and practically begging.

He flips up the bottom of the leather skirt, rough fingers teasing along the edge of the soaked panties. Kevin’s cock gives a pathetic little twitch, more precum leaking into the material and Jacob doesn’t even care to consider the level of filth that comes with the way he gets his lips and tongue on the sensitive tip.

Kevin writhes on the sheets, even whinier now with Jacob’s mouth on his clothed cock. He’s squirming so much that Jacob can barely keep up so he presses Kevin firmly down into the mattress with his hands digging into his hips— something that only seems to make Kevin louder. Jacob loves it.

All he can taste is the precum leaking almost nonstop, all he can hear are Kevin’s whimpering moans and weak gasps. His hips move of their own accord, pressing the line of his straining cock into the mattress with stuttered rolls. He’s gone untouched for so long he feels wild with the pleasure rippling through him.

He wants to hear all of the pretty sounds Kevin can make. Setting his sights on something else, he carefully pushes Kevin’s legs up and out, spreading him wide until he can get his lips on the sensitive skin of his inner thighs.

“Want more, baby?” Jacob teases. He can feel the way Kevin keeps bucking his hips up in a desperate bid for more friction, for anything he can get.

“Please, please, please,” Kevin sobs, hands fisting in Jacob’s hair and tugging. The burn in his scalp isn’t enough to deter his path, thumb hooking under the pathetic strip of fabric and pushing it to the side until he can see the pretty pink hole waiting for him.

He’s absolutely delirious with the need to give as he licks across the puckered hole in broad strokes, spreading Kevin wider.

“Fuck,” Kevin whimpers, tugging harder at Jacob’s hair as he pushes his tongue in deep. He loves the way Kevin is shaking above him, loves the way it feels as Kevin falls apart under his determined tongue.

Jacob licks into Kevin’s loose hole until he’s shoved away, looking up to see the way Kevin’s thighs are shaking and he’s wordlessly trying to pass the lube bottle.

“Want you,” Kevin breathes, legs falling back open for Jacob. He grins, wipes the mess of spit from his chin and sits up on his knees, tugging Kevin’s rambling form into his lap until those soft thighs are wrapped around his waist. It’s easy, then, to lean down and kiss Kevin silly even as he slicks up his fingers with the chilled lube.

“Ready?” Jacob asks sweetly, lube-slicked fingers pressing between Kevin’s cheeks. He’s not doing much more than teasing, rough pads of his fingers gently circling the entrance, because he wants to hear it.

He wants to hear how badly Kevin wants him.

“Please, sir, I’m ready,” Kevin begs, eyes sparkling in the dim lighting. “Want you to loosen me up, have me dripping—“

Jacob’s finger sinks in with a sickening squelch, Kevin’s hole still loose from his earlier ministrations. It’s so hot and tight and honestly, Jacob’s not sure how he’s going to last buried deep inside.

“Yeah, baby? Wanna be all wet and dripping for me, just like a girl?”

He takes the risk, hoping to god he hasn’t overstepped— but they’ve been toeing the line around the thought this entire time and Jacob just needs to know.

And thankfully, his risk seems to pay off. Kevin outright moans at the question, clenching down on his finger, and now Jacob’s got his number.

“Yuh,” Kevin slurs, eyes foggy. “Wanna be a good girl for you, sir.”

He bites down a groan, pushing in another finger on a particularly harsh thrust. Kevin’s tiny body is writhing on the sheets again as Jacob drags his fingers across his prostate, watching with heavy eyes as his little cock dribbles precum almost endlessly. The tiny excuse for panties are completely ruined at this point, but Jacob doesn’t care— he just leans down again and closes his lips around where Kevin is leaking the most, tonguing at the soaked fabric for a taste.

Kevin gasps wetly, hips jerking up as Jacob pushes in a third finger and before he knows it, he can feel Kevin’s cock twitching as he tumbles into an orgasm. And if Jacob thought his bed-mate for the night was loud before, it’s absolutely nothing compared to the way he’s sobbing and whining and moaning from the overstimulation, Jacob’s fingers still pressing determinedly against his prostate in an effort to prolong the orgasm.

“S-sir, please,” Jacob hears Kevin stutter from above. It makes a rush of heat flicker through him in ways he feels like it shouldn’t.

“Sorry, baby, you’re just so sweet,” he soothes, pressing against Kevin’s prostate with one last stroke of his fingers. He leaves Kevin’s twitching, but still hard, cock alone as well, instead kissing down the smooth expanse of Kevin’s thighs as he withdraws his fingers and wipes them haphazardly on his shirt.

Fingers sticky from residual lube, Jacob is carefully thorough as he rolls Kevin’s socks back up in place. Fuck, he’s so pretty. Jacob can’t take it.

He’s ignored his cock for much too long and he’s hard and throbbing in the tight leather pants when he sits up to shuck his shirt.

“Wow,” Kevin whispers softly, eyes starry and glazed as he stares at Jacob’s chest muscles. He preens internally at the quietly stunned noise, leaning down to give Kevin a sweet kiss in response.

He’s too busy nipping at Kevin’s bottom lip to notice his wandering hands until there’s deft fingers at his waist, thumbs moving under the waistband. Jacob grins against Kevin’s lips, presses one last kiss on those sweet lips and sits up to help Kevin finally free him from the constricting pants.

Kevin lets out a stunned noise when he finally manages to free Jacob’s cock from his pants and boxers, leather forgotten around his thighs. It brings a rush of heat to Jacob’s face, that dazed look in Kevin’s eyes.

“Holy shit,” Kevin whispers. Tilts his head back and stares at the ceiling, even as he gets his hand in a too-dry grip on Jacob’s cock. “What the fuck. You’re huge.”

Jacob’s hips stutter forward into the grasp of Kevin’s thin fingers, strangely shy at the compliment. Or at least, he thinks it’s a compliment.

“Maybe I should be calling you daddy instead of sir.”

Jacob wheezes, very much ungracefully, at the thought. His body curls in on itself and he has to press his mouth against Kevin’s skin in order to contain the sound threatening to escape.

“Baby…” Jacob whispers against flushed skin, shifting until the leather pants slide the rest of the way off. His cock drags wetly against Kevin’s thigh, head leaving a trail of precum as it bumps the soft skin. “Please stop talking like that or I’m not going to make it.”

“Aww, does daddy wanna fuck me? Wanna fuck his baby girl until she cries?” Kevin presses, voice a little breathless even as he blows Jacob’s mind one word at a time. “Wan’ you—“

He sits up and silences Kevin with a bruising kiss, teeth digging into tender flesh as he shuffles forward in between those milky thighs.

Reaching for the discarded lube bottle and a condom, he’s quick to wrap up and fuck into his fist with the cold lube in his hand, haphazardly fucking his slick fingers back into Kevin’s loosened hole just to make sure he’s ready. Jacob also takes sweet enjoyment from the way Kevin jolts at the careless intrusion, enjoys the way Kevin clenches down and moans into the kiss.

“Ready, baby?” Jacob echoes his earlier question, nosing into the tender flesh of Kevin’s neck. His cock rests snugly at the dripping entrance, barely pressing— just waiting.

“Please,” Kevin begs, whining as Jacob begins the slow and steady press inside.

And really, true to the extensive prep and copious lube, Kevin is extremely wet. It’s maddening.

When Jacob’s balls finally sit against Kevin’s ass, he lets out a quiet groan at the tight, wet heat surrounding him. Kevin keeps clenching down unconsciously as he struggles to adjust, and it’s nearly too much.

“Fuck, baby… you feel so good,” Jacob mumbles against Kevin’s skin. “You’re so wet—”

“All for you, sir,” Kevin manages weakly, letting out a low moan as Jacob tentatively pulls back and fucks back in, slow and deep. It’s much too much, too hot and tight, and Jacob is realizing dangerously fast that he’s not going to last very long.

With great reluctance, he pulls away from the trap of Kevin’s sweet skin and sits up between his thighs, hands roaming over those sinfully long legs. Jacob digs his fingers in on the tender flesh of his thighs, hiking them back over his lap as he thrusts in deep and slow, leaving Kevin gasping with each movement.

Like this, Jacob can feel the softness of the socks against his skin, can feel the drag of the tiny strip of lace against his cock, can feel Kevin’s leather skirt bouncing against his skin.

“You’re so good, baby,” Jacob praises breathlessly, fucking up into Kevin until he feels the telltale stiffening, hears the long, drawn out moan that tells him what he wants to hear. Now that he’s found that sweet little spot, he stays on it with determination, thrusting up into Kevin just to hear the way his cries pitch up.

“S-sir—” Kevin cries, back arching as he tries helplessly to escape the brutal onslaught of pleasure. “Please, please, please…”

Fuck, hearing Kevin begging so sweet is making it hard to focus. Jacob’s fingers dig in harshly on the soft skin of Kevin’s legs, no doubt leaving bruises in their wake, as he thrusts in harder and faster. Kevin’s pretty little cock is flushed red and angry, jerking between his spread thighs with each purposeful thrust against his prostate.

He doesn’t know what overtakes him, then, but he can’t stop the way he reaches out and curls his fingers around Kevin’s cock, his own hand completely swallowing up the small size. His hips stutter in their pace as he moans at the size difference, fucking in harder.

Kevin’s eyes blink open at the pressure around his cock, mouth open in a perpetual stream of moans, as he looks down and sobs at the sight of Jacob’s hand completely dwarfing his cock.

“Fuck,” Kevin chokes out, practically ragdolling from Jacob’s harsh thrusts. “I’m gonna cum—”

“Yeah, baby? Gonna cum on my cock like a good girl?” Jacob grits, cursing at the way Kevin immediately clenches down on him. “Make a mess of yourself for me? Go ahead baby.”

Jacob only has to fuck into Kevin’s writhing body three more times before his cock is jerking in his hold and spilling white across his fingers. He cums with a sob, thighs shaking where they are wrapped around Jacob’s waist, and Jacob just fucks him through it. Doesn’t even stop.

He’s dangerously close himself, hands moving to grip onto Kevin’s legs where the socks end and meet his pale flesh as his hips stutter.

“Cum on me,” Kevin whines, twitching away from Jacob as he thrusts straight into his oversensitive prostate. “Please, sir, wanna feel it—”

Fuck. Jacob thrusts a handful of times before he pulls out, ripping the condom off in a rush and fisting his cock like a madman. He can still feel Kevin’s cum on his hand, a half-hearted excuse of lube as he rockets towards the edge. He’s so fucking close, hips bucking up into his own hand as he stares down at the way Kevin’s chest heaves from heavy breaths.

The first spurts of cum land on Kevin’s stomach, mixing with his own and covering Kevin’s little cock. He quickly gets a hand under Kevin’s hips and tilts him up, aiming the next streaks across his red and abused hole, groaning at the sight of it clenching around nothing.

Jacob drags the head of his cock between Kevin’s cheeks, leaving behind the last little bit of his cum in a sickening trail across his hole as he comes down from his orgasm. And because he’s a monster, he can’t help the way his fingers come up and press into where he’s left Kevin gaping and dripping with lube and cum, fucking some of it back inside with quick little thrusts.

“Fuck,” Kevin sighs, squirming away from the touch. “If you don’t stop, you’re gonna get me hard again.”

Jacob chuckles lightly and withdraws his fingers as he leans down to press a kiss on Kevin’s sweaty forehead.

“Who says that has to be a bad thing? I could fuck you all night, baby,” he teases in response. It’s hard to ignore the way Kevin’s cock twitches in between them, but he figures he should give him at least a little bit of a break.

“Shower first,” is all Kevin mumbles. However, neither of them make any moves of separating, even as the mess of cum dries on Kevin’s stomach and leaves him squirming for a different reason.

Instead, Jacob just continues to kiss him silly, hands stroking over the endless planes of skin beneath him.

Frankly, he’s loath to leave this all behind and move on like Kevin hasn’t stolen his heart in one fell swoop. He knows without a doubt that this wouldn’t be just a one-night stand for him.

That Kevin can mean so much more.

He just doesn’t want to lose that now, doesn’t want to pull away from the sweetness in his arms.

But eventually, Jacob feels bad. Kevin has got to be uncomfortable by now, because he knows he is, so with reluctance he drops the tender kisses and sits up properly.

“Where’s your bathroom, Kev?” Jacob asks softly, fingertips stroking soothingly over the reddened marks he left behind. Kevin’s eyes soften, smiling at the nickname.

“Down the hall, first door on the right,” he instructs lazily. Jacob grins, leaves a final sweet kiss on those bruised lips, and turns away from Kevin’s addictive body.

If he doesn’t, he’ll never leave.

Sure enough the bathroom is exactly where Kevin said it would be, although he does wonder what the other rooms in the apartment are for. He knows he’ll never find out, though, so instead of worrying, he sets about getting a bath ready for Kevin.

Snooping idly through the cabinets awards him a massive bottle of bubble bath that excites him beyond belief. Because that means Kevin definitely enjoys a good relaxing soak, so his efforts won’t go unappreciated.

It’s as he’s filling up the tub, bubbles exploding under the stream of water, that Kevin appears in his vision.

Jacob frowns, staring at the way Kevin is leaning heavily against the doorframe on shaking legs, wondering why he’s here right now.

“Why are you out of bed?” Jacob scolds. Secretly, he takes pride in the way Kevin has been fucked so hard he can barely walk. “I was going to come get you when it was ready…”

There’s a strange look in Kevin’s eyes as he stares at Jacob under the harsh lighting in the bathroom. He doesn’t know what to call that look.

He’s not sure if he wants to give it a name.

“I’m sorry,” Kevin murmurs eventually, when the silence grows thick. The tub is almost full, so Jacob reaches over and turns the water off. “I’m not used to people sticking around like this.”



Kevin expected him to run away the second they were done.

“I don’t want to leave you here alone,” Jacob sighs, crowding into Kevin’s space. “Not like this. But if you want me to leave, just tell me.”

Up close, Jacob can see the way Kevin’s eyes waver just a little. The way he’s searching for something in Jacob’s tender gaze.

“Say the word and I’ll do what you want,” Jacob whispers against Kevin’s lips. He hopes that Kevin catches the hidden meaning, that he doesn’t want to leave and never see him again.

Jacob gets to watch as a soft smile blooms across Kevin’s face in slow motion, hands coming to rest on his waist as they gaze at each other. Kevin is so much prettier than he ever thought, makeup smeared and glitter long lost in from their sweaty tangled bodies moving together.

“You’re beautiful,” Jacob whispers again, because Kevin deserves to hear it.

“Stay the night?” Kevin asks, voice wavering only slightly. A rush of tension escapes his body as Jacob sighs, ducking his head and pressing his forehead to Kevin’s shoulder.

As if he would say no.

“Of course,” he hums softly, walking Kevin backwards towards the inviting tub.

No more words are spoken as he gently strips off the last articles of clothing, tender kisses pressed along each inch of bared skin as Jacob slowly rolls the socks down and off of Kevin’s legs. He follows each sliver of exposed skin with lazy kisses, showering Kevin with all of the attention he feels he deserves. Following Kevin into the filled tub only makes sense, his back pressed against Jacob’s chest.

Soaking in the hot water with Kevin in his arms feels incredible, and it’s something he didn’t know he would quickly grow attached to.

They share sweet kisses and whispered confessions of random things as the water cools, and long after Jacob’s fingers work the shampoo into Kevin’s hair, they tumble into a freshly made bed.

He gets to fall asleep that night with a pretty boy in his arms, snuggled up against his chest.

He gets to wake up the next morning to the feeling of Kevin leaving sweet kisses all over his body.

And finally, he gets to leave Kevin’s apartment later that morning, belly full and with a new number saved in his contacts that screams of a future.