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Baby sun (Haechan-centric one-shots)

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Rules for requests:


  • I will not be writing smut yet. I would like to get better at writing that type of stuff before I write it!


  • If you would like it to be more focused on a certain Haechan ship, please specify! I would be happy to establish relationships between another member and Haechan if that's what your request wants.


  • I will write Angst or Fluff, it doesn't really matter.


  • You can request as many one-shots as you would like! Just make sure to leave requests in the comment section of this chapter.


  • Forgot to add this, but you can request non-famous AU's if you want! Just specify what AU you want, and I'll be happy to write it. 


Other than that, I have no other rules! Please feel free to request stories, and I will try and get them posted when I can! :)