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Pitter, patter…

Pitter, patter…

The rustling of leaves and the lull of rain, along with the dreary murmuring of few Mankai members passing engulfs the common room. Aromatic spices reach the noses of all on this monotonous day. Not everyone is at the dorm: all the students are out and majority of the workers occupied - no wonder its unusually quiet.

Too quiet…

Subsequently, this will be solved; but for now minuscule affairs occur.

Circular hues of orange dart around, observing the droplets trickling down the glass wall, observing the sway of the large tree in the courtyard, observing the area’s sleepy movements. Realising that there really is nothing worth noting, these orbs of warmth move onto something else. Squeaks of friction break the rhythm of boredom in the room as a single finger glides across the window encased in pale steam.

Behind our window artist, is an even larger assortment of spices along with a pot with the lid on top, the heat being internally trapped amongst the bubbling brown, simmering away. The worktop is littered with a variety of bitter greens, mellow yellows, fiery reds and numerous utensils. It was like a whirlwind had just passed through the dorm’s kitchen. The lone jar of cookies lay on the table, in desperate need of a refill. Humming away, the fridge exhibits pieces of art, images of the residents and paperwork of importance with the help of cute cat magnets.

In comparison to the kitchen, the common area is neatly set out (for once). Not one single foreign object contrasted the layout. The large rectangle isn’t lit up as currently no one is present. Beside the TV, picture frames hold memories of many, available for all to see above the chestnut storage. Clean and unused: the short table shines as the light above reflects off the smooth beige surface. Sofas were bare. Few inhabitants hurry past as they go about their day.

A hum of approval is released from the single figure by the window as familiarity envelops him.

Inside the traditional Japanese home sat two figures. The elder wrote away as the younger one’s eyes followed the raindrops. Becoming weary of observing, the child moves over to a steamy window. Before long, cute doodles cover it, bringing some amusement and child-like flair to the room. A chuckle erupted from the older one as both smile in unison.

Joining up the last point, orange eyes light up like little flames. He’s finally finished his masterpiece!


Snapping a quick image of it, Misumi posts it on the group chat for all to view. A few pings notify him of the members admiring the triangular drawing. Humming joyfully, he saunters away in search of his next triangle.