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Do you even see anything through these bangs?

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As Wally enters the cave he immediately sees his boyfriend, hovering in the corner of the main hall, with a grumpy facial expression. The redhead immediately starts numerate all the possible reasons behind Dick’s current mood in his head. 

Maybe one of his siblings made him worried and/or mad?

Did he have another fight with Bruce? 

Did the mission go bad?

Problems at work?

He can go like this on and on if it comes to guessing what’s wrong with his boyfriend. The younger one is really easy to put on edge, especially recently with all the crises that take place in his head, making him unfocused on anything else. 

He’s observing the young athlete trying to figure out if he should try approaching, or leave him be for now. Wally knows very well that Dick hates talking about his emotions when he’s surrounded by too many people, even if these are people that he can fully trust.

Eventually, the speedster resigns from intervening. They can always talk about it at home.  

“Do you even see anything through these bangs?” Wally asks with a smirk, as he tries to tuck Dick’s hair behind his ear to get it out of his face.

“What do you think?” The younger man hisses with so much annoyance, that speedster instinctively takes his hand back and due to that lets the dark hair fall onto Dick’s face once again. The athlete growls.

“What’s gotten into you?” The redhead’s voice is cautious this time. He did not expect such a reaction.  

He observes as his boyfriend lets out a deep sigh before slumping back on the chair. He seems to be trying to calm down, so Wally just sits quietly for the next few minutes, letting the younger one recover his composure. 

“I- It’s nothing, sorry about that,” Dick huffs finally, frustration still present in his voice.

The redhead is staring at him intensively. This time the younger man is glad to have the long bangs covering his eyes so he doesn’t have to make direct eye contact with his boyfriend.

Yet Wally, of course, doesn’t buy it. 

“Babe, c’mon, you wouldn’t be getting mad if it was nothing,” the speedster pushes gently. 

“Wally, please, can’t we just drop it?”

“You know very well what is my answer to that.”

Dick sighs again. He really doesn’t like to talk about stuff related to this topic. It’s just hard for him, and he doesn’t like to touch it when there’s no need for that. Why does his boyfriend have to take everything so seriously?

Wally’s still waiting patiently. If he was, to be honest, the behavior that Dick is presenting right now was the first thing he noticed about the younger one, almost immediately after they first met; the dark-haired one was really struggling while talking in emotions, or when the topic was really important to him. So the stuttering which the speedster was now witnessing wasn’t anything unusual. He himself always had problems with finding the right to explain what he feels, so he surely couldn’t blame Dick for that. 

The difference between them was that the redhead learned that there are some people with which he doesn’t have to care about words - he just says it. He explains it however he can. But Dick isn’t used to it yet. Wally tried to make him remember that but each time when it finally came to this kind of talks, the younger man still struggled. 

“Dude, just say it,” the speedster pushes once again. “If it’s nothing then why don’t you just tell me so I can leave you alone?”

He realizes that he’s not playing fair, putting Dick in such a position. Now, whether the young athlete decides to admit the thing bothering him is important or sticks to the version that it’s not, he still has to talk. And he knows his dark-haired boyfriend probably noticed that as well, seeing that he seems to be even more frustrated now.

“It’s… related to me being genderfluid,” Dick admits finally, and immediately feels the relief that comes with this sentence.

Wally drags his chair closer to his boyfriend’s so that now they’re sitting with their shoulders touching. The speedster starts running his palm through the dark, shiny hair. 

“What about it?” he encourages. 

“I wanted my hair to grow a bit longer, so it would be more neutral for me… You know, when I feel masculine they’d be short enough for me to be happy about them and when I feel feminine they’d be long enough…” The younger one explains. Now that he started talking, he cannot seem to be able to stop. “But it’s very annoying by now, my hair’s falling into my eyes and I cannot see, I fucked up mission today because of that, I mean maybe not fucked up fully, but one of the guys ran away because I missed while trying to shoot him because I couldn’t see properly-” 

“Dick,” Wally cuts his rambling off, now seeing the issue. “It’s alright, I understand.” He says calmly and observers as the younger one nods his head shakily. “I have an idea.”

Upon adding that he leaves the room, with a small smile painted on his face. Dick’s looking after him, seemingly confused but doesn’t call after him, nor try asking questions. He decides that he’ll need to trust his boyfriend knows what he’s doing this one time. 

Before he can protest, he feels hands in his hair. He didn’t even notice when Wally came back. Did his boyfriend use his speed to get back here without him realizing it? If so, why? 

“Wallyyy-” he moans a little bit when the older man pulls the bangs from his forehead backward. 

“You’re acting very much like a child right now, you know that?” is the only answer, but Dick can hear the smirk in the speedster’s tone so he can’t help but smile on his own as well.

Finally, Wally seems to be done and proud of his work. He takes Dick’s hand in his own and leads him to the closest mirror, before putting him directly in front of it and waiting for the reaction. 

The athlete’s hair is out of his face, pulled back in a short ponytail at the top of his head. He’s watching it carefully, at some point his hand, without him realizing it’s doing that, goes and touches the ponytail as if to check if it’s seriously there. 

He facepalms mentally when he realizes that the solution was this easy all along. 

“Do you like it?” Wally asks. He sounds kind of anxious and Dick guesses it’s because he was quiet for far too long. 

“Of course! I love it,” he says confidently. “It’s just… I feel dumb for not thinking about it sooner…”

“I guess that’s understandable. I’d have a hard time thinking if my head was as preoccupied with other things as y-” The redhead barely managed to escape the punch thrown his way and chuckles.

However, Dick doesn’t seem to be mad. He’s smiling brightly at his boyfriend. 

“Thanks,” he says finally throwing, this time , his arms around his boyfriend. 

“Of course.”