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“Alright everyone, the student council is here for a quick announcement.” 

Hajime snaps out of his daze and turns towards the teacher in front instead of staring mindlessly out the window. He doesn’t seem to be the only one who suddenly snapped out of it, because the girls in front of him suddenly straightened up in their seats and looked more alive than they were when the teacher was doing a lecture about molecular bonds. 

The girls kept trying to get a good glance at the clump of people standing outside their door. “You think Oikawa-san is here too?”

“Of course he is! He’s the president.”

Hajime puts his elbow on his desk and rests his chin on his palm, lazily waiting for the student council officers to make their way into the classroom. The door opened and the officers walked in in a neat line. 

Hajime hears a few muffled squeals when the last person enters. 6’0 foot tall, charming composure, brown hair that’s a little too perfect, pink lips, long eyelashes that curl away from his round, sparkly brown eyes — Oikawa Tooru, the student council president. 

Oikawa walks over to their teacher and mumbles something to her, a polite smile plastered on his lips. The teacher smiles back at him, falling for his charms easily, and gives him an affirmative nod, a sign of granting permission. 

Oikawa then faces the class, the smile on his face unwavering. “Good morning! Please pardon our intrusion in your morning Chemistry lecture.”

“It’s no problem, Oikawa-san!” The response comes immediately and cheerfully. 

Hajime sees the vice-president standing behind Oikawa, Hanamaki Takahiro, rolling his eyes. Hajime can’t help the tug on the side of his lips. 

“Anyway, I’m just here to remind all of you to register for your clubs for the new school year. We’re third-years already, so I know all of you have your past clubs in mind, but you still need to re-register for it. Do we have any transferees in this class?”

Two people raise their hands. Oikawa nods. “Alright, the clubs we have in school will be listed on this registration paper, so all you have to do is check the box of the club you desire.”

“Yes, Oikawa-san!”

“Great! We will be distributing these forms now.” Oikawa nods at his co-officers and they start to disperse in the classroom to hand out papers by column.

Oikawa hands out the registration papers in Hajime’s column. He smiles at each student, and Hajime wonders if his cheeks don’t hurt since he’s always smiling. He leans away from his desk and slouches in his seat when Oikawa reaches him and hands him the paper. He meets Hajime’s eyes and smiles sweetly, and Hajime can’t help but notice it’s a little different than the smile he gave the other students before him. Hajime has an idea why. “Iwaizumi. I’m assuming you’ll still stay in the volleyball club?”

Hajime clicks his tongue and takes the paper from Oikawa. “Might wanna try out for the baseball club for my last year.”

Oikawa just hums. “If you say so.” He says knowingly, and turns around to head back in front.

Hajime checks the box next to the word volleyball club . When Oikawa comes back ten minutes later to collect their papers, he gives a quick glance at the paper and looks at Hajime with an amused gleam in his eyes.

“What?” Hajime grumbles.

“Nothing,” Oikawa adds the papers into the small pile he’s holding before he turns around again.

“Okay! Thank you so much for your time and cooperation. Have a great morning ahead!” Oikawa turns to their teacher and expresses his gratitude once again, and he walks out along with the other council members.

As soon as the door closes, Hajime already hears the dreamy sighs. “Oikawa-san is so handsome.”

“He’s so perfect.”

“I can listen to him talk all day.”

Hajime can’t help but grimace at the last murmur he heard. They better be careful about what they wish for. 

“Alright, everyone settle down now and let’s continue where we left off…”

Hajime continues to stare outside the window.



Hajime is standing in front of the student council’s office carrying rims of printer paper in different sizes. He uses one hand to knock thrice, and the door opens within a second. Hanamaki is the one who welcomes him in. “Hey, thank God you’re here Iwaizumi! We would’ve been lost without those printer papers you’re delivering for us.”

As soon as Hajime steps inside, Hanamaki closes the door behind them. Hajime thrusts the bond papers into Hanamaki’s hands, which Hanamaki struggles to carry in a moment of surprise. “Not even a hello? Sheesh. Oikawa’s in his office. Only the two of us are here at the moment so go do whatever you wanna do.”

Hajime glances at him. “You’re not meeting with Matsukawa?”

Hanamaki gives him a teasing smile. “Why? You wanna be alone with Oikawa so badly?”

Hajime scowls. “I was just asking, idiot.”

Hanamaki laughs and places the printer papers on the tray near the printer. “I am meeting with him, so you can be alone with Oikawa for a while. Just a heads up that some of the officers like eating their lunch here.”

“I know, I’ve been through this a thousand times.”

“C’mon Iwaizumi, don’t overdo it. Only a hundred.”

Hajime just shakes his head and starts to walk over to Oikawa’s office. The student council room is actually a little wide with a conference table, a flat screen TV, a projector, and shelves with paperworks, and the such. It looks like an actual work office, and of course the president gets his own room. 

Hajime doesn’t bother knocking and enters Oikawa’s office. “Oi, are you planning to work all throughout the lunch break?”

Oikawa looks up from something he was reading. “Of course not. I was merely waiting for you, Iwa-chan.”

He gets up from his seat and walks over to Hajime. He stands in front of him, and Hajime is reminded of the fact, again, that Oikawa is a few inches taller than him, and the fact that he’s wearing the ugly brown school shoes with heels while Iwaizumi is wearing white rubber shoes isn’t helping. Hajime gets to see Oikawa’s face up close, and he understands why girls are head over heels for him, why everyone calls him perfect.

Because he is. 

Oikawa leans in to give Hajime a swift kiss. 

And Hajime has this perfect boy all to himself. Kind of. 

“What do you have for lunch, Iwa-chan? Did your mom pack something for you?”

“Ah no, she’s still on that business trip in Osaka. I was planning to just buy something at the cafeteria today.”

Oikawa pouts. “Why didn’t you text me? I could’ve packed lunch for two.”

Hajime shrugs. “It slipped my mind.”

“Hey lovebirds! I’m leaving. Don’t do anything crass.” Hanamaki calls out.

“Yeah, yeah!” Oikawa answers back, and then they hear the door opening and closing.

“So we can’t have lunch together?” Oikawa tilts his head.

“I guess not. Your other council members will be back here soon anyway. I gotta line up at the cafeteria too if I wanna get that curry.”

Oikawa huffs. “Okay fine.”

“We can have lunch together tomorrow. I know a place.” Hajime grins.

Oikawa rolls his eyes. “I already know where you’re implying, and no, Iwa-chan. It’s prohibited.”

“Goody-two-shoes president can’t afford to break a few rules?”

“Why would I when I got my boyfriend doing it for me? You’re such a bad influence.” Oikawa says, but Hajime can hear the fondness in his voice.

Boyfriend . Hajime will never admit it, but he likes it when Oikawa refers to him as that from time to time. He doesn’t really have the luxury to be Oikawa’s boyfriend in public, not when their relationship is a secret. Only the members of the volleyball club know, and it was only by accident. Hajime was a little worried for Oikawa, but Oikawa assures him that it’s alright and he trusts his teammates, and the members all have respect for their captain and vice-captain to even think about telling it to anyone else.

“Uh-huh,” Hajime glances at his watch. “I gotta go. Who’re you eating lunch with?”

“Probably some of my councilmates who’ll have their lunch here in the office.”

Hajime raises an eyebrow. “Make sure you eat your lunch alright? I’ll punch you if I find out you don’t.”

“I will, no punching is going to happen.”

“Good. I’ll go now.”

“Okay, I’ll see you later.”

Hajime makes no move to leave, and Oikawa stays in his place as well. Oikawa glances at Hajime’s necktie that’s a little crooked. He takes a step forward and straightens it up. “You’re wearing your tie today.”

“Mmm,” Hajime smirks at him. “I heard the council president is visiting my class. Had to look presentable.”

Oikawa laughs, a sound Hajime loves hearing and would give anything to hear everyday. 


A delinquent is what the disciplinary officer calls Hajime. He’s heard the term attached to his name a few times from some classmates too.

He’s heard a few rumors about himself as well. One is that he’s dating a college sophomore (Oikawa hates that rumor). Another one is that he's an errand boy for a gang. There’s also one where people say he always hangs around clubs and uses a fake ID.

He’s not offended by any of it. In fact, he finds it hilarious. First off he’s not dating a college sophomore, but he is dating someone, and that someone is Oikawa. Second, he’s not some errand boy, he literally only stays home most of the time. Third, why the hell would he go to clubs? Hajime hates places that are full of crowds, and he doesn’t even drink that much so he’d rather not.

People always over exaggerate his exterior, and Hajime doesn’t bother correcting them. He doesn’t care about what other people think about him. He only cares about what his mom, friends, and boyfriend think about him, and thankfully none of them believe any of those rumors and they know what Hajime is really like.

His delinquent title started in the second half of his first year in high school, when he got caught beating someone up. Hajime didn’t regret it. The bully he beat up was not only harassing another student, but he was also spewing out homophobic words which had Hajime’s blood boiling.

But of course other people didn’t know that. They thought he liked beating people up just because, but Hajime was better than that. Also, his stoic and serious expression didn’t help people’s perspective of him. He was used to his eyebrows slightly meeting as his resting face, and apparently people didn’t find that really appealing — well, except for Oikawa. 

Hajime grew up with Oikawa, that’s why Oikawa knows all of him. He knows Hajime like the back of his hand, and he knows things that people would never have thought about him. Oikawa was more than other people, and even though Oikawa has seen all of him, he still loves Hajime a lot. Hajime loves him just as much, even though he’s a pain in the ass most of the time.

And because he loves Oikawa, he agreed to keep their relationship a secret, for his sake.

“What are you thinking about?” Oikawa hugs him from behind, resting his chin on top of Hajime’s head. “You’ve been staring at that page for like ten minutes now.”

“Ah, have I? Sorry.” Hajime mumbles, reaching his hand out to touch Oikawa’s hair.

“You want to talk about it?”

“It’s nothing.” Hajime assures him, turning around in his seat. Oikawa lets go of him so he can face him properly. 

Oikawa hums and sits on the edge of Hajime’s bed. “If you’re having trouble with your homework, you know you can always ask Oikawa-sama for help.”

Hajime rolls his eyes. “You know I don’t need your help.” And it’s true. Hajime may skip his classes from time to time, but he has good grades. It’s the least he can do for his mom, plus he does want a good future. A good future with Oikawa.

Oikawa giggles softly. “Right, I forgot Iwa-chan is smarter than me.”

“C’mere,” Hajime reaches out his hand to Oikawa, which he holds immediately. He pulls Oikawa towards him, and Oikawa gets up from the bed to sit on Hajime’s lap. Oikawa gives him a playful smile. “Iwa-chan, you do know we’re both really heavy boys right? Your chair will probably give in.”

“Nah, I think it’ll hold.” Hajime grins, leaning forwards to press his lips against Oikawa’s. Oikawa doesn’t wait any longer and kisses him back, his hands on Hajime’s shoulders.

This is all they have, intimacy in between walls. They can’t be intimate outside the safety of Hajime’s home. Not in school, not at the playground, not at the convenience store, and not even in Oikawa’s home. It makes Hajime’s heart ache sometimes, because he wants nothing more than to show the world how much he loves Oikawa, but he’d rather hold it in than lose Oikawa or harm him in any way. So for now, this is enough.


The next day, Hajime is sitting next to Matsukawa during lunch break. Matsukawa is indulging in what he dubs as a ‘delicious meal’. Matsukawa has always loved the food that the cafeteria had, and had said once that it was one of the reasons why he considered going to Aoba Johsai.

“Hey Matsukawa,” Iwaizumi calls.

Matsukawa looks up at him and swallows his food. Hajime pokes his fork into his steamed potato. “I want to apply for a part time job.”

“What kind of job?”

“Just something at the convenience store nearby.”

Matsukawa nods slowly. “Can I ask why? Are you having financial problems right now?”

Hajime shakes his head. “No. Mom’s been doing alright, but I do want to help her out a little. And I wanted to…” Hajime hesitates, now feeling embarrassed to tell Matsukawa about it.

Matsukawa raises an eyebrow. “You want to do what?”

Hajime looks away, and in that exact moment, his eyes catch Oikawa entering the cafeteria. He’s with a few of his classmates, and he has that usual bright smile on his face. Oikawa turns a little, and then his eyes meet with Hajime’s. His expression softens, and his smile turns fond, before he turns back his attention to his classmate.

Hajime also turns back his attention to Matsukawa who takes a spoonful of his food as he waits for his reply. Hajime takes a deep breath. “I want to save up and take Oikawa somewhere on my birthday.”

Hajime knows if he asks his mom, she’ll be happy to give him some money to take Oikawa out somewhere. His mom has been so supportive of them, and she even teared up a little when Hajime told her. She watched them grow up together so it warms her heart that they didn’t fall apart, but instead fell in love. But Hajime doesn’t want to burden his mom. She raised Hajime all on her own. Hajime hasn’t had a father figure since he was three years old, but he turned out alright. And he was fine with just him and his mom.

Hajime would rather work and gain his own money than ask his mom. Maybe if he worked hard he could take both Oikawa and his mom out for a nice dinner, and buy a little something for them.

Matsukawa chuckles. “Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Oikawa taking you out since it’s your birthday?”

Hajime shrugs. “I don’t mind. I want to celebrate my birthday somewhere else, somewhere with Oikawa.” Somewhere where no one knows us. Where we can hold hands, and eat in a restaurant together without judging glances. Somewhere without Oikawa’s parents. 

“If it’s not gonna be too much for you, then go for it.” Matsukawa inclines his head. “How are you gonna balance it if you have school from eight to four, and practice till six?”

“I talked to the store manager already. He said I can work from seven to ten in the evening, which I don’t mind. On the weekends I can work for longer hours.”

Matsukawa hums. “Alright, you know I support you with everything. Just make sure you don’t tire yourself.”

“Thanks Matsukawa.” Hajime grins.

“Are you gonna tell Oikawa about it?”

Hajime chuckles. “I have to. How else am I going to hide my job from him?”

Matsukawa smiles at that. “Yeah, you can’t hide anything from Oikawa.”

“Damn right.” 


Hajime had plans to tell Oikawa about it, but they haven’t really been meeting up so often. Oikawa’s been busy with his council duties, and his parents are always around which sucked. It slipped his mind then, so when he starts getting ready for his first shift after their practice, Oikawa grabs his arm. “Where are you going? You look like you’re in a hurry.”

Hajime catches Matsukawa looking at them, his eyebrow raised. Hanamaki, who is standing next to him, looks just as curious as Oikawa.

“Uh, I have to go for my job.”

Oikawa’s eyes widened. “Your what?”

Hajime puts a hand behind his neck. “I took a part-time job at a convenience store just near our street, okay?”


“It’s nothing. I just thought I’d help out my mom.”

Oikawa lets go of his arm and takes a step back. “Iwa-chan, you’re going to be working after school now? Isn’t that tiring?”

“It’s not. My shift’s only until ten anyway, and the store is slow during the evening. I can do my homework while there’s no customers.”

Oikawa doesn’t say anything. Hajime sighs and slings his bag over one shoulder. “Don’t worry about me too much. I’ll be alright.”

“Okay,” Oikawa mumbles. “I’ll see you tomorrow then?”

Hajime gives him a small smile. “You will. I have to go.” He kisses Oikawa on the cheek, and all their teammates are unbothered by it. It’s the only time in school that they can be a little affectionate with each other without worrying about anything.

“Bye!” Oikawa calls out as Hajime heads out first.

Hajime was clearly wrong about what he told Oikawa. The store was a little busy during the evening, with other students deciding to hang out there, and some other adults who are just getting off work and want to relax a little. There were tables and chairs in the store if ever people wanted to eat their ready-made meals and cups of ramen. Hajime was incharge of microwaving the meals and boiling water with the electric kettle.

Hajime finished his shift a little later than usual and was thankful that his mom had the night shift at the hospital when he arrived home. He ate one of those readymade meals he brought from the store, and then he quickly went to his room to finish any homework that he had. 

He’s a little out of it during his morning lectures the next day. He has his palm pressed up against his cheek as he keeps his eyes from closing. But it’s so hard.

“Iwaizumi-san, are you sleeping in my class right now?”

Hajime jolts in his seat, shaking his head slightly. The whole class is looking at him, and the teacher has his arms crossed as he’s glaring at him.

“Sorry,” he mumbles. 

“Just leave my class if you are going to doze off. No respect.” he says strictly, and continues on with his lecture.

Hajime sighs and rubs his eyes with the heel of his hand. When his morning classes end, he lazily walks over to the vending machine to get himself a can of coffee.


Hajime stops in his tracks at the familiar voice, already gritting his teeth. The disciplinary officer stands in front of him, eyebrows raised. “You’re not wearing your uniform properly... again.”

Fuck off, Hajime says in his mind. He resists the urge to roll his eyes. “I’m sorry.”

“Not sincere, as always.” He says, shaking his head. “I guess I’ll have to give you another slip. Is it so hard to wear your uniform properly?”

The students passing by them in the hallway are already looking, and some don’t look surprised seeing that he’s being reprimanded again. Hajime just wants to scream at the disciplinary officer about what the uniform has got to do with his studies. He could be wearing a sack and he’s damn sure he’ll still be getting good grades.


Hajime clenches his fists in the pocket of his slacks. Oikawa walks over to them, and the teacher seems pleased with him. “Ah, Oikawa-kun. Would you mind giving Iwaizumi here a warning slip? I have to head to the vice-principal’s office right now.”

“Of course.”

“Alright, thank you.” Hamada gives Oikawa a kind smile, and then scowls at Hajime. “Iwaizumi-san, I do hope you finally learn your lesson.”

When Hamada walks past them, Hajime rolls his eyes. Oikawa is still standing in front of him. “If you would, you have to come with me to the office.” He says with his president voice.

“Can I at least grab some coffee as we go?”

“I don’t see why not.”

They do pass by a vending machine on their way to the student council’s office. Hajime sips on this coffee as Oikawa closes the door of his own small office, shutting out the other council members outside. He leans on Oikawa’s table while Oikawa stands in front of him, arms on his waist. “You just had to get caught again, didn’t you?”

“How would I know grumpy Hamada would be in the hallways at the exact time as me?”

“This is your second warning for this year, Iwa-chan. Last year you had to scrub the walls because you surpassed like nine warnings.”

“You know I hate our uniform. I already have a vest! Why in god’s name do I have to wear a tie too? And what does this have to do with my studies, anyway? It’s not like I’m committing arson here or something. I just refuse to wear a tie.”

“And the shoes. You’re forgetting you’re not wearing your school shoes.”

“They’re ugly and they hurt when I walk for too long. Why are they so fucking stiff?”

Oikawa sighs. “And you call me the drama queen. Just wear the uniform properly or you’ll get your third warning.”

Hajime rolls his eyes. “Who cares?”

“Me,” Oikawa takes a step closer. “I care.”

Hajime looks him in the eyes. He’s always been so weak for Oikawa’s round, chocolate eyes. He also takes a step closer, their noses touching and their lips mere inches from each other. “It’s just a warning, Tooru.” Hajime breaths out.

Oikawa closes his eyes. “I know. But I don’t want to see you cutting grass in the school gardens as punishment.”

Hajime can’t help the small tug on the side of his lips. He presses their lips together in a chaste kiss. “Mmkay, I guess I’ll wear my tie.”

Oikawa’s eyes flutter open, and he smiles. “What about the school shoes?”

“I’ll think about it.”

“What if I bribe you with another kiss?”

Hajime laughs, a low sound vibrating in his chest. He suddenly forgets about how shitty his day was going, just looking at how beautiful Oikawa was. “The student council president knows what bribing is, huh?”

Oikawa presses his index finger against Hajime’s lips. “That’s our secret.”

Hajime shakes his head in amusement and whispers, “Love you.”

Oikawa tilts his head as he smiles wider. “Is that a yes to the school shoes?”

“Ugh,” Hajime takes a step back. “Why do you always have to ruin the moment, Shittykawa? It makes me hate those shoes even more.”

Oikawa laughs softly. “Alright fine, you can think about it. But the tie, okay?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Now go to your next class.”

“Yes, President-san.” Hajime walks over to the door and grabs the knob, but Oikawa calls out his name. “Iwa-chan.”

Hajime looks over his shoulder.

“Love you too.” Oikawa says softly.

Hajime just smiles and heads out of the office, ignoring the other council members sitting by the conference table and walks to his next class. He tries keeping a blank face and keeps himself from smiling as he thinks about Oikawa.



Thankfully Hajime easily got used to his shifts and two months later, he receives his second month pay and walks home with an envelope filled with money. It’s really not much, but to Hajime who’s been canvassing the expenses he’ll have for his trip with Oikawa, he thinks it’s more than enough. The convenience store owner was nice enough to increase his pay because he works hard and never slacks off, plus he’s only a highschool student so he knew Hajime needed the money.

Hajime arrived before his mom again, and he quickly went up to his room to count the money in his savings jar plus his latest pay. He sits on the floor and spreads out the money between his stretched-out legs. He checks the piece of paper where he wrote all the estimated expenses, and he keeps them in a separate container. With his remaining money, he puts it back in the envelope to give to his mom.

Hajime takes a quick shower and he hears his mom arriving as soon as he finishes. He takes the envelope and heads downstairs to welcome his mom. “Hey, mom.”

Iwaizumi Fumiko gives Hajime a warm smile. “Hajime. Have you eaten already?”

“Not yet. Have you? I can order us some takeout.”

She raises her eyebrows amusingly. “Really? What’s the occasion?”

Hajime gives her the envelope. “I got paid today.”

She tilts her head. “I thought you were saving it for your trip with Tooru-kun.”

“Well, yeah,” he puts his hand behind his neck sheepishly. “But I saved more than enough now, and I figured you should buy something for yourself with this at least.”

Her expression softens. “Oh, Hajime. My sweet baby,” she walks over to him and cups his cheeks with her hands. “You don’t have to.”

“But I want to.”

“I know,” her hands drop to the envelope Hajime is holding out, and she pushes it back to his chest gently. “And I want you to keep it. Use it as an allowance for your trip.”

Hajime frowns. “But mom—“

“But nothing, Hajime. It’s yours. And honey,” she puts her hand on his shoulder. “You should never hesitate to ask me for anything. I don’t like it that you’re working yourself to the brim instead of enjoying your life as a teen. Since you’ve saved enough, why don’t you quit your job for the meantime and just play volleyball?”

Hajime snorts. “Play volleyball? Really?”

She looks at him with wide, innocent eyes. “What? You love volleyball!”

Hajime laughs. “I do. And okay, mom. I will.” he tells her. “But I’m still ordering us takeout for tonight.”

She laughs as well. “Okay, I’ll go change then. Why don’t you invite Tooru-kun?”

“Sounds great.”

She gives him a kiss on the forehead before she heads to her room to change and freshen up. Hajime takes out his phone from his pocket and opens his conversation with Tooru as he plops down their living room sofa.


[11:21:23 PM] 

Hey, you still awake?


[11:22:01 PM]

Yep! What’s up?


[11:22:11 PM] 

Mom just got home and we’re ordering takeout. 

She’s asking if you wanna come over?

[11:22:19 PM]

Yes I want to! I’ll be there in twenty minutes. Have to sneak out.


[11:22:26 PM] 

Okay, be careful baby.

Text me if you need anything.


Hajime orders the food, and Tooru arrives just along with it. He’s in his plaid pajamas, and he’s even wearing his fluffy flip flops. He stands next to Hajime while Hajime takes the food from the delivery guy and gives him the payment and a tip.

“You spent forty minutes.” Hajime turns to him once the delivery guy drives away.

Oikawa pouts. “Mom was still awake. I thought she was already asleep. She caught me, and I had to convince her to just let me come over. I told her your mom invited me.”

“Now that you’re here, I’m guessing she allowed you?”

“Yeah, she’s good friends with your mom, you know. She was just worried dad would find out and reprimand us both.”

Hajime takes a deep breath. “Come on, let’s head inside. It’s cold out here.”

Once they enter Hajime’s home, his mom is already setting the table. She glances at them and smiles as soon as her eyes land on Oikawa. “Tooru-kun! I’m glad you could come even though it’s late.”

“Time doesn’t matter if it’s you who invites me, Iwaizumi-san.” Oikawa grins.

“I feel like I haven’t seen you in so long!” Fumiko gives Oikawa a tight embrace. “How are you?”

Oikawa gives her a bashful smile. “I’m doing alright, Iwaizumi-san. I hope you are too.”

“Of course, Hajime takes care of me very well. How the tables have turned,” she sighs wistfully. “I’m hoping he takes care of you just as well, Tooru-kun.”

Hajime grumbles something under his breath while he takes out the food from the paperbag, and Oikawa laughs. “He takes care of me like he always does, Iwaizumi-san. You have nothing to worry about.”

They eat together happily, and Hajime likes seeing the joy in Tooru’s face whenever he spends time with Hajime’s mom, or whenever he’s staying in Hajime’s home. He looks so free. Hajime wishes he’s always like that.

As soon as they finish dinner, Hajime tells his mom to just go ahead and rest since she must be tired from her 12 hour shift, and they’ll take care of the cleaning. She obliges since she’s probably feeling tired, but not without giving them goodnight kisses on the forehead.

Oikawa is washing the dishes while Hajime throws away their trash. When he comes back, he leans against the counter and just watches Oikawa do the dishes. “Are you gonna stay the night?”

Oikawa shakes his head. “No. Mom’s waiting for me right now, actually.”

“You should go.” Hajime reaches over to grab Oikawa’s soap-covered hands. “I’ll take care of this. It’s getting pretty late.”

“No, just let me finish this. There’s only a few left anyway.”

Hajime lets him. He watches silently as Oikawa continues washing and drying the dishes. When he finishes, he puts them all on the drying rack and turns to Hajime. “Walk me home?”

Hajime snorts, rolling his eyes. “You don’t even need to ask.”

Once they’re in front of Oikawa’s home, Oikawa grabs the door knob and turns to Hajime. “Good night. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“You will.”

“Don’t forget your tie.” Oikawa points at him accusingly.

Hajime rolls his eyes. “Yeah, yeah. Now go in, it’s freezing.”

The next day, Hajime forgets his tie again. Oikawa gives him an earful about it, but he puts on the spare tie he carries around on Hajime in his office before he could even get caught by the disciplinary officer again.



It’s only a week till Hajime’s birthday, and he’s planning to tell Oikawa about the trip today. He already bought the train tickets, and he’s planning to surprise Oikawa with them. He’s standing on the rooftop of their school, which is strictly prohibited, but since there was no lock on the metal doors Hajime just let himself through. He likes the view, and as he stands near the ledge, he could see students walking around below.

“Iwaizumi Hajime!”

Hajime grins, already knowing who it is by heart without turning around. “About time.”

“I have a fight to pick with you, texting me to meet you here!”  He knows Oikawa is already marching towards him, and he’s right when he feels a hand grab his shoulder and turn him around. 


Oikawa doesn’t seem amused. “Hi? Hi? What are you doing here? Iwa-chan, you know this area is prohibited.”

Hajime shrugs. “It is.”

“Do you want to get suspended? Come on, let's go before anyone sees us.”

“Actually, this is all according to my plan. I knew you’d come, since getting into trouble is a good excuse to talk to you.”

Oikawa pouts. “It’s a bad approach. I don’t like you getting into trouble.”

Hajime rolls his eyes playfully. “You worry about me too much.”

“Because you always make me worry about you!” Oikawa stomps his foot on the ground. Cute.

Hajime just laughs. Oikawa glares at him and crosses his arms. “What is it that you wanted to talk to me about, anyway? And why here?”

“The wind up here is nice. It messes up your perfect hair,” Hajime teases, glancing at Oikawa’s now messy hair, thanks to the wind.

“Rude, Iwa-chan!” Oikawa pouts, but then his expression completely changes. “Actually, now that we’re here, I wanted to tell you something too.”

Hajime narrows his eyes. “Really? What is it?”

“Well,” Oikawa seems nervous, since he looks away from Hajime’s eyes. “The student council has a convention to attend in Tokyo.” 

Hajime nods slowly. “Okay. And?”

Oikawa nibbles on his bottom lip and looks up at Hajime. “It’s from June eighth to June twelfth.” 

“So? We—oh.” Oh .

Oikawa looks at him with careful eyes. Hajime takes a deep breath and runs his fingers through his spiky hair in frustration. “Can’t you, I don’t know, not go?”

“I can’t, Iwa-chan. I’m the president. My presence is needed there, and the convention is important to the school. The principal personally requested us to attend.”

“Well then I guess you don’t have a choice then.” Hajime couldn’t help the disappointed and angry tone in his voice.

“We can celebrate once I come home, I promise.”

“It’s fine, Oikawa.” He lies, waving his hand in the air to feign nonchalance. “Let’s just go.” He tries walking past him, but Oikawa grabs his arm. “You were going to tell me something too, right?”

“It doesn’t matter anymore.”

Oikawa’s grip on his arm tightened. “Of course it does. What was it about?” He insists.

“You really want to know? Fine.” Hajime grabs the envelope in his back pocket and pushes it onto Oikawa’s chest. 

Oikawa quickly takes and looks at Hajime before he opens the envelope and takes out the train tickets. He sucks in a breath. “Hajime…”

“‘T'was why I took the job at the store. So I could afford the trip for us,” Hajime looks away putting his hands in his pocket. “I wanted to celebrate my birthday with you, away from the judgmental eyes of familiar people. I wanted you to let go of yourself with me, if we went to Tokyo together.”

Oikawa doesn’t say anything. He just stands there, looking at him with glassy eyes, and Hajime hates it so much. He wants to see the sparkle and the light in Oikawa’s eyes, not the glassy and teary one. He hates it.

“Iwa-chan, I—”

“Look, Oikawa, don’t think about it too much. You have a duty to do, and you love being the council president. It’s okay.” Hajime says, and he means it. Well, half of it. It’s honestly not okay, because Hajime was so excited, only for Oikawa to have something else to attend to.

Hajime starts walking ahead to the door, leaving Oikawa on the rooftop alone, the tickets in his hands.

“But… I love you more.” Oikawa whispers, but Hajime is long gone.

In the evening, Hajime is laying in his bed, staring at his ceiling. He starts feeling guilty for getting mad at Oikawa when Oikawa had no choice. Oikawa was so out of it during their afternoon practice that he got reprimanded by their assistant coach, Mizoguchi. Even their teammates were concerned, and they most likely figured out that he and Oikawa quarreled. 

Hajime sighs and covers his eyes with his elbow. He stays like that for a few minutes before he reaches for his phone to send a text to Oikawa, until he hears someone knocking. Oikawa peeks his head into the slight opening. “Hi. Can I come in?”

Hajime sits up in his bed. “Yeah.”

Oikawa slowly enters the room, and Hajime sees the envelope in his hands. He closes the door behind him and sits on the edge of the bed. He doesn’t say anything, just looks at the envelope in his grip.

Hajime decides to speak up first. “Oikawa, I’m sorry.”

Oikawa snaps his head towards him, eyes wide. Hajime continues. “Your position is important to you, and this convention probably is too. It’s not like you wanted this to happen exactly on my birthday. It’s something that couldn’t be helped, so I shouldn’t have gotten upset.”

“You have every right to be upset,” Oikawa’s eyebrows furrow. “Y-you — you planned this trip for us. You even took a job for it, Hajime. You think I’ll let this pass?”

“But you have your convention.”

“It’s in Tokyo. And you wanted us to head to Tokyo,” Oikawa hands back the envelope to Hajime. “You can still go to Tokyo, and I’ll meet you there.”

Hajime’s eyebrows shoot up. “What? But your convention.”

“I’ll skip it. On that day.”

“And your councilmates? They’ll wonder where you went. And the teacher you’re going with.”

Oikawa seems to be conflicted by this, but he shakes his head. “Don’t worry, Iwa-chan. I’ll find a way.”

“If this ends up with you doing something risky, then I don’t want it.”

“I’ll be fine,” Oikawa scoots closer to him, reaching out his hand to touch Hajime’s cheek. “You’ve done so much for our relationship. It’s time for me to do the same.”

“You’ve done just as much, Tooru.”

Oikawa laughs, tears pricking his eyes. “We both know that’s not true, Hajime.” 

“Then it doesn’t matter,” Hajime whispers. “It doesn’t matter who’s done more in our relationship. What matters is that I love you, and you love me.”

Oikawa nods. “I love you, Iwa-chan.”

Hajime pulls Oikawa in an embrace. “I know, baby. I know.” 


During Hajime’s birthday, his mom makes him a nice birthday breakfast before he heads to the station. Hajime eats it all up and thanks her, and she tells him to be careful.

When he boards the train, he decides to send Oikawa a text that he’s on his way. He smiles when he reads their conversation last night at exactly twelve. Then Oikawa videocalled with him, Hanamaki also peering in to say happy birthday to Hajime since they were hotel roommates.

Once he arrives in Tokyo, he checks his phone as he weaves his way through the crowd. The last text he sent to Oikawa was that he was arriving very soon, and Oikawa had only replied with a thumbs up. Hajime continued walking, he only stopped to text Oikawa asking where they should meet.

“Hi birthday boy.”

Hajime almost drops his phone. He turns around to see Oikawa smiling cheekily at him. “Iwa-chan! I missed you so much!”

“I missed you too, idiot. How did you manage to pull off sneaking out the convention?”

Oikawa just shrugs. “I just got lucky to have Hanamaki as my roommate. He’s got me covered.”

“Oh, that’s nice of him.”

“Yeah, no. I have to pay him like five thousand yen for this.”

“Oh. Well, at least.”

“Yeah it’s a small price to pay!” Oikawa smiles at him. “So, birthday boy, what’s on our itinerary?”

Hajime digs the pocket of his jacket for the small piece of paper and reads what’s on it. “Well uh, I figured we could go to Tokyo Disneyland? You said the last time you went there was when you were seven.”

“Yeah, but today’s not about me. You haven’t been to Tokyo Disneyland, right?”

Hajime shakes his head. Oikawa reaches out for his wrist. “Well then! Let’s not waste our day, shall we?”

And they begin their date in Tokyo. They took a taxi to Tokyo Disneyland, and thankfully there weren’t a lot of people since it’s still a little early and the theme park had just opened. Oikawa drags him along as soon as they enter, and Oikawa looks so excited that Iwaizumi feels contentment and fondness blooming in his chest, because he wants nothing more than seeing Oikawa being genuinely happy on his birthday.

They walk around and eat a few snacks at the food stalls, and they continue walking around and looking at the sights to see. Iwaizumi notices that Oikawa checks his phone from time to time, and Oikawa tells him that Hanamaki updates him all the time, and he’s making the most out of his 5000 yen. 

Oikawa buys a few souvenirs for the both of them — matching Tokyo Disneyland shirts, and headbands with Mickey and Minnie’s ears. Iwaizumi is frowning as Oikawa puts the Minnie ears on him, but he doesn’t make a move to remove it. Oikawa is wearing the Mickey headband, and he beams at Hajime. “You look good with a bow, Iwa-chan.”

“I’ll kick your ass.”

They continue strolling around Disneyland and enjoy some of the rides, and finally they decide to just check out the Disney castle. Oikawa is looking up at the castle with those sparkly eyes of his. He turns and catches Hajime’s stare. “Iwa-chan, take a picture of me.”

“I’m not your tour guide,” Hajime grumbles as he takes Oikawa’s phone and moves away a little so he can take a good photo of Oikawa with the castle behind him. There’s a lot of people around them also taking pictures, but Hajime’s eyes focus on Oikawa, like everything around him is just a blur. Oikawa does that stupid peace sign of his, and he looks so happy that it makes Hajime feel so happy too. He looks away from the phone and looks at Oikawa. “Tooru.”

Oikawa tilts his head. “Hmm? Did you take it already?” He says a little loudly so Hajime can hear him despite the crowd around them.

Hajime smiles a little. “I love you.”

Oikawa hears it, and he smiles so brightly it puts the sun to shame. His cheeks are a little red, his eyes expressive and curved, and it’s then that Hajime takes his picture. 

Oikawa insists that they take a selfie together, and he stretches out his arm to make sure the castle behind them gets included. Their cheeks are pressed together, and they’re wearing ridiculous headbands, but Hajime thinks they look perfect. In the second selfie, Oikawa kisses his cheek.

They leave Tokyo Disneyland at two in the afternoon and have lunch at a nearby restaurant. Oikawa sings him a happy birthday so loudly that the staff heard it and sang a happy birthday to him too, which has him looking down in embarrassment and mumbling curses at Oikawa.

They take a cab to Tokyo Tower next. Once they’re there, they (or Oikawa) take a few photos again, insisting this is their very first date which feels like they’re really a couple so he has to make memories of them. Hajime thinks he doesn’t even need photos to remember this moment, since he’ll always have it in his mind.

At five in the afternoon, they’re back at the station. Hajime is heading back to Miyagi, while Oikawa will be staying in Tokyo for his convention. “Happy birthday again, Hajime.” Oikawa smiles, rocking on his heels. “I hope you had fun today.”

Hajime grins, shrugging. “Well, I guess it was alright.”

Oikawa immediately pouts, which Hajime had already expected. “ Alright? I can’t believe you, Iwa-chan! I skipped a day of my convention for you! I snuck out for this!”

“Yeah, who knew you were capable of doing stuff like this?” 

“You're a bad influence on me.”

“I guess I am,” Hajime chuckles. “My train is arriving soon. I’ll see you in two days?”

Oikawa is still pouting, but he nods. “You know I always come home to you.”

Hajime smiles. He doesn’t know how they do it — playful yet romantic, but he wouldn’t want it any other way. “Yeah, I do. Where else would you go?”

“You always ruin the moment. Just go, Iwa-chan!” 

Hajime chuckles and heads in so he can board his train. Along the train ride, Oikawa texts him that he's back in his hotel and that Hanamaki did a great job covering for him.

Two days later, Oikawa bursts into Hajime’s room carrying a cake and saying they forgot to buy one and he wants to see him blowing a candle. They spend the afternoon putting icing on each other’s face and cuddling in Hajime’s bed, whispering how much they missed each other.



“I honestly cannot believe you. I’m breaking up with you.”

Hajime rolls his eyes. “What's the big deal? I’m wearing my tie like you want me to!”

“Yeah but you’re not wearing your vest this time!” 

“'T’was too hot.”

“It’s literally November. Try again.” 

“I just didn’t feel like wearing it, alright?”

Oikawa pinches the bridge of his nose and glances at the silver hoop on Hajime’s ears. “And why are you wearing that?”

Hajime smirks and leans forward. “Why do you sound so disappointed? That wasn’t your reaction last night when I first showed you, in fact you were telling me how hot it was while you were licking into my mouth—”

Oikawa slaps his hand onto Hajime’s mouth, blushing from his neck to his ears. “Oh my god. Just— why are you wearing it in school? You know it’s a big no in our dress code. You’re not wearing proper uniform and you’re also wearing an earring. You are definitely doing more than just cutting grass in the garden.” 

Hajime pulls Oikawa’s hand away from his mouth. “I can’t remove it yet. It needs to stay for like two days before I can remove it.” He says. “Don’t worry about it. It’s already lunch break and I survived the morning without getting caught. I can remove it by tomorrow.”

Oikawa sighs. “Fine. Just be careful not to run into Hamada-sensei. He’s going to give you an earful about your piercing.”

Hajime hums. “Yeah, yeah. But you do like it, right?”

Oikawa rolls his eyes. “Of course I do. Maybe you should get an eyebrow piercing too.”

“Yeah? You’d want that?”

“Mmm, I have a feeling you’ll look great with it,” Oikawa smirks. “But get one once we’ve graduated. Please.”

Hajime laughs. “Alright.” 


They practice for the Spring High Tournament for the rest of the month. Since they lost to Shiratorizawa last August, Oikawa is determined to bring them to Nationals in January, especially since it will be his last official game as their captain. 

But aside from practicing for the tournament, everyone is also busy with the winter dance that their school always holds for first to third year students. Hajime hates this event more than anything else, because first he has to wear a suit, and second his mom always wants him to attend so he can have fun

Hajime hates it also because it’s when everyone is busy finding their own dates to the winter dance, doing flashy proposals in the parking lot and in the hallway. But he hates it the most because Oikawa, his very popular and loved boyfriend, gets asked and proposed to the most, and Hajime does nothing but watch along the sidelines. He knows it doesn’t matter because Oikawa always turns them down, but he’s still reminded that people don’t know that Oikawa is taken. Hajime is not usually jealous or possessive, he’s better than that, but being in a secret relationship with the most popular guy in school does have its limits sometimes.

Hajime has a blank expression when he passes through the hallways and sees a girl approaching Oikawa with a box of cupcakes, asking him to go to the winter dance with her. Oikawa sees Hajime walking past him, and he stumbles with his words as he turns her down. 

In a day, Oikawa gets at least seven proposals. Hajime knows that people are starting to whisper and make rumors as to why Oikawa is declining everyone. People assume he’s in a relationship with someone, and they’re right, but they don’t know that the someone is Hajime.

Hajime leans against the wall and takes a drag from his cigarette. He feels his body start to feel less tense, and he blows out the smoke. The back of the school is usually quiet, and although it’s a little cramped since there are walls surrounding the school, Hajime doesn’t mind. Not a lot of students come here.


Well, except for Oikawa.

“I haven’t seen you smoke in a while,” Oikawa tells him and leans on the wall opposite to Hajime.

“Because I don’t smoke when you’re around. You hate the smell.”

Oikawa shrugs. “Well, it’s not my favorite smell.”

Hajime holds the cigarette out to him. “You wanna share?”

Oikawa blinks, and glances at the cigarette. Hajime was clearly just joking, but Oikawa must’ve taken it as a challenge because he took the cigarette with shaky hands and pressed the end to his mouth. He sucks in his cheeks as he takes a quick inhale, and ends up coughing a lot, almost letting go of the cigarette. Hajime chuckles and takes the cigarette from him before he burns himself.

He’s still chuckling as Oikawa finally stops coughing, and he glares at him. “That was horrible.”

“I wasn’t expecting you to take it, goody-two-shoes.”

“Am not! I did take it, didn’t I?” He huffs.

Hajime just hums and takes other drag. He was about to blow out the smoke onto Oikawa out of spite, but he thought better and just turned away from him as he exhaled. 

“Alright, fun’s over. Stop that before someone else sees you.”

“You’re just mad ‘cause you suck at it.”

“I am not,” Oikawa answers. “I’m serious, though. You’re lucky I caught you.”

Hajime drops the cigarette on the ground and crushes the butt with the heel of his shoe before he glances at Oikawa. “Yeah, ‘cause you knew I’d be here.”

“Where else would you be? You always come here when you’re frustrated. Well, here or at the rooftop.”

Hajime scoffs. “Why would I be frustrated?”

“Ah Iwa-chan, still thinking that I don’t know you hmm?” Oikawa pinches his cheeks, and Hajime slaps it away. “Nobody would like it when their boyfriend is getting asked out on a date to the dance! Well, I wouldn’t like it. Mattsun told me two girls asked you.”

“Huh. Two, compared to your hundreds.”

“Hundreds is such a reach,” Oikawa teases. When Hajime doesn’t answer, Oikawa gently bumps his shoulder onto him. “I’m sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry about.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I remember you telling me before that you wanted to ask me out for the dance in our last year here.”

“Things don’t always go to plan,” Hajime answers. “And it’s not like you want to hide our relationship, Oikawa. So I get it. “

Oikawa leans his head onto Hajime. “I’m tired of hiding, Iwa-chan.” He mumbles.

“I know baby,” Hajime kisses his forehead.

Oikawa closes his eyes. “I can’t wait till we graduate. We’re gonna go to Tokyo. I’m going to join the volleyball league, and you’re gonna go into sports science. And we’re gonna live together in our shared apartment together, and maybe we’ll get a dog.”

Hajime smiles. Suddenly it didn’t matter that Oikawa was getting asked by a lot of girls to the winter dance. Oikawa was thinking of a future with Hajime , and that’s the only thing that counts. “Yeah, I can’t wait too.” 



Things went downhill when they lost to Karasuno in the Spring High tournament. Oikawa pretends that he’s fine, that it didn’t matter anymore, but he buried himself into his presidential tasks a lot. That’s how he is, always overworking himself.

But thankfully Hajime is there. Although the loss was hard on Hajime too, especially since he didn’t score that long toss Oikawa sent him, he has learned to accept his defeat and slowly stopped blaming himself. He wished Oikawa would do the same, but of course it wouldn’t be that easy, so Hajime will just be there for him along the way.

Oikawa became busy with the graduation preparations for the third year students, and every end of the school year is always busy for the student council since they have to hold the elections as well. So Hajime didn’t see or talk to Oikawa that much, but he figures that it’s alright.

But Hajime was wrong. A month after their loss, Oikawa was still acting weird. He’d snap at Hajime easily, he doesn’t respond to texts, he took even more work, so of course Hajime started to get worried.

Hajime is walking back to school with Oikawa’s favorite milk bread. The bakery was a bit far, and he left during school hours, but he knows a way to get in without being caught. He knows he should’ve probably waited until later, but Oikawa wouldn’t even talk to him properly.

He climbs the wall behind the school easily, and as he jumps down he almost stumbles back when he sees a figure leaning against the wall. The person seemed surprised as well from Hajime jumping down, because he takes a step back and lets out a yelp.

Oikawa stares at him in surprise. His eyes are wet and puffy, and his cheeks are red from crying. When he recovers from his surprises, he immediately looks angry. “What the hell, Hajime? Did you just skip school?”

Hajime ignores his questions and marches over to him. “Why are you crying?”

Oikawa shakes his head and wipes away his tears. “Nothing, this is nothing.”

“Bullshit. What’s happening, Oikawa? Please talk to me.” Hajime pleads. “You know I’m always here for you.”

That must’ve been the wrong thing to say because Oikawa cries even harder. “That’s the problem. You’re always here for me, but I— I’m not. I can’t.” 

“What? What do you mean?”

“I wanna play volleyball, Iwa-chan. I wanna be a professional player. I wanna play at the Olympics.”

“And you will,” Hajime tells him. “What’s wrong, baby?”

Oikawa’s lower lip wobbles. “My dad. He doesn’t want me to continue playing volleyball. He says I have no future in it. A-and, he even brought up that I’ve never been to Nationals. It hurts, Iwa-chan.”

Hajime clenches his jaw. Oikawa’s father has always been the problem. “Don’t listen to him, Oikawa. Of course you have a future in volleyball. You’re the best setter ever, and I mean it. Have I ever lied to you?”

Oikawa sniffs. “He wants me to go with him abroad and become a lawyer.”

Hajime freezes. He clenches his fist so tight and he’s suddenly seeing red. “I’ll talk to your father.”

“Are you crazy?” 

“I’m not scared of him,” Hajime answers. “I’ll tell him how you deserve to be out there playing volleyball in the big leagues. That you’ll prove him wrong.”

Oikawa stares at him with tears streaming down his cheeks. “You’re such a knight, Iwa-chan.”

“I’m serious, Oikawa. Later, I’ll come over to your place.”

Oikawa shakes head and reaches out to hold his hand. “No, you won’t. I don’t want you to.”

Hajime starts breathing heavily. “What do you mean you don’t want me to? Are you just gonna let your dad do this? Are you not going to chase your dream and play volleyball? Are you…” are you going to just leave me? 

“Here’s what I’m going to do, Hajime,” Oikawa squeezes his hand. “I’m going to fight for you and my dream. It’s time I did this. You’ve always been fighting for me, agreeing to this stupid secret relationship when you could’ve had so much more, just because you love me. Now it’s my turn.”

Hajime blinks at me. “Y-you’re… you’re gonna talk to your dad?”

Oikawa nods. “Let me fight on my own this time.”


Hajime is pacing back and forth in his room and checking his phone every second. It’s almost twelve in the morning, and he still has no idea how it’s going over at Oikawa’s house. Oikawa said he was going to talk to his father today, and it’s been hours since his last text. 

When he gets exhausted pacing around, he sits on the edge of his bed and buries his head in his hands. He tries to calm himself by taking deep breaths, but he just can’t. He’s thinking about just going to Oikawa’s home when his door slowly opens and Oikawa peeks his head in. His eyes are puffy, his cheeks are red, and he looks really exhausted. “Hi. Can I come in?”

Hajime basically shoots up from his bed, throws the door open, and pulls Oikawa in for a tight embrace. Oikawa easily melts in his touch. “Iwa-chan…”

“How’d it go? What did he say? Are you alright?”

“Can we cuddle in your bed first?”

“Of course,” Hajime guides them both to his bed. Oikawa is taller than Hajime by a few inches, but he scoots down a little to bury his head in Hajime’s neck. His breathing is steady, and Hajime continues playing with his hair to calm him down. Hajime thinks that he fell asleep, but Oikawa suddenly speaks up. “I told him — well, him and mom, that I’m in a romantic relationship with you.”

“Oh,” Hajime clears his throat. “And… what happened?”

“He yelled at me,” Oikawa answered calmly. “Said horrible things. I also told him that I’m going to pursue a volleyball career no matter what he says.”

“And he got really really mad of course,” Oikawa continues. “He said I’m going crazy. I’ve always been the perfect child to him. I told him I was just pretending all this time and that I’m sick and tired of it.”

“And then?”

“Then he said he was bringing me to the states no matter what because he thinks I was just…” his voice starts becoming shaky as he hesitates.

Hajime leans away to look at him. “Just what?”

“That I was just getting… influenced by you. In a bad way. And I started seeing red, Iwa-chan. I said some horrible things, and then it’s then that mom decided to step in.” Oikawa says. “I thought she was gonna reprimand me and side with dad, but she actually got mad at dad and then I don’t know, it was a blur, but in the end mom decided to divorce him.”

Hajime’s eyes widened. “Oh.”

“Yeah. Dad left furiously, and mom told me that she’s sorry she didn’t notice I was only pretending and that I was never happy and she didn’t do anything about it. She’s going to support my volleyball career, and… and she said she’s happy for me, about our relationship.”

Hajime lets out a breath of relief. He hugs Oikawa tighter. “And how do you feel right now?”

“Lighter,” Oikawa answers. “I mean, I didn’t always hate my dad. Only recently when he started controlling me and had high expectations for me, not even bothering about my happiness. I’m just happy I get to chase my dream and stay with you, Iwa-chan. And I don’t want to hide anymore. I don’t want to be scared anymore.”

Hajime kisses his forehead. “You’ve always been strong.”

Oikawa hums. “I love you, Hajime.”

“I know. I love you too.” 



They decide to just remain lowkey until graduation and start their carefree life in Tokyo. It’s only a few more days left till graduation, and Hajime got called to the office. He already knows what this is all about. It’s about what his punishment is gonna be. He has a lot of warnings piled up, and it would've been more if not for Oikawa always intervening. He’s about to enter the disciplinary officer’s office when he hears Oikawa’s voice from inside.

“I don’t think this is a fair punishment, Hamada-sensei,” Oikawa’s voice sounds serious and a little pissed. Hajime rarely hears him like that.

“Why not? Iwaizumi has to learn to take warnings seriously, Oikawa-kun.”

“He only breaks the dress code rule over and over, and that’s not even a major rule. His worst punishment should be something like school service. Not letting him attend the graduation is too much.”

“Oikawa-kun, he’s broken the dress code rule over and over, you are correct, which is why it becomes major. Also he has skipped class a lot, trespassed in prohibited areas, been disrespectful to some teachers by falling asleep in their class, and have you forgotten that he has fought another student?”

“That was two years ago and he has been punished for that one, Hamada-sensei. You shouldn’t pile up the other warnings he has gotten when he clearly did his services for them already. I’m the one who has been keeping track of Iwaizumi’s troubles, and this is all I have, and according to the rulebook, the worst punishment he will get for this is a school service. We should always abide by the rules, shouldn’t we sensei?”

Hajime can’t help but smirk. He hears Hamada sigh. “Alright, Oikawa. Iwaizumi will get school service as a punishment. I will be the one to decide which service.”

“Thank you, Hamada-sensei.” 

Oikawa walks out of the room and is surprised to see Hajime leaning against the wall just outside the office. He raises an eyebrow. “It’s very rude to eavesdrop, you know.”

Hajime smirks. “I didn’t hear anything, I just got here.”

“Yeah right.”

When their graduation finally arrives, Hajime can’t help but feel relieved. Highschool wasn’t the best for him, but he did have some great memories with his friends, the volleyball team, and Oikawa.

He is wearing his complete school uniform for the first time all by himself and without any of Oikawa’s intervention. He tried styling his spiky hair too, but it mostly still looks the same. He’s sitting next to Matsukawa and Hanamaki, and he claps his hand when the student council president gets called on stage for his speech.

Hajime hears a lot of cheers for Oikawa between the applause. He smiles brightly, clearing his throat as he starts his boring speech.

“Alright I’m dozing off,” Hanamaki pretends to fall asleep. 

“Idiot,” Hajime nudged him with his elbow. “It’s not that boring.”

“He used the word academia . Are you kidding right now, Hajime?” Matsukawa deadpans.

Hajime rolls his eyes. He continues listening to Oikawa’s scripted speech, and at the end Oikawa clears his throat. “I want to thank everyone who always believed in me and saw me as a great leader. I would never have reached where I am today if it wasn’t for the amount of support I received from you all, my teachers, my mother, and especially my boyfriend, Iwaizumi Hajime.”

Iwaizumi’s eyes widened in surprise. Gasps and murmurs erupt everywhere, and most of the third year students turn their head to Hajime’s direction. 

“Iwaizumi and I have only been dating for more than a year, but we’ve been attached to the hip since we were young, because we were neighbors. He’s always been my constant pillar, and I don’t know where I would be right now without you. I love you so much, Iwa-chan!”

Iwaizumi feels heat creeping up his neck from the embarrassment and the amount of attention. When Oikawa finishes his speech, a louder applause erupts and a few whistles, and Oikawa smugly walks past the teachers on stage who look either mortified or have a passive expression.

When the ceremony is over, Hajime waits for Oikawa to finish taking pictures with the students approaching him. There were people who didn’t mind his confession, but there were some who felt repulsed, but Hajime didn’t care since they were graduating already anyway. 

Once Oikawa finally approaches him, Oikawa immediately wraps his arms around Iwaizumi’s neck. “Did you like my confession, Iwa-chan?”

Hajime rolls his eyes, but rests his hands on Oikawa’s waist. “You’re an attention-seeker, you know that?”

“I guess I am,” he answers cheekily. “I didn’t want to leave school without them knowing that the great Oikawa-sama was taken by troublemaker Iwa-chan!” 

Hajime can’t help but chuckle. “Yeah, I guess you’re right. That was a surprise. Hamada looked like he was about to pass out.”

Oikawa laughs. “Yeah well, boohoo. We’re heading to Tokyo already, anyway!”

Hajime leans close and rubs their noses together. “Yeah, we are. Together.”

Oikawa smiles. “Together.” and he presses their lips together, not caring about the other third years, teachers, and parents who are watching them.