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Tucker Foley's Top Secret AV Journal

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There are multiple versions on file. Please select

⟳ Danny is not around to explain (Full)
⟳ Danny is not around to explain 2 (- Vlad)
⟳ Parents Version (- Memes & Bad Choices)
⟳ The Full Experience (Uncut, Uncensored)


{Pinned} Admin Tucker: Welcome to The Journal which contains the complete record of Team Phantom. If you have access to this, you will be able to upload pictures, documents, files which will be shared with the whole group unless it's marked Private. You won't be able to edit other people's entries. Please put in chronological order as best as possible and be considerate to your fellow teammates. If you're a guest who's viewing this journal to get filled in, get ready for a wild ride and try to understand that we are very small and stupid and doing our best.


Tucker’s Digital Journal: Entry 1

Hey, my name is Tucker Foley and I’m 14. I got this sick new PDA from my parents (no way is Apple getting 1 cent of my parents money) for starting high school and decided to use it to keep a record of all the exciting things happening in my life. NOT . I’m not what you’d call ‘popular’, kind of the furthest thing from it. I like technology and nerdy stuff too much, the ladies can’t handle the brains AND the looks I guess. I do have some good friends. Danny is my best friend since forever, he’s nice, smart and has a wicked sense of humor. I also pal around with Nathan, Lester and Mikey. I guess there’s Sam too. Kinda weird having a goth girl third wheeling me and Danny’s dynamic duo but Danny let her sit with us one day near the end of last year and she just never left. She’s bossy and a bit mean but I put up with her cause Danny thinks she’s “cool”. Ah teenage hormones. 

Anyway high school starts in three days and I’m stoked. This is gonna be the year of the geek, baby! Before that, we’re headed over to Danny’s house later today. His parents, on paper, work with government contracts but their real passion is ghost hunting. Yeah. They built some weird portal thing and Danny’s gonna show us. I’ve grown used to Fenton weirdness but Sam wanted to check out the lab before we unofficially split up. Could be cool I guess, make things a little less boring around here. After all, nothing happens in Amity Park, least of all to us losers.


[Polaroid Photo: Danny Fenton staring at the camera with a stunned, slightly annoyed expression on his face. He’s standing in front of the non-functioning Fenton portal while holding a white and black jumpsuit.]
Photos taken 10 seconds before disaster


Local News 

Local Scientists Cause City Wide Power Outage
By: Jason Lockhart

A large portion of Amity Park experienced a massive brownout yesterday for approximately 40 minutes before city officials were able to restore power. The malfunction was caused, reportedly by a massive power surge to the main residential generator believed to have originated at the Fenton household. The local scientists and self-purported “ghost hunters” have been the cause of several brownouts and signal disruptions over the last several years. Previous Mayor, Marcus Blair, had fined the couple on two separate occasions to cover the cost of repair for the damage their experiments have caused. It is unknown if newly instated Mayor Ernesto Montez will do the same. The Fentons have denied any involvement having claimed to have been out of town when the brownout occurred. We will continue to follow any developments to this story.


(Video: Tucker Foley is lying under his covers. He’s in his pajamas and the darkness in the room hints that it is late at night.)  

TF: Captain Tucker Foley, Stardate 040304. I- (the teen cuts off and takes a deep hissing breath.) Sorry, I guess I'm trying to keep the mood light but I don’t think I can right now. I (he pokes his head outside the covers, to make sure he’s alone.) I saw my best friend die today. Or almost die. It’s all really unclear and confusing but the way Danny screamed when that portal turned on with him inside... I’m gonna hear that for the rest of my life. 

For a second, I really thought Danny was a goner. When he staggered out of the portal he looked like, well, a ghost. All his coloring was inverted and he was glowing and see through. Sam and I were both hysterical. I’ve never seen any expression other than boredom and disdain on her face, gotta say, tears don’t suit her. But then there was a light and then Danny was Danny again. Black hair, blue eyes. I mean, he still looked like shit and he immediately puked up green crap on the floor but he was alive. His folks were out for the day but he said he’d call them, or us, if things got any worse.

Danny’s parents are nice. His mom makes, like, the BEST cookies ever and his dad’s hilarious. But the stuff they do is dangerous. I’ve been down in the lab so many times, it barely even registers anymore. (He grumbles and turns away from the video.) It’s all Sam’s fault. She was the one who dared him to go inside the portal. Danny almost died trying to impress her just because she’s a girl and kinda pretty or whatever. (He sighs.) Nah, I don’t mean that. Sam didn’t force him to go in or anything and she was super broken up over the whole thing. She almost looked worse than Danny. I walked her back home and she was crying and shaking the whole time. Sam can be annoying but she cares a lot. Danny’s probably gonna need both of us going forward which means I’m gonna have to learn to put up with her, ugh.

Okay, I’m going to try to sleep now. I haven’t heard from Danny since he practically threw us out of his house but we’d know if something happened. His parents or Jazz would call if he was... (Tucker hiccups, stifling a sob.) It was so messed up, I’m so tired from the stress and worry but I’m scared that if I go to sleep, I’ll wake up and my best bro will be gone.

(EDIT) First Impressions

Sam: Ugh Tucker is taking this whole ‘record keeping’ thing way too seriously. The accident was months ago, why do I have to go over it again? It’s not like we’re going to show anyone this. Anyway, I almost got the one decent guy in this stupid, backwater town killed. There, I said, is everyone happy now? It doesn’t matter that Danny survived, it's my fault he went in to begin with. And I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to him for that.

Jazz: I’m sorry to say I didn’t really notice. Well, you know how secretive and protective Danny can be. He said he’d been in an accident, that he was feeling sick but wouldn’t let me take him into the ER or do anything for him. I was distracted too, the school year was just starting and Mom and Dad were all up in arms over their portal not working then working plus they were convinced for a while that I was the ghost. I just… looking back, it’s so obvious something was wrong but I was too caught up in my own problems to see. Sorry Danny :frowning emoji:

Danny: It was not the best couple of days.

Private Snapchat
From: @SpaceFenton
From: @TechMaster, @Darker-X-than-X-Black

[Snapchat: Danny Fenton lying in bed, he’s pale with dark circles under his eyes. His hair is messy and his skin is sickly and clammy. There’s a small smudge of something green in the corner of his mouth as he gives a shaky smile and a peace sign. Text reads, I Lived, Bitch]


Space case (7:54 am): Hy sorry for not being in c ontact the last few day
Space case (7:55 am): Been feeling prettty crummy yknow
Space case (7:55 am): Just giving u guys a heads up i won’t be at school today
Space case (7:55 am): Got permision to have an extra day to rest
Space case (7:56 am): Can you u get the slylabus and others papers for me
+1 217 XXX XXXX (7:56 am): Danny, what the heck! Do you know how worried I’ve been? You haven’t answered any of my texts or calls since the accident! I’ve been stressed out of my mind!
You (7:57 am): Yeah it’s not cool to ghost us like that
You (7:57 am): Oops uh too soon?
You (7:57 am): Also I’m guessing thats Sam?
+1 217 XXX XXXX (7:58 am): Yes this is Sam, Tucker?
You (7:58 am): Yup, adding you to my contacts
Space case (8:00 am): I said i was sorry ok
Space case (8:01 am): Just havent been up for texting  is all
Sam (8:01 am): Are you still feeling sick? Danny, seriously this is crazy you need to go to the hospital! Who knows what that shock did to you!
You (8:02 am): Dude I know hospitals aren’t great but Sam’s right
Space case (8:03 am): Wow u two are agreeing on something
Space case (8:03 am): A miracle has occured
You (8:03 am): Danny, stop deflecting.
Space case (8:05 am): OK so I didn’t want to say anything bc I still don’t understand but some weirrd stuff has been going on
Space case (8:06 am): Side effects i guess don’t really know how to describe it
Space case (8:06 am): Can we meet after school?
Space case (8:07 am): Not my place with my folks around I don’t want them to see until we understand better
You (8:08 am): Yeah my parents won’t bother us, can u meet us there at 3:30?
Space case (8:08 am): Yea
Sam (8:08 am): Don’t worry, we’ll figure this out.
You (8:09 am): Ok class is starting, see you man


[Photo: Jasmine Fenton standing at the front door wearing a plain black shirt and long blue pants. She has her backpack over one shoulder and a book and notebook held in one hand at her hip. She’s looking off camera where part of Danny’s foot is seen sticking out from the couch. Handwritten on the top of the photo in purple pen, Jazz’s First Day of 11th Grade!! ]

[Photo: Danny Fenton is sitting on the couch, looking sick and miserable. He has several blankets thrown over top of him. In his hands, he’s holding a mug of something but the effort from holding it up seems almost too much. Handwritten at the top in purple pen: Danny’s first SICK day of 9th grade :( ]


(EDIT) Danny’s Guide to Ecto Contamination!

Tucker has been bugging me to write this down for six months now. I see his point on having a record of this but it’s still not something I like talking about. The first few days after the accident, really the first month… I’ve never felt so miserable in my life. I mean, I did sort of die so I guess it makes sense. I’ll do my best to describe it but fair warning this is only MY experience suffering through bodily rearrangement and also I am a C student.

  • Shaky, disoriented, twitchy: not sure how much of this was from the shock and not the ecto contamination but yeah it sucked. I was shaky all over and felt pretty weak. Getting upstairs was rough, my balance and coordination was way off. Everything was dizzy and I had a hard time thinking straight. 
  • Nausea & vomiting: First obvious symptom I had, I was puking for days it seemed. At first it was all ectoplasm which was nasty, acidic and pungent. Then it was blood and ectoplasm, yeah, like blood-blood. Once I started to do a little better by day three it became this ugly brownish coffee ground looking stuff which google says is digested blood. Same stuff was uh coming out the other end too. So yeah, real fun. 
  • Low body temp, chills: So I don’t know if this is related to my ghost sense or what but I was absolutely freezing following the accident. I was shaking so much, the bed was rattling and nothing I did could warm me up. It kind of leveled out at the end of the week where I wasn’t shivering all the time but I was always cold. It’s still there really, it just didn’t bother me much anymore. 
  • Hallucinations, paranoia, confusion: Yeah by the end of the first night I was feeling real rough, was definitely delirious there for a while. Kept feeling things crawling up my arms and seeing things out of the corner of my eye. Totally not in my right mind either I mean, shocked half to death (ha) in an accident and I don’t tell anyone? My reasoning ability was shot and my brain kept coming up with more and more reasons not to tell. Sometimes I wonder what would’ve happened if I did tell my folks that night...
  • Pain: Think it goes without saying that electrocution and being turned half ghost really, really hurt. My skin was super sensitive and anything touching it was agonizing. My muscles kept twitching, spasming painfully over and over again. Everything inside me was burning cold, stinging like I was being dissolved from the inside out. At some point, I was hurting too much to call for help. 
  • Weakness, exhaustion: Even once the worst of the symptoms passed, I just felt wiped out. It took me weeks to get my energy back, just in time for the ghost attacks to start haha. I guess it was just recovering from the changes made to my body but I swear I could have slept for days and it wouldn’t have touched my exhaustion.

I mean that's kind of it, as far as what I experienced. Reading it over, the words don’t seem to really capture just how horrible and painful it was. I wouldn’t wish bad ecto contamination on my worst enemy. Oh wait… Anyway, I don’t really have anything to say about helping? My parents have some gear that helps get rid of small amounts of ectoplasm but anything severe, anything remotely close to what I experienced can’t be cured, just endured. And from what my research into other possible halfas has shown me, it’s that most people don’t pull through. I don’t know, hope this helps.

(Comment) Tucker: Sorry to make you do this, dude. This is super helpful, thanks

(Video: Opens to the floor of Tucker’s bedroom before jerkingly being pulled up to eye level. Sam is sitting backwards on a computer chair while Danny paces anxiously in front of her.)

TF: Ok, I got the camera running. Do the thing, turn into the ghost.

DF: Again? I didn’t want to do it the first few times! (He grabs at his hair.) Plus I don’t want video evidence of how much of a freak I am!

SM: Uh Danny?

DF: I mean what if my parents saw me, huh? Or, like, the cops? Or kids at school? This is a nightmare, I just want everything to go back to how it was before.

TF: Dude, you’re falling into the floor.

(Danny yelps as he realizes that he’s sunken down to his knees through the floor. Sam rolls over in the chair and pulls him out. He flops onto the floor face down and stays there, his legs going from nearly invisible back to their normal color.)

TF: That was kinda freaky but also sick as hell.

DF: I can’t live like this; I’m just going to spend the rest of my miserable half life on this floor.

SM: You’re being overdramatic, Danny. Don’t worry, we’ll figure this out.

TF: And in order to figure things out, you need to practice so… Do your magical girl transformation or whatever it is. The better you understand how your powers work, the easier you’ll be able to control them.

DF: I don’t even know how I did it! (He flops over onto his back and sighs loudly.) I guess… I don’t know, I’ve been pretty cold since the accident. I’ve kinda gotten used to it but there’s like this one cold spot in my chest and if I kind of tug on it-
(White rings wrap around his waist and encircle him. Sam yelps and pushes her chair away and the camera shakes as Tucker jumps back before moving forward quickly. Danny Fenton is gone and has been replaced by a ghost. He’s now hovering just off the floor and carefully rights himself. He inspects his hands curiously. He has mistlike white hair wearing a black spandex suit with white accents on the belt, boots, gloves and collar. His body is partially transparent with a faint green glow that beams from his eyes.)

SM: Danny? Is that you?

DF: Yeah (pause) woah, the echo is weird. Do I really look that different? I’ve only changed once or twice and I was too busy freaking out to really look at myself.

TF: Dude, I know your stupid face almost as well as my own and I barely recognize you. (Tucker opens the closet revealing a full length mirror.) See for yourself. And keep still, I’m going to do a 360. (Danny hesitantly floats over to the mirror and gasps softly, gloved fingers reaching up to touch the image.)

DF: That’s... me? (Danny starts making various poses and faces, watching as his reflection copies him. Tucker, meanwhile, starts slowly circling around him.)

TF: Danny, look at me, I want to see your fa- ow, jeez man can you turn down the high beams? You’re going to blind me here. (The camera angles away as Danny turns back towards him, his glowing green eyes glinting brightly.)

DF: It’s not like I got a manual or anything. Ok, is that better? (the camera comes back to Danny whose eyes are still glowing but less so. The camera gets close to his face and makes sure to record every side and angle) Hey, uh personal space much?

TF: Sorry, this is just… something else.

SM: So how do you feel right now? Like physically but also emotionally I guess too.

DF: I feel light. Like when you’re floating in a pool but on a whole body level, like I have no weight at all. I’m, hmm, how do I explain this? It’s cold but it's so cold that I’m numb? I can feel how cold I am but also not really, overall my sense of touch is way less. As for feelings? I don’t know, I was a bit panicky earlier but, again, now I just feel kind of chill. Oh uh pun unintended I guess.

SM: Wow (she gets up out of the chair and gently, with some hesitation, puts her hand on Danny’s shoulder.) Brr, you are cold but also, I’m touching you but I get the feeling that if I pushed too hard I’d go right through you. (Danny turns intangible and Sam gasps as her hand passes through him.)

DF: Hey! (he becomes tangible again, looking at his hands with a smile.) I did that on purpose!

TF: Danny, Danny! (camera stalks forward and gets real close in his face again.) Do you know what this means? You have a secret identity, you have awesome powers, you already have a costume. Dude, you’re a superhero!

DF: Tucker, I’m 14. Besides, nothing happens in Amity Park. What am I gonna do, ride the train an hour and a half into Chicago to uh spookify some hoodlums?

SM: I’m sure there’s a lot of good you can do with these abilities, like helping me liberate those frogs from the school biology lab.

DF: Sam, again with the frogs? (Danny blinks rapidly, floating a little lower and shaking his head. His aura dims significantly.) Woah, got kind of dizzy for a second there. I think this is the longest I’ve stayed a ghost.

SM: This is all pretty new, maybe you should change back.

DF: Actually (he slurs and sways a bit.) I think I’m going to pass out now.

TF: Grab him! Grab him! (The camera is thrown to the side, there’s a bright white flash off screen and a loud thump of something hitting the floor. Tucker’s shoes are visible as he half drags an unconscious Danny Fenton across the screen towards the bed.)

TF: Get his feet! Man, and he said he was light. Danny needs to cut back on the Nasty shakes.


Should Danny Tell His Parents: Pros and Cons

- Could figure out how his powers work
- Can see if we can get them to go away
- Not have to lie about things (power accidents, school)
- Be yourself

- It could break up my entire family
- They could hate me forever
- Dissection
- Die for real this time


Public Snapchat
From: @Darker-X-than-X-Black

[Snapchat: Danny, Sam and Tucker outside the steps of Casper High School. Students are bustling around them, one in the background faces the camera and makes a rude gesture. While all three kids are smiling, Danny still appears pale and tired looking with a faintly green undertone. Text across the bottom reads, The first two days sucked without Danny. Now high school really begins.]

List of Danny’s Powers (6 days after the accident)

Vitals (Human)
Heart Rate: 78, Respiratory Rate: 15, Blood Pressure: 108/76 [MAP 87], Temp: 95.9F, Height: 5’, Weight: 109lbs
Vitals (Ghost)
HR: 54, RR: 13, BP: 99/72 [MAP 81], T: 94.2F, Ht: 5’, Wt: 37lbs

  • Invisibility - Can fade completely from view. Turns invisible accidentally and sometimes can still partially be seen. Poor control

  • Intangibility - Can pass himself and anything he’s touching through solid objects. Also does so accidentally, harder time bringing objects/people with him. Poor control

  • Flight - Can float off ground. He’s been able to touch the ceiling of his basement and room. Can only really hover at this point. Poor control

  • Ghost sense - Gets chilly and breathes out cold air when a ghost is near. Hard to tell range but it’s not more than 10 feet, sense doesn’t give any info or direction. Poor control

  • Strength - Increased strength. Was able to lift both of us for a few seconds before getting tired. Poor control

  • Healing - Can take some hits and recover faster than a normal person. I hit Danny with a lawn chair a few times and he seemed alright after a minute. Uncontrolled and don’t want to test further 

  • Ghost form - Can turn into a ghostly version of himself with white hair, glowing green eyes and a black and white hazmat suit. Takes a few seconds to change but has better control of his powers like this. Poor control

(Comment) Tucker: It should be noted that this author has recommended Danny build up his endurance and control with several practice exercises X, X and X but the idiot won’t listen.

(Comment) Danny: Tuck for the 800th time, I don’t want these powers to get stronger, I want them to go away!! 

Close calls of the ghostly kind

Space case (2:30 pm): I NEED HELP
Space case (2:30 pm): I’M SERIOUS I NEED A BROOM OR A MOP
You (2:31 pm): You spill something? Where r u? U disappeared from the arcade like 15m ago?
Space case (2:32 pm): I’M ON THE CIELING
Space case (2:32 pm): STUCK
Space case (2:32 pm): BATHROOM
Space case (2:33 pm): they really need to clean more up here, there’s like sticky stuff and spiderwebs
Space case (2:33 pm): BUT SERIOUSLY COME GET ME DOWN
Space case (2:33 pm): Crap someone just came in! 
Space case (2:33 pm): TUCK HELP
You (2:34 pm): omw
You (2:34 pm): Just stay quiet, I mean, who looks up anyway?
You (2:36 pm): Where do i even get a broom dude???
Space case (2:36 pm): I DON’T KNOW JUST FIND ONE

[Photo: Danny is hiding in the empty boy’s locker room. He’s curled up on one of the benches with his head buried in his knees. His posture is agitated but resigned. Danny himself is partially translucent, the camera easily able to see through him to the row of lockers behind him. The clock on the wall reveals it’s well into the start of the next period.]


Public Snapchat
From: @TechMaster

[Snapchat: A downcast Danny is being scolded by Mr. Faluca in the science lab. There’s a large quantity of broken glass at their feet. Tucker’s hand is making a peace sign in the lower left corner. Text reads, Danny is well on his way to getting banned from handling glass objects which means yours truly will need to carry us through the lab portion of chem]


(Video: Danny is hyperventilating in the boy’s bathroom, hunched over the sink. He’s shaking and a thin line of spittle is dripping out of the corner of his mouth as he tries to regulate his breathing. His eyes are an extremely bright neon green, lighting up the whole room in an eerie glow.)

TF: Danny, come on, you have to calm down.

DF: I can’t- I’m trying but it just won’t stop (glowing increases) this is never going to stop!

TF: Just close your eyes and uh count sheep or something.

DF: (screeching) Do you have to be recording this!?

TF: You keep having these panic attacks! I’m trying to find ways to not make you freak out!

SM: What are you two doing? It looks like someone’s blasting a strobe light in here!

TF: Danny’s wigging also you do know this is the boy’s room, right?

SM: Looks the same as the girl’s room. Hey Danny, come here, big guy. (Sam pulls Danny into a tight hug, his head pillowed on her shoulder.)

SM: Just breathe with me, there we go. The more you relax, the easier it will be to control your breathing and your powers.
(The glow in Danny’s eyes fades but is replaced by tears. Tucker joins the hug circle.)

DF: I’m so-sorry, I’m so sorry. I hate this, I just want this to end.

TF: It’s okay bro, we got you.


Tucker’s Fenton Weapon Breakdown

Name: Fenton Finder {Fenton Finder Schematics.jpg}

Purpose: It uses satellites to locate ghosts (and Danny even in human mode) in a nearby vicinity, unsure of range at this time (EDIT) about 500 feet 
Danger Factor: 4, Danny may be freaking but it’s just a rudimentary tracker that can only only pick up but not really identify ghosts. 
Counters: Get out of range, potentially obscured by proximity to Portal? Just play it cool and act like you don’t know why it pings you.


Tucker’s Digital Journal: Entry 8

Hey so I got one week of high school under my belt, yeyyyyy. I think the movies made me think high school would be this magical, life-altering experience. It’s mostly just like middle school only the jocks are bigger and meaner, the material is mostly pointless stuff I won’t use irl and I bet we don’t do cupcake parties on holidays anymore. Lame. Maybe that’s just what high school is like and I’m being overly critical. I’m just seriously stressed and worried about Danny.

I know, I know, it’s MY journal and I feel like I talk about Danny more than anything but it’s not every day your best friend sorta dies and comes back superpowered. Or more like superklutzoid. Danny is all over the place with his ghost powers, constantly falling through things or glowing. At first, I wanted to tell the Fentons but I’ve seen how they talk about ghosts. Danny’s reluctance is mucho understandable. Still, idk if this is something we can handle on our own. Tbh it doesn’t really seem real? That my best friend has been going through these terrifying changes. Worrying about social standing and AP classes seems like forever ago, but it’s only been a week. 

I know Sam feels the same way, she’d been caking on the makeup the last few days to cover up the bags under her eyes. Probably staying up all night reading her goth books. Don’t know how much longer she’s gonna stay in the group but I gotta admit she’s been real helpful so far with everything. And Danny is going to need all the help he can get if he’s going to get through high school without getting exposed. If people found out, well, I’ve seen enough sci-fi movies to be worried. Alright it’s past midnight, I gotta get to sleep.


(Video: a shaky view of the Fenton basement. Tucker can be heard breathing heavily while Danny and Sam are bickering in harsh whispers off camera. The footage settles to reveal a glowing green vaguely octopus shaped blob floating around the lab.)

DF: Oh god, how’d that thing get in here?

TF: Your parents do have a door to the ghost realm. Guess it works both ways?

DF: I don’t care about that! I want it gone! It’s creepy and gives me bad vibes.

SM: Wow, way to be prejudiced, Danny. How do you know it’s evil? It could just be curious or lost.

SM: I’d think given your condition that you’d be a little more understanding.

DF: So not in the mood, Sam. My folks said ghosts are real, I didn’t listen and now look at me. If they say they’re all mindless monsters then I believe them.

TF: I don’t know man, it doesn’t look evil. It could be like a moth that gets trapped inside the house. Probably just need some help getting back into the portal.

SM: You might be able to communicate with it, figure some stuff about your powers. You could be the key to forging a bond between our two worlds!

DF: You guys are only saying this because you’re not the ones who has to deal with it. Ugh fine.

(A flash off camera and Danny in ghost form gently floats forward, approaching the ghost. He looks back several times with a pained expression at the camera. Tucker’s hands shoos him on.)

DF: Hey uh octopus ghost? Octoghost?

TF: Ectopus works better, bud.

SM: Shhhh!

DF: Hi, spooky, can you uhhhh can you leave? This house is uh (laughs) already being haunted so uh, yeah, the door is that way. Can’t miss the swirling portal. Right there.

(The ghost turns to face Danny, they hold eye contact for a few seconds before the Ectopus opens its mouth to scream. It lunges itself at Danny who ducks to the side. The three kids start screaming.)



Private Snapchat

From: @TechMaster
To: @Darker-X-than-X-Black, @SpaceFenton

[Snapchat: Sam, Tucker and ghost Danny standing in front of the open portal in the Fentonworks basement. They’re all smiling and cheering. Danny has some scratches on his face and his mist-like hair is mussed up. Text reads, First ghost busted!]

@Darker-X-than-X-Black took a screenshot
@SpaceFenton took a screenshot

Ghost Files: Ectopus
Physical Description: Green octopus looking ghost with red eyes.

  • Abilities: ghost powers, mildly annoying scream
  • It mostly screamed, really shrilly, didn’t seem capable of normal speech
  • It felt like punching jelly, semi-solid but not really easy to grab a hold of
  • It’s tentacles had some weight to them, not fun to get slapped by
  • Able to be forcibly flung back through the portal, did not return again
  • Didn’t appear to have any intelligence? It was just kinda looking around, did it want something?

Threat Level: Low

(Comment) Danny: God I hope this is the last ghost I have to deal with

You: [Photo: Ghost Danny with his green eyes cross-eyed and tongue sticking out. He’s floating upside down in his room.]
Goth Gal (5:09 pm): He looks good!
Goth Gal (5:10 pm): I mean, his hovering has gotten much better and he’s smiling too!
You (5:11 pm): Yeah, he’s gotten pretty good at changing back and forth. He seems less nervous in general being in ghost mode
Goth Gal (5:17 pm): Is it okay that I’m starting to get used to all this? That I see Danny in a ghost?
You (5:17 pm): Idk if it’s ok but it’s happening to me too

List of Potential Ghost Names

  • Casper
  • Spooky
  • The Spector 
  • Darth Insidious
    • Really Tucker?
  • Phasma (Latin for ghost)
  • Azrael (Hebrew angel of death)
  • Anpu (Egyptian god of the dead)
    • Sam, can you cut it out with the creepy names??
  • Mysterio
  • Space Boy
    • Danny that’s not ghost related
      • No but it’s cool
        • It’s really not 

Casper High Announcement

The administration would like to address the incident Thursday morning. Two scheduled student protests occurred during the freshman lunch hour regarding the recently changed cafeteria menu. Several students were suspected to be involved in stealing the school’s meat supply to disrupt the protests. Eye witness reports of meat “flying around” and “attacking people” can be attributed to the meat possibly being tainted with hallucinogens. The county police will be running some tests to confirm. 

We want to stress that Casper High takes student safety seriously and the perpetrators have been appropriately punished. We will continue to update students, staff and parents with any new information that comes up. Please email vice-principal, William Lancer (  with any further questions.

Space case (11:45 pm): Danny Phantom
Space case (11:45 pm): That’s the name I’m going with
Space case (11:46 pm): for like my ghost body
Stupid Veggie Girl (11:47 pm): You’re seriously going to use your first name for your secret identity?
Stupid Veggie Girl (11:47 pm): You do realize you’re one of the only Danny’s in town?
You (11:49 pm): Have you seen any superhero movies at any point in your life?
You (11:49 pm): ‘don’t use your real name’ is like rule number one
Space case (11:50 pm):
Space case (11:56 pm): Phantom is my ghost name
Stupid Veggie Girl (11:56 pm): Phantom is remarkably close to Fenton.
Space case (11:57 pm): Nuh uh it’s spookier
Stupid Veggie Girl (11:59 pm): Right, so clearly Jazz got all the brain cells.
Space case (12:00 am): At least I’m cute
You (12:00 am): [doubt.png]

(Video: Phantom is pacing a few inches off the ground with barely contained energy around his room. His hands are shaking and his eyes are glowing extra brightly, leaving ghost-like trails across the camera screen as he passes.)

DP: That was incredible! I mean it was the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me but I’ve never felt so alive in my entire life! I saved everyone! The school, Mom and Dad, you guys, I stopped that ghost from hurting anyone! Me! Dweeby Danny Fenton! More ghosts are probably going to come through and we’re gonna have to protect the town. We need to, we need to train more to get these powers under control and-and I think we should do nightly patrols around town to watch for ghosts and-

TF: Woah, tone it down, Dan. You didn’t even like these powers two days ago and now you wanna go full on hero? I agree on the training stuff but there’s no need to go crazy just yet. (Danny stops pacing and glares at the camera with startling intensity, there’s a low level static that can be heard in the background.)

DP: I started up the portal so it’s my job to ̗̤͓p͈̝̟r̖̙ot͏̱̣̼̝e̠̪͚̖̣͡c͓̩͙t̩͓͖̲ this town

SM: Uhh okay, yeah sure. We can run through some drills, patrol. Right Tuck?

TF: … yeah okay man, whatever you say

EDIT: aw, baby’s first obsession. Guess we’re lucky his ghost half decided to latch onto protection instead of meat or something after that first battle.


Private Snapchat

From: @Darker-X-than-X-Black
To: @TechMaster, @SpaceFenton

[Snapchat: Tucker and Danny animatedly talking to each other in Danny’s bedroom. They’re both dressed in pajamas and gesticulating excitedly. Tucker is holding up various comic books and pointing to them while Danny nods and scribbles something on one of the many papers strewn about. Text reads, If only I spoke geek, maybe I could communicate with them.]


Private Snapchat

From: @TechMaster
To: @Darker-X-than-X-Black, @SpaceFenton

[Snapchat: Sam on the other end of Danny’s room, also in pajamas with her hair down and make-up free. Sam is scowling at the camera, her right middle finger held up but there’s a small smile on her face. Danny can be partially seen on the left grabbing one of the comics near Tucker. Text reads, If only I could interpret this goth’s strange language maybe she could help us plan our superhero team]

Danny Phantom Sleepover Planning Session

Name: Danny Phantom officially but only to be referred to as Phantom in public for identity reasons.

Mission: To protect Amity Park from any ghosts that come through the Fenton Portal.

Roles: Danny (primary combatant, tactician, overall ghost expert), Sam (secondary combatant, tactician, ghost lore researcher, medic), Tucker (secondary combatant, tactician, tech support, Fenton weapon researcher)

Advantages: Danny’s power, Fenton technology (affectionate), the best superhero back-up team ever, most everyone ignores us.

Disadvantages: Danny has no idea how to use his powers, Fenton technology (derogatory), we’re 14 and have no fighting experience, pretty much no support from anyone.

Training: Danny will spend at least one hour per day as Phantom. He will practice his powers during this time with: 10 invisibilities (hold for 20 seconds), 10 intangibilities (through wall or floor), floating for as long as possible while doing other exercises, 5 flying laps around Fentonworks, 15 reps with Sam’s 10 lb weights. Do this at least twice a day. Be sure to stretch beforehand, you do NOT need a muscle cramp mid-fight.

Equipment: Fenton Thermos + Fenton weapon of the week (trapping/fighting ghosts), bikes/scooters (for patrols), PDA (beautiful and perfect technology for information gathering and schedule/record keeping), Ghost lore books.

Pledge: We solemnly swear to do our utmost to protect Amity Park and it’s citizens from ghostly harm. We will not seek reparation or reward for our actions, only acting within our best judgement to preserve our lives and the lives of those we protect. 


Ghost Count 9/26/20XX: Danny has fought 3 different named ghosts and been in 7 battles

Public Snapchat
From: @SpaceFenton

[Snapchat: Tucker and Sam are in the midst of a passionate discussion in Tucker’s room. She’s standing but is leaned over so one hand rests on his desk while the other is gesturing forcefully. Tucker is nodding at whatever she’s saying and pointing to the large pile of technology in various stages of repair. Top text reads, These two finally found something they agree on, the problems associated with how expensive and non-repairable modern tech. Bottom text reads, (yes this is why Tuck insists on his dinosaur PDA)]

@TechMaster commented: dont come crying to me when ur iphone breaks down after 6 months while my “dinosaur” can be modded and repaired until the end of time


Ghost Files: Skulker
Physical Description: A mecha ghost in a mechanical, technologically advanced body (approx 7 ft tall) with a skull like metal helmet with a flaming green mohawk. Underneath his armor he’s a tiny green blob, maybe 6 in tall.

  • Self proclaimed ‘Ghost Zone’s Greatest Hunter’
  • Abilities: ghost powers, advanced weaponry, hunting/tracking skills
  • Weaknesses: armor compatible with human technology for external manipulation, Purple back gorillas, Sam’s nagging
  • Massive jerk, like Dash levels of jerkiness. I’m just minding my own business and he just flies in like “hey kid, do you mind if I kill and skin you?” and then doesn’t wait for an answer

Threat Level: High Medium Annoying Idiot Who Won’t Leave Me Alone (EDIT)



(Webcam: Opens with Tucker’s face as he adjusts the webcam in his hands. He turns it towards Phantom who’s floating up and down in anticipation with a wide smile on his face.)

TF: And today we’re gonna try and see the world from the perspective of a very excited-

DP: Is it ready? Is it ready?

TF: Very impatient half ghost who, if he would stay still for a minute, maybe I could get this webcam on. Alright buddy, let’s give it a whirl. (There’s rustling as the webcam is placed on Phantom’s head, Tucker hums as he adjusts it.)

DP: Can I go? Come on, Tuck, hurry up!

TF: Hold your horses, let’s do some tests first. Try going intangible, this is a real world object so there’s a chance it might not (Phantom goes intangible and the webcam phases right through him, hitting the floor. The view is of the floor in Tucker’s bedroom.)

DP: Ah...

TF: Right, shoulda seen that one coming. Well, back to the drawing board.

DP: Can I still uh...

TF: Have a good flight, knock yourself out. Uh not literally though.


[Photo: Danny, Sam and Tucker in a mostly empty, decorated gymnasium. Danny’s suit is rumpled, hair messy and there’s streaks of dirt on his face. Sam’s right fishnet sleeve has a small tear in it, one of her pigtails is loose and her dress also has dirt stains. Tucker is grinning and giving both his friends bunny ears. In the background, a banner says Casper High Fall Formal!]


Private Snapchat
From: @SpaceGhost
To: @TechMaster

[Snapchat: Phantom with a giant hole in the middle of his body which he’s sticking his arm through where it can be seen waving from where it comes out behind him. The arm holding the camera is beyond normal arm length to fully capture the image.]

@TechMaster commented: Thats nasty bruh
@TechMaster commented: can u lean your head back to go through the hole?
@SpaceGhost replied: idk let me try

Things Sam is Legally Obligated to Buy Us For Not Telling Us She’s Rich


  • Every new Ultratech™ PDA that comes out, along with upgraded software and add-ons (for ghost hunting purposes, I swear!)
  • A vending machine filled with nothing but Mountain Dew
  • Enough bribery money to win me the Mayor’s seat next election
    • Sam- why???
    • Tucker- idk it happened in a dream once


  • The complete Ghost Encounters collection (seasons 1-12) also the Dead Teacher collection please
  • A trip to the International Space Station
  • Therapy


(Video: It opens in the hallway of Casper High. Dash and Kwan are hovering over Danny who’s keeping his head low and letting the jocks shove him repeatedly against the locker. Danny gasps suddenly, his breath fogging as he looks up over the jocks’ shoulders. A floating frog appears out of nowhere and is plopped onto Dash’s head.)

DB: Ah! What the hell? Where’d this thing come from! (He jolts and pulls the frog off his head. Sam walks on camera and takes it back.)

SM: I am so sick of stupid, selfish boys using these poor creatures for their own sick gains! (The frog floats once more out of Sam’s hands and jumps in the jocks’ chastised faces. They run off screaming. The frog is gently deposited back into Sam’s hands. Tucker is laughing behind the camera, only stopping when Sam turns to glare at him.)

TF: Oh come on, Sam, it’s funny. Besides, you know Sydney wouldn’t hurt the little guy. (Danny is also laughing and fist bumps seemingly empty air. But in the shimmer of the artificial lights, one can almost make out a shadowy, monochrome shape returning the gesture.)

DF: Thanks for the save, man.

Tucker’s Digital Journal: Entry 47

Some people have a lot and some people don’t. But everybody's got something. Me, I've got charm, good looks, and modesty. My best friend, Danny? He has something else. Danny and me have known each other since, like, forever. We share everything, except one thing, Danny's got superpowers. So, anyway, I guess the craziness really started at the game Saturday night.


Private Snapchat
From: @SpaceFenton
To: @Darker-X-than-X-Black, @TechMaster

[Snapchat: Phantom grinning into the camera while he held up one fist which was encased in a glowing, green light. Text reads, Like my glow-up?]

@Darker-X-than-X-Black commented: Woah when did that come in?
@TechMaster commented: oops with everything that happened we forgot to tell sam bout the new power


Konspiraceee @westisbest • November 5

Konspiraceee @westisbest • November 5
I was running last night & this black n white blur flew past me!

Konspiraceee @westisbest • November 5
The windforce knocked me over, way faster than a car and dead silent too!

Konspiraceee @westisbest • November 5
I swear I’ve seen strange green lights around the city too

Konspiraceee @westisbest • November 5

Konspiraceee @westisbest • November 5
[Photo: Slightly blurred photo of an Amity street at night. The only light source is the moon and streetlight off camera. There’s a vague dark shape of something flying up into the sky. There’s a vague streak of neon green through it.]

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> yes @herecomesbigboy • November 5
wes, again with this? its clearly a sandwich, u can c the pickle 

> Konspiraceee @westisbest • November 5

Richie Rich (10:12 am): How was the reunion?
Ghostbuster (10:38 am): Bad, really bad
Ghostbuster (10:38 am): Thought I might get a vacation and instead got my butt kicked and another ghost to watch out for
Ghostbuster (10:39 am): Ever heard of this guy?
Ghostbuster (1042 am): [Photo: a clipping of billionaire, Vlad Masters from Rich, White Men Magazine as he toasts the camera with a glass of champagne. A curly mustache, an eye patch along with several blacked out teeth have been drawn on with a sharpie.]
Richie Rich (10:49 am): Ah Vlad Masters, my mortal enemy.
Ghostbuster (10:49 am): Get your own fruitloop billionaire enemy Sam
Ghostbuster (10:50 am): Emergency meeting at my house, you will not BELIEVE what happened in Wisconsin


[Photo: Tucker is holding up a ghostly wanted poster of Danny Phantom in front of Danny Fenton’s face. Danny is trying to look annoyed but there’s a small smile on his face. Handwritten text reads, Warden Walker wants any information on this dangerous escapee! Please call in if you've seen him!]

It has been _0_ days since Danny got his skinny ghost ass beaten to the ground


DANNY CAM (Take 2)

(Webcam: Opens on Tucker’s face as he adjusts something on the webcam. A bit of his tongue is poking out the side of his mouth. The webcam shifts as he plays with it before pulling back and giving a thumbs up.)

TF: Alright, that should be good. Got some stuff from the lab to keep it in place. Be free, my son.

DP: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. Prepare for liftoff in 3… 2… 1...

(Off camera, Danny is giggling as he phases through the wall and is out hovering in the night sky. He stops for a moment, making sure the webcam traveled with him before he speeds off. Phantom is flying high and fast over the town, phasing intermittently through trees and houses. He does loop after loop after loop. The webcam can barely keep up with the dizzying visuals. Phantom flies over the lake on the far end of town and grins goofily down at his glowing reflection as he flies over it. Up, down, backwards, sideways, he flies in all directions for over an hour before finally ending up on the roof of the Fentonworks Ops center.)

DP: (softly) Fighting ghosts sucks but this, this almost makes it worth it.

Boo Bytes
Scary Stories
Ghost Writings (User Danny: These are all horrible, no)
Ghost-it Notes {Admin Tucker has prevented any edits from other users}

The Ghost Zone pt I

Danny: So the Ghost Zone is a parallel universe, the equal but opposite of our world where the ghosts live. There’s a stable portal in my basement but natural portals can open anywhere. Apparently, Amity Park has always been a thin area between the two worlds so natural portals are always popping up around town. Scared me a couple of times on patrol! The inside of the Zone is really creepy, it’s kind of hard to describe. The air is thick but like a dense fog so you can still pass through it. It’s swirling green all over, constantly changing. There’s some ground but it’s not consistent, you get most places by flying. It’s also filled with floating doors and islands and other bizarro things. Inside each door goes to another ghost’s lair. I don’t know if ghosts need to build a lair or if it just comes into existence when a ghost is born. I haven’t found one for me but I haven’t really looked all that hard. I don’t really like the place and would like to avoid it as much as possible. 

Tucker: Adding a human perspective on the Zone, Sam and I checked the place out with the Specter Speeder which has some super cool sensors to collect data. So the GZ is the flipside of our world which means it follows some of the same rules. Interestingly enough, given the readings we got, humans probably could survive in the Zone for at least a short period. There is something of an atmosphere but it’s a lot less put together. It also has oxygen but less than our world, think of the areas of the world with high altitudes. Sam and I would be able to breathe freely but the air would be thin and might make us dizzy after a while. There also seem to be other particles the Speeder couldn’t identify so we’d need to do more research on that before we take a stroll. We got some samples of soil, water and Sam put a small plant in a pot. Also Danny was SO wrong, the Zone is super cool not creepy.

Sam: Seconded on the creepy part but creepy is cool. I did take a plant home and put it in my greenhouse. Three days later and it looks okay, I’ve been watering it but it doesn’t seem to require much. Interestingly enough, sunlight seems to weaken it. It did much better in the shade and does most of its growing at night. So Danny may have wandered around the Zone aimlessly like an idiot and gotten arrested.

(Comment) Danny: Thanks

Sam: But the Ghost Zone actually appears to have some sort of landscape. There were various different islands and doors. Yes, most were kind of free floating in the air but they didn’t appear to be moving that much. I sketched a map of the landmarks nearest to the Fenton Portal to keep track of how much the doors and land masses moved over time. It also didn’t seem completely anarchical, I believe there’s a structure and culture to the Zone which we’ll find the more we explore it. 

{Attachment: GZ map v1.0.doc}

Ghost Count 10/30/20XX: Danny has fought 21different named ghosts and been in 49 battles


Public Snapchat    
From: @JasmineFenton16

[Snapchat: Jazz smiling up at the camera from the Fenton living room. In one arm, she holds up the phone and in the other she has Danny wrapped close to her, her cheek resting gently against his hair. Danny looks a bit uncomfortable but overall is relaxed. He smiles softly and is waving a bit for the camera. Text reads, Danny helped me download this app so here’s my first ‘Snap’ with my favorite brother. Happy Spirit Week!]


r/ Haunted Amity

Has anyone noticed some really weird stuff going on in Amity Park, especially around Casper High? The school is always putting out these announcements “explaining” the events but they always seem so ridiculous. Hallucinogenic meat? Malfunctioning lockers? Subliminal messages in pop songs? It’s crazy. I’ve also experienced weird static charges, cold spots and seen green goo not just in the school but at the Nasty Burger, in the park, etc. 

I’m not saying Amity is haunted but really strange stuff is happening and we’re not getting proper explanations for.

Your crazy man, probably from that bizarro family of ghost hunting freaks

Idk they might be onto something. The vibe in the school is way different from last year. I always feel like someone’s watching me and I’ve run into creepy stuff I can’t explain. I swear I saw a floating, green genie last week while running in the park. How do you explain that?

I graduated from Casper five years ago (thank god) but there is definitely something wrong with the town. I say it’s due to Fenton weirdness. Who knows what freaky experiments they run in that nightmare house and what they may have brought into this world.

No, the OP is right, Amity Park is haunted. Ghosts are real, I’ve seen them.

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(Video: Phantom has the front camera on while wearing a pink boa, neon green shutter glasses and a Burger King crown. He’s playfully jumping aggressively around the room to the opening of My Chemical Romance’s I’m Not Okay (I Promise) . Offscreen, there’s aggressive pounding on the door a few moments later.)

JF: Danny! What are you doing? Are you alright?

DP: Listen to the song, Jazz!

JF: Danny, I’m all for you expressing yourself but it’s after midnight and we both have school tomorrow!


Ghost-it Notes

Halfas pt I

Danny: So I first heard this term back when I first fought Poindexter. ‘Half a boy, half a ghost’ is what he called me. Everything after that was so crazy so I kind of forgot about it until I met Vlad for the first time, when I realized my one-in-a-million freak accident wasn’t as unusual as I once thought. I tried to put together as much as I could about half-ghosts that I could, kinda hard given it's just me and Vlad (that I know of) and most ghosts totally hate me.

So, Half-ghosts are made when a human is exposed to a lot of ectoplasmic energy. Pretty sure it has to be ectoenergy too, if it were just any near-death experience then I’m sure more people would know about us. I don’t know about Vlad but I know that, for a second, I was truly dead. Is a death necessary to becoming a halfa? Vlad was in the hospital for years, did he “die” while there or are his powers different from mine? Are we even human anymore? I wish he wasn’t so much of a jerk, there’s so much I want to ask him. I’d give anything to have someone tell what the hell is going on with my powers.

Tucker: There’s a lot of speculation but we do have some hard data. Danny does have necessary human functions while in ghost mode like: heartbeat, breathing, blinking, etc so he’s not entirely ghostly. He’s also a lot more solid than most ghosts, he’s got something resembling a bone structure even though his form is kind of goopy. We’ve gone back and forth on our theories about if Danny is one body who can change into human or ghost modes or if he has two separate bodies that switch out when he changes. We still have no idea and I don’t know how to test for it. Most of Phantom’s injuries don’t affect Fenton and vice versa but he can feel them either way even if there is no mark. Danny also has access to most of his powers in his human body. They’re certainly connected but how much? We’re doing ok so far I guess but we are walking in blind with a lot of this.

Sam: I did some digging and the concept of someone ‘caught between life and death’ has existed for a while. There’s a chance some of the depictions are just exaggeration but there is a chance that a halfa has existed before. Maybe from the natural portal that pop up? But most of them were wild, inhuman, revered and feared at the same time. Could be the evolution of technology, Vlad and Danny got hit with purified ectoplasm from a manmade portal so it might make a difference. I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to uncover exactly what a half ghost really is but the idea isn’t as unbelievable as we once thought. I’m sure there’s ghosts out there who know about it.

Sam’s Injury Log

[Photo: Phantom has the top of his suit pulled down revealing several small ectoburns on the upper right side of his abdomen and part of his arm. It lightly leaks ectoplasm and the skin around the site is red and raw. He’s wincing and trying to poke at his stomach and both Sam and Tucker’s arm can be seen trying to slap him away.]

Danny received a few nasty burns from Amity’s new ghost hunter, Red Huntress. Things like fire don’t really affect Phantom but these artificial ectoguns really do a number on ghosts. We’ll need to be careful about avoiding them; I asked Danny to grab one of his parents’ weapons for Tuck to look at. Now Danny heals way faster than a normal person, especially in ghost mode. From what I can tell most of his injuries don’t transfer to Fenton but I’m literally making this up as I go. The Fentons’ have a lot of material on how to hurt ghosts but not much on how to fix them. I’m taking some online first aid classes for human treatments and I can only hope it’ll be good enough. 

I cleaned the site thoroughly, making sure there was no dirt or other things in the wound. I don’t know if he can get infections as a ghost but better safe than sorry. Used straight peroxide but that was too much so I diluted it a bit. Holding a cool washcloth to the site really did seem to help, the colder, the better. Once it was cleaned, I covered the burned skin with some burn lotion and bandaged it up tightly enough to be secure but not binding. I’ll bring the materials to school and redo his bandages to see how they’re healing. I don’t know what we’ll do if they get infected, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Materials Used: 2 packs of gauze, peroxide (need to get sterile saline for dilution), aloe vera burn cream.

EDIT: Danny took off his own dressings getting ready for school the next day. I was furious only to see the burn sites were completely healed. He says it still feels tender but his skin is whole. Still don’t want him to take damage like that but good to know he bounces back quick. Still, AVOID VALERIE YOU DUMBASS.

Tucker’s Fenton Weapon Breakdown

Name: Fenton Phones {Where I’ll put schematics if Danny ever gives them to me}

Purpose: The Phones are earbud type devices that wrap around the ear with a small antennae on the ends which filter out spectral noise and also serve as a communicator between Phones without ghostly interference.

Danger Factor: 0, honestly these things are awesome and I don’t see many drawbacks. Danny comes across a little wonky on the Phones but other than that it's great.

Counters: Danny can you get your folks to make a couple of these for patrol?


[Photo: Phantom proudly showing off his A- Literature test to the Box Ghost who squints at it suspiciously.]


The Kids Aren’t Alright

[Photo: Danny Fenton’s yearbook photo, his skin is pale except for the dark circles under his eyes. His hair is messy like he just ran in from a windstorm. He squints with weariness and exhaustion, his eyes reflect the light back green. He tries to but can’t quite bring himself to smile for the camera.]


(Video: Danny and Sam are arguing in Sam’s basement theater. Danny clearly looks annoyed, trying to disengage but Sam is red faced and clutching at the theater chair.)

SM: -and I’M telling YOU that you’re wrong! There is no way the home health nurse is the killer when it’s obviously the grandson!

DF: Okay fine, I’m wrong and you’re right. Jeez Sam, calm down, it’s just a movie.

SM: Well what do you know anyway you stupid… stupid... (Sam’s shouting soon dissolves into panicked tears, she’s clutching at her hair and curling in on herself.)

DF: Oh man, Sam I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you!

SM: (still sobbing) I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to yell, I'm just... I’m just really stressed.

TF: Hey it’s okay girl, let it out. It’s been a month. Want us to leave?

SM: (still hunched over herself and crying just shakes her head no.)

Private Snapchat

From: @TechMaster
To: @Darker-X-than-X-Black

[Snapchat: Danny Fenton sprawled out on the floor of the classroom, looking exhausted, shaken and scared. Lancer is kneeling next to him with a visibly concerned face, one hand on Danny’s shoulder. Text reads, Lancer’s lucky Danny didn’t take his head off when he woke Danny up from a nightmare]

Ghostbuster (4:16 am): I'm so sorry guys
Ghostbuster (4:16 am): It’s bc of me we dont have a life outside of ghosts
Ghostbuster (4:17 am): If I handt gone in that stupid portal we’d be having fun and not failing classes and getting hurt
Ghostbuster (4:17 am): I’d totally understand if you wanted to stop being friends
Ghostbuster (4:18 am): who wants to hang with a freak who could get them killed?
You (4:19 am): Danny its 4 in the morning
Boots (4:23 am): Don’t do this
Boots (4:24 am): The accident is just as much our fault, MY fault, as yours
Boots (4:25 am): I can’t say it's always easy or fun but we do it because it’s the right thing and we love you so much, we’d battle the whole Zone for you.
Boots (4:25 am): We’ll talk in the morning, try to get some sleep
You (4:26 am): What Sam said but if you still have some angst to work out I can fire up DOOMED for old times sake
Ghostbuster (4:28 am): I don’t deserve you guys, I wreck everything
You (4:29 am): Debatable but you have us anyway

[Photo: Selfie of Danny, Sam and Tucker each holding up a failing grade on a math test. Sam has a bandage on her cheek and Tucker’s glasses are slightly crooked. They all look incredibly exhausted and miserable even as they try to smile.]

Public Snapchat
From: @SpaceGhost

(Snapchat Video: Danny is on his bed in his bedroom with a sheet over his head, arms waving his arms in a wavy manner. He’s making various OoOoO noises and underneath the sheet, there’s a green glow. Text reads: It’s Halloween, time to get spooky!!!)

@Darker-X-than-X-Black commented: Danny you may be a ghost but you’re the least scary person I know.
@TechMaster commented: That costume is so unscary I’m falling asleep dude
@JasmineFenton16 commented: Aw looking cute lil brother! :heart emoji: :kissing heart emoji: :smiling face with 3 hearts emoji:


(Video: Danny Fenton is lounging on the floor of Tucker’s bedroom floor, he’s grumbling as he tries to read through a biology textbook and scratching at his head.)

TF: Say that again, man.

DF: Say wha- (Danny looks up and frowns.) Tuck, why are you filming?

TF: Because you were talking in another language and it was wicked.

DF: Oh you mean g̶̢̼͇̦̩̝͕̹͇̞̤̈́̅͋͗̃̑̉̍̿̉̅ṓ̷̜͖͓̈́͘͝ḏ̷̦̝͌̓̂̌d̵̙͊̂͌͐̉̎̽̂͑͛̎̐̐̍͠ă̴̛̹̯̠̳̋̀́̄̌͆̒̈́̕͠m̷̝̗̯̪̘̙͙̯̳̬͂͋́̒̀͂͝m̵̡̤̩̲̤̠̻̭͓͈͋͆̐͊̂̎͑̌̕i̶͕͆̿̂͋͌̅̂̏͌̿̍́t̷̨̡͉̥̫̟̟̍̉̋̔͑͛͐̂̋́̕͜

TF: Yes! Dude what is that? It’s all guttural and whispery.

DF: Oh that’s uh Ghost Speak, does it really sound that different? To me, the words are English it’s just the accent and tone that changes. Like English but uh flip the words upside down and say them underwater… Does that make sense?

TF: Not even a little but how cool! What other words do you know?

DF: (Flushes and goes back to his book.) Come on, Tuck. I need to do well on this quiz.

TF: Danny, come on, a five minute break won’t kill us. What’s with the shy act?

DF: (rubbing his neck) Look, most of the time I deal with ghosts is while fighting and they’re not saying the nicest things and well...

TF: (Laughing) Are you saying the only words you know are swears? Danny, Danny, say the F word.

DF: Tuck…

TF: Say it and I promise we’ll do practice questions on frog anatomy.

DF: Ugh fine, so there’s no real direct translation. It kind of means like a mix of go to hell and your very existence offends me so uh f̶̢̢̛̬̼̞̰͓̺̙̮̝͉̳͗̐̾̓̽̍͜u̴͍̼̫̫̱̘̜̞̜͇̺͙͔̰̿c̸̡̹̖̖̼͎̭̿̀̍k̸̛̛̲͖͚͊͛̋͗̈̌͑

TF: (Hysterical laughter)


Private Snapchat
From: @Darker-X-than-X-Black
To: @SpaceGhost

[Snapchat: Sam and Tucker in the bathroom posing in the mirror. Sam has on heavy dark makeup and her usual gothic clothes. Next to her, Tucker is wearing darker clothes with his hair teased so it’s standing on end with eyeliner and black fingernail polish. They’re both scowling. Text reads, Quit your job, join our emo band.]

@SpaceGhost commented: What
@SpaceGhost commented: Nevermind some stupid ghost is trying to date my sister
@TechMaster commented: O man, on the way

(Audio from Fenton Phones)

Phantom: Ok guys, come on, quiz me!

Sam: Danny, just wait a minute, you’ve got a ghost in a headlock now.

Phantom: Which is why it’s the perfect time for a quiz! I need to do good on Robinson’s test tomorrow! It’s a big part of our grade!

Tucker: We know Danny, it's just tough to motivate the energy to study (sound of an ectogun firing in the background) when we’re up all night doing this.

Phantom: You think I don’t want to just go home and sleep? I used to never get below a B before all this and now I’m lucky to scrape by with a C!

Phantom: I still (grunting as the other ghost screeches) stay still you stupid little- I still wanna try for NASA and they won’t even look at me with crappy grades.

Sam: Danny we get it, if you think you’re ready then what year did the first Black Plague pandemic begin?

Phantom: Shoot, it was Medieval right so like 14 something? Ouch! Hey no biting! Woah, woah! Get back here!


Front Page

Ghost Kid Attacks Mayor
By: Nicholas Starsky 

In the sleepy town of Amity Park, the impossible has been proven right before our eyes; ghosts are real and they’re dangerous. The multi-night ghost attack shook the citizens of Amity Park to its core as there was excessive property damage, injuries and disruptions to daily life. The series of violent assaults ended with the ghost teen dubbed “Invisobil” holding Mayor Ernesto Montez hostage inside city hall. The Mayor and others trapped inside the building were rescued by local ghost hunters, Jack and Maddie Fenton. In a statement Tuesday morning, Mayor Montez said stopping the ghost threat in Amity Park, including that of Invisobil, will be the city’s top priority. The Fentons have been given authorization to ghost proof prominent buildings and sites of frequent ghost attacks including City Hall, Casper High School and the convention center.

The Friendly Ghost (2:12 am): Sam
The Friendly Ghost (2:14 am): Sam I think my arm might be brojen n my jaw feels off too dislocated?? Head hurts
The Friendly Ghost (2:15 am): can I fly by ur place real quick
You (2:17 am): This is Tucker dude
The Friendly Ghost (2:18 am): o man sorry to wake u
You (2:18 am): No prob, I’ll let Sam know ur coming
You (2:19 am): Fly safe and check in with me before bed

Tucker’s Fenton Weapon Breakdown

Name: Fenton Ghost Gloves {Ghost Gloves Schematics.jpg}

Purpose: The Ghost Gloves are metal gloves powered by ectoplasm that ghosts can’t phase through or wiggle their way out from

Danger Factor: 5, the higher score is because though not an outwardly offensive weapon, it could potentially be dangerous if Danny were to be captured and unable to escape for when the Fenton’s bring out the real ugly weapons. Confirmed to work on Danny in human form too.

Counters: Small ectoblast to stun glove wielder for escape, DON’T GET CAUGHT!!


Public Snapchat
From: @SpaceGhost

[Snapchat: Danny and Paulina are lying down on the grass with a picnic blanket underneath them. Paulina’s hair is spread out and her head is pillowed on Danny’s shoulder. They smile up at the camera, Paulina’s eyes glint red in the light. Text reads, A date at the park with my beautiful girlfriend!]

From: @SpaceGhost
To: @TechMaster, @Darker-X-than-X-Black

[Snapchat Video: Kitty and Johnny 13 are arguing in the background of a dirty alleyway. Paulina is slumped off to the side with a dazed expression as she rubs at her head. Text reads, Nevermind, Kitty possessed my ‘girlfriend’ to make Johnny jealous so that’s fun]
@Darker-X-than-Black commented: rip
@TechMaster commented: F

List of Danny’s Powers (129 days after the accident)

Vitals (Human)
HR: 63, RR: 10, BP: 111/67 [MAP 82], T: 95.3F, Ht: 5’2”, Wt: 111lbs
Vitals (Ghost)
HR: 30, RR: 5, BP: 83/59 [MAP 67], T: 93.8F, Ht: 5’3.5”, Wt: 42 lbs

  • Invisibility - Can control when he turns invisible and can stay invisible, even with people, for a while without issue. Very Good control

  • Intangibility - Pretty good at going through multiple objects at once, still does it accidentally once in a while. Easily takes things with him but wears him out after awhile if it’s big (IE a person). Very Good control

  • Flight - Really good, without gravity affecting him he’s able to fly and maneuver through the air easily. Can do like 12 loops in a row. Top speed 112 mph. Very Good control

  • Ghost sense - Range has expanded somewhat and can tell when a ghost is on school grounds, not great with direction but it's certainly improved. Can’t differentiate between ghosts. Moderate control

  • Strength - Strength has improved a lot, can lift a lot heavier objects as Phantom than Fenton. Can support 3 grown adults with minimal strain as a ghost, can lift his living room couch as a human. Moderate control

  • Healing - Healing time has sped up. He seems to bounce back from most damage to his physical ghost form easily though ectoweapons disrupt that somewhat. Will usually feel Phantom's injuries as Fenton but it doesn’t usually cross over unless severe Uncontrolled but faster

  • Ghost form - Can switch back and forth very easily and quickly, doesn’t always need the white rings. Better access to Phantom’s powers as Fenton (invisibility, intangibility, ectoblast, overshadowing). Very Good control

  • Overshadowing - Can take over a person’s body and control it while having some access to his ghost powers. The person won’t have any memory of what Danny did while possessing them. Eyes turn Phantom green, very strong willed people can resist overshadowing. Moderate control

  • Ectoblast - Ability to form a green energy blast he can use to attack or defend. Getting better at summoning the energy but his aim could still use a bit of work. Moderate control

  • Ectoshield - Extension of ectoblast but he can create a whole shield either as a dome barrier or simply a floating wall to deflect ghost or ectoweapon attacks. Needs more practice. Mild Control

  • Ghost Form Manipulation - Can alter his ghost body to dodge attacks or manipulate his body as needed. Potentially could be able to change what he looks like ghost-wise to be shapeshifter? Moderate control

  • Duplication - The ability to split himself into a separate but still mentally connected clone. Most he can do is an extra head which is mega weird. Poor control

Tucker: So basically Danny increased his power and control by a lot but he’s still got a long way before he’s up to Vlad’s level. Practice makes perfect, bud!


r/ Haunted Amity

I’m pretty sure there's a new ghost hunter in Amity Park. I see her out a lot attacking all the ghosts but I don’t think shes one herself. Has anyone seen her? I took a pic but its kinda blurry cause she was goin so fast on her board

[Photo: high over the western park, a woman in a red suit on top of a hoverboard is chasing another ghost. She has a large gun trained on them.]

I mean r we sure she’s not a ghost? Inviso whats his name is always fighting other ghosts


I for one think it’s great we have some competent ghost hunters in this town. Red kicks serious ass and I support her taking care of the ghost scum, especially that awful Invisobil.

List of Safe Houses

  • Equipment shed behind Casper’s football field (Primary- storage and planning)
      • Ectoweapons, replacement clothes, moderate amount of first aid supplies, GZ map, snacks

  • Janitor's closet in Casper’s boiler room (Secondary- relaxation, hiding)
      • Small weapons and first aid cache, blankets and pillows, old handheld gamer, coloring books and pens, handheld radio

  • Condemned House at 1412 Hill Top Road (Primary- storage, planning, hiding)
      • Ectoweapons, clothes, sleeping bags/blankets, long term food and cooking equipment including minifridge/portable stove, large first aid cache, scooters, notes/ghost items we can’t store at home

  • Locked storage room in the basement of Lambert’s Pharmacy (Tertiary- chance of discovery, only for medical emergencies)
      • Need Intangibility to get through 2 locked doors. Old stretcher cot, 12 syringes of concentrated ectoplasm, access to large amount of first aid supplies, water/food

  • Hunting shed on the edge of the Western Woods (Secondary- planning and training)
      • Seasonal, clear out during Hunting Season! Training notes, practice equipment, ectoweapons, small first aid cache, snacks

  • Abandoned Strike Out Bowling Alley by I-55 (Tertiary- the last resort)
      • Fake IDs, $5,000 in cash and another ~$7,000 in jewels, coins etc, go bags filled with food/clothes, ectoweapons, small first aid cache, digital copies of ghost files, 2 motorcycles, old Ford truck Danny phased through the doors

Brightest_Star_In_The_Sky @Thundergrl • November 11
Look out it’s the legendary monster, the three headed DORK!!

[Photo: A picture from behind of Danny, Sam and Tucker in the school library. They’re all deeply invested in something on Tucker’s laptop. Sam has one arm around the back of Tucker’s chair, leaned in so close their faces are nearly touching. On the other side of Tucker, Danny has his head sitting on the table atop his folded arms, he’s also pressed tight into Tucker’s side.]

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> Bruce Lee’s Fourth Cousin @KwanLee • November 11
I never see those nerds apart. Didn’t foley n manson used to hate each other?

> SexiLexi @Memedreamqueen • November 11
Omg are the three of them dating???

> Konspiraceee @westisbest • November 11
Wth are they always doing together? Pretty sus if you ask me…

> Dimmadale @yaboydale • November 11
Give it a break Wes, last week u said Tetslaff was a werewolf

                     >Konspiraceee @westisbest • November 11
                               YOU MUST ADMIT SHE IS A VERY HAIRY WOMAN!!!!

(Video: Tucker giggling quietly to himself, the camera is being held low so the other people in the room can’t see he’s recording. Sam, Jazz, Danny and Mrs. Fenton are watching the news which is talking about the ghost boy.)

JF: So his name is Invisobil?

DF: No, no it’s not.

SM: I mean, are you sure? Maybe he likes puns. I mean you like puns, Danny.

DF: I like good puns, thank you very much.

DF: It’s demeaning and stupid and not his name.

MF: Kids, it doesn’t matter what the ghost calls itself.

DF: Actually Mom, it kind of does.

JF: I mean… I think it’s kind of cute.

TF: I agree with Jazz, Invisobil has a nice ring to it.

(Danny turns towards Tucker, a pinched expression on his face and his eyes glowing a bright green.)


Private Snapchat
From: @TechMaster
To: @Darker-X-than-X-Black

[Photo: Danny Fenton, sound asleep in Tucker’s room with a blanket draped around his shoulders and clutched in his hands. He looks peaceful. He’s also floating about 2 feet off of Tucker’s bed, the ends of the blanket he’s holding onto is ghosting the mattress. Text reads, Hope my mom doesn’t check in on us]

@Darker-X-than-X-Black took a screenshot


You (12:10 pm): Hey Sam, u free? Wanna get a Nasty Burger?
You (12:10 pm): Ur treat?
Girlboss (12:11 pm): I’m available but Danny’s on that weekend trip with his mom.
You (12:12 pm): I know, I thought u and I could hang out
You (12:13 pm): We didn’t start as friends, both hanging around for Danny but we’ve been thru alot
You (12:14 pm): Idk hope its not weird but ur pretty cool Sam. I’d like to think we’re friends now, w/ or w/o Danny
Girlboss (12:15 pm): You’re my friend too, Tuck. I’ll meet you there in 20.
Girlboss (12:15 pm): I’ll even buy your disgusting meat abomination.

You (12:56 pm): [Photo: Sam and Tucker in the booth at the Nasty Burger, both making silly faces at the camera.]
You (12:57 pm): Hope you and your mom are having fun at the science thing!
Phantum (1:14 pm): {Message failed to send}
Phantum (6:25 pm): {Message failed to send}
Phantum (9:20 pm): [Photo: Danny covered in dirt and scratches, there’s some small twigs poking out of his messy hair and his shirt is dirty and worn. He looks angry and exhausted. In the background, it’s late at night in a thickly wooded forest.]
Phantum (9:20 pm): Fun isnt the word i wuld use

Casper High Ghost Club!!
President: Paulina Sanchez Vice President: Star Thunder

Join us in room 328 on Thursday, November 16th at 4pm for the very first meeting of the Casper High Ghost Club! This club will discuss some of the scary and heroic ghosts that haunt our town! You definitely want to get involved with Casper’s coolest and spookiest new club!
Snacks provided*

*To those who pay club dues


(Webcam: The Fenton Portal is in full view. Danny sighs loudly and turns from the portal to look at Sam and Tucker with longing eyes.)

DP: Do I really have to?

SM: Stop being such a whiner and just go.

TF: Not how I would have phrased it but yeah. Come on, dude, we’ve been talking of exploring the Zone for weeks now.

DP: But this isn’t a we, it’s a me and the last time I went in, I got sent to ghost jail.

TF: Not our fault your dad busted the Speeder and we’ll be there with you in spirit aaaand via the webcam. I have a timer set. Thirty minutes in, don’t get out of sight of the portal then back home. If we want to start being better at protecting Amity, we need to know the enemy turf.

DP: Alright, alright I’m going.

SM: (whispering) Nice use of obsession, Tuck.

DP: What was that?

SM: Nothing, have a good trip.

DP: Ugh, for the second time in my life, I walk into a ghost portal because Sam tells me to. (An audible gulp as Danny hesitantly floats through the portal.)

DP: Ok well, here we are again, Ghost Hell. (Deep breath) Although, I will admit, it feels kinda good. My ghost half definitely likes being in here. It’s cold and empty and devoid of any meaning.

TF: So like high school?

DP: Shut up, I don’t know, it’s nice. I didn’t really notice the last time, you know, being arrested and all. Or maybe I’m just more attuned to my powers. Ok, I’m going further in.

SM: Be careful, Danny. (The video slowly looks up and around the Zone. Danny sighs softly or gasps as he takes in the deep green swirling sky and the various doors and objects floating around. A small colony of blob ghosts fly by, some stopping to observe Danny. They get close, their barely visible form hard to see on camera.)

DP: Hey guys, cut it out! I don’t have any treats on me.

TF: Finally, a pet I can get past my dad’s fur allergy.

DP: They’re not pets, Tuck. (Phantom’s gloved hand can be seen and a blob settles into it comfortably.) They’re just little souls looking for their place in the world.

SM: Your thirty minutes are up, Danny.

DP: Yeah… just give me another minute. I want to check out a little more, I guess I didn’t realize this place was so…

SM: Cool?

DP: Alive.


Tucker’s Digital Journal: Entry 69

Haha, nice. Moving on, I’ve been feeling real anxious and depressed lately. I mean it really isn’t a shocker considering how everything’s been going. It just seems to be ghost battle after ghost battle, another night of skipped sleep, another failed assignment, another chunk taken out of Danny’s side, another slew of articles criticizing our best efforts to keep the town safe. Man, I didn’t know being on a superhero team would be so TOUGH. Where’s the adoration? The babes? The easy sleep knowing we did the right thing and made things better? For all the blood, sweat and tears we’ve poured into this town, I barely sleep at night because I’m too stressed about all our mistakes. They haven’t said so but I know Danny and Sam feel the same.

I’m just complaining at this point, we all agreed to it and there is no getting off the train now it’s left the station. I know I was all gungho about Danny being a hero at the start but I kinda wish he'd just decided to lay low, use his powers to get to school faster and for petty pranks. That’d be so much easier than watching him get the crud kicked out of him day after day after day. I mean, we’re 14, this is waaaay over our heads but the ghosts and hunters certainly don’t care. Ugh this is pointless, guess I just needed to let off some steam. So back on topic, there were two attacks today: one in the early morning and one during 6th period-


Nearly Dead But Not Quite (1:45 am): Am I like, even alive anymore?
Nearly Dead But Not Quite (1:45 am): Like what AM I?
Nearly Dead But Not Quite (1:46 am): I’m just getting back from fighting Skulker and idek what species I am or how long I’ll live and it's just all alot
You (1:47 am): It’s almost 2 am my dude
You (1:47 am): Nows not the time for an existential crisis else I’ll finish what that portal started
Nearly Dead But Not Quite (1:48 am): yea ok that’s fair gnight


Public Snapchat
From: @SpaceGhost

[Snapchat: Sam and Tucker showing off matching Dumpty Humpty shirts. Sam is making the rock on gesture with both hands while Tucker mimes the air guitar. Danny is between them also in a matching shirt. He’s upside down with the ends of his bangs level with their shoulders; he holds the camera in one hand and gives an upside down peace sign with the other. They’re standing in the middle of Danny’s room and there’s no obvious places Danny could be hanging from.]

@KwanLeeBoyToy commented: How the heck is Fenton doing that??
@SpaceGhost commented: I lift


Sam’s Injury Log

[Photo: Phantom sitting on the edge of his bed with an exhausted expression on his face. He’s missing three teeth and there’s a deep cut from behind his ear up to his cheek. His suit is ripped and burned in several places and he’s clutching at his obviously dislocated left shoulder. His aura looks dimmer than usual and his form is faded.]

Danny caught Plasmius hovering near Fentonworks and engaged him in battle. Tuck and I were only alerted after the Fentons woke up and drove Plasmius off leaving Danny time to sneak back into his room and call us. The easiest fix was the shoulder, I found a great tutorial [x] on putting shoulders back into place so that went in relatively easily. Found an ice pack and tylenol for the swelling. His cheek wound bled alot but overall wasn’t as bad as it looked, it had probably half healed in the time it took us to get there so no stitches needed. Used saline/hydrogen peroxide to clean and bandage it to stop the leaking ectoplasm. Wounds like that shouldn’t transfer over to Fenton so no need to come up with any excuses.

Weird as it is, Danny’s teeth also grow back? This is like the fourth time I’ve documented him missing teeth and yet he’s fine the next time he transforms. Don’t know if I should mention this but every tooth that comes back seems sharper than normal. Need more data to study these ghost teeth but they don’t seem to bother Danny so I guess it's just another weird ghost thing. 

I hate ectoburns with a passion, sucks that I’ve seen enough to distinguish ghostmade ectoburns vs artificial. This is definitely the former, you can tell by how it warps his body a bit, the burn looking more like an acid burn than a fire burn. Using cool cloth to clean the site, we then apply a medicinal honey and a bandage. Yeah honey, I went through half a pharmacy worth of creams for ectoburns to find that honey based creams work best for Danny. 

The rest is just sheer exhaustion. Whatever fuels Danny as a ghost gets drained from fighting strong enemies for too long, plus the emotional energy of fighting Plasmius. Emotions make his powers stronger but also wear him out faster. He’ll need to rest well to recover his strength. I have to get back but Tuck will stay the night to make sure Danny is able to sleep. Shouldn’t be a problem, he’s drooling on my shoulder as I type this up. I will check him out again at school tomorrow but from past experience, he should be fine.

Materials used: 1 pack of gauze, Mollie’s Miracle Medical Honey (almost out, need to buy more!) an ice pack, two 500mg Tylenol tabs.


(Audio Clip from Good Morning Amity! morning radio program)

Bradley Norris: Good morning Amity Park! It is looking to be another beautiful fall day and we are going to help get your day started with an interview with local ghost hunters, Jack and Maddie Fenton. These two are going to talk a little bit about what the average joe needs to know about ghosts and how you can protect you and your family. So, tell me, what is a ghost?

Maddie Fenton: So in simple terms a ghost is what remains of a soul after the body has expired. However, souls are not meant to exist without physical form and try to recreate it out of ectoplasm. Now ectoplasm is non-organic, non-physical slough created by living things; think of it like dead skin cells only for immaterial things like emotions and memory. Restless souls construct a form out of it and are able to interact in the real world.

Jack Fenton: Now all the ectoplasm slough, created from a hundred billion living things since the dawn of time, has to go somewhere. It slips in between the cracks of reality and forms what we know as the Ghost Dimension. Anything non-living automatically goes there. 

Bradley Norris: Alright, that’s a little over my head but I’m sure our listeners got all that. So why do these restless souls as you called them become so, well, scary?

Jack Fenton: I got this one, Mads. So what we call a soul is really just a form of energy created from the initial spark of life. That energy acts as a conduit through which we’re able to move and exist in the world as a living being. Souls interact differently through ectoplasm, it’s bonded differently like running electricity through water versus something more solid. This warps the soul’s energy and turns it into something unrecognizable from what it had been before.

Maddie Fenton: Great example, honey. So these souls wrapped in ectoplasm, ghosts, operate completely differently than us humans. They’re jealous, I suppose you could say, of our life. Also since ghosts are made of ectoplasm, they need a steady supply simply to maintain their form. Outside of the ectoplasm rich ghost dimension, they need to create their own by feeding off the sheddings of the living. Fear happens to be one of the easiest and strongest emotions to produce ectoplasm since it’s rooted in the fight for survival. 

Maddie Fenton: In addition, every ghost is driven by something. It’s literally the reason they exist, what keeps them tethered to this world. Nothing else matters but fulfilling this desire, human lives or problems don’t filter into their worldview. Even those that aren’t actively malicious simply don’t have the capacity for caring.

(Comment) Sam: It gets really bigoted after this point but this really was an interesting perspective on where ghosts came from that might be worth looking into.


Private Snapchat
From: @TechMaster
To: @Darker-X-than-X-Black, @SpaceGhost

(Snapchat video: The video is completely dark. Tucker: gosh, it’s so dark if ONLY I had a light of some sort. Green light soon overtakes the camera. Neon light is shining out of Danny Fenton’s eyes, even his skin radiates a light green color. Danny: I got you, babe.)

Princesa @princesspaulie • November 23
Who’s with me in changing the name of casper highs football team from the ugly ravens :face-vomiting emoji: :x emoji: :x emoji: :x emoji: to the Inviso Bills? :heart-eyes emoji: :heart-eyes emoji: :heart-eyes emoji:

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> GalPalVal @greylady
That’s literally the worst thing I’ve ever heard of, he’s a menace Lina

> Tuchnes @TF_Too Fine
I’m all for it, gotta repay our hero somehow

                       > Ghost bait @SpaceAce04
                    Why are you like this

> Goth Ebony Darkness @Plant-666-Queen
I could get behind a B&W theme for school colors


Jazz (1:01 pm): Danny! Are you okay?
You (1:01 pm): Yeah?
You (1:01 pm): are u?
Jazz (1:02 pm): I saw there was an attack downtown, that meat monster was there with the ghost kid and the red hunter woman.
Jazz (1:03 pm): They got knocked around a lot, I was worried.
You (1:03 pm): I wasnt downtown
You (1:03 pm): Been at Sam’s all day
You (1:04 pm): [Photo: Sam looking up from her desk as she paints her nails a deep red color. The news is playing in the background.]
You (1:05 pm): What makes u think I was there?
Jazz (1:05 pm): Nothing, no reason. Have fun with Sam.
Jazz (1:05 pm): I love you, be safe.

Public Snapchat
From: @SpaceGhost

(Snapchat Video: The Nasty Burger mascot is being bombarded by several young children. Two hang onto their arms, one is kicking at the mascot’s legs while another is laughing while throwing handfuls of fries at the group. Text reads, That mascot is braver than any US marine :pensive emoji: :fist emoji:)

@Shadesofgrey added @SpaceGhost as a friend!
@SpaceGhost added @Shadesofgrey as a friend!


Ghost-it Notes


Danny: It’s probably time we talked about Vlad and what we’re going to do about the creepy fruitloop. The thing with my mom and the Colorado trip was bad enough but he put a bounty on my head, attacked my dad and almost got the house blown up trying to steal our portal. Let’s lay out the facts and work on a game plan.

  • He’s got ghost powers, like me. He got them 20 some years ago when he got into an accident with a prototype ghost portal my parents built. Unlike me, he got bad ectoacne and had to spend years in the hospital recovering. 
  • A lot more experienced with his powers, he can duplicate and do this electric attack and other cool stuff. I'm not even remotely on the same level. 
  • He’s a billionaire, has his fingers in a lot of corporations, mostly big tech startups but some realty. I’ll eat my shirt if he didn’t use his powers to get all his money. 
  • Lives in Wisconsin but, using his portal, he can get to Amity basically whenever he wants. His portal and house got blown up so idk I guess he’s homeless now or something. 
  • Apparently he’s been crushing on my mom since college (ew) and blames my dad for marrying her and also for the accident. Once he found out about me, he decided he wanted me to abandon my family and join him as an evil sith apprentice or whatever. 
  • Massive creep, massive. Loves to tease me and remind me how beneath him I am. He’s manipulative and smarter than me and has all this money and power and experience and without using tricks or blackmail, I’d be dead-er.

So, thoughts on how to make him back off forever. I am open to literally all options.

(Comment) Sam: Kill him the rest of the way and distribute all his money to charity

(Comment) Tucker: find some embarrassing videos of him from your parents' college day or of him being a creeper. Shame him into hiding. 


Tucker’s Fenton Weapon Breakdown

Name: Fenton Weasel {Fenton Weasel Schematics. jpg}

Purpose: The Weasel is designed to absorb ambient ectoplasm in the air, up to and including ghosts for transport back to the Ghost Zone

Danger Factor: 5, the Weasel acts as a sort of ghost containment device like the Thermos only it’s more cramped and lets the user transport ghosts to the Zone without interaction.

Counters: These don’t work in human form, don’t let your Mom sneak up on you


(Video: It starts in a corner of Danny’s room. There’s a multi-colored strobe light going off and Carmaladansen is playing loudly in the background. Tucker can be heard snickering slightly and humming under his breath as he gently turns the camera until it’s focused on Phantom lying face down on the floor with a small puddle of unidentifiable liquid underneath him.)

SM: Ok, I got the first aid kit and- What are you idiots doing? Danny’s bleeding out!

TF: Oh come on, Sam, don’t be a party pooper.

DP: Did you get it, please tell me you got it because I think I’m going to pass out.

Front Page

Ghost Boy Goes On Reign of Destruction
By: Madison Kendricks

Last night, Amity Park’s most frequent ghostly haunter, Invisobil, was caught in the midst of several crimes last night. He and a band of ghosts broke into several of Amity’s jewelry stores and robbed them of thousands of dollars of product. While making their escape, the ghost fired upon Amity Park police officers who were giving chase. No one was injured during the attack but two police cars were damaged and needed repairs. In addition to last night’s thefts, the ghost was spotted at Circus Gothica which is currently under investigation for fraud and threatening to harm customers. Local ghost hunters and the police will be attempting to catch the town menace before he causes serious harm. 


Fixing Danny’s Bad PR

Tucker: Alright so because of the whole Walker ordeal plus now Freakshow’s mind control, Phantom isn’t exactly the most popular guy in Amity Park right now. We need to do some damage control so people can realize he’s not one of those evil type ghosts but an awesome superhero.

Danny: What do celebrities usually do when they get bad press? I could maybe do an interview and try to explain what happened, maybe blame cancel culture? Show up at charities and try to help before I get blasted away? Should I make a long, tearful apology video for Youtube??

Sam: I’m not sure how good of an idea an interview would be right now given how rockbottom your rep is right now. Plus we need to kind of settle on what you’re going to tell people about your powers/origins before we get there. But I have been giving some thought to maybe adding a logo to your costume. It would make you stand out from the other ghosts and associate you with other superheroes. If you make fun of these I will literally end the 1.5 lives between the two of you.

{Attached: Phantom Logos.doc}

(Comment) Danny: I think they’re cool Sam, def worth thinking about

(Comment) Tucker: I can’t believe the only non-nerd in the trio was the first to suggest a logo. 


Tucker’s Digital Journal: Entry 101

Guess who has a :sparkle emoji: phobia??? :sparkle emoji: 

I never liked being around sick people but I mean, who does? My mom’s a nurse so I know better than most that hospitals can be torture chambers and the medicine that saves you can also kill you. But like, it wasn’t a big deal before. I watched enough horror movies and played enough violent video games that I thought I was a bit desensitized, yknow? Until I saw Danny bleeding out in the middle of the road. We were out patrolling, Danny on his own while Sam and I took up the rear on scooters, when the Guys in White found him. We missed most of the battle but we could hear Danny screaming over the comms. That god awful scream, like the Accident all over again. 

I let loose the ghosts we had caught (Box Ghost, Snake Ghost and some weird English poet guy) to distract the GiW from Danny. Sam got to him first and was already doing first aid by the time I arrived. We couldn’t go to our houses like this so we decided to go to our nearest safe house, the creepy, abandoned house on Hill Top Road. Phantom was split almost in two and he was spilling ectoplasm everywhere and flickering like a dying lightbulb. It was all I could do to stay conscious, holding my best bro while Sam drove us to the house. Once there, she sprung into action. 

For a girl, Sam has balls of STEEL. She told me later but she’s been taking online first aid classes, that she spent hours practicing bandages and stitches on old dolls. It’s way different than working on your buddy but Sam handled it like a boss. We are so lucky to have her. Danny stayed as Phantom but there was ghost blood everywhere. He was clutching weakly at his side, literally trying to hold himself together. Sam had to keep moving his hands so she could clean and close the wound that was so deep, I could see bones. Danny was making these horrible gasping noises and Sam was cursing up a storm, Ectoplasm all over her arms and clothes as she tried to stitch Danny back up. 

I vaguely remember Sam yelling at me to hold Danny still, to help her with the supplies. I could only watch as the puddle of ectoplasm grew larger underneath Danny. I couldn’t see anything else other than that, imagining the pain my best friend was going through, thinking of him bleeding out right there or getting infected and dying horribly later on. Don’t remember much after that. From what Sam told me, I was hyperventilating and then just fainted dead away. Even though I know I couldn’t help it, I feel terrible for leaving Sam with two patients. When I woke up, Sam had finished with the biggest wound and was starting on the others. She was crying and shaking and clearly at the end of her rope but she got Danny put back together. And even though I left her alone to do a miserable, horrible job, Sam looked at me with nothing but understanding.

Now my mom can’t talk about work without me getting nauseous, just walking by the nurse’s office at school freaks me out. Any reminder of sickness or injury reminds me of the agonizing dread of seeing Danny so critically injured. Dude heals up fast but that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen him roughed up bad. And as ghosts and hunters get bolder, it’s only going to get worse. I swore Sam to secrecy, if Danny knew it upset me, he’d work even harder to hide injuries from us. So she’ll be the team doctor and I’ll be the one scrubbing video feeds and tech support. Any time Danny comes back to class hiding cuts and bruises, I just turn my head and try not to pass out again. Hope Danny can forgive me for my weakness but I just can’t stand to see him hurt like that.


Sam’s Injury Log

Danny received the worst injury I’ve ever seen from him tonight. No pictures because it’s pretty graphic. The Dicks in White found him on patrol and did a real number on him. Danny later said it was some sort of laser weapon that cut right through him and made it difficult to heal. He had small but deep laser wounds on both his arms, and one cutting across his right thigh. The worst was a deep cut from his left hip to his shoulder, deep enough I could see ghostly green muscle, tendons and bones of his ribs, collarbone and shoulder. Ectoplasm was everywhere, his aura was very dim and he wasn’t responsive at first. 

I had to do emergency treatment right there in the middle of the street; hopefully no one was up at 2:15am to see. I took out my chlorhexidine solution and dumped half the bottle over him. That caused him to wake up a little to my relief. I pulled out all the gauze rolls I had and tried to wrap the cut. His left arm was barely attached to him so I ended up going a few times vertically and horizontally to make it into a temporary sling. I used 5 rolls of gauze before I felt he’d be okay for travel. Danny started to transform back but a jab of concentrated ectoplasm kept him as Phantom. Tuck helped me get him to the closest safe house, the old house on Hill Top Road.

Danny had soaked through the bandages by the time we got to the house and he was semi-awake. The wound looked slightly healed but clearly he needed help putting himself back together. I poured the rest of the chlorhexidine onto some gauze and cleaned the wound as best I could before getting to work on suturing the wound closed. It was deeper than anything I’d ever done and I knew it was bad enough that it would kill Danny if he changed back before it was healed. It took over an hour to close that enormous wound, mostly because Danny kept trying to push my hands away and I kept losing sight of the needle and thread in all the ectoplasm. I had to give him 3 more ectoplasm shots to keep him as a ghost where the injury could be treated. 

Once the wound was closed, I wrapped it with some thicker, absorbent gauze I had stored in the house and began working on the other, smaller cuts. I was able to get those cleaned, sutured and wrapped by 4:30. I used the last ectoplasm shot I had on hand to try and accelerate his healing. By 5, he had color back in his cheeks and was a little more clear headed. Tucker helped me get him to the worn mattress so he could sleep off the injury. I passed out for a bit and woke up at around 8 to find Danny in human form sitting up and smiling. The bandages had some old blood and ectoplasm on them. I could see where the injury happened but it looked clean and healed. I’m hoping rest and more ectoplasm will clear it up entirely. He tried to play it off but I could tell he was in a lot of pain so I gave him some Vicodin I’d stolen from my mom. Thank god it was Saturday, we called our folks and played the accidental sleepover card. We stayed at Hill Top the rest of the day and walked Danny home that night. He seemed okay but it’s hard to tell with him sometimes. I hope my treatment was enough.

Materials used: 9 packs of regular gauze, 3 abdominal pads, 1 bottle chlorhexidine, sutures, 5 shots of concentrated ectoplasm (need restocking), 1 Vicodan.

(Comment) Tucker: Sam you did more than enough, you saved his life. I’m so sorry you had to do it alone.

[Polaroid Photo: Phantom floating in front of the active portal with a big grin, flexing his arms comically. His torso is puffed out to show off a new white logo on his chest. Handwritten on the bottom, Back where it all started: Danny, the portal and teenage stupidity only now with a marketable logo. Good idea Sam!]


How Big Pharma is Preventing Affordable Medical Treatment
RiotGrl666 • 956 views  • 1 day ago

In this video, I pull the receipts on some of the big name pharmaceutical companies and demonstrate how they overinflate the price of lifesaving medicines. A lot will cut deals with hospitals to leach as much money as they can from sick, desperate people... 


Ok so this a very important topic and I’m with you 101% bc my gram pays WAY too much for her daily insulin but I gotta ask what the HELL Is up with that creepy guy in the bg?? Is he like medically okay? Are you safe there??

Look RiotGirl666, I respect you alot for using your position of privilege to lay out all the dirt on big money with good, concise videos with sources backing you up. You’re not another vapid, commercial beauty YTer looking to make money or their 15m of fame. So like… stop resorting to cheap tricks for views/subscribers. Tell your friend to cut it out with the LED contacts (sick btw where’d he get them?) and green fake blood. If you wanna make horror videos, create another account. I expect real, serious content on this one.

Cute goth girl? Really great dragging opinions on the absolute bs going on with rich capitalists? Apparently doesn’t fear god, death and whatever dark cryptid she kicked out of her room? Not to be a lesbian on main but //oh my god//


It’s Not a Phase Mom (1:14 pm): DANNY!!!
Half n Half (1:14 pm): I’m sorry I thought u were doing that Weds
Half n Half (1:15 pm): Good video btw I really admire your public speaking ability :smile emoji:
It’s Not a Phase Mom (1:15 pm): Don’t :smile emoji: me! Your spooky ass is all people are talking about in the comments!
Half n Half (1:16 pm): I’m sorryyyyyy, I was feeling bleh and knew you had some of that good ectoplasm in your room
You (1:17 pm): As gut busting hilarious as this is, Danny can I rent ur spooky ass? I’m gonna start my own gaming acct and could use that Phantom advantage for my hit count :sunglasses emoji:
It’s Not a Phase Mom (1:18 pm): Are you serious Tucker?? He made a mockery of the important issue that I was discussing and what if it gets out to the GIW or the Fentons??
Half n Half (1:18 pm): Shes got a point Tuck what’s in it for me?
You (1:19 pm): Aside from literally everything Sam and I do to keep u half alive? I’ll trade you that Gengar I caught the other day in Pokémon Go :smirk emoji:
Half n Half (1:19 pm): U just bought yourself a haunting! You know I love the ghost types! Lmk when u want me to spook up ur video
It’s Not a Phase Mom (1:39 pm): I can't with you two.


Tucker’s Fenton Weapon Breakdown

Name: Fenton Bazooka {Fenton Bazooka Schematics.jpg}

Purpose: A large ectogun that can cause excessive damage to any ghosts hit. Can be attached to a portal generator and send any ghosts instantly back to the Zone.

Danger Factor: 8, this is about as bad of an ectoweapon as you can make. The high concentration of ectoenergy is enough to wipe out most small and medium level ghosts.

Counters: Ectoshield can repel one or two hits, dodge!
(Note: I know we've already sabotaged a few weapons but I think this one might need to go too just bc of how nasty it can be. I'll text you the deets on how to disable it or I'll do it next time I'm over)


Private Snapchat
From: @SpaceGhost
To: @Darker-X-than-X-Black, @TechMaster

[Snapchat: Phantom is floating high in the sky, there’s a few pieces of stray garbage on his costume and a rotten banana peel sitting on his head. While he’s giving a shaky smile, his eyes are wide and wet. Text reads, someone threw some garbage at me from out their window while I was flying by. Guess I’m King Trash now haha]

@TechMaster commented: emergency meeting at the Nasty Burger NOW
@Darker-X-than-X-Black commented: I grabbed my dad’s wallet
@Darker-X-than-X-Black commented: I’m buying as many disgusting milkshakes as you can possibly drink, hero boy


Tucker’s Digital Journal: Entry 156

TGIF baby and it was a week let me tell you. Now that ghosts aren’t a secret anymore it seems like there’s attacks and sightings everywhere. On Tuesday, some Black and Purple dragon ghost came and challenged Danny in the middle of 7th period History so we evacuated the school and just… went home early. Mrs. Robinson is sending us powerpoints expecting us to make up the lesson which sux tho :/. Wednesday, Technus and Skulker had a very public spat that it took Danny almost two hours to contain along with destroying part of West street and a few stores in that strip mall down there. Phantom couldn’t pop up without Val trying to turn him into swiss cheese on Thursday. Heard she got chewed out during a parent-teacher conference for her absences so she went after her favorite target of misplaced aggression. 

Life in Amity has turned upside down with ghosts being a Thing ™ now. Before it felt like some secret club the three of us did, something no one could know about. But now I hear the names of ghosts being said aloud instead of whispered amongst us. It’s good and bad, on the one hand, Danny has a little slack taken off when he disappears mid-attack because it’s so chaotic. Plus the Fentons are finally getting the recognition and respect they deserve. But like, people are in so much more danger now. I know it’s stressing Danny out with his ghost instincts making him so territorial. Makes me realize how much higher the stakes are, like if Danny gets outed not just as a ghost but Public Ghost Enemy Number One ? There’s gonna be problems. Ugh file that under “worry about later” it’s Friday Night! We all agreed to a brief patrol and then movie night in Sam’s sweet home theater for some much needed decompression. Revenge of the Dead Teacher here I come! 


Spooky Boi (4:29 pm): So like the whole school has ghost powers now
You (4:29 pm): Except me
Spooky Boi (4:30 pm): Except Tuck and his nasty perfume
You (4:30 pm): Rude bruh
Spooky Boi (4:30 pm): So like on a scale of 1 to 10
Spooky Boi (4:31 pm): How bad of an idea is it to fake having ghost flu just to show off a bit?
Spooky Boi (4:31 pm): Bc I bet my ghost powers could totally kick Dash’s ghost powers butt
Sammy Phantom (4:32 pm): 11
You (4:32 pm): 11
You (4:32 pm): Lmao jinx, u owe me a soda
Sammy Phantom (4:34 pm): Why don’t you focus on fixing these ghost powers instead of being a show off jerk?
Sammy Phantom: (4:34 pm): Also you drink twice your weight in soda everytime you're at my house, Tuck.
Spooky Boi (4:35 pm): You guys are no fun :rage emoji:


Public Snapchat
From: @TechMaster

[Snapchat: Tucker sitting cheek to cheek with an elderly white man. They’re both in hospital gowns. The older man is grinning while Tucker is trying but it comes across as a grimace. Text reads: Friendship ended with Danny and Sam, now Earl is my new best friend]

@Darker-X-Than-X-Black commented: Oh good, we’re finally free
@TechMaster replied: I’m only in this hospital bc I saved your life woman!!!!


Casper High King @dashing_baxter • December 12
Now that the music pirate invasion is over r we gonna talk about Fenton being kinda badass for a min there?

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> Bruce Lee’s Fourth Cousin @KwanLee • December 6
Lol nope

> Princesa @princesspaulie • December 6
Why are we talking about Fenton when mi amor Invisobil was there

> Dimmadale @yaboydale • December 6
Nerd did have some sick moves ngl

                                        > Casper High King @ dashing_baxter • December 6
                                                                            This is FENTON were talking bout, probs got so scared by the ghosts he circled around 2 cool


Ghost Count 12/20/20XX: Danny has fought 52 different named ghosts and been in 238 different fights





Sam (5:54 pm): Danny I know you’re not gonna see this until you get back from your fight with the Ghost King.
Sam (5:54 pm): But I didn’t say everything I wanted to on the roof before you left.
Sam (5:55 pm): And it’s okay because you’re going to come back and read your messages.
Sam (5:55 pm): You have to come back and help me keep Tucker in line and show this stupid town that not all ghosts are evil or nerds are worthless.
Sam (5:56 pm): You are incredible Danny, my best friend and the first person who liked me for me, the bossy goth girl.
Sam (5:57 pm): You were special even without your powers and you are going to change the world for the better.
Sam (5:58 pm): Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, thank you for inviting me to sit with you at lunch that day in 8th grade.
Sam (5:58 pm): We’ll see you when you get back.

(Video clip from Channel 4 News)

TS: Good morning Amity Park, this is Tiffany Snow and clean up from the ghost invasion has almost finished up and most stores and restaurants have opened up for business. Still ongoing is what to do to prevent future ghost attacks and what to make of the invasion’s hero, Phantom, formerly known as Invisobil.

LT: Lance Thunder here and It’s a sticky situation, Tiffany. Viewers may remember Phantom as the ghost behind the Siege of City Hall back in the fall during Amity’s first major ghost incident. He was also spotted commiting crimes and disrupting the peace a few months later. But what are the mysterious spirit’s motives for saving the town? 

TS: It’s hard to say, Lance. I personally am rooting for our own hometown hero and hope he continues to keep us safe from the ghosts.


+1 608 XXX XXXX (6:00 am): Hello Daniel.
You (6:18 am): Who is texting me at 6 in the morning
You (6:19 am): Wait only one jerk calls me Daniel
You (6:19 am): How much bribe money did you pay to get my number Vlad???
+1 608 XXX XXXX (6:20 am): None, I simply asked your mother. I told her I was concerned and wanted to check up on you.
+1 608 XXX XXXX (6:20 am): You’ve unknowingly entangled yourself in a battle that you have no hope of winning, Child.
+1 608 XXX XXXX (6:21 am): I suggest if you want to keep what’s left of your pitiful little half life, you stay away from anything to do with the Ghost King.
You (6:21 am): That a threat Plasmius?
+1 608 XXX XXXX (6:21 am): Sleep well, Little Badger.


Tucker: I’m seriously not happy about this but Danny insisted that I put these in here. Basically he made videos for his friends and family if, during a fight or whatever, he… didn’t come back. I’m adding them but I hope to god to never see them opened.

[x] Mom and Dad (24m 17s)
[x] Jazz (10m 46s)
[x] Tucker (4m 49s)
[x] Sam (5m 12s)
[x] Vlad (11m 4s)
[x] Valerie (9m 33s)

Public Snapchat
From: @SpaceGhost

[Snapchat: Danny Fenton, dressed in a plaid button up with a shirt underneath along with a backwards baseball cap, has a lazy arm slung around Danny Phantom. Despite his easy smile, he looks pale, clammy and his eyes don’t seem to be focusing. Phantom has his arms crossed with a stern expression on his face but his form seems more transparent than usual and his eyes are weirdly flat. He’s wearing a bedsheet for a cape.]

@Darker-X-than-X-Black commented: Danny you absolute idiot
@JasmineFenton16 commented: WHAT HOW????
@PaulinaPink commented: how did you get so close to my ghost boy nerd!?
@Homie-boy commented: Fenton what ghost weed did u and phantom smoke and where can i get sum?


Tucker’s Fenton Weapon Breakdown

Name: Fenton Ghost Catcher {Ghost Catcher Schematics.jpg}

Purpose: It expunges and separates ectoplasmic energy from real world objects, both living and non-living

Danger Factor: 2 8, While initially kind of hilarious to have a separated Super Danny and Fun Danny running around, it became clear as time passed that neither halves were doing okay. Even after merging back, Danny spent the whole rest of the weekend vomiting and shaking off some nasty ecto-contamination. 

Counters: Find better ways to time manage dude, also check the Merge and Separate sides


(Video: Danny is alone in his room, he stares vacantly at the camera with a dull, haunted expression. He rubs at the bags under his eyes and pushes his messy hair out of his face.)

DF: Tucker says… this journal is like a record, a way of keeping track of everything that has happened. To be honest, I’m not sure how to feel about that. There are some things I know I’d rather forget… that I don’t want anyone to know about. (He sighs heavily, leaning forward and digging his fingernails into his scalp before sitting up wearily.)

DF: But… even if I don’t like them, these things happened, things no one but me remembers. I don’t want anyone to know what could have been if I’d… but you need to know, just in case it all goes wrong again. (His eyes flash green for a second before he sits up more confidently, like he is going into battle. His face is somber but resolute.)

DF: This is about my ultimate enemy. It really started the week of the CAT. I was feeling stressed out about my grades and my future and it led to me making decisions that had… (Danny’s adam apple bobs as he visibly struggles to hold himself together) consequences.

{Video is 97 minutes long} 


Corvid Communications!
Casper High’s Weekly Newsletter

Upcoming Events

Wed May 15th - Ghost Drill during 5th period. Those with weapons certification may practice with ectoguns and portable shields.

Fri May 17th - Ravens Game Day! Wear Red and White to support your favorite fighting birds! Don’t miss the game with the Elmerton Elks at 8pm!

Sat May 18th - The Casper High Phan Club is organizing a protest over the city’s treatment of ghost hero, Phantom. March starts at 10am from the school to Lincoln Street.


Private Snapchat
From: @JasmineFenton16
To: @SpaceGhost, @Darker-X-than-X-Black, @TechMaster

[Snapchat: Jazz Fenton is beaming into the camera, held up high by a selfie stick. Sam and Tucker are on opposite sides of her. Tucker tries to look excited too, Sam doesn’t bother to hide her discomfort at the proximity. Danny is in front of Jazz, between his friends. He looks exhausted, his jaw is bruised and there’s some bandages peeking out from under his shirt. Text reads, Team Phantom Go!!!]

@Darker-X-than-X-Black commented: is this what we’ve come to?

Ghost-It Notes


Danny: All ghosts have an obsession, it’s their reason for being, literally. A ghost’s entire existence revolves around their obsession. The more strongly they feel it, the more powerful they can theoretically become in order to meet the requirements of their obsession. Usually the broader the obsession, like Hunting or Fame or uh Boxes I guess, the more chances the ghost has to expand and work upon their obsession. These are also ones that are harder to complete which makes the ghost more stable. Obsessions can change but the ghost would need to latch onto something else. I’ve only seen it a few times but if a ghost completes their obsession and doesn’t want to form a new one then they destabilize but, like, peacefully. I guess it’s sorta like moving on. Honestly, obsessions seem really annoying and I guess that’s one of the perks of being half-human is that I don’t have to deal with any of that craziness. 

(Comment) Tucker: I’m sorry, are you trying to say you DON’T have an obsession?

(Comment) Danny: Uh yeah?

(Comment) Sam: *looks into the camera like it’s the Office*


Highlight Reel of Danny’s Very Obvious Protection Obsession

(Snapchat Video: Sam has the front camera on, facing herself as she rolls her eyes. Her face is mostly cut off, the video instead focuses on Danny and Tucker in the background. Danny’s eyes are glowing a neon green and he’s gripping Tucker’s arms tightly and in the midst of an aggressive pat down. Text reads, Tucker wasn’t paying attention and almost wandered into traffic so Danny’s going to fuss over him for the next eternity.)

[Picture: Danny kneeling on the ground with a stressed, anxious look on his face as he helps talk down a little girl who was crying over something. Danny is very upset because he can’t figure out why she’s upset so that he can fix it for her.]

[Meme: Danny when his own life is threatened [Picture: Danny sprawled face down on the couch looking vaguely dead.]

Danny when someone else’s life is threatened [Picture: Blurry photo of Phantom mid flight as he propels himself at some poor ghost. His eyes are bright green, his aura is flaring and his mouth is pulled back in a growl revealing sharpened teeth. His expression is manic and furious.]

(Video: Danny putting himself between Coach Tetslaff and an exhausted student she’d been yelling at to get up off the ground and keep running. His shoulders are hunched forward, his hands are pulled into fists and he’s actually snarling at the older woman to back off.)

SM: It’s amazing he still has a secret identity.

TF: Yeup


Ghost Files: Youngblood
Physical Description: Small child ghost with pale skin, green hair and eyes. His outfit and appearance change based on what “game” he’s currently playing (pirate, cowboy)

  • Childlike, hates adults, annoying little snot with his stupid smarmy bone parrot
  • Abilities: Ghost powers, play specific powers, ADULTS CAN’T SEE HIM
  • Weaknesses: Can be drawn into play to trap him, Jazz can see him if I annoy her enough

Threat Level: Medium High on my nerves! 


Christmas Truce 20XX

[Phantom is straddling Johnny 13’s motorcycle, struggling to hold up the bike. Kitty and Ember are standing beside him, laughing at his attempts. Johnny can be seen in the background rushing over to the group.]

[Phantom pulling down on his face in horrified shock. Walker is off to the side, throwing his hat on the ground in aggravation. The rest of the ghosts are cackling around them. Handwritten text reads, Apparently Walker’s living great granddaughter is Phantom’s mom. What a lovely family reunion!]

[Sydney and Technus singing a duet on the karaoke machine. Ember is visibly disgusted in the background. Phantom can be seen cheering.]

[Desiree winking at the camera as she holds the mistletoe above the archway where the Box Ghost and Lunch Lady are chatting over snacks.]

[Phantom making kissy faces at Skulker just inches from the hunter’s face. The ghost for his part looks clearly aggravated that the truce prevents him from laying a hand on the halfa.]

[Group shot of Phantom with his rogues gallery leaning in behind him and grinning. Some are giving each other bunny ears or poking at Phantom. They all have Santa caps on. Handwritten text reads, Can’t wait for the next Truce!]


Jazz’s Tips For Mental and Physical Wellness!!

Hi! Thank you Tucker for giving me access to this document! :zany-face emoji: You’re not going to regret trusting me with this information, I promise! And I’ll start by proving my usefulness by saying, you kids are a mess!!! You guys have been dealing with IMPOSSIBLE SITUATIONS all on your own for too long. You may feel like you’re doing okay but what you’re doing is surviving when you could be thriving

I know teenagers don’t always eat the best but you guys need to keep your calories up and make healthy choices (Not Nasty Burger) to be your best selves! Also I know after long hours of ghost hunting, you want to goof off but SLEEP SHOULD BE A PRIORITY!!! (I’m looking at you, Daniel James). Meditation and yoga are great activities to help manage stress levels and keep the body limber for battle. I’m also here as a friend and advisor to help you get your mental health in order :heart emoji: :heart emoji: :heart emoji: . I have attached some individual recommendations to get your bodies and minds in tip top ghost butt kicking shape!!!!!

Danny Happy Health Doc.doc

Sam Happy Health Doc.doc

Tucker Happy Health Doc.doc



You (10:10 pm): So about your sister dude
Going Dead (10:12 pm): I’m not the one who gave her editing rights on your weird diary
You (10:12 pm): It’s a journal record
Spooky Ooky Bat Girl (10:13 pm): She recommended I wear light colored clothing to ‘brighten up my world view’
Going Dead (10:13 pm): I do not control The Jazz


Sam’s Injury Log 

[Photo: Jazz sitting on the desk chair in her room; she’s covered in scratches with dirt smeared on her. Her shirt sleeve is cut away revealing three deep claw marks in her left shoulder which are still bleeding. She’s also holding her left wrist tenderly.]

[Photo: Danny is sitting on Jazz’s bed, clutching at the material of his pants so tightly, his knuckles are white. His hands are torn up and bloody and several long scratches can be seen up his arms. His lip is badly split and the beginnings of a bruise can be seen on the right side of his mouth. His eyes are glowing an enraged ectoplasmic green.]

It’s certainly not my first time treating a human (would not recommend resetting your own broken fingers or bandaging scrapes of someone who’s mid panic attack) but this is probably the most serious injury for the human members of Team Phantom. Skulker had set loose some animal ghosts, one of which managed to claw Jazz pretty good in her shoulder. She’d been on top of a car at the time so when she went down, she fell badly on her wrist. Danny, who had been fighting off some of the other ghosts a few feet away, went absolutely feral.

He was almost unrecognizable: dead white skin, black sclera with his eyes blazing green, teeth sharp as knives. He must have looked just as scary to Skulker because as soon as Danny was on him, he used something to short out Danny’s powers. But even as a human, Danny just didn’t stop. He was screaming in Skulker’s metal face and clawing at whatever he could on the ghost’s armor. He messed up his hands and arms pretty good so but I don’t think Danny was feeling anything other than incomprehensible rage at the time. Skulker got in a good hit to Danny’s face to push him off, resulting in a split lip and nice bruise, before flying off with his animals. Jerk even had the audacity to apologize for harming a bondmate whatever that is.

Jazz definitely needed stitches; the cuts were so deep. We probably could have gone to the Fentons for this, gotten her real treatment but Jazz refused. Didn’t want to explain what she’d been doing out so late. Disinfected with wound cleaner and made sure it was clean of debris before I began stitching. I’ve gotten so used to Danny’s insane pain tolerance that it was humbling to see Jazz fighting flinches and tears to keep still, even with the lidocaine injection I gave her. Tucker held her good hand while Danny paced the room like a rabid animal. Once stitched, I wrapped the wound and I’ll continue to check on it as it heals. I told Jazz there’s a chance it’ll scar but she didn’t seem concerned. For her wrist, we wrapped it and put it in one of the braces I have. We all agreed to get that looked at with the excuse that she tripped. 

Danny was even more reticent to treatment than normal; Jazz literally had to pull him into her lap to get him to stop his pacing. His hands had healed a little bit but his powers were still recovering from being shorted out plus he always heals slower in human form. Four fingernails were gone and 2 more were barely hanging on. Cleaned anywhere that had open skin and just settled for bandaging his hands, fingers and arm. Everything will likely be normal within the next day or two. Not much I can do for the lip, cleaned it up and gave him an ice pack for the swelling. Hoping the ice will chill him out a bit. If Danny wasn’t going to be hovering mother hen for at least the next 3-5 days, I’d be worried about him going out and getting himself even more injured in an obsession fueled frenzy. If Skulker’s smart, he’ll lay low for a while before showing his face again. 

Materials used: (Jazz) 1 pack of gauze and 1 roll gauze, lidocaine injection, Vashe wound cleaner (Danny) 2 packs roll gauze, Vashe wound cleaner, ice pack. 


Tucker’s Digital Journal: Entry 189

It’s official, I am So Glad I’m an only child. Never had a problem with Jazz before, Danny gives her a hard time but she always seemed so cool and collected. The more time I spend with her, the more I realize the weirdo Fenton gene did not skip over her. I know I’ve compared her in the past to an over enthusiastic soccer mom but this one is definitely Jack Fenton’s daughter. 

Jazz as Danny’s sister is nice, a bit annoying but manageable. Jazz as the fourth member of our tight, well-oiled ghost hunting team? It’s a recipe for disaster. It took me some time to realize it’s not just Jazz’s bossiness or clumsiness that’s throwing us off our rhythm; it’s having another person in on the secret. Ever since Danny got his powers it’s been us three against the world. We couldn’t rely on or trust anyone: parents, teachers, classmates. Everyday we battled the worst the Zone had to offer and it really bonded us, almost unnaturally. 

Danny was always my best bro but I had other friends in band and DnD club. Sam also was a pity case, ready to fly onto her own gothy outcast group once high school started. Now I can’t remember the last time I talked to Mikey or Lester for more than 10 minutes and Sam, obviously, never left our lunch table. Somedays it feels like we’re one very stressed person split into three bodies. Great for superheroing, probably not so great for our social and mental health. 

Having Jazz invade the space that was once ours and ours alone? Really highlights the fact that we’re super isolated. She’s driving Danny crazy but it’s probably a good thing adding some fresh blood to the group plus Jazz is smart and has a lot to offer. Y'know once she calms down with the whole psychoanalysis thing. Maybe I’ll try and see if I can get the boys to squeeze me in for their next campaign. That is if I can tolerate being separated that long from my other halves :eye-roll emoji:


(Audio recording from Jazz’s cell phone)

Jazz: Ok, I have the recorder on. You can start wherever you want, Danny.

Danny: Jazz, this is stupid. I don’t know why you want to record this anyway. You just want to pick my answers apart and psychoanalyse me or whatever.

Jazz: That’s not it, Danny. I’m recording because I want to be able to go back later so I can understand. You’ve barely told me anything about your powers, your enemies, your life. 

Danny: I don’t- it’s not safe for you to know. I know you want to help but it’s dangerous.

Jazz: This mess with Vlad and the ectosuit proves that I’m in even more danger when I don’t know what’s going on.


Jazz: Danny, I’m already involved. Just talk to me, like you used to. It’s a long flight from Wisconsin to Illinois.

Danny: (Sighs) What do you want to know?

Jazz: Start with the beginning, with the Accident. Only what you’re comfortable with, of course! But you never know, it might be good to talk about it.

Danny: Right, the Accident. So uh Sam really wanted to check out the lab and with Mom and Dad getting parts to try and fix the portal, it was the perfect time to sneak down...


Casper High King @dashing_baxter • February 9
So like do you guys think Phantom’s seeing any1?

Casper High King @dashing_baxter • February 9
I mean I know he’s always busy kicking ghost ass but ghosts gotta date too

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> Princesa @princesspaulie • February 9

> Brightest_Star_In_The_Sky @Thundergrl • February 9
                                           U wont win this one Dash, she just got her nails done :nail-care emoji:                                

> Spectraldaisy69 @dousedinhorror • February 9
Isn’t he like dead? Does the dead cancel out the gay?

> Casper High King @dashing_baxter • February 9
       It wasn’t bout me but even if it was, its the 21st century nothing wrong with loving another dude!!!!

> Casper High King @ dashing_baxter • February 9
And we don’t gotta fight @princesspaulie I mean if *Fentonio* can date two people at once then why can’t Phantom??

                             > Ghost bait @SpaceAce04 • February 9
                                                                                 Plz don’t talk about me on this thread anymore than you already have



GHOSTH8R- I can’t believe you’re not interested in ghosts at all, Danny
GHOSTH8R- you don’t need to go to space to be an explorer when you have an interdimensional portal in your basement
DFENTON- Believe me Val I’ve seen enough of that portal to last me a lifetime
GHOSTH8R- Hmm I guess it must be scary having a doorway to the dead in your basement
GHOSTH8R- No wonder you hate ghosts so much
DFENTON- I wouldn’t say hate exactly
GHOSTH8R- No Danny you don’t have to explain, I get it
GHOSTH8R- I hate them too
DFENTON- Why do you hate them so much? Not all of them are evil
GHOSTH8R- You see what they do to the town, doing whatever they want
GHOSTH8R- Someone needs to put them in their place
GHOSTH8R- Someone
GHOSTH8R- Not me, because we’re way too young for stuff like that
DFENTON- Haha right yeah
GHOSTH8R- Man I’m really saying weird things
GHOSTH8R- It’s almost 3am Danny, we should go to bed
DFENTON- Probably
DFENTON- Did you finish Lancer’s paper?
GHOSTH8R- Ugh no, I havent had time to think of a topic much less write it 

Private Snapchat

From: @JasmineFenton16
To: @Techmaster, @Darker-X-than-X-Black

[Snapchat: Jack and Maddie Fenton at the dinner table in the midst of an animated discussion. Jack’s spoon is held up as he wildly gestures with his hands, the potatoes threatening to fall to the table. Danny sits next to Jazz with a sour, barely restrained expression on his face, his lips pinched in a tight line and one eyebrow arched in annoyance. Text reads, Ah the pain of people making inaccurate comments on topics you’re an expert on :weary emoji:]


(Audio from Fenton Phones)

Phantom: Ok, I’m flying up McNeil Street, towards Spengler’s Diner. Everything looks good here. Sam, Tuck, Jazz, where are you at?

Sam: I’m passing the park, next to Wendy High. Not picking anything up on my tracker so I’ll turn left and continue up Torrence Ave.

Tucker: All clear at the Nasty Burger, there were some wisps floating around but they’re cool. Headed back towards the center of town, anyone need supplies? I’m gonna pass by Hill Top.

Sam: Grab me another ectogun, mine is a bit low on juice. Forgot to recharge it after that thing with the giant Ghost Rat the other night.

Tucker: No prob. Jazz, position?

Jazz: Oh uh? I’m uh… I guess I’m by Elmerton?

Phantom: Why are you over there? Whatever, what street?

Jazz: Ummm shoot sorry it’s dark and I can’t read the signs. Oh, there’s a garish billboard to reelect Mayor Montez.

Phantom: Oh you’re at 5th and Winchester, man you’re really out there. Take the next left and that should put you on the road back towards the center of town.

Jazz: You identified my position from a billboard?

Sam: Jazz, we’ve patrolled every square inch of this town for almost a year. I can tell if the dirt on your shoes is from Wickerman Lane or Annabelle street.

Phantom: Found ya Jazz (sigh) you took a wrong turn, now you’re headed towards the Interstate. I’m phasing through your-

Jazz: OH MY GOD (loud tire screeching) Danny! You scared the bejesus out of me! 

Tucker: Did he scare you half to death?

Sam: Ugh, let’s just head back.

Jazz: Well, I think we had a good night, it was pretty quiet out-

Phantom, Sam, Tucker: Don’t say the- (distant roaring)

Phantom: Q word, so much for sleeping tonight. This is a big one, might need back up guys. 

Tucker: Be there in 7, I’ll cut across Cole Sear Park and meet you on 8th after I get Sam’s gun.

Sam: 3 minutes out, I’ll pop out by the ice cream parlor alley if you want to cut it off.

Jazz: You guys are so good at this…

Phantom: Been doing this awhile, watch out for that tree!



Thank you, Phantom

It seems like such a long time ago that we didn’t have to worry about ghostly invaders but in reality it’s only been a few months. My 8 year old daughter and 6 year old son come home from school and tell me about the ghost drills they run everyday before recess. It’s amazing how quickly they’ve adapted to the new reality. It scares me, not knowing what will happen and if I’ll be able to protect my children from a threat I never believed in until I was forced to. Luckily, I’m not the only one looking out for my family. The ghost drills were started at the school because a ghost attack had spread from the high school all the way to my kids’ elementary school. They could have died, they probably would have when part of the roof collapsed. But they didn’t, thanks to Phantom.

I saw him kidnap the Mayor during the first major Ghost Invasion and I saw him on TV stealing and attacking people. Needless to say I didn’t believe in his heroism when he went off to fight that Pariah fellow. Seems all ghosts know to do is fight one another. But now I see that this one is capable of saving people too. He held up the building long enough for the kids, my kids, to evacuate. He stood between the ghost and those children and didn’t let that monster get close. My daughter is still talking about the way he smiled at her, his mouth full of green blood and gave her a cheeky peace sign. I don’t know if my children would be here without the efforts of that strange ghost boy and, for that, he has my eternal thanks. I am not someone who changes their mind easily so I understand that people are wary of Phantom. But I see my babies, safe and off playing ghost heroes and I realize the world isn’t as black and white as I once believed. 

I don’t believe in heroes but, then again, I didn’t believe in ghosts this time last year. Maybe with enough time, I can learn to believe in the former as well.


Ghost Getter (8:09 pm): Tucker? Sam? This is Jasmine Fenton, Danny’s sister.
You (8:10 pm): Uh we know?
You (8:10 pm): What’s up, is everything ok?
Ghost Getter (8:12 pm): Everything is fine! Danny’s upstairs taking a well deserved nap :sleepy emoji: I, first of all, wanted to apologize if I came across as being bossy and overbearing. I know you guys have been doing this for a while and I may have gone a bit overboard trying to help.
Hot Topic (8:12 pm): It’s fine but you never text us. What do you want?
Ghost Getter (8:13 pm): I want that to change, you’re my brother’s best friends and you kept him alive when no one else knew what was going on. I want to thank you for that but also once again offer myself as support. Danny’s told me pieces of your adventures and it's… you guys have been through so much. It’s not right for you guys to do this alone, to feel scared. I want you to know you can come to me for anything.
Ghost Getter (8:14 pm): I know I’m not the kickbutt ghost fighter you all are but my job on the Team is to support you in any way I can. Sometimes talking things out, acknowledging that things have been bad or scary, it makes a difference.
You (8:14 pm): Thanks Jazz, that means a lot. No matter what Danny says, ur pretty cool
Ghost Getter (8:15 pm): What is Danny saying about me???
Hot Topic (8:15 pm): Ignore him, Jazz.
Hot Topic (8:16 pm): We appreciate the offer and might take you up on it someday
Hot Topic (8:17 pm): It’s hard to be open after being isolated and self-reliant for so long. But we have your number and will reach out if we need it.
Ghost Getter (8:18 pm): That’s all I can ask :smiley-with-three-hearts emoji:
You (8:18 pm): Welcome to the Team, Jazz


Public Snapchat
From: @Shadesofgrey

[Snapchat: Danny and Valerie shoulder to shoulder with the carnival in the background. They’re both grinning, Danny has a large quantity of cotton candy while Val is holding a stuffed dolphin. Text reads, Night out with the coolest nerd I know.]

@Star_inthe_storm commented: Val come on, u can do better than Fenton


Trigger List

(Severe) Electrocution, Alternate future, Identity exposure, Failing his obsession It’s not an obsession guys! It totally is dude
(Moderate) Dissection, Mind Control, GIW, Cloning, Torture
(Mild) Superhero Media, being called Daniel

(Severe) Falling
(Moderate) Animal Death/Cruelty, Mind Control, Authority
(Mild) Small Spaces

(Severe) Hospitals, Blood/Ectoplasm, Bad Injuries
(Moderate) Mind Control, Fire
(Mild) Authority, Loss of Tech, Falling

(Moderate) Sparklers/lasers
(Mild) Nanotech, Failing


Public Snapchat
From: @JasmineFenton14

[Snapchat: The entire Fenton family plus Sam and Tucker are gathered in a giant group hug. Jack is mostly out of the frame due to his large size and the angle but his large arms are wrapped around the group. Maddie was caught mid-blink but has a warm smile on her face. Sam and Tucker are crammed close together to try and fit in the frame. Jazz is holding the phone, clearly straining to capture so many people. Danny is in the middle, smiling as he adjusts the paper crown on his head that says Birthday King. Text reads, Happy birthday, little brother! Here’s to many happy returns!]


Casper High King @dashing_baxter • April 7
Today was awesome guys!!!

Casper High King @dashing_baxter • April 7
Went over to Freakworks to train up Fenturd and instead got shrunk really tiny with Phantom

Casper High King @dashing_baxter • April 7
The shrinking caused his powers to act up so he needed yours truly to save the day

Casper High King @dashing_baxter • April 7
Asked if he was looking for a sidekick. Said over ‘his dead body’ but he’s already dead so I think I’m in!!!!!!

Casper High King @dashing_baxter • April 7
Woulda got a photo but he flew off once the ghost was caught, riding this high will get me through whipping Scardy Boy into shape haha

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Newly crowned Queen Dorathea is proud to celebrate the addition of another Knight to the Kingdom of New Aragon. Sir Danny Phantom was knighted before the great hall by the Queen herself for his selfless actions to help liberate the kingdom from Prince Aragon’s cruelty. Sir Phantom pledged his allegiance and friendship to Queen Dorathea who in turn offered the young Living Ghost a safe haven and the weight of her authority supporting him. Sir Phantom’s bondmates were also given the titles Lady Samantha and Master Tucker for their critical roles in the battle. Though human, their spirits fought bravely for the Queen and Kingdom. The kingdom owes these brave warriors and will call on them again should any new enemies arrive to threaten the peace of the land.

[Drawing: a semi-realistic stylized drawing of Sir Danny Phantom kneeling before Queen Dorathea as she bestows the title and blessing upon him. He wears a white cape which glistens and flows into mist and a blue green halo is drawn around his head. Though in ghost form, the artist has rendered a human heart at his breast to represent his still living body.]

[Drawing: Sir Phantom, Lady Samantha, Master Tucker smiling on the steps of the Great Hall with the ceremonial medallions hung around their necks. Sir Phantom floats but Samantha and Tucker remain on the ground. While Phantom appears normal, the artist clearly had a difficult time conveying Sam and Tucker’s humanity.]


Valerie the Ghost Slayer (3:03 pm): Thanks for letting me know Danny n Sam are a thing now
Valerie the Ghost Slayer (3:03 pm): Least u coulda done was given me a heads up
You (3:03 pm): Wait, as far as I know they haven’t gotten past the eternal circling
Valerie the Ghost Slayer (3:04 pm): [Photo: a blurry shot of Danny and Sam shuffling awkwardly outside of the unofficially dubbed Make Out Closest where Danny can be seen pulling his shirt down. They’re both pale and shaky and it looks like there’s some blood on Danny’s neck.]
Valerie the Ghost Slayer (3:04 pm): Also, kink or not, tell Sam not to bite Danny so hard
You (3:04 pm): Plz never say that again
You (3:04 pm): Hold on

You (3:05 pm): What were you guys doing in makeout closet?
O Danny Boi (3:06 pm): Everything in my life is bad
O Danny Boi (3:06 pm): Boxy found a box cutter and I sorta got stabbed in the neck after I’d transformed back
O Danny Boi (3:06 pm): Sam dragged me in there to get it cleaned and covered
O Danny Boi (3:07 pm): Btw Sam you’ve gotten real good with stitches, I dont even feel them :smile emoji:
Token Female Character (3:07 pm): THATS NOT SOMETHING I WANT TO BE GOOD AT DANNY
Token Female Character (3:07 pm): But I’m glad it doesn’t hurt :smile emoji:
O Danny Boi (3:08 pm): Anyway didnt realize it was makeout closet until I heard all the cameras going off and people whistling
You (3:08 pm): Figured it was sumthin like that

You (3:08 pm): Just checked in, it’s not what it super obviously looks like
Val the Ghost Slayer (3:08 pm): Then what the heck were they doing in there?
You (3:09 pm): Knife monopoly

Ghost Count 4/16/20XX: Danny has fought 76 different named ghosts and been in 302 battles


Tucker’s Digital Journal: Entry 212

So stop me if you’ve heard this one before: boy is part of a kickbutt superhero team, boy is tired of being the second fiddle sidekick and tries to pave his own way, boy gets possessed by ghostly means and becomes a total jerk. I guess it says a little something about me that everytime I get a taste of power, I go overboard. I thought being student council president would put me in control for once, give me a chance to make my mark. Danny’s gonna be a big shot superhero and Sam’s already righting wrongs in the world. I keep thinking like, maybe I do have good ideas and important things to say but with everyone always talking over me… I don’t know. I guess I feel like I’m being left behind, you know?

Whatever, I bowed out of the student council election. Probably wouldn’t have had time to dedicate to it anyway with all the ghost busting. I guess I’m just doomed to be the forever sidekick.

(Comment) Sam: Tucker come on, you know none of us feel that way. I’m sorry we kinda overrode your campaign but I think you would’ve made a great student council prez, you’re an awesome organizer.

(Comment) Danny: Ditto what Sam said, you’re a critical part of the team. We’d be dead without your support. You’re my best bud and you’re gonna rock the world.


(Comment) Sam: Because they’ve been in the shared document? Did you, TechMaster, not realize you had these entries set for public viewing? Omg lol

(Comment) Danny: I just thought you were trying to be more open with us

(Comment) Tucker: I love and hate you both, so much


Top 20 Phantom Phails
phantombreadproject • 194k views • 160 days ago

Citizens of Amity Park, IL love their undead teen superhero, Phantom. And we express our love by making long video compilations of him getting beaten up, slammed into things or having epic meltdowns and/or power malfunctions. 


Oh man, this is that weird midwest town that believes in ghosts? I saw it on Ghost Encounters once, though I think they proved it was all made up. The effects on the video are pretty good tho, these people are dedicated. I’ll give them that.

I <3 <3 <3 Phantom!!!! I moved out of Amity to Chicago last year but I still miss my sassy boi!!!

That moment when the big green dog just bowls him over and Phantom just lies there and accepts his fate ROFL!

(698 more comments)


Other videos you may like:

Defending Phantom Against All Da Haters

Jack and Maddie Fenton’s Beginners Guide to Ghosts

Ghost boy lays in streets for 15 min and cries??


You (4:29 pm): *Danny Voice* Hi I’m Danny Fenton and I think Val would totally love and accept my ghost side if I confessed my identity to her
You (4:29 pm): [Photo: Valerie at a Pro-Phantom rally wearing a shirt with a crossed out Phantom logo carrying a sign that says The Dead Belong In Graves Not Our Streets.]
Token Female Character (4:31 pm): snort
Token Female Character (4:31 pm): The strong must protect the clueless
You (4:31 pm): :handshake emoji:


[Photo: Phantom grimacing and rolling his eyes as he holds up a glowing green scrub brush. The background is a green blur, fuzzy and difficult to distinguish.]

[Photo: Phantom grinning, his mistlike hair is musty and there’s some unidentifiable smudges on his face. He’s leaned over like he’s shoulder to shoulder with someone and his arm is up like he’s giving someone bunny ears but there is no one else in the photo.]

(Comment) Danny: Weird… Clockwork made me clean up some corrupted timelines in his Lair as punishment for going back in time to prevent Vlad getting his powers. Lame but I took some pics and none of them really came through? Clockwork and his Lair aren’t photographed at all.

(Comment) C̵̜̩̯̟͍̮̬̱̋͒̇̈́͋͑͗̂̐̉͠͝l̸̨̙̲̭̻̼̜̳̱͚͙̎͒ö̵̝̓͐͝c̵̖̈́͂͑̐k̷̫͙̖̮̺͈̥͈͔̜̭͂̃̍͝w̷̛̱͚̋o̶̫̮̜͓̲̣̭͐̊̽̂̆̄̆̿͆͜ͅr̴̗̪̮̺̼͕̀̆̓͛̉̔͜k̷̲̦̦̻̽̌̌: Time is an adjacent form of existence that cannot be captured via human means. You still have cleaning to do before your penance is served, Danny. 

(Comment) Tucker: WHAT THE HELL WHO IS THAT?


(Video: Danny, Dani, Jazz and Sam are standing in a secluded part of Amity’s woods. They’ve just planted some flowers next to four little small stone markers. Dani sniffles and wipes her runny nose on her sweatshirt sleeve. Jazz makes a face but pats her back.)

JF: Danielle, do you want to say anything? You knew them best.

DF2: I don’t know what to say. We were all clones made to be Danny but none of us were right, we were all mistakes in his eyes.

DF: Hey, don’t say that-

DF2: I’m not done. To him, we were mistakes (she kneels down and fingers the leaves on the flowers). But to me, they were my brothers.

SM: Well these are forget-me-nots so they’ll come back annually. You can come back and visit anytime. That way, they’re always with you.

DF2: Thanks guys.

DF: (wrapping an arm around her shoulder.) That’s what family’s for, Cuz.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Phantom is a ghostly superhero who protects the small Illinois town of Amity Park . One of the first ghosts spotted in Amity Park, Phantom was originally viewed as malicious. Phantom’s heroism first became apparent during the Ghost King Invasion of 20XX. Since then, he is generally regarded as Amity Park’s guardian and mascot, becoming a major source of the town’s tourism.

Name - Real name unknown, goes by Phantom, Ghost Boy, Invisobil

Gender - Male

Birthday - Unknown

Age - 14 (at time of death)

Height - Believed to be between 5’1 - 5’6”

Blood Type - Unknown

Family - Unknown

Born - Unknown

Home town - Amity Park, IL, USA

Third Page

Guys in White Fined For Reckless Endangerment
By: Verity Newman

The Government Institute of Interdimensional Warfare, commonly referred to as the Guys in White for their distinctive uniforms and taciturn demeanor, have been generally unpopular in Amity Park. Citizens have lodged complaints in the past about the agents’ disruptive behavior, unauthorized use of weaponry and inability to actually capture the ghosts. As of late, the agents have taken to focusing on hunting local hero, Phantom, causing more discontent as the ghostly superhero is quickly gaining more and more support. The issue came to a head last night when two agents, names withheld, caused extensive damage to the Amity Park observatory and put several teenagers in harm's way. 

According to a statement by the Institute, the agents had been acting on reliable information that “Phantom was impersonating a human teenager” and sought to neutralize him. However, the weapons used could very well have injured or killed any humans in the area. Witnesses report that Phantom ultimately stopped the two men from causing any more damage with no serious injuries reported. The Institute was fined a hefty sum not only to repair the observatory but to reprimand their behavior. Influential citizens Pamela and Jeremy Manson are calling for the resignation of the agents involved.

“It is sickening that the government thinks they can walk in and start shooting the place up on flimsy evidence,” Mrs. Manson told the Angle. “My daughter could have been killed in their reckless desire to find a ghost we don’t even know is evil. I have my issues with the Fentons but they have done more to protect us from ghosts than good ole Uncle Sam. Those Institute folks better get their wallets ready because we are gonna sue them so thoroughly, they’ll need food stamps to get those sparkling white suits of theirs pressed.”


(Video: Danny is alone in his room, he is staring at the camera with a shy smile, biting his bottom lip as if he cannot believe his happiness is allowed. He tucks some loose hair behind his ear with an anxious, excited energy.)

DF: So it’s been an absolutely crazy week with school ending, Freakshow on the loose with his Reality Gauntlet and my identity getting outed to the whole world. There’s so much to process there but that’s not- the thing that really gets me... (He looks away from the camera, rubbing his hand across his face with a giddy, disbelieving expression.) My parents accepted me.

DF: It was the absolute worst way for them to find out and we didn’t- I didn’t really give us time to talk it through because everything had just been Too Much. But they weren’t mad or scared or-or looking to dissect me. They said they were sorry, that they loved me, that it didn’t matter that I was some weird ghost hybrid. I was just Danny to them and that (Danny takes a deep breath, wiping roughly at his eyes) that means so much. It’s (breathy chuckles) it’s such a weight off my shoulder. To know when I come out to them, that they’ll still love me.

DF: Sam and Tuck asked me why I did erase their memories, go back to shouted threats and ectoguns. I guess I was being selfish, I’m finally getting a handle on my powers and responsibilities. When I do this, I want it to be on my terms, not Freakshow or the Guys in White. I really want them to have a better relationship with Phantom too. I think that would make things easier, you know, for them.

DF: (Giggling, he floats off his bed for a moment in absolute jubilation.) Sorry I just, god, how many nights did I stay awake absolutely certain they’d hate me if they knew? It’s almost too good to be true. As much of a mess as this whole adventure was, it gave me a glimpse of what could be. Not yet but when I’m ready. It really (soft, relieved smile) it really is going to be okay.


Public Snapchat
From: @Darker-X-than-X-Black

[Sam winking at the front camera with her tongue stuck out. She’s sitting on the edge of a pool wearing a large black veiled hat with a cloak covering her bathing suit. Tucker smiles at the camera from his ducky pattern floater. He is giving a Vulcan salute in one hand while sipping on an obnoxiously large fruity mocktail in the others. Danny is floating face down in the pool behind him, unmoving. Text reads, the Team taking a well deserved break after an exhausting summer.]

@Shadesofgrey commented: omg is Danny ok????
@Star_inthe_storm commented: in order to ‘take a break’ u have 2 do something first losers


Dead Man Walking (9:17 pm): I just did a lap around town and nothings going on
Dead Man Walking (9:17 pm): It’s eerie but I’ll take it
Dead Man Walking (9:17 pm): I think I’ll watch something on TV then try to sleep
Dead Man Walking (9:17 pm): Honestly can’t remember the last time I was to go to bed before 1
You (9:18 pm): Thats sad dude, get some rest

r/ Haunted Amity

It’s pretty strange to think that as quickly as the bad ghost attacks started up, they’re now way calmer now. My job was constantly getting evacuated by some ghost causing trouble but between Phantom, Huntress and the Fentons… I don’t know, things probably won’t ever be “normal” again but Amity has stopped feeling like living in a warzone.

I know what you mean. I’m a senior at Wendy this year and we were interrupted so often due to attacks last year we went longer into the summer to make up for it. But this summer has been weirdly chill. Makes me wonder how this year will go.

It's not just that we all kinda got used to it all but the hunters got better. Remember when Phantom was always slamming into walls n stuff bc he kept forgetting to go intangible? Now he’s got this whole ghost hunting thing down and even Red and the Fentons are doing better. Crazy to think this time last year no one believed in ghosts.

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Dead Man Walking (11:22 am): Hey just checking in, everything ok?
You (11:22 am): Yeah man everything’s fine stop worrying
Simmer Girl (11:23 am): How's the Fenton Family Vacation?
Dead Man Walking (11:23 am): It’s good yeah. Got to sleep in, the stars out here in the woods are AMAZING I had the greatest flight last night
Dead Man Walking (11:24 am): We’re into town for shopping and possibly a movie
Dead Man Walking (11:24 am): It’s been good
Dead Man Walking (11:25 am): But it’ll take me 30 minutes tops to fly back if somethings wrong
Simmer Girl (11:25 am): Danny we got this, enjoy the time with your family
You (11:26 am): And we promise AGAIN to call if something we can’t handle pops up
Dead Man Walking (11:26 am): Ok ok :smiley emoji: miss u guys but it kinds nice to get away for a bit
Dead Man Walking (11:27 am): Oops mom is calling, talk to u later!


Public Snapchat
From: @Darker-X-than-X-Black

(Snapchat Video: Phantom grinning as he talks to an elderly woman in the local soup kitchen. He has an apron and hairnet on and he’s carrying a giant tub of food seemingly without issue. The view is partially obscured by the crowd gathering around to see him. Top text reads, Been less ghost attacks over the summer so Phantom has been helping out at the struggling soup kitchen. Bottom text reads, To volunteer/donate visit Saint Warren’s Kitchen on their website.)

@PaulinaPink commented: Used to spend a lot of time there when my abuelita worked there, now I have a reason to go back :heart-eyes emoji:
@PaulinaPink commented: Thanks for the info Manson
@Darker-X-than-X-Black replied: we look forward to your help

Tucker’s Digital Journal: Entry 309 {PRIVATE}

So it’s been a year since the Accident, feels like forever ago but also just yesterday. Time is weird like that. The ghosts call it a Death Day, they’ve backed off a lot this week which has been nice. It’s been kind of a stressful time for all of us. On the actual day, we got to Danny’s house early and watched a bunch of stupid movies. We took a break and went to the park for a while, trying to forget but we were all kind of watching the clock. Half hour before, Danny said we were going back to the house. He texted Jazz to clear his folks out. 

Once at FentonWorks, he put on an episode of Ghost Encounters for us and said he’d go in the basement for a while. Sam and I gave him that time, the unspoken agreement that he had until the end of our favorite ghost reality show to do what he needed to do alone before we joined him. Jazz had offered to be there too but this was, idk, sacred. She hadn’t been there, this day was for us. We found him just hanging out as Phantom in front of the portal. I lost track of how long we sat there, no one saying a word until Dan’s phone pinged that Jazz and his folks were on their way back. And just like that, it was over. Danny turned himself back human and we went upstairs to watch more bad TV. It was weird, tense but not necessarily bad. It was… respectful and, most important, it was what Danny wanted. Here’s to a better year two. 


[Polaroid Photo: photo of Phantom’s back as he floats cross legged in front of the open ghost portal, the swirling green light seems to engulf his small form. Handwritten at the bottom, Happy Death Day, Danny.]


Bruce’s Lee’s Fourth Cousin @KwanLee • September 2
[Photo: The newly elected Mayor Masters hovers over Danny Fenton with a malicious grin, his teeth seem oddly sharp and his eyes glint red off the camera. Danny’s posture is pure aggression, standing as tall as he can to get right in the Mayor’s face with a bitter snarl on his lips. His eyes reflect back green and his hands are pulled into fists.]
So anyone know the beef between Fenton and the new Mayor?

Bruce’s Lee’s Fourth Cousin @KwanLee • September 2
I thought Masters and the Fentons were friends but the guy was being like mega creepy and Fenton looked ready to throw down right there

Bruce’s Lee’s Fourth Cousin @KwanLee • September 2
I swear I heard the nerd growling :cold-sweat emoji:

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> Jasmine_Fenton @JasmineFenton16 • September 2
Oh don’t mind them!!! Danny and Uncle Vlad are just very competitive haha!! Danny beat him in Uno the night before! Uncle Vlad was just challenging him to a rematch!!!!!

                              > Brittany_Brittany @thatbrittgirl • September 2
                                                                        Jazz your bro looks like he’s gonna tear out that one percenter’s throat

> Konspiraceee @westisbest • September 2
Thought this looked familiar. No clue what it means but im gonna find out
[Photo: The Wisconsin Ghost grins, baring his fanged teeth and confidently crossed arms at Phantom. Phantom, meanwhile, is hunched forward with a snarl on his face. His gloved hands are curled like he’s ready to physically strangle the older ghost.]

> Casper High King @dashing_baxter • September 2
This nerd will run from every ghost attack but is ready to fight billionaires??


[Photo: Jazz and Danny Fenton posing in front of FentonWorks with backpacks over their shoulders. Danny has snuck behind Jazz and is holding her up by her middle so her feet don’t touch the ground. She squawks, trying to fight off her brother’s grip. Danny is just grinning, clearly unbothered by her weight and movement. Handwritten text on bottom reads, Danny and Jazz ready for the new school year!!]


Ghost Files: FrostBite
Physical Description: Frostbite is an 8 foot tall Yeti type ghost with white fur, horns, claws and fangs. His left arm is made of ice with bones visible through it.

  • Leader of the “ice cores” whatever that is lol in the Far Frozen section of the Zone (about 40 min from the portal)
  • Is an old ghost, remembers when Pariah Dark was King which is why he’s so grateful I helped seal him back up. He guards the Infimap which can take you to any time to place in the Zone and some parts of the real world
  • Super nice and very welcoming of me despite being part human, he does tell dad jokes though but no one’s perfect :disappointed emoji:
  • Smart, very knowledgeable about ghost history and culture as well as ghost medicine. Sam’s ecstatic.
  • Has these awesome ice powers. I’m so jealous, I want ice powers

Threat Level: Ally


Ghost-it Notes

The Ghost Zone pt V

Danny: I spent some time with Frostbite in the Far Frozen and he really showed me a whole other side to the Zone. It feels weird to say this about ghosts but they’re just like real people. Apparently only a small portion of ghosts are made from dead humans, a lot are made in the Zone from ectoplasm forming bodies and consciousness from bits of memory, ideas and concepts shed from the Real World. Frostbite and the Yetis were never alive-alive but they have a life here in the Zone, friends and feelings. Ghosts have always been the enemy, any team-ups were necessary to deal with a bigger problem but this is a true ally. Apparently they like me for helping to defeat Pariah Dark. From how Frostbite describes what the old Ghost King was like, I’m glad I got his sorry butt locked back up again. It’s nice to have ghosts not immediately attack me and like seeing me. He borrowed us the Infimap, this wicked cool map of the Ghost Zone which can take you to any place in both worlds, even through time in some cases! I’ll uh take it back as soon as we copy it.

{Attachment: GZ map v4.0.doc}

Sam: I’ve been trying to tell you, Danny! The Ghost Zone is more than just a realm of monsters. I mean, you’ve seen Dora’s kingdom and the Christmas Truce, it has a life all it’s own just made from dead things. There’s nothing more goth than that. I have so much information on ghost healing and medicine, it is so amazing. Danny, it’s not like I’d ever wish you hurt but I’m eager to try some of these remedies. This map is also going to make a big difference in navigating the Zone. We should try and find more friendly outposts like the Far Frozen, it would be good to have more ghostly allies. Also apparently we’re your ‘bondmates’ so we get kind of a free pass in the Zone. It’s like the family of your soul which is sappy but kind of accurate.


(Comment) Danny: Uh yeah, I was there?


(Comment) Danny: I’m sorry WHAT


You (1:04 am): VLAD U LYING SNAKE
Fruitloop (1:08 am): Daniel, do you have any idea what time it is?
Fruitloop (1:08 am): And I don’t know who told you about your claim to the ring and crown but it is inconsequential regardless.
Fruitloop (1:09 am): A temperamental child, one who hasn't even unlocked their core, cannot rule a whole dimension much less one as chaotic as the Ghost Zone.
You (1:10 am): Oh and let me guess you can?
Fruitloop (1:10 am): Well I’m certainly more qualified than a boy who failed World History I last semester.
You (1:11 am): 1. Stop looking at my grades creep (also I got a D so not technically failing)
You (1:11 am): 2. No one wants a bitter lonely asshole as their king
You (1:11 am): 3. I dont want to be king but I’m sure not letting u have it
Fruitloop (1:12 am): You’re actually challenging me, I laugh Daniel.
Fruitloop (1:12 am): Don’t count on my interest in you to save your sorry skin during the inevitable conflict.
You (1:13 am): You managed to steal the Mayor’s election but that’s as far as you’re going fruitloop


Local News

Phantom Day?
By Riley O'Connell

It’s no secret that the ghost who was once declared Public Ghost Enemy Number One is now Amity’s much beloved town hero. Where he had previously been jeered and reviled, he now finds cheers thrown his way. The latest poll found a startling 78% of Amity Park citizens approved of Phantom and trusted him to keep the town safe. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that there’s been a push recently to enact Phantom Day in honor of our own town superhero. A lot of dates have been thrown around but the one with the most traction is September 21st which diehard “Phans” (the term coined for fans of the ghost boy) may recognize. That was the day of the meat monster attack at Casper High and the first public act of heroism by Phantom. 

Despite a lot of community support, especially among Casper High students who were among the first to promote the ghost’s innocence, there’s several roadblocks. Local ghost hunters Jack and Maddie Fenton still have reservations about idolizing a ghost. However their stance on Phantom has softened significantly after several team-ups. Mayor Vlad Masters, billionaire and college friend of the Fentons, is dead set against the holiday and has dismissed several petitions out of hand. 


Ghost bait retweeted
This just in, the mayor thinks the ugly vampire ghost is hot

Mayor Vlad Masters @amityparkmayor • September 13
Do not worry about this ghost if you see him flying over Amity Park. I have it on good authority that he is honorable and trustworthy.
[Photo: a blurred photo of the Wisconsin Ghost hovering over city hall.]

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>Mayor Vlad Masters @amityparkmayor • September 13

>Lila @alderaan-babe September 13
He may b rich but no accounting for taste, that spiky haired blue ghost is fugly :face-vomiting emoji:

>Barid the second oldest @barid-bel-medar September 13
Only in this town. Still, it seems rather unprofessional for our mayor to have relations with a ghost who’s a known public menace. #removemayormasters

>Phantom Ranger @fandomriderx-1 September 13
Masters fetishes may be gross but we can all admit it would be infinitely worse if the creepy old guy was crushing on the dead teen in spandex.

>Gentry @cheshirecatchild September 13
You know @Spaceace04 has a point and the biblical Daniel was a prophet so like...

Public Snapchat
From: @SpaceGhost

[Snapchat: Danny Fenton is beaming as he holds up an essay with a large B+ circled at the top which he’s pointing at with his other hand. An amused Mr. Lancer can be seen in the background, hiding his smile. Text reads, First assignment of sophomore year owned! This is gonna be my year!!]


Lady Sam (3:39 pm): [Screenshot of a Snapchat Memory from one year ago today. It has Danny, Sam and Tucker smiling and posing on the abandoned steps of 1412 Hill Top Road. Text reads, Welcome to Base Phantom!]
Lady Sam (3:39 pm): Been a year since we claimed Hill Top Road but also look at how /terrible/ we looked. We look like we haven’t slept or relaxed in weeks which I don’t think we had.
You (3:40 pm): Big Yikes!!!
You (3:40 pm): Nice eye bags Sam, very **Eurogoth**
Lady Sam (3:41 pm): Shut it
You (3:41 pm): Don’t even get me started on Danny
You (3:42 pm): I can’t believe Lancer didn’t call CPS you looked starved and exhausted and that’s when you WERENT covered in various injuries
Martian Ghosthunter (3:43 pm): I didn’t look that bad
Lady Sam (3:43 pm): You kinda did, so much was going on we just didn’t notice
Lady Sam (3:43 pm): Its amazing how much of a difference not being run into the ground makes.
Martian Ghosthunter (3:44 pm): huh…
Martian Ghosthunter (3:44 pm): I guess things ARE better aren’t they?
Martian Ghosthunter (3:55 pm): Where are you guys at? I’ll come get you!
You (3:55 pm): ?
Martian Ghosthunter (3:56 pm): We need to recreate the picture! To the base!!

Private Snapchat
From: @SpaceGhost
To: @TechMaster, @Darker-X-than-X-Black

[Snapchat: Danny, Sam and Tucker smiling and posing on the abandoned steps of 1412 Hill Top Road. Sam only has light makeup on, her hair isn’t even up in it’s usual half ponytail. Her hand is up by her face as she stifles a laugh. Tucker is grinning widely, his arms are a bit askew as if he couldn’t decide what pose he was going with when the camera went off. Danny beams, eyes light and unshadowed, cheeks rounded and not sunken, seemingly without a care in the world. Text reads, One year in and Team Phantom still going strong!]

@Darker-X-than-X-Black took a screenshot
@TechMaster took a screenshot


(Video: Phantom is grinning from the roof of the Fenton Ops center, his legs forming a ghostly tail as he smiles at the camera. He holds out his hand.)

DP: Come on, I’ve taken you flying loads of times.

SM: Yeah, but usually you’re the one doing the flying.

DP: Come on, I know you and Tuck hate me dragging you around like a sack of potatoes. With my parents’ new hover shoes, we can all fly together!

TF: And when I fall from the top of this thing and break every bone in my body, I’ll be able to fly as a ghost too!

DP: You guys know I would never, n̴̛̟͆̃̾̓̎̏͛̔̈́̕͘ȇ̵͓̹̞͍̩̘̰̼̩͆̂̑̈͐͋̿̾͑̃̿v̸̡̯̠͈̗͙͙͍̻̞̻͑̇̓̋͊̚͝ͅͅę̸̻͍̭̻̰̦̤̞́̃̐͒̃̈ͅr̴͍͇͔̰͈̥̜͊̔, let you hit the ground. Just give it a try, flying is (deep breath) incredible. It’s the best part of these powers, I want you to experience it for yourselves.

SM: You better catch me, Ghost Boy. (Camera shakily steps towards the end of the Ops center before stepping off. Sam yelps as she falls a few feet before the hover shoes kick in and suddenly she is floating.) O-oh my god.

DP: (Hovering close, face anxious for a minute before smoothing back into a smile.) Pretty cool huh? Come on, Tuck, the air is fine this evening.

TF: Oh boy, Geronimo! (Sam’s webcam looks up in time to see Tucker stepping off the roof, like Sam he falls a bit before leveling out. He pinwheels in the air, trying to balance.)

DP: Just stop flailing so much, here, take my hands (he floats forward, grabbing onto Tucker’s hands until he stops moving.) And you’re flying!

TF: (laughing) Oh man this is incredible, you’re right, it’s way different than being dragged around by you.

DP: Ready to go for a spin? (He lets go of Tucker and floats back, gesturing to the city behind him.) We won’t go far, just a quick lap around the block.

SM: Pass, I’ve seen how you fly, Danny.

DP: I’ll work you up to the loop de loops but, town hero’s promise, we’ll keep the training wheels on this time around.

TF: I’m ready! The next stage of Team Phantom, a triple threat aerial assault! (He punches the air and moans a bit as he tries to keep upright.)

SM: Aww, it’s like watching lil Phantom all over again.

DP: Well the Padawin is now the master. Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we fly! (With a lazy backflip, he floats away from the Ops Center.) Come on! The night’s a wasting!

TF: Wait! Not so fast! We’re coming!


You (12:36 pm): [Photo: Danny and his dad from a small fishing boat in the middle of Lake Eerie. They’re in matching fishing gear and laughing at something. In the background, there’s a heavy dark cloud hovering over the area of Amity Park with smoke and lightning coming out of it.]
You (12:36 pm): Quality fishing time with my old man
You (12:36 pm): How much do you wish this was you, Mayor Idiot?
Fruitloop (12:37 pm): Daniel, what is that going on behind you?
You (12:37 pm): Nice try but I’m not falling for it
You (12:37 pm): Me and Dad are having a nice day out and your not gonna ruin it
Fruitloop (12:38 pm): I’m in Wisconsin for a business meeting but the local news is reporting unusual ghost activity
You (12:38 pm): Buzz off, you’re just trying to psych me out
Fruitloop (12:39 pm): I’m unfortunately responsible for your miserable little town, go check it out, you teenage menace
You (12:39 pm): :sleeping emoji:
Fruitloop (12:39 pm): DANIEL YOUR HAUNT


Ghost-It Notes

Alliances and Truces

Jazz: So I’ve been researching ghostly culture and behavior and I’ve come to the conclusion that most of the ghosts that we see in Amity Park aren’t outwardly malevolent. Most appear to come through the portal either to fulfill their obsession or just to have fun even if a lot of times that “”fun”” is fighting Danny. Ghosts, despite initial appearances, do have a very complex social hierarchy and set of rules. Danny already has a group of “friendly ghosts” he associates with, I think he should make those alliances official which will make his position a little stronger. As Danny becomes more fluent in Ghost Speak and Body/Aura Language, I’m reasonably confident that he can come to some sort of agreement with a lot of his usual antagonists to make room for everyday things (school, sleep, etc). I’ve attached a document of adversaries who may be amenable to a truce of sorts and a list of compromises. 

{Attached: Proposed Truce Ideas.doc}

Danny: Jazz I thought you were crazy but I talked to Kitty/Johnny and Skulker and they??? Are all for it????? I didn’t even ask for much, just that they don’t bother me during school hours and too late at night and they seemed okay with it. According to Skulker I’m “way less enjoyable to fight when I’m worrying about my human needs” so he’s willing to alter his hunting hours to get the most out of our fights. This is gonna change everything. Jazz you are the best big sister to ever exist!!!!!!

(Comment) Jazz: Aw thanks Danny! :smiling face with 3 hearts emoji:

Sam: That’s great, Danny! Having scheduled hours for ghost hunting really will make a difference. I looked over the doc and have a few suggestions, as Jazz mentioned, you already command a lot of respect among ghosts. You can ask for so much more. Suggestions: You should implement some sort of punishment if ghosts break the agreement (extra time in thermos, beat them extra hard, etc) to prove you’re no pushover. Make yourself open to helping ghosts if they need it, show them there’s benefits to allying with you. I’m sure there’s more but Jazz covered the basics with scheduled fighting hours, decreasing civilian harm/property damage and mitigating harm to you. 

{Attached: Proposed Truce Ideas VER 2.doc}

Tucker: Awesome guys! Let’s run this by Queen Dora and Frostbite, see if we can make this official. Not every ghost will agree but even if  half do… we’re gonna actually have some free time again. Wild.


Clueless (11:21pm): Sam, it’s Danny, you still up?
Clueless (11:21 pm): It’s okay if you’re not I just had to say something
Clueless (11:21): I forgive you, for the accident
Clueless (11:22 pm): Idk if I ever really said it. I know you think it was your fault and you blame yourself for everything that happened after
Clueless (11:22 pm): But it was my mistake, later my choice and…
Clueless (11:31 pm): I like my powers, most of the time. I like feeling that I’m doing real good. I like who I am now, both Fenton and Phantom
Clueless (11:32 pm): I’m probably being dumb i just wanted you to know that u dont have to feel bad or guilty or whatever
Clueless (11:32 pm): Everything is different but I’m happy, esp with you, Tuck and Jazz supporting me
Clueless (11:34 pm): Anyway sleep well, see you tomorrw
You (7:12 am): You have said it before but I think I believe you now.
You (7:13 am): Pick me up for school, I feel like flying today.


[Photo: Dash sneering at Danny in the hallway of Casper High, mouth open to say some sort of insult. Danny looks unbothered if a bit annoyed. His shoulders are back and he’s not slouching, raised to his full height as he looks Dash in the eye and is saying something back.]


Mayor Vlad Masters @amityparkmayor • October 13
Hello Amity Park citizens, this is Danny Fenton (hi mom and dad) 

Mayor Vlad Masters @amityparkmayor • October 13
Just letting you know your esteemed Mayor Masters is the one who caused the unfortunate weather situation and is now in my debt until I decide he’s suffered enough for his idiocy

Mayor Vlad Masters @amityparkmayor • October 13
Please send in suggestions of various humiliating things I can make him do while the real heroes catch the weather ghost

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> kirkkthecaptain @surroundedinthesun • October 13
Make that stiff lipped cheesehead drink a bottle of vinegar so he knows how I feel whenever he opens his arrogant mouth

> Mayor Vlad Masters @amityparkmayor • October 13
Real Mayor Masters here. Daniel, this is childish. We can settle this like adults off the internet, or well an adult and a petulant, immature child. 

               > Mayor Vlad Masters @amityparkmayor • October 13
                                                                   Wait wait, calm down! Come now Daniel, please. I’ll do whatever you want, anything at all.

                                                > Mayor Vlad Masters @amityparkmayor • October 13
               Anything? [Then Perish.png]


Private Snapchat
From: @TechMaster
To: @JasmineFenton16, @Darker-X-than-X-Black

(Snapchat video: Danny Phantom and Danny Phantom stand in an alleyway. One is pinching the bridge of his nose in annoyance. The other stares at the camera with confused, suspicious red eyes. Tucker: Whenever you’re ready gentleghosts. The Phantoms look at each other and sigh before pointing at each other. Tucker can be heard giggling. Phantom: Thanks for humoring him, Amorpho now get out of here.)

@JasmineFenton16 commented: I’m afraid I don’t understand, what’s this referencing?
@TechMaster replied: Oh you sweet summer child
@JasmineFenton16 replied: But it’s fall?


Ghost-It Notes

Ghost Cores pt I

Danny: I’ve been half ghost for over a year and sometimes it hits me just how little I know about the ghost part of me. Talking to Frostbite was really eye-opening. So, we’ve often wondered what powers my ghost half and it’s apparently called a Core. That cold spot in the center of my chest when I go ghost is my Core and all ghosts have them. So Cores feed on and create ectoplasm, it’s what gives a ghost power and form. Cores come in different varieties I guess, basically what kind of energy your Core produces. Frostbite couldn’t really give me an answer as to what causes a certain kind of energy in a Core to develop just that it’s a mix of personality, circumstance and chance. Apparently in certain parts of the Zone, your Core is like your birth sign? I, as you guys probably noticed with the Undergrowth thing, am an Ice Core! Took it a whole year to mature which is unusual apparently but it could just be a halfa thing. My ghost sense has been part of my core all along, my breath fogging in front of me was the first part of my Core to be noticed. Don’t know if other Cores have them or not. More to follow, there’s so much to learn and I’m seriously stoked. 

Tucker: So doing more studies of your new ice powers plus talking to the Yetis, we got some great info. Danny, your baseline body temperature is now officially hypothermic as opposed to just weirdly cold. When you’re Phantom, it’s even lower and rock bottom when using your ice. Friendly reminder that you ARE still alive and you can’t bottom out your temperature completely. Heat packs and heated blankets will now be added to the emergency packs. It’s actually really interesting that Danny’s problem with the ice isn’t creating it, it’s controlling it. He coated half the city in ice without breaking a sweat. Training needs to focus not only on the small, more precise moves (small ice knives would be sick yo) but also not freezing any people/objects in the way. Bigger isn’t always better.

Sam: So my research focused on the culture of Cores in the Zone and while Danny’s analogy of it being like astrology isn’t wrong, it’s much more complex than that. A Core is a base representation of who or what a ghost is. It’s why Phantom can take so much damage to his body, it’s just solid ectoplasm, it’s the Core that controls everything. There’s lots of myths and superstitions about what causes a ghost to develop a certain Core. Fire Cores (Ember, Skulker, Fright Knight etc) are said to be passionate, angry, fickle. Electric Cores (Technus, Vlad I’m pretty sure) are quick witted, emotionally labile, productive. Cold Cores, like you, are interesting. It’s not a rare Core but not a lot of powerful ghosts end up with them. Cold Cores generally aren’t the ones who are seen haunting the Real World. They’re thought to be secluded, protective of their own, dependable and warm. Basically Danny to a T. It could be coincidence but it certainly bears thinking about if Danny developed Ice because it was the energy type most compatible with his personality/ideals.

Jazz: Agree with all this but wanted to add on something I found interesting in Sam’s notes. A ghost’s Core is their truest expression of being, when they tap into their Core powers, they are projecting their entire self out into the world in a manner of speaking. It’s the ultimate expression of THEM. I agree with Tuck that overusing your ice is bad for your health and am curious about the method with which Cores develop but Danny, I think unlocking your Core is a big step forward to learning to love yourself. You struggled so much with doubt and self-loathing and guilt, it probably stunned the development of your Core. I don’t think it’s a coincidence your Core matured around the same time you started feeling more happy and confident as Phantom. This new power is great for beating ghosts back but your powers aren’t just for fighting, it’s about the health of your soul. So make the rooms as chilly as you want, have your own personal snowstorm and create little ice figurines. I think it’ll help with your mental health :smile emoji:

[Photo: Sam, Tucker and Danny in the Far Frozen. Frostbite stands behind them with a goofy grin and a handwave. Sam and Tuck are bundled in heavy jackets and smile despite their chattering teeth. Danny’s eyes are a brilliant blue as his glowing blue hands create an ice crystal.]


Private Snapchat

From: @JasmineFenton16
To: @Techmaster, @Darker-X-than-X-Black

[Snapchat: Vlad and Danny are sitting at the Fenton kitchen table. Danny has his hands pressed flat against the table and is leaning forward menacingly. Frost coats his arms and hands and his eyes are a vibrant blue color. Vlad is sitting in his chair but his chin is lifted in a challenging manner. One hand is teasingly playing with small bolts of pink electricity and his eyes glow a deep pink. Jack and Maddie have their backs turn as they cook. Text reads, Fun times at the Fenton household :woman-facepalming emoji:]

@Darker-X-than-X-Black commented: And to think we were so worried about your parents noticing Danny’s odd behavior.
@TechMaster commented: I legit cannot believe you still have a house 


You (9:07 am): I know you love your ice but cut back. Your temp is dropping too fast
Cracking A Cold Boy Open (9:12 am): You’re still in class how do
Cracking A Cold Boy Open (9:12 am): Ok really LOVE the lack of privacy from these stupid vitals monitors.
Cracking A Cold Boy Open (9:12 am): Gonna spy on my heart rate too?
You (9:13 am): It’s a perfectly normal 22
You (9:13 am): I mean normal for you anyway
Ice Princess (9:14 am): Danny your temperature is
Ice Princess (9:14 am): Oh Tuck already told you
Cracking A Cold Boy Open (9:15 am): Sam you’re supposed to be in Spanish
Ice Princess (9:15 am): Then stop causing my monitor to flip out
Cracking A Cold Boy Open (9:15 am): I’m gonna take this stupid thing off
You (9:15 am): If you do, Sam Jazz and I will take ours off too
You (9:16 am): How do you feel about THAT mr protection obsession
Cracking A Cold Boy Open (9:16 am): I caught the ghost and I’m coming back, happy?
Ice Princess (9:16 am): ecstatic
You (9:16 am): Get back to class dude, Faluca’s looking for you
You (9:17 am): I got my jacket here to warm you up
Ghost Getter (9:35 am): Danny! You’re too cold!
Ghost Getter (9:35 am): Oh of course Sam and Tucker are on it. Carry on! :heart emoji:
Cracking a Cold Boy Open (9:39 am): Omg u guys


[Photo: Off center picture of Phantom floating slightly off the ground as he caps the Fenton Thermos. He has a crooked, hesitant smile on his face and his posture is nervous. Maddie Fenton is standing nearby with a closed off expression but her ectoweapon is deliberately pointed away from the ghost. They appear to be talking peacefully, if somewhat awkwardly.]


Princesa @princesspaulie • November 16
Ghost boy got some :snowflake emoji: cool :snowflake emoji: new ice powers and turned the pond in the south park into a winter wonderland!!!

Princesa @princesspaulie • November 16
[Photo: The South Park pond is completely iced over and the grass and surrounding trees have a light layer of frost over them making them appear crystalline.] 

Princesa @princesspaulie • November 16
[Photo: Front camera selfie of Paulina in a white matching winter coat and hat on. She’s batting her eyelashes and making the duck pout. In the background is the snow covered pond. Phantom can be seen laughing and floating above the ice as he helps a small child skate across the frozen pond.]

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> Brightest_Star_In_The_Sky @Thundergrl • November 16
OMg Lina you look so beautiful (as always). Love the new hat and coat! Where'd you get them? :heart-eyes emoji:

> floq @kyoukaalldey • November 16
Aw that’s my little sister, Aly, in the bg. She’s always been afraid to skate but Phantom helped her overcome her fears :smile emoji:

                                  > Princesa @princesspaulie • November 16
    This ain’t about her


Phantom vs Wisconsin Ghost: Then and Now
Perilousgard • 1k views  • 9 days ago

(Video voiceover): Hey there Youtube, Nobody here again with another installment of Ghost Watch , your favorite ghost commentary channel. Since this week marks four months of me starting this account analyzing ghost fights and the infamous ghosts of Amity Park, I decided to do a special episode. Here’s a clip from one of my first episodes from a fight about 8 months ago with Phantom and the Wisconsin Ghost. Now I compare their interactions and fighting style from a fight captured off the shores of Lake Eerie a few days ago. Let’s get started.

(Video from the first fight plays) Look at how young Phantom looks here, it's so nostalgic. I mean, he’s still a child obviously but observe his posture, his face, his poor control. This isn’t a powerful superhero but a scared kid in way over his head, especially against this ghost. I noted in this older video that Phantom and WG as I’ll call him have a particularly antagonistic relationship. Phantom is always fighting ghosts but it feels personal with this ghost. Yeah, pause there, look at that kid’s expression. This ghost gets under his skin in a way few do and not in a good way. I speculated then that they knew each other while alive and I believe it even more now, ghosts are literally obsessions personified so it makes sense bad blood like this would carry over.

(video continues to play, showing the fight) Phantom is getting his butt kicked here. WG has always been one of his more dangerous enemies but he’s clearly toying with Phantom here. We don’t have audio but you can tell by his smug expression and posture that he’s gloating. What a sleez. We know Phantom is no slouch himself but he’s struggling to hold his own. It’s a combination, I believe, of WG being such a powerful ghost but also just his whole everything throws Phantom off balance so he’s not fighting at his best. In the end, WG leaves the fight of his own volition while Phantom flies off to lick his wounds.

(new video pops up) Now look at this video shot on Thursday and marvel at the difference a few months makes. Look at that punch! Phantom is practically wiping the floor with that nasty ghost. WG clearly isn’t holding back this time yet Phantom is still winning. Oh man, gotta play that bit of my boy spinning WG around by his cape again, this time in slow mo. Nice. The animosity is still there, you can read it in their shoulders, in their faces. But now the battle isn’t nearly as one-sided. Not only has Phantom faced some tough enemies and gotten stronger since that other fight but he’s more sure of himself. What is a ghost but concentrated power of will? WG has hurt him, in life, in the afterlife or both, and now Phantom can finally fight back.

(Screen shows both videos side by side) It's not the new powers that make a difference but the new attitude. Phantom smiles more, his jokes feel more genuine and less rote and, weird as it is to say for a dead kid, he just looks better. It's as if he was running on fumes before but now he’s got a full tank of gas! Honestly, it’s kind of inspiring to see. Dying is undoubtedly traumatic, especially at such a young age not to mention getting an unpaid, unappreciated superhero gig right after. But Phantom really came out the other side swinging (pun intended). Just seeing how far he’s come in such a short time, how he made the best of a bad situation and is using his unique position to help others, even when they hated him. Not a lot of people like that these days. Alright, done with the sap, you’re here for fight analysis and I aim to provide. So look in the second video, that powerful right hook there is one of Phantom’s favorites...


List of Danny’s Powers (388 days after the accident)

Vitals (Human)
HR: 54, RR: 12, BP: 92/57 [MAP 69], T: 95F, Ht: 5’4”, Wt: 128lbs
Vitals (Ghost)
HR: 19, RR: 4, BP: 66/49 [MAP 55], T: 90.8F, Ht: 5’4”, Wt: 29lbs

  • Invisibility - Expert

  • Intangibility - Expert

  • Flight - Top speed 230 mph!!! Expert

  • Ghost sense - Range ~ 60 ft, can determine vague direction of the ghost Very Good Control

  • Strength - Dude can lift a bus, A BUS. Very Good Control

  • Healing - Quicker and better healing in both forms

  • Ghost form - Faster but keeps coming up with more conspicuous transformations Expert

  • Overshadowing - Longest overshadow time 4hr 37m (rip Tucker) Very Good Control

  • Ectoblast - Increased power, type, versatility of blasts, aim has significantly improved. Very Good Control

  • Ectoshield - Largest size about 6x4 for 14m. Very Good Control

  • Ghost Form Manipulation - Full on body horror without issue. Expert

  • Duplication - Can finally duplicate! Duplicate can’t go too far from the original (8ft max) and disintegrates easily.
    Duplicate has difficulty using powers. Mild Control

  • Ghostly Wail - Devastating scream attack that affects both ghosts and real world objects/persons. Most powerful offensive attack. Mild Control
    Note: Danny will be wiped out/revert back to human after use! 

  • Telekinesis - Move objects with mind. Technically has the power but has a real hard time with it, can only move small objects towards him. Poor Control

  • Ice Powers - Danny has an ice core and can now harness its energy. Can cool down atmosphere/objects, cold resistant, ice blasts, form solid ice structures. Too much ice cools him down too much and it’s finicky as heck. Mild Control

Tucker: Gotta say, looking back at how far we’ve come since this time last year, I’m impressed. Keep practicing and you’ll be flying circles around Vlad by junior year


Ghost Count 12/1/20XX: Danny has fought 91different named ghosts and been in 387battles


Private Snapchat
From: @JasmineFenton16
To: @TechMaster, @Darker-X-than-X-Black, @SpaceGhost

[Snapchat: Phantom floating cross legged in the air atop a grave in Amity’s cemetery. His expression is soft and his mouth is open as he’s caught mid sentence. One hand is held out, like he’s holding someone’s hand. Barely visible is a shimmery, translucent figure holding Phantom’s hand and crying.]

[Snapchat: A slightly off center photo of Jazz holding Phantom close and giving him an enthusiastic kiss on his cheek. Phantom is smiling, it's soft but proud as he wipes at his wet eyes. Text reads, I was privileged enough to watch my lil bro help a lost soul move on. I couldn’t be prouder of him if I tried!!!!!]

@SpaceGhost commented: Jazz your so embarrassing
@JasmineFenton16 replied: *You’re
@SpaceGhost replied: YOU’RE so lucky I love you
@JasmineFenton16 replied :blush emoji: :heart-eyes emoji: :kissing-with-closed-eyes emoji:


Tucker’s Digital Journal: Entry 333 {PRIVATE}

Greetings, it’s been a while, old friend. A lot’s been going on and I haven't really had the time or energy to type up my usual entries and if THAT doesn’t demonstrate how far we’ve come, idk what does. I guess I’ve also been nervous to say it, been waiting for the other shoe to drop but things have been… good. So good I almost can’t believe it’s real and yet here we are. Most of the town loves Phantom, listens to what he says and cheers him on making him (and also his super awesome secret teammates) feel valued. Danny’s power are *whistles* W O W, I never imagined he’d be this good this time last year when he was crying in the locker room because he couldn’t keep his hands solid enough to put on his shoes. 

Ghost fights are not as big a deal anymore, Danny can usually slip out of class and take care of a ghost in the time it would take someone to use the bathroom. It’s pretty humbling to know my bestie is super OP, still the nicest guy I know. He’s so strong that now the ghosts listen to him too and he’s been able to work out some sweet deals to give us all some breathing space. We still patrol, still kick ghost butt but we can take nights off now. There’s enough time to sleep, to study, to do normal teen things. Our grades were in the toilet freshman year and almost 3 months into sophomore year all my teachers are saying “how glad they are I’ve turned things around.” My mom hung my A+ calculus test on the fridge. It feels good to not fail all the time, and not just at school. 

Maybe that’s why I haven’t written in this journal for a while, been too busy enjoying life as a kid/part-time ghostbuster. Man, I remember when I couldn’t go more than a day without making an entry, staying up late into the night to record everything I could. It seemed so important y'know? To document everything that happened, for future reference, to make someone understand, to try and process all the traumas we lived through without a break. I’m glad that this record exists, that I wrote those entries but I don’t miss the anxiety and fear that went into them. I’ll keep writing, keep serving my unofficial and sorta unwanted role as Team Phantom’s Record Keeper but I’m gonna do it with excitement. Because now that we got our feet under us, the only path forward is up, up and away baby!


[Photo: Phantom floating upside down high in the sky as he talks casually to Technus and the Box Ghost. He’s relaxed and appears engaged in whatever the ghosts are saying.]


Valerie (5:49 pm): I saw you signed Paulina’s stupid petition to get Phantom cleared of his charges and no longer be targeted by ghost hunters
You (5:50 pm): Hello to you too, yes I did have a good day thanks for asking
Valerie (5:50 pm): This isn’t a joking matter, Danny! That ghost is a menace, I thought you were smarter than this with your parents!
You (5:52 pm): Val
You (5:52 pm): I like you, I like hanging out with you and being your friend
You (5:53 pm): But you don’t know everything, not about ghosts and not about me because you won’t let go of your anger long enough to see whats going on around you.
You (5:53 pm): I know not all ghosts are evil, that its not as black and white as you believe but you won’t even listen to me
You (5:54 pm): Just… we’re still friends but lets not talk about ghosts or Phantom at all. I’m tired of fighting you Val
Valerie (5:58 pm): Me too Danny, don’t worry, I’ll have you seeing sense one day but until then, no ghost talk.

(Video clip from Channel 4 Morning News)

CF: Good morning, this is Carmen Flores with Channel 4 Action News and I’m downtown Amity at the Happy Acres Retirement Community. As you can see behind me, what would have been a devastating fire has been taken care of by Amity’s own, Phantom. A kitchen fire which grew too large to be contained was halted by the ghostly hero. Using his ghost powers, he was able to put out the flames and is continuing to help evacuate the bed bound residents.

(Camera angles slightly off Carmen to show a black and white blur hustling people out of the still smoking building in either wheelchairs or beds. Staff members and medical personnel then take them over for treatment.)

CF: The damage was contained to the kitchen but already the community is showing it’s support for the small retirement center and- oh what? He’s leaving? (Carmen turns and waves her microphone at Phantom as he starts to fly off.) Phantom! Can we just have a moment please? (Carmen stumbles back a step as Phantom drops down and hovers next to her.) Oh my, oh he actually came.

P: Hi, can we make this quick? Kind of have somewhere to be.

CF: Oh uh (laughs nervously) of course, first off, I think I can say for everyone, thank you for what you did here today.

P: Wasn’t that big of a deal (he shrugs) I was just flying by when I saw the smoke. People need to help each other out, y’know, even when there isn’t something in it for them. I have these powers, might as well do some good with them.

CF: What a lovely sentiment, now I understand you’re in a hurry but is there anything you’d like to say to your many fans and even a few of your detractors?

P: (Turns directly at the camera and grins while giving a mock salute.) I may not be the hero you wanted, this certainly wasn’t what I expected to be doing with my teen years, but I’m going to do my best to keep you all safe. Took some time to get my feet under me but this is only the beginning! Alright, I gotta split. Stay in school and eat your veggies, kids! (Spins and flies off dramatically, laughing as he does a large loop de loop before speeding off.)

CF: (Gazing up with wonder at the retreating figure.) Wow… (Carmen turns towards the camera and readjusts her scarf.) Ahem, well you heard it here first folks, Phantom is not only here to stay but has only shown us the beginning of what he can do for us and the world. I, for one, can’t wait to see what lies aside for Amity Park and its favorite hero. This is Carmen Flores reporting, Action 4 News. 


Private Snapchat
From: @JasmineFenton16
To: @TechMaster, @Darker-X-than-X-Black, @SpaceGhost

[Snapchat: Danny, Sam and Tucker are all deeply asleep, piled on top of one another. Danny is leaned up against the side of his bed with a large book of ghost lore splayed in his lap. Sam’s head is lolled against his left shoulder, her fingers resting gently on the ghostly pages. Tucker is leaned into Danny’s other side, though further slouched down with his chin resting against his chest. His glasses are precariously close to slipping off. They look calm, peaceful and comfortable in each other’s embrace despite the awkward positioning. Text reads, I’d tell them to get to bed but they look fine where they are. Sleep well, little heroes.]

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