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Olivia Benson couldn’t remember the last time she was this relaxed. Suddenly very glad she had shipped Noah off to a sleepover at Amanda’s, she loved her sweet boy more than anything but even she needed a break, even if just for one night. Tonight’s activities had been scheduled and rescheduled for weeks now but after closing a particularly difficult case, the squad had decided their captain deserved a night off.
Olivia let out a quiet moan as the hands currently rubbing massage oils into her back reached a particularly sensitive spot on her lower back. She heard a chuckle from above her and tried to turn around to face the body kneeling above her, “Something funny there Councillor?”

“Funny? No, incredibly sexy? Yes.” Rafael Barba quipped back paying more attention to the sensitive spot to elicit more of a reaction he would never grow tired of hearing. Moving on from the spot, he lazily traced his fingers up and down Olivia’s spine, watching the goosebumps appear on her skin despite the warmth from the many fancy scented candles lit around the room. Candles that after just one night of using them to create a relaxing and hopefully erotic setting, Barba had tracked down from the small boutique on the Upper West Side and purchased enough candles to see them through a blackout straight out of a Twenty-Five acts chapter.

Olivia felt the bed dip and the warmth of the body above her disappear, rolling onto her side, her hands went to lift the blindfold that had been placed over her eyes just before she was told to lie on the bed and relax. “Olivia Benson, if you remove that blindfold, I will have to punish you.”
“And just out of curiosity, how would you punish me, if I were to remove the blindfold?” The seductive edge to her voice, heavy with arousal made Rafael’s knees weak. “Well, Captain, that would ruin the surprise now, wouldn’t it? If you must know, I was just going to wash my hands, I picked you up something today that I figured we could try out. However, I will need you to roll over onto your back, if you want to find out what your surprise is if you’re a good girl.” Rafael smirked as he watched Olivia remove her hands from the blindfold and roll over to lay on her back, her body practically humming with anticipation. He pressed play on the playlist he had created just for the evening.

Before he could climb back onto the bed, he heard a key in the front door and leaned over to whisper into Olivia’s ear, “I’ll be right back mi amour, that’s just part one of your surprise arriving.” The hum that sounded more like a moan to Rafael had him gently trailing kisses down her neck till he reached her the top of her breasts before getting up leaving Olivia laying on the bed letting out a frustrated moan at the loss of sensations. Walking into the kitchen to find Sonny Carisi unpacking the bag he had kept hidden in his office away from Olivia’s prying eyes.

“You guys started without me? I thought this evening was supposed to be for the three of us?” Carisi feigned being hurt but before either man could say anything a voice from the bedroom had the pair of them hastily grabbing everything off of the counter to head back to the woman waiting for them in the bedroom.
“Very impatient Captain, it’s like you’re asking to be punished this evening.” Rafael spoke as he climbed back onto the bed, this time kneeling at the side of, leaving room for the other person in the room to situate himself between Olivia’s legs.

Opening one of the new bottles purchased, Carisi used his hands to spread Olivia’s legs and bend her knees slightly, letting her get into the perfect position.
Squirting the contents of the bottle onto his fingers, he traced his fingers around Olivia’s core, lightly teasing her while spreading the special liquid all over her sensitive flesh. “Oh! What is that? It tingles!” Olivia squeaked, surprised at the new and unexpected sensation. “Do you like that?” Carisi asked in between placing kissing to her thighs, his response was a moan of arousal as he traced his finger over Olivia’s clit, spreading a liberal amount of the tingling liquid, ensuring no part of her wasn’t covered.
So focused on the sensation at her core, Olivia nearly missed the feeling of something warm being spread on breasts, the warm hands slowly massaging her breasts while paying particular attention to her nipples, gently tweaking them. “You should see yourself hermosa, you look so good I could eat you up.” Olivia let out a low moan as she felt Rafael’s tongue trace across her left nipple, licking at whatever substance he had just rubbed onto her breasts, a kiss seconds later told Olivia that it was chocolate that Rafael was now licking off of her chest.

Olivia cried out as an orgasm tore through her body as Carisi applied more of the tingling liquid to her clit and slipped two fingers into her, dragging out her orgasm as she clamped around his fingers. Both men paused for a minute, allowing Olivia to catch her breath, even guiding her to a more seated position to have a drink of water.
“Drink up love, don’t need a repeat of last time.” Carisi remarked, loving the added blush to her flushed cheeks. Olivia lay back down, signalling that she was ready to continue with whatever else her men had planned for her this evening.

Countless orgasms later, the three of them lay down on the bed, Olivia sandwiched between the two men. Their bodies flushed and sweating but the three didn’t care, the content sigh that escaped Olivia’s lips brought proud smiles to Barba and Carisi’s faces.
“We should probably shower and change the sheets Liv.” Carisi tried to coax Olivia into moving but she grabbed his arm and tugged him back down to lay down beside her. She turned onto her side, snuggling her face into Barba’s chest inviting Carisi to spoon her. Together the three lay there, Olivia’s fingers tracing the backs of the hands she was holding. A favourite thing to do after a sensual evening, laying in bed, one hand holding one of Barba’s hands, the other holding Carisi’s.

“You know, I don’t think I’ve ever told either of you, how much I appreciate you two and your hands.”