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The Mage Just Wants To Sleep | Twisted Wonderland

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Name: Esther Alister Soren

Gender: Female

Pronouns: She/Her

Currently Living: The Soren Manor

Role: Mage With A High Amplitude of Magic, Future Heir of the Sorens

Age: 16

Birthday: May 20th

Zodiac: Taurus

Height: 166 cm

Eye Color: Grey

Hair Color: Midnight Blue 

Hair Style:

- Long, loose bangs that covers most of their right eye

- Medium length hair would normally be tied in the back with a ribbon

- Three different ways Esther ties up her hair

[A/N: This was the closest image that matches the bangs description of Esther]

1. Low Ponytail with a Ribbon

  • Style 1


  • Style 2


2. Low Ponytail with a Braid & Hair Clip



Personality & More Info:

Esther is the type to fall asleep anywhere as long as she is able to sleep. If her sleep is interrupted, she tends to be in a foul mood until something comes up that lets her forget her sleepiness. 

Since Esther has her hair up all the time, she often gets mistaken as a male. Though, she goes with the flow and waits to see their reaction whenever they find out.

As the eldest daughter of the Soren household, she was raised to know everything that a heir should know at a young age. Slowly loosing her interest as she grew up, Esther started to sleep more, which often results in her parent's lectures afterwards.

Before shutting herself from the outside world at the age of 10, she was sociable and liked to view the sceneries around the area.

The Soren household is indeed well known, though they are feared to not be messed with as a powerful family since they have the highest amplitude of magic and a high position compared to the rest.

Esther does her duties as the Soren heir, eat, have a short talk with the family if there's anything to talk about, then sleeps. And it repeats.

A mage with a high amplitude prefers her sleep than to get involved with the world's affairs. She rarely gets outside of the Soren gates, staying in to either sleep or talk with her younger brothers. Under certain circumstances however, is when she exists the gates and deals with them in her own way.

Although she sleeps more often than an average human, her amount of magic is no joke, as expected from the Sorens.

Her swordsmanship are very refined and she could cut off someone's breathing for a few seconds or slice their head off if they talk bad about the family.

Though, rumors go around saying that Esther is not fit for the position, being compared to her second brother since all she does is sleep. 

She does not have a slight interest in the rumors since she's fine as long as sleep welcomes her on a daily basis. However, if it escalates, a friendly letter will arrive to their mail and a certain mage will arrive the next morning to have a pleasant conversation with them.

Due to Esther sleeping all the time, she has some familiars with her that looks over her. Their jobs are similar to personal bodyguards and the right-hand people that gives constant reminders to the sleepyhead about her work. [Poor them]