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Sora was running down the street cuts and bruises on his body, he desperately ran through the streets begging for help. Eventually he found a police office and begged him to help his parents. They nod and Sora quickly shows them the way, calling for back up. When they found the car the Firefighters pulled out the bodies. Sora ran towards them, only to be held back by police officers. Sora saw his parents bodies almost unrecognizable. Sora screams and everything fades away.

Sora suddenly wakes up panting and sweating. He grabs his heart and feels it beating erratically, taking a few breathes his heart eventually relaxed. Sora got out of bed and proceeded to get ready for school. Going into the bathroom he brushes his teeth and opens the drawer. He pulls out a razor blade and places it gently on his upper-arm, he slices his skin with gentleness. He can feel the blood dripping down his arm, making him shutter. He makes another cut and then pulls the blade away. He grabs some paper towels  and some alcohol wipes and cleans the blade. Once the blade is cleaned he hides it under the towel in the drawer, he then uses the wipes to clean his cuts, hissing at the pain. When he was done he wrapped his arm and left the bathroom, he grabbed some clothes and quickly put them on. 

"Sora, Vanitas, breakfast is ready. Come on down." Leon's voice says, making Sora cringe. He looks himself in the mirror one last time and heads down the stairs. Waiting there was Leon and Cloud, They smiled at him but Sora quickly looked away and grabbed a piece of toast. Before they could say anything Sora was out the door. He ran a few blocks before stopping and taking a breath. 'Someone is being naughty, running away from the only family member you have.' A voice says making Sora glare at nothing.

"Shut-up, I don't need their pity, and I sure all hell don't need you." Sora says to no-one, chatter could be heard around him. He looks around and see that people are pointing and laughing at him. Sora shakes his head and walks away from prying eyes. 'Look what you did, you attracted people. Aren't you happy? You finally got the attention you always wanted. Even though, they are making fun of how ugly and stupid you look.' The voice says in a taunting voice. Sora shakes his head trying to ignore it, upon doing that he ran into something, or rather someone. He fell to the ground harshly, glaring at the person who just randomly stopped.

"Oh, shit. I'm sorry, are you okay?" The person asks holding out his hand. Sora stares at him, absorbed in his aquamarine eyes. His silver hair falls over his shoulder, making him look like an angel. Sora quickly shakes his head and smacked the mans hand away. The silver haired man brought his hand back in shock as Sora stood up. He brushed his pants off and walked past him. Without a second look back he walked into the school and went straight to his locker. He pulled out what he needed and went to class, Sora loved getting to class early. He didn't have to deal with people staring at him as we walked in. Plus he gets to turn in his homework without prying eyes. He enter the room and gave a slight smile when he saw Professor Ienzo.

"Why, hello Sora, your early as usual again. I take it you did your homework and want to turn it in now?" Ienzo asks Sora who nodded happily as he handed in his assignment, Ienzo gave it a glance over and smiled.

"Sora, this is truly stunning. You are a very bright child." Ienzo says, making Sora happy. He went to his seat and sat down. The bell had just rung and everyone filed in. Once everyone was seated Ienzo started his lesson, though it was interrupted by a student coming in. Sora couldn't believe his eyes. The silver haired guy he ran into was in his class, he must be a new student. 'You're drooling you know, but who can blame you. He is so fine, but your ugly ass would never have a chance to have him.' The voice that Sora tried so hard to ignore said. Sora closed his eyes and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes the voice was gone and someone had sat next to him. Sora jumped when he saw the silver haired man next to him smiling.

"Hi, My name is Riku. What's yours?" Riku asks Sora, Sora's mouth was dry and before he could stop himself he blurted out "My name is Sora." Realizing what he did, Sora quickly clamped his hand over his mouth. Sora looked around and stared at Sora with shock. 'Hah, you fucked up, big time. Now everyone including Riku will know how annoying you are.' The voice says in a mocking tone.

"Alright, Class let's settle down and pay attention back to the assignment." Ienzo says and of course everyone listened. Sora let out a sigh of relief, and turned his attention back to the board. Once it was nearing the end of the class Ienzo had a group project that everyone is forced to do. Everyone groaned in unison except Sora.

"Alright, listen up this is going for half your grade. So it better be done, now I will assign you partners. Roxas and Axel you are on pair."  He says checking off his clipboard. Axel let out a laugh of excitement and high-fived Roxas.

"Sweet, I get to be with my baby even more and won't have to feel jealous." Axel shouts out making the class laugh and forcing Roxas to smack him. 

"Moving on, Ventus you're with Vanitas. Kairi, Xion, and Namine you guys are going to be out group of three." Ienzo says once again making check marks on his board. The girls squeal with delight. Ienzo pairs up other people and finally he gets to Sora.

"Sora, you and Riku will be partners." Ienzo says with a smile on his face. Sora's face paled as he turned to look at Riku who still had a smile on his face. Whispers were circulating, making Sora's head spin. He closed his eyes and all he could hear was,

"Poor Riku, He has bad luck. He got stuck with the new kid."

"I know it's so sad. Maybe we should switch with him."

"No way, I don't want to be with him."

"Well, neither do I."

The voices kept saying, Sora covered his ear. "Hey, look at you. You got the new guy. Congratulations now everyone is going to hate you more. Than before.' Before Sora could say anything he felt a warm gentle hand on him, he quickly opens his eyes and see's Riku staring at him. Once again his eyes were filled with concern. The only question Sora could think of was, Why does he look concerned for me?




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"Hey, Sora are you okay?" Riku asks him, still looking concerned. Before Sora could do anything Vanitas showed up and shoved Riku away.

"Leave my brother alone, you're scaring him. Lets go to our next class, Sora." Vanitas says pulling Sora up and dragging him away from Riku and the class. As they walked by people were staring.

"Poor, Vanitas having someone like him as a brother must be torture."

"Even the Vanitas is a bad-boy , I still feel bad for him."

"Vanitas looks so done with him." The voices say making Sora's chest hurt. 'See even your own brother is sick of you. He only saved you from Riku because he has a obligation to take care of you. I bet Leon and Cloud told him to help you. That is how pathetic you are. You and him both know that you are responsible for the death of your parents. Man he probably still hates you.' The voice is saying, Sora has had enough. He shook off Vanitas hand and ran away, He tried so hard to hide the tear from falling but he couldn't. He ran to the roof and hid in a corner. He starts crying and pulls his knees up to his chest. 'You know, it would be easier for everyone if you just jump. Do it. I dare you.' The voice says in a singing voice. Sora was about to reply but didn't when he heard someone come up the stairs. Shocked he looked and saw it was Riku.

"Oh, Sora I didn't know you were up here. Great now we can talk about our science project, also why are you skipping class?" Riku asks taking a seat next to Sora. Sora just stared at him, his mouth slightly open. 

"I know what your about say, Why am I skipping on my first day. Well it's simple Vanitas said that I was scaring you. I just wanted to apologize if I did." Riku says giving Sora a smile. Sora felt something in his heart, it wasn't the normal pain he feels. No it was something he wasn't familiar with. Suddenly Riku got up and started walking away, for some reason Sora grabbed his shirt making Riku turn around. 

"D-Don't go. Please." Sora says his voice quiet. Riku looks shocked but sits back down smiling. 

"You know, you have a good voice. Why don't you talk more?" Riku asks his voice gentle. Sora shook his head and looked away. 

"Well, It's fine. We should talk about our project. Why don't we go to my place? If you don't feel comfortable with that, then we can go to your place so that Vanitas can protect you." Riku says in a joking tone. Sora let out a small laugh. Riku stared at him affection in his eyes.

"Wow, your laugh is nice." Riku says, that made Sora smile and once again he could feel his heart beating. But not in a scared way. 'Don't believe him. He's just saying that so he can get a good grade on the project. If you fall for it, you're more stupid then before.' That brought down Sora's smile. The voice was right. The only time someone was nice to him was because he would do all the work and the other person would get credit. Sora didn't say anything to Riku and hastily stood up as he was leaving Sora ran into Vanitas, Who looked pissed off.

"Seriously, Sora? Your skipping class? You never skip. What is going on with you? Your acting weirder then usual." Vanitas says blocking the way so Sora couldn't run away. Sora just shook his head and tried to run past Vanitas but, Vanitas was always stronger then Sora. 

"Vanitas, please let me through. I really don't want to talk about it, right now." Sora whispers to Vanitas. Vanitas gets pissed off and grabs Sora by the shoulders.

"Sora, I'm really not in the mood to deal with this cryptic bull-shit. Just tell me now, because I know for a fact that if we wait till we get home, you will just lock yourself in your room. So no more stupid excuses, Cloud and Leon are worried about you." Vanitas shouts making Sora jump and cry. Vanitas sighs and smacks his hand on his face.

"Fine, We will talk about this at home. But so help me you lock yourself in your room, I will break down your damn door. Don't you dare test me. Now get your ass to class." Vanitas says letting Sora pass. As soon as Sora was gone Vanitas punched a wall.

"Fuck!" He shouts, he take his hand away and gently rubs it. 

"You okay?" A voice asks making Vanitas turn. Vanitas glares at Riku.

"How long have you fucking been there? Were you listening in?" Vanitas questions as he grabs Riku by the collar. Riku just smirks and shoves Vanitas away. 

"I'll see you at your place Vanitas." Riku says walking past him. All Vanitas can do is watch Riku walk away. He was questioning why did Riku need to go to his house.

Once Sora was away from Vanitas he slowed down and panted, trying to get his breath back. 'Heh, this isn't your day is it? Losers like you don't deserve the attention you're getting. Even if it's about how awkward and ugly you are.' The voice says in a mocking tone. 

"Enough!" Sora shouts out, his scream echo's in the empty hallway. Silence fill the room. Taking a few more breaths Sora walked to his locker and took out his backpack. He decided he had enough of school and decided to leave. Once Sora made it to the door he began to run, praying he doesn't get caught. After about 2 minuets Sora stopped and looked around, he was far enough from school to walk. However, before he could even take a step a car honked making Sora jump. 

"Hey there, Cutie where are you going?" The person asked, making Sora shiver.


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"Hey, cutie where are you going?" The man asks, making Sora shiver. Sora tried to run but the man got out of the car and grabbed Sora by the arm.

"Hey there, don't you think it's a little rude to leave without greeting someone who, has greeted you?" The man grinned out. Sora let out a cry of pain and the mans grip on his arm increased. Sora could feel hit wounds opening up. When Sora refused to talk the man got angry.

"Alright kid, you don't want to talk fine. I will have you scream instead." The man said dragging Sora to his car. Sora kicked and screamed, hoping anyone would hear him. But it was only 11:30 in the morning so everyone was either in school or at work. As Sora continued to scream he was thrown into the backseat. The door slammed shut, Sora tried opening the door but couldn't it was locked. The man got in the car and started his engine, he looked at Sora and grinned when he saw him unable to unlock the door.

"Sorry kid, the backseat can only be opened from the outside." The man said laughing. Sora kicked the window punched the window. Anything to try to escape. Alas nothing worked. Sora laid down on the seat crying. He had no idea what was going to happen to him. He closed his eyes and eventually fell asleep.

"Xemnas, are you sure about this kid? He doesn't look like he can handle us."

"Yes, I am positive Marluxia now shut-up its time to wake him up." The man Xemnas says smacking Sora. Sora opened his eyes and saw that he was naked and chained to the ceiling. Scared he tried kicking and pulling but nothing worked. Laughter fills the room and that is when Sora noticed he wasn't alone. 

"Aww, that's cute. He's trying to escape." A man with pink hair says strolling his way over to Sora and gently touches his face. Sora moved his head in disgust and tried to kick the pink haired man. However the man caught his leg and sneered at Sora. 

"Tch. You tried to kick me. Shame on you, maybe I should punish you. What do you say Xemnas? Can I teach him a lesson?" The pink haired man asks licking his lips. Sora looked at the man called Xemnas and shivered as he grinned.

"But of course Marluxia do as you like, but don't fuck him yet I want to take his virginity." Xemnas says to he man named Marluxia. He grinned and let go of Sora's leg. He goes to the corner of the room and brings out a tray of things. Sex-toys, knife, whip, Paddle, Anal plugs. Everything you need to torture someone. Sora's eyes widened as he sees all the items. 

"Now, lets see. How about this?" Marluxia says pulling the whip out, Sora whimpered and looked away.

"Oh, it seems he might like this one. Let's give it a try shall we?" He says raising his arm and smacking Sora with the whip. Sora cries out with pain. The man brings it down once again, he continued to whip Sora until he couldn't cry anymore. Sora panted and felt warm liquid on his back. Sora is all too familiar with the feeling of blood running down his back. 'You deserve this, you're a good for nothing person. Who is only alive because people need you too relieve their stress.' The voice says a little to loudly in his head. Sora doesn't bother to listen and closes his eyes. 

"That is enough Marluxia, It's time to have some real fun. But I want to do this privately for now. So leave. Now." Xemnas says pointing at the door. Marluxia nods and leave us alone.

"So, kid. You endured Marluxia's whipping. You must be use to the pain. Does that mean you will allow me to take you dry?" He asks Pumping himself to full hardness, he walks behind Sora and caresses his ass. Sora whimpers as Xemnas spreads his cheeks apart.

"Hmm, it looks like no-one has taken you yet. Good, I like my boys virgins." He says before thrusting himself inside Sora. Sora cried out his eyes wide. The pain was unbearable for him, he felt sick. Especially when he started thrusting inside him.

"God you're so tight. Fuck. I think I'm about to release inside you." Xemnas grunts out thrusting harder and faster. All Sora could do it cry and whimper as he continued to fuck him. Sora prayed that it was over soon, he wants to go home. Suddenly Sora felt something warm spill inside him.

"Holy shit. I never came so fast in so fucking long." He says pulling himself out of Sora. He felt the liquid drip from his ass. Xemnas untied him, and walked to a corner and threw Sora's clothes at him.

"Get dressed, it's time to take you back." He says dressing himself. Sora quickly nodded and dressed fast. He felt relieved that he would finally be free, the scars will always be there but at least he will be away from Xemnas and his friend. Xemnas grabbed Sora's arm and dragged him to the garage where he threw him in and handed him a piece of cloth. 

"Cover your eyes, now." He demands, scared Sora takes the cloth and covers his eyes. He could feel the engine run as he starts driving off. After what felt like a eternity the car finally stopped and the door opened. The blindfold was pulled off and he was shoved out. He was at a park close to his home. Sora was about to run, when Xemnas grabbed him by the collar pulling him back. He lifted his chin and grinned.

"Don't think this will be the last time you see me. I will be back for you, Eventually I will make you mine and no-one will ever find you." Xemnas whispers letting Sora go and went back to his car driving away. Sora gulped and ran home, he put his key in the lock and hastily opened the door. Sora slammed the door shut and locked it, he tried running up the stairs but was stopped by Leon blocking them. Leon's arm was folded across his chest. He had a look of sit your ass down now, or you will regret it. Nodding Sora went to the Living room  and saw Cloud and Vanitas sitting down both with serious looks on there face. All Sora could think of was great here comes the interventions. Shaking his head Sora sat across Cloud and Vanitas, Leon sat down across from me. He cleared his throat gaining everyone's attention.

"Alright Sora, I am going to ask some questions and I want you to answer them. Do you understand?" Leon says, Sora nods and quietly looks down.

"First question, Why did you skip your classes?" Leon asks, Sora gulps and looks him in the eyes.

"I-I was upset and just wanted to take a breather so I left early. You told me I could do that every so often." Sora says in a soft voice. Leon's face showed sympathy but it quickly went back to his serious look.

"Question two, Where were you, Why didn't you come straight home if you were upset?" Leon asks, Sora froze at that question. Sweat covered his forehead, Sora started shaking. Leon got up and sat next to Sora putting a gentle hand on Sora's back. The touch made Sora jump from pain. Everyone looked shocked. 

"Sora, are you okay? Let me see your back." Cloud says trying to reach for his shirt. Sora freaked out and smacked his hand away.

"Don't touch me!" Sora yells his eyes filled with fear. Everyone freezes. Sora had never shouted at them before. If they weren't concerned then, they sure as hell are now. 'uh-oh look what you did. Now everyone is about to find out about you being raped and now they are going to blame you for it. You should of taken those fighting lessons they've been teaching. It's all your fault.' The voice mocks. All of a sudden Sora felt pain radiate from his head, he fell to the ground holding his head. He let out a small scream before passing out. Leaving Leon, Cloud and Vanitas in shock.


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After the incident with Vanitas on the roof, Riku walked to P.E like nothing had happened. The teacher shook his head as Riku came in late but, let it slide because he was new to the school. After sitting down Vanitas came in with a slip from the nurse. As he turns to walk to the bleachers he growls, when he sees the only spot available was next to, Riku in the seat next to him. Riku smirked and patted the empty seat. Sitting down he glared at Riku before staring at the board.

"Now class, this is P.E as you all know. We will start with some light stretches and then some endurance runs." The coach says as he shows some stretching routines. 

"Coach Terra, can you show me how to properly do that pose?" Ventus asks with a sweet innocent look. Terra gulped but nodded, he went to Ventus and stood behind him. He places his hand on Ventus waist. Holding him as steady as he can. Riku just stared in shock. He kept questioning why no one said anything. Next to me I could hear Vanitas let out a very angry growl. The coach must of heard it because he quickly cleared his throat and removed his hands from Ventus waist. He walks past Riku and Vanitas, trying not to look at them. Once he gets back to the front. he clears his throat one more time and smiles.

"Alright, that is enough stretching. Everyone will run four laps. So get in position." He says pointing to the starting line. Once everyone was lined up, he blew his whistle and everyone ran full speed. Vanitas chilled in the back and just jogged. Riku however, was ahead of everyone and before they knew it. He was at the finish line. Panting and sweat falling from his head. The Coach walked up to him while clapping.

"Wow, Riku was it? I haven't seen anyone run that fast before, well except Sora." Terra says smiling at him. After a good few minuets everyone made it to the finish line, immediately collapsing on the ground.  I saw Vanitas and Ventus were the last ones and they were both panting. 

"Alright, go shower and then you are all dismissed." Terra says walking to the shower room. Riku noticed that Ventus stayed behind with Terra, He was clearly flirting with him. Shaking his head he walks into the locker room. He quickly takes off his sweat stained shirt and pants before heading into the shower. Allowing the water fall on him. The bell rings and everyone is quick to leave, leaving Riku alone. Shrugging he turned the water off and went to his locker, just as he finished changing he heard the door slam open and shut. Forcing him to jump and hide.

"Wait, why am I hiding?" Riku asked himself, mentally smacking himself. Just as he was about to get up he heard voices. Curious he looks past his locker and sees Terra and Ventus, talking and occasionally kissing. Riku's mouth opened with shock.

"Ven, wait let me lock the door." Terra whispers to Ventus, he whined but allowed him to leave. However before he could lock it, Vanitas came in with a pissed off face. He slams the door shut and locks it.

"I know I said I would share Ventus with you, but I did not say you can openly flirt with him in front of me. This is exactly, why I don't like you." Vanitas all but growls out as he strutted to Ventus. He pulls him towards him and gives him a deep kiss. Ventus whined and pulled Vanitas closer. Vanitas removes his lips and starts kissing down his neck.

"W-Wait, I need to shower." Ventus whimpered out, making Vanitas stop and grin. He turned around and smirked at Terra.

"Well Terra, are you going to help Ven shower? Or are you just going to watch me take all of him." Vanitas says in a mocking tone. Terra growls and pushes Vanitas out of the way. He quickly strips Ventus and guides him to the showers. He turned on the water and put Ven under it. He leaves for a few minuets and returns completely naked, Vanitas following after him. He stood behind Ventus and put his lips against his ear.

"Now, lets see. Ven you have been a real bad boy. You turned Terra on in the middle of class. I think you should be thoroughly punished. But for now, why don't you get on your hands and knees and take of Terra." Vanitas whispered in his ear. Ventus shuddered and proceed to obey. He got on his knees and grabbed Terra's cock. Terra hissed at the contact but gently put his hand on his head. Taking this as consent, Ventus gives Terra a lick before slipping him in his mouth.

"Damn, Ven." Terra groaned out slightly thrusting inside his mouth. Vanitas grabbed a bottle of soap and poured it on his hands. He placed his finger near Ventus hole and thrusted it in. Ventus cried out around Terra's cock. Terra groaned and accidently moved his hip to hard hitting his throat.

"Shit, Ven I'm so sorry. Are you okay?" Terra asked concern showing on his face. With tears in his eyes he nods and continues to pleasure Terra. Vanitas on the other hand thrusts in another finger, he scissors Ven and finally adds a third one. He leans over and whispers "Ven, I'm going to enter you. No, cumming until Terra and I do. Got it?" Ven nods as Vanitas aligns himself and gives a quick thrust. Ventus moaned around Terra's cock, Terra grunted as he tried to control his hips from thrusting into Ventus. mouth.

"Damn it Ven, you're so fucking tight still." Vanitas groans out as he increases his thrust, Ventus body shakes when Vanitas hits his sweet spot. Vanitas grins and repeatedly hits the same spot over, and over again. Ventus cries still echo around Terra's cock and before he knew it, he felt something warm and salty fill his throat. Ventus drank it all as Terra slowly pulls out, he grabs Ventus chin and gives him a sweet kiss. He gets down on his knees and strokes Ven who's moan echo's in the bathroom. 

"Ven, you can cum now." Vanitas whispers, at those words he came hard. Vanitas cums inside Ventus groaning. Vanitas pulls out and all of them start washing themselves off. 

"Terra, Van, I love you guys." Ventus says smiling, as he give them a quick kiss each. 

"I love you too, Ven. Vanitas.... yeah. Go to lunch." Terra says escaping the shower, he gets dressed quickly as Ven and Vanitas follow after him. They do the same and walk out together, before Vanitas leaves he looks behind the locker and smirks. Riku is sitting there his eyes wide. Vanitas puts a finger over his mouth, making sure Riku knows not to say a word. Riku nods and proceeds to finish dressing he waits, a few minuets before following after them.