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Know the Night Sky

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Ange sat on the soft grass just outside the woods. It wasn’t cold nor was it warm. It was a very pleasant night. But ever the vigilant one, Ange heard the rustling and the footsteps not too far from her. Normally she would be on guard for possible enemies, but in this case she knew full well who it was.

Ange turned her head to see Charlotte, or Princess as she affectionately called her, standing at the edge of the woods, not making a move to sit down yet.

Ange sighed, “Sit, please.”

That earned her a smile. Charlotte knew that asking for things, genuinely asking, was something that didn’t come easy to her. Usually when she asks for something its for a mission, in the guise of a façade, not her real self. Even when its just the two of them Ange sometimes has difficulty expressing her wants and needs. A result of her training, and honestly Charlotte couldn’t blame her.

She was very similar. But she had an easier time expressing herself when it was just her and Ange. Charlotte just wanted Ange to feel the same level of comfort. For things to be like they used to be, or at least close to how they used to be.

They were dating now after all. It was a recent development and they’ve done their best to keep their relationship a secret, even though they suspected that Dorothy knew. She didn’t say anything but judging by the way she smirked at them she knew plenty, but kept their secret.

Charlotte sat next to Ange, her smile never leaving her face. She placed her hand over the spy’s, interlacing their fingers, and leaning her head on Charlotte’s. She seemed perfectly content just like that.

Ange had to admit it was a romantic scene. Just the two of them alone in comfortable silence. They spent a lot of their time like that. Weather it was on walks, or reading books in each others company. It felt cozy.

Charlotte nuzzled a bit closer for a moment, humming at the closeness, but just as fast snuggled her she let her go and laid down on the grass. Charlotte stretched, groaning as she did so. Then she smiled again, looking up at Ange.

“Hey Ange, can we see the Black Lizard Planet from here?”

Ange blinked at the question, then smiled, “Yes actually.”

She looked up at the sky, then back down at Charlotte.

“But I won’t tell you which one it is. That’s a secret I can’t disclose to anyone I’m afraid.”

“Really? Not even me?” Charlotte gave Ange a smile, one that made Ange’s heart skip a beat, but Ange was a spy after all so it would take more than that to make her talk.

Ange shook her head, making Charlotte pout. It’s one of the cutest things Ange had ever seen. It made her laugh, that only made Charlotte pout more. She hugged Ange, pulling her down. It took a moment for Ange to realize she was being pulled down, but luckily she caught herself before she fell down on top of the Princess.

“Is there anything I can do convince you to spill your secrets?” Charlotte wrapped her arms around Ange’s neck, tangling them into her hair, one leg over her hip pulling her further down.

The spy gulped. She could feel the heat coming from Charlotte, see the little teasing smirk, the smoldering look in her eyes. She still couldn’t get used to those. Ange cleared her throat and looked away to hide her blush, hoping that the night air would help.

“I’m afraid its gonna take more than promises of intercourse to make me talk.”

“Intercourse? I never mentioned anything of the sort.” Charlotte replied in a innocent voice as she tilted her head to add to the act.

Ange’s blush deepened. Charlotte was right. So why did she jump to that conclusion? The thought had crossed her mind a few times when they were together. But she wouldn’t say anything about it. Wait...

Ange’s head snapped back to Charlotte, the blush still present on her face. Her eyes narrowed at the woman beneath her who still kept up her act.

“I’m onto you Princess.”

“What ever do you mean my turtledove?”

“You planed this. That was very clever I must admit.” Ange was debating if she should get out of the hug or not as it could still be used to get her to drop her guard down, but she knew what Charlotte was trying to do now so letting herself be embraced by her wasn’t bad.

Charlotte laughed, “Sorry. You’re so stubborn sometimes. I didn’t mean to make fun of you. I just wish you’d me more honest and open with me about these type of things.”

Charlotte ran her hands across Ange’s back, it was gentle and calming, Ange liked those types of touches.

Ange sighed, “I know, I know I just... I’m not the best when it comes to communicating. Its a bit embarrassing. And I don’t want to seem too eager and scare you away.”

“You could never. I do understand where you’re coming from though. I feel the same way.” Now it was Charlotte’s turn to blush.

Ange looked at her with wide eyes, “You do?”

She got a nod in response. How could Ange be so stupid? Of course Charlotte would be embarrassed as well. Neither of them had been in a relationship before, they had no idea what they were doing, they didn’t want to mess things up.

But this was good.

They know how to be friends, they know how to talk as friends. This however is new territory, of course there would be some communication issues. But they can learn as they go, figure things out together.

Ange gulped, gently placed her hand on Charlotte’s cheek and moved her thumb in a soothing motion which caused the Princess to let out a content hum.

Slowly Ange placed a gentle but passionate kiss on Charlotte’s lips. It didn’t last long, but they made no rush to separate too far from each other either. Ange brushed their noses together, a show of affection that she didn’t really know where she picked up but it made Charlotte happy when ever she did it.

“There’s...” Charlotte’s voice broke the silence, it was a bit high pitched but she composed herself, “There’s a lot that I want to experience with you. And I would hope that... well I’m actually very much sure that you want the same.”

Ange could only nod rapidly. There are so many things that she wants to do, she and Charlotte are just gonna have to figure out ways to talk to each other about them. And that was exciting by itself. Ange leaned down, kissing Charlotte again, this kiss was longer than the previous one.

Ange put more pressure on Charlotte’s lips earning a groan from the Princess. Slowly the spy ran her tongue across her lips which caused Charlotte to laugh before granting her access. They hadn’t done things like this a lot, they mostly kept it to pecks, cheek kisses, hand-holding and cuddles. But they couldn’t deny that they both wanted more, and it felt amazing to admit that.

Hands didn’t wander, Charlotte kept hers tangled in Ange’s hair at the base of her head, tugging and soothing as they kissed. As for Ange, she used one of her hands to keep herself above Charlotte, so she wasn’t completely lying on top of her. Her other hand was on Charlotte’s hip, rubbing small circles with her thumb.

Eventually, and unfortunately, they needed to breathe.

Ange had an easier time catching her breath because of her spy training which allowed her the opportunity to take in the sight underneath her. Charlotte with her hair spread around her, chest rising and falling as she catches her breath, her eyes a bit darker than usual. A big smile on her lips.

“I think... I think we might need to pace ourselves Princess.”

Charlotte pouted at that statement, making Ange laugh.

“Right now I’d like nothing more than to take you to my room. However I know this is just my lust talking.” Both of them blushed at the mention of lust. “I don’t think that now is really the time for it and you’re right, we need to pace ourselves. But I’m looking forward to that day that we don’t have to do that anymore.” Charlotte’s voice dropped as she spoke that last part and she gave Ange a rather smoldering look.

Ange felt her heart skip a beat. Clearly Charlotte was spending too much time with Dorothy.

“I look forward to it too.”

“When that happens with you tell me where the Black Lizard Planet is?” Charlotte teased.

Ange threw her head back laughing, moved off Charlotte and laid next to her. They looked at each other. Ange took Charlotte’s hand in her own.

“I have a better idea. How about...” Ange paused, bringing Charlotte’s hand up to her lips to kiss it, “I take you there.” She said as she interlaced their fingers, never taking her eyes off Charlotte.

The smile Charlotte gave her was brighter than any star she ever saw and she swore its all that she ever needed in her life, “I would love that Ange.”