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Charity Ball Mission AU headcanons

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-Adler, Park and Bell were to head inside the ball.

-Hudson loses his temper when he learns that Bell is going inside the ball. He thinks they’re capable but too close to the mission since the woman may recognise them.

-Lazar is picked for infil and exfil.

-Mason and Woods had to stay in the car in case things go south.

-Adler wears a black suit and bow tie but kept his hair the same (extra floofy).

-The rest of the men wear shirts and ties. Lazar and Mason have their sleeves rolled up. Woods was forced to keep his sleeves rolled down due to his tattoos.

-Park wears this silk lilac dress with an amythest necklace to match. Sims teases Lazar’s for staring.

-On the way there, Woods grumbles about how easy these ‘rich pricks’ get it.

-Adler picks up the complimentary champagne offered at the entrance.

-If Bell picks one up, Park will give a disappointed sigh. If Bell doesn’t pick one up, Adler will give a nudge and whisper to ‘lighten up’.

-While searching for the target, Adler and Bell will slow dance. Adler spots the target and signals to Park to make a move as he twirls Bell.

-Park will corner this woman at the women’s restroom and lock the door so it’s only them. Despite Adler’s emphasis to use the blackmail, due to Park’s British Politeness™ , she will only use it when she realises the woman will not give the information any other way.

-Woods grumbles on the way back about sitting and doing nothing in an uncomfortable shirt.

-On the way back to the Safehouse, Lazar gets takeaway for everyone, even for Sims and Hudson back at the safehouse

-They all eat together in their fancy clothes.