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Christmas 1980 Headcanons

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-Hudson invites Adler over to his family home for the holidays but Adler politely declines, he’s kind of bad with kids. However, he accepts the invitation from Sims.

-They drink a lot which leads to Adler softening up briefly, wondering how different Christmas would be had he become a dad. Sims reminds him he wouldn’t be able to get this drunk if he had.

-Woods drives up to Alaska to spend Christmas with Alex, his wife and 1 year old David.

-Woods gets David a little teddy bear which David comes to treasure for the rest of his life.

-Alex bought a tricycle for when David reached his terrible twos phase.

-Hudson bought his daughters Western Barbie and Skipper dolls (1980 edition). His daughters yell in joy and he almost cries.

-He starts crying when Jenny gifts him a framed picture of their first date.

-Park visits her brother’s grave before arriving at her parents' house for Christmas dinner. She drinks too much wine and passes out in her old bedroom.

-Lazar flys back to Tel Aviv to see his family. He gifts his mother an expansive silver bracelet and his father the Stephan King novel 'The Mist'.

-Belikov spends Christmas alone but he’s happily drinking vodka and watching ‘The Wizard of Oz’ (1939) on VHS.

-Bell spends Christmas with Perseus, interpret that as you will.