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'Cause You're My Everything

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Kyle awoke alone, the scent of coffee and the sound of Alex’s near-silent music drifting through the halls of their home. Sunlight streamed through the blinds, illuminating the indent in the mattress next to him, the only sign of another person in the little cottage. The sergeant pushed the covers aside and rolled out of bed, blinking away sleep. He moved through the house, following the sounds of quiet domesticity to the kitchen. 


Alex was standing at the counter, deftly cutting strawberries and flipping pancakes. 


“G’morning, Mr. Garrick.” 


Alex looked up sharply, startled by the other man’s voice. His shocked expression melted into happiness at the sight of his husband, and he grinned brightly. “Morning, doll!"


Kyle smiled in return. His hands came to settle on Alex's waist and rested his chin on his husband's shoulder, chest to back.


"You're up early today. Usually, I'm the one dragging you out of bed!" He teased, toying with the hem of the other man's shirt.


"You deserve a little sleep now and again," Alex replied. "I got up early, took Blitz out, and figured I'd make breakfast for us."


"Awfully sweet of you." Kyle pressed a gentle kiss to the back of his husband's neck. "And where's my girl?"


"She's just outside." Alex turned, seeking a proper kiss. "I let her stay out so I could cook in peace." 


The sergeant nodded, pulling away and heading towards the front door. 


"You know you're not wearing a shirt, right?" Alex leaned back against the counter, propped up on his elbows. "As much as I appreciate the view-" his gaze dipped down to Kyle's waistband and back up again, lingering for a moment on the twin scars on his chest, the scars that match his own. "-It's too cold to go out without a shirt on." 


The sergeant raised an eyebrow. "What solution do you propose? You want me to walk all the way back to the bedroom, and leave Blitz outside all alone?" 


"Nah, just take mine." 


Kyle raised both brows. "And what, have you go topless?" 


Alex grinned, mischief tugging at the corner of his lips. "Topless, huh? Last I checked, you were standing right there!" 


"You are absolutely ridiculous. I cannot, for the life of me, believe I fell in love with you." 


"Oh, but you did! And now we're married, and you're stuck with me and my dumb jokes."


The sergeant playfully shook his head. "Just give me the damn shirt, 3-1." 


Alex shucked the shirt in one smooth motion and offered it to his husband. Kyle brushed a light kiss against his cheek in thanks before pulling the door open and stepping outside to find their puppy. 


An hour later, empty coffee mugs set aside and Blitz asleep at their feet, Alex pulled Kyle into a deep kiss. He pulled away and curled up against his husband's side. 


"Love you, Alex." The sergeant ran his fingers through the other man's soft hair, across his cheekbones, down his jawline.


Alex sighed contently and let his eyes flutter shut, leaning into the touch. "Love you too, Kyle."


You're every song, and I sing along, 'cause you're my everything