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Hate Me

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Tori groaned slightly as the class began to empty, a special Gothic friend of hers staying back near the door as she watched Tori in confusion. Sikowitz's gaze fell on the two ladies, and immediately he was intrigued

"You staying in here all lunch Vega?" Jade asked, a bite to her words, but nothing that Tori wasn't already used too

"I need to speak to Sikowitz about a erm. a project" Tori casually (but not actually) lied

Jade raised her pierced eyebrow, not noticing the way Tori's eyes followed the eyebrow closely.

But someone in the back did

"On what?"

Tori panicked for a second, racking her brain for any and every idea

"ON DRUGS!" She shouted, shooting up in her seat as the brilliant idea came to her head. Feeling embarrassed she grimaced and sat back down, hand over her mouth as her cheeks quickly coated themselves with a bright stain of pink 

Jade looked as uninterested as usual, if not slightly bemused by the tan girl's action and made a groan of faux agreement

"Uh-huh. Well, I'll be heading off the lunch, because that's where they do my drug"

Tori lifted her head in confusion

"What drug?"

Jade smirked as she turned on her heels, stepping out of the door and into the hallways as she shouted the answer back to the waiting and confused girl


Tori looked at Sikowitz, who simply shrugged and sipped his coconut

"I mean caffeine is technically a drug" The balding man said, to which Tori simply sighed, and begun to form her plan




Jade slumped herself down on her usual seat in the outdoor eating area, ignoring Cat's obnoxiously loud hello, Robbie's very small hi, Rex's narcissistic what's up and Andre's perky hey

She pulled her phone out of her pocket and messaged the Latina

If ur not here in the next 30 secs i'll chop off ur cathy doll's head

She hit the send button and stuffed the mobile back into her bag as she begun eating her salad

"Hey Jade, where's Tor?" Beck asked, not looking up from his chips

"Hopefully dead in a ditch" Jade grumbled, stabbing at her lettuce violently

Over the past few months, the two had been getting closer, Tori learning about her mother and father's divorce, and Jade learning that Tori's mother is cheating on her father with his college, leaving her alone in their home most days

And although Jade would never want to admit it, they were actually friends

But as long as everyone else was concerned, they were the same foes, but Jade just had a little more tolerance for the Latina

Cat gasped loudly, making even Jade look up

Everyone had their eyes plastered on Cat, for the redhead to just giggle and shake her head


Rolling her eyes Jade looked away from the strange girl, pulling her phone out once more when she heard it vibrate

In the toilets, need to tell u something :)

Jade almost allowed the smile to creep onto her face, but decided against it as she got up and grabbed her bag, not bothering to grab her long forgotten salad

"Hey, ain't you gonna eat that?" Andre asked

Jade walked away without saying anything to him, but was unfortunate enough to hear him speak after

"Looks like I got me some lunch"



On her way into the toilet, Jade managed to scare at least 5 freshman, leaving her with a bright smile on her face

A freshman was on the other side of the door when Jade opened it

"MOVE!" She yelled, watching in joy as the girl scattered away from her and the toilets

She clicked her tongue as she walked into the bathroom, immediately mesmerised by the Latina sitting on the sinks, hair tied up, glasses on and a small pout on her lips

"You called me" She said bluntly, dropping her bag to the floor as she hopped up on the sink too

Brown chocolate eyes met hers, and for a moment she was stunned

"I heard you shout at every one of those poor freshmen" She muttered before looking back at Jade

"I messaged you, because Sikowitz said we have to do a sequel to Nancy and Walter."

Jade let out a sharp groan, to which many would shy away from the noise, but Tori was too nervous to do that

"When is it?"

"Tomorrow, but we have to do another fake date at Nozu"

"Oh for f"

"No swearing!" Tori quickly cut Jade off, making the latter glare at her

“It’s a way of expressing myself” Jade hissed

“7pm again tonight. I’ll see you there” Tori said hopefully as Jade started to leave




“For the last time Cat, I don’t want a pink dress! It’s only a fake date, so I’m wearing the exact same clothes I’m in now!” Jade all but screamed down the phone, hands fiddling with her new pair of scissors as the mobile lay on the bed in front of her


“But Tori likes pink” Cat whined, and if Jade cared enough, she could practically see the pout forming on the little red head’s face.


“And what makes you think I’m doing this for Vega? I just want that damn grade” She seethed into the phone, hands abandoning the scissors as she got off her bed.

She headed to her closet as Cat continued to babble on about her roommate and some weird show she’d watched the other week.


Jade didn’t pay the words coming through the speaker any attention, and why would she? Cat was known for her useless sprawl of words that ,more than it should be allowed, poured out of her mouth

Grabbing a black jacket, a pair of ripped black jeans, her favourite metal band t-shirt Jade laid the outfit on her bed, heading to her shoe closet for her favourite ankle black biker boots that had a small chain across it.


She checked the time on her second phone


She internally and probably eternally groaned as she began to strip her clothes off, eventually chiming in with some of Cat’s random statements.

By the time she was dressed, it was 10 minutes to 7 and Cat had just hung up


Grabbing her first phone she put it on charge, taking the second phone and messaging Tori


R u ready?


The reply came quickly, as if Tori was waiting for Jade to respond

The thespian quickly hushed those stupid thoughts as she read over Tori’s message


Yep, Meet you there?


Jade smirked as she tucked her phone into her back pocket, heading out of her room and down the stairs.

She grabbed her car keys off the table and headed straight for the front door, not acknowledging her Father on the couch

“And where are you off too?” He called out, presumably looking for some sort of answer that contained a lot less vulgar words


“Can’t stop for coffee, I have a date” She shouted as she slammed the door



Jade nonchalantly walked in to Nozu, noticing that there were no cars in the parking spots, which was weird because the japanese restaurant was usually filled to the brim of self loathing, ignorant idiots


She opened up the doors and noticed the room was empty, except for a familiar rucksack, along with a small herd of her friends

Beck waved at her, as did Andre. Robbie and Cat sent some sort of weird gesture over to her, that looked like some sort of peace sign if their fingers were broke as Rex sat quietly on the booth bench


Jade went to walk over, questions wanting to escape, but she heard a soft clearing of someone’s throat from the stage. Looking over she immediately stood still as Tori opened her beautiful brown eyes


There was no denying it, Jade had a strong, strong liking for the  Latina. Because she can deny it to everyone around her for sure. But herself? She was used to being alone in her head for so long that she realised that there were no shortcuts or corners in her mind that would allow her to bury this shattering truth


“Hey Jae. I know this may not be ideal, because you hate showing other people your emotions, but they kinda followed me here, so I really had no control” Tori sincerely and jokingly apologised


Jade raised an eyebrow as she looked at the Tanned girl

“What’s going on Vega? We doing the play on Nozu’s stage?”


Tori shook her head and nodded to the right of her, where some random girl Tori probably befriended nodded and pressed the karaoke button


“Number 15?” the blonde mouthed


Tori suppressed a smile and nodded before turning back to Jade


“I wrote this about 4 weeks ago, and I really hope you get the message”


The lights dimmed, as a single yellow light shone down on Jade and Tori

It made the goth feel slightly uncomfortable, being under a spotlight, she’s never liked too much attention, especially since she felt an increase of what some would call ‘butterflies’ in her stomach


A beat began to play as Tori closed her eyes, allowing the music to swallow her


You cut my breaks

Then kiss on my face

So where are you coming from?

Can't read the signs

So I draw the line

Then you go and bend it some

The moment everything is said

Your words they bring me back again

It's so insane the things we do

In the name of love


Jade felt a rush when she heard the last line, but quickly diminished it 

No way Tori Vega could like someone like her? Let alone love


My friends they say

I should run away

And change all my information

But I hold you close

So how could I go

When you are my destination?

These thoughts they got me conflicted

But it's too late, now I'm addicted

It's so insane the things we do

In the name of love


Jade smiled slightly, knowing full well everyone had told the brown eyed girl to stay far away from Jade, but instead, Tori got closer, closer than she could ever imagine


Got both feet on the edge

Are you gonna come and save me?

I'll take one final step

All you have to do is make me

If you ever walk away I won't think twice

I'll go bye, bye, bye

Even though that it hurts me, baby

I'm in love with the way you hate me


 A swirl slowly built up in Jade’s stomach as Tori opened her eyes and made direct eye contact with Jade, brown mixing with emerald green as the silent exchange of words took place


Damn you always get your way

Guess it's written in your nature

You know everything to say

Just as long as I'm in danger

But I like when you take me under

It feels so good when I suffer

It's so insane the things we do

In the name of love


I know that I'm stupid, I make a mistake

And repeat it a million times

But it's better to see your familiar face

Even though it's been killing my mind

I know that I'm stupid, I make a mistake

And repeat it a million times

The pain and the evil it's bad for my brain

But it's beautiful here in my eyes


Jade felt something drip down her cheek, but was too engrossed in the girls performance as Tori slowly descended the stage, taking the mic with her as she slowly walked up Jade


I know that I'm stupid, I make a mistake

And repeat it a million times

(I'm in love with the way you hate me)

I know that I'm stupid, I make a mistake

And repeat it a million times

(I'm in love with the way you hate me)

If you ever leave me, no it ain't no lie

I'll end my life

'Cause even though that it hurts me, baby

I'm in love with the way you hate me

By the time the song was finished, Tori was in front of Jade, using her free hand to wipe away the wetness under eyes, that was definitely not tears. A small smile graced the Latina’s lips, which for some reason was the only thing Jade could register, and how soft they’d be. And how’d they’d feel on her own


“Jade. I think I fell pretty damn hard for you. It’s not everyday I write a song for someone. Well it is, that's what I’m trying to graduate with- forget all of that. What matters, is your answer”


1 minute


2 minute


3 minute


Jade spluttered slightly as she saw Tori’s eyes grow slightly saddened


“Your really really fucking beautiful.” She blurted, blushing instantly

Tori on the other hand smirked and laughed breathy as she turned and threw the mic to one of their friends


She placed a hand on Jade’s cheek, and another on her waist and looked at the thespian, slightly nervous and very shy

“Can I- I’m going to kiss you”


Jade nodded as she quickly lent in, kissing tori’s lips before the tanned girl could

Pulling back with a smirk she laughed at Tori’s blush

“I’m not bottom Vega”