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How to get rid of Sherlock Holmes

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11.32 - Your brother is pissing me right off this morning. Do something about it or I swear I'll let Donovan cuff him to a railing and leave him there. GL
11.41 - What would you have me do? MH
11.45 - ANYTHING!!!!!!! GL

Greg didn't get a reply but 20 minutes later, and absolutely at the end of his rope, a black car pulled up at the police tape.

Mycroft got out of the car, looking bloody gorgeous as always, and made his way over to the DI. Greg watched as Mycroft ducked gracefully under the police tape without so much as breaking his stride and came to stand quietly at Greg's side.
"My brother?" he asked.
Greg just gestured to where Sherlock was crawling around the dead body further down the street, while Anderson was trying to hold back a murderous Sally Donovan.
Mycroft locked eyes with Greg, a sly smile crossing his lips as his eyes flicked over Gregs shoulder to where Sherlock was now making his way towards them, John back at his side.
"I have an idea that might encourage Sherlock to leave you alone for quite some time...or"
Greg waited for a second before prompting "Or?"
"Or it could make him markedly worse."
"At this point I'm not sure he could get any worse! I'll take anything you've got."
Mycroft's smile shifted into something slightly nervous for a split second before he stepped squarely into Greg's personal space, wrapped the umbrella around his back and dragged him into a passionate kiss.
Greg's brain short circuited but his body was well on board, wrapping his arms around Mycroft's shoulders and sucking on his tongue."

Sally Donovan watched in complete shock as her boss got the snogging of his life from Freaks posh brother, but it was the younger Holmes' reaction that caused a satisfied grin to cross her face.

Sherlock stopped dead in his tracks, staring at his brother and the DI.
"John," he said with a gulp.
"Hmmm?" John was too stunned to speak.
"Is that Mycroft?"
"Snogging Lestrade."
"In public."
"Apparently so."
They watched as the two men broke for air, then Greg turned and walked Mycroft backwards the few steps it took to press him against the nearest wall and reconnected their lips. Mycroft umbrella clattered to the ground; abandoned to free Mycroft's hands so they could grope Greg's arse.
"I need to leave."
And with that, Sherlock turned on his heel and strode away, breaking into a run as a soft moan reached his ears. He pressed his fingers to his temples murmuring "delete, delete,delete2 as he ran, John on his heels.

Sally turned back to her boss and the older Holmes as their kiss broke.
"That should keep my brother at bay for a few days at least."
Mycroft smoothed down his coat and bent to retrieve his umbrella.
"Lovely to see you again, Detective Inspector." He held out his hand to shake and Greg gripped back.
"Good to see you too, Mr Holmes."
The men separated and Mycroft started walking back to his waiting car. He was just about to duck into the back seat when Greg called out to him.
Mycroft turned but didn't speak
"I think you owe me a date."
"Check your jacket pocket" he said with a cheery wave, stepping into the car and immediately being whisked away.
Sally rushed over to the DI, along with most of the rest of the team, to see Greg pull a business card out of his pocket.
The front simply contained the words Mycroft Holmes and a phone number, but the back had the DI smiling.
He tucked the card away before getting his team back to work.
Later, back in his office, Greg pulled out the card again.
'Tonight, 8pm, my place. I'll send a car. xxxx'
Greg checked his watch. Only 3 hours to go.