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good for u.

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it's one of those quiet mornings, where the entire house is silent when yoongi gets out of bed. he knows it's because the boys are out doing their own thing, and loves that they always do their best to be quiet as to not wake yoongi when they leave. he makes the bed as well as he is able to in his still sleepy state. peering at the clock on the nightstand, he notes that it's nearly noon.

rubbing his eyes as he steps out of the bedroom, he quickly peeks into the living room to find it empty too. he pouts and makes his way to the kitchen to start making his usual coffee. he turns on the kettle, and as he peeks down. his black boxers are barely visible under his oversized t-shirt, which he's pretty sure is namjoon's.

or jungkook's?

doesn't matter. 

the sound of the kettle drowns out the footsteps making their way towards yoongi's lithe frame. it's only when two strong pairs of arms wrap around yoongi's waist from behind, that he startles. a face nuzzles itself into yoongi's neck, and it takes approximately three seconds for yoongi to realize that it's taehyung.

"mornin'," he croaks into his ear, and yoongi visibly shivers from the rumble of the deep voice. he turns in taehyung's hold and soaks the gorgeous man in. he's shirtless, and yoongi guesses he was showering, judging by the younger's half-dried hair. yoongi can't stop his mouth from watering as he looks at the strong, broad torso in front of him. he lowers his eyes and blushes when he sees the way the grey sweatpants hang low in taehyung's hips.

"take a picture, it'll last longer."

yoongi snaps out of it and rolls his eyes and turns around again. taehyung chuckles and plasters himself to his hyung's back again. his hands wander under yoongi's shirt and he internally revels in the way his hands around his hyung's small waist. yoongi makes a small sound, as one of taehyung's hands moves further down and cups his cunnie over the boxers. 

"it's been a while since i've had you to myself, hyung," he whispers into his ear, and yoongi whimpers as taehyung starts rubbing him through the boxers.

"w-we has sex a few days ago," he breathily says, his thighs clenching around the bigger man's hand. "still," taehyung mutters and removes his hand to dip it inside the boxers.

yoongi squeals and taehyung slips his fingers between the older's folds. "you're wet, hyung,"

yoongi is suddenly spun around and taehyung hoists him up, the older's legs wrapping around his waist. he takes a few steps towards the kitchen island and places his hyung on it. he pulls the black boxers down to reveal his hyung's pink cunt. he doesn't get to see it for long though, since yoongi closes his legs together, a blush high on his cheeks. 

"tae, c-can we do this somewhere else? i don't think the others will appreciate us do- oh!" taehyung forcibly separates yoongi's thin thighs and lowers himself down to lick at his hyung's little cunt. yoongi whimpers and grips the younger's damp hair, as taehyung hungrily laps at his pussy. he doesn't push his tongue inside, instead licks and sucks at yoongi's clit. yoongi's hips stutter, and taehyung hums as he straightens his back, his chin glistening from yoongi's pussy. yoongi feels a whine building up his throat from the loss of contact, but he doesn't get far as taehyung suddenly connects their lips. yoongi moans from being forced to taste himself on the younger's tongue.

taehyung's hands wrap themselves around yoongi's waist, and before he knows it, he's flipped around and his front is pressed against the counter, his toes barely reaching the floor. he internally curses the designer's choice for tall counters.


"w-wait, taehyung, wait- oh fuuck,"  his whine falls upon deaf ears, and taehyung's fingers plunge into his little pussy, immediately curling them to press into the older's spot, massaging it. yoongi feels tears brimming his eyes as the pleasure from his cunt makes his toes curl. "fuck, taehyungie, please,"

"please what?" and god, his voice is so deep, and it makes yoongi cry out, as taehyung starts pumping his fingers, properly fucking his cunt. 

"please- want your cock. please, feels so good. ngh! want your cock in my pussy, please, please," he begs, and taehyung's cock twitches in his sweatpants. 

taehyung removes his fingers from yoongi's little cunnie. his pussy glistening in the light of the room. seeing his little hyung displayed so lewdly against the countertop. his milky white thighs clenching and unclenching, his hole visibly pulsing from taehyung fingering his cunt, and it makes taehyung grin.

"you're such a dirty little thing, hyung. nothing but a little hole for me to use," he lowers his sweatpants to free his cock, and strokes it. he brings his cock to yoongi's wet pussy, and rubs it against his folds. yoongi whines. he receives a hard smack to his butt, making him whine even louder. "shut up, hyung. whores aren't allowed to speak," he pins yoongi's wrists behind his back with one hand.

yoongi loves it when taehyung is mean, and he feels his pussy pulsing from the words. "you like that?" taehyung grins, "you like being nothing but a hole for me to fuck, hyung? like being my little fleshlight? be a good little slut and take my cock,"

yoongi doesn't get to even think of an answer as taehyung's cock enters his pussy. immediately yoongi is reminded by taehyung's impressive size, the cock spreading his pussy open. "ah, taehyung-ah, hurts-"

"shh, hyung." he pauses to let his hyung adjust, barely having half his cock inside. he clenches his teeth and has to force himself not to start pounding into the little body beneath him. yoongi pants and whimpers as taehyung starts moving. "you're so fucking tight, yoon. love your tight little pussy around my cock. never want to stop. just wanna keep fucking you forever," taehyung growls, speaking more to himself rather than yoongi, but yoongi keeps whimpering, and he can't bring himself to stop.

once his cock is entirely inside his hyung's pussy, he pulls out, till only the head of his cock is inside, and begins hammering into his hyung's body. the reaction is immediate and yoongi starts crying out for real. "fuck, taehyung-ah," yoongi's body jostles with every thrust, and has little leverage to hold onto. he's barely able to feel the floor, - only standing on his tippytoes. 

the feeling of taehyung's cock pounding into his cunt makes his eyes roll into his head, his sweet spot constantly under assault. taehyung's hands have moved from his wrists to his waist, using the leverage to force yoongi back onto his cock. taehyung shows no mercy as he pounds into the lithe frame at a ruthless pace, knocking the breath out of his hyung. yoongi can feel the other's cock so deep inside him, he knows if he were to press on his stomach he'd feel his big cock. 

yoongi's orgasm doesn't take long to approach. taehyung knows his body so well and with the sweet drag of his cock against his walls, yoongi feels a familiar coil of heat in his lower tummy. "taehyung-ah, gonna come, gonna come - fuck,"

taehyung doesn't answer nor slows his thrusts, and before yoongi is aware of it, his orgasms rips through him, his cunt clamping down on the other's cock, eliciting a growl from the other. "fuck, hyung. so perfect for me," yoongi doesn't register the words, too overwhelmed by the force of the orgasm still rushing through him. he's drooling, he knows, but he doesn't care. it takes taehyung a few more thrusts before he slams home and cums deep inside his hyung's little pussy. "fuuuck, hyung!"

the next few moments, only the sounds of their panting can be heard inside the kitchen slash living room. that is, until,


it's jungkook, and yoongi is too tired to look up. taehyung pulls out of him, his cum immediately running down his thighs. taehyung lets go of yoongi, and steps back to pull his sweatpants up again, and moves towards namjoon and jungkook at the other end of the room, chatting like he didn't just fuck yoongi with every inch of his life. leaving yoongi on the counter, like he's nothing but a useless ragdoll used to dump their cum in.

and fuck, if that isn't the hottest thing ever. 

"we bought groceries," it's namjoon, and yoongi can indeed hear the noise of their plastic bags rustling in their hold. "did you get the peach flavoured jell-o cups?" asks taehyung, and the three men start making their way to the kitchen, not casting a single glance at yoongi, who's still laying on the counter, still panting from taehyung pounding him. jungkook starts putting the groceries into the refrigerator and the cupboards while namjoon and taehyung lean against the counters while talking, no more than a meter away from their little hyung on the counter.

yoongi's face heats up, the humiliation of being dumped and ignored catching up to him. usually, he'd whine, needy for his lovers' attention, but he feels determined to show he's unfazed, and instead he pushes himself up on shaky arms and stands on trembling legs. 

"oh, look at that. how pathetic." namjoon addresses yoongi for the first time. not directly. he's cruel, snickering at him, nudging taehyung for him to look at him, as though it's the first time they laid their eyes on him. the three look at yoongi, and yoongi whimpers. he turns around to leave, but as he takes a step, his knees buckle, and he ends up awkwardly lowering himself to the floor instead. 

he can feel the hotness of his face when he hears laughter behind him, and suddenly he feels someone grabbing his ankle. "now would you look at that." it's jungkook, and he's crouched behind yoongi's body who is on his hands and knees, his head hanging between his shoulders, embarrassed and wanting to disappear. he knows the three have a perfect view of his cunt, and his white, milky inner-thighs covered by what looks like cum and his juices. jungkook experimentally sticks his middle finger into the hole, immediately getting a reaction. body trembling, the slight touch is enough to make him shudder.  

although yoongi can't see it, the other three are sporting painful hard-ons. jungkook hums and adds his ring finger, pumping his two fingers in and out, much like taehyung did earlier.

yoongi is a mess, moans filling the room as jungkook thrusts his fingers faster and harder into his hyung's pussy. "w-wait, jungkook, wait, please," he makes an attempt to reach behind him to grab jungkook's moving hand, but jungkook simply wafts his hand away and instead curls his arm around his waist to keep him still. yoongi's arms buckle and lowers his upper body to the floor. "that's a good boy," namjoon licks his lips and yoongi whines. 

jungkook's fingers are relentless and yoongi is only able to whimper as he squirts, his eyes rolling back into his head. his thighs clench together, his entire body convulsing, but jungkook's thrusting doesn't let up. it's not until yoongi is shaking from oversensitivity, that he tries to move away from the fingers, only to be forced in place. he's crying, "p-please, jungkookie, stop. too much, i-its too much,"

jungkook finally shows mercy and removes his soaked fingers from yoongi's cunt. 

it's quiet, apart from yoongi's heavy breathing, his body twitching every few seconds, still feeling the waves from his second orgasm. he is suddenly hauled up by strong arms and carried to the couch like he weighs no more than a feather. namjoon roughly throws him onto the couch, yoongi landing with a small "oomf!" before being covered by the bigger man's body. namjoon takes ahold of the other's thighs, forcing them to his chest, before looking at his cunt, licking his lips, "your little pussy is so cute, hyung."

yoongi wasn't expecting the words, and blushes profusely, "what are you even- ow!" namjoon slaps yoongi's little cunt, the impact sending painful pleasure through yoongi's legs. "hush, hyung,". taehyung and jungkook have taken a seat on the couch too, stroking their cocks lazily as they watch namjoon pulling his pants down. 

namjoon speads yoongi's thighs, slapping his hard cock on his clit. yoongi whimpers, and watches namjoon's huge cock rest on his lower abdomen. out of the three, namjoon has the most impressive size. yoongi was intimidated at first. it took a few months before he had the courage to have it inside him. they resorted to messy makeout and grinding sessions within those months. namjoon still loved to finger and eat his hyung's little pussy, but nothing compared to the feeling of having his cock inside. 

namjoon doesn't waste any time and pushes in. yoongi whimpers, face scrunching up at the stretch. 

"fuuck," namjoon drawls, moving until his hips are flush with the yoongi's. "look," namjoon says and points to yoongi's stomach, beckoning for taehyung and jungkook to look. and lo and behold, a slight outline of namjoon's cock can be seen, his cock making yoongi's toned stomach bulge. 

"fuck, that's hot," jungkook's says, stroking his cock a tad bit faster. 

namjoon begins moving his hips, and yoongi's starts whimpering. "fuck, hyung, you're so tight. so small and tight for our cocks," yoongi's is too fucked out to answer, simply nodding his head. "you like that? like being small? our good-for-nothing little whore," he speeds up his pace, the warmth of yoongi's cunt driving him crazy. yoongi releases a high whine when namjoon bumps into his spot.

"fuck, he looks like a ragdoll," taehyung points out, and he's right. yoongi limply lays on the couch, letting himself being drilled into, eyes rolling into his head. yoongi can hear jungkook and taehyung's breaths picking up. he lolls his head to the side and sees the two jerking each other off. the sight almost makes him come on the spot, but he's forced to turn his head as namjoon grabs his jaw. "look at me, hyung," and he does, keeping eye contact with namjoon until he feels the familiar feeling of another orgasm approaching. his eyes well up, "fuck, namjoonie, i'm gonna cum. please, let me cum," he's pleading, desperate. his brows pinching together in pleasure. 

"gonna cum on my cock? go ahead baby," compared to taehyung and jungkook, namjoon rarely keeps yoongi from cumming, and yoongi internally thanks the gods as the third orgasm rips through his body. 

his vision turns white and his mind goes blank. he vaguely hears namjoon grunt a few times before stilling within yoongi's pussy, painting his insides white with his cum. he's twitching, breathing heavily, but he doesn't move or say anything otherwise. the last thing he feels is being picked up before falling out of consciousness. 


yoongi wakes up in his bed, overwhelmingly warm. he notes the weight of a pair arms around his waist, and looks up to see jungkook's gentle face, his eyes closed. he must be awake and feels yoongi's eyes on him because he whispers "hey," in his groggy nap-voice, and yoongi smiles before replying, "hi,". jungkook 'smiles and opens his eyes, his bunny teeth cutely making an appearance, before leaning in to peck yoongi softly on the lips. "how're you feeling?" he asks, between pecks, making yoongi giggle lightly. "i'm good. where are the others?".

jungkook's fingers reach up to move the hairs that have fallen onto yoongi's face, and replies, "namjoon's working in the living room and taehyung is reading beside him, i think." the scene makes yoongi's heart flutter, and he nuzzles his face into the younger's chest. 

"i love you,"

a kiss on the forehead.

"love you too, hyung."