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March 13

Damn it, it was happening again. Hoseok was unlocking and opening Yoongi's studio door with a look on his face that said he wasn’t happy in the slightest, and it made Yoongi almost want to curl up in his chair and hide until it was over. He knew the reason Hoseok showed up, he knew Hoseok was there to scold him for spending too much time cooped up in the studio without proper food or sleep--and with their comeback schedules having just been announced as well--and he also knew that, resist as he could to get Hoseok leave him alone instead, it would just end up causing more trouble than it was worth. It wouldn’t do to have two of them fighting during a comeback, during long and enduring promotions that would already have them all on edge enough to not need the additional stress put on top of it. Besides, Hoseok was stronger than Yoongi was, and Hoseok also had the power of Taehyung and Jungkook on his side if Yoongi really wanted to tempt that fate, and he wasn’t quite in the mood to get manhandled again so soon after it had just happened on his birthday. 

“You’re going home--now, ” were the first words out of Hoseok’s mouth, one hand still clasped around the door handle and the other on his hip. He was wearing a cap from one of their old sponsors, keeping his hair out of his face, and Yoongi noted the serious crease on his forehead, the look in his eyes, the line of his mouth. Yoongi felt somewhat sheepish, even if he was the older one and Hoseok really had no authority over telling him what he should and shouldn’t do. That was just the kind of power Hoseok held though, when he wanted to use it, and even Seokjin had commented on how impressed he was that anyone other than himself could get Min Yoongi to listen so well.

And when Yoongi opened his mouth to protest, there was already a hand in the air to stop him, and Hoseok’s jaw tightening as he grit out, “Yoongi-hyung, you took one day at home to rest--one day--and that was only because Jungkook-ah and I had to force you out of here,” he shifted his weight from one foot to the other. “We just had our comeback announced to us, and our schedules are starting next week, and you need to go home to eat and sleep, and I’m not leaving here until you leave with me. So,” his eyebrows raised, as if to ask Yoongi if he was going to listen to him, or if he’d have to take more drastic measures instead--aka, messaging the maknaes. “Are you coming with me or not?” 

There was a moment’s pause, where Hoseok just stood there and waited for him to respond with an expectant look, clearly not willing to take no for an answer. And Yoongi couldn’t blame him--he cared for all of them so much, perhaps Yoongi and Namjoon the most of all since he’d known them the longest, knew them better than the others even after living so long with all of them like a weird family. He knew what would happen if he just left Yoongi alone to do as he pleased, even with their incoming whirlwind of schedules: he wouldn’t leave the studio until one of their managers came to get him--tired, starved, and quite prone to headaches from all the late nights and harsh dance practices when he was running on nothing but Americanos and stubbornness. He knew it wasn’t healthy to live like that, knew that he should spend more time eating proper meals and feeling somewhat rested, but it was what he was used to, what his mind and body had adjusted to over 10 years of doing it, and despite how much he knew it worried Hoseok, Jimin, and Jungkook, old habits truly did die hard. 

And well, even if he did want to protest and tell Hoseok that he just needed to finish up on the song he was composing, he knew it was a hopeless cause. So with a glance at his computer screen, at the song he was, in reality, feeling quite stuck on at the moment, he clicked to save it, shut it all down, unfolded his leg from under his thigh, and slipped on his brand-name slides. Not without a frustrated sigh though, just to make sure he kept up the act. He couldn’t let Hoseok think his resistance was really that weak or he’d never get to spend a proper amount of time in the studio again, and there was far too much he needed to get done for their next, next album to want to take that chance. “Fine,” he added, standing from his chair. “I’ll go home. You’re driving though. And I want to eat beef for dinner. You’re cooking.” 

The look on Hoseok’s face said it all--almost had Yoongi’s heart melting for him. It was that bright, sunshine smile he was so famous for, the smile that had the entire world falling in love with him as more and more media started to cover them, to interview them. “Of course,” he hummed, an aura of happiness just radiating from him as Yoongi joined him in the studio doorway. He threw his arm around Yoongi’s shoulder, and leaned in to knock their heads together the same way the maknaes tended to do, and even if he’d tried Yoongi couldn’t stop the returning smile that cracked onto his face despite his aversion to such close contact under normal circumstances. “Though I don’t think you’re going to like the beef I cook as well as you would if you just cooked it yourself. You know I can never get the temperature right.” 

Yoongi snorted out a laugh. “I shouldn’t fall for that, as true as it is. I do want to have a decent meal if you’re going to force me home to have one though, so I’ll let it slide this time,” he nudged his elbow into Hoseok’s stomach when he was pulled in just a tad too close for his liking, and Hoseok, like the great dongsaeng and friend he was, understood. He loosened his hold, dropped his hand to curl around Yoongi’s waist instead, and Yoongi let him keep it there as he closed the studio door and set the code. “You’re still driving though,” he added, once he heard a confirming click. “For how tired I am right now, I don’t think it’s all that safe.”

“I wasn’t going to let you even if you tried,”  Hoseok nodded. “So I’m glad that we’re in agreement from the start on that. I’m sure you don’t want me to have to call Kook-ah and have him come fetch you a second time, huh?” 

“Fuck, no,” Yoongi turned on his heel, listening to Hoseok’s laughter echo down the empty hall as he started to head towards the elevators at the far end. He knew that Hoseok knew it was only a joke. “I’m too sore to have that muscled-up kid throw me over his shoulder again, like I weigh nothing.”

“To be fair, you don’t weigh much more than that,” Hoseok teased, catching up to him and poking at his side. “I’m sure he could pick you right up and fuck you in his arms without even straining, if he really wanted to.” 

There was a short pause, a certain thought suddenly popping into Hoseok’s head, and then he was looking at Yoongi with a curious raise of his eyebrows. Yoongi rolled his eyes. “I mean, you can’t fault me for at least thinking about it,” he snickered. “It would be hot if he ever did though, wouldn’t it? Just having his strong arms around you, holding you up with his dick sliding in super deep because of all the gravity? Not gonna lie, if I looked like him I would have tried it out myself years ago,” another pause. “Well, actually, I guess I could still get to do it--just from the other perspective, right?” 

Yoongi pressed to call the elevator, and within a few moments the door dinged open and he and Hoseok stepped inside. Hoseok was the one to press for the ground floor, and Yoongi’s stomach fluttered, perhaps for more than one reason, when they started to move. “Ah, do you think he would do it if I asked him?” Hoseok asked, leaning back onto the handrail, tongue poking out to lick his lips. “I mean, he and I don’t really fuck all that much. He seems to prefer Jin-hyung and Taehyung-ah more.”

Yoongi wasn’t sure if the questions were meant to be rhetorical or not--and honestly, he wasn’t really in the mood to continue the conversation--so he didn’t respond. Hoseok just smiled at him in return and let the hum of the elevator take over for them instead until it slowed to a stop and the doors dinged a second time. 

They went out the front door to one of their cars parked close by. Hoseok made sure to unlock it before they reached it, allowing Yoongi to pull open his door and climb inside as Hoseok rounded to the driver’s side and did the same. They both buckled up, then Hoseok turned on the car and the radio, and with a quick glance around to make sure no one else was coming, he pulled out of the space to start heading home. 

The music was soft--soft enough to have Yoongi’s muscles loosening and his head lolling against his window, the cool glass pleasant on his warm skin. It was a repeat of his birthday, in a way, how the moment he was on the road, everything that had been building up inside of him at the studio seemed to set in at once, and with the gentle glow of the moon above and the peaceful surroundings of the city during a dark, spring night surrounding them, he found himself starting to drift to sleep. He tried to fight it, tried not to let his eyes slip closed or his breathing to slow, but it was pointless. It was holding onto him too strongly, and he needed it more than he was willing to admit, so it didn’t take long for it to overpower him despite the effort. 

But then there was a hand in his hair, and he inhaled deeply as his eyes opened again to Hoseok’s loving smile and a soft, “Hyung, we’re home.” It almost made him marvel at how quickly the time had passed, knowing the ride was more than twenty minutes long, but he wouldn't complain when it meant he'd get to sleep in his bed that much sooner.

“Okay,” he hummed, though it phased into a yawn halfway through. His hands felt stiff as he unbuckled and climbed out--careful of the ice under his feet--and he followed Hoseok with his legs feeling like jelly into the lobby of their building, into the elevator, and, once Hoseok had entered the code, into their dorm at last. 

The lights were on, but no one was in the immediate area when he slid out of his coat and shoes, and he was kind of grateful for that because he never really liked having too much conversation right after waking up. With the late hour, it was more likely that they were all asleep anyhow, or perhaps playing video games with headphones on and wouldn’t even know he’d come home until morning.

His eyes still felt entirely too heavy as Hoseok guided him in the direction of their bedrooms, a quiet, “Go get changed. I’ll get started on the food,” being murmured close to his ear. He hummed, and with his hands rubbing over his face he trudged down the hall to his room and weakly pushed open his door to grab something comfortable to change into.

He decided on a long-sleeve pullover--courtesy of their Fila sponsorship--and a pair of black sweatpants that were entirely too large for him, though he’d learned from Jimin to just fold over the waist a few times and it would help tighten them enough to keep them from falling off. 

Over quarantine, he’d come to acquire quite the collection of the other members’ old clothes, with some of them having put on weight (muscle) and some just having a bit more time to go through things they didn’t want anymore. The sweatpants had been given to him by Namjoon, so it had certainly come as no surprise the first time he’d pulled them on just to have them fall back down to his knees, after having been stretched around Namjoon’s hips and thighs for the several months he’d owned them beforehand. 

His dirty clothes went towards his laundry basket with a half-hearted throw to the far corner of the room, and despite the pull he felt in his chest to just abandon dinner--and Hoseok--to instead crawl into the empty, inviting warmth of his bed, he already knew Hoseok would just come find him and wake him up again with the complaint, and insistence, that he needed to eat a proper meal before he went at least another 7-8 hours without one. He’d already missed breakfast and lunch that day as well, and his stomach was feeling a bit crampy with its protests for food, so what was another half-hour or so of being awake if it meant a proper meal and a lesser risk of feeling light-headed in the morning? 

So he fought his better instincts, and pushed his feet into a pair of faux-fur slippers before leaving his room, and his oh so comfy bed, to head back towards the kitchen. 

Hoseok was at the stove when he entered, a pair of tongs in his hand that he was snapping together absentmindedly as the smell and sound of cooking beef filled the room around him. Yoongi felt his mouth watering the instant it hit him, and his stomach gave out a long growl to protest that he eat it ASAP as he pushed out a bar stool to take a seat at the counter.

The scrape of the chair on the hardwood floor had Hoseok turning to look over his shoulder. He smiled, his hair falling into his eyes, and Yoongi returned it with a half-smile of his own. “I thought I was going to cook it,” he said, his throat still scratchy from the nap. 

Hoseok chuckled and turned back to the stove to turn the meat over on the grill he was using. “You were, but then you fell asleep in the car, so I thought it was just safer and easier if I did it instead.”

Yoongi nodded his head, though he knew Hoseok couldn’t see him. There was already a bowl of kimchi set out for him, and the microwave was humming with instant rice spinning around inside of it. His chest tightened, appreciative of how much--how well--Hoseok wanted to take care of him despite being the younger one. He knew how much Hoseok worried about him, wanted to make sure he was healthy both inside and out whenever it could be helped, and sometimes Yoongi just wished he knew how to reciprocate that care in return. 

He bought Hoseok things, yes, and he helped him out with his compositions and lyrics, but when it came down to Hoseok needing someone to cry to, having a shoulder to lean on, Yoongi felt that he was wholly unqualified and unprepared. It made him feel like a bad hyung a lot, even though Hoseok insisted there was more than one way to be a good one and Yoongi’s way just came differently than Seokjin’s, but that didn’t mean the feeling didn’t linger whenever he noticed Hoseok on his way to another possible breakdown. 

Hoseok seemed to like to push through his problems most of the time though, which Yoongi could more than understand. He did the same thing, knowing that, sometimes, there just weren’t enough hours in the day to have a moment alone to recuperate, to let it all out. And he’d found that, in a lot of ways like Jungkook, Hoseok chose to push through those problems with physical means. While Namjoon and Yoongi would usually let it all out into their music, their lyrics, the melodies of their songs, Jungkook would start doing more push-ups, would spend more time practicing his boxing, or swimming, or wrestling with Taehyung. 

And Hoseok would spend his, more often than not--and not shockingly--on dancing. He would spend an entire day alone in the practice room at times, with his brow furrowed in deep, deep concentration, his muscles straining and his movements so sharp that it almost looked like he was hoping to fight out all of the bad stuff with it. Yoongi had found him before, sweating, panting, driven on instinct and frustration, and had called Seokjin to go and stop him before it turned into something bad. 

When that happened, and Hoseok was forced home with Seokjin’s firm grip around the back of his neck, a soothing but firm tone in his ear telling him to, “Give it a rest, Hoseok-ah. Let hyung take care of you,” he usually cooped himself up in his room with the door locked, no doubt continuing to dance out all of his stress. But there was also a second option that came with it, an option that Yoongi had found to make himself feel like a more useful hyung whenever it happened, and that he would gladly cater to Hoseok any time he was available to help. 

Physical frustration wasn’t just limited to dance moves for Hoseok, though it still very much involved the use of his hips. He usually preferred to have Yoongi facedown on the surface of his choosing, with Yoongi’s back arched upwards and Hoseok’s hand buried in his hair to keep him still. Hoseok would thrust into him relentlessly, punching into him so hard, and deep, and precise, and though Yoongi would be sore and bruised by the end of it, the small smile that would creep onto Hoseok’s face when it was over, the way he’d fall asleep looking so much more peaceful than he had when he’d been awake, the way he’d have a bit more pep in his step in the morning once they were back to their schedules and grueling lives as idols, made it all so fucking worth it he almost hoped Hoseok would never stop relying on him for it, even after they disbanded. 

The Hoseok in front of Yoongi at the moment though, was the usual, happy-go-lucky J-Hope that the public was used to seeing, and it brought warmth to Yoongi’s heart to see his dongsaeng in such a good headspace. It was quite the contrast from the Hoseok that fucked his frustrations out with Yoongi’s pussy--it was even quite the contrast from the Hoseok that fucked him just for fun, but Yoongi loved all of Hoseok’s sides, loved everything about his dongsaengs and Seokjin, and he found that after 10 years, he wouldn’t trade his decision to become an idol over a producer for the world. 

A few more minutes was all it took before Hoseok was turning around holding a plate of the cooked meat out for Yoongi to take, and he did so with his mouth hanging open and his hands shaking with the need to eat. “Bon appétit," Hoseok said with a smile, his French accent needing a lot of work. “I’m sure it’s a bit overcooked on the inside, but 3AM beef isn’t meant to be perfect, right?” 

Yoongi snorted, and found a pair of chopsticks already laid out for him beside the bowl of kimchi. The microwave beeped to signal the rice was done, and as Yoongi lifted the first bite to his mouth, Hoseok was sliding the rice container across the counter to bump into the plate, completing the preparation of the meal. 

The meat tasted delicious, even if it was slightly overcooked, and Yoongi savored each bite as he watched Hoseok clean up the stove, do some dishes, and wipe down the counters. Once he’d finished, he slid into the stool beside Yoongi’s and rested his head in his hand, still smiling like the sunshine Jung Hoseok everyone knew and loved. “So?” he asked, nodding towards the meat when Yoongi glanced up. “How did it come out?”

“Fine,” Yoongi said. He picked up a piece of it and held it out for Hoseok to take, to which he did with a happy hum. He chewed it thoughtfully. “A bit overcooked, but not nearly as bad as that beef you made a few months ago.” 

“Wah, it’s good,” Hoseok agreed. He held his hand over his mouth politely so Yoongi wouldn’t have to see his half-chewed bite. “Flavorful too, but that part was Jin-hyung.” 

They swallowed almost in unison, and Yoongi continued to eat quietly as Hoseok watched on at his side. In most cases, Yoongi wasn’t too keen on having people look at him so closely--which made no sense, considering he was an idol and there were eyes on him all the time--but for Hoseok, he could make an exception. It reminded him of his birthday four days ago, when Hoseok’s eyes had darkened, had set with concentration, and he'd kept them locked on the entire time he’d eaten Yoongi out and made him come on his tongue, like he’d been watching the most captivating show on the planet in the form of Yoongi’s face. 

It also reminded Yoongi of what Hoseok had said to him at the time too, about how tight he’d become after not being fucked for a few months, about how Hoseok could help and stretch him back out, about how Hoseok would leave him so gaping afterwards that he wouldn’t be able to hold in their come anymore. There had also been mention of Yoongi showing up to dance practice with said come sliding down his thighs for their back-up dancers to see, but that wasn’t the important or realistic part of that thought. 

The fact that their schedules weren’t starting for another three days, that Yoongi was home, and he and Hoseok were still awake, and alone, and Yoongi wasn’t about to fall asleep on a full stomach--those were the important and very much realistic parts, and Yoongi felt his skin itch heatedly as he finished a bite of kimchi and rice to glance over at Hoseok from the corner of his eye. Of course, it was foolish to think that Hoseok could read his thoughts, or could sense how his tummy was beginning to tingle with arousal, but the playful wink he received in return had his cheeks flushing just the same. 

He pushed through it in order to finish eating, and Hoseok was kind enough to bring his dishes to the sink to be cleaned in the morning--or at a more reasonable hour of the morning anyway, since it was already nearing 4AM--as he slid out of his stool to stand. “Thanks,” he murmured to Hoseok’s back. “For bringing me home and feeding me.” 

“Anytime, hyung. You know that,” Hoseok’s shoulders lifted. He finished up in the sink and turned around, his forearms resting on the counter. It had his shirt and pants shifting over his lean muscles, accentuating his flat stomach and well-defined thighs, and Yoongi’s mind wandered back to previous, dirty thoughts. “I love you so much, just like Jin-hyung, Joonie, and the maknaes. And you know that I love taking care of all of you,” his head titled until his hair brushed his shoulder. “It’s just that I sometimes worry about you more than I do them. They push themselves, yes, but not to the degree that I’ve seen you do it. And well, it’s not as hard to convince them to stop and rest either.” 

Yoongi avoided Hoseok’s eyes, feeling something akin to shame curling up inside of him. It was true that he pushed himself harder than the others--even Jungkook--and it was just as true that he’d rather end up in the hospital on an IV than miss a deadline or leave a song out of an album because he’d gone home to sleep rather than finish it. And he knew he gave Seokjin and Hoseok a lot of grief. He knew he was hard to deal with sometimes, but he did appreciate how they’d never given up on him despite that. He feared he wouldn’t have made it as long as an active member had they not always been there to support him when he needed it the most. 

He gulped, his throat bobbing, and he could hear Hoseok pushing off of the counter and shuffling closer. He still didn’t dare to look, and he jumped when he suddenly felt hands on his shoulders, thumbs rubbing over his collarbones. “Hyung, it’s okay,” Hoseok said softly, a smile back on his face. “That’s what I want to be here for. To help you when you can’t help yourself. You work so hard, and you deserve to be taken care of just as much as you take care of us and our fans.”

The hands started to slide upwards, over the pulse point in his neck, over his chin, up to cup his swollen cheeks. Hoseok encouraged their eyes to meet. “Hoseok-ah, if you want to take care of me,” he said, gripping onto the hem of Hoseok’s shirt. His toes curled in his slippers, and his knees felt wobbly, and his heart was beating a mile a minute, but because it was Hoseok, he still felt calm and safe. “Then do something else for me. Right now.”

He noticed Hoseok’s pupils dilating, perhaps understanding his intentions before he even had the chance to voice them, but he still was considerate enough to ask rather than just assume. “Right now? What do you need from me right now?” he came closer, breath warm on Yoongi’s chin, their lips inches apart. “What would you like me to do for you? How do you want me to take care of you, hyung?” 

Yoongi shivered. His head was tipping back, angling up just right to where Hoseok could kiss him the moment he whispered, “Fuck me, like you said you would on my birthday.” 

Hoseok was a good kisser--not the best out of the seven of them, but certainly the most emoting. His lips on Yoongi’s felt like they could tell an entire story, and his tongue dipping into his mouth slowly, gently, pulling a moan out of him, spoke so many nonverbal volumes of how much love Hoseok had for him, how everything he’d said about wanting to take care of him and worrying about him was unabashedly true. Yoongi felt overwhelmed by it, in a good way of course, and Hoseok ate it up happily. 

He guided them back a few steps, still kissing Yoongi so perfectly, until Yoongi’s back bumped into a wall and he could crowd them even closer--could envelope Yoongi with his presence. Yoongi found a stronger grip on Hoseok’s shirt to hold onto, and his stomach pulsed with a newfound heat, alighting his nerves, tickling his skin. 

When they broke apart, their breaths were heavier, their skin was flushed, and Hoseok’s face had morphed into the same serious, determined look he’d had on Yoongi’s birthday. “You want me to fuck you?” he teased, his voice starting to drop. “You want me to make good on what I said about stretching you out?” 

“That’s what you said, isn’t it?” Yoongi asked, even as he felt his underwear dampen. Hoseok’s dirty talk never failed to make him wet, especially coupled with how Hoseok looked and sounded when he did it. There was a reason a lot of J-Hope fans had dirty minds, and Yoongi was glad that he was one of the rare few who got to see it in its entirety. “You want to stretch me out, make sure I can take all six of you since it’s been a few months.”

“Hm. Don’t want to break that pretty pussy with our dicks, now do we?” Hoseok said, stepping closer still. “Need to make sure you stay nice and open for us so we don’t hurt you. So we can make you feel good every time we fuck you, right?” 

He kissed Yoongi again before he even had the chance to respond. It was needier than the first one, with more power behind it now that Hoseok had fallen into his headspace. Yoongi savored it, took notice of each movement of their lips and each brush of their tongues until he jumped with surprise at the feeling of Hoseok’s hands on his hips--he hadn’t even noticed they’d left his face--and let them slide around his middle to grip his ass. Hoseok grinned, pulling them closer, and Yoongi could feel his hard dick through his jeans. 

“Damn it, you should be going to sleep,” Hoseok murmured an unknown amount of time later, when Yoongi lightly pushed him back to catch his breath. “I shouldn’t be fucking you--you need to rest for our schedules.”

“You said you wanted to take care of me,” Yoongi countered. His lips were wet with Hoseok’s saliva, and he licked them to keep it from dripping down to his chin. “This is taking care of me--so I don’t sleep on a full stomach and end up bloated, and because I want someone to fuck me but the others are all asleep right now.” 

Hoseok chuckled, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand. “You make a compelling argument,” he said. “Alright, you win.”

He stepped back enough to motion towards their rooms, and Yoongi took a moment to make sure his knees wouldn’t give out from under him before he was near-stumbling down the hall. He decided to go to Hoseok’s room instead of his own since it was closer, and once he pushed open the door enough to step in, he went straight for the bed. He flopped onto it, star-fished, and buried his head in one of Hoseok’s pillows with a contented hum--happy that he was able to lay down on a nice, comfy bed that he would also soon be fucked on--as the door clicked back closed, and he could hear Hoseok’s slippers shuffling closer. 

“Up,” he ordered. Yoongi peeked out from the pillow to find him now standing at the edge of the bed, his shirt gone and his lean, tanned muscles gleaming in the lights he must have turned on. “Up,” he repeated. 

Yoongi slid to his knees, then pushed up from his elbows into a kneel. He slid out of his shirt too, and threw it onto the floor before Hoseok was nudging him to turn around and sit against the headboard. “There we go--so I can see your pretty face,” he cooed, bringing them in for another kiss as he slid onto the bed. “Wanna see how pretty you look while I touch you too, hyung. Just for us. Always so pretty for Jin-hyung and your dongsaengs.”

Yoongi’s cheeks surely would have flushed with the praise if they hadn’t already been flushed with arousal. Hoseok did like to call him pretty a lot, Taehyung too, and it didn’t take a genius to figure out why it felt really fucking different to when Jungkook or the fans called him pretty in public instead. It was just so much more intimate, so much more genuine.

His chest jumped when two long fingers began to circle his nipples, teasing them, causing them to harden and stick out with a rosy-red hue. He breathed out through his nose--they were sensitive, and having them played with just helped to make him wetter than he already was. His underwear was soaked through, and he wouldn’t really be surprised if it ended up leaking through to his sweatpants as well. 

He didn’t even notice his hips were rocking until Hoseok pushed a thigh closer, and his pussy rubbed up against it. He shuddered, his breath catching, but it was so, so good. So on the second rock, he aimed for it, slid his pelvic bone over the width of Hoseok’s thigh until he reached his clit, until the friction of having it touched with the roughness of his underwear hurt, but had him arching up with pleasure just the same time. “Ah, want them off,” he breathed quickly, hands pushing at his waistbands. He was able to get them down only a few inches though, before Hoseok got in the way and he couldn’t reach. “Hoseok-ah, take them off,” he tried a second time, squirming. “Want them off.”

Hoseok didn’t seem to be in too much of a rush to listen, but his hands left Yoongi’s nipples and slid down to grip his waist. “Impatient, aren’t we?” he asked, his head cocking to one side. “So needy to have that pussy stretched out on my dick until it puts you to sleep, huh?” 

Yoongi whined, and Hoseok gave in. He pulled his pants and underwear off in one, letting them join the shirts on the floor. Yoongi opened his legs wide in thanks, allowing Hoseok to see how wet his pussy already was, all thanks to him. Yoongi slid his hand down to it, dipped two of his fingers into his hole before dragging them back up to his clit. He swirled them around slowly, enough to fuel the fire within but not to let it spill over. Hoseok was watching closely, his mouth set in a focused line, his hand undoing the button on his jeans and pushing them down just enough to relieve his dick and show Yoongi he wasn’t the only one who had stained his underwear. 

“Hm, keep going,” Hoseok noticed he wasn’t building himself up to an orgasm, but of course knowing that he could come multiple times meant that Hoseok would want to see one while he was still in such a prime position to do so. Yoongi sped up a bit, his toes curling into the blankets and his head lolling back onto the headboard. “There you go--make yourself come, hyung,” Hoseok encouraged some more. “Wanna see that pussy come for me before I stretch it out so nicely.” 

It didn’t take long for Yoongi to get there. He knew his own body, and he knew what to do to make sure he came with a rush of heat to his stomach that left him shaking despite having used such a simple motion. It was the first orgasm he’d had since his birthday though, and he supposed there was still some lingering sensitivity from being eaten out six times in a row that had helped out a bit.

“Fuck,” he punctuated, once it had faded out and he pulled his fingers back. They were so sticky, with webs of his juices between them when Hoseok grabbed his wrist and brought it up to his face. Hoseok sucked them into his mouth with their eyes on each other, sending Yoongi’s stomach somersaulting and his pussy throbbing for more. “Fuck, that's hot.” 

Hoseok hummed around the fingers, slurping at them obscenely until the stickiness was gone. He let them slip from between his lips, and Yoongi almost brought them back down to push into his hole when he was stopped. “No more. I get to do that part,” Hoseok stated. He pushed Yoongi’s hands to the headboard, made him wrap them around a strip of the wood and hold on, indicating that he needed to keep them there too. So Yoongi did.

Hoseok stood and removed the rest of his clothes. His dick slapped against his stomach wetly once he’d pushed his underwear down far enough to release it, and Yoongi watched it twitch needily--almost cutely--as he got back onto the bed, on his knees. His hands gripped Yoongi’s thighs and spread them. It spread his pussy out too, giving Hoseok an incredible view of his folds, his clit, his tight, small hole. His grip tightened on the headboard, and goosebumps rose up along his arms. “How’s it look?” he asked. He’d never been able to see it that well from his angle, not unless he used a mirror--which he may have done once or twice in their trainee days, just to get a look at what he had compared to the others--but he knew from years of compliments, from all of them, that Hoseok was surely enjoying it. 

“So tight,” Hoseok replied. He leaned in closer. “So pink, and pretty, and tight--all for me. Just for me.” 

He fell to his elbows, still holding Yoongi open for him, and let his mouth brush over Yoongi's stomach. He kissed the skin there, over the small bump of fat that Yoongi had never seemed to be able to get rid of fully--but of course that the rest of them all found super cute--down over his pelvic bone, down along the side of his right thigh, where Seokjin’s first hickey was still healing. Down past his hole, then back up the side of his left thigh, and past Seokjin’s second, yellow-hued hickey. Yoongi’s skin crawled with the need for more, his pussy contracting around nothing as if trying to pull Hoseok into it and give it what it needed. 

“Come on, just eat me out or fuck me already,” he groaned, arching his back. He would have much rather pushed his pussy up into Hoseok’s face instead, but the hold on his thighs kept him from doing so. “I don’t need teasing--I need to be stretched out on your dick.” 

Hoseok glanced up at him with a smirk on his lips. He pushed his tongue out as far as it would go, positioned himself, watched intently as he pressed it to Yoongi’s hole, and licked a long, slow swipe up from it to his clit. Yoongi inhaled and arched even further, his hands gripping the headboard harder. It felt so good--ached in just the right way that it did after coming once, and he was oh so ready for more. “Again,” he urged, as Hoseok continued to watch him. “Do it again. Make me come again with your mouth.” 

And Hoseok was so good to him, spoiled him, listened to him so well as his dongsaeng. He repeated himself perfectly, pushing up against Yoongi’s hole and tasting him for a moment with a groan in his throat, before dragging his tongue to his clit. Yoongi’s eyes fluttered in response. “Ah, so good,” Yoongi moaned. “Keep going, Hoseokkie--”

His tongue was working over Yoongi's clit consistently now, pooling more and more heat to the area. Yoongi went rigid, his head falling back as his orgasm started to rush to him, the heat from his first one still lingering just enough to get him there quickly, and he tipped over with a prolonged whine, with Hoseok guiding him through it and cleaning up all the juices that leaked out of him once it was over. 

He breathed heavily. He looked down to find Hoseok’s eyes still on him and licked his lips. Hoseok copied him. “Fingers or no?” Hoseok murmured, releasing Yoongi’s thighs to push up onto his hands and knees. “I know you don’t usually need them, but just wanna make sure in case you’ve tightened up that much.” 

“Fingers,” Yoongi nodded. He surely wasn’t as tight as Hoseok was making it seem--he hadn’t been a virgin since high school, when his crush and boyfriend at the time had been his first--but he’d rather be safe than sorry considering their schedules in three days, and he’d much rather not have to tell their managers that he had to sit out of dance practice because he’d been dicked down so well for the first time in months that he was too sore. “Fuck me with your fingers first.” 

Hoseok kissed him--a quick peck, and Yoongi chased him to get a second one before Hoseok was rubbing his middle finger against his hole. He pushed slowly, felt it resist for just a moment before it started to give instead, and he slipped inside with ease. “So good,” Hoseok praised, his voice rough and deep. Yoongi moaned. “Such a good pussy taking my finger. So hot and wet for me.”

He pushed it in to the knuckle, felt Yoongi pulse around him and watched his hips kick when he rubbed over his g-spot. He thrust a few times, slowly enough to drag but taking care to ensure Yoongi could handle a second one before he pulled it out completely, and pushed back in with the addition of his ring finger. “Ah, fuck,” Yoongi gripped the headboard. “Fuck, that feels good.” 

“So tight too,” Hoseok said. “And this is just my fingers. Wait until it’s my dick instead.” 

He pushed them in deeply, let them sit a moment before pulling them back out. Yoongi rolled his hips with it, let them slide over his g-spot and catch on his wet rim. Hoseok increased his speed, rubbing his thumb over Yoongi’s clit while his fingers thrust in and out, in and out. “Gonna make you come like this,” he said. “And then I’m going to stick my dick in that tight pussy and make you come again.”

Yoongi nodded his head almost frantically. He could feel the heat building up inside of him for the third time that night, and it was burning so hot with Hoseok as the ignition fluid to fuel it. His clit was aching with the need for it, his muscles contracting, and with a few more aimed presses to his g-spot he was coming, just as Hoseok had told him he would. “Fucking god,” he choked out, his hands turning white with how hard he gripped the headboard. His thighs squeezed together, and his chest rose off the mattress--his body was taut as the pleasure ebbed over him in waves, until Hoseok finally pulled out of him and he had a second to fucking breathe. 

“Shit, I’m so hard, hyung,” Hoseok said, wrapping his hand around his dick. Yoongi’s juices smeared along the length of it as he stroked, and pre-come dribbled from the tip. “Gonna stretch you out, make sure you can take us all so well. Make sure you can fit us all perfectly in your pussy.” 

Yoongi had come to learn, with some surprise, that Hoseok and Jimin were the biggest of the six of them, so of course it had made sense for Hoseok to mention stretching him out enough for them. Not to say that the others were particularly small, of course, but it was just in terms of combined length and girth--and in terms of how well they used it too, since dancers and big dicks could be almost deadly--that Yoongi had come to base it on. Namjoon had his mouth though, and Jungkook had his stamina, and Taehyung had his fingers, and Seokjin had his pace, so in the end they each had their special talent to make Yoongi come, and he enjoyed every one of them.

Hoseok scooted closer, and slotted his thighs up under Yoongi’s to keep him spread open. His eyes flicked from Yoongi’s face to his pussy, with his teeth caught on his bottom lip and his brow furrowed. Yoongi urged him to move by pushing his hips off of the bed, but a firm hand on his stomach had him dropping them down again. “Come on. Don’t make empty promises now,” he whined. “Hurry up and do it.” 

Hoseok’s hand slowed to a stop, but he kept it firmly around himself. “I never break my promises. Least of all to you, Yoongi-hyung,” he replied, returning but for a moment to J-Hope with his tone soft, loving, caring, before Hoseok was taking back over and having him guide his dick to Yoongi’s folds, to rub over them, through them, hearing the wet sound of the head slapping against Yoongi’s clit. It was a mess, and he could see a dark spot on his sheets from how much Yoongi was leaking. 

He lined himself up to Yoongi’s hole, and felt it give to him as he pushed inside. It sucked him in so pleasantly, and he could feel how much it was stretching out around him the deeper he went. Yoongi’s eyes rolled in his head, a long, drawn-out moan on his lips, and his feet curled around Hoseok’s sides. There was some discomfort, yes, having to adjust to something he hadn’t had in months, but luckily it didn’t actually hurt. “Oh fuck, go slow,” he said, wanting to savor each centimeter of Hoseok that he could, making his skin itch with the sudden need to come for a fourth time. 

It didn't take as long as he'd hope for Hoseok to bottom out, to fill him up so well it almost felt like Hoseok's dick was in his stomach rather than his pussy. The first time he’d let Hoseok fuck him it had been quite the experience--definitely painful then, when he’d only fucked his ex-boyfriend and Namjoon up to that point--with a lot of pauses in the middle, and a lot of Yoongi’s hand frantically rubbing his clit to help out. It had been an entirely new sensation for him to have someone so deep, and so thick, but once the pain had started to fade, oh shit had the pleasure taken its place. Hoseok had still felt bad afterwards though, and he’d kindly bought all of Yoongi’s morning coffees for a week to make up for it. 

“Wow, hyung. I didn’t know you could tighten up this much,” Hoseok grunted. He braced his hands on the bed, and he adjusted his knees for a bit more leverage. “Feels so good. Do you feel good too?” 

Yoongi nodded, biting his lip. “Feels so fucking good, Hoseok-ah.” 

A smile, and Hoseok was bending over to kiss him. It shifted him impossibly deeper, pushing him right up against Yoongi’s g-spot. He squirmed on his dick, pussy throbbing and leaking, and Hoseok groaned into his mouth. “I’m gonna come,” Yoongi warned him, hips starting to jump uncontrollably. Hoseok groaned again and felt his dick twitch--it was so fucking hot that all he’d done was enter him and Yoongi was already telling him he was about to come. “Hoseok-ah, touch me or fuck me. Wanna come. Gonna come.” 

His thumb was on Yoongi’s clit instantly, rubbing with a firm up and down motion, and Yoongi was coming nearly as instantly in return, shaking under him like a leaf in the wind. He cursed, “Fuck, Yoongi-hyung,” as he worked Yoongi through it, slowing to a stop only once he felt Yoongi start to twist away. “All I did was put my dick in you and you came. On your fourth time too. Were you really that needy to have me stretch you back out like this?” 

Yoongi took a moment to catch his breath, and his thoughts. Hoseok brushed a hand through his hair to push his damp bangs back out of his eyes. “You’re so big, Hoseok-ah,” he replied. “I came from your big dick stretching me out like this. Fucking--that was so fucking good.”

Hoseok felt his self-control waning. He sat back and curled his hands around Yoongi’s waist. “Gonna fuck you now,” he warned, in case Yoongi needed another moment to rest, but when there was no protest he took it as the all-clear. “Gonna fuck you so well.”

He pulled out about halfway and slammed back in. Yoongi choked on a breath as their skin slapped loudly, the rough push deep inside of him feeling so, so good. Hoseok repeated himself, with a grunt to accompany it, and Yoongi responded with a deep moan. 

His rhythm built quickly, unable to resist how good Yoongi’s pussy felt around him and how it made his stomach tingle deliciously with arousal. He was so good, so precise, and he would slam into Yoongi so roughly that surely he would have been pushed up into the headboard with the force of it had he not already been holding on and able to push back. Their bodies were loud each time they met--skin-on-skin, with Yoongi’s juices helping to heighten it--and the sounds on their lips melded with it perfectly.

Yoongi came for him only a few minutes later, without even needing to touch his clit. His dick must have been hitting Yoongi’s g-spot just right , and the friction of his thrusts must have been just so fast, and he couldn’t lie that he’d even faltered when he suddenly felt Yoongi tense up under him, watched his mouth slacken, and felt his pussy become vice-like around him when it hit. 

He fucked Yoongi through it--helped draw it out for as long as he could. It wasn’t often that Yoongi came without stimulation on his clit, so Hoseok loved it whenever he could earn such a treat. 

“So good for me,” he cooed, kissing over Yoongi’s collarbones and down his chest. “Came so well stretched around my dick, hyung.”

He pushed his bangs out of his face, only to have them flop back down again to stick to his sweaty forehead. Even the cooled air of the dorm couldn’t keep him from burning up inside watching someone as pretty and sensitive as Yoongi coming so perfectly for him, looking so lovely beneath him, all thanks to him and his amazing dance-skills-turned-fucking-skills. Oh, and his big dick too, of course.

Yoongi’s tight warmth around him was drawing him close to coming as well, with his dick twitching consistently, so stiff and drenched thanks to Yoongi’s juices. It was just as well that he did sooner than later anyway, since surely the sun would be rising soon and he really did want Yoongi to get a proper few days’ rest before their schedules started, as much as it may not have seemed that way when he’d given in to Yoongi’s request to fuck him so quickly. 

Yoongi’s feet curling around his middle had him looking up again, had him meeting Yoongi’s half-lidded eyes. He pursed his lips, and Yoongi mirrored him. He rut forward, and Yoongi’s chest lifted off the bed. “I’m gonna come soon,” he said. “So you can go to sleep, hyung,” he rut a second time. “Do you think I can do that? Think I can actually put you to sleep with my dick?” 

“Yeah,” Yoongi nodded, almost hurriedly. “Yeah, go for it.” 

He started to thrust again, his hips smacking obscenely into Yoongi’s ass with each one. His muscles were straining with how quickly, how forcefully he moved, and he could feel his thighs aching the longer he kept at it. Yoongi’s eyes were closing after a while, his muscles loosening almost as if he really was falling asleep despite how rough Hoseok was being with him, but then Hoseok could feel his orgasm creeping up in his gut, could feel how much harder it was to move when it felt so good. With his thumb pressing back to Yoongi’s clit, Yoongi’s eyes were flying open and he was arching up into the air. “Hoseok-ah--” he choked out, knees wobbling like he couldn’t decide whether to spread them more or close them up tight.

“Go on, hyung,” Hoseok panted. He rushed to leverage himself more, with his free hand beside Yoongi’s on the headboard. It brought them face-to-face, allowed him to watch how pretty Yoongi was looking for him. “Come for me. One more time--you can do it.” 

A few more hard thrusts and both of them were coming at the same time, with Hoseok pushing deep, deep inside of Yoongi’s pussy and Yoongi throbbing around him, thighs shaking, juices gushing out of him. Neither of them could breathe as the heat rose to its peak inside of them. Hoseok glanced down to see a few forming bruises on the back of Yoongi’s thighs, and he hoped they wouldn’t hurt too much by Tuesday when their schedules would start; otherwise, it would just negate his whole concept of taking care of Yoongi and making sure he was as prepared for their approaching comeback as possible. 

He didn’t move for a few minutes--just let them cool down with his dick softening slowly and Yoongi’s juices drying stickily on their skin. He brushed his hands through Yoongi’s hair soothingly, scratching his nails over his scalp, and humming a song to him until Yoongi seemed to get enough of it and pushed at his chest. “Sleepy now,” he mumbled, pouting, and Hoseok chuckled. He was just so fucking cute. 

“I can clean us up,” he offered, pulling out slowly and reaching for a box of tissues he kept beside his bed, for seasonal allergies, of course. He ran a few over Yoongi’s pussy to help clean up the mess he’d made, and with a dip of a water bottle over a few clean tissues, he wiped up Yoongi’s thighs until the stickiness was gone. “Do you want to dress again?” he asked when he was done, and climbed off his bed to throw the tissues away. He heard Yoongi groan and shift behind him, and once he turned around from the trash bin, he found Yoongi’s back to him, curled up in a ball under the blankets. “Okay, no clothes,” he smiled. “And I assume I now have a roommate for the night?” 

“Just shut up and come sleep,” Yoongi ordered, muffled into a pillow. “You’re the one who wanted me to do it so badly, so stop keeping me up.” 

Hoseok wanted to roll his eyes. His hyung was cute, but he was also a pain in the butt. Instead, he shut off the lights, crawled into the bed, and just barely noticed the peek of the rising sun through his curtains as Yoongi’s face softened, his muscles loosened, and he fell asleep--so well taken care of by Hoseok in a way that no one else could ever quite do the same.