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Happy Birthday (Skylight Present)

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“The seasons breathes into the year

with new life expectations of living longer with your beloved one,

the lake full of petals of different blossoms recalls a distant memory,

hands holding and exchange of words from the heart”.


“Did anyone saw Touma?”  the sole mention of the name startled everyone in the room, it was Seiji’s birthday and the surprise party became a success with the ruckus of excitement and lots of food prepared by Shuu’s recipe book with good music at Nasuti’s mansion, the woman was more than glad to celebrate such an occasion with the former armor wielders, however, the blue-haired man was nowhere in sight.

“Eh…I wonder where did he go, it’s unusual of him to just go, poof, like that” Shin affirms with a nervous smile, though he kind of knew what the other man has in plans since he told him before about a big surprise for his dear boyfriend. After the incident and they recovered their normal lives, thinking about the future Ryo proposed to adapt to the times and try to be useful for once to anything that not involves fighting anymore, Touma took advantage of that and announced his relationship with Seiji, therefore many times of moments filled with book store afternoons, driving to different cities and both with majors of Medicine and Literature to just satisfy their families so they don’t bother anymore were the content from their letters.

“Let’s wait for his return, knowing that guy probably has a big expensive gift for ya” Shuu rejoins the living room with another round of delicacies and snacks for everyone. Ryo looked at the door followed by the signal from a window and nods “I don’t think we have to wait that long before the cake” the room again became filled with a brief silence and the fire wielder pointed at the door which opens and shows Touma with a bouquet of roses and his most charming pose “Sorry, I had to bring the thing up so it doesn’t ruin the surprise” he proceeds to give a cheek kiss and deliver the flowers to his lover, then whispers “trust me on this one”, “Is this another redemption of your failed attempts?” with a sly grin, Seiji looks at him skeptical of what stunt the archer has this time however he always gives a chance.

“You’ll see” taking his hand and his friends chasing them the sight of an air balloon leaves everyone with their mouths open and eyes glued at it, thinking how much time and effort Touma took to complete it, sure Ryo and Shin knew about it and helped as well in secret, Seiji’s visible eye gazed upon the contrast between the orange blue sky clouds with the aircraft with tones of green and yellow, his armor colors, he let out a little laugh to finish with “You sure are something” he walked towards the basket, a little bit of excitement showing on his features as his partner almost threw himself in, as the two lovers floated through the sky, impressed by the breathtaking view Touma spoke “This is nothing some fancy stuff can make, I’m a genius” Touma brags while the wind caresses his short blue hair, Seiji on the other side admired how hard worker he was for such a thing as a present when he could just be like the others and buy an object wrapped in a box and a ribbon, but that would makes things boring.

“You’re right” the blond replies as both hold their hands, eyes fixated in the spectacular transition from afternoon to the night with the mountains and rivers in all their natural splendor, the fire started to slow down, meaning the time to float down has arrived, Touma kissed Seiji while whispering “Happy Birthday” with all his feelings exposed, no matter what, they will be together until their souls wilt with the passing of time.