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Your Song Creeps Into My Dawn

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Hey just do us all a favor
Keep what you've got going as is
No one else could match your flavor
Nothing here that exceeds what you are


Joe has had Nicky tied down, blindfolded and naked on the bed for the last few hours, wrists and ankles cuffed into an eagle spread. He was taking his time - he'd completed his breakfast and its usual follow-up coffee while reading the newspaper, he'd gone out back to spar with Nile for nearly an hour, drilling and training her until she could barely stand upright. After that, a shower, in which he had indulged himself lingering under the warm spray. He had taken care of his hair with his many products to keep his curls alive and bouncy, and he'd carefully clipped his beard. 


Now, Joe finds himself back in his and Nicky's bedroom, ignoring his whimpering, pleading partner of centuries in favour of his linen closet, taking the time to weigh his options. It's warm out, but the wind is chilly - he'd been cold in his t-shirt while he ordered Nile around, until he'd picked up his scimitar and put some work in; long sleeves it is. He settles on his favourite jeans, the fabric getting threadbare and the color slightly washed-out, and a long-sleeved, black tee.


Joe hums to himself while he pulls on his boxershorts, shivering slightly as he tucks himself in before dressing himself further. His eyes roam over the room, glazing only for a moment on Nicky before his gaze settles on the open window. The breeze that enters the room is cold, and Joe strides over to close it.


There's a noise from the bed, but Joe once again pretends he cannot hear it. Instead, he glances at his watch. How long must it have been? Close to four hours? Almost long enough for Joe to take pity.


But not quite, not yet.


So, he wanders over to his side of the bed and grabs the novel that had been placed there the night before, lying open to mark his progress. Nicky, who'd heard him approach, is breathing rapidly.


"J-Joe please, amore, pl-please!"


Joe sighs as he dog-ears his book and slams it closed. "Who?" he asks, sounding bored.


"S-Sir!" Nicky stammers, shaking as he throws his head to and fro. "For-forgive me, I'm sorry!"


Joe hums noncommittally. "Mind your manners," he says. He picks up his phone, checks the program running in the background and adjusts it slightly, and stuffs it in his pocket.


"Sorry, sir," Nicky positively squeaks. There are tears leaking out from under the blindfold. Joe, not being an unkind man, leans over and brushes them tenderly away.


"I think I might go and read for a while," he says, contemplating. "The little study is absolutely bathed in sunlight at the moment - might as well make the most of it."


Nicky, upon hearing this, whines high in this throat, a protesting sound. Joe gently slaps his cheek. "I'll see you later," he says, and he tucks his book securely underneath his arm and leaves the room.


"You cannot be serious," Nicky says, sounding frustrated and upset and breathless. He's hiccupping too, trying to speak around the sobs that leave his mouth. "Joe, please, I beg -"


Joe never hears the end of that sentence, because he slams the door shut behind him.


He settles in the room next to the bedroom into the big reading chair in the corner. The sunlight filtering in through the windows warms the room considerably, and with a contentedness that rivals a cat's, Joe sits down and starts to read. The whimpers and moans that filter through the thin walls provides the most enjoyable soundtrack. 


Nile and Andy find him like this, over half an hour later, engrossed in his novel. The sounds from the bedroom have not let up - on the contrary, the more Joe played on his phone in an absentminded manner in between chapters, the more they have increased.


Nile looks slightly uncomfortable at the noises and casts Joe an uncertain look, but Andy starts whispering in her ear while Joe finishes his page. Her expression clears up considerably, and she visibly forces herself to relax.


"If you say so," she whispers, though loud enough that Joe can hear her. He sends her a wink over his book, and she smiles back a little uncertainly.


Andy whispers another thing in Nile's ear, patting her shoulder in a calming manner.


"Your music is broken," Andy says, sauntering over to his chair and holding out her hand. "Give me your phone, I'll find another frequency."


"I don't quite mind it," Joe says, turning the page of his book and starting his next paragraph. Nile stares at them as he hands over his phone.


Andy's eyebrows creep up to her hairline as she unlocks his phone and sees on which intensity the little buttplug vibrator is set. "Jesus, Joe, you really give him nothing, huh?"


She smiles, a little sadistically, as she shows the phone to Nile. "Wanna make him sing? He can, very prettily so," she asks, before thrusting the phone into Niles hands. 


Her eyes go big as saucers and she stares a little helplessly between Joe and Andy. Joe puts his book down. "I- I'm not sure if I-" she stammers.


"It's quite easy, look," Andy says, as she slides her finger over the screen. The howl that follows from next door has Joe's fingers twitching.


Andy smirks at him. "He at breaking point yet?"


"If you keep it at that level, yes, I'm sure he is," Joe answers, relaxing back into the chair.


Andy cackles. "How long have you been at this?"


Glancing at his watch, Joe says, "Oh, almost five hours now? He can take it."


"Jesus," Nile whispers, looking shocked. She's still cradling his phone, though, and Joe can see that little flicker of interest stirring in her eye. "And he hasn't… at all?"


Joe grins at her, a little feral. "I have been fucking Nicky for longer than I have loved him," he says. "I know his every sound, his every moan. I know what he sounds like when he's close, and when I hear it, I change tactics."


"Besides," Andy interrupts, "Nicky used to be a priest, remember. His self-control is out of this world."


"And you're forgetting immortality," Joe says. At Nile's confused look, he chuckles. "We regenerate. That affects us on more levels than just healing from wounds and coming back to life. If I rob him from all stimulants long enough, his body resets, as it were."


Nile nods. "Makes sense, I guess," she says. Her eyes return to the phone in her hand, before she glances up at Joe, asking silently for permission.


"You can play around, Nile," Joe says, reopening his book and finding his last line. "I really don't mind it."


That's all the approval the two women need. The two of them pass his phone back and forth, changing in between the different speeds and vibration settings. Joe allows it until he finishes his chapter, but, having temporarily handed over control, he finds himself listening more intently to his partner's cries and moans, slowing down his reading. 


"Alright, that's quite enough," he says, closing his book and standing up, readjusting his jeans. He walks over to Andy and Nile.


"Ah, Nile and I will leave the house then, go grocery shopping," Andy smirks. "Take good care of him."


Nile hands Joe back his phone. "Apologise to Nicky for me?" she says, uncertainty returning.


Joe smiles at her reassuringly. "Don't worry about it," Joe says. "I say it's fine and I trust you with this. And - should you still find yourself wanting to apologise, you can do it to Nicky yourself tonight. He will tell you the same thing, though."


He follows the two women out of the study and parts from them there, Nile following Andy into the kitchen to take stock of their supplies while Joe re-enters the bedroom.


The sigh of relief that leaves Nicky upon his entering has Joe's heart stammering in his chest. "Alright, baby, I'm here," he says, as he pads across the room, coming to a stop next to the bed. He gazes at Nicky, inspecting the state of him.


There are tremors running up his arms and legs, indicating he has been pulling on his restraints and that his muscles more than once locked up. His upper body is coated in a sheen of sweat - his hair is matted with it, too. His temples and cheeks are wet with tears, and so is the blindfold. His lips look like he has bitten them, a few times hard enough to break skin, blood staining his chin. His cock lies heavily on his stomach, flushed and leaking and hard enough that it looks uncomfortable, a puddle of pre-come forming on his stomach, leaking into his navel.


Nicky is still sobbing, but he seems slightly comforted by Joe's return, if the slight relaxation in his face is any indication. He's not exactly capable of speech, anymore, in between the laboured breathing, sobbing, whimpering and moaning, and that's where Joe wanted to get him in the first place. 


Joe tenderly wipes away the blood on his lips and chin, then trails his fingertips down over Nicky's chest, nails scratching over his nipple, making Nicky thrash wildly on the bed. Joe chuckles, then moves on, until his fingers wipe through the mess on Nicky's stomach.


"Did you come?" he asks, conversationally.


Nicky sniffles, gulping in air. "N-no," he stammers.


"What?" Joe asks, a sharp tone to his words.


"No, sir," Nicky says on an exhale. 


Joe hums. "Are you lying to me, baby?" he baits. "I'm not sure I believe you. I mean, look at this mess."


Nicky tenses up and starts shaking his head wildly. "No!" he denies, his voice picking up volume, desperate to make Joe believe him. "NO!"


"No? Are you certain? Have you been a good boy for me, then?"


"Yes, yes," Nicky sobs. "I've been good, s-sir. I have-haven't -" he breaks off on a sob, fresh tears sliding down the sides of his face. "Please, I beg you, please."


Joe shushes him, petting his stomach soothingly. "Tell me, then, Nicolò. Tell me you've been a good boy."


Nicky struggles, fighting to bring his breathing back under control enough again so he can give Joe those words. "I've been good, sir, I've been your good boy."


Joe smiles. "Well done, habibi. I think you deserve to come, now. How would you like to?"


A fresh round of sobs escape Nicky as relief floods over him. "M-mouth, please, Joe, sir, please."


Joe unlocks his phone, chuckling, and nods his assent. "Alright, baby. You'll get my mouth."


He turns the vibrations up to their highest setting as he moves down, lapping with his tongue at Nicky's stomach before gently taking the swollen head between his lips.


Nicky shouts, body bowing off the bed. He twists and moans and yells as Joe takes him in deeper and starts to suck, bobbing his head up and down his length until Nicky comes on a broken cry. Joe doesn't let up, instead working his throat to swallow it all, milking him dry and even then he doesn't stop.


"No, Joe, no! Have mercy, please don't!" Nicky begs, voice pitched. His body is trying to pull away, jerking wildly and Nicky is pulling hard on his restraints, legs grappling for purchase upon the sheets while his hands try to grab for Joe, wanting to pull him off. 


"I can't, I can't," Nicky sobs, and Joe can hear him and finally pulls off. He turns the vibrator off, too, reaches down to pull it out and starts peppering kisses all over Nicky's face, waiting for him to come down.


Joe had awoken that morning for prayer, and Nicky, having had a bad nights' sleep as he sometimes had, had gone for a shower to shed off the last remnants of his nightmare. By the time Joe was done praying and had sat up in bed waiting for his husband to return for a few more hours of sleep, Nicky had come out of the bathroom, eyes shining, and had knelt by the side of Joe's bed. Upon Joe's inquiries, Nicky had explained what he wanted and Joe was only happy to provide.


He'd worked Nicky open on his tongue while his hands had teased Nicky all over his body, pulling on his nipples and teasing touches along his cock. Joe had then fucked his husband into the mattress, taking priority of his own release before Nicky's, fucking him hard and fast until he had come. He'd then flipped Nicky onto his stomach and continued eating him out until Nicky was on the edge of release. He'd finished his teasing with his hands, and just as Nicky had been about to come, had withdrawn all stimulation, effectively ruining his husbands orgasm.


After that, it was the simple matter of inserting the little buttplug - Joe's favourite for these kinds of things - flipping his husband back on his back, and putting the cuffs on his wrists and around his ankles.


The look on his face had made him pause, though, but Nicky had pleaded with him to continue. The ruined orgasm thing was never a favourite of Joe's, but Nicky had assured him it was fine, even if the unshed tears in his eyes told Joe another story. He was well aware of his partners boundaries, though, and trusted him enough to continue with their scene.


"The blindfold, too, Joe," Nicky had said, pointing with his chin to his bedside table, while his arms and legs tested the give of his restraints.


"Are you sure?" Joe had asked, but he'd gone and retrieved it. He'd gazed into his lover's eyes, looking for any hint of hesitation, but Nicky had nodded firmly.


"Yes, it will make it easier on us both. And, it will challenge me more - heightened senses and all."


Joe had nodded, kissed Nicky tenderly on his lips and had secured the blindfold in place. "Ready?"


At Nicky's nod, he'd grinned. "Happy playing. I will be in hearing vicinity at all times - you know what to shout should you wish to stop." 


He'd opened the window and gazed outside, settling into his role. "I will be out back with Nile to train her. Do not disturb me too much, will you?" And with that, he'd switched on the vibrator and had left the room to gather his breakfast.  


"Habibi, are you with me?" Joe asks, while he uncuffs Nicky's arms. He hisses slightly at the chafed skin of his wrists and starts massaging Nicky's arms, rubbing some oils into them and working carefully to get the knots out of his muscles.


Nicky hums, melting into the mattress like he's boneless. "Yes," he sighs.


"Feeling better?"


"Much, thank you."


Joe hums, then carefully tracks the chafed skin with his fingertips. Nicky hisses. "You could've called, ya amar, that they chafed. I would've found others."


"It was fine," Nicky says, drowsily. "I didn't mind too much. They provided an excellent distraction."


"Don't fall asleep, Nicky," Joe says, as he carefully helps Nicky with bending down his arms. "How do they feel?"


"Sore," Nicky chuckles lazily. "All of me is sore, though. I want you to cuddle with me."


"Soon, tesoro, soon. Let me untie you first."


Joe moves down to Nicky's legs, uncuffs his ankles and looks unhappily at the marks left on his ankles. He massages his legs while muttering about throwing these damn cuffs out, about how the worn leather should've been an indicator they were beyond their prime and how he and Nicky should start shopping for new ones - ones that won't hurt them, preferably. Nicky hums back at him, noncommittally, and moves his limbs when Joe tells him too, still slightly floating and basking in the careful and tender ways Joe takes care of him.


"Hi," Joe whispers, as he stretches out alongside Nicky, plastering himself against Nicky's side. He can feel Nicky starting to cool down. He grabs the baby wipes from his nightstand, wipes down Nicky's stomach to remove the worst of the mess and then pulls the blanket bundled-up by the foot of the bed (so it wouldn't get dirty) over the both of them.


Nicky sighs contentedly. "Much better," he says, a small smile pulling on his lips.


Joe's fingers flitter across Nicky's face. "I'm going to remove the blindfold," he says softly. "Keep your eyes closed for a little while - it's quite bright in the room."


He unties the blindfold and removes it, and immediately Joe leans up to kiss Nicky over his closed eyelids. Nicky giggles softly.


"How are you feeling?" Joe asks, taking in his lover's handsome face while his fingertips trace the lines of Nicky's lips.


"Good," Nicky smiles, then presses a kiss against Joe's fingertips. "You?"


"Good," Joe echoes.


One of Nicky's eyes cracks open slightly to look at him, and Joe smiles brightly at him. Nicky huffs. "Thank you," he says.


Joe leans in to kiss him. "You're welcome," he exhales, as they part.


"Do you want me to take care of you," Nicky asks, as he fingers the band of Joe's jeans.


Joe chuckles. "I almost broke, earlier," he confesses. "So I wanked one out in the shower. You were moaning so prettily."


Nicky stares at him a little disbelievingly, before he snorts with amusement and shoves at Joe's shoulder playfully. 


The lounge in bed for a little while, Joe petting Nicky's body soothingly and whispering poems and sweet nothings into Nicky's skin. Nicky, however, breaks their peace by declaring he's hungry.


So, Joe does the most sensible thing in the world and asks Nile to bring them back some comfort food from the nearest fast food restaurant. Nicky pulls a face as Joe places their order, but doesn't complain when Nile enters their bedroom not even half an hour later, burgers, fries and chicken nuggets in tow. She does apologise to Nicky for tormenting him, and Nicky huffs out a surprised laugh that those '15 minutes of absolute insanity' weren’t Joe's doing. 


After filling their stomachs, Nicky yawns so hugely his jaw cracks, and Joe cuddles him close, pulling him against his front and nuzzling the back of Nicky's neck until Nicky's breathing evens out.


He carefully extracts himself from Nicky's hold, tucks Nicky securely into the blankets and closes the curtains, making sure Nicky won't be woken up by the light.


Keeping the bedroom door ajar, he pads over to the living room where he finds Andy and Nile bickering over the appropriate use of a bat. Picking up his scimitar, he grins at Nile.


"Ready for another match?"