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Wish That It was Me

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Shane took in a big breath and let out a sigh. The mumbling of every conversation in the bar was only making his headache worsen.

“Hey, did you hear that the Farmer and Alex are on a break? It’s such a shame, they seemed to be getting along really well” The girl with blue hair spoke in a sorta sad, loud whisper. Why was it any of their business? Hell, Shane didn’t even know the two were dating in the first place. And now he knows way too much about the people he avoids.

It had been about a year since the new farmer moved to this small town. Shane had only had about 2 conversations with the girl, them both being a two-word reply. He wasn’t interested in his routine getting interrupted by a dumb city girl who thinks she can take on a whole farm with no experience.

He was a bit sour when she moved to town. That farm had been abandoned since he moved to the valley. Marnie even talked about taking it over, allowing her animals to have more space. The business could grow so much with that amount of land. Even the animals would be happier. As soon as they got their hopes up, she came to town. So Shane and her… really did not start on the right foot, and he kind of hated her… really.

Now he knows… that she was dating Alex of all people? How long? What made her pick him? The only impression he left on Shane was that he was a self-centered jock, who only cared about being number one. Maybe that was her type? Bad choice but can’t judge too much.

“Did you hear me?”, the girl brought him out of his drunken thoughts.

“Nope. Bye Em.” He handed Emily some cash and began his walk home on the brisk fall night. He could hear the cicadas going crazy, and his footsteps. Other than that he was stuck in his head. His stomach in nauseous knots, nearly making him want to throw up then and there.

Shane took in a deep breath and closed his eyes. He couldn’t stop thinking about the farmer. Why? He had never cared about her in his life, now all of a sudden he knows this small detail about her, and that's all he can think of. Maybe it was because he was drunk… yea that’s it.

Walking down the Cindersap path, that leads directly to Marnie’s home. Luckily the lights were off, indicating that everyone was asleep in the house, or so he hoped. Unlocking the door as quietly as he could, he made it inside, quietly making his way towards his bedroom.

On his way, he could see Jas’ drawings on the table. They were three silly stick figures, labeled accordingly. Each one had a big smile, with ‘family’ written above them. He almost felt sick looking at it. He wished he could be better for her… Every time he tried, he couldn’t last longer than a few hours. It was hard, but she needed someone better than him.

With his stomach getting worse, he walked into his bedroom for the night, the clock reading ‘1:03’. He knew was in for the hangover of his life the next morning.

“Fuck…” Shane mumbled to himself before he took off his uniform and flopped into his bed. nearly hitting it on his headboard. He slowly let the cicadas pull him into a deep slumber


And just as Shane predicted, he woke up with the worst migraine of his life. All because Emily decided to speak to him that night; throwing him off his routine. It may have been small but it switched up his thought patterns.

Shane sat up in his bed, only to realize he didn’t wake up to an alarm.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuck '' He looked at the time, 12 o’clock. Dammit- He knew he was gonna be chewed out for a lifetime because of this. He looked to his phone to see why it didn’t wake him up this morning.

“Dead… of fucking course” He pressed his palms into his eyes until he saw stars. Worse day of his life.

He may have been blowing this out of proportion, maybe just a little bit. He got dressed to work on Marnie's farm, instead of going to work. It’s just one more thing for Morris to yell at him about… He would never fire Shane anyways- He’s only got 6 employees, and nobody to replace Shane’s ‘Willingness to work on hard tasks’… Okay-

Shane walked out to see a plate with breakfast on it. Quickly looking over to the front desk area, so see Marnie looking over to Shane with a soft smile.

“Call into work, sweetie?” She asked, setting down her things and walking over to Shane.

“More or less” He sighed before sitting down at the table, Marnie following to sit beside him.

“Well, If you’re going to be around the farm today, the cows need a bath” She teased Shane

“I hear ya-“ Shane began to eat, listening to Marnie talk about the chores that need to be done, also hinting that Shane missing work is better than him going.

“Jas will need to be picked up in about 30 minutes, so I'm gonna head that way to pick her up. Take care of the store for me?”

“Yep” Shane mumbled with food in his mouth as Marnie walked away and out the door.

It was quiet in the house, it felt a bit weird being home alone during the day, it never really happened.

Shane rinsed off his plate, setting it on the drying rack before going to look at if the cows needed baths or not.

“What the fuck-“ He said aloud to himself, seeing the cows. The white cows were no longer white. Looked like completely different cows with how much mud was on them. He couldn’t even tell how they even got dirty.

Shane soon got to work, setting up the hose and soap. It’s not the most fun but beats stocking at Joja.


It had been about an hour and Marnie still hadn’t brought back Jas. He assumed that she let Jas hang out with Vincent while she talked with Mayor Lewis…. He laughed to himself. Shane still thought it was rather funny that they tried to hide the obvious.

“Excuse me? Shane right” He heard an unfamiliar voice come from behind him.

“What?” he said in a rather rude tone, not really wanting to stop what he was doing to help a stranger. But as he stood up, he immediately knew who it was. The farmer. Now he really didn’t want to help her.

Her long brown hair was pulled into a high ponytail. She wore a rather cute yellow sundress with some type of white flowers on them. She didn’t look like she even lived in the city a year ago. Her muscles on her arms grew stronger along with her really bad farmer’s tan. But she stood there with an empty wooden crate

“What do you need?” His tone still harsh

“I was expecting Marnie to be here, but I can come back later if she isn’t too busy”

Shane looked at her as she began to turn back to her farm again, kinda slowly…

“Hey, don’t bother Marnie by coming back twice, what do you need?” Shane didn’t need Marnie to be upset he drove away a customer, let alone the new farmer.

“Uhm… I was hoping to pick up some chicks she said she had? Two white ones and a brown one.” She didn’t seem as sheepish as before when Shane spoke to her. She sounded like she was here for business, and that’s what made him believe that she came from the city.

Marnie didn’t tell him that there were chicks to be sold... Or maybe she did and he didn’t remember. He gave a nod to the girl on the other side of the fence.

“Oh yeah, I’ll bring them out.” He said setting down the dirty sponge before walking into the coop next to the kitchen. And just as she said, there were two white chicks and a brown one. Shane carefully scooped them up and began his walk to the farmer.

“Here you go…” he said before placing them carefully into the wooden crate she had. “Ya know how to take care of them?” It was almost in a condescending tone.

“I’ve read a lot about them, and Marnie has helped a bunch, so- I think I got this” The farmer replied in the same tone Shane used. He could tell she knew how to fight for herself, at least with her words. No wonder she dated Alex.. she could fight his snarky comebacks.

“Well, thanks… I guess,” she said before carefully taking them back up north to her farm.

That was mighty awkward…