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Ensemble of the Dead

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Azusa Kiryu, a survivor trying to survive in a world filled with infected zombies everywhere. She only has a pistol and a backpack on her. She has managed to survive several weeks avoiding zombies and scavenging food. Her boyfriend of 3 months Tetora Nagumo had been slain while protecting her from a horde & now she’s looking around for her elder brother Kuro.


" Hello?! Is anyone here? I'm looking for my aniki! "


She tries walking around the building, shouting for her brother, but there is no answer.


She calls out "Aniki are you in here?"


She searches the store desperately for her brother but he is nowhere to be found. She then grabs a box of medicine and puts it in her bag to protect herself from the zombies that are beginning to enter the building.


After hearing bangs & swearing coming from outside Azusa realized it was her brother Kuro. Looking outside she would see that he was covered in blood, holding a baseball bat.


"Azusa?! What the fuck are you doing in here?" he asks.


"I was looking for you!"


Her voice cracks as she runs into his arms, starting to sob over finally finding her brother. Azusa whimpers, burying her face in Kuro’s chest.


 "Tetsu is dead, he was torn apart by the zombie horde."


Kuro is silent for a moment as he wipes the blood from his blade. He finally speaks, 


"I see. Well let's get the fuck out of here. We gotta find the others, okay Azusa."


Azusa & Kuro find Souma, his sword stabbed through the eye of a zombie next to him & his abdomen torn open. Must have been eaten while trying to fight off the horde. His eyes are open but he is obviously dead.


"….I’m so sorry Kanzaki.. " is all he says as you both begin to walk away. They head towards a nearby abandoned supermarket. However they hear growls not far behind and look back as they see a pack of zombies slowly gaining on them.


Azusa looks toward Kuro, worried.


 " Aniki, what are we going to do?!"


Kuro swiftly swings his bat and takes down two of them, but a larger one comes from the side and bites into his leg.


" ANIKI?! " 


she cries out with a mix of worry & fear. Kuro swears under his breath as the zombie bites into his leg and tears off a piece of it. He stumbles forward and falls.

Azusa runs towards him, medical kit in hand to try bandaging the leg wound.

However before she could get any closer, she sees that his throat has been ripped out.


Eyes welled fast as she dropped to the ground as she began to sob. In a matter of a few hours she had already lost her brother, Souma & Tetora. She cries for a bit, then stops when she hears the roars and growls getting closer.


Just when she thought all hope was lost, an arrow flew into the head of one of the zombies revealing Keito who bursts in. Eyes glaring due to what he had seen already before he would stand in front of Azusa, protectively. 


" You alright, Azusa? "


He would ask, realizing it was the worst time for him to ask such a question. But she would glance up at him, relieved that her brother's love would protect her. 


" Yeah, I'm fine, Hasumi-senpai. "


He sighs and begins bandaging her wounds. She would begin to sob once again, looking towards the inanimate corpse of her elder brother. Azusa & Keito then head themselves into the supermarket where they end up finding a small group of survivors.


" Hasumi-dono ?" 


The only voice she recognizes is Seiji, Souma’s younger brother. After explaining about what happened to their brother & Kuro, Seiji nodded and would join the party of Azusa and Keito. Azusa, Seiji & Keito head towards Starmony Dorm. On the way there, Keito would explain a bit about the zombies & how they had come to be known as such. Azusa asks Keito if he had seen any of the other idols from Ryuseitai. That's when they would hear a loud scream only to reveal Chiaki and Midori who were surrounded by zombies. Chiaki gets grabbed by a group of zombies before they could make it to the dorm. Keito runs ahead and saves him.


" Morisawa, you need to be more careful! “


Just then another arrow soars into the head of one of the zombies revealing Kaoru Hakaze in the area who had come to the group's aid.


 " Are you all okay? " 


He would ask them.


" Hakaze-senpai! “ Azusa chimes out before Kaoru would begin firing towards the zombies once more. 


 “ You all! Get yourselves up here! We’re safe on this shop's roof! “


The group runs towards Kaoru in order to get themselves to safety as Midori is grabbed by the horde.


" I'll hold em off! " Kaoru shouts and runs up to a table top where he shoots another arrow. "Go!"


Midori is able to escape with the group, heading up onto the roof with Kaoru only to see the rest of Undead were there. Koga was firing from a machine gun at the horde below, Rei had a box of medicine & medical equipment and Adonis was helping Kaoru with arrows.


Azusa would breathe in relief seeing the other unit. 


 "Thank you Hakaze-senpai, are all of you okay?"

Kaoru turns to you and nods his head in gratitude.


" We're fine, but are those two alright?"


He points towards Chiaki and Midori who were both scratched from being attacked. 


" They'll be fine after a few bandages."


Keito would mention as Kaoru pauses from his shooting and turns towards Azusa, eyes worried. 

" You alright, Azusa?"


Kaoru would ask, eyes concerned. 


" I'm just… I'm just so tired, my aniki was the only family I had left and he's…"


Azusa would begin to speak, eyes welling once further before Kaoru would engulf her into his embrace. Azusa would begin to sob in Kaoru's arms, the pain from losing her brother still within her heart. 


" It's alright Azu-chan, I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, I should've made sure your family was safe…I'm sorry Azu..."


Kaoru would apologize as she would wipe away Azusa's tears. 


" You're here now, that's all that matters…isn't that right, Adonis?" 


Adonis's voice would reply as he arrived beside them.


" Yes, she's right, Hakaze-senpai…I'm sure Kiryu wants to move on from this moment." 


" Thank you Adonis-kun. " She would say, then looking towards Chiaki & Midori who were getting bandaged by Keito.


" Go find yourself a place to lie down, I'll be with you shortly."


Keito would tell them before turning towards Azusa.


" Let's be sure to keep an eye on those two, alright Azusa."


Azusa nods as she moves to help Chiaki with his bandages.


 “ Chiaki-senpai is there anything I can help you with? “ 

" No thank you Azusa-san, I think we're fine for now. "


Chiaki would reply as he gave the younger Kiryu a soft, worried smile. 


Azusa then heads back over towards Kaoru, taking her weapon off her back before beginning to help him with firing towards zombies down below.


" You should take a break, Hakaze-senpai. "


She would suggest as he would shake his head, firing his crossbow at another zombie. 


 “ We gotta keep this area safe before we can all move to a safer shelter. “


Kaoru would reply, suddenly they would hear three loud voices from down below.“ Hakaze-senpai… You hear that? “ 


Azusa would ask, that’s when she would notice the figure below pointing & aiming what looked to be a weapon towards the top of the roof where they were. Kaoru would jump, moving to pull Azusa down quickly with him when realizing the figure was firing their weapon at them. 


 “ They must be looters… Stay here with me, keep your head down. “ 


He would speak before looking towards Keito who knew to duck himself down before turning to the rest of the group. 


 “ Everyone stay inside! There’s enemies below trying to come raid us, Otogari, Oogami & Takamine board up the doors & windows. “


The group would hurriedly follow Keito’s orders as shots were fired by the three people below, who were obviously trying to reach them by breaking a window. Kaoru would peek his head up & move to aim his crossbow, firing a shot towards the enemies below only to duck back down again quickly. 


    “ I won’t let anyone get hurt. This apocalypse is shit to begin with, we’ll be strong… Okay Azu-chan? “


Kaoru speaks & Azusa tries her best to nod, but can't find it in her heart. After losing her brother, she was not going through the same hell watching more people she cares for potentially die also. Not again…


" Azu-chan, please trust me to keep you safe, okay… "


Kaoru peeks his head back up one more time but this time it feels as if time suddenly stopped. The sound Azusa would hear would cause her heart to sink into her stomach as she saw red beginning to drip down from the blonde who was protecting her. Kaoru had been hit in the shoulder by one of the raiders' crossbow bolts, dropping down with a hiss of pain next to Azusa. 


 “ Shit… I shouldn’t have… Looked. “ 


He would speak, blood dripping from the wound as she would quickly call out to Keito. 




An alarm cry would reach Keito's ears as he would quickly rush over to them, along with Rei who held the medical kit close to him. Kaoru was bleeding heavily from the wound as the raven haired male would kneel, beginning to try bandaging it. 


 “ Kaoru-kun, don’t leave us just yet… Please… “ 


Kaoru’s breath slowly would become ragged as Rei tried pulling the bolt from his shoulder as Koga angrily headed over & began firing the hand gun he had found towards where the raiders were.




He shouted, hitting all three of the targets while his eyes welled. Rei managed to get the bandage around Kaoru’s wound, making sure he would be okay while he passed out due to blood loss. His breathing was shallow but Rei & Keito would try to carry him inside while Azusa moved to try calming down Koga.


" KOGA-KUN!! It's going to be alright… Hakaze-senpai is gonna be okay… Please calm down… " 


She would speak as he just kept firing his hand-gun towards where the raiders were, teeth gritting & sobs escaping his lips. It seemed Koga was in another world after seeing how hurt Kaoru was. 


 “ Those bastards…. I hope they rot in hell!! “ 

He would mutter as Adonis would head himself over, arms wrapping around the young silver haired male with a calming tone escaping his voice. 


 “ You’ll be okay Oogami, we’ll all be. Let’s stick together, okay? Let’s all get inside… before more of those bad guys show up. “ 


He would say before the three of them would head back into the boarded up supermarket. After bandaging Kaoru's wound as best as they could, Rei would try to help Keito & Midori with figuring out what rations they had within the market. Azusa would join them, looking around the short aisles & grabbing items such as canned fruits which could be eaten due to them not being contaminated. 


 “ Don’t touch the produce, there might be airborne bacteria on them & end up causing more zombie infections. That goes for the tomatoes as well, Sakuma. “ 


Keito would mention which earned a whine from Rei until Azusa headed over towards them with a can of juice, holding it out for the older idol. 


 “ Sakuma-senpai, they had some canned juice but not much… “ 


Rei would nod, accepting the tomato juice before giving Azusa a soft pat on the head. 


 “ Thank you jouchan. “


He would say before moving back over towards Keito.


" Kei-kun, have you found anything else that we could use? I grabbed some more bandages, alcohol wipes & medical supplies. "


Azusa would walk over to them both with Midori who had a couple of cans of vegetables in his hands before he would speak.


" I found some candles over there. We can use those for lighting if we find any matches. "


The brunette would say before Azusa would nod, grabbing a few of them. She would then begin to look for matches.




A voice would suddenly shout with a chuckle before showing up, it was Chiaki. 


" Morisawa-senpai, you’re gonna alert the zombies outside. Please be quiet…… " 


Midori would say, sighing loudly before mumbling to himself. 


 “ He’s so loud… I wanna die… “  


He would say before Chiaki would begin laughing again. 


" Hahaha! You're still alive though Takamine! No dying today! "


" Morisawa, you are very loud… Please be more mindful considering we’re supposed to be staying hidden until we can head out to find others & shelter. “


Keito would remark, heading over towards the group while pushing up his glasses dramatically causing Chiaki to laugh once more.


" I can't help myself, Hasumi, I wanna stay positive like a hero would! "


He would say before noticing a group of people at the door, putting his hand to his mouth. More raiders had come to the market. 


 “ Shit… More of those guys who hurt Kaoru-san… “ 


He would say before the group would quickly move behind one of the shelves as Keito would take out the knife he had on him.


" State your names, who are you & what do you want with us? "


The raiders would laugh among each-other before taking out what looked to be a crowbar & a spiked baseball bat. The biggest raider would then speak.


" We're the 'other' survivors from the camp nearby. You'd better give us some food, if you want to leave this market alive!  "


Keito would quickly call for Koga & Adonis before sending Midori and Azusa back up to tell Seiji, Rei & the others what was going on. 


" Alright you FUCKERS! I’m not playing around! Leave this market & I won’t have to pop you like I did to yer bu— " 


Koga would head himself down first, aiming his hand-gun towards the two out the window while Adonis stood behind him; fire axe in hand. 


 “ Can we settle this… without violence? “ 


The biggest raider would then use their crowbar to whack the glass of the window, shattering it completely as Koga aimed his gun straight at them.


Before Koga could even do anything one of the raiders would kick the hand-gun out of the silver haired males hand earning a yelp from him before the raiders began moving into the market through the window. 


" Shit! Adonis! Get those bastards before they do any— " 


Koga would shout, turning to face the group before feeling warmth suddenly filling his lower abdomen. He fell to his knees, blood beginning to fill his mouth when he realized while his back was turned the larger raider had stabbed him. The group would cry out as the silver haired male coughed hard, trying to keep himself up until the raider would twist the blade. That’s when his surroundings went dark.


" O..Oogami… " 


Adonis looked over, seeing the usual lively & rowdy boy had stopped moving. Koga was dead. 


   At that moment he felt as if something inside him snapped before he would step himself forward. 


Adonis would then swing the axe he had in his hand, killing two of the raiders with it.


" Now yer gonna get it! " 


One of the raiders would shout, swinging their machete at Adonis. It would be a lucky swing… but not for Adonis as the blade would connect with his chest, cutting him open & causing the violet haired boy to cry out in pain while blood began pooling in his mouth


The raider would then stumble backwards as if something had just hit them before stiffening, being killed instantly by Keito who had managed to kill two of them with his bow before they began to attack him. Keito would use his knife to slice the throats of the remaining raiders, angrily killing them before turning back to check on Adonis. 


The boy's eyes were fading fast but Keito would grab him as he began to topple over, coughing & splattering blood on the tiles of the market. 


 “ I’ve got you, Otogari… You’re… gonna be alright. “ 


He tried to reassure Adonis while the boy's eyes began to slowly fade of color. 


“ H…Hasumi-senpai…… K…Kanzaki… says hello. “


Keito would feel his eyes begin to well as he watched the young male die in his arms. First Kuro & Souma were gone, now they have to bury Koga and Adonis with them. It wasn’t fair, this whole apocalypse wasn’t fair at all.


He started breaking down into the younger boy's chest, holding him close he looked up towards where Koga’s body was on the ground. The once lively & energetic rock loving idol was lifeless in a pool of his own blood.


" Sakuma… I’m so sorry… I couldn’t protect them… "


Keito continued to sniffle as Chiaki would place a hand on his back with an attempt at calming him down.


" There, there, Hasumi. It's alright now. We did all we could… “ 


The brunette would say with a reassuring smile before he would guide Keito back towards the rest of the group. 

Once back up the stairs where the other survivors waited, Keito would be the first to approach Rei with the sad news.


 “ ….Oogami & Otogari are dead. “


Rei would simply nod in response, eyes softening about it but he would push the emotions to the back of his mind while he glanced towards Kaoru who looked like he was doing well despite being stabbed earlier. 


 “ ….Kaoru-kun is in critical condition. Now the rest of my unit are dead. I also fear what would be the fate of my younger brother. Tell me Kei-kun… Is all this worth it? To keep on living while the people around you die in vain? Am I fated like Dracula once was? Doomed to lose everyone I care about in one sitting? “ 


Rei would ask, eyes glancing towards the knife that was sheathed on the greens haired males hip. 


" I don't know Sakuma…All I do know is I'm tired…tired of our loved ones dying…I want to go home…but I don’t think we’ll be going back to normal anytime soon…" 


Keito would answer, looking towards the ground before turning his head away from the raven haired male.

" Well…maybe the gods will be kinder to my old bones & I’ll be the one to perish next. "


Rei’s voice was pained, thoughts swirling throughout his mind as he thought to grab Keito’s knife; ending himself right there but he would upset the group if that would have happened & he had Ritsu to keep worrying about. 


   “ ….Sakuma, we’ll get through this. Even if we’re the last ones standing… you got that? “ 


Keito’s words would escape his lips, entering the ruby eyed idols ears as he watched Rei slowly break down into a sob.


" and don’t speak such nonsense…you're not going anywhere…we'll make it through this…together. "


He would add, hands gently grasping Rei’s which were shaking from the emotions breaking though the males body.