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MSBY4 Answer YOUR Fan Questions!

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As V.League’s most promising Division 1 team this season, the MSBY Black Jackals are setting out to be frontrunners for the championship later this year. The Osaka-based team has shown fans that they have all the skill sets and determination to win, and they’re no strangers to star players either. We joined with the team’s youngest — Bokuto Koutarou, Miya Atsumu, and new recruits, Hinata Shouyou and Sakusa Kiyoomi — to answer fan questions sent to us on Twitter. Keep reading for the scoop on their team dynamics, secrets about their love lives, and insider info on their post-practice activities.



First up is Bokuto Koutarou, spiking powerhouse and fan-favourite. This is his fourth season with the team and it doesn’t seem like he’s stopping anytime soon. He rose in popularity after his debut with his infectious smile and signature Bokuto Beam!!!, quickly cultivating his own dedicated fanclub and is now one of the League’s top players. He is active on social media, regularly posting about his meals, friends, and to-die-for gym selfies. Let’s see what he has to say to the fans.


bokuto’s water bottle @blueberrybo

your spiking is INSANE dude HOW DO YOU DO IT? #AskMSBY4 #AskMSBYBokuto

3🗨️ 19⟲ 34♡

Bokuto-san: Lots of practice! I’ve been playing since I was little and always have room to improve! I score a lot of points as a wing spiker, so I have to be there for the team, so keeping up with practice and workouts is super important to me. You don’t get these by just sitting around! [Bokuto-san flexes his arms. His muscles are large and well-maintained]. I’m your ordinary spiker, but that doesn’t mean I don’t strive for improvement!


ia @ uni struggle arc @koukoukoutarou

#AskMSBY4 #AskMSBYBokuto who’s the guy in all your ig pics?? a boyfriend?? 👀

7🗨️ 28⟲ 60♡

B: You’re probably talking about Keiji! Not my boyfriend — my husband! [Bokuto-san proudly holds out his hand with his ring for the interviewer to see. It is very shiny]. We’ve been married for two years now and I love him so much. Did you know he works in manga? He shows me what he’s working on all the time and it’s so cool… He even uses me to pose for reference photos for his artist. We like to cook together and go on dates all the time. He took me to this super fancy restaurant the other day, y’know. Oh! And he— [cut for length. Bokuto-san talks about his husband for 7 minutes].


shion’s right bicep @bokutoluvr

#AskMSBY4 #AskMSBYBokuto how do you like to relax?

2🗨️ 9⟲ 17♡

B: I won’t lie — I like a good bottle of wine! Not too much, but a glass in the evening is great!



Next, Miya Atsumu! Miya-san has been on the team even longer than his senior, joining after he graduated high school, and he’s gotten nothing but stronger every year. Without a doubt, he is a star setter, showing us skills that you can’t see anywhere else. He is known for both his precision and good-looks, gaining him fans from both Japan and overseas. Many send their love both on and offline; let’s see what he has to say back!


miya atsumu bf (REAL) @iKissAtsumu

#AskMSBYAtsumu #AskMSBY4 Do you have any pre-game rituals?

2🗨️ 7⟲ 12♡

Miya-san: Sure do! I usually call my brother the night before games if I can’t go see him in person. I tease him, but he really pumps me up and gets me goin’!


atsumu’s fisting heart @4TSUM1Y4

atsumu how damaged is ur hair, is it soft? crunchy? does anyone help you dye/bleach your hair? #AskMSBY4 #AskMSBYAtsumu

5🗨️ 13⟲ 24♡

M: My hair is perfectly fine, thank you! I condition it… And yeah! I’ve gotten a few people to. My brother, sometimes Om— MOM! My mom… she helps sometimes, too… [Interviewer is skeptical, but says nothing. Miya-san blushes furiously].


Onigiri Miya 🍙 @OnigiriMiyaOfficial

#AskMSBY4 #AskMSBYAtsumu When are you giving me back the ¥1,000 you owe me?

47🗨️ 98⟲ 178♡




Hinata Shouyou is up next, the rising star in the pro-volleyball world. He’s had eyes on him since high school and has been pushing hard ever since. His skill set is full of range and he’s more than your average player, thanks to his time training in beach volleyball in Brazil. Since his return to Japan, he’s been training with Jackals this season, and we can’t wait to see just what tricks he has up his sleeve! There’s no doubt he’ll bring some interesting plays to his games. But what does he have to say to fans?


STREAM BUTTER⁷ @shouyouism

how r u so cute???? love you <3 #AskMSBY4 #AskMSBYHinata

14🗨️ 26⟲ 81♡

Hinata-san: Hehe, thanks! It’s the natural charm. [Hinata winks. It is, indeed, very charming].


hinata edit in pinned !! @hinasunshine

#AskMSBY4 #AskMSBYHinata is it true you’re friends with kodzuken?

13🗨️ 17⟲ 35♡

H: Yes! Kenma and I have been friends since high school! We hang out whenever I’m in Tokyo. Oh, and I’m sponsored by their company, Bouncing Ball. They sponsor our games sometimes!


ninja shouyou supremacist @HINTAWRLD

#AskMSBY4 #AskMSBYHinata how many languages do you speak?

4🗨️ 6⟲ 10♡

H: Japanese, obviously, and Portugese. I know some Spanish, English, some Italian from Kageyama, a few words in French, some Russian… Languages are really cool! I’d love to learn more when I get the time too. [Hinata-san grins. It is very bright. Somehow it makes Interviewer happier. What are these powers?!]



Finally, we come to Sakusa Kiyoomi. The recent graduate has been killing it in the university league and has finally joined the pro scene. He’s been a powerhouse since high school, being one of the top aces in the country at just sixteen, and remains one of the League’s strongest spikers. He’s also gained a large online following thanks to his quiet and reserved personality, making him one of the team’s most beloved off the court. Let’s have a look at what he says!


kiyoomi luvr #1 @omiology

how do you get your curly hair to stay pretty during games? #AskMSBY4 #AskMSBYSakusa

5🗨️ 6⟲ 15♡

Sakusa-san: My hair is pretty? Nevermind… Hair care is a part of my nightly routine. I have a lot of different products, but shampoo and conditioner are most basic and most important in my opinion, especially if you have a certain hair type or specific needs. My curls are natural though, so it isn’t too difficult for them to stay this way.


stream taste of love | omi fc 📌 @mymymsby

whats ur favourite animal? :0 #AskMSBY4 #AskMSBYSakusa

2🗨️ 4⟲ 9♡

S: I like a lot of animals, but my favourites are dogs and cats. They both have cute toe beans… I have a cat, actually — her name is Momo. [Sakusa-san has a small smile as he talks about his cat. He clearly loves her very much!]


omi-kun my fuckin meow meow @K1Y0B4BY

#AskMSBY4 #AskMSBYSakusa what kind of music do you like?? also I LOVE U <3

11🗨️ 18⟲ 39♡

S: I like Girls Generation a lot. Thank you for the support.



Lastly, we have the Jackals move on to our group question speed round! 


meian love bot  @tobioreos

who is the one getting dragged away from late practice the most often? #AskMSBY4

7🗨️ 12⟲ 28♡

Bokuto-san: Tsum-tsum and I like to work on quicks, but he stays longer than I do. Probably because Omi-omi stays late a lot. They’re pretty close, y’know!

Miya-san: Definitely Omi-kun! He’s real persistent! I’d be lying if I didn’t say I don’t join in sometimes.

Hinata-san: Omi-san! He and Atsumu usually leave together, so Atsumu does a lot of the dragging...

Sakusa-san: Me. I think it’s important to refine your skills and a quiet gym allows me to do that.


:kermt: arc | should be ia @spikershoyo

#AskMSBY4 do you guys do movie nights? who cries the most at sad movies?

6🗨️ 21⟲ 57♡

B: Yeah, we do! I’ll admit — movies make me sad… Especially romance ones!

M: Whenever we can, we do! Meian-san cries the most by a long shot. Man’ll start weeping half an hour in if yer not careful!

H: Yeah, they’re so fun!! The most emotional is probably either Atsumu-san or Meian-san!

S: Yes. And it’s Miya. He clings.


MSBY Struggle Tweets @msbystruggletwt

#AskMSBY4 if you could swap bodies with another teammate for a day, who would it be and why?

24🗨️ 32⟲ 89♡

B: Barnes would be cool because he’s so tall! I can’t imagine he can get around very well since doors are small for him.. I would love practicing in his body, but I also think It’d be funny to ride the train like him, hehe.

M: Meian-san would be fun to be in charge for a day, but maybe Omi-kun. He’s got all his freaky bendy stuff going on and I’ve always been curious how it feels… plus, the crazy spins he does on some of his spikes! I wonder if I could do that if I were him.

H: Hm, maybe Bokuto-san? I’d love to try out spiking with his arms!

S: Bokuto-san. Being in another spikers body, especially one such as him, whom I admire and respect, would be interesting to compare the physical mechanics of our bodies that I can’t observe from an outsider's point-of-view.


in adriah's lap (NOT CLICKBAIT) @msbymylove

#AskMSBY4 who’s the one who gets into trouble and who’s the one who gets them OUT of trouble?

17🗨️ 30⟲ 78♡

B: Shouyou is the secret mastermind — he always has fun ideas, it’s hard not to join in, haha! Tsum-tsum usually puts a stop to it eventually even if he’s doing it with us.

M: I’ll let ya in on a secret, Omi-kun never stops whatever business we get into. He’s an instigator, I’m tellin’ ya! Don’t tell him I said that though.

H: Atsumu is both depending on the day, especially online! 

S: I am not a part of their shenanigans. Do not listen to them.


lgbtism sufferer @tsumuloveb0t

#AskMSBY4 Who is most likely to eat dn?

35🗨️ 38⟲ 69♡

B: What is that? [Interviewer laughs as they try to explain the joke. Bokuto-san stares confused but expectant].

M: HA! Ya can’t get me with this one! Bet ‘Samu set this in too, the fu— [Atsumu leans over to hear what his manager is saying] I can’t swear— Wh— Okay . [He sits back up]. Sorry. Osamu. Yeah… [Interviewer internally cringes at Miya-san’s awkwardness]

H: Wh— OH! Haha, deez nuts! [Hinata-san laughs for a full minute].

S: You really think I’m going to fall for this?


atsumu art 📌 @miyasthighs

are u single?????? 👀 #AskMSBY4 

15🗨️ 31⟲ 67♡

B: Still have Keiji, hehe. We’re going out this weekend to an aquarium because he’s never been to one before and I want to show him the penguins and the fish, and then we’re going to— [cut for length. Bokuto-san talks about his husband for another 11 minutes].

M: Haha, I am. Why do ya ask? You interested? [Miya-san smirks and raises his eyebrow. Interviewer tries their best not to laugh. Miya-san is obviously blushing].

H: Nope! Kageyama and I are engaged! We’re getting married after the season. I’ve also got a few QPPs!! Kenma is actually one of them! So is an old friend, Aone, and Tsukishima, who you all might know from the Sendai Frogs. Also, Yachi, and Yamaguchi, and Hoshiumi, and Noya-san… They’re all so amazing.

S: That is a personal matter, um… [Sakusa-san looks off to the side. Interviewer can see a blush growing on his face]. Yes. I, uh… I am. Definitely single.


tsukishima tiddy defender @bokunokoutarou

#AskMSBY4 whos the best kisser?

4🗨️ 19⟲ 44♡

B: Keiji is good at kissing… [Bokuto-san sighs dreamily. He talks about his husband (again)].

M: It’s not like I’ve ever kissed any of my teammates, ahaha! If I had to guess, maybe it’s Adriah-san! He and Wan-san are always making out, haha! Definitely, um… definitely not Omi-kun...

H: Well, I do have a lot of experience. I don’t think it’d be a stretch to say it’s me, hehe!

S: I don’t know what kissing Miya feels like. [Sakusa-san pauses. There is a long silence. Interviewer truly doesn’t know what to say]. Sorry, what was the question?


🏳️🌈 HAPPY PRIDE 🏳️🌈 @broikawa


56🗨️ 79⟲ 147♡

B: Of course! Trans rights!


H: Trans rights!!!

S: Of course. Trans rights! I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.



Whose answers did you love best? Perhaps you learned something new about your favourite player, or maybe you’re dying to know more! The current volleyball world has no shortage of young talent, and the MSBY Black Jackals have accumulated a lot of it. It’s clear why the team works so well: the bonds between these young players are strong, and not just on the court. If there’s anything we love about the MSBY Black Jackals, it’s the charisma they bring to their fans, whether that be in-game, online, or in-person. No one knows what the future holds for them, but it’s clear that the possibilities are endless.