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Maybe I love you, maybe I do...

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Adrien never felt more useless in his entire life. He was stuck in an elevator with Marinette Dupain-Cheng and he couldn’t save them. Or find a way out.


He felt more useless when Rena Rogue helped them get out of the elevator and by the time he came back to help Ladybug she had already defeated the villain. The fact that stings the most is that Rena Rogue and Carapace were both there, but not Chat Noir. No… not him. He is useless . Utterly useless


God, he was starting to sound like Chloe….that’s not good.


It was almost like, Ladybug doesn’t need him anymore. They were no longer a team together.


Nooo….. that’s because he is useless and always was. It just took him a moment to figure out.


Maybe he wasn’t cut out to be a superhero and fight alongside Ladybug. That’s because he is useless. 


No one needs Chat Noir or Adrien. If he died, he doubts that anyone will care. 


If Ladybug thinks that he is useless, then maybe she doesn’t deserve his love.


He should move on, Ladybug likes someone else. She always has.


When Master Fu had to choose between him and Ladybug as a Guardian…. He chose Ladybug.


He is useless .


Life didn’t become any better when Ladybug confessed to him that she revealed her identity to Rena Rogue, and let her keep her miraculous that same day.


He was supposed to know first. They made a promise. A promise that she broke.


“I thought we were going to tell each other first.” Chat Noir whispered and Ladybug looked away uncomfortably. 


“I...I told her because I had too much stress. I wanted to stop lying to everyone. I wanted to be free.” Ladybug was crying now and Chat Noir looked away.


“I could have understood and helped you the same way. Good Night Ladybug.”


Chat Noir ran away, leaving Ladybug crying in the rain.


He didn’t call me my lady anymore. Or Bugaboo…. It was almost like he gave up on Ladybug. It was almost like he didn’t want her anymore.


Marinette went home sobbing and while Chat Noir ran across the rooftops he noticed his princess crying. 


Chat Noir felt guilty, mostly because he couldn’t save both of them when they were stuck in the elevator today.


“Princess, why are you crying?” Chat Noir whispered and Marinette continued to sob.


“Chat… I’m so sorry…” Marinette hugged Chat Noir and he looked shocked. 


“Why are you sorry? You did nothing to me.”


“ don’t know anything….”


“Did someone hurt you?”


“.....yes” Marinette whispered, she wasn’t lying though. Chat Noir did kind of hurt her, just as she had hurt him.


“Who is it? I can kill him or her for you.”


“I don’t want to tell you.”




Chat Noir felt useless again. His princess was crying and he couldn’t do anything, because she wouldn’t tell him anything. “Is there anything I can do?” He asked and Marinette shrugged.


“Did something happen to you today as well? Why are you here in the middle of the night?”


“Me and Ladybug got into a fight I guess. I...I don’t love her anymore.” Chat Noir bitterly said, “She doesn’t need me anymore. I’m useless. How can I compare myself to her?”


Marinette looked at him in shock, that’s why he was angry today. Because he felt useless.


“You are not useless Chat Noir.” Marinette slid her hand into Chat Noir’s, “Ladybug needs you just like you need her.” 


Chat Noir looked into Marinette’s bluebell eyes and blushed . “Ok” he squeaked, and Marinette kissed him on the cheek.


“Good night, Chat Noir.”


“Good night, Princess.”

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Marinette spent the next day trying to figure out a way to apologize to Chat Noir. She broke their promise and now he hates her. That’s going to make patrolling, not fun. She needed to hear those nicknames that he used to call her. She didn’t know why she wanted to hear those words again. They used to drive her nuts, but now it was a bittersweet memory.


She had to include Chat Noir more, which means to not have Rena Rogue helping them that much anymore. Marinette was sure that Alya would understand.  


When Marinette arrived at school tired, because she mostly stayed up last night. She bumped into Adrien. 


“AHhhhHHhH! Adriennnnnn…. I mean Adrien…..” Marinette stuttered, and to her surprise Adrien laughed. 


“Marinette, you never fail to make me happy.” Adrien grinned and Marinette nearly fainted on the spot.


Adrien couldn’t believe how he always didn’t realize how cute Marinette is. Her tiny freckles and beautiful bluebell eyes...


“Your welcome…” Marinette whispered, and quickly walked over to Alya.


Alya sniggered, “Hello Ms. Clumsy. How’s your day?”


Marinette rolled her eyes, “Hey Alya, it sucks so far.”


“But Adrien said something nice to you right?” Alya whispered, then she tried to imitate Adrien, “ Marinette, you never fail to make me happy, because I love you!


Marinette giggled, “Stop Alya, he might hear you!”


“Hear what?” Adrien asked as he and Nino walked towards the girls. Marinette took a deep breath. 


“Nothing, Adrien, it's really nothing. Anyways, what did you get for question 3 last night?” Marinette asked, surprisingly not stuttering. Just pretend that he is Chaton….just pretend that he isn’t Adrien…..


Adrien flinched, “Wait, I forgot to do my homework last night!” He was too busy thinking about Marinette and Ladybug last night, he didn’t even do homework.


Marinette slid her homework to Adrien, “Quickly! Copy it down!” Adrien, Nino, and Alya looked at her in shock.


“Marinette, are you sure?” Adrien asked and Marinette nodded, “School starts in 10 minutes, you can get it down.”


Adrien looked at Marinette in awe. He finished his homework afterwards and gave back Marinette’s homework.


“Thank you so much Marinette! Next time I will get it done. Do you need anything? I need to make this up for you!”


“Adrien, you don’t need to do anything. This is what friends do.” Marinette replied smiling. 


Adrien looked at her, why did it hurt so much when she called us friends? We always were just friends…..


“But I will feel bad. What do you need? I can be useful, you know.” Adrien pressed and Marinette laughed. She had such a wonderful laugh.


“You are useful , Adrien! I never said you weren’t.” Marinette smiled, and Adrien blushed a little bit. Alya and Nino looked at their 2 friends really confused. Since when did Marinette not stutter?


“School is about to start.” Alya whispered, and nudged Marinette. “Let’s go.”


“Right.” Marinette replied and they all went to school.





Adrien and Nino were walking to their next class. “How did you realize that you and Alya were in love?”


Nino looked at him confused, “Why do you want to know this?”


Adrien blushed, “No reason.”


Nino raised his eyes, “Why are you in love?”


Adrien’s blush deepened, “It’s just that I used to have this huge crush on someone and then now I want to get over her because we kind of had a fight. But I am starting to see someone else a little bit differently. But I am not sure that I love her, because I am still trying to get over my first crush.”


Nino grinned, “Well if you put it like that. I loved Alya a while ago, but I just never knew it. Then Ladybug put us in a panther cage, and I was freaking out. But it gave me more clarity to why I love Alya. I realized that I loved Alya when we were talking about things. We liked the same things, and looking at her just makes me feel wanted. She makes me feel useful. She gives me a purpose.”


Adrien nodded, “Oh… ok.” 


Nino wiggled his eyebrows, “Soo… who is the lucky lady? Or guy….”


Adrien blushed and punched Nino, “Shut up!

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During lunch, Marinette kept trying to write a letter to Chat. Maybe that will work.


Dear Chat Noir,


Sorry for not trusting you at all. I do trust you but I trust Rena more…..


Marinette groaned, why was it so hard to write a letter? Alya looked over and looked at her letter, “Just saying if I read that, I will be more angry.”


Marinette, “How is this?”


Dear Chat Noir,


I am sorry if I made you feel useless. I am sorry if I hurt you, you don’t deserve it. 




Alya read it, “It’s better, but still it needs something else. Maybe you should just tell him in person.”


Adrien and Nino sat down next to the girls. “Tell who?” Adrien asked, curious. Could it be the person that hurt her last night?


Marinette blushed, “It’s just that I made this person angry at me, and I want to say sorry, but I don’t know how to write it.”


Adrien looked at her, “You should probably just tell him in person. Who is it?”


Marinette looked at him.


“I...I mean you don’t need to tell me…. Only if you want to.” Adrien stuttered, and Nino raised an eyebrow.


Marinette blushed again, “It’s just someone….a person that is always there for me, and I just messed up our friendship.”


Adrien looked at her, wow she really likes him….he’s lucky…..


Alya cleared her throat, “Adrien Agreste, since when do YOU blush and stutter around Marinette?”


Adrien’s face turned as red as Ladybug’s suit. “W...what?”


Marinette’s face was also red and looked at Adrien in shock. Adrien quickly thought of an excuse…. But he didn’t have one. 


“What? I don’t blush !” Adrien pouted and Alya sniggered and nudged Marinette’s whose face was getting redder every minute.


“I can help you with the letter by the way…” Adrien muttered and Marinette’s face lit up. She threw her hands around Adrien without thinking. “Thank you so much!”


Then Marinette realized that she was hugging Adrien. She jumped apart. “Sorry…” she muttered and Adrien blushed even more. “Fag…. I mean dine…. I MEAN FINE! Bathroom!” He ran to the bathroom, embarrassed.  


Nino got up as well, “I’m going to check on him.” Then he followed Adrien.


Chloé Bourgeois glared at Marinette. “What have you done with my Adrikins?” Chloé sneered. Marinette panicked, but Alya stood up.


“Chloé, Marinette did nothing. It’s not her fault that Sunshine over there is suddenly head over heels for this lovely lady.”


Everyone in the lunchroom stopped eating and turned to see what was going on.


“WHATTTTT!!!!” Chloé screeched, “Sabrina!” Sabrina, her servant, handed her a banana.


Chloé and Sabrina sashayed out of the lunchroom. But Chloé did most of the sashaying.


“Alya!” Marinette hissed, “He is NOT in love with me. We are just friends .” Alya rolled her eyes, “Look who's talking. You always wanted him to see you more than a friend. Are you telling me that now you think HE is a friend?” Marinette gulped, “I…”


Alya lowered her voice, “You didn’t fall for that cat boy did you?” Marinette blushed, “Noooooo….?” But Marinette’s “no” ended up more as a question. Alya groaned, her best friend is weird. 


“Listen Alya, I have something to tell you.” Marinette whispered, and Alya sat down. 


“Go on….” 


“If I want Chat Noir to forgive me, Rena will have to sit on the sidelines for a while.” 


Alya wanted to scream but she whispered, “WHAT?” Trixx in Alya’s bag flew out a little bit. “Great…. Got my freedom and losted it.” Trixx hissed, and Tikki poked her head out of Marinette’s purse and glared at Trixx, “It will only be for a little while right Marinette?”


Marinette looked away unconformably, “Yesss….”


Alya felt a little betrayed, she thought Marinette trusted her. She thought that she could fight side by side with Ladybug and Chat Noir. Turns out her “bff” just wants her not to help so she can make Chat Noir happy.





Nino opened the door of the bathroom and saw Adrien sitting on the floor (hopefully not dirty). 


“Hey bro.”


“Bro…. I messed up didn’t I?”


Nino chuckled, “I guess so. Is that girl Marinette?”




“The one that you are starting to see a little bit differently.”


“Yess…… she is amazing…”


Nino grinned, “Boy do I have news for you!”




“Well Marinette likes―”


Ivan came out of one of the stalls. “Hey Adrien and Nino!” Adrien jumped up and Nino backed away. “Sorry if you guys are in the middle of something….”


“That’s fine Ivan.” Adrien said, then he whispered, “How much did you hear?”


Ivan’s eyes twinkled, “Enough. Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone.” Ivan washed his hands and left the 2 boys.


“We….we should head back.” Nino whispered and they walked out of the bathroom.




Adrien sat down next to Marinette. Nino looked at Alya worriedly. She did not look happy, in fact she moved her chair AWAY from Marinette. What had happened when they were gone?


“You don’t have to tell me who the person is, but I need to know the problem.” Adrien told Mairnette and she nodded.


“So basically, me and this guy made a promise to each other. I broke it… the promise was to tell each other a secret at a certain time… I was so stressed I ended up telling someone else. He isn’t happy…. He thinks he is… useless …..”


Adrien winced, he could relate to this guy that Marinette was talking about. “Alright, so you can explain that you are stressed and―”


“No!” Marinette said suddenly, “That’s what I tried but it doesn’t work! I told him that I was stressed and he said that he could have helped the same way. I could have told him the secret instead of someone else. But I choose someone else…….”


“Ohh….” Adrien was silent, this situation really hit close to home. “Well you can reason with him, or you can just admit that you are wrong.”


Marinette thought for a moment, then she picked up one of her drafts for the letter and erased the names Ladybug and Chat Noir.


“Here, this is what I wrote before, but I’m still not very sure.”


I am sorry if I made you feel useless. I am sorry if I hurt you, you don’t deserve it. 


“Well you can also add that you were really stressed out and you didn’t make the right decision.”


Marinette nodded and wrote down:


I am sorry if I made you feel useless. I am sorry if I hurt you, you don’t deserve it. I made a really bad decision when I was stressed out. I should have told you my 


Marinette couldn’t really write the word “identity” because then Adrien would probably figure out she is Ladybug.


“Listen, thank you so much for helping me. It means so much to me!” Marinette hugged Adrien again.


Adrien blushed, “Your welcome.” Adrien could barely focus on his food because Marinette was sitting right next to him! She is writing something on that paper and covering it with her hand. What could she be writing about? 


Dear Chat Noir,


I am sorry if I made you feel useless. I am sorry if I hurt you, you don’t deserve it. I made a really bad decision when I was stressed out. I should have told you my identity instead of telling Alya. I was just so scared. If you want to know my identity, I could tell you.




P.S. You can call me those stupid nicknames all you want. I won’t complain anymore.


Marinette looked at the letter, it’s fine. She should send it to Chat Noir over her Bug Phone after school.


Suddenly something went into Adrien’s mind. She makes me feel useful. She gives me a purpose.


That’s what Nino said when he asked her about Alya….. 


She makes me feel useful. She gives me a purpose.



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Adrien is in love with Marinette…..


Adrien blushed thinking about it and Marinette turned and looked at him. “Are you okay?” she asked, and Adrien blushed again. 


“Ummm… yes…..” 


“Okay!” Marinette had just finished writing her letter. “I’m going to go to the bathroom, are you okay Alya?” Alya nodded, and looked away. “Keep an eye on her, okay?” Marinette whispered to Nino and went to the bathroom.


There was no one in the bathroom so Marinette hurried into a stall. “ Tikki, Spots On! ” Ladybug took out her yoyo and transformed it into her Bug Phone and typed out her letter and sent it to Chat Noir. 


“There!” Ladybug whispered, “Hopefully he isn’t too mad and will read it.” 


Spots Off! ” 


Marnette hurried out of the stall and back to her friends. 


Alya had left. “Where is Alya?” Marinette asked, and noticed that Adrien was heating up and Nino was worried. 


“She left.” Nino said and glared at Adrien who was blushing like crazy.


“Adrien, are you sure that you are okay?” Marinette asked and Adrien didn’t respond.


Marinette is so pretty. Marinette is Marinette because Marinette Marinette Marinette……..she is so kind, Marinette, Marinette Marinette…..


Adrien was so lost in thought that he didn’t even notice that Marinette was talking to him.


“Marinette!” Adrine squeaked out and she looked at him confused. 


“I asked if you are okay!” 


“Ohhh… I’m fine.” Adrine quickly whispered and Marinette smiled. 


For some strange reason, Marinette stopped blushing or stuttering near Adrien. She didn’t know why. Maybe she can take advantage of this day. Maybe she can finally confess to him, but Luka…..


Marinette had dated Luka and broke up with him because he couldn’t know the truth about her…...will the same thing happen with Adrien? Maybe it’s better if they just stay friends….





Alya left the cafeteria, angry. Marinette doesn’t need her help. She wants her to stay on the SIDELINES while she and Chat Noir can take all the credit. 


Rena Rouge and Carapace deserve the same amount of regonizition. She is done hiding in Marinette’s shadow. Marinette is the Class Rep. and she is the Deputy. Always in her shadow. It’s time to make her own future. One without Marinette. 


Trixx looked at Alya with nervousness. “Alya, you must control your anger. Shadowmoth can get you!”


Alya looked at Trixx, “So let him!”



“I sense some anger and betrayal.” Shadowmoth grinned, he grabbed a butterfly and turned it into an akuma. “Fly my beautiful akuma, and evilize this poor soul!”





The akuma flew and landed on Alya’s necklace. “Alya!” Trixx hissed, “Don’t fall for it!” 


“Hello Alya Césaire, I am Shadowmoth. Ladybug doesn’t need Rena Rouge, but I do!” Shadowmoth whispered in Alya’s head.


“If you want to leave the sidelines, all I need is Ladybug and Chat Noir’s miraculous.”


Alya nodded slowly, “Yes Shadowmoth.”


“Rise, Rena Rage and get rid of all the superiors so no one will be on the sidelines anymore.”


“I will get your miraculouses.”


“Just one more thing Rena Rage.”




“I know that you are close to Ladybug. Do you know who she is?”


“That’s easy Shadowmoth. It’s Marinette Dupain-Cheng.”

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Purple magic surrounded Alya and turned her into a villain. She was the red version of Rena Rouge but more angry and with a skulk of foxes to help her.


“What? Are you telling me that girl that designed my son― I mean Adrien’s hat is Ladybug?” Shadowmoth hissed in Rena Rage’s head.


“I know it doesn’t seem like she is Ladybug considering she is very clumsy but it is her.” Rena Rage confirmed and Shadowmoth groaned.


“I can’t believe Ladybug was in front of me all the time!”





Marinette looked at Nino, “It’s been some time since Alya left. I’m going to go check on her.”


“Can I come with you?” Adrien asked shyly. 




“If Adrien is coming with you, can I also come?” Nino asked.


“Fine! Let’s go!” Marinette and the 2 boys looked around the school. Lunch was about to be over and Alya was nowhere to be found. 


Marinette started to think about the worst that could happen. Alya could be akumatized because she said that she doesn’t really need Rena Rouge. If Alya was akumatized that means that Shadowmoth might know her identity….which means the Miracle Box isn’t safe with her anymore.


Suddenly Rena Rage came out of nowhere and started blasting them with her flute, missing. Whenever Rena Rage plays her flute, then something shoots out of it and makes people disappear. But Rena Rage stopped and looked at them. There was something that caught her eye that made her miss her targets, it was Nino. Nino and Adrien did nothing. She wanted Marinette.


Rena leaped towards Marinette and she started running away. Marinette turned down the hall and disappeared.


“Marinetteeeeeee? Where are you? Surely you can’t forget about your BFF!” Rena Rage called and ran after Marinette.


Adrien looked at Nino, he needed to transform so he could help Marinette but in a non suspicious way. 


“Nino, we should split up if we are going to find Marinette.” Adrien told Nino and they split up. Adrien hurried into the locker room and transformed. “ Plagg, Claws Out!


Chat Noir ran out of the locker room and started to look for Marinette. He noticed that Marinette was still running down the hallway and going into the cafeteria. 


He scooped up Marinette and ran into the cafeteria hiding her into the kitchen. “Princess, did you akumatized someone else again?” Chat Noir teased and Marinette looked at him irritated. 


“I was fine before you came.” Marinette pouted and Chat Noir grinned. She is soooo cute when she is angry.


Chat Noir grabbed her hand and kissed it. “Princess, your knight needs to leave. I’ll be right back.” Chat Noir noticed a notification on his staff. It was from Ladybug. He groaned, shutting it off and ran out of the cafeteria to deal with Rena Rage. 


Marinette blushed and looked at her hand that Chat Noir kissed. Tikki flew out of her purse. “Catching feelings are you?” Tikki asked and Marinette blushed even more. “No.” She quickly said. She has a crush on Adrien not Chat noir. But Adrien would never like her back….and Chat Noir likes Ladybug….. Oh her life is sooo confusing. 


Tikki, Spots On!


Ladybug was about to get out of the kitchen when a fox appeared and then pounced on her. Ladybug dodged it. Rena Rage has foxes now?


The fox ran and whatever it touched a living organism they disappeared. Ladybug knows this because one of the teachers came into the kitchen to pick something up and the fox pounced at the teacher and she disappeared. While the fox was distracted Ladybug ran out. 


“Hey kitty!” Ladybug called, “Sorry I was late!” 


Chat Noir ignored her and continued to fight the random foxes that kept running around the cafeteria. 


Rena Rage was casually walking around and getting rid of all the teachers and anyone that would overshadow someone. 


Mr. Damocles walked out of his office to see what was going on. “Oh this job calls for the owl!” He was about to run back to his office when Rena Rage blew some notes on her flute and shot a light beam at him. He disappeared once it touched him. 


Students ran out of the cafeteria in a panic.


Rena Rage cackled, “Where are you Marinette?” She noticed Ladybug, and grinned. “There you are!” Rena whistled and her skulk of foxes followed her.


“Hello Marinette.” Rena smirked and Chat Noir growled and hissed, “ Cataclysm! ” 


“What are you doing Chat Noir!” Ladybug cried and Chat Noir ignored her, and hissed at Rena Rage, “Don’t you dare touch Marinette!” 


“Chat! Why are you not listening to me!” Ladybug pleaded, “We need to work together to save Alya!”


Chat Noir whispered under his throat, “Whom you told your secret identity to, and is now akumatized.”


Ladybug screamed with anger and Rena Rouge grinned. She blew some notes on her flute and was about to make Ladybug disappear, when Nino tackled her to the floor.


“Alya! This isn’t you!” He cried and Rena tossed him off her. “Stay back!” Nino tried to stop her again but Rena Rage pushed him off. “I am not Alya anymore! I am Rena Rage!” She blew some notes on her flute and made Nino disappear.


“Yess…...Yess…. You are Rena Rage! Now get me my miraculouses now that Ladybug and Chat Noir are distracted!” Shadowmoth whispered in Rena’s head.


“Shut up Shadowmoth!” Rena Rage hissed, “I know what I am doing! I will get you the Miracle Box after I’m done with them”


Ladybug and Chat Noir stopped arguing.


“Did….she say Miracle Box?” Ladybug whispered, and Chat Noir rolled his eyes. “Did you forget to give her the charm?”


Ladybug didn’t answer that and dodged Rena’s next strike. “The akuma must be in her miraculous!” 


Chat Noir nodded, but didn’t really respond. 


Ladybug was panicking, Did Alya tell Shadowmoth her identity? SHE KNOWS THE CODE TO THE MIRACLE BOX! CRAP!


Ladybug had messed up big time, but there was no time left. “ Lucky Charm! ” Ladybug’s costume changed into another costume that is more complicated. 


A black and red whistle appeared from the sky and fell into Ladybug’s hand. “A whistle? What am I supposed to do with this?”


Chat Noir rolled his eyes in annoyance, “How am I supposed to know?”


Ladybug ignored him and looked around. She knew the whistle had something to do with the foxes. She blew into the whistle and the foxes backed away. Foxes hate loud noises. She blew it again, making the foxes back away even more. 


Rena Rage growled angrily and blew some more notes on her flute and threw a beam of light at Chat Noir. 


“Chat Noir!” Ladybug screamed, dropped her whistle and tackled Chat Noir onto the floor. The light hitted the wall and disappeared.


Chat Noir looked at her in awe. She saved him, even though she knew he hated her and lost her Lucky Charm. Ladybug dragged Chat Noir behind a table. The foxes were now close to surrounding them. The whistle was in the middle of the cafeteria. 


“Thank you…” Chat Noir whispered and Ladybug nodded. 


“Sorry, if I ….made you feel useless. You aren’t. Ladybug is nothing without Chat Noir.” Ladybug muttered back, blushing. 


“’s ok…...I might have overreacted.” Chat Noir said, and looked around. “I still have my cataclysm.” He lifted up his hand that had it. “What are we going to do?”


Rena Rage coughed into her hand, “Now that you made up, give me my miraculous!” 


Ladybug looked around, and looked, she could grab the whistle with her yoyo. Distract the foxes and Chat Noir can cataclysm the necklace. Perfect. 


Ladybug jumped out from behind the table and used her yoyo to grab the whistle, and then when a beam of light flew near her, she cartwheeled, dodging it and ran to hide behind another table. 


Chat Noir looked at her in shock, “Wow…..” That was the Ladybug he had fallen in love with, but Marinette…. He really thought that he loved Marinette. It was not fair that Ladybug can just show up, make up with him and be amazing again. He did love Marinette and he shouldn’t be comparing her to Ladybug. Marinette was in her own category.


Ladybug blew her whistle, causing the foxes to retreat, and Chat Noir charged at Rena Rage. She threw beams and beams of light at Chat Noir. He dodged them easily and punched her in the face, with the non cataclysm hand. Rena Rage stumbled backwards, and looked at Chat Noir.


She knew she wasn’t going to win. Oh well, but there was still something she didn’t tell Shadowmoth. She muttered under her breath the passcode for the Miracle Box, just as Chat Noir cataclysm her necklace. Alya collapsed on the floor with purple magic surrounding her.


Ladybug ran out of her hiding place, and caught the akuma. “Gotcha! Bye bye little butterfly! Miraculous Ladybug! ” Ladybug threw her whistle into the sky and the mini magical ladybugs flew around and fixed everything. Everyone was back. Even her old costume. 


“Pound it!”


“Alya here is a magical charm. Keep it with you at all times.” Ladybug muttered as she took out a charm from her yoyo and gave it to Alya. Alya nodded and took it, “Sorry… I….did I tell him anything?” 


Ladybug looked at Chat Noir that ran into the kitchen door. Oh man, he is looking for Marinette. 


“I don’t know, we will talk about this later, I have to go!” Ladybug left and ran into a room and detransformed. “ Tikki Spots Off! ” Marinette ran into the kitchen, and saw Chat Noir.


He threw his arms around her. “There you are!” 


Marinette quickly made up an excuse, “A fox pounced on me and I disappeared.”


“Really?” Chat Noir asked and raised an eyebrow, Marinette quickly nodded. “It’s ok, as long as you are safe, meow purrincess .” 


Then they both realized how close they were. Marinette backed off a little bit, “Chat isn’t your ring beeping? Doesn’t that mean something?”


Chat Noir looked at her, “How do you know about that?”


Marinette panicked, “Well I was reading the LadyBlog and….” She kept on yapping up excuses and Chat Noir smiled.


“I wouldn't mind, if you knew my identity, Marinette.” Chat Noir whispered and kissed her hand, “I trust you.”


Marinette’s face turned red, since when did Chat Noir have an effect on her. “Ok….” 


Chat Noir grinned, but then groaned, “But Ladybug wouldn’t like that.” Marinette winced, was it possible to be jealous of her own self? Obviously Chat Noir only likes Ladybug and not Marinette.


“I’ll tell you later Princess, I have to go!” Chat Noir whispered and was about to leave. Marinette grabbed his tail. “Wait, can I…..can I…”


“Can you what?” Chat Noir asked, smiling at her. She couldn’t help it and leaned in and kissed him. Chat Noir was shocked, Marinette was kissing….him? He thought she loved Luka.


Chat Noir kissed her back and his ring was beeping. There was literally one beep left. He quickly pulled away, and both of her faces were red. “I….I have to go!” He quickly left, and Marinette collapsed on the floor. 


“Tikki, did I mess up?” Marinette whispered and Tikki rolled her eyes. “Maybe he felt the same way about you? What about Adrien?”


“I...I don’t know….” Marinette sobbed. The door opened and Alya walked in. 


“Why in the world are you in the kitchen crying?” Alya smirked and sat next to her. Trixx flew out of Alya’s bag and was talking with Tikki. “I know I messed up and don’t deserve this.” Alya took off the miraculous. “Sorry Trixx.”


Trixx’s eyes went wide, “Wait!” Soon Trixx was back inside the fox miraculous. Alya gave the miraculous to Marinette.


“I don’t know what I did….maybe Shadowmoth knows your identity…… I was just so mad…...sorry…..”


Marinette hugged Alya and whispered, “Thanks. I’ll give you the miraculous later, if I need you.”


“Now, why were you crying?”


Marinette’s face was red. Tikki chirped, “She kissed Chat Noir.”


“WHATTTTT?” Alya screeched.



Shadowmoth groaned, when Rena Rage was saying the passcode, she was cut off when Chat Noir cataclysm the necklace. He was sooo close to getting the Miracle Box and the miraculouses. 


He was so close!


“Emilie, please wait, I’ll get you back.”

Chapter Text


“I need all of the deets Marinette!” Alya whispered and nudged the really red faced Marinette.


“Well….. So basically ummm he was looking for me….in the kitchen but I was you know Ladybug…..and I quickly detransformed and went to him. His ring was beeping so I told him he should go, but then he said that he doesn't mind if I know his identity….”


“Awwwww…..” Alya gushed and Marinette blushed.


“Sooooo I said he could tell me his identity, but then he realized that Ladybug didn’t want him to do that…...SOO he was going to leave, but I kissed him…… and then he left….”




“ALYA WHAT IF HE DOESN'T LIKE ME!!!! WHAT IF HE HATES ME????” Marinette screamed and Alya quickly covered her mouth with her hand. 


“Shhhhhh…. What if someone hears you!”




“Well did he kiss you back?”


“Ummmm…..actually he did.”


“So he does like you!”


“But he is going to hate me if he figures out my identity!”


“Doesn’t this mean that he technically likes both sides of you?”


“Right……..I have to go!”


“We both have to go, Marinette. We are late for class.”


“Shadowmoth probably knows who I am since you were….” Marinette looked at her feet, “akumatized.”


Alya groaned, “Alright, what are we going to do about that?”


“I need to go home and get the Miracle Box, and hide it somewhere….”


“But where?”


“I might….have to you know……” Marinette sighed, “Give up the box….”


“But doesn’t that erase your memories?” Alya asked seriously. 


“I know, but it’s the best for Paris. If Shadowmoth gets the box then all hope is lost. Paris would be in ruins!” 


“This is all my fault…..” Alya whispered and a tiny tear fell from her face. “If I just controlled my anger like Trixx said, none of this would happen.”


“Don’t worry Alya, I don’t blame you. Technically this is MY fault. I forgot to give you the charm before. I just thought that since we were fighting the Gang of Secrets and you deakumatized yourself, that you could do it again.”


“But I still feel so guilty….”


“Can you do one thing for me?”




“Say I’m sick.”


“Are you sure about this?”


“If….if I really need to erase my memories, help me remember….please…”


“I…..I will…….we all will……”


“Ok, I’m going to go now. Tikki, Spots On!


Ladybug jumped out of the window in the kitchen and left, leaving Alya alone. 


Alya headed back to class and Ms. Bustier looked at her. “Where were you Alya? Class started 10 minutes ago.”


Alya looked at her sadly, “I…..I…” Alya choked back a sob, and Ms. Bustier hurried over to see if she was okay. Chloé rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath, “Crybaby.”


“Did something happen? Are you okay?”


Alya nodded, “Mar…..Marinette is….” Alya winced, “sick….”


Ms. Bustier smiled kindly, “If you ever need something ask me. Are you going to be taking the notes for her?” 


Alya nodded and went to her seat. Adrien turned around and asked Alya, “Is Marinette alright?”


Alya whispered back, “She is sick.”


Adrien turned back and looked at his tablet. Marinette was sick? But she was fine just a couple of minutes ago, when she was kissing him…… WAIT HE KISSED MARINETTE?


Maybe Adrien should have not left her. Now she probably hates him. Adrien knows that Marinette isn’t ‘sick’ she probably just wanted to go home. 


He should check on her. Adrien raised his hands, “Can I go to the bathroom?”


May I go to the bathroom.” Ms. Bustier corrected, and Adrien nodded. 


“May I go to the bathroom.”


“You may go.”


Adrien got up and ran to the bathroom. Plagg peeked his head out of Adrien’s jacket. “Are you going to visit Pigtails in the MIDDLE of class?”




Plagg rolled his eyes, “You just want another kiss right?”


Adrien stopped running and looked at Plagg. “You think she will kiss me again?” 


Plagg groaned, “Forget what I said.”

Adrien ran into a stall and whispered, “ Plagg, Claws Out!”





Ladybug ran across the rooftops and leaped onto her balcony. She hides behind a box and whispers, “ Spots Off! ” 


Marinette quickly hurried into her room. She quickly grabbed the Miracle Box. “Shadowmoth will be here soon. I need to leave Paris quickly, or I could…” Suddenly an idea popped up into her head. She still had the fox miraculous from Alya.


Suddenly Chat Noir jumped onto her balcony. “Hide!” Marinette hissed and threw the Miracle Box underneath a blanket.


Chat Noir walked into Marinette’s room. “Marinette?” Marinette awkwardly waved hello.


“Hi!” Marinette shyly whispered.


“Hello….” Chat Noir whispered back and his eyes fell on her lips. Chat Noir mentally slapped himself. “Sooooooo…. Are you okay?”


Marinette nodded, “I just felt sick so I came home…..”


“Okay…. I see that you are ok…..I’ll be going!” 


“Wait!” Marinette started and grabbed his tail.


Chat Noir turned around and smirked, “Does meow purrincess want another kiss?”


Marinette dropped his tail, and Chat Noir stumbled. 


“I…. nevermind…….”


“Sorry for joking, Princess, what’s wrong?”


“I’m going to run away….” she whispered really quietly. 


“Why?” Chat Noir asked in shock.


“I…. I need to hide….”


“Hide from what?”


“I can’t tell you that!” Marinette sobbed and Chat Noir hugged her.


“Why are you keeping secrets from me?” 


“I….I can’t tell you that….”


Chat Noir kissed Marinette’s forehead and wiped away her tears. “You don’t need to hide, you know. Your knight will protect you.”


They were so close, so close. “I’m….I’m sorry….” Marinette whispered and backed away from Chat Noir. Both of their faces were red.


“Sorry for what?”


“I…. I can’t…..please…. leave me alone….” 




“JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!” Marinette sobbed, and Chat Noir backed away. His princess was never this angry.


“Be careful, Shadowmoth can akumatize you.” He warned and Marinette slowly nodded. “So… ummm… I’ll be going…..”


“Okay…” Marinette whispered, and quickly kissed him before she could panic. “Goodbye Chat Noir.”


Chat Noir looked at Marinette and whispered, “That was too short.” He leaned in and kissed her. She kissed him back.


After a couple of minutes they pulled away. “Goodbye Marinette. I’ll see you soon.” Chat Noir whispered.

Chapter Text

Once Chat Noir left, Marinette took out the Miracle Box. “ Tikki, Spots On! ” Ladybug picked up the fox miraculous and put it on. 


Tikki, Trixx, UNIFY! ” 


LadyFox was born. She had a flute and a yoyo. Her hair was orange and red with a little bit of white. Her outfit was similar to Rena Rogue, but she had some red and black spots.


LadyFox blew some notes on her flute and whispered, “ Mirage!


5 Ladybugs appeared with 5 fake Miracle Boxes. 


“This should keep Shadowmoth busy.” LadyFox smirked and  jumped out of her house with the 5 Ladybugs and they split up. LadyFox hid in the alley trying to connect with the 5 different copies of herself. 





“NATHALIE! I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!” Shadowmoth hissed as Nathalie tried to talk to him. 


“But sir, your son said he was going to the bathroom in school, and hadn’t returned in a while. Should we call the police?”


“I just figured out who Ladybug is! Let me first go to her house, and then I will deal with that.”


“As you wish………...sir…..”


Shadowmoth left his lair and started to jump across the rooftops towards the Dupain-Cheng bakery. He leaped onto the balcony and opened the hatch, and walked in.


The room was so PINK, with lots of pictures of his son. He searched and searched, where in the world is that Miracle Box?


Then he walked onto the balcony and noticed a Ladybug holding the Miracle Box. There she is!


Shadowmoth leaped and ran after the fake Ladybug and she disappeared. Another Ladybug ran out from across the street. “How did she get there that fast?” Shadowmoth whispered to himself, and followed that Ladybug, but then she appeared again on the other side of the streets. 


People are starting to realize that Shadowmoth was in the middle of the streets. All the cops were warned. Shadowmoth had to get out of here, and follow Ladybug.


He dodged the cops and punched them. He ran after Ladybug, she ended up stuck with nowhere to go, in an alley (a different one that LadyFox was in).


“You are stuck Marinette! There is nowhere to go!” Shadowmoth hissed, and LadyFox gasped.


So Shadowmoth DID know who she is. “ Shadowmoth, you are the one that has entered my trap! ” LadyFox whispered.


The fake Ladybug said, “Shadowmoth, you are the one that has entered my trap.”


“You are speaking nonsense!” Shadowmoth leaped and tried to grab Ladybug’s earrings. The illusion disappeared. 




Another Ladybug with the Miracle Box, ran across the street and gasped. Shadowmoth groaned, “You think you can trick me with illusions?” Shadowmoth chased after the next Ladybug. “I know that you are the REAL Ladybug!”


With Shadowmoth clearly really busy, chasing after illusions, LadyFox took out her yoyo, and tried to call Chat Noir. Hopefully he didn’t transform back.





Adrien came back to the classroom and realized that school had ended. Alya and Nino were waiting for him.


“Adrien, where were you?” Nino cried, “Do you know how worried we were?”


Alya shook her head, “Your father might never let you come back. Ms. Bustier is waiting for you in class.”


Adrien hung his head low. “I…..I visited Marinette….. I wanted to make sure she was okay. I didn’t expect that it would take that long….”


Alya narrowed her eyes, “But she is sick, you shouldn’t be visiting her.”


“That’s a lie!” Adrien shot back, “SHE ISN’T sick!”


Nino looked at Adrien in shock. “Bro, really? Alya did you lie?”


Alya looked away, “She told me to. Adrien, she doesn’t want to be here, you shouldn’t be checking on her all the time. She isn’t your girlfriend .”


Adrien and Nino both flinched. Adrien looked down, was Marinette his girlfriend ? Sure they kissed but does that mean she is his girlfriend? 


Alya glared at Adrien, “I know that you are starting to have feelings for Marinette, but you're too late!” Adrien looked at her in confusion. “What do you mean too late?”


“She already moved on from you, like she should have done before.” 


“Wait….are you saying that Marinette liked me?”




Adrien couldn’t believe it! Marinette liked Adrien! He thinks that she also likes Chat Noir, considering she kissed him twice….actually three times. Marinette liked both sides of him!


“I...I have to go see Ms. Bustier.”


Adrien left Nino and Alya and walked into Ms. Bustier’s room.


“Where were you Adrien?” she asked, not even looking at him. She was grading the tests that they had taken a week ago.


“I...I was….”


Ms. Bustier stopped grading and looked him in the eye. “I know that you weren’t in the bathroom.”


“I...I was…”


“You can tell me the truth, Adrien.”


“I visited Marinette!” He screamed, and gasped. That wasn’t a smart thing to do. Now she was probably going to inform Marinette’s parents or even her! Marinette was going to hate him now.




“We are dating…… in secret! Don’t tell her I said that…” Adrien whispered, and mentally slapped himself. What in the world was he saying?


Ms. Bustier looked at him in shock, then sighed, “I think I probably already knew that, but thank you for being honest…..”


Adrien nodded and looked down uncomfortable. 


“You may leave. But next time please don’t visit each other in the middle of my class. Nino should have your notes for the day.”


“Thank you Ms. Bustier.”


Adrien walked out of his class and met with Alya and Nino.


“Soooo…. Alya….. When did Marinette start to like me?”


Alya rolled her eyes, “Since the first day of school.”


Adrien gasped, “And I didn’t even notice?” 


Alya and Nino giggled, “You are clueless sometimes, Adrien.”


Adrien couldn’t believe it. Not only that Marinette has a crush on him, but she also liked him for almost a year, and HE didn’t even notice.


“Soooo…. Who is the lucky guy?” Adrien muttered, and fidgeted with his ring.


Alya smirked, “I can’t tell you! But I can say that he likes cats….. Purrr haps he is one himself….”


Nino looked at her in shock, “Marinette likes a dude that likes cats, and is one himself? Man, that’s tough.” 


Adrien’s eyes widened. So Marinette does love Chat Noir! This was waaayyyy too perfect.


“I have to go home.” Adrien said and left the group and looked around for Gorilla. It was pretty late, but where was he? Adrien took out his phone and texted Gorilla.



Where are you?



Waiting for you near the left side of the school.



Sorry I was late. I had to talk with the teacher.



Your activities today are canceled.






Can’t say.



I’m coming.


Adrien hurried to the left side of the school and sat in the car. Gorilla drove in silence to his home, like he always does. 


Adrien walked in and was greeted by Nathalie.


“Where were you?” Nathalie asked, “You were not in class according to your teacher. Did you skip class for a reason?”


“I went to the bathroom, and heard that a friend of mine is really sick. So I went to help her get home. Her parents aren’t at home and are far away.” Adrien lied.


“Okay, I will tell your father what you had said. May I get this ‘friends’ name?”


Adrien fidgeted with his ring. “It was Marinette.”


Nathalie raised an eye, “As in Marinette Dupain- Cheng?” 


Adrien nodded, “Where is father?”


“Your father is very busy now, and does not want to be disturbed. Go to your room and practice piano.”


Adrien went to his room, mentally slapping himself again. Why was he dragging Marinette into his problems? His teacher thinks that they are dating, and now Nathlie thinks that he helped Marinette get home, because she was sick.


He walked over to his piano and took out his phone. He put his phone on the piano and clicked play. The song that he was supposed to play was now playing.


“Plagg, I’m worried about Marinette. What is she hiding from?” Adrine muttered and fidgeted with his ring again.


“I don’t know…” Plagg muttered, “Don’t tell me that you want to transform again!” 


“I know, I know I shouldn’t but what if something happened to Marinette while I was gone? Then what will I do! Please Plagg, just one more transformation!” Adrien pleaded and Plagg groaned.


Adrien tossed him a piece of cheese, and Plagg ate it.


Plagg Claws Out!


Chat Noir looked at his staff. It had a notification. 



Shadowmoth thinks that Marinette Dupain-Cheng is me! I need you to meet me at this location. Please under no circumstances, don’t touch her. It’s part of the plan. 


Chat Noir

WHAT? Is she safe? Is she alright?



She is. Just don’t touch her. Shadowmoth is tracking me down. He thinks he knows my identity, Chat Noir. This means that he is going to go after Marinette’s family and friends. You need to help me.


Chat Noir

I’m on my way.


Chat Noir looked at the screen on his staff in shock. Shadowmoth thinks that Marinette is Ladybug? But Marientte can’t be Ladybug! When they were fighting Kwami Buster, he saw Ladybug and Marinette side by side. But if she really were Ladybug that would be perfect. 


Right now he needs to save his princess.





“Shadowmoth,” Nathalie whispered into a comm. “Your son Adrien said that he helped Dupain-Cheng to go to her house during school.”


“So?” Shadowmoth whispered in his comm, “I keep catching Ladybug and it’s an illusion! Do you think that Rena Rouge is back in action?”


“I don’t think so. Gorilla reported that he saw Alya with Adrien at the end of school. She can’t be in 2 places at the same time.”


“So did Ladybug get a new holder?”


“Sir, maybe Ladybug is the holder…..”


“So there will be more illusions at play?”


“Yes sir. You need to be careful. Don’t believe everything you see.”

Chapter Text


Chat Noir met Ladybug and Marinette (illusions) at an alley. “Are you okay Marinette?” Chat Noir wanted to hug Marinette, but remembered that he couldn’t touch them. Why?


“Hello Chat Noir.” Marinette said and smiled, “Ladybug is helping me.”


Chat Noir finally calmed down and asked, “Is this what you were hiding from?”


Marinette nodded, “I...I didn’t know who to trust.”


Chat Noir looked down, “I thought you trusted me….”


“We do trust you kitty, now we just need Shadowmoth to see that Marinette ISN’T Ladybug.” Ladybug said, and Chat Noir nodded.


Ladybug picked up Marinette and leaped onto a roof. Chat Noir followed her and they ran around Paris.


“Shadowmoth should be here…… he was chasing after me.” Ladybug landed down in the alley where her last copy of herself disappeared. 


Shadowmoth was just beating up an illusion and turned around to find Ladybug, Chat Noir, and Marinette.


“Marinette isn’t Ladybug?” Shadowmoth gasped, and Ladybug nodded. “You are wrong Shadowmoth!”


“Shadowmoth, remember that Ladybug has the fox miraculous. It may be an illusion.” Nathalie muttered into the comm.


Shadowmoth muttered back, “Right….”


“How do I know that this isn’t an illusion like the other fake Ladybugs?” Shadowmoth asked and Chat Noir looked at Ladybug and Marinette in shock.


“Illusions?” he asked, Ladybug has never lied to him before. Why didn’t she tell him that she has illusions. OHHHHHH that must be why he couldn’t touch Marinette…. Because she is an illusion? SO is Marinette REALLY Ladybug? Nooo…… or is she hiding somewhere…..yess that makes more sense. There is no way that Marinette is actually Ladybug.


LadyFox hiding in a different alley panicked, “ Well Shadowmoth, this isn’t an illusion. This is a…...a….”


Ladybug said, “Well Shadowmoth, this isn’t an illusion. This is a…...a….”


Chat Noir piped in, “This is a game. If you win Shadowmoth, we will give you our miraculouses. If WE win you give us your miraculous.”


Ladybug looked at him in shock. “A… game?”


“How do I know you two wouldn’t cheat?” Shadowmoth sneered.


“Because we wouldn’t do something like that.” Chat Noir calmly replied, while the illusions of Marinette and Ladybug looked at him in shock. Chat Noir studied them, they do really look similar. Way too similar…..he shouldn’t think about that…...They just look alike…..that means nothing.


Shadomoth thought for a moment, “What are the rules?”


Chat Noir grinned, “Hide and seek, if you find us and coner us, you win. If it’s the other way around we win.”


“Deal!” Shadowmoth cried and Nathalie screamed in his comm, “WHAT ARE YOU THINKING! IT COULD BE A TRAP!”


“Nonsense Nathalie, I know what I am doing.” Shadowmoth whispered into his comm.


“What are you talking to?” Ladybug asked Shadowmoth.


He flinched, “Nothing Bug.” Shadowmoth said, and noticed how close Ladybug is. He tried to grab Ladybug’s earring and as soon as he touched her, she and Marinette disappeared. 


“So they are illusions….” Shadowmoth sneered, Chat Noir gasped and quickly ran away. He needed to hide. Where was Ladybug…. And Marinette?


A notification lit up on his staff. He opened it.



I messed up, sorry Chat.


Chat Noir

Why didn’t you tell me?



There was no time, I am trying to come up with a plan, but nothing is working!


Chat Noir

Do you have the fox miraculous?





Chat Noir

That could buy us some time. Where is Marinette?





Chat Noir




She is fine…. Trust me……


Chat Noir

I need proof



Come to my location.

Chat Noir ran over to Ladybug’s location in a hurry. She had gotten them into a trap and he made it worse. Now she wouldn’t tell him where Marinette is. What if she got hurt? He should have never left her!


LadyFox was in an alley. Chat Noir saw her, “So it’s true. You merged them?” 


LadyFox nodded. “I need to recharge Trixx and Tikki.”


“Where is Marinette?” Chat Noir asked, “I….I need to make sure that she is ok.”


LadyFox sighed, “I'll tell you later.”


Chat Noir looked at her, “Do you not trust me?”


“I do...but….”




“FINE I WILL TELL YOU!” LadyFox screamed, and Chat Noir glared at her. “SO TELL ME!”


Tikki and Trixx Divide. ” Trixx flew out of her miraculous. “ Tikki Spots Off! ” 


Chat Noir looked as his lady transformed into his princess. Marinette was Ladybug. MARINETTE WAS LADYBUG!


He staggered backwards in shock. Shadowmoth really did figure out her identity. Marinette’s life was in danger the entire time.


Marinette, the sweetest person he ever met, was Ladybug. He fell in love with her twice, just as she did.


“Are you happy?” Marinette snapped and collapsed on the floor in sobs. She fed the 2 kwamis, and took out the Miracle Box and hugged it.


“Mari” Chat Noir whispered and hugged Marinette and she cried in his arms. “You didn’t need to do that…..”


“You asked for it……. You deserved to know. I should have told you instead of Alya.” Marinette muttered.


Plagg Cla― ” Chat Noir started to say, and Marinette stopped him. “What are you doing?”


“Well since I know you should know.”


“You shouldn’t…...I…..I mean…..we should keep our identities a secret….”


“Well you just told me your identity.” Chat Noir reasoned.


“Well… that’s because you would have figured it out anyways.”


“My Lady, do you not trust me?”


Marinette looked into his green eyes, “I… I do…..but not now….. If Shadowmoth knows. need to be safe….”


Chat Noir looked at Marinette, “So… who was the boy….”


Marinette looked at him in confusion.


“The one that you kept rejecting me for?”


“Oh that person…. He never loved me anyways…...but..” Marinette added very shyly, “ I…. I love you.”


Chat Noir looked at Marinette in shock. “You...YOU love me?”


Marinette nodded and Chat Noir didn’t say anything.


“Oh come on kitty say something!” 


“Well I love you too!” Chat Noir grinned, “With and without the mask.”


He leaned in and their lips clashed quickly, and Chat Noir tilted Marinette’s chin so he could deepen the kiss. Trixx and Tikki stared at each other and rolled their eyes.


“If you guys are done, didn’t you challenge Shadowmoth into a game of hide and seek? Shouldn’t you be making a plan?” Tikki interrupted, and the 2 broke apart with their faces red.


“Ye….ssss…. We need a plan!” Marinette muttered, her face flushing. Chat Noir nodded and kissed Marinette’s forehead. Chat Noir whispered in Marinette’s ear, “you still didn’t tell me the lucky boy.”


Marinette rolled her eyes, “It’s Adrien Agreste. Are you happy now?”


Chat Noir whimpered with joy, “Are you surrrreeeee you don’t want to know who I am?

“Not now kitty. Even if I do know….it wouldn’t make a difference.” Marinette muttered, “Even if you do tell me, my memories would be gone soon anyways…….”


Chat Noir stopped smiling, “I….oh….”


Marinette managed a forced smile, “But that wouldn’t matter anyways…..what matters is that we need to defeat Shadowmoth so that wouldn’t happen.”


“Princess it does matter to me.” Chat Noir said and kissed Marinette’s hand. “If you need anything you can ask me.”


Marinette blushed, “R…...right.”



Shadowmoth went back to the Agreste Mansion. “Nathalie, I am going to need your help.”


Nathalie came out of the room, “Yes?”

“How would you like to turn into Catalyst again?”

Chapter Text


“So Chaton, I am basically going to create different illusions of us running around. So then Shadowmoth would be chasing after them and trying to find the real us.” Marinette summed up after they created their plan.


Chat Noir nodded, practically not even listening to her and just staring at her. Marinette looked so pretty and so beautiful. He just wanted to kiss her again.


“Are you even listening to me?” Marinette asked, and Chat Noir blushed, “Uhhh… could you repeat that again?”


Marinette facepalmed. “Aww Purrincess you were just too purtty and I couldn’t listen.” Chat Noir whined. “Could you purrlease repeat what you said?”


“Do you really need to add in the cat puns?” Marinette asked and Chat Noir shrugged.


“Say purrtty purrlease !”


“Forget it…” Marinette grumbled. Tikki and Trixx giggled.


Chat Noir cleared his throat and looked at Marinette, “Sorry, but can you repeat that?”


“Much better….” Marinette muttered under her breath. “So basically I will create different illusions of us running around while me and you look around Paris for Shadowmoth.”


Chat Noir nodded, “Seems good. My lady, I’m going to have to detransform so I can charge my kwami.”


“WHaT?” Marinette squeaked, “You are going to detransform?”


Chat Noir nodded, “I only have like 2 beeps left.”


Marinette nodded and closed her eyes, “Okay, you can detransform now.”


Chat Noir rolled his eyes, “Marinette you know I don’t mind if you know my identity.” 


“Not this again!” Marinette groaned, “If Shadowmoth gets me, he could use me to figure out your identity! I don’t want to put you in danger, Chaton!”


Chat Noir looked at her, “But I will be careful. I love you, you know.”


Marinette with her eyes still closed nodded, “And I love you as well, but I….I don’t know what I would do without you…you can tell me later, once we defeat Shadowmoth...”


Chat Noir kissed Marinette’s on her cheek. “As you wish, princess. Claws In !” Plagg flew out of Adrien’s ring. 


“Urgh, that was terrible. Adr―” Bubbles flew out of Plagg’s mouth, “Where’s my cheese?”


Tikki gritted her teeth, “You are so obnoxious Plagg! You almost gave away your owner’s name!”


Plagg shrugged, ignored Tikki and decided to talk to Trixx instead, leaving Tikki very angry (and kind of jealous). “Hey Trixx!”


Trixx waved at Plagg.


Adrien fed Plagg his cheese and quickly transformed back. “ Plagg, Claws Out!


“You can open your eyes now Marinette.” Chat Noir said, and Marinette looked at him. “Your kwami is definitely different.”


“Kind of annoying right?” Chat Noir chuckled, “Always wants cheese.”


“Alright, Tikki Spots On!


Marinette transformed into Ladybug and put on the fox miraculous. “ Tikki, Trixx Unify!





Shadowmoth and Catalyst were in his lair. “Catalyst, you know what to do.”


Catalyst nodded and said, “Shadowmoth, I give you the power to release as many akumas and amoks as you desire. From now on, you are the almighty Scarlet Shadowmoth!”


Scarlet Shadowmoth grinned, “Thank you Catalyst, now let's release all these akumas and amoks and turn Paris against their heroes! There is nowhere to hide now Ladybug and Chat Noir.”

Chapter Text


LadyFox took out her flute and played some music. She thought of her illusion and then screamed, “ Mirage!


50 LadyFoxes with fake Miracle Boxes and 50 Chat Noirs were created. Things got a little crowded in the alley and they went off in separate directions.


“Kitty, come on! Let’s go find Shadowmoth.” LadyFox picked up the Miracle Box, and together they ran out of the alley to find Shadowmoth.



Scarlet Shadowmoth let out a bunch of akumas and amoks. The amoks landed on anything it wishes to land on and sentimonsters were created. People were terrified and the akumas landed on them.


“Come on guys! We shouldn’t be afraid!” Alya tried to reason with her classmates as they were being afraid. Alya, Nino, Juleka, Rose, Ivan, Mylène, and Alix were at a park.


The akumas flew into the park, akumatizing everyone that was scared. Nino and Alya tried to calm everyone down but it wasn't working. 


Mylène was the first victim. She clutched onto Ivan and started shivering. An akuma landed on her pin. “Yes Scarlet Shadowmoth.” She stated, and transformed into Horrificator. 


Everyone jumped back and screamed. Horrificator grew bigger and ran off to scare other people. Alya thought, Scarlet Shadowmoth instead of Shadowmoth? Did he get an upgrade?


Ivan was next. He collapsed onto the ground and an akuma landed on him and transformed him into Stoneheart. He ran after Horrificator.


All that was left was Alya, Nino, Juleka, Rose and Alix. 


“Come on!” Alya said, “Don’t get nervous or scared, we can do it!” Alya wondered where Marinette was. She reached for her necklace, and realized that she gave it away. Pity, she could have helped Ladybug and Chat Noir.


“Alya!” Nino warned, and Alya realized that another akuma was coming towards her. The charm that Ladybug gave her made the akuma go away from her.


“How did you do that?” Nino asked in shock. Alya showed them the charm that Ladybug gave her. Juleka nodded and showed them her charm. They were the only ones that received it.


“Hey! Why didn’t Ladybug give US the charm!” Alix snapped, “It could have saved Ivan and Mylène!”


“Alix…” Nino started to warn but it was too late, an akuma landed on her and she fell on the floor. Timebreaker rose and tried to touch Juleka. 


“JULEKA!” Rose cried and jumped in front of her and disappeared when Timebreaker touched her.


Juleka mumbled under her breath, “You are going to pay for that.” Juleka was the next victim of Timebreaker. 


Alya grabbed Nino’s hand and dragged him to hide. “Where is Ladybug and Chat Noir?” Alya muttered and Nino looked around. “There!” Nino pointed at LadyFox and Chat Noir (illusions).


Timebreaker skated over and touched LadyFox and she disappeared. 


“Illusions….” Alya muttered, then she narrowed her eyes, to look at LadyFox who was disappearing. 


“She combined them….” Alya whispered, and Nino looked at her in shock. “Combined what?”


“Ladybug combined my miraculous with her miraculous.” Alya bitterly said. If Ladybug could do that, would she really need Nino and her?


“Come on Alya let’s go!” Nino dragged Alya and they dodged multiple akumatized people. At this rate, the entire city of Paris could be under Scarlet Shadowmoth’s control.




LadyFox and Chat Noir ran across the rooftops. LadyFox’s illusions were all over the place and they were disappearing fast. “Shadowmoth has released so many akumas!” LadyFox stated, “He only did this when he was Scarletmoth. Do you think that Catalyst is back?”


Purrhaps Buganette!” Chat Noir said and smiled at himself. That was not a bad nickname.


“Did you just think of that?”


Chat Noir nodded and pointed at Alya and Nino. “Hey, those are our fri― I mean your friends.”


LadyFox didn’t really think about it when he almost called Alya and Nino, his friends. She will panic about that later. 


“Nino! Alya! What are you doing here?” LadyFox asked as she and Chat Noir jumped down. 


Alya narrowed her eyes, and poked her. “So you aren’t an illusion.”


“Sorry Alya, I had to quickly think of a plan.” LadyFox sheepishly said. Nino looked at LadyFox and Alya suspiciously. It seems that they know something else that he doesn’t know.

“What is going on?” Nino asked.


“I kind of challenged Shadowmoth into a game of hide and seek…” Chat Noir muttered and Nino and Alya looked at each other in shock.


“A...A GAME OF HIDE AND SEEK?” Nino gasped and Alya quickly added, “And he agreed?”


Chat Noir nodded, and nudged LadyFox who started to giggle. Something was different. Alya narrowed her eyes on her best friend. Were….were they together already?


“Shadowmoth is now Scarlet Shadowmoth.” Alya quickly said, “That’s what I heard from Mylène when she transformed into Horrificator.” 


“We need to catch the akumas!” LadyFox cried. “And find Scarlet Shadowmoth.” Chat Noir added. 


“Let’s go!”

Chapter Text


“Wait!” Nino cried as the heroes were about to leave. “What will we do?” LadyFox thought for a moment and looked around. She had lost contact with all of her illusions. The akumatized people already defeated them.


“I…. I guess we can use some help….” LadyFox started to say. Chat Noir looked at her in shock, “Are you sure?”


“The more eyes we have, the more likely it is to find Scarlet Shadowmoth.”


“As you wish Buganet― I mean Bugaboo.”


Alya narrowed her eyes, does Chat Noir know Ladybug’s identity? Does Marinette know Chat Noir’s identity?


Tikki and Trixx Divide! ” LadyFox cried and Trixx flew out of her miraculous. Ladybug opened the Miracle Box and took out the turtle miraculous. “Alya and Nino, you will use the miraculous for good. Can I trust you?” Ladybug was mostly looking at Alya, she looked away guiltily. 


Nino nodded and put on the turtle miraculous. “ Wayzz Shell On! ” Alya looked at the fox miraculous, what if she messes up and can’t use it anymore……


Alya put on the miraculous, “ Trixx Let’s Pounce!


Rena Rouge and Carapace followed Ladybug and Chat Noir. Ladybug caught some akumas randomly flying around with her yoyo. “Gotcha! Bye bye butterfly!”


Rena Rouge looked at Chat Noir, “Does she always have to say that?” Chat Noir shrugged, “It’s her catphrase .” 


Rena dodged Timebreaker, as she skated towards them and used her flute to break the skate. An akuma came out of it, and Ladybug caught it. “Thanks Rena….. I know that I can count on you.” Rena Rouge looked at her, “Sorry…. This is my fault…..”


Ladybug managed a smile, “Don’t worry. Everyone makes mistakes. What matters is if you fix it.”


Carapace looked at them in shock, “What mistake?”


“Rena knows my identity and when she was akumatized….” Ladybug’s voice faltered. Carapace punched Stoneheart, and he grew bigger.


Chat Noir winced, “Don’t hit Stoneheart!” Carapace nodded and started to fight other akumatized people. 


“Group around me! I need to do something.” Ladybug ordered and they obeyed. “ Lucky Charm!


A ladybug toy and controller flew out of the sky. “A ladybug toy? What do I do with that?”


Chat Noir fought some other akumatized people, “Buganette think about that later! I need you to catch some akumas!”


So Chat Noir does know Ladybug’s identity….. Rena thought as she dodged the Horrificator and grabbed the pin and broke it. An akuma flew out, and Ladybug caught it.





Scarlet Shadowmoth looked at what was happening from the Eiffel Tower. “Ladybug fell for the trick. This is the real one, Catalyst. She is actually touching the akumatized people.”


Catalyst nodded, “Alright, we caught her. So you found her, does that mean that you win?”


“I think that I need to catch her…..” Scarlet Shadowmoth muttered, “Anyways, soon my akumas will get her friends and she will be all alone. She will be a perfect victim for my akumas.”

Chapter Text

Ladybug took out the controller for the ladybug toy and made it crawl everywhere. Stoneheart was about to grab Ladybug but Rena jumped in front of her. Stoneheart grabbed Rena Rouge with his one free hand. 


Carapace gasped and threw his shield at Stoneheart, totally forgetting that Stoneheart will get bigger if he does that. Stoneheart indeed got bigger, and a lot stronger. He squeezed Rena and she screamed. Carapace tried to control his feelings. He really did, but it was useless and he was akumatized into a red version of Carapace.


Rena screamed and wiggled under Stoneheart’s hand. Akumas kept trying to akumatize her but it wasn’t working because of the charm.


In panic, Ladybug controlled the toy ladybug onto the hand that Stoneheart was using to grab Rena. In order to get the pesky bug off him he needed to drop his akumatized object, the rolled up paper. Stoneheart dropped the paper and Chat Noir stomped on it. Ladybug caught the akuma in one swift movement and scooped up the Miracle Box and signaled her fellow heroes to follow. They needed a plan. 


Ladybug threw up the toy ladybug and screamed, “ Miraculous Ladybug! ” Everything damaged so far was fixed. “Come on! Let’s go!” 


Evil Carapace was charging at them. Rena Rouge quickly cried out, “ Mirage! ” and the 3 heroes were suddenly invisible. They ran into the nearest alley to rest. 


Rena turned off the illusion and muttered under her breath, “ Trixx, Let’s rest! ” Alya gave Ladybug her miraculous. “I’m sorry Ladybug, I messed up.”


Ladybug pushed the fox miraculous to Rena, “No you didn’t, in fact you just saved us. We still need your help.”


Alya glanced at the miraculous, she wanted to grab it, but then she would have to face Nino. If she didn't, the heroes and Paris would be in big trouble.


“Alright! I will take it.”


“We need a plan.” Chat Noir stated and twirled his staff, “We need to catch Scarlet Shadowmoth in order to win this thing.”


Ladybug nodded, “So, any plans?”


Alya thought for a moment and put on the miraculous. “How about…”



Scarlet Shadowmoth gritted his teeth, he was so close to catching the heroes! Rena might have a charm on her, but Ladybug and Chat Noir don’t!


“Catalyst, we need a new plan.”


Catalyst smirked on the other side of the comm, “Let me guess, they outsmarted you again?”


“Nathalie, now is NOT the time to joke.”


“Of course sir.”


“I need to find a way to akumatize Ladybug….. Something that will make her lose all hope.”


“What about Chat Noir?” Catalyst innocently asked, “If you akumatize him, surely that should crush Ladybug.”


“All I have to do is get rid of Rena Rouge! She has a charm so I can’t akumatize her!”


“I have a plan for that!” Catalyst smirked.

Chapter Text

“I need to recharge my miraculous.” Ladybug said and then stated, “ Spots Off!


Marinette looked at both of them, “Alya please continue.”


“Right so my plan is… wait, remember what we did when we were fighting Mr. Pigeon the 72th time? I created an illusion of Ladybug and Chat Noir detransforming. I can do it again!”


“But would Scarlet Shadowmoth fall for that trick? He has seen it before and knows that you are with us. So there will be illusions.” Chat Noir asked.


“So… how about Ladybug is real but Chat Noir is fake?” Alya muttered, “That way if someone tries to touch them, Ladybug would protect the fake Chat Noir. Scarlet Shadowmoth would probably think that they are BOTH real, since one of them didn’t disappear.”


“That’s a good plan.” Marinette admitted as she fed Tikki.


“But… but what if Scarlet Shadowmoth catches Ladybug, once he realizes it’s an illusion?” Chat Noir pressed. He is certainly not making things easier for Alya. In fact he doesn’t really trust her.


“I’ll be gone before that could happen.” Marinette assured him.


“While he is distracted, me and Chat Noir can sneak up on him!” Alya stated in excitement. 


Chat Noir scrunched up his face in worry, “What about the other akumatized people?”


Alya thought for a moment and Marinette quickly added, “Umm….we need to get Carapace back on our side. This way he can create a shield around us and Scarlet Shadowmoth so no other person can come in.”


Alya paled, “But...umm… would Scarlet Shadowmoth think that this is a trap?”


Chat Noir noted, “How about we make Plan B, C, D, and E before we continue with this plan?”


“Kitty!” Marinette hissed and Chat Noir shrugged. “No offense Alya, but your plan isn’t that good.”


Marinette glared at him and quickly looked at Alya, “Ignore him.”


Alya looked down uncomfortably, “No Chat Noir has got a point. My plan will only work if we get rid of the other akumatized people.”


Marinette grumbled, “To get rid of them we just need to take away Scarlet Shadowmoth’s miraculous and they should be all back to normal. With a Miraculous Ladybug things should be good.”


Alya groaned, “And my plan was to get Scarlet Shadowmoth’s miraculous…”


“Don’t worry Alya, we can still use parts of your plan. We just need to separate Scarlet Shadowmoth with the other akumatized people.” Marinette assured Alya and Chat Noir nodded.


“Me and Buganette will tell Scarlet Shadowmoth to meet us at a place. He might think it’s a trap, but I think he will meet us there. He does want our miraculous. What we are betting on is how much he will risk to get it.” Chat Noir stated.


“When Marinette and the fake Chat Noir detransform, who should Chat Noir look like?” Alya asked.


Marinette shrugged, she didn’t really think about what Chat Noir should look like.


Chat Noir thought for a moment, “How about Adrien Agreste?” 


Marinette and Alya choked. 


“WHAT??” Marinette hissed, “You will put him in danger!”


Chat Noir smirked, “Well I heard from a little bird that Marinette has a crush on him...”


“HAD!” Marinette corrected.


“So I thought it would be funny if her lover was actually her old crush.”


Alya smirked, “Lover?”


Marinette blushed, “CHATON!”


“Don’t worry, Adrien will be fine. Once Scarlet Shadowmoth knows that Adrien is an illusion he will know that Adrien isn’t really Chat Noir.”

“So we have our plan! Tikki, Spots On! ” Marinette called after calming down and Alya cried, “ Trixx, Let’s Pounce!

Chapter Text


Scarlet Shadowmoth looked at the TV screen in confusion. Ladybug and Chat Noir broadcasted that they would like to have a “final battle” with him…. Alone.


Scarlet Shadowmoth knew that it was a trap, but Nathalie was getting weaker and weaker. Soon Catalyst will be no more. He needed to act, and this is the perfect opportunity to meet them face to face.


But since Rena Rouge is with the heroes then there will obviously be illusions. Scarlet Shadowmoth is almost certain that the heroes will be illusions. So he will need to touch them in order to figure that out.




“Yes sir?” Catalyst asked, and Scarlet Shadowmoth can hear the pain in her voice. She coughed and the connection broke for a moment.


“Nathalie? Catalyst?” Scarlet Shadowmoth asked, visibly concerned. 


“I’m fine.” Catalyst assured him, “You know this is a trap?”


“I do know it’s a trap. I need you and Carapace to follow me when I meet up for the Final Battle.”


“Are you positive this will work?”


“Rena Rouge will be hiding somewhere. Carapace is the best person to find her.”




“See you soon, stick to our plan.”


“Yes sir.”



“Rena, be careful. If something happens to you then the fake Chat Noir will disappear.” Ladybug warned Rena Rouge and Chat Noir stood in an alley.


“I understand. Don’t worry! I will be careful! Hopefully this will be the Final Battle.” Rena replied and looked at Chat Noir who nodded.


“I am really getting tired of Hawkmoth/ Shadowmoth/ Scarlet Shadowmoth.” He stated, “It’s time to finish this once and for all!”


“Wow kitty. Have you been practicing?” Ladybug teased, and Chat Noir nodded. “Of course my lady. How could I not?”


They flirted and teased each other more and Rena was starting to get uncomfortable. Obviously she is happy that her bff is happy. But she doesn’t like being the third wheel. She cleared her throat and said, “So… on with the plan?”


“Right.” Ladybug muttered, and both of their faces were quite red.


Mirage! ” Rena Rouge cried and a perfectly looking Chat Noir appeared. 


“Let’s get down to business!” Chat Noir winked at the fake Chat Noir.


“Of course. I am sure I will be purrfect for this job!” Fake Chat Noir/Rena replied.


Purrhaps , but I am still purrty sure that I am the real Chat Noir.” Chat Noir said and then thought some more, “Or purrhaps I am the illusion?”


Rena was about to make the Fake Chat Noir say something when Ladybug quickly cut in. “ENOUGH WITH THE PUNS!”


Rena Rouge and Chat Noir giggled. “You have been practicing haven’t you?” Chat Noir asked Rena Rouge. “I am pawsitive !” She grinned and Ladybug facepalmed.


“You both are going to be the death of me, I swear.” Ladybug grumbled.


“Don’t say that yet my lady, the day isn’t over yet!” Chat Noir winked.


“Let’s go!”

Chapter Text


“Before we go, where should we put the Miracle Box?” Ladybug panicky asked.


Chat Noir thought a bit, “How about we leave it in this alley?” 


“Wouldn’t someone steal it?” Rena Rouge asked. 


“We could hide it…. And quickly come for it later.” Ladybug decided. “The kwamis in there will protect it. If I put it in my house, Scarlet Shadowmoth will come for it.”


Ladybug hid it behind some abandoned boxes and they left.


The rendezvous place for the Final Battle was in a parking lot. Ladybug specifically chose that place because: a) No one goes there; b) If they lose it will be less humiliating; and c) Why not?


As promised Ladybug and the Fake Chat Noir arrived on time. Rena Rouge and the real Chat Noir hid near the parking lot. 


Scarlet Shadowmoth looked at Ladybug pondering whether she is an illusion or not. “Before you think about the illusion thing, I can promise you that I am not an illusion.” Ladybug called, as they circled around each other. Ladybug picked up a rock and threw it at Scarlet Shadowmoth. He blocked it with his staff.


“Alright, ready to fight?” Scarlet Shadowmoth asked and Ladybug cut in, “Did you come alone?”


“Of course” he lied, “I followed the rules just as you did Ladybug.” Catalyst and Carapace were near the parking lot as well, just in case something bad happened.


“I guess we better start now my lady.” Fake Chat Noir said.


Scarlet Shadowmoth charged at Ladybug and Fake Chat Noir. Ladybug threw her yoyo at him and the Fake Chat Noir dodged the hit. He couldn’t really touch anything or he would disappear. 


It was hard for Ladybug to basically be fighting Scarlet Shadowmoth alone, but it was part of the plan. They are basically supposed to “lose” and take off their miraculouses. The real Chat Noir and Rena were supposed to attack Scarlet Shadowmoth after he was distracted. Hopefully nothing bad will happen.



Meanwhile Chat Noir and Rena Rouge were hiding behind a bush. Yes a bush, cause why not?


“So did you tell Marinette your identity yet?” Rena whispered as they watched Ladybug fight Scarlet Shadowmoth.


“No.” Chat Noir whispered back, “I wanted to but she didn’t allow me too,....”




“But I am going to tell her after this.” 


“If we survive.” Rena reminded him.







“Give up Ladybug and Chat Noir!” Scarlet Shadowmoth cried, “There is no way you can beat me!”


“There is still hope!” Ladybug called back and while she was saying that Scarlet Shadowmoth hit her with his staff. Ladybug crumbled, and Scarlet Shadowmoth charged at the Fake Chat Noir.


“WAIT!” Fake Chat Noir cried, “If..if I give you my miraculous will you not hurt her?” Scarlet Shadowmoth halted. 


He grinned, “Of course child, I will not hurt her.”


“How would I know that you aren’t lying?”


“You will know.”


“That isn’t helping.” Fake Chat Noir snapped.


“Don’t Chaton….” Ladybug groaned and tried to sit up. Scarlet Shadowmoth hit her on her head. She might have a concussion or something. Her head really hurts.


“If I give away my miraculous, you will get rid of all of the other akumatized people.” Fake Chat Noir stated, “You will stop harming the citizens of Paris.”


Scarlet Shadowmoth tried to say something but Fake Chat Noir cut him off. “You will not harm Ladybug, and you will leave Paris alone.... forever .”


“Hmmm… sounds like a deal. Can you also give me Ladybug’s miraculous as well?” Scarlet Shadowmoth asked.


“Perhaps, if you can figure out a way to prove that you will keep your word.” Fake Chat Noir smirked.


“How about…… I…. I tell you…. Who am I?” Scarlet Shadowmoth muttered.


“Deal!” Fake Chat Noir said, and took off his miraculous. Green light flashed around Chat Noir and Adrien Agreste appeared.


Scarlet Shadowmoth blinked and staggered. “No...noo…. This can’t be true……. You…. you didn’t transform when I threw you off the roof…..nooo….noooo… can’t be true…..” he stuttered, and fell to the floor.





In panic Rena Rouge turned and looked at Chat Noir, “How would you respond to that?”


Chat Noir thought a bit, “How about saying that he didn’t want to reveal his identity?”


Rena replied, “ Well Scarlet Shadowmoth, I didn’t want to reveal my identity and transform in a public space where everyone can see me.



Fake Chat Noir stated, “Well Scarlet Shadowmoth, I didn’t want to reveal my identity and transform in a public space where everyone can see me.”


Scarlet Shadowmoth was starting to shake, “ son…. Is Chat Noir?”


Ladybug gasped, as she stood up. So did Rena and Chat Noir but they did it quieter. “So you are the famous Gabriel Agreste…. Poor Adrien….. I CAN’T BELIEVE I LOOKED UP TO YOU!” Ladybug sneered. 


Scarlet Shadowmoth looked up and glared at Ladybug. 



Catalyst and Carapace found Chat Noir and Rena Rouge but they didn’t know that they did. “Sir,” Catalyst whispered, “I found Chat Noir and Rena Rouge.”


Scarlet Shadowmoth muttered back in his comm, “But isn’t Chat Noir in front of me?”


“Illusions sir.”




Scarlet Shadowmoth charged at Fake Chat Noir and touched him, before Ladybug could stop him. He disappeared. 


“You failed Ladybug!” Scarlet Shadowmoth grinned, “My son isn’t Chat Noir. It was simply an illusion.”


Catalyst and Carapace drove Rena and Chat Noir out of their hiding place. “Ladybug!” Chat Noir hurried over to check her head.


“I...I’m fine. Let’s just finish this.” Ladybug muttered back. She noticed that Chat Noir didn’t really say anything and he looked so pale.


“Just...just can’t believe that Shadowmoth is… is Gabriel Agreste..” Chat Noir muttered, why is my father Shadowmoth? Whyyyyyy?


Ladybug squeezed his hand, “Are you ok?”


Chat Noir nodded and the 3 heroes started to fight the 3 villains. 


Rena Rouge was fighting Evil Carapace. Ladybug and Chat Noir both were fighting Catalyst and Scarlet Shadowmoth. Ladybug realized that Catalyst is getting weaker. 


Every few seconds she breaks down coughing and Scarlet Shadowmoth would have to fight Ladybug and Chat Noir at the same time. 


Finally Ladybug broke the akumatized object and caught Catalyst’s akuma. “Gotcha! Bye bye butterfly~” She quickly dodged Shadowmoth’s hit. He was no longer scarlet, so he is weaker.


Nathalie groaned as purple magic surrounded her. Chat Noir froze in his place. Was it possible that Nathalie is working with his father… Shadowmoth? 


Shadowmoth was about to hit Chat Noir, when Ladybug quickly threw her yoyo to intercept. “Chat Noir, why did you freeze?” Ladybug asked worriedly as she continued to fight Shadowmoth. 


Chat Noir managed a smile, “I’m okay bug…..just… thinking…..”




Rena Rouge dodged Carapace’s hits and tried to hit him with her flute. “Nino, please stop this!” 


Carapace glared at her, “I am not Nino anymore!” But just then Ladybug deakumatized Catalyst and Carapace turned back into normal.


“Nino!” Rena cried and threw her hands around him. “We need to help Ladybug and Chat Noir."





Rena Rouge and Carapace hurried over to help Ladybug and Chat Noir. Shadowmoth was outnumbered.


Shadowmoth now had no help from his other akumatized people. But he still fought well.


Lucky Charm! ” Ladybug cried and a red and black handcuff appeared. “I know what to do with this!” She noticed that Chat Noir wasn’t really trying to fight Shadowmoth…. Weird…….


Rena Rouge and Carapace managed to bring the most feared villain of Paris to his knees. Ladybug handcuffed him and snatched his miraculous from him. 


Gabriel now stood before her and looked sad. “Please…. Don’t tell my son about this….”


Chat Noir finally spoke after a while. “Why? Why should we not tell him?”


“Because…. He …. He won’t be able to bear it…..”


“HE HAS A RIGHT TO KNOW!” Chat Noir screamed back and everyone looked at him in shock. He was usually not like this.


“Why did you become Shadowmoth?” Ladybug asked, and he looked down. “I… well my wife was in a coma… and I wanted to get her back…. So I thought if I had both of the miraculouses…. I could… bring her back….”


“I have to go.” Chat Noir said sharply and turned to leave. Ladybug looked at him in shock, “What is wrong?”


“Nothing…. sorry...I just need air…..” Chat Noir muttered and left.


“Can you two put him in jail? Also take Nathalie back to her home.” Ladybug asked. Rena Rouge and Carapace nodded. "I am going to check on Chaton."


Chapter Text


“Chaton? Chaton, wait up!” Ladybug called after Chat Noir, as he walked away. “What happened? Did I do something wrong?”


Ladybug followed Chat Noir a while until they ended up in the same alley where they hid the Miracle Box.


Chat Noir finally spoke, “I… Shadowmoth is my father….”


Ladybug froze. “So….so you really are Adrien?.....YOU ARE ADRIEN?” She couldn’t believe it! She fell in love with him twice…..She turned down ADRIEN AGRESTE MULTIPLE TIMES!!!


Chat Noir nodded and muttered, “ Claws in


Adrien sat on the floor and buried his head in his lap. Ladybug sat next to him and put her arm around him.


“Sorry I was yelling at you before….” Ladybug whispered, “I have no idea what you are going through now.”


“That’s alright Marinette… You should probably do your Miraculous Ladybug thing, before it’s too late.” Adrien whispered. 


“Right, can you meet me at night in my room?” Ladybug asked, and Adrien nodded.


“I have a feeling we have lots to talk about.”



Now that the Miracle Box is in it’s perfect place. Marinette room. Like promised, Chat Noir was there on his balcony.


“Kitty!” Marinette grinned and Chat Noir ran into her arms and started to cry. “ Claws in. ” he muttered.


Marinette hugged Adrien for a while and then he stopped crying. “Sorry about that…” Adrien muttered.


“You have nothing to be sorry about.” Marinette told him and Tikki giggled. Plagg rolled his eyes and demanded cheese.


Once Plagg had his cheese and Tikki had her macarons they were finally ready to talk. 


“So…. we fell in love with both of our sides… right?” Marinette shyly asked. Adrien grinned, “Correct.”


“Now that you know my identity, do you still love me?” he asked.


Marinette was about to reply duh but then decided to settle with something else. “Maybe I love you, maybe I do…”


Adrien groaned, “MARINETTE!!!” 


“Joking! Of course I love you!” Marinette giggled.


They lived happily ever after.