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Detritus: Blood Feud

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A sickening crack fills the air breaking through the mass of screams.

A crack.

Another crack.

And another.

What’s that sound you may ask?

That’s Bedlam. Bedlam losing…

There they both stand. The fight begins for one final time. Saskia charges toward Bedlam with a murderous look in her eyes. Bedlam swiftly moves out of the way and retaliates with a few hits of their own - some miss, some hit but before Bedlam can revel in their small victory. They are quickly reminded of why they should’ve paid attention to Saskia’s moves in Godbrand’s combat training.

Saskia acts quickly, knowing exactly where to strike. First, the shoulder joint then the liver and finally the chin. The last blow sends Bedlam hurtling towards the floor with stars in their eyes. Saskia, now circling Bedlam like prey, begins to formulate her plan of attack.

Bedlam shakes off the dizziness and sweeps Saskia’s legs making her fall - however briefly. This short moment gives Bedlam the breathing room they so desperately need. It starts a pattern; Bedlam throws a punch, most of them miss, and Saskia snapping back with her much more forceful and expert ones.

This goes on for some time until, finally, it’s Saskia who breaks the pattern this time. She grabs Bedlam from behind by their mullet, maneuvering her hand for a better grip on their hair. It’s then that she rips Bedlam’s head back with just a little bit too much force so that Bedlam’s battered, bloody face - compared to Saskia who barely has a bruise on her - is staring at Saskia with pure, primal fear.

Saskia forcefully ploughs Bedlam’s head towards an already crumbling wall, face first. Their head slams into the wall with a disgusting crunch and they crumple one last time.

Saskia towers over Bedlam, a crown of horns sits slanted atop her head. A crazed look in her now completely blood-red eyes. Bedlam lay there with bruises, blood and cuts littering them all over - barely breathing as Saskia readied her final blow.

Saskia lurches forward lifting Bedlam by the bloody throat and through the decaying walls of the Death’s Bastion. Saskia’s face clearly struggling to hide her emotions under a mask of numbing calm, her abnormally large canines poke out from her lips - fangs big even for a vampire. She lifts Bedlam high in the air, an impressive feat considering her small size. Bedlam gasps and chokes for precious oxygen as they claw at Saskia’s hand still holding them in an iron grip, blinking hard - wishing for the black spots in their vision to disappear.

Then Bedlam is suddenly jarred out of their oxygen-less haze by a swift yank backwards, out of the merciless vice of Saskia into something certainly worse. They can’t quite figure out what the creature in question is, what with their vision being blocked blood that has trickled down in their eyes from the nasty gash on their hairline but what they can see, is the slivers of the ruins of what used to be the Death’s Bastion before the tireless warriors tore it apart with their feud.

As the adrenaline from the battle starts to wear off Bedlam starts to be acutely aware of their injuries - as well as the creeping numbness in their lips and if it’s not numbness, it’s cold. Really fucking cold. The spiral of thoughts was broken as the sharp pressure on their shoulders disappeared. The wind whipping around their face however does alert them to the fact that they are speeding towards the green forest ground at an alarmingly fast pace.

They flail and panic for what feels like hours before hearing this garbled scream. The ground is fast approaching, and with that revelation - Bedlam realised that the screech was, in fact, them and their fucked up bloody vocal chords.

The trees were so close now, Bedlam could practically see the birds inhabiting them.

A moment later, everything went dark.


I know what you’re probably thinking ‘What the fuck just happened?’ Right? Yeah, me too. So… let’s start over.

You remember that big, beautiful bastard getting smashed to pieces? Well, of course you do, it just happened. So spoilers… that’s me. Uh… Hi! I’m Bedlam, ehm Bedlam’s not my real name - obviously.

But to try and explain what the actual fuck just happened, we’ve got to go back to the beginning. The very beginning…


This is Detritus.

It is, in fact, made up of many realms or as humans may call them, countries like; Mort-Vivant (for vampires, rogue ghosts, zombies and the rest), Morphius (for lycanthropes and changelings), Kósmo (for merfolk and other aquatic flora and fauna), Synthetica (for androids, robots, aliens and all things wacky), Morghilis (for mages, orcs and goblins), Draconia (where dragons and dragonfolk reside in addition to the high council meeting there), The Woods (the home of the elves, fairies and pixies), Genesis (where the daemons and angels are all holed up) and the Badlands where only the gods know what lives there but no one comes back. I mean there are stories, of course - of twenty foot scorpions or huge animalistic beasts the size of castles.

Finally, the infamous Void - a realm between realms, a place without light but not without life. It is said to be inhospitable for those who get trapped while crossing the barriers and are never seen again. There have been rumours about creatures who lurk into the Void - revolting spider mutants, beastly things known as Ekons and their many variations and mutations.

Oh! And there’s Terre… a dangerous world. I don’t know much about it, never been but I’m sure it’s…uh... lovely. What I do know, however, is that it is the realm that no fae dares enter. From the countless layers of protection spells, courtesy of the mages, or the stories going around. It apparently harbours these weak meat sacks called ‘Humans’ and they’re also the reason Detritus is fractured into pieces.


A wee history lesson is clearly in order so here we go.

A millennia ago, humans discovered the existence of what they call ‘monsters’, we prefer the term ‘fae’ but to gloss over the gory details - there were a lot of wars between human and fae as well as amongst the fae themselves. In short, they didn’t tolerate the existence of the fae...ever. They just saw us as vessels for killing and pillaging (a few ruining it for the majority! But they were punished within the fae laws.) They hated us just for living and no other reason, it was relentless.

A huge merciless war (yeah, I know. Another one - shocking ain’t it?) began against my kind - some call it ‘The Isolation’ or ‘The Separation’ - what it did was split Detritus from Earth, or Terre as we call it, so that fae could live away from humans. What it really was a last ditch effort at peace by the fae.

But humans would gather their forces, come to our villages and slaughter everyone - women and children included. The mages gave the humans a spell that would kill all fae also known as the Geno-wipe. The humans had stolen and twisted a form of magic - they called it ‘Sorcery’. In the wrong hands or if you ask some people, the right hands, it was capable of mass extinction.

That’s why the mages sabotaged the human ritual, since it was modified to kill them too. As if mages would actually do something selfless, ha! But once again the humans just couldn’t leave it and the sabotaged spell went wrong, splitting all of the realms and expanding the Void to encompass Detritus, being most prominent at the barrier between Detritus and Terre in the Badlands.

Why were mages banished I hear you say?

Well, they’re assholes.

No, seriously they are but they were also former humans who underwent a ritual (what is it with humans and rituals) to strip themselves of humanity and fully connect themselves to magic, so they could harness ‘Sorcery’ to it’s true potential. They were deemed too powerful to be kept in the human world so humans banished them too. All of them - every single coven.

We were left to rot in that place, again the fitting nature of the name is not lost on me. But at least there weren’t any humans - not really. But the humans assumed we perished and left us to be forgotten from their history only remnants in folklore and fairy tales.

We, however, thrived.

Being away from humans meant we could live our lives and be ourselves without the ever looming threat of extinction, we could finally be happy. At peace some would say.

But that was all surface level, corruption and disease ran rampant throughout the streets - all hiding under the delusion of happiness. Some of us, though, weren’t delusional. We saw Detritus for what it was, just that ‘Detritus’...waste, filth. People thought it was paradise but that would soon change.